May 12

ECI orders re-poll in 2 polling stations

ITANAGAR, May 11: The Election Commission of India (ECI) has ordered re-polling in two polling stations in Kumey Kumey district on May 14.

Repolling will be held in 15-Richik polling station under Tali Assembly Constituency and 31-Chulla polling station under 21-Koloriang Assembly Constituency, according to a release from the office of the Chief Electoral Officer. Adequate security arrangements would be provided to polling officials during the re-polling and counting process, the release said.


ACF, APCDPOWA mourn death of Tingkhatra

ITANAGAR, May 11: Messages are stilling pouring in from various quarters to condole the death of former minister Newlai Tingkhatra.

While expressing grief and shock over Tingkhatra’s untimely demise, Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) in a condolence message said, “May almighty rest his soul in eternal peace and give his bereaved family strength and fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.” In its condolence message, Arunachal Pradesh Child Development Project Officers’ Welfare Association (APCDPOWA) said, “By his death the department in particular and the state as a whole lost a fatherly figure, simple and down to earth natured person. His contribution and services for the upliftment of poor and downtrodden, especially the women and children will always be remembered.”

The APCDPOWA, on behalf of all the CDPOs and other officials/staff working under the department of Women & Child Development conveyed heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and prayed to almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Shower brings relief to tea growers


RUKSIN, May 11: Giving a sigh of relief to the farmers, it is raining cats and dogs since last six days in Siang Valley and adjoining areas of north Assam.

Though the downpour has forced the common people to remain indoors, it is bringing smiles on the face of the farmers of the region especially the tea growers.

Due to the prolonged drought-like situation in the region, the tea estates and small tea gardens had been suffering with poor cropping. Along with the tea growers and manufacturers, the tea labourers of the area were also affected by the situation.

The shower which came as relief after a long dry spell later turned torrential. The dried up hilly streams become alive after the rain. Heavy rainfall has dampened the cropland and made it favourable for cultivation activities.


Mothers' Day celebrated

ITANAGAR, May 11: Along with the rest of the world, the churches under Apatani Baptist Association (ABA) celebrated the Mother's Day honourig the mothers.

Speaking on the occasion at Immanuel Baptist Church, Abulyañ, Evan. Tallo Madhu exhorted the mothers to be better godly mother leaving impact on the church and also on the society apart from family. She said that children and husbands have to cooperate with mothers to make them better mothers.

The day was marked by special worship services and prayer for mothers of the world. Special seats were arranged and rhythmic songs, soul touching skits and dances were presented by youths and menfolks dedicating them for the mothers.

Customised flowers were gifted to the mothers as a token of respect and honour. The celebration ended with recreational games to let the mothers refresh from their daily chores.


Oldest man of Kimin circle dies

ITANAGAR, May 11: Tadar Takia believed to be the oldest person of Kimin circle died at the age of 93 years on May three after a prolonged illness.

Son of late Tadar Eka and late Tadar Benyi Tame, resident of Upper Jumi, Kimin, Papum Pare district, Takia left behind his wife six sons and two daughters, informed Papum Pare District Christian Youth Fellowship.


News Impact

Flood situation grim in Lohit

Tezu-Tinsukia road via Alubari Ghat cut off

ITANAGAR, May 11: Flood threat is looming large in Lohit district as water level in Lohit River and its tributaries is continuously increasing due to heavy rains since last four days.

According to official sources today, Tezu Nallah, Shukha Nallah and Dening Nallah rivers in the district have swelled abnormally because of relentless rain over the last four days.

The surface communication between Tezu-Tinsukia via Alubari Ghat has been totally cut off. The Parsuram Kund road, which was cut off by landslides, has been temporarily restored by the BRO for light vehicles, but continuous mudslides were still making restoration work difficult.

“We have temporarily stationed adequate men and machineries at the slide areas to keep the road open,” BRO official P K Gupta said.

The water resources department (WRD) is constantly monitoring the flood situation in the district, recording and updating the water levels and intensity of the rainfall.

According to WRD sources, a staggering 363.6 mm rainfall was recorded during the last rainfall, which is a sign of alarming flood situation.

Dharanpur, Deorigaon and other villages in Namsai sub division are already flooded by Noa-Dihing river, and if the rains continue at the same rate, other villages too will be inundated, the sources said.

“Shukha Nallah is posing the greatest threat as it is eroding the newly built security wall of the Airports Authority of India's (AAI) advance landing ground (ALG) as well as other parts of the airport,” WRD assistant engineer S K Srivastav said.

“We have submitted an estimate of immediate flood protection work at the site to the AAI. Delay in the sanctioning the project is a risk factor, since the ALG needs quick anti-erosion measures,” he said.

District Disaster Management Control Room with telephone numbers 03804-222481/222676/9436049782 has been activated to monitor flood situation in the district.

The entire outpost administrative offices and nodal departments relating to disaster management have been alerted.

Deputy Commissioner Dr. BM Mishra has advised them to keep strict vigilance on all vulnerable and low lying areas of the district. (with inputs from PTI)



ANSU-media fraternity vow cooperation

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, May 11:  All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) and media fraternity of the state have agreed to cooperate with each other and work in tandem in the greater interest of the society.

The mutual resolution came after an interaction programme between the new ANSU executive members led by President Byabang Joram and General Secretary Nyanya Gollo and the members of Arunachal Press Club (APC) and Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) led by their presidents Chopa Cheda and Azing Pertin respectively here today.   

The interaction programme was organized by ANSU with objective to maintain cordial relationship and mutual understanding with media fraternity in the state.

Highlighting the role and responsibility of media persons, APC president Chopa Cheda appealed to ANSU executive members to respect the professional conduct of media fraternity specially print media editor’s guild. He pointed out that many organizations in the state expect their issue to be highlighted in front page only, which according to Cheda, is unhealthy trend.  

Senior journalist Taro Chatung, who represented the electronic media, highlighted the technical glitches in telecasting and covering the issues. Seeking cooperation from the media fraternity in highlighting their issues, ANSU President Byabang Joram assured that ANSU would respect the editor’s discretion and would not interfere and pressurize editorial matters.   

General Secretary Nyanya Gollo stressed the need of cooperation between two organizations for the welfare of the state.  He stated that without cooperation from the press fraternity their voice cannot be heard by the authority.

Further, the union informed that it has submitted representation to the chief secretary on boundary and Inner Line Permit issues.  It demanded to carry out eviction drive against Assam forest official camps allegedly set up at Tarrasso,  effective implementation of ILP system, construction of the multi-purpose bridge over Dikrong River as per MoU signed between Railways authority and the state government.



Poll rumble and the odd one out


[ Appu Gapak ]

While 70 percent of the 7, 53,170 eligible voters in the state wait with bated breath for the D-day (May 16) along with the contenders, the 140 electorates of Sissen village in East Siang district are busy with their mundane chores and are in no way as excited as others.

With most of the politicians regarding the voters as unlocking the box of power so that they can help themselves to the riches that come from it and not look upto the promises that they made to their voters, the daring villagers of Sissen had chosen not to vote this time. They had boycotted poll on April 9 and April 19 was the second time that the administration had tried to coax them into excising their electoral rights but with no success.

As some politicians saw poll boycott as a political gimmick; we decided on a trip to Sissen a day before the repoll.

Sissen is located four and half hours drive from Pasighat, the district headquarters of East Siang.

A near-to-tatters-over-100-metres suspension bridge built over the mighty Siang and 30-40 minutes track walk (which became ninety minutes for us) opens into a beautiful valley that is home to 20 households.

"If you vote me to power, I will build for you Switzerland like road here, Tapang Taloh had told us during 2009 election. But then we had no idea how the roads in Switzerland looked like. Now it seems people in Switzerland also walk like us with no road," mocked the visibly disillusioned Bakin Siram who we met on our way to the village. Tapang Taloh is the incumbent MLA of the Pangin Constituency under which Sissen village falls.

"We are tired of walking. We need road now to make the distance shorter," said our host, Yatam Ering, showing us some of her fresh plucked garden produces that she grows on large scale and shared that it all dries up even before it reaches Pasighat.

Sissen is economically a flourishing village with every household making minimum of one lakh per annum through farming. It supplies huge amount of agri-horti products to Pasighat market.

"We produce abundant oranges but by the time it reaches Pasighat, almost all gets rotten. Only few reach in good condition. And the head load is a big problem for us," Yatam's son adds.

The movement for poll boycott was initiated by Sissen Welfare Society, Sissen Farmers Club and Sissen Students Union protesting lack of development in the area.

"There is no other way out but to resort to this. For 37 years, we have suffered. We have tried voting for the ruling, opposition with full majority hoping that they will bring in development. But till now, it has only been sugar coated talks," said Tajir Siram, president of Sissen Welfare Society.

"We will boycott 2019 election also if they don't bring in road by then. Enough of assurances, we want road in practical now," he declares.

The polling station set up in the lone LP school of the village had no attendance throughout the day of the repoll, as the villagers, young and old alike, roamed about with headbands written ‘No Road, No Vote on it' on it.

Tanung Siram aka Pitor, in his 80s, recalls his heyday, "We helped build those roads where people drive away happily but we are yet to see road in our own village. We have been forgotten. Look at me, I am now old and will soon be gone."

We meet Taget Siram, a farmer in his 50s, busy making bamboo basket on the veranda of his house who says, "We are not against anyone. We just want development."

East Siang DC Nidhi Srivastava who paid a visit to the village on the day acknowledges the problem faced by the villagers and says, "Even after so many challenges, they have done quite well for themselves."

"However, they could have opted for NOTA," she adds.

Despite poll boycott and the ripple that it was creating in the political scenario, the village wore an exciting look. The natives, gathered in the general ground, were looking forward for a gala time after the poll was over.

And by the time we were set to leave, they were already bidding us goodbye with their Ponung dance. What Tajir Siram had earlier told me struck me then, "even if we don't vote, we will continue to be prosperous. The government, am sure, will not restrict people from buying produces from us?!" And that, what he said, was the brutal truth.



Efforts to tackle drug menace


[ Raju Mimi ]

ROING, May 11: A joint effort of several Adi and Idu-Mishmi community based organizations to draw a strategy and to tackle the menace of widespread drug use in Lower Dibang Valley district was initiated here today.

In a meeting between Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) and Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) held at a hotel here, the two apex body resolved for efforts to make the district a better place calling for a beginning to be made in collaborative efforts to address various social problems.

Adi Cultural and Literary Society (ACLS), Idu Mishmi Government Employee Association (IMGEA), Dibang Adi Women's Association (DAWA) and Enjalu Menda Women's Empowerment Forum (EMWEF) also took part in the meeting pledging their support in the joint effort.

Terming the joint meeting of the two community apex body as 'historic', IMCLS President Enju Lingi said that anti-drug campaign in the district has got a boost with joining of hands by the two communities. "This is first time in several years that ABK and IMCLS are sharing a platform together for a social cause," he commented.

Welcoming the joint initiative, Lower Dibang Valley unit ABK President Mibom Pertin said all effort will be made by ABK in support of anti-drug campaign. He emphasized on greater women's participation, as he felt that they can make big difference in the anti-drug campaign.

ACLS President Kripa Pertin appreciating the initiative said that coming together of the two communities -Adi and Idu Mishmi is a significant step. "We know we have a long way to go in this endeavour," he said.

Pertin highlighted on few hurdles faced by the government machinery in tackling drug menace as he spoke about his experience as Nodal Officer for drug awareness. "We need social will to fight this drug abuse, and must help the government in this effort," he said.

He further informed of growing opium fields in Dambuk circle and urged for early action for its destruction.

Also calling the joint sitting of ABK and IMCLS as 'historic', Lower Dibang Valley unit ABK General Secretary Abu Saring said that this effort deserves applause. He urged that the resolution for joint collaboration must be conveyed to administration and all public leaders for their support.

On strategy to fight drug menace, Saring opined that legal course is not the lone solution. "We have to work for an alternate solution by engaging drug addicts for rehabilitation, providing livelihood means," he said.

Speaking in support for adopting compassionate means, Martin Lego, General Secretary, ACLS said that several opium cultivators are still not fully aware of its harmful effects. So they must be sensitized first.

Dr Mite Lingi, President, IMGEA urged that this joint campaign should result in 'social sanction' against drug abusers, and said drug menace has no bar irrespective of age and communities.

Kolom Mepo, Anchal Samity Member (ASM), Dambuk informed that opium is locally cultivated in Dambuk for self-consumption, though some part of the production is also sold outside for profit. However, greater part of supply, he said, comes from Mariyang.

Earlier, opening the floor for discussion, Anjite Menjo, Chief Auditor, IMCLS shared his experience on anti-drug campaign. Also sharing her experience, T Saring, Auditor, DAWA informed that they are leading successful campaign in Dambuk and Mebo area. She informed that Dambuk and Bizari areas were badly affected from drug use.

Delivering her vote of thanks, Dr Manaya Mena, President, EMWEF said that a beginning has been made. "We are the caretaker for our next generation. It is our duty that we make our living places and spaces, safe and secure for them," she said.

The meeting resolved on formation of a 10-member district level coordination committee, whose focus will be on adopting creative, collaborative and community-centered approaches in their campaign against drug abuse.

Atek Linggi, panchayat leader, Rakhi Linggi, Secretary, IMCLS, Sumila Linggi, Vice President, IMCLS, Bulia Pulu, Legal Advisor, IMCLS, Arjun Mepo, Assistant Secretary, IMCLS and representatives from IMGEA Jotin Linggi and Hindu Meme were also present in the meeting.



57th APLS literary sitting held

ITANAGAR, May 11: The 57th monthly literary sitting of the Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS) was held at the Conference hall of J N State Museum today with its president Y D Thongchi on the chair.

Braving the inclement weather, a good number of litterateurs including the minors/juniors took part in the literary programme with great enthusiasm. It appeared that the untiring efforts of APLS in spotting and encouraging the budding literary talents have paid off handsomely with the participation of increasing number of school kids in the literary session.

The programme started with a beautiful self-composed English poem “Tree” recited by Ms Rissum Diyum, a Class VII student of Green Mount School, Itanagar. From the same school, another English poem “About Mango” was presented by Kimi Diyum, a class III student which were appreciated by all. Master Aryaman Das Borah, a Class VI student of Guardian Angel School, Itanagar, who is also a known face of APLS presented a short story titled “The Foolish Farmer” acknowledging the value of knowledge. Master Baji Ringu, a lass V student of Good Shepherd School, Naharlagun presented a self-composed English poem “Rainbow” which dwelt on beauty.

Among the seniors, Dr Ashok Kumar Pandey, a senior member of APLS presented two self composed Hindi poems “Gaur Kore” and “Vardhidhari Khalnayak” which enthralled the audience. This was followed by presentation of self-composed Galo poem titled “Qok Rwkaa La Jaa Mvvnam v” by Dr Takop Zirdo.  He also presented an Assamese translated version of this poem which touched the heart of everyone present there. The literary session reached its zenith with presentation of thought-provoking Assamese poem “Andhar” by well-known poet Inumoni Das Borah.  It was full of emotional upsurge; a realistic reflection of “Darkness”.

The session concluded with an extra flavour with presentation of the Bengali version of self-composed poem “Gurudev” and a short story “Shiksha” by Bishnupriya Manipuri litterateur and a senior journalist Ranjit Sinha, which got appreciation from the members as an excellent literary creation.

The house also decided to celebrate the foundation day of APLS in a befitting manner. Among others, APLS vice president Dr Tage Tada, Jamuna Bini, Dr P Ringu, Sokhep Kri, Matheim Linggi, Dr S K Ghosh, Romen Borah, Rorik Ringu were present.



Awareness on disaster management through sports event

CHANGLANG, May 11: The Table Tennis tournament organized by Changlang District administration with aim to generate public awareness on disaster management concluded here today.

Bikaram Rana won the Boys single title beating Ajay Wangpan by 4-2 sets. In doubles, Rana pairing with Gamhee Rana beat the duo of Maga Novin and Ajay Wangpan by 4-1 to win title.

In senior Girls doubles, Tem Mepu and Apik Bagang beat the pair of Komoli Tayeng and Nanu Yosung in final by 4-0 to win title. In singles category, Tem beat Apik by 4-3 sets.  

Rohit Kumar Rai and Wangam Hakhun won the junior boys doubles title.

In total, 37 teams in different categories participated in the tournament.

Impressed by the performance of the players, Changlang Deputy Commissioner Chanchal Yadav assured to conduct such tournaments periodically on regular basis.

Later, she along with Changlang SP Vijay Kumar, ADC Isha Khosla and Namsai ADC Ravi Jha distributed cash prizes to the winners and runner-up teams.

Yesterday, inaugurating the tournament with a theme “Marching towards safer District with proper planning,” the DC said the main motive behind the organizing the tournament was to provide an opportunity to the youths of the area to showcase their talent as well as create mass awareness on disaster management.

She exhorted all to have their own safety plan to tackle any situation that may arise during monsoon. She wanted them to go through the safety tips which were made available to the participants and spectators through banner and brochures during tournament and share the same with friends and family members.  

Dorjee Khandu, DDMO, in his Key note address highlighted the importance of proper disaster management planning. DIPRO



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---- Editorial ----


Let us rejoice over this finding


A new catfish species called Creteuchiloglanis payjab was found by a team of Ichthyologists, Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) from Yomgo river located at an altitude of 1999 meter in Mechukha, West Siang district recently. This is the second species in the genus Creteuchiloglanis after Creteuchiloglani kamengensis was reported in 1966 from Kalaktang in West Kameng district. The holotype and paratypes of the species were deposited and preserved in the Rajiv Gandhi University Museum of Fishes (RGUMF), Doimukh and Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), Itanagar. The team led by Prof. DN Das of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) included Dr. Achom Darshan Singh, Rashmi Dutta, Akash Kachari, and Budhin Gogoi.

This finding once again shows how much nature has blessed us. Arunachal is truly blessed with rich amount of flora and fauna. However it is unfortunate that citizens fails to understand the value of natural treasure that we own. Rampant destruction of forest every year is causing immense harm to the environment. The citizens should not depend only on environment and forest department for preservation work and need to put in their efforts too. Meanwhile we all should rejoice over this finding by team of RGU.

---- Readers Forum ----



Naharlgun-Dekargaon train service is of no use for local Arunachalee

Dear Editor,

The indefinite suspension of Naharlgun-Dekargaon(Assam) train service will surely affect the Pursuram Kund and Pasighat railway projects. The entire problem was created by our own state govt. particularly by Chief Minister and officers of Home Department. Why they did not include ILP matter during the time of Planning and Agreement with railway authority. They did not take up matter with railway authority even in the middle of implementation of project when lots of objections were raised by many concern citizens through Facebook and Local dailies. This is the kind of attitude shown by our top bureaucrat and Chief Minister. This suspension message will definitely affect the railway related development of state in future.

The train service is of no usage for the people of Arunachal. Beside some Assamese people and migrant population, no Arunachalee citizen will board the train from Tezpur for Naharlagun and vice-versa. It was started only for the sole benefit of railway authority to earn revenue. If it is to really benefit Arunachal then railway should have introduced train of long destination like to Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Jammu etc. Such service will save people of Arunachal from going up to Guwahati to board train for those destination. Further goods train of any kind must have been introduced for transportation of PDS items, construction materials, etc. In any means the Naharlagun -Dekargaon local train service was of no use for us and even for the mainland Indians who are serving in the state. The development is needed but it should not be at cost of affecting indigenous population. Thanks to ANSU, APPDSU and SUMA for taking bold step to save Mother Arunachal.

At last hope that our state govt. will wake up from deep slumber in this matter and will adopt people friendly policy in due with civil societies.


Taake Lusi Sorum




Let us save Mowb-II

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily I would like to apprise that Mowb-II or Moob-tu, one of the beautiful hillocks of Itanagar is shrinking due to manmade problems like earth cutting and unplanned building constructions. At the backdrop of Daria Hill, overlooking the beautiful valley of I.G Park and Chinkhi River View, once this place happened to be the seat of Engineers and Architects called “NIRMAN VIHAR”. Till mid 1990s this place was treated at par with the VIP zones. There were 24 hours electricity and water supply. Public Works Department was the only department catering to all the civic amenities.

Land development and building constructions were done in a planned manner. But over the years there has been excessive earth cutting in the foot hill areas and at the slopes due to increase in population. As a result volume and height of the hillock is shrinking due to soil erosion and runoff of storm waters during heavy rains. The buildings and other manmade structures may also collapse and slip down. Finally the movement of clay and other debris, such as rocks, branches, and logs may take the form of flash flood and inundate the catchment areas and submerge the low lying areas of Mowb-I, Mowb-II Panch-ali, Kime Paka, Lower Niti Vihar, Energy Park, I.G Park, Senki View and Chandranagar thereby damaging the roads, buildings, culverts and bridges.  

Therefore, I request the concerned authorities kindly to impose a ban on earth cutting and unplanned building constructions at the foot hill areas and slopes of Mowb-II so as to prevent land slide and loss of life and property in future.


Techi Gubin

Resident of Mowb-II,




The Role of RSS in Arunachal Pradesh

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the article by Nitin Sethi published in Arunachal Times dated 3rd May 2014 (also in Business Standard) under the headline, ‘RSS turns Arunachal tribals towards Hinduism’. It is unfortunate and unbecoming on the part of such an experienced and highly intellectual people like Mr. Sethi, a former Associate Editor of India’s most reputed national newspaper, ‘THE HINDU’ and presently associate editor of Business Standrad to hold RSS responsible for converting the tribal people of Arunachal into Hinduism without proper understanding of what the term ‘Conversion’ actually means. Hence his article is completely biased and misleading. The terms like ‘Conversion’ or ‘Proselytization’ etc. are alien to the RSS or the Hindus as a whole except Mr. Nitin Sethi. Of course, if he belongs to other faith, the matter is different. There is no equivalent term for religious conversion in Hindi because such practices never existed in Hinduism. The term ‘dharmantaran’ is a recent coined word, necessitated by the conversion of the Indians by the Christian missionaries that came with the British rulers in India. We the Hindus and the indigenous people do not believe in religious conversion. We hold that all religions are the gifts of the same God hence all religions are equally true and good. What we need is only good or Godly person. To which religion he belongs to does not matter at all for us. Converting others is not only to disgrace others’ religion but also to find fault on the part of God. Everyone should note here that the fault is not in the religion but in us human.

God is basically formless for which we call Rangfraa and the Hindus call it Ishwar. When we conceive Rangfraa in human form, we call it Fraa and the Hindus call it Bhagawan. Number is always associated with those things which have names and forms but not with the formless things. God is also formless hence cannot be counted. Therefore, we have to treat God as one and infinite. The entire humanity worships this one God in different names and forms. Therefore, fighting in the name of God is a sheer foolishness. We further hold that religions are various methods or systems of imparting spiritual training so as to bring about inner transformation in an individual. Therefore, fighting in the name of religion is to fight over the system or method, which is again another foolishness. We believe that all religions are equally capable of leading any sincere seeker of truth to salvation.

The Hindus have always been helping us to protect, promote and preserve our indigenous Faiths and Cultures rather than destroying it. We know, our identity lies in our culture and our culture in our Faith. Losing one’s Faith means losing one’s culture and losing one’s culture means losing one’s identity. We the Rangfraites and the Donyipoloists are, no doubt, in reformed cult or religion, yet we practice our indigenous faiths and cultures in its pure form as our ancestors did. Only the difference is that we had done away with the social evil practices in the reformed cults. Therefore, our identity is intact, which is the only legacy we have to pass on to our next generation.  

So far the image of Rangfraa, more precisely Fraa, is concerned; it is as per the depiction given in the mythology of the Rangfraites and not a clone of Shiva as understood by Mr. Sethi. We do not have any idea about Shiva. We simply think of Shiva as Rangfraa or Ishwar in another form. By Fraa, we also mean the liberated soul i.e. the one who has attained spiritual perfection who, in fact, is no longer a mere human being but God in human form. Therefore, according to us, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Christ and Muhammad Prophet are all Fraa or Bhagawan and they are all our teachers so no one has any right to claim exclusive possessions over any of them as such.

Our relation with the RSS is just like the one we have with any other organizations (including Christian organizations). The RSS do Shakas every morning which I have not yet attended even once till now. We have our own system of worship and prayers with distinct religious philosophy, drawn from the mythology of the Rangfraites with independent organizational set up. The RSS or its affiliates never interfere in our work. Since our organization is a new one, we do have some problems as to its management. In such situation, I take idea not only from the RSS workers but also from my Christian friends and they used to guide me generously.

It is not understood from where Mr. Sethi has collected the information that the RSS affiliates had paid part of the cost of the idol and its transportation. Our movement started in the last part of 1995 but I was neither in the Executive nor in the Advisory Council till 1998. I took the charge of the Secretary General only in the year 1998 i.e. after three years of its inception so I do not have any idea of the payment.

Not less than two lakhs Rangfraites are there in Tirap, Changlang, Longding and Lohit districts of Arunachal Pradesh. 1000 members as stated by Mr. Sethi are only the initiated and not the total devotees.

We are not anti-Christians as understood by Mr. Sethi. We are anti only to those who are ungrateful, anti-national, anti-social and anti-human because we preach sense of moral obligation i.e. sense of gratefulness. According to us, ungrateful people are the most adharmik people on the earth. We are eternally indebt to our society or fellow beings.   So far politics is concerned; I do not agree with the views shared in between Mr. Kampa Taism and Mr. Sethi regarding political gain to BJP from Rangfraa movement. Had our Movement been politically i.e. BJP motivated movement, no Congress leader would have been elected especially from Changlang North and South Assembly Constituency which are the strongholds of the Rangfraites. Politics is unpredictable and variable. It can change within a night. To predict on such things is foolishness.

What we have learnt so far about the definition of the term ‘Hindu’ from the Hindus is that any Indian who is willing to live and die for the sake of our country is a Hindu. If it’s so, I would not mind calling all the Rangfraites as Hindus. Rangfraites cannot be anti-national, anti-social and anti-human because one of the doctrines of Rangfraism says; ‘one must have a sense of moral obligation or sense of gratefulness towards those whom one owes. Wilful defiance to this principle is a sin.’ We are eternally indebt to our nation. Therefore, disloyalty is a sin for us. We are loyal to our country not because RSS or anybody has taught us to be loyal but it is in our doctrines, inherent in our blood and soul that have come down to us from our ancestors through ages. We are simple and straightforward people. Even if RSS infuses a sense of patriotism in our people; what’s wrong there? They are rather doing the holiest job which every Indian ought to do.


Er. L. Khimun

Secy. General RFPS






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