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Help correcting the mechanism to ensure a balanced growth

Dear Editor,

It is found that a new trend of economic enterprising is taking place in society these days amongst some groups of grass root level people and in some middle class families especially in women. They form a homogenous groups and make common deposits in “X”, “Y”,”Z” Fund’s name. Short term loans are provided to persons who need cash money on emergency at the rate of 5% or 10% per 100 or per 1000/- per monthly basis.  Asset’s like Land allotment, building, LIC Policies and local ‘Malas’ are attached as securities against the loan. In the absence of the state Govt’s standing policy to provide easy loans to individuals especially the poor people the groups operating such private micro credit business found to be helpful to poor women in promoting their enterprising activities. But the unfortunate side of the story is that the interest amount shots up 10 times double the principal amount within no time and the borrowers find it difficult to repay the loan within the stipulate period. Even if you invest the loan money in business we cannot expect high margin of profit within short period.

In such case, the heavy pressure on the borrowers mounts so much so that either the properties will be seized or there used to be hot argument or big fight between the parties creating serious law and order problems. The money also remains blocked in one or two person’s hands because of the borrower’s inability to clear the outstanding. So, in order to ensure easy money return and fast transaction the rate of interest per 100/- per 1000/- per month should be 2% only and there by one can earn profit of 2% without putting one’s own labor which is an ideal way to get profit in fact and the borrowers could also find it comfortable to repay the loan. The development agencies of the state Govt. should come forward to identify the groups successfully operating the micro credit business at least for a period of 2 years or more and provide special financial package for working capital in order to encourage them and promote help for each other in society.

Small -Small earnings through such ventures should be valued very well and the art of Small and hard earning, savings should also be inculcated among us. The root cause of economic ills prevailing among the grass root level people could be removed from the root itself not by using external force or power but by correcting the mechanism and mitigating the problems only. The much talked about Boli business could also work well but it did not as the more or easy earning over night was the target of the members involved in the Boli business. It could prove boon to many women had they understand the meaning of extra and small earning to supplement their family income and had they set guidelines. We should not allow any worst thing to happen, it is therefore to request the social leaders, organizations and the law enforcing authorities to keep in touch with the groups undertaking the micro credit business and they should be advised to lower down the rate of interest in order to promote a balanced and smooth economic growth among the grass root level people and if possible we should help working out proper guide lines to run this enterprising activity smoothly. It is very encouraging that the self help groups of the civil society sharing the economic development burden of the state Govt. through such self   organized micro credit business venture. I have already urged upon the Arunachal Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee (I) to take a serious note of this development and help work out a corrective measures to let this business go smoothly for the larger interest of our down rudder people especially poor sisters.


Yam Natung

Former Chairperson,

State Social Welfare Advisory Board,

Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Nirjuli.



We are still waiting

Dear Editor,

We would like to draw the attention of concerned authority toward the hardship being faced by the S.S.A teachers.

From 2009, we had been hearing that our salary will be increased. So, with great hope we waited and waited. But nothing came out. Then, in the month of June 2010, Hon’ble Education Minister formally announced the increase of our salary in all local dailies. So, again we started to hope. But again our waiting bore no fruits. Then, in the month of Sept.2010, state cabinet approved the regularization of job and release of arrear and increased salary within the month of October. Now, November is going to be over and still we are waiting. Whenever we make inquiry about job regularization and salary increment, every time we are told that file process is going on. But how long file process will go on? 10-15 years?

Every time we have been lied and cheated by the government. We feel that our tolerance and patience has crossed the Laxman  rekha. Now, we need no more assurance or mere announcement by the Government, only ACTION can satisfy us and bring back our trust in the government.

We understand that regularization process will take some time. But at least in the meantime, salary should be increased. Neither salary is being increased nor has job been regularized.

Therefore, we appeal to state government to release our increased salary within the month of Nov and keep the promise.

Lastly we would like to ask executive members of ASSATA that why they are mute on this issue? In fact it is their responsibilities to take up first step.


Habung Gyute, J /T

L.Tayu, A/T

N.Tara, J/T

T.Rakesh, A/T



Let us protect forest

Dear Editor,

We would like to draw your kind attention of authorities that Namorah Forest Range Area under Khellong Forest Division Bhalukpong, in Dissing Passo circle is well known for the illegal operation of the logs since the Supreme Court verdict banned  any  kinds of  timber operation in Arunachal  Pradesh.

Because of this illegal action, the area has almost become a barren land which results in frequent occurrence of flood and other natural calamities.  Such natural calamities lead to destruction of natural flora and fauna. In spite of all this illegal operation, Tayerso is only place where we don't allow any kind of operation since time immemorial for the preservation of natural resources.

But now, department concern is issuing a log tender against this area which is indirectly encouraging and opening way for the rampant illegal operation without the knowledge of the villagers.

Therefore written complaint has been submitted to the principal chief conservator of forests, Itanagar on dated 18/11/2010 for necessary action by canceling the log tender against the mentioned area.

Further, we draw the kind attention of other public leaders and societies for moral support against such kind of timber operation not only in our area, but in state as whole for preservation of flora and fauna. With this we villagers of Tayerso and Taposo unanimously decided that any kinds of operation in the area will not be allowed at any circumstances.


Menyang Wage

Tajo J. Kino

Birsa Wage, Public

Tabin Kino



It is not fare selection

Dear Editor,

I would like to request AAPSU and other Organizations to take initiative for the cause of poor Arunachal tribal students, who have testified  their talents in the APPSC Mains exam. However it’s been said that the Commission is going to award marks based on Cl-X, Cl-XII and graduate percentage. This implies that, the Commission has a preplanning to select those candidates belonging to well to do family and filtering those who come from poor village having less percentage. This technique of selection process is not fair and discriminating. Since all candidates have proven   their talents, so there is no need to use school and college marks card. If the selection is done purely on merits, then please go and look for merits based on APPSCE (Mains) and not beyond that.

I request AAPSU to address the matter to the Commission on or before the Viva-voce.


Worried citizen,




Actual facts about Vijaynagar  

Dear Editor,

The content of “It was Dawodi not Vijoynagar” by Mr. Philip Ngwazah in your esteemed daily, 17th November 2010 compelled  us to write down few truths about the Vijaynagar. Geoffrey Tyson in the Forgotten Frontier (1945) explains the rescue expeditions of World War II undertaken by British officers through the routes of Chaukan pass and present Vijaynagar. While quoting G.D.L. Miller he writes “But first word about Chauken Pass itself Miller’s dairy which I have before as I write (I made frequent reference to Miller later on) describes it as truly a forgotten land, where solitude reigns supreme”. He records that for over a hundred miles there was no trace of man. Tyson further makes reference of another expedition by Renold Jardine which says that “It is of interest to note that after passing through village of N’Pyen Gamang on the H’Pamgma river about 8 miles South-East of Kamho on the 14th May 1942, there was no village or human habitation until we reached Mr. Mackrell’s camp on Dapha river 38 days later” (more detail along the route map of the expedition can be found in Forgotten Frontier). This clearly speaks that until 1942, there was no human settlement in the area which forms present Vijaynagar.

How the Chaukan valley became Vijaynagar is well illustrated by Nari Rostomji (the then advisor to Governor of Assam) in Enchanted Frontier (1965). An extracts of which goes like ”Much of the credit of opening Vijaynagar must go to Major General A.S. Guraya and his tough band of Gurkhali Jawans of Assam Rifles, trekked for four weeks through thick pestilential jungle to reach the broad and lovely valley which was population less and nameless tract. It is in the custom that name of an area is given after the tribes (people inhabiting), but the IGAR (Inspector General of Assam Rifles) was fortunate enough to give his children an immortal peace by giving the name of place after their name”.

Ex-Assam Rifles didn’t settle in the Vijaynagar by their own, they were induced there as a major security measure. The proposal of the settlement scheme submitted by NEFA administration was duly approved by the Government of India (vide Ministry of External Affairs, 210 (11)/63-NI) dated 22nd January 1964, which was letter on included as planned scheme under Fourth Five Year Plan of the country (vide Adm. No. RR 29/66 dated 19th October1967). They cleared the virgin forest and  erected houses and developed the paddy rice field in the valley for which the NEFA administration provided them full ration for 1st year, 50% for second, 25% for third and in the fourth year they became self reliant also was envisaged under the scheme. During the process of clearing forest and setting up of villages, a stupa along with gold statue of lord Budha was discovered by the Assam Rifle personnel. The statue is now lying in the State Museum, Itanagar. This is another testimony of the virginity of the area during the time of settlement. For several years the rice fields were invaded by the elephants because their hitherto a safe habitat was for the first time was disturbed by human settlement. There was a system of night duty with burning fire on hands in the newly created colonies to ward off the elephants in the night time. A person known as Shyam was attacked and killed by elephant while he was passing by a jungle from his colony to nearby colony. Presently, not a single elephant is found in the Vijaynagar area. Where those elephants have gone, is better known to God only.

It also goes without mention here that settlers of Vijaynagar were not Ex-Assam Rifles before opening the area. Those in-service innocent soldiers in General Duty rank (constable) were induced into the valley in order to fulfil the government objectives of inhabiting the area. Many of those who had service tenure less than 10 years are rendered pensionless. Their inducement was accomplished on the basis of words and assurances. They live a hard life in the hostile jungle of remote border with non-existence of road, communication, school, medical and other basic facilities, still they never let their hopes that one day government will fulfil the assurances.  Although, in October 1987, Government of Arunachal passed an order which provided them following facilities, but all in vain: Title Deeds of the land to ex-Assam Rifles, Free air lifts, Medical Facilities in Vijaynagar, Schooling Facilities and provision of hostel in Miao Higher Secondary School, Repair of the bridges, Full Employment opportunities, etc (Vide Order DRS 80/82 (Vol. IV), dated 6th October 1987. Contrary to this the Ex-Assam Rifles of Vijaynagar in this State of Arunachal Pradesh is really a stateless people.

To dig into the deep past the area of present Vijaynagar was used by Singphoo and Khampti Tribes during their migration in time immemorial. There area was then known as Khamong and the present Stupa in the Budhhamandir village is the living testimony of the fact. Due to rapid outbreak of some epidemics they said to have migrated down the Noa-Dihing River. If really there is need of changing the name of Vijaynagar, then why not to revive the past glory of Khamong.


Advocate Gyan

Singh Gahire

Bhumi Upadhyaya

Bikram Newar






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Two more accused in rural bank robbery arrested

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: The City police succeeded in arresting two more accused in the broad daylight Rural Bank robbery of Nov 1.

The names of the arrested accused are Gyamar Nikia and Kipa Tama of Damsite, Naharlagun. One Vinod Ngute of Daporijo was immediately arrested after the incident.

It may be recalled here that on Nov 1, three un-identified persons had looted `10 lakh at gun point from Rural Bank, Naharlagun. The city police pooled its all resources and succeeded in arresting three of the five accused in the case.

Effort is made on to arrest other two accused that are on the run. The master mind in the daring bank robbery was conceived and got executed by Kipa Tama. The police have also recovered two .32 pistol with 13 live ammunitions from their possession. Few cash amount has also been recovered from their possession. It is informed that they are also involved in robbery at Doni Enterprise Nirjuly in which they looted ` 63,000 on 19.10.10, police sources informed.


Arunachal to adopt Himachal pattern to promote horticulture

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: Horticulture Minister Honchun Ngandam along with team of officers from department of horticulture recently visited Himachal Pradesh with an objective to study the systematic development of horticulture of that state and to do similar kind of development of horticulture in Arunachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh is the leader among hilly states in horticulture production and has a strong horticultural based economy. The state has the country’s most successful horticulture produce marketing organisation known Himachal Pradesh Horticulture Marketing Corporation (HPMC). The economic activity under horticulture in Himachal is stated to be           ` 20,000.00 crore.

During the tour, Ngandam held meeting with Narender Baragta,  Minister of Horticulture, Himachal Pradesh, The leaders duo held threadbare discussion on cooperation between two states in horticulture sector as the states have identical horticulture agro-climatic conditions.

They also pitched for creation of a separate Ministry of Horticulture in central government and decided to organise second conclave of horticulture ministers of Himalayan states so that the problems of horticulture development in the hilly states can be addressed in holistic manner. Meetings were also held with Principal Secretary (Horticulture) and Director of Horticulture, Department of Horticulture, Himachal Pradesh and discussed about the importance of various horticulture activities.

Later, Ngandam inaugurated a National Symposium on IPM for Sustainable Agriculture at YS Parmer University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan on invitation of Vice Chancellor, Professor KR Dhiman. He exhorted all the reputed scientists participating in the symposium to develop the right kind of technology for benefits of the farmers. He said that although Arunachal Pradesh has vast potential in horticulture, it is in the infant state of development and has many a thing to emulate from Himachal.  Earlier, in a meeting with the Vice Chancellor on needs of Research and Development stations in Arunachal Pradesh, the VC informed that Arunachal Pradesh is one of the country’s most potential horticultural state and to harness full potential, Horticultural Research stations is necessary in all agro-climatic zones of Arunachal Pradesh. He further opined for establishment of one Horticulture University in the state for R&D back-up.

While assuring all technological support with help of Govt. of Himachal Pradesh for temperate horticulture to Arunachal Pradesh, he said that Arunachal can develop horticulture more than Himachal as the state has bigger geographical area if systematic approach for development is made.

The team also visited Research Stations in various places of Shimla, Solan, Mashobra, Kufri , Chail , Kullu etc and interacted with scientists who displayed various technologies on important horticultural crops of the state.

Apart from horticulture, the team also visited ABV Institute of Mountaineering and Adventure Sports, Manali, and discussed about establishment of same kind of institute in the state with the help of state government under the leadership Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu. Also institute like Indo-Norwegian Trout Fish Farm, Angora Rabbit Breeding Farm, Kullu, National Diary Research Institute (ICAR), Karnal, Haryana were also visited, according to an official release.


Clarion call to eradicate food & mouth disease  in livestock

By Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: The issue of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in livestock and ways to combat it was discussed during a seminar organized by the animal husbandry and veterinary (AHV) department at

Hotel Donyi-Polo Ashok here today.

Speaking as the chief guest, AHV commissioner Tajom Taloh called for eradicating FMD from the state “the most challenging task for the department.”  He, however, added that despite geographical conditions, the department is doing its best in this respect.

Most villagers rely economically on animals, and there is a need to help them increase their economic condition, Taloh said, and urged the department’s staffers to maintain their sincerity.

Disease investigation officer K Basar explained that FMD is endemic to India.  In Arunachal, FMD outbreak occurs every year, affecting mithun and other cattle, and causing huge losses to farmers.

While field veterinarians and subordinate staff carry out FMD vaccination biannually, new techniques to control FMD and other prevalent livestock diseases in the state are welcome, he said. Dr Bero Ado informed that though such seminars were to be held in the districts, unavoidable circumstances forced it to be conducted here. He said the state is lagging behind in the fight against FMD due to absence of proper laboratories and specialist scientists to deal with the problem.

“But we are emphasizing on eradicating FMD from the state, and the Central government has also proposed to turn Arunachal into an FMD-free state,” he added, and sought the villagers’ cooperation in this regard.


Free cataract operation camp conducted at Diyun

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: Changlang District Health Society (NPCB), Changlang, conducted a six-day long free Eye checkup and cataract operation camp at Diyun Community Health Center from Nov 15 as a part of an endeavour to achieve vision for all by 2020.

The eye care team of Changlang consisting of Dr. Taba Khanna, Eye Surgeon and D. Maity, D. Bagra, Bamin Ampi, PMOAs and R.P. Sharma, NA examined 370 patients of Diyun and Innao and succesfully performed 39 operations during six days camp. The staffs of Diyun CHC and local Seva Dal unit rendered all possible helps for successful conduct of the eye camp.

Post operative counseling was given by the operating surgeon just before discharging the patients. During the post operative counseling session, the Medical Incharge, Dr. S.K. Dey, thanked the eye care team and advised the patients to strictly follow the directives given by eye surgeon to avoid any post operative complication and advised them to report on 12th January 2011 for mandatory post operative checkup.


AAPSU calls for proper investigation in Yapi death case

ITANAGAR, Nov 22:  All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has condoled the death of Arunachalee student Likha Yapi at Guwahati. Terming her death as a shock for student communities, AAPSU President Takam Tatung has called up on Assam authorities to properly investigate the whole case and make sure that persons responsible for her death do not escape free.

 “Arunachal government should establish contact with Assam counterpart and take all steps to bring culprits under the purview of law. Also, this incident should act as wake up call to Arunachalee students studying in various parts of country. They should take necessary steps for their personal safety,” stated AAPSU President Takam Tatung.

Meanwhile reacting to the news of ALSU General Secretary Kipa Kanam’s car being burnt down by unknown miscreants, AAPSU President Takam Tatung has urged authorities to expedite the investigation. “If state agencies are not able to investigate this case, then they should let CBI inquire the incident. Burning of student activist’s car is a dangerous trend and we strongly condemn such act, “said Tatung. However he also urged ALSU to take mature decision regarding the deferring of their proposed forthcoming conference cum general election.  


Sidisow inaugurates Primary health centre

BOMDILA, Nov 22: A 16-bedded Primary Health Center at independent ADC Headquarter Singchung in West District district was inaugurated by MLA Kumsi Sidisow.

Highlighting his 3-point agenda of Health, Education and connectivity in his assembly constituency the MLA Kumsi called upon the people, irrespective of their social and political affiliations to come forward and work hands in glove for the all round development of the area.

To prevent encroachment and for the safety of the building, MLA Kumsi announced a sum of Rs. 5 lacs from his MLALAD fund for construction of security wall.

Appreciating the reports of patients coming to Singchung Primary Health Center from other parts of the district for consultation and treatment, Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi urged the doctors to keep up the good work and to carry on their profession with a missionary zeal. However, he sounded concerned over the immunization programme in the district which is yet to catch the momentum due to various reasons for which ‘we need to be collectively responsible’, he said. The ASHAs and other health functionaries of the district could therefore play an important role in this regard, he observed. Earlier the Primary Health Center used to function from a small forest quarter which proved to be a constraint in all purposes. The new 16-bedded hospital with other components have been constructed at an estimated cost of 18 lacs under Additional Central Assistance ( ACA ) by the Rural Works Department Singchung.


2nd phase anti-dam rally postponed to Dec

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: The proposed 2nd phase anti-Dam public rally cum meeting at Pasighat town on Nov 25 has been temporarily postponed  in view of the Parliament gheroa programme  on Nov 24, informed Pasighat Citizens Welfare Society (PCWS) in a release today.

However, the Anti-Siang dam movement will continue and the PCWS will conduct the IInd phase public protest rally in the next month of December in co-ordination with the anit-dam organizations such as Forum for Siang Dialogue, Siang peoples Forum, Mebo Area Bachao Committee and 37th Pasighat People’s Forum to stop and scrap the Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project on Siang river, the society added.


AAPSU’s traffic awareness campaign gets underway

2011-12  declared ‘No youth accident year’

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: “Our life is very precious not only for our family but for our state and we must not let it go in waste”, stated the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) President Takam Tatung while calling upon the students to follow the traffic rules to save their precious lives. He was addressing the student’s of Govt higher secondary school, Doimukh during the inaugural day of it’s traffic awareness campaign among the youths of state in collaboration with the state police (Traffic cell) at the school premise here this morning.

Expressing concerned over growing number of accidents in the state particularly in capital complex leading to lost of many innocent lives, Tatung said that many youths of our state’s have already been killed in the road accidents due to reckless driving. He appealed the students not to break traffic rules and wear helmet wherever they go for safety of their lives. He also appealed the teachers to impart traffic safety awareness among the students besides imparting other academic knowledge.

Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Apang Tamut who was invited as resource person, appreciated the AAPSU’s initiative and expressed hope that it would make a huge difference in creating awareness among the youths on traffic safety. “Accidents don’t come forcefully but our negligence which cause it” said Tamut adding that the maximum numbers of death in two wheeler accidents are caused by head injury. While urging the students to compulsorily wear helmet to protect their precious lives, he said that most of the people wear helmet just to misguide the police and fine. “Wear only helmet with ISI certified for safety of your lives” said Tamut while reiterating that most of the death in the capital city is due to accident. He also discussed on eligibility age for owning a driving license for various category vehicles among the youths. With the help of a PowerPoint presentation, the SP also explained on various issues related to accident such as causes and safety measures to the students during the interaction season.

Chairman traffic awareness campaign, Nabam Tamar, who is also the vice-president of AAPSU, urged the students to carry forward the message of traffic safety among their kits and kin. He urged them not to be mere passive listener but to spread the message of traffic awareness to the people so that many precious lives could be saved. He also informed that in order to make the state, particularly the capital complex, an accident free zone in coming years the AAPSU has declared the year 2011-12 as ‘No youth accident year’.  

Earlier, the AAPSU team distributed pamphlets on traffic safety measures and traffic rules among the students to create awareness.   

In the afternoon season, the AAPSU team along with the SP (Traffic) visited the govt secondary school, Nirjuli where they imparted traffic safety tips and awareness to the students followed by the PowerPoint presentation.


Annual Sports meet ends

Students urged to take interest in co-curricular activities

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: Parsi-Parlo ZPM Sangha Tagik advised the students of GHHS, Koloriang to take part in extra curricular activities for their all-round personality development.

While referring to the popular concept that a healthy mind needs a healthy body, the ZPM, who attended the 2nd annual sports meet of the school recently, advised the students to actively participate in co-curricular activities, like games and sports, literary activities etc. which inculcate leadership quality, competitiveness and discipline among students.

Tagik, a former student of the school, described various achievements made by Arunachalees in various fields, such as sports, mountaineering, music etc. and suggested them to strive hard for reaching the goal in life.

Meanwhile, the ZPM called upon parents, teachers and neighbours to guide the youths properly from going astray under the influence of materialism. He appealed, particularly to the teachers and local people, to ensure that students are regularly attending classes. He praised Kurung Kumey deputy commissioner for initiating various measures to check absenteeism by students as well as teachers in the district.


36 days Skill Development programme ends

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: The 36 days long Skill Development Programme concluded at Khonsa, Bordumsa and Hayulliang on Nov 12, 13 and 15 respectively. The NABARD sponsored programme was organized by National Youth Project of Arunachal Pradesh (NYP) for creating self-employment avenues for the youths of Arunachal Pradesh. NABARD had sanctioned 10 numbers of such programmes in various  places including Anini, Tawang, Pasighat, Aalo, Bomdila.

25 selected unemployed girls have participated in the SDP on handloom of traditional local dress of Tirap district at Khonsa. The master trainer was Nyamthim Nokbi.

H.P. Biswas, President, National Youth Project, H.B. Chetry, Bank Branch Manager, Apex Bank, S. APO, DRDA, ASM, and other public leaders were present in the closing ceremony.  Biswas highlighted on various programmes for the unemployed youth being undertaking by the NABARD and NYP, while Chetry spoke on the process of bank loan.

At Bordumsa  also SDP was conducted on Handloom of traditional local dresses of the district. 25 selected unemployed girls  have been imparted training. The Hayuliang programme was conducted on Bee Keeping.

The master trainer Jyoti Prasad Saikia and Coordinator Anil Burman took all out efforts for the successful conduct of the training programme.  25 selected unemployed youths took part in the skill development programme.  The closing ceremony was conducted at Goilliang village 20 Km from Hayulliang. The whole village population took part in the closing ceremony. Circle Officer S. Bellai appreciated the courage shown by the resource persons for successfully conducting the programme.


ANYA urges Govt to shift district headquarters from Ziro

ITANAGAR, Nov 22:  The All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has demanded shifting of the district headquarters of Lower Subansiri district from Ziro to Yachuli or Raga.

In a memorandum to Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu here today, ANYA pointing to the recent acts of vandalism at Ziro, said a fear psychosis has been created in the minds of Nyishi brothers and sisters living in Ziro valley. Apart from this the smooth functioning of the government establishments have been disrupted causing inconvenience to the people who have to travel long distances to the district headquarters.

ANYA urged the chief minister to consider the ‘genuine aspirations of the Nyishi people’ and act in the interest of all by shifting the district headquarter to Yachuli or Raga.

It also urged that a separate autonomous district may be given with Ziro as headquarters.

ANYA further said that it will be left with no options but to launch a rigorous democratic movement if its demands were not met at the earliest.


Tato CO  express gratitude to all

AALO, Nov 22: The Tato Circle Officer J.Mihu who personally supervised the rescue operation of the bus accident victims at Tato on Nov 15 has expressed his deep sense of gratitude to cross sections of people for their humanitarian gesture in the hours of crisis.

The helping hands and sense of humanity could only save lives of all grievously injured passengers of the bus. The BRTF with doctors and engineers, bullet riders and journalists, the Reliance Company with doctors and ambulance, the Christian Father with SFS bus, Velcom Energy Ltd, Mijo Evanjalist with his wife, public of Tato and Gapo villages, ITBP and Police personnel of Tato Beat  Police office rendered yeomen services.

The CO disclosed that considering the difficult terrain at accident site and danger involved in rescue operation as boulders and pebbles were falling constantly from roadside, initially the air evacuation was thought of but all the injured passengers were evacuated by road through available means. Fortunately,  helps and assistances came from all corners on that fateful day, he said. DIPRO


ASSU for proper implementation of Govt schemes

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: All Sagalee Students’ Union (ASSU) has sought the intervention of all concerned for smooth implementation of various Government schemes in  Sagalee.

ASSU in its meeting held yesterday, expressed serious concern over indiscriminate killing of wild animals and appealed to the general administration to check such hunting to save natural fauna. Anybody found indulging in killing and hunting should be awarded punishment as per forest law.

ASSU also decided to publish its first souvenir in December last and appealed its members to contribute write ups.

Meanwhile, Chera Nega and Tana Tugu were selected chairman and vice chairman for publication of the souvenir.

DM prohibits pig rearing and bamboo plantation

SEPPA, Nov 22:  Taking cognizance to the health and sanitation problems of the district, the East Kameng District Magistrate Tope Bam has banned the bamboo plantation and the pig rearing in the township.

The decision to this effect came during the DC’s meeting with the public leaders, chairman/president of EKSWCO, AEKSU, EKCCI, Bazaar Secy and HoDs of the various department on 25th Oct. last.

The house observed that the bamboo plantation and pig rearing are the sources of the various kind of diseases in the township and a preventive measures are required to be taken at the earliest. It was also observed that the trend of bamboo plantation is the kind of tactics by the town dwellers to encroach upon the govt. land and its immediate stoppage was also felt.

The DC cum DM also directed all the town dwellers to do away such rearing of pig within one month and to remove the bamboo plantation within three months from the issue of this order.

The DC further order that an inspection team comprised of Town magistrate,  Dy.  Director, UD and police personnel shall be deputed to inspect physically to all nook and corner of the township and a strict action be taken against those found neglecting the order. DIPRO


U-19 Inter Club Ranking T20 Tournament

NCC, CRYCC reach semifinals

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: Nirjuli Cricket Club and Chimpu Richi Youth Cricket Club reached the semifinals in U-19 Inter Club Ranking T20 Cricket tournament defeating Ziro-II Cricket Club and United Capital Cricket Club respectively in their quarterfinals matches played at Naharlagun Cricket Ground today.

Deciding to bat first after winning the toss, Nirjuli Cricket Club scored 78 runs in 20 overs losing their seven wickets.  In reply, Ziro-II fell six run short of the target of 79 runs as they were bowled out for 73.

Techi Neri of Nirjuli Cricket Club, who contributed useful 23 runs to team’s total, was declared man of the match (MoM).

In another quarterfinal match of the day, Chimpu Richi Youth Cricket Club (CRYCC) defeated United Capital Cricket Club (UCCC) by three wickets.

Chasing a target of 91 run set by UCCC to win, CRYCC scored the required run in 19.5 over losing seven wickets.

MoM match award went to Teli Talin of CRYCC for his all round performance.


Training on office automation course begins

DAPORIJO, Nov 22: A three-day computer based Training Programme on ‘Office Automation Course’ for ministerial staff of the Upper Subansiri District Administration began here at VKV Kuporijo today.  The training programme is being conducted by the DA in collaboration with ATI, Naharlagun.

In his inaugural address D C Abhayankar requested to all to avail the benefit of the training provided with sincerity.  He added that paper transactions in government offices are being replaced with computer transactions these days.

District Informatics Officer Milan Lego (course director) elaborating on the course said that  trainees would be taught computer basics like MS word, excel, power point and internet so as to facilitate smooth functioning of offices. Trainees will also be taught file tracking system, a software developed by the DIO, NIC Daporijo for file processing and tracking to be introduced in the DC’s office Daporijo.

M. Lego, Pramod Kumar (Scientific Officer) and M. Mandal, J/T are the resource persons for the training programme. 30 Ministerial staff of the DA from various branches will benefit from the training.

EAC Daporijo, Principal VKV Kuporijo, officers were present during the inaugural function. DIPRO


APPDSU urges MLAs to donate for capital development

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) urged each of the 60 MLAs of Arunachal Pradesh to donate half of their MLA Local Area Development (MLALAD) fund for development of the Capital Complex.

Describing the worst ever road conditions in capital complex, APPDSU questioned delay in start of road maintenance work which was supposed to be started once rains recede. Although every MLA/Minister has their own building and properties in Itanagar, they have never thought about development of their own towns, APPDSU lamented.

APPDSU criticized ‘people first’ government for giving undue preference to Dams over roads, schools, medical and other basic civic amenities-- the basic needs of common people. It demanded the State Government to discuss the road improvement issue seriously in the next cabinet sitting.

Alleging that development activities are taking place only in some particular districts, APPDSU demanded the Government to allocate sufficient fund for development of the capital city where people from all districts live. It also urged executing agencies to maintain quality of work.


Rangfrah day celebrated

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: The ‘Rangfrah Day’ was celebrated at Miao town with invoking of Blessings from Rangfrah by the  Secretary of Miao Town Rangfrah Mandir.

The prayer started at 9.00 am after hoisting of Rangfrah flag by the secretary. Young and old, female and male attended the invoking ceremony by surrendering self to the Frah. Prior to invocation, the Rang frites of various clans living in Miao subdivision and other tribes  belonging to different districts under different  indigenous faiths lighted the “Dia” and  incense sticks and offered prayers at the feet of the Altar for well-being of the clan members and society . About two hundred numbers of various indigenous faith believers attended the prayer.

Cultural competition including group songs, dance, solo songs and dance in traditional dresses were performed in the evening of Nov 20.

The program on the main day continued with speeches from faith members on the activities of the Rangfrah Movement since the year of foundation -1997.

Elders of the faith believers briefed about the healthy practices of the rituals and its preservation as well.

The day long program continued with games and sports activities with participation of Children. The grown up were let up with musical chair, blind hit. Elderly people finished up with bow and arrow shooting and targeting. All participants were enthralled with the games and sports program. Games and sport was followed by community feast. In the evening, prizes were given away with words of advises.


Financial irregularities alleged

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: The panchayat leaders, VECs of various primary schools and BCC general secretary of Pakke Kessang alleged gross irregularities in procurement of materials for construction of school buildings under SSA in East Kameng district.

In a letter addressed to SSA State Project Director, they alleged that, the fund sanctioned for construction of building for 29 upper primary schools and 6 upgraded schools in East Kameng district were misused by procuring sub-standard building materials at high rate without maintaining the norms and guidelines and knowledge of PTA, MTA. According to the DDSE, they said, the materials were procured at state level. But work order issued by him shows that materials were procured at block level, they said.

While demanding immediate suspension of R Pathak, BRC, Sunil Cheda, JE (SSA) and Takar Golo, CRC for allegedly indulging in financial irregularities,

They requested the SPD to send state level vigilance team to enquire the matter and demanded suspension of R Pathak, BRC, Sunil Cheda, JE (SSA) and Takar Golo, CRC for their alleged involvement in financial irregularities in procurement of materials.


Healing crusade conducted

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: In yet another sincere effort to contribute towards social service, Deepak Nabam Ministries in Christ conducted three days healing crusade from November 19-21 at its prayer centre, Senki View.

Education Minister Bosiram Siram, who attended the valedictory function as chief guest, visited the people suffering from diseases like epilepsy, cancer and mental disorder. He appreciated the prayer centre and described pastor Nabam as one of the noble philanthropic figures in Arunachal Pradesh and lauded pastor Deepak for his selflessness.

Meanwhile, Pastor Deepak declared that the only motto of his ministry is to work for the hapless people under the bondage of evil spirits, drugs and alcoholism by sharing the words of God with prayer.

Among other positive impacts, the people suffering from various incurable diseases experienced divine touch and healing testifying to their transformation of life, according to Prayer Centre release.

Dhinu Kallimel, a renowned Evangelist cum Theologian from New Delhi delivered the words of God.

Public leaders, believers from across the state including Dibrugarh and Panikoah from Assam attended the programme.







TCS decides not to take gift in festival

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: Deviating from the common trend and setting an example for various other organizations, the Central Si-Donyi Festival Celebration Committee, Daporijo has decided not to accept any ‘gift’ in form of cash from the guests during the ensuing festival.

Tagin Cultural Society, the apex body of Tagin community, which met recently has also decided to invite tourists from different parts of the country as well as world. Beside traditional games and sports and literary competitions, the festival celebration committee has also decided to conduct beauty contest ‘Miss Si-Donyi’ during the festival.

Takar Raba, Circle officer, Taksing and Rago Duchok, a social worker have been selected chairman and secretary of Si-Donyi Festival Celebration Committee-2010.


APMTF to conduct mass traffic awareness prog

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: The Arunachal Public Motor Transport Federation (APMTF) would hold its 1st ever general meeting cum mass awareness campaign for traffic rules on 27 November at Nyokum Lapang, Itanagar.

Various issues related to motor vehicle such as possession of plying permit, vehicle registration, road tax clearance, valid driving license, uniform for drivers etc will be discussed in the meeting.

The APMTF in a release said that DIG, traffic Robin Hibu and SP, traffic has consented to attend the programme beside other dignitaries, federal unit members and members from various district units are expected to attend.

All commercial vehicles will remain off the road on November 27, the release said.


Educational awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: All Upper Subansiri District Intellectual Federation (AUSDIF) conducted education awareness campaign with  literary competition at Nacho, Siyum, Taliha, Muri-Mugli, Dulha, Maro and Dumporijo government school recently.



ITANAGAR, Nov 22: All Pipsorang Gram Panchayat and Chairperson Welfare Association has been formed with Sorang Rakji and Sorang Tadu as its Chairman and General Secretary respectively in a meeting held on November 18.

The house further unanimously resolved to check the entire panchayat related department within the block under Pip-Sorang circle to ensure proper use of fund.

Phinio Khasisow and Lekhi Regisow have been appointed as President and General Secretary of All Arunachal Pradesh Motor Transport Workers’ Union of East and West Kameng and Tawang districts.


Redress farmer’s grievances

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: Bogong Anchal Block ZPM said that supply and procurement of Agri-inputs especially under RKVY Scheme should be decentralized and arranged from East Siang district as per the needs of the farmers.

While briefing the grievances of the farmers, Yosung on behalf of Panchayat leaders and East Siang District Farmers union said that no supply should be issued from the Directorate of Agriculture without consultation from PRI members and farmers union of the district. He further said latest and modern tools and machineries be procured as per need based of the farmers and government subsidy be raised and materials should be procured from the nearest reputed dealers for spare parts. He also advocated for procurement of the seasonal Agri-seeds from the varieties which is suitable and tested in north east condition and organic manures PP chemical and fertilizers from the reputed company.

He  appealed the chief minister to intervene in the matter and direct the concerned department to redress the grievances of the farmers.



Dr. T Ao Memorial Football Tournament

Nagaland beat Arunachal 2-1

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: Arunachal Pradesh lost to Nagaland 1-2 in their opening match of the North East Dr. T Ao Memorial Football Tournament played at Khuman Lampak Main Stadium, Imphal Manipur today.

The lone goal for Arunachal Pradesh was scored by Techi Takar. Arunachal Pradesh will play their second match of the tournament against Assam on November 24.


GHSS to represent West Siang

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: Govt. Higher Secondary School, Aalo has qualified to represent West Siang district in state level Subroto Mukherjee qualifying tournament for the year 2011-12 to be held at Itanagar.  The Govt HSS emerged winner in the district level qualifying test by defeating Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kamba by 3-0 in the final of the Subroto Mukherjee qualifying tournament played at Aalo General Ground.


Birth anniversary

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: The Shri Satya Sai Seva Organisation, Itanagar will celebrate the 85th birth anniversary of Bhagavan Satya Sai Baba on November 23 at Shiv Mandir, C-sector, Itanagar.


DWS mourns death of police personnel

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: The Dirchi Welfare Society (DWS) mourned the sudden demise of Nyamar Dirchi in a tragic bus accident near Mechuka under West Siang district on November 15 while on duty. He was serving as APPBn in the rank of major (head constable) and was posted at Aalo. He is survived by his wife and a son. The society appealed the authority concerned to give financial assistance and offer job to one of the family members of the deceased on compassionate ground.


Man dies after falling from hill

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: Lendom Takong, son of Late Lendom Tai died after he slipped and fell 300 meter down the hill on November 17 last at Poma village.

The relative of the decease informed that the accident occurred when he was engaged in road cutting at Poma village. His body was recovered by Itanagar police and handed it over to his brother residing at Pachin village, Naharlagun.

Late Lendom Takong was a resident of Papu Nallah, Naharlagun and was working under a contractor. He is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter.


Yoga workshop

ITANAGAR, Nov  22: The Art of Living has announced a unique five-day Sri Sri Yoga workshop  in Itanagar  from November 24. The workshop will be conducted at the Art of Living Centre, H Sector in morning and evening.

The benefits of the workshop include better physical health, better fitness, freedom from diseases such as diabetes, high BP, heart problems, asthma, headache, etc, improved sleep, freedom from depression and anxiety and control over anger and other negative emotions.


Union demands Govt intervention

ITANAGAR, Nov 22: The Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union (RGUSU) expressed deep sorrow and concern over the suspected murder of an Arunachalee girl, namely Likha Yapi, who was pursuing Master of Computer Application (MCA) at Guwahati.

While condemning the heinous crime, the union appealed to State Government to take immediate action and make sure that such incident is not recurred. Further RGUSU urged the investigating committee to find out the real truth behind the incident and extreme punishment should be given to the culprit as early as possible, it said.

Meanwhile,  Arunachal Pradesh Abo Tani Clans Youth Organisation (APATCYO) appealed the state government particularly the Home Minister to intervene and initiate immediate step with the Assam counterpart for constitution of impartial investigation into the suspected murder of Likha Yapi at Guwahati on November 19 last.



ITANAGAR, Nov 22: Defence Club Ziro (DCZ) has deeply mourned the sudden demise of its member Lt. Kuru Sira, who left for his heavenly abode on Nov 22, at district hospital, Ziro after brief illness at the age of 27 years. He was an active member of the Club. He was survived by his wife, a son and a daughter.

Meanwhile, Defence Club Ziro held its conference at Old Ziro Guest House on Nov 17. The member unanimously selected Kago Tabin and Taru Tara as its chairman and vice chairman respectively with other executive members for smooth functioning of the club.



ITANAGAR, Nov 22: Tumken Ete and Higya Gyamar Siko have been appointed as President and General Secretary of Arunachal Pradesh Community Information Centre Employees Association (APCICEA)  in its 3rd conference held at Naharlagun on Nov 17.


Yomso invited in Intl Youth Festival

ITANAGAR: The All India National General Secretary, Nationalist Youth Congress (NYC) in-Charge of North East Mongol Yomso has been invited to attend International Youth Festival on a Political meeting at Johennesburg, South Africa beginning from Dec 13 to 23.

He is presently in the North East tour to strengthen the NCP and the NYC in the region.


No postponement in SSA interview: Admn.

SEPPA:  Clearing the doubt of all the SSA teacher aspirants of East Kameng district, Deputy Commissioner Tope Bam and DDSE Tapip Ramsing today made it clear that the date of interview for both the assistant teacher (AT) and junior teacher (JT) shall be not deferred/postponed and is remain the same on 25th Nov for AT and 5th Dec for JT respectively.

It is also pertinent to mention that the date for the SSA interview have been fixed keeping in view the date of house test of students due in December next.  DIPRO


DNGC to conduct national workshop

ITANAGAR: The Department of Economics, Dera Natung Government College is conducting four days National Workshop on “SQC & OR in Industry and Service Sectors” from 23rd to 26th of November. Around 50 academicians/ researchers from different parts of the country are going to participate in the workshop.  

Prof. Amitava Mitra, Dept. of Economics, RGU and A.K. Tripathy, Principal, Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic Institute, Itanagar have consented to attend the inaugural function as the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour.


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