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24-hr West Pasighat bandh call in protest of DC’s transfer


RUKSIN, May 27: Opposing the state government’s move to transfer the East Siang Deputy Commissioner Talem Tapok, Legong Bango Students’ Union (LBSU) in West-Pasighat has reportedly submitted a petition/ representation to the state Chief Secretary and appealed him to stay the transfer order.

The union, in protest of the DC’s transfer proposed 24-hour West-Pasighat area bandh from May 30 morning.


States can reduce VAT on petrol

CHENNAI, May 27: Amid the mounting pressure for rollback of petrol price hike, Minister of State in the PMOV Narayanasamy has said states could reduce the Value Added Tax on petroleum products to provide relief to the people.

"The states can lower the VAT and that can help reduce the petrol price," he told reporters at the airport here last night. PTI


DKYC  places demands

ITANAGAR, May 27: Diso-Katu Youth Club has appealed to the state Govt to provide Ambulance with sufficient doctors and medical staff at Bui health sub-centre and Segi primary health centre under Segi-Gusar circle in Upper Subansiri district.

In a letter to Chief Minister, the Club said people of Segi-Gusar are facing  various health related problems due to non-posting of medical staff  in both the health centres.

It also appealed to the Chief Minister to sanction fund for construction of boys’ and girls’ hostels  at Segi Gusar circle headquarter and  community hall and also demanded erection of BSNL tower at Segi.


IFCSAP seeks action

ITANAGAR, May 27: Reacting to demolition of a Baptist Church built at community burial ground at Pasighat GTC Colony, Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh said that the land where the church was built is being used as burial ground for all community residing at J.N. College campus G.T.C. Colony, Tebo village, Raneghat and adjoining areas since 1950.

“In view of the above fact, the act of Adi Baptist Union to construct church at such public utility land without taking any proper permission/authorization from district authority is illegal and the responsible person should be booked under appropriate Law,” IFCSAP said in a release.

“Adi Baptist Union should have respected the general publics’ demand and the district authority’s direction to dismantle the structure in the time provided to them,” the release said.


Awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, May 27: As a part of its month-long campaign, Kassar Valley Welfare Organization (KVWO) has conducted awareness campaign on wildlife and environment protection at Richukrong in East Kameng on May 24. The campaign was sponsored by the environment and forest department under CAMPA Cell.

Addressing the participants as resource person, Jomge Ete, KVWO project manager highlighted the need of more such awareness campaign. He suggested plantation programme in bigger way to save environment and forest.

DFO Gyamar Nima, Seppa RO T Nyamdar also called upon the panchayat leaders, gaon burahs and villagers to cooperate with the department concerned for protection of wildlife and environment.

Responding to the appeal of the Govt officers, the panchayat leaders and GBs decided to act tough against the hunting, fishing and destruction of forest, the Organization said. Large number of panchayat leaders and gaon burahs participated in the awareness campaign.


“Clean and Green Dapo”

ITANAGAR, May 27: Cleanliness drive and awareness campaign on cleanliness are gaining momentum at Daporijo wherein denizens of Daporijo are witnessing regular social service and cleanliness drive organized by various NGOs, Govt, Youth Organizations and public to make Daporijo township green and clean.

A series of social service were conducted within Daporijo township during this month by Urban Development, Bagang Abu Youth Welfare Society, All Upper Subansiri Youth Federation, Loka Sabha Congress Committee Western Parliament, NSUI, ATYO and market committee to keep the urban area clean and free from garbage.

Public comprising women, children, youth, panchayat leaders and other govt. employees like doctors, engineers participated in the social service giving strong message of cleanliness to the society.

Meanwhile, Bagang Abu Youth Welfare Society and All Upper Subansiri Youth Federation with the theme “Clean Dapo, Green Dapo” took out a procession throughout the Daporijo township covering 12 km (approx) shouting cleanliness slogans in order to make people aware of the cleanliness in urban area and stop domestic swine and stray dog roam at market place and the premises of govt office.

The procession was accompanied by UD Director H.Welly and Bagang Abu Youth Welfare Society president Karda Natam.

They also discussed for exploring innovative ideas to keep the township clean.

Few days back, the district administration along with UD Department held a crucial meeting involving people from all sections of the society to chalk out strategies to make Daporijo neat and clean.


Open offices: Govt

Naharlagun, May 27: The government has declared the proposed 12 hours Capital bandh on May 28 illegal. All the government offices would remain open and function as usual. The government has directed all employees to attend office. DIPR


Women football player talent search

ITANAGAR, May 27: To promote and popularize Women’s football in Arunachal Pradesh, the Arunachal Pradesh Football Association is conducting an 11 days talent search cum coaching camp at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun from June 10. Players are advised to enrol their name at RG Stadium on or before June 8.


Nehru remembered on his death anniversary

ITANAGAR, May 27: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has observed the 48th death anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan here today.  Former Chief Minister Gegong Apang paid floral tribute to the portrait of Nehruji on the occasion. This was followed by other senior Congress leaders, office bearers of APCC and its frontal wings.

The members present recalled the contributions of Nehru in the country’s freedom struggle and his role as first Prime Minister of India. Describing him as an architect of modern India, the speakers said Pandit Nehru laid the foundation of a strong and united India in world perspective and promoted peace through the principles of Panchsheel and non-aligned movement. Nehru’s love and affection for the indigenous people of the state will always be remembered, they said.

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Dite mopang- An experience

Dear Editor,

Songs, as we know are very delicate elements of the human society that also act as one of the most preferred tools providing better meanings, directions in a completely unconventional way to various dimensions of our lives. To express love, friendship, outrage, revolt; yes, songs have treaded into all of the possible spheres of the human society; may be to provide a better platform of art and expression. Maybe. You never know how a song might transform into.

Really obscure is my subject, but that is exactly why I am writing this letter. ‘Dite mopang’ is actually the title of an Adi song that I happened to listen quite recently. And to tell you the honest truth, it was close to one of the best moments to be listening to the song.

The lyrics, as very pertinent to mention here, a marvel in itself, had been written by Bodong Yirang. And quite oblivious to whom he is, I still express my gratitude towards him for wonderfully executing a work of such brilliance. Never have I ever encountered such beautiful words emanating from any song prior to that. Every single word had such depth in it that following the very start up of the song, I was almost completely lost into a trance.

And of course, the job isn’t done until a good tune is provided to the song to further enhance the beauty of its words.To my great surprise, the tune too turned out to be a great one outpouring vibes of supreme  delight. Hard work indeed and I assume a load of dedication must have brought  to create such a great masterpiece out of that song. The tune, every notation from the intro to the chorus has been so intelligently composed that your heart melts and gives away to the song.

I am but just a normal guy who happened to come across this song, the one that had regenerated an invigorated interest in me for our local songs, which undeniably are souvenir to the beautiful art and culture of our state. And even while I wind up here, I express again my heartfelt thanks to the entire team associated into making such a beautiful song.


Mijong Ripuk, Tezu



Present work culture is not appreciable

Dear Editor,

Being an educated unemployed youth, I gained experience of visiting different offices for petty works. In my opinion, most of the officers in almost every department are not coming to office; even if they come, they do not maintain any timetable.  It seems they make offices as the place of timepass. They attend offices when they have no any engagement.

When any individual visits their offices, the person has to wait for hours and hours to meet the officers and finally wait never ends. The unfortunate and funny thing is that if someone visits their homes/residences for urgent piece of work, the concern officer will not hesitate to react very sharply by advising the visitor to come to office.

Officers generally do not attend office and they do not do any official works in their home. Now question is where the public will go to get their work done. As per law of the land, government officers are public servants. So, there duty is to serve the public, not to challenge them.

Every time HoDs tell work seekers that they are going through financial crises and no work order can be issued. But things that strike in my mind are where all those government allocated funds disappear.

One thing, I learned through my experience, is that in Arunachal Pradesh government employees are the top politicians and top businesspersons. Every contract work in almost every department is run and controlled by government employees through their own enterprise. Govt always talks about overcoming unemployment problems. If these are the system, then how growing unemployment can be checked.

Therefore, I request  every intellectual people to come forward against such system because this is your Arunachal.


Lingdum Taha

Former GS, RGUSU



Mega dams and rights

Dear Editor,

The last public hearing at Kaying was condemnable and it was frenzied act of the government. Conducting the public hearing using draconian tactic creating hue and cry is both condemnable and unlawful as per natural justice is concern. It seems the Indian political theory of democratic system of governance is infected and contaminated by the inhuman, un-socialist, un-republican, unlawful and undemocratic tendencies.

In spite of much agitation from public our Govt is obdurate to construct dam which is unreasonable and illogic. Centre is compelling the state Govt by using a new ploy by not allocating fund and forcing the state to explore the natural resources for revenue is incongruous and discomfited. The former leaders in their tenure mortgaged all the natural resources and, I am skeptical, that one of the leaders might sell the whole state in wholesale rate.

If Centre is maintaining so much gusto to probe the Look East Policy then do away with devastating doctrine of earning money at the outlay of people’s lives. If India has so much delight of giving then do not give us Mega dams which we tribal can’t digest but give us a union territory for the Adi and the rest smaller tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.

Union Territory is a big step to ensure the security which also will return the social serenity, communal harmony, political and administrative tranquility and the satisfaction of the inter-tribe cultural exchange of ethics towards a progressive sphere.  We are suffocated in this blanket state of prejudice, social discrimination, lawlessness, alienation, vandalization, extortion on gun points, deprivation, and mal-treatment.

Arunachal, the most peaceful state of India has turn into a callous state where Tribal right is endangered due to Mega Dam mission and sovereignty of enjoying all rights has been mutilated by some.

Is India using the ethnic bigotry to purge the chinky populace? It is brooding inter tribal clash and the destinations is the gun culture. To avert that holocaust we need a new serene union Territory.  I plead the smaller tribal fold to join hands in this venture and our slogan is “Not Mega Dams but a Union Territory”.


Karunath Pazing




Abysmal websites and SIC

Dear Editor,

It is really disheartening   that many of state Govt’s official websites are in abysmal condition in era of Internet and RTI. I attribute this disheartening condition to intentional disregard and disobey to Section 4 of RTI Act by Public Authorities, non use of power by State Information Commission vested under section 22(5) of RTI Act 2005 and lack of understanding of RTI on part of citizen.  The ultimate aim of the RTI Act is that public should have access to most information of public authorities without the use of the RTI laws. Section 4 of the RTI Act is an initial, but necessary preclude to achievement of that objective. Section 4(1) and 4(2) of the RTI Act obligates the public authorities to publish information Suo Motu. So under this Section it is mandatory on the part of public authority to disclose the information voluntarily through website or any other means.

Further Section 4(3) and 4(4) read with explanation given at the end of Section 4 obligated the public authority to open to citizen for inspection of the Suo Motu disclosed information. So under this section citizens have  statutory right to inspect information hold by public authorities free of cost and  without any requisition or application as procedure needs for inspection under Section 6 of RTI Act are not applicable in case.

Now question arise what if public authority deny citizens’ statutory right to inspection under aforesaid mention section. Then one should straightaway make complaint to  State Information Commission under Section18 (1) (f) seeking invoking of power vested to State Information Commission under Section 25(5) of RTI Act 2005. As under Section 25(5) State Information Commission has power to order public authorities to do sou moto disclose of information without fail. But unfortunately our State Information Commission itself is not exception to ‘Abysmal websites.’

So in this juncture the best remedy to ‘Abysmal Website’ is in the hand of citizen’s itself  i.e. using the citizen’s rights available in section 4(3) and 4(4) of RTI Act 2005 even if it is against the commission. Let us not shy away from our right and duty, more so, if we are affected by it, we should not hesitate to use our right. RTI is our right, why not invoke it. Why one should suffer silently?  

Now, let us hope that SIC of Arunachal Pradesh will take cognizance of various complaints against govt. website in print Media and will instruct all public authorities of our state to compliance with the provision of the RTI act from time to time, especially Suo Motu disclosure under Section 4 of RTI Act. 2005.


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Disaster management  

Effective prevention of natural disasters is often possible and cost-effective, says  a World Bank report dealing with the economics of effective prevention.

Large natural disasters leave heavy economic footprints but ffective prevention and preparedness will reduce the disaster risk and take the burden off.

The report predicts rising exposure to storms and earthquakes in the coming years making Asia and Pacific regions most vulnerable to natural disasters. Going by the report’s estimates, India will experience thrice the number of earthquakes by 2050. This puts disaster management in the spotlight of future policy framework.

Disasters come with heavy economic loss, accompanied by even heavier burden of relief and reconstruction. They have dealt a serious blow to many economies by widening budgetary deficits.

Traditionally, government spending on prevention is lower than relief spending. The report underlines that creating institutions for disaster risk mitigation and preparedness which employ early warning systems, effective information dissemination, incentives to promote individual disaster prevention and smart infrastructures can significantly decrease the costs in dealing with natural disasters.

The first policy implication is to make information available on hazards public and accessible. Another aspect important for India is infrastructure.

National Disaster Management Authoity initial focus has shifted from the three Rs -Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction – to - prevention, preparedness and mitigation.

Cost-effective measures of disaster management can be seamlessly merged with the existing development policies.

State level Teachers’ orientation training camp

ITANAGAR, May 27: The 10 days state level teachers’ orientation training Camp for the new and untrained teachers serving in the schools run under the Arunachal Shikha Vikas Samiti (ASVS) in the various districts concluded here yesterday with a valedictory function at Bharat Scouts & Guides State Training Centre, Polo Colony, Naharlagun.

Speaking on the occasion, Papum Pare DDSE Tana Tagu Tara called upon the teacher trainees to keep up the very uncompromising identity of true spirit of a teacher who are considered as the torch bearer of the society and nation.

Expressing concern over the growing poor performance of the students in the board’s examinations and degrading human values in the younger generations, the DDSE sought active cooperation from various organizations working in the field of education sector to improve the students’ performance and instil moral value in them. He said that the responsibilities of a teacher does not end in classroom activities. Rather they have a great role to play off the classroom in moulding a child’s future.

The Vidya Bharati Akhil Bharatiya Shiksha Sansthan Northeast-in-Charge, U. Brahmaji Rao, an eminent educationist and social worker explained the aims, objectives and purposes of organizing the state level teachers orientation training camps every year by the Samity. Highlighting the nation wide educational services of Vidya Bharati Akhil Bharatiya Shiksha Sansthan in promoting an alternate model of education Rao described the pivotal role a teacher can play in shaping the destiny of the nation with the active involvement of the people.

Tai Tagak, one of the founding members of the Arunachal Shiksha Vikas Smiti lauded the selfless and yeomen services rendered by the Arunachal Shiksha Vikas Samity through their schools even in the most remote corner of the state.

The president, ASVS, Prof. Tamo Mibang in his presidential address congratulated the trainees and management for the successful completion of the teachers orientation training programme. He  emphasized on the need to maintain dignity and professionalism by teachers. The knowledge learnt in the training would be properly utilized.

Earlier the trainee teachers presented their group wise works and experiences in the 10 days camp and explained their comparative views and experiences and expressed confidence in reaching out to the children.



Govt hints at strong mechanism to check revenue leakage

DUMPORIJO/RAGA, May 27: Arunachal Pradesh Govt. has envisage strong mechanism to check revenue leakage in a move to improve the financial status of the state.

Chief Minister Nabam Tuki after laying the foundation stone for ADC headquarter at Dumporijo on  Saturday said that in addition to central assistance such as SPA, the revenues earned from taxes such as water and electricity bills, revenue from land, mines and minerals would stabilize the financial position of the state.   

Tuki stated that the Arunachal Pradesh has no resources of its own and solely depends on the Centre. “Revenues collected from the public would be properly utilized for the developmental work,” he said in a confident note.       

“Arunachal Pradesh is one of the few states where everything is free. People should understand their responsibility as a good citizen and pay regular taxes in the form of electricity/water bills, land revenue etc which again will be used for their own good”, he added.   

While discouraging illegal tapping of electricity, he said such practice leads to revenue leakage. He firmly warned that the State government is coming up with a strong mechanism to check pilferage of revenue especially on VAT.   

While responding to a public memorandum on proper construction of  town roads, Tuki informed that concrete cement roads would be replaced to the existing roads in all the district headquarters of the state. He also urged the people not to cramp the road by constructing buildings/houses haphazardly so that the roads can be broadened in future.   

At Baririjo, the CM laid the foundation stone for the Sub Divisional Office, Hakte-Ripa which was recently upgraded from a circle administrative headquarter. The Chief Minister informed the gathering of a public grievance cell being evolved to check corruption cases. He urged the public to tell the government through this Cell about such things happening around them. Rajya Sabha MP and APCC President Mukut Mithi said the Upper Subansiri district needs special attention from the government. Despite being important part of the state, Upper Subansiri remains underdeveloped, he said. He, however, urged the gathering to be patient while stating that development will surely reach them under the leadership of Tuki.

Lok Sabha MP Takam Sanjoy while calling for communal harmony among the people of Arunachal Pradesh said that stray incidents of individuals should not be construed as the voice of the community as they do not represent the whole community. He also called for coordinated efforts from each individual to make Arunachal Pradesh a better place.  

At Raga today, Tuki inaugurated ADC headquarter and assured to provide adequate fund for  infrastructure development on the request of the local MLA Nido Pavitra. He later handed over 10 lacs for the Boa-Simla fire victims.   

Meanwhile, Chief mMnister Nabam Tuki, Rajya Sabha MP Mukut Mithi, Lok Sabha MP Takam Sanjoy on reaching Raga visited the house of former MP  late Ratan Tama and expressed their deep sense of condolence and shared the grief with the bereaved family members.

Tuki announced construction of a multipurpose stadium in his name.  Mithi, schoolmate of the deceased also announced 15 lacs for the VKV School as a tribute to the departed soul. The visiting dignitaries along with large number of public observed two minutes silence for the departed soul. (CM’s media cell)



Govt mulling private sector corruption law

Arunachal Pradesh has offered "no comments" on the proposal

New Delhi, May 27: A move is afoot in the Government to make corruption in private sector a penal offence with imprisonment up to seven years for the offenders.

The government has proposed to make bribery in private sector -- both giving and accepting it -- a criminal offence by amending the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The draft Indian Penal Code (Amendments) Bill, 2011, circulated to States and Union Territories by the Centre for their comments, would cover graft by an individual, firm, society, trust, association of individuals, company, whether incorporated or not, which undertakes any economic or financial or commercial activity.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had spoken on the issue of changing laws to make private sector bribery a criminal offence at a conference of CBI and state anti-corruption bureaus about seven months ago.

At present, there are no legal provisions to check graft in the private sector.

According to the draft law, whoever in the course of economic, financial or commercial activity promises, offers or gives, directly or indirectly, any gratification, in any capacity, for a private sector entity, for the person himself or for another person shall be punishable.

Besides, it said, if somebody "solicits or accepts, directly or indirectly, any gratification amounting to an undue advantage from any person, who directs or works, in any capacity, for a private sector entity" shall also be punishable with imprisonment and fine or both.

The Centre has asked all States and UT administrations to give their views on the proposed amendments in the IPC.

Explaining the move, an official in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions under which the anti-graft agency CBI comes, said local police or any other appropriate agency would be able to register a case and initiate probe against an individual working in the private sector if the proposed amendments becomes law. "However, the law and order enforcement agency would have to establish a quid pro quo agreement or a deal between the offenders," the official said.

So far most of the states have either agreed to the proposal or suggested some changes in it.

According to a Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) official, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, West Bengal, Punjab, Maharashtra, Assam, Haryana, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tripura, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Lakshawdeep and Delhi have agreed to the proposal.

Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Daman and Diu administrations have suggested some changes in the proposal, he said, adding that Arunachal Pradesh has offered "no comments" on the proposal.

According to Home Ministry official, views from Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Puducherry have not been received so far.

Officials said the Government would also try to get opinions from industry bodies including Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) among others.

They said after getting comments from all States, UT administrations and other stakeholders, the draft will be given a final shape and other modalities will be worked out before sending it to the Parliament.

Recently, the Central Vigilance Commission has cited acts of alleged corruption based on Transparency International India's assessment report on 'Implementation of Integrity Pact (IP) in Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs). PTI



DC reprimands dept for slow progress

ANINI, May 27: The Dibang Valley Deputy Commissioner Abu Tayeng reacting to an unsatisfactory report in implementation of the projects for defense utility, cautioned the department concerned to carry out work effectively and asked the DPO to strictly monitor the different projects in order to maintain quality and also to ensure completion of work in time.

Tayeng was chairing the 8th District Level Monitoring Committee (DLMC) to review progress and achievement made in implementation of various centrally sponsored schemes under ACA, SPA, NEC, NLCPR, RIDF, BADP, PM package in Dibang Valley District on May 25

He warned the department concerned not to make any payment to contractors and suppliers of the project carried out for defense utility without producing completion certificate from the concerned defense personnel.

He also asked the concerned Circle Officers to monitor the different projects carried out by executing agencies in their respective circle.

DPO cum DLMC member secretary C.W. Chautang urged the executing agencies for timely implementation and completion of various schemes and also for timely submission of Utilization Certificate. He also expressed his dissatisfaction over the absence of officers of some of the department in this important meeting.

Anini ZPM, the lone public representative present in the meeting urged the executing agencies to maintain transparency and sincerity while executing their works for larger interest of the people.

The circle officers and executing agencies also spoke on the occasion.

The executing agencies expressed their problems while implementing the various schemes and probable solutions were discussed in details.

The deputy commissioner along with DPO and concerned circle officer visited the Etalin Circle to inspect the various projects carried out by DHPD and DRDA on May 26 and 27.

They also visited the site and inspected the construction of tourist lodge at Malinye by DHPD to know the exact position. DIPRO



SES foundation day

RWD to link Nafra: Waii

ITANAGAR, May 27: Sajolang Elite Society (SES) celebrated its 6th foundation day on May 25 at Nafra.

Attending the celebration, Bameng MLA and Parliamentary Secretary Kumar Waii highlighted the various developmental activities being initiated by him for Lada circle. He announced Rs. One crore for construction of link road at Nafra town  under Rural Works Department.

Waii also handed over an ambulance donated by Oil India Limited to Nafra Primary Centre on the occasion.

Former MP Kiren Rijiju had pursued the OIL for donating an ambulance while he was in the post of Principal Advisor to Chief Minister. Earlier, SES president Aju Khonjuju, highlighted the various activities carried out by the Society for all round development of the community since its inception.

Former minister Japu Deru, former MLA Rinchin Kharu,  Zilla Parisad Chairperson Logyang Rikong, Jerigaon ZPM Leki Dongru, and SES General Secretary Johny Miji also spoke on the function.



State BJP demands rollback in petrol prices,  to take part in Bharat bandh

Itanagar, May 27: Supporting the National Democratic Alliance (NDA)’s call to observe Bharat Bhandh on May 31 in protest against steep rise in petrol price, the Arunachal Pradesh unit of Bharaitiya Janata Party (BJP) in a meeting today decided to take part in the dawn to dusk bandh in the state.

The meeting chaired by State Vice President Padmeswari Jamoh and attended by the party’s state Office Bearers, Frontal wings chiefs and senior leaders demanded immediate rollback in petrol price.

Stating that the recently installed BJP govt in Goa had slashed Rs. 11 per litre on petrol price within 15 days of its assuming office as per the words given to people,  the Party also urged the Congress Govt in Arunachal Pradesh  to   reduce the hike in petrol price  and fulfill the wishes of the people who voted them to power.

Such unprecedented hike in petrol prices by the present Congress led UPA government at the Centre would trigger sharp rise in prices of all essential commodities which would hit hard the poor and middle class, the party said and appealed to all the non-Congress political parties in Arunachal Pradesh, civil society, organizations and other organizations and forums to come forward to join and participate in the protest.

Essential services, including  ambulance, emergency electricity duty, water tanks, milk vans would be exempted from the purview of the proposed bandh, it said.