March 11


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NES Silver Jubilee tour concludes

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: The 4th and final leg of the Silver Jubilee tour programme of the Nyishi Elite Society (NES) commemorating 25 years of glorious service concluded with a colourful note on Saturday at Dollungmukh in Lower Subansiri District bordering Assam.  Er. Kena Temik on behalf of the people of Dollungmukh submitted four points memorandum which includes, release of Rs.5.00 crore corpus fund for VKV as announced by the successive Chief Ministers of the state, construction of Conventional Hall/Boori Boot Cultural hall in lieu of Conventional Hall at Itanagar out of NHPC upfront payment against Subansiri Lower Hydro Project, resolutions on notice issued by the district administration dated 13th Feby’2013 for shifting of Rigyu Village at the behest of IAF and immediate steps for solution of Assam-Arunachal inter-state boundary. The programme was kick started at Koloriang, the district Headquarter of Kurung Kumey on 16th October’2012, the second phase covered upper & Lower Subansiri district from 21st-22nd December’2012, the 3rd phase covered East & West Kameng districts and Assam from 18th-22nd January’2013 and the 3rd phase covered Papum Pare district from 2nd-3rd February’2013 with series of meeting addressed by the President, NES, Bengia Tolum under the theme-Nurturing Youth Energy and Harnessing Women Folk.

Arjun Panye, General Secretary, ANSU called upon the youth to toil hard to be a good citizen so that they contribute towards the community and the nation. Neelam Moriam Khoda, President, Nyishi Nyem Acham (NNA)  called upon the women folk to build a tense free environment in home so as to ensure healthy future of the family, the state and the nation. Higio Aruni, Secretary, Women & Family Affairs, NES, highlighted the essence of JIKOM KOCHIK (Gale) - a common dress for the Nyishi Women and DOMCHIK KOJI (Bangle) - a masculine symbol for married women to be worn in the right wrist.

Marina Nido, Chairperson, Arunachal Pradesh Social Welfare Advisory Board and wife of the local MLA, 25-Raga AC cum parliamentary secretary for Health & FW and Food & Civil Supplies, Nido Pavitra, exhorted the NES to carry forward the demand for creation of KHEML district curving out of Upper and Lower Subansiri district considering its vast geographical area and a good chunk of population. Dr. Ligu Tacho, Chairman, Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission and former President, NES appealed one and all to completely erase the misunderstanding arising out of communication gap in the last decade from the heart of each and every one of the Nyishi inhabiting Upper & Lower Subansiri.

Bengia Tolum, President, Nyishi Elite Society and Chairman, Central Nyokum Committee (CNC) informed that the organization is well aware of the grievances of the Dollungmukh area and have been reminding the issue with the state leadership for a early solution to the demands and assured to carry forward on mission mode till the goal is achieved. He called upon the entire Nyishi community for a perspective retrospection of the achievements and failures in the past analyze the present trend and holistic projection of the future of the community. The power of judgment as to what is right or wrong is the essence for a brighter future, he empathically remarked. On trend of distorted traditional naming system of the community by some individuals, he vowed to bring out a resolution to put an end to the menace in the Yazali conference in April’2013. The surname first and the name next, is the traditional way and we have no three wards naming system, he informed, and we should opt for traditional names.

Among others, prominent personalities of the community, Talo Mugli, former Minister, Pige Ligu, Deputy Commissioner, Papum Pare, Tadar Yadir, Vice Chairperson, CNC, former President, NES Bengia Tabb, former NES General Secretary, Techi Nyokum, NSEF President, Er. Bar Takum, social activists Augung Bengia, Langku Tania etc, were present in the occasion. Veteran artists Bengia Hemanto, Nabam Bijnoo, Bengia Tabb, Nabam Tarang, Godak Paron, presented special numbers adding flavour to the programme.

Later in the night, back from Dollungmukh, the NES team attended the Review Meeting of the local NES Silver Jubilee Celebration Committee chaired by its Chairman, Er. Toko Jyoti at Naharlagun for the programme at Yazali slated from 17th -22nd April’2013.



SHG mela held at Pasighat



ITANAGAR, Mar 10: A one day mela of the Self Help Groups (SHGs) was organized today at Pasighat Market by the office of the Deputy Director, Divisional ICDS Cell, East Siang. A total of 14 SHGs exhibited their items ranging from pickle to traditional wares and wear.  Education minister Bosiram Siram also visited the Mela at Pasighat bazaar. He expressed his happiness at the activities of the SHGs and appealed them to keep up good works.

This was the first of its kind in the district and was organized to encourage the SHGs and provide them self employment opportunities. Ponung Ering Angu, Deputy Director of the ICDS, East Siang  informed that the daylong event was a govt of India initiative to give a platform to the women to market their locally produce items.

Kaling Moyong CDPO, Pasighat said there were 230 SHGs under the ICDS project in the district and many more were yet to be registered. The government of Arunachal under the Micro Finance Vision 2011 had envisaged formation of 5000 SHGs in the entire state with the support of NABARD.  Many SHGs, however have been disintegrated due to lack of support from the government.

However with initiative like this, there is hope yet.  Mrs. Ponung Ering Angu DD (ICDS) informed that all together 14 SHGs from the district are participating in the one day Mela.




DSE reacts to the allegation

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: Reacting to the clarification given by the President of Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribe Students’ Union (APSTSU) and Vice Chairman RTI Cell of All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) on March 8 incident, Director of School Education (DSE) Tapang Taloh said that by leveling wild allegations against him they are trying to distort the truth.

Giving a detailed description of the whole episode, including the physical assault on him (DSE) on March 8 in his office chamber, the DSE in a release said that “a group of three persons entered into the Office Chamber of the Director of School Education on March 7 at around 12:30 pm producing a visiting card of All Arunachal Pradesh Schedule Tribes Student Union (APSTSU). The group started arguments on the issue of compassionate appointment in place of Late Arki Taku, UDC of DDSE Office, Papum Pare.”

“After being asked to collect accurate status from the branch through dealing clerk, the group of three persons left office in a ‘tempered mood’ and immediately rushed to the dealing clerk. They re-entered the DSE’s chamber at 12.45 pm. The record available in the hand of the dealing assistant   (present during the course of discussion) was as follows:  (Date wise file movement): (a). Furnishing of vacancy position for appointment of wait listed candidate vide fax message from DSE ED2/DSE/96/APT/12 dated 09/10/2012 (b) Recommendation by DDSE Yupia Papum Pare vide Memo No .ED/PP/Esst-41/2012/358 dated 18/10/12 regarding appointment of senior most LDC to UDC. (c) N Papung, LDC promoted to UDC for six months w.e.f. 26/9/12 by DDSE as per record.  (d) Techi Yagur, Computer Operator (SSA) promoted to LDC from among wait list to LDC from among waiting list as per record. (e)  Appointment of (a) & (b) vide order No- ED/PP/ESTT-41/98 (Pt) dtd 21/09/12 (f) File noting at P- 10/N. (Vide 02/DSE/96/DPC /12)–vacancy position of Papum Pare be obtained to consider wait list candidate as well as to see the application of one of the family of late Arki Taku on compassionate ground and W/T message thereof. (g)  File noting at p-7- 11/Ns (Ed.2/634/2009 (i) List of candidate claiming compassionate appointment against the dist concerned initiated on   2/11/12 (ii) DPC member approved by Commissioner (Education) on 8/12/12 (iii) Minutes and recommendation of DPC at P-12/Ns approved by Govt. on 19/02/13 wherein the case of Samuel Taku for compassionate appointment has not been approved.)

2. The vacant post of late Arki Taku has already been filled on promotion of an officiating UDC at recommendation of DDSE Papum Pare duly approved by the Government.

3. The matter of compassionate appointment of the said case was placed in DPC. But it was rejected since the post has already been filled up.”

After revelation of this fact, the DSE tried to convince them that claimant Samual Taku shall be favorably taken up for appointment as A/T or J/T as per qualification, the release said.

Any how the group left the office on 7th March without creating much nuisance. During whole period of discussion Dealing Assistant was present.

But, again on 8th March, the release said, the same group reached the Office Chamber at 12:30 PM in unruly manner and started to ask some absurd questions and they even forcefully prevented the DSE from doing his regular office duty of clearing files etc.

In such compelling situation, the release said, the DSE had tried to ring to some subordinate officer for sharing the talk to convince the group.

“They overturned the files on table and bolt the door from inside,” the release claimed.

“Being shocked at such sudden eruption of alarming situation the DSE tried to go outside the Office Chamber from PA entrance but the moment DSE reached in the PA room where other two staff were present, one person of the group held his arm and allegedly hit him on the face causing bleeding near nose and damage of the spectacle. This had happened in presence of G. Dhar, PA, Pool Kumari and Kumari Chetry,” the release claimed, adding  after committing this crime the group left the office.

Immediately, an FIR was lodged with Police station and Police reached in the office for investigation, it said.

This whole episode, including bribery allegation, pulling of shoulder by the DSE etc seem to be a deliberate attempt to assassinate the character of DSE as well as to distort the whole episode by turning aside the fact.

The DSE appealed for bringing an end to such type of mental and physical harassment through immoral act against government officers/officials of any rank.



Peaceful dharna staged

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: A dharna was staged before the Itanagar Police Station to protest against the “illegal detention” of Meje Taku, President of Arunachal Pradesh Schedule Tribe Students’ Union, a federal unit of All India Schedule Tribe Student Action Forum and Yurum Tamin, Vice-Chairman RTI Cell of All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU).

The dharna was participated voluntarily by more than 200 people from across the state. The protest was to show solidarity and support to the student activists, who were arrested illegally by the false complaint filed by Director of School Education Tapang Taloh. “The volunteer participants of today’s peaceful dharna were mostly the victim of high handedness who are deprived by the corrupt practice of Director School Education and most of them are having their files pending in the said office since last many years.”

The main slogan of the dharna was that Meje Taku and Yurum Tamin are social workers and a student activist and they had done nothing wrong as alleged. The participants demanded justice for both the activists and demanded immediate release of both the activists. They also strongly demanded immediate arrest of Tapang Taloh, Director of School Education for allegedly committing the act of bribery (Chai-Paani). They also shouted various slogans against the DSE, including his removal from the post.

They cautioned that if the duo is not released immediately by next day, then they will resort to democratic course of action by way of indefinite Capital Complex Bandh Call. They further cautioned the authority of vigorous movement if their demand is not met immediately.



DSE assault case: Condemnations pour in

Few individuals will not be allowed defame whole community: NES

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: Condemnations from various organisations are still pouring in regarding assault on director of school education Tapang Taloh at his officer chamber by some persons  on March 8 last.

The Nyishi Elite Society has vehemently condemned the physical assault on a senior citizen of the state and Director of School Education, Tapang Taloh while on duty in his office chamber and appeal the authorities, especially, the law enforcing machinery to book the culprit.

NES added that punishment be given to attacker as per the law and ensure peaceful work atmosphere in all the offices of the state. While taking strong exceptions on defaming of the community by handful of miscreants, the society is contemplating to form a QUICK RESPONSE TEAM (QRT) to address immediate resolutions to the distress calls which shall be widely publicized for assistance of all such victims. Few individuals of the community should not be allowed to take the image of the community to ransom, the executive members echoed in unison.

The Arunachal Below Poverty People’s Union (ABPPU) has strongly condemned the physical assault on director of school education. The union has termed the incident as shameful, intolerable and unacceptable as it was done by youths. Further union has demanded to the home department to take strong action against culprit and added that there should be no compromise and exemplary punishment be given to them. Union also appealed to all section of society not to encourage such crime in the state.

Bogum Bokang Kebang has also expressed serious concern over attack on DSE. They termed such criminal act as threat to the democracy and rule of law. They also appeal for communal harmony to establish rule of law in the state.

A Joint Meeting of Adi Bane Keba (ABK) and Galo Welfare Society (GWS) were held today at Donyi-Polo Ashok regarding the recent assault on the Director of School Education. ABK-GWS jointly condemned the attack on one of the senior members of the Adi Community. Both Society appealed the law enforcing agent to take appropriate action and give exemplary punishment to the culprits and cautioned that such incident must not be repeated in future in Capital Complex.

The State BJP strongly condemned the physical assaults and manhandling of the Director of School Education, Tapang Taloh in his office chamber as very unfortunate and unbecoming in the civilized society. The Party, however, said the prompt action taken by the SP, Itanagar Capital is praiseworthy.

Expressing extreme shock over “the anti-social activities prevailing in state, especially in the state capital in the recent years,”  the BJP said any popular state government should realize about their primary responsibility of protecting life and property of the common people.

The Galo Peoples’ Federation (GPF) has condemned the “uncivilized and barbaric attack” on the Director of School Education at his office chamber, that too, in broad daylight. The Federation considered the attack as “a big slap to the State Govt. who in its deep slumber still dreams and believes that the law & order problem has ceased in the State.”  The GPF opined that a regular Home Minister must be reinstated and the Divisional Development Commissioner be made functional at the earliest for peace and tranquillity.            

Strongly condemning the barbaric attack on the DSE, the Matkir Society, Pasighat (East Siang) said attack on Taloh exposes the hollowness of the state security system. Attack on Taloh is an insult to the academic mentors of the state as well, the Society said  while demanding safety measures for  all officers of the  state. Demanding punishment to the assaulters, it said “the Matkir Society will look forward to it that apology by the culprits be extended to the victim at the earliest to upkeep the healthy tradition of fraternity among all the communities of the state in future.”

All Galo Students Union (AGSU) strongly  condemned the physical assault on Tapang Taloh, Director of School Education by some persons recently.

“Whatever may be the reason, manhandling and physically assaulting the senior officer is an act of spinelessness,” the AGSU said. Such kind of barbaric act deserves condemnation from every section of societies, it added.

Youth Network Movement of Arunachal (YNMA) has strongly condemned the attack on Director of school education Tapang Taloh recently by some persons. The Organisation appealed the law enforcing authority to punish them (culprits) as per law of land.

DASU demands no bail to attackers

The Dibang Adi Students Union (DASU) has condemned inhuman attack on director school education. Recalling that many such criminal activities has taken place against various hods at capital city of state, Itanagar, the DASU urged the authorities to award exemplary punishment to two alleged attackers and appealed government not to grant bail to the culprits or else people of state will lose its faith to govt.

The DASU further added that clarification issued by the hooligan attackers today in local daily has cross all the limits of pre-planned and cooked story. These attackers have zero images in the society and it’s because of people like them public throw bad remark to students organization. Union stated. Also clarification itself is derogatory and an attempt was made by the attackers to confuse the masses and to divert their habitual ill intention, they added. Union has lauded  yeoman service of Surender Kumar, superintendent of police and his team for arresting offenders on the very same day of incident.



Education is backbone of development: Siram

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: Education is the backbone of all development. Hence long term planning is the need of hour, said Bosiram Siram, Minister  (Edn, Lib, Sc & Tech etc) while attending a function organized by the Social Welfare Intellectual Movement (SWIM) with school management development committee at GHSS Borguli today. The minister informed that many schemes/projects are going to be implemented which will revolutionize the education sector in the state. Schools building with lavatories and staff quarters are going to be constructed in phase manner. Also funds for laboratory equipments will be allotted soon.

The minister said that bookish knowledge is not enough, so vocational trainings, art and crafts, cultural games and sports etc has to be taken up into earnest so that talented children can take up the professions of their choice.  For fulfilling the demands for teachers, the ministers informed that proposal for creation of adequate numbers of STs have been taken up. Moreover, he instructed the DDSE to make a list of excess teachers in some schools so that they can be posted where there is shortage of teachers. Pupils-teachers ratio of 1:30 will be implemented in due time.

Siram appealed the students to be disciplined, punctual and do hard labor and they will definitely be rewarded for their efforts. He also appealed all to utilize the available funds judiciously.

Due to global warming lot of changes for the worse is taking place. To counter it mass plantations has to taken up and maintain the ecological balance especially in the schools premises. This will also have soothing effects on the school going children.

Ralom Borang MLA while briefing the minister about the plight of the children due to non-availability of basic amenities like toilets, hostels, laboratories, auditoriums etc appealed for early sanctioning so that education is not affected. He also appealed for early posting of Senior and Subject teachers at Borguli GHSS and Kiyit Secondary school. He also appealed to the teachers to be more dedicated and put in extra efforts and time in their service. He exhorted the teachers and parents to equally shoulder the responsibilities of educating and moulding the future of the children.

He appealed the minister to approve to take up at least two schools under public-private-partnership and to vocational training institutions which the minister agreed. He appealed for immediate power connection to the GHSS Borguli was agreed upon by the minister.

Bodong Yirang Director (Elementary Education) while highlighting the academic achievements of the students of the area urged all to maintain the trend and improve on it. He said that success of teachers is measured by the success of students. He appealed the teachers and the parents to educate the children in right path.

Alok Das Chief Manager SBI Pasighat who accompanied the minister, donated three water purifiers to the GHSS Borguli, Upper Primary School and PHC each under corporate social responsibility program. He informed that SBI is always at the service of the people and the nation. He sought cooperation from all. T Yirang ZPM, Principal GHSS Borguli, Headmaster Secondary School Kiyit, GBs, public leaders etc while highlighting the problems faced by the staffs and students hoped that the education minister will provide solutions for all.  Pradeep Megu and Maksam Tayeng while welcoming the highlighted the aims and objectives of SWIM, which is working for social upliftment and education in the area. DIPRO



Timid situation prevails at Namsing-Tengabari area


PASIGHAT, Feb 9: The villagers of Mebo area in East Siang are living in trepidation after “brutal killing” of a family at Tengabari near Namsing village on February 11 night.

The incident created shock among the locals, who are demanding early arrest of culprits involved with the heinous crime. All four members of the family including Sultan Ali (45), his wife Momina Begum (35), son Moinul Ali (17) and daughter Apsana Begum (12) were killed by miscreant and their bodies were recovered from different parts of Tengabari area near Assam-Arunachal boundary.

The villagers alleged that police is unable to achieve any breakthrough in the case even after nearly one month has passed from the date of incident. Though police picked up two persons on suspicion, they were later released as no clue has been found from their statement. According to local people, the incident has badly scared their villagers, who are still living in a tizzy state. It has not only ruined image of the peaceful Namsing-Tengbari area but it has also tarnished image of the police in the distinct, they people opined.

The leading villagers from Namsig, Gadum, Mer villages in East Siang and Kaling (I & II), Keba, Banggo, Paglam of Dibang Valley district recently assembled in a meeting at Namsing village to discuss the insidious situation. The meeting chaired by senior citizen B Perme unanimously constituted a 24 member “Inter Village Peace Committee” including Kumsong Pangging as its chairman. Meanwhile the committee has pursued their grievances before the district administration and demanded early mitigating of the troublesome situation.

While assuring all possible help in the investigation, the leading citizens of Mebo and Dambuk area demanded the authority to institute ‘high level inquiry’ into the barbaric killing. They further demanded to post Circle Officer at Namsing HQ in order to instil an atmosphere of confidence among the local residents. The people also raised demand to form ‘Village Defense Police’ in the villages and pay them proper incentives.

Written statement has claimed that there was no security surveillance in Paglam area near vulnerable Assam-Arunachal boundary, encouraging the criminals and illicit traders to carry out offensive activities without hesitation. Moreover, the ‘Inner Line Check Gate’ at Paglam has been kept open, which is causing a great deal of dissatisfaction among the border dwellers. “The state government is well aware of the insecure situation but reluctant to take step to ensure safety and security of the common people”, the aggrieved villagers stated.

Some people of Mebo area have criticized their MLA Ralom Borang for his alleged silence over the issue. He is allegedly observing the unrest situation of the area as a dumb spectator and thereby playing an utter irresponsible role.



Financial outreach camp organised by RBI  at Nampong

CHANGLANG, MARCH 9: The Financial outreach camp was held on March 8 at Nampong, where Jasbir Singh, Excutive Director RBI from Mumbai graced the occasion as chief guest.

Addressing the gathering on the occasion, Singh stressed on awareness on the need of opening bank account to remain secure in future. He informed that 75000 villages have been covered with banking facilities, efforts are on to open banks in every village of the country.

Emphasising on repayment of loan on time, he assured to establish a nationalized bank at Nampong.

While replying to the demand for more treasury chest and ATM, he asked the SBI to find out the feasibility with close coordination with the local administration and forward it for grant of license.

Minister of Agriculture & Horticulture, Setong Sena, wanted that every head of the family should open a bank account, as most of the centrally sponsored flagship programme transaction done through banks, he requested the ED of RBI to consider for opening of a Nationalized bank at Nampong and assured to extend all possible help  for this purpose.

Sena, dwelt at length on the role of Self Help Group (SHG) for socio-economic development. The financial outreach  programme conducted at Nampong is the 4th of its kind organized in Arunachal Pradesh, he said and stressed on the need to create awareness on banking system. Honchun Ngandam, Parliamentary Secretary Horticulture, stated that Nampong will be corridor and international trade center. In his word of advice he said money saved means money earned, so people should inculcate habit of saving money in banks for future and to encounter the unforeseen odd days.

The Deputy Commissioner Changlang Chanchal Yadav said, right decision has been taken to organize the financial outreached programe at Nampong. She appealed to the people to take maximum advantage from the outreached programme. Informing that there are four sub-division in the district running with two treasury chests and  expressed the need to have more treasury chests.

S K Banerjee, Chairman Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank (APRB) said that APRB covered eight districts with twenty seven branches. He expressed eagerness to open a bank at Nampong. A K Choudhary DGM (SBI) narrated in detail on outreached programmes in NE states for benefits and progress of NE People. Anand Prakash Banking ombudsman NE region, explained on the Banking ombudsman scheme 2006 to enable and expeditious and inexpensive forum to Bank customers for resolution of complaints and redressal. K.N Tikhak, ZPM Nampong said, earning money does not make a man rich but saving makes a man rich. G. Hazarika SDO Nampong said if a bank branch opens at Nampong, it will directly benefit twenty four villages including The Assam Rifle and CRPF personnel.

Earlier P.K. Seva Regional Director RBI Guwahati delivered welcome address. Nidhi Srivas-tava ADC Jairampur also attended the programme at Nampong. DIPRO



NSS Camp held at Hari village

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: The NSS Units of Saint Claret College undertook their second annual NSS Camp cum Awareness Campaign on the theme “Healthy Youth, Healthy Nation” from March 8th to10th at Hari village of Ziro Valley.

As part of the Camp, 50 Claretines under the leadership of the NSS Program Officers Landi Tama and Withoam Socia, enthusiastically congregated in Hari village, and undertook a massive cleanliness campaign, cleaning up drainages and roads all along the village. The Department of Urban Development contributed to the venture by providing a few of its staff and a truck for garbage disposal. The people of Hari cordially welcomed the efforts of the NSS volunteers. Many Gaon Buras, GPMs, and ASMs were present to offer a helping hand and appreciated the students. Hage Yassung, ZPM and Hage Ankha, Anchal Chairperson was present in person to guide and encourage the students and to share in their labour.  Several leaders of Apatani Student Union and Apatani Youth Association, as well as former Claretines visited the venue to show their solidarity and appreciation for the noble service by the NSS of Saint Claret College.

After the cleanliness drive followed an awareness campaign for the villagers on various governmental schemes available for rural areas. The campaign also stressed the need for adopting environment-friendly projects and maintaining a healthy environment for improving quality of living.

As the third segment of the Camp, the NSS volunteers undertook an adventure trekking to Pange, under the Talley Valley Wild Life Sanctuary. The trekking sought to instill in the youth a sense of discipline, adventure, and love for nature and wildlife. The entire Camp was an enlightening experience for the participating Claretines. As one of them remarked, “It feels so good to do good things for others.”



Yuva Sabha 2013 organized

ROING Mar 10: ‘Yuva Sabha 2013’, a leadership training programme was organized today at Multipurpose Cultural Hall, Roing. The programme was organized by 42- Dambuk and 43- Roing Assembly Youth Congress.

The youth should shoulder the responsibility of realizing the dreams and vision of Rahul Gandhi for a better, brighter, developed, clean and honest India, said DCC President Roding Pertin and chief guest of the opening ceremony.

He urged and expressed hope that the state youth congress force would extend all support to bring about true positive change and to realized the vision of Chief Minister Nabam Tuki and PCC President Mukut Mithi.  

While acknowledging the youth force, Pertin said that more youths should be involved in the coming Panchayat election. Lower Dibang Valley District Congress Committee will give every support to the youth force to bring about positive transformation in the district, he further assured.

Youth’s involvement and support is very important for winning any election with a thumping majority and Congress is confident on its youth wing for the same said ZPM Chairperson Chiliko Meto and guest of honour of the programme.

Meto further emphasizing that youths are the backbone of any society or party, he called them to fight against corruption, poverty, drugs and opium addiction and to work for the up-liftment of education, women and children besides working for the party.

He said that the training camp was organized at the right time keeping in mind the panchayat and general elections. He hoped that the trainees would learn of the various works carried out by the Congress government for its people and spread awareness in the grass-root level.

Under the leadership of chief minister Nabum Tuki various schemes and policies have been taken up in sports, employment generation and special schemes for unemployed youths with minimal education said Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress president Tadar Niglar while speaking on the occasion.

He further said that Nabam Tuki has been able to finalize the A.O.P 2102 which in the last ten years was not possible. This is in itself an achievement, Niglar added.

He also spoke of the various contribution of the Gandhi and Nehru family for the country and the world like the non-violence movement by Mahatma Gandhi. Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, India achieved independence from the Brithsh through the non-violence movement, Niglar further informed.

He pointed out the various schemes taken up for the grass-root level under the UPA I and II government at the Centre. Niglar further urged the youth leaders to take this information and share it with the people of the grass-root level as to what the Congress government is doing for its people.

Mutchu Mithi who attended the programme as special guest called upon the youths to be more objective towards achieving their goals. He further assured to give support to the Assembly Youth Congress in future.

42- Dambuk AYC president Mida Perme and 43- Roing AYC president Japani Meto also spoke on the occasion. Meanwhile, Master Coaches Osu Borang and Barum Mason of JNLI took the training session of various topics.

The programme was attended by IYC secretary I/c Arunachal Pradesh Indrani Mirshra, Pradesh Youth Congress General Secretaries Honipa Sono Yangfo, R N Lalum I/c Training, Pinna Kitnal Muklom I/c Lower Dibang Valley, Emumi Mega, Bul Borang, LYC East Vice President cum Traning I/c Bakemso Towsik, LYC East general secretary Jamenso Kri I/c Lower Dibang Valley, LYC West General Secretary Kafa Bagang and BCC President Zila Mega.



Severe water crisis hit Pasighat again

Prafulla Kaman

PASIGHAT, Mar 10: The residents of century-old Pasighat Township and its adjoining areas have been facing severe water crisis for the last few months. Reportedly, the water problem has worsened this year making life miserable.

The Public Health Engineering (PHE) officials of Pasighat division have come under public criticism as the department has miserably failed to mitigate the water crisis.

Shortage of water is compelling the residents to buy packaged water for consumption and other household purposes. Few of them are managing drinking water with the help of Thellawalas every morning.

The forest colony, DSP colony, Medical colony, High region, APP colony, Solung ground, Bus station, Upper and Lower Baskata, Jarkong, Sawmill area, VTI colony and Airfild of urban and adjoin rural areas at Mirku, Siga Mirbuk, Kelek Mirbuk, Mirsum, Peking area badly suffering from water problem for last few months.

The residents allege that they are not getting the minimum required water although they are paying water bills regularly.

“The PHED engineers are not attending their works as all of them are local and kiths and kins of the bureaucrats. Our demand for an alternative water supply measure/source has not been considered by the authority till date. Our local MLA cum state’s Education Minister Bosiram Siram had also made his best effort to mitigate the water problem by taking up the matter with the PHED officials of the district, but to no avail,” the sufferers said, adding that they had been demanding the higher ups of the department for immediate removal of local PHED officials from East Siang district”.

“The water supply is a perennial problem of the century-old Pasighat town. The PHED engineers always blame the scanty rainfall and drying up of water sources, but the state government has not yet taken any effective step to solve the problem. We have been demanding the government to implement ‘Lift Water Supply’ project with overhead facility at Pasighat, but the PHED engineers are lending deaf ears to our demand and pretends fund crunch in the department”, said Kaling Moyong, a public leader of Pasighat.

Moyong alleged that local MLA and Minister Bosiram Siram, who visited the water supply schemes last month and assured the people a “visible change” in water supply, has not yet taken any step to ease the problem. He suggested the PHED for supplying water to Pasighat township from Sirpo Nalla, a perennial stream at Rengging village outskirt.

Moyong further criticized the local MLA and MP for their alleged indifferent attitudes in solving the burning problems of the local people.

The executive engineer of PHED, Pasighat O Padung and his subordinate officers of Pasighat sub-division office are not available for comment or any official input regarding the present water crisis.



CCA Guidelines workshop held

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development, North East Unit organized a consultative Workshop on “Guidelines for Promotion and Management of Community Conserved Areas in Arunachal Pradesh” on March 08 to finalize a draft Guideline developed by the Institute under its GOI-UNDP CCF-Project.  The basic objective of the workshop was to analyse and consider Community Conserved Area (CCA) as an approach towards conservation of rich biological diversity of Arunachal Pradesh, focusing on the Unclassed State Forests and enable a considerable enhancement in the livelihood security of the ethnic communities simultaneously providing ecological benefits.  

Presiding over the inaugural and technical sessions of the workshop Shri DV Negi, PCCF & Principal Secretary, Government of Arunachal Pradesh highlighted that this workshop on CCA is very timely and a well developed CCA approach will strengthen to the conservation efforts and processes existing in the state to conserve its rich biological resources.  He urged the participants to deliberate and contribute in the finalization of the Draft Guideline and hoped that a final draft could be in place within a month for further necessary action.  

N N Zhasa, PCCF (WL&BD), Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh while sharing his views on history of community conservation approaches at international and national level, appreciated the efforts of the Institute and the partner organizations in conserving the rich biodiversity of the state focusing  on local human resource development and institutionalizing the process of environmental sustainability through formation of community institutions and their involvement in the entire process of biodiversity conservation and livelihood development  through the GOI/UNDP project entitled “Biodiversity conservation through community based natural resource management in Arunachal Pradesh”.  

Ravindra Kumar, Addl. PCCF,  expressed   that CCA in Arunachal Pradesh holds immense potential in motivating the indigenous communities of the state  in their efforts in biodiversity conservation, livelihood sustenance, and cultural identity.

Dr. P.K. Samal, Scientist Incharge of the Institute appraising the participants on the efforts and achievements  of the GOI/UNDP project stated that this Guidelines on CCA is one among the other policies and guidelines like Homestay operation and Ecotourism Policy for Arunachal Pradesh brought out under the project implemented by the Institute partnering with WWF-India, NERIST, SFRI and NCADMS. He stated that handholding of a network of organizations, local people and Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh is an effective mechanism of conservation as the project proved.  Dr. Pijush Dutta from WWF-India and Dr. Yashpal Singh from MoEF, New Delhi also spoke.

Participants from various line departments such as Environment & Forests, Horticulture; State and Central government institutions like SFRI, SIRD, BSI, NERSIT, Rajiv Gandhi University; and other organizations like WWF-India, NCADMS deliberated in the workshop. The workshop deliberated on various aspects of the draft guidelines, i.e., its vision, objectives, institutional arrangement at both local and state level and the benefits that will accrue to the communities from CCAs. A consensus emerged in the workshop that CCA is an opportunity to meet the twin objectives of ecological sustainability by conserving biological diversity and ensuring needs of the forest dependent communities through sustainable harvesting of natural resources.  It would further strengthen to the existing egalitarian and traditional resource use practices of the local communities of the State.



Power can be corruptive while strength is always creative”

“Woman is strength” - Sri Sri Swami Anu

Wakro, Mar 10: His Holiness Swami Sri Sri Anubhavanandaji Saraswati, attending the International Women's Day celebration at Anugrah in Wakro extended his blessings and guidance saying, “ Woman is not a power because power can corrupt. Woman is a strength. Please understand the difference between these two words - Power and Strength.   Strength is a creative force and Power most of the time can be a corruptive force. Women are more powerful because of the fact that they are strong.  Fortunate are those who have daughters because daughters really serve the parents. The culture of any society is in the custody of women. Women have always taken lead and responsibility in all spheres of social life and they are the ones who really contribute for the welfare of the whole world. The gents must never underestimate women and ladies should recognize their strength. If women recognize their strength they will not fall prey to any weakness.

In her message to Anu Shiksha Seva Trust, Dr Syeda Hameed, member, planning commission  said that International Women's Day is to celebrate the spirit of ordinary women playing extra ordinary roles in shaping their families, communities, society and countries. “On this day we also reflect on the progress made in achieving the goal of all round development of women and of implementing a pro-active agenda of change. Women can play significant role in focussing on issues related to gender inequality,   ways to eliminate poverty and social practices that are disadvantageous to the development of women and the girl child”.

She further emphasized saying, “On this occasion let us reaffirm our commitment to women's rights and move forward with courage and determination. Let us defend human rights, the inherent dignity and worth of the human person and the equal rights of women and men. I extend my greetings and felicitations to all my sisters in Arunachal Pradesh in their continuing role and their relentless effort in shaping the destiny of our country.”

Mauji friend of the Apnes Sri Padam Chand Gupta of Delhi gifted clothes ( 300 Nos of Mauj Me Raho T-Shirts) to girls of rural Arunachal to mark the International Women's Day celebration.

ASSET thanked Padamji for the gesture who also donated other items of use to the schools managed by ASSET. Sri Sri Swami Anu also handed over the 3D print of the message from Yojana Bhawan to Pritty Nayil, member of the Wakro unit of the Women's Welfare Society. The Apnes presented dances and songs while the KGBV, Wakro also participated in the celebration. The readers of VT-AWIC Youth Library Network played a spirited skit on the life of Savitri Bai Phule, first lady to become a teacher and one of earliest Indian social reformers who started and tirelessly worked for girls education in Maharashtra. Savitri Bai's efforts for upliftment of the people of lower castes was also highlighted.

Cash reward stands


The cash reward of Rs 10 lakhs announced by the Arunachal Pradesh Police for giving information or clue leading to arrest of the assailant/s of Tongam Rina, Associate Editor of The Arunachal Times still stands. The identity of the informer/s will be kept secret.  The informer/s may contact Capital SP at tele. numbers : 09436040006






Devotees throng temples on Maha Shivratri

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: Amid chiming of bells and chanting of mantras, the devotees of Lord Shiva  today thronged to the temples of Capital Complex  in various locations to offer prayers on the occasion of Maha Shivartri.

The Brahama Kumaris Raya Yoga Centre, Itanagar took out a peace procession in various sectors and colonies of the Capital to spread  the message of love and peace on the occasion.

According to the Hindu calendar, Maha Shivratri is celebrated a day or two before the new moon in the month of Phalgun (February-March). Lord Shiva is considered one of the deities of Hindu Trinity, the other two being Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu.


AGSU hopes for smooth passage of district creation bill

ITANAGAR, Mar 10:While appreciating the stand shown by Nari-Koyu MLA Tako Dabii on creation of Lower Siang district, All Galo Students' Union (AGSU) has appealed to the senior citizens, political, public leaders  and especially all legislators irrespective of caste, creed and communities of East Siang and West Siang in particular and state as whole to extend their full support so that the district reorganization bill in respect of Lower Siang district be passed in forth-coming assembly session.

Recalling its five points memorandum submitted to Chief Minister on Nov 22, 2012 last wherein the demand for creation of Lower Siang district included,  the AGSU  said “now the  state Govt should feels the pulse of its necessity to declare the proposed district at the earliest.” It further requested the Govt to go through the chronological facts and background of the demand for creation of Lower Siang district since 1994 before passing any kind of bill in the assembly for creation of this district.


State level PMEGP exhibition begins at Bomdila

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: State Level exhibition on PMEGP (Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme) was formally inaugurated at Bomdila yesterday.  Altogether 40 stalls are set up wherein various village industries and khadi products are being displayed. Artisans from many districts of Arunachal Pradesh and adjoining neibouring states like Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya and some other parts of India are participating in the exhibition organised by Khadi  and  Village Industries Commission under Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Govt. of India in association with National Youth Project - A.P. The programme will continue till 20th March.


Proud moment for Arunachalee

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: Dr. Krishna Chowlu of Arunachal, a Ph.D holder in orchid taxonomy from Rajiv Gandhi University has been selected for the member of International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources- Orchid Specialist Group (IUCN-OSG). She is first Arunachalee to be selected and her achievement is a source of inspiration for many young researchers of state. Dr Chowlu hails from Lohit district and is currently project working as scientist on government of India funded project on Orchid taxonomy at Manipur.

After completing her Ph.D from RGU in the year 2010, she continued her orchid research on Taxonomy. And within this two year she reported few species new to the world of Science. Her new finding has been published in various international and national science journals. Though Arunachal Pradesh is representing the highest number of orchids in India with more than 600 numbers but before Dr. Krishna Chowlu no Arunachalee ever got selected as the member of IUCN-OSG.


APBRDA team visits Bamboo bazaar

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: Arunachal Pradesh Bamboo Resources and Development Agency (APBRDA) Vice Chairman Yora Tagung along with officers of Forest department and National Bamboo Mission C. Loma, Mission Director, National Bamboo Mission (NBM) cum Member Secretary, APBRDA and R K Taj, Soil Scientist cum Member, Bamboo Technical Support Group (BTSG), NBM, State Forest Research Institute, Itanagar visited at State Bamboo Bazaar, near Bucho Motors, Papu Nallah, Naharlagun on March 9.

All the bamboo whole sellers, retail sellers and publics from Banderdewa, Nirjule, Naharlagun, Itanagar were also present in the visiting programme.

Ajing Arum Yapa Sangcha Multipurpose Co-operative Society Limited (AAYSMCSL) chairman Kipa Tachung (Pajik) in a  two-point memorandum appealed the APBRDA chairman for construction of ware house within capital complex area for post harvest storage and treatment facilities for bamboo and establishment of district wise bamboo whole market. The Chairman assured to look into the above points within this financial year 2013-14.

C Loma and R K Taj, highlighted the scope, benefit and potential of bamboo in Arunachal Pradesh and also agreed to give training to the farmers, bamboo whole seller, retailers for better marketing of bamboo.


Veterinary officers inspect newly constructed VAC

KIMIN, Mar 10:  Dr D P Singh, Papum Pare District Veterinary Officer along with Dr T Taram, Senior Veterinary Officer, Kimin yesterday inspected the newly constructed veterinary aid centre building at Hawa Camp under Kiming circle.

The DVO has expressed his satisfaction over the quality of work and timely completion of the building  sanctioned under SPA 2012-2013 at a cost of Rs 9 lacs. He also instructed the official posted at Hawa Camp to remain in the station regularly from now onwards in order to provide better service to farmers.

Meanwhile, the Panchayat leaders and  general public/farmers  of Hawa camp and Lichi village have appreciated the  veterinary department for fulfilling long-pending demand of people of Lichi-Cher Panchayat.  They also lauded the role of local MLA Nabam Rebia for taking up the matter for construction of VAC building this year and horticulture  staff  building last year which will mitigate the problems faced by farmers.

The Farmers further demanded that all the agriculture and allied department field staffs  to remain in the posting place and work cohesively.


Forum seek SIC's intervention


DAPORIJO, Mar 10: Expressing resentment over the non-responsive attitude shown by  authorities in furnishing all information under RTI - 2005 regarding construction of wire roof suspension bridge over river Subansiri at  Bator Village under Gusar Circle,  the Gusar Circle Youth Forum (GCYF) sought the intervention of the Arunachal Pradesh  State Information Commissioner and demanded disciplinary action against the erring officer  who failed to furnish the  information sought.

 The Forum claimed that the Rs 99.50 lakh bridge project work under SPA started on Oct 7, 2011 under  Dumporijo CD Block and  implementation of project was supposed to complete within six months as per Govt norms. But till now the project has not been completed, the Forum said.  Forum added that it had sought information on Oct 31, 2012 to know the actual cause of delay in project implementation, but project executing agency is  not willing to provide details information under RTI.

However, despite giving the information to the society under RTI in limited time, BDO CD Block, Dumporijo replied that, he has not been handed over the cash book and files of the said work yet by the concern officer.


Women hold discussion on crucial issues

AALO,  March  10: Arunachal Women Welfare Society, Aalo Branch West Siang  district  held discussion on various of  West Siang district on the occasion of the International Women Day at Sipu Colony Aalo on 8th March.

All the executive body of APWWS were present on the occasion. They resolved to generate fund within members, working agents and approach DC’s untied fund for assistance and check drug menace within Aalo township, introduction of traditional dress code in all classes of Higher Secondary to Colleges,  discouragement of dowry system in Galo Society  etc. DIPRO


APLS holds monthly sitting

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: The 40th literary sitting of Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS) was today held at the conference hall of JN State Museum here.

The monthly literary session of APLS - chaired by its president Y D Thongchi - witnessed a literary discourse with the participants sharing their thoughts and ideas on creative writings.

Earlier, the session started with Abhishek Kumar Yadav, assistant professor of RGU reading out his Hindi write-up titled ‘Atmakathan’, while Achyut Kr Borah recited self-composed Assamese poem, ‘Tumak ki dim’. Another Assamese poet, Ajanta recited her poem ‘Moi Mumtazak dekhisilu’.

The literary meet was attended among others by APLS general secretary Tokong Pertin, R N Koley, Dr Pekba Ringu, Jamuna Bini and Sourabhi Gogoi Borah.


IWD celebrated

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: The Arunachal Pradesh Women Welfare Society (APWWS) has observed International Women Day in collaboration with Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) Dumporijo Block on March 8th at Dumporijo in Upper Subansiri. APWWS general secretary Yali Paksok highlighted the importance of education and health for girl child. In his address local MLA Takar Marde encouraged women section to participate in mainstream of development. During the function few members were also felicitated. To mark the occasion games and sports were also conducted.


54th Tibetan National Uprising Day observed

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: Along with the rest of the world, Tibet Support Group Arunachal Pradesh today observed 54th Tibetan National Uprising Day. During the occasion one minute silence was also observed to pay homage to hundreds of Tibetans who died of self-immolation for Tibetan cause.


Rape condemned

ITANAGAR, Mar 10: The Wancho Students’ Union (WSU) has strongly condemned the alleged rape of a minor school girl by IRBN personnel at Londing on March 2 last. In a release WSU today said that stringent action should be taken against the accused and compensation should also be provided to victim.





238 days have passed. The culprits involved in the July 15 attack on The Arunachal Times associate editor Tongam Rina are still at large. 

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All rights reserved.


Maintain discipline at work

Dear Editor,

Through your esteem daily, I would like to share some views and opinions regarding the trend prevalent in the Govt. departments or the Govt. establishments in our state. Thereby, would like to state that besides having advantages and privileges like the provision of vehicles etc it has been observed time and again, that almost all the officials working in the Govt. establishments are never seen reaching for their respective duties in proper time. Rather it has been seen that most of them leave the offices early for home. It is in fact a serious matter for concern and it is a matter to be pondered over by all the citizens of the capital complex and the state as a whole. Therefore, it is very disappointing and irrelevant that the word "Punctuality, “is completely out of the context and missing among the Govt. officials of the state

Further, taking into consideration of the above mention statement and also once again reminding about the March 8th incident at Director of school Education office; I would like to appeal to all the Govt. officials of the various departments to cooperate with the public especially the youths who approach them for the genuine causes. As the public servant they have acquired the respective post of offices according to their merit, and they are ought to serve the public accordingly.  

Acknowledging, the grievances of the unemployed youths, being one of the conscious citizens as well as the concern youth, I would like to request the youths of the state not to act rudely and inhumanely that invites any kind of incident which bring bade name to the society. Also, I would like to appeal to all the Govt. officials to cooperate with the public, especially unemployed youths who approach them for the positive purpose and also to maintain “Punctuality” towards their duties by following the code of 'ethics’ of their respective works.

I would like to appeal to our Chief Minister, Nabam Tuki to issue strict Govt. notice to all the Govt. officials in the state instructing and directing them to abide by law and code of ethics of their respective works and particularly directing them to maintain "Punctuality" and "Discipline “during their working hours and to set up a healthy trend.


Tai Nonang


All Nyishi Youth




PRC to non-APST will have serious repercussion 10 years from now

Dear Editor,

This is with reference to Mr. G.S. Gahire’s letter under the caption “Historical facts should not be ignored” which appeared in your

esteemed Daily on 8/Mar/2013, I would like to make the following points:

(1). To some people especially the Nazis and his followers, Hitler was a hero figure. However, to many Jews and the mankind he was a dictator and a destroyer. Similarly, to the aboriginal tribal inhabitants of

Dawodi valley (presently Vijoynagar) A.S. Guraya was a dictator and a destroyer, who was responsible in forcing the indigenous Yobin dwellers to vacate their own cultivated land at gunpoint to make room

for a new bunch of settlers into their land. A few years back there was a time when inner line pass was denied to Mr. A.S. Guraya and his children to enter and visit Dawodi valley (presently Vijoynagar),

certainly there were some reasons the Arunachal Government had to consider.

(2). The history of Dawodi valley (presently Vijoynagar) does not begin from 7th/May/1961 when the Expedition Team led by Maj. Sumer Singh reached the valley and found the Yobin tribe there, nor does it

begin from 1962 onward when a bunch of settlers began settlement there. In fact, the history was in existence from prior to those developments.

(3) According to Mr. Gahire, the Gorkhas were settled there by the Government of India to check antinational elements and illegal immigration. If it was true then the Government had deliberately

undermined the patriotism of the tribal communities of Arunachal Pradesh, which shares International Boundary with Bhutan, China and Myanmar ranging from Tawang to Changlang Districts. It clearly shows

that a non-tribal community is needed to be settled in Arunachal so that it can claim the territory. What a disservice to the patriotic innocent tribal communities of Arunachal where more than 26 major

tribes reside.

(4). When Mukut Mithi was the CM, a High Power Committee comprising of Cabinet Ministers and the District Administration was constituted to examine the grievances of the aboriginal tribe living in Dawodi valley (presently Vijoynagar) and based on concrete evidences they recommended and the citizenship was restored immediately for the Yobin tribe. In Mr. Gahire’s letter he failed to mention that when Gorkhas were settled during 60s, which people were already there prior to their settlement? Does he mean to say that the High Power Committee members were a bunch of jokers?

(5). With due respect to the All Arunachal Pradesh Student Union  (AAPSU), Arunachal Law Student Union (ALSU) and All Changlang District Student Union (ACDSU), I would like to urge them all that it is high time to think and take up this issue seriously for the sake of the tribal communities of Arunachal Pradesh that granting of PRC to non-APST will have repercussions in future. If non-APST settled in 1961-62 onward can be considered for PRC then after 10 years from now on the Government will be bound to or, a trend will be set that those who were settled in 1971-72 onward also should be considered for PRC. This will surely have repercussions in future for our State l, which is inhabited by the tribal communities.


R. Yobin, Miao.




You have pen to write

Dear Editor,

Today I would like to speak on the most important tools that we use in everyday’s life, which is pen. How many of us really know the value of the pen? Earlier belief of word is naughtier than the pen has been proved false. Today people believe that “Pen is mightier than the sword” which holds much true. Though small in size, its effect is great. Ever important decision made by you and me cannot be endorsed and legalized without this small tool. We need to be careful about its uses as it can destroy or save anyone. But when we use properly it can make you a wonderful man & woman. Many have become successful and famous with its help.

I remember an impressive ad in the television about the pen by the famous actor Anil Kapoor and his beautiful daughter Sonam Kapoor, wherein he gifts a pen and said "The Pen is to write the world.” So dear fellow citizen of Arunachal Pradesh "Choose and decision is yours" you have the pen to write the whole world.


Lindum Ruth

King Cup Public School,





Attack on DSE is sending wrong signal to the society

Dear Editor,

The assault on DSE, Tapang Taloh is deeply resented by the people of Ledum village. Whereas we appreciate the Police in managing to arrest the culprits involved but we also demand that the assaulters should not be given bail and charge sheeted within a week. We also demand the CM to immediately ban the Arunachal Pradesh Schedule Tribes Students Union and public apology be issued by the union.

This is to reiterate that the Ledum Village is deeply pained by the incident and will closely follow up the case. We will not be hoaxed by the false assurances that the government issues at their whims and fancies. If the government cannot protect its own employees from such repeated attacks by some uncultured and uncivilized troublemakers, the CM, who is also the Home Minister, has no right to stay in power. It’s high time for the incumbent HCM to take stock of the ever deteriorating Law and Order situation particularly in the Capital, where people from other parts of Arunachal don't feel safe. If such trend continues Govt. Servants would not dare serve in districts other than theirs .This is not just an appeal but a warning which if not heeded to, Arunachal will burn,  sooner or later.


Ledum Dolung



Itanagar belongs to every Arunachalee

Dear Editor,

We condemn the physical assault on Director Sschool Education by the two youths in his office. Why are they doing so? Is it because Itanagar is theirs? Or is it because The CM is theirs? Is it because other tribal officers and officials hail from other districts? We know Itanagar is ours. Hon'ble CM is ours. All the tribal officers and officials are ours and we also know that anyone can get contract works/ supply orders/ etc. etc without resorting to violence. The duo involve in assault be punished and fool proof security be arranged.                     


Nomni Pertin,

Govt. Secondary School, Kongsa



Women account for two-thirds of world’s illiterate population

Great strides have been made during the United Nations Literacy Decade that closes last year. Across the world, individuals, communities and countries have reached out to children, youth and adults to enable them to read, write and transform their lives. As a result, some 90 million young men and women and adults have become literate.

Despite all these efforts,  an estimated 775 million young people and adults around the world still cannot read or write; 122 million children of primary and lower secondary school age remain out of school; and millions still graduate with inadequate literacy skills.  Women account for two-thirds of the world’s illiterate population.  The persistence of such numbers hobbles the efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and to build the inclusive knowledge societies.

In order to move faster to reach the most marginalized and uphold this basic human right, the UN  launched a new Education First initiative.  The initiative focuses on three priorities: putting every child in school; improving the quality of learning; and fostering global citizenship.

 The cost of leaving millions of children and young people on the margins of society is far greater than the funds required to reach the international goals for education.