March 28

Cash incentives given to meritorious sportspersons
CM promises sufficient sports infrastructure
ITANAGAR, Mar 27: The State Government on Sunday gave away cash incentives of Rs. 1 crore to meritorious sportspersons of the State in an impressive function at State Banquet Hall here.
A total of 159 sportspersons, who won medals in various National, International, Regional, Asian, South Asian, Commonwealth Games/Championships and National School Games, were given incentives as per the provision under Sports Policy.
Cash incentives were given to sportspersons having higher level of achievements in 11 sports --Archery (15), Athletics (2), Badminton (5), Boxing (13), Karate (66), Weightlifting (9), Wrestling (2) Judo (19), Taekwondo (19), Tennis (1), Wushu (6) for the year  2010 to 2015.
Two 'physically and mentally challenged' persons were also given cash incentives.
Chief Minister Kalikho Pul, who along with Secretary (Sports) Dani Salu, Sports Authority of Arunachal Chairman Gora Makik distributed the cheques to the players,  said that his government has accorded top priority to sports sector.
Acknowledging that the sportspersons in the state were facing lot of problems due to lack of infrastructure, Pul promised to create sufficient sports infrastructure having all modern facilities in every district headquarters in phase manner.  "I could understand the problems being faced by the sportspersons due to lack of proper infrastructure," Pul said.
As first step towards development of sports infrastructures and facilities, Pul called for judicious use of funds in planned manner. He asked the department to come up with yearly comprehensive proposal, instead of piecemeal ones to be submitted as per the calendar year.
To encourage and boost morale of the sportspersons, the chief minister enhanced cash incentives/reward for medal winners at all level of competitions.
As per the revised rate, the cash award for Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist in Olympic Games have been enhanced to Rs 3 crore, Rs 2 crore and Rs 1 crore respectively from earlier Rs. 1 Crore, Rs. 75 lakh and Rs 50 lakh. For the Youth Olympic Games, the enhanced rate is Rs 30, Rs 20 and Rs 10 lakhs for Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal.
For Asian Games, the enhanced cash incentive is Rs 1 crore, Rs 75 lakhs and Rs 50 lakhs for Gold, Silver and Bronze. The cash incentives for Commonwealth Games have also been enhanced to Rs 75 lakhs, Rs 50 lakhs and Rs 30 lakhs. For the Youth Commonwealth Games, the enhanced cash incentive is Rs 15 lakhs, Rs 10 lakhs and Rs 5 lakhs for the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winner respectively.
The chief minister also announced to enhance the cash award for athletes qualifying for Olympic and Asian Games to Rs 40 lakhs and Rs 20 lakhs respectively.
He also announced to implement 10% job reservation for meritorious sportswomen in all government departments.
To make best use of sports talents in the state, the chief minister assured to provide full manpower and technical support to the department with all required facilities to groom the athletes.
He said that none of the announcements were hollow promises but committed in written.
Earlier, Arunachal Olympic Association (AOA) Vice President TT Tara, on behalf of AOA, urged the Chief Minister to appoint persons with sports background in the posts of chairman and vice chairman of Sports Authority of Arunachal.
Following is the complete list of those sportspersons, who have received incentives.
ARCHERY: 1. Maselu Mihu, 2. Sorang Yumi, 3. Genung Tekseng, 4. Vikram Singh, 5. Lede Loyi,6. ND Khrimey,7, Changha Sisi, 8. Doi Riba, 9. Bipin Singh, 10. A Suraj Singh, 11. Ashok Biswas, 12. Task Kra, 13 Nabam Ramu, 14. Ternu Haider 15. Ram Nopi.
ATHLETICS: 1. Sonjoy Sangchoju Miji, 2. Anung Wangsa.
BADMINTON: 1. Laa Yajum, 2. Gita Karki, 3. Pinki Karki, 4. Taring Yania, 5. Laa Talar.
BOXING:  Peba Lomri, 2. Rinchin Wangdi Mosobi, 3. Ringu Tara, 4.Nabam Dodum, 5.Aguk Juja, 6. Honrang Kongkang, 7. Karling Natung, 8. Aadu Mili, 9. Jenbang Zuja, 10. Dani Tamang, 11. Kumar Beyong, 12. Tarak Lucky, 13. Doi Taipodia.
JUDO: Yangwok Pangkhu, 2. Anjali Sagro, 3. Yari Maying, 4. Kabin Dayom, 5. Marry Degio, 6. Bulang Daniel, 7. Namdu Lapung, 8. Teli Jermin, 9. Kamdon Boi, 10. Nasali Mikhu, 11. Tai Bagang, 12. Dindu Chukla, 13.  TokuTachu, 14. Tai Abu, 15. Madin Hina, 16.  Ehalu Taga, 17. Lukpin Doni, 18. Alin C Khunjuju, 19, Ponkap Techi.
KARATE: 1.Sinne Mikhu, 2. Raja Yangfo,3. Bamang Yakum, 4.Yapung Sonam, 5. Likha Lej. 6. Gyadam Doka, 7. Lipin Ete, 8. Nabam Radhe, 9. Mojum Dodum, 10. Tade Beyor, 11. Tam Tapak, 12. Charu Govin, 13. P Nobin Jomoh, 14. Runa Dada, 15.Sumpi Chege, 16. Tage Saa, 17. Johny Mangkhiya, 18. Daniram Tawe, 19. Tap Menia, 20. Anjame Mipi, 21.Ngongchen Hadong, 22. Sadan Yun, 23. Ashok Sahani, 24. Rebiallu Kri, 25. Bulang David, 26. Banenso Tawsik, 27. Simonso Sinya, 28. Minam Tekseng, 29. Goda Asha, 30. Teshi Taram, 31. Samanta Das, 32. Bangram Tungi, 33. Juna Dada, 34. Kambung Wangsa, 35. Runa Dada, 36. Rei Yadi, 37. Chunnu Sangno, 38. Nikam Sonoliyang, 39. Nabam Nasap, 40. Abab  Sangdo, 41. Matyup Tamblung, 42. Tamchi Nancy, 43. Joseph Parang Londa, 44. Niaimum Mara, 45. Lily Maying, 46. Pate Yapa, 47. Bamang Yamu, 48. Ligang Anky, 49. Yaki Dignium, 50. Doni Yangfo, 51. Yorjum Sera, 52. Tadam Doyom, 53. Dari Lokam, 54.Samuel Dolo, 55. Rego Geyi, 56. Arun Mega, 57. David Rijiju, 58. Gyamar Mach, 59. Yarda Tadap, 60. Yoisi Tawsik, 61. Kamku Tallo, 62. Biplov Debnath, 63. Tame Oni, 64. Yanung Gamnu, 65. Atum Sono, 66. Likha Rajen.
TAEKWONDO: 1. Ranjit Biswakarma, 2. Veera Basaviah, 3. Isha Kumari, 4. BB Thapa, 5.Tamar Yubi, 6. Suraj Ali, 7. Goda Ona, 8. Lakpa Gelu, 9. Ngansam Hongsik, 10. Pinky Kumari, 11. Nirman Rupam Kashyap, 12. Sanjeeva Kumar, 13. Phumsa Veronica Socia, 14. Atlia Nisso, 15. Jina Yangfo, 16. Swarup Kiran, 17. Borik Pamo, 18. Gollo Nan, 19. Dorik Damo.
TENNIS: Minhkhi Talom.
WEIGHTLIFTING: 1. Yukar Sibi, 2.Soram Hitlar Tagru, 3. Kojum Taba, 4. Takio Yana, 5. Jimjang Deru, 6.Sambo Lapung, 7. Lalu Taku, 8. Gangte Yangfo, 9. Minu Marizu.
WRESTLING: 1. Dada Riba, 2. Anjali Sagro.
WUSHU: 1. Kishan Chetri, 2. Likha Tadh, 3. Paya Taku, 4.Minom Taron, 5. Tadung Dada, 6. Techi Juna.
Mentally/Phyiscally Challenged Persons: 1. Koj Tam, 2. Rupa Suba.

Miscreants try to set school on fire, damage properties
NAHARLAGUN, Mar 27: Unidentified miscreants vandalized the Government Higher Secondary School Chongkham in Namsai district and tried to set the school building on fire in wee hours of Saturday.
This was the third failed attempt to damage the school, earlier being on March 20 and March 23 last. The miscreants damaged the white black board of many classrooms as well as the UPS system of the school computer and ransacked the Vice Principal’s room along with the teachers’ room. There is no report of any theft of computer set or any other school property.
Principal Ganpang Megu informed that, some unknown miscreants demolished our school, tried to set the school on fire, destroyed many important school files, and stole away the sports kit meant for the school children. We have not yet been able to ascertain the exact reason behind the act, he added. We are working tirelessly to improve the education scenario but with such acts by miscreants, how can one improve the academic performance, he added.
The Chairman of School Management and Development Committee (SMDC), Chow Patan Namchoom has urged the EAC to take stringent punishment against those involved in the act. He even directed the Principal of the school to rusticate those students whoever are found involved in the incident.
Meanwhile, the school authority has lodged a complaint with the Chongkham Police stating that the miscreants tried to set the school on fire and damaged many classrooms and ransacked the Almirah kept in the computer room.

Jairampur gets waste treatment plant
From a Correspondent
Jairampur, Mar 27: Jairampur becomes the first town in the North East region  to have its own Mini Thermal Waste Treatment Plant. Built with minimum budget, the other advantages of the plant are that it requires zero operating cost and one person can handle the entire plant.
Located on the outskirt of Jairampur town, the plant, which becomes reality  with  the collective endeavour of MLA Laisam Simai and DUDA Jairampur deputy director George Joseph, was successfully tested here today.   
“Manpower is required only to shove the garbage from the tractor trailer inside the plant and the trailer easily fits on the plants door,” informed the deputy director.
The plant is designed in such a way that once it’s ignited the fire will keep burning the garbage at 3600 degrees and once its burn the ashes can be used as organic fertilizers.
“We will test the fertilizer at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Jairampur before putting it in the local market,” informed the deputy director.
Either we will take the help of local NGO or manufacture and market the organic fertilizer by our self,” he added.
On query whether the ashes can be directly used as fertilizer, the DD said it can be but we will mix it with other organic fertilizer before marketing it.
The plant has permanently solved the problems like garbage disposal and town sanitation of Jairampur town and nearby areas, he added. If the plant is operated for 12 hours it can easily consume the garbages of a month.
At present Jairampur produces two ton garbage daily and the plant has the capacity to consume 15 ton routinely. In next 40 years, according to data, Jairampur will be producing garbage equal to the plant capacity.
“The thematic sanitation area placed in strategic locations is also nearing completion,” a satisfied George informed.
“We have tried to find permanent solution to garbage problems with minimum capital input and we have been successful in both the occasions whether building the plant or thematic disposal unit,” he added.
Besides complimenting the local MLA Laisam Simai, the deputy director also appreciated  DUDA Chief Engineer cum Director Taba Tedir and UD joint director Taring Darang for supporting to accomplish the project on time and within budget.
MLA Laisam Simai has also complimented DUDA Jairampur for completing the project with minimum budget. “DUDA Jairampur has proved how with determined efforts we can bring solutions to never ending problems. I am proud of DUDA’s accomplishment and I am fortunate all these efforts have been accomplished in my constituency,” Simai added.
He also said that Jairampur has pioneered the path of total sanitation, at the same time, it has shown how with minimum budget, we can achieve maximum advantage.

Govt not alone to be blamed for poor road infrastructure, folks share equal faults
[ Taba Ajum ]
Developed network of roads is bound to find a reflection in the sustenance of economic growth of any state or country. The importance of roads has been put in words by former US President John F.  Kennedy, who once said, “America is having good roads not because America is rich; but America is rich because it has good roads.”
Despite sharing international boundaries with countries like China, Bhutan and Myanmar, for years Arunachal has been deprived of good road infrastructure. Therefore when former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh during his visit to Itanagar in January 2008 made announcement for construction of Trans-Arunachal Highway passing through the heart of the state, a lot of hope was generated.
The 1,840 km long highway is supposed to connect Tawang to Mahadevpur and passing through areas like Bomdila, Ziro, Daporijo, Aalo, Pasighat and Changlang. The project was estimated to cost Rs. 5,500 crore. Unfortunately, issues like compensation for acquiring land, hostile attitude of locals, adverse weather conditions and various court cases have put a brake on progress of the project. Especially, in the western Arunachal, the progress has been very minimal.
However, finally a glimmer of hope has been provided with the completion of work in the 53 km long Papu-Yupia-Potin section under Trans-Arunachal Highway project. The work for the said stretch was initially awarded to Hyderabad based SRK group. But due to varying factors it could not continue the work and handed over the project to Itanagar based TK Engineering group.  The TK Engineering took over the project in 2013 and recently completed the work.
For the ‘good road deprived citizens’ of the Capital Complex, the beautifully constructed Papu-Yupia-Potin stretch has become a destination for long drive. During the weekend many capital dwellers along their family and friends drive upto Potin just to enjoy feel of driving in a good road. The completion of Papu-Yupia-Potin section is also changing the dynamics of Yazali and its surrounding areas. Agriculture produce from Yazali area is now easily transported to capital complex. Also it has reduced the travel time between Itanagar and Yazali.
“Earlier it used to take around 2 hours to cover the distance between Yupia and Potin.  Now it takes only around 50 minutes to cover the same distance. The completion of Papu-Yupia-Potin has been the biggest gift to the people of Yazali area,” said Teyi Tagin, a resident of Potin.
With the hope that the remaining stretch between Potin and Daporijo would be completed at the earliest, Tagin adds: “Just like the people of Potin wholeheartedly supported this project, I hope everyone will support Trans-Arunachal project. Compensation is an issue but there is no bigger comfort than driving in a good road.”
Another section of the local folks is worried about maintenance of the road. “Construction of good road is one thing and maintenance is another thing. PWD (Highway) has miserably failed to maintain Arunachal’s highway. State government will have to take care of this issue,” shared a worried citizen.
As people of Potin rejoice over completion of Papu-Yupia-Potin section, it is time for rest of the Arunachal to raise some tough questions. Is compensation more important than good road? Can we afford to destroy our future in lieu of short term financial benefit? Perhaps the answer lies in what President Kennedy said about having ‘good road’.

Entire Payum village gutted in fire
ITANAGAR, Mar 27: The entire remote Payum village under Payum circle of Siang District has been completely gutted in a devastating fire that took place in the intervening night of March 26 and 27.  
The village consists of 42 households, not even a single house could be saved.  Fire also devoured many precious items including valuable traditional local ornaments and rendered the villagers homeless. However, the cause of  the fire is yet to be ascertained, informed a resident from the area.  
Now the helpless fire victims are left to the mercy of God.  They are facing acute shortage of food items and other basic requirement for survival. The village is located 30 km away from the motorable road and it takes a day to reach the village on foot.
Meanwhile, the fire victims requested the Govt to extend immediate relief assistance   and   take immediate steps for  their rehabilitation.

PMC Chief resigns
PASIGHAT, Mar 27: Following tremendous pressure from a section of Councilors, the incumbent Chief Councilor of Pasighat Municipal Council (PMC), Denong Tamuk has resigned from the post.
Tamuk submitted his resignation letter to the Municipal Executive Officer (MEO), which is under authority’s consideration.
Tamuk’s resignation is creating confusion among the local people, who are staring at authority’s decision for early resumption of the civic body.
Reluctant to disclose the reasons for his resignation, Tamuk said that he has tendered resignation some days ago.
“I submitted my resignation letter to the officer concerned, but it is not yet declared accepted. I don’t know what action has been taken by the authority to solve the problem”, a visibly annoyed Tamuk said.
Pasighat Mandal BJP has issued whip to its three Councilors in the civic body to project one among them as Chief Councilor and also vote in his favour, if election for the post is conducted.
The PMC consists of three Councilors from BJP, six from Congress, while the rest are Independents.

Police officer’s house set on fire
PASIGHAT, Mar 27: Miscreants set the residence of a police officer on fire near Pasighat town on Saturday night, which burnt down a part of the grain store attached with the main home. However, the residents with the help of neighbours doused the fire and saved house-hold properties.
Owner of the house, Inspector Otu Gao, informed that the grain store set up inside the RCC home was found set ablaze at midnight and it burnt down several quintals of rice bags kept inside.
However, no casualty has been reported in the incident.
According to police, unidentified miscreants set the grain store on the fire to burn down the house as there was no power supply and other fire source during the time of the incident.
A case has been registered in Pasighat police station in this regard and investigation is on.

File curative petition on Chakma issue: AAPSU
ITANAGAR, Mar 27: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has urged the state government to immediately file a curative petition on the vexed Chakma & Hajong Refugee imbroglio.
In a release, AAPSU also stated of visiting Khatan area under Lohit district in order to know the ground reality of Chakma Hajong encroachment. The ground visit was cited stating that rapid land encroachment is underway in Khatan area by the Chakma & Hajongs refugees.
Further, AAPSU has strongly opposed the granting of Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to the Mishing community residing in Arunachal Pradesh. AAPSU also stated of holding a meeting with ABK in this regard.

Training on Horticultural crops
ITANAGAR, Mar 27: Training cum awareness programme on various horticultural crops like Kiwi and Cardamom was conducted at Kamporijo, Lower Subansiri by the Horticulture Department on Mar 26.
Addressing the farmers, DHO Komri Murtem stressed on changing the prevailing cultivation practices and adopting scientific methods to enhance crop yield. He also discouraged the use of chemicals in the fields.
HDO, Tasso Yallu, ADO, Duyu Tadu, SMS KVK, Dr. Tasso Tabin, Yashowati Bio Multi Tech Unit, Tinsukia resource persons Neeraj Pareek and Sangay Kumar Bhutia imparted training on cultivation practices, IPM package and organic certification process of different horticulture crops. More than 200 farmers participated in the training cum awareness programme. DIPRO

Health camp and AYUSH awareness prog
ZIRO, Mar 27: A health camp and awareness programme was organized by Arunachal Pradesh AYUSH Society under the aegis of National AYUSH Mission at Hari and Hija village simultaneously on Sunday.
DDHS (AYUSH) and Member Secretary AP AYUSH Mission, Dr. Dusu Laji encouraged the participants to adopt AYUSH for better health with no side effects but also warned to take medicines under expert supervisions. He also highlighted on how our ignorance about the medicinal values of the locally available plants are being overlooked and reiterated that one of the mission of the camp was to generate awareness on such medicinal plants.
Assistant Director ARRI, Itanagar, Dr. S. K. Tiwari talked about the benefits of Ayurveda system of medicine. Hatha Yoga expert Michi Yarang highlighted the participants about the healing benefits of Yoga for a healthy body and fit mind.
Research Officer ARRI, Itanagar, Gyati Anku informed the gathering about medicinal plants which are available at Ziro valley. She also suggested to grow such medicinal plants as home remedy and also for socio economic benefits which are at high demand in medicinal world.
ZPC Hage Kobing, ZCP encouraged all the participants to adopt AYUSH. ADC Ziro Nending Chatung while appreciating the efforts of the Health Department adviced the participants to be disciplined in life, to have healthy food habits and to practice yoga for better health.
The camp was attended and participated by Homoepathic and Ayurvedic doctors from Tomo Riba State Hospital, Naharlagun, Ayurveda Regional Research Institute (ARRI) and District Hospital Ziro.
Free health check, free Homoeopathy and Ayurveda medicines and pamphlets were distributed to the villagers. Around 500 villagers and school children attended the health camp.

Training on Vanaraja birds
ITANAGAR, Mar 27: Training cum distribution of Vanaraja birds for livelihood improvement of tribal farmers of Metengliang area under Tribal Sub Plan in Animal Science was conducted by KVK Anjaw  recently.
A refresher course on scientific poultry production was imparted to the farmers. A total of 205 Vanaraja chicks of 15 days old, after three dose of vaccination against Marak, Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) and Ranikhet disease were distributed to 41 farmers of Metengliang area. Demonstration on dose and method of medicine and vitamins supplements, how to dilute in water was demonstrated. Along with chicks, a set of feeder and drinker was distributed to each beneficiary.

State carrom team to participate in Junior National C’ship
ITANAGAR, Mar 27: A 14-member state carrom team is going to participate in the 44th Junior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship 2015-16 to be held at Vadodara in Gujarat from March 31st to April 2nd next.
The team comprising of six girls and six boys will be led by coach and team manager, informed an All Arunachal Pradesh Carrom Association (AAPCA) release.

Myoko festival attract record number of foreign tourist
ZIRO, Mar 27: Myoko festival of the Apatani community has this year facilitated the state government to earn more than Rs.6.8 lakhs as royalty fee from overseas tourists who visited Ziro during the festival, informed Duyu Tamo, general secretary of Arunachal Pradesh Tour Operations Association (APTOA) and proprietor Duyu Tours & Travels.
Myoko is one of the most unique festivals of the world with series of interesting ritual events that start with Sama piniing on March 19.  
Tamo who is working silently through his agency DTT for last 12 years to promote the Myoko festival of Apatani community for international tourists, has collaborated with Diamir Travel Agency of Germany and Joafar Tour of Australia and national travel agencies like Jungle Travel Assam, Local Roots Delhi etc.
Home Stays, hotels and resorts in Ziro valley were packed with tourists during celebration of Myoko festival, said Tamo.
Most of the overseas tourists have expressed their interest to visit the state again to participate during Myoko festival in near future and to document the ritual events. They appreciated the preservation of all those ritual ceremonies as it were performed with originality. They also specifically mentioned of the hospitality that the guests are receiving from hosts during the festival.
Tamo shared that age old festivals of Arunachal like Myoko, Dree, Solung, Nyokum, Mopin etc. are promoted instead of the temporary organised festivals for making Arunachal a tourist hotspot. In local festivals, every individual of a tribe involves directly which makes the event more interesting. If government focuses on such festivals, tourist inflow in the state will increase manifold and festivals will become a money spinning event, he added.

Good Friday & Easter Sunday observed
ITANAGAR, Mar 27: The central church of Arunachal Pradesh Christian Revival Church Council (APCRCC), CRC Naharlagun has joined the rest of the world in observing the Good Friday & Easter Sunday from March 25 to 27.
The Good Friday & Easter Sunday are two important occasions observed by the Christians across the globe commemorating the supreme sacrifice by Lord Jesus Christ on the cross and his resurrection from the death some two thousand years back.
Biblical discourses, Prayers and fasting, praise and worship, healing and deliverance services, water baptismal programme and a community feast marked the three-day long observation and celebration witnessed by hundreds of believers where Bible scholar Evan. Dr. Techi Anand ministered the people as the main speaker, while the services were chaired by Gandhi Dui, Assistant Pastor of the church.
Chief patron Tad Akin, Organising Secretary Mingdu Bagang, Assistant Organising Secretary Shulin Rigia and member Bagjam Tama also spoke on the occasion. Songs and dances presented by church’s youth department were some of the attractions of the programme.

Financial Literacy and Credit Counselling (FLCC) camps organized
From Correspondent
Roing, Mar 25: The Financial Literacy and Credit Counselling (FLCC) camps organised by Change Foundation, a local NGO, in collaboration with the Apex Bank Roing branch,  and  sponsored by NABARD, came to an end at Idili village here today. Four FLCC camps were organised by the NGO at Kera Ati (prioritised for SAGY), Jiprali, Iduli and Idili, benefiting more than 100 villagers.
The main objective of the camp was to create awareness of various banking products and services amongst the people living in un-banked and remote areas.
Apex Bank Roing Branch BM Anisha Apum along with the members of Change Foundation informed the villagers about the importance of saving and the benefits of having a savings account. Features and purpose of Financial Inclusion was explained in detail.
The villagers were told about credit and the various purposes for which credit is available, and the benefit of availing credit from formal sources. Importance and necessity of insurance and micro insurance, like Atal Pension Yojana, was also explained.
Various schemes of the Government of India, such as PMJDY, PMSBY, PMJJBY, ABY, Govt. Subsidy schemes etc, were also made known to the villagers.
The BM and the NGO members also had an interactive session with the villagers, also providing counselling regarding servicing of loans and how to tackle problems faced during banking. Various queries of the villagers were also attended to by the organisors.
Chairman Change Foundation appreciated the Apex Bank and the NABARD for initiating the FLCC camp and requested the agencies to conduct more such awareness camps to bridge the gap between the rural population and the Bank, to encourage them to avail banking services, and to help the villagers avail various Government schemes.

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A wrong trend

After Arunachal Pradesh, President Rule has been imposed in a controversial circumstance in another Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. The recommendation for central rule was made by the Union Cabinet at its emergency meeting last night, chaired by PM Narendra Modi who cut short his visit to Assam. Earlier, Harish Rawat led Uttarakhand government has been asked to prove its majority by March 28, after nine rebel MLAs of the Congress sided with the Opposition BJP to destabilize the government.  The decision to imposed PR just a day before Congress government was to go for floor test has put centre's role under scanner.

This latest controversy comes just month after Congress government of Arunachal lost power in similar circumstances. The role played by Governor JP Rajkowa in bringing down Congress government is currently being studied by five bench judge of Supreme Court. Just like Arunachal, in   Uttarakhand too nine rebel Congress MLAs joined hand with BJP and voted against their own party while passing budget. In both the state Congress party was in power and BJP played big part in bringing down the government. While BJP blames Congress for whole mess, the Congress alleges that saffron party is deliberately destabilizing Congress ruled state. Considering the fact that top BJP leaders including party president Amit Shah often talks about Congress free India, the charges leveled against ruling dispensation does hold some ground. In democracy the role of opposition is very critical. Ruling government needs to respect opposition parties. Therefore the way central government is gunning for the opposition ruled states, it does not augur well for Indian democracy. BJP is setting a wrong trend by bringing down opposition ruled state governments. In the long run it might haunt the saffron party.






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An open letter to CEO, Capital Complex

Dear Editor,

With heavy heart I am writing this open letter to Chief Estate Officer (CEO), Capital Complex to let him know that Capital Complex is dying and suffering from encroachment illness. I am not here to defame you (CEO) but I am here with lots of sorrow and sadness in my heart.

When you carried out eviction of  around 14 shops near the Police Station and BSNL office, Naharlagun way back in 2007-08 ( I don’t exactly remember the year as I was pursuing my study that time), of the  total 14 shops, nine shops  of our family were also evicted. I did not feel anything bad, I was rather happy as in my state atleast someone had come to deal with encroachment problem and was doing his duty and responsibility very faithfully.  You were totally right and I also whole-heartedly supported your action of evicting our shops for better road communication in Capital Complex. We did not even apply for compensation and till date no compensation has been paid to my family for the shops which had been evicted.

But Sir, in the same place, many vegetable shops and bazaar has been established now and it has compelled me to change my view about your enthusiasm in eviction drive. If you are really not able to keep the evicted land for common purposes, then our shops should not have been evicted. Now, seeing the shops that have been constructed on the land where eviction drive had already been carried out, I believe, you are being personal to me and my family.

I also request you, please tell us elaborately about the terms and conditions, rules and formalities etc being applied for eviction of encroachment. Therefore, I would humbly request you sir, please do your duty without partiality which will be very helpful for general public. If you cannot do this, then please re-construct our evicted nine shops in the same place or resign on moral ground.


Nabam Vijay,

Parang, Sagalee




Why not we?

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily I would like to express my personal opinion on the provisions of exemption of the direct tax to the tribal’s. The Govt. of India has excused the tribal people from paying direct taxes and we Scheduled Tribe are also under consideration. But I don’t understand why Govt. is giving us so much exemption. As per the law, all are equal, then why we are not paying direct taxes? Now everybody will say, this is done because we are poor and our income is low and thus, Govt. is providing us opportunity to develop. I personally thank Govt. for this gesture. But what about the rich people among us? There are many people whose income is in lakhs or some are even in crores. I think they should not be included in this exemption. There is a provision where some category of citizen whose economic level is low, are excluded from the direct taxes even among the general category people. Then, why not this is applicable to the tribal people? I don’t find any logic behind this. Is this because of the party politics which do not allow the serving Govt. to implement such rules/law or something really else? The direct tax should be based on the economic level of a citizen, not on their caste/ creed, tribe, etc. It should be made mandatory for all with some considerations to those citizens whose income level is really low. It will add more amounts to the Govt. exchequer which can be utilized for the development of the poor.

On the other hand, our state is poor and in a developing state like Arunachal, huge fund is needed for faster development. Then, why not we contribute some amount for our own development? The people of our state always blames Govt. for not developing infrastructure, not paying salaries, bills, etc. but, did we ever think how they are managing such a huge amount? How long will we keep depending on others for every single penny? How long will we keep begging for our survival?

Why don’t we create some new changes in our law/rule to pay direct taxes, so that, you can develop, I can develop, everybody can develop? Let’s contribute something for the welfare of ourselves, for the welfare of the poor, for the welfare of our motherland and for the welfare of all sentient beings. And paying few pennies will not make us poor; instead it will help us to become richer and self reliant. It is obvious that nation will develop sooner or later. What I am mentioning is let’s contribute for faster development. Though I agree that paying tax is not the only way to take nation forward but we don’t even lose anything by paying tax. I personally feels “Paying tax is an investment for future”.

At the end, I sincerely urge all those tax payers who have yet not paid tax to pay their taxes by 31st of this March.


Tashi Dorjee Bapu

RGU, Rono Hills




Extra charges are unjustified

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw the attention of the higher authorities towards the unjustified extra charge being taken from subscribers by some shopkeepers in the Capital Complex while re-charging BSNL sim.

Recently on March 19, I paid Rs 100 to a shopkeeper in Itanagar for BSNL Lapu recharge. Instead of re-charging the SIM with full amount paid, the SIM was recharged for Rs 90 only and recharge value came down to Rs 75.

So far as I know, if we recharge the SIM with Rs 100, then the subscriber gets a sum of Rs 83 approximately after deducting the payable amount as per norms.

When I enquired for not getting recharge value of Rs 83 as per norms, the shopkeeper, instead of explaining the fact, behaved rudely and accused me that I have not ever used BSNL SIM.

If all consumers have to pay extra sum of Rs 10 for recharging BSNL SIM, then one can imagine how many amounts we are paying without any reason.


Ruhi Tachu