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November - 30


Follow the Bihar way

Dear Editor,

The decision of the Galo Students Union (GSU) and West Siang District Student Union (WSDSU) to launch democratic movement across West Siang district and Galo dominated areas in general starting from the Dec 13th demanding immediate arrest and detention of contractors and officials involved in PDS scam, termination of contract works issued to the firms of tainted contractors and blacklisting of such tainted firms is not just an appreciable step, but a noble pursuit that will go a long way to help address the evil practices in governance of the state and to achieve social and economic justice for the masses. My salute to the leaders and members of GSU and WSDSU!

In the face of political inaction and unaccountability against corruption stained leaders being practiced and propagated by Congress party in this state, it is the opposition political parties like BJP & others in the state who should have been raising the issues more vocally and proactively. But who cares, the politicians are a class within themselves whether the Congress or BJP or any other party; all opportunistic to loot the public wealth in the name of development and public service. And that is the trend all over the country.

Further, why the other civil organizations, APPSU, ANSU, AdiSU, other Welfare and Students Unions are not really taking up the issue vigorously with the state government is really pathetic. If the people are sitting silent contented that money are easily earned; salaries have just doubled from the 6th CPC; some 20,000 to 30,000 bucks was taken from MLA’s during assembly election to cast favorable vote; and living under the presumption that essential food grains and commodities are available in the market, then just pause for a minute for a small arithmetic session. Under the PDS; the government should make available to the citizens Rice/wheat per kg for AAY card holders at Rs 3/2, for BPL Rs 5.65/4.15 and for APL Rs 8.30/6.10 and for Annapurna card holders for free. Similarly, levy sugar, kerosene oil, salt are to be made available at subsidized rates. But unfortunately, we are forced to buy these items from open market at more than double or tipple rate. Just calculate how much extra money we have been paying out from our hard earned money over the decades due to the chronic and acute shortage of PDS items in the state.

We tend to ignore simple economics! As per a simple and realistic calculation of my family expenditure on essential commodities during a span of 10 years, I had been forced to shelve out around additional 6 Lakhs Rupees at the present rate of money valuation from my hard earnings on procurement of essential commodities from open market due to miserably failed PDS system in the state. Had the PDS system been effective and if I had been depending on it, I could have saved that handsome amount of money for other use. And I hope no decent family having adequate members in this state would also have spent less than that amount of mine!           

In a state like ours where food production is almost marginal, PDS carries added importance. It is just the life line of the one million people in the state. The corrupt practices in other spheres being not ignorable may be taken somewhat leniently. But giving leniency to people making scam in the sphere of PDS and involved into stealing of food grains and essential commodities of the people would mean nothing less than cutting ones stomach in the long run.

To make the matter worse, the odd 130 plus hydro electric projects that are being forcefully put up by the government in the state will be swallowing up few arable lands across the river valleys and flood plains. Plus an approximate 25 to 30 Lakhs people who would be moving into the state for hydro projects would be putting a tremendous pressure on our food resource. And that is when, cent percent dependency on outside for the food grains and essential commodities will put our food security and security of survival at a good risk. And god forbid, in any eventuality of a major disaster like 1952 Assam Earthquake striking the state, the scenario of the great Bengal Famine of 1843 revisiting the people of this state is not a distant impossibility. At least for now, some percentage of population engaged in farming has self dependency and adequacy of food grains and essential items.

The need of the hour is for the citizens to really fight for their own rights and due benefits or to languish leisurely and starve along. The choice is upon the people. The political class whether ruling or opposition, being innately and professionally selfish, opportunistic, self aggrandizing and self ingratiating cannot be really depended upon, until and unless the citizen clamors. Since election time is far away, this is the time for democratic actions and means which should be determined and persistent till the ills within the PDS are remedied. It is really wonderful to learn that in some advanced states of southern India where the citizens are conscious, educated and proactive, rice is made available to the citizens at Rs2 per Kg! A distant dream but achievable goal for the Arunachalees also.

And this time around, come the next election, the respectable politicians in the state would try to mesmerize us with grandeurs of their dishonest earnings having deprived us of our due benefits over the years. Let’s allow them to indulge with us if they do so but, let’s vote for the qualities like performance, welfare measures, sensitiveness of leaders and the governance.  

The proud people of Bihar have shown a great example to the fellow countrymen by badly voting out corrupt, dynastic and andhakanoon party and their leaders; and voting in the clean, welfare oriented and kaydakanoon government yet again. Come one and all; let us strive hard to be a part of responsible, transparent and welfare oriented system by us, to us and for us; today, tomorrow and forever!


Philo Aako

Itanagar,  (On email)



Give a chance to youngsters

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the press statement by AAPSU on Nov 27 regarding superannuation age at 60 years for all government servants. If Arunachal government agrees with the memorandum submitted by the Student Union, it will be another misadventure after PRC issue.

It will be a total blunder, because the ever increasing unemployed youth and the student body will not allow it to happen. I am perplexed to see that AAPSU instead of finding solution for unemployment, rather encouraging the problem by advocating for raising the superannuation age up to 60 years. Every year there are about 100 employees who retire from the service. In five years, 500 vacancies are created which are filled up.

There are increasing numbers of equipped and energetic unemployed educated youth waiting for their chance. The existing rule of superannuation of govt employees at the age of 58 years should be rather reduced to 55 years for effective and fruitful service life.

A union of such a magnitude should think and discuss among them self before submitting such memorandum, because they will be the one who will suffer and will protest if such rules are adopted. The govt employee need not be too excited, because their promotion will be delayed by another 02 years and even if govt. consider will not last for even 5 years. Only those, who are on the verge of retirement, will be benefited.


Reddy Saagiya Bei


(On email)



Your guess!

Dear Editor,

An esteemed newspaper like the Arunachal Times should not play double game. It should publish the letters to editor with proper and original names of the reader/sender instead of hiding behind those Vox Populis, Concerned Citizens, Frustrated Citizens et al.

Proper name with address and phone no. is the prerequisite for a letter to be published in a daily and you are violating this very rule. If readers are afraid to get their name published, they should not send their entries or the daily is using these names to settle political scores? Your guess is as good as mine...


Lijum Ete

Aalo, (On email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Angry mob gharao BSNL officer at Jairampur

Tom Simai

JAIRAMPUR, Nov 29: Enraged by the regular disruption BSNL service, the peace loving people of Jairampur and Nampong poured out their anger at Jairampur telephone exchange here today and gheraoed the SDO BSNL who was on a visit here from Miao. Though there was no damage to property and assets. Since many months the subscribers were facing great difficulties due to BSNL network failure.  ‘On several accounts we have tried to communicate with the higher authorities regarding the prevailing network problem but only to yield negative response, informed an angry youth. Today’s display of public anger was long pending, he added.

“This exchange is on the mercy of an unqualified telephone mechanic and we have asked many times to post a technically qualified personnel here at Jairampur but authorities in Itanagar have no time to give attentions to letters sent by district administrative officers” said M. Roy, ADC Jairampur. In fact the public was also fedup of the weird excuses put forth by the BSNL authorities like burning of cards in Digboi/Dibrugarh or stealing of OFC lines in Assam area. This lies were fed to the public since the exchange came into existence.

“It’s surprising when all other small exchanges of nearby areas are working well with mobile connectivity why this Jairampur exchange is always having Card failure or else” said senior public leader Tusam Longri who was among the agitating mob.

It is to mention here that the Jairampur Exchange have dual channel connectivity via Microwave and OFC but most of the time area remains communication less either due to card failure or cutting of OFC lines.

Since the Jairampur have only one telephone operator “Connecting India”, people have to rush many times in day to nearby Assam area to make the telephone calls due to nonoperational BSNL.

“I have made several attempts to my higher ups but nobody is paying attention to this exchange” said SDO BSNL Miao. However, he assured the public to restore the services within 15 days.

The President, District Youth Congress James Jugli expressed shock over sudden outburst of the peace loving people of the area but warmed BSNL to take instant action against its non-functioning staff and officials and post a SDO immediately to Jairampur.

“I am surprised why they are not paying any attentions to the problem of this area while administration, Security Forces and other departments have been requesting hard since long time. If this practice continues something could be happen worst in future also” he added.


The last whistle

Tamo Dadda

Recently while returning from Tuting and Gelling after surveying birds of that area, I was buoyed with optimism about the prospect of survival of wildlife in the Upper Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh by seeing the one of the finest patches of unclassed state forest /community forest in entire state. If only the pressure of hunting was removed from these forests.

But as we were approaching Boleng, a sight –which saddened me greatly, dashed whole that optimisms. On a heavily lopped tree was an animal so hanged, as if to deter others.

On closure inspection of the rotting carcass confirmed my worst fear; the animal so hanged was a wild dog. The only wild dog found in Asia; also known as the whistling Hunters.

The wild dogs are found in peninsular, central, north eastern parts of India and they are also found from trans-Himalayan regions of Ladakh to Sikkim. Locally they are called by various names such as Dhole in hindi, Ram kutta in Bengali, Ram kukur in Assamese and as Sacha in Nyishi. These are uniquely Asian reddish-brown forest dogs with shorter leg, a more bushy dark tail and thicker muzzle than both the wolf and the domestic dog. It coat color varies from light sandstone to rusty-red. The Dholes-as they are called in Hindi, usually hunts in packs of six or seven individuals led by an alpha male and a female and starts eating their prey before it is even dead. Because of such eating habits many people even many wild lifers are averse to them and are persecute by poisoning their kill and hunting them. It is for their characteristics style of whistling while hunting that; they are called as- The whistling Hunters.

The sad sight of dead wild Dog of Boleng reminded me of my first sighting of them in Kahna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. After days of tracking a male tiger for possible capture and to radio collar it for a scientific study.

With my fellow wildlife Biologist, we reached a muddy water hole but were suddenly alerted by a distant whistle of wild dogs. Controlling our excitement we all sat down among the tall grasses. There, out of nowhere a young sambar stag come out running, breaking the bushes and jumped in to the water hole, behind him we saw a young dashing wild dog whistling to his pack mates. He hesitated for a while on the banks of water hole staring at the stag stomping on the muddy water hole. The entire Biologists watching the wild drama unfolding in front of us thought that the young sambar had a lucky break and was contemplating to break our cover. Suddenly the wild dog jumped in to the water hole and what we saw next, was one of the most amazing sight of Indian jungles. The wild dog got hold of the mouth of the sambar and was pulling the sambar, double his size, towards the bank. By the time other members of the pack reached the site and devoured the sambar in most unfashionable manner. The entire jungle drama that unfolded that day in the forest of central India left me with awe and respect for the handsome whistlers of our jungles for ever. The same awe and respect for the handsome whistlers of our jungles gave vent to sadness and pessimism for their survival in the jungles of Arunachal Pradesh by seeing the hanged wild dog at Boleng. With desire to know, why the animal was brutally murdered and hanged for the whole world to see, I enquired around. The near by villagers told me that the animal was murdered because recently few mithuns has been found killed in jungles by some wild animals, which they blamed on  wild dogs.

When the prey species of wild dogs such a wild pig, barking deer, sambar etc has been hunted out by the Humans from the jungles, what the carnivores like wild dog,  Leopard etc are supposed to eat? They will surely kill and eat that is available-the domestic cattle’s and mithun’s. So, if you want to protect your valuable mithun’s, stop hunting. Leave wild pig, barking deer, sambar etc for the carnivores of the wild. Because every animal has right to life and the dignity of life as we human’s opts for.

Conservation Remedies:-

My efforts in writing this article are to highlight the plights of wildlife in Arunachal Pradesh. I want every reader of this article to work for the conservation of wildlife of our State, just feeling sad and to move on next article will not serve the purpose of conserving our wildlife and hoping for the next article on wildlife to read when there will be no wildlife to write about. So, how an individual can work for the conservation of our beautiful wildlife:-

i) Never ever allow your family members to kill any wildlife.

ii) Never allow any wild meat to be cooked in your house.

iii) If possible, never allow any one to kill any wild animals in front of you.

iv) Never buy any wild animals products as they encourage hunters to hunt more.

v) Never allow wanton destruction of our forest and rivers.

vi) Never give any wildlife products such as cover of Dao, hat etc to any dignitaries, as it can attract the provisions of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

vii) Create as much awareness about wildlife conservation in your neighborhoods.

viii)  Forest Department should be proactive in creating awareness about wildlife conservation than being a passive spectator.

ix) The compensation schemes of human-wildlife conflicts should be enlarged to bring whole wild species conflict under it rather confining only to the conflicts caused by the elephants and tigers only.

x) Recent stringent amendments in Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 should be widely advertised to deter future hunters.

One of the 20th century’s greatest hunter and conservationist Jim Corbet had stated of many possible reasons’ for leopards and tigers turning in to man-eaters was the lack of prey species, which were greatly hunted by the people during that time. If the present rate of hunting goes on in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the day is not far when we will have our own Man-eaters and the blame for such a shame will squarely lay on our shoulders. (The writer is a Wildlife Biologist and can be contacted at: -tamodadda@gmail.com)


New paddy variety introduced in Bolung

ITANAGAR Nov’ 29: A new paddy variety (Champaka) was procured from KVK, Mangalore, Karnataka and farm tested at Bolung Agricultural Farm, Lower Dibang Valley. The performance of the variety was found to be very good indicating its high suitability for the local agro-climatic conditions.

Hence, in this regard a field day programme was organized at Bolung Agricultural Farm yesterday to draw farmers’ attention and interest in selected improved agricultural technology.

The programme comprised of field visit, interaction session and production analysis exercise. 15 participants including farmers and extension functionaries & KVK technical experts participated.

Participants expressed that the new variety has been found to be very good provided it is taken up on large scale on time at farm level and two farmers came forward to cultivate this new variety at their farms in coming season.

Toktel Boko, SMS (Plant Protection) demonstrated the collection of pests, their identification and biological control measures.

Dr.T.J.Ramesha, Programme Coordinator  assured the availability of  paddy seed  at doorstep   so as to  cover more area  under  new  variety of  paddy  to boost  farm production.


Electronic record management training for Govt officials begins

ITANAGNAR, Nov 29: A week-long training programme on “Electronic record management’ began at Administrative Training Institute, Naharlagun today. As many as 29 officials of A P Civil Secretariat /heads of department from Itanagar and Naharlagun are attending training programme.

Ministerial staffs are an important part of the Govt machinery and efficient functioning of the Govt departments mostly depends on the contribution of the ministerial staff, said Pema Tshetan, director, training in his inaugural address. He said, this kind of training on electronic record management is not only relevant in the present day administration but also helpful in promoting the general awareness on the importance of record management.

Expressing concern over the poor state of record management in the Govt offices and lack of proper attention towards record maintenance, the director hoped that this training cum workshop on record management will provide proper sensitization and understanding about the principles of good record management and procedures of clearing, maintenance, storage and preservation of records including the need to undertake periodical review and weeding exercise.  

The director also advocated the need for the heads of departments/ district administrations to undertake a special drive each year towards review and weeding out of unwanted record and streamlining the useful records. He said the need of the hour is to proper record management in view of RTI obligation and improved e-records management systems.

Deputy Director and course coordinator T Lodo highlighted the content of the training programme.  Guest resource persons Rakesh Srivastava, AD, SIRD, Sameer Rajan, Sr Scientific officer, NIC, C B Das, administrative officer, directorate of fishery were present in the inaugural function.


Consumer awareness campaign held

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: Radhpu Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd has organized a consumer awareness programme at government secondary school, Deed on November 27 last.

The Resource Person of the programme Assistant Controller cum District Consumer Protection Officer Legal Metrology and Consumer Affairs H Tabin briefed about consumers rights and duties as per the consumer protection Act 1986, standards of weights and measures Act 1985.

He further highlighted about how the consumer can lodge complaint against the trader.

Chairman of the society Debia Teji highlighted about the aim and objectives of the programme and advised the participants to take advantage of the programme.

Head Master of the school Toko Tubi appreciated the society for organizing the awareness camp in the institution.

On the occasion, essay competition was also conducted and along with students, the PRI leaders and teachers also attended the programme.


Training on EDP conducted

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: Hill Mount Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd (HMMCS) has organized a 3 days training on entrepreneurship development programme at District Industrial Training Centre, Ziro on Nov 28.

The EDP training programmes was conducted under the aegis  of KVIC and Union Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Chief Guest  of  the programme,  S Kaikhanthang, chief manager, Ziro SBI branch called upon the  educated  youths to avail the self-employment generation schemes under PMEGP in stead of searching Govt job.

KVIC director of the state A P Chobin appreciated the HMMCS for conducting such important programme. He calls for coordinated efforts between PMEGP beneficiaries, panchayat leaders, NGOs and SHGs for proper implementation of the  employment generation schemes.

Resource persons Bullo Apa, deputy director of Industries, Lower Subansiri district and Hage Tatung, ADTH, Kurung Kumey and HMMCS chairman Nilly Serbi Likha also spoke on the occasion.


Consumer Awareness Campaign

ITANAGAR Nov 29: The Radhpu Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd, Lower Subansiri district, Deed organized a Consumer Awareness Campaign at Govt. Secondary School, Deed on Nov 27  last.

The main objective of the campaign was to educate students & teaching fraternity in particular, and local people of the area about their rights & grievances as consumer envisaged under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

Participating in the campaign as resource person, the Lower Subansiri District Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs highlighted the salient features of Consumer Protection Act and urged upon the students to derive maximum benefits from the awareness campaign and utilize them for promoting & protecting their rights in the delivery of goods & services in day to day life.

The Headmaster of the School in the capacity of Guest of Honour, appreciated the initiative of the Society in generating awareness among the school children and people of the locality and requested to organize more such campaign in days to come.

An essay competition was also organized on the occasion and the winners were rewarded with attractive prizes.

Debia Teji, Chairman of the Organizing Society also spoke.






AOL workshop

ITANAGAR, NOV 29: The Art of Living has announced a new batch of its Change Your Life workshop in Itanagar from November 30, 2010. The course will be held at the Art of Living Centre in H Sector from 5.30 pm.   


BJYM demands up-gradation of Baririjo circle

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha (BJYM), Arunachal Pradesh Vice-President Tomi Haider Kara appealed the state Govt to take step for up-gradation of Baririjo circle headquarter to additional deputy commissioner’s headquarter for all round development in Upper Subansiri district. Baririjo circle is oldest circle of Upper Subansiri district which was established on 1982.

BJYM leader also appealed to the General Manager, BSNL to provide mobile service to Baririjo circle for which the tower had already been constructed. He also requested the Govt staff of the circle to stay in their posting places.

Meanwhile, Upper Subansiri district BJYM unit has decided to conduct Arunachal Bachao rally at Daporijo on Dec 3.


Orientation prog

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The N.N. Charitable Society (NNCS), Sagalee had conducted an orientation training programme on vermicompost unit, organic farming and on diary farm at Kheel under Toru circle in Papum Pare district on Nov 26. The programme was sponsored by NABARD, Regional Office Itanagar. Altogether 142 members from 21 farmers clubs took part in the programme.

The resource person B.C Das, SBI Branch Manager-Doimukh, while appreciating the organizer of the programme, informed that members of farmers club are well aware of the KCC loan.  He further disclosed that 100 per cent of KCC loan has already been refunded to the bank.  Das appreciated the NNCS for its crucial role to well being of the farmers of Sagalee and Toru circles.

Agriculture development Officer also spoke on the occasion. Among others, Horticulture Development Officer, Veterinary Development Officer of  Sagalee also attended the programme as resource persons.

NNCS chairman Nangbia Amar Dui, highlighted the activities of the Society for the last three years.


Society to mark the WD day

ITANAGAR, Nov 29:  All Arunachal Pradesh Handicapped Welfare Society Upper Subansiri District Unit is celebrating world disabled day on 3rd December at Singik Hall, Daporijo. Superintendent of Police Apur Bitun and District Medical Officer (DMO) Dubom Bagra will grace the day as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.


ZPM conducts  village tour

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: Palin-I ZPM Techi Azad along with ASM Tassar Rakap and  Palin CO Pisa Tarak conducted tour to the remote  Rayuk village under Palin circle on Nov 28.

During meeting held with Rayuk GPM and villagers, the ZPM assured establishment of one primary school within two years. He also promised to look into the grievances placed before him by Solung community of the village on priority basis.



ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The officers and staff of the Directorate of Research mourned the death of former Assistant PK Singh, who breathed his last in Guwahati on November 27. They observed two minutes silence in a condolence meeting today as a mark of respect to the departed soul.

Singh was 62. He left behind his wife and a son.

Singh joined the Directorate in 1967 at Shillong during NEFA administration. He was promoted to the post of UDC in 1989 and Assistant in 1998.

Singh served the state Government with utmost sincerity and dedication for more than 39 years and retired from service in March 2006.

They conveyed their heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and prayed for peace of the departed soul in heaven.

All Nyishi Youth Association Upper Subansiri Unit (ANSU-USU) expressed shock over sudden demise of Conductor, STS, Tali Dakpe, who died on November 25 last. He was presently serving at Pasighat STS station.

Tali left behind his wife and five daughters.

ANSU-USU observed two minutes silence and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul. It also conveyed deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.


Awareness camps

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The District Health Society of East Kameng led by RCH officer Dr. K Lapung organized awareness camps on Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) at Bana and Seppa covering Kadeya, Yangsey, Sopung and Mebua from November 20 to 25 last.

Special emphasis was given on hospital delivery and breast feeding during the campaign apart from organizing community meeting, counseling on ANC, drama/plays highlighting the advantage of small family and exhibition on family planning methods. Health check up, including malaria and Hepatitis B kit tests were done free of costs while children were immunized against six killer diseases and Tetanus Toxoid (TT) given to pregnant women.


Condolence massage

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The Sajolang(Miji)  Elite Society has condoled the death of Late Tsering Drema who died today after a sudden illness.

Drema, a govt employee posted at EAC office Nafra left behind her husband, Nana Rijiju, and two children.


AAPYF appeals

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: All Arunachal Pradesh Youth Forum (AAPYF) has appealed both the Arunachal and Assam Govts to intervene immediately for proper investigation into the death of MCA student, late Likha Yapi, suspected to be murdered at Guwahati recently.

Demanding arrest of the culprits involved in the gruesome act and exemplary punishment to them, the Forum also appealed both Govts to ensure that such criminal activities do not recur in future.

The incident should be a wake up call for Arunachalee students who are studying outside the state, the Forum said and appealed the guardians/parents to guide  their children properly so that they pursue their education in safe and secured institutions outside the state. The Forum said failure of the Govts to take proper measures to punish the culprits will compel it to take path of agitation for justice.

Meanwhile, AAPYF has extended its support to the bandh call given by Arunachal Law Students Union in favour of its demands for immediate arrest of miscreants involved in the car burning incident and cancellation of illegal appointments in tax and excise department.

Expressing concern over the growing number of unemployed youths of the state, Forum also appealed the state Govt to provide contract works to the educated youths of the state.

Due to lack of adequate job opportunities in Govt sectors, many unemployed youths are running from pillar to posts for contract works. But there are no taker of such unemployed youths as they  do not enjoy strong financial and political background, the Forum said. It appealed the state Govt, particularly Govt departments to take sympathetic action for the welfare of unemployed youths.


Gaden Ngamchoe

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: Itanagar Buddhist Cultural Society (IBCS) in collaboration with Gaden Namgyal Lhatsel Welfare Charitable Society of Tawang Monastery will celebrate Gaden Ngamchoe 2010 at Thupten Ga-Tsaling Gonpa, Siddharth Vihar, Itanagar with a two-day programme on November 30 and Dec. One.  The celebration will begin with lighting of lamp at Gonpa by the chief guest at 9 am. The main highlights of the first day programmes are speech by Guru Tulku Rinpoche, release of DVD cassette on the 5th visit of Dalai Lama to Tawang in 2009, Monastic dance by lamas of Tawang Monastery, discourse on ‘ Four Noble Truths’ by Guru Tulku Rinpoche and Geshe Tashi of Tawang Monastery and question and answer session. Post lunch programmes include Monastic dance and Zinseng-Yamentaka fire puja by Guru Tulku Rinpoche along with other monks.

The main programmes include, Universal prayer by different religious leaders for world peace, Tsok (fest) offering by monks, Tsewang/blessing (Abhisikh) for long life by Guru Tilku Rinpoche and distribution of Tsok and lighting of candle at Gonpa premise on the occasion of Gaden Ngamchoe, according to an IBCS release.


Annya Nam

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: ‘Annya Nam’, a Nyishi feature film was released by MLA Techi Kaso and Nabam Tadap, a social worker, on November 27 last as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.

Speaking on the occasion, both the chief guest and guest of honour advised the Arunachal Artiste Forum to work for the welfare and all-around development of artiste community in the state.


Union appeals to DA

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: All Libo Bokar Ramo Students’ Union (ALBRSU) appealed to the West Siang deputy commissioner to take up the issue of compensation to the people affected by various hydel project undertaken by power developers like Reliance and Jaypee Group.

According to the students union, Reliance and Jaypee Groups are executing some hydro-power projects like Tato, Siyum and Rego without giving any compensation packages to the affected people and land owners. It further demanded both the power developers to provide employment and contract works to the local people.

It also regretted over seeing ‘Mechukha’ as ‘Menchukha’ in some print and electronic medias and appealed to spell it properly.


Training prog for SHGs

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: A one-day training programme for self-help groups (SHGs) on book keeping and accountancy was organised by Rural Development Society in collaboration with Coop. Training Centre, Naharlagun at Naharlagun yesterday. As many as 41 members from various SHGs and farmers’ club from Itanagar and Naharlagun areas attended the training.

SC Nath, principal and D Sen, lecturer, of AP Coop. Training Centre were the resource persons.


SC notice

ITANAGAR: The Supreme Court while accepting the appeal filed by Nikh Kamin, TMC candidate in last assembly election, has issued notice on Nov 15 last.

Kamin in a press statement said that he had approached the Supreme Court against the dismissal of his election petition against Likha Saaya  by Gauhati  High Court. The Supreme Court of India issued notice to Likha Saaya, the statement said.


ALSU call bandh

ITANAGAR:  Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU) has called for 12 hour capital bandh on 7th December for non-fulfillment of their chartered of demand submitted to Home Minister Tako Dabi.

Union has further sought cooperation of civil societies in this regard. ALSU has been in agitating mood ever since car of their general secretary Kipa Kanam was burnt down by unknown miscreants few days ago.


MLA appeals for cooperation

ITANAGAR:  City MLA Techi Kaso has sought cooperation of citizens for successful completion of renovation of capital road. In a press statement, Kaso requested people to be patient and bear inconvenience caused because of current renovation work along NH52 (A). “Poor roads have been concern for the denizens of twin town of Itanagar and Naharlagun. As now renovation work is going on, I would like to appeal people to be more prudent and patient and let the work go on smoothly,” Kaso asserted.

Anini remains unreachable

ANINI, Nov 29: For most, Anini remains a literal jail.        

Close to nine months, after it was hit by devastating rain, Anini, the majestic headquarters of the Dibang Valley district remains cut off. The road leading to the district abruptly stops as it reaches Dri River. Even after nine months the famous bridge over River Dri is not yet ready.

The work is still on and progressing at snail’s pace. The BRO says because of tough terrain and weather condition, the work is being hampered.

But it has not stopped people from wondering if it takes a year to launch a bridge, probably to facilitate good road connectivity it will take another decade.      

The matter is made worse by bad BNSL and helicopter connectivity. After a month long absence, the BSNL local phone connection was restored today while long distance calls remains out of reach.

The helicopter services which is scheduled twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, like elsewhere is unpredictable. More than the weather condition, it’s the VIP requisition that’s adding to the woes of the people.

A college boy, whose parents are serving in Anini wrote a letter to this daily, enquiring if we could help him find out how his parents are. He has not heard from them in almost a month.  

On the other hand, the district continues to reel under power scarcity whereas; the power need of this remote area is very meager.  They say, the quantum of power being supplied cannot even support a CLF bulb.

Escalating prices of essential items remains another issue that citizens are battling with. But it’s another matter that essential items hardly reach the district.


CM calls for quality work

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu along with Home Minister Tako Dabi inspected the ongoing project works of Assembly Building and Secretariat today.

During the visit, the chief minister directed the construction agency to enhance manpower in order to expedite and complete the project well in time. He emphasized for maintaining quality building material during the construction.

Home Minister Tako Dabi directed the agency to manage generators and adequate manpower for working in the night hours also. While making it very clear that the government would in no way tolerate the delay in completion of the project, Dabi emphatically called for utilizing men and machines for early and timely completion of the project.(PRO to CM)


Tawang Monastery need immediate intervention

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The area below the Tawang Monastry is being washed away at a very rapid rate, and with each passing day, informed Environment Protection Society, Tawang today. The flow of mudslide is continuous and shows no sign of coming to a halt, it said after it carried out second round of survey on the massive land slide behind the Tawang monastery.  The first survey was carried out on starting Sept 31.

The Society, engaged in conservation efforts in the town said that  the result of the current survey is very disturbing as the volume of the slide has increased to almost double the amount that was observed during the 1st survey.

It appealed for immediate steps to stop it from further inundation.


4 arrested, head GB stripped off red coat and authority

KOLORIANG, Nov 29: Four persons have been arrested in connection with assault on the Police team at Meer Village on Nov 23. The arrests include the Head GB of the village.

The incident took place at around 9 p.m. on Nov 23 when Police went to the village to attend a complaint of confinement and torture of a woman. However, when the police reached the village, all of sudden, about 25-30 nos. of people attacked the Police team and damaged the vehicle completely. The 4 tyres and glasses of the Police vehicle were damaged by the mob in the attack. A criminal case under Sangram Police Station U/S 353/384/147/437 IPC R/W SEC.27 Arms Act/3 PDPP Act has been registered.  

The Head GB of the village Dado Tago, who was also involved, has been stripped off his GB red coat and power by the District Authority, Kurung Kumey.


APB&OCWWB’S awareness campaign in P/Pare District concludes at Doimukh

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The Papum Pare district workers awareness campaign being conducted by Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board concluded at Doimukh today.

Speaking on the occasion as Chief Guest Parliamentary Secretary, Industry cum Local MLA Nabam Rebia called upon the workers to devote in their duty.

Appreciating the dedication and hard work of Jalley Sonam for welfare of the workers in the state for the last twenty years, Rebia advised the workers to extend cooperation to the  workers’ board chairman Sonom. He also advised Sonam to continue his services towards the well being of the workers.

Responding to a memorandum submitted by All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union (AAPWU), Papum Pare District Unit, Rebia assured to assist the union for construction of district union office and suggested the union leaders to identity a land for the purpose.

He also said that he wants to make Doimukh a beautiful and clean town, but encroachment of Govt land within the township turns a major hurdle for infrastructure development in the area. He appealed the people to stop land encroachment within Doimukh township and appealed them to cooperate with the district administration so that the infrastructure development could be taken place in the area for better tomorrow.

APB&OCWWB Chairman Jalley Sonam highlighted the aim and objectives of the programme and emphasized every worker to take full advantage of the schemes under workers board.

He urged all the officers, public leaders and workers to maintain cordial relation. Sonom particularly appealed the officers and leaders to bring awareness among the workers about the  welfare measures being taken by the workers board.  He informed that rate/amount of the some of the present benefits such as Housing loan, maternity, marriage, pension benefits etc would be enhanced in the next board meeting.

He strongly advised the workers to cooperate with the state government by contributing maximum out put towards the developmental activities and appreciated Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu led government for bringing all round development in the state particularly in labour welfare measures.

Responding to a memorandum submitted by AAPWU District unit, regarding construction of labor shed and two Ambulances, Sonam assured all possible help to the workers for construction of labour shed and suggested the district unit worker’s leader to take up the matter with the concerned department and also assured to initiate necessary steps with the higher authority to fulfill the demands for Ambulance in the next financial year.

Deputy Labour commissioner Dr. S P Bhardwaj highlighted workers welfare measures of the board and 1% cess deposit. He urged the HoDs to deposit 1% cess towards the board and also appealed them to help the workers in their registrations process.

Circle Officer Pama Bagang, RO Neri Dodum and AAPWU Papum Pare Unit President Paul Tad and General Secretary Nabam Takam also appealed the workers to register in the board to avail the benefits provided by the APB&OCWWB.

Later, the Board officials distributed exercise book to the workers.


DAPF calls for MoEF intervention

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The Dam Affected People’s Forum (DAPF) has sought the intervention of Union Minister of Environment and Forests in addressing the various problems arising out of construction of the mega Lower Siang Hydel Project in East Siang district.

Apprehending fear that the people at downstream would be completely submerged in case of any dam breakage, which is likely, since the area was not geographically feasible for construction of such mega dams, the forum in its memorandum to Union Minister for Forest and Environment Jairam Ramesh said that it would continue to oppose it until and unless proper scientific protective measures are taken for the people residing at downstream of the project.

"In the event of any dam breakage, the entire area of the downstream would be devastated and the fertile soil would be turned into barren sandy land," the memorandum said, adding that the MoA signed between the State Government and executing agency M/s Jayprakash Associate Ltd. was silent about the matter.

"The UN resolution of 1992 on mega dam should be honoured while implementing such project which stated that before implementing any project the consent of all members of communities likely to be affected by the project to be taken up needs to be acquired in accordance with their customary laws and practices. The consent can be gained only after the full disclosure of the intent and scope of the planned project is communicated in a language understood by the people," the memorandum, a copy of which was also submitted to the state chief minister, said. Describing the past experience of devastation caused to the people of the region by hydro behaviour of the mighty Siang on many occasions since the great earthquake of 1950, the memorandum said that development should not be at the cost of its own people, and suggested for construction of hydel project on tributaries of Siang; and "The number of such projects should be minimized to a certain bearable extent," it said.

It also demanded incorporation of safety measures in the already signed MoA, particularly for the people of downstream and free and fair hearing on environment clearance in accordance with statutory legal provisions and agenda 21 of UN Conference on environment and development adopted in 1992. "The environment and forest clearance should be supported by lawful procedures and popular public consent otherwise clearance should not be given, the memorandum added.


Multimedia campaign against HIV/AIDS at Tawang

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: A Multi Media campaign, a unique awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS was organized by the Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society and Tawang District AIDS Control Society at Tawang today. The programme was organized with the support of National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) to mobilize the youth between the age group of 15-29 years against the dreaded HIV/AIDS disease.  

The chief guest of the programme, Gamli Padu, Deputy Commissioner emphasized the need for HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in rural areas by the District AIDS Control Society.

He also stressed on involvement of PRI leaders, GBs and the concerned administrative officers in HIV/AIDS awareness campaign with cultural shows and games and sports events.  

Tawang is gradually becoming major tourist destination with the visit of domestic as well as foreign tourists round the year  and the visitors are normally coming from AIDS high risk areas  or countries, the DC pointed out. He stressed on special care with regard to the tourists visiting Tawang and also called for sensitization of all the stakeholders like tour operators, hoteliers, taxi operators against the disease. This is the last leg in the series of multimedia campaign on HIV/AIDS launched at the district level by the APSACS.

Altogether three musical bands, namely, Symetry Clan, Rhythm Band and H2O Band participated in the Red Ribbon Superstar competition held at the lawn of Circuit House, Tawang.  

 Symetry Clan Band won the Best Band award and walked away with cash prize of   30,000.00.  Rhythm Band stood second and got prize money of   20,000 and H2O Band secured third place  and received 15,000 cash award. Dy Director, IEC, APSACS T. Tali and DMO incharge Dr N Namchoom took the initiatives in organizing the  musical competition on AIDS theme which is the main focus of the  campaign.

Tawang SP S N Mosobi and DCC president Pema Khandu attended the programme as  guest of honour and special guest.

Besides Govt officials, around 500 students within the Tawang township were present in  programme. DIPRO


VEEP awareness in Anini, photo electoral roll almost complete

ANINI, Nov 29: As part of awareness campaign on Photo Electoral Roll, series of campaign was held on Voters Education and Electoral Participation (VEEP). The first campaign was held at Govt. Hr. Sec. School Anini to educate the students and the teaching faculty.

Huge number of officers, staffs, Panchayat Leaders, public leaders and student and entire teaching faculty actively took part in the campaign meeting.

Bamin Nime, EAC cum Electoral Registration Officer, 41- Anini (ST) Constituency as a resource person,  narrated the various electoral reforms which took place since independence for the betterment of electors.

The next campaign was held for Officers, staffs, Panchayat leaders and Public Leaders on Nov 27 at Community Hall, Anini.  

DC cum DEO Abu Tayeng, briefed the house about the importance of Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Roll campaign on Voters Education and Electoral Participation. The packed house was informed that Anini has achieved near 100 % Photo Electoral Roll in the District except on college going elector whose photograph is being awaited to generate EPIC.

The importance and role of Booth Level Officer (BLO) being the custodian of Photo Electoral Roll and Booth Level Agent (BLA) was also explained. All Political parties were asked to come forward and appoint BLOs at the earliest. Various provisions and methods to enroll new name, deletion, correction, transposition was also informed in the training.

The declaration of Voters Day on 25 Jan 2011 was also informed to the house.  

More information campaign at Circle levels, an essay competition for both senior and Junior Student, displays of working of EVMs, display of banner about slogan, “Proud to be Voter, Lets vote” will be held  to mark the Voters Day Celebration in a befitting manner. (DIPRO)


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