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May - 14


Hengam and  Langtha wins Mrs and Mr Mithun awards

ITANAGAR, May 13: One may find it ridiculous to see the award winning Mr Mithun and Mrs Mithun, but the inside story is that such kind of award in a Kishan Mela would go a long way towards conservation of Mithun in the state.

The mela was organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Papum Pare in collaboration with the Agri allied Departments and Nyishi Agri Allied Society.

Nabam Epo’s Mithun named Langtha of Emchi Village won the Mr.Mithun title and Nabam Tany’s Mithun of Chiputha village named Hengam bagged Mrs. Mithun award on the concluding day of two-day Technology Interface cum Kisan Mela- 2010 held at Mani village today.

The first ever Kisan Mela cum Mithun show will create a deep impact and help the farmers in improving the farming sector, said Programme Coordinator, KVK Dr. Taba Heli.

It was really a tough job to judge out two winners among 154 Mithuns (112 female and 42 male). Unlike other shows certain criterion like health, body structure, colour and other aspects were taken into account for selection, said one of the judges.

Dr. Taba Heli further informed that first ever Community Mithun Rearing Centre is underway in the district for conservation of Mithuns. Altogether 154 mithuns have been vaccinated against Foot and Mouth Disease, 142 Muthin were implanted Micro chip. Besides Mithun, more than 100 domestic animals were also vaccinated on the day, Teli added.

Mithun is pride of the people of Arunachal, it is inseparable cultural heritage and indigenous identity of Arunachalees, said parliamentary secretary, agriculture Rajesh Tacho, the Chief Guest of the programme.

Giving a clarion call for protection and conservation of this gentle creature, Tacho informed that state Govt is also taking up steps to prevent the diseases of mithuns and other cattle with the help of Research and developments by veterinary scientists, voluntary workers .

He termed the Technology Interface cum Kisan Mela as very good step towards protection of Mithuns, and awareness of farmers about new technological developments.

He also highlighted the initiatives being taken to boost agri sector saying that Govt is giving more emphasis on the development of Agriculture and its Allied activities to promote and encourage the farmers to produce more. ‘We must work together with dedication  for development, he said. He also assured to do his best to fulfill the demands mentioned in the memorandum placed by Chiputha panchayat bodies.


APCC terms ANYA bandh call as unjustified

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, May 13: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) today strongly opposed the 24-hour Capital bandh call announced by All Nyishi Youths’ Association (ANYA) on May 17 for alleged failure of the Govt to issue white paper on Annual Operation Plan (AOP) and meet other demands of the association.

Terming the demand of the ANYA for resignation of Chief Minister on AOP as ‘unjustified’ and ‘irrelevant’ APCC president Nabam Tuki informed the media persons that Chief Minister had already decided to have its own AOP at the earliest possible time for this fiscal. APCC chief said, the departments have been directed to prepare and submit their draft AOP immediately. Therefore, question of CM’s resignation does not arise, he added.

Pointing out the difficulties being faced by the general people and huge financial loss to the business community during the bandh in state Capital, Tuki appealed the ANYA to withdraw the bandh call.

Any grievances by the pressure group or NGOs should be discussed with respective authorities concerned to find out a solution, Tuki asserted. Agitation and bandh calls by any youth organization or students body, who are the guiding force for next generation   will affect livelihood of general public, vitiate the peaceful atmosphere, besides hampering all progressive work in the state, he  added.

Reiterating the Govt stand on AOP, Tuki further said state Govt had  made it clear on the earlier occasion that the AOP for the last year could not be prepared because of time constraint due to assembly elections besides implementation of central sixth pay commission in toto.

Enforcement of the election model code of conduct by the CEC during last Parliamentary and Assembly elections was one of the impediments in preparing the AOP,'' the APCC  chief said.

Meanwhile, opposing the ANYA bandh, National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), Papum Pare unit said bandh is not a solution to any state problem. Bandh only cripples the life of general people and badly affects the academic career of the students who are preparing or appearing for the examinations in various institutions, the union said.  

It appealed the association to withdraw the bandh and find out the solution to their demands through discussion with authorities.


Pan Arunachal identity is the need of the hour

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, May 13: In the last decade Arunachalee society has witnessed drastic changes with tribal way of living gradually being replaced by materialistic life style. All the talk of tribal innocence is dying a natural death. Today, the strong bond of brotherhood among citizen is not as strong as it was   before and negativity is crippling the basic structure of our society.

The attitude of ‘who cares for other ‘is dangerously becoming new trend of people’s outlook. Recently I happened to be driving from Itanagar to Naharlagun. On the way a biker met with an accident. I along with some motorists stopped and helped the biker. But to my utter surprise and shock many people just zipped past and did not bother to help him. During my student days at Mysore and Delhi, I did witness such acts quite frequently but I always thought that at least in Arunachal people won’t behave like that way.  

Another disturbing trend fast catching up is that Arunachalee identity has taken a back seat within own state and regionalism is taking forefront.  

Today every tribe is busy consolidating their area of influence and for many citizens, the tribe from which one belongs to matter more than their Arunachalee identity.

“During my graduation days at Bangalore once we fought with local people there after they had abused one of the Arunachalee girls.  As we were less in number, we all got beaten black and blue.  But we all were happy that we stood together as Arunachalees.  But things change so much once we are back in our own state,” one young student rued.

He went on to add, “there are burning issues like  unemployment, drug abuse and HIV-AIDS affecting our youths but nobody starting from politicians to bureaucrats care about  the  unending issues. Everybody is busy making life better for themselves.”

Most of the residents do not have time to spare for any social activity and if anybody comes up with some noble idea for betterment of society, there will be many suspecting the motive of that idea.  

A NGO worker on condition of anonymity shared an interesting incident: “Some NGOs from outside recently wanted to conduct a workshop for rural employment generation activity in our state. After thorough study we picked up one village but villagers there questioned many things about the workshop and demanded heavy amount of money for hosting.  It was a bad experience.”   

Such kind of negative attitude only harms the society and should best be avoided.  

Development does not mean that we forget the ‘soul’ of our tribal culture, which taught us to live for each other in all adverse circumstances. There is an urgent need to revive old memories and bring back the ideology and tribal ethics of that era of Arunachal, where genuine love and care for fellow citizens existed.  

End of the day one should not forget that we make up small number in this huge country. If we don’t care for ourselves, rest assured nobody including people at Delhi will care for Arunachal.


SHGs to run Public Distribution System

ITANAGAR, May 13: NABARD, Arunachal Pradesh will collaborate with the Department of Women and Child Development and Department of Civil Supplies to run Public distribution system/ fair price shops through SHGs on a pilot basis in different parts of the State. NABARD will help the SHGs in their capacity building for undertaking the task along with savings, thrifts to enhance their livelihood and income earning opportunities.

NABARD has officially requested the Department of Agriculture, to revive the Kisan Call Center to provide information to the farmers on credit, technology, weather and market in a seamless manner on 24/7 basis. NABARD will facilitate with other financial institutions for providing information on credit whereas the Government and Meteorological Department will provide information on weather, technology and market.  

The joint Director, Agriculture in an informal communication with GM, NABARD has disclosed that the state government is seriously considering to revive the Kisan Call Center in the interest of the farmers.


Efforts to revive lost glory of APFCL

ITANAGAR, May 13: Arunachal Pradesh Forest Corporation Limited (APFCL) chairman Punji Mara has appealed to the chief minister for awarding works and fund to utilize the present human resources and make best use of the assets and infrastructures created by the APFCL.

Mara, who visited various establishments of the Corporation at various locations to get first hand information of the assets and infrastructure created by it, said most of the APFCL’s assets and infrastructure could not be maintained properly due to financial constraints.

He, however, said that the success of APFCL in cash crop plantations has motivated the local farmers of Tirap, Changlang and Lohit district to take up tea plantations in their villages and community lands. He also appreciated the APFCL’s endeavour in popularizing tea and rubber plantations in Tirap, Changlang and Lohit districts.

Mara visited Medo Tea Estate, Bordumsa Rubber Estate, buildings and infrastructure at Jairampur, Miao and Namphai Veneer & Saw Mill and appealed to the district administrations to help the APFCL protect the assets and plantation areas from encroachments and illegal occupation.

During his visit, Mara interacted with the local people and leaders, who have demanded that APFCL must continue its various projects in the state for generating employment opportunities like its past years.

It is worth mentioning here that after the ban on timber operation by the Supreme Court, the APFCL survived on the cash crop plantations created by it.

During his maiden visit he also held meetings with the corporation’s officers and employees and asked them to work with dedication and right spirit to bring back its past glory and establish APFCL as one of the top revenue earning organization in the state.

Meanwhile, Mara assured the contractual employees to take up their matter in the Board meeting and with the state government. A Govt. corporation cannot run with contractual employees for a longer period, he felt.

He was accompanied by the officers of the APFCL during the tour.


Health Worker Training Camp

ITANAGAR, May 13: A five day Health Workers Training camp was organised by Vivekananda Kendra, Arun Jyoti at Khonsa from May 7.

20 youths from Tirap and Changlang districts participated at the residential camp.

Dr T Matey (DMO i/c) inaugurated the camp while Dr.K.Socia (MO), Dr.Roy (SMO), Dr.Rakshit (SMO), Dr.J.Thingnok (DTO) and Dr.Debashis were the resource persons.

Chairman, DOTC Yumsen Matey was the chief guest in valedictory function appreciated the work of Vivekananda Kendra and assured all possible help for such activities.

He congratulated the participants for their active participation in this Health Awareness activity. Similar Camp was conducted in VKV Kupurijo for Upper Subansiri District where 8 youths got training.


Land Management team visits Pasighat

PASIGHAT, May 13: Parliamentary Secretary Land Management Padi Richo accompanied by a team of Officers headed by Director Land Reforms, Ministry of R.D, Dr. A.K Singh, Director Land Management E. Nangkar with Joint Director visited Pasighat on May 11 last.

The team visited Mirbuk Village and interacted with the villagers at Mirbuk Musup (Community Hall) to get their opinion regarding existing reforms, possession system.

They also enquired and wanted to know about sanitary and flood protection system in the rural areas in the district. The team of Officers also inspected the District Land Management and Revenue Settlement Office and collected required documents relating to existing Land Management System and township.

The District Land and Revenue Settlement Officer (DLRSO) Roken Pangkam and CO (Land Management) Natek Nonang requested the visiting team of Officers to provide latest modern tools and equipments, instrument for smooth and effective functioning of the Land Management activities.


The Menace of Terrorism

Kago Gambo

The menace of terrorism is a global phenomenon today. The terrorists are highly equipped and well funded. They are extremely daring, always ready to lay down their lives in face of the bullets. More often than not they run parallel governments.

The terrorism may be state-sponsored or may be founded and led by an individual or group of individuals. One such state-sponsored terrorism is ISI of Pakistan. ISI is supposed to be external Intelligence Agency of Pakistan but its tactics and methods of working are extremely violent/ militant. ISI is the main agent (tool!) of Pakistan which is out to wreck India and settle score which prevails because of the seeds of communalism sown by the British's Divide and Rule Policy of the colonial period. The terrorist activities are afflicting all parts of the Indian subcontinent. Because of its militant activities the SIMI(Students Islamic Movement of India) has been banned by the Government of India, since when the activists have gone underground and is carrying on their nefarious activities from behind the scene. Islamic fundamentalism is not restricted to Indian subcontinent alone but has spread its tentacle to various parts of the world. Osama Bin Laden's Alqeda is World-famous monster which is terrorizing the entire world. The World Trade Centre and the Pentagon which are located at the heart of the Capital city of the super-power USA were shattered within very short time by the Alqeda. Such dreadful activities of the terrorist groups have sent a clear signal to the government regimes across the world that the terrorists can challenge and fight any of them.

None other than the Late P.M. Rajiv Gandhi was killed in suicide bomb attack at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu. His mother Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own body guards only because she crushed the Punjab terrorists by launching operation Blue Star not as any selfish individual but as a great woman P.M. of India. LTTE of Sri Lanka is glaring example of terrorist power and oppression. Late P.M. Rajiv Gandhi was supposed to be given ful-proof security, but for the LTTE it was a child's play to show to the country's security agency that it is no match for the terrorist intelligence and tactics.

The LTTE has ultra modern weapons and infrastructure like Rocket Launchers, Radio broadcasting system and what not and what to talk of AK 56 or AK 47. AK 56 or AK 47 itself can fire innumerable successive rounds within a few seconds which is a very rare provision to the state Police Force. Fear and dread amongst the people all over the world was the imminent Third World War ( WW-III) after the Second World War (WW-II) but that is not possible especially after the fall and disintegration of the erstwhile USSR but the current universal menace afflicting the entire World is the terrorism which is causing untold sufferings, havocs, devastations and deaths. The terroristic exchange of fights between palestine and Israel is the every day affairs. It flushes the newspaper's headlines and the news channels almost every morning and evening. This militant attack competition is taking place for the decades but with no solution or settlement at present and no settlement or solution in sight in future. Naxalite militant is creating havocs and causing untold sufferings and deaths in about four- five states of Indian Union for decades. Fear psychosis grips the travelers traveling in the Highways of these states. Maoists are threatening the life and property in Nepal and India as well which has put the security of the people in extreme dangers.

In the remote and hilly North-East scores of militant organizations like ULFA and BLTF etc. of Assam, NSCN(K) and NSCN(IM), etc of Nagaland,PLA, etc. of Manipur, Arunachal Dragon Force(ADF) , etc. of Arunachal which are creating terror amongst the people. In almost all the North-Eastern states the menace of militancy is widespread and pervasive too Arunachal Pradesh, once hailed as the Island of Peace' is now increasingly coming under terrorists maps. In national media it is the militant activities of the North East which is most highlighted and exposed. People in the mainstream tremble at the mere utterance of the two words "North East".

In the present world the terrorism has put the security of the life and property of the people and States at stake. Parliament House which is the seat of the Union Government Power is easily infested by terrorist activities. In December 2001, quite a few lives were taken at the centre of the Country's le islative House by the daring terrorists. A glaring instances of terrorist attack is 29/11 Mumbai attack in 2008 where even number of foreign terrorists were killed besides so many Indians.

The menace of terrorism is out of proportion and devoid of human face. The planes are hijacked and its passengers are put at ransom and killed and butchered when their impossible demands are not fulfilled by the Government. At times it is just difficult for the slow-moving so-called people friendly democratic Governments to rescue the hijacked passenger or even to response to the genuine demands of the terrorists: The kiths and kins, the press and the media are panicked and they make unnecessary hue and cry which put more obstacles for the shaky governments than to bring any solution. Entire country becomes a talking, voicing or noising shop. The plane hijack to Kandhar is one of the famous examples. The attacks of the terrorists do not discriminate between military men and civilian populations. More often than not it is the innocent civilians who are made the victims of the bullets or bombs. The innocent kids, children, women and men all become prey to the terrorist attacks. The terrorists do not spare the religious shrines and places too. The Punjab terrorists were utilizing the famous Golden temple of Amritsar as their safe heaven and from there they used to fire at the government security forces. Offices, factories, market places, Independence Day grounds, educational institutions, cinema halls, legislative buildings, the Residences of the Head of the Government or State and religious places or shrines all are vulnerable to terrorist attacks and destructions. Like Second World War the terrorists fight on land, air and water. Just sky is the limit for them. Illiterates or literates, uneducated or educated, professors or Scientists, innocent men or hardened criminals, ladies or gents, ignorants or intellectuals all are involved  in the terrorist groups. Their intelligence network is superb which easily beat the CIA or FBI.

The terrorists fight for diverse causes. May be to secede from the parent country and form an independent State; or may be as operation against corrupt Government or system; or may be for greater autonomy within Indian Union; or may be to get better attention to their own region from the Centre; or may be to get separate Country for Tamil Population in the Sri Lanka; or may be to achieve Greater Assam or North East; or may be to wreck and settle score with the long-standing hostile neighboring countries; or may be to get more economic aid; or may be to topple the popularly or unpopularly elected Governments; or may be to earn cheap popularity ; or may be to gain monetary or material benefits. The list would be just endless.

The equal number of reasons can be cited why people join terrorist groups. Sometimes people join terrorist groups , out of fear of revenge or avenge after committing serious crimes like murder. Sometimes, may be to avoid unpleasant and harsh jail term/ life after committing certain crimes; or may be to create terror among the people and its popular or unpopular government; or may be because of unbearable unemployment problem they face; or may be to take revenge upon somebody or some people who harmed them in some way; or may be to fight corruption or corrupt system; or may be to create separate and independent home land. The list again would be just endless one. Sometimes, the innocent people are recruited forcefully much against their will which bring agony to them and their kiths and kins.

The menace of terrorism is a malice more cancerous than any other problem be it AIDS or cancer, be it World War or Cold War, be it earthquake or Cyclone, be it external aggression or internal rebellion. This menace should be reduced to the minimum if not completely eliminated. Otherwise, instead of World War - III occurring, the World Terrorist War (WTW) may take place and wipe out the entire humanity. For that all the citizens of the World should pose and ponder and try to give solution to this problem of terrorism. Governments alone cannot solve the vexed problem. All should cooperate and contribute to solve this. The strategies required would be multi-pronged. While trying to solve the menace of terrorism the root causes should be analysed and identified and given suitable and effective remedy with long term goal in view. For that co-operation, support and contribution of all including terrorists themselves would be indispensable and invaluable to keep the world a safe place to live. (The writer is an Assistant Professor, D.N.Govt. College, Itanagar)


Cricket coaching

ITANAGAR, May 13: Board of Control for Cricket India (BCCI) and National Cricket Academy (NCA) have jointly selected five Arunachalee cricketers and a coach to attend coaching camp for North East players at Shillong from May 17 to 24. The selected players are (Under 16): Techi Neri, Nabam Hina, Nabam Gunya, (Under 19) : Song Tacho and Kamsa Yangfo, (Coach) Lokam Garga, according to Arunachal Cricket Association release.


50 MW from Central pool for Arunachal

ITANAGAR: Union Minister of Power has agreed to allocate 50 MW additional power requirements to Arunachal from the Central Power Sector soon.

This was informed to Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha Takam Sanjoy and Parliamentary Secretary Nido Pavitra after they met Minister of Power Sushil Kumar Shinde yesterday in New Delhi.

On the basis of recommendation of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu  and letter written by Secretary (Power) Tumke Bagra, they had apprised the Union Minister of Power about the difficulties being faced by the people of Arunachal Pradesh because of shortage of power and requested the Minister for allocation of additional power of 50 MW from the Central Power Sector.

The Central Power Sector has allocated only 5 MW to the state of Arunachal Pradesh which is insufficient and unable to meet the power requirements on the domestic as well as industrial fronts in view of the upcoming hydro power projects, defence and commercial establishments.


Storm hits Lohit

TEZU: Lohit District continues to reel under extreme hardship due to heavy rain with strong storm that hit the district on May 10 and 11 last.

Huge damages to government and private properties have been reported from various circles of the district.

Many trees, electrical and telephone poles are reported uprooted which has resulted in disruption of essential services in the district.

The report added that the over flowing of river water at Alubari due to incessant rain also added havoc to the citizen and caused huge damages.


APSES condole

ITANAGAR, May 13: Arunachal Pradesh Secretariat Employees Association has deeply mourned the death of Late Koj Tagyang, a section officer, who passed away on 12th of this month. Association prayed for the peace of his soul.  

Its time BCCI confront self proclaimed gods


Dear Editor,

The former cricketers have rightly asserted that the Indian players weren’t good enough in this edition of T20 World Cup. Even in T20 World Cup 2009 and Champions Trophy, India had bitten the dust.

Aided by the under-prepared Indian pitches assisting the spinners and the flat tracks, where the deliveries do not exceed knee-height, helping the stroke-makers; India had managed to notch few wins, which catapulted it to the status of No.1 in Test cricket. Far from laying the myth of ranking to rest, the media and the common public have gone gaga over it and the overhyped cricketers have also started to think themselves as God! Thus any criticism from former cricketers are not tolerated or taken positively, rather the Harbhajan Singhs promptly call press conferences and vent their ire upon those who dare to highlight the shortcomings of the team. The cricketers would have rendered a greater service to the nation had they preferred to retort with bat and ball, instead of using the mike. If Ray Price of Zimbabwe( the No.3 ranked bowler in ODI cricket) is not superior than Zaheer Khans, Muralidharans, D.Steyns, S.Bonds or  M.Johnsons( who are all ranked below); then India is also not the numero uno team in international arena.

    If the BCCI is really concerned for the welfare of the team, then it should ask the players to perform consistently and direct the selectors to sack the non-performers irrespective of their past heroics, reputation or glamour. An extremely talented bunch of cricketers have arrived in the national horizon. And the Manish Pandeys, Sourabh Tiwaris, Wriddhiman Sahas, Ashok Dindas, Naman Ojhas and Ambati Rayudus are just raring to go. If India falters again in subsequent series or tournament, the selectors should not hesitate to replace the overhyped superstars with the Young Turks.

   Lastly, BCCI should instruct the Indian curators to prepare pitches according to the international standard so that our domestic "giants" do not find themselves at sea in foreign shores where pitches are bouncy and conducive to fast bowling.


Kajal Chatterjee,


(On email)



Let citizens have access to clean water


Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities, who are responsible for poor water supply in the capital complex.

As per the guidelines given by Supreme Court in "Rural Litigation & Entitlement Kendra vs State of U.P.(1988), also in M.C. Mehta vs U.o.I (1987), made it clear that "right to live" in pollution free environment is  part of "Right to Life" guaranteed in article 21 of our constitution which also includes safe drinking water.

But for the last few days the citizens of the capital are receiving unsafe and polluted water supply for their domestic uses.

It is good for those concerned that till now no untoward incident has taken place. But sooner or later it will happen because the water is being supplied without taking due care and may be without testing the quality too.

Therefore, I appeal to the concerned authorities to take necessary action before it’s too late.


(Byabang Ganga)

(On email)

APCC opposes Tsangpo Dam, Cabinet clears Dam Safety Bill

ITANAGAR, May 13: Even as the Congress government in Arunachal is on MOA-MOU signing spree to develop power potential, unmindful of fear being expressed by environmentalists, the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) today opposed the reported construction of a dam by China on the other side of the international boundary.

According to recent reports, China is undertaking construction works of a dam over Tsangpo River for a 500 MW power project, which has invited strong resentment from various organisations in the North Eastern part of India.

While opposing coming up of the dam over Brahmaputra which would have adverse impact in Arunachal Pradesh, APCC President Nabam Tuki during a press conference here this afternoon said that such move should be opposed by all quarters.

He said the Centre had already constituted a technical committee with members from Central Water Commission to study the impact of the said dam in North East and it would soon submit its report.

Meanwhile the Dam Safety Bill 2010 will be introduced in Parliament as the Union Cabinet today approved the proposal of the Water Resources Ministry for enacting the legislation.

The new legislation will help states in adopting uniform safety procedures.

It also provides for proper surveillance, inspection, operation and maintenance of dams on certain parameters (called specified dams) to ensure their safe functioning, and thereby protect persons and property against risks associated with dams failures.

Provisions have also been made in the legislation for periodical inspections, instrumentations and establishment of hydrological and seismological stations.

The proposed measure also addresses the issues of emergency action plan and disaster management, and enlists the requirements of comprehensive dam safety evaluation.

This Bill seeks to enjoin responsibility on the Centre, state governments and owners of specified dams to set up an institutional mechanism for ensuring safety of such dams and reporting the action taken. (UNI with input from ATNS)


Govt to increase salaries of SSA teachers: Siram

Felicitation of best performing teachers

ITANAGAR, May 13: Education Minister Bosiram Siram has announced that the salary of SSA teachers would be increased from June 2010. He further informed that the government is trying to work out modalities for regularization of SSA teachers.

He said this at felicitation of 60 SSA teachers for their commendable services in the field of Education in the state by the SSA Rajya Mission.

This is the first time that SSA teachers have been appreciated by the government for their untiring effort in imparting education in nook and corner of the state since the launch of SSA programme. The award carries a citation with cash award of Rs. 3000/-

He also informed that the state government is looking forward to construct 2668 teacher quarters to mitigate the accommodation problem of teachers. He opined that, while the government is seriously thinking for the benefit of the teachers, the teachers should also commit themselves to carry out their job in a qualitative manner. Stressing on quality education in the context of Right to Education, he declared that no untrained teachers would be recruited henceforth. “Education is a permanent asset and we cannot compromise with it”, he said.  He advised the teachers to live upto the government’s expectation to improve the educational scenario of the state.

The minister appreciated the efforts of the SSA Rajya Mission in conducting the felicitation programme and expressed his happiness on getting a chance to hear from dedicated teachers working at the grass root level.

State Project Director P.N. Thungon sought commitment and dedication from SSA teachers for the cause of education and appreciated the awardees who have been teaching in their designated places of posting with utmost sincerity and devotion in spite of all odds. He hoped that the awardees would be role-models for other teachers to emulate the spirit of dedication and commitment.

Expressing their happiness at the honor bestowed on them, the awardees apprised the Education Minister regarding the plight of SSA teachers who are working without any salary hike for the last 8 years.

SSA teachers don’t get accommodation facilities or any kind of leave like regular teachers. Even then, they have been diligently carrying out their duties even to the extent that many Secondary & Higher secondary schools are run by SSA teachers! The teachers fervently requested the Minister to look into their grievances especially regarding Pay hike & Regularization.


Aggrieved Press fraternity mourns the death of Bibhuti Bhusan Bharali

Gone too soon

ITANAGAR, May 13: One of the most prolific photographers of Arunachal, Bibhuti Bhusan Bharali died this morning at the International Hospital, Guwahati following a sudden illness. His mortal remain was taken to Chamuagaon, in Jorhat, Assam for the last rites.

Born in 1976 and raised in Arunachal, Bibhuti joined IPR department in 1996 as a photographer. Soon he established himself because of his designing skill apart from his creative photography.

In a condolence meeting held in the office premises of the department, today Director, IPR, Leki Phuntso expressed shock and grief at the sudden demise. The department has lost a very good staff with his death, he said.

The Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) expressed shock at the sudden demise of prolific photographer.  

Being a member of the department of Information & Public Relations, late Bibhuti shared a cordial relation with the members of APUWJ. He may have been a government employee but he showed exemplary dedication towards his profession and by far, was one of the best photographers working in the state. His masterpieces that adorned the pages of the IPR Calendar year after year are only an insight into his craftsmanship, it said in a release.

As a young photographer, Bibhuti was sociable though a man of few words. He never complained of adverse situations that a photographer on duty has to go through and always tried to extend best possible cooperation to all working journalists and media houses of the state. His sudden demise is a great lose to the press fraternity of the state.  Bibhuti will always be remembered fondly by all the working journalists of the state for years to come. A vacuum has been created which would be difficult to fill up immediately in the near future, it added.

The Union appealed to the state government and the department of Information & Public Relations to render all possible assistance to the family members, especially by speeding up the official formalities mandatory as per government norms.

Sammanoy Gut Cooperative Society Limited and CCRD while reacting in shock to the news of Bibhuti’s death paid tribute to his dedication and professionalism which they had seen in their long association with him.


IFS officer kidnapped in West Kameng

Tezpur, May 13: Suspected NDFB militants kidnapped an Indian Forest Service officer from Doimara area in West Kameng district yesterday evening. A joint Director of Social Forestry based in Pune Vilas Bardekar, had come to Kellong Reserve Forest in Arunachal on May 7 Pune to conduct a survey on butterflies.  

From there he had gone to Kamengbari forest in Doimara area along with a local guide when he was picked up around 8 PM last night by the suspected militants.

When contacted by ATNS, SP West Kameng Palden while refusing to divulge any details said that Police is on the look out to trace the IFS officer.


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