March 30

NSCN-IM cadres arrested

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: Two hardcore NSCN (IM) cadres were apprehended by Assam Rifles and Longding Police from Ninu village of Longding district.

One 9mm Pistol, one magazine and two Grenades were recovered from the possession of the arrested cadres namely Wangsian Wangsa and Chilai Pansa.

The locals of the area and around are troubled by hefty extortion demands levied on each house by the group. The apprehension of the two terrorists has brought in some relief for the peace loving and law abiding citizens. This apprehension has also prevented extortion at the financial year end and reduced the threat of various factions in Tirap district to a great extent.

A villager on condition of anonymity due to obvious security situation quipped, “They collect money and enjoy while we are forced to fend for ourselves and them too”.



State govt temporarily suspends all Govt transaction

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: The state government has temporarily suspended all government transaction till 5th of April. Instruction has been issued to treasury department and banks to stop all transaction. The decision came today after a high level meeting was held to discuss the financial status of the state.

With reports coming that financial position of state has worsened due to over draft, the state government clarified that such report is only rumour and there is no iota of truth.

When contacted by this daily chief secretary HK Paliwal informed that decision was taken as precautionary measure and there was no need to panic.

“In order to avoid any over draft we have taken this decision. The validity of cheque which was for 31st March has been extended till 30th April. All the people who have invested in various govt projects will get their money and they don’t have to worry about this new situation. It is just a temporary measure,” stated Chief Secretary.

Every year during the month of March financial situation of state gets worsened and many experts attribute it to over spending by various department. Despite numerous steps taken by finance department, they are still finding it hard to overcome this problem.    



Yazali to host NES mega events

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Mar 29:  Nyishi Elite Society (NES) is celebrating 25 years of its glorious existence, the 6th Nyishi Day cum Conference at Yazali, Lower Subansiri district from April 17 to 22.

Besides representatives from all tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and community based organizations (CBOs) 5000 delegates from six Nyishi majority districts, including West Kameng will attend the programme, NES President Bengia Tolum informed media persons here today.

Asom Sahitya Sabha and Bodo Sahitya Sabha have also been invited, he informed adding that the celebration would also be attended by foreign tourists. He said that display of famous Rikam Pada dance by more than 4000 people on main day of the celebration on April 19 would be one of the main attractions.

Preparations are going on in full swing to celebrate the silver jubilee, the NES president informed while requesting local media to visit the venue to witness the ongoing preparation activities.

NES led by its president Tolum conducted tour of all Nyishi majority districts and Nyishi inhabited areas of Assam as part of Silver Jubilee Celebration. During the tour, NES met the villagers and took stock of various problems faced by them. The team also created awareness among people at grassroots level on the importance of education, maintaining health, hygiene and discouraged various social evils like child and force marriages still prevailing in some pockets.

Meanwhile, NES appealed to the State Government to either delay the issue of Panchayat Raj Election notification till March 22 or exempt Nyishi govt officers and officials from election related duty during the Silver Jubilee celebration. NES has expressed apprehension that issue of the notification just before the beginning of the celebration would prevent many Nyishi officers and officials from attending it.

Meanwhile, NES vehemently condemned the rape of a minor girl by the owner of a School at Joram and demanded exemplary punishment for the culprit.



Good Friday celebrated

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: St. Mary’s Catholic Church here joined the rest of the Catholic World to commemorate the crucifixion and death of Lord Jesus Christ.

A large number of Catholics, on the occasion of Good Friday today, participated prayerfully in the Way of the Cross starting from St. Mary’s Catholic Church to Civil Secretariat, Nirvachan Bhavan and back to church.

The program started with prayer and fasting, gospel preaching which concluded with way of the cross and veneration of the Cross.

Way of the Cross is an age-old traditional devotional practice of the Catholics which remembers the fourteen stations of Jesus while carrying his cross on his way to Crucifixion. Good Friday commemoration is preceded by Psalm Sunday which was on 24 March which recalls Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem and acclamation of Jesus as king by the general public.

Psalm Sunday was followed by celebration of the institution of Holy Eucharist on March 28 which remembers Jesus Last Supper with his disciple.

Fourteen speeches marked the Stations of the Cross in which it was highlighted that Jesus Christ came to save all human beings. The message was “no matter how great is ones sin, God’s open arm of forgiveness is always there.”

The members of the St. Joseph’s Cathedral enacted the Passion of Christ through the streets of Itanagar today on the occasion of Good Friday.

Commemorating the Crucifixion and death of Jesus back in the year 33 AD, the members brought back to live those moments of Jesus when he was carrying the Cross on which he was to be killed. Pilot was the Roman Governor in those days, who condemned Jesus to one of the cruelest death in the history of human beings. He was kicked, tortured, spat upon and made wore a crown of thorns.

Before the painful journey, carrying the cross, Jesus was given lashes as many as 256 times.

Meekly he carried his cross through the streets of Jerusalem and onto Mount Calvary where he was to be crucified. As he carried his cross he fell three times by the weight of the cross. When he was about to die on the way the soldiers caught a man named Simon from Cyrene and made him carry the cross for some distance. The passion of Christ or the ‘way of the Cross’ is divided into 14 different stations, and that is what the parishioners were trying to present for the public of Itanagar.

Today they moved out in similar manner of those days, singing and praying as Jesus carried his cross from the Cathedral at Nyokum lapang through the streets of Itanagar to bank-tinali and then back to Nyokum Lapang.



Yazali valley gaining momentum as tourist hot spot

By Dasher Teshi

Yazali, a tiny town located at confluence of Panyor and Kele River earlier known as Kher Bari or Kheta Bari, is also synonymous to the names of Zalee happa and Yaza lipa.

In early sixties, the place hosted a VLW (Village Level Worker) in agriculture sector. In health sector 2-3  number of DHV ( disease health visitor ) under malaria branch of health department used to station there. Yazali Lower Primary School was the lone school in the area followed by  Kebi lower primary school  established in 1972. The concern primary school was upgraded to primary and then to middle school in 1975-76 and was only school which  cater to the need of  primary education to all the areas came under  Deed & Pistana and Yachuli, beyond Ziro like Lido – Linia area too.

The place attracted many people  particularly for marketing and also  for school education to children. A Marwari shop fulfilled all  requirement and this shop was running under the influence  of GREF an Engineering wing of Border Road Organization. Local enterprise also came up in the name of Joram Tassap, Tana Tara followed by Taba Kojum and Toko Tatam. Late Kojum and Tatam were the first persons to built Semi Polister Type (SPT )  building house at Yazali and they were joined by Nich Tale, a driver of political department. Their buildings are still serving with modification and improvisations.

This way, Yazali became centre of trade and education in the latter part and pioneered in the rise of education and trade and commerce.

The people of Yazali have the inherent qualities of buisnessmenship and education. The place came up with community activities and cross sections of people came and settled there making the area an interesting place to see and live.

Late Taba Pekhi was the first villager to open a shop and it was run by a Nepali old man who also worked as healer with Jodi-Booty ( Ayuearvedic ). The cultural activities imprinted among the earlier youths under government sponsorship. The District Research Officer and Social Cultural Organiser in the name of Dr. B B Pandey and Late Nguri Tem respectively played a pivotal role in rise of the area into a cultural hot-spot in late sixties to mid-sixties.

The popular Nyokum Yullo, a traditional village community festival rouse to common community festival for the first time in 1968 at Yazali general ground. The famous Rikham Pada an epic romantic folk dance with rich lyrics on legend Rikham Pada was rediscovered at Yazali in early sixties. This was followed by production of Mera Dharam Meri Maa, a full length feature film on story written by a local youth Nabam Tata changed the entire complexion of the place into a cultural hub. The entire needs of artists were also drawn from the area who had left an impact on rise and development of culture in the area. In recent year, a mega Nyokum with blend of Bollywood stars had attracted the outsiders and  same was credited to local MLA Likha Saaya who has ventured into job of cultural preservation despite being a politician. Local and even foreign tourists witnessed 40 Nyishi traditional house that housed verity of food and cultural display of antiques.

Now, a young man Taba Dol has ventured into job of facilitation activities to tourists and created an exotic holy day campus with huts and cabins to cater services to visiting tourists. He has constructed for 3 numbers of SPT huts with comfortable lodging and a catering hall and three separate cabins. The fresh air and scenic river view, hills all around make the spot more panoramic and really an exotic place to visit and avail the opportunity to see the cultured city. If the people of the area became really a cultured mass then the place would attract more tourists.

The 405 MW Ranganadi Hydro Electric Project with its dam near Yazali make the place more tourism oriented. Also angling scope at the reservoir gives an angling an annual events in the area and make the place tourist hub. What the place lacks is the inner qualities of habitation. Though Yazali as a whole have potentials to bring in development but cultural heritage in true sense of behavioural culture is absent on the ground that the people are yet to come out  and adopt a good   social habitation. Untidy, unconformity and uncultivated nature of socio-cultural practices shows that the people are unable to retain and reframe their culture. The place has developed in many fields but unhygienic, congested and unplanned habitation reflects that the place is still long way to go in term of real development and  as a major tourist hot spot as the  ‘inner culture’ is essential to attract more tourists.



A workshop on Conservation of Taxus baccata

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: A workshop on conservation of Taxus baccata through awareness campaign and community participation was organized by the Department of Geology, Rajiv Gandhi University at Lagang-Tsea Gonpa of Jang-Yuthembu village under Jang circle, Tawang recently.

The participants of workshop include 2 Gaon Buras, about 30 villagers and 10 Buddhist monks. The team shared important information of the plant to the participants and urged them to cooperate in the conservation of the plant.

Sponsoredby University Grants Commission, New Delhi

Taxus or the Himalayan Yew is a slow growing evergreen tree with poor regeneration found in the temperate forests. In Arunachal Pradesh it is reported from West Kameng, Tawang, Lohit and Lower Subansiri districts. The leaves and barks are the source of taxol. Taxol is used in the treatment of Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, kaposi’s sarcoma (an AIDS related cancer), etc. It also has the properties of anti-angiogenesis for coating of stents, curing alzheimers, multiple-sclerosis and polycystic kidney disease. A 20 year old tree can yield up to 30 kg of leaves and 5 kg of barks which produce 4 gm of taxol worth about Rs. 3 lakh. Such a high monetary incentives led to reckless exploitation of the species worldwide.

The species is listed critically endangered by WCMC (2002). Northern part of India, the store house of Taxus, has already registered 90% decline of Taxus population over few decades. The plant is also found in moist temperate Himalayan region of Arunachal Pradesh, associated with broad leaved tree species in loam to clay loam soils with high humus content. It is reported from areas located at altitude between 1600 to 2700 m of Bomdila, Shergaon, Eagles Nest, Dirang, Thungri (West Kameng District) Tawang, Mago and Zemithang (Tawang district), Tale Valley (Lower Subansiri district), Anini, Mayudia (Dibang Valley district), Mechuka (West Siang district) and Melinja and Wallong (Anjaw district) (Beniwal and Haridasan 1992; Haridasan et. al. 2003).

Reports reveal extensive extraction of Taxus from forests of West Kameng, Tawang, Lohit and Lower Subansiri districts of Arunachal Pradesh (Haridasan, et. al. 2001). A phytogeographic survey of the plant undertaken by us in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh reveals very thin population of the plant at different places of the district with very poor regeneration rate. At most places, old trees were found that were recently killed due to over exploitation (Nimachow, 2010, Unpublished data).

In the Taxus dominated Tawang District, many dead plants were found in Jang, Pangi, Hot spring area, Nangsam, Mukto, Chaagar and Jemithang, which speaks saga of merciless exploitation of this important species. The canopy damage due to the exploitations of leaves is said to have serious consequences on biomass yield, plant survival and natural regeneration. The regeneration (sapling) is conspicuous by its absence under the dense canopy. Besides, exploitation for taxol, the anthropogenic threat like forest fire, deforestation, animal grazing and Jhum cultivation has pushed this valuable species to the extreme limit of extinction.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to protect, conserve and regenerate the depleting population of Taxus for sustainable use. The pressure on the resource could be minimized through community participation with social and scientific approaches. The active policy intervention supported by spontaneous involvement of all stakeholders is a need of hour. The government may provide incentives to the villagers for large scale plantation of the plant in religious places like Gonpas and protected kitchen gardens. Such plants can be pruned scientifically and supplied to the companies.

The workshop was followed by plantation of Taxus saplings by the villagers in the vicinity of Gonpa and distribution of plant saplings to the participants for sustainable growing of the plant in their kitchen gardens. Also the pamphlet carrying basic information on Taxus baccata was distributed to the participants, schools, administrative offices, forest officials and military personnel.

Dr. Gibji Nimasow, senior Assistant Professor, Geography, and Takom Litin, Project Fellow accompanied by Gendan Tsering, Scholar Geography conducted the workshop which was sponsored by University Grants Commission, New Delhi.



Valid documents and helmets compulsory for bikers: DC

PASIGHAT, Mar 29: It will be compulsory for all motorcycle riders to use helmets and carry valid documents while on roads. If you are planning to take a ride out of the town on your two-wheeler, make sure you have the requisite documents since two-wheelers will be subjected to check by a special magistrate-police team, as per the orders issued by the Deputy Commissioner RK Mishra today.

After having threadbare discussion with SP Pushpendra Kumar, DTO Chakpa Wangsu, admin officers and common citizens of Pasighat, the DC issued the executive order for strict implementation of traffic rules in the town.

The riders’ license and vehicle documents will be checked and if these are not in order, the rider will be fined or the vehicle would be seized or taken into custody for questioning to ascertain the owner of the two-wheeler.

The DC has ordered district transport authority to start checking of two-wheelers from the first week of April onwards. The latest measure is being taken after receiving complaints from various NGOs and common citizens, stated the order.

Meanwhile Chakpa Wangsu DTO admitted that continuous checking drive is necessary for densely populated Pasighat town. He informed that hundreds of two wheelers were either detained or seized and imposed fines on erring riders for the offences and many of them were handed over to their owners after verifying the documents.

Expressing his satisfaction over the present development DTO Wangsu claimed that there has been remarkable fall in road accidents and no fatal accident has been reported during the last two months. DIPRO



Indigenous medicinal knowledge in Arunachal can kill the silent killer – Diabetes

Amitava Basu

Most of what a person eats is broken down into glucose, which is a form of sugar in the blood and the principal source of fuel for the body. When the food is digested, the glucose makes its way into the bloodstream. The cells use the glucose for energy and growth. However, glucose cannot enter the cells without insulin being present, which makes it possible for the cells to take in the glucose. Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas. After eating, the pancreas automatically releases an adequate quantity of insulin to move the glucose present in the blood into the cells; and, as soon as glucose enters the cells, blood-glucose levels drop.

A person with diabetes has the quantity of glucose in the blood too elevated because the body either produces no insulin, or does not produce enough insulin, or has cells that do not respond properly to the insulin the pancreas produces. This results in too much glucose building up in the blood. This excess blood glucose eventually passes out of the body through urine. So, even though the blood has plenty of glucose, the cells do not get it for their essential energy and growth requirements. Thus, diabetes is a metabolism disorder. A person suffering from diabetes typically experiences frequent urination, and become increasingly thirsty and hungry.

Diabetes damages blood vessels and attacks body organs if left uncontrolled. Many people first become aware that they have diabetes when they develop one of its life-threatening complications. Adults with diabetes have heart disease leading to death rates of about 2 to 4 times higher than adults without diabetes. The risk for stroke is 2 to 4 times higher among people with diabetes. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness among adults between 20 to 74 years old, and major cause of treated end-stage renal disease. Diabetes is a silent killer.

The World Health Organization estimates that more than 346 million people worldwide have diabetes. This number is likely to more than double by 2030 without intervention. Almost 80% of diabetes deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

India has 61 million diabetics between 20 to79 years according to the International Diabetes Federation. By 2030, this figure is estimated to go up to 101.1 million. According to the estimates, by 2030, 8.4 per cent of India's adult population will have diabetes. Another serious concern is that in India, young people in the prime are getting affected by diabetes.

Traditionally, people of different tribes of Arunachal Pradesh use vast diversity of medicinal plants for treatment of diseases. Medicinal plants have played an important role in treating and preventing a variety of diseases. Enormous ecological and floristic diversity, as well as, rich bio-diversity in the State have provided an advantage to its inhabitants for observing and scrutinizing the rich flora and fauna for developing traditional knowledge in curing various ailments. Different parts of the medicinal plant species are used for various ailments and leaves and fruits are common parts utilized for preparation of medicines.

To treat diabetes, several medicinal plants are used by the tribal people in the State. The indigenous medicines and practices are well accepted by the community, particularly, in rural areas. The medicines are easily available and prepared from locally available resources, economical and comparatively safe.

These medicines and treatment form an integral part of AYUSH, which is, Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. It will be useful to mainstream the traditional medicines and treatments into AYUSH system and integrate with National Health Care Delivery System under “National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)”. The different tribes in Arunachal Pradesh have their own medicinal system of treatment and knowledge acquired through close observation of nature. They are storehouse of indigenous knowledge which is yet to be documented. It is important to carry out a comprehensive study on a priority basis. The ghost of the western civilization is moving rapidly even to the remote corners of the State, and it may not be surprising that after a decade, there may not be a single person to hand over the rich ethnic medicinal knowledge to the next generation. And, this would be a great loss for the nation. (The writer is a Development Practitioner based at New Delhi.)

Cash reward stands


The cash reward of Rs 10 lakhs announced by the Arunachal Pradesh Police for giving information or clue leading to arrest of the assailant/s of Tongam Rina, Associate Editor of The Arunachal Times still stands. The identity of the informer/s will be kept secret.  The informer/s may contact Capital SP at tele. numbers : 09436040006




Selection for reserved quota

SEPPA, Mar 29: In view of forthcoming Panchayati Raj Election 2013, the selection of women reservation quota in respect of Zilla Parishad, Anchal Samiti, Gram Panchayat  alongwith Chairperson of Anchal Samities and Gram Panchayats of East Kameng District shall be done on April two at 10 am in the Kameng Hall of DC’s Office  by drawing lottery through a duly constituted Board. DIPRO



AAPSU-ANCIA meet held

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: A delegation of Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) headed by its education secretary Danghi Mangham   held a fruitful  meeting with the members of All Naharlagun Coaching Institute Association (ANCIA) recently at Shikshit Academy, Naharlagun.

The meeting was mainly conducted in connection with the prevailing education system in various coaching centers in the state.

Addressing the gathering, Mangham requested all the coaching centres to impart quality education and  also  requested them collect nominal fees from the students belonging to poor family.  Students have their own rights to choose institutes and teachers  for quality learning, he said and  appealed the  teachers not to compel the students to take tuition from a particular coaching centres and teachers.  Mangham further  requested his fellow student leaders not to collect donation from educational institutes  in the name of AAPSU without written permission. Ashing Sonam, co-convener also spoke on the occasion.

While appreciating the AAPSU delegates for offering valuable suggestions, ANCIA president H. T Tara  endorsed the proposal of charging nominal fees from limited number of deserving candidates with documental proof. He, however, requested the AAPSU delegates to create awareness among the parents and aspiring students about the quality education. Tara also  highlighted various other ways and means to improve the quality of education.



Association appeals for inclusion of eligible voters

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: Four under-age persons have been included deceitfully in the voters list of 59 Pan Panchayat Anchal Samity, Mengio village under Sagalee constituency. On the other hand, six eligible persons have been denied their rights for enrollment in electoral rolls, claimed All  Pan Panchayat Youth Welfare Association in a release today.

The Association has appealed to the Papum Pare deputy commissioner and  Electoral Registration officer, Mengio  anchal to  enquire into the  matter and conduct re-hearing for deletion of  under-age voters and inclusion of six eligible voters in voter enrollment list -2013.



Attack on senior member condemned

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: All Libo Bokar Ramo Students’ Union (ALBRSU) has vehemently condemned the reported physical attack on one of the senior citizens of Mechukha area allegedly by a group of people in the office premise of Additional Deputy Commissioner, Mechukha yesterday.

The incident took place when one Tapu Yornyi went to ADC office, Mechukha for some official works, the Union said adding that suddenly a group of people allegedly assaulted him without any provocation causing multiple injuries to him.

While terming the attack on Yornyi as inhuman and barbaric act, ALBRSU strongly demanded the local administration to arrest all the people involved in the attack and award them exemplary punishment. It also strongly demanded the authority concerned to immediately terminate the Govt staffs who were allegedly involved in the attack.



Defer the recruitment schedule: Union

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: While appreciating the decision of holding recruitment for 99  posts of IRBn constables, All Tagin Students Union (ATSU) has appealed to the Assistant Inspector General of Police (E) to  postpone the  recruitment and reschedule it in the month of May in view of the  RGU examinations which  commence on 1st week of April.  Most of the aspiring candidates who are the collegians will not able to appear the recruitment as the dates coincide with the  university exam, it said and appealed that dates for recruitment be rescheduled in the  month of May so that all the aspirants take chance.  



Villagers urged to monitor scheme implementation

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: The area development meeting of four villages, namely, Goli Balek, Likar, Sere Tali and Siru Tali was held at Sere village on March 26.

The meeting was attended by retired DIG Rakshap Yomcha, former general secretary, Indian Youth Congress and vice president Arunachal Youth Congress Nyamar Karbak and villagers of four villages.

Addressing the gathering, Yomcha lamented that though various developmental packages are being provided Liromoba Assembly Constituency was lagging behind rest of the constituencies in development front. He asked the villagers, especially youth to keep strict vigil on implementation of Govt sponsored schemes in their respective village. He also asked them to raise voice against any form of corruption and change leader, if they are found to be unproductive. Rakshap also advised the villagers to choose quality leader to bring development instead of indulging in money politics.

Chairing the meeting, Nyamar Karbak suggested the youths to be more serious on their academic career. Advising them to abstain from using drugs, tobacco, alcohol etc, Karbak asked them to create awareness among villagers about health, proper sanitation and civic sense.

He also alleged that MGNREGA schemes are not being properly implemented in the area and appealed to the villagers to monitor implementation of various schemes in their areas.

He advised the people of areas to stay united and refrain from petty politics for all round development of the area.



BBK demands for cancellation of land allotment

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: The Bogong Banggo Kebang (BBK) has taken strong exception of the report that former deputy commissioner of East Siang  T. Tapok allegedly in connivance with the District Land Revenue Settlement Officer (LRSO) has arbitrarily allotted Govt land to some private individuals nearing about 48 persons at Pasighat town.

BBK has requested the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, not to regularize the list of the 48 private individuals whose files has been recently sent to the Government for regularization and finalization of the allotment process in 2012. They strongly demanded for review of the allotment and denounces the practices of corruption involved out of the land, “which our forefathers had donated only and only for development but not for some individuals to gain out of it arbitrarily or misuse it by using their malafide official powers”.

BBK also warned that if the Government approves the  list of the 48 private individuals, they will reoccupy the very same lands as each and every Bogong people know the real owners of every inch of land in the Pasighat town as they are the land donors.

BBK stated that if Govt fails to stop regularization process they will conduct a referendum rally and go for reoccupying of all land, which were allotted to people from outside the East Siang district as BBK also will never ask for any allotment in any other district, except the Capital of the state.


Forum alleges misappropriation of fund, seeks information


DAPORIJO, Mar 29: Alleging misappropriation of a large chunk of fund sanctioned for construction of wire rope suspension bridge at Bator village, the Gusar Circle Youth Forum (GCYF) has given the authority concerned 15 days to furnish information on the project as sought by the Forum on October 31, 2012.

Expressing strong resentment over non furnishing of information sought by it under Right To Information (RTI) Act, the Forum said that the information given by Dumporijo BDO regarding construction of the wire rope suspension bridge, which was published on March 21, was not related to RTI. It questioned the authority concerned that as to why it did not provide information as sought by it.

Demanding the State Government to look into the matter seriously, the Forum alleged that fund to the tune of Rs. 99,50,000 sanctioned against the project has been misappropriated by officers concerned causing delay in completion of the time bound project.

The Forum cautioned that the Authority will be held responsible for any kind of accident or loss of life due to collapse of the existing old and weak foot suspension bridge over Subansiri River since the villagers of Bator are using this weak foot suspension bridge to cross the river to reach Daporijo.

It informed that inquiry team headed by Project Director, Sode Potum visited the worksite along with the forum executive members but the enquiry report has not yet been furnished.

Meanwhile, the Forum threatened to launch democratic movement if the informations are not furnished within given period.




ITANAGAR, Mar 29: The officers and staff of the directorate of Economics and Statistics, GoAP, deeply mourned the pre-mature death of Jamja Yeme, ex-sub-inspector of statistics, Bhalukpong, West Kameng district, who passed away recently.  The members observed two minutes silence for the eternal peace of the department soul and conveyed deep sense of condolence to bereaved family.

Kepang Welfare Society (KPS) has condoled the sudden demise of Tanyong Tatin of Boleng Town and one of the founder members of the Society, at the age of 70 years at Pasighat on March 27.

He left behind his wife, a son and nine daughters. The society prayed to almighty to rest his soul in eternal peace and bestow strength to the bereft family to bear the irreparable loss.





257 days have passed. The culprits involved in the July 15 attack on The Arunachal Times associate editor Tongam Rina are still at large. 

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News Impact


Brutal side of police

Dear Editor,

Through esteemed daily would like to share my experience with police personnel’s of Naharlagun police station. On the 22nd March around 2.30 pm, I was driving back toward Naharlagun from Pappu hill. There was heavy traffic along the stretch of road from Pappu Hill to Naharlagun. Due to jam all the vehicles were moving in snail pace. On reaching Pachin bridge all the vehicle stopped and therefore I too stopped there. In front of me there was passenger Trekker vehicle.

I heard noise of siren blowing from behind and I looked around to give way thinking that vehicle must be in emergency. Suddenly my vehicle got hit from behind and because of skidding, my vehicle hit the Trekker which was head of me. I got down and went back to find out who had hit my car. It was the same Bolero belonging to ITBP force which has been continuously blowing siren. Because of minor accident one passenger of Trekker got hit in his leg and immediately we took the boy to the hospital. The Naharlagun police immediately arrived at the hospital as it was an accident case.

After completing all the medical formalities police told me, ITBI personals and the owner of the Trekker to proceed towards the police station for further formalities. In the hospital all the parties agreed for the mutual understanding and to solve case without lodging any FIR. On reaching police station, the police asked me to surrender my car key to them. I thought as the case has already been mutually settled at hospital then why the need of handing over my car key to them. Therefore I refuge to do so and told the officer that I will cooperate with them and I am not going to flee, so I won’t give the key. But they forced me to surrender my car key. Then I got annoyed and shouted at them for behaving rudely to me. After this the police started to beat me and pushed me inside the station. I was forced to surrender my key while some officer were continuously beating, slapping, kicking etc. Even then they did not stop harassing me. I ask pardon from them. But they were not ready to listen and they threaten to put me behind the bar and they said they will charge me for threatening the police officer at police station. I repeatedly begged pardon from them that and clarified that I only shouted because of way they treated me and had no way threatened them.  Even then none of the police person present in the station was ready to listen to me. They were just searching a chance to beat me. Even they forced me to accept guilt against them. The police started to shout at me saying “We were standing at rain what we get from you? Just to protect you. Is beating and harassing is what the protection police were talking about. It does not matter to me whether police were standing at rain or in sunny weather as police are getting salary for it. And salary that they getting are comes from public which they pay in form of revenue. The police treated me at the station as if I am the most wanted criminal, not only this they linked me with terrorist and corrupted political leader. They hold my shirt collar and warn me to punch etc. and also warned to charge me against non-bail able section. They were the real GUNDAS in a police dress. And their dress permits them to do whatever they want to do in the name of police.

They forcefully inquired about my background and I told them am an engineer. On this police officer stated that  engineers always underestimate police thinking they have money. They challenged me to take them to court and leveled allegation saying engineer have lot of money. They asked about my tribe and treated me more badly after knowing the identity of my tribe. I felt police strongly hate the tribe to which belong and suddenly I was made to feel as if it is a crime to be born in Nyishi tribe.

They also forced me to tender a written apology to them. I had to write apology letter twice to meet their satisfaction. They threatened to put me behind bar for 48 hours to ensure my termination from the govt service. Police even threatened to eliminate me and boasted that they always deal with criminals so they know how perfect the criminal act.

They also took my snap in their cell phone. I don’t know what they are going to do with it? They asked me to change my attitude. The language  used inside the police station is worse than the dialogue used by villain in Hindi movie.

The accident happens by chance and it is not in control of anybody. I was victim of accident. Even then police tortured me. The foul language used by police will not minimize the crime. Either they are provoking the peace loving mind into the cruelty. Today I am a victim of unfortunate accident tomorrow they might be. My request to the police is please stop community wise distinguish while delivering your service. First you are human being then only your rank and file comes.


Techi Tahin




Bring changes in recruitment process

Dear Editor,

This is in support of the article titled 'Not a fair affair' dated 25th March 2013 in regards to recently conducted exam for the post of Junior Engineer (JE) in the department of Hydropower. The candidates from the field of Computer Science Engineering (CSE) have been distinctly sidelined from the line of competition. And with the country's most sacrosanct document prescribing the right to equal employment opportunities in public offices to its citizens, it is indeed our constitutional right to demand for a fair recruitment process.

If we have a closer look into the matter, it would be really an idiotic and a stupid act to frame a question set for Computer Science Engineering graduates from a completely different specialized field of study; say Electronics and Communication in this case. And this really happened on 24tn March 2013, the day allocated for technical paper. We don't know where the things went wrong, but we know that we have been deprived of even our own cup of tea. In fact these things clearly reflect either the ignorance of the person/persons who has set the paper about the job post details, or it projects the loopholes prevailing in the management and the related departmental machineries. It's a complete shame and the concerned authorities need to be made accountable.

If one can recall, this is not the first time that a department is caught in a controversy surrounding its recruitment procedure. Back in 2011, the state witnessed a series of dharnas and public outcry which lead to the infamous blazing up of the office of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission. The aim here is not to dig upon the old wounds, but it's an attempt to bring the cases of negligence to the public domain. Moreover it's an earnest request from a deprived and an aspiring candidate to all the concerned authorities to bring about some serious reforms into the current approaches of recruitment procedure. And I would also appeal to all the youth and student bodies to take up the case and bring about some solution to the deprived candidates.


Isac Tamin




Unique tender process

Dear Editor,

The Rural Work Department (RWD) Laying Yangte Division, under Kurung Kumey District had invited tender bids on behalf of Governor, Arunachal Pradesh which was published in local daily on 25th March. We the groups of unemployed youths went to Executive Engineer Naharlagun camp Office, to participate in tender process. After reaching we found that all the office rooms were locked and then we waited for one hour. None of office staff even a peon came. Then I contacted Assistant Engineer on my mobile phone to enquire. He told us that tender paper was over on same day of publication i.e. 25/03/2013. However as per advertisement, the tender paper was supposed to be issued on 26/03/2013 at the cost of Rs. 1000/- (one thousand) only. The last date of submission for paper was 03/04/2013 and tender is to be opened on same day. It was big surprise to all of us as we had never seen such tender system in our state or country. So my question goes to E.E, RWD, on what ground you have been awarded those work/scheme on same day of publication in local daily without issuing tender papers and following the government norms of SPA Fund. These types of activities indicate the roots of corruption and also undermine the unemployed youth of the district. Further it is also an insult to all the register contractors of the state who are paying revenue against their firms.


Yangbiu Tatak

Tender Participant



Dumporijo need fire brigade

Dear Editor,

Fire is one of the major concerned for the state. So many fire incidents took place in various parts of the state. Recent fire incident of Dumporijo has shocked the state again. If we talk about the Dumporijo, it is around 15 (fifteen) kilometer away from the Daporijo, the district headquarter of Upper Subansiri. The fire brigade team is stationed at Daporijo and whenever there is any fire incident they come from their station. Many a times we witnessed that because of the long distance, the fire brigade reaches at Dumporijo after everything is burnt to ashes or doused by the fearless locals. In view of all these inconvenient, people of the area repeatedly demanded for fire station in their town, but the authorities concerned has been passing deaf ears. Therefore, I on behalf of the people of Dumporijo would like to appeal the authorities to stationed at least one fire brigade in our town so that, it could benefit Dumporijo town as well as the adjoining villages. And also, I request authorities to provide immediate relief assistance to the fire victims.


Kali Gongo

Abotani Colony,



New tool to measure hunger

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will soon test a new, faster and more precise way of measuring hunger and food insecurity in four pilot countries in Africa.

The new approach relies on gathering information on the extent and severity of hunger from food-insecure people, through a carefully-designed annual survey to be conducted in collaboration with polling specialists Gallup, Inc, the agency said in a news release.

Known as the Voices of the Hungry project, the new approach will be tested beginning this month on a pilot basis in Angola, Ethiopia, Malawi and Niger. These countries have agreed to move towards the complete eradication of hunger, in line with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Zero Hunger challenge.

The plan is to then extend the survey to more than 160,000 respondents in up to 150 countries covered by the Gallup World Poll and to publish updated results on each country every year. The project will run for five years and will lead to the establishment of a new FAO-certified standard for food security monitoring that could then be easily adopted by other household surveys.

FAO noted that, despite recent improvements, the methodology it currently uses is not able to provide a comprehensive picture of the many dimensions of hunger. Right now, FAO is able to accurately monitor food availability at the national level, particularly in terms of potential energy intake.

The new tool will measure food access at the individual level, and will provide a clearer idea of personal experiences with food insecurity.