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May -  26


Core issues would be taken up

in right perspective: CM

AAPSU, NESO demands chopper

crash probe

ITANAGAR, May 25:  Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin has assured to take up all core issues confronting the state in right perspective. He said this during his interactions with delegates of the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) and the North Eastern Students Organization (NESO) led by its president Takam Tatung and NESO Secretary General Gumjum Haider when they called on him this morning.

The AAPSU and NESO in a memorandum demanded a probe through CBI and NIA into the April 30 Pawan Hans chopper crash that took away the life of former Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and four others on board. The Apex student bodies also demanded tracing out of the anonymous phone call which had delayed the search operations and also sought retrieval of the contents of the black box of the ill-fated helicopter.

Gamlin, while assuring to take up all possible measures to unearth the causes of the tragic incident, revealed that Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India has already ordered  an enquiry into the mishap through a Committee headed by Air Marshal (Retd) P.S. Ahluwalia and it is expected that a report will be made within 3 months as per the terms of reference of the Committee.

 Respecting the sentiments of the people, Gamlin said that the state government would approach the centre for CBI or NIA probe as soon as the final report of the DGCA enquiry is made available.

 In addition to this, many other issues confronting the state were also discussed. Issues pertaining to Chakma & Hajong refugees, PRC and the Labour Policy were raised by the students’ organization. In response, the Chief Minister assured the delegation that each issue will be looked into in their appropriate context and solutions evolved. Gamlin further revealed that the government is already initiating steps to computerize the issue of Inner Line Permits, with networking facility in all check gates in order to facilitate visitors from outside the state. “This step would not only make it easier for visitors to get their ILPs issued quickly, but also give us exact and updated figures on the number of entries into the state” Gamlin asserted.

The AAPSU and NESO while congratulating the new Chief Minister shared their expectation that he would live up to the people’s aspirations and take the state of Arunachal Pradesh to new heights.


Roing welcomes superstar Tine

Roing, May 25: Tine Mena, the first woman Everester from North East region and the first Indian Everester of the year 2011, was given a rousing reception when she came back to her  home town at Roing yesterday after conquering the Mount Everest.

She was accompanied by Dr K R Meetei, i/c Adventure Cell, Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs, Sherpa Tsering Dorjee, two times Everester and Tine’s partner, Krishna Agarwal, Organizer, Explore Himalaya Travel and Adventure Agency and local legislator of Roing, Laeta Umbrey.

Scores of citizens turned out to the receive the achiever at the welcome gate erected for her  before being driven around in the town.

District Administration, Panchayat Leaders, NGOs, IMCLS & ABK District Unit members, General Public and students turned out in record number with bouquets and garlands to welcome the new hero of the town.

Tine shared her arduous journey of climbing the highest peak. She said that it would not have been possible without constant motivation and encouragement from her climbing partner Sherpa Tsering Dorjee and prayer support of the well wishers to scale the most fearsome peak. She said that the final booster for making her the first woman from the region came from her partner Sherpa Tsering at South Col (Camp IV) who insisted her to continue the climb up despite bad weather report. She further narrated that she almost face death when her oxygen cylinder went empty without her knowing it and also out of hunger as they had not eaten anything for many hours as all the camps with eatable were blown away by the winds & storms on their return journey.

She informed that the first thing she did on reaching the peak was to pray for the peace and brotherhood among the two tribes of the district. She credited Dr K R Meetei as her mentor and guiding force saying because of his constant guidance and motivation she could achieve the feat. She also thanked Etalin based Jindal Hydro Power Company for sponsoring, Laeta Umbrey, MLA Roing for constant support and motivation and all those well wishers who supported financially & morally.

Umbrey has exhorted the youths to follow Tine’s foot path, who despite coming from a very poor family background could achieve a rare feat through sheer determination and hard work.  He exhorted them to take the opportunities as Tine has shown the way and expressed the hope that the district would produce many Tines in other fields as well. He also thanked the Jindal Power Company, district administration, HoDs, Public leaders and Explore Himalaya Travel and Adventure Cell and other well wishers for extending support and help in time of need.

Ngasi Mena, Tine’s paternal uncle threw light on the Tine’s journey from childhood which started at Esali of Etalin Circle, Dibang Valley and said that the young girl was always interested in adventurous sports.

On the occasion, All Arunachal Woman Welfare Society, Dambuk and Mibom Pertin, ZPM Meka Anchal Block made cash donations to the young girl in recognition of her achievement. DIPRO


Safety of women key to

empowerment: Deol

ITANAGAR, May 25: Unless women are safe, no empowerment can take place, DGP Kanwaljit Deol said while inaugurating a week-long training programme on women empowerment at Administrative Training Institute (ATI), Naharlagun yesterday.

“We have to understand that the difference between men and women is biological; and true empowerment can be achieved only if we understand the gender perspective,” the DGP said.

Explaining the importance of empowering women at different levels and the need to begin the process at grassroot level, the DGP informed that development of a state is now judged on the basis of representation of women. She expressed concern over declining trend in male-female ratio in the last population census.

ATI director Pema Tshetan emphasized the importance of periodical sensitization of Govt. functionaries at all levels, including elected panchayat bodies and members of civil societies, NGOs through such programme on women empowerment. The director said that in view of Govt’s recent decision to promote gender budgeting in all departmental funding and budget preparation; this training will help the participants in this direction.

Course Coordinator Priscilla Tayeng highlighted the course content and the objective of the training which aims to sensitize and create awareness on various women rights and other social, economic and legal aspects.

Twenty-one officers belonging to state civil service, social welfare, women and child development, lawyers, PRI members and members of reputed NGOs are attending the training.


Popular artist, social worker Tanyum

Haji passes away

ITANAGAR, May 25: A popular radio artist of yesteryears and social worker Tanyum Haji died at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi this morning due to illness. He is survived by his wife, son and four daughters. His body will be flown to Daporijo tomorrow for last rites. This was informed by Kara Welfare Society.

Late Haji, the patron of the Kara Welfare Society, will be remembered for his popular songs -- Ane Diku Bokdu Sim Ngo Tola Ma and Polo Gobe Ribolo Ngo Rire Noke Lau and many more.

Late Haji joined the Govt service as statistic inspector in Economics and Statistics department in 1978. Later he joined politics in 1993 and became chairman of Doctors’ Cell of APCC upto 1996, was elected chairman of Dapo LAMP (1998-2002), vice president of Upper Subansiri Galo Welfare Society in 1998, elected as ZPM from Baririjo in 2003.

The KWS expressed gratitude to Home Minister Takar Marde and parliamentary secretary Jomde Kena  and other well wishers for their timely help and arrangement for airlifting of the body at Daporijo.

The Society expressed deep shock at the death of Haji. Demise of Haji is not only a great loss to KWS  but also to Galo Welfare Society.  It will be difficult to fulfill the vaccuum created by his demise, the society said in a condolence message.


Dree Daminda shines at Indigenous Fest

ITANAGAR, May 25: A 14-member indigenous Apatani youth cultural troupe led by Radhe Chatung of Tajang Meder Nello represented Arunachal Pradesh in 5 days Indigenous Cultural Festival at Madhya Pradesh  and Chattisgarh recently.

Folk dances of various states like ‘Showngi Mukhota’ of Maharashtra, ‘Hamara Bharat’ of Himachal Pradesh, ‘Bhangra’ of Punjab, Tang-Ta of Manipur, ‘Bihu’ of Assam, ‘Garba’ of Gujrat, ‘Dree Daminda’ dance of Apatani earned huge applaud and appreciation from audience.

The group dance of patriotic song “Shi Ngunu Ka Bharat Gandha” performed by the Arunachalee troupe showing the deep-rooted patriotism in the hearts of people of Arunachal mesmerized the audience.

A total of 662 artistes from 21 states displayed their indigenous cultural fragrances at Ujjain, Esshan, Indore-Khandba.

The Arunachal team was sponsored jointly by Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh, Meder Nello Council of Apatani  in collaboration with the  Sanskar Bharati, North East India.


The Lessons from the three Gorges

Dam for Northeast India

Peter Bosshard

The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River is the world’s largest hydropower project. It has often been touted as a model for dam building around the world. Now the Chinese government has officially acknowledged the project’s serious social, environmental and geological problems. What are the lessons from the Three Gorges experience for Northeast India?

For many years, Chinese leaders have celebrated the mega-dam on the Yangtze as a symbol of the country’s economic and technological progress. With a capacity of 18,200 megawatts, the hydropower project is indeed a master piece of engineering. Pouring 27 million cubic meters of cement, the government completed the project ahead of schedule in 2008. Officials insist that with a cost of $27 billion (Rupees 1,22,472 crores), the project was built within budget. Others claim that its real cost may amount to as much as $88 billion (Rupees 3,99,168 crores).

Costs and benefits

The Three Gorges Dam generates 2 percent of China’s electricity, and substitutes at least 30 million tons of coal per year. However, the hydropower plant was not the only option for replacing coal. While the dam was under construction, the energy efficiency of the Chinese economy actually decreased. According to Douglas Ogden of the Energy Foundation, it would have been “cheaper, cleaner and more productive for China to have invested in energy efficiency” rather than new power plants.

The Three Gorges Dam  

has displaced more than 12 lakh people. Hundreds of local officials were found to divert compensation money into their own pockets, but protests against such abuses were frequently oppressed. Because it no longer controls the economy and land is scarce, the government was not able to provide jobs and land to the displaced people as promised. Unlike India and most other countries, China has set up a program to provide pensions to the 18 million people displaced by dams in the past.

Damming the Three Gorges caused massive impacts on the ecosystem of the Yangtze, Asia’s longest river. The barrage stopped the migration of fish, and diminished the river’s capacity to clean itself. Pollution from dirty industries along the reservoir is causing frequent toxic algae blooms. Commercial fisheries have plummeted, the Yangtze river dolphin has already been extinct, and species such as the Chinese Sturgeon are threatened by the same fate. Due to dam building and pollution, rivers and lakes around the world have lost more species to extinction than any other major ecosystem.

Struggling with unexpected impacts

While the social and environmental problems had been predicted, government officials were not prepared for the massive geological impacts of the Three Gorges Dam. The water level in the reservoir fluctuates between 145 and 175 meters every year. This destabilizes the slopes of the Yangtze Valley, and is triggering frequent landslides. According to Chinese experts, erosion affects half the reservoir area, and 178 kilometers of riverbanks are at risk of collapsing. More than 300,000 additional people will have to be relocated to stabilize the banks of the reservoir.

Since most of the silt load from the Yangtze’s upper reaches is now deposited in the reservoir, the downstream regions are being starved of sediment. As a consequence, up to 4 square kilometers of coastal wetlands are eroded every year. The Yangtze delta is subsiding, and seawater intrudes up the river, affecting agriculture and drinking water supplies. An international team of scientists recently found that no less than 47.2 crore people have likely been affected by the downstream impacts of large dams around the world, and that these impacts are often neglected during the planning of such projects.

Scientists agree that the reservoirs of high dams can trigger earthquakes. The Three Gorges Dam sits on two fault lines, and hundreds of small tremors have been recorded since the reservoir began filling. While the dam has been built to withstand strong earthquakes, the villages and towns in its vicinity have not. As global dam building increasingly moves into mountain areas with active tectonic faults, such as the Himalayas and their foothills, the seismic risks of reservoirs will increase.

Hydropower projects have often been proposed as a response to global warming, yet the Three Gorges Dam illustrates how climate change creates new risks for such projects. In a nutshell, past records can no longer be used to predict a river’s future streamflow. The dam operators planned to fill the Three Gorges reservoir for the first time in 2009, but were not able to do so due to insufficient rains. The current year has brought Central China the worst drought in 50 years. Like many other projects around the world, the Three Gorges Dam is facing serious risks and losses due to the vagaries of climate change.

Change of opinion

Scientists had warned of the Three Gorges Dam’s impacts throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Yet their opinions were ignored and silenced. During the construction phase, the giant project, which had originally been championed by Mao Zedong, was frequently visited by government and party leaders. It has also served as a tour stop for many visiting government delegations from Asia, Africa and Europe.

In recent years, the Chinese government has quietly toned down its enthusiasm for the project. “We thought of all the possible issues,” Weng Lida, the secretary general of the Yangtze River Forum, told the Wall Street Journal in August 2007. “But the problems are all more serious than we expected.” When the dam was inaugurated in 2008, the Chinese president and his prime minister were conspicuously absent. And on May 18, China’s highest government body for the first time acknowledged the serious problems at the Three Gorges. “The project is now greatly benefiting the society in the aspects of flood prevention, power generation, river transportation and water resource utilization,” the government maintained, but it has “caused some urgent problems in terms of environmental protection, the prevention of geological hazards and the welfare of the relocated communities.”

While the dam on the Yangtze has been completed, it is not too late to draw lessons from the experience for other mega-projects around the world. The Three Gorges Dam is a test case for the social and environmental costs, the seismic and hydrological risks, the complex upstream and downstream impacts that may be expected for the proposed projects on the Brahmaputra and its tributaries. (Peter Bosshard is the Policy Director of International Rivers. )


News Impact

Alliance question Dabi demotion

ITANAGAR, May 25: United Siang Progressive Alliance (USPA) has taken strong exception to the shifting of Tako Dabi from Home Ministry to Ministry of Fishery. It termed the move as step motherly treatment to the People of East Siang while adding that the move was an insult to the people of East Siang district. The Alliance crediting Dabi of bringing developmental activities in the district said that seniority was not respected.  It further demanded that he should be made the Deputy Chief Minister of the state and threatened to start a Delhi Chalo movement to press for its demands.

The alliance further questioned the induction of Pema Khandu in the Jarbom Gamlin ministry saying that it was an emotional decision. It questioned how a PDS scam tainted person could be inducted in the ministry.


Training prog for engineers and architects

ITANAGAR, May 25: 2 days training programme on Capacity building programme for Engineers and Architects on the subject-Rapid visual screening and assessment of critical building and retrofitting would be held on May  27-28. The training will be organized at conference hall, Tourism department by Urban Development & Housing in collaboration with Deptt. of Relief, Rehabilitation & Disaster Management.

Atop Lego, SE (PWD) and professors/Lecturers from NERIST are scheduled to participate as resource person.



ITANAGAR, May 25: Arunachal Pradesh Secretariat Employees Association Group-D (APSEAG-D) has appointed Kongo Dolo and Maga Jirjo as president and general secretary respectively for the session 2011-15 in its general conference held here yesterday.

All Arunachal Pradesh Chess Association (AAPCA) has appointed Domin Lollen as its new president.

All Arunachal Youth Association (AAYA) has appointed Satum Joram Naga, Rigio Anand and Rajiv Lundik as its City Unit president, vice president and general secretary respectively.


Committee reconstituted

ITANAGAR, May 25: E-Sector Indira Gandhi Park Forest Colony Welfare Committee has been reconstituted with Toku Tachak, Toku Sakter and Yarda Tayo as president, vice president and general secretary respectively for three years.


AAPHWS factions dissolved

ITANAGAR, May 25:  The chief patron, patron and   founder members of All Arunachal Pradesh Handicapped Welfare Society (AAPHWS) in its meeting held on May 8 at Naharlagun dissolved the executive body of both factions of the Society headed by Tami Taniang and Jomo Sikki for indefinite period till a conducive atmosphere is created for proper functioning of the Society. The meeting further appointed Er Gyamar Karo as the working chairman of the society to act as custodian till alternative arrangement is made.

The chief patron and patron of the society in a release regretted that the rivalry within the society has caused severe damages to the functioning of the AAPHWS.


Union oppose encroachment

Itanagar, May 25: Tirbin Area Students Union (TASU) has vehemently opposed encroachment in Tirbin helipad. Encroachment of helipad by private individuals is not acceptable, the union said and appealed to Tirbin EAC to take immediate step against encroachment of public property like helipad.


Precautionary measures demanded

ITANAGAR, May 25: All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF), Lower Subansiri district unit has urged the proprietor of the Chevrolet showroom, Itanagar to take all precautionary measures immediately to avert any unwanted accident in future.

Pointing out the May 18 accident in which Federation secretary general Dobing Sonam received multiple injuries, the Federation unit resented that the poor quality glass fitted in door without plastic coat caused the injuries. It further questioned absence of a chowkidar at entrance gate and non-availability of first aid box for emergency situation.


APETEA annual meet

ITANAGAR, May 25: Arunachal Pradesh Excise and Taxation Employees Association (APETEA) in its annual meeting cum auditing held here today discussed various activities being undertaken by the Association.

While highlighting the Association’s activities, its general secretary Yaadam Loyi appealed all the employees of tax and excise department of the state to cooperate with the organization.


Water crisis in Roing

ROING:  Due to washing away of intake point at Deopani river by flashflood on May 23 night last that was triggered by heavy rain falls, the inhabitants of heart of the Roing Township including New Colony, Mayu I & II are facing acute drinking water problem for the last two days.

When contacted, Onyok Yirang, Assistant Engineer (PHED) Roing informed that all possible efforts are being put in by the department to restore the drinking water supply to the affected places  by mobilising available man power resources of the departments.

He further informed that water tanker of the department as well as Police department are being utilised to supply drinking water to the water scarcity parts of the town. (DIPRO)


Guv prorogues assembly

ITANAGAR: Governor (Gen.) JJ Singh has prorogued the 5th Session of the 5th Legislative Assembly of Arunachal Pradesh on April 12 in exercise of powers conferred by Article 174 of the Constitution.


ABC to ride for Khandu

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Bullet Club (ABC) will take out a Royal Bullet ride from Itanagar to Tawang during the first week of June to pay tribute to Late Dorjee Khandu.

The team will also meet the family members who lost their dear ones while accompanying the late chief minister.

The members of the ABC, in its meeting today, further decided to take out a ride to Bhutan and Sikkim in October next for promotion of tourism and cultural exchange.


Enquiry into NEC project demanded

ITANAGAR: The Mengio Town Land Donor and Land Management Committee (MTLDLMC) has demanded enquiry into the utilisation of fund under NEC sponsored project ‘improvement of power supply in Mengio circle under Sagalee administrative block.’

Though Rs 4, 91, 84, 000 project was sanctioned by NEC during January 2009 for improvement of power supply, the  fund was not properly utilized, project was not properly implemented and there is no visible improvement in power supply in Mengio, the  Committee said in a letter to NEC secretary.

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Why this disparity in road projects when choppers are falling instead of landing

Dear Editor,

I would like to share my view against the recent announcement of North-East India road investment project.The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), on Thursday approved an Asian Development Bank (ADB)-assisted proposal to develop 433 km of highways at an investment of Rs 1,354 crore six north-eastern states of Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura and Sikkim.

The project is expected to be implemented over a period of five years from 2011-2016.

The statement added that an estimated 4.8 million people living within 10 km of the project roads will be benefited. Others will benefit from lower transport costs and faster transit time.

My question to both the state and central govt is why Arunachal is not included in this project? Is it because Arunachal Pradesh is a Diamond state and expecting  to have six way lane? Ironically, the broadest roads in Arunachal Pradesh are such that two cycle can’t negotiate to pass through in a single time, then why she is being kept aside?

You have seen recently, to trace the lost chopper it took five days. Every day Helicopters are falling down instead of landing as a habit. Every now and then Trucks, Buses or Tata Sumo declines to walk on such terribly potholes ridden road thus goes off the road and you term it as an accident. Don’t you think immediate connection of better roads network across Arunachal are basic need of the hour other than your railways or dams project? Is it because you have better or even bigger project for Arunachal for which we are being kept standby? Or is it an another lesson that we are children of a step mother?


Tasing Jeke Nilling

New Delhi (on email)



For mischief of few, whole community can’t be blamed

Dear Editor,

With reference to 'Let democracy be the game of who can shout the loudest' and 'debate on issues' on readers forum of your esteemed daily, I would like to ventilate few points.

It's very unfortunate that a leading national daily has commented on particular tribe in bad light which need condemnation from every corner of state.

It has also been observed that some community based students union are doing excess. They act as they are the one who would decide for a whole state.

On May 24 edition of your paper, union claim that 'it is ready to clarify before anyone at any social gathering along with press fraternity that we have never intended to dictate any media house'.  What clarification they intend to give for vandalizing local media house instead of 'The times of India'.

Press are considered as the fourth pillar of democracy. It should be respected instead of vandalism.

A whole community cannot be blamed for the misdeed of few. It's the some students union leaders and politician who play the dangerous game of communalism for their cheap publicity and gain and misleading the masses. I don't have intention to malign the image of any union but truth is truth.







Dear Editor,

This is regarding Speakasia, online survey company which is spreading like a Virus. It has been exposed in leading News Channels that this company does not have its Office in India rather it is run from Singapore. It has also been disclosed that Head Office of Speakasia at Singapore has only four members which control/run the entire business.

I m not against nor have a right to interfere in their very business but I would like to make aware the investors/clients to be cautious while investing capital because it is hard to earn but easy to spend it.


Koj Kapa (on email)



Let not this land of peace turn to land of law breaker

Dear Editor,

It is in context to the letter “Give justice to my daughter “ published on Friday by a worried father. Really, it is a matter of great embarrassment that a person like Kirpa Pertin EE(PHE) is alleged to have committed such crime. Many a times we have seen in our society even at the existence of parent it is the uncle who have guided and offered help so to make its nephew’s or niece’s career bright and blink. But the very person has committed such a crime which is not acceptable at all in our society. Such spiteful people have no right to live in society. But, rather throwing him out of the society some people are helping him. Do the really people think that they are doing the right thing? If still they think they are doing the right thing then they can continue with what they are doing but if some sense of morals is there, they should rather fight for the worried father and help give justice to the family that has suffered and society in general. And, yet again the law is played with just like it is a ‘toy’ even there is enough proof that the person concerned has done such a nasty offense. It becomes a tradition to show off the money power after breaking the law. If the same thing goes on the day is not far when our state which is popularly known as ‘the land of rising sun’ will become ‘the land of law breakers’.  If we don’t want the latter ‘tag’ for our beautiful state then it is high time not to keep mouth mum.

I request the people of the state come forward and help the family to get the justice. Who knows one of us may suffer tomorrow.


Rakesh Nibe,

Nirjuli (on email)



The number is out of reach

Dear Editor,

Our home town Seppa which is HQ of East Kameng, should have had all modern amenities of communication viz Transportation, Internet, Mobile so that, all office, business, domestic works and etc can be done smoothly and efficiently. Anyway, if there is no internet it’s ok. However, mobile services whose infrastructure is already well established should provide 24X7 hours connectivity to the rest of world.

The president of USA has commanded an operation at Abottabat in Pakistan, sitting in AC room, directing and watching the operation live on TV.

But, in case of our home town if we make call using our mobile phones, our figure pains and battery becomes low. And we never get connected to the number we call. Beside all this, we the postpaid user are paying the bills and prepaid user are purchasing recharge voucher and top up  at higher price  only to avoid disconnection and to use it when we go out of the town.  

Students,  service person are the ones who suffer most because of the bad service of BSNL. When they call their family members through mobile phone the reply they get is “the number is out of reach”.

All this pathetic condition is only because of monopoly of BSNL in our town. Public, MLAs and student union should also pressurize the deptt by democratic means, or  invite other company.


Apong Taku (Tok)



My side of the story

Dear Editor,

Apropos of the letter “Give justice to my daughter” I am intrigued by the assertion  that the father would  do anything up to the  limits even if law fails”. It shows complete disrespect for the law and reflects malafide and dangerous intentions.

Regarding the rape allegation labeled against me it will not be appropriate to mention anything about it at this stage as because the matter is already sub judice. The law will take its own course. But few points require clarifications.

It is false that I am the maternal uncle of the girl as we are five generations apart.

The girl is an adult and above 18 years of age and it cannot be repudiated. It has been fabricated to add weight to the allegation.

After considering the merit of the evidences the Honourable High court Guwahati has enlarged me on bail. It is my fundamental right to apply for it and it is the prerogative of the court to reject it or accept it.

The matter is being put under investigation by appropriate Inquiring Officer and based on complaints I have been put under Suspension.

I have been silent over this issue because I have complete confidence on myself and in the relevant facts and laws. Though harassed and humiliated I still trust in Judiciary and hope for a fair judgment. Since I am innocent and victim of my own simplicity, I am sure that justice shall able to see beyond the veil.


Kirpa Pertin (on email)



Desist from taking law into hands

Dear Editor,

‘Times of India' newspaper had no right to show some particular community in bad light. If they can't do good for our state, they have no right at all to question the behaviour of any Arunachalee.

Moreover, some student’s union leader acts as the 'Hitlar' of state capital. They should desist from taking law into their hand. There are many ways to protest other than vandalism .Let the law takes its own course of action.

Why not state govt. propose for alternate capital in other part of Arunachal in addition with Itanagar. If some bunch of peoples acts as big brother of others then the entire likeminded peoples, civil society must think for establishment of two capitals in Arunachal Pradesh for over all development of the state.


Jumkir l.







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