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November - 29


In the land of one eyed king

Dear Editor,

I would like to share on some of the issues pertaining to out states.

Retirement age: After misadventure of PRC, another blunder our government is going to do is by increasing of retirement age up to 60 years. AAPSU should think and discuss among within themselves before submitting such memorandum for they are the one who will be hit hard, if implemented.

SIC is sick: SIC is always sick since it is created. But it was revived by giving drip and oxygen musk during the recently concluded APCC election. Immediately after election the drip and the oxygen musk have been removed. SIC has gone back to her sick bed again, no matter how big the PDS scam is.

 Gotala medal: Every year during 26th Jan. and 15th Aug. Gotala medals are awarded to     those people who are either chamcha of politician or those officers who hijack the credit of the good work done by subordinate. Hardly few genuine candidates are selected for such medal. I know one officer whose bridge collapses just after one month of completion. We thought, he will be suspended but to every body’s surprise he was awarded gold medal.

Arunachal goes non-              tribal Way: Imagine if, puja pandal of Solung, Mopin or any festival of Arunachal tribe is constructed on every street or on the side of already congested National High way of the capital complex. Imagine if Nyokum is celebrated on the busy market area of Akash Deep. Not to speak of common people but even the Magistrate and police personnel will flex their muscle. But when it comes to the celebration of Durga Puja or Holi, Pandals are constructed in the middle of the market and on the side of the road creating traffic congestion. Everybody seems to be happy and willing to negotiate with the traffic congestion and compromise on parking problem.  I am not against those Puja but against the way it is celebrated. It should be celebrated at a specific ground.

In the country of blind one eyed man is the king: If you do not believe me brush your memories of the recently concluded interview of Forest Range Officer and Veterinary Officer where candidates were rejected because of provisional certificate and mark sheet. The one eyed king does not know that provisional certificate of technical colleges are considered in every examination, for original certificate is issued only at or after convocation. Degree Mark sheet is not required for any interview except for higher education.


Narmi Tasing

Naharlugun (on email)



Land of rising sun and sinking  hopes!

Dear Editor,

Its very happy to learn that India got talent khoj 1987 (20.02.1987), a genius state ''The Arunachal Pradesh''

Her achievements so far:

A motor cycle can carry thousands of tonnes of food grains under PDS scheme even in tough hilly terrains of Arunachal. Wow! It should be recorded in limca genius record book. No other state can dare to do that.

An Arts Graduate students can get an engineering job in this talented land. Oh its so innovative huh!!

In this wonderland, PRC is Provisional Residential Certificate but not permanent residential certificate because it can be given to anyone at will or can be taken back at will as well.

Arunachal has two opposite world. One in the office files and other is on the real field. According to file world, Arunachal is mini Japan. Many works, schemes has been successfully completed in office file and it is reported to be working efficiently.

But in field world, everything is Just opposite to file world. Field world is Maya and obscure.

This is a great feature this land has. Yes!!! We are proud to have such.

Arunachal Pradesh has record of consistent performance. That's the record performance in retaining bottom slot in almost everything. If anyone wants to find Her position among her compatriots, it is best suggested that its should start searching from bottom end.

This is the only land where ''people can earn but cannot purchase''. They can earn to run frugal meal but cost of One small bundle of mustard leave (lai patta) exceed thrice they earns.

In Arunachal, anyone can fix the price at will. Rarely other state does so.

This is the land where door shuts before sun sets.

This is land of rising sun and sinking  hopes. Wow...Genius!!

India got a super talented state whose bridges are always built where there is no river.

This is the state which has maximum institution, State or central govt. Sponsored schemes, lanes, villages etc named after Nehru and Gandhi. I'm still fearful that someday nomenclature of this state to may also follow the same track. Do you know why.....we are puppet in the hands of slain Indian FOOLITICS. And many more features.

So, congrats all the people of Arunachal for such incredible milestone. You are at the top of the world.


T.J. Nilling

New Delhi (on email)



We are deprived of relief

Dear Editor,

We the fire victims of Nari Main Market, would like to draw the attention of the Govt towards our grievances.

Our joys knew no bound, when we came to know that an amount of ` 10 lakh was sanctioned by the state Govt as immediate relief to fire victims. But unfortunately we could not collect relief compensation as we were not informed about it. However, when enquired the authorities later about distribution of relief assistance, it was informed that we are not eligible to get relief as we failed to present at the time of relief distribution at Namey village.

We request the authorities to provide us relief compensation which has been sanctioned by the Govt. for the fire victims and also request the Ramle Bango Students Union and Ramle Bango Welfare Society to   intervene in the matter.


Jepi Romin, Yajum Romin,  Fire victims



No place for people with vision

Dear Editor,

Just as the food grain traders wanted Gegong Apang to be the chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh, so also the power companies want Dorjee Khandu to remain as the chief minister of this state. The actual job of Dorjee Khandu is being the spokesman of the hydropower companies.

These ministers are actually brokers for the construction companies issuing dictats from Delhi and Mumbai.

It seems this rape of nature by damming rivers and destroying ecology has invited the wrath of God too. Now we have the Tawang monastery facing danger due to landslide. People may use different techniques to prevent this, but one thing is sure, man is going against the work of God.

Hydropower will be suicidal for Arunachal Pradesh. The only hope seen right now is in the works of T Muri, the person in charge of the Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA). This man is doing a lot to generate awareness on the benefits and potential of solar energy. Under his able leadership, sustainable development of Arunachal Pradesh with the harnessing of solar energy might be a possibility. People who have vision for the development of Arunachal Pradesh through solar energy and wind energy would be kicked out by the power companies and their servants.


Vox Populi,

(one email)




No mention of ground zero

Dear Editor,

From the discussion with our Environment Minister ,it seems that the dams are to be constructed in Assam. The Minister hardly spoke of possible adverse impacts in the ground zero. It was more worried for the possible damages in the downstream. We are not discounting possible damages in downstream but perhaps the damages will be milder in the lower reaches. Moreover even if there is no accident or damages the people near the dam site would be uprooted anyhow. Our big brother seems to have relegated us to hill during the partition. Now if it is trying to make something of the barren hilly terrain it is in the forefront in opposing it. I wonder whether they would heed us if the table turned. May be we need to learn how to register our protest for a genuine cause.


A citizen



Guest house in Guwahati

Dear Editor,

We would like to draw the attention of concerned authority regarding permanent guest house at Guwahati. The present temporary Guest house is too small to accommodate more people and those people coming for medical treatment suffer a lot. We urge the authority concerned to think for constructing a guest house at Guwahati.


Gandhi Darang

Akong Apang, Guwahati (on email)





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APSPCB’s translation of three seasons

Lower Siang Project

Tongam Rina

ITANAGR, Nov 28: In a case of clear misreading, Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board has announced public hearings related to prior environmental clearance for 2700 MW Lower Siang Hydro electric Project on Nov 16.

Accordingly, the public hearings are scheduled at Jeying in Upper Siang on Dec 20, Aalo, West Siang on Dec 21 and Pangin in East Siang Dec 22.

According to papers available, on August 3 this year, the Ministry of Environment and Forest(MoEF) had granted Terms of Reference (ToR) for conduction of EIA studies, categorically stating that there be comprehensive study covering three seasons’ (base line data) for downstream impact up to Brahmaputra River confluence.

But power developer Jaypee Group’s Jaiprakash Associates Limited (JAL) and Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APSPCB) seems to have rather misunderstood the ToR as it has announced the dates of public hearing within four months where as it requires a minimum period of atleast one year.

When this daily asked APSPCB this evening, on the circumstances that led to announcement of Public hearing before the completion of three season’s comprehensive study, an official said that he would need to refer to the papers pertaining to the project.

Experts feel that while flow data may be available for the full year with project developer, other data needs to be collected first-hand covering all seasons.

Apart from understanding in detail the resource use by downstream communities in all seasons, the study of ecology and resource linkages in the Daying Ering sanctuary and Dibru-Saikhowa National Park are important issues that needs to be looked into in detail.

The Lower Siang Project with dam site near Bodak, according to preliminary studies, 32 villages covering Mebo, Rebo, Pangin, Katan,Boleng, Riga, Along and Jomlo-Mobuk circles spread across three Siang district would be affected due to the various components like dam, colony, camp areas, submergence.

 The EIA is being carried out by Water and Power Consultancy Services (WAPCOS) under the aegis of the Union Ministry of Water Resources. The same group had earlier done the Subansiri Lower project, known for its shoddy EIA study, where the impact assessment of downstream was  almost nil.

However this is not the first time the Lower Siang Project is in news for wrong reasons.

The ministry had earlier rapped the APSPCB on Lower Siang Project.

In May 21, the Ministry of Environment and Forests had directed the APSPCB to scrap the public hearing (May 31) announced for the project for violations and had asked the project developer to submit a revised proposal to the Ministry for a project of 2700 MW. The project proponent, clearly undermining the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan, under EIA Notification 2006 for an installed capacity of 2025 MW jumped to 2700 MW.

Even before the ToR in August, the Expert Appraisal Committee for River Valley and Hydro Electric Projects in July 17 had directed Jaypee to include many critical studies in the Environmental Impact Assessment which had been absent in earlier studies.

It remains to be seen how the ministry would react to this latest development but the larger question is how the APSPCB managed to give a go ahead sign when the Ministry itself had made its stand very clear on many occasions.


Sena clarifies govt position

ITANAGAR, Nov 28: Setong Sena, Minister of Geology and Mining along with Phosum Khimhun, Parliamentary Secretary, Geology & Mining of Arunachal Pradesh called upon the Union Minister for Mines B.K. Handique and Union Minister of State for Coal Prakash Jaiswal at New Delhi yesterday. The meeting was regarding the coal mining at Namchik Open Cast Coal Mine at Khrasang, Changlang.

The leaders in the meeting made it clear that there was no illegal mining the area as reported in the media.  

The coal mining is under the lease hold of the wholly State Government owned company APMDTCL and all the statutory clearances were obtained from the Ministry of Coal, Ministry of Environment and Forests and also pollution clearance from the State Pollution Control Board before commencing the coal mining operations.

They also submitted necessary details of payments of statutory NPV and CA paid to the Central Government.

The State Government is getting regular royalty from coal extraction besides other benefits to the State like generation of direct & indirect employment opportunities to the local tribal people in the resource poor State. The Kharsang area has also been reasonably developing due to this coal mining activity carried out by the State Government owned corporation, it said.


Multi-media campaign against HIV/AIDS

‘Da Methods’ wins Red Ribbon contest in West Kameng

BOMDILA, Nov 28: State’s AIDS Control Society organized a Red-Ribbon Superstar Musical competition at Bomdila yesterday night under its Multi Media Campaign to bring awareness among the youths against dreaded HIV/AIDS disease.

Of the four musical bands that performed, ‘Da Methods’ won the first prize and walked away with cash award of `30,000 and a certificate. ‘Far Cry’  and ‘Jude’ made it to the second and third spot respectively  and received cash prize of Rs twenty thousand and fifteen thousand each. . ‘Da Methods’ would be representing the district in the mega event at Itanagar on December 15.

Appreciating the effort of the band – ‘Way of Bodom’, which failed to make it to the spotlight, ZPM Dingla presented  a sum of Rs five thousand  to the Band as a token of love and appreciation. The musical competition thought of by the APSACS seemed to have caught the fancy of the youths of Bomdila. The auditorium was filled to its capacity and the youths enthusiastically responded to the queries put by T. Pali, Deputy Director (IEC ) APSACS, who headed the campaign to Bomdila.

Appreciating the noble venture of the state’s Health department and the efforts of Bomdila DMO Dr. Dani Duri,  and his official team to make the programme a  grand success, the Chief Guest of the programme, ZPM P. W. Dingla urged the youths to take the AIDS awareness message in the right earnest. A slight negligence could put the family’s reputation at stake besides costing one’s life, she added.

Earlier, Dr. Hage Lasa, Principal Government College Bomdila officiating as the Guest of Honour, termed AIDS as the most dreaded disease. He called upon the youths to gain more knowledge about AIDS, its causes and preventive measures. However, he said that besides the state government’s endeavor, the NSS and Red Ribbon Society of his college are doing a remarkable job by creating awareness on AIDS.

Throwing light on the motive behind the Multi Media Campaign, Deputy Director T. Pali said in addition to musical competition the 4-month AIDS awareness campaign would consist of a soccer tournament and road-shows.DIPRO


SHG-bank linkage programme

ITANAGAR, Nov 28: National Youth Project of Arunachal Pradesh organized SHG - HRD and Bank Linkage Programme at Mahadevpur under Namsai sub-division on Nov 23.  Large number of representatives from SHGs took part in the day long training programme sponsored by NABARD.

In the inaugural session, NYP president H.P. Biswas highlighted on the SHG-Bank Linakage programme, SHG formation and its functioning and role, the role of NABARD in  promoting the SHGs.

In the second session, master trainer Anil Burman focused on the profile making of the SHG members, book keeping, proceedings of the meetings, opening of savings account of the group etc.

Govt officials, GB and public leaders also spoke on the occasion. The participants were also informed about the various NABARD sponsored schemes for the SHGs.


House gutted in fire

ITANAGAR, Nov 28: One dwelling house has been gutted in a devastating fire at Karsingsa at around 1 pm today.  Fire brigade from Naharlagun and Banderdewa police personnel and local people rushed to the spot and doused the fire. However, household properties including utensils were destroyed in fire mishap. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained.

Meanwhile, the Leo Club of Karsingsa  has appreciated the firemen, police personnel and local people for their prompt action in preventing fire from engulfing the adjoining areas. The Club members appealed to the administration to provide immediate relief assistance to Sunil Sono, the owner of damaged house.


Training prog for farmers on modern agricultural tools

PASIGHAT, Nov 28: The Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) in collaboration with the Siang Biotech organized a day long training program for farmers at Farmers Training Centre, Pasighat on Nov 25 last. Besides 24 local farmers from Sibo, Borguli, Kiyit and Silluk villages, a team of 14 members of Techo Farmers Club, Khonsa, Tirap district led by Coordinator Wangfyak Wancho took part in it.

During the training programme, Oleo Mac paddy reaper/multi crop harvester cum-brush cutter machine has been introduced to the farmers for sustainable agricultural development.

Speaking on the occasion, district training officer-cum ATMA project director, A Doso said the Cutter has been designed for cutting various types of crop like paddy, wheat etc. and it can also be used as weed cutter. The single handed machine is cost effective, fuel efficient, he informed.

Pasighat DAO O Yomso said it would meet up the labour crisis faced by the farmers.

The representatives of leading manufacturer, Ratnagiri Impex Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore and local entrepreneur B Moyong demonstrated and explained the benefits of Oleo Mac claiming it as incomparably high quality concrete cutters suiting to the needs of customers. DIPRO






Donyi Polo Gangging

ITANAGAR: Donyi Polo Yelam Kebang, Itanagar has decided to dedicate a Donyi Polo Gangging to Golgii Bote Talom Rukbo on his 73rd Birth Anniversary near J N State Museum, Itanagar on December 01.

Education Minister Bosiram Siram and Indigenous Faith and Culture Society of Arunachal Pradesh  president Nabam Atum have consented to attend the function as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively.


AIPU appeals

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union (AIPU) has condemned the kidnapping incident at Kharsang coal mine on Nov 24. The union appealed the Govt to   take all possible steps for safe rescue of the kidnapped person.

Meanwhile, expressing concern over the recent landslide in Tawang which threatened the existence of famous Tawang Monastery, the Union appealed the state Govt to approach the Centre for all necessary steps to save the 300 years old monastery.

It also appealed the Tawang district administration take landslide preventive measures around the monastery.


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