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November - 04



We don’t need guns in this peaceful state

Dear Editor,

The ecological system is disrupted because of mass hunting and killing of wild animals in our state. This practices should be banned immediately. The wild life have right to live in this world as god has given equal rights to all of living creatures in the world. They do not commit crime and injustice to human being. Even if we don’t provide them anything or make their lives easier, at least we should not inflict pain on them or their habitat.  

We have seen that many elite citizens of the state hunt wild animals as part of their holiday or enjoyment, which is highly condemnable. On the other hand, the forest and wildlife department has failed to exercise their power and implement the relevant laws. The state govt must pay attention on failure of the department and the Wildlife Protection Acts should be put in place in the state.

The department has so far done nothing to nail the culprits.

It has seen been that numbers of wild birds, cats and deer are being sold within the capital local markets. Its a sad scene and angers animal lovers.  

The issue of gun licenses is another instance that needs to be looked into. Politicians give gun licences during election and public misuse it against wild animals. In other side, rich people easily purchased expensive guns for such enjoyment against wild animals.

The gun licenses should be banned as it is used for hunting and otherwise useless in our peaceful state. I appeal all the come together for the cause of our wild lives.

I dedicate this letter to Mrs Lucie Luie, widow deer of Lt Tomsy and mother of  Jimmi & Simmi, who died after being hit by a speeding car and Tumme Amo, SP, Changlang who contributed the story. I would also thank Tamo Dada for his write ups on suffering of the wild life.


Lota Singhi,

Itanagar, (On email)



Get them to the Limca Book of records


Dear Editor,

I would like to highlight some important points against the conduct of interview for the post of resource teachers in Lower Dibang Valley District.

A total of 290 candidates applied for the post against 3 vacancies.

The interview started at 9 am and lasted up to midnight as all 290 candidates were interviewed in a single day. We should notify the Limca book of records, they might have created some sort of records.

The interviewers sat in a single room straight for more than 16 hrs. Could they have been in the right frame of mind and body to judge the personality, IQ of the 290 candidates in a  single day? Only superhuman could have done it.

Most of the candidates  were not interviewed for more than a few seconds not even a minute.

The question here is where the interviewer’s superhumans who could sit straight out for 16 hrs and judge a candidate in merely a minute. I don’t think so?

Many students came back from Shillong, Gauhati, Itanagar spending not less than Rs 3000 .Maybe the authorities out of their goodwill for cheating the candidates should spare some money out of their salary. In the advertisement it was written that preference would be given to candidates with more qualification. I think qualified candidates were ignored, because of political reasons.

What happened to the govt mantra ''people first''.

Candidates who feel cheated do not despair we can always knock on the door of the courts.            


A citizen,

(On email)



Work for a cause

Dear Editor,

It is good to know that many organizations, specially student organizations, are running education campaign or awareness at Arunachal. It is also really nice to know that organizer are distributing student commodities as well. I appreciate effort by these organizations but I wonder if they really are addressing the root cause. Are they really igniting the young minds or  it’s just a temporal fix? The world has moved on and so we have to. Most of us are not aware of these facts. It would be nice to spread these through deeds rather than words.

I appreciate public and public leaders who, someway or other,  put hands behind these campaigns. At the same time, may I request you to stand by what you are doing and stay firm until you see the end result of your effort? Hope to see better Arunachal and Arunachalee by 2020.


Nabam Serbang,

New Delhi



New followers

Dear Editor,

Just like new converts take up the religion with more fervour, so also the Arunachalis who have newly converted to Indian nationality look like devout followers of a Hindi lobby. They speak Hindi, name all institutes and places after Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Arunachal Pradesh has become the camp of Indian army. Tawang today looks more like a playground of Indian army and a dumping ground of Tibetans.


Takam Yayi,

(On email)



Let there be no confusion

Dear Editor,

This is in regards to the notification published by ANSU for Electoral Enrolment for the upcoming election.

I really appreciate the matter initiated by the ANSU in order to curb the proxy voters or to minimise the money involvement, but I have a confusion in my mind since the notification came out in your daily.

The confusions are; can all the Nyishi students who are in different colleges/Universities of India be able to come just only to enrol their names or can all the students of the five districts of Nyishi belt be able to come for enrolment of their names with a proof of two photo copies, ST or PRC along with Rs.50 within a time frame given by ANSU?

For the overall betterment and interest of the student communities, I kindly request not to charge any fees since it makes double expenditure for all the delegates/students as everyone has to pay registration fees during the conference, rather I request not to entertain this enrolment system.

Hence, I request the Executives of ANSU to check the proxy voters; collect the total number of students with their Roll numbers from every colleges with the prior recommendation of the concern principal of the respective colleges.

In this respect, I myself be the first one to collect the total number of students with their Roll numbers and dept, irrespective of any particular tribes of Rajiv Gandhi University which can make it more easier to check the proxy voters from university. So I request to all the District Students Organisations and Intellectual students of Nyishi community to place their views regarding this matter because once mistake is made, it cannot be revived easily.


Mohan Gyadi,

(On email)

President, RGUSU



What are we doing to save our languages?

Dear Editor,

The recent debate concerning the status of Koro Aka involving two international linguists, Gregory D. S. Anderson and K. David Harrison, leads us to an interesting dilemma of what is a “language” and what is a “dialect”.

The ongoing debate by an Arunachali researcher and Anderson/Harrison seems like a case of misunderstanding because of different definitions within disciplines. Linguists call any form of human communication a “language”. When there are slight differences between forms of human communication, they are called “different dialects of the same language” (e.g. British and American dialects of English). When communication is not possible between two forms of speech, they are called “different languages”. This is what Anderson and Harrison meant. They believed that they had “discovered” that Koro Aka is “a different language” from Hruso Aka.

In India, there are different definitions. For example, the Central Institute for Indian Languages gives a definition that “languages” have more than 10,000 speakers. If there are fewer speakers, it is a “mother tongue”, not a “language”. In Arunachal Pradesh, definitions of languages are not purely in linguistic terms. Sometimes, they are culturally, politically, geographically, or historically based.

The result is chaos. It is impossible to agree on what is a “language” and what is a “dialect”, because people bring different definitions to the discussion and so each cannot understand what the other is saying.

In such chaos, how is it possible to conduct linguistic research in Arunachal Pradesh?

The usual response is to hold a “workshop”. The “workshop” is usually, one, two, or three days. “Resource persons” are invited, and “linguists” interact with them and “collect data”. There are speeches about how important tribal languages are, and how important it is to preserve them for the future. Then everyone eats and drinks, says goodbye and goes home. I myself have been called to participate in many workshops, both as a “linguist” and as a “resource person”.

These workshops accomplish nothing at all, and they are an insult and an embarrassment to the state, to the nation and to the hundreds of thousands of speakers of Arunachali languages, whose languages are being sacrificed in favour of Hindi and English and are dying a little more every day.

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the last remaining storehouses of true linguistic diversity in the entire continent of Asia. We actually don’t know how many languages - by any definition - are spoken in Arunachal Pradesh, because a serious survey has not been done. Some Arunachali languages might be thousands of years old - older than Sanskrit - and may date to some of the earliest migrations of human beings across the Asian continent. Almost all Arunachali languages are going to die - forever - within the coming century, and almost nothing is being done about it.

What is a three-day workshop going to accomplish? What does a one-month field trip and a few press releases accomplish? It may help a few linguists feel good about themselves. But after the linguists and the resource persons congratulate each other and go home, Arunachali languages simply continue to die quietly in our villages, as Hindi and English blare from every television set, every radio and every schoolroom in our State.

For a linguist, successful language documentation is one step toward understanding the nature of human knowledge, and also helps to open up the worldview of another culture. How do linguists work on a language? A modest linguist begins with a list of words recorded, transcribed and phonetically analyzed, followed by a study of the structure of the words, the sentences, and finally longer texts. The result of the study does not give a linguist the right to vouch for a language, either in terms of its political recognition or linguistic rights. Rather, it is the speakers of this language who have the ultimate right to decide how they want to define their linguistic identity, which group they want to be aligned with, and what they want to do with their language.

Here is what we need: we need well-trained linguists. We need linguists from around India, from other nations, and most importantly, we need linguists who are native speakers of Arunachali languages. We need them to spend years - not hours, not days, but years - living in Arunachali villages, learning Arunachali languages in-depth, writing grammars and dictionaries, and working together with villagers to develop scripts and textbooks which accurately represent their language and which will be useful to them. We then need local teachers to be trained to use these materials, and for Arunachali languages to be taught in the classroom. We need this to happen across Arunachal Pradesh, in hundreds of villages. We need to support young Arunachali linguistics students, provide funding for them to study linguistics to the PhD level, and provide jobs for them when they return. Every tribe has a Welfare Society. What will contribute more to the Welfare of each tribe than to invest in the future of its own language?

Real linguistic research requires huge commitments of time, energy and resources from everyone involved. It is not easy. But it is the only thing we can do if we want the world to truly understand how valuable our Arunachali languages are, and how worthy they are of protection. We don’t have any written records. Until recently, we did not need them. Language is therefore the only way to understand the history of the indigenous peoples of Arunachal Pradesh. However, right now, we are not providing our communities with the expertise and resources that are required to document, understand and maintain our languages. And no three-day workshop, one-month field trip or debate in the newspapers is going to change that.


Yankee Modi

Jawaharlal Nehru University, (On email)



The puppets need a voice too

Dear Editor,

Transfer and posting is no doubt the routine matter of the Govt, and every employee is bound to be transferred in one or other time, however the most disturbing part is the authority / politicians use it as a tools to victimise the officer or compel the officer to do unwanted things in their favour.

The manner in which the senior officer Kemo Lollon DRC Shillong was transferred recently as stated by him is a matter of concern and disturbing.

It is not only the mockery of system but also demoralises the officer and thus hampers the quality of service and the ultimate looser is the public.

The COSAAP should come forward and raise the voice against such atrocities matted towards its members.

It is just a tip of iceberg. There are many incidents of such harassments to the officers by the government.

It can happen to any officer or any employee unless it is checked on  time.


Dr J. Ori, Imphal





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Citizens take law in hand; ransack DC’s office, residence, Police station and burn cars

Additional forces rushed to Ziro, 144 CrPC declared

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: Ziro, otherwise known for its breathtaking scenic beauty, education and path breaking agriculture practices, most of time is in news for good reasons. This time, however it’s in news for all the wrong reasons.

Citizens, angry at murder of a schoolboy took out their anger on the state infrastructure and machinery.    A mob of over 100 people ransacked the office and official residence of Deputy Commissioner, Police station and damaged  over half a dozen cars including the official Car of the DC today.

The problem started when DC Sadhana Deori refused to hand over the four accused arrested  in connection with the murder of the class XI boy on Monday night  as demanded by  a delegation of  relatives of the deceased and local NGOs. It worsened when she tried to stop the digging activities for burial of the deceased in front of her office.

Initially the mob  pelted stones on the windows of the offices and cars but later it  burnt the official car of the DC and entered into the offices of the Deputy Commissioner, ADC, DRRO, DFCSO, EACs, COs, Branch, National Informatics Centre, DPO, DTO (Transport) DTO (Tourism), FAO, Establishment  branch, Accounts branch, Jan Suvida branch and destroyed whatever they show including files, computers and furniture.              

A mile away, the  Police Station was also simultaneously attacked and badly damaged. The mob further proceeded to the official residence of the Deputy Commissioner and destroyed windowpanes, cars and the compound wall while her minor children were inside the bungalow.

Parliamentary Secretary for Labour and Land Management Padi Richo and MLA Likha Saaya air dashed.

They expressed shock over sudden outburst of the peace loving people of the area. Both the leaders also said that whoever is involved in destroying public property should be punished and assured of government’s support on it. The DC Sadhana Deori  has appealed the people  to maintain peace and not to resort to violence.

Meanwhile, one platoon of IRBn has been taken to Ziro by helicopter from Itanagar and a company of ITBP Kimim has been mobilized. An additional SP has been rushed to district for assistance. The administration has declared 144 CrPC to tackle the situation.


Siram reiterates his commitment to revamp education sector in state

CHANGLANG, Nov 3:  The Education department is going to construct teachers’ barracks in the schools located in the far flung area of Arunachal Pradesh and  state Govt has already sanctioned fund  for this purpose, said Education Minister Bosiram Siram  while addressing the gathering at Government Higher Secondary, Changlang today.

While lauding the teachers who are doing their duties sincerely and dedicatedly despite of posting in the inaccessible schools, he informed that the government has given priority to education sector and increased the allocation of fund from 9.40% to 10.15%. On implementation of right to education and other centrally sponsored programmes, the minister informed that the fund has already been given under SPA to meet the problems being faced by the education department.  He further revealed that the Directorate at state level has been bifurcated into Director of elementary and Director of Secondary and Hr Secondary education in order to improve the system of education and enhance promotional scope of the teachers.

 The minister said he had made a comparative study of the education system in Arunachal Pradesh and that of other states in order to frame and introduce the best education policies and Act in Arunachal Pradesh.  He said the recent education Act enacted in Arunachal was a dream come true for him.  

The minister also informed the SSA programme will be merged with Right to Education and no admission fees will be required from Class-I to Cl-VIII under elementary education and also free text books will be issued to the students.

While speaking on the proper technique of teaching, he appealed the teachers to impart student centric and inspiring teaching and make the students job oriented.

Responding to the four point memorandum submitted earlier by the principal of Govt Higher Secondary School, Changlang the Minister assured to accord sanction of fund for construction of boundary wall and extension of the class rooms.

The minister also paid a visit to Town Middle school (Near Govt HSS Changlang), Town Pry School (DIET Complex), Town Middle School (PWD Complex) and ‘D’ Middle School, Changlang.

He was accompanied by the Parliamentary Secretary, IPR, Printing and Libraries Thinghaap Taiju, Deputy Commissioner, Changlang Opak Gao, Superintendent of Police, Changlang Tumme Amo, ZPM, Changlang(N) Marina Kenglang, ZPM, Changlang(S) John Jugli, all the heads of offices, Changlang and other public leaders of the district.

In the evening the minister had a meeting with Head of offices and ATA members at circuit house, Changlang. DIPRO


AAPSU calls for introspection, AYA appeals for calm

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: Apatani Youth Association appealed for peace following unrest in Ziro after a murder of a schoolboy. Hage Dolo,  Secretary  General said that communal colour should not be given to the incident.  

He furtjer demanded compensation for Rs ten lacs, job for the mother of the victim, declaration of  Ziro-Hapoli as dry area.  

Lower Subansiri, Zila Parishad Chairperson Likha Tongum has also appealed for peace and calm. He said that those involved in the killing of the schoolboy should be given exemplary punishment. He termed the ransacking of the government establishments as  unfortunate.

Expressing solidarity with family of Punyo Mobing, a school boy, who was beaten to death by four miscreants, All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has termed his death as a loss to the tribal people of Arunachal and students community in particular.

“It’s time the student community and parents of Arunachal make introspection within among themselves. This incident shows that somehow our younger children are not getting proper education about life. Just acquiring degrees does not make us educated,” said AAPSU President Takam Tatung. He further added, “We should not let such tragedy create any sort of communal divide in our society. We should express solidarity with each other and make sure that such incident does not occur again. End of the day, we have to remember that we all are tribal people and we should care for each other.”  AAPSU President also requested people to have faith in judicial system and not take law under their hand.

 “State government need to deploy enough security forces in Ziro valley, so that ordinary people feel secure. This beautiful place has always been known for accommodating every tribes of Arunachal. AAPSU hope that peace will prevail in Ziro area soon,” said Takam Tatung.

Quoting various reports of students attending schools in drunken state, Tatung also urged education department to crack down strongly on those erring students. “Not only such students create nuisance in school, they are also at risk of indulging in brawls. With New Year season arriving, accidents rates among students also increase due to drinking driving. We can’t afford to lose our young lives,” stated Tatung.


ABK to conduct coordination meet

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: To maintain peace and tranquility among people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, specially in border areas, Adi Baane Kebang has decided to convene a general co-ordination meeting with Takam Mishing Porin Kebang, Mishing Mimak Kebang, Takam Mishing Mime Kebang, Mishing Baane Kebang, Mishing Agom Kebang, All Assam Students’ Union, Dhemaji unit, Galo Students Union, Likabali/Ramle Banggo and Adi Students Union (AdiSU), ABK (Youth Front) etc and other NGOs at Oyan village community hall on November 10.

The meeting will strive to solve all disputes, incidents that occur on boundary issue from time to time, communal riots, inconveniences caused to the people of Arunachal Pradesh during Assam Bandh etc. amicably, to uphold the age-old relationship between the people of the two state.


Workers’ awareness workshop at Koloriang

Ojing Tayeng

KOLORIANG, Nov 3: Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board conducted its Workshop cum Awareness Camp on Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Acts and Rules here yesterday.

Speaking on the occasion, APB& OCWWB Chairman Jalley Sonam appreciated the Deputy Commissioner, Koloriang Bidol Tayeng for his cooperation for successful conduct of the awareness meeting.

He advised the District HoDs of all departments to cooperate with the APB &OCWWB by disseminating the workers welfare measures of the board to the workers and also advised them to deposit 1% cess to board which will be implemented in workers welfare measures.

Deputy Commissioner Bidol Tayeng also advised the HoDs to cooperate with the board by depositing 1% cess for workers welfare measure.

He further assured all possible help to the boards chairman in workers registration so that the workers of the district avail the benefits provided by the board. Labour Commissioner cum Secretary APB&OCWWB Ojing Darung briefing about the APB&OCWWB and objectives of the awareness camp and  requested the HoDs to extend their help to the workers in their registration procedure.

Deputy Labour Commissioner Dr. SP Bhardwaj highlighted about the 1% cess collection and clarified the queries put forward by HoDs regarding welfare measures being implemented by APB&OCWWB.

He further briefing on 1% cess collection informed that the cess deposits is mandatory as per the Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Cess Act. 1996. He informed that the Labour

Commissioner had already issued letters in 2008 clarifying to all concern departments about the procedure of transfer/payment of cess to the Board by crossed demand draft payable at Itanagar.

Later, visiting board officials conducted awareness meeting with workers of Koloriang, Nyapin and Sangram.

Addressing the workers, Sonam called upon the workers to remain united and advised the laborer to register their names in the board to avail the benefits provided by the board. Labour Officer Kipa Takia, AAPWU Kurung Kumey District Unit President Pani Raja and Secretary General Tai Tarbin and Koloriang, Nyapin and Sangram AAPWU block members also spoke on the occasion.  The official also distributed free exercise book to all the workers who attended the meeting.

Meanwhile, addressing the workers at Palin today, Jalley Sonam and Labour Commissioner Ojing Darung highlighted education, medical and other benefits provided by the board and strongly advised the workers to registered their name in the board to avail the benefits.

The board’s official distributed free exercise books to all the workers who attended the meeting at Koloriang and Palin.


Estimate Committee takes  stock of development activities  in East Siang

PASIGHAT, Nov 3: The Estimate Committee of the Legislative Assembly headed by its chairman Dr. Tangor Tapak, MLA conducted a tour to East Siang district.

The team visited the Boleng subdivision on the way to Upper Siang on 28th Oct. On return journey they visited Ruksin, Ledum, Bilat and Pasighat on Nov 31 and took stock of the latest developments of the various project/schemes being implemented by the government and other infrastructural developments in the areas.

Later on Nov 1, the committee held a consultative meeting with the HODs, convened by the Deputy Commissioner, Pasighat, Onit Panyang at the Siang Guest House.

The Committee chairman Dr. Tapak appealed the officers to maintain team spirit while serving the people of a under developed state like Arunachal Pradesh. Reacting to the DMO’s appeal, he assured to take necessary step to shift the CT Scan machine from Ruksin PHC to the general hospital Pasighat soon. He further said the machine is kept at Ruksin unused for a long time due to lack of technical experts and other required facilities and admitted that the patients of the district would be more beneficial if it is shifted to the GH Pasighat.

He advised the DD ICDS to look into activities of  Anganwadi centres and asked her to direct the respective CDPOs to visit quarterly and Gram Sevika weekly to ensure the proper implementation of schemes. Tapak said the committee would recommend for providing office building, accommodation for officers and staffs and departmental vehicle to the government for smooth functioning of departmental activities.

Dr. Tapak who is also the local MLA of Ruksin suggested the DAO to run the newly constructed Ruksin Cold Storage by the agriculture department with own manpower on trial basis.

While supporting the DC's view on Industrial Growth Center Ruksin, the MLA Tapak found very disappointed. He said 15.5 Cr has already been paid for early completion but the progress is very poor, local people/land donors are very unhappy and the committee would seriously take up the matter.   

The DDSE T. Talom highlighted about the various practical problems facing by the department at the district level like distribution, record management, safety and security of govt. computers meant for schools, shortage of instructor/facilitators and implementation of mid-day-meal in the district.

The EE RWD commented that many completed buildings in remote areas are found kept unused in the state due to non-connectivity of water and electricity. He suggested that govt. should also take care of external expenditures for water and electricity before every construction so that buildings are utilized timely and properly. DIPRO


AAPPTF calls for uniform guidelines for vehicle permits

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: The All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF) chairman Takar Goi has called upon the state Govt to formulate uniform guidelines for plying permit of vehicles all over the state.  The plying permit issued by state government has been treated as invalid in Assam whereas the vehicles from most of the districts of the state are plying  from one district to another touching  Assam road, Goi said. He was addressing the gathering at the convention of the Tawang district unit of the Federation as the chief guest at Tawang on Nov 2.

He appealed to the State Government to immediately review the corridor agreement made between the State govt. and the Assam counterpart.

Informing that more than 942 vehicles have been hired by Central and State Govt. establishments, corporations, private companies and NGOs without plying permits and most of the owners of these vehicles are from out side the state, Goi appealed to the State Govt to see that the vehicles of the local unemployed youths who purchased vehicles with loan be utilized in these sector to generate employment opportunities. There are more than 30,000 commercial vehicles plying in the state and the state Govt is earning more than 15 crore revenue annually from transport sector, he said.

AAPPTF Secretary general Dobing Sonam addressed the convention as guest of honour. He stressed on the need of creation of regular and sufficient number of posts for  DTO, MVI enforcement officers. Sonam said that there are only 9 DTOs and few MVIs and in some places COs and EACs are looking after transport related matters.

He however, advised all the drivers and owners of the vehicle to maintain proper documents.

Apart from AAPPTF leaders, its district unit and federal bodies attended the convention.

After marathon discussion on the problems being faced by the members of its district units and federal bodies, the AAPPTF unanimously adopted some important resolutions stating that all the vehicle used as commercial vehicle must have a plying permit and all the commercial vehicles plying in the district must be registered under the AAPPTF district Unit.

Other important decision include inauguration of AAPPTF district unit office in the last week of November.


AEKSU calls for cancellation of illegal appointments

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: All East Kameng Students Union (AEKSU) has called for immediate cancellation of illegal appointment made under Sarva Shikhsa Abhiyan (SSA) for East Kameng district.

In a memorandum to education minister Bosiram Siram, union alleged that 25 numbers of teachers were illegally appointed without any advertisement. Terming that such illegal appointment deprives talented youth of districts of their rights, union has urged the government to cancel the appointment at the earliest.

 AEKSU also requested education department not to entertain application from other districts for East Kameng quota. Citing examples of past experience, union informed that teachers who were selected under SSA for East Kameng district has since moved out of district to their native districts and thereby creating shortage of teachers. Union has expressed apathy over such acts.

AEKSU has also called for immediate construction of boundary wall at DDSE office Seppa so as to discourage encroachment of government land.


State Cong leaders calls on Sonia

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: All India Congress Committee members of Arunachal Pradesh led by APCC president Nabam Tuki today called on the AICC president Sonia Gandhi at her official residence at New Delhi and discussed various party related matters.

Earlier on Tuesday, a 15 member-delegation of Congress party from the state including Tuki and Dorjee Khandu attended  the  day-long AICC meet at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi.


ANSU lauds education minister for bringing changes in education sector

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: The All Nyishi Students Union has commended the Education Minister Bosiram Siram for his endeavour in bringing tangible changes in education sector of state.

“ Ever since he took the reign of education department the education minister  has brought many tangible changes in the ailing education department which included State Education Bill, bifurcation of Directorate of School Education into Directorate of Elementary Education and Directorate of Secondary Education,”  said ANSU president Niglar Veo  in a press communiqué today. ANSU is of the firm opinion that the bifurcation of directorate would bring sea-changes in the education system of the state.    

ANSU also hailed the Education Minister’s commitment to disburse the stipends at the earliest possible time and over all streamlining of the education sector.

“Students community wishes that other ministers could follow the spirit being shown by Siram for the over all development of the state rather than confining themselves to their respective constituency only”, Veo added.


Recruit local candidates, says KNYA

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: Kurung-Nyobia Youth Association (KNYA) appealed to the deputy commissioner and deputy director of education (DDSE) of Kurung Kumey district not to entertain any application from candidates from out side the district for the posts of ATs and JTs under SSA accepting non-APST for their 20% and 50% job reservation policy.

It said that candidates of another district after landing the job get transferred to their respective home districts after few months of appointment which create the problem of shortage of teacher. Every district has their own quota of reservation for teachers post under SSA, it said and appealed to the four MLAs of the district to take the needful to discourage such applicants to avoid future complicacy.

Meanwhile, KNYA demanded the DC to terminate all absentee teachers of Kurung Kumey and also to held up their monthly salaries.


Nirjuli CC crush Royal Kings -XI by 141 run

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: Nirjuli Cricket Club today opened their Under-19 Inter Club Ranking Cricket Trophy on an impressive note crushing Royal Kings-XI Club, Bank Tinali by a huge margin of 141 runs.

On being invited to bat first, Nirjuli CC scored an imposing total of 190 for 7 in the 20-over game with their middle-order batsmen showing some swashbuckling batting performance, including the brisk 29 off 13 by Akhilesh Sahani, who was later declared the man of the match, and then bundled out Royal Kings-XI just for 49 runs.

Mengio Cricket Club also open their tournament campaign on a winning note defeating United Toru Cricket Club, Sagalee in a low-scoring match played earlier in the day, by 21 runs.

Choosing to bat first after winning the toss, Mengio CC, riding on opener cum wicketkeeper Nabum Gunia’s 24 and middle-order bat Indiya Toko’s 20, scored 80 losing seven wickets. In the second essay, their bowlers rose to the occasion and bowled out United Toru for a paltry 59 runs.

Indiya Toko, who also scalped 3 opposition wickets conceding just 12 runs, was adjudged man of the match.


Army come out in support of girls’ education

WAKRO, Nov  3: Rural school children especially the Girl child were delighted and overwhelmed to hear Maj. General G. S. Katoch, VSM, General Officer Commanding the 2nd Mountain Division of the Army when he said – “In my present appointment as the GOC of DAH Division, even after I relinquish charge as the GOC here and in all my future appointments I will continue to support the cause of education in rural Arunachal”.

He further said Arunachali children of Wakro will always have a special place in my heart. The Lohit Brigade and the battalions of Army serving under the DAH Division will ever readily help the people in their march to peace and progress, he added. He was addressing an impressing function organised to mark the inauguration of the a Computer Aided Learning Centre in the KGBV, Wakro and adoption of child for education.

The GOC announced adoption of Monisha Halai of Kathan village under the Ritu Arunachal Sankalp (RAS). Maj. Gen. Katoch presented a cheque of Rs Forty One Thousand Four hundred to Mamoni Taipodia being the assistance from DAH Division and Lohit Brigade of the Army to support Girls’ Education.

Dipti and Kunal Verma of Gurgaon contributed to the ASSET effort with a sum of Rs Twenty Thousand. Kunal Verma in his message said – “I am an Arunachali, my father Maj Gen (retired) A.K Verma, AVSM had served with the Rajputs in Walong from1951 to 1961.” The Vermas assured their support to the cause of educating the children in remote parts of Arunachal.  Maj.Gen. Katoch also made his personal contribution of Rs Five Thousand to the ASSET movement. The GOC also spoke to his counterpart Maj.Gen. A.K. Bardalai of the 22 Infantry Division of the Army in Meerut and expressed satisfaction that the initiatives taken up by him, especially the adoption of girl child, during his command in Lohit Brigade is immensely benefiting the children and people in general. Maj.Gen. Bardalai also appreciated Anugrah for continuing to serve the people with dedication.

Brig. Vikal Sahni, SM, Commander Lohit Brigade, extended a cheque of Rs Twenty Seven Thousand to the Bursar Apna Vidya Bhavan for the RAS program. The Commander assured that Army will support the Apna Vidya Bhavan school and the people in all possible ways.

Convenor of the  Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) of the DAH Division Geeta Katoch dedicated the CAL Centre (Computer Aided Learning Centre) in the KGBV, Wakro. Geeta Katoch appreciated the quality machines provided by the State Project Director (SPD), SSA Itanagar. She urged parents and community leaders to promote and support the cause of imparting quality education in remote and difficult areas of Arunachal.

Ashok Tajo, the Deputy State Project Director, SSA, Itanagar informed that the CAL program by the SPD, SSA, Arunachal is providing Computer Machines worth Rupees  Two Lakh Forty Thousand to each school along with a generator set. Anugrah thanked Ashok Tajo, DSPD for his initiative of sending the CAL program to rural schools promptly. P.N.Thungon, SPD, SSA in his message to the KGBV, Wakro urged the school management to make good use of the facility for the benefit of the children. He further informed that CAL aims to assist the student’s classroom learning through use of Multimedia. Col. H.S. Chouhan, CO, 26 Maratha Light Infantry and elders of Wakro general public attended the function.

E/Siang selected for pilot project on 2nd dose of Measles vaccination

PASIGHAT, Nov 3: The East Siang Deputy Commissioner cum chairman of the District Health Society has informed that the district has been selected to run a pilot project on the Catch Up Campaign for Measles Vaccine and same activity shall be followed by other districts of the state next year.

The chairman stated that Measles (Linggun in Adi) is a very dangerous disease and every year lots of children suffer.  Even some die in case of outbreaks of the disease despite availability of effective vaccine against said disease, he said. He informed that the vaccine is usually given to all the children at 9 months to 1 year of age and could control the disease to a great extent.

The chairman Onit Panyang further informed now the union government has decided  to administer a 2nd dose of this vaccine to all the children from 9 months to 10 (ten) years of age to with a mission for complete elimination  of Measles. He further appealed to all the citizens to cooperate the concerned department in immunizing their children with Measles vaccine either at the respective schools from November 8-13 or at their respective Villages/Mohallas in community halls or Anganwadi Centres between November 15-27 next. DIRPO.


Pre Si-Donyi at Shillong

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: The students of Tagin community studying in various educational institutions of Shillong will celebrate the 3rd Pre-Si Donyi festival at Arunachal Bhawan, Shillong on November 20 next.

Meanwhile, Takir Kurdu, a youth leader and Taring Rai, President, All Tagin Student Union (ATSU) have consented to grace the occasion as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.






UAEA decries recruitment rules

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: Unemployed Arunachalee Engineer Association (UAEA) has resented over the present recruitment policy being adopted by the various departments of state government. The association said that the recruitment rules have been changed illogically.

UAEA further added that the state government has modified the recruitment rule by adopting 50:50 ratio in promotion of APST and non-APST officials from group B to group A.

Association has demanded immediate reconsideration of present notification and sought 100 percent reservation in matters of promotion of group A and group B posts for APST officials of both technical and non-technical.

UAEA has also asked state government to modify the present recruitment rules in the directorate of textiles and handicrafts.

UAEA president Yumlam Aam said the wrong policy is depriving rights of many textile, handloom and chemical engineering graduates from being recruited.



ITANAGAR, Nov 3: State Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) president has appointed Beli Gadi as State Secretary.

State Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) president has appointed Kipa Tarish as City NCP president.


Golden jubilee

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: The people of Kaying-Patum circle will celebrate golden jubilee of Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Kaying from November 25 to 30 in a befitting manner.

To commemorate the celebration, former students Tayek Pado, EAC and Tasan Tamir, ZPM Kaying have agreed to dedicate two nos of school gates.

Education Minister Bosiram Siram and MLA Tamyo Taga have consented to be the chief guest and guest of honour of the occasion and release the golden jubilee souvenir.


Society formed

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: All Tarum Tair Welfare Society (ATTWA) was formed recently with Yorum Tari as chairman, Yari Tugung as vice chairman and Yorum Nyollo as general secretary.


Foundation Day

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: All Bugun Youth Association will conduct various games and sports, including traditional, literary and cultural competitions during its annual foundation day celebration from November 27 to 29.


Bifurcation of directorate lauded

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: Arunachal Teachers Association (ATA) expressed happiness over Govt.’s decision to bifurcate the Directorate of School Education (DSE) for Elementary Education and other for Secondary Education which was a long pending demand of ATA.

ATA hoped that bifurcation of the directorate would help in implementing, monitoring and supervising the programme and policies of education department as well as improving the quality of education.


Committee formed

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: The residents of ESS Sector in a meeting here yesterday have formed a new body called ESS Sector Welfare Committee. The meeting unanimously selected a 17-member executive body with Habu Tabang and Dakme Taching as president and general secretary respectively, besides a 10-member advisory committee and a five-member action committee.

The basic objective of the welfare committee is to work for well being of colony dwellers and to promote a sense of community service among local denizens.


Chada achieves Intl rated player norm

ITANAGAR: Chess player Nabam Chada has achieved the International Rated Player norm in the recently held tournament at Haryana. Chada is presently working as junior engineer under PHE department, Yazali.

With this the number of International Rated chess players in the state has gone upto nine.


Governor greets people on Torgya

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh has extended his best wishes to all the people of Arunachal Pradesh on the auspicious occasion of the annual Drub-Chod-Chenmo festival of the Monpas, popularly known as ‘Torgya’.

In his festival message, Gen Singh expressed his hope that the festival will continue to showcase the rich religious traditions of the community and also propagate age-old customs and practices.  

May the festivity usher in peace, prosperity and communal harmony amongst all the communities of Arunachal Pradesh, Governor wished.


Diwali greetings

ITANAGAR:  APCC president Nabam Tuki has conveyed heatiest greetings to the people of Arunachal Pradesh on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali, a festival of joy and merriment.

In his message, Tuki expressed hope that the festival will brighten the life of every citizen of Arunachal Pradesh with blessing of Goddesses.


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