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November - 11



Conduct fresh interviews

Dear Editor,

Corruption is spreading like an epidemic which spares not even a single department in the state. Many a times, it is seen that a few conscious citizens raised the voice against illegal appointments in Govt departments but no one has raised voice against corruption in  RD department.

In fact corruption made its hive in the RD department.  Since its inception the department conducted one time examination for the post of Jt. Block development officer, Group B (Gazetted) and three time examinations in 1981, 1989 and 2003 for the post of PA and EO (Cr). No exam has been conducted for the posts of APO (M) and APO (Cr) TAs/administrative assistant/computer Assistant and many other officers in the DRDA.

The last competitive examination/interview for the post of progress assistant/EO(Cr) EI  in the department was held in 2003, after that no advertisement/exams for the post of Progress Assistant/EO (Cr)EI was held. But the appointment process is going on in full swing. The department   appointed three Jt BDOs, 23 Progress Assistant/EO, (Cr)EI, administrative assistant, computer assistant and many other ministerial staffs without conducting examination or interview.

It is clearly mentioned in RR that 20 per cent of Jt BDO posts shall be recruited through APPSC. But to our utter surprise we  never found even a single post of Jt BDO in the APPSCCE advertisement.

Therefore, I request the authorities to revoke all illegal appointments and   conduct fresh interview through competitive examination as per recruitment rules to fill up the vacant posts.


Boyi Yaying




A divided market

Dear Editor,

The bandh call given by the Pasighat Merchant Association (PMA) on Nov 6 and 7 during the Diwali Festival came as a big shock to the entire populace of Pasighat Township and its adjoining areas.

The bandh call not only hampered the activities of the business community, but has totally ruined the festive mood of the public. It certainly hit the sentiment of the public as the premier organization like PMA decided to call bandh during festival time that too on the pretext of not getting its share from collection of dice owners.

Such thoughtless and mindless step in the name of democratic rights should be curbed in future to avoid harassment to common man. The PTMA (Pasighat Tribal Merchant Association) strongly condemns such activities and appeals to the District Administration to initiate necessary step to check such future movements like bandh in the greater interest of the masses and defeat individualistic attitude.

The District Administration is also requested to intervene in to the election matter of the PMA  to give the organization a fair chance to stand up with a new and fresh look with better and progressive ideas, as the tenure of the present PMA is already over.

Lastly, in view of the ensuing centenary celebration it is appealed to all concerned to ensure full participation  to make the celebration a grand success.


Martin Tamuk

Former Secretary General

Pasighat Tribal

Merchant  Association



A wicked, cunning plan has been designed

Dear Editor,

I have a friend from Uttarakhand, the state where the huge Tehri dam disaster has taken place last month. But the media was busy giving coverage to Commonwealth games in Delhi and no focus was given to the flash floods caused by the waters of the Tehri dam. Even when the TV channel ‘Times Now’ showed some footages, the central govt sent orders not to show the news as this will show the reality of building huge dams on Himalayan rivers.

My friend told that when the protests against the Tehri dam on the Tehri river was going on, the central and the state govt with cunning strategies of power companies like Jaypee formed some pro-dam groups. They paid money to local leaders, and village panchayat heads to create public opinion supporting dams. Same is happening in Arunachal Pradesh now. This north-eastern state is a buffer state created by the central govt to maintain its foothold in north-east. So, the political leaders are mere puppets of the Indian central govt. Managing these politicians is not a problem for Indian govt. Their problem lies in common people. So now we have organizations created to support dams. The people of Arunachal Pradesh will understand the problems created by dams only when it faces a situation like that of Uttarakhand. The state was promised development, power etc. But today Uttarakhand is still one of the poorest states in India and even poorer because of the massive man-made floods caused by the huge water reserves of the Tehri dam. The centre threw a petty Rs. 500 crore to Uttarakahnd chief minister to tackle the floods during the CWG, a game show which cost more than 70,000 crores. The Rs. 500 crore has been duely pocketed by the ministers and bureaucrats of Uttarakhand. The lives of the common people have been shattered forever.


Ngurang Donyi

Itanagar (on email)



Win-win situation

Dear Editor,

Just today I was watching this News Channel where the Oppositions were taking on the Central Govt on the issue of CWG scam, Adarsh Society scam, 2G spectrum scam etc. The Houses were adjourned because of the face saving tactics of the Government which didn't go well with the oppositions.

These just ignited a thought in my mind what if the sessions of our state legislative assembly is broadcast live to the people by DD Itanagar or any local channels. This will show the people of the state what does our leaders exactly do in the house. What they speak? How they present the schemes and budgets?

In the present scenario where PDS scam, PRC issue, insufficient water supply, poor road and drainage system, unavailability of teachers and poor school infrastructures, and the violence taken against the public administrations and public properties by the people etc, are the problems being faced by the state, it’s high time the government address those problems. And the best platform should be the assembly itself where the oppositions can discuss with them. The broadcast will show how our elected members work together.

In the present generation of IT where information flows with just a click, we the people of Arunachal shouldn't be deprived of this privileges. We have the right to see how our leaders perform. The people has to see how the Government passes the bills and how the oppositions checks the government. This will give a clear picture of the personality of the members and the organisation of the leaders too. Arunachal Pradesh has never had a strong political opposition. But this live telecast can be a tool for the opposition to show the people how they are working for them and a channel to show if they can give a better alternative government. So it’s a win-win situation for everybody.


Zon (on email)



Society cannot be like an island

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the letter by one Kago Apa regarding district bifurcation.

It is extremely distasteful to have a narrow perception about communal  harmony like the one expressed by Kago Apa.

If the districts are to be divided on communal lines it would lead to more communal tension and not solution. It is for the ease of administrating the people and inhabitants  that districts are created and not to appease the general public. With  more development in terms of interactions and cohabiting, problems like  crime are bound to happen but it is then that communities living together  must rise above the occasion and stand united together and not look at  each other with distrust and doubt. Society cannot be like an island, it  must co-exist to survive meaningfully. Anomalies are bound to occur but  that’s an unwelcome liability that we must all deal with in proper manner  and not like pre-historic illiterates.


Exasperated (on email)



Right approach need of the hour

Dear Editor,

The recent public outrage at DC office and police station at Ziro, is really very unfortunate and is uncalled for.  The media broadly covered them showing clear photographs of wrecked chambers of DC office and police station being stormed by the angry mob. What was or were the reasons behind this outrage? Why all of sudden the peace loving people resorted to such violence?

Within the span of one year, the people of Ziro witnessed a series of crime i.e the murder of three innocent persons.

Last year, the kidnap and the murder of a young and innocent baby boy rocked the state.  But the administration failed to provide security, leading to loss of another two more innocent lives. Tomorrow the same incident may also happen with our kids, brothers and sisters.

The feeling of being unsafe in our own place is really very horrifying. Had there been a regular patrolling duties specially during night hours, the incidents could have been averted. But these days, the administration, instead of trying to bring peace and normalcy in the tense atmosphere, they are busy roaming door to door, village to village arresting individuals who happens to be involved in the ransack. This way peace and normalcy can never be brought. Rather, they are playing with the sentiments of the aggrieved family members and relatives who have lost their near and dear ones.


Ann Kaka,

(On email)



The practices that has crippled Arunachal

Dear Editor,

This is apropos to a news item captioned “GSU demands” that was published on dated 9th November’ issue. Frequent, immature and arbitrary transfer and postings of sincere and dedicated officers with a view to harass on political ground by the state government has rather ironically become a rule in this peculiar state.

A civil servant of the stature of Kemo Lollen, APCS (Admin Grade) victimised to such arbitrary actions of the state government is really unfortunate and censured in the strongest possible terms. Such selective and arbitrary actions by the government sets in the ill and corrupt practices of favouritism, nepotism, arbitrary actions. Because, in the current practice, public servants protected from the fangs of frequent transfer and postings are ever willing to violate official rules and procedures to do illegal favour to ones protective political bosses.

Regarding transfer and postings of government servants in the state, the Chief Secretary has issued various circulars on transfer and posting as per which, the tenure of most cadres of public servants are fixed at 2 years at present. However in complete contrast, the rule does not apply to the Chief Secretary who himself has been serving in the state for almost 6 years now! What a perfect example of arbitrariness and partiality practised and sponsored by the state government in the issue of transfer and posting of bureaucracy which has great bearing on bureaucratic efficiency and delivery of public services.

Whereas, the present Chief Secretary Tabom Bam himself is alleged of nepotism and corrupt practices in the cases like illegal appointments and because of those activities his empanelment to higher grade is withheld till date by the Union government.

The Galo Students Union taking up the case of Kemo Lollen is a very welcome step. In fact, the other unions like AAPSU, ANSU, AdiSU should be keeping an open eye to act upon such other instances of arbitrary actions by the government for good. They should be joining the forces to pressure the state government to expeditiously frame a proper policy on the transfer and posting of bureaucracy and to ensure uniform and rigid implementation of the same. It should also be pressured to transfer out the present Chief Secretary from the state as expeditiously as possible. Because, the top bureaucrat in the state himself has been in hand-in-glove with the political leaders in all the major issues and controversies that has been rocking the state every now and then. The two evil practices of immature transfer and posting of sincere and dedicated public servants who try to discharge public duties meritoriously with neutrality, anonymity and impartiality while resisting the undue political pressure; and tenure less overstaying by some public servants at the same post who are ever willing and obliging to violate the laid down rules and procedures for their protective political executives are the worst things that has permanently damaged the quality and system of governance and delivery of public services in the state. The public welfare organizations, service organizations; the mothers and fathers are cowards and ignorant to fight for sound and healthy system; and responsible and welfare governance. Now the onus is on the shoulders of the youth in the state to fight for responsible, corruption restrained and welfare governance because, the tomorrows Arunachal, whether sound or ill shall beckon and behold the today’s youth and the succeeding generations.


Tadar Tana

Itanagar (On email)



Seijosa needs more security

Dear Editor,

After Nov 8, the need for deployment of Army is being felt more acutely. People of Seijosa request the State Government to provide enough security in the area and deployment of Armed Force so that one can move freely and feel safe. Otherwise again someone have to sacrifice their life.


Yami Lazi and others

Seijosa,  (On email)



Not a good idea


Dear Editor,

One of your esteemed readers wrote on the division of Lower Subansiri district on communal basis. I do agree with him. But demanding for a separate district based on incidents like Nov 3 is not genuine. This would ultimately bring more communal chaos.



Karnataka, (On email)



On its own

Dear Editor,

Its been correctly pointed out that Ziro has been growing on its own. And that it could have been a better place, if the Govt. and the local MLA have taken it seriously. They must thank to the local peoples that they have been watching all this without a word.

Everyone knows and has heard of the beauty and greatness of Ziro valley. If correct initiatives had been taken, Ziro would have by now become the best tourist hot spot.

Regarding Kago Apa's bifurcating idea. I totally disagree. Thanks to him for concern but we don't want one more new district. It depends on the understanding between the two tribes. Each should respect each other’s culture as we are all Abotani's descendants.





Be a little more discerning!

Dear Editor,

I was really shocked to read the view of “VOX POPULI” dated, November 10,. I guess it must be a Chinese, otherwise no sound minded Indian could ever write such an article out rightly condemning our country and its policy. It was an act of sedition against our country. It even did not spared the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi and was all praised for tyrant British.  I could understand if the same piece of article was published in any Chinese daily, but a responsible newspaper like Arunachal Times should be little bit more discerning.


T. Sono

Seppa (on email)

Govt declares high alert along Arunachal-Assam border, restriction on movement of vehicles

Ex-gratia for victims

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: The State Home Department has declared high alert along the highway touching Assam and suspended movement of all vehicles including plying of private vehicles at night time along the routes that touches Assam with immediate effect.  

This decision has been taken by the Home Department as a precautionary measure following killing of seven persons by suspected NDFB militants along the Seijosa-Itakhola road on November 9 last, Home Minister Tako Dabi said in a Press conference at his official residence here today.

Dabi also declared all roads connected to Assam as most unsafe place and high alert has been announced in all such places. State Police will keep constant touch with its Assam counterparts as well as Paramilitary forces to thwart any nefarious activities by militant groups, Dabi said. He also asked all district administrations, Commissioner, Secretaries, STS Manager etc. to strictly comply with the directives and also sought people’s cooperation in this regard.

Domestic as well as foreign tourists visiting the State must report at the Police check post or the nearest police station informing about their arrival in the State, Dabi added.

Meanwhile, Dabi informed the Presspersons that his Government was in constant touch with its Assam counterpart and Central Government regarding security as well as for a permanent solution to the militancy issue.

Dabi vehemently condemned the recent cold blooded murder by the suspected militant group and informed that his Government is looking forward to take proper care of the family members of those deceased.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh Government yesterday announced ex-gratia of Rs. 5 lakh each to the next of kin of persons who were serving in Arunachal Pradesh and were killed by suspected NDFB militants at Baimara a Tinali on Nov 8.

When he was requested to comment about the recent Ziro incident, Dabi, without elaborating, said that whatever happened at Ziro was ‘wrong’ and ‘unfortunate’. "Lots of Government properties were damaged in the incident. Affected departments should resume offices," he added.



Raising ceremony of the 1st Battalion of the Arunachal Scouts

Give your best to the country and the State of Arunachal Pradesh

SHILLONG, Nov 10: Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu participated in the Raising ceremony of the 1st Battalion of the Arunachal Scouts at Assam Regiment cantonment in Shillong as chief guest today.

In his address to the newly recruit Jawans, Khandu said “We should take pride that for the first time in the history of Indian Army”, a Battalion has been named after the State of Arunachal Pradesh”.

“Since this new Battalion is born out of the Assam Regiment, you continue to be a part of the living symbol of martial strength and traditions of the North East.  The glorious tradition of the people of the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ and the ‘Dawnlit Mountains’ of India and their inborn ability of surviving in all kinds of adverse conditions and treacherous terrain would be the core strength of your battalion” he asserted.

“You will have the difficult task of making your own history and creating unparallel traditions.  I have no doubt that you will embark upon the arduous task of creating one of the strongest, cohesive, disciplined and operationally proficient Battalions of the Indian Army”, Khandu emphatically said. The chief minister called on the new recruits to give their best as the country and the State of Arunachal Pradesh would be looking on them with full confidence as the sentinels of the country.  “Perform in such a manner that the future generations will recount your deeds and campaigns with pride” Khandu zealously said.

In addition to the raising ceremony of 1st battalion of Arunachal Scouts, Khandu attended the Passing out Ceremony of 294 Batch of the Assam Regiment as Reviewing Officer on the day.

Impressed by the excellent performance of the Passing out Contingents through March Past and drills, Khandu congratulated them for being a full fledged soldier of the motherland and successfully completing the training course.

Khandu believed that training should be made mandatory for all personnel time and again so that it could make them fit and healthy.

He hinted similar type of training programmes for the state police.

The chief minister encouraged the personnel to show bravery and courage in safeguarding the territorial boundary and maintain the discipline and devotion which are mandatory in arm forces. He wished them all very best in their lives.

Among others state PWD & UD Minister Nabam Tuki, Parliamentary Secretary Padi Richo, GOC 56 Div Maj General R N Singh and Commandant, Assam Regimental Centre were present on the occasion. (PRO TO CM)


AdiSU questions silence on Ramesh visit

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: Adi Students Union has questioned the legitimacy of announcement made by Union Minister for Environment and Forest Jairam Ramesh that  he would visit Arunachal Pradesh on Nov 12 and 13 as there is no intimation from administrative on his visit so far.

AdiSU said any unannounced visit will certainty create chaos as the issue on which the minister supposed to interact demands huge participation of public for consultation.  It should not be like that of September 7 consultative meeting on Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project, which, the union said, suppressed the freedom of speech of the affected people.

The AdiSU appealed the union minister to reconsider its memorandum submitted by the union and Siang People’s Forum on Nov 8.

The union further said, it welcomes the Minister to visit Pasighat for interaction  with the dam affected people, but will not tolerate any hide and seek policy in the name of consultation.

Meanwhile, the AdiSU pleaded the state government for immediate release of FDR fund for rehabilitation of flood victims in Upper Siang district. The recent flood and land slide in Upper Siang caused huge damages to the properties.  However, the union extended gratitude to local MLA and CM for being with the flood affected people in time of needs to mitigate their sufferings.


Disconnecting Anini

Anini, Nov 10: Anini made headlines in all the local dailies for quite sometime because of the incessant rain followed by flash flood, power disruption, food scarcity, inadequate drugs, exorbitant prices of the essential commodities and the adverse condition is still continuing with little improvement.

In addition to this, there is yet another setback for people and govt. servants of the District. As BSNL services, both landline and mobile is out of service since long. People are spending a difficult time especially the Govt. servants as they are not able to make contact with their family back home owing to break down in BSNL services. And other important communication of the Govt. and people as well is disrupted which may lead to bigger complicacies in near future.

It has always been like a tradition here at Anini to wait for a small problem to grow big and bigger and to leave the problem unattended. When BSNL officials were contacted to find out about the progress in restoration of the services, it was informed that they are also unable to inform the higher authority about the exact problem. As it was urgent, some people tread on foot about 35 km towards the border to make a call to their family from ITBP satellite phone.


Pawar to announce incentives for Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Nov 10:  Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) president and the Union Agriculture, Food and Public Distribution Minister Sharad  Pawar has agreed to visit Arunachal Pradesh during the first  week of January 2011. The minister has given his nod to visit Arunachal when the NCP Arunachal Pradesh president Ngurang Pinch called on him yesterday at New Delhi and invited him to visit the state. During his visit to Arunachal, Pawar is expected to announce a development package under agri-horti and fisheries and animal husbandry and PDS sectors  as a new year gift to the people of Arunachal Pradesh.   He would also address party meeting at NCP state headquarter, informed Pinch in a statement. During his meeting, Pinch also requested the minister to announce at least 500 crores as an additional special package to speed up economic growth of Arunachal.


DCs and SPs two-day meet

ITANAGAR, Nov 10:  A combined session of the Deputy Commissioners, superintendents of Police and divisional forest officers will be held at Banquet Hall on Nov 11 and 12.

Both Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and Home Minister Tako Dabi would address the meeting.  

The deliberation of the session -1 of the first day includes overview of law and order aspect in the state in order to provide effective security coverage to infrastructure projects by DGP, review of status of proposals for land acquisition and forest clearance for trans-Arunachal highway by Principal secretary, PWD, and  review of status of proposals for land acquisition and forest clearance for hydro power project by principal secretary, power and coordination.  

This would be followed by the issues to be covered by DGP  which include police-administration relationship, boundary disputes, infrastructure and logistics of CRPF, fund under BADP etc.

The second session of the first day conference will be held at conference hall, Police Headquarters, where the issues related to both western range and eastern range would be discussed.


Multimedia Campaign on HIV/AIDS kicks off in style

Daporijo, Nov 10: The four month long Multimedia Campaign on HIV/AIDS which started with a Musical Competition was kicked off today.

Addressing the people on the occasion, Minister Health & Family Welfare Tanga Byaling cautioned them on the dangerous effects of HIV/ AIDS and said that it shouldn’t be allowed into the society and people should be aware of it.

He also emphasized to the people that unprotected sex, use of drugs, blood transfusion were some of the causes of AIDS.

MLA Daporijo Tapen Siga emphasizing on blood donation in the state and terming it as a life saving service advised everyone present to donate blood voluntarily. He also openly and frankly explained to the public about the effects of unprotected sex and advised the people to abstain from it. He said that it was only through open discussions that awareness could be spread to all sections of the society. PD (APSACS) Emi Rumi gave a brief introduction on the Multimedia Campaign and hoped that this campaign would spread awareness and take the AIDS awareness to new heights.

The evening witnessed electric performances by six bands namely Daporijo Cultural Society, Sons of Lucifer, Combination band, Scarecrow, Girry Achu and Dumporijo Cultural Association. The evening ended with performance of the star performers for the event-Alien Gods who would be performing in the every event of the month long campaign.

 Earlier in the morning, APSACS also organized an Inter Personnel Communication Programme at the auditorium of Govt. Higher Secondary School, Daporijo. Minister for Health and Family Welfare Tanga Byaling in the programme requested the teachers to discuss about HIV/AIDS in the class. Around 5 students participated in the programme where 20 boys were chosen as peer educators for disseminating better awareness on HIV/AIDS among the students. (DIPRO)


ANSU demands NDFB cadres to leave

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: The All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) demanded that the NDFB immediately recall their members from any part of the Nyishi dominated areas particularly in East Kameng district as some of the members of the outfit have been indulging extortion and other anti-social activities which will affect the traditional bond of the two neighbouring communities.

There is a historical accord agreed and signed by both the communities in year 2001-02 to promote and maintain harmony for peaceful co-existence and to respect the communal sentiment of each other for a peaceful neighbourhood. Since then, both the major communities have been maintaining good relations and the Nyishis have, in record, extended its helping hand whenever the call of the hour so warranted in a given point of time, it said in a release. Vehemently condemning the Baimara massacre where 7 persons were brutally killed by suspected NDFB members, the Union said that the deceased were innocent persons who had nothing to do with the friction between the outfit and any Govt.

 The Union appeals the outfit to refrain from killing innocent people anymore and also appeals for peaceful dialogue with the Union Govt. The Union said that Bodos have been provided enough shelter and space to earn for their livelihood in this Hilly state. The same will be allowed to continue provided we respect each other as good neighbours and friends, it added.

The Union appeals to the civil societies of the Bodo community for immediate intervention into before the situation gets aggravated.

The president and general secretary of the union accompanied the minister of WRD, MLAs of East Kameng district, senior officers, president and members of NES and visited the spot and the relatives of the deceased.

The Union expresses its gratitude to minister WRD for providing relief to the families to immediately meet up for transportation and funeral and minister of Education for announcement of Rs 30000 each for two deceased teachers, one of whom was a gold Medalist.


Do not dishonor sentiments: PCWS

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: The Pasighat Citizens Welfare Society ( PCWS) has appealed the state govt not to dishonour the sentiments of indigenous tribal of  Siang District on the Mega dam issue. The civilization of Adi people begun and may end with Siang River.

The PCWS had welcomed the proposed high level meeting convened by Prime Minister supposed to be attended by the union Forest & Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh,Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, Water Resource Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal, External Affairs Minister S.M Krishna and  deputy Chairman of Planning Commision Montek Singh Ahluwalia to decide on the fate of several some ongoing and some yet  to start Hydro Power Projects more than 137. But the meeting was hindered due to interference of state Chief Minister Dorjee khandu led Govt. The elected representatives do not necessarily empower them to play around with the sentiments of the people.

Whereas, the prime Ministerial   meeting was realized based on the recommendation of the very rational and liberal Union Minister Forest & Environment Jairam Ramesh.

The Minister asserted in his letter to PM that protest of the tribal people was genuine, the reviews on MOUs/ MOAs was required, he also suggested to scale down the 2700 MW Lower Siang project to half 1350 MW, Dibang Project 3000MW to 1500 MW. The Govt. might be caught in a catch of 22 situations as against several of these projects under questions. It has already taken upfront money from the power developers to the tune of Rs. 1319.75 Crores so far the recent reports from PMO also confirmed that the centre has received reports about local protest likely to consider moratorium on any new dams as well as pause work on some existing dams till a cumulative Impact assessment, a comprehensive bio- diversity impact assessment and a downstream impact assessment is conducted.

The PCWS maintains that the Govt. must be people - friendly and act to respect and safeguard the Tribal sentiments, there must be a high level meeting in between the Govt. representative and people of entire Siang district at Pasighat to talk on the dam issue.  It also suggests the Govt. to come out with man made disaster liability bill on hydro power towards the safety and security impact in the downstream.

The PCWS appeal the Siang people to think and re -think, develop within their heart and souls not only a second  but also a third thought on mega dams as believed by Americans. The parents must look into faces of their sleeping children at mid night and imagine how their lives would be after 40 years, the young people must individually feel they are victims of major catastrophe and shoulder the responsibilities to safeguard their next generation to come. It is true, we need development but not at the cost of Socio – cultural extinction, loss of lives and properties. However, we encourage Mini dams with lesser impact and havocs. The PCWS welcomes the visit of Jairam Ramesh for a healthy discussion with tangible outcome on the big dam said PCWS president Mongol Yomso.


Governor flags off Ride in Paradise as it embarks on weeklong journey

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh flagged off the motorcycle rally, ‘Ride in Paradise’ organized as part of North East Riders’ Meet (NERM) 2010 by Arunachal Bullet Club at Indira Gandhi Park here today.

Addressing the riders from different parts of the country on the occasion, the Governor said that "You are all set witness the natural beauty of Arunachal Pradesh with Steep Mountain, serpentine rivers and lush green valley’s during the 1263 km ride to Mechukha.

Today is a historic occasion, where we are taking a small but a vital step in promoting tourism in the State, he said.

Taking special note of participants from Bhutan, the Governor said, "Riders from our neighbouring Kingdom have chosen this opportunity to express their friendship, bilateral ties and traditional links.

Appreciating the organizers and riders for the event, the Governor said that Arunachal Bullet Club is channelizing the energy of youth and utilizing biking as a purposeful medium of expression to forge the spirit of unity and understanding amongst the people of the eight northeastern states. The joy of the journey and the experience of developing new friendships through camaraderie and bonhomie will become memories of a lifetime, he said.

An adventure lover and mountaineer himself, Gen Singh said that this should be an annual event in the State for promoting tourism.

While wishing for a safe and enjoyable ride, Governor pointed out that this rally of ‘brave bikers’ also coincides with the two-day Border Areas Cultural Festival 2010, which begins from November 13 where five major tribes of Mechukha sub-division will be participating.

Earlier, as a goodwill gesture, Chief Patron of the NERM 2010, Mechukha MLA Pasang Dorjee Sona presented a souvenir to the Governor. Veteran rider of Madras Bulls, Chennai, Subhash Chandra Bose, who have been riding for more than forty years, also presented a memento of the Club to the Governor.

One hundred and nineteen bikers from twelve States, including Arunachal Pradesh and neighbouring country Bhutan were flagged off. Seventeen Bikers’ Clubs, two each from Meghalaya, Assam, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu and one each from Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Haryana, Jharkhand, Mizoram, Nagaland Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh are participating. Thirty-eight participants are from Arunachal Bullet Club. There is also a lady rider Sheetal Iyer, who is from Wande Bulleteers, Hyderabad.

Yachuli MLA Likha Saaya, former MLA Kipa Babu, Tourism Secretary Bandana Deori, hosts of bike enthusiasts and publics were also present on the occasion to see off the team.


APPSC dispel apprehensions and the discontentment

BOMDILA, Nov 10: As a confidence building measure and to generate awareness on the role and function of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) and the scheme of examinations for the state civil service aspirants, its chairman Rinchin Dorjee and Member B.K. Chena addressed the College students, its faculty members and District Head of Departments in the students Day Home at Government College Bomdila this morning.

Dwelling at length on the creation of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and the subsequent creation of the state’s Public Service Commission on first of April 1988, Chairman Rinchin Dorjee deliberated on the various technicalities associated right from the period of notification to declaration of results.

In an attempt to allay the apprehensions and the discontentment amongst a section of people, the chairman emphasized on the sanctity of the commission and of its various mechanisms in use for selecting the most efficient and deserving candidate. The cross checking’s of the answer scripts by undisclosed evaluators and the comparative marking system, all make the system fool-proof, neutral and justifying, reiterated Rinchin Dorjee.

The implementation of Right to Information ( RTI ) Act 2005, further entitles a candidate or a party  which necessitates for the clean functioning of the commission, the chairman added.

Earlier, Commission Member B.K Chena acknowledging the contributions of non-APST Teachers in particular in the gone days in shaping and   moulding the destiny of the tribal students of the state for enabling them to hold key posts within and outside the state and empowering them to have a say in the affairs of the state, called upon the students to be studious, hard-working and updated to compete and excel in the exams conducted by the commission. This platform made available by the commission should be best utilized for realizing one’s dream, he concluded.

In the interactive session that followed, several questions based on the approach and preparations and queries on the delay observed at some point of time were raised by the students, faculty members and officers attending the meeting. To the question on the production of provisional National Eligibility Test (NET)  certificate by the candidates for the post of Assistant Professor and the subsequent turn down,  the Chairman assured to take up the matter with the state government. Of the many questions raised, the question on the exchange of money for selection raised by a student drew huge interest to which the chairman patiently explained the various mechanisms in force for conduct of an exam in a free and fair manner and the rights and privilege conferred on a citizen by the implementation of Right to Information Act. What counts in the long run is the dedication, hard work and will of the candidate with a pinch of luck, he summarized. (DIPRO)


Orgs condemns gruesome killing, demands security

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: Arunachal Citizens’ Right (ACR) while strongly condemning the gruesome killing of people, who were on way to Seijosa of Arunachal Pradesh from Tezpur, by suspected National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB), questions the credibility and authenticity of the group’s claim of being fighting for the cause of the people.

The recent activities of abduction, ransom demands and disruption of the peaceful social fabric by the proscribed group inside the territory of Arunachal Pradesh rather seems to be the ways of some cheap hoodlums and goons, it said.

Had the killing really been committed by the NDFB, then the ACR appeals the group to refrain from such activities and to prove their credibility, if any, by standing up to their commitments and ideology.

ACR also urges the state Govt. to step up security arrangements in all the settlements along Assam-Arunachal boundary and to initiate dialogue with the Government of Assam to avert such incidents in the future. It also urges both the Assam and Arunachal Govts  to provide compensation to the kins of the deceased.

All Pakke-Kessang Pijeriang Dissing-Passo Seijosa Students’ Union (APPDSSU) strongly condemned the recent cold blooded murder.

While demanding the state Government for safeguarding the life and property of its people, APPDSSU appealed for providing job to next of the kin of the deceased on companionate ground.

Arunachal Pradesh Junior Engineers Welfare Associaiton (APJEWA) deeply mourned the demise of one of its colleagues Er S C Buram, JE, who was killed by suspected militants at Boimara. He left behind 3 daughters.

Meanwhile, the Association extended its sincere thanks to the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu for sanctioning ex-gratia payment to  the kins of late Burman.

The State NCP also condemned the hienious act of cold blooded killing by suspected altrus. The party urged the state govt to beef up the security at Seijosa and immediately take up the matter with Assm counter part to arrest all the accused persons. This bloody act has again reflected the evil designs of the militants and every citizen of the state should out rightly protest  it to the highest level, the party said.

BJP condemns killing, calls for adequate forces in boundary areas

Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party, Arunachal Pradesh expressed shock over the killings of innocent public in Boimara near Seizosa by the NDFB militants. Condemning the brutal killing, the party said such violent activities would not bring any solution to any grievances.  It is unfortunate that state Govt failed to take up any precautionary measures to thwart such inhuman killings, the party said.

The party urged the state Govt to take up the matter with Assam counterpart and union home ministry for safety and security of people living along the boundary area and also demanded adequate compensation  to the kins of the deceased.

The party further said  state Govt   should deploy adequate paramilitary forces in the porous boundary  till the solution of boundary problems and   revamp the state police  to enable them to tackle law and order situation.

Govt. must be sincere in pursuing its policies  with neighbouring states towards peaceful coexistence. It also advocated for rejuvenation of department of border areas with allocation of adequate fund for development activities.


Youth convention

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: The first ever youth convention of All Yachuli Students’ Union (AYSU) concluded on November 8 last.

Various games and sports, cultural and literary competitions were organized during the celebration.

The award for champion team of the convention was given to Govt Hr. Sec. School, Yazali and best disciplined team award went to Govt. College, Yachuli. The Best Men’s football and volleyball player’s wards were won by Toko Taker of DNGC, Itanagar and Toko Ribia of GHHS, Yazali respectively. Taba Mekia of Govt. Sec. School, Pitapool was adjudged as best woman volleyball player. The best dancer and best singer prizes were won by Likha Yollum of DNGC and Joram Taka of St. Claret College, Ziro while the cultural troupe of St. Claret College was adjudged best. In literary competition, Taba Yayum of GHHS Yazali and Licha Tagi of Yazali ME school won the first prize in senior and junior categories respectively.

Yachuli ADC Yowa Topu, who attended the valedictory function as chief guest and distributed prizes to the winners, advised the students to give importance in co-curricular activities besides their regular studies for overall development of knowledge and skills.

AYSU thanked elders, officers and leaders of Ziro-II area and NK Mao of NEEPCO, Yazali for their all cooperation in successfully conducting the convention.


Voter’s Education and Electoral Participation

ROING, Nov 10: An Awareness campaign on Voter’s Education and Electoral Participation was held at Anchal Samiti Hall here today. The Camp was organized by the District Election Office to educate the voter’s on the importance of their participation in the electoral process and thereby motivating them to register in the Electoral Roll during Special Summary Revision which is done annually.

Lod Gambo, SDO (SADAR) cum Nodal Officer appealed to all the eligible voters who have attained 18 years of age as on January 1, 2011 to get themselves registered in the Electoral Roll saying that right to exercise adult franchise is the greatest right one has in a democratic country.

EAC cum ERO Mirpe Tato, has informed that main objectives behind conducting Special Summary Revision annually by ECI is to increase enrollment of voters and also to maintain a neat and clean Electoral Roll for a hustle free election.

He also apprised that the ECI has decided to celebrate 25th January as National Voter’s Day every year from 2011 onwards to make universal adult franchise a complete reality and thereby enhancing the quality of Indian democracy.

On the very day, the newly registered voters in each polling booth will be felicitate with a badge along with their EPIC in a brief ceremony/public function in order to inculcate in the new voters a commitment to democratic electoral process and also to lead greater participation.

Tato also called upon the effective functioning of Booth Level Agents in proper identification of voters to avoid future complicacy. He also clarified queries and doubts asked by the member present.

Jali Umpo, CO cum ARO has exhorted the students to take more participation in such types of campaign and also to act as a medium to disseminate the information to the masses and far flung areas.

Mibom Pertin, ZPM has cautioned the political parties and requested the EROs/AEROs not to enrolled foreigners who are temporary working as labourer in the district in the Electoral Roll.

Chiliko Meto, Zilla Chairperson presided over the meeting as chairman, Sakole Linggi, Ex-MLA, Panchayat Leaders, AEROs, HoDs, BLOs, Public, Teachers and Students attended the programme.






RSS  AP unit stage dharna

ITANAGAR, Nov 10:  Along with the rest of the country, the activists of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)  Arunachal Pradesh  has staged dharna in front of Capital DC office, Naharlagun in defence of  its leaders  allegedly involved in the Ajmer blast case.

Pointing out the RSS functionary Indresh Kumar, who has been named by the Rajasthan ATS in Ajmer Blast case, RSS said it always supported the investigating agencies but  the way the name of Indresh Kumar has been dragged smacks of a sinister conspiracy. The charge sheet neither presents any evidence nor makes any specific charges against him, the RSS leaders said. There is some conspiracy to implicate Indresh in this case thus damaging his reputation and that of the organization, the RSS said in a release today.


AIF recruitment rally

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: Indian Air Force is going to conduct recruitment test for group ‘Y’ and ‘X’ (technical) trade for unmarried male citizens of Arunachal Pradesh at Rajiv Gandhi stadium, Naharlagun from Nov 26.

While written test and physical fitness test will be held on Nov 26, the interview and medical examination will be held on Nov 27. The educational qualification for group ‘Y’ trade would be intermediate (10+2) with Science, Arts, Commerce or equivalent vocational courses with minimum 50 marks in aggregate and for group X (technical trade), the  candidates should have passed intermediate (10+2) with pass mark in Mathematics and Physics with 50 per cent marks in aggregate or  three years diploma in engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Automobiles) with at least 50 per cent marks from Govt recognized Polytechnic institute. The candidates should be born between January 1, 1990 to March 31, 1994. The candidates are asked to  carry original relevant documents and photos, according to Capital administration sources.


Irregularities in MDM scheme

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: Bharatiya Janata Party West Siang district unit has alleged discrepancy and irregularities in implementation of Mid-Day Meal (MDM) scheme under SSA in the district.

The district BJP unit president Komduk Loya informed that the discrepancies were found in the mid-day meal scheme through RTI  and subsequent field verification  by  a team of BJP district unit.  Loya claimed that during its field visit, the team found untimely delivery of MDM rice, non-cooperation of carriage system in delivering goods, absence of kitchen shed in schools.

Informing that the concerned DDSE issued a directive to all the in-charge officers to implement the schemes as per its operational guidelines, the district BJP unit appealed the education department to implement all the schemes properly.


Traders body formed

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: Elites and traders of Naharlagun in a meeting held at Naharlagun today unanimously formed an organization, titled, “Naharlagun Traders Union” for welfare of the business communities.

Kipa Toglo, D L Sonam and  Dare Putum have been appointed as president, vice president and general secretary respectively of the union.    Kamen Ringu is the chief patron.


Fishing & hunting banned

ITANAGAR,  Nov 10: Following its resolution adopted in September last, the All Talo Welfare Organisation (ATWO) in Lower Subansiri District  has prohibited fishing by illegal means and hunting  of animal in their area. The violation  of the ban order will invite heavy penalty, the Association said.


AAF appeals

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: Arunachal Artiste Forum (AAF) demanded the State Government to keep separate budget for local indigenous artiste participating in the ensuing centenary celebration of Pasighat town.

Indigenous artistes have been playing a very important role in every important state occasion since its inception. But they have to face lots of problems in the field of management during such occasion due to financial constraint, AAF lamented.

It further said that a memorandum was also submitted through Organizing Committee Chairman Bosiram Siram for allocation of separate fund under the banner of AAF so that it could participate in the celebration with any financial hardships.


Relief for fire victims

Seppa, Nov 10: The Society for Tribal Affairs and Reform (STAR) has provided necessary items to fire victims of Langri Riang

Its Chairman Norbu Sonam extended his great fullness to the district administration for providing immediate relief to the villagers’ whose houses and the property were burnt down. He also appealed the state govt. to give further necessary aid to the villager.

Meanwhile the apex studnets organization of the area All Bameng, Khenewa and Lada Students Union (ABKLSU) also has provided necessary items to the victims. The union thanked the All East Kameng District Students Union for assistance in providing the aid. (DIPRO)


Relief assured

ITANAGAR, Nov 10:  A team of Govt officials led by Gusar CO Sadung Gyadu visited the site of fire incident at Dumporijo.  At least 14 houses were reduced to ashes in a fire incident in Dumporijo town on the night of Nov 7. This was informed by All Upper Subansiri District  Students’ Union (AUSDSU).  Gusar ZPM Pakde Uli also accompanied the team. The CO assured the fire affected families to extend all possible help and immediate relief.

Meanwhile, a delegation of the Union led by its general secretary Biru Nasi met Daporijo ADC  and SP  and demanded establishment of a fire station at Dumporijo to check and prevent frequent fire mishap. Meanwhile, a meeting was proposed at Dumporijo general ground on Nov 12 in order to elicit public opinion  on the need of a fire station.


ATA team to atend AIFTO conference

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: Arunachal Teachers’ Association (ATA) CEC president N R Tam and secretary general Toli Ram have left for Rajasthan to attend four-days seminar cum conference being organized by All India Federation of Teachers’ Organisation (AIFTO) there. The ATA leaders will focus on present education scenario of Arunachal Pradesh.


JYYA strengthened

ITANAGAR, Nov 10: In order to revamp and strengthen the movement of Jigo Yego Youth Association (JYYA), a 17 members steering sub committee of the Association was formed in a consultative youth meet held at Likabali on Nov 9.  

The committee will be headed by Dugel Nada as chairman, Rikmo Taipodia, Vice Chairman and  Jummar Taipodia as convenor.

The committee will act as pressure group for the welfare of people and shoulder responsibility with DDJAC in its movement.


NES appeals

ITANAGAR: Informing that the Nyishi Elite Society (NES) had requested the  state chief secretary for immediate notification of change of nomenclature from ‘Dafla’ to ‘Nyishi’ in the state official gazette and issuance of  instructions to all ADCs and DCs for enrollment of the name of the tribe  as Nyishi in the Census 2011 as well as official record, its president Bengia Tolum  has urged upon one and all, particularly the department of census, all the ADCs, DCs to ensure recording of name of the tribe in the Census -2011 and other official/unofficial records replacing the “Dafla” by “Nyishi” to avoid discrepancies and complicacies.   

The nomenclature “Dafla” was replaced with ‘Nyishi’  by Constitutional amendment on March 19, 2008.

Tolum also urged the authorities to put ‘Nyishi’ without prefix or suffix in place of erstwhile assigned tribes like Bangni, Hills Miri, Nishing, Nishang, Yano Bangni.


ALSYO appeals

ITANAGAR: The All Lower Subansiri Youth Organization (ALSYO) appealed to the all sections of the society to maintain peace in Ziro Valley after the recent violence and arson.

While condemning the recent murder of school boy, ALSYO felt that taking law into their own hands and destroying public properties and targeting few individuals deserve the highest condemnation from all quarters.

ALSYO highly appreciated the present deputy commissioner and OC, Ziro for nabbing the culprits within 18 hours.

"The boldness and efficiency of the deputy commissioner can be gauged from the fact that within 20 hours she imposed 144 CrPCand managed to control the law and order problems besides arresting many of the arsonists who damaged the public property," ALSYO said in a release.

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