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May - 28


Growing influence of Chakmas in Lohit and Changlang continues unabated

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, May 27: The moment one enters Chakma refugee dominated area of Diyun, M-pen and Kathan in Changlang and Lohit district, atmosphere gradually turns hostile.

Chakma’s who originally belongs to Chittagong hills, have turned these areas into mini-Bangladesh and have started asserting their supremacy even challenging the law of this country. Their disrespect for Indian law and human right violation committed against local citizens finds no comparison.

Most of the Chakma’s has moved out of their designated camps and have massively encroached reserve forest areas of Changlang and Lohit district. Their act has lead to the destruction of many endangered forest species. Despite many eviction drive carried out by authorities, they have not moved out of encroached land till date and are expanding their settlement to new areas. In fact in the past whenever authorities tried to evict them, Chakma’s had retorted to violent means to stop the drive.  

“Once they had attacked forest officials and police while they were carrying out eviction drive. Taking advantage of their ever increasing population, Chakmas always resort to violent act when we try to evict them. Situation is very alarming and there is urgent need for higher authorities to intervene, “told Range Forest Office of Diyun. He went on to add, “They have destroyed 2649.47 hectare of forest land causing heavy loss to the department in Diyun area. Every month they are spreading their settlement to various reserve forest areas. If we don’t act now, it will be too late.”  

In the recent years criminal act committed by Chakma refugee including murder and kidnapping of Arunachalee citizen have manifold. There are 65 criminal cases recorded against Chakma in Diyun police station alone. According to an estimate their population is around 4 Lakh and this has made indigenous Singpho and Mishmi tribe’s minority in their own land.  

AAPSU Spokespersons cum chairman of Chakma-Hajong refugee issue, Tobom Dai, who had just visited Chakma dominated area, expressed concern over this trend.

“This is a very dangerous sign. Our government need to act fast to contain their increasing population or else a day may come when Chakma will become majority in Arunachal,” says Tobom. Sense of fear created by Chakma in places like Diyun, M-Pen and Kathan is quite shocking. “It is quite sad to see indigenous people being harassed by Chakma refugees. Both central and state government need to come up with some action to protect rights of Singpho and Mishmi tribes from atrocities commited by refugees,” says Nabam Tamar , Vice-President (protocol) AAPSU, who is also vice-chairman of Chakma-Hajong refugee issue.


Buddha Jayanti celebrated with religious fervour

ITANAGAR, May 27: Along with the rest of the world, the Buddhist community of Capital Complex today celebrated the 2554th Buddha Jayanti in both Siddhartha Vihar Gonpa and Theravada Buddhist Vihar Itanagar with religious fervour today.

It is the most sacred day for Buddhists as it not just marks the birth anniversary, but also enlightenment and final Nirvana of Lord Buddha.

The celebration began with flag hoisting at both Siddhartha Vihar Gonpa and Theravada Buddhist temple followed by religious procession with participation of hundreds of Buddhist devotees which culminated at Siddhartha Vihar Gonpa.

The main focus of the celebration was religious discourse organised by the Itanagar Buddha Purnima Celebration Committee-1020 which was enriched with presence of large numbers of Monks and devotees. Discourse on Buddha’s preaching  and philosopy presented by  Thinley Monpa,  Ngawang Tashi Bapu, popularly known as Lama Tashi, who is also  the principal of Central Institute of Himalayan Culture and Study,  West Kameng and  Ven Bante Arya Dhamma of Nalanda  touched the souls of the devotees.

The ultimate goal of all religions is to attain Nirvana, observed Parliamentary Affairs, power (electrical) and Tourism Minister Jarbom Gamlin, who was the chief guest of the celebration.

Lauding the Buddhist community for spreading the message of peace and love throughout the world, Gamlin said, all religions teach us to maintain peace and tranquility.

MLA Techi Kaso, the guest of honour, said the Buddha’s teaching of non-violence is proved beneficial to not only the followers of Buddhism, it enlightened all the human kind with its message of love to all creatures in the earthy world.  

Besides the special invitee and DoTC chairman Yumsem Matey, MLAs Passing Dorjee Sona, Jambey Tashi, former Minister Thupten Thempa were present on the occasion.

At Tezu: The members of the Tezu Buddhist society celebrated Buddha Jayanti with a day long programme. The celebration started with hoisting of the world Buddhist flag by Rev. Kumara  monk at Chetawan Buddha Vihara  at 7 am. This was followed by religious ceremony and acceptance of Pancha Sheela by all devotees. The programme ended in the evening with lighting of candles in the mandir complex.


Organizations questions lathi charge and firing at protestors

ITANAGAR, May 27: Even as the state is trying to piece together the shocking lathi charge and firing on protestors at Pongging against 2700 MW Lower Siang project, condemnation has poured in from all sections of the state.

Peoples' Party of Arunachal while condemning the attack said that movement of the people should not be suppressed in such way.  It seems that J. P Associates, has only sole motive of earning money without having corporate responsibility toward the society.

 It said that Jaypee has no right to intimidate and create terror the State. If any corporations have such evil designs for the people of Arunachal Pradesh, PPA would lead the movement against them, it said, Jaypee and our Government should understand the customary rights of indigenous people over their own resources, it added.

Lower Siang Dam Project Affected Youth Association also condemned yesterday’s incident. The incident has exposed the vague and arbitrary administration of the state government, it said.

Adi Students Union has termed the incident cowardice and example of insane administration. Instead of protecting the citizens, the CRPF has resorted to beating them up, it said while questioning whether East Siang district Administration and CRPF is stationed in the area to protect the Jaypee Associates. If the people of the areas are do not want the project, government should not force it.

Adi Baane Kebang, East Siang unit said that state government did not do anything to address the concern of the people and questioned the administration and CRPF action. It demanded the intervention of the Chief Minister and Home Minister and called for institution of a high level enquiry committee.

All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union has also questioned the lathi charge on the protestors. It termed the incident as violation of human rights and called on the state government to ensure that such action are not repeated.

All Nyishi Youth Association has condemned the incident. It said state government has no right to curtail the democratic protest of the people.

Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union has held the state government responsible for the incident at Pongging.

It further questioned the deployment of huge numbers of para military forces to defend the power developers who are not accountable to the state government and the indigenous communities. Without knowledge of the local people, the state government has signed the MOA with power developers and received huge amount as upfront and processing fee while adding that state government intends to dilute the racial identity of the state.


MHRD emphasize on urgent need protection of indigenous knowledge

Riba attends National Round Table

ITANAGAR, May 27: The first meeting of the national round table on preservation and protection of indigenous knowledge and endangered Languages was held at Wednesday at the Ministry of Human Resources Development’s office with the Minister Kapil Sibal as the chair.

Expressing grave concern and emphasizing on the need for urgent steps for preservation and protection of indigenous knowledge, the Minister HRD called upon the members to evolve a road map on tangible action that need to be taken up.

He also emphasized that the agenda for such an approach should be inclusive and also take the state government as partners in this endeavour. He assured MHRD’s support in this regard.

Cultural activist and Executive Director Centre for Cultural Research and Documentation Moji Riba, the lone member from the entire north east region participated in the meeting and reflected the region’s concern and measures that need to be taken up on an urgent basis.

While participating in the deliberation, Riba underlined the importance of bringing on board the younger generation in any endeavor. He pointed out that the best way to preserve any knowledge system or any language is to encourage its use in everyday life.

The roundtable with 22 specialists from across the country has been constituted by the MHRD to address the challenges that have arisen in the preservation and protection of the indigenous knowledge system in the country.

The term of reference of the roundtable is to review the nature and extent of threat faced by different endangered languages spoken and to identify the causes of threat and recommend changes and modifications in the existing strategies.

The round table is to recommend strategies to ensure Inter-language comparability at all levels of education, suggest measures to ensure that the constitutional obligation of imparting instructions at primary level in the mother tongue of the child is fulfilled and examine relevance of traditional and indigenous knowledge for the education system and explore avenues to link the oral traditional knowledge with the mainstream education system and or knowledge banking systems.


When People first govt looks the other way

Tongam Rina

The unmindful firing and lathi charge on innocent villagers protesting takeover of their ancestral home land, once again brings to the fore the debate on people’s right versus government’s ideas on developments.

The horrendous firing and lathi charge at villagers of Pongging who do not want a 2700 MW power project in their area is not only a shame on the state but a big question mark on the Congress government.

The People’s First Government did not think twice before allowing the CRPF to beat up, throw tear gas and fire on air to disburse the citizens who do not want their resources taken away.  

Otherwise how would one possibly explain the lathi charge and firing?  

The East Siang district administration had already warned that it would take action if anyone dare take law into their hands. However, it did not explain what it exactly meant by taking law into hand. If protest by hundreds of men and women against a power project means taking law into their hands, the Administration handled it with apt and accuracy never seen anywhere else in the state.  

There has been no debate so far on Hydro power projects in the state. Successive governments in the state just made sure that MOAs and MOUs were and are signed to take the state out of its present penury.

Once the projects are inked, it’s on the power developers to take it forward. Coercion in the name of development follows. Roads, schools, hospitals and financial help come easy.

Unfortunately, not all villagers buy it. However going by the use of force currently being applied, villagers might ultimately have to make away. The cries of human rights violation do not make sense when powerful corporate houses are backed by the state.

One instance is 3000 MW Dibang project. The citizens stopped at least ten public hearings but it did not stop the NHPC from going ahead with the project. Though the construction is yet to take off, the so called social corporate responsibility is in full swing.

The 2700 MW project has been in news for quite some time for all the wrong reasons. First undertaken by the NHPC, in the course of time, Government of Arunachal Pradesh decided to execute the project through private developers and allocated it to M/s Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. vide Memorandum of Agreement dated 22.02.2006 on Build, Own, Operate and Transfer basis for forty years after its commissioning.

This was not the end  the Jaiprakash Associates Ltd pushed its way through.

It was only after the intervention of the Ministry of Environment and Forest, the proposed public hearing was called off by Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board as the scope was raised clandestinely from 2205 to 2700 MW.

According to information available on government websites, the project spread across three Siang district will directly affect 32 villages due to the various components like dam, colony, camp areas, and submergence. Some of the villages set to be affected are  Bodak, Ayeng, Rengging, Rottung, Babuk, Kebang (Radha), Pangin, Pangin H.Q, Sissen, Pangi, Komsing(Karo), Komsing(Kumku), Yeksi, Lokpeng, Tarak, Koreng, Boleng, Lileng, Rengo, Parong, Jeru, Pongging, Silli, Pessing, Biri, Jomlo Mongku, Jomlo Mobuk, Pangkeng, Logum Jini.

According to preliminary studies, total population of affected villages is 12776 and nearly 15000 are expected to come from the outside of region, which is more than that of affected villages.

In such a situation, it’s just a matter of time people starts questioning.

Instead of resorting to use of force and bulldozing its way, government should at least make an effort to educate and seek consensus.

But it’s unlikely, given the fact that government is yet to come out with any sort of clarification on whole lathi charge and firing incident at Pongging. People first government indeed.


Revamp intelligence network: BJP

ITANAGAR, May 27:  The Bharatiya Janata Party Arunachal Pradesh expresses concern over easy access of foreigners in Arunachal Pradesh.

The reported access by a Chinese to Arunachal Pradesh has revealed the poor security preparedness at the most sensitive international border areas. It has created a fear psychosis in the minds of local populations, particularly in border areas, the party said while adding that the influx of underground outfits of the neighbouring states and use  of virgin forests and mountains  of the state by such elements as their safe heaven also has created concern. There has to be proper system of confidence building measures between the local populations, Administration units and security forces  in order to build smooth border management. The party demanded both state and Central Govts revamp intelligence networks, strengthen security and administration in border areas immediately. The party also said that local person who was instrumental in arresting the suspected spy be rewarded.


Abiogenesis to perform in Myanmar

ITANAGAR, May 27: Abiogenesis, a contemporary music band from the North East will perform in Myanmar as part of the ongoing initiative of the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) to promote cultural exchange programmes between the North East and South East Asian Countries. The band will perform in Yangon and in Mandalay. The visit of the group is being co-organized by Indian Council of Cultural Relations & the Government of Myanmar.

Bijoy Krishna Handique, Minister of Mines & DoNER had last year, declared the initiative of youth promotion in the North Eastern region through sports, music and culture pursuant to which the cultural exchange programme was launched.

In the month of December 2009, a cultural troupe from Myanmar visited   Kohima, Imphal and Guwahati. The visit of this troupe was coordinated by the North Eastern Council and organized by Ministry of DoNER.

In another development following a meeting between Handique and the Ambassador of Myanmar, U Kyi Thein, in New Delhi on 26th May 2010, it was decided that two more music troupes from the states of Nagaland and Manipur will be sent to Myanmar in September 2010.

It is hoped that these developments would go a long way in pursuit of Look East Policy of the Central Government.


Moh Mol celebrated at Kharsang

Pinna Kitnal Muklom

MIAO, May 27: The Moh Mol festival was celebrated at Kharsang Mol ground by the Muklom community from May 25 to 26 last.

Miao ADC T Mara attending the function as chief guest called upon all to preserve the rich culture and traditions. While wishing the community on the occasion, Mara said that a traditional practice needs to be maintained. He also offered prayed to the almighty for the well being and peace of the community.

Kharsang CO A J Lungphi urged the elders of the community to passes down the rich culture and traditions to the younger generations.

Changlang district ZPM chairperson J Jugli, Geo-Enpro Petroleum Ltd General Manager Naveen Kumar, DCC president Sethai Sena, ASM chairperson Jawkhong Singpho besides other dignitaries also attended the festival.


Thieves uses SIRD vehicle for a drive

ITANAGAR, May 27: A Bolero vehicle   belonging to State Institute of Rural Development was stolen at about 1.30 AM today breaking the main gate which was double locked.

Police patrolling team led by SI N Angu suspecting foul play chased the car unsuccessfully as the vehicle ran short of petrol!

The car has been recovered from Jully road by this morning by by the Police and Director SIRD and his team.

An unconfirmed source said that the thieves entered the vehicle by removing window glass and used a screw driver to ignite it.


Arunachal team at Dr. BC Roy Trophy

ITANAGAR, May 27: Arunachal Pradesh has been pitted in Cluster IV along with Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir and Jharkhand at 47th Junior National Football Championship for Dr. BC Roy Trophy 2010-11. Arunachal Pradesh will open their tournament campaign with a match against Jharkhand on June six, according to All India Football Federation (AIFF) release.

The participating teams are divided into seven clusters of four teams with winners from each cluster and the second best team qualifying for the quarter-final round. Altogether 27 teams are participating in the tournament which kicks off on June five next in Kolkata. The final would be held on June 27.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh Football Association informed that the 20-member Arunachal squad will leave here for Kolkata on June one. The team is sponsored by M/s Apik Construction & Mining and Sports Authority of Arunachal.


Make use of self employment schemes: Sena

Changlang, May 27: Minister of Finance Setong Sena urged the unemployed youth to avail various schemes for self employment provided by the govnermnt instead of looking forward for very limited government jobs. He also appealed to the misguided youth to avail such opportunity.

He said this while inaugurating a newly constructed Government Sales Emporium & Workshop-cum-Training centre at Nampong under DoTC and BADP funding on May 25.

Sena lauded the Textile and Handicraft Department, Changlang for organising training programme under different development schemes for last three years and hoped that the department would work with same spirit in future.

The minister said that the district being rich in traditional Handloom and Handicraft, has great potential for growth of village and rural cottage based industry.

During his day long programme, he also attended Awareness Camp-cum-High Skill Development Training-cum-Production Programme for unemployed youth for self-employment on Weaving, knitting, Tailoring & Carpet making.

Earlier, ADTH, Changlang J P Bora informed that the main objective of the training is to make the trainees self-sustainable through  Skill-upgradation in different fields of handicraft and in producing diversified products with improved quality.

ADC, Jairampur M Roy also spoke on the occasion.(DIPRO)

Pongging incident is a big blotch on Arunachal




Dear Editor,

It is very unfortunate to hear about the yesterday's incident at Pongging where a group of CRPF personnel started lathi-charging the villagers which were agitating peacefully, injuring four persons. They also resorted to firing blank shots and used tear gas to disperse off the naïve villagers.  We all know about the numbers of Hydro power project which is blooming in our state and most of which are under construction by hurting the very sentiment of local peoples and state as a whole. As a responsible citizen of the state and the dweller of Project affected area I am in dilemma to response the very discriminating act of the govt. We all are aware of the various developmental activities undertaken by the govt. which are really very appraisable but when it comes to hydro power developmental activities, it is non-negotiable as they have touched the sentiment of peoples by signing memorandum with various power corporation without consulting the responsible citizen of the project affected areas. First they sold out and now again bargain and forcefully grasping our land.

Our constitution has given us the right to fight against exploitation and we have every liberty to protect us from any kinds of intruders and exploitation.

The movement like Silent valley project in the late 1970 which stirred up a hornet’s nest in the India's first major environment versus development's controversy. Those promoting the project claimed that it would produce 240 MW of power, irrigate 10,000 hectares of land and provide over 2000 jobs. But they in real forgot to tell the people about the real consequences after the project is over as the project deemed to destroy the pristine valley, threatening about 900 species of flowering plants and ferns and several endangered species of animals and birds- destroying ecological heritage. And to save the beautiful valley from degradation several imminent environmentalists have taken up the matter, fought against to save the valley and millions of life around the valley.

The Tehri Dam Project (Uttar Pradesh), the projects is supposed to generate 2,400 MW of electricity, create irrigation facilities for 270,000 hectares of land, and create a supply of 500 cusecs of water to New Delhi. But the power developer doesn’t argue with the very eminent impact of the project which includes-submerge of nearly 100 villages, including Tehri, a historical capital.

Even though they may give us relief and rehabilitation,  they will not be in position to guarantee us a safe future. I can imagine how the impact would be if there’s any dam built in the Siang River.

I have personally experienced the bitterness of damages caused by mighty river Siang during 2000, which came with a magnitude never ever recorded in the history affecting more than 50,000 people in only one day and cutting off from rest of the country. Besides these, it had caused severe damages to farmland (siltation), flora and fauna, with several lost of human life as well. As a matter of fact not only Pongging, Jeru etc. but whole of the lower riverine areas including Pasighat, Mebo, Berung, Rani, Sika-Tode, Sika-Bamin, Oyan, Tero-mail, Jampaani, D.Ering Wildlife Sanctuary etc, will become major loser in any consequences leading to dam damage. So, it is an earnest request to the apex organization and senior citizen as a whole to fight against the treat. We respect every developmental activity taken by the govt. or any organization but that should be based on the benefits for the peoples.


Tasong Mingki, (on email)






Dear Editor,

It is very upsetting to hear the CRPF personnel's firing incident on the local people regarding the dam protest which is their individual right. The Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh is really a Govt. made up of very greedy leaders. These leaders should respect and protect the people’s right, their interest and their indigenous lands.

Moreover the Govt. of Assam has already encroached a lot of land belonging to Arunachal Pradesh, but these leaders of Arunachal have a blind eye towards the matter.

The Mopin Ground of Likabali has been turned into a Police training centre with concrete structures. The Arunachal Govt. is waiting for the High Court verdict as the area falls under disputed area, for A.P. Govt. But the Assam counterpart has already constructed permanent structures and still encroaching the areas from the hill side of Likabali.

Repeated appeal from a lot of organizations to erect a subsidiary gate at Likabali is also not responded till date. They should learn from Nagaland and Meghalaya. But no our leaders have time, because they are engaged in further planning to earn more from different schemes from the Centre and other sources.

Our people may starve to death and become the minority in our own land but it is not their concern.

When there is issue of China building Dams on Brahamaputra, our Govt. is very serious about the future downstream impacts. Rather than implementing police atrocities on our own dear ones, why not the state government worry about the Hydro projects that’s coming up all over within the state.

Is this a forceful method of disguising the realities of the Govt. and the power Corps? We are deprived of our lands from the Govt. of Assam and Arunachal. God help us !


Rickar Taipoda

Naharlagun (on email)





Dear Editor,

The inhuman act of lathi-charge and firing at unprovoked and unarmed villager at Pongging Village by the CRPF/Police on behest of corporate people is abysmally condemnable. The treatment meted out to villager like rats, even not sparing the modesty of the women, chasing and beating women till the women is nude, is unacceptable. The villager was treated like refugees in their own land. It is a harbinger of how indigenous people will be treated in future after by company people after firmly footed in Arunchal Pradesh by money power through subservient state government.

Pongging incident shows that the State government doesn’t want to listen to people’s grievances. It seems the government just wants to dictate their own term on the people. Government does not care for suffering and pain of   more than 30 villages which will be submerged if the proposed HE mega dam is constructed. The government never heeds to pulse of   the people living in the area before sign the MOUs/MOAs with profit minded company, Never listen to own people hues and cry, rather more eager to trash the villager like animal on behest of the Company whenever people try to ventilate their pain they foresee. Doubt comes in mind, whether we are governed by corporate people or by our own elected representative.

People has the right to protest as they will lose their hard earned and  ancestral  property which cost  thousands of years to acquire and  they are going to lose it forever because of the whimsical  policy of the government. Mega dam will be a swap of ecological disaster, there will be destruction of ecosystems for rehabilitation of effected people, due to submerging by water, for settlement of labourer forces, for building of machinery,  houses and road to bring necessary equipments. It will be like a Damocles’ sword on the people of entire Siang region. Siang River comes under the sensitive earthquake zone-V. If earthquake of 1950’s magnitude occur there will be unimaginable disaster. It could be point of play by the Chinese like intentional blockade and release of water that may cause havoc and it may be soft target for enemy and terrorist. If such disaster occurs in the future, people of the region will be the victim.  The visionary people of Siang region can foresee such eventualities and this is the reason people are against the Mega dam. But whenever people try to tell the government, people are subdued with forces.  

I, appeal to government to rethink over the project which stir up widespread protest before the thing becomes worse and constitute a High level judicial committee to investigate and to find the officials responsible and to  suspend the official responsible for the unfortunate incident.    


Daniel Mize

Assistant Professor

Department of zoology

RGU (on Email)





Dear Editor,

The recent assault on the common peoples at Pongging village is totally uncalled for.

History is the evidence that when any government try to harass people and impose their will against their genuine demand and right, that govt. will not last longer. It seems like present Arunachal government is trying to suppress everyone who raise voice against them.

Therefore, we appeal the state govt. to look back its policies again about Lower Siang dam and listen to the grievances and problem of the peoples without imposing their project forcefully.


Opang Ering,

Nalo Tayeng,

Tabit Siram






Dear Editor,

The recent brutal attack by C.R.P.F on the innocent womens, children and villagers at Pongging village is an inhuman behaviour meted on the common people. The people gathered at Pongging village to show their protest against the dam, is a democratic right of every citizen. They have every right to show their protest democratically as they are going to lose their land, forests and livelihood if project come up. Why the authority was so harsh on them?

Instead of listening to the grievances and problem of the common people, the JP Associates facilitated by state government come out to beat the innocent people using central and state police force.

If the project effected peoples are agreed to the proposed dam then there will be no issue as it will certainly brings some development with it. But in this case, people are object to the proposed dam. In such a situation, why government is trying to impose the project on them forcefully?

Moreover, if these can happen at Siang belt, certainly, it can happen in any part of Arunachal. The need of the hour is to  stand together to fight  against these dictatorship meted on the common people.

Therefore, I would like to appeal AAPSU, AdiSU, intellectual peoples and legislators to raise voice against the autocracy done to the common peoples.


Lindsay Tasing

Mumbai (on email)


RBCC wins twenty20 tournament

ITANAGAR, May 27: A Twenty20 Cricket tournament was organized by ‘C’ Sector Gandhi Market Youth Association from May 15 to 26 last. RBCC team won the tournament defeating Friendship Club by nine wicket in the final and pocketed prize money Rs.20,000 along with a trophy. The runners up team was given Rs.10,000. The ‘discipline team’ award went to Mc. Mohan Club.

Baming Rahu of RBCC, Mr Sarma of DCC were adjudged the man of the match and man of the series respectively while Baming Raju of RBCC became the highest wicket taker, according to organizing committee.


Committee calls for stoppage of survey work

ITANAGAR, May 27: Subansiri Middle Power Project Local Implementation Committee in a letter to Deputy Commissioner, Lower Subansiri District appealed for stoppage of survey, investigation and renovation works of old NHPC buildings located at Tamen, Gaa and old Ziro immediately.

The committee claimed that the MoU was signed between government of Arunachal Pradesh and M/s Jindal Power Limited without proper consent of the immediate affected people.

It further said that, no office and transits camp shall be allowed to establish at Tamen, Gaa, Boasimla and Ziro-Hapoli without proper agreement between the Company and the Committee. It further added that though the committee is not opposed to appointment of three engineers from outside of the project affected area, the unemployed graduate and diploma engineers of the area are being deprived of job opportunities.


Mahila Congress convenors meet held

ITANAGAR, May 27:  The National level meeting of the various women wings  and NGOs under the Mahila Congress was held at New on May 22 last.

A delegation of the conveners of various cells of the Arunachal Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee including Techi Dumsap, media cell, Mai Modi, Mahila NGO cell, Golo Yaki, legal cell, Chera Mekia, Mahila Women Help line cell, Tok Yako of Mahila Kishan Cell participated in the  meeting.

Some of the important decisions taken in the meeting were formation of NGO network, monitoring committee with involvement of NGOs to monitor the  implementation of both central and state level schemes, and mass awareness on various girl centric schemes and  micro-finance.

The meeting also expressed concern over the child trafficking and increasing child labour across the country and urged the state NGOs to organise health camp, especially for girl child and women.


Nehru’s death anniversary observed

ITANAGAR, May 27: National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), Arunachal Pradesh state unit today observed the 46th death anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as a part of the year-long programme of 125 years of Indian National Congress at Rajiv Gandhi Congress Bhawan here today.

The members present observed two-minute silence  and  paid floral tribute to the portrait of Jawaharlal Nehru.

The chief guest of the function and APA&MP chairman Passang Dorjee Sona recalled  the crucial role of Nehruji in country’s freedom struggle. Highlighting the contribution of Nehru as first Prime Minister of Independent India,  he said Nehru was the architect of modern India and committed to elimination of poverty, all round upliftment of the downtrodden.  Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundations of a strong and united India and promoted the cause of world peace through the principles of Pansheel and non-align movement, he added.

NSUI state unit president Kafa Bagang, said, the people of Arunachal Pradesh always remembered Nehru’s special love and affection for the people of North East region, especially Arunachal Pradesh. He  appealed the people  to  follow the principles  of  Nehru  and make his dream of a prosperous and  modern India a reality.

Among others, Yumsem Matey, DoTC chairman, Arunachal Pradesh Rajiv Gandhi Panchayati Raj Sangathan chairperson Jarjum Ete also spoke on the occasion.

APCC general secretary cum chairman of Coordination committee for celebration of 125th years of Indian National Congress Minkiir Lollen, APCC Media department chairman cum convenor, coordination committee Thupten Tempa, APCC secretary B C Tok and senior party leader were also present on the occaison.

NSUI team also distributed fruits to the students of Donyi-Polo Hearing Impaired school, to mark the day.


SBWC election held in style

ITANAGAR, May 27: Techi Heli was declared elected uncontested as chairman of Sagalee Bazaar Welfare Committee (SBWC)-2010. Taba Tada emerged winner in a triangular fight for the post of general secretary by defeating his nearest rival Deba Hali by 27 votes, according to an official release. The elected chairman and general secretary will select the executive members of the  SBWC.

However, the election was held not before the three month long hectic exercise by  the  CO Likha Sampu, the returning officer (RO) of the election, and his team as there was no record of shop list and conduct of election earlier. Another positive outcome of the election was that all the 229 shops of Sagalee have now valid trading license.

The SBWC lauded the ADC Obang Dai for successful conduct of the election.


Development chairman appointed

ITANAGAR, May 27: Raga MLA Nido Pavitra, who is also parliamentary secretary, coop, health and family welfare has appointed Nido Tagom as development chairman of Raga constituency to coordinate   with MLA in implementation of development schemes and look  after the  administrative affairs/local issues.

Meanwhile, Tagom sought the cooperation of all Govt officials, panchayat leaders and general public in streamlining the working system and implementation of Govt schemes. He also appealed the Govt for immediate posting of cirlcle officers at Dollungmukh and Kamporijo. Both the circles are functioning without COs for last many years, he said.


Houses gutted in fire

ITANAGAR, May 27:  Three dwelling houses were damaged in a devastating fire in Langrik village under Sangram circle on May 23 last.  Altogether six families lost their valuable properties in the fire mishap that broke out at around 10.30 pm, All Sangram Area Youth Welfre Association (ASAYWA) president  Takio Taguk said in a release.

The Association appealed the district administration to grant financial assistant and provide relief to the fire victims immediately.


Karate coaching camp

ITANAGAR, May 27: All India Karate-Do-Federation (AIKF) ‘Coaching Camp cum Grading Test Examination’ will be held at Sports Authority of India’s Special Area Game centre at Naharlagun from June 19. Officials and technical experts from AIKF will conduct the programme, according to Arunachal Karate Do Association release.


AdiSU questions CM secretariat’s clarification

ITANAGAR: A day after the Chief Minister’s Secretariat clarified that there was no plans by Dorjee Khandu to visit Pangin Bolleng area on May 28, Adi Students Union has challenged the authenticity of the claim. It said that official circulars were dispatched to the heads of the departments, PR leaders and Goan Burahs of Pangin-Boleng area regarding the visit of the CM and his colleagues via circular number Pong/VIP-443/010 dated May 26 from the office of the EAC Pangin.

Israle Perme, the general secretary of the AdiSU questioning the credibility of the government wanted to know why the government is so secretive about the whole issue.  



ITANAGAR, May 27: All Arunachal Pradesh Government Department Labours’ Union condoled the demise of Romik Tari, who died on May 25 after prolonged illness.

He was working as casual labour in the Power Department, Chimpu Sub-Division, Itanagar and is survived by two sons and four daughters.

It prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.

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