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November - 02



Its on us to decide for our good  

Dear Editor,

The scenario of tremendous degree of participation of the citizens and exchange of dialogue in host of issues concerning the state and welfare of public is really wonderful to watch. It seems, the latent dynamism in Arunachalees has come alive towards making of a sound and vibrant democratic state to this beautiful and blessed place which have been debased and defiled by corrupt and visionless leadership in the government. While, the citizens and the media has the fundamental rights to freedom of speech and expression as guaranteed under article 19 of the constitution, the state cannot and should not prohibit criticism of executive actions as per judgment of the Supreme Court in LIC vrs Manubhai Shah, AIR 1993 SC 171.

The criminal threats and intimidation given to Tongam Rina, the Associate Editor of Arunachal Times to stop writing was a symbolical effort to curtail the right to freedom of speech and expression of the citizens in the state. The public will never tolerate such kind of criminal acts and suppressive elements to its own rights. The state government should provide full proof security to the media houses.

For any lapses in security of the media houses and personnel, the leadership in the state government shall be accountable and answerable to the public. The prime duty which the Arunachal Times has been discharging in the state as the fourth pillar of democracy is laudable. Salute to the Times!

In the young brigade of editorial and personnel of the Times, we have energetic, valiant and dynamic individuals, through whom the youths and the wise citizens can constructively engage towards shaping their own future destiny and future of the state governance. The hallmark of democracy is the constantly vigilant and proactive citizens without which the state turns dictatorial. It is for us, the public to necessarily and actively involve in governance through election, representation, demonstration, litigation, etc towards shaping the way of governance in the state towards welfare & democratic or let the few corrupt, opportunistic and ignorant individuals to turn this healthy system to authoritarian, plutocratic and dictatorial.

If we the citizens stand united and firm and fight, then we can achieve public welfare through responsible and welfare governance. And no one would have forgotten the pragmatic principle of democracy as a form of government for the people, by the people and to the people. If we realise and act, the power to do good to ourselves and the succeeding generations really lie with us, the citizens.


Philin Thomas,

Naharlagun (on email)



Ray of hope

Dear Editor

The Supreme court has once again raised the hope by reopening the famous PIL case involving the government of Arunachal, which was earlier  dismissed by Guwahati High Court by calling for issuance of Notice

Once again the supremacy of the judiciary is going to be proved and corruption of the Government is going to be highlighted in true sense.

We hope that the matter will be decided on the merit of the case and justice will prevail. As a concerned citizen, I feel  that the common people must come together irrespective of all sections and fight for the rights as our state has been ruined by corrupted politicians and  officers.

The present politician and bureaucrat have no concern for the development of the State as they engage  in accumulating huge public mone.

Lets justice prevail and punish the corrupted politicians and officers involved in siphoning off public money.

And   hope the judiciary of the country will at least keep the hope of the common masses by delivering  justice in said PIL.

There is no democracy in the state and we are ruled by traitors as there is no place for poor and honest people in the state.

Citizens have to realise and have to vote the right people to power that will be people friendly and lead a corruption free government in the State.


Kenbom Bagra

(on e-mail),Aalo



We need justice

Dear Editor,

It is now two months since the symposium on Yobin took place on Sep 1. I wonder what effect that brought towards restoration of our ST status. Literally, there are no results. The only reference to the Yobin since then was an interview to the Chief Minister by the Times Chennai (20 Sep 2010) that a committee has been set up. Period…

At the symposium the AAPSU president was quoted “called for an in-depth discussion on the issue of granting APST status to the Yobin community by taking the views and consideration of all the indigenous communities of the state.” Is AAPSU really doing that? No! It is just empty words.

What is it that the voice of the voiceless is ignored once again? Is it not enough that we have suffered unjustly for the last three decades as refugee and then as non-APST? Its too much! Our frustrations have increased each day.

Instead of looking at our ST needs, the government bundled us with the PRC mess. This is no way to treat a tribe. What we need is justice, that too, at the earliest. Not another delay of decades.


Liahey Ngwazah

Bangalore (On email)



It was no talent search

Dear Editor,

The theme “Together to excel” of the recently concluded All Arunachal Pradesh Private School Association (AAPSA) has let down many of the small private schools, who has gone and participated with full enthusiasm. Every student, teachers and principals of those small schools thought that it would be a platform to display their hidden talent since it was a “talent search event”.

All of them gave their heart and soul for the mega event. Though, twenty odd schools participated with very few schools coming from Districts, it was really heartening to see that a differently abled boy from Pasighat receiving a prize in chess.

The large number of students present in the Don Bosco Jully was quite impressive.

But when the stage was set, and as soon as the event  started unfolding, many of the participating teams and managers found themselves at the receiving end. There was none to listen to their grievances. All the active people like committee members, judges etc involve were found to be the Principal or teachers of some particular schools who started grabbing the prizes one after another. They fail to realize that by doing so, they were making their students live in the world of illusion i.e. “We are the Champions”.

Some games, like chess was made to repeat by a committee member, even after the result was declared, just because his student  arrived late for the match. It was a mind boggling exercise for the other participants since they were made to play all over again.

Worst was the cultural event, when judges sat for the group song competition. They happen to be the music teachers of some big schools and the results came out matching with the origin of the teachers with respect to the school.

It was really shocking experience, the anchor  mishandling the event, since every  aspect of the programme was discussed and agreed upon in the meeting with the due permission from  the President of  AAPSA .

It will be worth mentioning that AAPSA is organizing for the second year and they have not learnt from their mistakes. Many reputed schools from capital also didn’t participate in the competition. This year for many small schools, it was an eye opener for them. They have understood the concept of the whole episode. Many of the small schools went back disappointed not because they didn’t get any prizes but they had to witness the desperate attempt made by those few schools to salvage their reputation because of the fear of losing not just prizes but publicity.

I hope AAPSA will try to make a true talent search in future and not bank on publicity for few schools alone.


A citizen (on email)



That’s not how we pay tribute to our dead

Dear Editor,

This Oct 30, 2010 activities organized looked more of a celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the Oct 30, 2008 blasts. The run rally organized by Himanta Biswa Sarma’s TV channel ‘News Live’ turned out to be a run up for elections 2011. It became a platform of publicity for the minister and his wife Riniki Sharma who will be contesting next year. This is a very good example how media can be used for image building. The roping in of out-of-work actors like Dino Moreo, Zarine Khan and music director Ismail Darbar looked weird. All these people of Hindi cinema whenever they attend any function, marriage party, ribbon-cutting and other social events donot move until the organizers pay them a hefty amount of money.

Will the organizers let the people of Assam kbnow how much they have shelled out to get these ‘sale-ebrities’ for the day, starting from  air travel tickets, hotel stay and other allowances for running? They should because it involves the  tax-payers money or maybe the money of some welfare schemes. The Himanta brigade and News Live will say that it is for free, but let everyone know that these people have no knowledge or any concern for blasts in Assam or any part of the world. The people they hired from Mumbai Hindi film world only worship their bodies and keep them toned. How can the organizers even think of bringing these people in a solemn event like commemorating the anniversary of Oct 30 blasts? This only shows their slavish mentality and inferiority complex. If the organisers had some genuine concern, they would have asked a freedom-fighter to grace the occasion.

Also, the late night shows organized by different TV channels made the anniversary more of a function than a mourning of death. A silent remembrance would have been the best way to pay tributes to the death. All in all, Oct 30, 2010 looked like a competition among ministers and private TV channels to outdo each other. They have made the entire incident very light and stole the solemnity associated with it. People of Assam should not be carried away by such stunts. We don’t want running competition, or singing and dancing programmes on the occasion of Oct 30 blasts anniversary. Among the cacophony of all these modes of paying ‘tribute’, the need of delivering ‘Justice’ by punishing the guilty has been lost. People donot need running, singing or long speeches. They need Justice and the guilty should be punished That’s it.


Simanta Phukan

(on email) Ghy-9



Inglorious truth

Dear Editor,

Tom Simai’s “An Inglorious Moment” published on Oct 29 was an incredible one. It portends ominous times. We may have to brace up for the impending apocalypse. The root of the present crisis in the two districts is vote bank politics. Is our leader so lowly to exchange our land for their chair? This incident is an eye opener to all of us.

Instead of fighting against each other on petty grounds we need to be united and deal with the common adversary. If we give in today we have forfeited our basis of existence for ever. The rot will engulf the whole state. We are becoming refugees in our own state. The day is not far when we will become slave of those perpetrators. His rational is convincing which need to appreciated by one and all.


A Citizen (on email)



Thanks, but I am alright

Dear Editor,

Of late, there are some comments on my transfer/posting in your esteemed daily along with other issues pertaining to PDS and Boundary. I feel proud of the fact that students union, at long last, spotted me where I am and must be grateful to them for having displayed their solidarity to me as a member of the society. But in the best of my spirit as a govt servant I have no complaint whatsoever has happened with me or anyone else so far as transfer/posting is concerned. The authority/govt is the best judge of everything. We must accept their wisdom and well thought of action and dictates with due humility and obeisance.

Of course, I express my sentiment against the style and manner my transfer was executed.  was released exparte within three days of my transfer without giving me time to prepare charge report and also allotting my official residential accommodation to other person within a week time. What was more disgusting is that the new allottee kept sending his  PA  and other official asking my family to vacate the quarter soon that too when I was away in Shillong. I wrote to the highest authority for retention of the quarter on two grounds; I am not provided suitable accommodation here Shillong and is putting up in a room in Arunachal Bhawan.

Secondly, my wife is working as Junior Teacher at Itanagar and she needs a shelter there. Also there are cases where officers are transferred but their quarters are retained for years.     

The worst part of the episode was that I was served vacation notice by the ADM cum Estate Officer. After consultation with ADM I moved the High Court to stay the vacation order. The Court, in turn, directed the govt to dispose off the case at their end. As expected, the authority directed me to vacate the house and I obliged. It was like an ordeal...having gone through fire like testing the purity of one`s character and strength.

I feel I have passed the test and I am living happily here in Shillong, enjoying the salubrious ambience of "Shillongore Gadhuli" having few pegs of whisky before dinner. Life goes this way, time passes unnoticed, twilight, dusk, night then dawn.

The sunset brings darkness but every day, the sun rises and brings a ray of hope.

I humbly pray God with folded hands and knees on genuflection that  this kind of treatment should not be meted out to sworn enemies also. Gone is gone and my sufferings cannot be undone.

My prayer to the  friends and countrymen: Lets not indulge in mudslinging/brick batting and allege and accuse each other in which one is not really involved. This I am stating for the reason that some friends suspecting me of using students in organising rally etc of which I don’t have an inkling.  


Kemo Lollen

Additional  Resident Commissioner,

Shillong (on email)



Thank you Arunachal for the good time

Dear Editor,

The two days 23rd Annual Conference of North East Branch of Association of Otolaryngologist of India (NEBAOI) that concluded at Tawang on Oct 30th was excellent.

The people of Tawang including Chief Minister are to be appreciated for their wonderful hospitality given to the delegates from all parts of India.

Apart from beautiful place of Arunachal the people of Arunachal are also beautiful and warm in hospitality. It was one of the best ever conference attended so far, thanks to Dr. K. Riba  and his team including Dr K. Zaman, Dr kesang, Dr Rincin, Dr Sham for their excellent organization of the conference.

Congrutulations and keep it up.


Delegates (on email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


SLVMC questions implementation of TSC & NRDWP

ITANAGAR, Nov 1: The State Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee (SLVMC) inspected the implementation of Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) and National Rural Drinking Water Programmes (NRDWP) in Papum Pare district recently and found that guidelines were violated while implementing these projects under  the ministry of rural development.

The SLVMC member Danial Teli  during his inspection to  the various projects sites of TSC and NRDWP  in Papum-Pare from  Oct 5 to 18 found that the PHED department, Yupia division has completely violated the guidelines of the ministry of rural development and  village Water and Sanitation Committee (VWSC) in each gram panchayat to ensure participation of panchayat bodies in development projects was not constituted. He said under such circumstances the question of carrying out high-quality work does not arise.

He was accompanied by officials of the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) during his visit.

In order to further decentralize powers and responsibilities and to give greater focus on water and sanitation issues VWSC is to be set up in each Gram Panchayat/Village  under the chairmanship of the Gram Panchayat, Chairperson or  Anchal Samity Member for implementation of rural drinking water supply schemes such as Total Sanitation Campaign and National Rural Drinking Water Programmes with the active participation of PRIs, the committee informed.

As per the guideline of the National Rural Drinking Water Programe  (NRDWP), Gram Panchayats should be empowered with funds, functions and functionaries and Capacity building to plan, monitors, implements and manage rural drinking water supply or schemes within their jurisdiction, the committee said and added that  the department cannot  play the role of panchayat at any cost.

The Committee said that when enquired the Executive Engineer could not furnish a list of VWSC formed under PHED Yupia Division as well as its detail activities and a copy of District Water and Sanitation Mission (DSWM) body members along with its specific activities.

However, when inspected the office of the EE, PHED Yupia Division, it is found that a minute of the meeting was held on  June 26, 2009 under the chairmanship Zilla Parishad Chairperson and District Water Sanitation Mission (DWSM) and VWSCs at village level were constituted in the meeting where concerned Anchal Samittee Members (ASMs) were made as its Chairman. But no activities relating to functioning of DWSM and VWSC were carried out afterward, the committee said. The SLVMC further said Anchal Samity Members (ASMs)  expressed their ignorance about the constitution of VWSC and their appointment as Chairman of the said Committee  at village level.

The SLVMC said that NRDWP and TSC schemes were directly carried out with violation of guidelines by the Department of Public Health Engineering and ignoring the formation of VWSCs. The Executive Engineer PHED played the role of all in one, the SLVMC alleged.

Surprisingly, the Junior Engineers of the division who are involved in the project work informed SLVMC member Danial Teli that they do not have any knowledge and information about the DWSM & VWSC and its guidelines. They just do or obey the order and directions of their higher ranks, the committee claimed.

The Monitoring committee further informed that there is no Water Quality Testing Laboratory available at the Sub-Division Level. The PHE department has failed to set up Water Quality Testing Laboratory at least at its Division, the Committee further informed.

It further said that Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activity has not been carried out at grass root level.

The objective of the IEC campaign is to generate positive behavioural changes among stakeholders in regard to hygiene, use of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.

However, the Committee suggested that the IEC campaign should be launched only after the complete formation of Village Water and Sanitation Committee in village level.

The SLVMC member Danial Teli has also  inspected the Central Store at Karsingsa on Oct 18. While inspecting the stock register  he found that the Rod and pipe materials of PHED Yupia Division was not available.  Whatever  the materials there were of the other divisions. Store JE Yadav informed that the materials are about to arrive.

Meanwhile, the SLVMC member Teli appealed panchayat leaders, the Anchal Samity Members and Gram Panchayat members to constitute Village Water and Sanitation Committee and submit the details of its formation to the Chairperson, Zila Parishad and Executive Engineer, PHE  for proper implementation of rural water supply schemes in their respective jurisdiction.

Teli also urged the Engineer concerned to provide all assistances to the Panchayat leaders  during the formation of the Committee as per the prescribed guidelines of the  concern ministry.

However, the   Vigilance and Monitoring Committee observed that despite all odds the department has achieved success in  implementation of some schemes and also tried to provide potable water to the rural communities. Political interference in execution of Rural water supply scheme is also felt during inspection, the committee said.


Police & AAPSU come together to create traffic awareness

ITANAGAR, Nov 1: The festive season has arrived so is the accident in capital complex. From early November to the tail end of March - these months are considered accident season. Most numbers of accidents are recorded in these months.

But this time around, All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union and Arunachal Pradesh Police, Traffic Cell, have taken the cudgel upon themselves to man the roads for traffic and to create awareness in learning institutions.

Both the Police and the AAPSU will not only man the road in Capital Complex but will also hold traffic awareness camps in all the 16 districts of the state.

 The Traffic Cell will be providing all the required equipments and expertises while the apex student union will provide youth power who will assist the Traffic Police.

This was agreed when AAPSU delegation led by President Takam Tatung called on Robin Hibu DIG (East) who is also heading Traffic Cell at Police Headquarter, today.

While welcoming AAPSU’s interest in mitigating traffic congestions and accidents, the DIG (East) said that any noble endeavour needs coordinated efforts from every quarter.  

Through power point presentation, Hibu educated the visiting students union on traffic rules and its violation thereof. Showing gory pictures of accidents and death, Robin said that the precious life could have been saved had they taken little precaution such as wearing recommended helmets and not indulging in drunken-drive. He urged them to spread the knowledge, they learnt today to their near and dear ones.

Sharing his opinion, Takam Tatung said that government should give due importance to Traffic Cell by creating a separate department of its own so as to streamline the traffic problems in the State.

The State Government is busy in deputing advisors to all. Instead of this, if they can create Traffic Department many of the traffic woes including accident related death can be assuaged to optimum level,” he opined.  Arunachal Citizen Right, Chairman, Bamang Tago, who also attended the interaction programme informed that the traffic lights are not functioning properly after few weeks of its installation. He suggested proper maintenance.

AAPSU vice president (protocol) Nabam Tamar who is also the chairman of the Traffic Awareness Campaign, Vice President (administration) Sonam Tenzing, Assistant General Secretary Marge Riba and other executive members attended the interaction programme.


Namsai limping back to normalcy

NAHARLAUN, Nov 1: Situation in Namsai Sub- Division is returning back to normalcy with opening and functioning of all the business and Govt. establishments, institutions, medicals and installations as usual.

The NH- 52 via Dirak Check Gate is having free movement without any hindrance with consignments of essential commodities including POL items and daily markets are functioning as usual.

The inmates of the relief camp established at Namsai for the fire victims of Mohong and Silato village have returned to their respective villages today. Vehicles and security have been facilitated by the administration and police.

In the last 2 days no untoward incidence has been reported. The administration along with police, civil societies, student communities have put their efforts in materializing peace and harmony in the sub-division. The Khampti Council and Comminity are going to conduct social services tomorrow to rebuid the houses which were gutted by fire at New Mohong and Old Mohong, as reported by DIPRO.


Rs 10 lakh looted from bank, one arrested

ITANAGAR, Nov 1: In a broad day-light robbery incident, the miscreants looted the Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank at G Extension Naharlagun today.

According to sources, a gang of three looters with arms entered the Rural Bank at around 10.15 am and looted an amount of Rs 10,74,500 and fled the scene immediately.

However, Naharlagun police swung into action immediately and nabbed one of the robbers from Nirjuli. A case no 139/10 U/S 392/34 IPC read with section 25 (1) (a) Arms Act has been registered and investigation is on to nab the absconded muggers.


AAF to conduct Arunachal’s Got Talent Khoj-I

ITANAGAR, Nov 01: Arunachal Artiste Forum (AAF), in a recent meeting, has decided to organize a state level mega talent hunt -“Arunachal’s Got Talent Khoj-I” in line with India’s Got Talent Khoj-2 very shortly. An organizing committee has been constituted with Neelam Pope and TG Tara as chairman and secretary respectively.


ASHAs – a ray of hope for rural masses: Umbrey

ITANAGAR, Nov 1:  Roing MLA L. Umbrey  has inaugurated a five days Modular training (Module 6th and 7th)  of Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs)  at Roing today.

In this inaugural speech  as chief guest Umbrey termed the ASHAs as a ray of hope to the millions of people in the villages to whom basic health delivery services is yet to reach in real sense. He urged upon all the ASHA’s to help uplift the health status of the rural populace which will in turn contribute positively to the nation building activities.

He emphasized on need to adopt small family norms and generating awareness among the villagers about equality of both the male and female child.

DC Y. W. Ringu who presided over the function asked all the ASHA’s to do justice to the very concept of ASHA and learn maximum from the training and use their knowledge practically in the village level. She reminded ASHA’s that good health is the real pillar of a strong nation. While dealing on non-submission of statement of expenditure and utilization certificate of village health and sanitation committee funds, she requested them to submit necessary documents to the District Health Society by two weeks times and also suggested that in future responsibilities will be fixed on respective MO in charge of the concern area.

DMO Dr. A. Yirang, while delivering his welcome address requested the ASHA’s not to misconstrued the VHSC fund to be ASHA fund which needs to be used for the greater interest of the village as per the GoI guidelines.

DRCHO Dr. M. Basar gave brief account on concept of ASHA and their role and responsibilities. He urged all ASHA’s to conduct Village Health and Nutrition Day in all the villages which is mandatory as per the GoI guidelines. He also highlighted various health schemes in which performance based incentives for ASHA’s are available.

All heads of the department, PRI leaders besides ASHAs of Roing CD block attended the function.


Thousands participate in cleanliness drive in JNC

ITANAGAR, Nov 1: In view of the ensuing College day celebration and centenary celebration of Pasighat Town, more than two thousand students and  staff of Jawaharlal Nehru College  conducted a day-long cleanliness drive in the college campus today.  The activities of the day-long social service include clearance of jungles from lower campus to upper campus on both sides of the road and short cut steps that connect the upper and the lower campus of the college. It is the record turn up among the students community in the history of the J.N.College, the senior most faculty members of the college Dr V Pratap and Dr. Alka Agarwal pointed out. They also congratulated the Principal Tayek Talom and the Programme officer, NSS Unit of the College, T Payum, who motivated the students and organized the day.


MMC for the Youth, by the Youth and from the Youth

By Tashor Pali

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future” – Franklin D Roosevelt.

Youths are the future of a nation. They are the backbone of a society. Today’s youths represent the nation tomorrow. So it is very important that we mould and nourish the youth physically and intellectually to have a strong nation. This also means we protect our youth from any disease that can affect them. But unfortunately today's young people are also regarded as the AIDS generation. They have never known a world without HIV. Youths are most vulnerable population when we talk about HIV/AIDS because of physical, psychological and social attributes of adolescence. Adolescents often are not able to comprehend fully the extent of their exposure to risk. Societies often compound young people's risk by making it difficult for them to learn about HIV/AIDS and reproductive health. Moreover, many youth are socially inexperienced and dependent on others. Peer pressures easily influence them—often in ways that can increase their risk.

Keeping youth’s vulnerability into account, National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) is undertaking a multi - media campaign (MMC) in the Northeastern region of the country for youth between the age groups of 15-29 years. The MMC aims to capitalize on the popularity of local entertainment avenues among youth like music concerts and sports, especially soccer taking into account that music and sports are in the blood of North East people.

The four months MMC spanning from October 2010 to Feb 2011 shall be launched in three phases in Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society, Naharlagun, Directorate of Higher & Technical Education, Department of IPR, Department of Art & Culture, Department of Sports & Youth Affairs, Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalist, Press Club of Arunachal, DDK, Itanagar, AIR, Itanagar and District Administrations are the main partners in this campaign. The first phase which is the most crucial part of the campaign shall be in the form of Music Competition among the bands with HIV/AIDS lyrics called Red Ribbon Superstar of Arunachal. The competition shall be in nine district headquarters of the state which shall be kicked off from Daporijo on 10th November 2010 by Shri Tanga Byaling, Health Minister of Arunachal Pradesh followed competition at Aalo on 12th November 2010, Pasighat on 14th November 2010, Khonsa on 16th November 2010, Changlang on 18th November 2010, Tezu on 20th November 2010, Seppa 25th November 2010, Bomdila on 27th November 2010 and Tawang on 29th November 2010.

The RRC Superstar shall be culminated at a high voltage state level competition among the district level winners at Itanagar on 15th December 2010. There are attractive cash prizes from APSACS for the winners at the district level, while the winner at the state level shall get away with attractive cash prizes and also become the brand ambassador of APSACS and take a state tour under APSACS sponsorship in the roll out of Road Show.

 The second phase of MMC shall be in the form of a state level soccer tournament which shall be organized in the month of December 2010 by tying up with the Sports and  Youth Affair Deptt of the state through a popular tournament.

The third phase of MMC shall be in the form of Road shows in 20 blocks of the state where the winners of the RRC superstar and best footballer of the soccer tournament shall make tour to attract crowd. This is the last phase of MMC which shall be launched by the first week of January 2011.

The main target of the MMC is to enhance risk perception and promote safe behaviour, address issues around stigma and discrimination for people infected and affected with HIV and AIDS, motivate different population groups to seek services (ICTC, PPTCT, ART, STI and Care & Support services, highlight the importance of blood safety and increase awareness on the availability of ART and Normalization of condoms.

The RRC Superstar competition is a very good platform for the youths to showcase their talents in the field of music and sports. This will provide a good opportunity to expose their hidden talent and gets a due recognition through a government sponsored programme. But above all it will provide the youth an opportunity to do something for a greater cause of humankind as a whole and make them feel good about themselves.

This is a campaign for the Youth, by the Youth and from the Youth. It’s a step towards preventing HIV/AIDS. (The writer is a Dy. Director (IEC), APSACS, Naharlagun)


GWS  to hold VIIIth Baanv Kvba at Dumporijo

ITANAGAR, Nov 1: The General Body Meeting of the Galo Welfare Society (GWS) held at the Community Hall, Siddhartha Vihar, Itanagar on Sunday.  The meeting unanimously decided to hold the VIIIth Baanv Kvba at Dumporijo in Upper Subansiri in January 2011.  

The Executive Committee was endorsed  by the General Body to pursue the issue of the creation of Lower Siang District for the 28 Likabali-Gensi Assembly Constituency and the 36 Nari Koyu Assembly Constituency as per the resolutions of 2004 and 2008 Galo Baanv Kvbas held in Kamba and Aalo, respectively.

The General Body termed the recent news items about the resignations by four Executive Committee members of GWS and the news being released to the media as incorrect, which deserved to be addressed accordingly. The GB also felt that ‘the adamant stand and subsequent actions taken by members of the BASU and DDAC Basar, in regard to the confusion created by the cabinet regarding the district creation issue is unfortunate’.

 However, it resolved to accept the offer of the elders from Aalo to mediate the issue between the parties – the DDJAC and the DDAC. The body further appealed all concerned to resolve the misunderstanding amicably and without publicity, and in the larger interest of all affected people.


Arunachal Boogie Woogie finalists conduct district tour

ITANAGAR, Nov 1: The district campaign of the finalists of the Arunachal Boogie Woogie State level Dance competition started at Seppa, in East Kameng District. Finalist Vijay Singhie performed in front of a massive crowd at Government Higher secondary school Auditorium Seppa on Oct 29.  He appealed to the denizens of Seppa and East Kameng districts to vote and support him to win the state level dancing competition. The Arunachal Boogie Woogie team led by Kipa Ajay also attended the show.

Rinchin Norbu Bapu, a finalist from West Kameng district performed at jam packed Kameng Club Auditorium, Bomdila on Oct 31. The show was an amalgamation of the talents of West Kameng district. The popular singers of the district including Pem Tsering, Rinchin Tashi Khomu (Winner, West Kameng Idol), Pema Lhazom (Finalist, Mon-Sergeling Singing Competition), Dorjee Eton (Female Winner Mon Sergeling Singing Competition) came forward in support of Rinchin Norbu Bapu and presented beautiful numbers. The cultural troupes from Kalaktang, Tawang and Govt. College Bomdila also performed.

DC Rinchin Tashi and DRDA PD Dubom Riba was the Chief Guest and Guest of Honor of the cultural evening. The show was organized by Kesang Wangda, AMDO and other social activists of the district.

The Arunachal Boogie Woogie team had a rare opportunity to meet Ngawang Tashi Bapu (Lama Tashi), Principal of Central Institute of Himalayan Culture Study and former chant master of H.H Dalai Lama’s Drepung Losely Monastery in India. He appreciated the efforts of Arunachal Boogie Woogie team and blessed them for success of the event.  He is expected to attend the Grand Finale of Arunachal Boogie Woogie 2010 on 7th Nov 2010.


Lower Siang wins the Paknya Rumi Memorial trophy

ITANAGAR, Nov 1: Kakki Team defeated Lower Siang 2-1 in the final of the football tournament of 23rd Ego Valley Open Tournament (EVOT) 2010 played at New Dari ground under Dari circle of West Siang district on October 29 last and won the Late Paknya Rumi Memorial trophy along with cash prize of Rs.20,000 sponsored by Paknya Rumi Foundation. The runners up team was given Rs.10,000 along with trophy.

The Men’s and Women’s volleyball titles were lifted by Black Hill team and Lune Bane team respectively. The winners and runners up teams were given Rs.10,000 and Rs.5,000 each. Men’s volleyball trophy was sponsored by Nehru Yuva Kendra while the Women’s trophy was sponsored by Paknya Rumi Foundation. The tournaments were organized by Ego Banggo Youth Association.

An HIV/AIDS awareness programme was also conducted during the tournament which was sponsored by Arunachal Pradesh State Aids Control Society. Dr. Nani Tanyo, medical officer i/c of Basar CHC was the resource persons.

The concluding day of the 10-day tournaments, which were begun on October 20, was attended by APSACS project director Dr. Emi Rumi, Sector Specialist NACO S Chatterjee, APSACS deputy director (IEC) Tashar Pali as chief guest, guest of honour and special guest respectively and gave away prizes to winners, runners up teams and individual prize winners.

The inaugural function was attended by West Siang ZP chairperson Jarsa Gamlin as chief guest.


Rastriya Sankalp Diwas observed

CHANGLANG, Nov 1: The Changlang District Administration observed "Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas” to mark 26th death anniversary of former Prime Minister Late Indira Gandhi here at BSB Auditorium, Changlang yesterday.

Changlang Deputy Commissioner Opak Gao paid floral tributes to the portrait of Indira Gandhi. This was followed by other dignitaries including officers and teachers.

Among others Changlang North ZPM Marina Kenglang, SP Tumme Amo, Administrative officers, heads of the department of the district, teachers and students attended the programme.

While remembering the contributions of Late Gandhi, Gao appealed all the members present to work sincerely to uphold the unity and integrity of the nation.  

ZPM Kenglang while paying tribute to late Gandhi called upon all the youth to play positive role in nation building and shun the bad habits like drug addiction. She appealed to the public to work for the development of the district in particular and Arunachal Pradesh as a whole.

The teachers and students from different schools in Changlang headquarter gave the speeches on  life, work, policies, ideology and achievements of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

The students of Govt Higher secondary school and trainees under DIET Changlang presented patriotic songs on the occasion. DIPRO


Army to conduct pre-screening drive

BOMDILA, Nov 1: In its endeavor to give more chances to tribal youths for joining Indian Army, the Army has conducted a total of six recruitment rallies since January last wherein a large number of local youths have been enrolled.

The response of the youths towards these rallies from the districts of central and east Arunachal have been quite appreciable compared to the lukewarm response from the region comprising Tawang, West Kameng  and  East Kameng districts. In order to solicit better response from these sectors, the Indian Army would be conducting an awareness camp and a pre-screening drive for the candidate before the main recruitment rally to be held at Pasighat from 20th to 28th of this month. The awareness cum pre-screening team of the Indian Army led by its Colonel would be camping at Bomdila, Tawang and Seppa on 10th, 12th & 15th of this month respectively. DIPRO

ABVP conduct dental camp

ITANAGAR, Nov 1: Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) organized a two days dental check up and blood grouping camp along with Seva Bharati at Dera Natung Govt. College here.

Chief guest of the programme, Dr, Byabang Rana highly appreciated ABVP for organizing such  important camp and other welfare activities in the state. Dr. Rana also praised Dr. Pratibha Athavale, resource person of the camp, for working fearlessly for the welfare of tribal community in the state. He informed that Dr. Athavale has been regularly visiting the state even at the age of 56 since last 10 years.

Vice principal of the college T Tamuk also highly appreciated Dr. Athavale for conducting the camp in the college which immensely helped the students and other participants.

State ABVP secretary Jayant Saikia highlighted about the aims and objective and various activities undertaken by ABVP since its birth.


15th Parish Day of Holy Rosary Church at Palin celebrated

PALING, Nov 1: ‘Respect and honor the Priests and Nuns for they stand in between God and Humans,’ said Tok Buttum, President, Arunachal Pradesh Catholic Union (APCU) while attending a Parish day Celebration at Holy Rosary Parish, Palin on Oct 31. Around 2000 delegates from Palin, Chambang and Tali attended the celebration.

Buttum who is the chief guest of the programme said, ‘the priests and nuns in the Catholic Church are mediator in between Humans and God. They stand in between you and plead to God for all of you”. He said “The Catholic Church is like huge River that always keeps on flowing and will never run dry. The big river keeps on flowing, but the small rivers may run dry. If you are in the Catholic Church you are in the right place. Give faith to your children other than gold, silver, money and wealth. Teach one another about peace”.

On identity he said, ‘always maintain your identity. Language is the main cultural identity of any society. Therefore always speak Nyishi which is your mother tongue’.

The guest of honour, Taw Tabin the Secretary of APCU highlighted about the activities of APCU.  ‘I am delighted to see all your faces and I gratefully thank you for this reason of your being presence”, he said.

He also testified about the power of the Holy Rosary. He has practically seen the power of the Holy Rosary when it was put over the body of a person that was possessed by spirit. The person went to unconscious state the moment the Rosary was put into her body. Immediately spirit left her and the person came back to her senses.

He said that St Peter was the first Pope. Benedict 16 who is the present Pope, is the 265th Pope starting from St. Peter one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus.

Later both President and Secretary distributed Holy Rosaries to all the faithful of the Church and urged them to say the Rosary Prayers always.   

Tunar Tara one of the senior most members of the Catholic Church of Palin area narrated about the history of the Church at Palin right from 1972.

Soon after the visit of Rt. Rev. Hubert Rosario, the Arch Bishop of Shillong along with Rev. Fr. CC Jose in 1988, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh gave permission for construction of a Parish Church. The Church grew to its fullness in the year 1992 with a full time appointed Priest, Rev. Fr. T J Francis. The new Palin Church now Holy Rosary Church, was constructed under his guidance with much difficulties. In the same Year the Sisters of Missionaries of Charities (MC) belonging to Mother Teresa Congregation established at Palin and thus continue to serve the poor and down trodden people of the area, he narrated.

 He further said in past 3 decades Church also has grown from one mother Church at Rakso village to a total of 29 Churches in all three areas. There are 12 Churches at Palin, 9 Churches at Chambang and 8 churches at Tali Circle.

Earlier, the program started with Eucharistic celebrations lead by Rev. Fr. Francis Tinglung, the Parish Priest of Holy Rosary Parish of Palin.

Along with colorful cultural items, a felicitation program was conducted where every dignitary were gifted with colorful presentations. Among the dignitaries many officers, elders, general public, students and religious were present. Children from MC Sisters stole the hearts of many spectators with their innocent orphanage dances.


Second phase Group ’D’ staff training prog begins

ITANAGAR, Nov 1: In view of the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh decision for up-gradation of the Pay Scale of Group’D’ employees from their existing group ‘D’ Pay Band –IS of Rs. 4440+Rs.7,440+ Grade Pay of Rs.1300 PM only to Group ‘C’ Pay Band of Rs.5200/- + 20,200+ Grade pay of Rs.1800 per month in acceptance of the 6th CPC Recommendation, Administrative Training Institute of the Govt. have started imparting “Mass Re-Training Programme” for all categories of Group ‘D’ employees serving  under AP Civil Secretariat administration, Itanagar  and other Heads of Departments including few district administration.  The duration of this Re-training Programme is designed for 3(three) days each and  it covers a wide range of topics on Office Procedures & Office Management/ Duties & Responsibilities of Group D Staff/ Conduct Rules/ Computer Awareness/ Office Record  Management/ Basic Knowledge on Handling of Photo Copier Machines/ Fax/ Telephones etc. by Group D staff/ Managing Personal life including health & hygiene/ Dak receipts/ Registration/ Distribution of dak  & Tips of Departmental security/ Good Governance- our role/ Pension & Retirement Benefits/ Leave Rules/ Filing Syste,/ Stress Management at Work Place etc.

Earlier, ATI have already completed imparting of aforesaid Re-trainings to more that 234 Group ‘D’ employees of AP Civil Secretariat Administration, Itanagar including 45 Group ‘D’ employees of Tax & Excise Department during the month of June/10 to August/10 comprising of more than 9 (nine) batches consisting of   30 (thirty) participants in each batch.

As a part of on-going Mass-Re-training Programme of Group ‘D’ employees, ATI have taken-up the 2nd phase of Group’D’ Re-training Programme for the HoDs & commenced the 1st batch of this second phase Group’D’ training programme for 22 Group ‘D’employees of UD & Housing, 8 Nos. from Cooperation Department & another  6 Nos. from the Department of Audit & Pension/ Small Savings/ PSC etc. w.e.f 1st  to 3rd November.

While inaugurating the Training Programme Director (TRG) Pema Tshetan reminded the participants that it indeed a major decision of the Govt. to extend the benefits of 6th CPC recommendation to all the eligible group ‘D’ employees serving in the state and at the same time to give them the opportunity to re-orient themselves with various office rules and procedures, their role in Good Governance & to enhance their knowledge and  skill.  The Director therefore urged the participants to be sincere and  hard working for the betterment of their department in particular and over all welfare of the State. The Course Coordinator of the Programme T. Lodo, submitted a brief highlight of the course content & urged the participants to take full advantage of the Training Pgrogramme.

Pathe Marik, Asstt. Director (TRG) extended the vote of thanks & equally requested them to work  with higher motivation.


U-19 Inter Club Ranking T20 Tournament begins

UCCC win tournament opener

ITANAGAR, Nov 1: United Capital Cricket Club (UCCC), Itanagar won the Under-19 Inter Club Ranking Tournament (T20) opener at Naharlagun cricket ground defeating Poyupaga Cricket Club, Mengio by 36 runs.

In another match of the day, Popum Poma Cricket Club, Balijan tasted defeat at the hands of Jaryir Cricket Club, Likabali. Significantly, the teams batting first emerged winners in both matches.

Although they lost the toss, United Capital Cricket Club were put to bat first by the rival camp, to exploit the morning dews. But, the United CCC taking the home advantage backed by cheering crowds could somehow manage to score a decent total of 117-5.

The hosts, however, received early blow with both of its opener–Sohail Hussain and Takar–easily falling prey to strong opposition pace attack. Sohail threw his wicket to only second ball of the innings for naught when his off-stump was uprooted by an inswinger from Kara Bozoom. Takar (2) also returned back to the pavilion in the next over after being clean bowled by the same bowler.

However, with scintillating performance from its middle order bats, including skipper Vijay Chiji, who scored valuable 35 runs off 26 balls and remained not out, and Toko Robin (40 off 43) managed to take the team past 100-runs mark. For Poyupaga CC, Techi Koyo and Kara Bozoom claimed two wickets apiece.

Chasing the victory target of 118, Poyupaga could score only 81runs losing 8 wickets. Excepting Techi Dui (19) and Techi Doria (10), none of their batsmen could reach the double-figure mark.

United captain Vijay, who also claimed a vital wicket, was adjudged the man of the match.

In the second match of the day, Jaryir Cricket Club, Likabali clinched a 47-run win over their  rivals Popum Poma Cricket Club, Balijan.

Batting first after winning the toss, the Jaryir side, facing disciplined bowling attack from Popum Poma, could manage to bring their team’s total to 97 runs, losing nine wickets. Jaryir’s skipper Nyicbom Ngomle was the lone batman to score double-digit  (15 off 19 deliveries). Popum Poma Gollo Sarah took three wickets while Nabam Kama and Tad Youp claimed two wickets each.

In the reply, Popum Poma side could reach the half-century mark and were all out in 18th over. All their batsmen were sent back to the pavilion cheaply before they  settled at the crease. Jaryir’s skipper N Ngomle, who performed nicely with both bat and ball, was adjudged man of the match.





Habung Gambo Marg

ITANAGAR, Nov 01: The Habung Gambo Marg at Paking Halyang, Ziro will be inaugurated in a function being organized by All Habung Students Union Welfare Fund on October 20. Lower Subansiri deputy commissioner Sadhana Deori has consented to be the chief guest of the inaugural function. A volleyball tournament will also be held in memory of Late Habung Gambo at Ziro from November 15 to 17.

Late Habung Gambo was born in 1963 and started his career as UDC in AP Sectt and later he joined as J/T at Govt. HS School, Itanagar. After a brief period he was recruited as Language Officer and served at Tawang and Ziro. He was subsequently recruited as APCS in 1993 with 7th rank and served as CO at Daporijo, Dumporijo, Ziro, Pistana and Sangram and later promoted to EAC and served at Ziro and Seppa.

Late Gambo was popular in the community and state as a whole particularly to youth and downtrodden for his immense friendly and helping attitude. He was popular not only for his impartial administration but also for his participation in social causes and developments in his individual capacity.

Right from his student days he engaged himself in social organizations. He served as general secretary of DN College Students Union, LBS School. He was an active member of almost all social organizations like ACLS etc.

He died while on duty as Project Director, DRDA, East Kameng.


Taekwondo Championship

ITANAGAR, Nov 01: Veerabasa Viah.G won a silver medal in the recently concluded 29th National Senior Taekwondo Championship held at Bilaspur, Chattishgarh.

While lauding the performance of Veerabasa, Arunachal Taekwondo Association appealed to the authorities concerned to provide coaches for better performance. Due to lack of coaches we could not perform as per expectation, the Association said. It, however, thanked the Sports Authority of Arunachal and Arunachal Olympic Association for extending physical, mental and financial supports to the participating players in championship.


Earth cutting restricted

ITANAGAR, Nov 1:  Donyi Polo Dariya Hill Welfare Association has said that it has restricted earth cutting along Donyi Polo Vidhaya Bhawan School road. The Association said such earth cutting activities need proper permission from the competent authorities.



ITANAGAR, Nov 1: All the officers and staff of state Govt labour and employment department have mourned the sudden demise of Kari Basar who died on Oct 25. He was working as lower division clerk on contractual basis with the department. Expressing shock over his premature demise, members prayed for eternal peace of departed soul.

The rank and file of City Congress Committee (CCC) have condoled the sudden demise of its vice president Bro. Regio Tapok this morning. He was 41 and survived by his wife, seven daughters and a son.

Tapok was one of the most sincere Congress party workers in Capital Complex and served the party with utmost dedication in the last 10 years. His death is a great loss for the party as well as society, CCC said in a release.

Tapok, who was former Itanagar Mondal BJP vice president, was also presently in the post of general secretary of Itanagar Christian Church.

While conveying their heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss, they prayed to almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Autorickshaw Day

ITANAGAR, Nov 1: All Capital Complex Autorickshaw Welfare Association (ACCAWA) has decided to celebrate Arunachal Auto Day on November 20. All autorickshaw under the association will remain off the road on that day.

Arunachal Private Motor Transport Federation has approved November 20 as Auto Day, according to ACCAWA release.


Healing crusade

ITANAGAR, Nov 1: Christian Revival Church (CRC) Area-II will organize a healing crusade at Gangte Circle of Kurung Kumey district from November five to seven. Evan. Dr. Joram Dol and Evan. Hari Gobin will deliver the Lord Message of Jesus Christ.


Rs 11 crore sanctioned for NH52-A

ITANAGAR: The Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry  has sanctioned ` 11.90 crore project for periodical road renewal works on NH 52-A from Banderdewa to Itanagar and Itanagar to Holongi section. This was informed by Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Kamal Nath in a letter to MP Takam Sanjoy. The project will be executed by state PWD, Nath further informed and requested the MP to monitor the progress of the project along with PWD.


Interaction prog

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) will hold anawareness cum interaction programme with APPSCCE-2010 mains qualifiers at Vivekananda Hall, RK Mission Hospital, Itanagar on Nov 16 next.


Murder accused apprehended

DAPORIJO: A team of Daporijo police has successfully arrested a murder accused Bengia Tachung alias Taha, aged 28 years, who is wanted in connection with the case SGM P.S. C. NO. 34/2010 U/S 302 IPC R/W Section 27 Arms Acts  in which he is an accused of murdering his elder brother Lt. Bengia Tajik at point blank on Oct 24 at Sarli in Kurung Kumey district.

Acting on a tip off that the accused was staying at Hotel Darjeeling, Daporijo, the police team swung into action on Oct  28  and arrested the accused and seized a 12 bore SBBL gun with 3 Nos. of live cartridges and 1 empty cartridge from his possessions, reports OC, Police Station, Daporijo. DIPRO


Youth convention

ITANAGAR: All Yachuli Students’ Union (AYSU) will hold its first ever youth convention with the theme ‘A call for solidarity’ at Yazali from November 5 to 8. Various games and sports, literary and cultural competitions would be organized to mark the convention.

APEDA chairman cum MLA Likha Saaya and Director of Higher and Technical Education Dr. Joram Begi will attend the inaugural function on November 6 as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.


Football coaching camp

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Football Association will conduct a 10 days coaching camp for women footballers at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun from November 8.

APFA will also conduct a senior women’s football tournament in memory of Late Omem Moyong Deori after the coaching camp to be sponsored by APCC president cum PWD Minister Nabam Tuki.


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