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Adi Banne Kebang needs a Women Wing

Dear Editor,

Through this column, we would like to request the executive members of ABK to create a Women Wing section for the better functioning of the society as it is the largest apex body of the Adi’s. Every society consists of Men and Women, who have equal important roles to play to complete a society. No doubt the present members of ABK are very helpful, but as it is said, women can understand another woman better, so, a separate space for the women is mandatory. There are lots of social problems (esp. women) that need to be looked at in our society, we, the women suffer as mother-in-laws, daughter-in-laws, sister-in-laws, sisters, daughters, etc. These cases are the most complex thing in every society. Some men may understand these issues but no men can solve these problems. Therefore, even the women of Adi’s should get a platform to raise our long neglected voice.


J. Nung Yirang and

Api Pertin,




Select Candidates on merit basis

Dear Editor,

It is very unfortunate to learn that  the APPSC which is a statutory body to have second thought after duly conducting the state’s highest level of competitive examination. If the selection of the candidates is to be based on school and graduate level mark sheet then there is no use of conducting such competitive examination and the commission should have directly invited the candidates whom so ever have secured highest percentage in their school level and college level education. In such case the  very purpose of conducting any competitive examination will be defeated. The establish norm of any competitive examination in the country is to select the candidates on the basis of written examination only. Where is the law to allow the commission to use school and college marks card to select any candidate. If the commission cannot uphold the very spirit of competitive examination it should not take the responsibilities of conducting any competitive examination and let the individual departments to do their own job independently. If the facts mentioned in the Readers Forum titled “It is not fare selection” is true, then commission has down-graded its constitutional status.

Therefore I would earnestly request the commission to select the candidates of 2009-10 APPSC combined examination purely on merit basis of the written examination and in no way the commission do anything beyond this rule. If the commission is using any other cards beyond this established rule than it should make all the written papers available before the public and re-evaluate the marks of the written examination even after the viva voice examination takes place. Please remember the motto of any interview is to test real intelligence and the common sense but not the bookish knowledge of any candidate.


Guardian of APPSC Candidate.



‘Opt boxing as career’

Dear Editor,

Inspite of my busy schedule as an administrative officer, my love and passion for boxing drove me to take part in the Vth Senior Men’s North East Zone Boxing Championship which concluded on November 21 at Rupa, West Kameng.

Although I was not a regularly boxer I fought a good fight with my opponent Jonal Bora of Duliajan Boxing Club, Assam, who was a well trained pugilist. Bora won the bout but I became the centre of attraction and audience present during the fight cheered for me.

In our days, there was no such boxing facilities in our state. But today, facilities are available. My appeal to Arunachalee youth is to opt boxing as their hobby as well as career.

The championship gave me the privilege to interact with some of the national and international pugilists and coaches. I am still nurturing a dream to open a ‘Boxing Club’ in our state in near future to tap raw boxing talents of the state.


Jiken Bomjen, EAC

West Kameng District, Rupa.



Another Section for readers needed

Dear Editor,

I am a school girl, still in the process of learning. I read your newspaper quite often. I am dismayed to find no section in your newspaper in which readers could display their creativity on a daily basis.

I am an avid reader and I love fiction. Therefore, I would like to request you to start a section in which you could publish poems, stories and thoughts submitted by the readers on daily basis. As we can see the lack of interest in the English language by the students in Arunachal Pradesh, that particular section in your newspaper could prove as an encouragement to them to start taking an interest in the lingua franca of the world. Another section should be added for the readers besides Readers Forum section.     







All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


“Harnessing power project is a national issue and not just Arunachal versus Assam issue”

Siang is my single minded focus

ITANAGAR/DELHI, Nov 23: Union Environment and Forests Minister Jairam Ramesh recently wrote to PM Manmohan Singh voicing his concerns about dams in Arunachal Pradesh and their possible impacts. 

In an exclusive interview the minister who is slated to visit the state soon explains his position to Tongam Rina on the proposed dams, impacts on downstream in Assam and India’s strategic interests in the Siang basin.

Sir, what is your take on hundreds of power projects in five river basins and big ones too that is coming up in Arunachal?

JR: There is undoubtedly huge hydel potential in Arunachal Pradesh. We need hydro power. We need to develop those hydel resources. Those assessment ranges anywhere between 30000-50000 megawatts. But the fact is that in various basins -- Subansiri, Dibang,  Lohit, Siang, there is substantial potential.  Some ten years ago, govt of India started Hydel development programme in North East with focus on Arunachal Pradesh. The state accounts for almost one third of the total potential in India.  So the Govt of India in 2003 started planning for accelerated development of these hydel resources.

Now, there are two sets of concerns. One is that all this power will have to be evacuated largely, most of it because the demand in the North east is limited so this will require huge transmission capacities and forest clearances so on so forth.

Secondly, People in Assam have expressed concerns of downstream impacts on some of these projects, particularly on the Subansiri.  You can’t keep the hydel resources idle. At the same time you cannot indiscriminately and without thoughts to downstream effects and biodiversity effects develop these hydel resources. So, we have to find a middle path. I think, so far we have been mesmerized by the huge potential in Arunachal. MOU after MOU and MOU has been signed. I am told that there are over 130-140 MOUs. But I think we should be serious. And which are the projects that can go ahead with adequate safeguards from the downstream point of view and also biodiversity impact point of view.

Sir, China has officially said that it is going ahead with project in the upper reaches of Siang.

JR: That is another reason which is why we should be little more businesslike in our approach to some of these projects. The hydel projects that are of direct relevance to our negotiations with China is projects on Siang. Now unfortunately we have not started with Siang. We have started with Subansiri and other projects. It is only now that we have given the clearance for the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Lower Siang Project which is about 2700 MW which the private company JP is doing. But the other projects on Siang are nowhere on the horizon. So, if we are serious about strengthening…we should strengthen our bargaining position. We should strengthen our position vis-a-vis China. We should ensure that these projects on the Siang come up in the quickest. But unfortunate so far only one project has come on to the table. We gave very quick clearance for that because of the China factor that we need to develop these projects. But there are other projects. I am told that the total potential on Siang alone is 15000 MW.

All potentials would be harnessed?

JR: I think NTCP is doing a basin study. They have been entrusted with looking at all the other projects. But so far only specific project on the Siang which came to us for environmental clearance and which has got the first stage of Environmental clearance is the Lower Siang project.

Even on that by the way, there were some opposition from people within Arunachal Pradesh. There is some organization called Siang People’s Forum that represented to me. And there was another organization called All Adi Students Union (AdiSU). They gave me a representation. But I have to take a larger perspective. I have to keep India’s strategic concerns also in mind, you know. So I hope that once EIA is done there will be adequate attention paid to biodiversity protection and downstream impacts.

Sir, There is fear in the state that not much consent or whatever you call has been taken from the people.  

JR: That is the job of the state government and that’s the job of the political establishment. I cannot convince all students’ organizations and all NGOs in Arunachal Pradesh from Delhi. All I can say is, clearly and categorically that benefits of the developing of the Arunachal’s Hydel resources must flow to the one million people of the Arunachal Pradesh also. It is not that we just go and develop these resources for the benefit of the rest of the country. The People must benefit. And not just few contractors or politicians and their relatives.  So I am sympathetic to this point of view that there should be local employment. There must be minimum displacement. There must be adequate protection of forest area, biodiversity protection.  I am fully in sympathy with this. I am not at all insensitive to this. And I have told, in my previous capacity as minister for power and in this capacity I have been to AP twice. I have spoken to Dorjee Khandu and I have impressed upon him the need for taking everybody along. I have in fact even spoken to the Prime Minister. I handed over the representations given by Siang People’s Forum and AdiSU to PM also saying that we must keep people’s concern in mind.

Sir, How would you see the imminent inter-state conflict between Arunachal and Assam?

JR: It is unfortunate that it is being made out to be a inter-state.

You see also the fact is that in another six months election are coming up in Assam so there are all sorts of political forces whipping up sentiment, emotion and passion. There are serious people. Akhil Gogoi is a serious guy and he is not a political animal. But there are other political organizations, AGP, AASU, NCP. All sorts of political parties making this a cause.

Sir, even your Congress Chief Minister (Assam) has expressed concern.

JR: Yea. They don’t want to be beaten in the political game by the other political parties.

I think these are human issues. I don’t look upon it as political issue. It’s a human issue and we cannot only look at it as technical issue also.

But there are larger economic and strategic interests of India. And we cannot ignore that. I cannot, as Minister of Environment say that no hydel project will come up in Arunachal Pradesh. That will be a disaster. Which is what some of the NGOs in Assam are wanting. Many of these projects are run of the river projects. They are not large storage dam projects. There will be environmental   effects. I am not disputing that. We should get out of the politics of this.  It is a national issue and it is not just Arunachal versus Assam issue.

How much for strategic importance?

JR: No, I cannot give you a number. All I can tell you is that for me the priority number one is Siang Project.

I am very clear in my mind. Siang is my single minded focus. Other projects we have to look at their environmental effects.  But downstream impact does not mean that downstream in Lucknow. You must also understand downstream, when people in Assam say downstream…Bangladesh can also say that look at the downstream impact of Bangladesh.

There are technical parameters for studying these projects. I have spoken to NHPC. I have impressed upon NHPC that they must be little more sympathetic and sensitive to people’s concern, particularly in Assam, which they have not been in the past.

I have been to Guwahati. I have listened to all of them. I have listened to many Arunachal student organizations. There is AdiSu and SPF. I have conveyed their sentiments to Prime Minister. I could not come to Arunachal in November but I am not a stranger to Arunachal. I have been to Arunachal when Gegong Apang was the Chief Minister and when Dorjee Khandu was Chief Minister. And I know the situation.


Audacious attack by NDFB

Tongam Rina

National Democratic Front of Bodoland’s calculated attacks on citizens this month did not come

as shock given its past precedents.  It is one organisation, which not only threatens but executes them too.

What was obnoxious was the targeting Hindi speaking section of society in their attempt not to lose the sympathy of people of Assam and Arunachal. It was a miscalculated move and no one should get away with something as sinister as this. But what was more condemnable was total lack of preparedness by Indian Army, Assam and Arunachal. The organisation had already warned that it would carry out attacks in retaliation to a killing of one of its cadres Mohan Basumatary in October.

The audacity of NDFB, known to be very close to NSCN (IM) to target an Arunachal bound bus and cold blooded murder is a message for all of us. It was not only a direct assault but an announcement that the organisation has a grip in our state too.

As if to mock the Indian Army, the attack of the bus was carried out at a place near the headquarters of the Army Corps in Tezpur.

It is a known fact that the NDFB has been regrouping along the Assam-Arunachal border with areas of operation in East and West Kameng and West Siang bordering Assam.

Though the government of Arunachal has been reluctant to admit, NDFB has a free run in Assam-Arunachal border areas. There are accounts of abductions and extortions in many places in Arunachal including the Capital region.

After the killing of seven government employees residing in Arunachal by the NDFB, the knee jerk reaction of the state government was to suspend all night busses, sumos bound for Assam. There were no takers of the government decision as vehicles continued to ply in defiance of the order.

It is a different matter that if something goes wrong, the govt can always fall back on the order and say we told you so. That is the easiest thing to do.

If we go back in history, the faction led by Ranjan Daimary in a loud and clear message actually had a passing out parade in Bangladesh while another faction was engaged in ceasefire talks with the Indian government. It was not only a massive embarrassment for govt of India and intelligence failure but also a clear sign of lack of cohesive understanding of the core issues by those at the helms of affair.

On the other hand, the liberation movement has not been scripted by the Bodos themselves. Bodo Liberation Tigers Force that fought for a separate Bodo state within Indian Union was actually funded by the government of India to counter the growing popularity of the NDFB, demanding a separate country. We may perhaps never know what actually transacted but today BLT is a coalition partner in Assam.

Even after Ranjan Daimary’s dramatic arrest, NDFB, which is widely believed to have carried out 30 Oct 2008 attacks, have continued to carry out atrocious attacks in Assam. The numbers of cadres have dwindled but it has not stopped doing what it wants.

It is a fact that they have barracks in the forested patches in Arunachal to keep the abducted. The most recent example was abduction of Indian Forest Services Officer Vilas Bardekar.

It is not only the Indian govt that needs to relook at its policies when it comes to groups like NDFB but also state government of Arunachal that abides by the Indian constitution to ensure that its lands are not used by someone else to carry out their agenda.

AAPSU urges students to avoid reckless driving

Staff Reporter

NAHARLAGUN, Nov 23: The second day of the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union’s (AAPSU) traffic awareness campaign in collaboration with state police’s traffic cell commenced at Kankarnallah higher secondary school this morning.

The union sought to take forward its theme, ‘Each one teach one’, during the campaign, so that the students would further disseminate knowledge about traffic safety and wearing helmets to their friends and other members of the society.

Urging the students to avoid reckless driving, AAPSU president Takam Tatung advised them to follow traffic rules for their safety and for the safety of others. He said it was pathetic that most accidents in the Capital Complex happen to school children and to youths between 15-29 years of age due to reckless driving and mixing drinking with driving. Losing a single student’s life to accident is a big loss to the society and the state, he said.

Campaign chairman, AAPSU vice president Nabam Tadar along with personnel of the APP traffic cell, used a PowerPoint presentation to inform the students about the accident prone areas in the capital, and explained the causes of accidents.

The AAPSU team also conducted similar campaigns at Polo Colony higher secondary school and at KVK No 1.

At the Polo Colony school, the principal informed that though the school was upgraded in 2008 it is still without proper rooms for the principal, the vice principal and ministerial staff. He added that there are only 16 classrooms in the school, which are insufficient for the school’s 1500 students. Further, there are only two toilets in the school and no separate toilet for girls, he lamented.

Tatung urged the education department and the state government to look into the problem immediately. He also appealed to the APP traffic cell to deploy traffic police in the school areas during school hours and at departure time in order to decrease accidents in these areas.


Measles catch-up campaign in East Siang successful: Panyang

PASIGHAT, Nov 23: The Measles Catch-Up Campaign launched on Nov 8 last in East Siang was quite successful, claimed the DC-cum-Chairman, DHS (District Health Society) Onit Panyang. He was addressing the MOs and representatives of UNICEF and WHO in the final meeting of District Task Force (DTF) convened by the DHS at Pasighat on Nov 22.

Panyang said although routine immunization process meant for child below one year of age, the government has been launching second dose measles vaccination supported by UNICEF and WHO for the children between nine months to ten years and East Siang was selected for the pilot project out of 17 districts in the country as a part of national immunization strategy.

Measles (Linggun in Adi) is among the world's most contagious diseases and one of the leading causes of death among children. Children, if not vaccinated are at risk of severe health complications and the second dose drive would make sure that all are well protected from this deadly disease, Panyang further added.

The DC lauded DMO Dr. T Taloh, DRCHO Dr. M Perme and respective MOs and their assistants for conducting the campaign successfully in the district despite many difficulties. He also showered praises on UNICEF Consultant Dr. K Singh and SMO (WHO) Dr. Tana Takum for their tireless efforts and serious monitoring. Education and ICDS departments also played vital role, Panyang said while adding that the citizens of East Siang deserve appreciation for the moral support to the campaign.

Earlier, DMO Dr. T Taloh emphasizing on the need to administer second dose measles vaccination and discussed about routine immunization, supplemental immunization campaigns, surveillance, case management, and program monitoring. DIPRO


ASCW constitutes high level enquiry into Yapi’s death case: APSCW

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: Assam State Commission for Women (ASCW) has constituted a high level enquiry committee to investigate the unnatural death of an Arunachalee girl in Guwahati, Assam recently. The committee was constituted in response to the request made by its Arunachal counterpart, the Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (APSCW). APSCW in a release today said it has been in touch with its Assam counterpart for facilitating expeditious enquiry into the death of late Likha Yapi under mysterious circumstances.

 Likha Yapi, who was pursuing MCA in Guwahati, was found dead under mysterious condition at her rental house at Guwahati on November 19 last.

Describing the incident as tragic, APSCW called upon parents and guardians of students, especially young women and girls, who are studying out side the state to ensure their safety by providing accommodation for them in familiar and safer places. While expressing gratitude to its Assam counterpart for initiating investigation process by constituting the inquiry commission, APSCW requested the Senior Superintendent of Police, Guwahati City for submitting an inquiry report about the incident.


Orgs demands impartial enquiry

ITANAGAR, Nov 23:  Taking serious exception to the suspected murder of Late Likha Yapi, a MCA student at Hatigaon area in Guwahati on Nov 19 last, All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) has reiterated the State Govt to  take up the matter with Assam counterpart for impartial and fair inquiry in the incident. It also demanded exemplary punishment to the culprits involved the gruesome act.

ANSU claimed that deceased was hanged on a ceiling fan after brutally murdered on flimsy ground by mischievous persons. The union said post-mortem of the deceased was conducted next day of the incident, however, the reports and forensic test results are awaited.

Such type of incidents which are happening time and again in North East are condemnable by every society and communities, ANSU said.  Stressing the need of proper initiative by the Govt and law enforcing authorities and civil societies and parents for safety and security of the children and others residing outside the state, the union said  it is time for every community and parents of the state to give proper guidance to their children for pursuing higher education in safe and secured education.

Demanding intervention of both Arunachal and Assam Govts for exemplary punishment to the culprits involved in the death case, Union threatened to resort to democratic movement in state and Guwahati for justice.

The Christian Revival Church (CRC) Naharlagun has mourned the untimely death of late Likha Yapi, who was allegedly murdered at her rented room at Guwahati last week.

The church members while expressing its solidarity to the bereaved family have strongly condemned the incident and termed it as most unfortunate. CRC members demanded proper investigation of the case.

Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union (AIPU) has called for constitution of expert committee to probe into the circumstances leading to the unfortunate death of Late Likha Yapi at Guwahati recently. The Union also has sought free and fair enquiry into her death and wanted exemplary punishment to those culprits involve in her ‘murder’.

All Yachuli Students’ Union has demanded the State Government to initiate investigation on its own to unearth the truth behind mysterious death of Likha Api and guilty should be awarded punishment as per law. AYSU prayed for her peace in heaven.


Dabi urges local leaders to shoulder responsibility

PASIGHAT, Nov 23: Local leaders must be responsible and aware of all the schemes and projects of their respective areas and cooperate with the concerned departments/officers for bringing developments in East Siang district, said Home Minister Tako Dabi while addressing an interaction-cum consultative meeting with DC, SP, heads of department and grass level panchayat leaders of the district at Pasighat on Nov 22.

He further said they have been elected by the public with great expectation and it is the time for them to prove their loyalty and sincerity towards development of the state. Interactive session was held with an objective to take stock of various government developmental projects/schemes being implemented in the district.

Quoting that ‘Honesty is the best policy’ Dabi called upon the officers to do their best so that people could get optimum benefits, especially in rural areas.

The Home Minister stated that there would be no illegal practices and compromise for developments while suggesting the DC and SP to conduct such type of meeting at their levels quarterly for close coordination between officers and leaders for developments in the district in particular and the state as a whole.

Developments starts at the village level and therefore leaders must sincere, knowledgeable and act like a responsible citizens, establishing good relationship with local people and officers in their respective areas. They should conduct various awareness campaigns and free discussions time to time with the people on the need of cleanliness  and sanitation drives, hygiene and plantation for a clean and green Arunachal, Dabi added.

While commenting on the future of the youths of the state, the minister time and again stressed on education and said that educated youths could easily choose and run their livelihood at own choice rather than depending on temporary contract, supply works etc. He further advised them not to involve in politics instead of their precious studies and to extend whole hearted supports to the local administration in maintaining peace and tranquilities in the district for all round developments.

The other highlights of the meeting include inter-state border affairs, militancy control, power developments and law and order situation.

Dabi also welcomed the efforts of the Education Minister Bosiram Siram and his team members of Centenary Celebration Committee and further appealed one and all to participate enthusiastically to make the celebration a grand success.

All the departments presented their achievement and future plans of the district, while the leaders places their demands and suggestions in the meeting. Among others, the DC Onit Panyang, SP Aloke Kumar, ADC SC Debnath, DCC President T. Padung, ZP Chairperson Yiai Dabi and party functionaries were present on the day. DIPRO


Seminar on Income Tax (TDS) held

Income Tax office in Itanagar soon

NAHARLAGUN, Nov 23: Commissioner of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS), NER, Guwahati in collaboration with state finance department organized a seminar on Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) and Tax Collection at Source (TCS) at Banquet Hall in Itanagar today.

It is the second occasion that such a seminar was organized in order to refresh the knowledge of the Deductors and Treasury officers as per the latest provision of Income Tax in general and TDS/TCS in particular. Addressing the participants in the seminar special secretary, Finance, Swati Sharma made an appeal to the  Drawing and Disbursal Officers (DDOs)  and Treasury  Officers  to comply with the provisions of the I.T Act, 1961.

In his key note address D.P Haokip, Commissioner of Income Tax, TDS, NER, Guwahati delivered at length on the importance of Deduction of Tax at Source (TDS) in the light of it’s sharing between the state and the central Govt. He reiterated the fact that the lion share of total revenue collection by way of Income Tax goes to the concerned state Govt. Haokip also informed that an  Income Tax office is going to be set up in Itanagar  soon  for the benefit of the Tax payers of Arunachal Pradesh.

Income Tax Officer Guwahati  Dulal Ch. Saha speaker in the seminar discussed the Legal provisions of TDS/TCS and its consequence. Incomtax Tax Officer, Guwahati  C. K. Ganguly  made a presentation on e-filing of TDS returns  which highlighted the  importance in filling of TDS/TCS statements for streamlining the process.

It may be mentioned here that tax deducted at source (TDS) and tax collected at source (TCS) aim at collection of revenue at the very sources of income. It is essentially an indirect method of collecting tax which combines the concepts of “pay as you earn” and “collect as it is being earned”.

The concept of TDs requires that the person on whom responsibility has been cast, is to deduct tax at the appropriate rates, from payments of specific nature like salary, contract value, rent and commission etc, according to an official release.


43 Hepatitis B positive cases detected in Lower Subansiri

30 cataract cases identified

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: An Outreach Eye Screening and Hepatitis B Detection camp was held at Yachuli, Arunachal Pradesh on Nov 22. The camp was conducted by Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar and District Health Society, Lower Subansiri, Ziro.

It was alarming to find 43 Hepatitis B positive cases out of the 1200 cases screened during the camp. Majority of the positive cases were found in young group. Dr. Joram Khope, pathologist, Dist hospital, Ziro, apprised the crowd about various preventive measures to be taken to avoid spreading of the disease. The Hepatitis B detection kit was provided free of cost by Bristol-Myers Squibb India Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Lobsang Tsetim, Dr T Sorum and Dr. D Grayu with their team of paramedical staff screened a total of 447 cataract cases, out of which 30 cataract cases were identified. In total 105 spectacles were distributed. 55 of spectacles out of the 105 were given free of cost to school children. This camp will be followed by a surgical camp at District Hospital, Ziro, where the 30 identified cases of cataract will be operated free of cost by the Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar.

The programme was also attended by a team of 9 members (comprising of Radio and print media personnel) from Austria headed by Manuela Krauter and Professor G. Schuhmann from the “Light for the World”, a charitable organization working for the cause of eye care.  The team was overwhelmed by the response for the outreach camp. ‘Light for the World’ has been providing continued support to the Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar, in the field of outreach eye care activities for the last 5 years.

The inaugural function of the camp was presided by Lower Subansiri DC Sadhana Deori. Deori appreciated the work done by the two organizations and also stressed the need for more such camps to be conducted in order to ensure proper medical coverage to the people of the state.

Dr. Hage Tam, DMO, in his speech, said that DHS was ready to provide the necessary support in the field of eye care in his district to the team of Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar for conducting such outreach camps in future.

Swami Yogishwarananada from RKMH, Itanagar, who was the special guest, spoke about the various activities of RK Mission in Arunachal Pradesh.  

The authorities thanked Zila Parishad member Toko Puna  and Dr. Tana That, Medical Officer, Yachuli Primary Health Centre  for their cooperation in making the camp a grand success.


Release salary in the 1st week of every month, AAPWU

ITANAGAR May 23: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union, Secretary General Changma Tajo briefing about the grievances of worker, appealed all the departments of the state to release the payments/salaries of the contingency workers, casual workers and work charge (W/C) workers in the first week of the every month.

He further appreciating the Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board for conducting various awareness campaigns in almost all the districts of the state for the benefits of the workers appealed the employers/HoDs to encourage the workers to register their names in the board, so that the workers of the state could receive benefits from the board in near future.  

Tajo further urged the finance department to immediately expedite the file processes which are related to the workers of the state.


Tirap DHS conducts training on NBITS  &  HMIS

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: Training on Name Based Information Tracking System (NBITS) and Health Management Information System (HMIS) is being conducted at IDSP Hall District Hospital Khonsa.

Dr K Perme, DRCHO Khonsa and Suresh Giri, DA, are the resource persons. GNM’s, ANM’s, Health Assistants and MO’s totaling 32 are participating in this 2 days training.

Inaugurating the training Dr S Ronya, DMO Khonsa informed the trainees that NBITS  and HMIS is a new tool launched by Govt. of India to check the irregularities in child immunization and ANC to pregnant mothers.  He also informed the participants that by doing so the exact data on Maternal and Infant mortality of an area can be captured.

ANM refresher training is also being clubbed with the said training, according to an official source.


DCCC & ERUCC advance to semis

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: Donyi Colony Cricket Club (DCCC) and Eastern Region United Cricket Club (ERUCC) today joined the semifinals of U-19 Inter Club Ranking T20 Cricket Tournament scoring easy win over Gichik Abu Cricket Club and Jaryir Cricket Club Hime.

Donyi Colony defeated  Gichik Abu by 17 run advancing to a contest against CRY Cricket Club tomorrow at 12.30 pm, while ERUCC triumphed over Jaryir Cricket Club by  8 wicket and now will meet Nirjuli Cricket Club in the first semifinal tomorrow at 8 am.

Chasing a target of 45 run set by Gichik Abu Club to win, ERUCC scored the required run easily in 11th over losing two  wicket. Venkat Rao of ERUCC was adjudged the Man of the Match (MoM).

Earlier in the morning, chasing a target of 84 run set by Donyi Colony team to win, Gichik Abu team could score only 66 runs in 20 overs which was 18 run short of the target.

Momar Ori of Donyi Colony Cricket Club was declared MoM.


Performance of banks in East Siang reviewed

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: District Level Consultative Committee (DCC) meeting was held at Pasighat in  East Siang district on Nov 16 after a gap of 3 years to review the performance of banks in the district for the quarter ended March/June/ September 2010. The meeting presided over by DC Onit Panyang discussed the important issues  including CD Ratio, Kisan Credit Cards, MSME advances and loans issued under agriculture.

The target for CD ratio is 60 per cent and the achievement so far is 46 per cent. KCCs were disbursed to 127 farmers against the target of 500 for 2010-11. Target for MSME is Rs.1.04 crore for the year 2010-11 and the achievement is Rs.7.40 crore, according to a NABARD release.  

S. Mazumder, Manager, NABARD advised the LDM to convene DCC meeting regularly (once in every quarter) and requested  DC to forward the list of good NGOs in the district to conduct  some of the promotional programmes viz Farmers Club Programmes, SHG-Bank Linkage Programmes, REDP/SDP, TDF, Cluster Dev, etc. Mazumder also advised the LDM to increase KCCs in order to increase ground level credit flow. Panyang also mentioned that the DCC meeting should be convened in every quarter, otherwise the very purpose of Lead Bank Scheme is defeated.

As regards recovery of bank loans, the DC chalked out a three pronged strategy -Appropriate action from Branch Managers, Joint Recovery Drive and initiations of Bakijai cases. He also assured to forward the list of good NGOs to NABARD for conducting promotional programmes in the district, the release added.


JNC celebrates NCC Day

PASIGHAT, Nov 23: The National Cadet Corps (NCC), Jawaharlal Nehru College, here celebrated the NCC Day on Nov 21 in the college auditorium. As many as seventy cadets participated. Among others, fifteen faculties and six army personnel of 22(I) Coy NCC Pasighat witnessed the celebration with the collegians.

The chief guest T. Talom, Principal JNC while addressing gathering spoke on the relevance of the NCC movement in shaping the students’ character and personality developing. Talom further encouraged students to join NCC and appreciated for their participations on Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations in the district for the last three consecutive years.

The Principal of the College lauded the role of Lieutenant Dr. K.K. Mishra, the ANO of the institution saying that he has revived NCC wing in the college and inspired the cadets to follow footsteps of the national achievers.

Earlier, Dr. Mishra highlighted the aim and objectives and benefits of the NCC and the significance of the tri-colour NCC flag through PowerPoint presentation. Other highlights of the day include two motivating film show on Indian Army and Air Force Aerobics. DIPRO


‘Success of any institution depends on its academic foundation’

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: The IVth Annual Day of Govt College, Yachuli was celebrated in a befitting manner on Nov 19.

Addressing the gathering as chief guest on the occasion, Rajiv Gandhi University Pro-VC  Tamo Mibang said education is the foundation of the society and for success of any institution, its foundation must be strong especially in its academic pursuit and  maintenance of discipline. He said in this age of cut-throat competition, merely obtaining degrees will not serve the purpose. One has to acquire degrees with quality which will ensure him or her right place in the society.

Prof Mibang also asked the students to maintain teacher-taught relationship and cautioned the students that they would not succeed in life without paying respect to their teachers. The guest of honour, ZPM Toko Puna also spoke on the occasion. He called upon the students to devote their time in study.

The college principal Dr N T Rikam narrated its woes particularly the infrastructure problems which still remain an area of concern even after completion of four years of the college. Dr Rikam called upon all concerned for early completion of the buildings.

The Students’ Union general secretary Tayo Martho in his brief speech requested the VC to take step for introduction of honours courses and career counseling programmes in the college.

Earlier, the chief guest and the guest of honour gave away the prizes to the winners of various events organized to mark the annual day of the college.

The participating students were divided into two houses – named after Sichi and Nyedo with the latter bagging the winner’s title on the basis of its overall performance.

Another attraction of the event was a fashion show in which Koj Yagar and Chakpu Bhai were adjudged ‘Miss College’ and ‘Mr College’ respectively.


BJYM organizes Save Arunachal rally in Lower Subansiri

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Lower Subansiri district unit has organized a Save Arunachal rally at Hapoli (Ziro) and conducted Sadak Sabha near DC office in Lower Subansiri district yesterday as part of the Arunachal and Jammu and Kashmir Bachoa rally being launched nation-wide by the BJYM.

Addressing the rally, state BJYM president Doni Nich pointing out the China’s repeated claim over Arunachal Pradesh, blamed the central Govt for maintaining double standard on the issue.

He also spoke about the PDS scam and demanded handing over the PDS case to CBI for fair enquiry. Further, he criticized the state Govt on present pitiable road condition and also urged the Govt to improve law and order situation of the state.

State BJYM VP Hinium Tachu also highlighted the state law and order situation and unemployment problems.

Lower Subansiri District BJP president Kuru Tai also briefed about the alleged corruption in the state.

Large number of BJP district functionaries including district BJP unit general secretary Joram Bath, BJYM state secretary Toko Rajesh participated in the rally. A memorandum was also submitted to state Governor through DC Ziro.


NHPC agrees to fulfill demands: SULPIC

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: Subansiri Lower Power Project Implementation Committee (SULPIC), in a release claimed that the authority of NHPC Ltd. has agreed to fulfill its various long pending demands, including establishment of VKV in Dollungmukh, construction of multipurpose cultural Boori Boot hall at Bomte, Dollungmukh instead of convention hall, construction of road from Kolaptukar to NH52 and village road from Dollungmukh bridge (Kolaptukar) to Paro CO Hq and Rajali village. The NHPC authority has assured to fulfill the demands after holding a threadbare discussion on them in a meeting held in presence of PWD Minister Nabam Tuki at his official residence which was also attended by Nido Pavitra, Par. Secy, Coop., H&FW, the Executive Director (SBPS), NHPC Ltd, panchayat leaders, officers and public of Dollungmukh circle of Lower Subansiri district, the release claimed.

Regarding regularization of 22 workers from right bank through contractors for R&M contract, the Committee said that Tuki has assured to make his best efforts to get this demand included in signed MoA of NHPC since the Corporation has no such policy to regularize such workers. It was also ‘amicably’ decided in the meeting that advertisement would be float afresh through Press/Employment for recruitment of 40 indigenous youth from Arunachal Pradesh in C & D categories as per MoU with additional clause of preference to project affected persons,” SULPIC said.

The meeting further decided that five ANM and an attendant would be engaged at project hospital on contract basis from December, 2010.

Meanwhile, Tuki while stressing the need for early completion of the Subansiri Lower HE project in the interest of the nation as well as Arunachal Pradesh, called upon SULPIC not to resort to such strike which is detrimental to the progress of the project work. He also called upon the NHPC authority to look into the various demands of the project affected people.


Computer training prog for Govt officers begins

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: A two-week-long Training Programme on "Basic Computer Application Course-III" started at Administrative Training Institute, Naharlagun from Nov 22. As many as 22 middle and Jr. level officers of AP Civil Secretariat and Head of Departments including teachers are participating in the training course which is being conducted under the 100 per cent course fee sponsorship of DoPT, Govt. of India.

The Director (training) Pema Tshetan in his inaugural address reminded the participants that the present day being IT age, the computer application is the most important tool for effective management  and functions of modern day office. A such every Govt. officials and functionaries are duty bound to have fair knowledge and skill on computer usage for their day to day official works, he added.  He further said ATI have accorded special emphasis on organizing maximum number of computer based training programmes for all levels of Govt. functionaries keeping in view the policy of the Govt. to promote e-governance in the state. The Director further exhorted the participants to inculcate work culture in their work place and carryout their responsibilities as an able Govt. servants.

Earlier, T.Lodo, Dy. Director, training, requested all to take full benefit of the programme. While P. Tayeng, Asstt. Director and Course Coordinator submitted a brief highlight of the course content and told the participants that the two week-long computer course will help them to develop a practical working knowledge  and skill.

A brief inaugural function was conducted where apart from the officers of ATI, the two guest resource persons from APTEC namely,  Sanjay Prasad and SanjeevSharma from APTECH were  guest resource persons in the programme.


APPCS conducts counseling & awareness prog

NAHARLAGUN, Nov. 23: Counseling and awareness programme on Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission examinations (APPSCEs) was conducted on Nov 23  at Government College Yachuli. Dr. Ligu Tacho, APPSC member  attended the programme as resource person while Yowa Topu, ADC Yachuli chaired the session.

Dr. Tacho covered entire gamut of the examination (rules, procedures, norms, guidelines, etc)  during the awareness programme. He further highlighted the objectives and functioning of APSC and also clarified the wrong notions or misnomers about its working.

While sharing some of the steps taken by the Commission for strengthening and streamlining of the system, he revealed that new examination centres are being opened in the districts as well as in the centrally located sub-divisions of the state for the convenient and easy access of the candidates. He also informed that some modifications are in the pipe line which include that in the event of any discrepancy, a candidates can get rectification of their applications within 15 days from the date of last submission.

This was followed by a lively deliberations and discussions among the participants.

In the interaction session, the students, officers and teachers raised a volley of questions such as why the optional like English and Hindi are not included in the present syllabus of APPSCE, whether HP pencil is used during interview for marking as is generally done is SSA Teachers interview and in what way we can evaluate the working of the Commission given the wrong notions as mentioned. In his response Dr. Ligu clarified that the Commission is updating the content as well as syllabus of examination from time and for any information relating to its working pattern and functioning (including evaluated answer sheet and marks) one can use the RTI Act.

Earlier, Dr. T N Rikam, Principal of the college shared his experience about the interview undertaken by the APSCS and exhorted the students particularly the aspirants not to be misguided by wrong information about back door entry through commission as there are ample examples of fair and transparent recruitment. There is no short cut to handwork and one who is intelligent, well equipped and determined cannot be devoid of success.

Yowa Topu said dream and ambition are must. One needs to prepare and plan to achieve the goal.

Besides host of faculty members and students, Toko Puna, ZPM Yachuli, Dr. T R Nabum, VO Yachuli , officers attended the programme.


Kena announces 3 lakh for eco-park

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: Kara Welfare Society organized general conference cum sports tournament from 10th to 17th November at Baririjo under Upper Subansiri district. Parliamentary secretary of IT & Science and Technology, Jomde Kena attended the opening day as chief guest whereas Kajum Rallen, an elder leader of Kara Society was guest of honour. NESO Secretary General Gumjum Haider and Chairman, Arunachal Pradesh State Cooperative Union AT Kullo were special guests.

While addressing the gathering, Jomde Kena announced sanctioning of Rs 3 lakh for construction of Echo-park at Baririjo from his MLALAD fund. While accepting a memorandum from society for establishment of ADC headquarters at Baririjo, Kena agreed to pursue the matter with higher ups. Informing that Baririjo is one of the oldest circles of state, Kara Welfare society stated that locals are ready to donate land free of cost for establishment of ADC headquarter.

NESO secretary general Gumjum Haider  advocated for promotion of games and sports at the grass root level so that sport talent could be tapped. Kullo stressed on promotion of SHG through cooperative societies.

Meanwhile, during conference Tabe Haider and Lillem Kena were elected as president and secretary general of Kara Welfare Society for period from 2010 t0 2015. Gensi team won the volleyball tournament whereas THLSWA won the football competition.






NLWC  takes step of road widening

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: Meeting of Nyokum Lapang Welfare Committee (NLWC) was held on 21st November to discuss various issues. Committee has decided to take necessary steps for widening of sector and road connecting NH52 (A) with Holy cross school. Committee has also decided to prepare certain guidelines for proper use of general ground in consultation with Nyokum Lapang Youth. In another decision, NLWC informed that soon they will carry out eviction drive against illegal electrification in the area. Committee has urged all residents to get regular connection in order to avoid eviction.


NSCN (K) cadres nabbed with Kani

CHANGLANG, Nov 23: The jawans of 25 Assam Rifles under Dah Division nabbed an NSCN(K) cadre from Chinsa village in Changlang district on Nov 20. The arrested person has been identified as Self Styled Private Choyong Pangmi, 21 years, of Lahon village in Myanmar.

During their operation the AR personnel also recovered 5 Kgs of Kani from the cadre. The AR said, it is an open secret in this region that the NSCN outfits are involved in peddling drugs from Myanmar into North East India.

Interrogation of the apprehended cadre revealed that the cadre was carrying 5 Kgs of  Kani grown in Myanmar and was taking it to Changlang town for further distribution to local drug peddlers, AR said. The Assam Rifles reiterated their resolve to ensure that the UG outfits are not able to undertake any nefarious activities in Changlang. This is the 10th apprehension of NSCN(K) cadre by Assam Rifles unit in past 10 months.


AIPU demand probe into car burning incident

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: Taking strong stand against burning of ALSU general secretary Kipa Kanam’s car, Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union (AIPU) has urged the government to form one man enquiry committee to investigate in this incident.

Meanwhile AIPU has urged secretary power to reconsider their reported decision to offer NEC dairy farm land to Reliance Energy Pvt. Ltd for its use as office of Siyom Hydro power office. Union claim that dairy farm has been leased to Reliance for period of 99 years without the consent of landowners and said this is violation of rights of tribal people.


Nyokum to be celebrated in grand manner in Yazali

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: The Nyishi community under Yachuli assembly constituency would celebrate the Nyokum Festival 2011 centrally at Yazali in a grand manner. It was decided in a meeting on November 20 last chaired by MLA Likha Saaya.

To attract tourists and explore virginity of Yazali, mega food stalls would be set up and various games and sports, cultural competitions including traditional fashion shows would organized during the week-long celebration, informed Yazali Nyokum Yullo Festival Committee 2011.

The main attraction of the festival would be Sri & Smti and Mr. & Mrs. Nyokum, 2011 which will carry cash award of Rs One lakh each.

The festival organizing committee sought constructive suggestions from individuals, NGOs, Societies, Govt, tourism explorers to make the festival a grand success.

The meeting also constituted a festival celebration committee with ZPM Taba Chiji as chairperson, Zimmy Likha as secretary. MLA cum Chairman APEDA Likha Saaya is the chief patron.


AVP to conduct social awareness camp

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: Arunachal Vikash Parishad (AVP), Kamporijo circle committee has decided organize first ever social awareness camp for the Dony Polo followers of Tamen-Boasimla area at Govt Middle School, Tamen under Kamporijo circle of Lower Subansiri district on November 27 & 28. Kamporijo ZPM Kabak Apo, Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh general secretary Techi Gobin and former AAPSU speaker Boni Tamen will attend the programme as chief guest, guest of honour and special guest on November 28.



ITANAGAR, Nov 23:  The local MLA Techi Kaso has consented to inaugurate the Arunachal Pradesh Church Council HQ at Itanagar on Nov 27.  This was informed by the general secretary of the Council in a release today.



ITANAGAR, Nov 23: The aspiring candidates condemned the decision of the ALSU executive members particularly ALSU conference cum election committee for deferring the proposed schedule of conference cum election which is supposed to be held from November 26 to 28. The group in a jointly signed release claimed that the decision was taken without proper consultation with  the aspiring candidates.


Restore electricity supply

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: Totpu Panchayat Youth Welfare Society briefing about the problems of students due to failure of transformer, appealed the concerned authority to immediately restore the power supply at Totpu Panchayat.


Christmas Mission field

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: A three days combine Christmas Daporijo Mission Field will be held from 23rd to 25th December at Rijo General Ground under CRC Area- V. Evan. Tai Ete (Secretary APCRCC) will be the speaker.


Committee formed

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: Villagers residing back side of Lower NEEPCO Colony in a meeting held on November 14 last have formed a committee, namely Dunium Village Development Committee (DVDC) and Yab Nanu and Taba Basu were selected as president and general secretary respectively.


‘Alien God’ not to take part in AIDS campaign

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: Alien God, the popular band, who has been performing across the state as part of four month long multi-media campaign launched by Arunachal Pradesh State Aids Control Society (APSACS) will no longer be part of campaign due to unavoidable circumstance. In a press statement APSACS informed that lead vocalist of Alien God, Olik Boko, had developed some health problem and has been referred to Guwahati for further treatment. However the multi-media campaign will continue and APSACS hoped that even without presence of star performer, people will continue to participate.


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