May 30

Mortal remains of brave-heart Hangpan Dada laid to rest with full military honour
KHONSA, May 29: The mortal remains of brave-heart Havildar Hangpan Dada of the 35 Rashtirya Rifles was laid to rest with full military honour amidst thousands of mourners in his native village Borduria in Tirap district on Sunday. Dada attained martyrdom on May 27 during an operation against a group of heavily armed terrorists trying to infiltrate into Indian territory in the Naugam sector in Kupwar district, Jammu and Kashmir.
Gun salute by the personnel of 16 Assam Rifles and prayers were offered by the Catholic Priest, relatives and hundreds of mourners from all over the country.
Earlier, Chief Minister Kalikho Pul, Education Minister Wanglin Lowangdong, MLAs Kaling Moyong, Tirong Aboh, DC, Tirap, Commander, 117 Mountain Brigade Sanjoi Ghosh, CO, 22 Punjab Col. Ranjiv Patiyal, CO, 16 Assam Rifles Siddhu, Major R.S. Mohan, 'A' Coy Commander laid wreath for the martyr at Borduria Mini-stadium in presence of thousands of people from all walks of life.
Wreaths were also placed on behalf of the GOC, 3 Corps and GOC, 2 Mountain Division as a mark of respect to the departed soldier who made a supreme sacrifice for the  Nation.
“In his supreme sacrifice, it is not just that Arunachal Pradesh has lost a brave son, but the nation too has lost a valiant soldier and selfless patriot. I salute the sacrifice that he has made in defense of our nation,” Chief Minister Pul said.
While assuring all possible help from the state government to the wife and children of the martyr, Pul handed over a cheque of Rs 20 lakhs to the wife of the brave soldier as ex-gratia and assured to provide education to the martyr's son and daughter till graduation from the state government and would give promotion to the soldier's wife who is already serving in Health and Family Welfare department. He also committed to name an important institution or a road after the martyr as a tribute to the brave soldier. He further urged the local administration to construct a befitting memorial in memory of the martyr that would stand as a beacon light to inspire the youth of the country.
Pul also said that he would write to the Prime Minister, Defence Minister and the Army Chief to recognize Hangpan’s supreme sacrifice.
“I know that no amount of compensation can bring back your loved one and compensate the loss. But, I want to assure that you are not alone in this moment of grief. The whole of Arunachal and the nation stands with you today and in the future too,” said the Chief Minister consoling the bereaved family.
If he (Hangpan) wanted, he could have avoided gun-fight upon sighting the terrorists. But he decided to take on catching them off-guard knowing the risks for the sake of the security of the country,” Pul said. “Through his bravery, late Hangpan Dada has brought great respect to Arunachal Pradesh and to Borduria village to where he belonged. Else Arunachal Pradesh is generally in the news only for wrong reasons,” he added.
Former Minister James Lowangcha Wanglat, public leaders, PRI leaders, senior civil and defense Officers and a sea of mourners attended the wreath laying ceremony. The martyr's body was flown in yesterday from Srinagar by a special Indian Army helicopter.
Havildar Dada is survived by his wife Chasen Lowang Dada, daughter Roukhin (11) and son Senwang (7).  DIPRO/Source

Need to equip state police with latest technology: Dolo
ITANAGAR, May 29: Deputy Chief Minister Kameng Dolo stressed the need for making the State Police abreast with latest technologies enabling them to deal with any kind of situation.
“We need to make our jawans abreast with new applied technologies in this world of Information Technology. Our police personnel should be well equipped to deal with any kind of situation,” said Dolo while visiting North Eastern Police Academy (NEPA) in Shillong on Saturday.
He urged the faculty members of NEPA to impart world class training to police personnel undergoing training in the Academy and equip them with all capabilities to deal with the raising cyber world crimes.
The NEPA located at Umsaw village under Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya imparts training to directly recruited Deputy SPs and Sub-Inspectors from eight North Eastern States, including Arunachal Pradesh.
Due to absence of high-end police training centre, our boys are lacking in effective and sensitive policing, lamented Dolo while interacting with the faculty members of NEPA.
Referring to recent Tawang firing incident, the Deputy Chief Minister maintained that the police have a big role to play in maintaining peace in the region -- a perquisite for all round development.
The Deputy Chief Minister also met the boys from Arunachal Pradesh, who are undergoing police training in the Academy.
Chief Secretary Shakuntala Gamlin, who accompanied Dolo during the visit, divulged that the State Government is keen to have its own state-of-art training institution by replicating the NEPA.
Responding to Dolo’s desire to establish one such training centre in Arunachal Pradesh, the Chief Secretary opined that the State can also have such academy with NEPA authority’s cooperation, collaboration and expertise saying that there will be no shortage of land and fund.
Earlier, Director of the Academy D R Doley Barman briefed Dolo about the activities of the Police Training Academy.

Colony people repair hanging bridge
ITANAGAR, May 29: The members of Economics, Statistics and ZSI Colony Welfare Committee on Sunday conducted social service and repaired the hanging bridge which connects police colony with statistics colony. The condition of bridge was in dilapidated condition. Recently two students had meet with an accident due to the pathetic condition of bridge.
Deputy Chief Councillor of Itanagar Municipal Council (IMC) Kipa Bapu participated in the social  service and donated materials and bore repairing charge. The members of colony welfare committee have expressed gratitude to him. Further they have appealed the state government to construct permanent RCC bridge in place of the existing hanging bridge.
“This bridge will serve as alternate route in case something goes wrong with Chandranagar Bridge. We have been pushing for construction of RCC Bridge but till now government is not hearing our plea,” shared a member of Colony Welfare Committee. This is the second time they have repaired hanging bridge. Last year also they had carried out repairing on self-help basis. Police Mahila Samiti of police colony also took part in the social service.

Alarming rise in road accidents in Arunachal
Over 600 lives lost in past five years
Monday Musing
[ Ranjit Sinha ]
While the death and destruction caused by the flood, landslide and fire mishap is a perennial problem for the both Government and people, death toll caused by road accident has increased rapidly in Arunachal Pradesh in the last five years.
The year 2016 began with the death of one person due to road accident near Hunli in Lower Dibang valley on January one. This was followed by death of five people near Tiwari Gaon in the same district next day.
During the last four month (from January to April), Arunachal Pradesh has witnessed 41 traffic related deaths in 92 road accidents. A total of 172 people were injured within a period of four months, according to data made available by Road Safety Cell, PHq Itanagar.
Between the year 2011 and 2015, the state recorded 670 road accident deaths, including 109 female victims.
Of the 1243 road accidents recorded, the Capital region alone witnessed 266 cases, followed by Lohit (166), West Kameng (152), East Siang (114), West Siang with 109 road accident cases during the period of five years.
Though the Capital region recorded highest number of road accidents, West Kameng witnessed highest number of people dead in road mishaps with 143 death cases including 25 female.
A total of 1991 people including 303 female were injured in traffic related accidents during the last five years in the state. Highest number of both injured  or dead were between the age group of 19 to 30.
Highest number of traffic related death cases were recorded in the year 2013 with 143 cases in 308 road accidents.  2014 was relatively safer with 119 death cases in 205 road accidents. However, traffic related death toll has slightly increased in the year 2015 as 127 people died in 284 road accidents.
Road accidents not only claim precious human lives, it severely impact upon the economy.
Arunachal lost over Rs 485 lakhs in term of vehicle damage caused due to road accident. At least 1371 vehicles including 603 light motor vehicles and 282 two wheelers were destroyed between the year 2011 and 2015 in road mishap.    
While we are up in arms against the worst condition of roads, the cases of violation of road safety norms, rules and laws by the road users are also alarming.
90 per cent of road accidents occur due to violation of traffic safety guidelines, while mechanical defect of vehicles and road condition together adds 10 per cent of road accidents, said Traffic SP Hibu Tamang. Most of the fatal road accidents involving two wheelers take place as the riders do not wear helmet in blatant violation of traffic rules, the SP said. Apart from this, driving in excess of speed limit, reckless and drunken driving, use of mobile phone while driving are some of the major factors that cause road accident.
Stressing on the need of improved road condition, Tamang further said  road users/drives should be aware of  road safety norms, traffic rules and laws. Use of seat belt, helmet by the drivers/ riders is a must; he said adding drivers must maintain the speed limit while driving a car.
"We want that every road user returns home safely at the end of the day," said Road Safety Cell in-charge, SI A U Ansari as he appealed all road users to strictly adhere to the road safety norms and traffic guidelines.
According to fresh data made available by Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, 400 people were killed every day and around 1.50 lakhs died due to  road accident in our country in 2015.
When the Union Road Transport Minister is left scratching his head for safe-passage of Road Safety Bill in the Parliament, it remains to be seen whether the state Govt will do its best to curb road accident or decide to wait for the Centre's comprehensive road safety legislation.

Where there is a will, there will be roads
[ Gomchi Padu ]
ITANAGAR, May 29: In the recent times, if there has been one thing which has been observed and criticised by outsiders visiting the otherwise beautiful landscape state of Arunachal Pradesh, it is the lack of proper connectivity, especially in terms of good motorable road networks. Certainly, most of them have not travelled the length and breadth of the state, but when the state capital itself is reeling under a bad road conditions, it surely leaves little room for imaginations of how it must be in the remote areas.
Of course, the pathetic condition has not gone un-noticed with the governor who is the head of the highest constitutional office of the state raising the issue from time to time. The state government too has taken cognizance of the same and has assured to start work on the same by Autumn this year.
Meanwhile, even as the larger public are willing to take their chances and wait for the government to act on its promise, elsewhere in the remote villages of Zirdo and Kadu falling under 29th Basar constituency in West Siang and 36th Nari-Koyu constituency in East Siang district respectively, the public at large has decided not to wait any longer for a road project, the promise of which goes back to the NEC initiated project in the early 90's.
Accordingly, having waited for the phase-II of the NEC project, Pasighat-Ego road to start since sometime around 2005 after completion of the phase-I, the public of the area under the initiative of the apex Galo body of Galo Welfare Society (GWS) in collaboration with Lower Siang Elite Forum (LSEF) and Ramle Banggo Social and Environmental Protection Forum (RBSEPF) has taken it upon themselves to provide a much needed inter-district road network from Zirdo to Kadu purely on the self help basis.
Self help it is and an extra-ordinary one in every sense with voluntary donations pouring in from people of all walks of life. For the record, with no governmental aid or services, the voluntary donations of cash by the Galos in support of the GWS initiative has taken care of the much required fund resources for the project. Also, the GWS with strong support of LSEF has sponsored one of the two bulldozers engaged on the site while the other has been sponsored by Nari-Koyu MLA Kento Rina from his personal sources.
As for the man-power required on the ground, the villagers which includes women and youths along with Panchayat leaders and Gao Buras of Kadu (Loglu-Saku) under the supervision of Jirgi Kadu, ASM Chairman along with those of the surrounding villages of Tabi-Ripo, Rotte, Koyu, Rina and Kakki have volunteered to provide the same on the East Siang part while at the other end under West Siang, the villagers of Zirdo and surrounding areas are reciprocating the same.
Accordingly, with all the necessary requirements put in place, the road construction for connecting the two district of East and West Siang has commence on May 7 last with a flag off ceremony held simultaneously at Zirdo village led by Dr Minge Loyi, Secretary General, GWS and at Kadu village (Loglu) led by Dr J Mitum Boje, President GWS both declaring the start of 'Mission Taak Soi-2016.'
'Taak Soi' for the record is a treacherous hilly slope with constant landslides and thus making it the most challenging part of the GWS initiated Zirdo-Kadu road project. As such, the particular area has been designated as the meeting point of the works which has started at both ends.
Meanwhile, as per the latest spot verification by GWS, Secretary General Dr Minge Loyi on May 28 last, it was observed that the work on the Zirdo village end has already been completed upto Taak Soi, the meeting point while at the Kadu village end, the work is still under progress with major portion already completed. He was accompanied by LSEF executive members Tojir Kadu, Dr Reke Doye, Dr Kambu with others such as Bimar Dabi, Vice president RBSEPF, Kendo Zirdo, GWS spokesperson and Dohen Ringu public leader already present on the ground.
Earlier, on May 26 last, MLA Kento Rina too visited the site with a team of officials to get first hand information of the work progress.       
It is worth noting here that the work which is purely based on self help basis under the initiative of GWS and supported by LSEF and RBSEPF with no support or services of the government is absolutely free from any political affiliations. This has been re-affirmed by participation of general public and the leaders who in fact has emphasised for the same during each of their visits.
Also worth noting is the reiteration of the GWS, LSEF and RBSEPF members who emphasised on not viewing their act of bridging the road gap from Kadu to Zirdo on the communal lines but rather, welcome it as a developmental progress to connect the two districts of East and West Siang and subsequently paving the way for connecting other district of the state within the Arunachal territory.

Mokholong: An ancient remedial method for malaria
[ Tom Simai ]
PANGSAU PASS, May 29: The picturesque frontier province Pangsau Pass (Myanmar) besides being famous for border trade and ‘Lake of No Return’  (Nongyang Lake) is also known for an ancient practice called ‘Mokholong’.
From minor kid to aged person, Mokholong is a prioritized weapon to combat common diseases, like malaria and fever. The method is highly recommended by the professional doctors working under Myanmar’s Government.
Until some years ago, Pangsau Pass Province was void of any modern healthcare facilities. However, after the opening of Border Trade with India it got a dispensary that caters the needs of nearly 25 villages of the frontier territory.
As claimed, the bizarre remedial method has been rescuing Myanmar’s poverty ridden population from its fiercest and brutal antagonist, malaria. Interestingly, 100 per cent of the populations of Pangsau Pass Province prefer this ancient method over modern treatment. To avail the facility of the lone dispensary, patient has to be sanctified by Mokholong first.
Samreng Bongtai, 40, a self-taught master of the method, who migrated to India some five years ago, agreed to share more about ‘Mokholong’.  
Describing in detail, Bongtai said, “In order to perform ‘Mokholong’, we need a glass tumbler, a needle, a candle and a rupee coin.”
Narrating methods stepwise, he said, “Place the coin in the middle of the forehead of the patient, light the candle and put it on top of the coin, and finally, cover the coin and candle with the glass tumbler. “Remove the glass tumbler a few minutes later then one will see a dark circular spot on the forehead. Use the needle to prick many times within the dark spot,” he continued”
“Once the pricking is over, repeat the step one all over again. When the process is over, one will see blood oozing from the spot which is impure blood causing the illness,” he added.
After a while, the patients get much relief, and in some cases, complete improvement. About the dark circle, Bongtai said, “It will vanish a week later”.   
For the modern world, it might be an act of absurdity, but for them, ‘Makholong’ is a gift bequeathed by their forefathers.
Maybe because of it, they are not prepared to let go the healing ritual that is yet to be substantiated scientifically the incredible corollary claimed by the beaming patients.
Sceptic believes that ‘Makholong’ has survived for so many generations not for its effectiveness but due to extreme poverty and complete ignorance of illiterate throng. The inability to afford the expensive modern medicines and inaccessibility to modern medical facility is the primary factor that kept this ancient art alive.  
Surprisingly, the trend seems to be catching up in Changlang district also, it is being popularized by the huge Burmese populations, who have migrated into the district in the recent years.

4 arrested with IMFL, drugs
ITANAGAR, May 29: Four persons were arrested by Namsai Police for illegally selling IMFL, possessing and consuming drugs.
The arrests were made possible after a team of All Adi Students’ Union (AdiSU) with the help of police raided various grocery shops and houses in Namsai and found them selling, possessing and consuming those items.
Two persons were arrested in connection with selling and consuming opium and hooch while two were arrested for possessing drugs suspected to be brown sugar. One is absconding, AdiSU informed.
The raid was a part of AdiSU’s third phase of operation clean drive.
Stating that drugs menace, particularly opium, has gripped entire Namsai district, AdiSU General Secretary Buteng Tayeng appealed to the State Government to take all necessary measures to eradicate the menace.
AdiSU also appealed to provide fund for the district for de-addiction camps and other drugs awareness activities.

7 INC ZPMs of Changlang merge with PPA
ITANAGAR, May 29: Out of 10 INC ZPMs of Changlang districts, seven have merged with PPA. The formal merger ceremony of the INC ZPMs was supervised by party general secretary in-charge for Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts, Nyasam Jongsam.
Meanwhile PPA president, Kahfa Bengia urged the newly merged ZPMs to work with dedication for development of the state and the society as a whole, according to a PPA release.

Pul visits Arunachal Bhawan in Kolkata
ITANAGAR, May 29: Chief Minister Kalikho Pul has promised to build facilities for students’ accommodation at Arunachal Bhawan in Kolkata. He said this during a visit to the Bhawan accompanied by Deputy Resident Commissioner, Kolkata recently.
The CM inspected the 6-story building complex that houses lodging facilities for officials, conference rooms and accommodation for students.
Upon finding the accommodation for students in dilapidated condition, the CM asked the DRC to refurbish the facilities
The accommodation would facilitate staying of 15 boys and 10 girls.
During the visit, he interacted with students and told them that the bhawan is actually not meant to accommodate students, but has been done on compassionate ground. He therefore advised them to take care of the facilities in the building.

ZPM calls for renovations school buildings, posting of health staff
ROING, May 29: Stating that the schools are in a dilapidated condition while no staffs are posted in the health centres in Hunli-Desaili block, ZPM Hunli-Desali, Mama Miso has requested the Chief Minister for  renovation of school buildings and posting of medical staff.   
In a memorandum to the CM, Miso stated the secondary schools at Hunli and Desali are in a pathetic condition, especially the Secondary School Desali which was constructed 40 years ago. Both the schools are in dire need of boy's and girl's hostels, and boundary walls to protect the school premises. The existing classrooms of the Hunli Secondary school are not sufficient for the existing strength of the students and extension of classrooms is highly required, added the ZPM.
Miso also informed that no doctors or any medical staff has been posted in CHC Hunli and PHC Desali due to which the people of the area are facing lot of problems and have to cover a distance of 100 kms for treatment at Roing District Hospital. Appealing for immediate appointment of doctors and other medical staff in the CHC and PHC, the ZPM also called for construction of CHC/PHC buildings and staff quarters at both Hunli and Desali.

9 selected for AWA awards
ZIRO, May 29: A jury constituted by Apatani Youth Association (AYA) has selected 9 distinguished persons from 29 entries, who have contributed to the Apatani society in their respective fields and inspired the youths through their works, for AYA awards.
The awards will be given in two categories - AYA awards and AYA commendation awards.
Those who have been selected for AYA awards include, Lt. Leegang Tachang, educationist, filmmaker, actor, singer, musician, Taro Chatung, journalist, social worker, Mihin Bagang, martyr, Puna Hinda, Social worker, Philanthropist, entrepreneur, Bunty Tao, social worker.
AYA Commendation Award winners are, Subu Gambo, Filmmaker, Yachang Peter, Entrepreneur, sound engineer, photo/video, Michi Takum, Games & Sports, Pura Tallo, Games & Sports.
They will be conferred the awards during Dree Festival, 2016.

Hospitality training commences at DBYC
ITANAGAR, May 28: Hospitality training commenced at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Vivek Vihar with the registration of forty trainees in the first batch.
The inaugural function of the Hospitality training was held together with the valedictory function of the two-months’ English Fluency and Computer Training.
Speaking  on the occasion, Director, Social Justice Empowerment and Tribal Affairs, Taw Tebin exhorted the youths to be disciplined to achieve success in life.  He also spoke about the importance of skilling oneself in order to be employed and added that attitude, knowledge and skills are three important components of the success mantra for today’s young people.
Congratulating the participants for putting in hard work during the training, SLO, NSS, Dr. V. N. Sharma said, the change due to the training is very visible in your faces and that speaks of your hard work.  Dr. Sharma also exhorted the out-going trainees to continue practicing all the good things they learnt in the past months and take their lives forward in discipline and hard work.
Parish Priest, Catholic Church, Itanagar, Fr. Mathai, expressed happiness over the way the trainees responded to the training and appreciated the hard work put in by the staff. He also welcomed the first batch of hospitality trainees to DBYC and wished them three-month of joyful learning and skilling. A website for DBYC www.dbycitanagar.org was also launched in the occasion.
Around 150 trainees including the first batch of Hospitality trainees attended the function.

Goodwill football tournament by CRPF
ITANAGAR, May 29: In its endeavor to maintain better public relation, the 149Bn CRPF is organizing a Goodwill Football Tournament in Changlang from May 30 to June 1.
Local clubs of Changlang district will participate in the tournament. The winner and the runners up team will be awarded cash prizes along with trophies.
Meanwhile, the people of the district have appreciated the initiative of the para military forces.

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Take everyone along

As the NDA government completes two year in office, celebration are going on across the country to mark the occasion. Several ministers are visiting various parts of country and holding press conferences highlighting the achievements of Modi government. A gala event was held at India Gate, New Delhi on Saturday as part of the two years celebration. Prime Minister Narendra Modi while speaking on the occasion claimed that his government has taken unprecedented steps to combat corruption in the country. He attacked the opposition saying those who were earlier looting the nation are not enthused by his government. There is no doubt that since NDA government came to power, PM Modi has kept hawk eye on his ministers and therefore has managed to keep corruption in check.

But it is also wrong to claim that corruption has been totally rooted out. Though central ministers have not faced any major corruption allegation but BJP Chief Ministers like Vasundhra Raje, Shivraj Chauhan and Raman Singh have been alleged of involving in some sort of corruption activities by the political rivals. Especially during Lalit Gate and Vyapam scam there was expectation that Modi might come down hard on Rajasthan CM Raje and his Madhya Pradesh counterpart Shivraj Chauhan. But he kept silent over corruption allegations. Also Modi has not been able to dispel the fear among minority groups. Some of his controversial colleagues from BJP and RSS have been making vitriolic hate comment against minority communities. By maintaining stoic silent he is sending wrong message to the people of India. Today section of people are feeling alienated due to the prevailing situation. Prime Minister Modi will have to take note of this and work towards inclusive India. He should take every Indian along and truly implement his vision of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikash.








Readers’ Forum




Appeal to CM

Dear Editor,

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of the state government in general and Chief Minister Kalikho Pul who is also the finance minister in particular towards the non-release of General Provident Fund (GPF) funds to the government employees especially in the education department.

As per simple laid down rules or in simple terms for that matter, GFP is our hard earned money and we use it when we need it the most. As in my case I needed the money for a marriage function at home so accordingly had applied for the same.

As I passed all the criteria needed to withdraw the non-refundable GPF, accordingly the education commissioner through an order under Rules 15(I) (A) (b) of GPF (CS) Rules 1960 passed on April 13, 2016 sanctioned a grant of Rs. 2,70,000/- from my GPF account to defray my expenses. But to my utter surprise and to add more to my misery I have not received the said amount till date which is causing me a lot of tribulation.

I would like to highlight here that this is only a one off case which I am lamenting as there are hundreds or maybe even thousands that are facing this trouble in today’s date. Do we not even have that liberty or right to withdraw money which we own?

I would like to sincerely appeal the state government and chief minister to kindly release the money at the earliest so that we can live the small dreams which we have seen after serving the state for so many years.


Talo Tajo, Seppa




Thanks  to all

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, we offer our heartiest thanks to those persons  who extended support and help to save the life of our father Akkong Tekseng who is struggling  for his life with cancer disease at North East Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, Jorabat, Guwahati.

We shall remain ever grateful  till our last breath to Mrs Obur Taggu, EO,BDO Tuting, Mr. Talo Tekseng, Village Simong, and Mrs. Moi Angu Tekseng, Yingkiong for their  generous help. And also we pray that they may prosper and be in health, just as their soul prospers. " A generous person will be enriched and one who gives water will get water."


Mage Tekseng and Julee Tekseng

Village Simong,

Upper Siang