March 23

Pul presents budget estimates, takes a dig at previous govt for financial mismanagement
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: Chief Minister Kalikho Pul has presented the Budget Estimates ( BE) for the year 2016-17 amounting to Rs 13,243.21 crore with emphasis on Education,  Health, police modernisation.
The Chief Minister took a dig at the Nabam Tuki led government of financial mismanagement while assuring that  “state's finances are in good hands and as we usher in a new era of better governance”.
“Our Government's main objective for the current financial year has been fiscal consolidation so as to overcome the financial irregularities and mismanagement that we inherited from the previous Government. In the ensuing year of 2016-17, you will witness the elimination of the distinction between plan and non-plan expenditure” he said.
“Government, through this budget aims to identify and remove the bottlenecks in development and growth process, prioritize critical infrastructural projects and bring about radical improvement in the Human Development Index of the state” he said.
The Chief Minister said that Government shall move towards a clear and realistic distinction between the revenue and capital receipt and expenditure adding that component of salaries and wages and all other recurring and revenue nature of expenditure shall be dealt with by the Finance Department and all the developmental projects/schemes/ programmes shall be within the purview of the planning department.
The state's own tax revenue has been estimated at Rs  670.66 Crore while the state's own non-tax revenue has been projected at 528.90 Crore. The projected internal resource generation is Rs 1199.56 Crore. The chief minister said all out efforts for increasing and augmenting internal resource generation will be made.
He said that the share in central taxes as recommended by the 14th Finance Commission for 2016-17 was Rs 9157.4 Crore. However, the Government of India has projected only Rs 7868.9 Crore in Union Budget 2016-17 for Arunachal Pradesh which is Rs  1288.5 Crore less than what was recommended by the 14th Finance Commission. He said that efforts will be made to obtain this balance amount from Government of India by RE 2016-17.
The receipt under Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) in BE 2015-16 was projected as Rs 3245 Crore. However, the remittance under the CSS has reduced to Rs 3000 Crore under RE because of the delay in submitting the Utilization Certificates and lack of monitoring and proper supervision by previous Government, the Chief Minister said.
He alleged that financial irregularities witnessed during the last financial year and early part of current financial year, the funds which were received under CSS were deliberately diverted for meeting the expenditure in other sectors by previous Government at the cost of such CSS projects.
He said there will be regular and timely payments of salaries, wages and stipends to all our permanent, temporary, contingent, casual, daily wages and contractual employees and the eligible students on monthly basis.
1. Health sector: Government has proposed to set up de-addiction centers in Pasighat, Tezu, Hayuliang, Khonsa, Changlangand Longding with Rs 16.00 Crore. Total allocation for  the dept is 973.97 Crore.
2. Education:  Proposal of Rs 1985.98 Crore including stipends,  infrastructure  development, salaries of SSA teachers and creations of posts.
3. Women and Child Development: Rs 10.00 Crore for reconstruction of working women hostel at Itanagar. Rs 25 Crore for establishment of Working Women Hostels in district and circle headquarters.
Rs One Crore as seed money for Old age homes at Itanagar, Bhalukpong, Pasighat and Tezu
5.0 crore for subsidy for Differently abled
Rs 2.00 Crore for  Juvenile Homes in major Districts of Arunachal Pradesh.
4. Labours Employment: Rs 68.26 Crore has been provided in BE 2016-17 for labour wages.
5. Agriculture: Rs 11.73 Crore earmarked for State Integrated Agriculture Development Program
Rs 5.00 Crore for Agriculture Employment Generation Programme.
Rs 1 Crore for establishment of grain mandis in 10 districts
Total allocation for the dept is Rs  182 Crore
6. Horticulture: Govt Proposes Rs 27 crore in horticulture sector under state development agenda.  
Rs 7.00 crore for state integrated development programme to reinforce and augment the various agriculture schemes by government of india.
Rs 5.00 crore as alternative source of livelihood to opium and cannabis growers.
7. Husbandry, Veterinary and Dairy Development: Rs 11.00 Crore for Integrated Animal Husbandry & Veterinary and Dairy development.
8. Fisheries: Rs 5.86 Crore for State Pisciculture Development Program.
9.  Industries: Proposed allocation of Rs 59.99 Crore.
10. Geology & Mining: Rs 11.00 Crore in Geology & Mining sector
11. Tourism: Rs 86.77 Crore
12. Power: Rs 110 Crore in Power sector including maintenance of distribution/transmission lines and solar lighting in Government Schools, Hospitals and Guest Houses.
13. Environment and Forest: Rs 10.00 Crore for raising 2 battalions of Eco-ta force.
Rs  7.00 Crore to upgrade the Itanagar Zoological garden.
14. Urban Development: Rs 38 Crore under State Development Agenda,
15. Building and Roads: Rs 233 Crore in infrastructure sector understate Annual Development Agenda
For Arunachal Pradesh Civil Secretariat, a provision of Rs 10.00 Crore has been kept
Rs 57 Cr for Assembly Secretariat building
Rs 14.00 Crore for Jully bypass road and Rs 12 Crore for Itanagar-Jote road
Rs  38 Crore for maintenance of district roads.
Rs 15 Crore for maintenance of PMGSY roads
For construction and maintenance of suspension bridges in border areas/LAC, Rs 30.00 Crore propsed.
16. Food & Civil Supplies: Establishment of Food and Civil Supplies Corporation with 20.00 Crore as Corpus Fund.
Provision of Rs 5.00 Crore for Arunachal Bhawans
17.  Police: 224 vehicles for mobility of the police force.
Regular TA, DA and Medical reimbursements and allowances for purchase of Uniforms.  
Rs 44.00 Crore for construction of women police stations including housing facilities in all districts.
Rs 1.50 Crore for infrastructure development of VKV school at PTC, Banderdewa.
Rs 1000 per month to Police personnel as ration allowance, with an estimate of Rs 6.00 Crore in BE 2016-17.
Prisons : 4.00 Crore to implement the prison reforms.
18. IPR: Proposal to enhance the Corpus fund for Journalist Welfare to Rs 2 Crore and construction of a Media Colony
Rs 1.5 Crore for procurement of film production equipments.
Rs 1.00 Crore for broadcasting in Electronic media.
19. Sports and Youth Affairs: Allocation of Rs 40 Crore under State Development Agenda.
20. IT scheme for MLAs: Rs 1.20 Crore.
21. Transport: Arunachal Pradesh Transport Corporation proposed.
Rs 2.00 Crore for purchasing of luxury coaches to ferry people to Pasighat, Guwahati, Shillong and Khonsa (via Dibrugarh).
Porposal to keep a provision of Rs  1.50 Crore for establishing a state of art Work Shop in Tinsukia.
Women Exclusive: 24 hrs bus service in the Capital Complex area for working women and students.
22. District Administration: Rs  60 Lakh for each Deputy Commissioner as untied fund for meeting the developmental needs of the district.
Rs  1500 for Head Gaon Burah and Rs 1000 for Gaon Burah.
23. Art and Culture: Rs  4.00 Crore for the establishment of Nyishi Art and Culture Archive and Nyishi Cultural Centre at Itanagar.
24. Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission: One  Crore to the Public Service Commission as a corpus fund.
25. Border Affairs: Rs 2.00 Crore to organize peace meetings, cultural exchange programs and Assam-Arunachal sports meet and towards stabilizing the newly created Directorate of Border Affairs in the Home department.
26. LokAyukta: Rs 1 Crore towards operationalizing the Lokayukta inArunachal Pradesh.
27. DoTCL: Rs 50 Crore for the overall development of Tirap, Changlang and Longding.
28.  MLALAD: Increased MLALAD allocation from the current Rs 1.25 Crore per annum to Rs  2 Crore per annum.
Gender budget: Govt has proposed 100 per cent women specific programme under women and Child development department like   exposure visit of rural women, supplementary nutrition programme and working women hostel besides grants in aid to Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women.
Under education sector, the  present Govt emphasized on construction of girls hostel,  reimbursement of CBSE fees for APST girl students besides presentation of CM’s Talent Award (Global education) and CM’s Excellent Teachers Award.
While emphasizing on  entrepreneurship waste management programme for unemployment women at Itanagar under Gender Budget, the Govt  stressed on construction of working women hostel  one each in every district under housing sector and gave emphasis on capacity building of women SHG and NGOs under rural eco tourism under tourism sector. Govt also announced assistance for differently abled persons under CM’s flagship programme under Social Justice, Empowerment and Tribal Affairs department.

Heard in the Assembly
1. Infact, the previous Govt jeopardized the state’s fund position to such an extent that sufficient funds were not there to release the monthly salaries and wages on time, causing great hardship to all our permanent and temporary employees of the state: CM Kalikho Pul during his budget speech.
2. There is no better person than him (Bagra) to occupy the post of Deputy Speaker: Wanglin Lowangdong while congratulating Bagra for his election to the coveted post.
3.  Bagraji ka saath mera association bohut purana hein: Chowna Mein
4. They (BJP) are  not opposition, they are friendly:  T N Thongdok
5.  Sadan ka rakhuwala hain Speaker aur Deputy Speaker: CM Kalikho Pul
6. Please try to convert tourism into corporate sector: P D Sona to Government.
7. Bohut sara Govt bills passed huwa hain, bohut sara rules and regulations banya huwa hain, lekin transparency nehi hain: Japu Deru.

Bagra elected Arunachal Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: A history was created in the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly for the first time with unanimous election of BJP MLA Tumke Bagra as Deputy Speaker, not from a ruling party.  Bagra was the lone candidate for the post of Deputy Speaker in the  Chief Minister Kalikho Pul-led PPA Govt, as there was no nomination paper filed by any other member of the Legislative Assembly and accordingly he was elected Deputy Speaker unanimously on the second day of the  budget session of the Legislative Assembly today.
The seat of the deputy speaker fell vacant after T Norbu Thondok resigned from the post, a day before he was sworn in as a cabinet minister in the Kalikho Pul government.
While congratulating Bagra, Legislative Assembly Speaker Wangki Lowang hoped that newly elected Deputy Speaker will conduct the business of the house up to the satisfaction of all members.
Congratulating Bagra on behalf of all the members of the house, Chief Minister Kalikho Pul said, it is the first time in Legislative Assembly of Arunachal Pradesh that a member of opposition has been given the responsibility of Deputy Speaker in the august house.  
It is worth mentioning here that the present Govt was formed with the support of the  BJP MLAs and BJP is no more a opposition party in the Assembly.
Though Bagra is junior member in the political arena, his vast experience as senior  former technocrat and bureaucrat will help  him to conduct the business of the  house smoothly and in efficient manner, CM added.
Pointing out the December last incident when the Legislative Assembly house was put under lock and key, Pul said, both Speaker  and Deputy Speaker should maintain  the neutrality while conducting the business of the house.  CM further added, the Assembly House should run with spirit of camaraderie and December last Assembly related incident should not occur in future.
Chief Minister also  emphasized on healthy discussion on all issues in public interest including Bills being presented in the house.
Apparently reminding the members of  the House of the status of BJP, former Deputy Speaker T. N. Thongdok said, “They (BJP)  are no more opposition party, they are friendly.”   Thongdok advised Bagra not to be very serious while conducting the business of the house. Take it lightly with mutual understanding, he said while congratulating Bagra.
State Parliamentary Affairs Minister Wanglin Lowangdong, while congratulating Bagra for being elected to the post of Deputy Speaker, also thanked the Pul Govt for  initiating steps for election of Deputy Speaker  from  a party other than ruling Govt. Bagra is a right  person in right place; there is no better person than Bagra to occupy the post of Deputy Speaker, Lowangdon said while assuring full support to  Deputy Speaker.
Describing  Bagra as  most honest and hardworking former  high ranking officer of state Govt,  Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein  hoped that election  of Bagra  as Deputy  Speaker will help the house  in marching torwards right direction.
Deputy  Chief Minister  Kameng Dolo  also  praised Bagra as very efficient and capable person saying that his honesty and integrity helped him to rise to the post of Deputy Speaker.
MLAs Japu Deru,  Tage Taki, Tamar Murtem, Dr Mohesh Chai also spoke on the occasion and  applauded the election of Bagra as Deputy Speaker.
Bagra, who represents Aalo West constituency in West Siang district, served as chief engineer of PHED and later as secretary, power before entering electoral politics.
Two bills passed: The Arunachal Pradesh Assembly today passed two bills --Arunachal Pradesh Tourism (Trade Registration and Regulation) Bill, 2016 and Arunachal Pradesh Right to Public Services Bill, 2016, by voice votes.
Chief Minister Kalikho Pul had yesterday introduced the bills in the Assembly.
Earlier, participating in the discussion on Arunachal Pradesh Tourism (Trade Registration and Regulation) Bill, 2016, MLA P D Sona pointed out certain loopholes in the bill and requested for amendments.  He also requested the Chief Minister to convert  the Tourism sector into a corporation to boost the tourism.
Minister T N Thongdok, MLAs Tage Taki, Jomde Kena   also participated in the  discussion and suggested various measures to boos tourism sector.
Chief Minister agreed to bring amendments  in the bill when need be arise  before passing of the bill by voice votes.
While appreciating Govt for placing the Arunachal Pradesh Right to Public Services Bill, 2016, both MLAs P D Sona and  Jepu  Deru also stressed implementation of the Act enacted in the  Assembly in efficient manner.  
The Arunachal Pradesh Tourism (Trade Registration and Regulation) Bill, 2016 would help in safeguarding the interests of tourists visiting the state and ensure sustainability of tourism growth in the state. The bill would also streamline the activities of tourism in the state within set framework, standardization of facilities and protocols and to bring about tourism activities legally within the administration of the tourism department.
The Arunachal Pradesh Right to Public Services Bill, 2016 would deal with systematic and time bound delivery of services for all government servants.
It would also ensure right based approach by empowering the public with the right to receive delivery of services within stipulated time lines.
Chief Minister Pul, who is also Finance Minister presented Arunachal Pradesh FRBM (Amendment) Bill, 2017, supplementary demands for grants, annual financial  statement, Gender Budget and statement on Budgetary provision for Urban and Local Bodies for the year 2016-17 before the Assembly.
The Congress party, who is in the opposition now, has boycotted the session terming the Assembly and government illegal and unconstitutional.

Roads and durable monsoon
[ Tongam Rina ]
Roads are indicator of development agenda of any state. Thankfully, for Arunachal, particularly, the PWD, expectations of the people are less since we are satisfied with few hundred kilometers of miserable roads, not worthy to be called roads.  As long as bike or a sumo can plod through, we are happy and celebrate that it is indeed a road. If the worn out state transport buses make it through the dirt track called road, there are absolutely no questions asked, even if 40 kilometers takes four hours.
Some stretches of the ambitious Trans Arunachal Highway is ready for use. It looks nice and driving through it makes us wonder if we are indeed in Arunachal. But throw a side glance; we know that it won't last. Not because the road quality have  been compromised but because hills and mountains have been chopped down indiscriminately and it is just a matter of time  when the roads will be blocked because of boulders and mud slides that will come raining down from the severed mountains and hills.
These roads reflect the society we live in; shallow and happy with comforts that is short termed.
The same is the case with Capital roads. It took a long time to start but the cosmetic makeover, at least the major stretches of the highway seems complete.
Some four months back, the road rehabilitation had started. It is commendable that the labourers, contractors and Highway Department managed to stitch the tattered roads together but skipping the culverts and bridges, in spite of so many hurdles.  
There were reports of intimidations of labourers and freshly done roads defaced, which halted the whole exercise more than two times.  Perhaps for the contractors, it was not a new experience to be intimidated  by extortionists but this time the tactic used made many wonder whether some sections of the society is at all ready to  make way for development process to get underway. At one time, the whole section of the labourers who were engaged in the road construction was driven out of the state. This perhaps happens everywhere but for a state that has few kilometers of motorable roads, it was outrageous.
At the same time, it was interesting to note that the Highway section of the PWD has no machineries of its own. The start was delayed because the department had to procure machineries but perhaps, they will tell us that since some expertise was used, they did not had the right machines for it. But for a department which has engineers as contractors with all the right equipments, hiring is financially more viable and makes much more sense for all concern.  
While, one appreciates the hard work put in absence of logistics and adequate funds, the roads, however does not seem it will be able to withstand the monsoon season. The work seems very shoddy and in absence of drainage system, soon we will have the same problem we have been witnessing for decades now; roads that are not durable even to last a season.
Soon the department and contractors will make us believe that rains are to be blamed for the bad roads. As usual, we will agree that it does not rain elsewhere.

Lack of proper transportation system in Itanagar
[ Appu Gapak ]
Due to lack of adequate public transport system in the Capital, it is the common public who has to bear the brunt. Run down condition of the trekkers and tempos are putting the lives of the commuters in danger.  Inconsistent fares are another issue that the passengers have to deal with on a daily basis.
“Most of the trekkers running here are four to five years old Tata Sumos that used to run in the districts.  They run here after they can no longer make long distance journey,” divulged one of the trekker drivers running between Naharlagun and Itanagar.
There are around 200 trekkers running between Itanagar and Naharlagun. And it is a daily affair to see trekkers on the roadsides in dire need of repair while the cast off passengers are on the lookout for another ride. And with no proper bus stands, trekker drivers pick up passengers from wherever they want, along their route.
Out of the 23 low floor air-conditioned buses procured under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) way back in the year 2009, only four runs for city bus service.
“However as of now, only two is functioning while the other two is off road. One runs between Itanagar and Naharlagun, while another goes to Naharlagun railway station to drop passengers,” informed Gyamar Tadap, station superintendent, STS Itanagar. He further informed that two buses requisitioned for Dera Natung College were burnt during the 2011 political unrest.
“Most of the vehicle parts cannot be found here. These new age buses are not suitable for places like Arunachal. Like the part -U-bolt which is not available here. We have to manage it somehow by using other spare parts,” said Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Services APSTS general manager (GM) Abu Tayeng.
“And also because of the adulterated fuels, these buses always tend to break,” said the GM.
Apart from the management system, lack of parking spaces is also another reason why APSTS city bus service ceases to function.
“There are no parking places. And in most of the places, we are not allowed to,” said the Itanagar STS station superintendent. He disclosed that the department pays Rs 4000 monthly to park the bus in Ganga market.
A proposal for five AC mini buses for City service on trial basis has been placed which is yet to be approved, informed the GM.
Until that day comes when the state Capital will have its efficient transport service, people will have to make do with its sadly iconic features: poor transportation services.

Govt. employee booked for harassing domestic help
ZIRO, Mar 22: Local administration of Yachuli with help of police rescued a 13-year-old girl from a house in Yachuli, who was engaged as domestic help.
The team led by Tana Yaho, Circle Officer, Yachuli and SI Kime Omo, OC, Yazali Police Station rescued the girl from the house of one Tasso Renu, who is an employee of CD block Ziro-II.
It is alleged that the accused tortured the minor girl, who had been working in the house since her childhood, both physically and mentally.
An FIR (no.12/16) has been registered under section 341/323/IPC in Ziro Police Station against the alleged accused.
After necessary legal formalities were completed, she was handed over to District Child Protection Officer, Ziro on March 21, who further admitted her in Achukuru Child Care Institute, Old Ziro. DIPRO

Wangham concerned at lobbying by students
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: Ruling People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) MLA Thangwang Wangham has raised serious concern over involvement of Longding District Students Union in lobbying for the ministerial post. Wangham, who represents Longding Pumao assembly constituency alleged that students union from his home district of Longding is actively involved in political activities by pleading for ministerial berths in the Kalikho Pul led government.
“They have crossed all limits of immorality by lobbying for ministerial berth. I am shocked to observe that these same people were vociferously campaigning in favour of former CM Nabam Tuki during the dissident movement hardly a month ago. Now when their attempt has failed they are trying to create rift amongst the public of the very community which they claimed to represent. These members should realize that Chief Minister Kalikho Pul is competent enough to act on his own wisdom and will not succumb to the pressure of Tuki's supporters while forming his cabinet team,” said Wangham
“Unless the matter is about welfare of student community they should refrain from interfering. These guys do not represent whole of the general public of Longding and their action in this particular episode is guided by greed and personal interest. Student union should maintain impartially and should know that they have no right to interfere in the induction of council of ministers as it is the sole prerogative of the Chief Minister guaranteed by the constitution of India,” he added. Further Wangham appealed MLAs of PPA not to stoop so low by instigating opposition supporter or the student leaders to create crack in the team spirit of the party under Pul. This kind of lobbying has no place in the formation of the government and will only create misunderstanding among the public of own community, he added. He called upon students to refrain from spreading wrong propaganda in the public forum and urged them to concentrate on student related issues instead. The statement of Wangham adds to the bitter fight for the cabinet berth in the Kalikho Pul led government. According to the sources Pongchau-Wakka MLA Honchun Ngandam and Wangham himself are vying for the ministerial berth.

Arunachal Pradesh - Beauty Unexplored
(A Page from Diary of an Infantry Officer of Indian Army, Aalo Military Station)
AALO, Mar 22: Arunachal Pradesh, the “Land of dawn lit mountains,” located in the easternmost part of the Indian Territory is a wonderful holiday getaway and is home to verdurous valleys and unprecedented aestheticism.
Gushing waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and picturesque mountain tops enhance the astounding scenic beauty of this treasure trove of unmatched allure.
Surprisingly, the natural beauty of this tranquil destination is unspoilt and there are lands which are purely virgin and devoid of the maddening chaos of the mundane city life, Arunachal has a tranquil environment and salubrious weather that adds to its serenity. This virgin beauty of the last frontiers of India can be explored through adventure sports like trekking, Para gliding, biking, white water rafting etc.
Home to the mightiest rivers on the planet, the Brahmaputra and its various tributaries commands a lot of attention from rafters those who come for trekking in Arunachal. The Siang, the Siyom, the Subansiri, the Kameng & the Lohit beckon rafters from across the globe. Best time to for such an adventure would be right after the monsoons are over which is normally from early November to end of March. One can experience and witness thick dense jungles, breathtaking views and landscape tribal habitation and the blessed white waters.
Passing through the most remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh, white water of these untamed rivers houses various gorges and rapids which possess unlimited thrill and excitement of life. Even Army has identified mountain Rivers in Arunachal Pradesh as a potential attraction for adventure tourists, especially among those interested in rafting in Brahmaputra. It has established Aqua Node Center at Aalo, West Siang to train and promote rafting in this state. Various expeditions are conducted by this node to promote better civil military camaraderie in this state.
State Govt. has already started selling popular rafting destination and routes to attract more and more adventure tourist to fuel its tourism industry.
Virgin beauty, beautiful landscape and astounding scenic beauty of this treasure trove of unmatched allure need to be explored and if one choose to experience this exquisiteness of nature with adventure, there is no better preference than rafting on white water of the Mountain Rivers of Arunachal Pradesh.
Arunachal finds mention in the literature of Kalika Purana and Mahabharata. This place is supposed to be the Prabhu Mountains of the Puranas. It is a place that is rich with picturesque beauty that offers relaxation and rejuvenation. The place offers you peace and action; enjoy its salubrious climate and its glorious heritage of arts and crafts and the colorful festivals that reflect their faith in the nature. Nature lovers, travelers and adventure seekers will find the place engaging, educative and adventurous.
Aalo is one such place which is surrounded by mountains with rivers flowing through them that offers an excellent opportunity for white water rafting. While rafting, one will come across some amazing gorges, tropical forests and remote hill sides. Also you can witness a distinct rich culture of tribal settlements. Nature has provided the people with art of living which finds delightful expression in their songs, dances and craft work.
River rafting in Siyom and Siang is an undoubtedly one of the most enthralling and physical demanding adventure sport. The adrenaline rush and the excitement experienced while riding and tumbling down the white waters of fast flowing river is simply exciting and enthralling.
Overall, Aalo is one of the most enticing places in Arunachal Pradesh that offers serene atmosphere, white water rafting and excellent scenic beauty. The Joint Indo-Bangladesh White Water Rafting Expedition from 1st to 3rd Oct 2014 from Thumbin to Pangin and recently by the Indian Army from 18th to 20th March 2016 are endeavors to open up its challenges and opportunities of adventurous tourism.

Explore 2nd career options for Ex-Servicemen: DC asks HoDs
BOMDILA, Mar 22: Acknowledging that the Ex-Servicemen have sacrificed the crucial and most productive part of their life for the country and the countrymen, West Kameng Deputy Commissioner AK Singh appealed to the HoDs to work out schemes for a second career options for the Ex-Servicemen.
Departments like Agriculture, Horticulture, Veterinary, Fisheries, Forest, ICDS and Banks could play an important role in identifying schemes for their welfare, he said. Informing about the initiatives taken by the District Administration, Singh said that the Identity Card issues of the Ex-Servicemen has been taken up with the State Government and a permanent office building has already been allotted to them the year before.
The Commanding Officer 28 Madras, RR Hills, Bomdila is organizing a rally of Central Ex-Servicemen for the three districts of East Kameng, West Kameng and Tawang on March 30 at Bomdila. Around 215 Ex-Servicemen from the three districts are expected to attend the rally.
The main objective of the rally would be to resolve the pension and rehabilitation issues of the Ex-Servicemen and also to explore second career options for them with the help of the various government departments and agencies in the districts, said Commanding Officer 28 Madras Col. APS Somal.
He also urged the local branches of the SBI to work out the One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme and to implement it as it has been cleared by the central government.
Besides other activities, Medical camps by the Army and stalls by the civilian departments and banks would be put up to disseminate information regarding second career option for the Ex-Servicemen. DIPRO

Miss Arunachal Winter Pageant contestants visit Mother’s Home
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: In a unique endeavor to promote Miss Arunachal Winter Pageant 2016, the team of Arunachal Students Federation (ASF) along with the pageant’s top 15 models on Monday visited Mother's Home at Lekhi village, Naharlagun.
They contributed edible items and some cash from their end, spent some time interacting with the inmates of the Home.  
Later, the team also visited Gyan Mission Orphanage at Jully village where they played games, sang songs, and danced with the children of the orphanage. Study materials were also distributed among the kids on the occasion.

DA for quick disposal of cases
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: Capital Complex DC Sandeep Kumar Singh has asked all the Apex Bank Branch Managers to centralize all the pending cases of the Capital Complex in the court of the Certificate Officer for quick disposal.
DC Singh was holding a meeting for special drive on Apex Bank with the Branch Managers of banks branches in Capital Complex in the presence of EAC cum Certificate Officer Habung Lampung.
During the meeting, the DC asked for the status of Non Performing Assets from each branch and discussed in detail on the steps that could be taken to resolve the process of loan recovery. It was also decided that Lok Adalat would be held once in four months for fast and timely solution. All the Branch Managers were also asked to submit monthly status report to the DC as well as to prepare a list of all government employees who have defaulted in repayment.  
Further, lauding the effort of the Certificate Officer Lampung for recovering many loans under his tenure, the DC added that it is a continuous process which would never end but atleast we can set some guidelines so that the system becomes more effective. He also informed that the defaulters incase of Mukhya Mantri Paryatan Vikas Yojana, where the Certificate Officer had issued an order to put stickers etc. in their vehicles has to be complied within 15 days.
The DC also directed the respective head of the Branches to ensure NOC from the Managing Director of the Apex bank during the time of payment of bills above Rs. 5 lakhs. DIPRO

Breathe analyzer and speed interceptor to prevent drunk and reckless driving
ROING, Mar 22: In an effort to minimize road accidents, Lower Dibang Valley District Administration has drawn up action plans, precautionary and corrective measures for strict implementation of road safety measures.
The District Road Safety Council, in a meeting here on Tuesday, adopted resolution to use breath analyzer and speed interceptor to tame drunken and reckless drivers at various check points.
Proper maintenance of roads, identification of accident prone areas and installation of speed breakers in those areas, annual health check up of departmental drivers,  conduction of traffic awareness programmes-- both in Government and Private schools-- were some of the resolutions adopted in the meeting.
Presiding over the meeting, Lower Dibang Valley Deputy Commissioner Ravi Dhawan called for effective implementation of Road Safety Measures.
Superintendent of Police T Ringu, EE (PWD) D.Perme, DMO Dr. D.Wange, DDSE M.Lego, CO (TPT) Kamin Darang and DTO H.Wangha, were present in the meeting. DIPRO

NES alleges police inaction in student assault case
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: Nyishi Elite Society (NES) urged law enforcing authority to act swiftly on the girl student assault case of March 18 in Daporijo.
Terming the physical assault on the girl by a group of women as ghastly act, NES expressed surprise over police failing to act promptly on the registered case.
“We have reasons to believe a total inaction on the registered criminal case on the part of the law enforcing machinery, particularly, the district administration and police,” NES stated in a release and urged them to act fast as a deterrent to such a ghastly act.
NES also appealed to Tagin Cultural & Literary Society (TCLS)--the apex body of Tagin community--to intervene before the divisive forces and anti-social elements take seize of the unfortunate incident.
The Society also requested the family members and relatives of the victim to maintain utmost restraint in maintaining communal harmony in the best interest of the State and fight a befitting legal battle.

Bamboosa Library activists visit Jorhat Science Museum
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: The Bamboosa Library, Tezu organised a study tour for its senior library activists to Jorhat from March 9 to 11, covering the Jorhat Science Museum, Planetarium,  Tocklai Tea Research Institute and the world famous Dhekia-khowa Bor Namghar, founded by the Assamese saint-reformer Srimant Madhabdeb. The programme was organised jointly with the Sampoorna Kendra Vidyalaya, (SKV), Dibrugarh, which arranged the visit and hosted the library activists.
It was for the first time the library activists, all rural Mishmi girls, were going on an educational trip outside their district. They also found their stay with students of the SKV school, highly stimulating. The SKV school has offered to support more such visits of library volunteers from Lohit.
The Jorhat Science Museum, a great crowd-puller in upper Assam has interesting interactive exhibits on Oil, fun science, a science park and an enthralling planetarium. The visitors could do interesting experiments and funny puzzles, which are educational as well as highly entertaining to young and old alike said S. Mundayoor, Coordinator, VT-AWIC Youth Library Network.
The library team also visited the Tocklai Tea Research Institute, the oldest tea research institute in the world, established in 1911. Since Lohit Valley has many tea gardens coming up, they could get interesting exposure to new areas of learning, like development of new tea-plant breeds and organic tea production, Mundayoor stated.
The renowned Dhekiakhowa Bor Namghar, which has an earthen lamp burning un-extinguished since 1461 AD, was a great attraction.
In the meantime, members of Rotary Club, Dibrugarh have presented tin trunks for the use of village mini-libraries in Wakro circle.
The Jalan Charitable Trust, Dibrugarh, which has been supporting the Lohit Youth Library Movement since inception, has also lauded the APNE Library, Wakro activists for extending their reading promotion services to the 2 tea-garden libraries in Dibrugarh. The activists had been organising training sessions for tea-garden children since Jan 2015.

Health talk on TB and TB-HIV/AIDS conducted
ITANAGAR, Mar 22:   A Health Talk on the topic ‘United to end TB and TB-HIV/AIDS’ was conducted by CSC Vihaan, Oju Mission Welfare Association in collaboration with DOTS, APSACS, RNTCP and FXB India Suraksha supported by India HIV/AIDs Alliance and OWA at Naharlagun on Mar 21 to mark World Tuberculosis Day.  
Speaking on the occasion, Joint Director CST in-charge APSACs, Dr. Anong Borang and Tomo Riba State Hospital District TB Officer RNTCP Dr. P.D. Thongchi highlighted the growing population of TB and HIV/AIDS in the state and explained that World Tuberculosis Day which is observed on Mar 24, aims at building public awareness about the global epidemic and efforts to reduce the disease.
Dr. Thongchi informed that in 2012, 8.6 million people fell ill with TB and 13 million deaths were reported from the disease mostly in the third world countries. Highlighting some of the problems in the society which hindered the eradication of diseases like TB and HIV, he said that often women are rejected by their husband's family because of their infection.
While stressing the need for people with HIV and TB to come forward for early treatment and to minimize its spread to others, APO RNTCP, Dr. Padi Tala informed about the co-infection between TB and HIV and how people living with HIV are more vulnerable to TB. He further explained about symptoms of the disease and its prevention.

National Wash Awareness Week concludes
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: The National Wash Awareness Week being observed jointly by PHE & WS Divisions of Khonsa and Longding concluded on Tuesday at office campus of PHE & WS Division, Khonsa.
Charing the programme, Executive Engineer, T Nipa highlighted the objectives and importance of the awareness week and administered Swachhatat Pledge to the gathering.
Consultant PHE & WS, Doi Tarak demonstrated various models of sanitary toilets. He stressed on building and using of sanitary toilets. Consultant Lampang Wangsa briefed on sanitation and water quality.
The awareness week covered around seven Gram Panchayats of both Tirap and Longding districts. Altogether 1000 persons took part in the programme.
At Pangin, the National Wash Awareness Week organised by Department of Public Health Engineering & Water Supply (PHE&WS) Pangin Division in collaboration with PHE&WS Jomlo Sub-division concluded at Pessing, Siang District on Tuesday.
The awareness function was attended by all the PRI members including ZPM, ASM, GPM and NGOs of Rumgong block.
JE Rumgong, Ruto Karbi delivered lecture pertaining to rural drinking water and sanitation like use of toilet, safe handling of water, and use of water only from safe source, water security and conservation etc.
Among others CO Jomlo, Priety Mibang, AE PHE&WS Sub-division Jomlo, Tadang Tamuk and JE Kaying, David Bagra were present in the function.

Cleanliness drive
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: A three-day cleanliness drive under mission ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ was conducted by the youths and Sunday School Department of Cher (Hawacamp) Baptist Church, Kimin from March on 20.
Around 50 youths and children joined the social service.
The main objective to the programme was to make the villagers aware about the importance of cleanliness for clean and hygienic environment in and around the village, stated a release from the Youth Department, Cher Baptist Church, Kimin.

SMC clarifies on school fund
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: Reacting to a press statement of Arunachal Elite Society (AES) questioning the announcement of Rs.7 Crore for Govt. Upper Primary School, G-Sector, Naharlagun by the State Government, which was published in this daily on March 20 issue, the School Management Committee (SMC) has clarified that the said fund is not meant for repair/ maintenance or renovation of the old school buildings as stated or presumed by the society.
Terming the AES press statement as misleading, the SMC clarified that the said fund has been granted for up grading the school infrastructure with construction of new school building.
“Moreover, the school has been up-graded to secondary level, therefore, there will be urgent need of new building(s) to accommodate more than thousand plus students,” the SMC chairman Phassang Khassung said.
The SMC appealed to the AES to appreciate the noble initiative of the Government instead of criticizing it.

Ensure quality work
ITANAGAR, Mar 22:  Parbuk-Bolik ASM has today appealed to the Lower Dibang Valley DC, R Dhawan to ensure strict monitoring of the renovation work of Government Middle School building of Parbuk-Bolik area under annual development agenda scheme to ensure quality work.
He further appealed to the people of Parbuk-Bolik to cooperate with the district administration for early completion of  the said work.

Training on village health and sanitation and nutrition
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: Two days training of trainers on village health and sanitation and nutrition committee commenced on Tuesday at state training center, National Health Mission, Naharlagun.
Additional mission director Habung Lampung while addressing the gathering gave top priority to sanitation and cleanliness. He also urged district Asha nodal officer and district community mobilizer to motivate the grass root people to maintain proper sanitation and drink safe water to ensure good health.
He also emphasized on timely disbursement of the incentives to ASHA in order to keep them motivated, so that they can efficiently perform their duties.
Earlier Nodal officer (NHM) while welcoming all the participants said village health sanitation and nutrition committee is an important mechanism to ensure community participation at all level to improve the health status of the village. Devajit Bora Consultant (RRC), Dagyir Esse state community mobilizer and Namgey Tsering district community mobilizer were the resources person. Thirty one participants from all the districts participated in the two days training conducted for District ASHA Nodal officer and Districts community Mobilizer.    

Forest office, the cleanest
TEZU, Mar 22: As per the assessment report on cleanliness of government offices and buildings submitted by a four member committee headed by Duyu Ribya Extra Assistant Commissioner (Judicial), the District Forest Office Tezu and Agronomist Office have topped the list of most clean offices in Tezu.
The committee with EAC Judicial as Chairman and Deputy Director UD &H as member secretary inspected 23 government offices and its buildings and gave marks in three categories and sub categories in sanitation infrastructure, adequacy of dustbins, corridors free from paan/ gutka etc with a total mark of 20.
The District forest Office Tezu and Office of Agronomist, Tezu scored 15 marks each while the office Deputy Commissioner received 14 marks. (DIPRO)

Consumer awareness meet
DAPORIJO, Mar 22: The Department of Legal Metrology and Consumer Affairs (LM&CA) in collaboration with the District Consumer Forum, Daporijo organized a consumer awareness meeting at Sippi Higher Secondary School on Tuesday.
Assistant Controller, LM&CA Minte Siga explained in detail on the rights of consumer enshrined in the Consumer Protection Act 1986.
Adham Debom, General Secretary of Consumer Affairs of Daporijo unit highlighted the rights of consumers and the importance of exercising them.
Demonstration of consumer items/ packaged commodities and domestic LPG cylinders were conducted.
Common consumers, students and teachers, PRI members, representatives from NGOs, Gaon Burahs attended the programme.DIPRO

ZPM inspects ongoing project
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: Gangte Tarak Lengdi segment ZPM, Rei Talo (Palo) along with his team inspected the ongoing PMGSY road project from Gangte to Chambang at Rai and Raiga village recently. Expressing satisfaction with the ongoing construction work, the ZPM has called upon the people to cooperate with the executing agency.
He also visited the Govt. residential school Raiga and urged the people to relocate the school to new location saying the present site is too congested.

Workshop on Youth leadership and community development
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: A workshop on ‘Youth Leadership and Community Development’ was conducted at Kago Lapang, Hija Village on Tuesday by Python Club, Hija in coordination with Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK) Ziro.
Resource persons from Nehru Yuva Kendra and District Sports Officer, Ajong Sitek imparted knowledge to the participants about the role of Nehru Yuva Kendra in supporting the youths at village and block level. They made the participants aware about, how different govt. agencies support the youth club in organizing sports events, cultural activities and other community programmes.
It was informed that Python Club, Hija was adjudged second best youth club award of Lower Subansiri district for 2015-16 for their voluntary social activities conducted at Hija village.
Apatani Youth Association, president, Taku Chatung also spoke on the occasion. He motivated the youths about their constructive role in development of community at grass root level. He also informed that AYA was the first youth club to registered under Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ziro in undivided Subansiri district. Being a pioneer youth club of Apatani plateau, AYA was a torch bearer in eradicating social taboos such as child marriage, revenge system and abolition of face tattoo and nose plug.
A group discussion session was also conducted where the participants put up questions to the resource persons.

Students demand early completion of JNV building
ITANAGAR, Mar 22:  Claiming that the construction work of Jawahar Navodaya Vidalaya (JNV), Anini undertaken by the Urban Development department since 2008 has not been completed even after 8 years, the Dibang Valley Students’ Union (DVSU) has today sought intervention of state Governor and Chief Minister into the issue for early completion of the said work.
The Union, in its release claimed that only 5% of the work has been completed and informed that the school is presently temporarily functioning from a building which was voluntarily constructed by the locals. The students are also facing problems resulting from lack of infrastructure, road connectivity, boundary wall and drainage system and are compelled to carry food items on their back and walk a distance of 3 km, it claimed.
Blaming the Urban Development department and contractors for the shoddy work, the Union further lamented the state government and the concerned authority’s apathy towards addressing the issue.

Farmers benefit from ICAR-NRC on Yak activities
DIRANG, Mar 22: Three different programmes under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) for supporting the local community of West Kameng and Tawang districts of Arunachal Pradesh was conducted by ICAR-National Research Centre on Yak, Dirang recently.
At Nyukmadung on March 21, ICAR-NRC on Yak provided five yak breeding bulls to the farmers of five villages of Zemithang circle of Tawang district to improve the productivity for their livestock. Farmers of Lumpo, Muchut, Kharman, Kyalekteng and Shocktsen villages and Gangri Multipurpose Co-operative Society had requested Director of ICAR - NRC on Yak, Dr. S. M. Deb during the Yak mela organized at Zemithang in Nov 2015 to assist them by providing breeding bulls for enhancing the production performance of their animals that is declining due to inbreeding in field.
In another two programmes organised by ICAR-National Research Centre on Yak, Dirang and Krishi Vigyan Kendra, West Kameng on March 22, the farmers of Salari village were motivated for income generation through household agriculture produce and organic farming. During these programmes the farmers were educated on the benefits of adopting organic farming through vermi-compost technology and preparation of various household agri-products. A total of 60 farmers (10 females and 50 males) participated in these programmes at FTC Salari, West Kameng. During the programme, 20 vermi-compost units, 40 mixer grinders, 40 crates and vegetables were provided to the participants by ICAR-NRC on Yak under TSP for adopting organic farming at their fields. The trainees appreciated the training programme and requested for organising more such kind of programmes for their support.

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Quality should not be compromised

The Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) which was initiated by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has played critical role in connecting villages of India. Many villages have got road connection due to PMGSY. Even though this project has achieved substantial success but it also has its own demerits. In many states including in Arunachal Pradesh, the progress made under PMGSY has been not satisfactory.  In our state at present work for 1500 KM road under PMGSY is currently going on.  Unfortunately major chunk of the project has been big failure.

Funds under PMGSY have been misused by the successive governments. This has severely affected its implementation process. Questions has been raised over misuse of fund and also over the quality of work done.  In this context, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for putting in place an effective mechanism for stringent quality monitoring of the roads being built under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana is a welcome one. Modi made this statement on Monday while reviewing the progress of rural development schemes. Prime Minister’s call for effective check will help to improve the quality of road constructed under PMGSY.  The government of India claims that an average of 91 kilometers of rural roads has been built daily in 2015-16, resulting in addition of 30,500 kilo metre of rural roads. Therefore it is important to ensure that quality is not compromised. Quality checks should be made at the material procurement, construction and the maintenance stages. There should be better coordination between state and central government so as to make sure that PMGSY project succeeds.






Readers’ Forum





Rejection of applications

Dear Editor,

Though your esteemed daily, I would like to appeal to the concern department to show a humanely behaviour towards your fellow citizen. Being a dedicated and an eligible aspirant for the post of lecturer in Polytechnic colleges of Arunachal Pradesh, I have submitted my application form along with all the required documents on

16-11-15 for the post of lecturer in mathematic. I had been waiting for the date of walk in interview to be advertised for last four months. I went to the office to know about the probable date for the said exam many a time.

Sometime, I am embarrassed with their arrogant attitude, undesirable responses but it did not hurt me till the exam notification was announced.

Despite fulfilling all the criteria, finally I have been rejected for not having a self attested the ST certificate.

I requested the authority to give me a chance to make this minor correction but they were in no position to hear me. Rejecting for such a minor mistake is an injustice to poor unemployed eligible candidates who has no political background or monetary powers. If the application was to be rejected on the ground of such a minor mistake, why the acknowledgement for application receipt is issued without cross checking?

Why applicant is not given a chance to make possible corrections at least once before final shortlisting. Making minor mistakes is human nature. Why don't APPSC understand the problems faced by unemployed aspirants?


Frustrated  aspirant




Regularise the services of physiotherapists

Dear Editor,

In response to a letter published on Mar 2 issue, by unnamed as Aspiring candidate on recruitment of 825 posts under health dept, serving Physiotherapists in the department through your paper would like to urge the concerned authorities to value our 2 years of dedicated services since Feb/2014.

We did not enter into service by any back door but strictly based on merit list through the stringent selection process conducted by the Govt of AP, Department of H&FW. We appeal the govt to maintain inter-se seniority in order of merit in which we were selected for appointment on the recommendation of the selecting authority.

In Dec/2015, the Govt had regularized the services of 177 staff nurses who were initially appointed on contractual services under NRHM/NHM.

Same norm is practised for regularization of contractual MOs & para-medical staff in the department.

Serving Physiotherapists were also recruited for contractual service under NRHM/NHM 2 years back and we are optimistic that the Govt will not deviate but follow the same procedure for the serving Physiotherapists by regularization their jobs.


Serving Physiotherapists




Participatory approach for SAARC

Dear Editor,

The SAARC platform has not been fully utilised by the participating nations and holds huge promises if that can be explored form a participatory approach. India’s involvement and role will be certainly important within SAARC for catering to all the neighbours to the best of her abilities. Promoting stronger socio-economic ties with adjacent SAARC nations will further help the growth of the giant Indian economy as well as provide benefits to communities and populations outside her national boundaries. All the participating nations within SAARC need to be more mature; and rather than holding against one another it would benefit all by economic cooperation than separation or isolation. Connectivity between SAARC member nations have been developing steadily but needs further boost and promotion to better connect the entire region through quality infrastructural development.

In addition to promoting trade and commerce, education and research, clean energy, tourism, pilgrimage, socio-cultural contacts between people of the SAARC region, developing stronger diplomatic, security and strategic ties and promoting the better conservation of the ecosystems on either side of the borders would be greatly beneficial to all the members. Another area that needs to be promoted is the joint management and patrolling of the international boundaries and judiciously sharing natural resources like forests, mines, rivers, streams and river basins between  adjoining nations, reduce conflicts and tensions and bring communities across the borders closer to one another.

Last but not the least, a newly liberated energy rich Iran (the gateway to Middle East as well as Central Asia) on the western border of SAARC and an emergent democracy like Myanmar (the gateway to SE Asia and ASEAN) on the eastern edge; should be included in the SAARC family for greater long term cooperation and socio-economic integration of the region before it is too late.


Saikat Kumar Basu

Lethbridge AB Canada




Remove defects before the next exam

Dear Editor,

Eventually final result of APPSCCE-2013 has been declared. But this exam has exposed many lacunas in recruitment mechanism of APPSC. Firstly, norms of 33% and 45% due to which another norm of 1:3 have not been followed, and this could have led to controversy and court case in this exam. But since candidates were already exhausted of 3 years long delay of APPSCCE 2013, everything went very peacefully.

Because of norms of 33% and 45% this time commission had only 132 candidates for 51 posts in viva-voice. In next exam, commission may have 100 or 80 or 40 candidates for 51 posts in interview. Then will this criteria will be Ok for all? Hence APPSC must get rid of this defective norm. No other public service commissions in India have such norms, not even UPSC for civil service exam.

Then one of our aspirant have rightly pointed out that second optional should be removed from Arunachal Pradesh civil service exam. Many state public service commission including UPSC have already removed second optional paper. It causes unnecessary wastage of time and money for commission and candidates. Exam pattern of APPSC should be in line UPSC so that local candidates may prepare for both APPSC and UPSC.

Only because of omission and commission of APPSC, APPSCCE -2013 took three years and in this process many candidates have crossed their upper age limit. Hence it is responsibility of state government and Commission to compensate them by increasing upper age limit for APST in state government Job.

Then after declaration of final result, civil service exam of APPSC should upload marks obtained by candidates in written in the official website of the commission, as for example Manipur public service commission does. This would further bring transparency in recruitment process of APPSC. Our APPSC may take different sense on the issue of making public the written marks of the candidates. But commission should understand that aspirants need the marks of successful candidate for their self assessment, and for gaining idea i.e how many marks are needed for cracking the civil service exam.

Few years back commission disclosed the written marks of candidates in AE exam without the will and assent of the candidates. But I am sure all candidates / aspirants will be happy and will take benefit if written marks of all the successful candidates and unsuccessful candidates in APPSCCE are made public in official website of the commission.

Every state public service commission including UPSC is upgrading themselves by adopting new recruitment mechanism but our commission is still stuck to decade old recruitment mechanism.

Therefore, we appeal and hope that commission will come out with new and upgraded recruitment mechanism, removing old and defective one in Next civil service exam.


Karo Hutam





Issue new voter Identity Card

Dear Editor,

Through the column of your daily esteemed, I would like to share an opinion regarding voter Identity Card which is an essential and requisite identity proof for every citizen. However, getting a new and duplicate one is a tedious job as the process of getting replacement takes up to a year.

People, especially from the villages cannot afford to waste so much of time chasing the card so a mechanism may be put in place to issue duplicate cards at the earliest.


Sengkhum Mossang