May 11

CYO congrats Tongam

ITANAGAR, May 10: The Capital Youth Organization (CYO) has congratulated Associate Editor of this daily Tongam Rina for being chosen as one of the “100 Information Heroes” of “Reporters Without Borders” on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day on May three.

“We hope the youths of our state will draw inspiration from her tremendous achievement,” said CYO president Bengia Nachung. He further hoped she will continue to her journalism and help uplift the society.


PHC without doctor, medicines!

ITANAGAR, May 10: All Chetam Circle Students’ Union Upper Subansiri district has demanded the authority concerned of the health department to take an urgent step to make the Primary Health Centre at Chetam functional.

Highlighting the problem faced by the people of the area due to lack of proper health facilities in the PHC, the students union alleged that the health centre had been lying almost defunct without medicine, doctor and supporting staff for the last many years.

Failing to do the needful on the part of the authority to fulfill the demand will compel the union to resort to mass protest, threatened the students’ union.


INC candidate opposes fresh poll demand

ITANAGAR, May 10: The INC candidate of Tali constituency in Kurung Kumey district today opposed the fresh poll demand by the NCP and a Forum at 2- Ruhi, 6-Giba, 15-Richik and 21- Ha polling stations under 20-Tali constituency.

In a letter addressed to Additional Chief Electoral Officer of Inquiry Committee, the INC candidate claimed that election was peacefully conducted in the four polling stations and there were no reports of violation of election procedures. Terming the fresh poll demand at these polling stations as baseless and politically motivated,  the INC candidate further said that question of fresh poll  does not arise since there was no recommendation from presiding officer/sector magistrate, ARO and DEO for fresh poll. The candidate also added that polling was conducted as per laid down procedures, rules and guidelines with deployment of sufficient paramilitary forces and sector magistrate.


DEO holds meeting for peaceful counting day

DAPORIJO, May 10: A co-ordination meeting cum briefing on counting of votes for the simultaneous Parliamentary and Assembly Elections 2014 was held at the Rijo Conference Hall here. The meeting was held in order to brief the candidates, election agents and others on the counting process and also to ensure a peaceful environment during the counting day and after it.

DEO Tahang Taggu impressed upon all that the prescribed rules laid down by the ECI for the counting process would be strictly followed and so advised all to follow the instructions given to them so as not to cause any problems. Taggu also enjoined all the candidates, election agents, representatives of the political parties to ensure that their supporters did flout any rules and to cooperate in maintaining law and order in the district on and post the counting day.

ADC Kanki Darang briefed all present on the counting process and the rules and regulations laid down and to be followed in the counting hall. He also informed about the strict security measures arranged for the day. Questions and doubts of the election agents on the counting process, postal ballots etc too were cleared. DIPRO


Capacity building training prog concludes

ITANAGAR, May 10: A week-long capacity building programme for fourth batch trainees under ‘Hunar Se Rozgar Tak' training scheme being organized by department of tourism and sponsored by government of India, Ministry of Tourism concluded here on Friday. Altogether 136 unemployed trainees were benefitted from the training.

Hunar Se Rozgar Tak is a Government of India initiative to promote skill development in various trades. The programme is aimed at empowering the youth from among the economically weaker section. The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has initiated training programmes in hospitality trade courses in Food Production (Cook), Food & Beverage Service (waiter) and housekeeping utility.

Encouraging the participants, Tourism Secretary Dr Joram Beda said that vocational training is a key to employment generation. Unemployed youth should come forward to take advantage of such training, he added. Master Trainer S S Kar Donyi Polo Ashok Motel Manager presented the training report and highlighted the achievements of trained personnel.


Rly Sramik union demands effective ILP checking mechanism

ITANAGAR, May 10: The All Arunachal Section-Division Northeast Frontier Railway Construction Loading and Unloading Sramik Union in a representation to the chief secretary urged him to take immediate steps to address the problem of illegal influx of outsiders without ILP into the state.

“The nature of the influx is quite serious and if not checked it will have far reaching consequences for the indigenous population of the state,” the union said, adding that the need of the hour is for the  state Govt to adopt an assertive and proactive policy towards the issue, keeping in mind the provisions of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act 1873.

In a four-point memorandum submitted to the CS,  the Sramik Union  demanded establishment of information centres at railway stations all over the country and at designated ticket counters to provide information regarding the ILP system in Arunachal Pradesh.  Other demands included  a special ticket system at all the railway ticket counters whereby ticket sellers can verify the authenticity of the travellers after going through the ILP section of the GoAP website; establishment of ILP checking point at every entry and exit points; and regular checking of ILPs in the bogies by APP personnel. It has threatened to resort to democratic action in case its demands are not met at the earliest.



ITANAGAR, May 10: The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) state unit has mourned the demise of former minister Newlai Tingkhatra who passed away on May 7  at a hospital in New Delhi.

In its release it said, he was a simple and down-to-earth person, always ready to listen to grievances of youths and students community in general.

Offering condolences to the bereaved family members, it further prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.


News Impact

NES & YMA hold mega interaction prog, find many commonalities  between Nyishis & Mizos

ITANAGAR, May 10: The identity crisis of the Northeasterners in the mainland India with reference to the series of unfortunate incidents in the past came up for discussion, among others, during the maiden interaction programme between Nyishi Elite Society (NES) and Young Mizo Association (YMA) of Mizoram.

An 11-member team from NES headed by the Society’s East and West vice presidents Tarin Dakpe and Katung Wahge and general secretary Tarh Tabin arrived in Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram on Friday for the maiden interaction programme christened ‘Nyishi-Mizo Interaction-2014, according to a NES release.

Established 79 years ago in 1935, YMA is one of the oldest and most effective social organizations in the country.

The discussion encompassed common social issues, problems and prospects of both the states punctuated by colorful cultural programme arranged by the host. The classical Cheraw (Bamboo dance), Khuallan and Chheihlam enthralled the visiting team most.

During the second round of the interaction programme on Friday at YMA headquarters, NES vice president Wahge addressed the seventh batch of the training programme of Masson Works organized by the YMA at its headquarters and lauded the exemplary services being initiated by YMA on a mission mode on multi-angular approach.

Later, the YMA led the touring NES team for field visit to Heritage Village at Reiek under Mamit district to have a grassroots level interaction on the functional hierarchy and responsibilities at various levels. They were taken to Zawlbuk, a dormitory for the unmarried male youths (or) married and having less than three children where wrestling, policy decisions of the village on development and security. They also visited the Pum, the central blacksmith. Enroute, the team visited the main feeder lift water supply for the entire Aizawl over Tlawng River.

The main interaction program began in the evening at the Central Young Mizo Association, Headquarter, Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl with the exchange of traditional gift items from the touring NES team to the YMA and vice versa. The gift from the touring team constituted set of five items viz. Jatam (Jacket), Byopa (Head gear), Nara (Cane bag), Tunam (Pomo muffler) and Oriok (Daw). The visiting team was presented with traditional bag of the Mizos by the host.

In his address, YMA president Lalbiakzuala termed the maiden interaction as a beginning for perpetual relationship of the Nyishis through NES and the Mizos through the YMA for the generations to come.

Responding to the invitation of the NES (West) vice president, YMA assured to visit Arunachal Pradesh with his central office bearers and central executive members and requested NES to finalize the programme to the convenience of all.

YMA general secretary Vanlalruata highlighted various success stories and activities of the YMA at various levels with help of PowerPoint.

The YMA formed by the Christian Missionaries on June 15,1935 has 71 branches, 46 groups and 5 Sub-Headquarter with four lakh members establishing itself as one of the largest social organizations, he informed.

All the six central office bearers including vice president Vanlalrema, assistant secretary Lalhmachhuana, treasurer J Lalsailova, Lalrochuanga Pachuau and many central executive body members out of its total 63 members took part in the interactions and field visit.

During the course of the interaction, an interesting coincidence emerged on the derivative meaning of ‘Nyishi’ and ‘Mizo’ which are collection of two words, i.e, ‘Nyi’ means men/people and ‘Shi’ means highland and ‘Mi’ also connotes people and ‘Zo’ the hill. Hence, Nyishi and Mizo mean the men or people of the hills (or) simply, highlanders. The last three alphabets i.e, ‘RAM’ in Mizoram means country, meaning; the highlanders country. Both the states were borne on 20th February’1987 with Mizoram as the 23rd state and Arunachal Pradesh as the 24th state. This was another coincidence. The third coincidence was that the NES came into being in 1987 when both the states peacefully graduated to a full-fledge state.

At the end, both the groups were contented with the information sharing during the course of the interactions and proposed similar interactions involving all the seven sister states including Sikkim for better delivery of community service. Both the organizations decided to carry forward periodical interactions and organize cultural exchange programmes for continuity of bondage.

The other members of the NES team were Dr. NT Rikam, AGS, Yumlam Kaha, Secretary (Protocol), Joram Lali, Secretary (Finance), Bengia Amit Secretary (Publicity), Pai Dawe, Secretary (Art & Culture), Tadar Apa, Secretary (Sports & Youth Affairs), Perung Chiri, Secretary (Assam) NES and Bengia Tabb, former President, NES. The man behind the mission, Bengia Tolum, President, NES could not participate due to health problem.

Chukhu Appa, a senior IPS Officer of the Nyishi community posted at Aizawl as Joint Deputy Director of SIB coordinated and facilitated the interactive programme.



Capital DC reviews law and order, hands over revised duty chart to magistrates

ITANAGAR, May 10: A coordination meeting was convened in the chamber of the Deputy Commissioner, Itanagar Capital Complex Mige Kamki with the magistrates deployed on law and order duty within Capital Complex to apprise them on their role and responsibilities.

Calling the magistrates experienced, the DC handed over the revised charter of duties to them and hoped that they will perform their duties with utmost sincerity to prevent any breach of law. During the meeting, law and order was also discussed at length along with the strategies of work. The DC also asked the magistrates to be prepared for during the counting day and after declaration of results and asked them to deliver the best of their services to maintain peace and order.

As a measure of precaution, the DC cum DM has already issued order declaring 144 Cr PC around Nirvachan Bhavan and VVIP areas yesterday. To ensure peace and tranquility, the Capital Complex has been divided into zones and two control rooms have also been set up to look after the respective zones where magistrates have already been deployed. B J Duia, ADC Yupia and Bokar Basar, CMEO has been deployed as the overall in charge of the two control rooms in Itanagar and Naharlagun respectively. The telephone numbers of the control rooms are : Control Room, EAC Office Itanagar 0360-2006067 and Control Room, CMEO Office, Naharlagun 0360-2350783. The DC also directed Talo Potom, ADM to look after any kind of public nuisance or road blockade to ensure free flow of traffic for public safety and security. Citing instances from past, EAC Hento Karga suggested that a coordination meeting be organized between the magistrates and the Police department so that both can work together in cooperation to which the DC assured to discuss with the SP Capital. DIPRO



Cyclone-affected families appeal for assistance


RUKSIN, May 10: Cyclone-hit people of East Siang district have demanded the authorities concerned for providing assistance and immediate relief for their quick rehabilitation.

Expressing strong resentment over non-responsive attitude of the authority towards the plea of the affected people, the PRI leaders, on behalf of the affected people, have demanded the district administration to take up the matter of rehabilitation of the cyclone-hit people with the state’s caretaker government.

The cyclone-affected families of Bilat, Sille-Oyan and Pasighat circles lament that the authority has not yet taken any step for providing them relief. Though the PRI members have submitted report on loss and damage caused to the villagers by the recent cyclone, the district administration has not yet paid even a single penny to the affected families. The cyclonic storm on April 21 evening caused large scale destruction at Mirem, Yagrung, Tekang, Rani, Saatmile and Gumin nagar areas. It also caused extensive damage to rubber garden and standing maize crop at Pasighat area.

Many uprooted trees and damage electric poles and lines along Pasighat-Ledume-Tene PWD road are still to be repaired. It is said that the properties lost and damaged in the cyclone is likely to cross crores of rupees.

Meanwhile, the ZPMs of the area visited the affected areas and took stock of the intensity of loss and damage. They demanded the district administration to provide necessary compensation and assistance to the affected families after properly assessing the extent of damage.



New catfish species found

ITANAGAR, May 10: A new catfish species called Creteuchiloglanis payjab was found by a team of Ichthyologists from Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) from Yomgo river located at an altitude of 1999 meter in Mechukha of West Siang of district recently.

This is the second species in the genus Creteuchiloglanis after Creteuchiloglani kamengensis was reported in 1966 from Kalaktang in West Kameng district.

The holotype and paratypes of the species were deposited and preserved in the Rajiv Gandhi University Museum of Fishes (RGUMF), Doimukh and Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), Itanagar.

The species epithet ‘payjab’ is derived from the local name of the fish in Memba, a colloquial speech of native ethnical group of the locality.

The team led by Prof. DN Das of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) included Dr. Achom Darshan Singh, Rashmi Dutta, Akash Kachari, and Budhin Gogoi.



Citizens’ participation vital for clean and healthy city

Rumi Longri

Cleanliness is next to Godliness as we all say but how many of us really agree ? And how many of us actually bother to clean every mess that we make? While many of us make the effort, a clean and healthy city requires the contribution of every citizen.

It doesn’t matter whether we are in our home, our room, on the street or in a shopping mall we should always maintain cleanliness no matter what. Our beautiful capital city Itanagar, though small in size and comparatively less populated than any other capital cities, will soon be ranked among the top in terms of the number of tainted and sullied areas if we don’t take the necessary action soon. As we can all see that every part of the city has its own open garbage dumping ground that is not well maintained by the municipal authority nor the public care to do anything about it, while they all get uncomfortable crossing those areas due to the unpleasant smell released by the open garbage’s that is present almost everywhere.

“It’s very difficult to breathe while crossing this area and there are times when the smell becomes unbearable” said Kento Doke a resident of Adi Basti whose house is close to the garbage dumping area. He further added that he and the other residents of Adi Basti would be very much grateful if the garbage is carried away more often, it would be like a huge relief for every resident of the colony who passes through that area everyday.

A clean and well maintained city though small or less developed is always admired by every single tourist that ever pays it a visit and it gives out a very positive outlook about the state as well as the people while a filthy one is considered exactly the opposite. Open garbage dumping can be an extreme health hazard since it is the perfect breeding place for mosquitoes and flies which can spread diseases like Dengue, Cholera, Malaria etc also the unpleasant smell can give birth to uncountable numbers of respiratory diseases and skin diseases .

Crossing the polluted areas everyone wishes and hopes for a clean and hygienic Itanagar, why not turn our wishes into reality? While it is the duty of the Municipal authority, it is also our duty as a responsible citizen; after all it’s our very own Itanagar and the work is quite easy and absolutely possible to be carried out by everyone. All we have to do is to maintain our personal hygiene and while cleaning our houses we should not throw the waste in some other public area as it doesn’t matter how much a person grooms themselves if the surrounding he/she lives is dirty and unhygienic. So along with the maintenance of our house and our body we should also care for all round cleanliness of the area and the city as a whole, especially for our streets.

Production of waste is an inherent part of living and it obviously cannot be put to an end but where there is a will, there certainly is a way as we can minimize the size of garbage production dramatically by using our resources judiciously and also by reusing, recycling and regenerating it, which cuts the cost of our daily expenses as well and also with less garbage there will be less health issues.



Let us complete counting process in free, fair and peaceful manner: DC

PASIGHAT, May 10: Conduct of Election Rules, 1961, lays down a detailed and elaborate procedure for the counting of votes and therefore you should familiarize yourself thoroughly with the provisions before undertaking the counting process, stated the East Siang DC-cum-DEO Nidhi Srivastava while addressing the counting personnel who were participating in the training of counting of votes in Conference hall today.

Saying that the counting of votes is one of the most important aspects of the election procedure, Srivastava advised the trainees to be attentive and sincere and to clear their doubts before attending the actual counting process, scheduled to be held on May 16 next. A heavy responsibility lies on your shoulders to ensure proper, systematic and accurate counting and the same should be strictly adhered to as per ECI guidelines, she further added.

The DEO while instructing the Master Trainers to deliver their best in the training said ECI has issued detailed instructions for the Counting Supervisors and Counting Assistants which should be properly and fully explained to the counting personnel at the rehearsals so that they could be asked to scrupulously follow them at the time of counting.

Taking privilege on the occasion, the DEO informed that elaborate security arrangement has been made for pre and post counting. District police authority has been instructed to make tight security arrangement around the counting hall on the day of counting and to put police barricades at 100 metre away from the counting hall on all sides. The counting for both Assembly and Parliamentary Constituency would be done simultaneously on 10 tables and the whole process of counting would be properly videographed.

She further asked the magistrates to be strict and prompt in action while dealing with any kind of law and order problem and not to be delayed in filing FIR or registering case against the law breaker, if found any. The DEO expressed hope that with the proper coordination from all the administrative officers, nodal officers and cooperation from the political parties, the final phase of the election process i.e., counting of votes would be completed smoothly as per the provisions and guidelines of ECI in free, fair and peaceful manner.

The daylong training program was imparted by State Master Trainer Moki Loyi (ADC, Nari) and Master Trainers DP Panda and RC Saxena.

RO-38 Pasighat/ ADC Election Ropak Boje, EAC (Eln) Gombu Tsering, EAC Gobi Nyicyor (Nodal Officer EVMs) and CO (Eln) John Modi were present on the occasion. DIPRO



Preparation on for Etor Gidii celebration at Rayang village


RUKSIN, May 10: Preparations are afoot to celebrate Etor Gidii (festival) at Rayang village here with a four-day programme starting May 14. As part of the celebration, the youth group of the village is organizing a musical night on May 14 highlighting the cultural contributions of young Adi singer Delong Padung, a native of the village, informed Gonga Taying, the overall in-charge of the Youth Association.

About 10 renowned artist/singers from different parts of the state and neighbouring Assam are invited to participate the musical night, said the organizers.

Presentation of a spiritual song-dance demonstrating the livelihood of the local tribes at the primeval period by the artistes from “Delong Padung Musical Team” will be another main attraction of the programme.

The final rehearsal of the songs and dances has come to end at Raynag Community Hall this evening.

It is pertaining to mention here that singer Delong Padung was conferred “Indigenous folk artist award” by the state’s Art and Culture department in 2012 in recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of art and culture.

Padung has released two Video Albums and three Adi Feature Films besides releasing a number of audio cassettes. His first video album ‘Ayange Du:yarye (Lasting Love) was released in 2005. Another album ‘Yoyi Bone (Solung Queen)’ also got massive response from the cultural enthusiasts. The feature films- Ngok Gi:dang, Yakenke Binyat - produced and directed by Padung are also popular among Adi societies.

His feature film ‘Ati Peying(Orphan Child)’ was screened in the film festival held in Itanagr recently. He also ceremonially released another audio cassettes ‘Lumi Gaayo” in Itanagar last year.

In his feature film ‘Ngok Gi:dang’ Padung tries to establish the age-old Adi-Mishing relationship in a romantic way and bagged support from the communities.



DUDA meet takes up schemes to be implemented Under SJSRY

AALO, May 10: In its effort to address urban poverty alleviation, support skill development and training and empower the community to tackle the issues of urban poverty, a meeting attended by all DUDA members was held under the Chairmanship of West Siang Deputy Commissioner M.K. Sahoo at his office chamber yesterday.

The meeting touched all aspects of schemes to be implemented under UWEP, STEP-UP Programme and UCDN during the financial year.

Initiating the discussion, the DC stressed on working out a permanent solution to drainage and sewage system in the town to maintain cleanliness and water logging problem as colony wise social service is not the permanent solution to the growing problem in the urban areas. The civil society should also come up for the cause and rural sanitation should be emulated from Kugi Pomte village where people have a high sense of sanitation and every drop of schemes are utilized judiciously for the benefit of the people. The field officials of the department should constantly monitor the urban sanitation works and give a daily report on drain blockages and other unwanted growth obstructing urban sanitation life so that action can be initiated against offenders.

The DC also gave specific instruction to EE power to activate street and high mark lights at strategic locations before counting of votes. He also insisted on preparing a detail estimate for lightning from ITBP to Hissam Colony and DC office to R.K. Mission School via PI Colony for which fund will be mobilized from available sources to create permanent asset for the district.

The Superintendent of Police laid stress on beautification and proper cleanliness of entry point of the town at bridge point to give the first impression of a developed town. He also circulated pamphlets on useful Fire Safety Tips brought out in English and Galo dialect.

Giving detail deliberation on activities taken up by the department, Er. Marconi

Potom, Dy. Director Urban Development dwelt at length on the schemes to be taken up during the financial year. He reiterated that almost all the drains are blocked and efforts are being made from time to time clear them with the help of colony members through honorarium paid to them. The department alone cannot accomplish the urban sanitation works unless all strata of people in the town cooperate, he said. The other members also shared their useful suggestions. DIPRO




Training on earthquake resistant design of building held

ITANAGAR, May 10: Training on seismic resistant design and construction of building was held at Tawang attended by more than 60 engineers from various work departments, DHPD, NHPC, officers from District Disaster Management, police and various NGOs.

Attending the first ever training of this kind in the district, Deputy Commissioner Abhishek Dev appreciated the engineer fraternity for organizing the all important training. He suggested the working department to implement seismic design to make building structure more earthquake resistant. He appealed to the working departments and NGOs to organize earthquake education and preparedness programme in schools.

Addressing the participants, Atop Lego, Chief Engineer SID PWD, dwelt in length on earthquake, tectonic movement, designs, preventive measures and post earthquake effects.

Later, in the technical session Lego put his views on design of seismic resistant buildings, retrofitting of buildings and use of confined stone masonry structures in earthquake prone zone. He also elaborately discussed on the importance of seismic isolation bearing foundation.

The day-long training was a part of his two days visit to Tawang to start construction of stone masonry residential building cum guest house for Mahabodhi centre at Teli, Tawang as a pilot project.



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