May 22

Frontier highway on track, central fund not a constraint: Rijiju
[ Taba Ajum ]
ITANAGAR, May 21: Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju has informed that plan for the frontier highway to connect border villages in Arunachal Pradesh is progressing satisfactorily.
“Defence ministry had raised some concern over initial route proposed by us. Accordingly route has been altered. As per new route, frontier highway will not touch Mago and from Tawang it will follow existing highway till Dirang. From there it will pass through Nafra, Lada and enter Sarli. It will culminate at Vijoynagar. The new route has been cleared by Defence ministry and MHA. The file is now with cabinet secretariat and am hoping that soon it will get clearance,” he said while talking to this reporter.
On being asked about east-west corridor road project to connect foothill areas of Arunachal, Rijiju informed that there is some issues regarding funding agency and assured that it will soon be sorted out.  
The minister further said  that fund flow to Arunachal has increased tremendously (by 2/3rd) in the last few months as he asked the state govt to use it judiciously.  
Rijiju said that fund flow will further increase in coming days. “I can assure that fund will never be a problem. But, I am worried about its use at state level,” said MoS Home.
He called up on state government to concentrate in health, education and road sectors. “Our health sector is deteriorating. Every day hundreds of patient come to Delhi for medical treatment. Many of them come to me and seek financial help to the tune of lakhs of rupees. It is virtually impossible for me to give lakhs of rupees to every patient. I feel very sad when I am not able to help because that money can really save the lives of patient.  Therefore, we need to revamp health sector, so that our people get best health care facilities at home,” added Rijiju. He also informed that central government is giving enough budgetary support in education and health sectors to the state government.
He also called for ending donation culture in the state. “If people start asking donation from the leaders, how can they expect them to concentrate in development?  In no other state, people ask donation as much as it happens in Arunachal. Donation culture is getting out of control. This will only hamper future of state,” added Rijiju.
He also expressed concern over how people carry official file to central government offices. “General public to elected representatives carry official government files including DPR and run around in Delhi. This is really bad and is giving bad name to Arunachal,” said Rijiju.
Further MoS Home appealed to the people of state to extend support in his endeavour. “As a public figure we are always under scrutiny. But some of the criticism heaped on me in recent days is unfair. As a minister in the union government, I have to take care of every Indian. As a member of Parliament from Arunachal, I become voice of the Arunachalee at centre. It’s not my duty to run the local administration. For this there is a state government and people should hold them accountable. It’s unfair to blame every fault on me,” said Rijiju.
He also stated that his progress at national level will benefit the state. “Today, I am getting recognized across India as MP from Arunachal. If I grow as a national leader, the whole state will benefit.  But for this I need the constant support of the citizens,” added Rijiju.

Use of tobacco accounts for about 30% of all cancers
Aizawl and Papum Pare cancer capital
[ Jyostna Singh ]
MUMBAI, May 21: Cancer of the mouth has emerged as the most common among men, followed by lung cancer; among women, breast cancer and cervical cancer continue to be the most common, according to a report released by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on Wednesday.
Use of tobacco account for about 30% of all cancers in men and women, the report said.
Data from the north-east is a particular cause for worry, as the highest incidence of cancer among men was reported from Aizawl in Mizoram, and among women from Papum Pare in Arunachal Pradesh.
ICMR released the consolidated data for 2012-14 from various population-based and hospital-based cancer registries. The council collected data from 34 sites across India.
“Consumption of tobacco is the main reason for mouth cancer. It is the leading cause among men shows that tobacco is harming our society. It takes away many years from productive life. We need strong measures against it,” said G.K. Rath, chief of cancer department at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, who was involved in collating and analysing the data.
The highest age adjusted incidence rate (271/100,000) of cancer of all types among males is seen in Aizawl district in Mizoram.
Among women, breast cancer is the most reported type in 19 sites and second or third in eight.
Cancer of the cervix, which is the most prevalent form in Mizoram, Tripura and Nagaland, is found to be more common in rural areas such as Barshi in Maharashtra.
The highest age-adjusted incidence rate (249.0) among females is in Papumpare district, Arunachal Pradesh.
There is a significant increase in cancers of the breast, uterus, ovary and lung among women.
The ICMR also released projections for future rates of various cancers. The estimated total burden of cancer for India for the year 2016 is 1.45 million new patients, out of which 736,000 are estimated to die. If the trends continue, the country will see 1.73 million new cases in 2020, resulting in 880,000 deaths. (Courtesy, Live Mint)

Immediate relief distributed to fire victims at Seppa
Seppa, May 21: East Kameng Deputy Commissioner Rajeev Takuk today visited the fire accident site again at ALC Colony, Seppa to take stock of the situation. On direction of the DC, immediate relief was distributed to all the 24 affected families.
While interacting with the affected families, the DC informed them that every possible help will be provided.  He directed the DDMO and Town Magistrate to convene DEC meeting immediately and assess the properties lost or damaged in the fire.
Meanwhile, expressing deep shock at Friday’s devastating fire mishap at ALC line in Seppa, local MLA Tapuk Taku made a telephonic enquiry with the DC and directed him to constitute a board immediately to ascertain the exact amount of losses and people injured. He also has assured to provide assistance and relief materials to the affected families.     
Stating that short-circuit is one of the causes of fire accident,
Taku cautioned  the people of the district against illegal electrical connections and appealed to  the NGOs including EKSWCO to create mass awareness to acquaint the people about the cause of such fire mishaps.
Meanwhile, District BJP president LK Yangfo appealed to the state government to provide all necessary help to the affected families for their quick rehabilitation. He also appealed to all to come forward and help voluntarily the affected people in this hour of need.
Meanwhile, Women Welfare Organisation (WWO), East Kameng provided relief items to all the victim families, who were rendered homeless in the devastating fire accident.
The organisation provided 10 kg rice per family with sugar, salt and clothes for women and children. The WWO appealed to all other like-minded organisations to extend helping heads to the victims.

Governor calls for effective fire preventive steps   
ITANAGAR, May 21:  Expressing his concern on the  frequent fire accidents in different parts of the State, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa wished that the District Administrations and Department of Fire and Emergency Services immediately take some necessary precautions, leaving no stone unturned to ensure safety and security of the people and property.
The Governor desired that the State Government should issue necessary advisory again to create more awareness against fire accidents and other disasters, including natural disasters.  He expressed surprise that inspite of repeated advice for fire auditing, fire accidents are occurring frequently, that too in district headquarters.
While conveying his sympathy to the people who have lost their properties in the Seppa fire accident on May 20 evening, the Governor once again advised the people to be more cautious against fire mishap. (PRO to Governor)

Dolo asks Seijosa police to improve cooperation with Assam
ITANAGAR, May 21: Deputy Chief Minister Kameng Dolo asked the Seijosa police and security forces deployed in Seijosa sub-division to improve cooperation and communication with the nearest police stations of Assam so that they can act quickly and with confidence, whenever any incident happen involving people of Arunachal Pradesh.
Dolo, who was on a familiarization visit to Seijosa Police Station on Saturday, assured to post 8 more constables to the Police Station in addition to the current strength. He also informed that a regular and full-fledged SDPO would be posted at Seijosa against its sanctioned post. He instructed the security personnel to deal any kind of crimes with firm hand.
During his inspection of the police station, Dolo found the Bachelor Barrack in a dilapidated condition which requires immediate repairing and maintenance.  
Seijosa Police Station has recorded its lowest crime rate this year barring few stray cases of theft, burglary, kidnapping and two cases of murder, Officer-In-charge SI, S H Dhami briefed Dolo.
He requested the Deputy CM for providing new vehicle(s) for the police station considering the sensitivity of the boundary area.
The Deputy Chief Minister also announced for installation of CC TV cameras at the Police Station and Seijosa check gate to monitor regular movement of people.
During his visit, Dolo was urged to extend fire services at Seijosa, especially in view of frequent forest fire in the township area during dry season. He was also informed of requirement for establishment of a police outpost at Dissing Passo circle since the area has been witnessing frequent border skirmishes with Assam.
Dolo also visited the Government Higher Secondary School, where he inspected the School buildings which was constructed way back to 70s. Expressing his dismay over the bad conditions of school buildings, Dolo asked the School authority to submit detailed report for construction of new school building(s).
He was requested to post subject teacher for Mathematics and Chemistry well before the commencement of new academic session. He was also urged to provide sufficient fund for construction of boys and girls Hostels with provision of boundary walls.
He also visited the Community Health Centre, Seijosa to see the health delivery system and its service provided to the patients.
On Friday, Deputy Chief Minister had conducted a preliminary survey at Lank River to locate water source points along with Rupa Circle, PHE & Water Supply, SE Joram Badal.

Buddha Jayanti celebrated
ITANAGAR, May 21: The 2560th Buddha Jayanti was jointly celebrated on Saturday by the Theravada Buddhist Society (TBS) and the Itanagar Buddhist Cultural Society (IBCS) at Theravada Buddhist Vihara, Itanagar. The auspicious day, also known as Buddha Purnima, marks Gautam Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and Parinibbana (death).
Attending the festivities, Legislative Assembly Speaker, Wangki Lowang, urged upon the entire Buddhist community of the state to promote and spread the teachings of Lord Buddha across the globe.
He expressed hope that the celebration committee would hold the next year’s celebration in a bigger way with participation of more people so that the Buddha’s teachings could spread out far and wide. The Speaker also launched the TBS official website www.tbsitanagar.org.
Pleased to have learnt much from the talk of Venerable A Pannasara, who dwelt on the relevance of the Buddha’s teaching in the changing world, Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner, Sandeep Kumar Singh hoped that he could participate in more such celebrations of the Buddhist community to gain more information and knowledge on Lord Buddha.
Highlighting that the last two months have witnessed many unfortunate incidents from various corners of the state, DC Singh expressed hope that the Buddhist community follows the principles and teachings of Lord Buddha and paves way for peace, love and kindness towards others.
The DC also released a book ‘Buddha Vandana’ on the occasion.
The TBS and IBCS also donated towards the treatment of 10-month old Baby Peter, who is suffering from bone marrow complications.
Earlier, followers  of Buddhism assembled in the Theravada Buddhist Vihara and the Thuptem Ga-Tseling monastery during early morning hours to hoist the international Buddhist flag and sang hymns in praise of the holy triple gem – the Buddha, the dhamma (his teachings) and the Sangha (his disciples).
A mass procession was also carried out from the Thuptem Ga-Tseling monastery  to Theravada Buddhist Vihara to mark the occasion.
Simultaneously, the Arunachal Vivekananda Yuva Shakti (AVYS), in collaboration with State Blood Transfusion Council and Ramakrishna Mission Hospital organised a blood donation camp at Theravada Buddhist temple campus on the  auspicious occasion of Buddha Jayanti. 13 units of blood were donated by the volunteers. AVYS chairman Ramesh Jeke said that blood donation camps have always been an essential way of helping people and the auspicious day of Buddha Jayanti serves as a wonderful occasion to organise this camp and turn the teachings of the Buddha to serve others into a reality. He also appealed all to support the cause and donate blood.

Depleting forest resources
[ Group Captain Mohonto Panging VM (Retd) ]
Native Arunachalese were traditionally experts at living off the land. They worked hard to produce their needs of rice, maize, millets, vegetables etc. These were augmented by widespread availability of edible roots, wild plants, fruits etc. Native people were experts at identification and extraction of these exotic foods. In fact many of these plants and roots had excellent medicinal qualities to cater for variety of diseases.
The protein needs were met by domesticated pigs and fowls. Native people were also experts at catching fish and wild animals from the rivers and forests. Fish were extracted from the numerous rivers using traditional trapping and angling equipment made with bamboo and cane. Likewise wild animals were caught by traditional trapping equipment. Occasionally wild animals were hunted using bows and arrows and during community hunts.
In other words, native Arunachalese were mostly self sufficient as far as food was concerned.
However, things are changing. Forest based food sources from plants and animals are being depleted due to large scale deforestation. Earlier people could easily pick up forest based food from areas near the villages. Now people have to search in areas far away from the villages and towns for wild roots, plants and fruits. Even easily available food sources for domesticated pigs, cows etc are difficult to get.
Local fish from rivers have almost vanished. Widespread slaughter of fish by using dynamite, generators, poisoning, big nets etc have resulted in the severe depletion of fish sources. These days we are buying fish imported from Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Assam!
Widespread hunting using high calibre automatic rifles and shotguns astride four wheel drive modern vehicles have resulted in severe depletion of wild animals. Animals like deer, wild boars, bison, bear, rabbits etc have almost vanished from many of our areas.
Birds have been almost exterminated by proliferation of air guns/small calibre guns. Many bird species cannot be spotted at all. Even our state bird, Hornbill, is on the verge of being exterminated! Absence of birds is leading to loss of important ecological functions like pollination etc.
It is understood the as tribals, there are certain occasions where hunting and fishing are carried out traditionally. Therefore one innovative solution could be to make hunting and fishing a seasonal activity. World over hunting and fishing are avoided during breeding season. Therefore we may consider allowing hunting and fishing during some seasons only. The remaining seasons, hunting and fishing should only be allowed using conservative, traditional methods like using traps, bows and arrows etc. This must be strictly implemented involving village leadership, committees and councils. Strict punishment should be meted out to violators.    
Fishing using dynamite, generators, poisoning etc should be banned by law. Hunting using high calibre rifles and shotguns should also be banned during off seasons. Airguns should be banned by law.
If this trend is not reversed, soon there may be no local fish, forest based edible plants, fruits, animals left for our next generations.
Earlier, even if unemployed, food could be managed from nearby forests and rivers. With depletion of easy food sources from nearby forests and rivers, the unemployed have to be prepared to go hungry. As responsible citizens, we should endeavour to leave behind a Healthy Earth/Environment for next generation Arunachalese.

Pul conducts aerial survey of Lohit -LDV
ITANAGAR, May 21: Continuing his inspection spree, Chief Minister Kalikho Pul on Saturday conducted an aerial survey of foothills areas from Sissiri River bordering East Siang and Lower Dibang Valley to Chipu River bordering Lohit and Lower Dibang Valley to get first hand knowledge on forest cover in those areas.
The state government proposes to de-notify reserved areas to make way for development in the foothill areas.
He also took stock of the erosion being caused by Chipu, Deopani, Dibang and Sissiri rivers and the extent of flood damages in Dambuk administrative division. The CM also surveyed flood damages by Digaru and Sukha nallah.
The CM also made aerial survey of Chipu Bridge being constructed by BRO, and also of Sissiri Bridge.
Earlier, the CM took aerial survey of the area stretching from Tezu to Lower Dibang Valley forest division.

Popum Poma Music Festival at Balijan
Ex-students’ leader calls for more cultural exchange progs between Assam and Arunachal
ITANAGAR, May 21: Former All Nyishi Youth Association (ANSU) vice president Tagru Tame called for more cultural exchange programmes between the people of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam to know each other better.
Attending the inaugural function of the 2nd Popum Poma Music Festival which began at the Balijan General Ground on Friday, the former ANSU leader called for more people to people contact through cultural programmes, which can go a long way in reducing tension and anti-social activities in borderlands.
While emphasizing the importance of co-curricular activities along with formal education, he also stressed on women empowerment for development of the society.
NE Senior Citizen Federation General secretary,  Dado Tallo, DNGC Students’ Union general secretary Gyogi Tade also spoke on the occasion and hailed the initiative of the organizer.
Cultural troupes from various districts, capital complex region and Assam performed traditional and modern dances during the inaugural function.
Local youth leaders, public and government employees attended the function.

Arunachalee girl represents Delhi in national karate C'ship, wins medal
ITANAGAR, May 21: Anna Hibu has won bronze medal in sub-junior category in the National Karate Championship 2016 being held at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi.
Anna, a student of Jesus & Mary Convent School, New Delhi, is representing Delhi state in the championship. She had won gold medal in the same category in the Delhi state level Karate championship last week.
Rishika Partha of West Bengal won gold, whereas Anshu Priya from Orissa won silver medal in the championship.
Teams from 39 states and union territories participated in the National event. The winners will represent India at Asian and Commonwealth Karate Championship.
Originally hailing from Ziro valley, Anna is the daughter of first IPS officer of Arunachal Robin Hibu who is currently posted as joint commissioner of police, Delhi.
While talking to daily, IGP Hibu said, "It's a good feeling as father that North East girl in Delhi who happens to be my daughter representing Delhi emerged as medal winner."

Donation camps for Seppa fire victims
ITANAGAR, May 21: The East Kameng Social Welfare and Cultural Ogranisation (EKSWCO), in collaboration with the East Kameng unit of the Nyishi Elite Society, will set up donation camps in the capital complex to assist those affected by the fire accident that occurred in East Kameng district headquarters Seppa on the evening of May 20.
The donation camps will be set up at Akashdeep in Itanagar on May 23 (Monday) and at Takar Complex in Naharlagun on May 24 from 10 am to 4 pm.
The EKSWCO appealed to everyone to donate whatever they can for the poor victims of the fire accident.

APTOA team for 3-nation car rally
ITANAGAR, May 21: A team from Arunachal Pradesh Tour Operators Association (APTOA) led by its general secretary Duyu Tamo is participating in the Indo-Myanmar-Thailand Friendship Car Rally from May 22 to July 9, 2016 organized by North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT).
The main aim and objective of the rally is to promote trade and investment, tourism and sports and re-establish cultural and historical linkages among the three countries.
APTOA members will visit major cities in Myanmar and Thailand, hold meeting with tour operators of that countries and display publicity materials like brochure, highlighting the state’s tourism potentials.

Drawing event organised for women victims at OWA
NAHARLAGUN, May 21: A drawing event was conducted as part of the recreational activities for the women victims sheltered at Oju Welfare Association (OWA) by Arunachal Women Helpline (WHL).  
Freelance Graphic Designer, Gyamar Nanam and Cartoonist, Jene Hai were the resource persons who led the event themed - “Draw delicately to be happy”. Prizes were given to the best drawings.
The main objective of the drawing event was to bring the victims and outside world closer. It also acts as a catalyst in bringing out the imagination, creativity, confidence and discipline in a human, informed Mina Toko, WHL Manager.
Further, Chairperson OWA, Ratan Anya shared that the victims may have endured pain they never thought of but there is ability to resist evil and struggle for a better life. Drawing is not only a way of expressing self but also teaches to live a disciplined life.

Newly appointed East Kameng DC takes stock of development activities
SEPPA, May 21: Newly posted East Kameng Deputy Commissioner, Rajeev Takuk made visits of Seppa Township and areas at its periphery on May 20 and 21.
The DC interacted with the administrative officers and HoDs and its biometric attendance system. He called on the officers to work towards the betterment of the society by maintaining cleanliness, proper storing and record of official items. He also inspected the proposed site of mini secretariat at Seppa and took stock of the current status of the project. He suggested the EE, PWD Seppa Division to adjust fund for erection of post or fencing for demarcation beside protection of land from illegal encroachment.
Interacting with the IRBn personnel who are temporarily accommodated in a camp located in the proposed site, the DC enquired about the strength and difficulties faced by them.
The DC also interacted with the shopkeepers and vendors and suggested for convening a meeting with the representatives of the market and traders. He emphasized to accord priority to cleanliness and suggested that incineration is the best way of waste disposal.
DC Takuk instructed the administrative officers and police personnel to do the needful for the fire damages and victims of Friday night.
On Saturday, after taking stock of the fire accident site, the DC visited Govt. Model College, Wessang. The DC enquired about the actual and immediate need of the college and inspected the college library. The DC also visited the govt diary farm at Wessang.
Attaching top priority on road communication, the DC visited the base camp of Sushee Infra Pvt Ltd at Sede, which is executing the TAH work in the district. Interactions were also made with the representatives of Sushee on the road work.
The DC also interacted with the local Gaon Burahs and enquired about the Yallung rate and way and terms of imposition of penalty. He called on them to support any endeavour to achieve development, be it a construction of road or settlement of Yallung.
The DC was accompanied by PD (DRDA), K. Nyodu, EAC, L. Thungon, DDSE, K. Rangmo, EE (PWD), N. Yangfo, DVO, M. Modi, CDPO, DK. Thungon, College Principal, R. Hissang, DTO (Tourism), T. Sonam, ADI, N. Doka, SRA, Jomoh and other officials and staffs.

Congress pays homage to Rajiv Gandhi
ITANAGAR, May 21: The Congress leaders and workers led by Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president Padi Richo and former minister Tanga Byaling paid floral tribute to the statue of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on his 25th death anniversary at Congress Bhawan here on Saturday. The day is also observed as “Anti-Terrorism Day”.
The party leaders recalled valuable contribution of the youngest Prime Minister of India in modernizing Indian administration and developing the country’s capacity in Information Technology on the  occasion.
Arunachal Pradesh Congress Seva Dal (APCSD) also observed the death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi as “Sadbhawana Divas” at Indira Gandhi Bhawan, Naharlagun.
Speaking on the occasion, Seva Dal Chief Organizer Kipa Kaha highlighted some of the major contributions of the late prime minister in the field of Information Technology, education, road and communication, rural and urban development, Panchayati Raj.

Avenue plantation in court premises
ITANAGAR, May 21: Arunachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority (APSLSA) in coordination with the District & Subordinate Court, Yupia, Itanagar Permanent Bench Bar Association, Papum Pare District Bar Association and Social Forestry Division Naharlagun, Dept. of Environment & Forest organized an avenue plantation in the premises of new Judicial Court Complex, Yupia, wherein around 150 ornamental and avenue trees were planted.
A similar plantation programme will also be organized in the court premises on June 5 to mark the World Environment Day, according to an APSLSA release.

Training on SRI at ICAR Basar
BASAR, May 21: A day-long training cum demonstration programme on “Innovative Technologies for increasing rice production through simplified SRI in context with climate change” was jointly conducted by ICAR Basar, KVK West Siang and KVK Anjaw.
Around 70 participants comprising of farmers, scientists, SMS, technical and other stakeholders attended the programme.
Globally renowned innovator, Prof. Uddhab Kumar Bharali delivered lecture on the theme. He suggested the young scientists and entrepreneurs to think out of the box and develop need based low cost techniques suitable for resource poor farmers.
During the programme, Dr. R. Bhagawati gave a brief overview of rice production system and climate change scenario of the state.
The programme coordinators of KVK West Siang and Anjaw encouraged the participants for adoption of these innovative techniques in farmers’ field.
A demonstration programme on simplified and low cost SRI techniques of rice production was also conducted at ICAR Research Farm, Gori.

MIP to benefit over 850 villagers
TEZU, May 21: A minor irrigation project (MIP) at Hucheliang and Pomliang near Loiliang here was inaugurated by Minister for Water Resources Department Kamlung Mosang on Saturday.
Thi MIP, first of its kind in the area, will benfit more than 850 people of Loiliang, Hucheliang and Pomliang villages.
The project has been constructed over Denning River with Buttress type diversion head work for a Gross Command Area (GCA) of 150 Ha.
Power Minister TN Thongdok, hosts of MLAs and Parliamentary Secretaries, departmental engineers and local public leaders were present during the inauguration programme.

BBK clears land for New Solung Ground
PASIGHAT, May 21: The Bogong Banggo Kebang (BBK) in a meeting recently conducted at Balek community hall recently, has resolved the controversies that arose in connection with donation of land for establishment of new Solung ground.
The meeting chaired by BBK President Oyem Dai in presence of Adi Baane Kebang functionaries and PRI leaders of Bogong-I and Bogong-II Anchal blocks took unanimous resolution to donate about 4 acres of land in between AYUSH Hospital and Sibo Korong (stream) for the proposed Solung ground.
It further resolved to assign responsibility to Central Solung Celebration Committee-2016 for further development of the new festival ground.
The meeting further resolved that Solung festival would be celebrated in the new ground this year.
Among others, Zilla Parishad chairperson (Bogong-I) Kaling Dai, Bogong-II ZPM Okom Yosung, Bogong-I Annchal chairperson Tamut Tasung, local Gaon Buras and Bogong Banggo Yame Kebang functionaries attended the meeting.
It is pertinent to mention here that the proposal of donation for new Solung ground was earlier opposed by a section of local people.

Senior BJP leader Kabak Yabi dies
ITANAGAR, May 21: Veteran BJP leader of the State Kabak Yabi died at the age of 52 here on Saturday.
She was wife of Late Kabak Mem of Yorkum village of Kamporijo circle under Lower Subansiri district.
Yabi was the first State BJP Mahila Morcha president and served for two tenures.
Earlier, she was general secretary of state BJMM. She was also the state coordinator of BJP Morchas and cells.She also served as treasurer of the state BJP unit, State Secretary and vice president of the state unit.
Yabi was also a social activist and had been involved in many social organizations.
She was the chairman of Nyokum Lapang Welfare Committee and held many responsibilities in other organizations.
Expressing grief and sorrow over her demise, State President Tapir Gao in a condolence message said that her death has created a vacuum not only in the party but the State as a whole.
Gao, on behalf of rank and file of the party, and his own behalf conveyed heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

IMC chief informed of bad road condition
ITANAGAR, May 21: All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF) led by its president Dobing Sonam in a representation to IMC chief councilor Kipa Kaku on Friday apprised her about the deplorable condition of the road leading to G-extension, Naharlagun from NH-52 junction.
Dobing informed the IMC chief that the road has been in deplorable state for years for want of maintenance causing great inconvenience to the public and traffic congestion.
The federation also sought permission from the chief councilor to conduct a social service and repair the road on May 22, to which the latter agreed.

CANMWA for regularization on seniority basis
ITANAGAR, May 21: A representation was made by the Contractual ANM Welfare Association (CANMWA) to Chief Minister Kalikho Pul on May 18 last for regularizing the ANMs based on seniority basis. It alleged that DMOs and DRCHOs of various districts manipulate seniority list of the ANMs.
The association further informed that the CM has assured of taking the matter with the concern department regarding its demand for regularization.

Org reacts to allegation
ITANAGAR, May 21: The All Multipurpose Workers’ Contractual Organization has reacted to the news report wherein an FIR was lodged against it at Naharlagun police station for allegedly collecting money for regularization of MPW workers. Terming it untrue and baseless, it claimed that the complainant has denied of making such complaint with the director of health services.
The organization has sought clarification from the DHS on the allegation.

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