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November - 13



Till it happens

Dear Editor,

I find the statements of T. Sono in his letter 'May good sense prevail' (NOV 12) no better than a school boy of class V. His knowledge seems to be based on the advertisements and propaganda of govt and corporate. His idea of dam welfare is as innocent as found in the text-books of a little school boy. He never seems to read magazines like 'Frontline' which have highlighted problems by mega dams, the problems being more dangerous than the benefits.

T.Sono's idea that just as we use vehicles without thinking of accident, we should let dams come up without thinking of disaster is hilarious. Is there any other example of such a funny and careless idea put forward by a reader in 'Arunachal Times'?

Accidents affect one or a small group of people at a time. When dam waters will submerge large areas of our state, people like T. Sono will know what it means to be disasters of huge scale. Till then everything will look like a small accident to those who are blindfolded.

Yours etc,

Tako Soyuj (on email)




The Chattisgarh way

Dear Editor,

The Dorjee Khandu led Congress govt in Arunachal Pradesh is hell bent on making us the public believe that our development is related to dams. Let us know facts. Chattisgarh is one of the poorest states in India in terms of welfare of its people. It is a tribal state and the power hub of India. The state gives the most power to India. Yet it is the hotbed of Naxalism. This is because the tribals in the state have been displaced from their lands by dams, mines and other central govt activities in collaboration with the power companies.

The condition of the tribal people in Chattisgarh is worse than animals although it is such a power-rich state of India. Their standard of living is as worse as the poorest of poor African countries. Why? Why does a state which is the electricity hub of India have become the hotbed of Naxalism? Why are tribals of Chattisgarh still below poverty line? It is high time the people of Arunachal Pradesh realize the truth and stop being fooled by Dorjee Khandu.

Ministers are slaves of kings, not leaders. Assam has found a leader in Akhil Gogoi. Arunachal Pradesh still has to find one.


Ropi Jamoh(on email)




Spread your wings

Dear Editor,

The people nowadays are becoming increasingly aware of the happenings in the state because of the growth of the print media of the state. Now every educated person wants a copy of the local daily every day on their table.

The people in the capital area gets their paper daily at their doorstep in the morning but for us people in Khonsa, we always get our paper 3 to 4 days late. And as per my knowledge that’s not a problem in Khonsa alone.

Here I’d like to suggest if the local dailies could open up offices in the eastern and western parts of our state. In that way there would be more news report about the happenings in various parts of our state and we would also get our daily papers a little earlier if not on the same day.

I would also like to suggest if this daily could add a little more national news to it as I have seen that Obama stay wasn't properly covered. As I’am a regular reader I look up and wish this daily to be the most complete and the best.


Khunwang W

Khonsa (on email)



Spare Vijaynagar

Dear Editor,

This is with reference to the letter "Name change" Nov 12 by Takam Kadum.

I dont understand why he felt the need to change the name of Vijaynagar. This name was given by the then Rtd Major General A S Guraya, who discovered this beautiful land and brought it in the Indian territory and subsequently accepted by the people of Arunachal Pradesh & NEFA Administration.

Prior to this, Vijaynagar was under the territory of neither Myanmar nor India. And every Ex Assam Rifles personnel, who had been settled there by the government of India are very happy with this name. If Mr. Kadum has maturity then he wouldn't have written this without knowing the actual facts and hurting the sentiments of Vijaynagar people, who sacrificed everything & settled there to protect our mother land.


Bhumi Upadhayaya

Noida(on email)



Before formulation of policies

Dear Editor,

It will be indeed a great revolution if our health minister can streamlined the transfer and posting of Doctors. In fact 3 years rotation posting is a welcome steps. Many high profile doctors are concentrated only in GH-Naharlagun or Itaport dispensary since their first posting whereas there is lack of doctors in Outposts.

However denying home town posting will give more negative impact because home posting appears to be more advantageous not only for the public but for the doctors too. Doctors are humanly more dedicated in their home place as most of the patients are directly or indirectly related to them. The public can even approach freely at doctor’s quarters irrespective of timing.

Private practices are relatively limited in home town posting. More over government are not providing quarter for all doctors and local doctors can always stay in their own home with their family. Earned leave & C/L are also not taken too often during home town posting.

Doctors at home town can do wonders in health awareness campaign of various National and state programmes. Public are more receptive when it comes from their own. Language also would not be a barrier and there would be effective disseminations of information.  

In case of epidemic, post-mortem etc local doctors are more effective as they know acquainted with the place.There are few disadvantages of home posting like involvement of doctors in local politics, encroachment/allotment of own government quarter, using the ambulance for lifting food grains etc for which the law will take its own course. The policy maker should consider all these fact before denying the home postings.


Ori j,

Imphal (on email)



It’s not called sedition

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the letter "Be a little more discerning!" by T. Sono  (Nov 11).

First and foremost, I am not a Chinese person.

Secondly, I am born within the territory called India.

Thirdly, I believe in Humanity more than Nationality. So, whatever I wrote is truth and nothing else. I mean harm to no country in the world. All these are man-made differences.

I just write what is reality. Only an unbiased humanist can understand this. People blinded by concepts like religion, nationality cannot. The editor of  The Arunachal Times who has much knowledge knows that whatever I have written is based on historical facts.

Thank you for reading my letter. Just open your minds and think freely. Thinking and reasoniong reality is not called sedition.

Yours ,

Vox Populi,  (on email)



It’s a privileged society

Dear Editor,

In continuation to the letter “Quota Zone for UGC” by Sudipto Chaudhuri, I would like to highlight that Tribal society of the northeast is one of the most privileged society. The people over here are exempted from income tax under the banner of underprivileged society and one can see the luxuries of car they ride on.

Truly, there is a loopholes in the constitution of India where all the general category has to pay the Income Tax in the name of the development of the country whereas the Tribal people over here are enjoying all the privilege without hard work. The simple fact the central Government is having a fear of loss, so all the hard earned funds are pounded in this liability state.



Shillong (on email)





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Wishes from Arunachal as educationist Silverene hits century

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: Padmashree Silverene Swer, who served the people of the NEFA has reached her 100th year. Born on 12th Nov. 1910 in Shillong, Meghalaya, Swer joined as Social Education Officer in the Community Project at Pasighat in March, 1953. Her contribution in the field of education is fondly remembered by the people of undivided Siang and Tirap.

Her tremendous contribution in the field of education, health and hygiene and other community project works during her posting at Pasighat is fondly recalled even today.

She retired in 1968 as Principal Teacher`s Training Institute, Changlang.

Swer, who did her graduation from Calcutta University in 1932 and a B.T. in 1936 was appointed as Assistant Controller of Rationing at Shillong to streamline the rationing system during the Second World War.

She carried out the task effortless which later earned her a special commendation from the Government.

She was a teacher in the Pine Mount School, Shillong before joining Government Service in the erstwhile North East Frontier Agency (NEFA).  

To mark the day, Governor of Meghalaya, Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary felicitated her on 100th birthday at Raj Bhavan, Shillong with Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh as a special guest. Governor Gen Singh greeted the educationist on behalf of people of Arunachal Pradesh. “It has been a unique honour to be present here today and  it is a joyous occasion for all of us to celebrate this day as Padmashree Silverene Swer has seen the birth of our nation at stroke of midnight, to the changing landscapes and the socio-economic fabric which has undergone a dramatic change.

Underscoring the special occasion, Gen Singh said, the learning we draw from elders is the spirit of the life  and the never say die spirit which is the enabling force allowing a person to accomplish more from each passing moment of life.

Governor stated that “We would pass this achievement of yours to people of Arunachal through media and some of your students will be very happy to learn about your health and well being.

Gen Singh extended her an invitation to visit Arunachal Pradesh,

Governor, as a token of love from people of Arunachal Pradesh and to remind her of her good old days in the State presented a Mishmi Pipe to Padmashree Silverene Swer. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)


Governor exhorts Arunachal Battalion to shoulder responsibility

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: Your name will be always there in the history of this battalion as the responsibility of its raising is on your shoulders, said Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh, while addressing the officers and jawans of 1 Arunachal Scouts at Assam Regimental Centre, Shillong this evening. This responsibility itself is a challenge and I am confident that you will accomplish it with excellent, he added.

Governor said, rising of Arunachal Scouts is taken up after much thoughts and discussions by the State Government and Ministry of Defence and in future this battalion has to play its special role. You will come across challenging phases in the future; therefore, your training, your discipline and your combat readiness have to be of highest order. Therefore you have to prepare yourself and carry out this raising as soon as possible. You have approximately six months for the raising and I am sure with you unison effort, you will make it successful.

Former chief of Indian Army advised them to make themselves familiar with every part of Arunachal Pradesh and its terrains and topography during the training and pointed that it will help them in their deployment in the State.

Exhorting the personnel, Gen Singh said, once you have joined the raising of this battalion, you should try to create such a combat record in your period, which will make you proud and such praiseworthy records, which cannot be erased by other. And for that you have to work hard under supreme discipline and tough training, he remarked.

Acknowledging that 1 Arunachal Scouts battalion is being born out of Assam Regiment which is one of the lone infantry regiment of Indian Army, which has personnel from northeast State making it unique and known for its toughness, Gen Singh said, Assam Regiment have the full potential, warfare skills and strong physical and mental abilities of North East region, which is required in a combatant. In warfare expertise, bravery and discipline, it is second to none. Arunachal Scouts should also acquire such tradition of utmost discipline and complete perfection in warfare proficiency. Governor, while congratulating Colonel Anuj Jain and Subedar Major Narbir Dahal for being the first Commanding Officer and first Subedar Major of this battalion, expressed his hope that under their dynamic leadership and able guidance 1 Arunachal Scouts battalion will have strong foundation and rich tradition.

The Governor is on a two-day visit to the Assam Regimental Centre, Shillong to participate in the interaction with 1 Arunachal Scouts organized as part of the 31st Biennial conference and 10th reunion of Assam Regiment from 10th to 12th November 2010.

The Indian Army formally raised the first battalion of the Arunachal Pradesh scouts, a well-trained army unit that will be operative only in Arunachal Prades on 10th November 2010. Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu formally inaugurated the raising day of the Arunachal Pradesh scouts at the parade ground of the Assam Regimental Centre (ARC), Shillong. The functions and operations of Arunachal Pradesh scouts will be similar to that of the Ladakh scouts, the frontier unit of the Indian Army that had played a major role during the Kargil war. Although Arunachal Pradesh scouts will be under the aegis of the Assam Regiment, the men will be from the qualified inhabitants of Arunachal Pradesh. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)


Sena calls on youth to ensure a better tomorrow

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: Finance Minister Setong Sena exhorted students of Dera Natung Govt. College to make strong efforts with determination and set their goal today to convert their dreams into reality.

Addressing the students at Jubilee Hall of the college before the starting of the cultural programme this evening, Sena advised them to make best use of their youthfulness, energy and time and start thinking today about their tomorrow. It is the right time to think about your future and set your goal accordingly, he said.

He said that with self confidence and strong determination, you can achieve the impossible and realize the most difficult dreams.

ANSU president Niglar Veo called upon students’ community to make DNGC a model college and centre of communal harmony where students from all over the states study. He also described the importance of co-curricular activities in today’s cutthroat competitive arena of the world.

SK Sarmah, HoD, English, briefed about the College’s constant growth since its establishment in 1979. He said that many former students of the colleges are now holding many important posts in the state.

The college is now accommodating more than 3500 students in all the three streams.

Students’ Union General Secretary Tanya Angu, on behalf of the college fraternity, submitted a single-point memorandum to chief guest Sena urging him for providing sufficient fund for the development of the college playground along with a big and spacious rostrum either from his MLA local area development fund/SPA or from other sources.

The 4th day of the College Week cultural competitions, included fashion show, mimicry, group songs etc.

The valedictory function of the College Week, which begun on November nine, would be held tomorrow.


Home Dept on an overdrive

ITANAGAR Nov.12: Addressing the Conference of SSPs/ COs which ended here today at State Police Headquarter Home Minister Tako Dabi said that first battalion of 4th IRBN will be raised/ recruited immediately. He also informed that Home guard and Civil Defense will be created soon while for Itanagar and Naharlagun. 50 Traffic police will be recruited immediately to control the present traffic condition.

Home Minister while reviewing the law and order situation of the state said to minimize the present day scenario pertaining to the law and order situation the state,  government is taking up these steps.

The first session of the conference was with the DCs, SPs and DFOs where the issues pertaining to Law and Order situation of the state was discussed with the Chief Minister and the Home Minister of the state. The 2nd session involved the CRPF, Assam Rifles, Army, ITBP, SSB, Commandants and SPs including SIB where security relating to the state was discussed.

Yesterday the Home Minister had said that it is time for the police to be pro-active instead of reactive. (DIPR)


Siang Star takes the top slot at West Siang leg of MMC

AALO, Nov 12: In the second leg of the Multi Media Campaign and Red Ribbon Club Superstar competition at Aalo today, Siang Star emerged the winners with Phoenix and DL Brothers coming second and third respectively. The Mopin Dere witnessed jam packed audience swaying the electric performance of Alien Gods.

The Siang Star and DL Brothers mused to hindi tunes while Phoenix hit it hard with rock songs heating up the evening.  

Earlier, West Siang zilla chairperson Jarsa Gamlin speaking as the chief guest of the occasion urged upon all the youngsters present to come forward for the prevention of HIV/AIDS as it was a problem of the society. Gamlin promised of better coordination in the district and Aalo town when the next leg of the MMC will witness the road shows after the RRC superstar is chosen. APSACS project director Dr. Emi Rumi giving a brief introduction of the MMC called upon all the students and youth present to come forward and participate wholeheartedly at the state level football competition later in December. Further, he emphasized on the need of passing on the message of HIV/AIDS for better dissemination. West Siang DMO Dr. Tamuk and Dr. Liniya Lollen also spoke on the occasion.

Earlier in the morning, the APSACS staff along with the district hospital Aalo conducted a blood donation and HIV screening was held at the hospital.

In the third leg of the Multi Media Campaign and Red Ribbon Club Superstar competition will be held at Pasighat on November 14.


Ziro comes together for a cause

NAHARLAGUN, Nov 12: The District Administration Lower Subansiri District led by Sadhana Deori, the members of Apatani Cultural and Literary Society (ACLS), Ziro, Ex- MLA Nani Ribia, Kabak Apo, ZPM along with family and relatives of the Deputy Commissioner and many other well wishers carried out a social service at the office complex of the Deputy Commissioner today.

The ACLS, Ziro put across the message that now is the time to stop the game of blame and counter blame. Each one should retrospect and contribute towards reconciliation and reconstruction so that everything else is put in place and the daily life continues as usual.

The ACLS strongly urged all sections of the society to stop provocative press release in the larger interest of the district. The District Administration expressed gratitude to all the participants in the social service for the support. The huge turnout in the social service underscores the magnanimity of the public and the inherent potential of the people to do good. The Deputy Commissioner also thanked Padi Richo, MLA and Parliamentary Scretary Land Labour and Employment for his concerted effort during the time of trouble.


Congress protest Sudarshan remarks

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee took out a rally from  Ganga and ‘O’ point Tinali in Itanagar in protest against the remarks of former RSS chief K S Sudarshan against AICC president Sonia Gandhi.

Expressing shock and dismay over the provocative and unacceptable statement of former RSS chief against Sonia who is considered ‘an epitome of sacrifice and patriotism’ in India and all over the world,  state Congress party president Nabam Tuki said it is a national shame that India has produced such ridiculous man. The remarks of Sudarshan clearly proved the style of functioning and thinking of RSS and its sanchalaks, he said.

The Party strongly condemned the Sudarshan remarks and asked the concerned authorities to take appropriate action against him. The party threatened that it will not remain mere spectator and file defamation suit if the statement is not withdrawn and he does not apologize to Sonia Gandhi.

Addressing a rally organised in Bhopal on Wednesday to protest the chargesheet against senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar in Ajmer Sharif bomb blast case, Sudarshan reportedly described the Congress president as “a CIA agent.’’


Engineers undergo training on PMGSY

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: PMGSY is one of the flagship programmes of Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. The main aim is to connect every eligible habitation with all-weather road, which will ultimately result in overall development. In rural Arunachal the programme occupies a greater significance as it ensures assured connectivity to the rural villages within stipulated time frame. Rural Works Department, Government of Arunachal Pradesh being the nodal implementing department in Arunachal Pradesh has made significant progress in partnering with this MoRD’s noble initiative and has earned reputation in national map.

Continuous training on all aspects of PMGSY planning and implementation for engineers and others assumes greater significance to bridge-up the knowledge and skill gaps.

In order to ensure that Engineers at grass root level, especially Assistant Engineers and Junior Engineers are provide a platform of sharing knowledge and new initiatives including hands on practice on various laboratory experiments SIRD has partnered with Rural Works Department, Government of Arunachal Pradesh in conducting a series of training programmes at Rural Works Circle, Rupa.

Informing about this maiden joint initiative V. K. Sharma, Deputy Director, SIRD informed that MoRD had approved conducting orientation and refresher programmes, covering around 292 Assistant Engineers and Junior Engineers of Rural Works Department, Government of Arunachal Pradesh. In total about 106 engineers have been trained till date since June this year in two six day orientation programmes and three refresher programmes of three days each, last one concluding on 10th November, 2010.

Er. T. K. Tagin, Superintending Engineer, RWC, Rupa in his key note address of the inaugural programme of refresher programme beginning today highlighted the significance of PMGSY not only for rural society but for their overall development.

Er. Tagin, while explaining about the need for such training on constant basis emphasised the need for such refresher programmes, which not only provide a platform for learning new initiatives but also allows free exchange of ideas and experiences having greater significance for proper planning and implementation of PMGSY in our state.

Dr. P. K. Khaund, Professor Department of Civil Engineering & Coordinator (STA) for PMGSY, Jorhat Engineering College as the key resource person while inaugurating the programme stressed the need for proper planning for PMGSY. He opined that need for such training programmes helps in freshening up the knowledge base.

In his day long deliberations he updated the participating AEs and JEs of the third and fourth refresher programmes on planning for rural roads, core network and preparation of DPRs, deficiencies in DPRs and weakness in investigation and ways and means of copping up with such weaknesses and investigations.

He also presented in details about MoRD specifications of rural roads and rural roads manuals. Dr. Khaund in his discourse appealed that as coordinator of State Technical Agency for PMGSY he is willing to travel to Arunachal on request to ensure effective and need-based scrutiny of the proposals. He also extended his thanks to SIRD and RWD for giving him the opportunity in these training programmes.

Earlier in a programme concluded on 10th November, 2010 participating engineers urged the need for time for laboratory tests and demonstrations and shared the difficulties in preparation of detail project reports, designs, and technical estimates in difficult and inaccessible terrain in Arunachal Pradesh. Expert Engineers of Rural Works Department and external resource persons are invited as resource persons for the series of training programme approved to be completed by 22nd December, 2010.


Contractors decry irregularity & corruption

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: The corruption and violation of rules in awarding tender works have deprived the registered contractors from their right to execute or implement the projects/schemes in the state. This was said by All Arunachal Registered Contractors Association, after a visit by  its executive team  to various departments in order to  inquire into the supply works awarding system that is being followed by the departments.

Some officers are having firm/trading license in the name of their relatives to grasp the tender works and some regular Govt staff are  directly involved in business with total violation of rules and regulation of Govt staff, the AARCA claimed in a release today.

The association further alleged that  some ministers and MLAs are also motivating the officers  for awarding works to their near and dear unregistered contractors. No formalities are maintained under CPWD and APPWD while awarding works under SPA schemes, it further said.

The Association demanded the state Govt to intervene and streamline the system of awarding contract works and black list all the illegal firms and contractors.


Voice of Arunachal Season-2 audition starts

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: The first audition round of the “Voice of Arunachal Season-2” a singing competition was conducted successfully at Hotel Arun Subansiri today with D Chandra of Manipur, M Doimary, C Rina and Ashok Sonam as mentors.

Altogether, 85 artists from all the districts of the state turned up in the first audition of which  42 artists were selected for the 2nd audition round which will be held soon.

Earlier, inaugurating the function, the organizing Chairman of the VoA Jalley Sonam assured successful completion of the VoA and advised all the contestants to exhibits their hidden talent.

Briefing about the objectives of the Voice of Arunachal, he said that ‘Arunachal Pradesh has numbers of good artist in remote areas also. But, due to lack of proper platform and guidance, they have not been able to exhibit their talent. So, to fill the gap, Voice of Arunachal is presenting a platform so that talented artists of the state could further expose it to the rest of the country, he added.

Sonam further strongly advised all the participants to shun drinking and consuming of other addictive commodities to become a successful artist.

Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Changma Tajo also advised all the contestants to maintain discipline and continue their singing practices even after the completion of this ongoing singing competition.


Governor gives away BS&G Rajya Puraskar Awards

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh gave away Bharat Scouts and Guides Rajya Puraskar Award certificates to thirty-two Scouts and twenty-nine guides at the 13thRajya Puraskar Award ceremony at Raj Bhavan here yesterday.

State Home minister Tako Dabi, State Education Minister Bosiram Siram, who is also the President of State Scouts and Guides organization, Director School Education T Taloh, State Commissioner of Scouts and Guides organization, state organizers, scoutmasters, guide captains, officers of the School Education directorate, scouts and guides and invitees were present on the occasion.

This is an important milestone of your life reflective of your hard work, dedication and disciple,Governor said while congratulating the awardees.

Appreciating to State organizers, Gen Singh said, ‘I believe the ceremony and the camp will go a long way in developing the moral core of the youth. It is a laudable purpose which seeks to channelize the latent potential, capacity and genius of youth to realise their own strengths, capabilities and to raise the bar to become successful and valuable citizens’.

The scouting and guiding is not merely a programme of the youth but also a way to sensitize the society about its own evolution, he said. The governor further said the Bharat Scouts and Guides have been fostering in our society a new culture of work, a refreshingly different attitude through its activities like, community development, literacy programmes, health awareness campaigns and accidents and calamity relief and added ‘it is an education system based on respect and relevance for children, a system which will help each one blossom according to one's best potential.

Governor urged upon the Scout masters and Guide instructors to be creative, innovative and dedicated. You should develop critical, ethical thinking and analytical skills in children. Our Scouts and Guides should be trained in spirit of adventure, spirit of inquiry, spirit of self introspection and growth and spirit of self-sufficiency to enable them to face any challenges in life and emerge victorious, to always be the best and have the burning desire to fight to win in all spheres of life, he added.

Governor expressed his happiness to know that there are 777  units covering 347 schools and colleges in addition to 20 more private educational institutions.

Speaking on occasion, President of State Scouts and Guides organization, Bosiram Siram, who is also  State Education Minister appreciated the officers for making the organization successful in the state. The BSG contributes in nation building by instilling discipline and good moral character amongst the youth, he said. He also highlighted the activities of the organization in the state in social development sector.

In his welcome address, Director School Education T Taloh, State Commissioner of Scouts and Guides organization said, the participation of the Governor is a motivating factor for the Scouts and Guides to do better in the life. He also touched on achievement of state BSG movement, its history and its participation in world centenary celebration of Girls Guide movement. School Education Joint Director B Yirang also spoke on the occasion.

State BSG Organizing Commissioner DP Gupta in his brief report on the activities of the state BSG movement informed that Scout and Guide movement in Arunachal Pradesh started in 1948 with 24 scouts and 24 guides at Pasighat and today it has 777 units in 347 educational institutions recording an enrollment of 18500.  For the first time, the State participated in the 4th All India Jamboree in 1964 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh at national level and in the 7th Australia Jamboree at the international arena in the same year. Among the pioneers in the movement, he said was the Rashtrapati scout Hage Hinda from Ziro, who received his President Scout certificate from the then President of India Dr. S. Radhakrishna on 26th November 1965.

116 scouts and 120 guides from different districts of the state qualified for Rajya Puraskar this year, he further informed.

Earlier on this arrival to the function, the Governor and guests were ushered through the galleries of photographs depicting achievements of the State BSG organization and the trophies it were awarded. Motivating photographs like Mahatma Gandhi participating in BSG activities in 1939 and Hinda receiving the Rashtrapati Scout certificate from the then President of India were in display.

Other highlights of the ceremony were the first aids demonstration in case of accidents, fire mishaps and emergencies. Scouts and guides from Donyi Polo Mission School for Hearing Impaired, Chimpu and King Cup Public School, Itanagar presented cultural programme, while other took part in community songs. The ceremony which started with BSG prayer song saw the induction ceremony of the patron of State BSG organization, Governor Gen JJ Singh by the State Commissioner of Scouts and Guides organization. PRO to CM.


Road safety awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: Road Safety Cell, PHQ, Itanagar conducted traffic safety awareness campaign at Guardian Angel School, Itanagar today.

Team of resource persons headed by ASI AU Ansari, Ct T Sorang and Ct. Md Sarfuddin highlighted on road safety measures, demonstrated traffic signals and safety guidelines through power point presentation.

Altogether, 400 students and 16 teaching staff attended the programme.

Meanwhile, Principal of the institution R M Cheriyan appreciated the PHQ team for conducting the road safety awareness campaign in the school.


NES apprises govt

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: The Nyishi Elite Society (NES) Executive Members led by its President Bengia Tolum called on Chief Secretary Tabom Bam at Banquet Hall Office and approached him for immediate Notification of change of nomenclature from Dafla to Nyishi in the official Gazette Notification of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

NES President Bengia Tolum apprised the Chief Secretary that the Census of India-2011 is in full swing while also expressing his apprehension that some Census Enumerators may wrongly record the name of the tribe during the course of the enumeration being unaware of the historic Constitutional Amendment of 19th March’ 2008 which replaced Dafla by Nyishi.

He also requested the Chief Secretary to direct the Deputy Commissioners and the Department of Census/Department of Economics and Statistics to ensure recording of Nyishi in the Census 2011 in tune with the Constitutional Amendments and to avoid future discrepancies and complicacies.

NES also submitted a representation to the Chief Secretary suggesting the authority to issue corrigendum for the Government Notification notifying the list of Official Holidays for the Calendary Year 2010 wherein Boori-Boot Yullo has been erroneously notified as the festival of the Hills Miri Tribe of Upper Subansiri which has already been replaced by Nyishi Tribe by the said Constitutional Amendment and include Lower Subansiri District against the festival for the purpose of local holiday.

Meanwhile, the Chief Secretary in his usual prompt gesture instantly instructed the Commissioner, GA V.K Dev and Tajom Taloh, Commissioner (Political) to whom the team met later for immediate issue of corrigendum of festival list error and publication of Change of nomenclature to Nyishi in the Official Gazette respectively.

The NES team also briefed the findings of the NES entourage of 10th Nov/2010 to take stock of the ground position of the ZIRO INCIDENT of 3rd Nov/2010 in which the entire Office of the Deputy Commissioner, District Head of Offices, DC Bungalow, Police Station and residence of the Officer-in Charge, Police Station was vandalised beyond imagination and suggested ways and means to make the District Administration functional immediately. The matter was also briefed to Minister,PWD & UD Nabam Tuki earlier in the same day by the team.

Tolum was accompanied by Vice President (West) Dr Tachi Taku, Vice President (East) Tarin Dakpe, Assistant General Secretary Tame Tabin, Secretary,Women Welfare, Higio Aruni, Secretary Sports and Youth Affairs Tadar Appa, Kurung Kumey District Secretary In-charge Yumlam Kaha and Information and Publicity Assistant Secretary Dodum Yangfo.


Arunachal students observe Legal Day

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: The Arunachal Legal Forum Delhi (ALFD), celebrated Legal Day on Nov 9 at South Campus, University Of Delhi, New Delhi.

The occasion was attended by Vinit Anand, Advocate, Tis Hazari Court, Delhi as Chief Guest and Professor Anupam Jha as Guest of Honour.

Both of them lamented on various issues related to Legal Education, Legal Aids, Lok-Adalat and relevant issues pertaining to judicial administration in the North-East in particular and India in general.

Further, they appreciated ALFD for organising the event and assured to extend all kinds of supports and motivation in the years to come.

Dejir Zirdo, founder of the ALFD, Advocates Joymoti Mize and Lee Noshi too spoke on the occasion and highlighted many issues related to legal scenario in Arunachal Pradesh.

Orin Lego and Laryom Sendak, gave a special presentation on criminal law citing various criminal issues prevailing within the state in particular and the country in general.


Organisations appeal

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has urged the state Govt to reward the Lower Subansiri Deputy Commission, Ziro PS OC Techi Tab and other administrative staff for their courageous and prompt action in tackling the situation in Ziro.

ANYA in a memorandum addressed to CM said that Govt should  grant compensation to OC Tab Techi  who lost his personal properties during mob violence.

Since the infrastructure of the district administration have been razed to the ground making it impossible to run the  Govt functioning, it  should be shifted to Yachuli, otherwise, ADCs of Yachuli and Raga should be put under direct control of the chief secretary to run the administration and DRDA Ziro be made functional from Itanagar or Yachuli, ANYA said.

ANYA further said the four accused in murder case are juvenile. They should be shifted out of Hapoli and kept in Juvenile home. It urged the state Govt to look into its grievances within a week to avoid democratic movement.

While condemning the vandalism in Ziro, All Yachuli Students’ Union and All Raga Area Students Union (ARASU) also appealed the state Govt to shift temporary DC office at Yachuli  immediately for smooth functioning  as the renovation of damaged offices and infrastructure will be time consuming process.

In a letter addressed to CM, the Unions further requested the state Govt not to transfer officers of the district for proper and successful investigation in the matter.


JYYA condemns massacre, demands proper measures

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: While condemning the recent Boimara massacre wherein Arunachal Govt employees were killed by suspected militants, Jigo-Yego Youth Association (JYYA) has appealed the state Govt to chalk out concrete strategy to prevent repeated violence incident including border skirmishes in Arunachal-Assam boundary area.  

Mere suspension of night plying of public and private transport through Assam route is not a solution to the problem, the Association said.

It said the Govt should revamp the village defence force in foothills area and department of border areas with necessary fund, connect all the foothills area with state capital without touching Assam and provide proper infrastructure to the Govt employees  posted in foothills and interior areas in order to maintain peace and  ensure safety and security of  people of this state.


Srivastava visits IPR directorate

NAHARLAGUN, Nov 12: Ajit Srivastava, Secretary (Social Welfare), who has recently taken over the additional charge of the department of IPR & Printing, visited the IPR Directorate at Naharlagun today. The Secretary was accorded a warm welcome by the Director Leki Phuntso and officers and staff.

He inspected all the branches of the department including the publication branch, digitalized photo section and PR Section and was briefed about the functioning of these branches in the dissemination of information and photo services of various activities and programmes of the State Govt. and departments.

The Secretary also appreciated the technical efficiency of the staff and stressed on up gradation of office equipments, infrastructure for dissemination of information. He advised the officers and the staff to work with dedication and sincerity. (DIPR)


Subrata Cup tournament begins at Pasighat

PASIGHAT, Nov 12: The district level Subrata Cup football tournament sponsored by the Education Department began here today.

District Sports officer G. Karbak, District Olympic Association Secretary and renowned footballer Tamat Gamo attended the kicking off ceremony as Chief Guest and Guest of Honours respectively. All together 10 teams from as many Govt Hr. Schools of the district are participating in the tournament, according organizing secretary T. Padung.

Advising the budding footballers, Karbak and Gamo advised the players to maintain discipline and sportsmanship during the tournament.

The inaugural match was played between the DEM Hr. School and IGJ Hr. School in which the former defeated the latter by 2-0.


District level Science Congress

YINGKIONG, Nov 12: Govt Secondary School Jengging, GHSS-Geku, GSSH, Yingkiong were adjudged as 1st and 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the District Level National Children Science Congress 2010 conducted on November 9 at GHSS, Yingkiong, reports DIPRO

Young budding scientists from the district like Govt. Higher Secondary Schools of Yingkiong, Mariyang, Geku, GSS,Yingkiong took part.

The function was attended by Kabit Apang, EAC Yingkiong as Chief Guest.

DDSE, Yingkiong Talem Paron,, advised the young budding students of the districts to devote their full time in studies and earn name and fame for the district. He gave away the prizes to the winning team and extended best wishes to the winning team, who will take part in the state level competition on Nov 18 to 19.

Principal GHSS, Yingkiong T.Padung, said that his institution is always ready for any district event pertaining to education related activities in the days to come. The programmed was attended by principals and Officers of education departments and students, adds the report. (DIPR)


North East burning & Delhi sleeps

Ajay K. Tripathy

Fresh massacre by the NDFB militants is just a tip of the iceberg. Thanks to everybody those have come forward and condemned the heinous crime that militants pursue in the name of tribal-movement. Crime is a crime, and no one can be successful by following the path of violence. Selective killings is an attempt to provoke people for making the law and order situation worse.

People of North Eastern States have been able to maintain the unique identity, culture and values. Of course, they are peace loving and have been contributing a lot towards nation building.

Efforts of the police, para-military and army have been able to keep the situation under control temporarily; however, in the long run they may not be able to do more as the problems of North East (NE) have deeper routes which cannot be primarily considered as law & order issues. The development sector Including  education, health, panchayati raj, rural development, PWD, civil supplies, etc. as well as the activities of NGOs has probably failed its own people irrespective of the best human and natural resources available in NE region.

Peace and Development go side by side. If peace is not there it proves that something is wrong with the development; and vice versa. Then can we wait for the peace to arrive for stimulating developmental efforts or should we accelerate developmental initiatives for speedy delivery of good & services at grassroots level?

Fortunately there is a Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (MDONER), and unfortunately it’s Secretary & top officials operate from New Delhi. Was it the real purpose of creating it? MDONER must not lose any opportunity and should play more meaningful role to bringing prosperity to NE villages. Money is not at all a constraint for ensuring basic development activities, which are articulated in the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of UN and NE’s Vision-2020 document.

Heightened corruption appears to be a problem for the development in NE, which can be effectively tackled. Of course, it’s taking place mainly by citing the names of militant outfits but in true sense it’s operated by few people to earn easy money. Once the development moves forward it would be able to handle the problem of corruption too, which is highly prevalent both in the Government and NGO sectors of NE.  

Government of India, State Governments, civil society organizations and other agencies associated with human-development must take a call of the development situation vis-à-vis growing frustrations at the grassroots level of NE. Of course, there are few dedicated people like the present Governor of Arunachal Pradesh who are seriously contributing to the cause of human development and everyone highly appreciates his initiatives in Poma village of Papum Pare district. However, the region needs thousands of Poma model in different parts of NE with the help of NGOs and CBOs. People need the MDONER to come closer to NE. Can Delhi wake up before it’s too late? (The contributor is a Health Economics & Policy scholar, CMC, Vellore. He can be reached  ajaytripathyindia@gmail.com)







ITANAGAR, Nov 12: Nyapin MLA Bamang Felix would attend the valedictory function of the  XIII Rajiv Gandhi University Festival on Nov 13.


Social service

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: The activists of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Seva Dal have reconstructed the house of Ch. Phona Khen at New Mohong under Lohit district on Nov 11. The house was gutted in a fire incident during the recent violence on PRC issue.

Around 100 Seva Dal members from Lekang and Namsai Block Congress, led by additional chief organizer, APCSD Gagan Perying and Lekang block chief organizer Diwakar Norah participated in the social service.


Students conducts mass social service

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: All Kimin Students’ Union (AKSU) organized a two-day mass social service and tree plantation with the theme “Alert Today, Save Tomorrow” at Govt. Secondary School, Kakoi on Nov 8 to 9.

Large number of students of Kimin area participated in the social service. The AKSU appreciated the Kimin ZPM, Kakoi CO and PHE department for extending all possible support to the social service.


Foundation Day

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: The West Kameng Nyishi Students’ Welfare Association (WKNSWA), Bomdila is celebrating its VIIth Nyishi foundation day at auditorium of Higher Secondary School, Bomdila, West Kameng district on 23rd Nov 2010.

ANSU President Niglar Veo and AAPSU Convenor Ringu Kuku, would grace the occasion as chief guest & guest of honour.


Fashion show

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: The All Arunachal Bullet Association and Yanaraj Desizns will jointly organise fashion show under the theme ‘Mother Nature’ as a part of the valedictory function of the North East Riders meet at Zingang Colony, Papu Nalla, Naharlagun on Nov 16.

The main motto of the show is to create environmental awareness and popularise the traditional attire.

Other highlights of the function include power point presentation on harmful activities to Nature, film show on global warming, dance performance on eco-friendly theme.


Monitoring for SPA

ITANAGAR: The Government of Arunachal Pradesh has signed the MoU today with NABCONS, a consultancy wing of NABARD for Third Party Monitoring of SPA Projects in eight districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

Ankur Garg, Secretary (Planning) inked the contract on behalf of the Government while Dr. B. G. Mukhopadhyay signed on behalf of NABCONS.

Government of Arunachal Pradesh has set the trend for Third Party Monitoring which is being followed by many other states in the country.


NCP calls for marketing routes

ITANAGAR: President, NCP, Arunachal Pradesh Ngurang Pinch advocated for opening of marketing route from Arunachal Pradesh to other parts of the world to facilitate export of agriculture and horticulture items.  He called establishment of global cold storage, global cold chain expo including controlled atmosphere facilities.

Pinch said that despite the promising growth in India’s global cold chain the industry still faces a number of serious challenges due to poor post- harvest management and lack of global cold chain facilities.

Pinch said this while taking part at the India Expo 2010. He said that he was glad to be supporting an event which would bring together key stock holders and to discuss possible solution to boost investment and expand global cold storage capabilities in North Eastern Region.


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