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May - 19


Action plan to promote food processing industry in state under process

ITANAGAR, May 18: If things go as proposed, Arunachal would soon have an action plan to promote food processing industry in the state.

In this regard, NEDFi today made a presentation of the ‘Inception report on the Study and Action Plan for promoting fruit and Vegetable Processing Industries in Arunachal Pradesh’ at Udyog Sadan here.  

The Report prepared by the Consultant Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (IF & FS) engaged by NEDFi is the first of the four stages of report, which will culminate into the submission of final report by mid August this year.

The Study and Action Plan is aimed to provide a proper roadmap and strategy and comprehensive information to promote investment in the fruit and vegetable processing sector in the state.

Relevant Information in terms of location feasibility for setting up fruit and vegetable processing parks and units, potential crops, infrastructure requirements and gaps, mapping of horticulture production clusters, access to markets, status of post harvest and processing infrastructure will be surveyed. Identification of potential projects for implementation and recommendation on appropriate mechanism will be the outcomes of the study.

Parliamentary Secretary, industries Nabam Rebia while giving his inputs  to the action plan said that  Centre is keen to promote the sector in this highly potential state adding that ‘We need to ensure that our strategies and action plans are translated into action resulting in visible results. He also urged the financial institutions and agencies to come forward to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment in the industry sector  with the cooperation of the people of the state.

The NEDFi CMD K.N. Hazarika said that the study Plan would also help the state Government in formulation of the state Food processing policy. The CMD suggested for community based approach to benefit the growers adding that in the present scenario the farmers  get the least profit with the middleman enjoying the  bulk of it.  With adequate land and conducive agro-climatic condition, the state is well-equipped for a bright future in the fruit and vegetable processing sector, he further observed.

Director Industries, Subu Tabin  Subu Tabin stressed on accurate data with focus on skill development. The State govt. is giving special thrust to the food processing sector and the Action Plan would provide road map for the proposed state food processing policy, he added.

The study will be based on secondary research, field surveys, stakeholders’ consultation and focus group discussion.

It may be mentioned that the state department of industry had requested NEDFI to take up study to ascertain the feasibility of fruit and vegetable processing industry in Arunachal Pradesh.

 A good number of experts including Dr. Brijesh Srivasta, from Agricultural Engineering dept, NERIST, Prof. M.L. Khan Dept. Forestry, Dr. Lobsang Wangchu and Dr. B.N. Hazarika form College of Horticulture and Forestry, Pasighat, Dr. M.P. Bezbaruah and Bidyut Barua  from Guwahati , Dy. Director department of Horticulture , Arunachal, S.K. Dutta  besides NEDFi Branch manager Kabak Tani were present on the occasion and  suggested inputs in the Study and Action plan.

Presently the state has only 2-3 processing units in the state and the food processing industry is still at nascent stage in spite of immense potentials. DIPR


MWS sends essential medicines to Dibang valley

ITANAGAR, May 18: In its effort to share the pains and sorrows of people who are facing continuous torrential rains and landslides in Dibang Valley District, the Muskan Welfare Society led by the State’s First Lady, Anupama Singh sent essential medicines to the District Administration. The District is cut off from the rest of the State.

The First Lady said that this small gesture of MWS will help in mitigating difficulties being faced by the people of Dibang Valley.

The package consisted of more than 60 types of various medicines procured on the basis of list of essential medicines obtained from the Deputy Commissioner of the District.


RRTC underscores the need for Drug Abuse Prevention Program

ITANAGAR, May 18: Regional Resource and Training Centre North East II (RRTC NE II) Director, Dr. P. Ngully, in a letter to the Chief Minister appealed for intervention of the State Government on Drug Abuse Prevention Program while informing that situation of drug related problems is alarming in Lohit, Changlang and East Siang. As mandated by the National Institute of Social Defense (NISD) under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MSJE) Government of India, the RRTC NE II has been capacitating personnel and has been organizing sensitization and orientation workshop in Arunachal Pradesh since 2003. The latest of such program was held on 3rd May 2010.

Such abrupt halt in release of payment has not only adversely affected the financial position of the local contractors, which is threatening to stall the progress of their respective projects, but also losing people’s confidence and expectation from so called national project. This evidently is unfortunate and discouraging to contractors as well as the financial institutions.

Unforeseen/internal conflict between the PMGSY contractors and local community of the various project sites has become an order of the day, he added.


ACR calls for early release of fund against PMGSY works

ITANAGAR, May 18: In a representation to Union Minister Rural Development, Dr. C. P Joshi, ACR has called for early release of fund against PMGSY works in the states as has been earmarked and in accordance with the tender agreements to ensure maintain regular release of payments by the user agency in future.

Since last couple of months the user agency, Rural Works Department, Government of Arunachal Pradesh has failed to release the payment to PMGSY contractors on regular basis on the pretext that GOI has not released the funds. This has led to not only acute fund crunch for the local contractors who are mostly unemployed indigenous youths grappling to make a living out of it but also drastically affecting  the smooth and timely execution of projects that amounts to violation of the  tender agreements, ACR Chairman Bamang Tago said in the letter. Such abrupt halt in release of payment has not only adversely affected the financial position of the local contractors, which is threatening to stall the progress of their respective projects, but also losing people’s confidence and expectation from so called national project. This evidently is unfortunate and discouraging to contractors as well as the financial institutions.

 Unforeseen/internal conflict between the PMGSY contractors and local community of the various project sites has become an order of the day, he added.


Delay in road construction irks KTDDS

ITANAGAR, May 18: Irked with inordinate delay in completing the construction work of Jayanti-Fengchi road from Seppa, Kameng and Tawang Districts Development Society (KTDDS) demanded the state government to intervene in the matter for progress of the road.

The society claimed that the road, despite repeated pleas and complaints, remained incomplete for years.

It also questioned RWD department for the reason behind the inordinate delay.


Kharsang Football Tournament begins

Pinna Kitnal Muklom

MIAO May 18: Sporting events provide platform for talented youths to expose their talents and more of such events need to be organised said Miao Field Director S Jongsam while speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural function of Kharsang Football Trophy 2010’ (KFT) at Kharsang Higher Secondary school yesterday.

The one long month Kharsang Football Tournament is being organized by Kharsang Football Club and sponsored by Geo-Enpro Petroleum Ltd Kharsang. In all 22 teams from Kharsang and Miao circles are participating. The first prize carries a trophy & fifteen thousand cash award, while second place carries a trophy & rupees ten thousand cash award.

The start of the football tournament is a good beginning for the society as youths energy would be channalised positively, he added.

Jongsam while speaking to the players said that every player should have the four requisite qualities of strength, skill, speed and stamina. He further urged the players to maintain the spirit of true sportsmanship besides discipline.

He also hoped that more such tournaments like KFT would be organized so as to produce fine players who would not only play for the state but for the nation as well.

On the occasion, Jongsam called upon the people to preserve and protect the environment. He further raised serious concern at the alarming rate at which animals and the forest is diminishing. We need to save Tigers that is fast disappearing due to organized poaching in and around the country, he added.

He alleged that there is organized poaching on Tigers as there is huge demand for is skins and bones in the illegal international market.

We have to protect and preserve our environment for the future generation, Jongsam said and further urged all to keep their ears and eyes open to such organized crimes.

He further called upon the people to report such crimes to the concern authorities like the wildlife, forest and local administration.

Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary is not only the pride of the state but also of the country and its every persons’ responsibility to see that Namdapha maintains its status as well as to see that the Tiger Project is a success story.

Changlang district ZPM chairperson J Jugli attended the function as the guest of honour called upon the players to maintain discipline at all time.

She also urged all to play the game with good sportsman spirit. Jugli urged the players give in their best shot to make the tournament a grand success. She further said that players have to put in every effort and hard work to be the best.

Geo-Enpro Petroleum Ltd Kharsang is also sponsoring the Kharsang Eco-Cycling Competition for ladies on June 14 next. The first prize carries Rupees Three thousand cash award & one bicycle.

The motto behind the football tournament and the cycling competition is to ‘Protect, Preserve and Save Environment’.

APFA constitutes ad-hoc committee to organise club football league


Arunachal need to act before they are relegated to minority in their own land

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, May 18: There is a good lesson to be learnt out of Chakma-Hajong refugee issue resurfacing in state. The M-Pen incident where violent clashes broke out between tribal population and Chakma refugees is a dangerous precedent and in a way is warning for things to come in the future. These kinds of clashes break out when migrant population starts asserting themselves and take away rights of the indigenous people.

In recent past Arunachal is witnessing drastic demographic changes with migration of large number of people from outside. In places like Itanagar and Pasighat, migrants are more in number than local population.  There is growing fear among residents that Arunachal may become next Tripura in the coming years, where tribal inhabitants, once a majority group, constitute only 30% of total state population now.  

“I understand that inter-state migration cannot be stopped. But tribal state like ours should strive hard to check these migration or else we will lose our identity. Look at the status of Tripura, today local tribal people have become minority in their own motherland and are being deprived of their rights,” says Tarh Eha, legal advisor cum spokesperson of APPSDU.  

He added that already business sector of capital complex are being controlled by migrant business community.  “90% of businesses in capital complex are being owned by migrant businessmen.  During election they fund various politicians and are enjoying enormous prosperity.  Sad part is that some local people give them protection after being lured by few sum of money. They just make money from here and never bother for the welfare of indigenous people,” continued Eha.  

As per the 2001 census, non tribal make up 37% percent of state’s total population.  If this trend continues very soon in the future local, Arunachalee will become minority in their homeland. “With this speed of migration there is every chance that by the year 2020, we will become minority in our state. Government should take urgent steps to stop illegal immigrants coming into Arunachal. Time has come for us to be more protective of our land and identity,” says Ribbi Riba of Arunachal Citizens Right.  Everybody will be eagerly waiting for outcome of census 2010 to know the exact population ratio of state.  

According to data assessed by this reporter, neighboring state Assam sends largest number of migrant workforce to Arunachal followed by Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Kerala. The most concerning aspect is pouring in of many illegal immigrants. Very often these illegal migrants have been found to be indulging in criminal activities and easily getting away due to lack of documents against them.   

In recent days some lobby group in Delhi have questioned the legality of Indian citizens needing inner-line permit to enter Arunachal.  They feel being Indian everybody should be free to move within their own country. “It is known throughout the world that indigenous people with distinct character have every right to preserve their identity. We are within our right to have this inner-line rule. If there was no inner-line permits system, by now Arunachal would have looked like Kerala or UP,” shared another concern citizen.  

Further he added, “Already our indigenous culture is almost on the verge of extinction. Hindi has become major language in Arunachal and local tribal dialects are slowly eroding. Our kid mostly converse in Hindi and does not know anything about tribal traditions. ”  

Today countries across the world are grappling with this burning issue of migration and many are implementing laws to protect the interest of local population.  In India last year Mumbai city witnessed sporadic scene of indigenous people (Marathi) campaigning against outsiders mostly comprising of North-Indians accusing them of taking away jobs meant for local residents.

All these along with recent Chakma issue should act as wake up call to many Arunachalees who are undermining the danger of illegal migrants posing grave threat to the existence of indigenous people.

Museum Day

ITANAGAR, May 18: International Museum Day (IMD) was celebrated by Director of Research with a call for projecting and protecting rich cultural heritage of the state in a simple but impressive manner at JN State Mesuem here today.

Speaking on the occasion, Tage Tada, Director of Research, encouraged subordinate officers to put expertise and extra efforts maintaining unity and team spirit in projecting and protecting our rich cultural heritage. He stressed on organizing creative and innovative activities among the students on important accasion of the department.

Earlier, the director planted ornamental saplings in the museum and Heritage Building premises. Batem Pertin, Deputy Director of Research, delivered speech on IMD theme "Mesuem for social harmony," and highlighted the vast role of museums which gives us scopes for learning cultural, racial, ethnic and class diversity throughout the world.

State Mesuem Asst. director YS Wunglengton spoke about heritage and urged one and all to join hands together in promoting indigenous knowledge and traditions.

Officers and officials from Archeology, Culture, Philology, History, Mesuem and Archive attended the function.


Unsuccessful bid to consume public money

ITANAGAR, May 18: A failed bid to misappropriate public money by some panchayat leaders by producing false completion certificates against construction of Panchayat Resources Centre has been reported by the Lower Subansiri District Coordinator of Arunachal Pradesh Panchayati Raj Coordination Committee (APRCC).

The district coordinator, in a release, claimed that "some Anchal Chairpersons of Lower Subansiri district, especially Ziro-I area, have submitted photographs of some existing community halls, school buildings, angawadi centres and class rooms under SSA as a proof of completion of Panchayat Resources Centre for claiming payment." "In fact, no actual construction work has been done till date," the release claimed.

However, payment against those constructions was held up with timely intervention of the RD & PR Minister on the matter.

The District Co-ordinator claimed that he along with some Panchayat leaders had prepared the schemes for construction of Panchayat Resources Centre in their respective Panchayat segments and they managed land individually. Further, the fund amounting to Rs. 7.5 lakhs per unit has been sanctioned and granted as per the schemes and the list of land donors were submitted to the Govt., he claimed.

The district coordinator, meanwhile, strongly appealed to the PR and RD Minister for cancelling the work order issued to M/s Delhi Traders, Itanagar for execution of works. "Instead, work order be given to the person/contractors duly recommended by the concerned ZPM and ACPs and as per the original schemes prepared and submitted to the Govt. for smooth and proper execution of the works," he demanded.

He also appealed to all the Panchayat leaders of the district to strictly monitor all the ongoing projects in their respective segments and its proper implementation.


NCP Papum Pare unit to form monitoring committee

ITANAGAR, May 18: The Papum Pare District Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) unit today unanimously resolved to constitute a monitoring committee to examine the proper utilization of funds and grants under centrally sponsored schemes for various sectors including education, rural development, agriculture and horticulture besides the  schemes under SSA & RMSA,  mid-day meal, Bamboo mission, Medicinal Plants, NREGA, SGSY, Hariyalli Mission, SGRY.

The meeting attended by representatives of  Itanagar, Doimukh and Sagalee block party units and  senior party leaders of the district, while discussing  the future action plan and the present state of affairs of the district  observed that various centrally sponsored schemes are not implemented properly in the District and targeted groups are deprived of facilities.

Expressing concern over the boundary problems, particularly in  Kakoi, Tarasso, Kimin and other areas of Papum Pare district, the house observed  that  maintaining status quo only would not solve the problem. The meeting resolved that the state govt. should formulate policies to resolve the problem permanently.

The house appreciated the officials of PHE for expediting the works despite financial crunch. However, the house is of an opinion that there should not be fund constraints in completion of such civic utility project.

The consultative meeting  also took  numerous decisions  to revamp the party in  grass root level and  the NCP district unit also decided to conduct ‘Circle level coordination meeting cum circle tour’ to boost the morale of the party workers. The house also resolved that a separate district unit office be established for Papum Pare district at Naharlagun or Doimukh and   requested the state party President to look into the matter immediately.


Phone services in Niti Vihar affected

ITANAGAR, May 18: Believe it or not, the telephone connection to Chief Minister's Bunglow has been affected following cable theft!

On the night of May17, local underground cable at lower Niti Vihar area of capacity 800 pair and 400 pair were stolen which has affected the CM residence and the official bungalows of ministers and Secretary GA at Niti Vihar. Mowb-II, Senki View and Panchali area too have been affected following the theft. BSNL informed that cable repairing work is going on in war footing.  


Roadmap to streamline departmental functioning in Papum Pare

ITANAGAR, May 18:  The panchayat leaders and officers from the various departments including education, ICDS, health discussed various measures in order to streamline the working system of the departments in Papum Pare disrtict in a meeting held at DRDA conference hall, Yupia on May 14 last.

The meeting  presided over by Zilla Parishad-cum-DRDA  chairperson Nabam Aka  stressed the need of  coordinated efforts  between the ZPMs and Departmental officers in planning and implementation process of schemes.

After threadbare discussion, the meeting unanimously resolved that the state govt allocates sufficient funds to agriculture  and allied departments under  central or state sponsored schemes since these departments are directly dealing  with the socio-economic problems of the rural people.

The meeting further suggested that  departmental officers be allowed to procure infrastructure related materials instead of central procurement.

The meeting also resolved various other resolutions pertaining to education, Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan, health  and social welfare departments. The Resolutions  adopted in the meeting will help the departments in formulating the  planning and policy, according to a release.


Workshop on planning process

Aalo, May18: A workshop on Planning Process and Consultancy Services for Panchayati Raj leaders was held today at Aalo Club which is being organized by Abo Chigum Multipurpose Society, Baririjo, West Siang.

Director Panchayat Bida Gadi said that the objective behind the workshop was to make the PRI members aware of their Powers and functions and also for effective implementation of fund allotted to them.

He stressed on timely submission of utilization certificate and suggested PR members to take up composite schemes and integration of fund from different agencies for creation of durable assets.

Former MLA Tumpak Ete said that such workshop is required to bring awareness among PR members and urged the PR members to do a good job in their respective places.

He said that the role of PR members in some states are doing a major role in building the society as the people are more conscious of their rights and duties.

ADC Kangki Darang said that participatory development with the rural populace is must as 80% of population resides in the rural area.


Career counseling

ITANAGAR, May 17: All Maharashtra Students Union of Arunachal Pradesh organized a four-day career guidance -cum- counselling programme, specially for the students and parents of Karsingsa and Banderdewa area at Saint Francis D Ashis School, Karsingsa.

The students were given various tips on proper course selection, time management, setting goals besides holding demonstration on study skills, memory and concentration enhancement techniques by resource persons during the four days programme. They were also introduced to the systematic procedure for proper selection of their career with the theme titled "Education Career Guidance and Introduction to Aptitude Testing.

A discussion on the responsibilities of parents in moulding a child and dealing with adolescents was also held.

Earlier on May 14, the programme was inaugurated by Doimukh ZPM Tana Bado and ASM Kipa Chapo as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.

Meanhwile, the students and parents appreciated AMSUAP for organizing the all important workshop.


Officer takes stock of BADP

ITANAGAR, May 18: Brahma Swarup, Section Officer of Border Area Development Program (BADP), Ministry of Home Affairs of from the, GoI is on a one week tour of Border Block/villages of East Kameng, West Kameng and Tawang.

He had visited Bameng CD Block in East Kameng District on yesterday to inspect the projects implemented and funded under Border Area Development Programme.

He also visited BADP projects at 18 mile camp, Riga Camp, Pakke and Bameng and interacted with the Public and Panchayat leader at the worksite.

The visiting official however could not visit Chayang Tajo and Khenewa due to inclement weather. He was accompanied by District Planning Officer Vijay Sonam and Kamku Jomoh during his tour. He left for West Kameng and Tawang today.


Shopkeepers violating DM’s order

ITANAGAR, May 18: All Tagin Youth Oraganisation, Upper Subansiri District Daporijo said that despite District Magistrate’s order to ban on selling of certain commodities and items, some shopkeeper are still selling Mithun Meat and Tobacco product like Tiranga, Parak, Gutka in the District. It appealed the authority concerned to launch surprise checking and take necessary legal action against the violator.


Ban on sell of mithun

ITANAGAR, May 18: Taraso Circle Youth Association (T.C.Y.A) has resolved to ban selling of Mithuns for commercial purpose, selling of lands under Taraso Circle to outsiders, hunting, fishing and Felling of Trees under Taraso Circle.


Union appeals for intervention

ITANAGAR, May 18: All Upper Subansiri District Students’ Union highlighting the grievances of the District appealed the civil aviation department to provide the Chopper service twice a week.

It further demanded the concerned authority to provide more Fire Brigade Vehicle in the district particularly at Dumporijo and Taliha as the existing Fire Brigade stationed at Daporijo fails to provide necessary services at Dumporijo and Taliha circle in emergency cases.

Meanwhile, the union appealed the district administration to short out necessary arrangement for regular supply of LPG gas Cylinder in the area. It also highlighting the grievances of the Kamba college students, appealed the Arunachal Pradesh State Transport, Daporijo General Manager to allow Daporijo to Aalo APST bus service to enter Kamba College once in a week.

Lamenting over the poor BSNL Mobile service in the district, it said that though the Tower has been erected longtime back in Dumporijo, the actual functioning of the erected tower has not been materialized till date. It appealed the BSNL authorities to erect and set up new BSNL towers to streamline the services in the district.


Anniversary celebration

ITANAGAR, May 18:  The Mediator Institute of Information Technology (MIIT), a co-associate of Advance Computer Education (ACE) has decided to celebrate its 8th anniversary on May 19 next. The MIIT has been imparting computer education in Arunachal Pradesh since 2002 and also decided to introduce various professional courses.


Rongali Bihu Sanmilan

MIAO, May 18:  Rongali Bihu Sanmilan was organized by Bihu committee under Sankardev Kala Kristi Miao at Miao Community hall on May 16 last.

Tai-Ahom Bihu, Mukoli Bihu, Jeng Bihu, Bihu Kunwari, Pepa Badan, Husori, Dhul Badan competitions were also organized besides traditional games and sports.

Tai-Ahom Bihu was also showcased by guest artist from Margheita. Assam.


ZRUCC member nominated

ITANAGAR, May 18:  The Union ministry of railway has nominated Kago Jorang as Zonal Railway User’s Consultative Committee members (ZRUCC), N.F. Railway for two years term from Sept  16, 2009 last.


NSCN (IM) alleged of forceful conversion

ITANAGAR: Purbanchal Bhikkhu Sangha and Buddhist Tikhak Community have alleged that Buddhist Tikhaks of Changlang is being forcefully converted to Christianity by activists reportedly having nexus with NSCN (I-M). In an email, it alleged that Buddhist Tikhaks in the Putok – I, II, III & IV, Matongsa, Longchong, Wintong, Rima, Machum villages of Nampong-Rima Circles of Changlang have been witness to forceful conversion, while adding that underground militants NSCN (I-M) has gone to the extent of issuing seven days ultimatum for conversion or else face dire consequences.

It called on the state government to protect the life & property of the citizens.



ITANAGAR, May 18:  Papum Pare District Bar Association has appointed a new team with Licha Sera, Gimi Tarak and Taba Tadhe Goyang as president, vice-president and general respectively. Toku Apo, Charu Tangum and Tatung Tagio have been selected as President, Vice President and General Secretary of Pania Sub-Division Gaon Burah Welfare Association in a two days meeting held at Chambang recently.

All Cherom-Chera Welfare Society in a meeting has constituted and interim committee with Chera Taya and Cherom Bokom as Chairman and Secretary respectively.


Adhoc committee

ITANAGAR, May 18: Arunachal Football Association (APFA) has constituted an ad-hoc committee to manage and organize the club football league matches with Kipa Kaha as commissioner besides four other members.



ZIRO, May 8: The Dutta Peoples’ Forum (Capital Complex), Itanagar condole the demises of one of its member late Koj Tagiang, S/o Late Koj Bagang who breathed his last on 12th May, 2010 at his official residence, Niti Vihar, Itanagar.

Late Tagiang was working as Section Officer in Arunachal Pradesh Civil Secretariat, Itanagar.

All Mengio Student’s Union has mourned the death of Takio Yari, the mother of its former vice-president   Takio Tara. Union prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.


Incredible India need to accommodate all !


Dear Editor,

This is in response to the article "Don’t let Arunachal Pradesh go the suicidal Bengal way (17th May)" of Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.

Being born & brought up in Aalo, W/Siang Distand knowing Arunachal from the core, I thought I should respond over the matter.

It is really good to see Kajal Chatterjee appreciating the article of Taba Ajum as his article was indeed very good and demanding.

But ironically, using Mr. Taba's article, Kajal did try her best to bend the subject & consequently the thoughts of the general public to the extent where everything will end up in “Hatred” only.

Any normal man with normal IQ can conclude the message hidden in her mail.

Whatever, but Kajal has all twisted the article and re-present it differently. It seems she needs another look at the article and revise her thoughts again. Bollywood is only next to Hollywood, so criticizing it blindly is also unfair as there sits a Board of most resource, experienced & learned persons to censor any scenes or dialogues which are inappropriate to our society and the younger generations. So, how can we say that Hindi movies are playing negative role in building a society?

And by the way, language bridges the gap and leads to all round-development in individual, society & country, lest one should know the proper use.

Personally, I feel that it is the Hindi language which gives the feel & warmth of being Indian if you are interacting with your own people outside India, keeping in view its wide use & assuming more than average Indians from different states know. Being staying abroad, I felt the language very important as it is the only medium (besides English) sometimes to communicate not only with our own country-men (South-Indian), but also with the people from Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It is the second major language in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Further, you'll be surprised to see the nationals from other countries like Phillipines, China, Malaysia, Jordan, to name a few, saying "Namsakar, Kya haal hai Bhai?" as fluently as us.

In short, I seriously am unable to digest that a language can wash away one's culture & heritage and doom a state/province. It is up to us again whether to be "nationalise" or "internationalise" or "both" but how you do it is solely upto you. Nobody & no other thing has to be blamed for.

People should avoid to make such derogatory & defaming statements in public platform. This will only create restlessness and division in the name of languages & all. So, one must think justly and as for the war of Language, give respect to all the languages and cultures. Remember we are "Incredible India!".


Aakash Shah

Dammam, Saudi Arabia (on email)




There is a point to make


Dear Editor,

The entire state of Arunachal Pradesh is reeling under incessant rain since March, many remote areas being cut off and rations item and life saving medicine running out of stock. Many job aspirants, students, farmers   under constant Bandh threats but who cares and why should, because guardian of the people is busy    in arranging meeting and negotiation with Activist, Organizations, Associations.  

 Its good that our unsung heroes have succeeded in catching the “by the people for the people and of the people” in wrong foot, but the fact remains that,  how the money spent during 2009-2010 “may be without AOP” will help the common people  is really a matter of  confusion. If one is to go by the press statesman of ANYA, published in the local dailies of 16th May 2010, its ridiculous on the part of the state cabinet to discus AOP of previous year which is not at all relevant at this point of time.    

In the event of gross violation of financial rules as alleged by the ANYA, the fact must be laid out and let the people judge and ultimately endorse and support ANYA’s initiative.

Organizations, Associations and social activists very often take up legitimate issues in the name of common people but its equally true that all such movement suffers die back disease usually prevalent in citrus and other horticultural plants.

Dumping and  burying  alive of  issues in course of negotiation  is not new to the people but don’t you think that we are enlarging the petty issues rather than exerting pressure on prime issues like Health, Education, Surface Transport, Rural development, Hydro power etc. Hopefully, credible conclusion will be drawn this time and reason for non existence of AOP would be also made public after all it’s the people who make all such bandh call successful.


Tana Sunny,

(on email),  Nirjuli



Refrain from paths that would create disharmony


Dear Editor,

It’s been rightly said in one of your article that AAPSU was silent over the creation of Nyishi Affairs Department. If all the tribe residing in Arunachal begins to ask for their own tribe's department then imagine what could happen to our state with a meager population.

Each tribe would then surely ask for their autonomous body. We don’t seem to understand to where Arunachal is heading for.

Also the frequent reports on placing of NIT in their respective area by the both sides are uncalled for. If it is such that creation of NIT in the state would bring development then why not the Govt. proposes to set the institute elsewhere in other parts of the state wherein development still is at far sight.

The student bodies and the unions should refrain from taking any steps that tend to create disharmony among the public.


W. Tungkhang

Ranganadi Project, NHPC




Let us save the historical place together


Dear Editor,

We the members of All Tam Socio Economic Welfare Association were confused by the letter of Biki Tamo, the president of the Biki Land Control committee which was published in this daily on Monday.

It is very shameful to bring a conflict in between us and the Tam clan as we are of same origin. However, we would like to ask -- Where is legal and traditional record that Chumring Talung belongs to Biki clan.  Who are the witnesses and what is the materialistic evidence that land belongs to Biki clan only?

Therefore, it is advised that the land should not be converted as commercial land.  Let us preserve and protect the historical importance of Chumring Talung which is traditional land of Abu Gangdu and Gangha.   


Tam Taying, President

Tam Doni, Secretary

All Tam  Socio-Economic Welfare Association


Kurung Kumey





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