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November - 03



An open letter to Health Minister

Dear Editor,

I on behalf of my suffering colleagues would like to apprise our Health Minister about the plight of the Para-medical staffs serving in far-flung villages of the State. Minister may not be aware that the para-medical staffs like Attendants, ANM, Health Assistant, MHW, DHV and many other employees of analogous posts especially appointed under NRHM are serving in the fur flung villages of the State. Some of us are working in remote villages of Kurung Kumey, Upper Subansiri, Tirap, Upper Siang and Anjaw where a kg of salt cost Rs. 150 for and rice Rs 250, no lights and safe drinking water. Due to communication bottleneck, we  cannot visit out district headquarters to draw our monthly salary at will. It is only after four years that I could visit Itanagar to see my relatives living. Ironically, we are the most poorly paid employees of the State getting fixed salary of just Rs. 2000-6000, mind it no any extra remuneration of worth a penny.  Besides the apprehension for the future of our job, as all of us are on contract, the fixed monthly salary of paltry amount has been traumatizing us. When all the State government employees of similar categories are getting revised salary after 6th PC since July 2006, we are yet to receive any monetary benefit even after lapse of four years. It is contrary that when the present government of the State is understood to be giving topmost priority on Health and Education sectors, the employees of these two departments are most neglected in terms of salary and other facilities.  Whereas, they are the one who actually serve the people living in the remotest village of the State without an iota of extra remuneration other than the inadequate fixed salary. Having said that, we never neglect our duty despite all odds and continue to serve the people in equal dedication. However, we expect our welfare government to reciprocate our good work with gesture as deserved.

I, therefore on behalf of all the aggrieved employees under NRHM in particular request Health Minister and his Mission Director to immediately announce proportionate pay hike of its contract employees and subsequently release the same with retrospective effect from 2006 and send a wave of relief among the poor employees serving in the edge of the State. This will not only relieve the ill-paid or exploited staff from the sky-rocketing price rise of all essential stuff, but also instill fresh zeal and vigour among the employees to serve the people better and sincerely.


An employee of NRHM

Upper Siang (on email)



We need to keep running!

Dear Editor,

I read the letter mailed to you by “A citizen” on the recently concluded Talent Search 2010 organized by the All Arunachal Private Schools’ Association and am glad people are taking note of the event.  As a person quite closely associated with the organization, I feel obliged to make a point in your esteemed daily in this connection.  What comes to my mind is a fable from a book called “The Prayer of the Frog”.  There was a monastery in a lonely place with just two monks of which one was a senior citizen.  They lived quite happily agreeing among themselves on everything and all went more than well.  However, a few months later, a young monk joined them.  He had the habit of smoking and one day went around looking for a fire to light his cigar.  After moving around a lot he came at the entrance of the church and saw the ‘tabernacle lamp” (a sacred lamp kept burning at all times in the holy sanctuary of churches.  Finding no other option, the young monk lit his cigar from that holy lamp.  The younger of the other two monks saw this and was absolutely scandalized and went and reported the matter to the senior monk.  That evening they sat together, discussed about the incident and formulated the very first rule of that monastery which read: “No one shall light a cigar from the tabernacle lamp!”  

As long as the two monks lived alone, they needed no rules.  However, the moment a third person came into their midst, it became a group, a community and they had to formulate rules, the above-mentioned being the first.  Talent Search 2010 was a runaway success by all standards, however, it probably had some drawbacks as mentioned by “A citizen”.  The previous AAPSA Talent Search held in 2009 had 370 participants and Talent Search 2010 had 850 registered participants and with the supportive staff and volunteers together the total team numbered 1200!  It only shows that the organization and the event is growing at an amazing rate and in order to keep pace with this growth we need to keep running.  More attention needs to be given to the minute planning and execution of the entire event and more personnel and resources need to be made available.  Lets’ be part of this growth and take the event to greater heights of perfection in the years to come!  


Fr. Cyriac SDB(on email)

Director, DBYC,




BSNL has failed us

Dear Editor,

The lone service provider of the district is inefficient and has failed to serve the people/subscriber there in any better way so far.

Apart from the consumer harassment in the district headquarters Aalo, in some outpost areas such as in Yomcha, Liromoba, Tirbin etc. the service is very irregular and almost defunct since its establishment. The subscribers are bearing various problems because of the failure of the service. They are regularly paying their fees for the service (recharge) but are unable to excess it or make any use of the service in a proper way especially within the district. It’s very unfortunate that in today’s world we the people of West Siang can’t even have the basic facilities of communication.

The concern MLAs and West Siang District Students Union(WSDSU) and Galo Students Union (GSU) should also look in to the matter since everyone is suffering because of it and its benefits will be enormous if any solution is made.

With that we do once again appeal the Private Telecom Service providers in the state to expand their service here in the West Siang District. The situation here is like that of a Monopoly system where we are left with no options. We are somewhere lagging behind with the rest of the state due to such kind of hindrance in the communication system. The coming of any private company at such juncture will be greatly welcomed by the people here.   


(Bomli Yomgam,

Binya Ronya)




Only they know where our state in headed to

Dear Editor,

May be this is the darkest era in the history of Arunachal Pradesh. The state is overloaded with problems due to the mismanagement of so called the "Peoples first government". The Hydro-power problem, the boundary issue, the infamous PDS scam, the self invited PRC issue, where in many innocent local indigenous people have been made to stay in relief camps in their own land.

The greedy leaders in the power only knows, where our state is marching towards. There is no clear cut plan and policy. The national highway from Banderdewa to Itanagar and Gohpur, which was nicely maintained by GREF, was handed over to the state PWD. The result is worse road condition as never before and, the sufferer are  common public .

To add more spice to it, when ever any VIP convoy passes, the cops on the pilot vehicle, who are more famous for harassing the innocent then helping, chases away the vehicles on the narrow road side, as if they are passing through a terrorist infested area.

Neither health, nor education, or anything of that worth, the top priority of the present government is corruption. Every "Netaji" is in the rat race of favouritism, nepotism, corruption....and so on.

It once again reminds us of the great saying by a great leader, Late Bakin Pertin- Arunachal, the land of kushi-kushi. There is no word called- "Morality" in the dictionary of present government. Of course, how can one expect morality or conscience from the government, whose maximum legislators, excepting few, are illiterate ‘bahubalis’ rather that true leaders. Let’s wait and watch, whether those immoral leaders involved in PDS scam steps down on moral ground or not.

DK should lead the folk to purification, as his RD Carriages is a hot cake in the air. Everybody knows.


Takar Kaya

Bangalore (on email)



Thanks for enlightening us

Dear Editor,

Banderdewa & Karsingsa Panchayat and Banderdewa Circle thank the State Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee (SLVMC) for their continuous efforts to devolve power and function to Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs). The PRIs have been ignored by the executing agencies like PHED by hiding the Guidelines of the Government of India and concerned Ministry. The rural communities were never informing about their roles while implementing the Panchayat related works. Whereas, the National Rural Drinking Water Program (NRDWP) guidelines has clearly stated that “with the 73rd Amendment of the Constitution, rural drinking water has been placed in the XIth Schedule of the Constitution to be devolved to PRIs.”  

Today we come to know only after revelation of the SLVMC member Daniel Teli that under Panchayat Raj Institution the VWSC is fully responsible for planning, designing, implementation, management, operation and maintenance of the TSC and NRDWP project at grass root level. And the VWSC shall function as a Standing Committee on Water and Sanitation of the Gram Panchayat and should be an integral part of the Village Panchayat for which, if necessary, appropriate amendments in the State Panchayati Raj Act / Rules / Byelaws may be made.

We also come know that the Ministry of Rural Development, Department of Drinking Water supply under the guideline of the National Rural Drinking Water Programe  (NRDWP), the Gram Panchayats has been empowered with funds, functions and functionaries and Capacity building to plan, monitors, implements and manage rural drinking water supply or schemes within their jurisdiction. Unknown rural populaces are further ignored. Is this a correct practice of the Government officials?

The department should atleast establish Water Testing Laboratory with a provision of testing facilities for all drinking water sources concerning bacteriological contamination, chemical contamination and water-and borne diseases.

The state Govt. should take stringent action against such corrupt officials who are hiding guidelines, misguiding and looting rural communities in so many ways to set an example.

As directed by SLVMC member Danial Teli,  the Banderdewa cirlcle Panchayat Raj Institution have decided to  form VWSC in  respective level and submit it to the PHE Department for further necessary action as per the guidelines of NRDWP, TSC to avail rural water supply schemes.


Kipa Chapo (ASM)

Karsingsa, Tadar Tayam  (ASM) Banderdewa,

(On email)



BSNL need to improve

Dear Editor,

BSNL network, the only telecom provider at Aalo has very poor service. Most of the time it is busy and not reachable and signal goes up and down at will. In emergency or urgency, people can't get the information ever on time.

People recharge their phone but it’s of no use. Because by the time the network comes, they find that the validity period is over.

I just wish that service provider could do something to improve its services.


Jumli Rime (on email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


12.5 cr earmarked as students stipend

by govt: Siram

ITANAGAR, Nov 2:  Education Minister Bosiram Siram informed that a total amount of ` 12.5 core has been earmarked for stipends which will be disbursed among the students on phase wise manner starting with 8 higher secondary schools. The department had proposed for ` 25 crore 38 lacs but the government “due to paucity of funds” could provide only `12.5 crore.   

He added that the pending-stipends (amounting to 10 crore 60 lacs) of 2009-2010 will also be paid as soon as the things are set right.

He informed this All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union delegates led by President Takam Tatung at the Education Directorate office today.

Reasoning for the delay in disbursing the stipends, he said the stipends could not be paid on time as many of the districts have not yet submitted the students list despite repeated issuance of orders.

Siram, meanwhile, asked AAPSU to help the Department in identifying the genuine students in the districts so that they are not bereft of stipend facility. To this, AAPSU president nodded to extend all possible help by mobilizing their district unit students union.

Perturbed with the meager allocation, Tatung urged the State government to lay more emphasis on education sector and demanded atleast ` 200 crore allocations for its proper functioning of Education Department.

Tatung also suggested the government to enhance the rate of stipends after every five years while citing that other States getting more than the students of Arunachal Pradesh. Siram while answering to the AAPSU’s plea for conversion of JNC College Pasighat to State University has said that a Committee was formed in this regard and the Committee cited weak financial position of the State that prevents the government from giving the College the University status. He, however, said that JNC can be made Extended Campus of RGU or its Constituent College.   

AAPSU, outrightly, rejected the suggestion and stuck to its original demand-State University status to JNC.

The Education Department will computerize its entire set up. Doing away with the old method, the Department had asked the students, through DDSE, to submit photo I card in order to reap the benefit of stipend. Computerization will not only boost effective administration but will also check bogus students from getting stipends.

The meeting was also attended by Director Secondary Education, Deputy Director (G), AAPSU Vice Presidents Nabam Tamar & Sonam Tenzing, Finance Secretary Debia Muj, ANSU General Secretary Nilly Likha Tabo, executives of All East Kameng Students Union, All Kurung Kumey District Students Union and Galo Students Union.


Child labour and Arunachal

Tongam Rina

The other day, Ravi, a good friend shared that conditions of child labour in Arunachal is awful and more need to be done.

While we exchanged these notes and rued how bad the situation is, a report was flashed across the local print media that City Administration arrested two people for employing under aged children in hazardous conditions in fabrication units.

While we wish authorities took note that child labour is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, there is no denying the fact that we the common citizens are responsible for the mess.

In Arunachal, more so in urban set up, our dependence on domestic helps, mostly made up of migrant children from Assam is for all to see. With both parents working, in most homes, the domestic help takes care right from cooking, washing to walking the children to school or the bus stops.

Not to talk of education, most of these young citizens are deprived of very bare necessities of life and  are subjected to physical violence, psychological trauma, and even sexual abuse.

But we would never talk about it.

While many of us, including yours truly depend on domestic help to run the kitchen and literally the whole household, most of the time we do not even deem it fit to address them by their names.  

Child Labour Laws in this country, including the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act states that children under the fourteen years of age could not be employed under hazardous occupations.

The Article 32 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child recognizes the right of the child to be protected from economic exploitation and from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with child’s education, or to be harmful to the child’s health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.

Reading these laws give us immense satisfaction, that something is being done. It’s just that implementation and abiding by the law is someone else’s job.

For a 12 year old, beginning his or her day at six in the morning, running our errands is hazardous enough, when they should be preparing for schools.

The much touted Right to Education advocates education for all children under the ages of 6-14. But sadly, children below six, do not find mention when we all know that children as young as six takes care of their families.  

On one hand, children have no other option than to support families by working as household helps, on the other, working conditions could have been better, provided we make it happen.  

Every day, we read in the advertisement pages of the newspaper about missing children.

The reason why instead of going to the authorities most people end up giving advertisements is that there are no records. We don’t bother to register and authorities never bother to ask. Its works fine both ways. At the end of the day, we do not seem to care how work is done as long as it is done.

With great fanfare, India decided that from October 10, 2006 there would be a ban on employing children below 14 years of age and liable for prosecution and penal action under the Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Act, 1986.

There was a short-lived crackdown too!  

While yours truly write all these, Rupalee makes a quite entry, with a mug of coffee.


APIC impose penalty on PIO for delay in furnishing information

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission (APIC) has imposed penalty of `21, 250 only to previous PIO of PWD Tali division Er Hage Koyang under Section 20 (1) of RTI Act, 2005 for causing delay of 85 days in furnishing RTI information.

While hearing on the case No APIC -06/2010 under section 18 of RTI Act, APIC in an order said, ‘the delay in furnishing information within mandatory period of 30 days or non-compliance of Commission’s order is a clear case of violation of the provision of RTI Act-2005 and as such Koyang attracts under penalty provision.  The Commission further said the show cause reply filed by previous PIO does not convince the Commission and there would be no justification if reply of Koyang is taken for consideration. The act of Koyang appears to be intentional as experienced from earlier case of Charu Tuglo Vs PIO/EE PWD Jairampur  Division. As such, his affidavit of reply dated Aug 16 is rejected’, the commission said.

Earlier, the Commission  while hearing the complaint filed by one Gora Takio against PIO/EE of Tali PWD division passed an order on March 12 directing the PIO to furnish information free of cost under section 7 (6) of the RTI Act, preferably within two weeks and also disposed off the case.

Surprisingly, the complainant approached the Commission again for non-compliance of its order. Subsequently the Commission re-opened the case and summoned the parties on Aug 6. However, this time new PIO Er C S Choutang took over the charges and expressed his ignorance about the direction of Commission but  furnished information to complainant  within 10 days timeas assured to the Commission. The commission said that ‘going by the records and act, all these delays in providing information was due to malafide and intentional act of  previous PIO who is responsible and accountable for that relevant time and hence  has been imposed penalty’.


PPA proposes maize as party symbol

ITANAGAR, Nov 2:  PPA 'Peoples Assembly' was held today  at Naharlagun.  

The conference adopted resolution that Maize shall be party's reserved symbol and in this effect the party Executive shall take up this matter with the Election Commission of India.

Kamen Ringu, party president highlighted to the Assembly about the correspondances and  call ons made with the Election Commission of India regarding re-allotment of Mithun as the party reserve symbol, however, the Election Commission has denied the Mithun as the reserve symbol of PPA because Election Commission has already taken decision not to allot any symbol depicting an animals or a bird or reptile or symbol which have communal or religious connotations. Therefore, the party had to take an alternative reserve symbol.

The Conference was attended by the party leaders at State and District levels and MLA Er. Markio Tado.


Forum rejects outcome of enquiry report

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: The All Sagalee Employees Forum (ASEF), the apex employees organization of Sagalee area has out rightly rejected the report of one-man magisterial inquiry conducted by the deputy commissioner, Capital Complex, Itanagar in connection with the physical assault on Dr. Tana Talin Tara, MO Leporiang  on June 20 last.

The Forum questioned the manner in which the inquiry was conducted without questioning the actual witness of the case, instead questioning the accused as witnesses, and also without giving importance to materials and circumstantial evidence.

ASEF strongly reiterated its demand to the Govt for constitution of an impartial inquiry committee headed by a retired judge or a retired IAS officer immediately to find out the real culprits and to give justice to the victim.


Poy Kathing observed with religious fervour

Itanagar, Nov 2: Poy Kathing, a festival connected with legend of offering of yellow robe to monks is being celebrated with religious fervour with two day programme at the premises of Theravada Buddhist monastery from yesterday.

Ven. Indravangsa Mahathera, Sangha Nayak of Arunachal Bhikkhu Sangha formally inaugurated the festival today by hoisting the World Buddhist Flag and offering Panchasilla (Five Precepts) to the gathering.

Speaking on the occasion as special guest Social activist Jarjum Ete, said that she was very happy to be a part of this occasion. Regretting the recent Namsai incident, she said that the incident occurred unfortunately in a place where the people follow the foot prints of Lord Buddha and his teaching of non violence. She said that people should join hand together to make Arunachal a place to live with complete peace and harmony. She also spoke about women emancipation.

The festival is held on any convenient date within one month of the conclusion of the Prabarana Purnima.


Yet another defunct ATM

BOMDILA, Nov 2: The Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in Bomdila town-the tourism town and the district headquarter of West  Kameng district is defunct for the past 3 months troubling-tourists, public and student alike.     

In a press statement, the West Kameng Nyishi Students Welfare Association  (WKNSWA) while informing on the sorry status of the ATM has asked the SBI authority to mend it within a month or face democratic form of agitation.

WKNSWA General Secretary Rajiv Cheri said that they approached the SBI authority at Bomdila for its remedy only to be told that they are helpless and do not have engineers to mend the machine.

“Absence of ATM is creating lots of problem to large number of tourists, public and especially the students’ community", he added.


Teachers training under SSA begins

DC appeals teachers to attend school regularly

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: A 10 days in-service Teachers training programme under SSA began here at BRC, Seppa.

Speaking as the Chief Guest at the inaugural function, DC, East Kameng Tope Bam said that such type of training will not only benefit to Teachers but also improve the quality in teaching. As the technological changes are taking place in every field, in the same manner techniques of teaching are also changing simultaneously. So the latest teaching techniques need to be inculcated in Teachers. A teacher has various responsibilities to bear, they cannot be compared with other office bearers and cannot enjoy their status without knowledge and behavior.

Further, the DC pointed out that most of the PRI or Public leaders frequently demand for posting of Non local teachers at their school. The DC called upon the teachers especially the locals to remain in their places of posting and discharge their duty with utmost dedication & sincerity. He also warned that sudden inspection would be done in the schools time to time in order to check the attendance of the teachers. In case of any absenteeism, stern action will be taken against the erring officials.

He also opined that in terms of Arunachal Pradesh some 20 years back though there was no proper road communication and media connectivity, the teaching and learning process was much better than today. The reason behind is because of the sincerity, dedication and punctuality put on by the Teachers and cordial relationship between Teacher and the students.

At the same time, the DC directed those in-service teachers who are pursuing higher studies must obtain prior permission from their competent authority.

While, Tapip Ramsing, DDSE asked the trainees to take full advantage of training so that the impact is evaluated in teaching and learning process. He also viewed seriously on absenteeism and informed that he would monitor and surprise checking would be done time to time.

Meanwhile, Coordinator SSA, S.Taffo said that such type of training programme will definitely boost the teaching profession in the district.

Earlier, R. Pathak, Padagogy coordinator emphasized on Teaching and Learning Method(TLM) development, effective use in classroom transaction, fearful tradition approach of teaching to cheerful child centered and to skill and equip the teachers with innovative teaching techniques.


Orgs demand arrest, stepping up of security

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Punyo Mobing, a student of Govt Hr. Secondary School, Ziro was allegedly beaten to death by some miscreants at Club Road, Hapoli on the night of Nov 1. This was informed by Apatani Youth Association (AYA) in a release today.

Confirming this report police sources informed that two of the miscreants have been arrested by Ziro police and investigation is on.  

 Such kind of heinous crimes has been witnessed by Lower Subansiri District for last many years due to insincerity of police department towards the need of constant night patrolling and lack of sincerity of district administration to maintain law and order problem within the  district,  the AYA  said.

 However, the Association appreciated the OC Ziro for his prompt action by arresting two culprits and requested the police for immediate arrest of other culprits involved in this case and demanded exemplary punishment to them.  It also called for police patrolling duty throughout the night to prevent such untoward incident in future.  The AYA also deeply mourned the death of Late Punyo Mobing.

Meanwhile, the   General Medical Colony Welfare Association (GMCWA) Ziro in a representation to Lower Subansiri deputy commissioner demanded immediate arrest of other accused involved in the case and said that the arrested accused persons should  not be granted bail  till the arrest of other co-accused.  The Association also appealed the district administration to  conduct night patrolling in and around Hapoli township area, particularly at medical colony, Hapoli in order to maintain peace and tranquility. It said that no person be allowed to carry lethal weapons including dao within Hapoli township.


Students calls for recruitment of SSA teachers from within the district

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: The All East Kameng Students Union called for non-entertainment of applicants from outside the East Kameng district in the SSA teacher recruitment which will be held soon for which advertisement have already been circulated.

In a memorandum to the Education Minister, AEKSU team led by President Tukfi Riang, said that every district has their own quota for SSA teachers and asked the Minister to find a mechanism to discourage the applicants from other district to appear in some other district to avoid future complicacy.

AEKSU cited past examples where candidates of another district went through to the interview and got the job but within few months of their service they were being transferred to their respective districts.

The Union claimed that owing to such transfer and in absence of no reliever, the students are facing untold problems.

AEKSU, meanwhile, called for immediate cancellation of such transfer, cancellation of illegal appointments made against 25 people under SSA. It threatened to launch democratic forms of agitation, if their demands are not met at the earliest possible time.


Celebrate safe Diwali- save your sight

Dr. Taba Khanna, M.S.

‘deep jalao! deep jalao! aaj diwali hain,nacho gao,

khusiyan manao! aaj diwali hain.’

This popular nursery rhyme depicts the festive mood of each and every one in our country. As Diwali approaches, everyone is ever enthusiastic to celebrate the festival in very special and memorable as possible. Some of us want to be cozy in family with treat of sweets and exchange gifts or visiting long separated relatives. It’s time for love, compassion, forgiveness and reunion for many. Yet other section of our people want to celebrate this emotional filled festival with drinks, gambling, dance masti and music or  loud Pataka noises, which, at times dampens Diwali spirit.

When I was undergoing my post graduation, on one of Diwali night, I attended a call in Casualty for a man who had received a blunt injury to his eyes while lighting a crackers. He had an interesting history to tell, how he landed at hospital on festive night. His kids were enjoying the sounds of crackers and other fireworks in front of his grocery shop, but he realised that that sound was not loud enough to draw attention of others and was not pushing up his adrenaline. He had this ideal solution! Place that damn crackers inside the empty tin container, turn it upside down and let it go off, BIG BANG!! Seconds later, he was screaming for help from his relatives. What happened? Oh! no, something serious? Definitely yes, the bottom portion of tin container came off and hit right at his face. Relatives helped him to wash his face to ensure that nothing serious had occurred, just few bruises on his face, ok, no problem. But he was still screaming with excruciating pain and unable to open his eyes. Thus he landed at Casualty department. On examination, he was found to have severe injuries to his eyes-bruises in eyelids, laceration in conjunctiva, multiple corneal abrasions, massive bleeding inside the eye and torn accomodating structures. We had to follow him for 3 months before he was finally declared fit to resume his normal activities.

I’m citing this incident to warn the community of catastrophe resulting from our carelessness and ever increasing craze for extremes. This man, instead of warning his kids against doing such mischief, he was rather demonstrating what was lest expected from a responsible parent and elder. He dampened the festive mood of others and sadly lost his sight temporarily for 3 months, unable to do his normal activities, thus became a burden for himself and other family members for whole 3 months. The loss was temporarily, because he was lucky to have Medical College nearby. Everyone may not be as lucky like him.

Diwali, a moment for everyone to rejoices and treat each others with sweets and gifts, also accompanies with inherent nuisances and hazards like noise pollution, air pollution from fireworks, fire accidents, global warming and health hazards (burns, blast injuries, allergies, aggravation of asthma, eye injuries and blindness). The extent of eye injury may range from

• Simple irritation due to fumes or chemical entering the eyes.

• Abrasion or laceration of cornea, a focusing element of eye.

• Bleeding inside the eyes, which can cause permanent blindness, if not managed in time.

• Injury to iris and pupil, our accommodating structures.

• Dislocation or total damage to lens.

• Tearing of retina

• Rupture of eye balls, at times irreparable

• Introduction of infections

• Total blindness

Some of these eye injuries can be managed easily, while others may be very tricky and may require highly sophisticated equipments and in certain cases the eye ball or vision may not be able to restore at all.  Asia and Africa are already burdened with 2/3rd of blind population of the globe, we cannot think of adding any more cases of avoidable blindness in our society. Community must educate each other about preventive aspects of eye injuries during festivals like Diwali or Holi or at home. Celebrate the festival safely with relatives, at the same time without hurting the sentiments of others. Follow common safety measures while celebrating festivals and avoid dampening of Diwali mood by spending night at hospital or lock up, ending in nightmare for yourself and family.

• Ensure that your neighbours are comfortable with the noises you are creating.

• Avoiding drinks would be better, lest you involve in brawl or break traffic rules landing you in trouble.

• If possible, totally avoid using crackers and other fireworks during this Diwali for cleaner and safer environment.

• If you are an asthmatic or allergic patient,  better stay away from smokes and fumes from fireworks, better if fireworks are lighted in open places.

• Make sure that your rockets do not land on thatched houses or crowded places, which would invite trouble for you and dampen your festive mood.

• Lighting crackers while holding between fingers can be dangerous may cause multiple injuries to our body.

• Light your crackers on clear and hard surfaces and do not try to bury in sand or cover with metal or glass containers to obtain maximum effects. Splinters in form of soil, sand, gravels, glass or metal pieces can cause extensive damage to our body including our precious eyes causing blindness.

• Exploding crackers inside the close room is extremely hazardous, may cause death or bring down buildings, so it is best avoided.

If you have read this article, kindly educate others and help each other in celebrating safe Diwali, save your eyes so that you can enjoy the festival of lights next year. Save your eyes and save mother earth. Happy Deepawali! (The contributor is Eye Surgeon, District Hospital, Changlang)

KKCC, Ziro-II Cricket Club win in U-19 T20 cricket

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Kargu Kardi Cricket Club (KKCC) and Ziro-II Cricket Club won their respective matches played against Eleven Star Cricket Club and Nirjuli Legends Cricket club in preliminary round of the U-19 Inter Club Ranking T20 Cricket tournament at Naharlagun cricket ground today.

KKCC beat Eleven Star Cricket Club by five wicket in the first match while Ziro-II Cricket club crushed Nirjuli Legends Cricket club by 40 runs in another match of the day. Nido Yomcha of KKCC and Joram Richo of Ziro-II were declared men of the match.


KVK conducts train prog

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: With a view to enhance the participation of youth in agriculture and allied subjects, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK),  Upper Subansiri organized a one day training at Lida Secondary school yesterday.

A total of 70 participants were present for the day long training programme.

Nyape Bam, Farm Manager spoke on the objectives of training and brief introduction about the activities & functions of KVK.

Dr. W. Purnima Devi, Subject Matter Specialist (SMS) Agronomy spoke on integrated farming system while Nani Yampi, SMS (P.P.) discussed on “Package of practices of Oyster Mushroom”, keeping in view the availability of raw materials of Oyster Mushroom.

This was followed by lecture on “Poultry farming –an income generation for rural youth”, by Dr. Bina Saikia, SMS (A.H & Vety.).

Dipjyoti Bora, Prog. Asst. (Fishery) spoke on “Role of fisheries in economic development and suggested the participants to adopt the scientific fish farming technique.


ASBA team bring laurels

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Arunachal state Badminton Association (ASBA) sponsored participants Gita karki and  Pinki Karki of Arunachal Pradesh won the Girls’ double(Jr) defeating Rupashree Nath and M. Deberma of Tripura  in the recently concluded  North-East Open Badminton Championship held at Kohima.

Gita Karki has also been placed in runners, up   in the Jr. Girls’ singles defeating Rupashree Nath of Tripura by 19-21, 21-12 and 21-13.

In the team event, Arunachal won the 3rd place in the Chadha cup (women’s team), Narang cup (U-19 boys team) and Shafi Qureshi Cup (U-19 Girls’ team)

Arunachal state Badminton Association (ASBA) has congratulated Gita and Pinki Karki and the Arunachal team for bringing laurels to the state.


AAPWU demands implementation of ACP scheme

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union (AAPWU) has demanded immediate implementation of Assured Career Progress (ACP) scheme in favour of Work Charge (WC) employees in the state.

Govt’s denial of implementing the scheme in favour of WC workers is contrary to the service rules since WC workers also following the same CCS rules and FRSR which clearly indicates that they are also regular Government employee, said an AAPWU memorandum submitted to PWD Minister Nabam Tuki and Parliamentary Secretary for Labour and Employment Padi Richo.

While regretting that there was no mention of transfer category in WC employees in engineering department, it appealed to the Government to delete or stop the T/C system and facilitate to bring all W/C employees to an equal transferable status. It also demanded that 50% of posts for direct recruitment through interview should be kept for those WC employees working in various department having ITI certificates. It said that many ITI certificate holders are working as WC employees in various deprtments without having any promotional avenues, who deserve immediate promotion.

Other demands included, implementation of voluntary retirement schemes in favour of ALC, 80% job reservation for APST candidates at NEEPCO, NHPC and others, establishment of labour court in the state, depositing 1% cess to APB&OCWINB by all Govt., semi Govt., public and private undertakings/companies working within the state, 20 days casual leave for central office bearers of AAPWU and 5 days for district level office bearers in a calender year, establishment of Education Centre at Itanagar, reservation of 50% group ‘D’ post for promotion and regularization of working class employees instead of 25%, appointment on compensonate ground, providing fund for construction of AAPWU office ar Daporijo, construction of separate health centre for workers, free computer education for labourer’s school-going children and granting three months maternity leave in favour of casual workers.


Papum Pare Students ask for stipends and teachers

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Shortage of school teacher and non-release of students’ stipend were the main two problems that students of Papum Pare district are presently facing. The fact was revealed by All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) on the basis of data collected by the union from various schools during its first phase of 10-day educational cum awareness campaign from October 21 to 30 last.

“The students are not getting their stipend for the last one and more years which forced them to get credit from other persons or cooperatives for supply of ration to the mess with a promise to return back the amounts as soon as the stipend are released. Beside this the teachers in charges are also facing very tough situation in managing classes due to acute shortage of teachers, an APPDSU release said.

“The Government should release stipend and post teachers as per requirement immediately; otherwise the dreams of imparting quality education and implementing RTE will remain be a distant dream, it added.

While taking strong exception to some teachers’ reluctance to join at their respecting posting places even after issuance of transfer order, APDDSU demanded the Papum Pare DDSE to held up salaries of those teachers until and unless they join duty. It also demanded immediate transfer of the present Toru Govt. Sec. School headmaster for his alleged failure to running the school smoothly and post a competent one to revive the past glory of the school. According to APPDSU the school has touched its bottom mainly due to failure of the headmaster in managing the school properly.

APPDSU covered Mengio, Parang, Sagalee and Toru in the first phase of the campaign and conducted literary competitions like, debate, extempore speech, essay writing, drawing in each school and winners were awarded prizes. It also distributed toothpaste and brushes, soaps, study materials like, pencil, pen, exercise books to each student, sports goods like football volleyball with nets and dictionary books to teacher’s in-charges for common use.

APPDSU thanked PWD Minister Nabam Tuki, Art and Culture director Pige Ligu, Papum Pare DDSE Tana Tagu Tara, UD capital division deputy director RD Loyi, Tax and Excise department superintendent Teli Tada, SSA Papum Pare JE Tad Pat for their all contribution and encouragement in making the tour a success.






Contractors allege

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: All Arunachal Registered Contractor Association (AARCA) has alleged violation of contract rules and regulation by some departments in awarding works.

According to an AARCA release, some departments are awarding works clandestinely to unregistered contractors on favouritism basis by publishing NIT out side the state.

While demanding for maintaining CPWD and APPWD manual in awarding contract works, it also appealed to the head of various works departments to modify the packing system of tender works so that every registered contractor can get opportunity.

Meanwhile, AARCA president has appointed Mangam Tassap as vice president (Protocol), Jenita Riba and Charu Anna as the associations’ Women’s wing president and vice president respectively.


APCF meet

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: All Arunachal Pradesh Colleges Forum(APCF) is organizing one day social awareness seminar on theme "Self reliance for educated unemployed youth of the state" on 15th of this month. To be held at Arun Subansiri hotel, seminar will be attended by education minister Bosiram Siram as chief guest and AAPSU President Takam Tatung as guest of honour respectively.

Meanwhile APCF has appealed to all unemployed youths from various discipline to attend the seminar.



ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Lishi Lel and Toko Lento were appointed as president and general secretary of Arunachal Pradesh Tribal Junior Engineers’ Service Association, which was formed recently.


Maintain transparency: CCRCA

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: The Capital Complex Registered Contractors Association (CCRCA) has said that genuine enlisted contractors have been deprived of their right to work due to corruption and political interference on NIT and awarding contract works.

The Association appealed to the authorities concern to issue tender for implementation of works under centrally sponsored schemes and district de-centralized fund with transparency and quality work apart from judicious utilization of fund.


NBCC women conference

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC) is going to conduct the 17th NBCC women conference at Town Baptist Church Chandranagar with three days programme from Nov 12.

Rev Halli Likha Ama, Pastor TBC, Naharlagun and Hau Niang, missionary of Indian Evengelical mission would be the main speakers.


ANYA team visit Upper Subansiri

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: A team of All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) central executive body headed by it president Taring Mama and general secretary Tadar Bingley conducted a three-day tour to Upper Subansiri district from  Oct 27 to 29.

During the tour ANYA convened a meeting at Daporijo on Oct 28. The Nyishi Elite Society, Upper Subansiri chairman Talum Babla and others,  All Nyishi Students Union, Upper Subaniri unit general secretary Jumta Hankar, panchayat leaders and senior officers of Nyishi community attended the meeting.  The members present mandated the existence of the ANYA and hoped that the Association will work for the cause of the Nyishi community  in the district.  On Oct 29, Mama inaugurated the office of ANYA Upper Subansiri unit at Daporijo in presence of ANSU-USU president and general secretary.  


Bike lifter nabbed

ITANAGAR, Nov 2:  A team of Banderdewa police has arrested a bike lifter, namely, Joydev Singh from Harmuti area, Assam and also recovered one black colour Pulsar bike. A case no 31/10 U/S 379 IPC has been registered and investigation is on, according to police sources.


DRDA meet

Aalo, Nov 2 : While presiding over the Governing Body Meeting of DRDA in DC’s Conference Hall yesterday West Siang ZP Chairperson Jarsa Gamlin said that all the relevant papers of various programmes needed to be made available to the concerned Zilla Parishad Members and Anchal Chairpersons block-wise and scheme-wise ahead of the meeting.

DC cum CEO DRDA Amjad Tak said that NREGA being an act, it is mandatory to provide a minimum of 180 days employment to the people in a year and implemented in true spirit.

PD DRDA Emar Ete explained the annual Action plan 2010-11 under all Centrally sponsored schemes. He urged all the BDOs that the MIS reports & returns be properly maintained and on-line reporting of interior blocks be corrected.

Sr. Accounts Officer, DRDA Aalo highlighted the Physical and financial achievement of 2009-2010.

The Budget was approved.(DIPRO)


Students resents

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Expressing strong resentment over some teachers’ reluctance to join duty at their posting place at Secondary school Sakiang (Mengio), All Mengio Students’ Union (AMSU) urged the Papum Pare DDSE not to release their salaries until and unless they join duty.

Not a single teacher has joined the school till date even after issuance of transfer order by DDSE’s office which has affected academic studies of students of the school, regretted AMSU.

While demanding the DDSE not to cancel transfer order issued against those teachers, AMSU threatened that it will launch own course of action if they fail to turn up or join duty at the earliest.


BJYM flays state Govt

ITANAGAR:  Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Arunachal Pradesh has criticized the state Govt for its alleged failure to maintain law and order problems in the state.

The broad-day light bank robbery in Capital, Namsai clashes,  China’s claim over Arunachal, dilapidated road condition, and Assam-Arunachal boundary problem and PDS scam  are some of the example which expose the failure of the present state Govt, the BJYM said in a release today.

The Morcha also decided to organize district-wise ‘Save Arunachal’ rally to create awareness about the corruption and misrule of the Government. However, the BJYM urged the state Govt to find out solution to the burning issues of the state.


RGU coaching

ITANAGAR: Free Coaching for APPSC Viva Voce Examination 2010 for ST/SC and Minorities was inaugurated today by Prof. Amitava Mitra, Registrar, Rajiv Gandhi University.

Around 20 successful candidates in Mains 2010 participated in the class.

According to university communiqué, candidates willing to join the coaching may do so.



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