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November - 12



We are as vulnerable them

Dear Editor,

I am not sure about the Indian media issues-handling strategy more precise and controlled than that of Chinese expertise in the field, but I cannot be more sure than Vox Populi's line on the policy followed by both Chinese and Indian government on demographic conquests on its non-traditional turf.

The only difference between them is one takes the straight walk whereas the other one takes the circuitous path to walk the same destination, all the while convincing and smoothening things.

Just like China encouraged movement of Han population from mainland China into Tibet, so is India encouraging the movement of mainland Indian population into Arunachal Pradesh by initiating projects like hydro-powers, dams, major road upgradation and so on and so forth. The recent controversial issue of PRC to non-APST is only a step to make their settlement in the state easier and permanent, all at the cost of indigenous tribal population identity.

Today, the tribal population of this state stand as vulnerable as those of the Tibetans in Tibet before the Hans' demographic occupation.


A Reader,

Tezu,  (On email)



Listen to the inner voice

Dear Editor

Where might have been DK and Co, when creator was bestowing morality and ethics? Had they been blessed with even a microscopic bit of virtue they would have by now exonerated themselves from their unmanageable offices, instead of clinging to their chairs. Every now and then media flashes news of exemplary and moralistic leaders tendering resignation on moral ground in the event of their names being dragged in to any corruption or financial irregularity scams. But here we truly have a stable government in a sense, come what may, DK and Co will remain glued to their chairs. Their glib outlook to public decries will lead to a political imbroglio sooner or later. It is time DK and Co. take some moral lessons from their Chief to feel their 'inner voice' if any and follow the famous act. Renunciation of Power.


Legobaying (On email)



May good sense prevail

Dear Editor,

These days anti dam organizations are growing in number despite the fact that dam is for everyone's good. They cites various reason which are generally based on assumptions like dam breakage, earthquakes etc. I just wonder, should we stop using motor vehicle as there is always a chance of accident during journey.

In my view there are some vested interests that cannot see other prosper. Usually, people who oppose dams do not know how far the technology has advanced in 21st century. There are security measures against all possible hazards. Of course, there is always some risk involved as it is with any venture. The need of hour is the aware information, proper compensation of land & prompt rehabilitation of the affected people. May good senses prevail.

Thank you


T. Sono

Itanagar (On email)



Quota Zone for UGC

Dear Editor,

Since the last few years, all the candidates who have cleared the National Eligibility Test (NET) from the north-east are those with reservation facility, that is, all are from Scheduled Tribe (ST), Scheduled Caste (SC) and Other Backward Class (OBC) card-holders. Does the University Grants Commission (UGC) consider north-east as the ‘Quota zone’ of the country? Those who have cleared are not of any outstanding merit. But there seems to be a policy of appeasement where the allotted quota seats have to be filled up. So all the trash. In the long run, it is the students and the colleges and universities who will be deprived of quality teachers in north-east.

There are some interesting incidents to be related.

During the NET exams held in Gauhati university, I met two candidates from Rajasthan and Haryana. One had the Meena ST  quota card and the other had the Gujjar ST quota card. When asked why they came all the way to appear for the NET from north-east, they said that it is easier to clear from north-east as the answer-scripts of all STs, SCs and OBCs are checked very leniently and marks are allotted easily to them. This is because the UGC has to fill the stipulated quota seats in teacher appointment through NET. Is it an unfortunate or shameful to be considered so in the national arena? In the coming years, north-east universities and colleges will be robbed of great minds and ideal teachers.

Another interesting thing that these two north-Indian ST candidates told me was that they were surprised to see the high standard of living of the north-east “quota card” holders, especially in Shillong, and wondered why they were still given quota facility!


Sudipto Chaudhuri,




In this land of Mahatma

Dear Editor,

When I ponder sincerely where our country stands today and how to give a correct and precise definition on her, I get confused and could not find a befitting conclusion. Everywhere- either in big cities, small cities, posh area, remote area, the diseases- corruption, communal hatred, forgery, malpractices, untidiness, bribery, terrorism, domination by stronger group and what not are at the zenith.

If someone ask me to give a description on India, till now I could find the answer is "bad" only. I may not pass in the examination but I cannot deny the fact that it has the synonym with that word only. I don't blame every Indian for reducing the Mahatma's beautiful and tolerant land into shabby state like this. Political career now a days is no more a service-centric career, rather it has become a business-centric career. It has become a short-cut process to riches and in order to survive in this game "compromise" is the basement which is a "must have". When "compromise" substitutes in the "service to the nation" it becomes the breeding ground for the above mentioned diseases with nexus among politicians, bureaucrats, technocrats and anti-social elements.

I strongly feel that somewhere our respected leaders and policy executives since Independence till now had miserably failed to inculcate and motivate among the masses for the love of the nation.  Today I see and experience that there is lack of patriotism and love for the nation. Everywhere love for regionalism and communalism is growing so strongly day by day. Most of the time I face to hear words like your tribe- my tribe, tribal- non tribal, Hindi speaking people- non Hindi speakers, your state- my state, your religion- my religion, your area- my area etc.. Why can't we shed this self-centric and individualistic approach to make way for nationalism. We cannot do that because we were being sermonized to believe in that way for the sake of preserving and upholding of our traditions, cultures and identities over-riding the nationalism.

I might sound so pessimistic but still a ray of hope is in me if we are ready for "change". First, we need to promote nationalism and inculcate patriotic feelings among every section of people. Promotion and preservation of one's culture and identity is necessary but it should not over-ride the nationalism. In my opinion the Government should take full responsibility for promotion and preservation of cultures, traditions, languages and identity of every citizen of the country how small a tribe or a community may be without any partiality. Why communalism and regionalism are growing so strongly- because somewhere one region or a community or a section of people felt that they are being ignored and marginalized repeatedly. Our leaders and officials can play a very positive role in making one-nation feeling among the citizens of the country.

In this beautiful land of the Mahatma, words such as your tribe- my tribe, tribal- non tribal, Hindi speaking people- non Hindi speakers, your state- my state, your religion- my religion, your area- my area etc.. should be replaced by "we are Indians together" and "I am proud to be an Indian" where there is free from suppression by any bigger group or community. If we are serious and have the will power then we can together make our country change for better and proudly say "yes, we can".


Philip Ngwazah,

(On email)



Name change

Dear Editor,

This is with reference to the letter ‘Rename Itanagar and Pasighat’. Not only Itanagar and Pasighat, the name of places like Vijaynagar has to be changed too. Truly speaking, the name Arunachal Pradesh itself is Hindi. If we are to change any name, the first will be the name of our state.


Takam Kadum

Pasighat,  (On email)



Deal with maturity

Dear Editor,

This is response to the letter by Kago Apa regarding bifurcation of district. It may be a welcome step in terms of development and progress of the region but for peaceful living of communities, there is no guarantee that peace will prevail even if we bifurcate it.

Both the communities have been living together for many years with many ups and downs but I don’t find any needs of Indo-Pak partition policy to solve the conflicts.

The root cause of the conflicts should be maturely dealt without giving any communal colour. Both the communities are elite enough to solve the matter amicably, if any. And both communities should learn the best things from each other and think beyond themselves.


Ori j (On email)






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CM calls for more strict vigil to contain law and order breach

DC, SP and DFO meet

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: While reviewing the law and order situation of the state, Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu specifically sounded the DCs and SPs to be more vigil and alert in their respective districts. He opined for conducting regular security meetings at the district levels to contain the increasing law and order and security breach.

He gave this call at a high level joint meeting of DCs, SPs and DFOs of the state convened here at Banquet hall today. The meeting was aimed towards discussing various issues pertaining to security, land acquisition, boundary disputes, and review of developmental projects including proper monitoring of central as well as state projects.

Reiterating the revenue leakages resulting to huge loss to the state exchequer, Khandu urged upon the district authorities to intensify revenue generation and book the violators or the non tax payers according to the provisions of law. He directed the DCs to pay regular visits to check gates so as to control the revenue loss to the state.

He categorically called upon the DFOs to strictly adhere to the existing wild life laws and directed them to book any one irrespective of their position or person, engaged in hunting activities.  He further cautioned over illegal poaching of forest resources and asked the DFOs to strictly check these acts.  

Khandu asked the chief secretary to introduce an award adjudging the best performing district in respect of maintenance of law and order, cleanliness, proper monitoring of schemes and projects, awareness campaigns on social issues etc. and shouldered the onus on the deputy commissioners. He believed that such award would instill a sense of responsibility among the local populace of each district including the district officers which will pave way for a peaceful and clean Arunachal. He requested the Deputy Commissioners to involve the PRI members and prominent public leaders in this venture.

Appealing the officers to pay surprise inspections to schools and hospitals in order to ensure that these important institutions are working to the satisfaction of the people, Khandu emphasized for proper monitoring of BRO roads by keeping constant touch with the BRO authorities.     

 Lamenting over the slow process of clearing various Projects by certain State government departments which caused undue delay in implementation, Khandu advocated for single window clearance like the Jan Suvida facility extended by various district administration.

 In his address, Home Minister Tako Dabi gave an overall picture of security scenario in the state in the face of various law and order problems and exhorted the senior officers to rise to the occasion to tackle such problems with an iron hand.

 Reminding them that security of the people and their property is the prime duty of the state government, he cautioned any laxity in this regard would not be tolerated.

 It is time for the police to be pro-active instead of reactive; Dabi said and assured all support of the government to achieve the goal.

The meeting also witnessed various power point presentations on status of work and progress made by various departments in the state.

Among others, Chief Secretary Tabom Bam, Principal Secretaries H K Paliwal, Yeshi Tsering, Development Commissioner V K Dev, Home Commissioner T Taloh, PCCF, Commissioners and Secretaries were present in the meeting.(PRO to CM)



Blend the best of both worlds: Siram

XIII Unifest starts

RONO HILLS, Nov 11: The XIII UNIFEST, 2010 of Rajiv Gandhi University started today at its picturesque campus at Rono Hills.

Minister (Education), Arunachal Pradesh Bosiram Siram while  inaugurating the program said that we must increasingly use science and technology and rationalize production to raise the standards of living of the people, reform our social structure to make it modern and lead a democratic way of life. It is also felt that only when we have combined these borrowings with our own values we achieve success. He pointed out that this act of synthesis is a challenge for the best brains of this University, Rajiv Gandhi University. Rightly, the UNIFEST Celebration showcasing the hidden talents will be an occasion to initiate synthesis in the right direction. Arunachal must break with much of her past and not allow it to dominate the present – but that does not mean break with or forgetting the vital and life-giving aspects of the past. He reminded that this needs to be remembered while celebrating the UNIFEST in the bastion of highest learning. Because state-building process in our state is entering a crucial and decisive stage. The contribution of excellencies of the youth in sports, culture and literary events will contribute vividly as feathers to this process. In recent years the great revival of interests in folk and tribal music may be an area for the state to market it in global economy. But this requires perseverance, research and motivation. He opined that occasion like UNIFEST is the right platform to motive and nurture the talents with the youth.

He said that due to foreign influence many people have forgotten their rich social and cultural heritage, neglected the development of their own languages, taken to western ways of living – western fashions, testes, dress, amusements and the craze for sensation and excitement – and have created a gulf between themselves and the illiterate ways. This cultural denudation of educated youth gives cause for serious concern. The best minds of the country have assimilated western culture without repudiating their own, he added.

Chairman, Department of Tirap & Changlang Yumsem Matey, was pleased to see the development of infrastructure in the University after a gap of fifteen years. He spoke at length regarding the need of extra-curricular activities along with the academic in the University system. He also hoped that the lone University in the state will produce future leaders in different spheres of life. He also pointed out that the youth can play a leading role for socio-cultural transformation of Arunachal society to make Arunachal a model state.

Vice-Chancellor (i/c) Prof. Tamo Mibang expressed his concern by saying that at present Rajiv Gandhi University can accommodate only 22 per cent of the total applicants of the educated youth of this state. He appealed to the State Govt. to look into the matter seriously so that an extension of the University Campus or a separate State University can be established in order to cater such need which will build up human resources of this state. He adds, if given the talents and natural capabilities of the youths, Arunachal can contribute immensely to the cause of India’s quest for a role as a global power

Registrar (i/c) of the University Prof. A. Mitra, urged on giving emphasis on extra-curricular activities in the University along with academic ventures. He categorically expressed the need of inter-college level activities within the state and more importantly focused that Rajiv Gandhi University students must participate in various Inter-University Level Programmes so that it can build up a positive competitive mind set.

President, RGUSU Mohan Gyadi, submitted a three-point memorandum to Siram, requesting changing the nomenclature of Rajiv Gandhi University to Arunachal Rajiv Gandhi University, introduction of Sociology/Anthropology subject at the various affiliated colleges of the state and establishment of one more college within capital complex.


Last rites of slain employees

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: A funeral of the government employees, who were shot dead by suspected NDFB militants at Boimara Assam recently, was performed at Seijosa yesterday.

The employees were shot dead on Nov 8 while they were returning from Tezpur in Assam to Seijosa.  

The funeral was attended by former MLA Techi Hemu, ADC Seijosa, DDSE Seppa, all head of department, all government employees and public of Seijosa sub-division.

Meanwhile, the CoSAAP and ATA unit of Seijosa sub-division strongly condemned the act and termed it as barbaric. It further urged the state and central government to provide adequate security to the border areas and Seijosa in particular. The members further appreciated the state government for providing ex-gratia of Rs.5 lakhs each to the victim’s families and also appreciated ATA unit of East Kameng district for providing Rs.30, 000/- each to the family members of two teachers.


Byaling suggest pay clinic at hospitals instead of private practice

Daporijo, Nov 11: Health Minister has requested the doctors not to open private clinics but to start pay clinics in the hospitals so that the hospital and the public would benefit along with the doctors themselves.

Tanga Byaling said this at a co-ordination meeting of all doctors & PRI leaders of Upper Subansiri which was held yesterday at the Rijo Conference Hall, Daporijo.

Streamlining the health department is urgently required so that it can function more effectively, he further stated.

Byaling enjoined the doctors to be sincere, provide good service and to be ready at all times to serve the people as they were the ones to provide a life saving essential service.

Stating that transparency in policy matters was essential for the functioning of the health department and hospitals, he welcomed the contributions and suggestions of PRI members and pleaded with them not to politicalise the health system.

Regarding the transfer and posting of doctors, he said that a policy had been made which was yet to be implemented, by which doctors were to be posted at a place for 3 years only and home town postings would not be allowed.

MLA Tapen Siga appreciated the inclusion of PRI members in the meeting and the pertinent issues discussed and hoped that it would bear fruit and benefit the people. He also expressed concern over the problems faced by the medical community and  made a request to the minister to look into them on a priority basis.

ADC G. Ete said that the meeting was a good platform for all to express and exchange ideas.

DMO D Bagra gave a presentation on the existing infrastructure of PHCs, CHCs and Sub-centers in the district and role PRI members play in their functioning. The idea of charging minimum user fee for lab tests and equipments in the district hospital, Daporijo too was put up by the DMO and agreed upon by all. The collected amount would be used for the maintenance of the existing infrastructure and equipments with the approval of a committee which would be formed.

The PRI members too put up their demands of provision of medicines in the hospital on a priority basis, provision of ambulances in CHCs etc while the doctors made a request for security arrangement in the district hospital Daporijo and uninterrupted power supply and back up in the district hospital among other demands. (DIPRO)


Meka gets sub centre after 33 years!

MEKA, Nov 11: Established in 1977 as a model village, Meka in  Lower Dibang Valley District has finally got a Medical Sub-Centre!

MLA Jomin Tayeng, has inaugurated the Sub-Centre amidst a huge gathering at Meka Musup. In his inaugural speech, Tayeng put the onus of maintaining and protecting the govt infrastructure to the Banggo Secretaries, Gaon Burahs and PRI Leaders of the village. He further requested them to select a proper and suitable site for the construction of Sub-Centre building. Chiliko Meto, Zilla Chairperson also appealed to take care of the govt property as their own property and pointed that the Sub-Centres sanctioned for the district are very few in comparison to other districts and further requested the authority concerned to sanctioned more Sub-Centres in the district to cover the uncovered villages.

Mibom Pertin, ZPM Meka Anchal Block has called upon the Village Councils to deal strongly with the culprit found destroying or stealing govt or public property irrespective of the clan he belongs so that such things are not repeated again and again.

Dr Atlok Yirang, District Medical Officer has informed that the Sub-Centre for the Meka Village was sanctioned in the year 2003 by the govt. but due to non-allocation of fund it could not be constructed till yet. However, on request of the public of the village, the sub-centre has to be opened temporarily at Musup (Community Hall) which fortunately has all the rooms required for a Sub-Centre. He further informed that the placement of fund under SPA is under process and assured that the Sub-Centre building would come up within this financial year.

He appealed to form a Village Health & Sanitation Committee with Anchal Chairperson as chairman and the ASHA as a member Secretary for optimum utilization of fund provided by the District Health Society under NRHM for the village sanitation and maintenance of the sub centre and accordingly asked them to submit utilization certificate in time which is requisite for continuous flow of fund.

Lod Gambo, SDO (SADAR) incharge DC presided over the meeting as chairman. Papang Lego, HGB, Temdang Yirang, ASM, Temkan Mingki, GB and Kangge Tayeng, public also spoke on the occasion demanding for early allocation of fund for the construction of  the Sub-Centre. (DIPRO)


Unsung Heroes of Arunachal

Vijay Swami

Remaining indifferent to the sacrifices made by our Jawans in Army is definitely an ungrateful act on the part of all of us who live secured today in this nation. It is their supreme sacrifice that makes us a great, secured nation and ancient country holding on its borders in spite of several invasions and surrounded by disturbed nations. Delay in giving due recognition for the heroic deeds they did while guarding our borders, not only develop remorse feeling among the family members of the deceased but also diminish the urge and inspiration to go for military services among the youth. We glorify them in conflict and forget them after sacrifice, a sad part indeed. It is therefore aptly described as “Unsung Heroes.”

I had an opportunity to meet such a Hero from Hawai, District HQ of Anjaw district, Arunachal Pradesh. I happened to go to Hawai with a group of IAS aspirants from Maharashtra. Many of my students are now in good Govt. jobs there. They thought it fit to introduce us an elderly person Mayeso Pul, aged around 70 yrs, to have interaction with us about his experiences of 1962 Indo-China conflict.

In a picturesque Circuit House of Hawai, everybody was eagerly waiting to listen about first hand experiences of 1962 war. A physically old but mentally young Mayeso Pul, arrived and with initial introduction of each other, he started narrating his awful experience of not only seeing the war but actually participating in the war.

He started, “I have been asked to speak on my experiences of Indo-China conflict but I am going to tell you the story of my right hand.”  He raised his disfigured mutilated left hand that was somehow restored in a long treatment given at Army’s artificial limb center at Pune, Maharashtra. Everybody was shocked to see, and he narrated….

The first sign of Chinese aggression was the echoing sound of firing along the borders that developed panic among the local people. However the presence of Indian army even though less in number and the encouragement of the then administrators posted at Hawai made us feel somewhat comfortable.

Mr. Chowdhary a Circle Officer, Hawai came to us and said, he wanted some 10 young boys to help the army. When I decided to offer my services, my parents and the people around me objected and advised not to do such a foolish thing.

Mr. Chowdhary managed to persuade the GBs of surrounding villages and we were made into a team of 10 together. Mr. Reso Pul and Kaho Pul and I are the only ones remaining.

We were assigned the task of supplying the war material to the Jawans, lifting of war material in Otter planes including grenades, explosives and 303 rifles etc. He recalled, Chinese army was led by an officer Mr. Sohum Towsit, who belonged to Mishmi Tribe, living in Chinese territory. For the first three consecutive days we were tirelessly working at different locations and were always on the toes.

It was fourth day, our Jawans were lacking in almost everything clothing, food and ammunition etc. except the strong will power. I was assigned the work of loading the material in Otter plane that landed in Hawai. Those were bulky boxes containing Detonators, Grenade caps etc. I came to know about it later on. I was lifting the boxes and few of them were loaded also. Suddenly, one of the boxes exploded while lifting. I heard a big explosion sound and was thrown far away. I fell unconscious, when I woke up, I saw, I was surrounded by some army Jawans and doctors of army medical corps. My left hand was bleeding, the flesh was dangling and fingers mutilated.  

After the initial treatment, I was shifted to Army’s artificial limb center, Pune for further treatment. Commandant Gupta who was the In-charge of the artificial limb center was kind enough and used to cheer us with his frequent visits and friendly joyous talk. I was there for about six months.

He recalled, during the period Gen. Sham Manekshaw visited and he had an opportunity to talk to him personally and even narrated the story.

52 years have passed but those brave memories are still alive. Every year on Wallong Day celebrations, I am invited to talk on the subject. During the period many officers have come and gone, I am still narrating the story.

However, I have only one pain, that my services have not been rewarded yet. Every officer promises to take up the matter, but the when officer goes; the promise also goes with him. I do not need money, service but just recognition in my lifetime. He showed us his collection of photos and said “I want to see myself that I have been awarded.”

Mayeso Pul is right. The Army and the State need to recognize the unsung Heroes of Arunachal Pradesh. We have no dearth of Heroes, then what for we are waiting. I am sure, having General J. J. Singh (retired) as our Governor; Mayeso Pul will fulfill his long awaited dream.  (The writer is a Fulbright scholar and Executive Director of Research Institute of Worlds Ancient Traditions Cultures and Heritage, Roing)


Be sensitive to the emotional needs of children: DDSE

Workshop on ‘using story books as teaching Aids held’ at Tezu

TEZU, Nov 11: Lohit DDSE K. Rina has inaugurated a workshop on ‘Use of story books as teaching Aids’ at the BRC Complex Tezu today.

“Library books are the finest tools to be sensitive to the emotional needs of children. Make the best use of them”, Rina exhorted teachers in his inaugural address.

He lauded the guest faculty, Nabanita Deshmukh, well-known children’s writer and Bappu Deshmukh, an environmental educator from Pondicherry, for coming all the way as volunteers to strengthen the Lohit Youth Library movement and thus helping improvement of the educational scenario of the district.

The DDSE also received a carton of colourful books and story-reading videos from Ms Deshmukh  as a gift from the guests for the readers of the Lohit Youth libraries.

The workshop was conducted by the District Education Dept jointly with the VT-AWIC Youth Library Network, Lohit, covering different sections of library-users - teachers from the Govt and private schools of Tezu, senior students from Govt. Hr. Sec School, Tezu and the young readers from the VT-AWIC library at the Police Welfare School, Tezu. The Deshmukhs had conducted a similar workshop last week at Roing.

The highlight of the workshop was the active interaction among the participants – teachers, the younger ones and the senior students. This enabled the faculty to effectively demonstrate appropriate techniques of story-telling and story reading, based on the age-level and reading taste of the listeners. This was followed by an active group discussion, with the participants themselves identifying the important techniques to be used in a story-telling. Nabanita Deshmukh also blended melodious poems into her narrations, to the delight of the audience, both young and old.

Bappu Deshmukh and S. Mundayoor, Coordinator, Lohit Youth Libraries, demonstrated how a presentation can be made lively by making a skit, and by innovating upon a common story. They also introduced well-known children’s books by Roald Dahl and Dr. Seuss, favourite titles among the Lohit Youth Library readers.

Yealiang Tamblu, teacher and Library-activist welcomed the gathering and introduced the guests, while Mom Jamoh, teacher showered praises on  Deshmukh  duo for demonstrating lively techniques which made the teaching of language not only effective but a joyful experience to the learners.

The Deshmukhs would be conducting a 2 day workshop at the request of DDSE Anjaw. As library volunteers they would also be interacting with the readers of other youth libraries and schools in Walong, Hawai, Wakro, Chongkham and Lathao. A team of university students from Britain had conducted a similar series of highly interesting workshops last month in Lohit.


AAF appreciates govt gesture

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: Arunachal Artiste Forum (AAF), in a release, said that Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has assured honorarium for senior and yesteryear’s artiste of the State.

AAF said that Khandu has also assured to fulfill its other demands submitted in the form of memorandum, including construct an office building for the Forum, a multipurpose cultural complex and organization of inter-tribes cultural festival/exchange programme.

It also thanked the CM for assuring Forum to extend all possible help in conducting the proposed state level mega talent hunt ‘Arunachal Got Talent Khoj-1.



India keeping a watch on Chinese border plans: Krishna

“Chinese dams wont impact downstream flow”

New Delhi, Nov 11: India is keeping a constant watch on development of rail links by China in the border areas.

"Government is giving careful and special attention to the development of infrastructure in the border areas opposite China, in order to meet our strategic and security requirements and also to facilitate the economic development of these areas. This includes the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh,'' said foreign minister S M Krishna while answering a Lok Sabha written question.

Apart from extending its Lhasa rail link to Xigaze near its border with Nepal, Beijing is reported to be working on linking Lhasa to Nyingchi -- where the Chinese are building the largest dam in the world -- near the Arunachal Pradesh border.

"We keep a constant watch on all developments having a bearing on India's security and takes all necessary measures to safeguard it,'' he added.

Nyingchi is also the place from where China is said to be contemplating diverting the Brahmaputra waters even though there is no official confirmation on this.

India has taken up the matter of construction of large-scale dams in the upper reaches of rivers entering the country from Tibet on Yarlung Zangbo, also known as Tsangpo, with the Chinese authorities at the highest level although China has categorically denied that it was a constructing a dam in the upstream of Brahmaputra for the purposes of diversion.

Answering a question on the media reports of China building dams, Minister of State for Water Resources Vincent H Pala told the Rajya Sabha today that the Government was aware of the news reports about China building 55 dams in the Tibetan region, including upstream of the Brahmaputra.  China had denied such construction in the upper reaches of Brahmaputra. Its External Affairs Minister had stated about the construction of the Zangmu hydro-power station that was widely reported in the media. He had stated that Zangmu was a 'small project' with power generation being the main aim and not water supply. The power station would not store and regulate the volume of water and this would not have an adverse impact on the downstream areas. However, Pala said, was keeping a constant watch on the situation.


Workshop on mathematical skill and ability

‘Arunachali children can do wonders, need proper guidance’

WAKRO, Nov 11: The Arunachali children are very talented and will do wonders provided they are guided and assisted well, said M.N. Chaturvedi, the resource person, while appreciating the KGBV girls in an inaugural function of the week-long workshop ‘on development of Mathematical skill and ability’ today.

I have many techniques to share with my children, said M.N. Chaturvedi who retired as Principal of a Higher Secondary School the VKV Laipuli in April 2010.

He also revealed that he has already conducted eight such workshops in many government run schools in Roing area. The children responded very warmly to the workshop and there was a very vibrant atmosphere of learning in the Anandamoyee Hall of the KGBV, Wakro.

This eminent retired but not tired teacher Chaturvedi has a unique history of his dedicated life for proper education to the children of the state.

Chaturvedi had resigned as a senior Govt teacher in May 1977 to join voluntary effort in imparting quality education in Arunachal. He was the founder Principal of VKV Roing which he started on  Sept 11, 1977.  In a record time of six years Chaturvedi steered the school with all necessary infrastructure and groomed a bunch of energetic vibrant young learners.

Chaturvedi also served VKV schools in difficult areas of Sher, Shergaon, Jairampur and Port Blair.

This devoted teacher has now decided to guide and help children in Arunachal to develop Mathematical ability and skills. He plans to stay on in Arunachal to continue sharing his joy and service adequately proving “retired but not tired.”

“You are really fortunate to have teachers like Chaturvedi who are always willing to help and guide you in your life” said Vineeta Jalan, Patron, Anu Shiksha Seva Trust (ASSET), while inaugurating the workshop.

She exhorted the girls of KGBV, Wakro to make the most of the workshop and pursue learning with devotion and commitment. Vineeta also expressed hope that such efforts will drive out the Math scare in children and promote interest in the subject.

The Chairman ASSET conveyed his gratitude to M.N. Chaturvedi saying that it is the commitment and concern of leaders like him which will make all the difference.


Two houses gutted at Yazali

Ziro, Nov, 11: Two residential houses were gutted to ashes in a devastating fire at Yazali town under Yachuli subdivision of Lower Subansiri district, 40 kms from here on Monday night last.

The fire that broke out at around 10.30 pm from a candle light that was used for studying by two small children of Gem Taje  in absence of electricity  that night completely  burnt the  two  semi-permanent type residential house of Gem Taje and his neighbor Taba Jobi and partially damaging another RCC building of Taje. According to an assessment of ADC Yachuli , Property worth of over ` 2000000 lakhs is damaged in the fire. However, there is no causality or injury in the  accident.

Timely intervention of GREF personnel of Yazali who swung into action by using their filled water tank  for domestic use  controlled the fire from spreading to the other compact residential area and thereby averted a major  fire, reports DIPRO.

All Yachuli Students’ Union (AYSU) appealed to the public and panchayat leaders, various NGOs to extend helping hands to the fire victims.

It expressed gratitude to Yachuli ADC Yowa Topu for providing ` 25000 to each victim as an immediate relief during his visit on November 9. The ADC directed the AFA to prepare the loss assessment for onward action from the Government.

Meanwhile, AYSU demanded the Lower Subansiri deputy commissioner to do the needful for establishing a fire station within Yachuli constituency immediately.


Citizens calls for shifting of headquarters

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: The people of Payum circle of West Siang district, in a meeting last month, have unanimously decided to move the Government to shift the circle headquarter from its present site to Rogong Rorang, which is a better and spacious place for infrastructure development.

In the meeting, a committee, namely Town Development Committee (TDC), was also formed with ZPM Taken Yasing as president to take up the matter with the Government.

TDC said that the present site of the circle headquarter was not feasible for further development of town with no scope for extension from any direction. In fact, it is a forlorn and deserted place with few departmental buildings where no any Govt staff, public leaders or general public lives.

The meeting was attended by PRI leaders, intellectuals and public in large number.


Awareness prog on fire safety

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: An awareness-cum-sensitization programme on Fire Safety and Disaster Management was organized at school premises of Bunny’s Fantasy World,  here  today.

The officer-in-charge of Itanagar Fire Service Station S. C. Mozumder along with fireman Liyom Sora conducted the programme successfully. Students, parents and staffs were briefed how to handle the disastrous situations and calamities during the sensitization proramme.

Among others the school Headmistress Omem Erng along withschool staff  also attended the programme to encourage the students.

A demonstration on disaster management and mock drill on fire fighting were highly beneficial for the students.


AP-Arunachal peace team

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: As part of a peace program, a team comprising of Takam Mishing Porin Kebang and All Assam Students Union and delegates from six districts of the state would visit Tawang and West Kameng.

The team would be headed by former state secretary Arunachal Pradesh youth congress ASM Bilat East Siang Ellison Siram.

The journey of proposed peace tour is scheduled to be started on 13 Nov 2010 from Pasighat and will conclude on 20 Nov.

The youth fronts of various organizations of both the states are very much concerned about the various incidents occurring in different parts of the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, a message said. The team hopes that the proposed peace tour would give the members an opportunity to understand the border issues confronting the two states.


Efforts on to provide more facilities to jawans: ITBP DG

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: ITBP Director General R.K. Bhatia inaugurated MT Garage and Sector Workshop constructed by CPWD at Khating Hill, State Head Quarter ITBP recently.

Later, addressing the ITBP officers, and Jawans at Sainik Sabha, Bhatia said that the morale of the troops deployed at Forward Posts is very high despite various odds like high altitude rugged terrain, inhospitable climatic condition. He also briefed about various facilities available to defense forces in the country.

Further, emphasizing the proposal of ITBP for providing Uncongenial Area Allowance to the personnel deployed at 26 BOPs of ITBP, he informed that efforts are being made by Dte General to import quality clothing items/equipments for BOPs. He further said that the efforts are being taken up by ITBP with State Govt at highest level for repair and maintenance of existing log bridges and construction of FSBs at forward areas of Arunachal Pradesh.

The DG further said various programmes are being chalked out to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the ITBP in 2011.  He also briefed about the efforts being taken up by Dte General to provide adequate accommodation/family quarters for ITBP personnel at various locations under Public Private Partnership.

Earlier, ITBP DG along with other officers visited Ziro, Tama Chung Chung, Taksin forward posts, TC Daporijo on Nov 10. During interaction with the jawans, the DG assured that necessary steps are being taken with highest level for required number of ration sorties and other equipment for personnel posted in BOPs.


ABK Wishes Miss Silverine Swer on her 100th Birthday

Silverine Swer will celebrate her 100th Birthday on 12th Nov. 2010. Born on 12th Nov. 1910 in Shillong, Meghalaya, Miss Silverine Swer did her graduation from Calcutta University in 1932 and a B.T. in 1936. During the Second World War, the Government appointed her as Assistant Controller of Rationing at Shillong to streamline the rationing system. This task she carried out effectively which earned her a special commendation from the Government.

She had been a teacher in the Pine mount School, Shillong before joining Government Service in the erstwhile North East Frontier Agency (NEFA).  In March, 1953 Miss Silverine Swer joined as Social Education Officer in the Community Project at Pasighat. She made tremendous contribution in the field of education, health and hygiene and other community project works during her posting at Pasighat. Later she functioned as Principal Teachers Training Institute, Changlang from which post she retired in 1968.



Measles catch up campaign

Dr D Padung


Measles is a highly infectious and potentially fatal viral infection mainly affecting children. Immunization against measles directly contributes to the reduction of under-five child mortality and hence to the achievement of Millennium Development Goal number 4. In a recent review of Indian published literature the median case fatality ratio (CFR) of measles was found to 1.63%1. Even at this CFR the mortality burden of measles is high because the un-immunized individuals form a cohort of susceptibles for measles infection, often at a very young age.

Deaths from measles occur mainly due to complications of measles. Infants and young children, especially those who are malnourished, are at highest risk of dying. With the introduction of measles vaccine in national program from 1985, which is given at 9 to 12 months of age, the disease burden has reduced and this reduction can be further accelerated by improving the coverage of the 1st dose of measles which stands at 69.6% as per DLHS-3 survey and providing second opportunity for measles vaccination. In controlled studies it has been found that measles vaccine efficacy is of the order of 89% when given at 9 months of age and approximately 99% when given at >12 months of age. Actual vaccine effectiveness, under field conditions, is usually lower. It is of the order of 85% when given at 9 months and 95% when given at >12 months of age2.

What is Measles?

The measles virus is one of the most infectious agents causing human disease. The virus is an exclusive human pathogen and has no animal reservoirs or vectors. Transmission is by respiratory droplets or direct contact. When the measles virus is introduced into a non-immune population, nearly 100% of individuals become infected and develop a clinical illness. In areas with tropical climates, most cases of measles occur during the dry season and in areas with temperate climates the peak is during the late winter and early spring.

The average interval from exposure to onset of rash is 14 days (range 7–18 days). Patients are contagious 2–3 days before the rash until 1–2 days after the onset of the rash. Following inhalation of virus-containing droplets, measles virus infects the nasopharyngeal epithelium and soon spreads. Five to seven days after exposure, the infection is spread through the bloodstream to the skin, conjunctivae and respiratory tract. Towards the end of the incubation period patients develop the prodromal symptoms of high fever, cough, coryza and conjunctivitis. The typical macula-papular rash appears 3–4 days after the prodrome with a high fever peaking at 39–40°C.

The rash spreads from the face and neck to the trunk and extremities fading after about 3 days. Patients normally improve by the third day of rash and fully recover 7–10 days from the onset of the disease. Most persons recover from measles without sequelae. Complications associated with measles particularly in children less than 5 years of age may result in death. Case fatality from measles infection can form a significant and preventable proportion of the under five mortality burden. Complications include otitis media (5–15%) and pneumonia (5–10%). In impoverished areas, persistent diarrhoea with protein-losing enteropathy may ensue, particularly in young infants.

Rationale for Measles Catch-up Campaign

Routine measles vaccination for children combined with mass immunization campaigns in countries with high case and death rates are key public health strategies to reduce global measles deaths.  Measles is a leading cause of childhood mortality, and the reduction of child mortality is a key Millennium Development Goal. Analysis of measles outbreak data for the period 2006 to 2009, in states with outbreak surveillance reveals that around 90% of the measles cases were in the age group of <10 years. Although reported coverage for measles vaccination is high, previous CES revealed that it never exceeded 70%. As measles vaccination does not confer 100% protection and sero-conversion rate is only 85% when given at 9 months of age, a substantial number of children remain unprotected even if they are vaccinated. Supplementary activities like measles catch-up campaign is required to sustain high measles vaccination coverage and also for providing a second opportunity for the unprotected children. Lessons learnt from this campaign will be useful for future immunization activities.

A follow up campaign may be required to maintain high population immunity against measles besides maintaining high routine immunization coverage. The timing and need for a follow-up campaign will be determined by routine immunization coverage rates, the quality of the catch-up campaign and surveillance data.

Overall strategy for catch-up campaign

The highest level of political, administrative ownership, commitment and support needs to be sustained for successfully implementing measles catch-up campaigns and complement each other’s strengths. Measles catch-up campaigns are a onetime activity and therefore coverage must be near 100% in the target age-group to impact on disease transmission and rapidly build up population immunity.

The target age group for measles catch-up campaigns will be all children in the age group 9 months to 10 years (not reached their 10th birthday) irrespective of their prior measles immunization status or history of measles like illness. The following approach will be used for measles catch-up campaigns in India:

1. During the campaign period, immunization activities for the campaign will be conducted without disturbing the routine immunization/Village Health & Nutrition days of the week.

2. To ensure safety, all children will be immunized at fixed posts (‘Measles Session sites’) only.

3. On an average, a district will be able to complete the campaign in 3 weeks. Immunization session sites will operate from schools in the 1st week and from outreach sites in the community in 2nd and 3rd weeks.

4. One village or an urban area will be covered in 1 day by a team(s). If the size of the village or urban area is large, multiple teams will be deployed so as to cover it in one day. But no vaccination team will conduct activities at two session sites in any one day.

5. Several such vaccination teams will work simultaneously in a block or an urban municipality to complete the immunization activities in the shortest possible time without compromising on quality and safety of vaccination.

6. A school session will start as soon as the school starts in the morning and will end when all children have been immunized. An outreach site will operate from 8 AM to 2 PM or until the last child has been vaccinated. The ANM will do her scheduled work in that area for that day after 2 PM. This will also ensure that the ANM is available in the area for at least 1 hour after the last injection to attend to any AEFI.

7. Mobile teams will be used for covering hard to reach areas, mobile populations and temporary settlements. These teams will not go from house to house, but will immunize children from a fixed location in these high-risk population settlements.

8. Supervisors will support the vaccinator teams on the day of activity and assess coverage on the day after the completion of activity with a structured check list.

9. Areas having less than 90% coverage will be reached again by immunization teams to vaccinate the missed children. Ensuring safe injections practices will be of paramount importance during the campaign and only trained vaccinators must be allowed to vaccinate children.


1. All vaccination to be given by trained personnel from fixed sites.

2. One village /urban area to be covered in one day. No vaccinator will work at two session sites on the same day.

3. Schools will be covered in first week; outreach and hard to reach areas in 2nd and 3rd weeks.

4. ANM will continue with RI and other activities on scheduled days of the week.

5. Each beneficiary will wait for at least 30 minutes after measles vaccination. Vaccinators will wait for at least one hour at the site after vaccinating the last child.

6. Accurate and realistic micro-plans will be critical for success.

7. All injection waste materials will be disposed per CPCB norms.

In Arunachal Pradesh, the measles catch up campaign is conducted in East Siang District only wef 8th November 2010 and is ongoing. Rest of the districts will have SIA during April / May 2011. A humble request to all concern is that all the children (9 months to 10 years) must be vaccinated irrespective of earlier measles vaccination status. While taking vaccination, the advice of the vaccination team / vaccinator must be strictly followed to avoid preventable events. (The contributor is State Nodal Officer (NRHM) Arunachal Pradesh)


Congress celebrates birth anniversary of Azad

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: The Congress party has celebrated the 122nd birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan here in a befitting manner today. The celebration function was organized by Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) Ethic Cell as a part of the year-long celebration of 125 years of Indian National Congress.

APCC spokesman and advisor to CM, Vishal P Nabam delivered lecture on the life and achievement of Azad as resource person. Born in Nov 11, 1888 in Mecca, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was one of the foremost leaders of Indian freedom struggle apart from being a scholar and poet. He was inspired by the non-cooperation movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi, joined  INC in 1920 and became the president of INC from 1940-46. He left for heavenly abode on February 22, 1958. Azad was posthumously awarded Bharat Ratna in 1992 for his invaluable contribution to the nation.

Among others, Arunachal Pradesh Building and Others Construction Workers Welfare Board chairman Jalley Sonam, PCC executive and advisor to CM Nanom Jamoh,  APCC general secretary Tachu Hina also spoke on the occasion and  called upon the party workers to follow the footsteps of the great freedom fighters and leaders like Azad for unity, peace and communal harmony.

APCC general secretary Minkir Lollen, secretary Byabang Nukh, NSUI president Kafa Bagang, PCC executives members and office bearers attended the celebration.


U-19 Inter Club Ranking T20 Cricket Tournament

UCCC & JCC win

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: United Capital Cricket Club (UCCC), Itanagar and Jaryir Cricket Club  (Hime), Likabali won their respective matches in U-19 Inter Club Ranking T20 Cricket Tournament today.

UCCC under the captaincy of Vijay Chiji triumphed by 8 wicket  over Royal Kings-XI Club, Itanagar at Naharlagun Cricket Ground.

While batting first after winning the toss,  Royal Kings-XI club set a target of 62 run which was easily reached by UCCC in 8.3 over losing two wickets. Toko Robin ( 3wkt) was declared man of the match (MoM).

In another match of the day, Jaryir Cricket Club beat A-Sector Youth Cricket Club by 10 runs. Chasing a target of 108 runs set by JCC to win, A Sector team were skittled out for just 97 runs in the penultimate over.

Tobom Ngomle, of JCC was declared MoM for his four wicket haul.


Today’s match

8 am

1. Kargu Kardi Cricket Club vs Nirjuli Market Welfare Cricket Committee

12.30 pm

2. Nirjuli Legends Cricket Club vs Mengio Cricket Club






Training prog for Asha’s

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: Ten days training on 6 and 7th Module of ASHA was inaugurated at IDSP hall District Hospital Khonsa today.

DMO Dr.S.Ronya said  that ASHA being the link worker between the Health Department and the village, hence they should understand their responsibility and contribute in the NRHM goal of lowering the MMR, IMR and TFR.

Dr.K.Perme, DRCHO reminded the ASHA’s to utilize the VH&SC fund judiciously and conduct village health and nutrition day regularly.

He called on the ASHA’s to submit the UC’s of VH&SC on time.

N.Wangzen i/c DC Khonsa also spoke about the importance of timely submission of UC’s and requested the ASHA’s to cooperate and coordinate with health department in implementing the National Health programme.

The Training is being organized block wise for convenience of the ASHAs.

H.Monia and N.Bangsia of Longding CHC and District Hospital Khonsa were the Resource persons.


ALSU demands action

ITANAGAR, Nov  11: An Emergency meeting was conducted by the Arunachal Law Students’ Union (ALSU) at Naharlagun in connection with the November nine  incident of car burning by miscreants. While condemning the cowardice act by the miscreants who burnt down the private vehicle of ALSU general secretary Kipa Kanam, the union appealed to the authorities concerned to arrest the culprit involved within seven days failing which the union would launch democratic movement to fulfill its demand.

Nyapin, Sangram, Phassang Students Union (NSPSU) today condemned the cowardice act of car burning at Leki village.The union appealed the law enforcing authorities to investigate and to trace out the miscreants involved. It further appealed the students bodies to work together for a society free from all kinds of nuisance including vandalism and criminal activities.


AAPWU cabinet takes oath

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: The oath taking ceremony of the All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union (AAPWU) cabinet members was held at its head office, Itanagar yesterday.

Union president Jalley Sonam administered the oath of office and secrecy to the executive members of the union who have been re-selected/re-elected for a period of five years  in a general body meeting held on Nov 8 at its head office.  

Jalley Sonam and Changma Tajo have been re-selected as president and vice president of the Union at Daporijo conference. Other cabinet members include Hage Tara, working president, Kipa Tanam as Vice President (HQ), Tali Nguri and Rakhe Boda as vice president eastern and western zone, Tai Yapu, Tok Madam and Tana Yakung as its women wing President, Vice President and General Secretary respectively.


Inter-circle students meet

ITANAGAR, Nov  11: Nyapin, Sangram, Phassang  Students’ Union  (NSPSU)  will organize a inter-circle students meet at Sangram from Nov 23 to 26.

The programme includes literary, cultural and sports competition among the students from various schools in order to explore the latent talent of the students.


Organisations formed

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: The East Siang Unemployed Youth Welfare Organization (ESUYWO) was formed on November 10 at Pasighat with Oyin Yomso (Jr) and  John Ering as president and general secretary respectively.

Lada Township Land Donor Association (LTLDA) in East Kameng has been formed with Wangdu Sangchoju and Dev Sangchoju as its president and secretary on Nov 4.


Marde to attend foundation day

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Minister Takar Marde would attend as chief guest in the 7thfoundation day cum conference of Kalom Ao Welfare Society at Tirbin on November 20.

The three-day programme will begin from Nov 18 and  the final match of the 2nd Kalom Ao Open Football tournament will be held on Nov 19.


ANYA urge

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) while condemning the vandalization of residential quarters of Lower Subansiri deputy commissioner and OC, Ziro, urged Government to reward both the deputy commissioner and OC for their prompt action in tackling the irate mob.


Birth anniversary

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: The Bahai’s of Itanagar is going to celebrate the 193rd Birth anniversary of Baha’u’llah, the Founder prophet of Bahai faith at E-Sector Itanagar on November 12.


CRC silver jubilee

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: Christian Revival Church, Naharlagun is celebrating its silver jubilee at its F-Sector, Naharlagun church premises from November 19-21.


Design and development training

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: A week-long skill development programme on ‘design and product development for textile and cane-bamboo-wood products’ has been launched at DIC, Pasighat on Nov 8 last.

The programme is being sponsored by National Centre for Design and Product Development, New Delhi and conducted by DIC Pasighat.

Altogether, six programmes will be conducted on cluster-wise and the closing ceremony will be held on December 17 next.


Society appeals

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: Ramle Banggo Welfare Society appealed to the State Government to issue independent administrative power to ADC Nari for issue of PRC, ILP, ST certificate etc. for convenience of public of the area.

Meanwhile, it expressed gratitude to East Siang district administration for extending financial assistance of Rs.2000 each to the fire victims of Nari main market as an immediate relief and setting up a committee to assess the properties damaged for recommendation to the State government for further necessary action.

The immediate relief of Rs.2000 is appreciable but not enough considering the extent of the damages, the RBWS said, and urged the Government to take immediate necessary action for quick rehabilitation of the affected families.


Local TV channel soon

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: Arunachal TV, in a meeting yesterday, resolved to launch a local TV channel soon in the capital to cover up news, events and other programs. An executive has been constituted with Techi Kaso as chairman, Kara Guma as managing director, Tana Tagi Tara as programme executive and TG Tara as technical director.


Relief distributed

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: Sangha Welfare Society Parsi Parlo appreciated Mother Teresa Missionary of Charity Regional Unit, Guwahati,  and its Naharlagun and Palin units for providing relief materials to the victims of the fire incident and Rat menace of Parsi-Parlo area.

The relief material was distributed by a team of sisters and SWS Chairman to 100 effected families at Byatey camp, Koloriang on Nov 9.


Society clarifies

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: The Nyoi Welfare Association in a release said that the girl in a video clip reportedly in circulation does not belong to Nyoi clan.


ACR questions

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: Arunachal Citizens’ Right (ACR), while condemning the setting ablaze the car of All Arunachal Law Students’ Union General Secretary Kipa Kanam on the Nov 9 at Lekhi village near Nirjuli, expresses concern for the life and security of the people living in and around the capital complex, especially of those who think of or try to question the illegal activities. ACR urged the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh to trace out and punish the culprits so that people may retain faith in the working of the system and live without fear.

The incident is a clear denial and curtailing of a person’s right to expression, as claimed by Kanam, is proved right.

As a responsible and concerned citizen, Kanam has every right to question the illegal appointments of the TOIs of Tourism Department and the inspectors of the Tax and Excise Department, it said.


Committee takes action

ITANAGAR, Nov 11: Rayee Panchayat Wildlife Protection Committee members recently caught five ‘intruders’ at Keese (Changchi) hilltop area along with .22 rifle and a SBBL and other ammunitions. However, the case was later settled locally through ‘Mel’ and the weapons that were deposited in the office of the Toru circle for safe custody were released subsequently, the release said. Hunting of wild animals and fishing is strictly prohibited in Toru circle and anyone caught in the jungles or rivers with the intention of hunting and fishing will be dealt with firm hand as per law, the committee said in a release.

It appealed to all the people of Capital Complex region and people of other district, especially Lower Subansiri and circles bordering with Toru to refrain from illegal hunting and fishing in Toru, particularly at Ngopiso, Hara Happa, Solok Geku, Nirup Nalla, Changchi Pobo (Kesse), Muku Sii, Toko Putu, Bachi Pakab, Dabi nallah and Pare Pobu.


No work, no pay for East Kameng officials

Seppa: Taking serious note of absentee govt officials from their respective posting place, the Deputy Commissioner East Kameng Tope Bam has passed an order directing them to stay at their respective posting places.

Bam said that ‘no work, no pay’ is being implemented in the district.

The DC further said that he shall not consider any officer reporting absent from the duty on the pretext of shortage of the accommodation in the work place while adding that HODs must ensure that every one stays in their place of posting. (DIPRO)


Workshop on endangered languages

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies, RGU, North Eastern Regional Centre of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Guwahati  are jointly organizing a three-day workshop cum symposium on status of unwritten and endangered languages of Arunachal Pradesh from November 15-17 at RGU.

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