March 06


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Empower through education, Acharya tells Puroik community

ITANAGAR, Mar 5: Governor P B Acharya called upon the members of the Puroik community to change their mindset and empower themselves through education.

The Governor on Sunday visited Puroik Colony, Papu Nallah as assured to a delegation of the Puorik Welfare Society on Saturday at Raj Bhawan.

Urging the members of the community to enroll themselves in the Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojana (PMJJY), Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Suraksha Yojana and Atal Pension Yojana, the Governor volunteered to pay the amount required for the 200 adult members of the community at Puroik Colony for PMJJY for one year.

He advised the student leaders to create awareness on various welfare schemes of the State and Central governments and facilitate the community in this noble cause.

The Governor said that there should be strong political will to rehabilitate all the members of the Puroik community and make them equal to any other citizen of the country. He assured to go through the High Powered Committee reports regarding the Puroiks and recommend the State Government accordingly.

Acharya said that the afflictions, the Puroiks have gone through earlier as bonded labourers should open the heart and mind of any human being for their overall welfare and equity in life.

"Other better communities must come forward to assist the Puroiks so that they also excel to the potentials and have minimum standard and quality of life," the Governor said.

Special efforts on all fronts must be there for the community, the Governor assured.

The Governor, who was accompanied by his wife Kavita Acharya during the visit, also met few girl students of the community, who expressed their willingness for free nursing courses sponsored by Alva's Education Foundation, Moodubidri in Udupi District, Karnataka, which is the home district of the Governor.

The Governor also assured to arrange Bharat Darshan with the help of Indian Fellowship Centre, Mumbai for the elders, women and students groups of the community.

As a token of encouragement, the Governor announced Rs 2 lakh from his Discretionary Grant, which will be kept as corpus fund and yearly interest accrued will be used for financial incentives to the outstanding students of the community.

On the occasion, All Puroik Welfare Society President Adang Yachu submitted a memorandum, requesting the Governor for intervention for implementation of the Gauhati High Court's direction, including creation of Puroik Autonomous Development Agency, on the occasion.

The governor also attended a community feast with the Puroik Community. They also interacted with the elders, youth and students of the community.

A cultural programme depicting the cultural richness of the Puroiks was presented on the occasion. (PRO to Raj Bhawan)




132 KV Aalo-Pasighat transmission line awaits fitness certificate

[ Maksam Tayeng ]

PASIGHAT, Mar 5: With the completion of tower erection and stringing wire on January 5 last, the 132Kv Aalo-Pasighat transmission power line is likely to start functioning soon.

A team of government officials (Power Transmission) and Pasighat People's Welfare Committee (PPWC) jointly inspected the transmission on Friday last.

The work of the power line started way back in the year 2007-08.

According to sources, a fitness certificate from higher authorities is required from the SLDC, Itanagar to issue permission for charging of transmission line.

The officials informed that, for charging at rated voltage a necessary statutory clearance or fitness certificate is required from a competent authority, which is under process.  The fitness certificate has to be issued by the Chief Electrical Inspector, who in turn has already deputed the AE (E), Pasighat and Aalo from the distribution sub-divisions to inspect the system for issuance of required certificate. The charging permission will be issued by the SLDC, Itanagar on the basis of fitness report.

The PPWC, led by its Chairman, Okom Yosung, along with officials of the Power Department (Transmission), headed by EE (T) Ojing Tekseng conducted a spot verification of 132kv tower line at Dura Korong Switchyard cum Sub-Station and also visited ongoing rectification works at tower number 118 near Lokpeng village under Siang district.

"Hopefully, the line will be charged at the rated voltage within few days after necessary formalities," informed EE Tekseng, who along with his team are working hard for early commissioning of the power line.

Also, the PPWC has strongly appealed to the higher authorities to commission the 132Kv line at the earliest possible time so that Pasighat and its surrounding region starts getting uninterrupted power supply. The PPWC has also urged the state government in general and the Power Department in particular to keep the present supply line 33Kv (Aalo-Pasighat) on standby, which can be used in case of any defect in 132 KV line.

PPWC Chairman Yosung also highlighted that few towers of 33Kv line between Aalo and Pangin are in dilapidated condition, which needs immediate restoration.

This much hyped 132kv line from Aalo to Pasighat had almost met a natural death after its work had halted and failed due to which the agency M/s HUMA Enterprise was blacklisted and the work was later handed over to M/s TNT Project Ltd. Due to strong pursuance of the PPWC, the state government had allotted additional funds for the already delayed project and had also made alternative power arrangements from Assam to meet the present power requirements.




Unemployment and Arunachal

Monday Musing

[ Taba Ajum ]

In the midst of all the discussion about politics, religion, tribe and even nationalism, everybody seems to be neglecting the burning issue of unemployment in Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachalee people are more worried about their tribe, area and clan, but no one speaks a word about the growing unemployment problem, which poses a serious threat to the future of thousands of tribal youths. A majority of youth in Arunachal depend on government jobs but not everyone can be absorbed in the government jobs.

With each passing year, thousands of students are graduating from various colleges and universities across the country. They return to the state and start searching for jobs. As per the data available with the Labour Department, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh till 2016, around 65,000 youths have registered themselves with unemployment exchange offices.  The figure for the year 2014 and 2015 were 50, 453 and 57, 396 respectively.

This is an official figure and it is believed that actual figure might be much higher.

"Most of the youths do not get themselves registered. Also, we have not received entry from some of the districts," said an official of the Labour Department.

Papum Pare district (26, 938) has the highest number of unemployed youth, followed by Lohit (11, 586), East Kameng (5866), West Siang (5826) and Upper Subansiri (5532).

Worryingly, this number is increasing steadfastly as thousands of youth pass out every year from colleges and universities. Arunachal has 11 Universities, including 7 private universities, 15 government degree colleges, 7 private degree colleges, 8 private B.Ed college, 7 polytechnic colleges, couple of technical and professional colleges. From Rajiv Gandhi University, around 1,500 Arunachalee tribal students get masters degree in various disciplines annually.

In 2015-16, 5307 tribal students got degrees from IGNOU. The seven private universities are starting to churn out massive numbers of degree holders, and at least 1292 tribal students passed from these seven universities in the previous academic year. Add this to thousands of Arunachalee students studying in various parts of the country, the number will be staggering. What worries everyone is that although students are getting degrees, there is a huge question mark over quality.

"Some of the students who are studying in various private and government degree colleges cannot even write a simple leave application. The quality of education at grass root needs drastic improvement. The state government especially needs to focus on government schools. Also, there should be close watch on the private universities. Arunachal should not just become a degree-producing state," shared a worried Assistant Professor of Government Degree College.

On the other hand, a large number of tribal students opt for engineering courses, including diploma and degree. The unemployment rate is quite high in this sector too.

"Through state government quota, annually, 150 (degree) and 933(diploma) students pursue engineering courses. Those who miss out from government quota take admissions in private colleges and civil engineering is especially in huge demand. In the ongoing APPSC examination for Assistant Engineer, around 1900 students reportedly applied for it. Although those in job also applied, but still it is believed that at present there are more than 3000 unemployed engineers in the state which include both diploma and degree holders," shared an unemployed engineering graduate.

Though there is no particular solution available to deal with the growing unemployment, experts believes that government will have to address the issue at the earliest before it explodes.

"The government will have to encourage students to look for jobs outside the state. Private investments are much needed to create job opportunities and for this, industrial-friendly initiatives will have to be taken," added the official of Labour Department.

As I was discussing about this issue, a colleague had this to say, "Tribal people have good family support system.  Therefore, youths are not feeling the burden of unemployment. But we are sitting over a deadly bomb. The day youth runs out of patience, this state will face mayhem." Perhaps this sums up the potential danger, the unemployment issue poses to Arunachal.




Bishop expresses concern over loss of life due to drug abuse

ITANAGAR, Mar 5: Bishop George of Miao Diocese expressed serious concern over loss of human lives due to drug abuse and he squarely blamed the parents for the tragic situation.

"It is sad to see our young boys losing their lives and families due to drug abuse," the Bishop said while addressing the students and village leaders prior to a drug awareness rally at Kharsang in Changlang district on March four.

He urged the parents to be strict with their children.

"The parents are to be equally blamed for this tragic situation of our society today", he said, and advised the students to be aware of this social evil and to stop their peers from getting into this web of drug menace.

Narrating the impacts of drug abuse within the family of users, user's health and the society as a whole, Bishop George advised the students to abstain themselves from drug abuse.

"A body that is infected cannot grow. Similarly, a society that is infected with drug menace cannot grow, he added.

Veteran Doctor Dr Sudip Bhattacharjee, who worked around Miao for 25 years, also bemoaned the alarming situation and said that this deep-rooted drugs problem was not a petty issue to solve overnight.

"All our celebrations involve a lot of alcohol. If we can have our celebrations without it, then it will go a long way in curbing this drugs and alcohol menace", he said.

Circle Officer R K Rai from Kharsang also said the number of drug addicts around Kharsang is very high. Small steps like this rally by young students can go a long way in bringing about a positive change to the society, he opined.

Major Rahul of Jairampur Battalions, based in Miao, sensitized the students about the growing drugs menace and harmful effects of drugs on user's body.

Earlier, students took out an anti-drugs rally from Krick and Bourry Memorial Hospital in Injan to Kharsang town with placards that had anti-drugs slogans.

The rally was organized by the Bishop of Miao Diocese with the help of Assam Rifles.




Natung conducts whirlwind tour of Richukrong

Motorable road to Tallom Sima soon

SEPPA, Mar 5: RD & PR Parliamentary Secretary Mama Natung, along with East Kameng DC in-charge Olik Taring, ZPC Mering Natung and host of HoDs and PRI leaders made an official tour of Richukrong circle under East Kameng district on Friday and took stock of various undergoing developmental and administrative activities in the area.

Addressing a gathering at Tallom Sima village, Natung highlighted various ongoing and completed developmental schemes in his constituency and assured to bring more schemes for all-round development in the constituency.

Natung also informed that a bridge connecting Richukrong CO HQ (which is the main lifeline of the circle), rostrum at Richukrong and electrification, drinking water supply, road connectivity, health and education and other infrastructural schemes in many villages under the circle, are some of the important works undertaken by him during his present tenure.

Assuring to build a motorable road to Tallom Sima village before 2019, Natung further informed that a proposal was forwarded to the Central Government to develop Tallom Sima as model village, while also informing that many road projects under PMGSY and other schemes are in the pipeline and a road from Bana to Richukrong via Picha has been sanctioned recently under NLCPR. He urged everyone to support and cooperate in making Seppa West Assembly Constituency a 'model constituency.'                  

Responding to memoranda placed by the people, Natung assured to commence road widening and blacktopping works connecting Richukrong circle HQ starting from Kaya Valley very soon. He further assured to provide necessary fund for early construction of community hall at Tallam Sima, drinking water supply, maintenance of bridge at Kajong village and town planning for Richukrong CO HQ. He also directed the CO to convene a meeting involving all stakeholders for proper demarcation of government land and exhorted the people to refrain from encroaching government land for future infrastructural development of the HQ.

Acknowledging that most of the PRI leaders and villagers are ill-informed, Natung exhorted the officials to take them alongside on the path of development. Stressing on team spirit and proper coordination between the public, PRI members and government officials, he urged all concerned to work together in making the circle a model and one of the most developed circles of the district.

ZPM D Degio, ASM Niti Biri and GBs K Rakhya, T Tagio and S Degio also spoke on the occasion.

Earlier in the day, the Parliamentary Secretary inspected schools, PHC and various government infrastructures at Richukrong circle HQ. (DIPRO in-charge)




Forgotten indicators of academic achievement: aptitude and interest

[ Geyin Boli ]

Ethics should lighten up the teaching profession and every teacher should respect and remain in the ethics of his/ her profession. They are to feel obliged by their sense of responsibility to reward back what education has given to them. This indeed will be unachievable unless teachers are aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

'Teaching' is an art, science and a profession. Anyone can teach but not all the teachers makes the learners learned. Teaching is comprehensive when we understand its meaning with the help of scholars' views. In the words of Skinner, "Teaching is the arrangement of contingencies of reinforcement." Gage says, "Teaching is a form of interpersonal influence aimed at changing the behavior potential of another person." Smith says, "Teaching is a system of actions intended to produce learning." Teaching, therefore, is not only a set of actions which intends to induce, produce, create, or generate some learning among the students, but is also an artistic responsibility of an individual who calls himself/herself a teacher.

Moreover, it is an unchallenged fact that the success of a nation greatly depends upon the teachers' teaching in all corners of a nation. Teacher is to extract out and bring forth the greatness in his/ her students so that they may perform wonders and contribute maximum to the mother earth. But the question is - do the teachers who are to make great changes among their learners and to bring forth the greatness in them, aware of the significance of teaching? Do they carry interest and posses aptitude for teaching? Are they willing to accept that aptitude and interest have a greater role to play in learning of the learners?  Indeed, an individual who is willing to enter the teaching profession has to study the self and question whether he/she has the loyal interest for teaching and required aptitude in teaching.

A microscopic study of the self to make a check on aptitude and interest for teaching profession becomes terribly difficult when the individual runs only after a secured job. Teaching in a state like Arunachal Pradesh has become a joke and with that, so have all the beautiful definitions, when we see the present scenario of the state. Individuals willing to serve as a teacher should study the self first as both aptitude and interest are indicators of academic achievement.

In-service teachers without teaching interest should be able to develop and increase their interest for teaching and even if aptitude is an inborn ability, much could be gained and improved through various trainings and practices which are to be carried out with sincerity, dedication, and seriousness, considering the effective domain besides the cognitive and psychomotor domains of the human behavior. Nonetheless, members of recruitment processes should initiate a device to check on individual's interest for teaching besides measuring the aptitude, so that a nation may receive the greatness of all the working individuals and experience the best kind of fruits they bear.                      (The contributor is PhD Scholar, Education Dept, RGU)




AKA felicitates medal winners

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Mar 6: The Arunachal Karate Association (AKA) on Sunday felicitated all the medal winners of KAI Senior National Karate Championship, which was held in Panaji in Goa on February 25 and 26.

Arunachal bagged two silver and four bronze medals in the championship.

Though the state could not win gold this time, the team created a record by winning medals in Team Kata (demonstration) both in men's and women's category. Arunachal became the first among the Northeastern states to win any medal in Team Kata (demonstration).

Johny Mangkhiya had to be content with a silver medal in Kumite (fight) in women's 68kg category. She gave a tough fight against her opponent from leader Madhya Pradesh before settling for the silver medal (2-3 point), informed Coach S Deben Sharma.

Manghkiya had last year also won a silver medal.

The state bagged the second silver medal in women's Team Kata. The team comprised of Mesom Singhi, Bamang Yamu and Goda Asha.

Sinne Mikhu and P Nobin Jomoh won a bronze medal each in men's 55kg and 84kg respectively.

In women's category, Rei Yadi bagged a bronze medal in 50kg category.

The state also bagged a bronze medal in Men's Team Kata. The team comprised of Chopa Talo, Doni Yangfo and Raja Yangfo.

Though Arunachal could not win a gold medal this year, it improved performance in terms of winning medals.

The state last year had won gold, silver and bronze medals.

AKA General Secretary Bulang Marik encouraged the players to not lose heart as winning and losing are part and parcel of any game. He asked them to practice hard and prepare for the next National Games.

The small function held in AKA headquarter, Naharlagun, was attended by AKA officials, including Tai Hipik, Charu Tatung.

Meanwhile, Charu Tatung has qualified as Grade 'A' Kumute and Kata Judge, the examination for which was held during the championship.

Dr Marli Ete qualified as "Grade B" Referee while Nikter Taja as "Grad A" Kumite Judge.





Maintain cordial Assam-AP ties : Bora

ITANAGAR, Mar 5: Assam Pradesh Congress Committee President and Rajya Sabha Member Ripun Bora underscored the importance of more people-to-people contact in order to retain the age-old cordial relationships between the neighboring states of Assam and Arunachal.

Addressing a gathering on the second day of an inter-state cultural programme at Hollongi on Sunday, the Assam PCC President hailed the cultural exchange programme as a good initiative towards people-to-people contact.

He appealed to the people of both the states to join hands together for development in either side.

"There are so many people from Assam serving in Arunachal and many are doing business", Bora said and appealed to them too to maintain good relationship with the locals.

Responding to a memorandum submitted by the organizing committee, Bora assured to contribute Rs 15 lakh for development of a permanent infrastructure for organizing cultural exchange programme. He asked the committee to submit a Detailed Project Report before April 17 next.

Attending the programme, former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki also emphasized on organizing such programmes in regular intervals, adding that such events provide opportunities to people to know each other better.

Tuki said that more than 2.5 lakh people from Assam are working in Arunachal Pradesh and over 50,000 students from Arunachal Pradesh are pursuing education in various schools and other educational institutes in Assam in a homely atmosphere, which reflects only the strong bond between the two states.

In their speeches, Inter State Indigenous Cultural Heritage Development Society President Tana Puna Tara and Secretary General Budhiram Basumatary highlighted the importance of organizing the cultural exchange programme among various communities living along state boundary to maintain a good relationship.

Troupes from various communities from both Assam and Arunachal Pradesh displayed cultural items. A team from Arunachal Artist Forum, led by its President Bamang Loram also participated in it.




Traffic diversion

ITANAGAR, Mar 5: Capital Complex Police has issued traffic advisory in view of the ensuing budget session of the State Legislative Assembly.

The National Highway from Arunachal State Hospital tri-junction to Chandni Hotel tri-junction, Naharlagun will remain closed for traffic during the session from March 6 to 15 from 7 am till end of the day's session.

Alternative arrangements have been made for all incoming and outgoing traffic.

Vehicles coming from Itanagar will be diverted at Tomo Riba State Hospital tri-junction via Prem Nagar and will take the highway back again at helipad tri-junction.

Likewise, vehicles coming from Nirjuli side will be diverted at Chandni Hotel Tri-junction and take the highway back again at Tri- junction, Naharlagun main road via G-Extension road, informed Capital SP Dr A Koan.




21 benefit from mock-interview

ITANAGAR, Mar 5: A total of 21 qualified candidates for the APPSC mains AE (civil) exam 2017 attended a mock-interview cum guidance programme conducted by the Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) at Donyi Polo B.Ed College here on Sunday.

The resource persons consisting of senior bureaucrats, senior engineers, academicians from RGU and NERIST conducted the mock-interview and later gave feedback for confidently facing the interview.        

ABK vice-presidents, Tony Pertin and Getom Borang, Professor Sarsing Gao of NERIST, Information Commissioner, Nanom Jamoh, CE PHED, Tagong Ketan, CE (Power) Annong Perme and ABK advisor, Rajeev Takuk gave tips and feedback to the candidates as per their performance in the mock-interview.




BAI hails Tago's appointment as SAA chairman

ITANAGAR, Mar 5: Badminton Association of India (BAI) President Akhilesh Das Gupta congratulated Bamang Tago for being appointed as Chairman of Sports Authority of Arunachal (SAA).

The BAI President and Tago were in New Delhi attending the AGM of BAI on Sunday.

"Tago has gathered sufficient experience in the field of sports and appointment of an energetic and dedicated person like Tago in such high sports administrator's post by the state government is a laudable decision," Das Gupta said, and assured BAI's all possible help to Pema Khandu-led Government for development of sports, particularly badminton, in Arunachal Pradesh.

Meanwhile, the ASBA hoped that sports in Arunachal Pradesh would achieve greater heights under the leadership of Tago.

Tago is also the Secretary of Arunachal State Badminton Association (ASBA).




CoSAAP joins in march to Parliament

ITANAGAR, Mar 5:  A 10-member team from the Confederation of Service Associations of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) led by its General Secretary Gonya Riba joined the "Chalo Delhi Parliament March", organized by the All India State Government Employees' Federation on March 2 last.

More than 30,000 state government employees from all over the country took part in prorgamme demanding immediate scraping of NPS and restoration of old pension scheme or a defined pension scheme, equal pay for equal work as per Supreme Court judgment of October 24, 2016, regularization of services of the employees on contract/casual  basis, etc.

More than 40 state government employees working in Delhi also took part in the march.

Further, Riba, who also is an executive council member of AISGEF, attended a meeting of the federation on March 3 at Kerala House, Delhi wherein the future course of action was taken.




Mibang village under Paglam circle inaugurated

ROING, Mar 5: WRD Parliamentary Secretary Gum Tayeng inaugurated Mibang village at Paglam circle on Friday amidst a huge gathering of PRI leaders, GBs, government staffs and public. The new village has been shifted from Paglam village due to problems caused by floods every year during monsoon.

Responding to a memorandum submitted by the village committee seeking construction of link road and culvert, electrification, school, Anganwadi centre, community hall and drinking water provision for the new village, the Parliamentary Secretary assured to take up the genuine demands and handed over an amount for installation of tube well. Tayeng also assured to make provisions for water filtration unit.

She said that Paglam circle has always been her priority for development and other assistance as it is a flood-prone area. She further expressed disappointment on the absence of some local HoDs whom she had asked to accompany her.

Among others, she was accompanied by ADC Dambuk Atul Tayeng, Bukkong ZPM Starson Saring, Bukkong Anchal Chairperson Maman Ratan and AE WRD Pasighat Bising Darin.  (DIPRO)




Awareness-cum-training workshop on renewable energy concludes

TEZU, Mar 5: The three-days awareness-cum-training workshop on Solar Energy and its application, organized jointly by the National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), Government of India and Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA), concluded successfully at the BRC Hall on Sunday.

Addressing the valedictory function, North East region NISE Consultant, Shewali Borthakur urged the participants to form self-help groups in villages by availing bank loans and technical support from APEDA to set up assembling units for solar lamps for income generation. She appreciated the Gaon Burahs and PRI members for their active participation and assured to conduct more such training programmes in the future at circle and village levels.

APEDA Tezu Division Deputy Director, N Tangha assured all-out guidance and support from the agency for solar-based assembling units.  Tangha also urged the NISE to help in setting up vocational training centres at remote areas. APEDA Project Director A K Rana also spoke on the occasion.

Resource persons from NISE, Dr Shweta Soam, Pragati Rajput and Prakash Jha imparted the training, which saw the attendance of 125 persons, including the PRI members, villagers, NGOs, local entrepreneurs, students and officials from government departments. (DIPRO)




NESCH urges Delhi Police to ensure safety of NE people during Holi

NEW DELHI, Mar 5: The North East Support Centre & Helpline ((NESCH) has urged the Delhi Police to ensure safety and security of North East people living in Delhi  by making tight security arrangements during this Holi.

In a letter to Joint Commissioner of Delhi Police Robin Hibu, the NESCH informed that it has received numerous abuse complaints during 'Holi' festivals last year from the Northeast community living in the National Capital Regions, especially women, who are working in private companies.

Apprehending that similar incidents might recur this year, the NESCH urged the Delhi Police to step up security vigils in places, where the North East population is high.

"This security measure must be taken up at the earliest in order to avoid unpleasant incidents," it cautioned.

In its letter to Hibu, who also is the Nodal Officer for North East, the NESCH informed that "the locals throw/pour dirty waters from balcony of their houses. Some even throw coloured-water and firecrackers at NE women inappropriately," the letter said.

Citing example of one of such incidents, the NESCH stated that a young Manipuri girl, who was on her way to office, was allegedly splashed with dirty water in the name of celebrating Holi last year by a group of men. Though she had requested them politely to spare her, the group reportedly did not listen to her requests, and rubbed her entire face with colours, instead.

In another similar incident, two couples from Nagaland, who were coming out from AIIMS Hospital after medical treatment, were allegedly badly treated with coloured-water balloons. Their medical papers/doctor's prescriptions were also almost spoilt in it, the Helpline informed.

"In yet another incident, a young Mizo girl, who went to market to buy some food items, was allegedly grabbed behind by 4-6 young boys in the name of Holi greetings."

"Not only women, the men-folk are also susceptible to such incidents," the Helpline, said.

The NESCH is a combined initiative of human rights activists, social workers, students, journalists, lawyers, intellectuals and professionals to prevent harassment, discrimination, molestation and abuses meted out to people from Northeast India living in Delhi and its NCR particularly women.

---- Editorial ----



Tread carefully

The proposed visit of Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama to Arunachal Pradesh next month is turning into a major  diplomatic row between India and China. Despite China lodging strong protest, India has declared that visit will go ahead. Dalai Lama is expected to visit places like Tawang and Bomdila which has large number of Buddhist followers. The proposed visit has rankled Chinese as they claim on whole of Arunachal and especially regard Tawang as important part of so-called south Tibet. With both India and China refusing to budge, there is growing fear that this may led to increase in tension between two nations.

Both the countries need to tread carefully and avoid taking any such step which will lead to complete break-down of relation. India and China are heavily armed and have nuclear war-head pointed towards each other. Two countries fought a bitter war in 1962 and are still struggling to resolve the border dispute.  Arunachal is in the centre of this boundary dispute. People of state had to heavy price in 1962 when Chinese forces attacked Arunachal and almost captured the whole state. Arunachalee people are just not ready to bore the brunt of another conflict between India and China. Dalai Lama is highly revered by Buddhist followers of Tawang and Bomdila. His visit is an emotive issue for them. But one need to be extremely careful as the visit has potential to increase hostility in the region.







---- Readers Forum ----




Hold referendum

Dear Editor,

Siang District Headquarters, selection need to be done in following manner.

One day Gram Panchayat wise referendum/ Gram Sabha of all adult individuals residing with the district must be held to let the majority people choose their place of choice since, democracy warrants that, majority decision should hold ground, and accepted by the government. For instance, during elections when we count majority and go by such decision, why not in selection of the district headquarters which will have huge ramifications to the lives of people of the district and country as whole in the infinite future. Further, one day Gram Sabha of all Gram Panchayats under small Siang District is feasible because, during Republic Day on 26th January'2017' a special Gram Sabha could be successfully across India as whole to guide developmental planning.

No Minister, MLA, Committe, any small group, etc should be given the power to choose the place because that will go against the established principle of development for the people, by the people and to the people; the opportunity for majority decision.

The recently held Chakkha bandh on 27th & 28th February enforced by few villagers is illegal, violates Constitution and law, create turmoil in the society and hurt progress of the district and country as whole. Residents of few odd villagers don't have any right to curtail transactions of activities of lives of larger people of the district and country. The individuals behind such massive illegal and regressive activities should be strictly prosecuted as per law with iron hand because the Constitution has guaranteed the citizens other rightful way of protests.

India needs to act against those who willfully disregard law of the land, create disorderliness, undermine orderly and safe existence of the society, and sets an extremely damaging trend for the country as whole.

I request and advice the Government of Arunachal Pradesh to act accordingly.


Tagam Mibang




An open letter to Chief Minister

Dear Editor,

I have no idea whether you go through Reader’s forum while you read newspapers before you begin your day. And if you do, I would be happy that my letter is reaching to you.

Before coming to my motive of writing to you, let me create a pseudo situation. You might have noticed a big banyan tree near the Department of directorate of Education. Now let us consider that the particular tree seems to be dying. Now I ask you what a RFO from non forestry background would do. The best thing he could do is cut the tree and plant a new one. But that would take another 10- 20 years for the tree to be fully matured. Now the best solution can be served by a forestry graduate without actually harming the tree and with proper diagnosis. Because forestry students spends 4 long years mastering about trees and crops.

Now coming to my point. There has been an advertisement about the post of RFO which conveys that the 50% of the seats are reserved for the forestry graduates and that also implies that the forestry graduates cannot compete in the remaining 50% seat. Now where does this reservation norms came from? According to the UPSC reservation norms 2013 rule 16(4) & (5) clearly tells that the remaining 50% should be opened to all where forestry students can also compete. You know very well that unlike other states of India, our state is not equipped with factories and industries that we can boast of. All we have is forest which covers 80% of our states and that can boost the economic development of the state.

And if we want to utilize and maintain this wealth gifted by nature, we need a good officer who is actually capable of bestowing the best service and duty. And this can be provided by a forestry graduate. Actually, I even wonder whether the candidates from other graduates even know the scientific name of the tree located near Directorate office.

I on behalf of all the forestry graduates urge you to intervene in the issue and deliver justice for wealth of Arunachal Pradesh and all the forestry graduates.


A citizen




In support of Chief Minister

Dear Editor,

I can see this phrase is quite true in relation to today's Arunachal politics. Government changed 2/3times within a year only bringing misery and bad reputation to the people of Arunachal and its image at centre which is the ultimate source of fund for Arunachal.

But it is us the Public, who faces the biggest loss due to all this tormoil. No development, No funding. Nothing. During these “chicken” years, we were not able to witness any developmental activities.

But for how long public should suffer and suffer and suffer.

An unstable and ever changing state govt can't bring any developmental activities into that state. We have witnessed and learned this hard fact in Arunachal, many a times, very recently. And in this journey we lost a very good human being and People's CM Kalikho pul. But not anymore. At least now we know, how hard it is to live a life with an ever quarrelling family. There can never be peace and prosperity. Same goes to our beautiful state.

Opposition party will always try to bring down current government, misleading public with all those loopholes they find out in that system. Nobody is perfect. Not even God. If you keep searching, you can find God. You can find wisdom and knowledge and ultimately Nirvana. But not perfection. Nothing is perfect. Nobody is perfect.

Few days ago, I met some of my old college colleagues and we talked about state’s political scenario, and they said "Government kitna change karega yeh log? Ek govt. ko achcha se chalne dena chahiye. Public ka hi nuksaan hota hai. Waise bhi next assembly election ko jada time bhi nahin bacha hai" I said. Well, I feel the same.

Even now I can see some anti-government agent commenting against some social media post I published on facebook about Pema Khandu government's upcoming schemes and Government job creation. It feels very bad to read and hear such comments and propaganda they are making even against developmental activities of Pema Khandu. If this people are not satisfied with government's developmental policies then what they want state govt. to do? So I call them anti-social elements. They are indirectly harming us with this type of attitude.

Therefore, my dear friends let us not get carried away by this type of anti-social element. But rather start to help and support our Chief Minister Pema Khandu and work together as a one big grand family. Nothing is perfect, not even him but the way he is coming up with all this welfare policies and developmental agendas, even within this very short span of his tenure as CM, he is really appreciable. We must acknowledge that and help him and support him to make our Arunachal better.

Pema Khandu is man of action and believes in practicality and posses a progressive ideology. Let us give him our moral support and help him.


Assam Gyadi,






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