March 13


Govt to rationalize posting of teachers

ITANAGAR, Mar 12: The state's Education Department has planned for rationalizing the posting of teachers so that all schools have the required teachers as per the norms.

The process for rationalization of posting is proposed to be completed before re-opening of the schools after vacation in June this year, informed Secretary (Education) Bidol Tayeng in a release.

He informed that the Department has already initiated rationalization process by writing to concerned Deputy Commissioners to furnish the school wise deployment of teachers along with enrolment of students.

"The Department is under severe criticism for irrational distribution of teachers in schools, because of which education activities are suffering a lot in schools in remote and far flung areas," Tayeng said, while stressing the need for rationalizing the teachers' posting to ensure equitable, and demand based distribution of teachers to protect academic interest of students.

About 900 schools in interior areas are running with single teacher; whereas there are more than required numbers of teachers in schools, mostly located in Capital Complex area and district headquarters. Even, SSA teachers, who are meant for specific schools of remote areas, are being posted or attached to schools of the Capital Complex or district headquarters, the Education Secretary said.

Recently, the Department of Education had directed all the DDSEs to release all the SSA teachers attached in the schools of the state Capital and district headquarters, he said.

All the DDSEs have also been directed to confirm the re-joining of the SSA teachers in their original places of posting, Tayeng said and added that the Department has also issued instructions to all the concerned DCs to take action against the teachers, including termination from the service, of those who fail to report back to his/her original place of posting.

Tayeng also stated that the concern for unequal distribution of teachers in various schools of the state and the subsequent shortage of teachers was also raised by many members in the State Assembly during the ongoing session.

The members also spoke on the prevailing acute shortage of PGTs (ST) in Science, Mathematics and Language in the schools, which were upgraded in the last few years. The members requested the Minister Education to take steps to sanction teachers' posts against the upgraded schools of the state.

There are 3317 government schools, 2,57,445 students and 20,940  government teachers, including SSA in the state, Tayeng informed.




Symposium on corruption held at RGU

DOIMUKH, Mar 12: A symposium on the topic 'Systematic Corruption in Arunachal Society Reflects a Deeper Breakdown of Community Values' was organised at Rajiv Gandhi University's Panorama Ground on Sunday.

Held on the third day of the Arunachal Panorama celebrations, the symposium was organised with the objective 'to introduce the gradual shift of traditional values towards corrupt societal principles, and to expose the corrupt mechanism through which the contemporary society works'.

The deliberation was spearheaded by experts from different fields, such as General Secretary BJP Arunachal Chapter Jarpum Gamlin, Arunachal Times Associate Editor Tongam Rina, Chairman of Sports Authority of Arunachal Pradesh Bamang Tago, and AAPSU women's wing Convenor Bengia Mepu.

Speaking on the occasion, Tago noted that 'corruption has become the law in the state which governs every processes of the society, and there is no appropriate way to blame high-ranking bureaucrats as the mechanism of corrupt system is initiated at the ground level. This is a continuous process where the benefactor and the renderer are inter-dependent. The crisis can only be overcome by sincere will to discontinue the trend'.

'Giving is encouraging', Gamlin opined, and pressed on the importance of value-based mindset in the society.

Saying that the society has gradually lost its right values of sharing collective principles and collective good as it progressed towards modernity, he felt that there was a lack in principles and ethics in youths of today which has resulted from the lack of conviction in imbibing those values by parents and over all education system. 'In earlier times, hardworking and deserving individuals were worshipped and acknowledged by the society, but in present times, people hero worship those who have money and power', Gamlin said.

In her deliberation, Rina spoke on the systematic mechanism of corrupt society, and said that corruption is sowed with the simplest forms of favours, recommendations, and bribery. She cited examples of villages where Gaon Burahs played pivotal role in disseminating justice and worked for the community, whereas these days, this helm of society is being used for political gain. 'In this manner, social groups have been formed by individuals with deeper pockets, with no intention or manners to lead', she said.

Representing the apex students' body of the state, Mepu urged on the need to introspect before pointing fingers at others. She further added that corruption takes place with the involvement of both participants where 'One's wants is another's need'.




2 dumpers burnt by miscreants

NIRJULI, Mar 12: Two dumpers of a construction company/firm were burnt down at 'E' Sector, Nirjuli by some miscreants at around 1.20 am on Sunday.

The two vehicles (AR 01 F/5944 & AR 01 F/5945) were kept inside the workshop of the owner. Reportedly, the miscreants, four in numbers, came in two light vehicles.

The fire was doused by fire fighters from Naharlagun Fire Station.

A case has been registered against the miscreants at Nirjuli Police Station under section 447/435/336 34 of IPC, Officer In-charge T Loya, Nirjuli said.

No one has been arrested so far in this connection and investigation is on, the OC added.





The silence on suicide

Monday Musing


[ Nellie N Manpoong ]

As the government attempts to improve the health scenario of the state by assuring to provide 'quality access to all', with its health schemes, introduction of high-tech machines and hospital upgrades, the question of where mental illness would stand in the list of health sector improvements lingers on.

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately one million people commit suicide each year worldwide, which is about one death every 40 seconds or 3,000 per day. It is the 10th leading cause of death globally, and the statistics continue to increase with each passing year.

Itanagar alone reported a steep increase in unnatural deaths or suicides in over a year's time. According to available records in the Itanagar Police Station, there were 14 cases of suicide in 2015. The numbers saw a high rise with 23 cases in 2016, which roughly makes two deaths in a month. The figures for 2017 currently remain at two suicides, which occurred in January.

This data does not include the five cases in 2016 and one in January 2017, registered in the Women Police Station, which only takes in cases of females that are marked under the file "abetment of suicide".

We also did not take into account the number of attempted suicide cases, because honestly, nobody wants to be jailed after a battle between life and death.

With each reported case, some preferred to conclude that the reasons were futile for most, and took to forming their own expert opinions -"Does a girlfriend mean more than family?" "What a shame that kids take their lives over the newest mobile phones", "If he had not killed himself, alcohol would certainly have", "We could've helped her, if only she'd asked" - some make crude remarks, only a handful sympathise.

People in general cannot be blamed for their lack of empathy towards victims. We could, however, attribute it to ignorance or lack of knowledge on the subject. While it is easy for almost everyone to speak of a broken leg and even several communicable diseases, mental health issues are almost always sidelined. People have been accustomed to believe that no one likes an unhappy person, and that it is essential to pull a veil over whatever is bothering us. And social media only adds to our web of "happy" lies.

Though there may be several causes that lead to suicide, like family problem, illness, unemployment, drug abuse, relationship difficulties, family history of suicide or exposure to suicidal behaviour in family, peers or media, and sudden change in economic status, Clinical Psychologist Osunam Pertin says that many people have the mentioned risk factors but are not suicidal, while others may not have any of the said problems and yet be suicidal because of their impulsive nature, attention seeking behaviour or anger.

Suicide, Pertin says, involves a combination of biological, environment and social factors. It is more or less a combination of various factors, which leads to a person trying to harm themselves.

An Indian study showed that people between the ages of 25 to 29 are most prone to committing suicide. Suicide attempts are also more common in women, the illiterate, the physically or sexually abused, and of course in those suffering from some kind of mental illness.

Anyone contemplating suicide can be identified if they are always talking about death, have signs of clinical depression, talk about feeling hopeless, helpless or worthless; if they call or visit people to say their goodbyes, behave recklessly, withdraw from everyone, stay isolated or display extreme mood swings.

Apart from being there for the person who is showing suicidal tendencies, we can also assist them to take professional help. On the other hand, if you are worried about being judged by your family and friends, there are a few good clinical psychologists at Govt Mental Health Center, Midpu(Doimukh) who offer free counselling.

Pertin, who works in the center says, "Don't underestimate the power of expressing your feelings; it can make a huge difference!"

Though people's participation is always necessary, Pertin says that this can be more easily achieved if the government establishes more mental health centers and make them more accessible, invest in research; educate and train doctors, nurses in primary care level to address mental health issues including suicide, and provide more opportunities for mental health professionals.

Will mental health issues catch attention of the government enough to spread awareness and educate public on the stigma and myth surrounding it, or will other health issues always trump over the mighty mind, which in the true sense, is the bank that lends the knowledge for a cure to all other diseases?




National seminar on Cultural Heritage of NE

ITANAGAR, Mar 12: A national seminar on the theme "Cultural Heritage of North-East India" was held in the Jubilee Hall of Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar on March 10 and 11.

Sponsored by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), the two-day seminar was inaugurated by RGU Vice-Chancellor Professor Tamo Mibang, who stressed on the participation of students and faculty members for their academic enrichment and to strengthen their careers.

He also opined that North-East India has a vast scope for research and the academic community should explore the area.

Earlier, Principal in-charge Kumar Tok welcomed the guests and delegates, who had arrived from different parts of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur, while Assistant Professor and the Convenor of the seminar, Dr Eli Doye explained the objective of the seminar.

Keynote speaker on the occasion, North Eastern Hill University, Dept of History, HoD Professor A K Thakur highlighted the manner in which the cultural heritage of the society is preserved and passed on from generation to generation. He also pointed out that man-made crisis as stumbling blocks in preservation of cultural heritage.

There were four technical sessions under which as many as 35 papers were presented on different aspects of the theme. These four sessions were chaired by Professor A K Thakur, Professor S Simon John, Director, Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies, RGU, Dr Wanglit Mongchan, Associate Professor, AITS, RGU and Dr A K Pandey, Associate Professor, D N Government College, Itanagar.




2-yr-old dispute solved amicably

SEPPA, Mar 12: A two-year-old dispute, which was supposed to take an ugly shape, in fact took the shape of a trendsetter which is worthy to be emulated by the tribal society.   

Two years ago, at Seppa, on 20th November, 2015, Mechori Bagang - a lady who was riding a scooter (two- wheeler) accidentally hit one Niya Tachang, who later succumbed to his injuries.

The fateful incident, which was purely accidental in nature, however, led to a tense situation, particularly for the accused and rest of the Bagang clan which she belongs to, as all the clan members had to live in an alarming atmosphere, considering the prevalence of revenge system.

However, accepting the entire incident as unfortunate and an error from the side of the accused, the Bagang Welfare Society (BWS) in an effort to bring an amicable end to the issue decided to sit for Nyele/Yallung (a customary way to solve disputes) with the Techi clan, and approached Ropo Yangfo, Nevash Gollo, Lelong Tachang and Taru Gollo as mediators.

After deliberations, on 20th December 2016, the dispute reached to an amicable solution, without any compensation and condition. On the sidelines, the Bagang clan offered to provide some amount of reparation to the victims' family.

Also, the victims' family and the Techi clan assured Bagang clan that there will be no revenge or penalties in the future, related to this matter.

On 7th January 2017, the BWS submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner of East Kameng district and East Kameng Social Welfare & Cultural Organisation (EKSWCO), briefing them about the settlement of dispute. The BWS also urged the DC and EKSWCO to acknowledge the settlement of dispute and to bring to the notice of the society, under their capacity, so that a precedent is being set, whenever such a dispute arises in the future.

We express our gratitude to the family members of late Niya Tachang and Techi clan and fully endorse their wise decision, which should be considered as trendsetter in our society having the notions of revenge and fine system, said BWS chairperson, Engineer Tafang Bagang, who also expressed gratitude to those mediators for bringing amicable solution to the critical dispute, stating that it will have a big impact in our society in the days to come.




Holi greetings

ITANAGAR, Mar 12: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh P B Acharya has extended festival greetings to the people the state on the festive occasion of Holi. He expressed his hope that the festivity will promote communal harmony and happiness in the society.

In his massage, the Governor said that Holi marks the arrival of spring, a season, when Mother Nature manifests its beauty and grandeur in a colourful splash all around, rekindling the verve and zest for life, symbolically stands for start of a new life of spiritual wisdom and devotion. Let the festival of colour inspire us to follow the cherished principles of secularism, peace, love and universal brotherhood, the Governor further said.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has also conveyed his greetings on the occasion of Holi to the people of the state wishing them 'all the colours of life'.

In a message on eve of the festival, Khandu expressed optimism that the festival of colours would usher in peace and prosperity as well as accelerated development in the state. "This Holi let's affirm our belief on the victory of good over evil and reiterate the commitment to be good and helpful to all living beings," he said. Khandu beckoned everybody to celebrate the festival in the right spirit, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair relationships. He also appealed to people to celebrate the festival with care and avoid mishaps.




Daily wage earner killed

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Mar 12:  In an unfortunate incident, a daily wage earner, identified as Habibur Rehman (in his 20s) was allegedly stabbed to death by petty snatchers identified as Yura Taru and Millo Bhai around 6:30 in the evening at Sekey Colony near Akashdeep on Saturday, informed the Arunachal Pradesh Police, Itanagar unit.

The police also informed that one of the accused was under the influence of alcohol during the incident. It is said that the accused were attempting to rob the deceased and his friend. When he retaliated, he was stabbed in the chest.

The deceased later succumbed to his injuries at RK Mission Hospital, Itanagar.

Meanwhile, within three hours of the incident, the Capital police acted swiftly and arrested the accused and recovered the knife which was used to commission the crime. The accused have been kept under police remand.

The police team was led by SDPO Techi Henyir, OC, T Bage, and SI Enya Ete, under guidance of SP A Koan.




'Tani la Mopin' staged at Tomi Polytechnic

BASAR, Mar 12: The play "Tani la Mopin", a Galo folk tale on Mopin Festival was staged at Tomi Polytechnic College, Basar on March 11 by the National School of Drama, New Delhi, in collaboration with GRK, Basar.

Designed and directed by Riken Ngomle, the play was held to mark the end of the 30 days theatre workshop at Gori village, Basar, which was underway since February 10 last.

Riken was assisted in direction by Dorjee Wangdi, while Rilli Ngomle gave the music and choreography.

The same play will be performed at Bapatla National Theatre Festival Andhra Pradesh on March 27 next.




No damage reported as hailstorm hits Mebo

[ Maksam Tayeng ]

PASIGHAT, Mar 12: A heavy hail storm hit various locations of Mebo Sub-division, like Mebo, Ayeng, Borguli villages etc in East Siang district on Sunday.

Fortunately, there has been no damage of public or private properties yet.

When contacted, Mebo ADC Yemling Tayeng informed that the hailstorm hit several portions of the Sub-division but damages of plantation crops, vegetable gardens and death of livestock are not yet reported. The hailstorm also hit other parts of East Siang last week, including district HQ, Pasighat.




ANDSU resents delay in bridge construction

NAMSAI, Mar 12: The All Namsai District Students' Union (ANDSU) has expressed resentment over inordinate delay in construction of the bridge over Teyang River.

Narrating the communication problem faced by the people of Mimey village under Chongkham circle due to absence of an RCC bridge over the river, the district students' union strongly appealed to the authorities concerned to instruct the construction company to expedite the bridge work.

Since 2014, only 35 percent of the total work has been completed till date, the students' union informed.




DCM inaugurates 'Kitchen King' for food connoisseurs

ITANAGAR, Mar 12: Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein inaugurated 'Kitchen King Restaurant' for the food connoisseurs at Chandranagar Market here on Sunday.

Congratulating the Kitchen King Management for coming up with such a venture, Mein said that local entrepreneurs must make good use of the conducive atmosphere to invest in the state. The government is ready to extend all possible help to them to boost the local economy, he added.

Describing the youths as the greatest wealth and strength of any nation, Mein said that the state government has come up with many skill development policies which has been already highlighted in the budget to channelize the youth power in right direction.

He appreciated initiative of the restaurant management for their professionalism, saying that they are the role models for other youths towards setting goal of self-reliance and employment generation.

Minister Industries and Cooperation Tamiyo Taga said that good hotels and restaurants are integral part of tourism infrastructure which is needed to attract tourists in our region.

Prominent among others who were present on the occasion include former Minister Takam Pario, Chairman AP Rubber Board Tame Phassang, Chief Engineer Hydropower Jummar Kamdak, Secretary RWD Kapa Kholie, Secretary Science & Technology Gaken Ete.




Women are source of strength to society: Anu Swami

WAKRO, Mar 12: Addressing an assembly at Anu Bhawan on Women's Day, Swami Sri Sri Anu exhorted women not to be misled by the concept of women empowerment and guided them to rather be established in the reality that they are the source of strength, peace, prosperity and harmony.

Expressing his opinion, the saint said that ‘if man is head of a family, woman is the heart of the family. If man is logic, woman is love. If logic and love are in perfect balance there will be a healthy and happy society. Woman is a binding force and a harmonizing being. One should create harmony with the strength that a woman is rather than create conflict by the improper and misleading women's empowerment campaigns’, he said.

On a lighter note, he encouraged women by saying 'Why do women need one Women's Day? Every day is yours. There is no need of a Women's Day; there must be Women's World instead.'

Speaking on the occasion, Lohit DC Danish Ashraf appreciated the Apnes and KGBV Wakro girls for the excellent performances of cultural show on Women's Day. Ashraf thanked Swami Anu for choosing to bless and help the cause of education and social uplifting in Lohit district.

Appreciating the rope malkhambh performances by rural school students of KGBV and the Apna Vidya Bhavan, Colonel Dilawar Dhaka of 11 Grenadiers encouraged the youth to join the Indian Army. He informed the audience that the Indian Army gives ample opportunities for one’s growth, in addition to giving the great opportunity of serving the country. The officer also appealed to all elders present to motivate youth to join the armed forces.

Host of social and corporate leaders from all over the country attended the function and interacted with the dignitaries and members of the general public.




Medical camp


DAPORIJO, Mar 11: The Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers' Welfare Board (APBOCWWB) on Friday organized a medical camp particularly for the registered members of the organization at the labour office.

Besides general health check up, vaccination against Hepatitis-B and tests for Hepatitis B, C and diabetes were carried out during the day-long camp conducted by a team of doctors from Naharlagun.




SDHWC reduces chakka bandh duration

[ Maksam Tayeng ]

PASIGHAT, Mar 12: The Siang District Headquarter Welfare Committee (SDHWC) has reduced the duration of its proposed chakka bandh at Pangin from seven days (168 hours) to two days 12 hours (60 hours), starting from March 15, 5am for the overall welfare of the general public.

In a press note, SDHWC President, Tapang Jamoh informed that the decision to reduce the chakka bandh timing was taken in a meeting at Pangin on Friday last in view of ongoing CBSE examinations and keeping in mind that the small-time contractors are not affected during March ending.

'Our organization, being a public welfare committee, thought of not giving much hardship to our own people', added Toni Tali, Vice President, SDHWC.

The proposed chakka bandh is in protest against the alleged move to shift the district headquarters of Siang from its notified permanent headquarters Nyobo (Perang-Lampang). The SDHWC has demanded early development of infrastructure at Nyobo.




Army provides amenities to school

TAWANG, Mar 12: The 281 FD RGT, under the aegis of Hq 5 Mtn Arty Bde provided amenities, such as furniture, carpet, utensils etc worth Rs 2.5 lakh to Government Primary School, Changprong in a simple function.

The amenities were provided under Operation Samaritan project of the Indian Army with an endeavour to improve the quality of education in areas of its operation.

Handing over the amenities, Major Ashis Chitale assured full cooperation from the army in future as well.

The function was attended by civil administration, Gaon Burah, chairperson and members of School Management Committee, villagers, teachers and students. (DIPRO)




Social worker's demise mourned

NAHARLAGUN, Mar 12: Social worker Kome Yangfo passed away on Saturday morning due to cardiac arrest.

A native of Dara Yangfo village in East Kameng district, Yangfo is survived by two wives, three daughters and three sons.

'An active social worker, Kome was the chairman of the G-Sector Development Committee, president of Naharlagun Tourist Taxi Union and social service secretary of the Yangfo Welfare Society (YWS),' YWS President Hano (Jotin) Yangfo said in a press release.

Members of the YWS deeply mourned his sudden demise and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

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Difficult days ahead for Congress

The result of assembly election in 5 states have come as big bonus for the ruling BJP. Party won massive mandate in UP and Uttarakhand. It is on the verge of forming government in Goa with support of smaller parties and independent MLAs. Party is also hoping to form government in Manipur. The stunning election victory is being credited to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party president Amit Shah. The duo has manage to surpass all expectation and got such massive mandate for the BJP. The UP victory is expected to lay foundation for BJP in 2019 general election.

 The result also pose serious question mark over the future of Congress party. Though party scored impressive victory in Punjab, it lost miserably in Uttarakhand and UP. Questions are being raised about leadership of party vice president Rahul Gandhi. However, problem for Congress is not only about leadership but it’s much deeper. Party is facing factional problem in almost every state. Congress leaders are more worried about their personal growth than that of the party. This is the root cause of Congress downfall. The party is also failing to shed image of being pro-Muslim and that of a corrupt party. Unless these issues are tackled Congress will never win heart of the people of India. There is vast disconnect between Congress and the people. With Narendra Modi continuing to dominate Indian politics, the road ahead looks extremely difficult for the Congress.







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Letter to Education dept

Dear Editor,

Through your Esteemed daily, I would like to convey my grievances regarding the cancellation of Post matric Scholarship.

We have applied for the PMS scheme 2016-17 for availing scholarship from the Central Govt as they provide us with an amount of more than 30,000/-per annum as our scholarship through Govt.of AP.

Though I haven't availed PMS scholarship last year, yet I  have applied for same this year for the scholarship, and regarding cancellation notice (NOC) issued by the DHTE we opt to cancel the State Scholarship which is merely 9000/-per annum  and avail the Post Matric Scholarship.

Concerned department Directorate of higher and technical education       should not have an issue regarding the release of stipend. We have already given our Linked Aadhar card during filling of form on the Scholarship application.

They are creating mere excuses, tension and chaos among thousands of students studying outside the state and overall it is not possible to run and complete NOC within a short span of time.


Worried Student




Questionable exams in private schools

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I would like to aware the concerned authorities and the individuals associated with, regarding some real corrupt activities that takes place during the board exams of Classes X and XII, especially when the exam centres are private schools in the state.

I have been through one. I appeared for my 12th board in 2016, where I gave the exam at a private school (undisclosed) in the capital complex. what was very shocking to me was not the fact that students cheated in the exam but the teachers and the school authorities themselves were involved too. Halfway through the exam, the teachers provide the students with compactly stapled cheat papers which are distributed. The students are allowed to bring mobile phones, even after 'thorough checking' at the entrance. The students are allowed to talk to each other and then there's so much voice, it's more like a fish market than an exam taking place. Back when I was appearing for my 12th and came across what really happens behind the scene, I was taken aback. I did my best to complain to the head authorities but nothing happened. I tried telling my friends to complain collectively but all they said was," What can you do? Everybody cheats even in board exams, students and teachers alike and everybody knows that".

The thing that concerns me the most is the fact that students attend schools, especially 'private schools' for better education or 'so they say' but after what I've seen and been through, it's more like a pathetic business to acquire more students scoring high (even if it's by cheating) to put up in the posters and advertisements and add to their laurel than providing them with true and quality education.

I don't know if the parents or guardians are aware of the fact because once I even saw a parent demanding at the time of admission that his son should pass, no matter what; who I later came to know of, failed twice appearing from a Government School.

I couldn't give my board exam with the full potential that I had. What was discerning to me was normal for others and for some 'an opportunity to score more' and maybe that's why this kind of reality is silently swept under the rug.

I know that some private school authorities and parents are aware of the fact, which I would like to sincerely request not to indulge in such malicious activities. And the students should score by their own capability. A student should gain and acquire and be taught more than enough regarding the syllabus in an academic year provided and even the students should abide by that and score by their own true potential rather than give in to corrupt ways of scoring more.

Now that 2017 board exam is just around the corner, many students might be unaware of the situation. Educational qualification should not be just about being able to pass or score high (by cheating), it should become one's asset and the knowledge should be 'gained'.

This is real serious issue and the youth of our society being introduced to the route of corruption from such a young age is concerning. Therefore, I would like to conclude my letter with a request to the Government and the concerned head authorities to control the cheating rackets that takes place during the upcoming and future board exams. And also the students not to get involved in such miserable activities.


Concerned Citizen





Dear Editor,

Why authorities are in such a hurry that they can't wait for NSP merit list generation?

We have waited this long for scholarship. Nevertheless you are giving us an additional stress with your infamous cancellation notice.

Are we enrolled to scholarship so we can cancel it at the final stage?

Are you trying to tell us not to go for central scheme?


Confused student




Give us more time

Dear Editor,

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to bring to notice a simple issue which caused a great deal of loss.

March 9, 2017, CBSE English exam for +2 students. I too appeared the same in centre Govt. Higher Secondary School, Ziro.

The 15 minutes is allotted, as per CBSE rule to the students. I asked the invigilator for it, he/she completely rejected it, and ordered us to close the question paper. Due to the lack of time, I had to leave precious mark. Even loosing 1 mark in +2 exam means a lot to us.

I am not condemning the reputed institution, whereas, I want the principal of the same said institution to look into the matter urgently as we have more exams coming up.


Aggrieved Student






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