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May -  16


Does freedom of Press exist in

Arunachal, asks APUWJ

Local media adamant on reporting the truth

ITANAGAR, May 15: The recent attack on selected media houses, in state capital exposes once again how vulnerable the Press is in the state and how instead of being respected as the fourth pillar of democracy is made use of when convenient and left on its own when not.

Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists, while taking strong exception to these instances have expressed its utter frustration on not being able to perform its duty on the face of threats from quarters known and unknown.

The Union strongly condemned the actions that have resulted in the prevailing air of uncertainty that has engulfed the state after the condemnable vandalisation of the offices of the Arunachal Front and Press Trust of India on May 8 by miscreants.

The office infrastructure of Arunachal Front has been completely damaged by miscreants forcing it to suspend its publications since May 8.

Coming as it does, when the funeral pyre of the Late Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu have not been lit, the sheer insensitivity of timing and total disregard to respect for the departed soul has shocked and sickened the union.

The attack proves how media in Arunachal inspite of assurances from government and civil society continue to be a scapegoat for all. As long as the local media toes the line on any issue it is not even acknowledged. But when it takes a stand on breach of Press freedom it is brutally attacked and forced to feel vulnerable. The recent attack is an example of this mindset that has almost become the norm.

The absolute silence of civil society organizations, multifarious students groups and even the government expose the complete lack of respect that is shown to the media; as if the local media, by definition of these institutions is a tool to be used and not an institution to be respected.

The series of attacks on media personnel, including women journalists over these years have only seen lip service investigation with no booking of perpetrators leave alone punishments. These vulgar displays of using media for individual or group interest do not bode well for a state that is currently “a rising star”.

Undoubtedly, the local media may have fallen short on occasions where it did not deliver what was expected of it. But history is witness that this has been an exception and not a rule.

In return the constant abuse that has been meted out to media persons and institutions raises questions whether Arunachal deserves an independent, free and honest press at all.

Empirical evidence seems to suggest otherwise.

No doubt, different community and institutions have issues and agendas that they want to pursue. In a democratic set up like our nation, it is not only allowed but encouraged and yet the blatant use of the media, contrasted with abuse of the media remain as signs not healthy to a democracy.

The APUWJ is concerned that no person/ institutions has given a thought to the hundreds families that are dependent for their livelihoods on the publication of the daily edition. No one seems to care if salaries will be drawn or if children of media persons will be fed.

This utter disregard for human lives and for families of the media fraternity remains unexplained.

Issues remain important. Emotions remain volatile but at the end of the day what can a state say about itself when the Press is seen as a tool to be used and not as a partner to collaborate with. Questions remain. And from experience they will remain. No arrest have been made at the time of going to Press and from numerous previous experiences, it is not expected that any arrest will be made. Like previous times, there will be attempts to sweep the issue under the vast governmental carpet to keep it away from public view. On its part the APUWJ will demand arrest and seek action: all the while knowing fully well that nothing will be done.

But for its part, the media fraternity of Arunachal will raise once again, almost like the phoenix in spite of these abuses, because in the true spirit of democracy, the APUWJ believes that if the truth has to be told, it will be told.


Assault on Press fraternity


• Attempt on the life of V.Ravindran, then Chief Sub Editor, Echo of Arunachal on Dec 17, 1995.

•    Attack on Pradeep Kr. Behera, then Editor of The Arunachal Times in 1996.

• Attack on the Editor, The Dawnlit Post, Gabriel Denwang Wangsu, on 15th November 2000

•    Attack on Tongam Rina and Pina Kitnal Muklom of Arunachal Times in 2007.

• Attack on Associate Editor, The Dawnlit Post, V. Rabindran on July 23, 2009

•    Molestation of a family member of a working journalist.

• Threat to Tongam Rina, Associate Editor of The Arunachal Times in October, 2010.

•    Attack on reporters of The Sentinel Arunachal, Appu Gapak and Nyapi Bomjen.



Events as it unfolded

ITANAGAR, May 15: In view of mounting public pressure to know the facts and the sequence of events that led to a stand-off between Press bodies and ANSU, the Press fraternity has decided to publish the events in chronological order in the larger public interest of discerning Arunachalees to have their own interpretations.

May 04th:

•    Times of India (ToI) web (internet) edition filed a story written by one Pradeep Thakur of New Delhi with ‘objectionable’ remarks against one single tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.

May 06th (Evening):

•    All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) served a letter to President, Arunachal Press Club. (Quote) “….as President of APC you are responsible for co-ordinating with the media person of region and national daily…. We are deeply saddened with national media painting the Nyishi community in the bad light….. We are morally holding you responsible for such irresponsible reporting in ToI. …. Therefore you are asked to clarify to the office of the Union within 7 (seven) days. … (Unquote).

May 06th (Night):

•            President, Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) convened a meeting the following morning i.e. on May 07th, at 11.00 am to discuss the news report in ToI web (internet) edition as well as the ANSU’s letter served to President APC.

May 06th / May 07th (intervening period):

•            Some miscreants attempted to burn down the Press Club situated at Indira Gandhi Park.

May 07th (First half):

•            APC and APUWJ convened meeting and house present unanimously adopted the resolutions that President (APC) need not reply or clarify to the ANSU’s letter since APC or any of the newspapers in the state had nothing to do with it.

•           Besides that, keeping the larger interests of the society, members were unilateral that no news report of the attempted arson in Press Club office be carried in any news paper since it could precipitate the fragile situation.

•            Unanimously, it was also agreed upon by all that this is a sensitive matter and Press Council of India’s (PCI) guideline may be kept in perspective not to flare up the situation.

•           And press bodies would take up the matter directly with ToI and PCI. Thereafter, President APC shot off a letter to said reporter Pradeep Thakur, through the Bureau Chief at Gauhati.

May 08th (Morning):

•            After sensing the mood of the public, an emergency meeting of APC & APUWJ was convened to write another letter to ToI and PCI. After the meeting and while letters were being drafted, miscreants vandalized the offices of Arunachal Front and Press Trust of India (PTI). Immediately, police securities were deployed in rest of the media houses to stop any further attack.  Despite the humiliating attack on local Press which had nothing to do with the news report, APC and APUWJ went ahead and shot off letters to ToI and PCI for greater cause of societal peace and harmony.


Press bodies rally around APC president

ITANAGAR, May 15: “President of Arunachal Press Club (APC) is not the sole authority to decide on any issue concerning the Press fraternity. Therefore, we resent the allegation leveled against the President APC,” said APC and Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ).

Clarifying the roles of the Press bodies, the members stated that APUWJ purely stands for welfare of journalists working in media establishments within Arunachal Pradesh whereas APC is concerned only with cultural and recreational activities of the media fraternity of the state.

It is unfortunate that for the decision taken by the whole Press fraternity, the president APC has been singled out. It is to put on record that decisions regarding Press bodies are always taken in most democratic fashion by all the members of APC and APUWJ together; if needed  publishers’ are consulted on need basis, pointed APC & APUWJ.

Further, it was reiterated that the APC is a forum for the welfare of the Press in Arunachal Pradesh and is not responsible for the editorial policy of national papers or state papers. The APC nor any of its members has or can play any role in publication of any news report by any known or unknown journalist from anywhere, the members asserted.


Mass tree plantation to save

Tawang monastery

ITANAGAR, May 15: In an effort to bring a dream of former Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu into reality, the Environment Protection Society (EPS) Tawang planted more than 5000 saplings below the Tawang monastery, where the land is feared of being taken away by the land slide.

Late Khandu had a dream of planting trees in the site to prevent land slide which has become a fear factor for the Tawang monastery.

Tawang  MLA Tsewang Dhondup inaugurated the tree plantation programme which was participated among others by SP S N Mosobi, the DFO Tawang and  his staffs and the Monks voluntary groups of Tawang monastery.

Meanwhile, the Society appealed to the Central Govt to take some fruitful steps before the monsoon to prevent land slide and save monastery. The society said that Central Govt did not take any concrete step to prevent landslide though it had submitted a memorandum to the Central team during their inspection to the slide point almost a year ago for necessary  preventive measures.


NES condemns news report

ITANAGAR, May 15: The Nyishi Elite Society (NES), which held an extended executive meeting on May 13 last, has endorsed the stand taken up by All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) and condemned the report that appeared in the Times of India portal purportedly written by one Pradeep Thakur, which showcases the Nyishi community in bad light.

Expressing regret and concern on the development after the report was flashed; NES had on May 6 shot a letter to the Times of India seeking details of the source of the ‘input’.

The Society further resented that reports flashed by regional TV channels like the NE TV and News Live claiming Nabam Tuki as the care taker Chief Minister while the state was still in shock of the tragedy. The situation was made more confusing by reporting live that Jarbom Gamlin was sworn in as the new chief minister minutes after it was flashed that Tuki was made the care-taker chief minister.

“These acts of ToI and the regional news channels are unbecoming of professional journalists and therefore fit to be protested,” NES said. However, as ANSU has already taken-up the issue with the Arunachal Press Club (APC) President on the report that appeared in Times of India, the Society decided to wait for the final report.

The members resolved that ANSU would submit the status report on the issue to NES latest by May 18 after which a final decision would be taken up after discussion.

Meanwhile, NES appealed all to generate public opinion against such unscrupulous elements bound in defaming the Nyishis by showcasing it as not liked by members of other tribes.


Union advocates for deprived

section on land allotment

ITANAGAR, May 15: Nationalist Students’ Union of India (NSUI) appealed to the State Government for providing one time land allotment to all the individuals who are in possession/occupation of Government land which are waste land and can’t be used for any public purposes within capital complex.

NSUI in a release said that there are number of unauthorized occupants of Government land who are using such land without paying any revenue. Even some of them have constructed permanent structure in such occupied land. Though those occupants have applied for allotment of land under their possession the State Government has not yet allotted land to them.

While resorting to allotment process the policy framed and adopted by the Government for allotment of Govt land has to be succinctly observed and legitimate and genuine cases of deprived section of the society must be given priority, the release added.


Solung souvenir released

Youth urged to involve in literary activities

PASIGHAT, May 15: ARSI - the Solung Souvenir published by the Central Solung Festival Celebration Committee (CSFCC) 2010 was released today by renowned literary personality and educationist Girin Tamuli at the Solung Hall, Pasighat.

Speaking on the occasion the Chief Guest Tamuli said the souvenir would be valuable documents on reflection of cultural heritage of the Adi community. Solung is an agro-socio and spiritual festival of Adis and their culture rites and rituals would be enlightened the readers through the souvenir, he further added. He appealed all, specially the youths to involve in literary activities and to contributing more and more articles, poems, short stories, creative writings etc.

The Chairman Literary committee Onyok Pertin while congratulating the Chief Editor Okom Tamuk and his associate editors H K Roy and Tani Gao said it was a tough tasks but they have completed with sincerity and dedication and due to their tireless efforts the magazine could be released on the occasion of Etor festival.

Okom Tamuk in his speech stated that the committee has paid special attention to take care of the rich Adi heritage, generation ethos and ethical views of forefathers.

Among others, the Secretary CSFCC-10 Okep Tamin, prominent writer Basalung Jamoh and local leader Oyin Moyong were also present on the occasion.  DIPRO


Union upset over disruption in road link

TEZU, May 15: All Mishmi Students Union (AMSU) has expressed anguish over the sufferings faced by the people of Goiliang circle in Anjaw district due to snapping of road communication since March.

“The remote circle has been cut off from the rest of the world for two months following incessant rain,” informed acting AMSU General Secretary Bisit Bellai. “There is scarcity of food grains in the FPS, essential goods and electricity supply.”

Hayuliang, the nearest town to Goilaing circle is around 20 km and the road is in a very deplorable state, the union informed.

It has alleged PWD department for failing to perform its duty in repairing and maintaining of the road and lambasted the government authorities for turning blind eye to the suffering of the people.

“Villagers are now forced to walk 20 km on foot to procure their rations and others daily essentials goods from the Hayuliang Town, which is making the life of the people a living hell,” said Bellai.

AMSU Secretary has also expressed concern over the lackadaisical approach of the District Administration and accused it of step motherly treatment towards the plight and suffering of the people of the Circle.

Several representations were made to the Administration for restoration of the road, but till now, no action has yet been taken to mitigate the problem of the people, said the union in a release today.


News Impact

IMCLS condemns TOI report

ITANAGAR, May 15: The Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) strongly condemned the anti Nyishi remark made by one Pradeep Thakur in his news report published in the online version of Times of India of May 4.

The Society in a release said  the defamatory remark against the Nyishi community is also attack on all tribal communities of Arunachal. It appealed for solidarity from all community based organizations and to stand united.

The Society further said that Thakur must apologize to people of Arunachal Pradesh for ‘trying to sideline Nyishi community and divide us.’

The IMCLS also fervently appealed to the disgruntled groups not to create an air of animosity towards state media. During difficult time, the media has always stood for our rights, it said.


Gora Makik Giogi Taya Memorial Football Tournament

ITANAGAR, May 15: Gora Makik Sports Club defeated Tali Pip Sorang Sports Club 3-1 in the final and won the Giogi Taya Memorial Football Tournament at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun this afternoon.

Tai Kunia of Tali Pip Sorang was adjudged the ‘Best Player’ of the tournament. Thomas Meitei of Tali Pip Sorang won the ‘Best Goalkeeper’ award while Loyi Kena became the highest scorer. The Disciplined Team award went to Senki Valley FC, according to organizing committee.


Girls lauded

ITANAGAR, May 15: Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) has congratulated Mitali Namchoom, Tadu Mamung and Bullo Mamung for qualifying this year’s UPSC civil service examination.

“We are proud that one of the UPSC qualifiers Bullo Mamung is amongst us here today, who is presently posted in Roing,” said the society..

The IMCLS also expressed its heartfelt thanks to Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF) for their financial assistance to the victims of recent communal conflict of Lower Dibang Valley.

The Tai Khampti Society including All Tai Khampti Singpho Students Union                (ATKSSU), All Namsai Area Youth Association (ANAYA), Youth Association of Namsai under Lohit District, congratulated Nang Mitali Namchoom who cracked the civil service examination along with two other Arunchalee girls.

Mitali Namchoom is the first IAS from Tai Khampti community who cracked the civil service examination. This maiden success will not only be written in the Tai Khampti history of Arunachal Pradesh in golden letter but it will be a great inspiration to the  studious youth of the state in days to come, said the organizations in a release.


APDA conducts gen conference & CME

ITANAGAR, May 15: The Arunachal Pradesh Doctors Association (APDA) conducted its 8th General Conference cum CME at Conference Hall of Directorate of Health Services, Naharlagun from April 29.

The three-day conference cum scientific extravaganza which was attended by representatives of all the district units saw scientific presentations by the resource persons from Assam and Mumbai.

Beside adopting few resolutions, a new 9-member central executive committee was constituted in the conference with Dr. Mika Umpo as President, Dr. Nabam Budh as Vice President and  Dr. Mope Riba as General Secretary.



ITANAGAR, May 15: Tashi Dondrup Dirkhipa, the president of Itanagar Buddhist Cultural Society, has resigned from the post, according to a signed statement.



“The incentives of three sportspersons, namely Yomken Noshi, Rei Yadi and Higi Yamum could not be released due to shortage of fund. However, their incentives would be released as soon as the Govt releases fund within the current fiscal year,” Sports and Youth Affairs  Assistant Director Ramesh Lingi said.

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Provide us online facilities

Dear Editor,

I express my heartfelt thanks to the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) for conducting the competitive examination this year again, fulfilling its commitments and allowing the aspirants to continue their preparations for the competitive exams in various posts.

I personally congratulate Huzar Lollen for his marvelous administrative efficiency and wish this time too the examinations will be held in time and the best candidates will be selected.

However, the facility for online filling up the forms for preliminary exams is not yet available which may be very helpful to those candidates who are residing in  remote places or far away from their home state. Further, the study materials and affordable coaching course if made available will be highly appreciable too.


Mai Rina



Check the ills

Dear editor,

Unemployment is a chronic problem in our society with no sign of inference, with corruption reaching at its peak.  

Our pressure groups, interest groups and welfare group shout initially but afterward they fold their eyes as if they are not part and parcel of this society.  Why don't they fight till the end?

There are so many illegal appointments and scandals, but our state government is yet to implement adequate measures to check such practices.


Koj Tamu (on email)



Rectify please

Dear Editor,

In the recent advertisement (Vide No. PSC-R/11/2010 APPSCC (Prelim) EXAM’2010-11) of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission, the application form is found with printing mistakes. Such mistake can lead to wrong readings in computer near future.

Alphabetic order is printed as A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q {U V} R S T W X Y Z in the application form. U, V are printed in between Q and R.  APPSC should be very careful in their works while announcing advertisement for such prestigious job. Now, the question is how do we fill the form correctly?  Will the authority consider it valid or correct after submission of filled up application or should we wait for correction from the authorities?

I request the secretary of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission that mistake should be rectified as early as possible.


A. Gumja,

Doimukh (on email)

Tagore was a good poet but….

Dear Editor,

Last one month during the run up to Bengal elections, Rabindranath Tagore has been made a demi-God like figure by Govt agencies in connivance with the media.

Tagore was a good poet. He has to be praised. But we have to praise Bengali leaders like Mamata Bannerjee for making a demi-God out of a human being who had literary talent.

Has home minister P. Chidambaram thought of any scheme or prize in the name of the great Tamil poet Subramanium Bharati ? Has union minister Gulam Nabi Azad thought of any glorification of the great Kashmiri poet Samad Mir? Has the defence minister Antony who hails from Kerala thought of any missile in the name of Vayala Ramavarma, the great poet from Kerala?

Tagore is great because of the hype and hoopla created by the Bengali lobby in Delhi and the pressure exerted on the central Govt by two Bengali cabinet ministers, Pranab Mukherjee and Mamata Banerjee.


Sumon Das,

Bhubaneshwar (on email)



I too condemn

Dear Editor,

I would like to share my glorious moments of college life at Chennai.  We were only nine Arunchalee students from different community in the college. But we never felt that we belong from different community. In every situation, it may be illness and sorrow; we always stood together and maintained brotherhood.

Therefore, as an Arunachalee, I extend my support to ANSU and condemn the news article published in a national daily and written by one Pradeep Thakur which hurt the sentiment of our people. How can a journalist publish an article without having vast knowledge of the state? I demand that the authorities book Thakur under the provision of Indian law and punish him so that in future no one can insult any community.

Lets stand together against such journalist.


Karge Basar



Let us rejoice in uniqueness

Dear Editor,

Why is Mr Pradeep Thakur getting more space every day? He is ignorant; a frog in the well.

Let him be happy there. Making such a big issue of his ignorance doesn’t do us any good. Whatever it is, let us rejoice in the uniqueness that is Arunachal!!!


Goju Sikom,

Guwahati (on email)






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