March 17

APCC alleges misuse of fund by Govt, seeks Governor’s intervention
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Alleging misuse of public fund, the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has demanded intervention of the Governor and the Chief Secretary in the Revised Estimate - 2015-16 prepared by the present government. Questioning about the way the State Govt. is allocating money to various departments including roads (highways) under the revised estimate, APCC alleged that random allocation of fund without planning and survey exposed that the present Govt. is misusing public funds at the ‘command of other agents and individuals.’
Claiming that present Govt is allocating Rs 1000.00 lakhs again on the same Itanagar-Naharlagun road maintenance project, work for which had already commenced under the previous Govt, APCC alleged that it is an act of misusing public fund.  It further alleged that funds in crores are also allocated in private areas for the schemes like road from Lobi Panch Ali to Dariya Patung via Kula Camp, retaining Wall and CC drain near State Museum road in between Zero point to Mowb-II, which, according to APCC, is purely an area of the under-construction private hotel. Crore of funds also have been allocated for road work from Mowb-II near CM Bungalow to Niya Colony, the Congress said.
How the Govt. sanctioned a huge amount of money in few kilometer sector roads, when the rest of the State is deprived of roads and basic facilities, the APCC questioned.
Claiming that all projects under State Infrastructure Development Fund (SIDF) approved by the previous govt. have been cancelled, the APCC questioned as to why it cancelled the projects meant for common people and instead allocates money for allegedly private projects in Itanagar. It demanded white paper on cancellation of the projects.  
“The party stands by the people of Arunachal and will not tolerate any act of high handedness to siphon off public funds at the cost of the State exchequer,” the APCC said while insisting on enquiry into financial matter.

Is Team Arunachal’ a delusion, asks Wangham
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: MLA Thangwang Wangham has wondered whether the term ‘Team Arunachal’ is a delusion. He made the comments, disillusioned with many organizations campaigning for inclusion of their favoured MLAs in the Kalikho Pul ministry.
Though Constitution of India has kept the prerogative with the Chief Minister to appoint his Council of Minister, but regrettably never-seen-before lobbying for minister-ship is being witnessed in the state now, Wangham said.
The ongoing lobbying for ministerial berth surpassing all boundaries of ethics, morality and social responsibility has become the talk of the street, he added.
He said that it was unbecoming of an elected leader to lobby for ministerial berth as he said that every elected leader has his own past record of performance which will speak for itself and the people are the best judge.
Talking of seniority in politics is a childish, he said while adding that democracy is unlike govt. service where seniority of service length is counted. The pleasure and prerogative of the Chief Minister are the only criteria for selection of his cabinet team, the MLA reasoned.
By campaigning for induction in the ministry, is not it questioning the very pledge we took to stand behind present Chief Minister after reposing faith in his able leadership, Wangham asked. Its time we get rid of such unbecoming trend in the best interest of the state and give the Chief Minister a free hand in deciding his team and not otherwise, said the MLA.
He further said that media should avoid giving space to such cheap lobbying.

NES to rake up audio and video clipping issues
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Nyishi Elite Society (NES) said that it will launch rigorous social movement at an appropriate time on the infamous audio clippings of December 13, 2015 and the emotive video clippings of March 4, 2016 by the State leadership, painting a sorry picture of the entire Nyishi community, until justice is delivered to the community.
NES, in its executive body meeting held here on Sunday, however, decided to keep all social movements in abeyance due to preparatory works of the ensuing General Conference until and unless the situation and circumstances warrants in the greater interest of the community.
The movement could not be continued due to the ongoing CBSE 2016 examination in the best interest of the students, who are the future of the State and subsequent time overrun for the General Conference-cum-Nyishi Day preparations, NES stated in a release.
While welcoming the statement of the incumbent Chief Minister Kalikho Pul seeking the big brotherly role and contribution of the Nyishi community in the developmental process of the State, NES made it clear that the Nyishis have been pioneers in the field since four decades ago, and the spirit was further strengthened by the Pan Arunachal Mission as envisioned in the Yazali Silver Jubilee Programme on April 19, 2013.
NES, however, said that it was aghast witnessing the ‘vindictive’ action to innocent senior members of the community.
“We expect the people holding high positions to be large hearted and not mean (or) narrow minded to take along such a multi-ethnic people of the state,” NES opined. NES alleged that Kalikho Pul has been using those forces which  are against Nyishi Elite Society as his natural friend and weapon to create division among the Nyishi and fruitfully harvesting the traitors of the community to voice against the Nyishis.
“We will be observing the deeds and misdeeds of the Government under close observation, and shall evince our protest of vindictive actions in appropriate time with appropriate magnitude,” NES cautioned.
Objecting to Pul’s remark, who reportedly talked of a state of lawlessness prevailing in the State thereby painting a wrong picture of the peaceful State, NES demanded him to come out with a concrete statistical data of murder, arson, loot, dacoity, rape, kidnapping, ransom, bribery, financial mismanagement, etc, with clear cut comparative statement of all the states of India and national crime figures of all the countries of the world since the NEFA era through a dedicated team of Government machinery of the Home Department within a scheduled timeframe.
NES also did not spare Union Minister Kiren Rijiju from its criticism.
Taking serious note on Rijiju’s recent statement that he was offered the post of the Chief Minister by Kalikho Pul but he declined it, NES said that “If he was not involved, where is the question of offering such a top job of the state from thin air?
“Anyone of normal prudence can well imagine that the constitutional post of Chief Minister cannot be such a cheap to be offered or discarded at whims and fancies like a small private belongings,” NES said and demanded a clear cut clarifications from Rijiju on the issue.
NES also alleged that Rijiju and Governor JP Rajkhowa in connivance with Pul and his team are working against interest of Nyishi, which is extremely dangerous for the existence of this peaceful and beautiful Himalayan state.
NES hoped the new leadership of the state would exercise prudence and work in tandem for the overall peace, progress and prosperity of the State taking along all ethnic communities of the state instead of mean minded vindictive approach.
Earlier, NES decided to conduct the 11th General Conference-cum-9th Nyishi Day at Sagalee from April 18 -21, 2016 (April 19, 2016 being the 9th Nyishi Day) as notified earlier.
The NES, All Sagalee Employees Forum, Nyishi Nyem Acham, All Nyishi Students’ Union, NES Papum Pare unit and senior members of Papum Pare will proceed to Sagalee on March 19 for spot verification of the conference venue.

Govt wants BRO take up all strategic roads in state
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Underlying the importance of Arunachal as a border state, Chief Minister Kalikho Pul categorically said the works related to road networking and its maintenance in all strategic areas of the state should be handed over to the Border Roads Organisation (BRO). He shared this to the visiting Director General of Border Roads, Lt. General Suresh Sharma who called on him late this evening.
“Our basic aim is to achieve basic minimum road communication in interior parts of our state and we are committed to build high class road infrastructure,” said the chief minister.
BRO has a dedicated workforce, resources and expertise that makes it as the most competent force that can work in any hard weather conditions and harsh terrain, said Pul.
Moreover, BRO is competent enough to address the local issues and problems that may arise from time to time -- since it has well network of command all over the state and in the country, he said.
Pul lamented the recent handover of major state highways to other agencies, which he observed have resulted in undue delay in completion of works. He emphasized to push forward major strategic highways such as Roing-Anini, Tezu-Hawai and Joram-Koloriang to be taken up by BRO, while he disclosed that he wasn’t aware that these highways were handed over to other agency.
He also insisted on BRO to take up other proposed highways, which was handed over to other agency and whose work is yet to begin. In this matter, the chief minister said he will strongly advocate with the highest office in the country at all political level.
In many cases, he observed that work on one complete stretch of road was being delayed since on single route different agencies were involved. While certain length of the roads was on the verge of completion, the other section remained yet to be started, Pul remarked.
Considering such limitations arising due to piece-meal allocation of works to different agencies, the chief minister sensed that it created “lack of ownership” among the agencies for the road.
Also another challenge he cited was the maintenance of road. Due to harsh weather conditions and difficult terrain, it is difficult to predict the durability and life of the road. Under such condition, Pul strongly advocated that a dedicated workforce like BRO would be the ideal organisation capable enough to take up such challenge.
While discussing on issues relating to land acquisition, forest clearance, quarries for construction material etc. CM assured his government’s support on all level. He agreed upon DGBR’s proposal for conducting coordination meeting every month under Commissioner/Secretary PWD with nodal officers from BRO, concern district officer and officers from Highway department. This would be in addition to the quarterly meetings being conducted under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary on the road and highway issues. He further assured to depute nodal officers from land department, forest, mines and minerals and also from the CMO to deal with BRO and Defence issues.
On the compensation row, CM called for a uniform rate to be followed.  
To speed up all the pending works of highways, the chief minister said he will personally call on the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the defence ministry for all necessary support required for BRO.

Governor calls for improving telecom facilities in state
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa called on Union Communication Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in New Delhi Wednesday and requested the Union Minister for improving the quality of telecommunication facilities in the State.
The Governor while informing the Union Minister about the issue of erratic and unsatisfactory mobile and Internet connectivity in the State, requested the union minister to direct the BSNL and other service providers to develop their infrastructure to bring the connectivity standard to national level, thereby realising the national goal of Digital India.
Sharing his experience at Bumla Pass on the LAC along Indo-China border, the Governor pointed out that mobile connectivity is non-existent at the remote places, thereby causing lot of hardships to the general public and the Jawans, in the international border, who have to travel long distance towards nearest connectivity areas, for contacting their near and dear ones and otherwise during difficult times.
The Governor also met Union Minister for Railways Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu.
While conveying the gratitude of the people of the Frontier State for the inter-city and express trains, the Governor called for increasing the frequencies and quality of both the train services.
He also emphasised on expediting the work on strategic Railway lines initially to Tawang in the West and Pasighat in the East.
The Governor stressed on early completion of the twin Rail-cum-Road Bogibeel Bridge over River Brahmaputra, within the revised timeline of mid 2017. He said that the project is not only vital to the people of Assam but to the people of Arunachal Pradesh also. Once completed, it will have huge impact in the overall connectivity and in the socio-economic development of the region, he pointed. PRO to Raj Bhawan

Mass eviction drive in Tanium Putu colony
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Upper Subansiri District Administration with help of police and paramilitary forces on Tuesday carried out an eviction drive at Tanium Putu Colony near circuit house, where construction of a water tank of PHED is going on.
Prior to the eviction drive, the district administration had issued 15 days evacuation notice to the ‘illegal’ dwellers.
During drive, many private dwelling houses, which were constructed within the declared boundary of the water tank, were evicted along with some bamboo plantations.
“Strict action will be taken against those, who encroaches the boundary again,” cautioned the district administration.

‘SCERT needs to be re-vitalized’
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Education Minister Wanglin Lowangdong said that State Council Education Research and Training (SCERT) needs to be re-vitalized as a lead state level institution bound to develop link with other higher learning institution in and outside the state. The education minister  said this while addressing the officers on his maiden visit to SCERT.  He added that there is broad range of challenge and all such range needs to be viewed in an integrated manner through the prospective of SCERT.
The minister further said Teacher education index should be widely used to measure the quality expansion in the deficits state like Arunachal Pradesh.
Lowangdong also expressed satisfaction on the scheme of teacher education which has been necessitated in order to meet up the challenges of teacher education system and corresponding increase in demand of quality teacher.
The Commissioner (Education) Marnya Ete urged the state Government to put great emphasis on teacher education institution which can lead to indented overhaul of teacher education system in the state. Further the Commissioner called upon the officers and officials to provide fair educational environment in the state. Earlier, Jt. Director of SCERT Gania Leij highlighted the achievement and status of SCERT.

Patriotism in the Time of Elections  
[ Sanjay Barbora ]
On February 27, 2016 a group of professionals organised a rally under the banner of the Patriotic Peoples Front of Assam (PPFA). They were protesting against some slogans that sections of the media have attributed to five students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi. The rally and its concerns would have been comical, had its implications been less sinister. The participants of the rally were regurgitating a canard in order to influence a particular vision for the country, as well as police the views of its citizens.
At a time when the government of India finds itself cornered on several political and social issues, it is not surprising that ideologues sympathetic to furthering an uncritical appreciation of nationalism, would seek to deflect the debate elsewhere. What better way to blindside the churning on caste, law and order and the economy, than to manufacture a shrill but insistent cacophony of nationalist outrage? I shall spare readers another homily on Samuel Johnson’s pronouncements about what kinds of persons find refuge in patriotism. Needless to add, it raises questions about the company that many of us keep. After all, Assam’s middle classes are not averse to keeping company with those who wield power, as the rally aptly elucidated.
Even in New Delhi, where these debates are being played out in courts, classrooms and the streets on a daily basis, there is now a realisation that much of the government’s actions (in JNU) were based on doctored and completely tendentious intelligence reports. The intellectually dishonest arguments of the government and its apologists have left many wondering where this hubristic behaviour is headed. There is a need to be able to read the sub-text of the patriotic fervour being expounded by those who participate in such aggressiverallies, more so because we are on the cusp of Assembly elections in Assam. Other than a series of provocative slogans -- about love for a disinterested and somewhat uncaring mother (India) –this constituency does not have a political narrative that ordinary women and men in Assam can connect to. They are appealing to a class of urban, semi-urban young men, who are probably alienated from the rural economy. They have very little chance of being gainfully employed in the government’s developmentalist discourse that no amount of “make-in-India” propaganda can obfuscate. The questionable developmental processes that began with the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and encouraged a slow retreat from agriculture, with a concomitant rise of the value of urban land, are on overdrive in Assam today.
Universities sometimes do reflect the institution’s conservative origins in European enlightenment. After all, the structures of the university crystallised at the same time as that of two other mammoth institutions: bureaucracies of the modern military and the Roman Catholic Church. Even so, the university has always enjoyed some degree of autonomy that has pulled it in different directions. For instance, during the Vietnam War, for every funded laboratory student working to create chemical agents in universities in the United States, there were scores of others who would take to the streets to protest against their government’s unjust actions abroad. The dangerous appeals to punish the students in JNU (and by extension those in other universities in Assam), by sections that have discovered their love of god(s) and country, do not seem to have this complicated history in mind.
Writing in the first quarter of the 20th century, the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci kept reminding his comrades about the materiality of ideological positions. The ideological moorings of the students in JNU are varied, but grounded on things that matter, such as: the need for dignity, jobs, rights over land and justice. Their detractors, however, have no similar grounding. For them, the ethical and political questions arising out of the government’s complete abdication of its welfare role, especially in higher education, can only be countered by a childish appeal to love of a maternal figure. Of course, the maternal figure morphs into whatever takes the fancy of the intellectually bankrupt patriotic constituency: maps, photographs, art and even cows.
It would be tempting to dismiss such righteous bluster for its superficiality, but that would be a mistake. The patriots are going to make amends for their ideological shallowness, by raising the shrillness of this debate and Assam’s middle classes have to quickly figure out where they stand. How else does one explain their wilful and ready acquiescence of radical demands for autonomy? Why has it been so easy to co-opt them into the predictable embrace of money and power? Perhaps honest public debates on these questions, rather than dull, uncreative appeals to patriotism are the need of the hour for us in Assam. (The author is an Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, TISS, Guwahati Campus. Views expressed are those of the author’s alone and not necessarily of the institutions that he is associated with.)

Miss Arunachal Winter Pageant 2016
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: The first Miss Arunachal Winter Pageant 2016 got off to a flying start on Wednesday with MLA Mutchu Mithi declaring the mega audition open at a hotel in Naharlagun.
In his brief speech, Mithi wished the contestants success and lauded the organizing committee Arunachal Students Federation for providing the much needed platform for the young models of the state.
Motivating the participants to do well in the competition and in life, the MLA said, “Don’t just focus on physical attributions but also focus on personality and character as these are the two things that makes one successful in life.”
Echoing the MLA, Borum ZPM Techi Tolu also exhorted the contestants to focus on the things they want to do in life apart from studies.
“Most of the youths in our state only focus on education which is good but they should also take keen interest in other things like sports, music, modeling etc,” said Tolu giving examples of ace shuttler Laa Talar, everester Anshu Jamsenpa and others.
Acknowledging the fact that the amount of opportunity and platform provided in Arunachal to follow such interests is very less compared to other states, the ZPM appealed the participants to grab the opportunity wherever and whenever it comes across.
The Miss Arunachal Winter Pageant 2016 looks to provide a platform to the budding models of the state to showcase their modeling talents.
“The winner of the beauty pageant would not only be awarded with cash incentives, but would also get a direct entry to Mega Miss North East 2016, Guwahati,” informed ASF president Kipa Kanam.
“The audition round of the beauty pageant would continue till Thursday while the grand finale has been scheduled to be held at Siddharta Hall, Itanagar on March 27 next,” he added.

AdiSU demands shifting of zonal head offices
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Adi Students Union (AdiSU) has appealed to the Government of Arunachal Pradesh to decentralize the power by shifting all the Zonal Head Offices (Eastern Zone) to the eastern part of the State along with immediate posting of Divisional Commissioner (East) with full financial authorization at Namsai for effective and smooth functioning.
The offices created for Eastern Zone are still functioning from Itanagar which is creating immense problem to the people of eastern part of the State as they have to travel to the state capital even for minor official works, said AdiSU in a memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister.
The AdiSU suggested for creation of Eastern Working Capital in a suitable place/area by shifting all Zonal Heads of EZ to Eastern Arunachal Pradesh in order to ease the burden of people as well as to reduce the expenditure of State exchequer.
“At present, GoAP is spending crores of rupees on POL Items, travel allowances, vehicle maintenance, food and lodging of officers, drivers etc., who use to travel from eastern parts of Arunachal Pradesh to state capital just for their official works get done. This expenditure is directly affecting the State exchequer,” the memorandum said.
“It is very difficult to travel from the eastern parts of the State to Itanagar and from some other parts of the state, like Longding, Anjaw, Upper Siang districts etc. They have to travel more than hundreds of kilometers to reach the State Capital for small official works or to attend job interview,” AdiSU said.
Once the Zonal Head Offices (EZ) are shifted, there will be a visible development, which will also boost the tourism sector of eastern Arunachal Pradesh thus creating employment opportunities to the unemployed youth.

RGU, NHRC  conducts training on Human Rights
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: One-day training on Human Rights was organized by the Rajiv Gandhi University in collaboration with National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi on March 15, at Rono Hills campus.
Inaugurating the training programme Prof. Amitava Mitra, the Finance Officer i/c RGU said that reformation and understanding are needed in society through such trainings. He also spoke on the human development index.
There are records of so many movements, struggles and wars for rights and equality by peasants, workers, women groups, etc. in the world. The training programme is an outcome of long deliberations and debates in various national and international level meetings on human rights issues.
Speaking on the occasion Prof. P. K. Panigrahi, Proctor of the university was optimistic that the training would sensitize the participants and opined that human rights signifies that there had been inhuman traumas and that is why human rights issue is relevant, and in a way its important towards protecting and promoting the core issues of humanity.
Earlier, the Coordinator of the training and the Deputy Registrar Academic Dr. David Pertin informed that it is the maiden occasion where RGU in collaboration with the Training Division of NHRC, New Delhi is conducting the important academic programme, with the focus to spread human rights literacy and sensitize people belonging to various sections of society on all aspects relating to human rights.
Assistant Professor and Co-Coordinator of the programme Bikash Bage also spoke at the event.
Altogether 143 participants comprising of faculty members and officials of RGU, research scholars, post graduate students and representatives of various NGOs took part in the training, wherein Prof. Jayadeba Sahoo, Dean, Faculties of Education & Languages, RGU, Advocate Dani Belo, Deputy Secretary (Law & Judicial),  Sunil Mow, Advocate, Gauhati High Court, Itanagar Permanent Bench, Prof. Maqitul Hussain, Visiting Professor, Dept. of Sociology, RGU, Dr. Jumyir Basar, Associate Professor, AITS, RGU and Gomar Basar, Assistant Registrar, RGU acted as resource persons and imparted first hand information and expertise on varied topics including composition and functioning of NHRC, SHRCs & Protection of Human Rights Act, Constitutional provisions, UN Convention, Women rights and other parameters during the four brainstorming technical sessions, which was followed by interactive session.

Governor urges Centre for 3-4 Greenfield airports
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Governor,of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa, who drew flak from various quarters for his unpopular and controversial statement over construction of Greenfield Airport at Hollongi in recent past, has requested the Centre for three to four Greenfield Airports in Arunachal Pradesh.
Rajkhowa, who is currently on an official tour to National Capital, met the Union Minister for Civil Aviation P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju on March 15 and reiterated his earlier request for three to four more Greenfield airports and more helipads for the State owing to its huge geographical difficult area.
While discussing on the overall civil aviation scenario of Arunachal Pradesh and various aviation related issues, including advance Landing Grounds (ALGs) and helipads in different parts of State, the Governor said that such infrastructure will not only be useful at the time of external and internal crisis but will also instil a sense of security amongst the people of the Frontier State.
The Governor also stressed on up-gradation of helipads and dual utilization of Advance Landing Grounds with Civil Terminals and emphasized on expediting the projects under Ministry of Civil Aviation in the State.
He further said that besides improving the State tourism, the export of perishable horticultural produces such as Kiwis, oranges, apples and pineapples will get tremendous boost. It will not only facilitate in evacuation of patients in medical emergencies and affected people during natural calamities but at the same time provide a better and faster means of communication to the local populace. PRO to Raj Bhawan

Association rigid over ‘Entrepreneurs Rules’, DC moved
PASIGHAT, Mar 16: The Pasighat Local Contractor Association, which has been demanding the government officials to obey the ‘Arunachal Pradesh District Based Entrepreneurs and Professionals (Incentives, Development and Promotional) Rules, 2015 in allotment of contract or supply works, has moved the district administration to ensure strict adherence to the rules.
The association led by its president, Nyobo Talom recently submitted a memorandum to East Siang Deputy Commissioner pleading her to ensure prevention of any unholy political interference in allotment of supply and contract works by the government departments.
Stating that the state government has passed and adopted the District based entrepreneurs’ rules; the association has urged the authority concerned to implement the rules for the greater interest of the local people.
The association functionaries have lamented that some contractors and firms outside the district are managed to get contract or supply works in East Siang district through unholy interference thereby violating the standing rules. They have demanded the higher ups of the government departments to take action against the violations.
The association earlier circulated ‘an appeal’ to all heads of departments in East Siang to put first preference in awarding of contract works or supply order to local contractors. It also warned the officials that willful violation of legitimate norms might face serious repercussions.
The district entrepreneurs rule notified by the government sets some directives to government departments in awarding contract/ supply works in the state. As such, construction works amounting to 10 crores and below must be given to registered contractors of specific category domiciled within the territorial jurisdiction of the concerning districts, while contract works worth above 10 crore is eligible for national and international competitive bidding.

Financial stability must for good governance, says Pul
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Chief Minister Kalikho Pul has appealed to the officers and staffs of the state’s finance department for their continued support saying that “stability of the government’s transaction is highly critical, since it affects the overall development of the state.”
While visiting the office of the finance department to boost the morale of the employees and to show support for their dedication towards their work on Monday, Pul also offered his heartfelt thanks to the officers and staffs of the state’s finance department, noting that their service is highly critical for the welfare of the public.
He acknowledged that performance of the employees is directly influenced by their sense of achievement, respect, fair treatment and a sense of camaraderie within the establishment.  “I have worked closely with the finance department for more than 10 years and understand the problems faced by the employees,” said the chief minister and assured full cooperation for the welfare of the government employees.
Informing on welfare measures taken, he said the state government has released all the bills of the government employees for medical reimbursement, which were kept pending for several years. In addition, he informed that state government has released all the pending salaries of the contingency and casual workers, raised the student’s stipend, and enhanced the incentives for health workers.  The idea behind the hike in worker’s wages, according to the chief minister, is that while the regular government employee gets travel allowances, dearness allowances, housing facilities, pensions, allowances for servants and medical reimbursements, the contingency and the casual staffs are deprived of all such benefits.  Also, they are deprived of salary hike as implemented from time to time as per the pay commission recommendations, which is made in view of the rise in market rates and the cost of living that the regular employee enjoys, said Pul.
The chief minister informed that the decision to enhance student’s stipend has been taken in view of the large dropouts in rural areas, where students from poor family background are totally dependent on stipend for their education. “Though the student stipend is a meager amount, it means a lot to students from poor economical background,” he said and added that “students in rural areas should not be deprived of their basic right to education.”

Early construction of TAH demanded
[ Yachang Tacho ]
ZIRO, Mar 16: Senior citizens of Ziro Valley met the Deputy Commissioner, Lower Subansiri District Kemo  Lollen and appealed him to take up measures for early construction of Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH) from Potin to Bopi within Lower Subansiri district.
They further called for maintenance of road in between old Ziro and Hapoli Township.
The other demands include posting of a regular ADC/SDO at Old Ziro as the post has already been sanctioned.
All the ongoing projects in the district, either central or state should be strictly monitored so that quality is not compromised at any circumstance, said former MLA Nani Ribia.
The menace of government land encroachment at district head quarters has to be checked properly so that the further damage is prevented, the citizens further stated.
The DC assured the senior leaders to look into the matter in a positive way.

APPDSSU opposes realignment of highway
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: All Pakke-Kessang Pijerang Dissing-Passo 5eijosa Students' Union (APPDSSU) has strongly opposed the re-alignment of highway in Segment-1E in between Sede and Pakro (31km) on Nechipu-Hoj National Highways (NH-229).
In a memorandum to East Kameng Deputy Commissioner, APPDSSU claimed that M/s Sushee IVRCL Arunachal Highways Limited, the Concessionaire, is planning to realign the road making a long short cut from Ekawa/Sede to Pakro in violation of the approved alignment.
If the short cut is made, it will shorten a distance of 15 km affecting more than 17 villages, whereas the approved project highways alignment strip plan is 31 KM in Segment 1 E in between Sede-Pakro of Papu Valley East under Pijerang Circle. It said.
Any re-alignment of the highway will lead to chaos and big controversy in the area and also it may lead to conflict between villagers and construction agency, the union cautioned.
It threatened to launch series of democratic movement, if the authority fails to fulfill our demand.
APPDSSU further urged the DC to issue necessary directive to M/s Sushee IVRCL Arunachal Highways Ltd. to construct the NH-229 as par final approved alignment by MoRTH on August 1, 2012.

AR undertakes civic action projects in Tirap & Longding
Khonsa, Mar 16: The remote villages of Tirap and Longding districts bordering Myanmar are devoid of basic amenities essential for hygiene and sanitation. In an endeavor to uplift the local hygiene standards an awareness camp was undertaken by the Assam Rifles unit located in Khonsa.
The unit has been instrumental in executing the construction of single seated toilet blocks and solar street lights at Kapu, Dadam, Old Kothing, Old Kothung, Nginu, Longo and Wakka villages under the Military Civic Action projects for the Financial Year 15-16.
The villagers and public leaders of the community have echoed praiseworthy words of appreciation for the troops. The gesture of provisioning them with the toilet block and Solar Street Lights has been in sync with the ‘’SWACHCH BHARAT CAMPAIGN’’.GB of the respective villages inaugurated the project.

Governing body meeting of RKS held
TEZU, Mar 16: The governing body meeting of Rogi Kalyan Samity (RKS) of General Hospital Tezu was convened on Wednesday at the DC’s conference hall. The meeting was chaired by SDO Gautam Hazarika.
Hazarika empathizing with the problem faced by the health officials in the district asked them to dedicate themselves to the service of mankind and humanity. He also requested departments like the Power, PHE, and ICDS to render their maximum support when required or needed.
In the meeting DMO and Medical Superintendent Dr. A. Wailong presented the achievements of General Hospital during the year 2015-16. The department also highlighted about other activities carried out during the year 2015-16 which include construction of casualty room from existing wards, renovation of female ward, construction of septic tanks, renovation of kitchen roof, renovation of Conference Hall and MS Office construction of two wheeler shade and purchase of medicine etc.
18 patients have benefitted under APCMUHIS and a total of 3,062 have been enrolled in the period between January and February 2016.
Informing about problems like insufficient doctors and nurses, non functional blood bank and incinerator; and poor power supply as the main challenges of the General Hospital, the DMO presented a proposal for the year 2016-2017.
ZPM Haweli Kri, District Medical Officer Dr. (Mrs) S. Chai Pul and representatives of Power, PHE, RWD, ICDS and medical department were present in the meeting. DIPRO

Roing moots door to door waste collection
ROING, Mar 16: Door to Door Solid Waste Collection Plan was chalked out in the 2nd Governing Body meeting of District Urban Development Agency, Roing for Swachh Bharat Mission under the chairmanship of Ravi Dhawan, Deputy Commissioner on Wednesday.
The Governing Body resolved to start door to door collection of solid waste from April 1 from Monday to Saturday in order to keep Roing Township clean and hygienic.
The house also decided to review the waste collection plan after one month of implementation on April 30 next in order to gauge its effectiveness and response.
DC further directed the department to strictly maintain the planned time schedule and provide reliable service to the Roing town dwellers.
DC asked the department to workout a modalities for effective and long lasting implementation of Swachh Bharat Mission in the Roing township.
He further appealed to denizens of Roing Township to cooperate with the District Administration in maintaining clean and hygienic atmosphere in the township. DIPRO

ATA urges Edn Min. to fulfill pending demands
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: The Central Executive Committee members of Arunachal Teachers’ Association (ATA) led by its president Tarh Yaku and Secretary General Tania Hakom called on Education Minister Wanglin Lowangdong at his official residence here on Tuesday and apprised him about the problems being faced by the teachers and educational institutes of the state.
ATA also informed him about the various pending issues and demands of the association which were not materialized till date.
While interacting with the ATA team, the Minister advised the teaching community to be patience and impart quality education to the young students for the welfare of the society.
“Our state is known as the ‘Land of rising Sun’ thus every citizen of this beautiful state must put an effort to excel in every field and to improve the quality of education,” he said and called upon the teaching community of the state to contribute selflessly to make our state a ‘land of rising education.’
While acknowledging the hardships faced by the teachers, he assured to look into all issues pertaining to the welfare of the teachers in the coming days, according to an ATA release.
The ATA, Capital Complex Unit also accompanied the Central Executive Committee in the meeting.

World Consumer Rights Day celebrated at Daporijo
DAPORIJO, Mar 16: World Consumer Rights Day was celebrated by organizing a special awareness programme on the rights and responsibilities of consumer by Legal Metrology Office here on Tuesday.
Hage Taka, SDO explained in details on the rights and duties of consumer as enshrined in the Consumer Protection Act. He also urged the traders and shopkeepers to refrain from illegal trade practices.
Minte Sigia, Asst. Controller of Legal and Metrology Consumers Affairs, also highlighted on the consumer rights under Consumer Protection Act and the aim and objective of observing the World Consumer Rights Day. Bengia Dongro, Inspector, Legal Metrology demonstrated various consumer items and made both the traders and consumers aware of their various legal rights and duties.
Around 120 representatives from the business community, NGOs, public and students attended the programme.

Security forces nab NSCN (R) cadre
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Security Forces nabbed one NSCN (R) cadre from an area between Khonsa and Khela of Tirap District on Tuesday.
Security Forces sprung into action after input was received from Khonsa Police about movement of some suspected armed cadres in between Khonsa and Khela road.  
An operation was conducted in general area which led to apprehension of one  hardcore NSCN (R) cadre identified as Self Styled Rajapio Kamlong Socia, 35 years of Old Bunting village.
The ultra confided his indulgence and involvement in rampant extortion in the Khonsa town and adjoining villages.  
An automatic pistol, live ammunition, extortion receipt along with opium was recovered from his possession.
The local resident of adjoining villages expressed their sigh of relief on the apprehension of cadres as they were totally fed up with the extortion activities.  

Lok Adalat disposes 22 cases
AALO, Mar 16: In conformity with the State Legal Service Authority, a Lok Adalat was
held in District Court, Aalo West Siang recently.
The Adalat held under the Chairmanship of Kiran Ningo, Judicial Magistrate First Class with
the assistance of members of District Legal Service Authority Advocates Todak Ado and Gorik Kamduk disposed off 22 compoundable criminal cases out of 78 cases taken up on the day.
Remaining cases could not be settled
due to absence of victims/complainants who were unwilling to settle the case in the Lok Adalat and all such cases have been referred to next Lok Adalat/regular court. (DIPRO)

Ex-Servicemen protest rally
DAPORIJO, Mar 16: All India Central Para Military Forces Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association, Upper Subansiri district organized a rally in protest against non-fulfillment of various long-pending demands of the ex-servicemen on Wednesday.
The ex-servicemen of CRPF, SSB, Assam Rifles, ITBP, CISF, BSF etc. along with their family members marched in procession with banners and placards from ITBP centre to the office of the Deputy Commissioner.
Later, they placed their demands in respect of Upper Subansiri before the authority, which included payment of medical allowance (FMA) from 2008 onwards, opportunity to ex- servicemen in security services in the district, special consideration in govt. job for sons and daughters of ex-servicemen, double pension to the children of ex servicemen in case of death of their parents, among others.

Sankar Bharati  Arunachal to participate in NE Drama Festival
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: A three-day North East Drama Festival, being organized by Sanskar Bharati Purbottar in collaboration with Sanskar Bharati, Sikkim Chapter, is going to be held at Gangtok from March 18 to 20 next. The theme of the drama festival is the relation of Northeast India with Ramayana and Mahabharata.
In this mega event, the Arunachal Chapter of Sankar Bharati is going to perform a drama titled “Ayanam Birme Rukmini” (Rukmini is the daughter of King Vishmak, 17th century AD in Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh).
A 13-member artists’ team from the State led by noted artist Delong Padung, recipient of ‘Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar’, and accompanied by Kathak guru Amit Kumar Mukherjee, is leaving for Gangtok on Wednesday.

APCMUHIS final mop-up round
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: The Itanagar Capital district administration on Wednesday announced final moping for enrolment to Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Universal Health Insurance Scheme (APCMUHIS) for the state capital complex and adjoining areas specially the areas covered under Itanagar Municipality (IMC).  
As per directions of Health Department and Deputy Commissioner Itanagar Capital complex Sandip Kumar Singh, the EAC Itanagar J Bomjen, State nodal officer I/C   APCMUHIS, Dr Tana Takum and few Ward members launched the starting of mop-up programme. The programme for final mop up has been necessitated as many were left out during the last January 16 enrollment.

NSO demands posting of teachers
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: The Nyishi Students’ Organization (NSO) has today submitted a four-point memorandum to the Chief Minister demanding posting of adequate teachers in various schools of Nyishi dominated areas, action against irregular teachers, improvement of  infrastructure of all schools and installation of  high mast electricity poles in all sectors of the Capital Complex. It has urged him to take early steps to address the issues.

‘Allot permanent site for college’  
ITANAGAR, Mar 16:  The Nyapin Nyobia Sangram Phassang Students’ Union (NNSPSU) has strongly objected to the alleged move by PRI leaders and students’ union submitting representations to the Director Higher & Technical Education in which they have asked to establish the college at its present location at GHSS, Nyapin and demanded establishment of the college in a different location.
In a letter to the Director Higher & Technical Education, the NNSPSU today  said “ A vast area of land is required for future development of the college therefore, it is necessary that a permanent site is allotted for the college instead of the existing one.’

Sanction road and culvert work soon
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Claiming that the scheme for construction of road and culvert between Aniya to Hakum village at Nirjuli is yet to be sanctioned and lying pending with the Directorate of Planning, the Hakum Village, Jaatey Village, Longtey Village and Nyokum Village Welfare Development Joint Committee has in a representation to the Chief Minister today urged him to initiate steps for early sanction of the said scheme.
The CM had while inspecting the fire incident site at Hakum Village on Feb 29 last, assured to sanction the said scheme to mitigate the problem of poor road communication to prevent such incidences in future, the Committee claimed adding that as per the CM direction, the Capital Complex DC directed the PWD Naharlagun EE to prepare the DPR and estimate for the above mentioned scheme. He submitted the estimate to the DC for further submission to the Director State Planning for final sanction but it has been lying pending with the Directorate since, the Committee said.  

PSF’s transfer sought
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: The  Arunachal Tribal Contractor Welfare Association (ATCWA) and Arunachal Youth Organization (AYO) has in a letter to the Chief Minister sought immediate transfer of state Principal Secretary Finance within this month failing which it had threatened to resort to  democratic action.
The ATCWA claimed that the PSF remains absent from duty resulting in many files lying pending in the office for months. Many files are unnecessarily delayed without any reason which hampers the development process of the entire state, it added.

‘FIR unwarranted’
Meanwhile, ATCWA president today alleged the state Principal Secretary Finance (PSF) of filing an FIR against him without any valid reason and termed his action as unwarranted.
In a release today, the ATCWA president claimed that when he visited the PSF’s office on Mar 15, the officer refused to meet him and when he argued the PSF’s personal security officer pushed him outside the door and later on a complaint was lodged against him. Such harassment against the general public is uncalled for and is a curtailment of people’s rights, he further rued.

Expedite scheme implementation process: DC
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Anjaw district Deputy Commissioner M. Riba  has directed all heads of departments in the district to expedite the implementation process of the on going schemes.
While inquiring the implementation status of ongoing schemes and critical gaps under various departments in a coordination meeting of all heads of department on Tuesday, the DC  urged  officers to bring visible result of work.
DC also urged to maintain team spirit and put tireless effort with sincerity and dedication to achieve the objective of making Anjaw a model district. Several issues were taken up and discussed in the meeting.   Earlier, DC office premises and Helipad of Hawai  were cleaned as part of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan.

Society demands exemplary punishment  to assaulter
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: The Cherom Chera Welfare Society in a release has strongly condemned brutal assault on one of their sisters by a group of women at Daporijo. The society alleged that assault was led by one Pone Doyum. The Society appealed to the law enforcing authorities to immediately arrest the absconding accused and sought strong punishment for the barbaric attack.

NLMA to conduct learner assessment test
ITANAGAR, Mar 16: National Literacy Mission Authority and National Institute of Open Schooling New Delhi will conduct an Assessment and Certification of Neo- Literate, Self literates and drop outs upto class III on March 20.
In this connection, a Learner assessment will be conducted at Gram Panchayat level at Tawang, West Kameng, East Kameng, Lower Subansiri, Upper Subansiri, West Siang, Upper Siang, East Siang, Dibang Valley, Tirap, Lohit, Changlang, Anjaw, Kurung Kumey and Lower Dibang Valley on March 20. The examination would be conducted from 10 am to 4 pm in the respective Gram Panchayats.
The Neo-Literates, the self literates in the Basic Literacy and the Drop outs of upto class III of 15 years and above are eligible to sit in the Assessment test.





Don't divide people on religious line

These days’ non issues are being made as issue and real genuine issues are not discussed in public domain. Strangely at a time when farmers are dying due to bad crops the country is discussing whether chanting of Bharat Mata Ki Jai should be made compulsory. Recently Mohan Bhagwat, the chief of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) made a statement stating that the young people of India had to be taught to chant slogans in support of the country. Latching on to this statement of Bhagwat, Asaduddin Owaisi, a three-time parliamentarian from Hyderabad, controversially declared that he will not chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai ”even if someone put a knife on his throat.”

 On Wednesday MIM MLA Waris Pathan was suspended from Maharashtra Legislative Assembly over the issue of refusing to say Bharat Mata Ki Jay. The motion was passed unanimously in the house and the speaker announced Pathan’s suspension till the end of the ongoing session. On the other hand noted lyricist and outgoing member of Rajya Sabha Javed Akhar slammed Owaisi for refusing to chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai and said there is nothing wrong in chanting this slogan. As 5 state goes to poll, a deliberate attempt is being made to polarize the voters. Chanting or none chanting of slogans like Bharat Mata Ki Jai will not solve the problems confronting the people of India. Also Indian constitution has not made it compulsory to chant these kinds of slogans. Therefore politicians should stop using it as tool to score political brownie points. They should understand that just for their short term political benefit they are harming the social fabric by dividing people on religious line.






Readers’ Forum




Behavior defines a person not stature

Dear Editor,

This is in continuation of Wednesday’s article “respect them more”. It’s really saddening to know that such disesteem treatment is being done to grade D or contingency staffs. My sister is a contingency staff and i can’t imagine such thing happening to her. She is the lone earner in my family-looking after me, my ailing mother and my two brothers.  She borrows money from SHG when our admission time comes.

Through this article as a brother, I want to remind such unethical officers that a person is defined by their behavior not their post and respect has to be earned which can be done by showing respect to others.


Citizen, Nirjuli




Select deserving candidates under PMEGP

Dear Editor,

The Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) scheme is controlled by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India.

At State Level, the Scheme is to be implemented by State Khadi & Village Industries Boards (KVIBs) in rural areas and by District Industries Centres (DICs) in Urban areas.

However, PMEGP is not an employment generating programme in our state. Rather it has become a curse to those loan seekers. The Bank blames the public for not returning the money and the public vice-versa. Here the problem is not with the bank or the public, but it’s within the corrupted system of our state.

There are many valid reasons to assess the point regarding the misuse of the PMEGP fund in the state.

Firstly, the selection process is much politicized. Probably, everybody will agree to this point. So, as a matter of fact I had also requested my area ZPM to help me for I am an unemployed graduate who wants to earn a living with any kind of work. Unfortunately I was not selected.

Now the selection process is over and 13 candidates have been selected in my area.

When I inquired about this, they said that 13 candidates had already  been selected before the interview. It was very ridiculous to know about this. So what’s the point and why did they call us for interview when they knew we were wasting our time and money?

Secondly, qualification and education matters in every field today. I’ve checked the details and many have not gone beyond 8 standards whereas many graduates and post graduates have not been selected because they are politically weak.

The same kind of project is always practiced and that is why we don’t see any project being established in our locality. I don’t understand why the committee and DIC never study the market and decide what to do and what not to? Are the Board blind or bribed?

Can a village which is more than 60 km away from the district headquarter and total populations of less than 1000 run a business of stone crushing? No! That business won’t run for a year, and later because of such selection by the board, the Bank never gets repayment and later the blame game plays on. There are many more such scheme, prevailing in the area.

Thirdly, I dont understand why there is waiting list system in the Lower Subansiri district? The KVIC clearly states that there is no such provision of waiting list by the centre.  So, why that special category of waiting list system is practiced in Ziro, Yazali and Raga of Lower Subansiri district.

Are they trying to fool the public by keeping them in waiting list and testing their patience by giving them hope? Yes it’s all brain washing techniques to please people.

PMEGP is not Prime Ministers lootera Generating programme.

Finally, I would like to request the KVIC, DIC to please and seriously look into this matter so that funds given by the centre is not wasted in corrupted hands. Rather it should be utilised to generate employment for the young aspirants who do really need help.

Hence, please by give us a chance to develop our area for there are many educated unemployed who are struggling for a day’s meal. Please Live and let live.


Boni Taka



Recruit veterinarians

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed column, I would like to draw the kind attention of our state government and authority concerned that the unemployed veterinarians are deprived of their chances of pursuing its chosen profession. The students are restless today, seeking recognition and understanding. They have been waiting for long but there seems no response. They are finding their dreams and hopes shattered with each passing day. Their energy and talent is being washed away because the state has not been attentive to the unemployed vets.

The state government sends numbers of students for the B.V. Sc. & A.H. course every year, yet there is no post created for recruitment of vet since 2011.

Through your esteemed daily, I want our authority concerned to expedite the advertisement process so that our unemployed veterinarians can be recruited to government jobs.




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