May 17

Pul suggests measures to deal with flood
ITANAGAR, May 16: Chief Minister Kalikho Pul has suggested for adopting wide range of long, medium as well as short term flood protection measures to prevent severe flooding in the State.
This Chief Minister on Monday discussed with Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein regarding breach of Nao-Dehing River in Namsai district which inundated more than 100 acres of fertile crop fields and compelled relocation of hundreds of flood-affected families.
As an immediate measure, the State Government would fully equip the departments so that they can promptly deal with any natural calamities. Heavy earth moving/cutting machineries will be provided to carry out road restoration works. The Chief Minister also said that emergency motor boats will be provided to navigate floods for which Rs 2 crore has already been earmarked for WRD Department.
The CM asked the department to prepare proposals and schemes only on need basis.
Also to avoid inconsistency in allotment of works, the CM proposed that all flood related infrastructural works should go to WRD.
Further, the Chief Minister asked the department to map all rivers and rivulets in the capital city to check erosions and flooding. Pul also said that he would be conducting an aerial survey of the flood prone areas in East Siang, Lower Dibang Valley, Namsai and Changlang district.
Earlier, the DCM highlighted on his recent tour of flood affected areas in Namsai district and apprised the CM that the Nao-Dehing river posed a great threat to Mahadevpur town due to flooding of the river embankment. A major catastrophe can not be ruled out if no preventive measures are taken, he said.
Minister Kamlung Mossang apprised the CM on how repeated floods in Chakma inhabited areas in Changlang district were forcing them to migrate. This had in many occasions led to conflict between the refugee community and the locals as the former were seen as encroacher, said the minister.
He also spoke on the need to revive the flood infrastructure projects in Arunachal prepared by the ADB on whose funding China had objected.
Parliamentary Secretary (Tax & Excise) Zingnu Namchoom, Parliamentary Secretary (WRD) Gum Tayeng and other high ranking officials from the WRD department attended the meeting.

AYUSH hospital at Pasighat
PASIGHAT, May 16: A ten-bed AYUSH hospital was inaugurated by DC East Siang, Isha Khosla in General Hospital Pasighat on Monday.
Speaking in the function, DC Khosla said, the Govt. is promoting alternate medicines in a big way so it has to be made successful by dedication, hard work, and maintaining quality standard. Since the AYUSH hospital is first of its kind in the state all should try to take it to new heights, she said. The town can become a centre of health/medical tourism, the DC added.
Further, appealing the authorities to prepare a vision document, she said, proper planning is essential for its long term development. The DC urged the Joint Director, Health Services and the DMO to not only support but provide guidance so that it becomes a reputed hospital. The DC also instructed them to tie up with the school and college authorities and teach yoga to the students.
JDHS, Dr. Kabang Lego informed that most of the equipments and medicines have been procured and staff appointed for the full fledged AYUSH hospital. One doctor each for Ayurvedic and Homeopathy has been posted in the hospital. He assured full support and co- operation for the development of the hospital.
Earlier all present participated in a yoga session in the hospital.
DMO, Dr. Mandip Perme, ZPC, Kaling Dai, Councilor Kaling Doruk and others attended the function. DIPRO

WW-II aircraft wreckage found in Changlang
[ Tom Simai ]
CHANGLANG, May 16: The wreckage of three WW-II military aircraft have been discovered near Ranglom village, around 35 Km from district headquarters Changlang, recently.
Of the three planes -- one cargo and two fighter jets -- one has vanished from the site. As per the village elders, most of the remains of the aircraft were extracted by greedy scrap vendors while the rest were used to make utensils and decorative items by the ignorant villagers.
‘The illegal extraction might have filled few coffers but it has robbed the region of its history,’ lamented the elders.
Meanwhile, sensing the vulnerable status of the remains of those crashed aircraft, a group of youth from Changlang led by Ngongpa Zongsam met Changlang (South) MLA P Khimhun and informed him about the present condition of the wreckage. Khimhun assured funds for preservation of the remains of the planes.
Zongsam with a team of village hunters will be leading an expedition in coming months in search of the new sites. They are also hopeful of discovering at least 4-5 plane wreckage/sites.
An enthusiastic Zongsam says the findings will help in the growth of tourism in Changlang district.
The district administration has chipped in their support by prohibiting the trading of metals extracted from these historic planes. The optimistic response of district administration has raised the hope for the safety and preservation of the priceless remains of WW-II artifact.
One of the cargo plane wreckage lying on the village outskirts has become a part of the local folklores as the crash was witnessed by the villagers.
Ranglom GB Remngim Jugli reminiscing the crash story bequeathed to him by his late uncle, said, “The cargo plane was circling in the sky above the village after it caught fire in the mid-air, and crashed shortly after it.”
“Though the villagers had tried to rescue the seven crew members on board, including two pilots and five soldiers the intense fire prevented the rescue efforts. They were charred to death in front of the scared villagers,” told Jugli.
Jugli further told that the cargo plane was loaded with three gunny bags full of opium, rice bags, tins of fish and other edible items, probably meant for the Allied Forces manning the other side of the border in Myanmar (erstwhile Burma).
In this forgotten village, the discovery has not found the popularity it deserves to be. ‘It is not only the oldest but also the poorest village of the district,’ said the GB.
The villagers are pinning hopes on the discovery of more WW-II plane wreckage to change the destiny of the village.

AAPSU appeals Govt to fulfill AKDDSU demands  
ITANAGAR, May 16: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union has appealed the state Govt. to take note of the demands made by All Kra Daadi District Students' Union and act upon it accordingly.
In a release, AAPSU stated that the demand for an IAS Deputy Commissioner in Kra Daadi can be easily fulfilled by the state government. The bandh called by the district student union on May 24 is endorsed by AAPSU and the demands of AKDDSU are in the interest of the people of Kra Daadi district, added the release.
The AKDDSU had earlier placed their demands to the Chief Secretary apprising him of the incapability of the DC and the alleged malfunction and corruption done by him. The demands of the DSU need to be immediately addressed so that the student community gets justice and the common people do not get harassed, stated AAPSU.

Guv congratulates ‘1962: My Country Land’ team
ITANAGAR, May 16: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa has congratulated filmmaker Chow Partha Borgohain for selection of his feature film - ‘1962: My Country Land’ to be screened at the Cannes International Film Festival on May 18.
The Governor has also congratulated producer Marbom Mai of Living Dreams and music composer Guru Rewben Mashangva for the film’s selection.
Felicitating the team for the extraordinary achievement, the Governor expressed the hope that the film, which was shot in picturesque Tawang and Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh, and Sohra in Meghalaya, besides a few locations in Guwahati will draw attention of the filmmakers from all over the world to the state and North East.
As the film is based on the 1962 Indo-China war and depicting the rural life in extremely hostile terrains and the patriotism of the people of Arunachal Pradesh, he opined that it will reinforce the already high sense of patriotism amongst the people of the region and also underscore the persisting challenge of resolving border issues.
The Governor, while reposing his faith on the talents of the filmmakers of the North Eastern region and members of the film fraternity of Arunachal Pradesh, advised them to highlight the unique culture and serene gifts of nature with enchanting rivers, streams, lakes, snowy mountains, five valleys etc. of the state, exclusive folktales and the exotic lifestyles and traditions.

We did not apologize, rather regretted, says AACWA
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, May 16: In a dramatic U-turn, All Arunachal Contractors’ Welfare Association (AACWA) on Monday claimed that it did not apologize to the state government, which was appeared on May 13 edition of local dailies.
In a press conference, AACWA general secretary Nabam Akin Hina clarified that the association did not apologize rather they expressed regret when they met Deputy Chief Minister Kameng Dolo.  
Terming the statement appeared in local dailies as twisted version, AACWA GS expressed shock at the news and emphasized that words, apology and regret have two different meanings. “If they mentioned apology word, they should also mention the conditions where in government agreed to drop all charges against us” AACWA stated.
Akin further divulged that after intervention of BJP leader Tame Phassang and Councilor Gora Lotak they had agreed to come on round table discussion with Deputy Chief Minister Kameng Dolo to resolve the deadlock.
“There was a round table meeting of AACWA executive members and DCM on May 10, 2016 last. Following the acceptances of our grievances, such as dropping of all charges including charge under Arunachal Pradesh Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 2014 and fulfillment of our demands, we submitted regretful letter to DCM” stated Akin.  
Accordingly, the government has agreed to drop all charges against us during bandh; however, the district administration and police had detained us under Arunachal Pradesh Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and later treated us like dreaded criminals.
The association also appreciated the Deputy Chief Minister Kameng Dolo, Tame Phassang and Gora Lotak for their personal initiative to bring the deadlock to an end. “In a democratic system, whoever expresses grievances, should invite to round table to address the issue rather than throttle them” said Akin while alleging that Pul government did not want to talk with the association.

Backyard Poultry Farming With Vanaraja
[ Dr. Moloy Sarmah Baruah ]
Commercialization of poultry industry has taken a new face in most parts of the country, and India has emerged on the world poultry map as the 3rd largest egg (56 billion eggs) and 5th largest poultry meat (2.6 million tons) producer. Total chicken population has registered an annual growth of 7.3% in the last decade. But in Arunachal Pradesh the transformation could not occur till date because of inadequate availability of improved breeds, hatchery, concentrate feeds, veterinary health care facility, awareness in all the corners of the state. So, to meet the requirement of  high quantity and quality of meat of this state, as an alternative backyard farming with suitable strain of bird which having more growth rate and egg production than desi / local birds with the existing feed resources in necessary.
Vanaraja:   The Bird For Rural Farmer
Vanaraja is a choice bird for backyard farming in rural and tribal areas developed by the Project Directorate on Poultry (ICAR), Hyderabad. It is a multi-coloured dual purpose bird with attractive plumage. The male parent is a coloured Cornish strain and the female parent is a synthetic multi-coloured meat population. The male parent has been developed for moderate juvenile body weight, long shanks and good immune competence. The female parent has been developed for high egg production, better egg size, high hatchability and immune competence.
The plumage pattern and colour of Vanaraja bird is very attractive and closely resembles that of the desi fowl. It has better immune status against common poultry diseases and is adaptable to the free range rearing.
Vanaraja males attain moderate body weight at 8 weeks of age under regular feeding system and the pullets produce around 160 to180 eggs in a laying cycle with minimum supplementation of locally available feed ingredients and other management inputs. The general resistance to common poultry diseases and the ability to withstand adverse climatic conditions makes Vanaraja perform well in rural areas.
Due to their relatively light weight and long shanks, these birds are capable to protect themselves from predators, which, otherwise, is a major problem observed in birds reared in backyards.
Further, the genetic potential of desi hens can be improved by crossing them with Vanaraja males and the upgraded progeny of such a cross performs better than desi bird for body weight and egg production.
Management and care:
Day old Vanaraja chicks need brooding up to 4 to 6 weeks of age. They should be protected against Ranikhet disease through proper vaccination. During brooding period, they can be fed with layer starter diet. After brooding, these chicks need initial acclimatization to backyard environment before they are let free. Once they get adapted to the backyard farming conditions, they can perform better by scavenging for feed in the backyards. Additional feeds need to be offered to the birds depending upon the extent of vegetation in the backyard and open area available for scavenging.
The germplasm of Vanaraja can be available in the form of fertile eggs, day old chicks or grown up chicks.  Details on Vanaraja’s performance and the rearing practices can be directly obtained from the Project Directorate on Poultry, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad or from the KVK West Siang, ICAR AP Centre, Basar, Arunachal Pradesh.
For backyard poultry production, the best housing should be made up of locally available inexpensive materials. Colony cage system is most efficient of housing. A good thumb rule is to provide 3 to 3 ½ square feet of floor space for each bird kept for egg production. Houses are preferably constructed on elevated areas with a plinth of 0.6 to 0.9 m to keep the floor above the ground level in order to avoid seepage of moisture from surrounding of the houses. Orientation of the house is usually in east –west direction to avoid direct sunlight, draft and rainfall into the building. The floor of the poultry house must be cemented, durable, easy to clean and disinfect and it should be termite and rat proof. The height of the poultry house should be 2.1 to 2.4 m at sidewall and 3.0 to 3.3 m at the centre to provide slope on either side. The roofing materials like tins, asbestos sheets, tiles or thatches may be used for construction.  The overhang of the roof should be sufficient (1 to 1.5 m) to offer full protection from sun and rain. A brooder house where young chicks are grown up to 4 to 6 weeks of age shall have 2/3rd  portion of the side wall with solid material from floor level and remaining 1/3rd portion may be fitted with chicken mesh (wire netting) for open air ventilation.  
Feeding of Poultry:
Since feed alone accounts for 70% of the total expenditure of poultry production process it is imperative to minimize the cost on feed by incorporating locally available, low cost feed ingredients in the ration of poultry. Household waste, crop by products, broken grains, etc. may be offered to the birds depending upon their nutrient requirement. Locally available feed ingredients like Job’s tear grain (corticated and decorticated), broken rice, rice bean fodder and ground nut straw can be include to the maximum extent of 25, 50, 45 and 10 per cent of the ration, respectively. Birds should be allowed for scavenging so that some of their nutrient requirement can be meet on grazing on tender grasses, seeds of weeds, insects, snails, etc. in the backyard. During egg laying period pieces of shell grit or lime stone may be given to the birds to meet extra calcium requirement for egg production.
Management of Diseases of Backyard Poultry:
Though the birds in backyard system are more resistant to local climatic conditions but due to exposure to wide climate variation as well as or improper availability of required nutrient there is a possibility of occurrence of different diseases causing decline in production potentials of the birds. To avoid such type of incidents in backyard system occasional diagnosis of the birds for the diseases by trained person should be done. To prevent birds becoming infected with these diseases by limiting their exposure to migrating waterfowl and wild birds that can carry these viruses.
Care for Zoonotic diseases:
Though the exposure to zoonotic diseases by the backyard poultry owner or handler is probably variable but risk is always persist if proper hygiene practices are not followed in the farm. General hygienic practices, such as hand washing (as per WHO standard) after handling the birds or their excrement, avoiding consumption of food or drinking around the farm or their environment, helps to decrease exposure to diseases for both humans and birds.     
The scope of backyard poultry farming is immense not only due to the production of eggs or meat with minimal investment but also gives scope in employment generation in rural areas and can be integrated with other agricultural activities. The eggs and birds can be used for the household consumption besides surplus produce can be sold to the market with a premium price even in the urban market where the demand of poultry meat is always high.
(The author is Assistant Chief Technical Officer (Animal Science), KVK, West Siang, ICAR RC for NEH Region)

36-member state Karate team leaves for Delhi today
ITANAGAR, May 16: A 36-member karate team from Arunachal Pradesh accompanied by three officials will be leaving here for New Delhi on Tuesday to participate in the KAI Sub-Junior, Cadet, Junior and U-21 year National Karate Championship, 2016 to be held at Talkatora Indoor Stadium (New Delhi) from May 20  to 22.
WKF certified coach S. Deben Sharma is the ‘Team Coach’ and KAI accredited coach Rakesh Gamnu is the ‘Assistant Coach’ of the New Delhi bound State team. Dr. Marli Ette is the Team Manager.
Meanwhile, AKA President Shihan Likha Tara while briefing the players at HQs Shotokan Karate Club, HQs Naharlagun, advised them to maintain strength, power and tempo until end of the fight. He also advised them to maintain strict discipline during their stay in the national capital.
The AKA president expressed his displeasure over the Sports Authority of Arunachal’s (SAA) uncaring attitude in releasing fund due to the Arunachal Karate Association.
While narrating the financial hardships faced by AKA, particularly in sending teams out side the state to participate in various competitions and championships, Tara hoped SAA will understand the difficulty of AKA and various other sports associations in the State, who have become almost handicapped and unable to conduct even state level championships due to fund constraint.
Tara will join the state team in Delhi on May 21.

Fire and earthquake drill for students held
ITANAGAR, May 16: Under the instructions of Fire and Emergency Services, SP, Kime Aya, the Itanagar fire department in collaboration with the Eklavya Institute on Monday organised a fire and earthquake safety awareness programme for the students of the institute.
The awareness programme which was held under the guidance of OC Takhe Horming was led by SFO Liyom Sora and LFM Yongam Likar, while firemen Bomnu Gamlin and Lokir Gadi were also present to demonstrate various techniques and safety measures.
Speaking on the occasion, SFO Sora giving out the Do’s and Don’ts to the children during the occurrence of earthquake, said, “No one can predict accidents or earthquakes for that matter so we have to be prepared. Earthquakes do not kill people but the buildings and the lack of awareness do.”
Giving an overview of the safety measures that can be taken before, during and after earthquake and fire, the SFO also asked the students to spread awareness so that more people are benefited from it.  
LFM Likar, who spoke on fire safety, pointing out the fact that most of the schools, offices and private buildings do not have emergency exits, appealed all to take this into account while constructing new buildings. The duo further appealed the students to stay away from spreading rumors and to be strong in terms of presence of mind when disasters take place.
Later the fire personnel, through a mock drill sensitized the students on how to prepare oneself during an earthquake or a fire accident.
Institute principal Devjeet Dutta and administrator Prakash Upadhaya also spoke on the occasion.

Bomdila-Bhalukpong road blocked
ITANAGAR, May 16: The road connecting Bhalukpong with Bomdila in West Kameng district is blocked, six kilometres before reaching Nechiphu because of landslide followed by incessant rain. The road could not be cleared because of inclement weather on Monday.

ITW plea for regularization
ITANAGAR, May 16:  The Itanagar Traffic Warden in a representation to Chief Minister on Monday pleaded for early regularization of job.
ITW stated that despite repeated pleas to concerned authority for job regularization and enhanced monthly salary, their demands are yet to yield any result.
Currently, the ITW are getting Rs 5100/ per month which is insufficient to run a family in present days of soaring prizes of essential commodities.   It is said that 90 ITWs have been deployed to manage traffic in Itanagar and Naharlagun from 8 AM to 8: PM.  The 50 posts of regular ITW are reportedly waiting for cabinet approval, however, the ITW felt that 50 regular posts would be insufficient to fill the current number of ITWs.

Distance education course for farmers
ITANAGAR, May 16: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, College of Horticulture & Forestry, Central Agricultural University Pasighat in collaboration with College of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Mizoram has introduced Distance Education Course for farmers to impart knowledge on scientific rearing of pig so that farmers can get maximum benefit through piggery farming.
The three months certificate course on piggery farming will come up with complete packages of practices on piggery farming written in Adi language for the convenient and easy understanding of the participants.
The programme has been initiated with 40 participants, including both practicing framers and rural youth in the first phase. More farmers residing in remote areas of East Siang will be inducted in the said training course in phase wise, informed the KVK.

ACS urges govt. for proper road link
ITANAGAR, May 16: Arunachal Civic Society (ACS) has drawn attention of the State Government towards absence of proper road connectivity and basic civic services in Jully-II village.
The ACS in a press statement said that absence of proper road connectivity has had serious impact on the lives of more than 250 residents of the village.
The people are constructing the entire village road on self-help basis or through contribution/donation from others, ACS chairman Patey Tayum, who visited the village to know the ground reality, said.
Unfortunately, the government has not yet paid the least attention to the problems of the villager, he added.
The village has also two churches, namely- 2nd Coming Prayer Centre and Baptist Church.
ACS appealed to the Chief Minister to either personally visit the village or ask the local MLA to take stock of the situation and provide fund for improvement of the village road.

Suurili Nyishi Awaaz: 5 in fray for final round
ITANAGAR, May 16: The second semifinal round of singing talent hunt “Suurili Nyishi Awaaz” was held at Siddhartha hall here on May 15.
Five participants remained in the fray after two were eliminated in the second semifinal round.
Those five participants who have entered into the final round to be held on May 21 are Tana Nobin, Techi Yasu, Lishi Tolu, Khyoda Mema and Lingdum Lonia.
The grand finale will be held on May 22 at Siddartha hall here.
Renowned singer of the State Bengia Hemanto and Yangte ZPM Tarh Monika Takam attended the Sunday’s competition to encourage the promising singers.

Etor Gidii celebrated
ITANAGAR, May 16: Etor Gidii, the agriculture-based festival of Adi community was celebrated on May 15 at Lower Silatoo and its neighbouring villages of Namsai district.
In this festival, the Adi community prays Donyi Polo to protect their crops from insects, rats, birds, natural disaster etc. and for bumper harvest. They also repairs or put up new fence to protect the agricultural fields from cattle etc.
Former ABK Coordinator M Danggen and Lower Silatoo GB Atul Taye attended the festival.

Police Outpost, Watch Tower inaugurated
TEZU, May 16: A Police Outpost including Watch Tower at Gandhi Market, Tezu was inaugurated on Monday by MLA Tezu-Sunpura, Mohesh Chai.
Lohit DC Danish Ashraf, SP Isaac Pertin, all head of departments, Tezu Bazaar Committee members, public leaders and local public of Tezu were present during the inaugural event. The police Outpost and Watch Tower was constructed by RWD and funded under MLA LADS - 2014-15. DIPRO

Declare exam result: SAYA
ITANAGAR, May 16: The Save Arunachal Youth Association (SAYA) has called for immediate declaration of result of tax & excise written exam (advertisement No. TAX (E) 277/2009/608, dated 28/03/2013.)
The written examination for filling up four vacant posts of assistant inspector (T&E) was conducted on July 25 last year but the result is being kept pending for the reason best known to the concern authority, the association said in its memorandum submitted to the chief minister.
Its other demands include shifting of proposed Greenfield airport from Hollongi to Karsingsa, regular salary for SSA teachers, provision of compensation of public properties falling under 4 lane highways at Banderdewa and Karsingsa and one fire station in every police station among others.

S Bangsia elected as new ZPC
KHONSA, May 16: Sontung Bangsia was elected as the new Zilla Parishad Chairperson of Tirap district on Monday at Khonsa.
Bangsia is from Khela-Lamsa Zilla Parishad Constituency and was declared elected as ZPC consequent upon the motion of ‘No Confidence’ moved against sitting ZPC Chawang Lowang. The motion was supported by six ZPMs out of seven ZPMs. Out of the six ZPMs who supported the motion, three are from the Peoples Party of Arunachal while the other three are Independents.
Earlier, a complaint was lodged by INC against the merger of three INC ZPMs to PPA which was later heard and disposed off by Tirap Deputy Commissioner as per the provision of Sub-section (2) of the Section 6 with reference to Section 4 of the Arunachal Pradesh Local Authorities (Prohibition of Defection) Amendment Act-2006.

Basic computer training program for officers commence
PASIGHAT, May 16: A basic computer training programme for government officers started on Monday.
Attending the inaugural function, East Siang DC Isha Khosla urged all present to acquire computer skills stating that it has many uses both in personal life and work places. She informed that the manual process in offices is increasingly being replaced by automated systems in order to increase efficiency, accountability and transparency in official works. Also, government offices are going for e-Governance, so the computer literacy empowers an individual to be an active player in the digital world, she added.
The opening training session was conducted by DIO, NIC, T. Devaraj Singh. DIPRO

AVYS blood donation camps to continue
NAHARLAGUN, May 16: Arunachal Vivekananda Yuva Shakti (AVYS) , making all out efforts to facilitate blood to the needy and dying patients for the last eight years, conducted six blood donation camps in the last four months in Capital complex.
After conducting camps in RGU, RKM Hospital, AVYS  founder Ramesh Jeke has proposed to hold such a camp of May 21 next in Theravada Buddhist Temple near Arunodaya School to mark Buddha Jayanti and motivate people to become blood donors.
Responding to numerous calls during last three days (May 14-16), AVYS helped nine patients in Tomo Riba State Hospital (TRSH) and RKM Hospital. Two units each of B+ and O+ was arranged for patient in TRSH on May 14 and one unit A+ for patient at Itanagar, on 15th, 2 two units  A+ for RKMH  and 1 units each of B+ and O+ on May 16, Jeke explained during weekly briefing to AVYS adviser Pradeep Kumar today.

VKAJ organizes medical camps at flood affected villages
ITANAGAR, May 16: Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti (VKAJ) organized free medical camps in various villages under Namsai district from May 10 to 14.
A total of 860 patients were treated in those camps by the mobile medical team of Vivekananda Kendra. Medicines were also distributed among the needy patients free of cost.
The camps were organized at Mahadevpur IV, Dharampur and Dirak Miri villages of Lekang circle and Monhofai and Joona Kachari villages of Namsai circle.
All the three villages under Lekang circle were flood affected.
The medical camps bought relief to the ailing patients, particularly the children and elderly persons.

GPM dies
YUPIA, May 16: Gram Panchayat Member (GPM) of 322-Lower Pech under 74-Rayee Gram Panchayat of Toru Anchal Samity Tana Yami died on May 15 after prolonged illness.
She left behind her husband, one daughter and two sons.
Meanwhile, Circle Officer cum Member Secretary 10th Toru Anchal Samity Khoda Bath alongwith all the members of Anchal Samity and Gram Panchayat condoled the sad demise of Yami and prayed eternal peace of her departed soul. DIPRO

PMEGP EDP training concludes
ITANAGAR, May 16: The second batch of 11 days on campus Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) training conducted by Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank Rural Self-Employment Training Institute (APRB-RSETI), Nirjuli from May 6 to 16 concluded on Monday.
The training was conducted for 23 PMEGP beneficiaries of Papum Pare and Lower Subansiri districts and was sponsored by Khadi & Village Industries Commission under the Ministry of MSME, GoI, New Delhi.
The training certificates were distributed to all the 23 trainees in a valedictory function on Monday in presence of A. Lusang, Deputy Director, KVIC, Itanagar, PB Chettry, Director, APRB-RSETI and B. Deory, Senior Manager-cum- Nodal Officer, APRB, Naharlagun.

Mock drill conducted at Heema Hospital
ITANAGAR, May 16: As part of fire awareness campaign and to cope up with emergency fire situations, a mock drill was conducted at Heema Hospital on Sunday by the fire department under the supervision of SP fire and emergency services, Kime Aya and and OC fire station, Itanagar, Takhe Horming.
The staff of Heema hospital led by medical superintendent Dr Kesang W Thongdok took part in the mock drill.

APYF’s memo to Guv
ITANAGAR, May 16: The Arunachal Pradesh Youth Brigade (APYF) has demanded for the infamous PDS scam to be handed over to CBI for effective and early inquiry.
In its memorandum submitted to the Governor, claiming that the present government has confined major share of funding in the Capital only it demanded for equal share of funds in all the districts for all round development.
Its other demands include early start of the construction of Airport at Hollongi and early solution for the district headquarters of the newly created Lower Siang district.

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Welcome move

In a welcome move, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) has decided to acquire modern SUVs to move forces in the forward areas of Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. As per the report ITBP recently acquired these expensive SUVs and have deployed them in the border outpost. This is just a small beginning and there is need for government of India to modernize the armed forces. Majority of the weapon and vehicles used by the armed forces are very old and out-dated.

Considering the fact that India's hostile neighbour like China is spending huge money to modernize their army, the time is fast running out. Also in alarming news, China is believed to be building massive military infrastructure along the Indo-China border. As per the report collected by Pentagon, China has increased defence capabilities and deployed more troops along the Indian border. It also warned of increasing Chinese military presence including bases in various parts of the world, particularly in Pakistan. In another surprise move China has elevated the rank of Tibet's military command which looks after the security along its border with India by putting it under the jurisdiction of PLA ground forces. Experts fear that China may undertake some kind of military combat mission in future.  These are definitely warning signal to India and union government should not take it lightly. Chinese has already breached the trust in 1962. India needs to upgrade the infrastructure along the China border. Especially the situation in Arunachal Pradesh is quite bad. Majority of border areas still does not have road connectivity. Army and ITBP jawans have to walk on foot for almost 10 to 15 days to patrol the border areas. The upgrading of road infrastructure will be first step towards securing the border.








Readers’ Forum




Revamp Census policy

Dear Editor,

The Census of India is not only an important data source for the nation; but a significant data source for studying global population dynamics. With a staggering population of 1.2 billion plus people India represents a significant proportion of the global population. However, there are questions as to how reliable and close these population figures released by the census department to the real population of India. The nation has a number of marginalized groups within her boundaries such as LGBT community members; male, female and third gender sex workers, orphans, physically challenged outcasts, beggars and vagabonds living on the road in cities and rural areas without any permanent address; under trail and convicted prisoners or juvenile members serving sentences, monks and nuns residing outside recognized monasteries and spending their secluded life in remote corners of the nation to mention only a few. Other secluded communities like those living across international borders as in some parts of international border with Bangladesh and Myanmar; members of insurgent groups born in the geographical area of India and now taking refuge across international borders to avoid security forces; victims of human trafficking residing in government homes, senior citizens living in senior citizen residences, mentally and/or physically challenged individuals rejected by their family and living in government or non-government rescue homes etc need to be also included in the national census if they are not already included. It is also important during census to count the number of foreign nationals living in India; as this will provide the nation valuable information regarding foreign nationals over staying or illegally residing in India and are a grave economic, social and security threat for India. A more comprehensive and inclusive approach is needed in developing the national census policy for India in the future.


Saikat Kumar Basu