March 15

Make Arunachal a safe investment destination, says  Pul
ITANAGAR, Mar 14: The state government is seriously aiming at attracting outside investments by enacting measures to improve law and order situation in the state and by fast-tracking infrastructure projects, said Chief Minister Kalikho Pul on Sunday.
Speaking to public and panchayat delegates from Tezu-Sunpura constituency, the chief minister said for past many years, the image of the state had taken serious turn affecting the confidence of the investors.  
“We have to generate an impression that Arunachal is safe to do business,” said Pul. “We must conduct ourselves in a way to boost investor’s confidence by enabling peace in our region. In the past, companies have been reportedly harassed in the name of donations, issuing threats for works etc.”
Appealing the people for cooperation, the chief minister said: “Peace is prerequisite for development. In bringing peace, people must cooperate with the authority in maintaining law and order. Don’t encourage crimes by sheltering criminals in the name of relatives or community. Also people must keep a sense of responsibility to report any crime in their locality for the authority to take prompt action to prevent further damages.”
Spelling out priority areas of development to take along the investors, the chief minister said, “We will provide all institutional support and legislative backing to attract investments. Also we will carry along all the stakeholders, all the democratic institutions and also reach out to oppositions.”
“We welcome suggestions, feedbacks and also constructive criticisms. We have made available our priorities and activities through all mediums using newspapers, electronic media and social media,” Pul said.
Identifying Lohit-Anjaw-Namsai belt as the potential areas for investment, the chief minister said improved road connectivity in the region and a railway line upto Parashuram kund are in the offing.
He said a railroad in the region will facilitate the much needed direct trade-link with the rest of the country.
“Our farmers are always at the mercy of middle men who take away huge profit. Now with opening of railroads, farmers can sell their product directly to the major cities of India,” said Pul with the hope that farmers will be hugely benefitted.
However, to reap the benefits of development, the chief minister said “People have to make way for development to come. For development, we require land and unless people are ready to part with it, the process of development cannot speed up.”
Another key area, the chief minister focused on was to maintain inter-community and inter-state harmony. Acknowledging it as priority for the region, Pul earnestly appealed the people to find ways of community discourses and practices that will support peace-building endeavours.
“One of my priorities is to build a better relation with our neighbouring Assam and to bring out amicable solution to the boundary issue. So in trying to reach out to them, I have engaged several high officials from that state in Arunachal,” the chief minister disclosed.

Need to improve indigenous cultivation, use of local seeds
ITANAGAR, Mar 14: Yupia District Veterinary Officer, Dr. Minge Loyi suggested scientifically improving indigenous practices like use of local seed varieties and jhum cultivation instead of bringing technology from outside the state.
He was addressing a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting of Krishi Vigyan Kendra at the training hall of the Kendra on Mar 11, which aimed at assessing the work achievements of 2015-16 and formulation of Action Plan for the year 2016-17.
He further said that wildly available fruits and vegetables having local preference and market demand need to be encouraged for cultivation. Stating that in case of livestock sector, 70% of cost of production is on feed purchased from the market, he suggested opting for local breed which is habituated with non conventional feed to reduce the cost.
District Horticulture Officer, Tana Yami said that since the district has various agro-climatic zone specific crop varieties, technologies need to be identified and accordingly popularized in farmers field. She also suggested promoting the use of locally available rootstock for better adaptability in case of fruit crops. To prevent aphids infestation in mustard, timely seed sowing is highly recommended, she suggested. In fishery sector, she suggested for selection of mature mother fish for spawning to increase fish production. Speaking about Home Science sector, she suggested the need to make farmers aware about infant food prepared from finger millets mixing with dried fruits, use of natural dye extracted from locally available plant sources etc.
Yupia District Agriculture Officer, Joram Tako expressed concern over ever decreasing land holding due to urbanization, industrialization and other infrastructure in and around capital town. To mitigate this issue he suggested KVK, to identify a technology for maximum production from minimum area. IFS modules most suited for small holding is to be identified and encouraged among the farming community, he added.  Earlier, KVK Programme Coordinator Dr. Taba Heli briefed on various activities carried out by the Kendra in the year 2015-16 to the SAC members.
Also present on the occasion was AIR Programme Executive, R. Pegu who requested the district heads of agri-allied departments to participate in Rural Programme (Farm & Home) of AIR for maximum benefit of the farming community.

Governor, CM appeal for concerted efforts to create consumer awareness
ITANAGAR, Mar 14: Governor JP Rajkhowa and Chief Minister Kalikho Pul appealed to all conscious citizens, social workers, NGOs, media fraternity and educated youths to come forward and join hands together with the government to make the consumer aware about their rights, responsibilities and exercising them.
In a message to the people of the State on the eve of World Consumer Rights Day, Rajkhowa said, “This is an occasion that reminds us about our rights and responsibilities as a consumer.”
With modernization reaching out to every nook and corner of Arunachal Pradesh, it becomes responsibility of every educated and conscious citizen to safeguard the interest of our fellow brothers and sisters living in villages with all their simplicity, the governor said.
“Let us all be more responsible and vigilant as a consumer and adopt conscientious practice, such as asking for a receipt for any purchases. It will, not only guarantee better deal for us but also ensure revenue to the State” the governor said.
“Let us also make sure that correct trade practices are followed with disciplinary and preventive approach in every comer of the State,” said Rajkhowa.
He also acknowledged the efforts being made by the Department of Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs to protect the rights and interest of consumer by educating them about their rights involving print and electronic media, and by setting up of exhibition stalls, conducting demonstration on various malpractices and adulterated consumer products.
In his message to the people on the occasion, Pul stated that the Government’s initiative alone was not sufficient enough to uphold the consumers’ rights and guarantee protection to consumers’ interest.
“To fight against such evil practices prevailing in the market, it needs a concerted effort from all of us. We need to keep our vigil. Our alertness as a conscious consumer would not only help us to be safe from unwanted products or services, but also help eradicating the unsafe products from our market,” Pul said.
The Chief Minister said that consumer movement in our State has picked up its momentum. The Government is putting forward its best endeavour for betterment of consumers’ status both at urban and rural level. Basic infra-structure, necessary administrative and judicial machineries in almost all districts have already been set up, he said.
“A State centric Consumer Helpline is being set up shortly by the Department of Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs to assist and guide common consumers for redressing their grievances,” Pul said.
He also said that the department is conducting extensive awareness campaigns throughout the State.

Centre committed for NE development: BJP
ITANAGAR, Mar 14: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National General Secretary Ram Madhav said that the PM Narendra Modi led government at the Centre is committed to its “Act East” policy and proper shaping of development initiatives for the NE States. For this, the party organization has to be strengthened and organized so that development reach out to the people, he said.   
He also called upon the party workers and leaders to make the people aware on the various developmental programmes and policies initiated by the NDA Govt. at Centre.
Ram Madhav, who is also central in-charge for eight North East states along with North East Zonal organizational in-charge Ajay Jamwal was reviewing the current political situation and organizational matters in Arunachal Pradesh in a party meeting here on Monday.
Addressing the State’s senior party leaders, legislators, workers and heads of various frontal wings, Ram Madhav called upon them to work for further strengthening the party organization, building trust and confidence of common people. He urged the party cadres, workers and elected representatives to deliver and live up to the people’s expectations.
The party matters most on works over words – governance  over governments, he said.
While addressing on the occasion the NE Zonal Organization Secretary, Ajay Jamwal said confidence seen in the party cadres reflects the strength of party organization in the frontier State. The people here are peace loving, helping attitude and have excellent hospitality in them, Jamwal said and appealed all to build trust and confidence and work hard to strengthen the party organisation and establishing a strong party base in the state.
State BJP President Tai Tagak addressing on the occasion expressed his confidence that with the joining of Ajay Jamwal as the new Organizational Chief for the North East States would further boost the activities of the party’s state unit.
He called upon the party cadres and leaders to remain prepared to sail with the new situations, challenges and opportunities ahead.

Traditional games  and culture  to take centre stage in  Longte celebration
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Mar 14: The Central Longte Committee (CLC) on Monday informed that Longte Festival will be celebrated across the Nyishi inhabited districts with a difference. This was informed by CLC Chairman Lokam Kani in a press conference held at Press Club today.
Longte is said to be one of the oldest festivals of the Nyishi community particularly of people inhabited at Koloriang of Kurung Kumey district, Chayang Tajo (East Kameng) and few pockets of Kra-Daadi district. The term ‘Longte’ is a compound of two independent words ‘Long’ from  suffix of ‘Solung’ meaning barricade or fence and ‘Te’ signifies ‘larger’ or ‘bigger’. Thus it signifies a ceremony in a large scale with erection of fencing signifying separation of humans from evil forces. It is being celebrated normally from 10th to 15th April every year.
Dwelling on salient features of the festival, Kani added that Longte is a unique festival which doesn’t involve sacrifice of any animals unlike other festivals.  “It is a festival which promotes  peace and non-violence in every human society” CLC Chairman said.
CLC General Secretary Bengia Amit informed the media persons that in order to promote and project Longte as a pan-Nyishi festival, it is to be celebrated in all its inhabited areas. He further informed that the celebration of Longte festival has been reduced to certain pockets. It started celebrating  Longte in organised way since1975 from Koloriang.
Traditionally the festival emphasized on invoking of deity to ward off evils, besides promotion of cultural and traditional games and sports, CLC added.  
“This year we are stressing more on traditional games and sports like archery, pole-wrestling and high-jump and cock-fight etc,” the committee said. The committee also asserted that it would ensure to put a check on the commercialization of the traditional festival celebration by maintaining a strict regulation of the programe and its prices.

ANMs, LHVs asked to well-acquainted with adolescents issues
ITANAGAR, Mar 14: A five days training for ANMs and LHVs with an objective to acquaint them with various issues and problems faced by the adolescents and enable them to provide adolescents friendly services commenced at a hotel, Naharlagun on Monday organized by Arunachal Pradesh Health Society.
Addressing the participants, Nodal Officer, Rashtriya Kishor Swastiya Karyakaram (RKSK) Amping Perme said “Our main motive should be to increase the client load in adolescent health clinic with an approach to provide continuum of care to adolescents’ health and their development with quality counseling and health service.”
She advised the ANMs and LHVs to imbibe positive behavior to gain confidence of adolescents in order to know their mental, physical and various other problems to effectively counsel them and prevent them from being swayed away to wrong path.  
The Nodal Officer said that the youngsters these days are very prone to fall prey to various ill elements, like drug abuse, unwanted pregnancy etc due to ignorant and lack of proper education. We need to counsel them and help them to face the situation, Perme said.
Resource person Tana Natung, NO, (MCH) spoke on adolescence stage of children which is the most crucial period of human development. During this period an individual undergoes physical and psychological changes.
And to deal with these changes and various other issues of adolescents we have to counsel them properly and in a friendly manner, he said.
Terming communication as most important aspect, he urged the participants to learn the good communication skills and establish a trust with the Adolescents client.
Other Resources persons are Dr.Bombie Tayeng and Dr.Likha Aruna.

Students demand eviction of encroachment in school land
ITANAGAR, Mar 14: All Pakke-Kessang Pijerang Dissing-Passo Seijosa Students' Union (APPDSSU) has demanded the East Kameng Deputy Commissioner to evict encroachers of school land under Pakke Kessang Assembly constituency.
The students’ union in a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner informed that lands of various schools under the constituency were encroached and many buildings constructed illegally in the encroached lands by some individuals as well as government and private agencies.
The most affected schools are Govt. Sec. School, Pakke-Kessang, Govt. Middle School, Rilloh, Pakro Middle School, Govt. Primary School, Keko etc, it informed.
The union claimed illegal constructions, like tourist lodge by Tourism Department and a community hall within the school premises of Govt Middle School Rilloh, an office of the Department of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry in the premises of Govt, Middle School, Veo, and an Anganwadi Centre by the Department of Women and Child Development within the school premises of Govt. Primary School, Keko.
Many complaints regarding school land encroachment were lodged earlier with the EAC, Pakke-kessang, Circle Officers Passa and Pijerang; but to no avail, the memorandum informed the DC.
It further appealed to the DC to instruct Principals/Headmasters of the affected schools to furnish the name of land encroachers, and also serve notice to the other government departments and individuals to vacate their encroached lands immediately.

Beautifying Jairampur township
From a Correspondent
JAIRAMPUR, Mar 14: The collective endeavor of ADC Kento Riba and DUDA deputy director George Joseph to clean and beautify Jairampur Township has started earning fruition. The initiative was launched a month ago by educating the residents on proper garbage disposal and installing biodegradable dustbins across the township.
A jubilant Riba sharing about his successful initiative said, “Usually for cleanliness drive we focus on commercial or hospital campuses and overlook the residential areas which is the massive producer of garbage, therefore, this time we flipped our focus area and the impact has been worthwhile.”
Riba disclosed scarcity of dustbin and lack of awareness as the primary hurdle in achieving total sanitation of the township. He tackled the hurdle by donating more than 200 biodegradable dustbins made of bamboo to DUDA Jairampur which was later installed in every nook and corner of the township.
The ADC also informed that the choice of bamboo dustbin was not optional but intentional as it solved two purposes -- first the need of biodegradable material and second, it helped the locals to earn small amount by selling or making bamboo dustbins.  
As per the town dwellers, earlier without bothering much about the surrounding people uses to dispose off their garbage’s wherever they desired. The unhealthy habit has ceased since the installation of the biodegradable dustbins. As of now, nearly, 98% of the town residents have agreed of utilizing the dustbins located in front of their quarter, residence or shop.
In the meantime, encouraged by peoples response, DUDA DD George Joseph has announced to build ‘thematic sanitation area’ in selected pocket of the township. The concept inspired by Kerala municipality will have flower garden and concrete pavement around the main dustbin which has been designed by deputy director.
Revealing more on the issue, the deputy director said, “We have already built and placed couple of metallic dustbins in the market area and in front of CHC Jairampur and once the target of 10/15 dustbins is achieved we will start the flower garden and the concrete pavement.
“My aim is to cover Terik Nagar also which as of now is unclassified sector but it being an extension of Jairampur town we are working to bring it under urban sector,” he said.  
It must be mentioned that after its formal inauguration, Jairampur will be the first town of the state flaunting ‘thematic sanitation area’. Hereafter, garbage dumps will no longer be an ugly blot in Jairampur landscape.

Release pending salary: AAPLU
ITANAGAR, Mar 14: Claiming that the staffs and labour force in State Forest Corporation Limited have not been paid their salaries for the past five months, the All Arunachal Pradesh Labour Union (AAPLU) has sought early release of the pending salary.
Besides this, the labourers of the corporation have not received their bonus since 2014, the Union said in its memorandum to the chief minister.

TMWS condemns assault on SSA JE at Ziro
PASIGHAT, Mar 14: The Tirki-Manmong Welfare Society (TMWS), Pasighat in East Siang district has strongly condemned the act of physical assault on Oni Ering, JE, SSA, Ziro Lower Subansiri on March 1 at Deli Joram, by allegedly one Joram Papon.
The society has demanded thorough judicial enquiry into the matter and give the culprit an exemplary punishment as per law of the land.  The TMWS has also appealed education department and its engineering wing to look into the matter seriously and carry out departmental enquiry into the matter.
“We as law abiding society have full faith in the law of the land and expect that law will take its own course of action,” read a press release issued by TMWS.

NSS volunteers repair road, clean up school ground
ITANAGAR, Mar 14: Over 150 NSS volunteers of Dera Natung Govt. college unit constructed cement road, repaired depilated road and drain, cleaned school ground, surrounding areas, planted saplings around community ground and took part in games and sports as part of a three-day long NSS special camping program at Ganga village here which concluded on March 13.
The programme was conducted under the supervision of NSS program officers Dr. Tumter Lollen and Nich Menia with support of the village head, gram chairperson, ASM besides, village youth and elders.

Committee seeks compensation
ITANAGAR, Mar 14: The Village Action Committee Youth Association of Gensi circle has demanded that the remaining compensation amount for Siki bridge point to Rilu village (10 km to 12 km) must be paid at the earliest.
In its representation to the West Siang DC, it claimed that only the compensation amount of Trans Arunachal Highway from Likabali to Siki bridge has been released while the amount from Siki bridge point to Rilu village (10 to 12km) has not been released till now.

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Protect capital road

The illegal encroachment along with illegal earth cutting is the main culprit for causing damage to the capital road. Despite several orders and notices issued by the capital administration, the capital dwellers blatantly continues to violate order and indulge in illegal earth cutting. Chief Minister Kalikho Pul on Sunday while carrying out inspection of ongoing re-carpeting of national highway 415 appealed the locals to stop rampant earth cutting along the National Highway, state and sectoral roads which have taken the toll of the road stretch.

Chief Minister also spoke of decongesting the capital road by constructing an alternate road from Donyi Polo mission school. Pul deserves round of appreciation for making on field visit to check the ongoing work. Such visit will have positive impact on the outcome of project. Contractor and PWD officials will remain alert and therefore will not compromise with the quality. Also Chief Minister has sent out a strong message by calling on the capital dwellers not to harm road by indulging in illegal activities. The citizen of state capital should positively take this message. They should voluntarily give up this kind of illegal activities. Unless capital dwellers extend support, the district administration alone will not be able to stop it. When road gets damaged it cause inconvenience to everyone. Therefore it is the duty of every citizen of capital complex to protect the road network.







Readers’ Forum




Dangerous political experiment

Dear Editor,

In the political history of Arunachal Pradesh, we have seen chief ministers but the recent change of guard has a deeper conspiracy beyond politics. This will have a longer bearing on the future politics in the state and country. India is a multiparty, Westminster system of democracy. The government is formed by the leader of the largest Winning party in an assembly or parliament elections. The leader of such legislature or parliamentary party is chosen by MLAs or MPs but it is as per  direction of respective president of winning political party. The dissent culture in India is not new and the same is the case of Arunachal Pradesh, to avoid and stop rampant horse trading the 10th schedule was included in the constitution of India which seeks 2/3 majority to merge with other political party. In the Indian democracy and as per constitution president and Governor are titular heads; the prime minister /chief minister is the real executive head and the de facto power is with the elected government not with appointed office. This time in Arunachal, we have seen a different trend of politics which if validated by the Hon'ble Supreme Court will have a far reaching negative impacts on the pillars of democracy and the very root and spirit of constitution will b shaken and displaced.

We understand the dissidents activities led by a certain leader, which is quite natural in any vibrant democracy and political party but we couldn't understand the way the office of Chief Minister could  be thrown away other than the below reasons 1. Death or declared insolvent of The incumbent 2. Resignation 3. Defeat in the assembly. The offices of the Governor, the chief minister and the Speaker have their own set powers and limitations of interference to each other. In Arunachal, for the first the Governor played the role of speaker by first advancing the session, second by setting the agenda of the business in the house.

If at all the speaker was in removal mode, the deputy speaker could make the agenda by chairing the BAC, so if this particular act of advancing and making agenda by governor is legal than the office of speaker is no more constitutionally validated quasi judicial body, this will be replicated in other states of the country also. Next is the unwarranted imposition of President Rule in the state.  In the recent JAT strike in Haryana, many were killed and crores of valued property destroyed, the army called in to maintain law and order but no PR was imposed.

Some leader said it is constitutional break down in Arunachal as six months has elapsed between two assembly sessions, than the assembly session held on 16&17 December 2015(in hall & hotel) is invalid but you make the said assembly session valid after revoking PR. If 16&17 December, assembly session is valid than six months has not elapsed.

As the speaker and CM have been changed, the validity of assembly session is at the convenience of Governor.  

The SR Bommai case says that the incumbent CM during which the PR was imposed should be made CM again on revocation of the PR, but Arunachal had a different rule and case law other than SR Bommai judgement, which was pronounced by nine judges constitutional bench. The best way before a governor in political crisis in government is to direct the incumbent CM to face confidence motion in the assembly.

The installation of a king should be accepted by the subjects and as per set, conventional procedure or else anybody will abuse the highest office. If the way upwards is through deceitful means than fall will be quick and nights will be sleepless. Sufferers will be the common people.

Now everyone is waiting for the judgment of five judge constitutional bench.  Whatever, the judgment,  it will be landmark and decide the strength of democracy and constitution of India. A very dangerous political experiment is going on in Arunachal. Irrespective of anyone becoming CM, the political turbulence will not stop; future generation will have to think differently.


Nabam Vivek

Midpu Doimukh




May India win

Dear Editor,

After completion of the qualifying rounds, the main edition of ICC T20 World Cup is about to start.  Bangladesh and Afghanistan have qualified for the main round after a bitter struggle against its competitors.  Since the World Cup is being held at our own homeland, India will surely try to win the tournament with utmost fight. Thus the Indian Cricket Team has to focus and practice hard. In their group there are many challengers such as Australia and New Zealand. But India also should skim over the tactics of Bangladesh and Pakistan too as they can challenge India too.

India’s first official match of this edition will be held on 15th March, 2016 against former runner - up in the 2015 ICC ODI World Cup, New Zealand. India has to be mentally and physically alert in her first match. The players have to practice severely hard to fight against this mighty team which include batsmen such as Martin Guptill and bowlers such as Trent Boult.

India has played two practice matches against West Indies and South Africa in which it has won against West Indies and lost to South Africa. In these matches, Indians have displayed moderate form. Their real face is still hidden. No one can tell what can happen in cricket. But I hope that our country plays well and win the cup by outplaying its competitors.


Avik Chatterjee





Respect them more

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I humbly appeal all males to respect women, especially in work places, particularly the IV grade staffs and labour class women.

In tribal state like Arunachal more and more women are employed in various departments of the government as grade D staffs, regular or contingency.

These IV grade staffs are sometimes entrusted with private work of their bosses. They are sent to deposit money by officers or other superior staffs in the bank, standing in long queue for hours together, they it is not part of their job profile to carry out the private work of their bosses.  Sometimes they are sent to fetch cigarette, Pan or Gutka.

These women are proud to carry out their professional work but entrusting them is personal work is disrespectful. Sometimes their superior staffs joke with them to pass their time, which really hurt them.

They are wives and they have husband and children and she is the boss in her family as she takes all important decisions.

Her position and status in her family is her identity and therefore she deserves to be respected.

We must stop engaging our elderly women in the office specially IV grade women staffs to carry out personal work.

In no way, our low earning or ranks should be held against us.


An employee