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November - 01



Priority should be given first to local firms

Dear Editor,

In reference to an article, “Give share to local firms”, I would first like to congratulate the PPA for raising a genuine concern with regards to ongoing monopoly of certain private companies in the mining sector. The particular company in question is the M/s Satyam Group with several of its subsidiaries who are keeping a firm grip on the overall mining prospects in our state. They have their well wishers placed at various levels of the government and its high time such monopoly is stopped.

It’s been informed to us as local entrepreneurs who want to venture into this sector that we would be no match for these private parties because mining projects are allotted on the basis of how much unofficial payments can be made to the concerned authorities. Now, the private companies are not the only ones to blame. Why is the government allowing such monopoly to exist? Why aren’t we given the exact details of coal mining projects existing and available for mining in Kharsang/Tirap District? Somehow I feel there is something sinister happening and this cannot be possible without the government’s consent.

So, it’s my appeal to the government that we welcome outside investment but not at the cost of the local indigenous people. We are told that the government cannot provide jobs for all the educated unemployed and when we set out to do something on our own ethically we are stopped at the door steps. Going forward I would like to request the Geology & Mining Department that the priority should be first given to local firms. It’s important to note that the patience of local citizens have been tested time and again with arm twisting and wrong policies of the government. There will come a time where we will stand up to this injustice and the government will be the only one to blame.


Takam Tara




Give media a chance to do their duty

Dear editor,

It has been one and a half year since I came back to my dear state Arunachal. In this time I have noticed that our state is plagued by many dreaded diseases, some fatal too.

The recent incident at Namsai is one such disease which could have been thwarted and prevented had we taken sufficient precautions, as the saying goes, "prevention is better than the cure" and we all have witnessed the effect also. The grant of the PRCs to the non-APSTs has been a mistake and a blunder that caused all this uproar. This incident will remain as a blot on the history of Arunachal where we normally don't witness such communal outrage against each others unlike the rest of the world. We lived happily together, till this PRC thing happened. It is the same situation as in where the tiger got the taste of blood. The tiger will not stop till he gets the blood again. Now the non-APSTs have smelt the same and they are trying to get back the same and to be frank it is instinctive of everybody. But then the question arises as to who is the culprit. And it comes as no surprise to anybody that it is our dear "leaders". What was the necessity in the first place to go ahead and play as the protector and the guarantor of the non-APSTs.

The ST status is nothing royal, rather it has been granted to us so that we the underprivileged are given enough opportunities to get a similar footing with the rest of the populace from the mainstream. So this act of granting PRCs to the non-APSTs has seriously undermined the special status of the ST of the state. The govt cannot alienate this right at their will and thanks to all the organisations that came forward to fight for the same, it was revoked. Now it is no surprise that repercussions followed. So we need to know who was the brain child behind the granting of PRC to the non-APSTs, as he is the person responsible for this calamity that poured upon the innocent people of Namsai.

Now we have seen the diseases and the effects, but what is it that causes these diseases? Well germs of course, "dangerous germs" that travel around in headlights or lets say the leaders of our state. They are no better than any of the germs, rather I had say they are more dangerous than all the known micro-organisms clubbed together. And with time they have also grown immune to law or either have learnt to dodge law and justice, which is the supposed medicine for all the diseases.

Another thing that could have saved us all other than the medicine (as the medicine does not have any effect on the germs) is prevention and precaution or rather say vaccination. But that too has not been given a chance in our dear state. These precautions could have been in the form of media, whether print or electronic but it is painful to see that they have not been given enough opportunities and lease to blossom and strengthen themselves. Ours is a state where the journalists are given death threats. The media acts as torch bearer, it shows light but due to the state of the media that we witness, the light of that torch does not reach far and where there is darkness, the germs and cockroaches (read as leaders of our state) are bound to rule as they can live better in darkness and can eat and thrive on anything (like our leaders). But here we are to be blamed also. There needs to be a better awareness and more sensitization on the issue that the media needs a free hand to work properly whereas as of now the common scenario is that if there is a word against anybody the media houses are threatened and vandalized. Why is it that till date there is no national newspaper, or any television channel working in our state? I even heard that the "Aaj Tak" had come up with an office at Bank Tinali, but the staff was beaten black and blue and they left.

Nepotism and corruption occurs everywhere, but elsewhere there is the media to bring out the truth and ironically in our state the same media is gagged and bound. Sadly the public don't understand that the media is not playing any personal games, rather it is their duty to bring about transparency and information to the society. So, the public should refrain from indulging into activities that restrain the freedom of the press and without this very powerful tool, the state is bound to bear the brunt and it is no surprise that we are lagging behind in all the aspects compared to the rest of the world. Sadly, the sword is mightier than pen in Arunachal Pradesh. However the media should also do their duty honestly and must not succumb to carnal desires for materialistic gains. They should speak without any fear and do every thing possible to bring the truth to the public as it is their duty and there shouldn't be dereliction of the same. It is the obligation of the press fraternity to speak the truth and nothing else. World over there are innumerable examples where the media was responsible for bringing justice to the mass through active journalism.

So, I would just like to request all the people of the state to give the media a chance to do their duty without any fear and regrets and I am sure if this vaccination is given some ample opportunity we can at least contain the disease even if we cannot uproot it from the society.


Duge Soki, Naharlagun.




The plight of patients in Khonsa

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my appreciation to All Tirap Students Union (ATSU) for highlighting the plight of the patients  and sorry state of affair of the district general hospital, Khonsa (on Oct 29 edition of this daily).  The hospital is really in dire need of more  doctors, equipments, medicine  and infrastructure  development.

Even in minor ailment, the patients have to visit Dibrugarh. Apart from expenditure involved in visiting Dibrugarh for further treatment,   the journey from Khonsa to Naharkatia make the patient half-dead. The Road is something like highway to hell which sucks the life out of even the healthy regular travelers. One can well imagine what may happen with patients and pregnant women while travelling through the road to reach Dibrugarh.    

It is time for authorities to think seriously to improve the health service in the district as the poor patients can not visit Dibrugarh every now and then.


Khunwang W.






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Take urgent step for conversion of JNC into state university: AAPSU

ITANAGAR, Oct 31: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has asked state government to take urgent steps for converting Jawahar Lal Nehru College (JNC), located in Pasighat town, into a state university. Stating that most of the present officers and politicians were educated from this college, AAPSU has urged government to make this college the first state university of Arunachal. In a press statement AAPSU President Takam Tatung said such move will not improve education scenario of state but it will also be gift to wonderful citizen of Pasighat town which is going to celebrate centenary anniversary soon.

“Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU), the lone university of state has not been able to accommodate all the students who wish to pursue higher studies. In such situation, the poor student who can’t go outside the state for higher studies becomes the victim. Having this state university will immensely help poor students to fulfill their dreams of pursuing higher,” said Tatung. He also urged people to remember contribution of legendary figure late Daying Ering towards development of this state, who belonged to this region. Conversion of JNC into state university will be a befitting tribute to late Ering for his contribution to development of this state.

 AAPSU has also asked state government to immediately set up Public Health Centre (PHC) inside the campus of all the government colleges of Arunachal. “Students living in the hostels of government colleges are usually from poor family. Keeping this in mind, government should set up PHC centre inside campus for only students and staff of all the government college. Also all colleges should have an emergency ambulance with life saving machines,” stated Takam Tatung. Further AAPSU President has called for proper implementation of education bill. “Education bill should not remain only in paper and be implemented with honest intention. Today conditions of government school are getting worse. There are no proper toilets for girls and teachers are facing problems due to lack of quarters. Like this many more problems are being faced by students and teachers of government schools,” said Takam Tatung. AAPSU has also taken exception to using of mobile phone within school campus by both teachers and students. “Teachers using mobiles during class can distract their attention. Also it has been found that young children exchanges illicit MMS videos during school hour which is very bad. AAPSU urged all district and community based student bodies to check such practices. Also education department has to take initiative against such practice,”  Tatung said.

Further AAPSU has urged government to follow 50:50 ratio for recruitment of SSA Science and Math teachers. The union also asked both government run and private school to follow proper fire safety norms. They have appealed the entire private school owner to strictly adhere to norms set up by government regarding fire safety.  AAPSU has also requested state government to form a committee and check whether all rules are followed by private schools.


Inter-state bike lifter gang busted

ITANAGAR, Oct 31:  In a continued drive against the inter-state motorcycle lifter gang, Itanagar Police have succeeded in busting yet another inter-state motor vehicle lifter gang.

A special team constituted to aggressively pursue after the gang arrested three persons, namely Licha Tala @ Tana, F and G Sector Itanagar, Dinesh Kumar Singh, E Sector, Itanagar and Raju Chetry, Helem Assam while on the act of lifting motorcycle from Itanagar.

Following the interrogation five more gang members were arrested from Gohpur area Assam. They are Mohan Mohiliary, Simulgury, Assam, Md. Aftab Seikh, Biswanath Chariali, Assam, Montu Basumatary, Rajiv Basumatary, and Kushadev Basumatary. The police have also recovered stolen motorcycles from their possession.

It is a matter of concern that number of students are involved in the crime. There are couples of more persons who are on the run. The arrested persons are involved in 13 cases of motorcycle lifting. There may other groups who have not come to the notice of the police.  City SP C Appa called upon the citizen to joint hands with the police for making the society safe and secure. The long hands of law will definitely catch the troublemakers sooner or later, he said.


Tuki dedicates church to people

ZIRO, Oct 31: PWD and Urban Development Minister Nabam Tuki today dedicated the newly constructed Catholic Church building of Yachuli to the people at Yachuli Don Bosco School Complex in the presence of local MLA Likha Saaya, Bishop of Itanagar, Rt. Rev. Dr. John Thomas Kattrukudiyil, host of fathers, sisters,  and senior govt. officers including Lower Subansiri DC Sadhana Deori, SP Mari Riba, Zilla Parishad chairperson Likha Tongum, other Panchayat leaders and large numbers of believers of Christianity.

Saaya, and Itanagar Bishop John Thomas also inaugurated the Parish and Grotto of the church respectively.

“I am not so qualified to inaugurate such a holy place that too in the presence of galaxies of holy and dedicated believers like Bishop and fathers. I am blessed and this life time opportunity will not be forgotten,” said Tuki after inaugurating the church.

He said ‘this is the most beautiful church with good architectural designs I have seen so far, the land has been meaningfully used. The best thing is completion of such huge building in a very short duration and meager amount”. The dedicated catholic community, Father Joby and his workers need our appreciation, he added. The Christian Missions, besides bringing peace and development and charity to the people has played a great role in human resource development of Arunachal Pradesh. This has been recognized by the peace loving people of the state and the govt. has also reciprocated by announcing five crores to the Christian Missionary schools as corpus fund. The State Government is ever ready to help the missions particularly in enhancing infrastructure of education sector, he said.

With coming up of so many good schools, colleges and polytechnic, Yachuli will be one day a knowledge City in future with so many dedicated people involved in its development, the minister said and requested the Mission members and believers to guide the people in realizing this dream.  

 Tuki, while dwelling on the need of good infrastructure for all educational institutions assured to construct the security fencing of Yachuli Don Bosco School. While announcing to donate 700 chairs for the church, Tuki asked the believers to share the burden of equipping furniture of the church as thanksgiving or gift to god. Tuki also released a Souvenir  on the occasion.

Yachuli MLA Likha Saaya, while thanking the Catholic Community in presenting such huge and impressive church for the people of his constituency assured all his support and cooperation in extending or improving the church in future.

Expressing his hopes and expectations from the teachers of the school, he said, teachers are the guardians of the society who mould an ordinary child to a master in himself. He also thanked the parents for their cooperation in completing the church in a very short period.

You all are refined and purified people, knows the value of love and peace, love and help each other, success will be at your feet, said Saaya, while appreciating the cooperation of the locals in constructing the church. For the faith reposed in him by the people of Yachuli constituency by electing him as MLA, he assured to do his best in bringing development of the constituency in all fronts. For solving the accommodation problem for the tourists and visitors to Yachuli, he announced  Rs. Five  lacs for construction of a Rest House there. DIPRO


Indira Gandhi remembered

ITANAGAR, Oct 31: Arunachal Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee, Itanagar has observed the 26th death anniversary of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as the Martyr Day to mark the 125 years of Indian National Congress at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan here today.

Mahila Congress leaders from block level to state Mahila Congress, APCC office bearers, senior party leaders, panchayat leaders and NUSI, Youth Congress and Seva Dal workers took part in the observation.

The function began with the floral tribute paid to the portrait of Late Indira Gandhi. This was followed by pledge administered by Niani Natung, Chairperson, Arunachal Pradesh State Social Welfare Advisory Board and vice president of APMCC to mark the occasion. APMCC president Yari Dulom and Arunachal Pradesh State Women’s Commission chairperson Komoli Mossang, who was the resource person, recalled the contribution of Indira Gandhi for development of Arunachal Pradesh in particular  and the country as a whole. Mossang especially recalled the last speech of Indira Gandhi delivered at Bhubaneswar on Oct 30, 1984.

Among others, APCC general secretaries T C Tok, Minkir Lollen, APMCC vice president Tader Yadir spoke on the occasion.

ZIRO DIPRO adds: Lower Subansiri joined the nation in paying homage to the former Prime Minister late Indira Gandhi today. PWD and Urban Development Minister and APCC President Nabam Tuki led the people of Lower Subansiri in paying homage to late Indira Gandhi at Govt. Middle School, Yachuli on her death anniversary observed as Rastriya Sankalp Diwas.

Tuki extolled the great works and sacrifice made by the late leader and her great attachment with the people of Arunachal Pradesh. He recalled his entry into the active politics and INC fold under the blessings of late Indira Gandhi in 1982-83. He appealed the people to work hand in hand with the INC government and support its policies.

To commemorate the auspicious occasion he assured to develop the Yachuli Middle School as a model school with all infrastructures.

Yachuli MLA, Likha Saaya, Zilla Parishad Chairperson, Likha Tongum, Lower Subansiri DC, Sadhana Deori, SP Mari Riba, ADC, Yowa Topu, other government officers, ZPMs, ASMs and general public in large numbers also paid homage to the late leader.

 At Ziro, the Rastriya Sankalp Diwas was observed at Lal Bahadur School, where Circle Officers Hage Tarung, Lod Takkar and school teachers and children led by its Principal, Hr.Sec.school, Ziro, Bamin Tani and Head Master, Lal Bahadur Sashri school, Narang Mobing paid floral tribute to the portrait of former Prime Minister. Oberservance of the Day is also received from Raga, Dollungmukh, Pistana, Yazali administrative centres. DIPRO


Scouts  & Guides collects rare books

ITANAGAR, Oct 31: At least 847 books, magazines and periodicals were collected by the Scouts and Guides of Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Arunodaya from Vivek Vihar colony under the project Chief Minister Shield Competition.

As many as 50 Scouts and Guides led by Scout master Tania Taning and Guide captain Millo Onia approached the residents of the colony and collected the books recently. Some of the major contributors were former DSE K Namchoom,  Secretary Sports and Youth Affairs D S Pandey and Chief Engineer (RWD) L Angu. Angu has highly appreciated the humble initiative and contributed few amounts for refreshment purpose.

This is the first of its kind in the state by Scouts and Guides to collect books which aimed at preserving valuable books, periodicals, magazine etc and re-use them in school library, Principal of the School Tej Bahadur Singh said in a release. This will also help poor students who can not afford to buy costly book from market to mitigate their thirst for reading good books, he added.


Estimate committee visits Upper Siang

Yingkiong, Oct 31: The Estimate Committee of Legislative Assembly headed by Chairman Dr. Tangor Tapak conducted a three days tour to Upper Siang district from Oct 29. The team had to undertaken around 3 km journey on foot to reach Upper Siang as there was massive landslide and road blockage.

The team members included MLAs, Wusen Matey, Tapuk Taku, Alo Libang and  officers from Assembly Secretariat.

At Geku, the team inspected the town primary school, Anganwadi Centre, Govt. HS School, JNV, and Community Health Centre and interacted with the officials.

On Oct 29, the team visited the Anganwadi Centre and school at Halleng village. They also visited Kiong, RWD Colony and Airfield colony, Anganwadi centres at Yingkiong and also visited the District Hospital and interacted with the officers and staffs. They appealed them to maintain team spirit and keep up the good works. The team also inspected the girl residential school, Airfield and the Gandhi Bridge sites. The team inspected Primary and Middle school and Anganwadi centre of Simong village yesterday. At Mariyang the committee inspected the Govt. HS School, Primary school and the PHC, Primary Schools of New Millang, Damro village and Padu village and  the PHC and M.E. School at Silli-Geying. DIPRO


AAPSA talent search 2010 concludes

Don Bosco school, Jully lift the Champion Trophy

ITANAGAR, Oct 31: The Talent Search 2010 organized by the All Arunachal Private Schools Association (AAPSA) came to close late in the night yesterday with the declaration of the final score and the distribution of medals, trophies and certificates.  

Don Bosco School, Jully carried away the champions trophy in two of the three categories into which students were divided for Talent Search 2010 on the basis of classes (IV to VII, VIII & IX and X to XII.  Close behind Don Bosco were Donyi-Polo Vidya Bhavan, Itanagar,  Royal International School, Papu Nullah and Alphabet Public School., Nirjuli.  

The special guest at the closing ceremony Bishop John Thomas of Itanagar who is also one of the patrons of AAPSA congratulated the office bearers, especially Fr. Philip, the President, Shaji P.L., the Secretary and Henry David, the Camp Chief for the unique and exceptionally inspiring programme.  

The closing ceremony included presentation of dances and songs by  participating schools. The participants in the closing ceremony expressed their impression of the programme and spoke greatly appreciating it.  


GSU flays Govt on boundary issue

ITANAGAR, Oct 31: Galo Students Union (GSU) has blasted state government for their alleged failure to protect interest of Galo community and state in general especially in regard to Likhabali boundary issue.

“We had meet chief minister Dorjee Khandu, Chief secretary Tabom Bam and other government officials many a times regarding boundary problem at Likhabali but nothing happened. Now Assam police has built police training centre in our land and already their police force have started training there,” stated GSU secretary general Pakmik Taipodia in  a press statement.  He went on to add, “Our Chief Secretary and local MLA Jomde Kena have failed in their endeavor to protect rights of Galo community.” He also said that taking advantage of such situation many underground elements becomes active in such areas and thereby hampering peaceful atmosphere.

 Another issue on which GSU is furious with state government is their slow process in naming from Galong to Galo. Since 2006 when this movement to change nomenclature from Galong to Galo started government had promised us that process could be expedited as soon possible but till now nothing has happened, said Taipodia.

Taking exception to maltreatment of government officers of Galo community by Arunachal government, Taipodia further stated that state government is specifically targeting Galo officers on the behest of few politicians and making life miserable for them.  He specifically mentioned name of Kemo Lollen former deputy commissioner who is now posted as DRC, Arunachal Bhawan Shillong.

“Senior officer like Kemo Lollen who had served in capacity of deputy commissioner, director has been demoted to DRC which is equivalent to EAC in ranking. Such kind of humiliation to a senior officer on political ground should be condemned.

17th APLS session held

ITANAGAR, Oct 31: The 17th session of Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS) held at the premises of JN State Museum today was presided over by eminent writer Y D Thongchi, who has just retired from his bureaucratic service.

The session witnessed an invigorating interaction to give the literary activities a thrust in the state. It was followed by read outs from own composition, beginning with two short poems- ‘Safalata Ka Rahasya’ and ‘Chand Kavitayein’ composed by well-known poet from UP – Rajendra Pardesi.

While the Director of Trade and  Commerce read out from his article –“Name”-Your Personal Insignia that enlightened on naming pattern in Adi community, Debotang Yapang, ARO, read out a self-composed article on little known tribe of the State –‘An Ethnographic Note Tutsas of Arunachal Pradesh’. The Assistant Director, Research, R N Koley read out his just composed poem – ‘Abar Aste Hobe’ that throws light on the journey of life that just witnesses one of its aspects giving way to others.

Among others, Tage Tada, Director, Research, Yamuna Bini, RGU, Dr Pekba Ringu and Bikash Banerjee, DRO were present on the occasion.


‘Know your Army’ fete at Tuting

ITANAGAR, Oct 31: The Army troops of the ‘SPEARHEAD’ Division conducted a “Know Your Army” fete (Mela) at Tuting in Upper Siang district today in the pristine valley of Tuting in Upper Siang District. A fete was organized at the Government Middle School ground and was attended by hundreds of locals and school children of the remote border town.

Various stalls were established as part of the fair in order to educate the local youth on the capabilities of the modern Indian Army. The equipment of Infantry and Artillery on display was the big attraction of the fete. The Army also informed the youth on the various means of joining the Armed Forces as officers as well as other ranks. Very few locals of the area are presently enrolled in the Armed Forces due to lack of adequate knowledge and opportunity. Local youth was informed about the Army recruitment Rally being organized for Arunachal Pradesh residents at Pasighat from 20 to 26 November.

A free medical camp was also set up as a part of the fete, where free medical checkup was conducted and free medicines distributed by the army. This stall witnessed large attendance by the senior folk as well as the ill persons who were treated by the Army Medical Officer Captain PK Pandey.

Speaking on the occasion, PJ Khamba, Additional DC, Tuting Circle lauded the efforts being put in by the Army in the remote border district for the upliftment of the locals. He especially thanked the Tuting based Mahar battalion which have consistently strived to help the local populace over the years. He also thanked the Army troops for educating the youth on various opportunities for joining the Armed Forces and said that the fete would certainly result in a large number of youth joining the Army. He also requested the Army to conduct pre recruitment training for the youth for the forthcoming recruitment rally so that they have a better chance of getting selected.  Based on the request, the Army immediately announced a pre recruitment training camp at Tuting from Nov 7 to 14.

The campaign was a huge success and it appeared that the entire town had congregated in the fete and no one wanted to miss the opportunity of getting closer to their troops. The Army has promised that they would continue to strive to serve the nation by not only defending it against any external aggression but also by enriching the lives of the locals in remote places like Tuting.


ABSU to celebrate silver jubilee

PASIGHAT, Oct 31: The All Bogong Students’ Union (ABSU), established in 1985, is planning to organize a three-day long Silver Jubilee celebration at the Balek Secondary School ground from 5th November. The AAPSU spokesperson Tabom Dai has taken the burden of the Organizing Chairman of the celebration. Dai informed that Education Minister Bosiram Siram and Mebo MLA Mebo Ralom Borang have consented to grace the inaugural day function as chief guest and Guest of Honour respectively.

Various competitive programmes including story, poem  and  essay writing, arts and drama and sports and games amongst the school going children with a motto “Learn To Serve” will be organized during the celebration, informed ABSU president Obit Gao. The Art competition organized today at the Solung Hall by the committee was participated by 180 students of 7 schools of Pasighat, sources further informed.


AAHFCDO formed to promote harmony

ITANAGAR, Oct 31: The believers of Donyi-Polism and Hindu religions in the state have formed a voluntary organization, in the name of All Arunachal Hindus Faith & Culture Development Organization (AAHFCDO) with K P Dolo as chairman, Kamal Bajaj as vice chairman and Abhijit Chakraborty as General secretary.

The main objective of the organization is to bring believers of both the religions in a common platform for better understanding, conduct seminars, Mahasabha and awareness camp in every district in collaboration with Vishwa Hindu Parishad, RSS and Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society so that any discrimination, negative thoughts against the Hindu and Donyi-Polo religion by anti-social elements could be prevented with joint efforts.

Another priority agenda of the organization is to establish a Hindu Ashram within the Capital Complex where pilgrims can stay during their religious visit to the state. It also contemplating to establish 17 Shiv mandirs throughout the state and decided to take up the matter of land demarcation of the existing mandirs with competent authority to avoid future encroachment.

Meanwhile, Lokam Tassar, Parliamentary Secretary (Food & Civil Supply) and also chief patron cum advisor of the organization, recently visited Lingalaya Seva Ashram and Shiva mandir located six mile in between Itanagar and Naharlagun and interacted with its pandit, Yasup Gamlin (Mataji), Pradip Joshi, RSS organizing secretary for Assam, Arunachal and Nagaland and Promod Joshi, VHP organizing secretary for Arunachal Pradesh.

During his visit, he was also apprised of various problems being faced by the Ashram and Shiv Mandir, such as power and drinking water problem, lack of CC step, encroachment and alternative foot path for the nearby village. He assured the organization to shoulder the construction of Ashram boundary wall and CC steps from Ashram to Kali Mandir. He also assured to pursue with competent authority for early redressal of the remaining problems.






PSS revived

ITANAGAR, Oct 31: Popi Sarmin Society, an Itanagar based NGO has been revived and new executive body formed recently for the year 2010-11 with Habung Tago, chairman, Tage Mobin, vice chairman, Koj (Hage) Anya, women wing secretary.

New executive bodies have been awarded the task of carrying out ongoing project on the Apatani third language book - Kiije Tanii Agun Chinsa for reviewing, editing and publication at the earliest.

In a  meeting held on Oct 30 at Naharlagun, the house has also  unanimously constituted an extended executive bodies for the year 2010-11 along with Patron, Chief Patron, advisory board, legal advisers and liaison secretaries.


U-19 Twety20 begins today

ITANAGAR: United Capital Cricket Club, Itanagar will play against Poyupaga Cricket Club, Mengio in the inaugural match of the U-19 Inter-Club Ranking Twenty20 Cricket Tournament 2010-11 at Nyokum Lapang ground here tomorrow at 8 am. In another match of the day, Jaryir Cricket Club ‘Hime’, Likabali will take on Papum Poma Cricket Club, Balijan at 12.30 pm, according to Arunachal Cricket Association release.


Free counseling

ITANAGAR: Centre for Career Counseling and pre-examination training is organizing the induction cum workshop programme on Career Counseling programme for APCS & UPSC aspirants in the D N G College auditorium on Nov 1. Capital DC Dr S B Deepak Kumar would attend the programme as chief guest.


BoM inauguration

ITANAGAR: The 1509th branch of the Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) will be opened at E sector, near secretariat gate, Itanagar on Nov 1.

Founded in 1935, BoM is providing service to 13 million customers through more than 1500 branches all over India. It has 44 branches in Eastern India with its regional office at Kolkata.

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