March 21


CoSAAP launches non cooperation movement, AAPSU questions demands

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The indefinite non-cooperation movement in the form of 'pen and tool' down strike by state government employees under the banner of the Confederation of Service Associations of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) in protest against non-fulfillment of its demands began on Monday.

The CoSAAP claimed that state government employees throughout the state are participating in the agitation and desisted from performing duties on the first day.

"There were efforts from the CMO and Chief Secretary to negotiate, but the central executive committee of CoSAAP refused the offer since negotiations with the Chief Secretary and Deputy Chief Minister, so far, bore no fruits," stated CoSAAP in a release.

"The employees will continue the indefinite non-cooperation movement until the demands are considered," the CoSAAP said while lamenting the CM's alleged refusal to give an appointment to discuss the issues in the last seven to eight months.

The demands of the CoSAAP include implementation of FR-56 (retirement age at 60 years), withdrawal/modification of NOC system in matters of promotion and retirement, grant of Transport Allowance, implementation of Medical Attendance Rules, grant of Children Education Allowance, implementation of All India LTC Rules, restoration of Lateral Entry system in APCS (EG) as per original Rules and payment of Adhoc Bonus to non-gazette employees.

However, the All Arunachal Pradesh Students' Union (AAPSU) expressed its dismay over the indefinite strike launched by CoSAAP and vehemently opposed its demand for retirement age at 60.

"Any complacency on part of the state government on the matter pertaining to enhancement of retirement age to 60 years would be viewed seriously by the apex students' body of the state", the Union warned.

'AAPSU is of the firm belief that with increased age limit from the existing one, a state of stagnation will be encouraged and that shall deprive the opportunities and aspirations of many younger generation,' AAPSU President Hawa Bagang said.

"It is unbecoming of a reputed and matured organization like CoSAAP to indulge in pen and tools down strike every now and then, that too at the end of the financial year, bringing untold miseries to the common public," Bagang added.

General Secretary Tobom Dai also opined that the demand for withdrawal of NOC system in matters of promotion and retirement as demanded by CoSAAP is a ridiculous act.

Dai further requested the members of CoSAAP to "lead by example in bringing the much desired social change, rather than demanding for scrapping the laid down system that is foreboding and act as a deterrent to individual service holders engaging in any unlawful activities."




Lohit forest dept. files FIR against poaching

TEZU, Mar 20: The Lohit Forest Department has filed an FIR against some unknown miscreants at Tezu Police Station on March 19 based on Facebook posts  which showed the miscreants (two others without face shown) posing with several dead exotic birds and air rifles purported to be the weapons used for killing.

In a press release, DFO S Manyu informed that such wanton killing is banned under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 (amended up to 2006) and can lead to imprisonment of up to seven years.

The police are currently on a hunt for the illegal poachers.

DC Danish Ashraf said that under the recent guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, all air rifles and guns need licenses from the district administration. He asked the gaon burahs to take a note of this rampant misuse.

The DFO also requested for support from all civil societies to support the cause of "Save Forest & Wildlife for Brighter Lohit" to contain wildlife and forest related offences. He said that wildlife resources are open treasures of the state and a handful of forest officials cannot control its destruction unless the civilians come forward in support.

He also urged the public to report any wildlife and forest related offences to the Forest Department at 9436289478/ 8974130914/ 940200925/ 9615556854. Name of informers shall be kept secret and they will be appropriately rewarded as per approved departmental rates in case of information leading to seizure of wildlife meat. (DIPRO)




Alleged Police fees collection forces SP to board a truck

[ Maksam Tayeng ]

PASIGHAT, Mar 20: The police manning the Raneghat, 2 Mile and Ruksin check gates in East Siang district have been alleged of illegal collection of entry and exit fees from vehicles, forcing the SP Pranav Tayal to board a truck incognito to find out the realities.  

The alleged illegality by some police personnel deployed in those check gates was brought to the notice of the Superintendent of Police by Anchal Samity Member of Ayeng Village under Mebo Sub-Division, Apaying Perme during the anti-drug awareness programme at Ngopok village on Saturday.

The ultimate sufferers of this illegal practice by police were the poor passengers, Perme said. He said that because of the illegal practice, passenger vehicles charge extra fare from passengers.

Taking serious note of the allegation, the SP, along with OC of Pasighat Police Station Atan Taki travelled in a truck through Raneghat check gate from Mebo and returned to ascertain the allegation at ground level.

However, the police staff did not charge any fee from the truck, the OC said.

Reacting to the alleged illegalities, SP Pranav Tayal appealed to all to inform him on such illegal practices, if found, so that he could take prompt action against those erring police personnel.

Apart from action against erring cops, the SP said that measures are being taken to crack down reports of extortion in the name of donation by various organizations.




NABARD launches water conservation campaign

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The NABARD has decided to launch a major water campaign during the current year, covering around 1,00,000 villages in vulnerable/ water stressed areas and more specifically where the ground water is over exploited.

The decision comes on the heels of a similar campaign undertaken last year

which covered some 40,000 villages and received encouraging response at the field level. Since NABARD has been implementing large number of watershed development projects in various states, the important learning and successfully demonstrated local technologies for efficient conservation and management of water resources and promotion of climate resilient agriculture through community involvement, will be one of the key inputs to sensitize the rural community during the campaign.   

The campaign would essentially focus on creating awareness among the rural community about the methods of water conservation, preservation and its efficient utilization at various levels using modern technologies like micro irrigation (more crop per drop), traditional water management practices, adopting improved package of agronomic practices, etc. As a part of the campaign, area specific contents covering different water management practices applicable to local conditions for various agro climatic regions, with emphasis on community participation are being developed.




ACRs to be assessed on Aadhar capturing: DC Lohit

TEZU, Mar 20: Taking strong cognizance of the dismal performance of Aadhar seeding with bank accounts in the district, DC Danish Ashraf said that annual appraisal of respective HoDs would be based on Aadhar capturing of their beneficiaries.

He said this during a meeting held at Tezu with various department heads to chalk out a constructive plan for full coverage of flagship central schemes.

Upon receiving reports that Aadhar operators were facing insurmountable problems due to meager emoluments and constant power failures, DC Ashraf announced that the district administration would bear all the cost for lodging during their stay here. However, he asked the DSO cum nodal officer T Manlong to ensure that not a single rupee was collected from the public for processing fee.

Aadhar capturing and seeding with bank accounts has been made mandatory to avail schemes in all social welfare related departments. Various schemes under Education (Stipend, Sanitary Napkin Scheme), ICDS (IGNDPS, IGNOAPS, IGNWPS), Food & Civil Supply (PHH) and DRDA (MGNREGA, PMGSY) to name a few, already require Aadhar seeding of the beneficiaries.

In the meeting, various problems faced by the DDSE, CDPO, DFCSO, DD ICDS, PD DRDA, CO Sunpura in implementing 100 percent Aadhar seeding were discussed.

The issue of floating population, mainly consisting of seasonal labourers, which constantly led to fluctuation in data coverage, was also deliberated upon. While saying that any illegal entry must be curbed, the DC also stressed that access to food was a pivotal human right. He directed DFCSO S Chakravarthy to ensure that even the poorest of the poor had access to subsidized basic commodities.

The DC also asked Lead Bank Manager P K Bakshi to submit details of bank accounts with Aadhar seeding and directed him to ensure complete support for the same.  

Making special concession for senior citizens who did not have proper birth certificates and therefore faced importune delay; it was decided to instead provide them with adhoc certificates signed by an authorized medical practitioner.

To facilitate people in far off areas without banking facilities, the meeting concurred to send 'Bank Mitras' to speed up the linking process. The HoDs present were also directed to obtain an undertaking from their concerned staffs overlooking Aadhar seeding to ensure cent percent coverage and if not, the reasons behind it by April 1 next.

The DC said that Aadhar linking for all flagship programmes must be completed within March 31, otherwise the names of the beneficiaries stood to be cut from respective lists. He also directed the HoDs, BDOs, ZPMs and other PRI leaders to publicize this decision widely for a stipulated period, within which, any objection for any incorrect or wrong Aadhar entry could be raised.

The meeting was also attended by SDO (S) cum overall in-charge Gautom Hazarika, DDSE Mana Linggi, DD ICDS T Amo Perying, CO Sunpura S Bellai, CO (Dev) Une Pertin, CDPO S Chai, PD DRDA Tuli Gangkak and GHSS Principal E Lego. (DIPRO)




The fashion destination that wears a heart inside!

[ Nellie N Manpoong ]

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: 10 am and the 'Mystique Fashion Destination' starts to welcome customers with its latest fashion products on sale. Going by the name of the boutique, one may well label it as another exclusive run-of-the-mill fashion store mushrooming in the state capital Itanagar. Step inside to a section and a heart-warming story unfolds.

There is this belief that everyone has a purpose in life - in whatever way or form it may be. This purpose has the power to touch lives of others and make a difference in unimaginable ways. While some remain without direction throughout their lives, some find their purpose after it hits them…at times like a bolt of lightning!

When 27-year-old Amung Tadu Lollen's routine medical check-up at the North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences (NEIGRIHMS), Shillong revealed that she had Stage III stomach cancer, she had her world spinning. It was one of those moments, which one takes for granted that this only happens to others, not to me, not today, not now.

As shocking as the news was for Amung and her husband Molee Lollen, they accepted the news and the subsequent treatments and doctor's advises that followed.

After months of depression, pain, chemotherapy and an operation later, Amung is now working towards creating more awareness on cancer and raising funds for underprivileged patients suffering from the dreaded disease. This inspiration, she says, came to her during one of her stays in the hospital for her chemotherapy and while interacting with other patients who were undergoing treatment for various forms of cancer.

"There was this gentleman -a farmer, who had throat cancer. He told me how difficult it was for him to arrange the Rs 40, 000 required each time he had to take his chemotherapy. I was fortunate enough that my family had enough for my treatment and other basic necessities. His story and the stories of all the others struck a chord with me and I decided that I would do something once I gain the strength to get back up on my feet, literally," says Amung.

This resolve of hers gave birth to 'AMG Accessories', an initiative to raise funds for cancer patients.

Under AMG Accessories, she is currently selling earrings, flowers and dream catchers -all handmade by her. She uses local beads in her earrings to showcase the traditional aspects of Arunachal, with a touch of modern designs so that it can be worn every day and by everyone.

She began selling her items since early March this year and has collected about Rs 10, 000 from the sales in less than a month, and said that 100 percent of the profits will be given to patients undergoing cancer treatment in NEIGRIHMS. Amung is in touch with the doctor who treated her in NEIGRIHMS, Oncology Surgeon Dr Caleb Harris, who has assured his support in her venture. She first has plans of creating awareness among school children, for which, Dr Harris has agreed to come down to Itanagar when required.

On her choice for selecting NEIGRIHMS to donate, Amung says, "Many patients with advanced stages of cancer from Arunachal are referred for further treatment to NEIGRIHMS, and I have also formed a bond with the doctors, nurses and staff over there who will help me with genuine cases. Apart from donating funds from the sales of the products, I also intend on sharing some time with patients and assure them that they are not alone in their fight against cancer."

She explained how her family, especially her husband was there for her during the tough time. Since Molee is also the lead vocalist of Yesterdrive, an indie/ alternative rock band based in Delhi, it was nice to learn that he balanced work and family well.

However, she does tell us that many she considered close had left her side. "They probably had their reasons, but a gentle reminder that my family and I were not alone in this battle against cancer would have given me more strength to keep fighting. I would advise those who know cancer patients to support them morally, if not in any other way, so that they don't feel alone and depressed like I did," she said.

Though Amung is now cancer-free, cancer sometimes make a comeback, which is why she recommends a healthy lifestyle and a healthy attitude to fight any such life-threatening disease.

Amung's products under the label Amg Accessories are exclusively sold in the Mystique Fashion Destination, located on the Tadar Tang Marg that sells all kind of fashion accessories like clothes, shoes, etc. She has a small section in the shop that may well be called the heart of the boutique!

Incidentally, store owner Licha Pera had lost her mother to cancer last year, and this is her way of supporting Amung and showing solidarity with cancer patients and their families by offering space for sale of products by Amg Accessories.

While Amung's hand-crafted earrings range from Rs 100 to Rs 350 and flowers from Rs 20 to Rs 50, the dream catchers range between Rs 250 to Rs 600.

For most, understanding cancer and its consequences on the patient and their family - physically, emotionally and financially - would be difficult, but the truth is the disease exists and that a little support for the cause can go a long way if everyone does their bit.

Unlike other sections of the Mystique Fashion Destination, Amg Accessories is yet to attract huge rush of customers. But with a novel and noble objective up its sleeve, it is sure to have its share of customers, who by the way, will not be customers but partners in the crusade against one of the deadliest diseases to inflict mankind.




Motivate people to start their own enterprise: DC

HAYULIANG, Mar 20: Anjaw Deputy Commissioner, M Riba urged all line departments to motivate people and change their mindset by providing technical and motivational support to start their own enterprise.

She said this while addressing a Scientific Advisory Committee meeting held at Hayuliang on Wednesday last, which was attended by ADC In-charge, CO Chaglagam, DVO, HDO, DFDO and Branch Manager SBI Hayuliang.

The DC also asked the KVK and line departments to select villages like Paya, Glatonglat and Chingwinty as model villages for showcasing latest technology in farming, with the objective to deliver benefits to all the sections of the society. She also called on the KVK and Horticulture Department to promote floriculture on commercial basis and develop the district as the export hub of cut-flower in the years to come.

Anjaw KVK Senior Scientist and Head, Dr Manish Kanwat in his address said that KVK Anjaw has established the cybernetic cell for the welfare of farming community, and briefed about the importance of horticulture-based farming system for sustainable livelihood. He further stressed on the need to establish good nursery for growing and supplying quality free planting material to farmers.





RGU student adjudged best oral paper presenter in NERRSM-2017

SILCHAR, Mar 20: Karsing Megu, a PhD research scholar from the Rajiv Gandhi University's department of Zoology received a trophy from the Vice-Chancellor of Assam University on being adjudged as the best oral paper presenter in the recently concluded North East Regional Research Scholars' Meet-2017 at Assam University, Silchar.

Karsing edged past 47 other participants from various leading universities of the North East region like; NEHU-Shillong, Mizoram University, Gauhati University, Dibrugarh University, Tripura University, Manipur University, Assam University and Rajiv Gandhi University.

Earlier, four students from RGU faculty of Life Sciences, namely Karsing Megu, Tapi Taka, Hage Konya and Jentu Giba were shortlisted to represent RGU by the academic branch of the university.

The best poster presentation prize was awarded to Somorita Bhaisya, a research scholar from Assam University.

Speaking on the achievements of the students, the Deputy Registrar (Academic & Conference) of RGU, Dr. David Pertin said that students are in the right orientation and have the dedicated earnest towards achieving their research targets.





Bike lifting incidents on the rise in Pasighat


PASIGHAT, Mar 20: There has been an increase in the incidents of motorbike lifting in Pasighat town of late.

Over half a dozen of motorbikes have been stolen from different parts of the township during the last couple of months.

The lifters are even daring to steal motorbikes from Bakin Pertin Hospital premises, defying police vigil and CCTV camera surveillance.

Recently, a Pulsar bike (AR-09 A/ 5660), owned by one Nongki Tamuk was stolen from Pasighat General Hospital premises. A case has been registered by the Arunachal Pradesh Police, Pasighat unit following complaint from the owner.

The local public and sufferers allege dereliction of duty by police on duty in the hospital.

"There is a police out post inside the general hospital, but the police are hardly seen performing their duties. On many occasions, the IRBn personnel on duty are found wandering outside the hospital premise in evening hours,

which is encouraging the thieves to carry out their activities without any fear and hesitation," alleged Talung Tamuk, a local, who has also suffered at the hands of the thieves.

Moreover, the CCTV cameras in the hospital do not function during night hours.

According to Joint Director of Health Services Dr K Lego, low voltage, inclement weather condition and lack of fund for maintenance were some of the main reasons for non-functioning of the CCTV cameras during night hours.




Skill young people to empower them, says Education Minister

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: Addressing the 23 trainees who completed their three-month residential training in hospitality here at Don Bosco Youth Centre (DBYC), Education Minister Honchun Ngandam spoke of the importance of skilling young people in order to empower them.  

The Minister, while expressing happiness over seeing many trainees from his home district of Longding completing the training successfully, appreciated the DBYC for the great environment made available to the youth and called DBYC 'an asset to the state'.  

Honchun also requested the trainees moving out of the state to be disciplined and to take care of safety in a personal manner and to make the institution, department, and the state proud through hard work.

Earlier, while welcoming the guests to the valedictory function, Father Mathai, Parish Priest, Itanagar, appreciated the Minister for the efforts and commitment shown in transforming the educational environment of the state.  

Madhu Krishna Garg, Secretary of Social Justice Empowerment and Tribal Affairs and Skill Development and Employment Generation also lauded the efforts of the trainees from Longding for venturing into new terrains from such a remote area in search of excellence and a decent livelihood.

The Secretary also spoke about the importance that the Central Government is placing on Skill India Mission. "Having a natural inclination to be welcoming and hospitable, you will find hospitality sector a welcome avenue for you", said Garg to the trainees. The Secretary also appreciated DBYC for making the training meaningful by incorporating life-skills into it and thus making the same an opportunity for young people for all-round development.   

Taw Tebin, Director, SJETA, in his exhortation appreciated DBYC and the active involvement and commitment it has shown to skill development of youth.  He also expressed great happiness over that fact that the training centre has achieved a record of more than 80 percent placement and hoped the same continues in the future as well.  

Dr V N Sharma, SLO, NSS, also thanked the Education Minister for the initiatives he is taking to improve the educational scenario of the state. He also thanked Secretary M K Garg, Director Taw Tebin and Deputy Director Yumlam Kaha for encouraging the training and the good will shown to DBYC.  Dr Sharma also called upon the trainees to make Arunachal fly high in whichever place they work by being good human beings.

The trainees will leave for placement at various resorts in Kerala, like Travancore Heritage, Trivandrum and Backwaters Ripples, Kumarakom in the days to come.  





Singing legends honoured

AALO, Mar 20: The awards conferring ceremony for All India Radio (AIR) artistes of the 1970s and 1980s of the Galo community was organized at Gumin Kiin, Aalo recently.

The awards were conferred in different categories-GGL Group Lifetime Achievement Award in lyrics, GGL Group Galo Centurion Melodies (GCM), GGL Group Special Recognition Award and GGL Group Singing Legends Award.

Singers Moge Doji, Jomnya Siram, Goto Ete and Late Marto Kamdak were conferred with the GGL Group Galo Centurion Melodies (GCM) awards for crossing 100 songs in their singing career.

Mijum Lona was conferred with the GGL Group Lifetime Achievement Award in lyrics for his outstanding contribution towards lyrics of Galo songs, while Rode Karcho received the GGL Group Special Recognition Award for her outstanding singing contribution, especially in Mopin festival songs.

The GGL Group Singing Legends Award was given to first Galo AIR artiste Duri Taipodia, Late Hogmar Ingo, Tumi Bagra, Daktum Bagra, Dagjum Lollen Ete, Bamo Riram, Ragli Karso, Dr Moji Jini, Hoggam Bogo, Domin Karbak, Nyasi Amo, Tony Koyu, Marbom Gadi Yomgam, Jumbom Rina Nyori, Pebom Bagra, Toi Kato Sora, Jiri Jirdo Ete, Late Dui Lollen, Ripu Mindo and Kenkar Yomcha.

'The sole motto of the programme was to recognize the contribution of the singing legends of the Galo community of the 1970s and 1980s', said programme Chairman Nyamo Doji.

A book titled "The First Generation Galo Singing Legends (1970s to 1980s)" was also released during the programme.

The award function was held under the chairmanship of Nyamo Doji, a renowned social worker on March 4 last.





Community-based eco-tourism training at Ziro

ZIRO, Mar 20: A training-cum-awareness programme on 'Community Based Eco-Tourism for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Livelihood Development' was conducted by the G B Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment and Sustainable Development (GBPNIHESD), North-East unit, Itanagar at Mother's Home of Achukuru Welfare Society, Ziro on Saturday last.

The programme aimed at creating awareness about community-based eco-tourism for strengthening capacity of local communities for sustainable livelihood development and conservation of biodiversity.

During the programme, GBPNIHESD Scientist, Dr K S Kanwal gave a detailed presentation on the community based eco-tourism as a potential tool for biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihood development, and discussed the potential and prospects of community-based ecotourism in the state.

Speaking as resource person, Lower Subansiri District Tourism Officer, Dikchu Raji apprised the participants about various ongoing schemes of government for development and promotion of tourism in the state. Range Forest Officer, Nyilyang Tachang highlighted the importance of wildlife for tourism and said that community participation can play a key role in conservation of biodiversity and development of tourism in the region.  

Chairman of Ngunu Ziro, a local NGO, Hibu Tatu informed the participants about the concept of homestays, roles and responsibilities of homestay owners, and positive as well as negative aspects of homestays.

Achukuru Welfare Society Chairman, Tailyang Shanti, researcher, Tami Mize, Apatani Student Union President, Habung Tada, GBs, BMC Chairman, besides people from Hong, Tajang, Hija, Hari, Old Ziro, Myolong, Siiro villages and  tour operators attended the programme.





Rider arrives solo in capital

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: Nikhilesh from Mumbai has arrived here on Sunday on a solo motorcycle expedition with the theme 'Indian Diversity' and met Director of Youth Affairs D K Dinglow and Adventure Cell In-charge Dr K R Meetei.

He started his journey from Mumbai on January 21, 2017 and has already crossed 18 states and is planning to culminate his Bullet safari on May 7 at Mumbai.  

During their discussion, the Director stressed on the need to explore the Trans Himalaya from Changlang district to Ladhak Himalayas by organizing a motorcycle expedition among the youths of the state, to which Nikhilesh assured to lead the expedition team, if invited.

The Directorate of Youth Affairs is intending to conduct more adventure sports activities during 2017 - 2018, keeping necessary fund provision in SAADA to motivate youths of Arunachal Pradesh to take up adventure activities for self employment, Dinglow said.

He hoped that the Government of Arunachal Pradesh would consider the proposed scheme enabling the Department of Youth Affairs in grooming the youths in right direction.




20 nurses graduate

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The capping ceremony of the 30th batch of students of the Ramakrishna Mission Hospital School of Nursing was held on Saturday at the Vivekananda Hall, Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar.

At least 20 nurses received their caps on the occasion from the Principal and Vice Principal of the school. The new entrants who received the caps also took the Service vows in Sanskrit and the Nightingale pledge on the occasion. The top three rank holders were also awarded prizes.

The function was followed by a colourful cultural program, which was presented by the students of the School of Nursing.

Among others, the programme was attended by Yupia District and Sessions Judge Jaweplu Chai and presided over by Revered Swami Achyuteshanandaji Maharaj, Secretary, R K Mission, Shillong, Meghalaya.




AdiSU opposes inclusion of Nari-Koyu in Lower Siang

[ Maksam Tayeng ]

PASIGHAT, Mar 20: The Adi Students Union (AdiSU) has reiterated its strong opposition to inclusion of any area falling under Nari-Koyu Assembly Constituency with Lower Siang district.

Reacting to a demand of a students' union seeking non-exclusion of any area under Nari-Koyu Assembly segment from Lower Siang district, AdiSU in a press statement said that the union had already apprised the government of its stand over the issue through dharnas, representations and series of bandh calls opposing inclusion of any Adi land and villages in Lower Siang district.

AdiSU alleged that attempt is being made by some organizations to compel the state government to notify the territorial jurisdiction of Lower Siang district contrary to the Dharmendra Sharma-led High Power Committee recommendation.




Heema Hospital goes hitech

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: Heema Hospital has installed a state-of-the-art M4 Medtronic Microdebrider for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. The M4 Micro-debrider is the latest advanced machine of its kind with in-built suction and irrigation, which has the capacity to cut tissues with 360 degree accessibility. It makes surgery more precise and faster with less bleeding.




Weeklong training on effective communication at RGGP

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: A weeklong soft skill training programme on "Effective Communication" was conducted for the first year students of all the disciplines at Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic (RGGP) here under AICTE-NEQIP scheme from March 15 to 20.  

The objective of the training programme was to improve communication aspects and to enhance the confidence of students in learning the English language.

The students were given tailor-made course books on spoken English. Sessions were also conducted on verbal and non-verbal communication, understanding body language, and reasons and ways to improve body language.

The students participated actively in the training programme, which was imparted by experienced and professional trainer Raj Rasool of Third Eye Education Consultant, Guwahati, using audio-video teaching aids.

A similar training programme is also underway for second year students starting Monday and will conclude on Friday next.




SFSC Aalo celebrates 10 years

AALO, Mar 20: To mark the successful completion of 10 years of its service in the field of education, St Francis De Sales College, Aalo celebrated its decennial with a vibrant and colourful programme on March 18 last.  

With the motto "Light to enlighten", the St Francis De Sales College, Aalo was established on 18th March, 2007, and since then the education institute is imparting educational requirements of the students of the state.

Speaking on the occasion, Parliamentary Secretary for Sports &Youth Affairs, Nyamar Karbak congratulated the college management on successful completion of 10 years in its service in the field of education.

Karbak advised the students to take part in extracurricular activities such as games and sports, besides studies. He also informed that the Chief Minister is giving emphasis to education, health and sports sectors.

College Principal, Father Vipin George acknowledged the services rendered by many fathers, sisters, staff and well wishers who contributed towards the growth of the institution and felicitated them with shawls and mementos.

Besides parents, special invitees, advisory board members and alumni, the programme was also attended by Reverend Father George Parampukattil, General Secretary for Education MSFS, and Reverend Father Emmanuel Mappilaparampil, the Regional Superior MSFS.

The daylong programme included various colourful cultural show displays from the students.




Kiwi saplings distributed

HAWAI, Mar 20:  Kiwi saplings were distributed to about 32 farmers and farm women from Chameliang, Rittiliang, Hayugam, Phillang and Barafu villages during a ICAR, KVK Anjaw  organized day-long training programme under BADP scheme on 'Plantation of kiwi fruit under Hayuliang-Goiliang circle' at Chameliang village on Monday.

During the programme, Subject Matter Specialist (Horticulture) and Course Coordinator, Rebecca Eko gave a detailed presentation on the practices of kiwi cultivation. She also emphasized on its importance, uses and potential to be the next promising fruit crop of Anjaw district.




Eco-friendly dustbins distributed

ZIRO, Mar 20: Eco-friendly dustbins were distributed to each household of Tasso village, Ziro on Sunday last, by the Tasso Clan Youth Organization (TCYO) to ensure cleanliness during the ensuing Hari-Bulla Myoko festival. Members of the TCYO had also conducted a cleanliness drive at the said village earlier on March 11 last, as part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.




Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The fifth 'Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav' is being organized in the North Eastern region from March 23 to 31 at Parade Ground, Tawang.

The opulent main stage at Parade Ground will also exhibit cultural programmes from March 23 to 25 in between 12:30 pm to 4 pm.  

Around 100 artists representing various tribes and communities of Arunachal Pradesh will be exhibiting the cultural traditions of the state at Tawang.




APTOA mourns death of tourist

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The Arunachal Pradesh Tour Operator Association (APTOA) has mourned the tragic death of a Bulgarian tourist at Sela Pass on Sunday and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul. The APTOA also appreciated the Indian Army for rescuing the 127 tourists who were stuck in a snow blizzard at Sela Pass near Tawang.




International Day of Happiness

CHANGLANG, Mar 20: The Assam Rifles based in Changlang under Dao Division organized various activities in its area of responsibilities on the occasion of International Day of Happiness.

The activities included a medical camp in Khimyong, painting competitions at Manmao and drawing competition at Margherita. (DIPRO)

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Economic blockade is inhuman

The nearly five-month-long economic blockade on the two National Highways of Manipur by the United Naga Council has come to an end since last night. The blockade was lifted following tripartite talks among the representatives of the Centre, new BJP State Government and the UNC at Senapati District Headquarters on Sunday. The blockade was imposed on NH-2 and NH-37 by the United Naga Council on November 1 last year to protest against the creation of seven new districts by the erstwhile Okram Ibobi Singh-led Congress government in the state.

Lot of politics has been played over this issue. Both BJP and Congress accused each other of playing role in the blockade. During the assembly election, this was a major issue. People of Manipur will be hoping that with the lifting of economic blockade situation will return to normal. Blockade had led to steep rise in prices of essential commodities and severely affected the normal life. In the last decade on several instances Naga groups have used economic blockade as means to put pressure on Manipur government in order to fulfill their demand. This is absolutely wrong and is a grave human right violation. Such kind of economic blockade only makes life miserable for poor and downtrodden. In the past Assam has also used economic blockade as means to punish Arunachalees whenever boundary dispute erupts between two states. Therefore Union Government should take strong measures so that in future no one dares to impose such kind of inhuman blockade on fellow citizens.







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Strategic connectivity of North east and its Tourism Potential

Dear Editor,

North East always finds a mention on a tourism bucket list.  There are wild destinations to witness three sixty degree happiness. But there is transportation bottleneck in the entire north eastern states. We need to find the opportunity to capitalize it.

National highways of north east carry strategic interest for this frontier land. Improvements of these roads will bring sea change in their tourism industry.  The historic Ledo-Stillwell Road is required to open for South Asia connectivity. Even Mountbatten confused this Ledo road to be a river, while flying over the Hukawng valley during monsoon. The Indian side of the road is still navigable by car, but once in Burma, the road soon disappears.  The India-Myanmar-Thailand (IMT) road corridor of the Trans-Asian Highway network will greet commuters very soon. Our PM is very keen to make northeast (Astalakshmi) region to a tourist hub.

Beautiful Shillong popularly called ‘the abode of clouds’ is most preferred by visitors as it is easily accessible through incredible road from Guwahati, passing through some of the most magical mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and panoramic landscape.  The Kernel of the Cherrapunji plateau comprises the oldest rocks in the State.  Despite hanging fire last two decades, the survey of Shillong railway network has now finally completed.

Bus services are introduced to connect Calcutta via the capital of Bangladesh. People of Tripura, Meghalaya and Assam, which share extensive boundaries with India's eastern neighbour, would benefit from this. India and Bangladesh are also keen to strengthen railway connectivity, which were in existence prior to 1965. They are set to sign a coastal shipping agreement to facilitate sailing of small vessels from India to various ports in Bangladesh, which now go through Singapore. India feels improving connectivity with Bangladesh will help linking the North eastern region with Southeast Asia.

Railways are coming up Bhalukpung to Tawang, Murkongselek  to Pasighat in Arunachal and Silapathar. Very sooner we will have easy access to India’s another mountain pass Tawang, which has recently caught tourists’ attention. It was under Tibetan government even after independence until Indian Army took over in 1951. Also it has significance as a place where the Chinese occupied for a long time, preparing the 1962 war almost unhindered until international pressure brokered a ceasefire.

The opening of old Silk Route makes Nathula the centre of attraction for border trade to specific type of goods to promote friendly relationship. Nathula has its significance as our then PM Nehru and Spiritual Dalai Lama crossed through this pass. BRO inspiring line “if you can dream it you can do it” is doing excellent job in maintenance of one of the highest motorable roads.

Barak valley of Silchar is now connected with broad gauge. Mizoram capital is to be on railway map by next year. India wants to connect its Railways track with Chittagong port through Sabroom. Even Bangladesh shows interest into the same tourist circuit. Chittagong port will be the NE’s first gateway to the sea since partition. Tripura entered the broad gauge railway map of the country connecting capital via Guwahati.  Agartala-Akhoura railway link would be part of trans-Asian rail connectivity in the future.

When we look Dubai, it is very interesting to know that Tourism is an important part of the Dubai government's strategy to maintain the flow of foreign cash into the emirate. Nevertheless, the country remains principally reliant on its export of petroleum and natural gas. Moving back to India, In Gujarat, people always talk about the ideal destination of a romantic holiday. And I cannot remember an occasion when there was so much excitement and anticipation on the tour of journey to the land of Portuguese. It had been truly a phenomenal tour de Diu. The people of Diu retain their heritage to date and tourism is the only industry of their state.

Our own mighty Brahmaputra has its potential to be a mega hub for  tourist. More number of bridges will bring ease connectivity to both side of the river. Even neighbouring Gangtok established to be a visitor’s delight. Despite disturbance, hospitality in Kashmir valley is well known. North east needs to develop their own strategy to attract tourist. We are not just states of suffering problems; surely, we have hope and happening around. It has been the meeting point of many communities, faiths and cultures and has some real surprises for the travellers. Together we can generate immense interest within and outside the nation.

The ongoing campaign by Assam tourism signifies excellent start to add momentum to promote and showcase Assam around the world. Act east policy will surely add bright outlook for higher tourist footfalls from south Asian countries too. Relaxation of permit for foreigner and better air connectivity will add to its progress. Despite geographically isolated from the rest of the India, the new roadmap of Assam make visitors friendly once they reach in this land. Surely it promises to be a hot-spot tourist destination in future. One should experience the rare beauty of this wonderful land once in life time.


Kamal Baruah








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