March 21

All is not well outside the Assembly

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: Chief Minister Nabam Tuki while participating in the discussion during motion of thanks on Governor’s address in the state assembly claimed that crime rate in the state came down since 2005.  The Chief Minister is quite true in his assessment as per the official figure, however, not many may agree with his view. The crime graph has risen considerably especially in the state capital.

The important part is - did anyone ever, be it police, policymaker or NGOs, try to find out the reason for the rise in crime graph.

There is growing gap between rich and poor in the state. A section of society is living western lifestyle whereas another section is struggling to make ends. The rich and influential are becoming richer with each passing days. On the other hand poor are becoming poorer. The tribal society never witnessed such widening gaps among haves and haves not in the past. The wealthy group of citizen is able to manipulate things for their benefits leading to the deprivation of poor. The young-educated middle and lower middle citizens are facing brunt of this situation. “I finished my engineering degree way back in 2009 but still am jobless. I don’t know whom to blame. I had cleared written exam on many occasion but strangely never get through viva voice. With due respect to the persons who got selected, I feel that I was much better them. I seriously don’t know what I should do to get a job,” shared a frustrated engineering student.

Perhaps what he was trying to share is that he had no money to spend during final hurdle as he comes from a lower middle class family. Like him there are thousands of youth who are putting up in various parts of capital and weaving beautiful dream for the future. When they wake up in the morning, the first things they do is check various pages of local dailies and try to figure out if there is government job advertisement. They make round of various government offices seeking information about any job opportunities. In the process many a times they face humiliation at the hand of government officials who behave as if they are born kings and queens.

The way things are going, state will witness increasing figure of crime rate in the future. The frustrated poor youth left with no option might resort to other means in the form of crime to make living. They also dream of living a decent life and when they are deprived of it, things go wrong. The political class might be trying to portray very beautiful picture but truth is  that Arunachal is heading towards doom if necessary correction  measures are not taken in right time. Few months ago during a discussion, one IPS officer, who hails from mainland India, told me that corruption in Arunachal is too much.

“When I see 80 per cent population of state I feel very sad for them. On the other-hand when I look at 20 per cent population who are enjoying all the benefit, seriously I get very angry and hate them. I have been posted to various parts of country and understand that corruption is everywhere but amount of corruption witnessed in Arunachal is extremely high. If not checked, this state will face serious problem in the future,” the IPS officer shared. As the financial year is nearing end, the government offices are buzzing with the words- Chai-Pani. This is a code word used for seeking bribery and if anyone fails to provide chai-pani, the person should forget about his/her work. Arunachal Pradesh in particularly capital is not right place for hardworking and straight forwarded citizens.

In the meanwhile am still wondering why Education Minister Bosiram Siram got so angry when Trinamool Congress MLA Laeta Umbrey stated in the floor of assembly that govt including ministers are corrupt. Is it the case of “only wearer knows where the shoe pinches”??



Over 3000 forest land encroachment cases in state

CM gives clarion call to protect forests

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: A total area of 54,348.6683 hectare of forest land has been encroached by 3,056  people/villagers in sixteen forest divisions  under various districts of Arunachal Pradesh till December 2012. This was informed by Chief Minister Nabam Tuki while responding to a question raised by Trinamool Congress MLA Laeta Umbrey during question hour in the Assembly today.

Maximum number of 1,417 forest land encroachers has been recorded under Namsai Forest Division. This was followed by 519 encroachments under Nampong forest divison,  412 in Lohit and 375 encroachment cases  under Banderdewa forest division.

Expressing concern over the rampant encroachment of forest land/ protected area and destruction of forests, Chief Minister gave a clarion call to protect forest for our future generation.  He further said that state Govt  will take stern action against the  erring officials responsible for illegal forest activities like tree felling etc.

Informing that  the concerned department has been facing shortage of man power to protect the forest resources, the  chief minister disclosed the state government recently created the Forest Protection Force and 288 posts have already been sanctioned under the force.

“During the past five years, encroachment to the extent of 55.249 hectares in Banderdewa forest division and 35 hectares in Dibang forest division were being reported,” Chief Minister said while responding to another question.  He further informed “Offence reports have been drawn against the encroachers and cases booked in the local courts. There are 35 such cases under Banderdewa division and seven in Dibang division were under trial.”

DLAAB:  Chief Minister informed the house that the  District Land Allotment  Advisory Board (DLAAB) has been dissolved by the Govt vide order No LM -21/2005 Dated 30/4/2012.

The State Govt has brought into force all the provisions of the Arunachal Pradesh (Land Settlement and Records) Act 2008 in the entire territory of the state with effect from Sept 1, 2008, the Chief Minister said adding “the  said Act does not provide for any land allotment advisory board for allotment of government land to private individuals, institution etc.

Senior Teachers: Responding to a questioned raised by MLA Takar Marde, Education Minister Bosiram Siram  informed that steps are being taken  to solve the shortage of senor teachers in higher secondary schools in the  state. He further informed   that senior teachers in Chemistry and  Pol Science subjects  for Dumporijo Higher Secondary school will be provided in next academic session.



Pre-paid energy meters on the cards

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: Power (Electrical) Minister Tanga Byaling today informed the Assembly that the power department  is planning to install pre-paid energy meters and remote metering system beginning from the state capital in order to  prevent revenue leakage and also enhance revenue collection in effective way. The proposal to install pre-paid energy meters and remote metering system will be submitted to the state government soon for Itanagar and Naharlagun as a pilot project for Rs 35 crore, the chief minister disclosed.

Expressing serious concern over loss of revenue due to various reasons including illegal electricity connection, Byaling said  that his department had already taken action against 3 sub-divisional officers, 1 UDC and three meter readers   who had performed their duty ‘dishonestly’.

Responding to a question raised by BJP MLA Tamiyo Taga, Byaling further disclosed that with the administrative help from the ADM Talo Potom, his administration has collected  revenue of over Rs 14 crore from Nirjuli and  Naharlagun area within 10 months. It also collection over Rs 21 crore  revenue from Itanagar area, the minister informed.

Pointing out the loss of revenue due to technical reason,  the Minister said state government  had already submitted a Rs 1800 crore project proposals  to DoNER Ministry for construction of states own power grid and sub stations to minimize power transmission and distribution loss.

The aggregate transmission, distribution and commercial loss of the state is around 60 per cent which is mainly due to long transmission and distribution lines, non-payment of electricity bills by the consumers and illegal power tapping, the minister said.

Byaling further informed that the State government had requested the Union Power Ministry for funding from World Bank along with the projects of other North Eastern states but the proposal could not materialize because of objection raised by China.



District (Amendment) Bill passed in Assembly

Speaker adjourns assembly session sine die

ITANAGAR, Mar 20:  The Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly today passed the Arunachal Pradesh (Re-Organisation of Districts) (Amendment) Bill, 2013, paving way for creation of four new districts in the state.

Chief Minister Nabam Tuki had placed the bill on March 15 last in the floor of the house for creation of Kra Daadi, Namsai, Siang and Lower Siang districts.

With the Assembly’s nod for the bill after over eight hours deliberation, the total districts in the state would be 21 with Longding created last year as the 17th district carving out of the present Tirap district.

The Namsai district would be created by dividing Lohit district with its headquarters at Namsai, while the Kra Daadi, with its proposed headquarters at Jamin would be created from Kurung Kumey district.

The Siang and Lower Siang districts would be created by taking certain administrative circles from East and West Siang districts. The headquarters of Siang district has been proposed at Nyobo while that of Lower Siang is yet to be decided.

Taking part in the discussion of the Bill, Chief Minister Nabam Tuki informed the house that the cabinet decision to create the four districts was to accelerate economic development in the areas and to bring administration to the peoples’ doorsteps.

Despite contradictory demands on Lower Siang district, consensus opinion was obtained, Tuki said, adding that the intention was for administrative convenience and avoid any controversy.

There wouldn’t be random district creation despite demands as such demand are met on need-basis, not constituency-wise, Tuki said before the bill was put to vote without amendment.

Earlier in the day, BJP member Dr Tangor Tapak and Congress MLA Alo Libang moved a notice for amendment of the bill under Rule 79 of the Rules of  Procedure and Conduct of Business of the assembly to delete the entries ‘areas comprising administrative units of existing East Siang districts namely Nari, Koyu, Seren and Kora’ from the bill following opposition by the people.

However, the bill was passed by voice votes without amendment after Tuki assured not to issue notification on creation of Lower Siang district till the issue of protests by various organisations resolved.

Later, Speaker Wangling Lowangdong adjourning the House sine die.

Moving the amendment bill Tapak said that the people of his area have been living in harmony without any problem as they respect each other.

Earlier, initiating the discussion, TMC MLA Laeta Umbrey  vehemently opposed the  creation of new district. “Let us plan first,  instead going to the direction of one-MLA one-district  concept,” Umbrey said adding  “we are not in a position to create district at present... Creation of district would open a Pandora’s Box without any end to such demands  for creation of district.”

Namsai MLA Nang Sati Mein supported the bill and lauded the state Govt for  justifying the people’s demand.

Tapen Siga said though  he is not opposing the Bill but his conscience doesn’t  permit him to agree with the bill.  He said that many administrative circles which  were created earlier are  still facing infrastructure problem.  What is the purpose of creating new district without considering the actual need and infrastructures, Tapen Singa questioned?

While supporting the creation of districts, Tamiyo Taga said except Namsai all the districts are interior areas, like Kurung Kumey from where massive migration to the Capital Complex continues. The new districts would take administration to people’s doorsteps to solve many problems,  he added. It is a laudable step that  despite paucity of fund, the  state Govt has the courage to bring a bill for four more districts, he said.

Welcoming the bill as a landmark achievement of the present Govt, Takam Pario said it was a culmination of numerous visits of the CM and his cabinet colleagues to various parts of the state to assess the ground realities. Markio Tado and Honchun Ngandam also supported the creation of  districts.

Former CM Jarbom Gamlin  lauded the  state Govt for the bill. However, he said “History is created today. A ruling party MLA moving an amendment bill with the opposition member Tangor Tapak making a mockery of the parliamentary democracy  Let the bill be passed  first.  A house committee could seek public referendum for unanimity”.  

Finance Minister Chowna Mein said  that development is a natural process which can’t be halted for want of fund. New districts were step forward in that direction, he  said.

Industry Minister Tapang Taloh termed the bill remarkable, to nullify Umbrey saying – all those glitters are not gold and good leaders are not necessarily good administrators – as the CM, a leader with a difference, a man of principle and having capacity to translate impossible to possible, have made a indelible mark in socio-economic transformation of the state by ensuring equal justice delivery system. He objected to inclusion of some areas in Lower Siang district. 

State Transport Minister Jarkar Gamlin, Education  Minister Bosiram Siram and UD Minister Tanga Byaling suggested passing the bill in its original form and bringing amendment after public referendum or house panel opinion.

With 101% support, Takar Marde said “the new districts aimed at administrative convenience and rapid economic development of the people scattered in far-flung areas. Among others, Minister Setong Sena, Gadam Ete, J K Panggen, Gojen Gadi, Bamang Felix, Kalikho Pul also participate in the discussion. PTI/ ATNS



Training focuses on food and medicinal value of Mushroom

Prafulla Kaman

PASIGHAT, Mar 20: As part its regular training for the agriculture and horticulture field officers and progressive farmers, the State Agricultural Management & Extension Training Institute (SAMETI) is conducting two-day training on “Mushroom Cultivation for Self Employment and Rural Food Security” at GTC training centre here today.

Attending the inaugural training as resource person, an Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology in Pasighat College of Horticulture and Forestry (CHF) Dr P Raja discussed on various methods of identification of edible mushrooms and the methods of production of Mushroom Spawn (seed). Dr Raja also introduced the trainees with different species of Mushroom with special reference to the edible and un-edible (poisonous) ones. He elaborated on “food” and “medicinal” values of edible mushrooms and the economic prospect of their cultivation in private made farm houses.

Talking about the potentiality of mushroom cultivation in East Siang district, Dr Raja stated that more than 200 species of mushrooms are found in the natural vegetation of East Siang and its adjoin areas and out of which ten species are edible mushroom. According to him, the climatic condition of the region is feasible to cultivate four species of mushrooms - Oyester, Shiitake, Jewsear and Shizophyllum. These four species belongs to Bacidiomycetina family.

Informing about the technical know-how on Mushroom Cultivation, professor Raja said the CHF at Pasighat is providing necessary technical backup on farming of edible mushroom for food and commercial purpose.

Besides regular training to the stockholder, the institute offers 6-months diploma course on ‘Scientific Mushroom Cultivation’.

Terming the edible mushrooms/edible fungus a ‘bio-efficient” nutrient, the resource person said that consumption of mushroom help in vitality of the human body preventing from mental disorder and various infectious diseases like cholera, dysentery etc. It is anticancer and reduces hypercholesterolemia, hypertension and useful to relaxed muscular and join paints. Mushroom contains high quality and high quantity protein and less calorie and fat contents, which is east to accept for everyone, he added.

The training sessions was followed by a slideshow and video demonstration on the methods and methodology of Mushroom Cultivation in domestic farm house having control of suitable temperature and humidity condition. Later, the trainees were taken to the CHF premise to visit the Mushroom cultivation farm run by the college authority for practical demonstration.

As many as 40 agriculture and horticulture field assistant from Pasighat, Sille, Ruksin, Nari and Koyu circles besides some progressive farmers are attending the training. It will be concluded tomorrow with a discussion on the theme “Economic of Mushroom Cultivation” and another practical session.

Inaugurating the training, the principal cum Director of SAMETI, O Darin requested the trainees to earn practical knowledge from the training and serve the rural people to boost their economy through various agriculture and allied activities. The in-charge of the training institute Ajit Pao has been looking after the overall training activities.



Upper Subansiri reviews law and order

Daporijo, Mar 20: A meeting to discuss the law and order situation and frequent fire accidents in the area was held by the District Administration, Upper Subansiri, at the Rijo Conference Hall, Daporijo on 19th March. In attendance were senior leaders, HoDs, members of Tagin Cultural Society, members of Market welfare committees and colony welfare associations, student leaders etc in the presence of ZP Chairperson Nakap Nalo, DC Tahang Taggu and SP Vijay Kumer.

Addressing the meeting DC Tahang Taggu informed about the measures taken up by the DA like executive orders in force in the area which strictly prohibits sale of local beer/ Apung after 8.00 pm, prohibits gathering of persons/ loitering in Daporijo after 8.00 pm, prohibits carrying of any kind of weapon and prohibits wearing of facemask without doctor’s advice in the district.

Taggu added that in addition to the rules, the people had to cooperate and play a vital role in making their town a peaceful place and so a decision had been made to form Committees in all the colonies of Daporijo. The Committee would be accountable for any type of trouble within their area and also for the informing the DA and Police about it. Taggu also called upon all to act as good Samaritans and lend a helping hand as opposed to being just spectators during any type of calamity.

Instead of blaming one another for any kind of problem in Daporijo, each of us should develop an understanding of the other’s role and duties for effective governance, said Nakap Nalo while expressing his views during the meeting. He added that intensive patrolling even within the colonies was needed.

The SP informed the people that just as everyone took their rights seriously, they should also remember to take their duties as a citizen of the place seriously and so provide all possible support to the Police and Administration. He also made a request to all to respect authority as all laws and rules were made for the benefit of the public.

Representatives from all the different groups also expressed their views and provided valuable suggestions for the betterment of the place. It was unanimously agreed by all that committees would be formed in all colonies of Daporijo and they would be held accountable for the welfare of the people in their colony. DIPRO

Cash reward stands


The cash reward of Rs 10 lakhs announced by the Arunachal Pradesh Police for giving information or clue leading to arrest of the assailant/s of Tongam Rina, Associate Editor of The Arunachal Times still stands. The identity of the informer/s will be kept secret.  The informer/s may contact Capital SP at tele. numbers : 09436040006





Teacher’s house gutted

Aalo, Mar 20: In another fire accident that occurred at Pakam-II in the night of 18th March, the residence of one Tatum Hemi, a teacher, was completely gutted in a devastating fire. The victim could not take out anything from the house as he was away at the time of fire accident and properties estimated to Rs.13 lacs are said to be lost in the fire. The fire was timely controlled from spreading further.

The District administration has initiated the immediate relief to the fire victim. DIPRO


Employees threaten stir

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The Arunachal Pradesh Tribal Job Contract Employees Union NEEPCO Ltd has stated that it will launch 168 hrs project sites bandh at the Kameng and Pare HEP from April 3 in case the NEEPCO management fails to regularise jobs by Mar 31.


Association writes memo to CM

ITANAGAR, Mar 20:  The All Papum Pare District Youth Association today claimed that large number of buildings are being constructed at proposed Green field airport project site at Hollongi for claiming unnecessary compensation.  In its representation addressed to the chief minister, the association requested the chief minister to start the construction work of the Green Airfield.   It also pitched for the immediate execution of four lane at Capital complex and eviction of building under right of way (ROW) along the national highway 52A.


Executive Order

TEZU, Mar 20: The Deputy Commissioner cum District Magistrate, R.K. Sharma has banned loitering of domestic pigs and other domesticated animals in and nearby areas of Tezu Township area in an executive order released dated, 19th March 2013.

The stray pigs are damaging drainage system, destroying kitchen gardens, damaging bamboo and wooden fences etc. Instances have also been reported that the pigs used to attack pedestrians causing bike and motor vehicle accidents.

The DC cum DM, therefore issued an order prohibiting free loitering of pigs and other domesticated animals with immediate effect and has asked the Owner(s) for compliance failing which actions shall be taken as per the relevant sections of Law. DIPRO


ACF launches website

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) launched its own website at a glittering function held at Christian Revival Church here yesterday. The General Secretary of ACF welcomed the gathering of Church leaders and officials of various Churches of the State.

Dr. John Thomas, the Bishop of Itanagar launched the website in the presence of Neelam Taram, former Home Minister, the State of Arunachal Pradesh, Tarh Kama, President, APCRCC, Evan. Tai Ete, General Secretary, APCRCC, Rev. Tar Choya, noted Baptist leader and Rev Tageng Gelo, AGS (Mission) Nyishi Baptist Church Council. Rev. Dr. Ayong Sor, invoke God’s blessings. The website was designed by Sanjay Nath.

In a brief message the Bishop thanked the ACF office bearers for this initiative and expressed the hope that the website would become a useful tool to exchange information and also to spread the message of Lord Jesus Christ. You may log on to the website by clicking on www.arunchalchristianforum.org


DLMC meet touches key dev. issues

Aalo, Mar 20:  The District Level Monitoring Committee meet held under the chairmanship of West Siang Deputy Commissioner Marnya Ete and attended by all Administrative officers, ZPMs, Executing Agencies and BDOs of the district had elaborate discussions on the year wise complied list of projects sanctioned and approved under Special Plan Assistance in the district right from the year 2006- 07 to till date.

Chairing the meet, the Chairman DLMC sought explanations and status on the progress of the works circle wise and asked all Executing Agencies to complete the schemes in a time bound manner where there is no local and legal problems and complicacies.

Expressing his strong reservation on not constituting Circle Level Monitoring Committee, non submission of Quarterly Progress Report, Utilization Certificate and filing of success stories with photographs despite repeated instructions from time to time, he asked all to take up the matter seriously to launch the centrally sponsored schemes successfully. The Executing Agencies also highlighted their problems and progress of works. The Zilla Parishad Members who attended the meet also expressed their resentments for not taking them into confidence about the schemes under SPA and remain in dark about the implementation in such important meeting. Earlier the District Planning Officer spelt out the aims and objectives of the meeting.

Projects and schemes running into several crores of rupees are being pumped in each and every circles of the district from Special Plan Assistance to create infrastructures, road heads, bridges, potable drinking water supply etc. DIPRO


State releases its matching share of Rs 68.66 crore, but SSA teacher’s ordeal continues

Amar Sangno

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The ordeal of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) teachers without having salaries for the last five months is seemed far from over, although the state government has released its matching shares of Rs 68.66 crore today, as  the Centre yet to send its share of pie.  It seems already miffed teaching fraternity has to tighten their belt without salary most probably for another two weeks. The non-release of the Central matching share has driven the state into financial crisis, which unable to release the teachers’ payment for the last five months.

Sources from State SSA Raj Mission informed this correspondent that the government today released remaining 48.66 crore of its matching share. With this the state government has cleared the all backlogs state matching share since the inception, source added. Earlier the state government released 15 crore in November 2012 and another remaining 5 crore on February 2013, with this total gone up to 68.66 crores, source said.  To pay the five months SSA teachers salary, the state required Rs 73 crore, it added.

Speaking to this correspondent over the telephone State Project Director of SSA Rajya Mission, P.N Thungon hoped that Centre would soon release its matching share, so that state could pay the teacher’s salary.  Meanwhile  All Arunachal Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers’ Association(AASSATA) expressed joy over the release of the state matching share.




The name ‘Yachang Tacho’ was mistakenly came out with a headline -- “LAMPS’s Hardware Shopping Centre inaugurated” of a news item published in 20th March edition of this daily. We regret the inadvertent mistake.





248 days have passed. The culprits involved in the July 15 attack on The Arunachal Times associate editor Tongam Rina are still at large. 

Baseless allegation

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my resentment over the news published by the Gusar Circle Youth Forum in your esteem daily on 10th march 2013 regarding non-response attitude shown by the authorities in furnishing information under RTI act 2005 against C/o Wire- rope Suspension Bridge over River Subansiri at Bator Village under SPA (Special Plan Assistance) 2010-11 against C D Block Dumporijo. I am to state that on 24th April 2012, I was handed over the charge of BDO Dumporijo and handing-taking over charge took place on the same day. But the files, cash books, DPR and other important documents of Bator Wire-Rope Suspension Bridge was not handed to me by the relieving officer when I took charge as BDO Dumporijo. After being in charge of BDO Dumporijo for one month, the Contractor of Bator Bridge came to me and asked for releasing some amount for purchase of material for Bridge. Then I called up dealing Officer for briefing and we discussed the matter and visited work site of Bator Bridge where I found the work is on full swing. And during this time the Gusar Circle Youth Forum had filed RTI in form 'A' for furnishing detail information of Bator Bridge and at that same time MGNREGA MIS up-loading work was made mandatory by Ministry of Rural Development, Govt, of India. And as a reason, the dealing officer got busy in MIS up-loading work due to which I could not force him to furnish report because MIS up-loading work was time bound work without which, life of thousands of job seekers of Dumporijo CD Block could have been hampered. So I wrote a letter to Tage Bator for being unable to furnish information on the ground vide letter No. BDO/DMJ/RTI-09/2012-13 dated Dmj, the 16th November 2012 briefing him the position of Bridge which was in progress. On 6th March 2013 the youth Forum came in my resident enquiring about the bridge. On which I informed them that we are going to lance bridge on 7thMarch 2013 and told them to come on the spot on the mentioned date to help the contractor in crossing the wire- rope from tower to tower and they accepted. Later I came to know that no single youth turned-up on the spot for helping, showing no sign of cooperation. Since we had appointed steering committee for Bator Bridge to supervise the work, delay or progress will be corresponded by the steering committee to District Authority and Department concerned and hence forth there is no doubt about construction of Bator Bridge. We kept the dead line for completion of bridge on or before 2nd week of April 2013.

So, the article published by Gusar Circle youth Forum in your esteem daily is baseless and without any valid reason. And since the work is on full-swing, Contractor & Steering Committee prefers to maintain silence on the subject.


T Nalo,

Block Development Officer,

CD Block, Dumporijo



Voice of an unemployed trained youth

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I on behalf of all the health assistant trained unemployed youth of Arunachal Pradesh would like to draw the attention of the higher authorities of department concern as well as the Government of Arunachal Pradesh. I personally feel that the higher authorities of department concern and the state Government is killing us indirectly because I have been waiting for job opportunity since 2008 after the completion of course. No any post has been created during the period between 2008 to till date except 32 Nos. of post advertised in the month of Jan. 2013 under NRHM. Though no posts are being created, the trained personnel’s are countless like the hair of the head and star of the sky. I am also one of the trained health assistant. After waiting for many years, now I personally feel helpless owing to the miseries’ of department concern and the state government.

Through this column, I would like to appeal to the higher authority of department concern as well as the state government to kindly look into the problems of trained youth. According to the factual position, the state Government is suppose to be the father of the people but I personally don’t feel so, because they don’t do anything for the people. One thing I feel funny, whenever there is public mass meeting, the Netas of the state, give lots of assurance to the public specially to the youth, but in reality, they are like barking dog seldom bite. Let me ask to the higher authority of department concern as well as to the state government, should we the youth commit suicide? Should we become criminals? If a child is born, it’s mother’s responsibility to feed milk, like wise if unemployed youth are weeping for job then is it not Government’s responsibility to give them job or provide livelihood after all ours is a people first government?.


Taw Nalo




Still waiting to get connection with rest of the world

Dear Editor,

I on behalf of people of Toru Cirlce would like to pen down few words regarding poor mobile connection in our area. It has been almost five years since BSNL mobile tower was constructed at Toru village but till date it is not functioning due to non-installation of required machinery. The concern public of area had requested our MP and CM several times about this installation and had even we submitted application at BSNL office several times. Arunachal CM belongs to this circle and Papum Pare ZPM Chairperson is from same circle but people are living without communication development. If one Mobile Tower takes five year duration then how our State will develop. We the people of Toru Circle meekly request our Honourable MP, CM and ZPM chairperson Nabam Aka and BSNL department to kindly look into our genuine problems.


Tana Roma Tara

Vill- Geram

Toru Circle


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News Impact


Global challenge of waste management

With approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of municipal waste generated each year, and volumes expected to increase to 2.2 billion tonnes by 2025 according to World Bank figures, urgent action is needed to head off the threat to the environment and human health posed by this global waste crisis.

The threat posed by poor waste management is particularly prominent in low-income countries where waste-collection rates are often below 50 per cent. Piles of garbage along river banks; thick smoke from open burning of mixed, and partly toxic, waste; pungent odours; flies and rodents are an all too familiar scene. Ever-faster population growth, urbanization and economic development are producing increasing quantities of waste that are overburdening existing waste-management systems.

There is no end in sight to this trend: by 2030, the global middle-class will have grown from 2 billion to 4.9 billion, each of these new affluent consumers longing for greater quantities of more sophisticated and resource-intensive goods. Public waste systems in cities cannot keep pace with urban expansion; rapid industrialization is happening in countries that have not yet developed the appropriate systems to deal with hazardous and special wastes; and the growing trade in waste poses significant challenges.

Waste management is one of the most complex and cost-intensive public services, absorbing large chunks of municipal budgets even when organized and operated properly. Basic human needs such as clean water, clean air and safe food are jeopardized by improper waste management practices, with severe consequences for public health.