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November - 10



Deteriorating roads and high rise buildings

Dear Editor,

It has become all too fashionable in our state to bash govt of India for  all the ills and malaises in our society. If the road is bad , if the garbage is overflowing, if there is no water supply, if there is no power and if there is no food grains , then it is due to lack of funds and  neglect of government of India.

It is ironical that when roads are deteriorating high rises buildings are  quadrupling by the day and it is a open truth that most of them is owned  by honourables and bureaucrats and of course the largest of them always  belongs to the engineers. It is sad that their buildings stand tall  amidst the ruins created by them. What happened to accountability? Is  it dead? Where do they get the funds? There is no way that they can  build such structures with the govt pay packet even after 10th pay  commission (we are in 6th CPC still). With RTI only used as extortion tools and bad role models roaming honourably one can only expect chaos  among the new generation and oncoming years!


CItizen (On email)


Bribery is an offence

Dear Editor,

I want to inform and appeal the chairperson of CBSE, teachers and students, parents that corruption overflow at Guwahati CBSE office. Last few days ago, I went there at the office where a shocking incident happen.

I found that, at the reception, a security guard was sitting instead of the receptionist. As I approached and asked where I would get form for migration certificate. He asked me “when did u want it" while giving me the form. I answered that I want it urgently. Then he told me that I should give him 300 rupees for instant process. I was really shocked.

A shameful thing was that at the office wall there is a notice warning against corruption. According to the notice, taking bribe is an offense. But who cares!

The only one way to stop corruption is that we stop bribing them. I appeal the chairperson, the chief vigilance officer of CBSE board to take strict action against the defaulters.


Lenjing Darang

Pasighat (On email)


SBI need to improve services

Dear Editor,

It is my humble request to the Chief Manager, SBI, Itanagar Branch, Bank -Tin-Ali that kindly provide one more Up-to date counter.

Yesterday I stood in the queue for one and half hours to update the Passbook but unfortunately time was over and Bank staff left the Bank.

I along with more than twenty customers came back home without updating the Passbook. It is not the first time that we faced such a problem at SBI.

" To care the customer is our duty" is the motto but this motto is not fulfilled.  We always face different types of problem at Bank. Sometimes there is no money at the ATM, sometimes its defunct. Most of the time we are forced to come back home without getting any work done at the bank due to excess customers and shortage of Bank facilities. Therefore, I request the authorities to take a serious look into the problems being faced by the customers.


Moge Dirchi

Itanagar (on email)


China has a lot to learn from India

Dear Editor,

China may have higher achievements than India, but when it comes to building image in the international forum, the Chinese govt have a lot to learn from India.

India attacked East Pakistan and helped the East Pakistanis (Bangladeshis) form a separate country Bangladesh in 1971. It did not draw any world criticism because of proper media management. Can Pakistan dare to do this in Kashmir? Never.

India shelters Dalai Lama. Can China even think of providing shelter to Geelani or Asiya Andrabi? Never.

India is the only country in the world which has successfully brought down all secessionist movements, starting from Tamil Elam, Manipur, Khalistan in Punjab, Kashmir, Nagaland, Assam etc. No other country has used such millions of military men to thrash armed revolutions so ruthlessly. Yet  it can dictat the U.S. to go ahead for a seat in the United Nationa Security Council.

Many western capitalist economies and allies like India has succeeded in causing damage to the image of China when it comes to human rights violations in Tibet. But no one questions India regarding gross human rights violation in Kashmir, the scale of which is much higher than in Tibet.

India uses the Mahatma Gandhi as a brand. Will the world leaders ever talk about modern day Indian Gandhis like Irom Sharmila, Medha Patkar, etc. who echo the problems of today’s grassroots in India?

Gandhi succeeded because the British were a civilized group of people.

If he was alive today, he would have faced the same fate as Irom Sharmila of Manipur.

Some organizations accuse China of imposing Mandarin on Tibetan people. But no one has pointed out to the steady destruction of the tribal languages in Arunachal Pradesh since 1971. In the last 30 years, the destruction of the language Nefamese (a variant of Assamese) and the imposition of Hindi is one of the remarkable achievements of the Indian central government. What more, the gullible masses of Arunachal Pradesh don’t even realize this reality!

China is a baby when it comes to media management and in strategies relates to image building. The mainland Indian government and the national media is way ahead and far clever than their Chinese counterparts. They can make common public believe what they want them to believe. They can give an eye-wash to the entire world. The Chinese need to take special classes from Indian central govt, Indian army and Indian media.



(On email)


Take action or stop the show business

Dear Editor,

It is a heartfelt sad story when we look at the gloomy picture at the state of affairs here in the State capital. Beside Corruption, the State capital is facing Project Wipe Out, it is an irony when the District Administration is bent on implementing face lift policy of the capital by conducting cleanliness drives, infrastructure development, and municipality development.

What has happened to the fees collected for door-to-door garbage collection? It has been around three months when the DA appointed persons had collected fees from every house hold in bank Tinali. Has it been siphoned off like always?

Even our beautiful Mahatma Gandhi Park at Bank Tinali has been vandalized and occupied by some private individuals, the park near D.C office (Capital Complex) Naharlagun, the areas in front of Treasury Office Itanagar, Post Office and before cooperative are just a few examples and it seems that even the Government itself is involved in this Operation Capital Wipe Out since the Government must have issued them allotment and has taken no action against them.

Therefore if the Government as well as the District Administration is honestly thinking of Capital Face Lift then I requested them to start acting against the encroachers and we will definitely appreciate and follow likewise, otherwise  they should stop all the show business……

At the same time, I would like to appeal to all the public to help the DA if their work is genuine and together we all can help develop tourism in our State Capital and save our State capital from Wipe Out by spurious persons


T. Jakar,

(On email)


Save languages

Dear Editor,

It is good to see that there is a realisation for protection and preservation from academic institution about unrecorded minor languages of different tribes of the state. It would be more effective in its endeavour of preserving or developing it for if they include all those dying languages of the state in their programme. The affected communities should be consulted and they should be used as a source of resource. Government also need to look into the matter and take necessary policy so as to facilitate the same. Every language of the state is equally important, so all-out efforts are needed to develop it early and equally.


Aegami, Roing

(On email)


Rename Itanagar and Pasighat!

Dear editor,

When calcutta is  Kolkota, Bombay Mumbai, I find a reason to have our Beautiful towns Itanagar and Pasighat  renamed in the same line.

When I was in Delhi during my college days, one of friend asked me if Itanagar is in Utter Pradesh or Uttaranchal when I told him, I had my schooling in Itanagar. No doubt, I clarified but a question of identity remained in my mind.

Itanagar may best be renamed after historical and popular lake ‘Gekar sinyi’ for it will not only add sense of pride and identity in heart of indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh and but also will popularize this hot tourist spot.

The oldest town of the state Pasighat is going to celebrate its centenary very shortly. It was named by British after a local community ‘Pasi’ a sub-tribe of Adi and suffixed Ghat in it. Since then it became Pasighat. My idea is if we delete Ghat, which is a foreign word and put word Piigo, the Adi word for Ghat than we have ‘Pasipiigo’ in place of Pasighat.

Yours truly

Mibom Tayeng

Itaganar, (On email)


Bifurcate district

Dear Editor,

Peaceful valley of Ziro is slowly becoming epicentre of crime and agitation. Incident of murder of late Punyo Mobing and on 3rd Nov at D.C office is very unfortunate. Such incident is occurring in Ziro  almost every year.

Though it is bitter but it is fact that there has always been some conflict between two tribes of Lower Subansiri district. And this conflict is slowly intensifying these days. So, it is better to divide district into two. One for Apatani and other for Nyishi. Only then there will be peace in the district, I hope that Nyishi brothers of Lower Subansiri will agree with me, for if two districts is created, many of their demand will be automatically fulfilled.

Therefore I appeal to Politician, NGOs and student union of both tribe rise the issue jointly


Kago Apa, Ziro

 (On email)

ITBP to deploy five battalions to guard the borders

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: Indo Tibetan Border Police Force Director General RK Bhatia disclosed that the ITBP would deploy 5 more battalion in the state to guard the international border and also supplement the state police force in maintaining law and order.

He said this during a meeting with Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu this evening in Itanagar, accompanied by ITBP Inspector General, MS Bhurji.

Bhatia, however appealed the chief minister to manage land for the forces to which the Chief Minister informed about a high level committee already been constituted to look into the matters pertaining to land acquisition for Army and Para-Military forces.

During the meeting, various issues pertaining to security, land acquisition, civic actions etc. were discussed. Khandu requested the Director General to place their forces in readiness so that they can be called on whenever the state feels so. He further requested the DG to conduct recruitment rallies in the state so that more and more state’s youth get the opportunity to be recruited in the force.

The DG informed that the force has already initiated steps and have conducted recruitment rally in Kimin where many local youths from the state had participated and selected also.

Khandu while assuring all possible assistance from the state government’s end expected the ITBP to build up a cordial relation with the public in addition to guarding the border and maintaining law and order.

The meeting was also attended by Minister Education Bosiram Siram, CM’s Principal Advisor Kiren Rijiju and DIG ITBP.

The ITBP’s top officials  called on the Governor Gen JJ Singh at Raj Bhavan here today too.

Issues regarding security of border areas and improvement of porter tracks, foot suspension bridges and log bridges were discussed in meeting.

ITBP DG, who reached Itanagar after touring Western part of Arunachal Pradesh today, informed that many young officers have been recruited recently and very soon will be joining duties in Arunachal Pradesh.

Governor Gen Singh, while appreciating the role and effort of the ITBP in Arunachal Pradesh, emphasized on their meaningful and positive contributions towards the security and prosperity of people of the State. (DIPR)


Troubled Ziro

Tongam Rina

The large scale violence in Ziro on Nov 3 after tragic death of a school boy was shocking to say the least. It almost seemed like a sequel of Roing violence which was triggered after high handedness of Police force led to a death of a man. In both incidences, the citizens took out their anger at the administration and left it crippled. The ill equipped administrations and Police as usual were caught unaware and did not how to react at the angry outbursts.

Though there are larger issues that had led to violent reactions in recent times in many places in the state but one just wishes that citizens restrained themselves. Attacking government establishments might be a very provocative way of challenging the power and authority. But it is surely not the desired way. Anger is understood but could we possibly justify attack on the official residence of the DC while family members including children were inside the house. Unfortunately, there is none. Adults might have peace meetings and reconcile, but children take a long time to forget traumatic events.

This was not the first time Ziro witnessed violence and this will not be the last given equation among the tribes who just refuses to respect one another. Good will cannot be forced. It has to come from within. When there is mutual distrust among the people, administration cannot do much. It is on the people to deal with it and decide what needs to be done.

Apart from the issues that we would rather ignore, there are other issues too confronting Ziro.

A favorite destination, including yours truly, this beautiful Valley had problems before too, prompting us to question what ails this seemingly self sufficient place. Blessed with good climate and topography, with amazingly hardworking people, Ziro has set many milestones. It has given the state some of the best technocrats, teachers, doctors, administrators and sportspersons and one and only IPS officer.

Apart from the troubled past with its neighbours, before and after we took shape as a state, there are other issues that needs to be addressed.

People of the valley have worked hard to get where they are today. Ziro is known today not because of attention of the respective governments but because of the perseverance, hard work and entrepreneurial skills of its people.

Apart from the district headquarters, when it comes to developments initiatives by the government, there is not much to talk about.

Some of us might blame it on the infighting among the tribes but Ziro is a typical case study of inequitable distribution of developmental initiatives by the government. Left on its own devices, there is simmering anger and tension.  

There is enough skilled hands and space. What it lacks is initiatives from the government. Ziro is one of the biggest assets of the state and onus is on the government how it shapes this place and its people.  

Just sending off high profile visitors for a drive is not the answer.


Organisations decries Doimara massacre

Governor terms the attack “barbaric and appalling”

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: Strong condemnation has come in from all sections of society after seven persons, mostly Arunachal Govt employees were shot dead yesterday by NDFB cadres.  

Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen J J Singh has condemned the Doimara massacre.

What happened yesterday is out-rightly barbaric and appalling, he said.

Let us all join hands and ensure that perpetrators of this heinous crime are punished at the earliest, Governor added.

In his condolence message, Governor said, “I am deeply pained and shocked at the tragic loss of lives due to an insane act of terrorism.

Conveying condolences on behalf of the people of Arunachal Pradesh to the members of the bereaved families, Gen Singh pointed, the people who lost their lives were individuals who had made valuable contributions towards development of Arunachal Pradesh.

Education Minister Bosiram Siram expressed deep shock at the barbaric attack and killing of bus passengers.

Condemning the barbaric act of suspected ultras, Siram said most of the killed persons including two teachers, namely, J K Mishra and A K Gupta are Arunachal Pradesh Govt employees.  

 “Killing teachers is a dastardly act and I have no language to condemn this act of the ultras,” the minister added.

The Education Minister decided to sanction an amount of Rs 30,000 each to the families of the two teachers from Teachers’ Welfare Fund as immediate relief for carrying the dead bodies to their native places.

Meanwhile, All Arunchal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) condemned the killing of innocent people.

Violence including dastardly killing is not a solution to any grievances, said AAPSU President Takam Tatung. If there any grievances, the perpetrators of massacre should initiate dialogue with higher level to find out lasting solution, he said.

Tatung also appealed the state Govt to deploy more security forces in Assam-Arunachal boundary area to thwart such incident in future and to instill a sense of security in the mind of people living along the boundary.

Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee vehemently condemned the cowardice and inhuman act of killing of innocent persons, mostly Arunachal Govt employees  by ultras yesterday. The suspected NDFB militants also injured several others.

Such barbaric act of militant group by targeting common people of both Arunachal Pradesh and Assam is highly condemnable, the APCC said. The massacre of innocent people just to create fear psychosis and violence is not a solution to any problems, the APCC further said. It added that the path of hatred and anger must be avoided in order to maintain peace and communal harmony and for all round development of the state and its people irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

The Congress party appealed the people not to panic and urged upon both the Assam and Arunachal Govts to take stern action against the culprits involved in the massacre and to provide adequate security to tackle the situation and ensure security of life and properties of common people living along boundary area.

The Confederation of Service Association of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) also condemned indiscriminate killing of Arunachal Govt employees by the ultras.  The citizens of Arunachal Pradesh irrespective of indigenous or non-indigenous and Govt servants have nothing to do with ultras, the Confederation said. It further said the people of Arunachal including Govt servants should not be targeted and victimized.  

The CoSAAP appealed the state Govt to provide employment to eligible family member of each decease in compassionate ground and also  appealed to the home department to  deploy adequate security to the  boundary area for security of the people and to avoid occurrence of such killings in future.

Decrying the killing of teachers, Arunachal Teachers Association (ATA) has appealed the administration to nab the culprits involved in inhuman and cowardice act of killing and give them exemplary punishment in order to instill a sense of security in the mind of teachers who are serving in the interior areas of the state.

The Association further appealed to the State Govt, particularly the Education Department to grant compensation to the family members of teachers late A K Gupta and late J K Mishra.

Meanwhile, former Pakke-Kessang MLA Techi Hemu condemned the dastardly killing of innocent Govt servants by suspected ultras.

The death of such sincere and experienced Govt servants is huge loss to the state, he said. Hemu appealed the ultras to find out solution to their grievances, if any, through negotiation. Such violent activities hampered development activities and deprived the innocent people from their due share of development, he further added.

BSNL, SDOT Naharlagun mourned the death of Sakaldip Ray, phone mechanic, Seijosa telephone exchange, who was gunned down by suspected ultras at Doimara yesterday.  He was 55 and survived by wife, a daughter and a son.


NERM to be flagged off today

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: North East Riders Club in  meeting today at IG Park, have elected P S Wajiri, RERAM, Shillong as Chairman, Naban Josh as Vice- Chairman and Mark Vincent Shullai, RERAM as Secretary General.

The meeting conveyed the message to the Riders about safe riding and an introcution to the region for those who are here for the first time.

MLA Pasang Dorjee Sona who attended the meeting said that the meet at Mekchuka is to promote and expose the tourism potential of the area to outside world. The riders will participate in the Borders Areas Cultural Festival 2010 being held on Nov 13-14 in Mechukha.

He further warned the riders to be prepared to beat the cold weather as the temperature may dip down to -5 or -6 degree Celsius.

Over 100 riders from 19 clubs across the country and Bhutan would embark on a seven day- 1300 kms ride to Mechukha on Wednesday to be flagged off by the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Gen. J. J. Singh at I G Park.  The ride will pass through Ziro, Daporijo, Along and Mechukha.

During the meeting, the members thoroughly discussed about the event.

The big event of the evening as part of the NERM-10 was performances by Cemetery Clan, RERAM, Shillong and Afflatus, the Girls Band, Shillong.


Bandh culture retard pace of development: Gamlin

31st College Week of Dera Natung Govt. College

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: The 31st College Week of Dera Natung Govt. College (DNGC) began on a colorfull note with Power Minister Jarbom Gamlin declaring the 5-day event open amidst presence of hundreds of students, teaching staff and invitees today.

Speaking on the occasion as chief guest, the power minister disapproved the Bandh culture in the State saying that it does not serve any purpose but retard pace of development.

“We can sort out our differences; solve problems amicably sitting together across the table.”

Gamlin advised the students to strive hard for success in life. There is no alternative to hard work. Work hard and success will follow you, he said. Stressing on extracurricular activities by students for development of skills, he asked them to try to excel in their chosen field. He, however, advised them to give study top priority to achieve the desired goal.

Speaking about overall education scenario of the state, Gamlin said that although there has been a substantial increase in literacy rate in the last few years we can not be complacent with that. We must work more to improve the literacy rate further, he said.

Responding to the memorandum submitted to him earlier by the Students Union, the Power Minister admitted that the college needs complete facelift. He assured that re-installation works of electric wiring of college buildings would be done soon.

Remembering his emotional attachment with the college, APEDA chairman and MLA Likha Saaya, appreciated the college fraternity for naming the four houses of students of the college week after four prominent leaders, namely Tomo Riba, Daying Ering, Dera Natung and Tadar Tang. This is a glowing tribute to the departed leaders, he said.

Saaya asked them to devote themselves in studies to become a good citizen. Stressing on the value of time and its management, he advised they should make proper use of every fraction of a minute. He advised them to give study top priority to achieve success in life thereby fulfilling the dreams of their parents, who have a lot of expectations from them, Saaya said. He also urged upon the teachers of the college to guide their pupil properly in right direction.

The general secretary of the Students Union of the college rued lack of infrastructure. He said that present existing infrastructure could hardly accommodate 1000 students whereas the total strength of the students of the college is more than 3,500.

Earlier, principal (i/c) T Tamuk also spoke on the occasion and called for enhanced infrastructure.

Various track and field events, go as you like etc. were conducted later in the day.

In Go As You Like competition, the performance of Tomo Riba House with  theme ‘Life of Early Men’, was  adjudged the best.’ Tadar Tang and Dera Natung Houses bagged the second and third positions respectively with themes “Victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Environmental Awareness” and “Save Mother Earth from Global Warming” respectively.


CRY Cricket Club and Donyi Colony Cricket Club wins

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: CRY Cricket Club, Chimpu defeated Gichik Abu Cricket Club by 17 runs in a group level match of the U-19 Inter Club Ranking T20 Cricket Tournament played at Naharlagun Cricket ground today. Tana Radh, who claimed four wickets, was adjudged the man of the match.

In another match of the day, Donyi Colony Cricket Club crushed Dari Lokam Cricket Club by 49 runs. Biman Saikia of Donyi Cricket Colony Club was declared man of the match for his all round performance. He took three wickets and scored 16 runs from 19 balls.

Today’s match:

1) Deccan Youth Cricket Club vs Nirjuli Cricket Club at 8 am;

2) East Region Cricket Club vs United Toru Cricket Club at 12.30 pm.


Legal Services Day observed, 7 cases settled at Lok Adalat

PASIGHAT, Nov 9: Along with the rest parts of the country, the East Siang district also observed ‘Legal Services Day' today. To mark the occasion, the DC-cum-Chairman, District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), East Siang District, Pasighat organized Lok Adalat wherein seven long pending compoundable cases transferred from regular courts have been heard and disposed off.

Legal Literacy Camps were held at various places like Yagrung, Mirku, Mirbuk and IGJ HS School, DEM HS School, Balek Secondary School, where a panel of lawyers and administrative officers took part as resource persons.  Group discussions and radio-talks, legal literacy class at the Pasighat Judicial Jail were the other highlights of the observation.

In his message, the Chairman Panyang said that DLSA is providing free legal services to the people and appealed the lawyers to come forward to take the cases of poor people so that this deprived section of the society could also get justice without delay.

In order to educate the common people on the provisions of legal service & legal aid, the Day was observed at Bomdila too.

Underscoring the importance of the day, Additional Deputy Commissioner B.Dehingia reiterated that, unless the purpose of the celebration is made known to the people at the grass-root level by creating the right atmosphere, the very purpose of the mission would be defeated. For this, we need to reach out to the people by involving every possible tools and means, he added. Besides the role of the Administrative officers, the involvement of the Gaon Burahs, PRI members & NGOs could make a big difference, he observed.

Earlier, the Circle officer (JUD) dealt on the background of the legal services and its application in the present context. Among others, Advocate Komu Dussusow simplified on the various legal services and aid available for the common people and Sonam Thungon, Chairman Teachers Cell called for equality before law and the need for uniform application of law irrespective of ones personal and political affiliation.

Legal Awareness Camp was organized by the district administration at Anchal Samiti Hall Roing as well.

Lod Gambo, SDO (SADAR) incharge DC chairing over the programme said that the law is the guiding principle for all the citizens and law is above all. Every one must abide by the law in order to live a peaceful life and for bringing all-round development.

Gote Mega, Advocate as resource person spoke on Criminal Law, Motor Vehicle Act and Women & Child Welfare, Domestic Violence Act 2005 and Right. He enlightened the member present on Motor Vehicle Tribunal Act according to which person can claim compensation within a period of 6 months.

He also spoke on Juvenile Justice Act 2010 according to which the care, protection and rehabilitation must be given to juvenile offenders by keeping them in separate observation home. Mega however advocated for teaching more on morality than on law to the children.

Bassu Perme, Ex-MLA cum president Adi Cultural & Literary Society, Kelo Pulu, president Idu Mishmi Cultural & Literary Society and Jowar Moyong, Ex-ASM Chairperson, Meka speaking on the occasion have suggested for conducting such legal awareness camps in larger scale involving more Officers, Advocates, public leaders, senior citizens and Gaon Burahs at Rekho or Musup.

Alen Pertin, EAC(Judicial) also spoke during the programme. (DIPROs)


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“Start work after compensation is paid”

Road connectivity is the gateway to development: Kaso

Meeting on Papu- Yupia-Hoj-Potin Trans Arunachal Highway

Doimukh, Nov 09: A Public meeting on the proposed 53Km long Trans- Arunachal Highway from Papu- Yupia-Hoj-Potin was held at the Doimukh Auditorium today, organized by Papum Pare District Administration along with the PWD.

Public leaders and affected land owners from the area also spoke on the occasion presenting their opinions and grievances regarding various issues like the rates of compensation, compensation of private plantations and further requested the district administration and PWD to start work on the project, only when the compensation amount is paid to the affected land owners. They assured the district administration that they welcome the project but had some concerns which they wished to share with the Govt agencies.

MLA Techi Kaso while addressing the public said that road connectivity is the gateway to development in all fields. He observed that though every human being has an emotional attachment with his land and property, we need to make little sacrifices of our land today to make a better tomorrow.  He also remarked that all development be it in education, economic activities etc can take place only when all the areas have proper road connectivity. He sought the support and cooperation of the public to facilitate the successful implementation of the highway project.

Chief Engineer, Highways Bora Ete who also spoke on the occasion said that he would be the happiest man to accomplish the ‘Dream Project of Trans- Arunachal Highway in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. He also elaborated on the background and history of the project and further assured that the quality of these roads would be of the highest standards.

The Deputy Commissioner PapumPare District Nandini Paliwal while addressing the public said that Trans -highway project is a very crucial project and it is a one time opportunity provided by the Govt of India.

She informed that the Papum Pare District would be the first district to implement TAH road project under the special PM’s package.

The Deputy Commissioner through a power point presentation explained to the public, the process of land acquisition, process of surveying and compensation assessment.

The Deputy Commissioner informed that compensation will be given to all the affected land owners as per the rates approved by the High Power Committee in its meeting held on 24/02/10 which was chaired by the Commissioner (Land Management).  The Deputy Commissioner also appealed to the public not to undertake any new constructions on the proposed Right of Way as they will not be compensated.  

Earlier, EE PWD Doimukh Er. Kamchi  through a power point presentation presented an overview of the District Connectivity Road/Trans-Arunachal Highway in Papum Pare District from Papu-Yupia-Hoj-Potin.

LRSO, Yupia Techi Hitlar said that all the guidelines will be strictly followed during the survey and requested the public to give full cooperation in the project.

Various Panchayat Leaders, Gaon Buras and general public of the area also attended the meeting. (DIPRO)


Onus is on youths to make the world a better place: Khandu

Higher Secondary School Jang shines

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: “You are the future generation of the world and the onus lies on you to make the world beautiful and worth living”, asserted Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu while participating in the award ceremony of 13th Chief Minister’s Shield Competition for best Scouts and Guides award at State Training Centre of Bharat Scouts and Guides in Polo Colony, Naharalagun.

The best Scouts and Guides shield and Certificate went to Higher Secondary School Jang.

While congratulating the winners of the CM’s Shield, Khandu said that the active participation of the scouts and guides from various schools of the state signifies their interest in serving the mankind. The community development programmes initiated by them have immensely benefited the rural mass, he added.

 Khandu was pleased over the conduct of scouts and guides in improving the literacy rate of the state by actively participating in adult education programmes. He believed that more and more participation of school children in awareness campaigns on cleanliness, health and hygiene, preservation of forest and wild life will go a long way in sensitizing the ignorant mass in these fields.

He further appealed the gathering to incorporate HIV/AIDS as a topic for creating awareness amongst the masses. “If not contained today, HIV/AIDS which is spreading like a fire will engulf the society” he alarmed while calling the scouts and guides to shoulder the responsibility of sensitizing the mass.

In his address as guest of honour, Education Minister Bosiram Siram appreciated the scouts and guides for enduring better service to the community and the society. He further endorsed the useful role played by the contingents in creating awareness on various social evils. Siram further congratulated the entire Bharat Scouts and Guides Family for befittingly celebrating the centenary of Scouts and Guides.

Other highlights included induction of Chief Minister as Vice Patron of the State Bharat Scouts and Guides, award giving ceremony and colourful cultural programme by the students of Naharlagun and Itanagar. (PRO to CM)


Miscreants set ablaze private car

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: The parked vehicle of Arunachal Law Students’ Union (ALSU) General Secretary Kipa Kanam was set ablaze by some miscreants in the wee hours of November 9 at Lekhi village near Nirjuli.

According to reliable sources, three miscreants taking advantage of darkness, set ablaze Kanam’s Chevrolet Spark bearing registration No AR 01 C 8828. An FIR has been lodged about the incident at Nirjuli Police outpost.

In the incident, Kanam lost his gun license, registration book and card and a local machete.

In a press statement, Kanam suspected that he has been targeted for filing a case against illegal appointment of 7 Tourism Information Officers (TIO) in department of tourism and 6 Inspectors in the Tax and Excise department.

He further informed that the Itanagar bench of Guwahati High Court has dismissed the appointment of the TIOs and directed the department to float advertisements afresh and the recent incident might have been the result of it, he added.  Further, Kanam informed that he got threatening calls from two unknown persons (a cellphone bearing no. 9508978422) on November 5 last.  “Two persons threatened me not to pursue the case of illegal appointments in the department of tourism, even an MLA requested me not to pursue the case”, he added.

President ALSU, PL Murtem has requested the police and home department to trace out the culprits involved. He also requested the government to arrest the culprit and award exemplary punishment to those involved.


Org support power projects

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: Arunachal People's Organization in a meeting convened at Pasighat has resolved to assist and support the govt in their endeavor to harness the hydro-electric potential of its rivers.

The organization requested Assam “to stop all negative publicity and propaganda”.

The organisation instead wants Assam to extend a helping hand in building a Arunachal which would be the major clean energy supplier to developing India. The organization has reasons to believe that damming of rivers in Arunachal Pradesh will considerably help in controlling the recurring floods that bring miseries to Assam year after year, it said.

The organisation further said that it wants the people of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam to have faith and believe in the technology and expertise of the power developers.


Competition on energy conservation

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: The 6th State Level Painting Competition on Energy Conservation initiated by Union Ministry of Power will be held at Banquet Hall, Itanagar on November 14.

Education Minister Bosiram Siram will be the chief guest of the award distribution ceremony.

Besides the first, second and third prizes there will be 10 consolation prizes.

Director of School Education  T Taloh will formally inaugurate the Painting Competition.

S Murugappan, chief (Geophysics), NHPC Ltd. and nominated nodal officer for the painting competition in Arunachal Pradesh will brief about the key theme of the awareness campaign.

The progamme will be attended by Secretary Power T Bagra,  NHPC Executive Director, NHPC Ltd. AK Gupta, among others.

A pre-meet function for the children participating in the competition will also be held on November 13.


Biodiversity camp by SYA

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: The Department of Sports and Youth Affairs in collaboration with Bugun Welfare Society of West Kameng district will organize a Bio-Diversity camp at Eagle Nest Sanctuary on November 11.

The main objective of the programme is to create awareness among students of the need to protect rich bio-diversity of Arunachal Pradesh.

The department has arranged the camp for 40 students of Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy of age between 9-13 years, who would be taken to Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary to give exposure about flora and fauna.

“Since students of the Academy come from all districts of the state, the department feels that once these boys and girls are exposed to the rich flora and fauna of their own state they would be encouraged to protect it when they grow up and return to their native villages and towns,” SYA said in a release.

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2010 as the International Year of Bio-diversity (IYB).

The main goals of the IYB are, to enhance public awareness of the importance of conserving biodiversity and of the underlying threats of biodiversity, to raise awareness of the accomplishments to save biodiversity that have already been realized by communities and governments, to promote innovative solutions to reduce the threats to biodiversity, to encourage individuals, organizations and governments to take immediate steps to halt biodiversity loss and start dialogue between stakeholders for the steps to be taken in the post 2010 period.


Pass book opening drive

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: A team of officials from CD block and Apex Bank branch of Doimukh visited the Denka-Bogoli Panchayat today in order to help the job card holders to open the bank account to reap the benefit under MG-NREGA scheme.

This is the first time that an official team led by Doimukh BDO Chagam Dolo and Apex bank branch manager Nabam Tati conducted the drive for opening bank pass book.  The drive will continue for another one month, the BDO informed in a release. He appealed all job card holders to cooperate with Govt officials.


Forum calls for decentralization of SSA interview

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: The 37-Intellectual Forum has appealed the East Siang district administration to decentralize and conduct the forthcoming SSA interview block-wise as per guidelines of the SSA Act 2005 for fair and transparent interview.

In a letter addressed to East Siang DC, the Forum said it was clearly mentioned in SSA norms and guidelines that the interview should be conducted in block wise and according to the up-gradation of the school.

The Forum further said that in case of violation of SSA guidelines and unfair interview, it would raise its voice of protest.


Mass retraining of group D staff continues

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: The 2nd batch of the 2nd phase of the Group ‘D’ mass Re-Training programme commenced at Administrative Training Institute (ATI)  Naharlagun today.  As many 31 Group ’D’ staff from the Directorate of School Education, A P Public Service Commission, the Directorate of Panchayat Raj  and  from treasury office, Naharlagun are undergoing the three days Re-Training programme.

This programma is being  conducted as a part of on-going “Mass Re-training Programme of Group ‘D’ Employees’ as per the decision taken by the state Govt to provide benefit of the 6th CPC recommendation for enhancement/up-gradation of the existing pay scale in Group ‘D’ band to the higher pay scale in Group ‘C’ pay band.

The training programme will cover wide range of topics on various office rules and procedures, Computer Awareness and basic knowledge on other modern office equipment.

Director (training) Pema Tshetan in his inaugural address highlighted the value of training and the decision of the Govt. to provide all possible service benefits.

Other officers of ATI including deputy director (training) T. Lado,  Asstt. Directors Priscilla Tayeng  and Pate Marik also advised the participants to take full benefit of the programme.






Meeting deferred

NAHARLAGUN, Nov 9: The executive members meeting of Monpa Traditional Culture its change and continuity which was fixed on 12th November  at Dirang has been deferred.


Society appeals for expert divers

ITANAGAR: Bini Welfare Society informed that despite continuous search for two students who went missing after their country boat capsized at Subansiri River near Sippu Village on Nov 4 is yet to traced.

It said that two boys Bini Redi, son of Bini Eru and Bini Tugmar, son of Late Bini Taper, are feared dead and appealed the district administration and the state government to depute expert divers to trace out bodies of the two missing boys immediately.

Four boys had gone out in a country boat when the incident happened. While two of them swam to safety, there is no news about the remaining two.


RBSU appeals for relief

ITANAGAR: Ramle Banggo Students’ Union highlighting the grievances of fire victims of Nari market appealed the concerned authority to immediately provide relief fund to the victims. The student Union further demanded placement of a fire brigade at Nari circe and called on the administrative in-charge to trace out the repeated cause of fire incidents in the area.


Meet postponed

ITANAGAR: The State level Athletic Meet scheduled to begin from November 14 at Ziro, the district HQs of Lower Subansiri, has been postponed due to ‘unavoidable’ circumstances.


RGU fest

RONO HILLS: The XIII Rajiv Gandhi University Festival would start on Nov 11. The three days festivities will be marked by various sports, cultural, literary and fine arts competitions.

The inaugural programme will be presided over by Education Minister Bosiram Siram as Chief Guest and Chairman Department of Department of Tirap  & Changlang Yusem Matey would be the Guest of Honour.

The Valedictory function will be presided over by Chairperson, Papum Pare Zilla Parishad Nabam Aka, as Chief Guest, according to an information received from Organising Secretary of the festival, A. Mili.