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November - 16



Let us unite for good cause

Dear Editor,

It is seen that lots of society, committee and association are being formed in Pasighat after the controversy broke out for the construction of Lower Siang mega dam by the pro and anti-dam protesters.

I am not sure these organizations are registered with authority or not, now every individual are trying to get self benefit in the name of their respective organization. Therefore, I request the concern authority to ban the unregistered society, committee and association in Pasighat which create misunderstanding and mislead the innocent people in the area. Regarding the construction of the mega dam in the Lower Siang basin for the last 6 months we are enjoying the Mickey Mouse games in local media between the pro and anti dam protester.

In my view as bonafide citizen if the grievances of the affected people are not fulfilled then we should oppose, but if the authorities agree to redress the grievances, why should we oppose the construction. Lastly, as the centenary celebration is coming nearer, I request one and all to  make  the celebration a grand success.


Dr Tamang Tamuk

On email



One should not oppose all the dams

Dear Editorr,

It is in continuation with my earlier article “May good sense prevail” dated, 12th November, which some people objected and termed it hilarious and funny. I just want to make one point; dams are not always a monster. It could be one of the best things we can leave as a legacy to our children provided all the criteria of safety are observed. I find it funny, when a person or an organization blindly objects to dam construction. One should not oppose all the dams on the earth. There are still numerous dams which are centuries old and still benefitting millions of people. Imagine Ranganadi Dam near Yajali was opposed and not allowed, our state capital and many districts would be still groping in darkness today. Thank you wise elders, you didn’t do that. Otherwise, I won’t be able to email this article from Seppa today.

Yes, there had been some unfortunate cases of dam related tragedies but to label all the dam projects as blunder is not a very good idea too. We should be rather happy and take pride that our state is special and gifted because we have the highest hydro power potential and can have dams here. What a waste it would be if we don’t harness this gift from Mother Nature. Our energy need is growing and I don’t see any other alternatives better than hydro power. My point is whether a dam project should be allowed or not in any particular place should be based on scientific studies not on hypothetical presumptions. If we really care, we can always ask for DPR of any project before its implementation and see if any safety measures have been compromised. We can also ask some independent expert body to study the feasibility of any dam project prior to its construction. And I hope no Govt. or corporate will ever go ahead with a project which is scientifically unfeasible and unsafe. Let us be reasonable. Let us let the good things happened. Lest we take a good decision today posterity will pity us tomorrow.


Tung Sono

Seppa on email



UGC’s quota policy

Dear Editor,

The University Grants Commission (UGC) seems to be playing games with north-east. Through the National Eligibility Test (NET), it picks up the SC, ST and OBC candidates to appease the Quota criteria already prescribed. The rest of the posts meant for the general category are filled up by some Tiwari, Tripathi, Pandey, Bannerji or Chatterji from other parts of India. So the space meant for Assamese general category are deprived by such cunning schemes of the UGC. As such, we no longer have illustrious professors like Banikanta Kakoti, Krishnakanta Handique, Birinchi Barua, etc anymore to guide the students of the region.


Swapan Biswas

Hojai, Assam, On email



Personalities I do like most

Dear Editor,

Personalities whose very soul of sweetness and love of this country, though they were born in far lands, touched my core very much are none other than our loving and very dear sister Nivedita and Smti Sonia Gandhi, the bahu of great Gandhian family. Sister Nivedita meaning one who is dedicated or offered to god, originally an Irish called Miss Margrate Noble was the one who joined Swami Vivekananda’s army to do away selfishness, ignorance and greed that brought suffering and superstition to the world.

It happened when Swamiji was on religious tour to London and suddenly made a thundering call saying what the world wants today is twenty men and women who can dare to stand in the street yonder and say that they posses nothing but god and he further said that the earth’s bravest and best will have to sacrifice themselves for the good of the world.

Verily Sister Nivedita was one of the earth’s bravest and bests who had sacrificed her entire life for the good Cause of India of those great testing days. In a nutshell I would say that her pioneering work especially for girls education and the amount of true love and patriotism she had towards this motherland is beyond our appreciation and no ward is enough to explain about her work and life that she had lived for our country India.

Similarly, I do find some kind of similarity in the person of Smti Sonia Gandhi a daughter born in a far land had married to Gandhi Nehru Family. To me she seemed to be a sober and silent wife or bahu in the first place and finally emerging as a matured and committed leader shouldering the responsibilities of the Indian Congress Party that is how she is proving her mettle. Though their nature of work are different but seemed to be well fitted into their own field of activities. One thing that touched me most about Smti Gandhi was that when she gave a public speech during last Lok Sabha election at Ayodya, she began her public speech with the salutation to Sri Lord Ram saying that “Men Ish Ayodya Nagar Me Mariyada  Prusthum Sri Ramji Ko Pranam Karti Hung” which sounds naturally in chaste Hindi and she was speaking from core of her heart.

I do see a sincere and humble true friend in both sister Nivedita and Smti Sonia Gandhi.

India is my motherland and I love my country and the people of India my people Sister Nivedita used to say. In Mrs Gandhi she is an Indian Bahu and I do not find any reason why she should not love India and her people that too which gave her a great privilege to serve her own country and her own people.


Yam Natung

Former Chairperson

State Social Welfare Advisory Board

Nirjuli. On email



Not in the interest of Arunachalees

Dear Editor,

The people of Arunachal Pradesh were raw tribal, very well fried as they liked by India and the Indian army. The other day, a boy from north India teased us Arunachal students calling names such as 'duplicate chinki Biharis', because we have accepted the imposition of Hindi by Govt of India in 1971.

The menace of losing our own things is growing day by day. Now we have Hindi film song and Hindi film dance competitions. Our Bihari classmates are true when they call Arunachalis as 'duplicate chinky Biharis'. Now all in Arunachal think they make state proud this way. We will see that we have become citizen of a duplicate Hindi state in the next 10 years if this trend of competitions and their encouragement by elders and leaders go on.


Takam Kiba, Ngurang Sanjay, Takam Diyuand

Delhi University

On email





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3 policemen die, many injured in road accident

ITANAGAR, Nov 15:   Three police personnel died on the spot and several others injured in a tragic road accident near Tato in Aalo-Mechuka road today.

The accident occurred when the police bus with 20 police personnel including civilians fell into deep gorge near Tato while returning from Mechuka at around 10 am this morning.  According to informed sources, the personnel were deployed in Mechuka to tackle law and order during the two-day Border Area Cultural festival.  A lady constable narrowly escaped as she jumped out of the vehicle when the accident occurred, sources informed.

The   police immediately swung in action and evacuated all the passengers both dead and injured to Aalo medical hospital this evening. The three police personnel died on the spot have been identified as head constable N Dirchi, constable Basok Paleng and Constable Jimi Sange.

 Out of the 16 injured passengers including a lady, condition of the five injured were reported to be critical. They are now undergoing treatment at Aalo medical hospital till filing of this report.

Sources informed that severely injured passengers will be shifted to Dibrugarh for further treatment tomorrow.


National Press Day greetings

ITANAGAR, Nov 15:  The Director Information & Public Relations (DIPR), Leki Phuntso has extended his warm greetings to all the members of the Media fraternity of the state in particular and people of the state on the occasion of National Press Day on 16.

While highlighting the vital role played by media in disseminating information about development programmes, Phuntso also called upon all sections of society to help strengthen the institution of the media in the state. He said media in a democratic country is an indispensable body which is equally important like judiciary, legislature, and executive for a progressive, peaceful, and vibrant democracy.


Workshop on status of endangered languages of Arunachal

Sena stresses on legislation to preserve languages

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: A three day workshop cum symposium on Status of Unwritten and Endangered Languages of Arunachal Pradesh organised under the joint initiative of AITS, Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills Itanagar and Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts (IGNCA), North Eastern Regional Centre, Guwahati and IGNCA, New Delhi has started from today with mass participation from various corners of Arunachal Pradesh and other parts of India.

The Chief Guest Setong Sena, Minister of Finance and Lottery, in his inaugural address lauded the efforts made by AITS, RGU and IGNCA, New Delhi to create mass awareness among the tribal people about the importance of unwritten and undocumented languages of Arunachal Pradesh. He said that human language has life, soul and spirit of its own. The outcome of the workshop should not only be limited to the four corners of the conference hall of the university but be disseminated to the rural mass and the actual beneficiaries of the progamme.

He further said that we must be pragmatic in our approach to tribal language development and a legislation needs to be enacted in this regard. Otherwise, we shall not be able to make headway to preserve and promote our languages for which Rajiv Gandhi University should play a major role.

Prof. A.C Bhagabati, former Vice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University the then Arunachal University highlighted the aspects of this workshop as Guru – Shisya Parampara. He said that their languages will be encoded, decoded and the data will be preserved forever for future research. He further added that the data recorded in the workshop shall become an important property of Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies, RGU and IGNCA, New Delhi and with due approval of these organisations only researchers/scholars shall have access to these data.

Prof. J. Tamuli, Guwahati University presented key note address. He  highlighted the diversity of languages of north-east India, especially Arunachal Pradesh and stressed on the ‘effectively preserving the diversity as heritage’. He mentioned the reason for the endangerment of the languages as Unwritten, Vulnerability (Major language eating up the minor language) and pragmatic language and socio-economic problem prevailing over the various languages users.

Prof. Tamuli stressed on the effective measures in preserving the indigenous languages through modern technological aids, bringing language education and mother tongue based multilingual education.

The Vice Chancellor incharge of RGU, Prof. Tamo Mibang stated that it is the third programme in collaboration with IGNCA. He further said though almost 23 years of existence of the lone university, still there is not a single indigenous language introduced in the university whereas many of other north east universities have their own language dept. He informed that Arunachal Pradesh has 36 endangered languages. ‘A particular group of people dies with the death of its language’ he said  and emphasized on Mass Awareness of Languages.

P. R. Nair, Chief Account Officer, IGNCA New Delhi, gave a brief introduction of Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts, New Delhi.

The workshop was started with the welcome address by Lisa Lomdak, Workshop Coordinator. She highlighted the main idea behind this conference is to maintain linguistic ecology and its heritage and importance. She elaborated in brief the advocacy of spreading awareness of the endangered languages of Arunachal Pradesh.



Speak out about HIV/AIDS: Panyang

PASIGHAT, Nov 15: Multi Media Campaign (MMC) on HIV/AIDS organized by the Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (APSACS) in collaboration with the district health authorities was held Pasighat yesterday.

Addressing the gathering as Chief Guest DC-cum-Chairman, District Health Society, Onit Panyang said “we should take responsibility to break the silence and speak out about this dreaded disease. We must feel free to talk about this as we talk about other domestic affairs and civil rights etc to protect our countrymen”. The increasing rate of HIV/ AIDS is serious threat to the society due to false sense of security, misconception and misinformation, he added.

The DC further stated that both state and central governments are putting all efforts to protect us and such Multimedia Campaign involving youths with musical competition is also necessary to spread HIV/AIDS awareness across the state.

Earlier, guest of honour, Principal Doying Gummin College, Pasighat Dr. Igul Padung, briefed about the aim of the campaign.

He appealed the youths to abstain from unprotected sex and to utilize their precious times in curricular activities like sports & games, music, social services etc besides normal studies in school and colleges for personality development.  The Project Director APSACS Dr. Emi Rumi appreciated district administration. Giving a brief introduction of the MMC he emphasized on the need of passing of the preventive messages of HIV/AIDS to the people for a better tomorrow.

The DMO Dr. Taloh focused on various facets of HIV/AIDS. Dr. T. Talom District Leprosy Officer was also present and gave his suggestions.

To spark awareness about HIV infection and AIDS the evening witnessed musical performances by five local bands. The Black Church bagged the 1st position, while Bodmas Unsolved and Dormant team were adjudged as 2nd and 3rd winners, the winner bands were  awarded with cash prizes of Rs. 30,000/-, 20,000/- and 15,000/- respectively by the organizer. DIPRO


AAPSU team calls on new NERIST director

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union team headed by its president Takam Tatung called on the newly appointed Director of North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST), Professor P K Das this afternoon. Das assumed the office of NERIST director this morning after succeeding Professor J Choubey.

It was the first visit of the state’s apex student’s body in the premier technical institution of state to take stock of the prevailing situation of the campus which remained confusing due to non availability of a permanent director.

While welcoming the new director Tatung urged latter to bring back the past glory of the premiere institution by creating a congenial atmosphere in the campus.

Further, the AAPSU team urged the director to review entire administrative system of institution, which was in confusing situation, for the greater interest of the student’s community as well as state. Members also discussed on various issues such as seat reservations for local students during the meet.

While briefing on the prevailing situation of institution, Professor Das assured to sort out any kind of problem which would hamper academic progress of institution. He said, “There will be no partiality and favoritism in the campus under my guidance”. However, he sought some more time to settle down the administrative system. He also opined that more infrastructures were required for the development of premier technical institution.

Till now the AAPSU had never interfered in NERIST issue as a mark of respect to the premiere institution, however, due to various problems which cropped up in the campus for long, as an apex student body of state the Union has come out for the interest of students as well as state, said Tatung adding that from now onwards the Union would take its own course of action against the people who try to interfere in campus issue.

Expressing grave concerned over prevailing situation in the campus, Tatung wondered how the institution would run smoothly unless there was a regular director who not only heads the administrative works but also contribute smooth functioning and development of the entire institution. Due to non availability of regular director and frequent change of officiating and acting director the premier has lost its past glory, added Tatung.

While urging the people not to directly or indirectly influenced the smooth functioning of institution, Tatung said the NERIST was not a working department like PWD and RWD but a technical institution where students from across the country come to study. The interference from vested group would carry not only bad message to outside but also hamper the academic process, Tatung said.

Meanwhile, while taking serious exception to the outside influence in campus matter, AAPSU, president appointed its Vice-President, Nabam Tamar as in-charge to look after any kind of matter which might directly or indirectly hampers the administrative progress of NERIST.  


APB&OCWWB awareness campaign begins at P/ Pare

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam along with board’s official has started its extensive awareness campaign on registration of workers, Cess Act and other board related awareness campaign in Papum Pare District from November 16. The awareness campaign will be conducted at Mengio, Sagalee, Lepo-riang, Kimin, Doimukh and Balijan.


IGNOU completes its 10 years of existence in Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Itanagar RC today completed its 10 years of existence in Arunachal Pradesh.

IGNOU is rendering its services to the society by fulfilling the educational aspirations of the student community since its inception on November 16, 2000, an IGNOU release said.

"IGNOU has opened a way for the students those who are staying in the far flung areas and the working community to earn and learn.

It is committed to excellence in teaching, training, capacity building and reducing the regional imbalances by taking education to the door steps of the students."

The IGNOU Itanagar Regional Centre which had started with hand full of students in the year 2000 with three Study Centers, has currently 1926 students on the roll and there are eight Regular Study Centres and six Programme Study Centers are functioning under the IGNOU RC. More than 120 faculties from various educational institutions render their service as counselors for the IGNOU’s programme.

IGNOU Itanagar RC is offering 49 Programmes. Every year IGNOU RC conducts convocation programme in the month of February. This year, 176 students had received their degrees, diplomas and certificates.

To enhance the technical know how of the layman, IGNOU offers 20 days computer literacy programme. So far 1773 candidates have been benefited by the Computer Literacy Programme. So far 823 untrained teachers have been benefited by the B.Ed programme. The first batch of M.Ed. students are completing their course in December next.

To cope-up with the huge need of trained teachers in Arunachal Pradesh IGNOU with the sponsorship of State Govt. is in the process to train 6000 untrained teachers through its DPE (Diploma in Primary Education) Programme.

The Itanagar RC is equipped with the tele-learning centre with the intake capacity of 40 students, five of its Study Centres and the RC are equipped with the edu-sat facility.

IGNOU RC Itanagar is involving in nodal activities also. Many awareness and needbased programme had been conducted by the Itanagar RC in the past 3 years. It has conducted more than 10 such programs, including Marketing Management of Horticulture Products, Entrepreneurial Development programmes on soya based food products, Training programme on Candle & Agarbathi making, Training programme on Knitting and Embroidery, formulation of Herbal Cosmetics, Training programme on Steel Fabrication, Finance and risk management in Agriculture for farmers, Women Empowerment a life skill approach are some of them.

IGNOU Itanagar RC is conducting Career Guidance and Counseling programme on 18 and 19 next for its learners as part of its Silver Jubilee year.

IGNOU completes its 25 years of existence on November 19, 2010.

Christian Revival Church Silver Jubilee Celebration from Nov 19

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: Christian Revival Church, Naharlagun is celebrating its Silver Jubilee with a theme “Eleazar” (God has helped) in a befitting manner at its Church premises from November 19-21.

To commemorate the celebration, CRC will erect a 14fts silver jubilee Monolith, distribute fruits to indoor patients at General Hospital, Naharlagun and under trail prisoners at Police Station, Naharlagun, felicitate to the pioneers missionaries and members, besides praise and worship, cultural programme, community feast and tree plantation programme in the church compound.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister, Setong Sena has consented to attend the opening day as special guest on November 19. Horticulture Minister, Honchun Ngandam and MLA Techi Kaso would attend as special guest in the valedictory function on November 21.

While, Rev. Dr. DL Sanchu and Rev. Dr. Nyakdo Tasar will attend the programme as speakers.

Meanwhile, in a briefed press conference held here today, the organizing secretary of the Silver Jubilee celebration Rev. Takeng Raggu briefing the history of the Naharlagun Revival Church informed that CRC has 389 churches in the state.

He appealed all the citizens who are residing in the state capital to attend the jubilee celebration to make it a grand success.

Publicity Secretary, David Pertin briefed about the history of Christianity in the state and appreciated the state government for their cooperation to the Christian community. He further informed that besides delegates from all the districts of the state, Pioneers and Missionaries from North Eastern state are also attending the celebration, he added.

Pastor Hillang Taya, Vice Chairman Sudhir Kena, Asst. Org Secretary Radhe Kojing and Finance Secretary Tad Akin also appealed the people witness the Silver Jubilee Celebration.

The delegates from all the districts of the state, who are attending the silver jubilee celebration may contact at 9402441739 and 9856029606, if any accommodation and transportation problem arises during the course of celebration.


DYCC, AYCC win in U-19 Inter Club Ranking T20 Cricket Tournament

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: Deccan Youth Cricket Club (DYCC) crushed Royal Kings-XI Club by 75 runs in group match of the on-going U-19 Inter Club Ranking Twenty20 Cricket Tournament at Naharlagun Cricket Ground today.

Electing to bat first after winning the toss, Deccan Youths Cricket Club piled up 140 runs in 20 over with the help Haroon Jugli and Komni Taipodia, who contributed useful 22 and 19 runs respectively to the team total.

Chasing the target of 141 to win, Royal Kings -XI Club were skittled out for 65 runs in 15.4 overs. Mukesh Kumar was the highest scorer (18 run) for Royal Kings-XI Club.

The ‘Man of the Match’ award went to Yato Riba of Deccan Youth Cricket Club, who claimed five wicket in 4 over at the cost of 8 runs only.

In second match of the day, Dari Lokam Cricket Club lost to A-Sector Youth Cricket Club (AYCC) by 6 wickets.

Chasing a target of 85 runs set by Dari Lokam Cricket Club to win, A Sector Cricket Club reached the target in 14.3 over losing four wickets. Gaurav Hazarika was adjudged the ‘MoM’ for his four wicket haul.

CRY Club, Chimpu, will play against Nirjuli Market Welfare Cricket Committee at 8 am in tomorrow’s first match while Mengio Cricket Club will face Eastern Region United Cricket Club, Tezu in another match of the day at 12.30 pm.


State level National Children’s Science Congress

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science and Technology would organize the State level National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC) at Arunachal Pradesh Science Centre, Indira Gandhi Park, Itanagar on November 18 and 19.

Child scientists (group leaders) of the best three projects selected at the district level contest of NCSC, 2010 from all the districts of Arunachal Pradesh will participate and present their projects in this State level NCSC based on different sub-titles under the main focal theme, "Land resources: Use for prosperity, Save for posterity.

The NCSC is a unique field programme for children in the age group of 10-17 years. It provides as opportunity to large number of children all over the country to enjoy learning of science by laying stress on the concept of ‘Learning by doing’ activities on real life problems and satisfying their creative urges and curiosity through action oriented research projects.

The six subtitles under the main focal theme are, know your land, functions of land, land quality, anthropogenic activities on land, sustainable use of land resources, and community knowledge on land use.

Child scientists whose projects will be selected at this state level NCSC will get the opportunity to present, deliberate their projects and represent Arunachal Pradesh in the 18th National Science Congress to be held at Chennai from December 27-31 next. Further, the best two projects adjuged at the State level NCSC gets opportunity for presentation oat the Indian Science Congress held annually during January 3-8.


Security measures for Seppa Helipad  sought

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: Sango Lomte Foundation has appealed the state Govt  to provide security to Seppa Halipad ground in East Kameng district.

Expressing concern over the absence of security system in the Halipad, the foundation chairman Payi Gyadi also urged the district administration and state civil aviation department to strictly implement  ground rules for  safety and security of the passengers, pilot and helicopter.

It was surprising to see that there was no police personnel or security forces in the helipad during landing of copter yesterday. Large number of public started gathering  in the helipad ground to  welcome their relatives without any restriction which exposed lack of security  for passengers and pilot, the chairman said.

 Pointing  out a series of recent unlawful activities including looting  in the district  and  recent Boimara massacre, the Foundation  chairman said there is an urgent need to deploy adequate security forces in the district.


AYSU and ARASU call 12-hr bandh

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: The All Yachuli Students’ Union and the All Raga Area Students’ Union have called a 12-hour Yachuli and Raga areas bandh on 18th of Nov in protest against the non-fulfillment of their three-point charter of demands by the State govt within the three-day ‘ultimatum’ served by them that expired today.

The student bodies’ demands include: immediate shifting of temporary office of the Lower Subansiri DC to the DIET building at Yachuli; no officers of the district administration, particularly the DC and the OC of Ziro PS should be transferred; and maintenance and recovery of govt offices and properties from demolishers.


Capacity building prog for SHG begins

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: A week-long training programme on capacity building for the Self Help Group (SHG) leaders of Balijan Block for promotion of SHGs in the area began today.

Inaugurating the training, Tai Taggu, EAC cum BDO Balijan CD Block exhorted the SHG members participating in the training to utilise the benefits of the training programme, particularly to ensure self employment. He dwelt at length on benefits of SHG.

He also appreciated the timely conduction of the training programme, particularly in wake of proposed National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) in Arunachal Pradesh. He assured the support of the block level administration for promotion of SHGs in Balijan CD Block.

Taggu appreciated the role of IDEA in promotion of Self Help Groups in Balijan area.

He also highlighted the untapped potential of Balijan and reiterated the need for intensive interventions in Balijan area and called upon apex agencies such as SIRD and NIRD to consider to increase their initiatives in Balijan.

The training programme sponsored by the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD Hyderabad), and supported by leading Self Help Promoting Institutions (SHPIs) aims to build capacities of the SHG members to enable them to engage in capacity building of individuals interested in SHGs and their management.

Rohit and Maharana from NIRD,Hyderabad are the resource persons and Sanjeev Tirkey, Project Coordinator from IDEA is the external resource person. Rakesh Srivastava, Assistant Director SIRD is the Course Director.

The training is being conducted by State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD), Arunachal Pradesh.


Baririjo to get a new park

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: A new park will come up at Baririjo very soon. The park will be developed from fund donated by Jomde Kena, MLA and Chairman State Council for Science and Technology.

Kena donated Rs three lakh from his MLALAD fund on the occasion of the Kara Foundation Day celebration at Baririjo on November 12 last.

Responding to a memorandum submitted to him by Kara clan members mostly settled at Dumporijo and Likabali, Kena, who was the chief guest of the function, also assured the gathering to take up the matter of upgrading the Baririjo CO headquarter to ADC headquarters with local MLA and RD Minister Takar Marde as well as State Government.


DWSM meet and IEC camp on TSC held

Ete lauds role of PRIs and NGOs on TSC

Daporijo, Nov 15: A District Water and Sanitation Mission (DWSM) meeting cum Information, Education and Communication (IEC) camp on Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) was held in the Rijo Conference Hall, Daporijo on Nov 13.

PWE and WS secretary Tomi Ete appreciating the large attendance of PRI members, emphasized on the important role the PRIs in creating awareness on TSC, dissemination of information and mobilizing the public. The NGOs, GBs, teachers, ASHAs, women and District Administration too played a key role in the process of educating the public on sanitation, he added.

Citing the examples of states of Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh where the TSC was hugely successful because of the initiative taken by the politicians of those states, he said that message on sanitation and hygiene could be included in all public addresses given by the leaders of our state so as to create awareness amongst a larger number of people. He also made an appeal to all to utilize the grant given by the central govt. in a good and productive way so that our people could benefit from it, contribute towards the development of the state and be healthy and wealthy.

Ete also explained about the Total Sanitation Campaign which was started by the central Govt. with an aim to make India an open defecation free country by 2012(extended up to 2015) through creation of awareness on hygiene and sanitation and changing the habits of rural masses from open defecation to use of toilets.

DMO Bagra giving a very effective presentation on diseases and their cycle of infection. He  explained that many diseases were caused due to improper hygiene, sanitation and waste disposal and enjoined the PRI members to spread the message of total sanitation to one and all. He informed them that an illness could cripple the life of a person and family and advised them to maintain cleanliness all around so that they would be safe than to be sorry in the long run.

Er. S. Yomcha SE (PHED Bene), and Er. N. Konia EE (PHED Daporijo)  too explained to all about the TSC as means of educating the rural masses and creating awareness on importance of hygiene and sanitation. Up to Oct 2010, 3274 units of Individual Household Toilets (IHT) have been constructed out of the target 9045 in the district and 48 Anganwadi toilet units have been achieved, informed Konia.

He added that 115 Village Water and Sanitation Committees (VWSC) have been formed in the district.

The PRI members present expressed their opinions and concerns and made a request to the govt. to look into the matter of increasing the amount for the construction IHT, inclusion of all levels of PRI members in the beneficiary selection and spread of information and an increase in number of IHT units to benefit the rural hilly population. Request was also made for immediate maintenance of existing water supply system in the district.

IEC Camps were also held in Jimbarai, Eru, Nacho, Siyum and Murimugli. DIPRO


ABVP conducts folk song and dance competitions

PASIGHAT, Nov 15: Akhil Bharatiya Vidharthi Parishad (ABVP), Pasighat Unit organized a folk song and dance competitions at IGJ Higher Secondary School, Pasighat recently.

Speaking on the occasion as Chief Guest, Kaling Moyong appreciated the organizing committee and called upon the various organizations and NGOs to conduct such programme to preserve and promote the rich tradition and culture of the society.

Special guests Depti Apang and Yape Taggu also appreciated ABVP for organizing folk song and dance competition.

ABVP State Secretary Tadar Lugu highlighted the aim and objectives of ABVP and Yanga Ramching was the Programme coordinator.

Altogether, 200 students of Class XI- XII standard from six school of the district took part in the competition.

Meanwhile, Bilat Secondary School and IGJ Hr Secondary School, Pasighat were adjudged as 1st and 2nd winners of the competitions respectively.


Tuki take stock of development in home constituency

ITANAGAR, Nov 15:  PWD and UD Minister Nabam Tuki has visited to his home constituency, Sagalee on November 14 and 15.

On Nov 14, extending the children’s day wishes to the students, he distributed games & sports items and sweets at Toru Secondary School, ME School, Laptap and Balapu and Donyi Polo Mission School, Sagalee.

On the occasion, a cultural programme was also organized at Sagalee where students from various schools participated and displayed various cultural events.

Addressing the gathering, Tuki briefed the contributions of Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to the country and advised the students to follow the path of the great leader.

He further advising the students to put persistent efforts in the other curricular activities besides study to become successful person in near future said “there is no shortcut to success. Patience, perseverance and untiring efforts will lead to the root of success”.

Later, he gave away games & sports items and cash amount of Rs, 10,000 each to the participating schools.

ADC, Sagalee Chukhu Talar has also wished the children on the occasion and advised the students to dedicate in studies and avoid superfluous acts.

On Nov 15, Tuki visited the Govt. Hr. Sec. School campus and inspected the ongoing construction of girl hostel under RMSA. He expressed his dis-satisfaction on the students who are staying outside despite the availability of seats in the hostel. From there he visited the DFO office and land development sites at Tani-Happa for extension of Sagalee Urban township area which is at a distance of 12 KM from Sagalee.

Later, in a meeting ADC, Sagalee, CO Pareng, AE, Power, SDAO, Dy. Director (UD), AE PHED, OC, PS Sagalee apprised the  Minister about the various issues and hurdles confronting the respective department.

The Minister has assured to take up the issues with appropriate authority and suggested various developmental plans that are to be taken up for benefit of the people of Sagalee sub-division.

Further, he directed ADC to furnish the names of officers who remains frequently out of station for taking appropriate action against the erring officer and advised all the officers not to leave the station without prior approval of ADC.

On his way back to Itanagar, he inspected the Girls Residential School at Sarkha- Happa and directed the concern authority to immediately take steps for providing water supply connection and electrification of the school.


NYK organizes youth convention

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: Nehru Yuva Kendra, Tezu conducted District Youth Convention and celebrated Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan Foundation Day and Children day on the eve Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru birth Anniversary on Nov 14. The main objective of the convention was to motivate the rural youths for self development and work for the development of nation. And also celebrate Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Anniversary

Programme started with floral tribute to the portrait of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru by Dr.P.C.Swain, Associate Professor, Indira Gandhi Government College, Tezu. He asked youths to follow the teachings and path of Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Youths  are the backbone of Nation, hence, its youth’s responsibility to work for better future of the nation, he said.  

He also gave away the  District level best youth award (individual) to Nang Nitu Khen, Khamti Silatoo mahila mandal, and Tritiyanath Morang, Miri welfare Society. They were awarded with Rs, 5000/-each along with certificates for the contribution at grass root level.

Many others including  members of youth club, mahila mandal also spoke on the occasion.

Pailo Mihu, District Youth Coordinator, NYK, Tezu  highlighted the programme and policies  of NYK, Tezu during the year 2009-2010.

75 youths from various Youth Club, Mahila mandal & SHG member from Lohit District took part in the convention.


Seppa on tract to regain its glory

Jabu Lapung

SEPPA, Nov 15: In recent past the people of East Kameng district seemed to have lost all hopes to see their district go at par with other districts in all aspects.  But believe it or not, now the people are happy with changing scenario because of positive developmental activities being materialized.

The developmental activities like widening of township road under PWD, widening of existing main road and colonies road as required under the norms of right of way for strong water drainage system,  the establishment of first Govt. college, the ATM facilities, the first super market, the tourist lodge and infotech computer learning center etc are some of the tangible developments taken place in the district during last couples of months.

This developmental activities are evident from maintenance of township road and the drainage package which herald other activities too in the district. With the implementation of strong water drainage system under district urban development agency, the road condition  has not only improved but made a  positive impact on the other sectors too. It has now been widen-large and spatial enough for the cars to cross  each other with ease at a point. Thanks to state Chief Minister, Dorjee Khandu for his generosity of granting hefty fund amounting Rs 13 crore as a  drainage package and another 4.5 crore for widening of 1.5 km road from zero point of Seppa-Sagalee tri-junction to Seppa’s ‘O’point.

The credit for this goes to team East Kameng-viz all the MLAs  and previous Deputy Commissioner, Pige Ligu, who’s indefatigable effort in transforming the district had paid up today and is best acknowledge to the well wishers of the  district.

In true sense the level of development that we are witnessing today could not be materialized without the collective effort of that ‘dream team’. With this the other departments like BSNL and electricity which had been a longest existing problem of the district, too have been addressed reasonably especially the electricity after the commissioned of ‘Pacha Micro Hydel’.

One must be convinced that the district has undergone a drastic change within a short span of time. The credit goes to ‘Team East Kameng’ as their collective effort with the cooperation from govt. officials virtually has great impact on the present situation of the district which really meant lot to the future of the district. The district - once looked upon by the outside people as backward, illiterate and barbaric.  But now this sort of apprehension and feeling of ignorance shall have no space in the minds of people with full of spirit and ambition. The people are fast catching the way of life and its principle which got reflected in their economic status and social transformation.

Mention must be made of  Tani Loffa, HMLA, 10th-West Seppa and the DUDA officers more so to its UPO Tarr Hachey, the persons behind the materialization of the dream project - strong water drainage system.

This project involves the total and partial shifting of electrical polls, frequent maintenance of the water supply pipelines and telephone lines. Because of  this project the existing road had to be widen to 12-14  meter in the main road and 6-8 meter in the colonies road. If the matter is about the road development than the contribution of ‘Gammon India’ cannot be ignored and forget. The work culture it has shown to the world is praise worthy.

In other aspect the establishment of Govt. College is an important development in the district. Though many  feels that the govt. college in the district at this point of time is not feasible with regard to its infrastructures and faculties posted, majority of citizens especially the economically unsound opined that it is like the education coming in the door step. The college would not only enable students pursue their higher study but also would contribute to the positive development of the people in the social and the political milieu besides boosting the economy of the district. In honest term the sense of development is being felt in the district by every individual. But having said that the district has still needs to walk a long miles in terms of human development, despite some tangible achievements and inclusive progress, the mental set of some section of the society is still off the tract and need to mend for greater cause and the complete society.


Workshop on using story books as teaching Aids in Anjaw

Hayuliang, Nov 15: “The class-room teaching of languages will, from now onwards, be much more joyful and lively for the teachers and the learners” declared Thagnem Tayang, teacher from Chipru and Amit Mannow, Headmaster, Kibithu Middle School, as they emerged from DRC Khupa training hall on Nov 14 afternoon. They were participants of a 2 day-workshop on ‘Use of story books as teaching Aids’, being conducted by Nabanita Deshmukh, well-known children’s writer and Bappu Deshmukh, an environmental educator from Pondicherry.

The workshop was organized by the District Education Dept, Anjaw, jointly with the VT-AWIC Youth Library Network, Lohit, to sensitize the teachers and students about the great benefits of using library books to aid learning. The Deshmukhs had already conducted similar workshops at Tezu and Roing.

During inaugural function of the programme on Nov 13. Dr. R. C Nayake, ADEO Anjaw complimented the faculty for their deep interest in the educational advancement of Arunachali youth and their spirited commitment to the strengthen the Lohit Youth Library Movement.

The workshop covered lively sessions all through, with the active interaction among the participants – teachers and the students. Mrs. Deshmukh demonstrated various techniques of story- telling, followed by group discussions and live presentations by the teachers and some students. She brought in melodious poems into her narrations, to the delight of the audience and encouraged them to make their own poems in English, Hindi and Mishmi. S. Mundayoor, Coordinator, Lohit Youth Libraries, and Bappu Deshmukh guided a boisterous session by teachers and student-groups presenting skits and equally live sessions on poetry reading with samples from Harindranath Chattopadhyaya and other library books. This was followed by Reku Bagra, Thagnem Tayang, both teachers  and Aneti Ama, a class VIII student reciting poems, demonstrating that poetry could come alive in class.  

Bappu Deshmukh, discussed the great ecological threat to Arunachali environment through plastic wastes by leading the teachers through a variety of sensitizing experiments. He also explained the construction of a simple effective solar-cooker, that he had been using for 33 years at home!

Interacting with the faculty, K. Perme, DDSE Anjaw expressed his great happiness to see the live tempo of the workshop and thanked them for introducing a variety of joyful techniques to empower his teachers, esp those working in remote difficult areas. Thanking the Anjaw District Education Dept for providing them an excellent opportunity to understand the complex challenges of education in remote tribal societies, Mrs. Nabanita Deshmukh, assured Sri. Perme to extend full support to the teachers in the coming years.  

The Deshmukhs, now on a month-long visit to Arunachal Pradesh, would be visiting schools at Walong, Kibithu, Hawai, Wakro, Chongkham and Lathao and interacting with the teachers and students as well as the readers of VT-AWIC youth libraries.







ITANAGAR, Nov 15: The All Sagalee Dopum Brother Charitable Society (ASDBCS)  is conducting 5 days expedition tour to Pingchar Lapang to trace out the ancient ancestral inhabitant area. The tour starting from 9th Dec .


Annual Sports meet closing ceremony

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: Parsi Parlo ZPM Sangha Tagik will attend the closing ceremony of 2nd Annual Sports Meet of Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Koloriang on November 17 as chief guest.


Help extended to fire victims

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: The Hija Artists and Literary Forum (HALF) distributed relief materials to the fire victims of Hija village and provided first Aid. Further, the forum appealed to the authorities concerned to provide relief to the affected people. Five houses were destroyed completely in the devastating fire accident which was occurred on November 11 morning. The students of govt. Hr. Sec. School ,Hija, St. Claret college ,Ziro , MLA, ZPM, Hija and Hechi Elite Society are appreciated for their support and full cooperation to the affected families.


JJO conference held

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: Jiji Jilen Ao (JJO) general conference was conducted at Liromoba, West Kameng district from November 9-11 last.

The society called upon those members who have not yet changed their surname to Jilen from Essi, Rida, Menba, Menge, Menmi, Ribin and Ringur to change their surname as Jilen within six months.

Kobnga Jilen, Bajap Jilen and Biyom Jiji were selected as President, secretary and vice president of the Society for three years.

Traditional folk dance competitions and cultural programmes were conducted among Jiji Jilen members from Upper Subansiri, East Siang and West Siang districts.

The JJ football trophy organised from November 2-9 was won by Liromoba Hr. Sec. School beating Solin Sokar Sports Club 4-3 via penalty kick.

The conference was inaugurated by MLA Jarkar Gamlin on November 10 last.


Mass rally by BJYM

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: The East Kameng district Unit of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) will be conducting a mass rally on November 24 along with other districts. The main theme of the rally is "Save Arunachal, Save Jammu & Kashmir. The rally will also demand immediate solution on issues like Assam- Arunachal boundary dispute, local issues like PDS scam, communal clash, and etc.


AAPHWS appointment

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: The All Arunachal Pradesh Handicapped Welfare Society (AAPHWS) chairman Tami Taniang has appointed Kumar Gyadi and Takar Yangfo as president and general secretary respectively.


Awareness cum Orientation Programme of Farmer’s Club

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: The AMYAA, Namphai-I, Miao is organizing awareness cum orientation programme of Farmer’s Club on 20th November, 2010 at AMYAA’s office, Namphai-I. Different officials from the department of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Banks will be the resource persons of the programme. A total of 60 farmers will be the beneficiaries of the programme. Through the support of NABARD Regional Office, Itanagar, the AMYAA voluntary organization initiates to reach out to the farmers of Changlang District with special attention to farmers who still live below poverty line. The objective of this programme is to establish a linkage between the farmers and the agri-horti oriented government departments and banks.


Conference held

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: The 17th women annual conference of Nyishi Baptist Church Council concluded on November 14. WRD Minister Atum Welly, MLA Techi Kaso and ACF general secretary Toko Teki attended the programme. The speakers for the program were Rev. Likha Halli and Sister Hau Neing.


Voice of Arunachal

ITANAGAR: MP Takam Sanjay would attend as chief guest in the state level audition of the Voice of Arunachal, which will be held at Hotel Tosum, Naharlagun on Nov 19.


NCM member visits Tawang

TAWANG: Spalzes Angmo, Member, National Commission for Minority, New Delhi arrived at Tawang yesterday on a one day official visit to the district.

Her daylong schedule included the  laying of wreath at the War Memorial, visit to Tawang Monastery and meeting with the monks, visit to Bramhmadungchung Ani Gonpa (Nunnery) and Manjushree Vidyapeeth Orphanage and meeting with officers on implementation of Prime Minister’s 15 point programme for minorities at the district. Tomorrow she will leave for Bomdila. DIPRO



ITANAGAR, Nov 15: Kenedy Dupak, Ego Kamduk and Raj Taki have been selected as President, Vice President and General Secretary of Culcutta Arunachal Students’ Association in a meeting held at Arunachal Bhawan, Calcutta yesterday.



ITANAGAR, Nov 15: The All Kurung Kumey Karate-Do-Association has selected Pani Tapo as President, Byabang Sakap as Vice-President, Nangram Chali as General secretary of the Association in a meeting held on 15th Nov last at Itanagar.


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