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November - 05



Zero tolerance

Dear Editor,

As Arunachal Times said Ziro is known for its breathtaking scenic beauty, education and path breaking agriculture practices, but it miss out something which is worth mentioning. It is also known for football and most important for the sale of local alcohol. It's said that alcohol (local) never stops flowing in Ziro. Its runs from dusk to dawn and is going on from time immemorial. I don't know the actual cause of the sad incident but am sure it has something to do with alcohol.

Coming to the point this incident is total failure of the authority. This public rampage could have been avoided if the administration was aware of the situation.

The authority should have zero tolerance towards crime and punished the culprits. They should come out with such a punishment which will become an eye opener for the criminals thereby no one dares even think of it.

This is not first time such incidents happens, its been going for years. Now leaders should come and settle the situation peacefully.

I would like to say that selling of alcohol should be banned and authority should apply zero tolerance policy towards criminal. That is the only way out. Have lots of feeling for the victim. May his soul rest in peace.


A concerned man



Formulate a policy

Dear Editor,

The unfortunate incidents of Ziro and Roing where the public ransacked the offices of DC and SP of the Districts reflects the total breakdown of law and order of these districts. It is very unfortunate that the DC and SP could not protect their own offices and residences.

Then how can we expect them to protect the life and properties of common person.  It also shows that the police are inept in handling such situations. Instead of doing their duties; they become mere spectators. It is seen that most of the police personnel are locals and are from the same district. Hence, they are reluctant to take action in such matters. Therefore, I would request the Govt. to formulate such a policy whereby about 70 percent of the police personnel of district should come from other districts. The Officer in charge of a police station should also be from other community.


Johny (on email)



What we seek is adequate compensation

Dear Editor,

I on be-half of land owners or affected villagers within Papu tri-junction to Yupia HQ entry gate would like to request the concern authorities that the compensation rate fixed by the Government for Trans-Arunachal Highway Road is not satisfactory and it is not proportioned to the value of land and other properties of these poor villagers. It is the single voice of these village people that the rate should be enhanced by which we can look for alternate sources to sustain our lives at minimum level. It is for the society, for the state and for the nation, we sacrificed our lone land on which our lives and emotions are attached since time immemorial.

Once again, I request concern authorities make it public the compensation rate.


Taba John

Tarajuli, Yupia(on email)



Lets come together for a cause

Dear Editor,

We cannot just keep on relying on the Chief Minister or the MLA’s of the state. It’s we who can make a difference in the society by being responsible and remaining alert and true.

Every other day, new scandal are creeping out, be it the PDS scam, Dam issue, Namsai Crises. What have we become of? Is this what we have dreamt of?

Everyone in today’s world is so busy mending their personal lives where there is no room for love and pray. Most of us are in pursuit of mundane pleasure and selfish aims.

In quest for power and money, we are degrading our moral values and our culture is being eroded and we are blissfully unaware of it.

Arunachal once known as the land of beauty and serene is now besieged with so many ugly facets. Lets help our Mother land survive.

The utmost need of the hour is a mass upsurge, not a series of closed-door meetings by well-to-do-intellectuals.

Somebody’s has to lead us righteously.  It can be me or it can be you! Are you prepared for it?

Today, the obstacles are numerous, enemy crafty and calculating – but with grit, determination and dedication to the cause we can make it happen by welded hands and rejuvenating the modern minds.

Arunachal is also a neck deep in political, social and economic problems and the truth is dedication and sincerity have been replaced by corruption and nepotism and we are responsible for it.

The majority of us wants to enjoy the today and care very little for tomorrow. It is at this crucial juncture that we should come together and carve a niche in the history of Arunachal by noble words and deeds.


Ngurang Meena

Rajiv Gandhi University (on email)



Men and machine

Dear Editor,

I would like to express deep unhappiness in regard to the random vandalisation of the ATM centres especially the SBI outlets.

Presently 3 of the 4 ATMs near the SBI Bank Tinali, 1 of the 2 near SBI Naharlagun, 1 at G-extension Naharlagun is vandalised. When the ATMs were installed, we had high hopes and expected it to relieve us to a great extent from the long queue in bank saving a lot of time and energy. But gradually as the number of ATM users grew thus grew the need to maintain them too. People relied on them and at the nick of time and in highly urgent moments these ATMs are often seen out of cash or some technical defects. Situation are being aggravated when the concerned authorities ignore to maintain them. Thus out of frustration and dissatisfaction people tend to act adversely. However, being a responsible citizen I feel that at the larger interest of the common mass its never beneficial to vandalise these machines as because at odd hour and during holidays these are the only help. An ATM once vandalised will take another long time to get re-installed. Why not we take a better option for its good maintenance by apprising and pressurising the competent authorities.

Having said that, I would also like to appeal to the concerned authorities especially the SBI to have consumer friendly approach by maintaining their ATM outlets 24/7. I assure you of good response from us too.



Naharlagun (on email)



Bring education to Mechukha

Dear Editor,

I would like to highlight deteriorating condition of education in Monigong and Pidi circles under Mechukha Sub-Division and inefficiency and inactiveness of the state govt, concerned MLA and PRI leaders in bringing revolution in the field of education for the most backward and remotest circles in the state.

Education is the backbone society. The constitution of India states that education is a fundamental right and there shall be free and compulsory education to all the children from six to fourteen. Moreover, the parliament of India has enacted Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education. According to the Act, the main objective will be to provide education to all the children in the age group of 6-14 years. However, it may not be realized by the people of both Monigong and Pidi circles. There is a secondary school and a number of inter-village schools besides dozens of primary and community schools in these two circles.

However, there is no sufficient numbers of teachers, teacher quarter and classrooms in these schools. A numbers of inter-village and primary schools are on the verge of being defunct as they are either run by one or no teachers. In such situation how a child can realize the basic fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution of India? It is obvious that there is an infringement and violation of the fundamental right and the Act.

The concerned MLA and PRI leaders of the area are doing nothing for the uplift and welfare of the education system of the area. They have befooled the illiterate and poor public and betrayed their hope and aspirations. It is high time, our leaders wake up and address the grievances of the public.

I appeal to the state govt and concerned authorities for the immediate posting of teachers and allocation and proper implementation of fund for the infrastructure development of these schools. I call upon the MLA or ZPM or ASMs or GPMs to implement and safeguard the rights of these children.


Tashi Pujen (on email)

Arunachal Law Academy,



Media need to be more responsible

Dear Editor,

Thank god it is not the non-APSTs this time around. In the recent months there has been unprecedented violence in our so called peace loving state. Almost the entire media in the state has been indulging in non-APST bashing.

I don't know if the same yardstick of criminality will be applied for the peace loving APSTs of Ziro valley. Never has an incident happened in this state where an DC office is ransacked and then the mob proceeds coolly to the DC residence and ransack it without even thinking about the minor children inside the house.

The practice of committing criminal activities and then pressurizing the authorities to grant bail to the culprits has risen steeply. This pressurizing tactics has only been aided by the media houses unwittingly by publishing press releases by all kinds of organisations without verification of ground facts.

It is high time that people of our state analyse themselves before bashing other communities. Media need to act responsibly in this front.


A reader (on email)



Mr President’s visit

Dear Editor,

Obama comes to Asia and India would like to think the first black man to lead America is here only to meet them. It makes ordinary middle class Indians feel good: the President of arguably the most influential nation on earth comes for a three- and-a-half day visit tagging along the biggest entourage of CEOs. India is important in Asia and she has a number of admirers and yes, I grew up full of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in our social studies texts.

Well, Obama is taking along his whole entourage to the three other Asian nations – Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.

Mr. Obama’s trip is really economic in nature, especially after the trashing at the mid-term polls. The White House perhaps predicted what American voters were about to say to its Government at the way they have handled the economy. Perhaps, the administration reckoned that making an extended trip to some Asian economic powerhouses would be able to help relieve the President of the pressure at home by securing deals that guarantee return of jobs.

Pakistan is smarting, atleast according to some India based analysts. Pakistan is basically a political and military ally and the Americans have long term commitments with them . China is on a completely different scale as far as its political, economic and military considerations are concerned. You can’t put China along with India, or even with Japan. An American president must make a China specific trip, even if it was just for a day and a half.

Besides the ceremonial engagements and the pomp of the presence of a very influential figure in history, business for Obama includes outsourcing, dual technology use, visa fees, and yes, India’s favourite dream - a UNSC seat.

While the overall agenda is of great interest, the widely supported demand by India to secure a Permanent Seat within the exiting five member Security Council should not be delinked from this democracy’s practice of its theoretical greatness.

The US president had recently stated in his United Nations address in the General Assembly that justice, freedom and peace is a matter of moral necessity. “Those who defend these values are our allies,” he added. It is perfectly alright that Obama and Michelle stays at Taj Hotel in Mumbai in a “tribute to the resilience of the Indian people” and to underscore the shared concerns on what both these democracies call “terrorism”.  

By the time Mr Obama lands in Mumbai, the newspapers in Mumbai will have finished one round of reproducing a small news item about a lady in far away Burmese (China-ish) border who has protested for exactly ten years by refusing to eat. Sharmila went into fast the day Indian security forces mowed down a large number of civilian Meiteis. Will he have heard of immunity that the Indian military engaged in counter insurgency enjoys here? Will he enquire about the Naxal ‘menace’ or the progress made in ‘flushing’ our insurgency elements from within pockets in India’s North East?

This is to be taken in context of Obama’s call during that UN address appealing to nations, especially those that “emerged from tyranny” in the last century –South Africa to South Asia, Eastern Europe to South America – to don’t stand idly by when protestors are beaten. “Recall you own history”, he said.

Mr. Obama would do well to know that the prospects of India’s economic viability, the deftness of her political and bureaucratic class and the lavishness (and genuineness) of her people’s hospitality should not completely deny him or his aides to ignore the voices of pain and abject neglect. I hope Obama will meet voices from the other side, and not confine to visiting the jhuggi  jhopris of Mumbai and Delhi and some odd orphanages or ashrams.

The deal is this: India can only increase its legitimacy for a much bigger global role (and perhaps a UNSC seat along with Brazil) if and when she begins to truly engage with those that she hitherto considers as ‘elements’, ‘misguided’, ‘aided’ from across the border, and hostile ‘insurgents’.



Dimapur (on email)



Failing system

Dear Editor,

I have seen Arunachal Pradesh as a calm and peaceful state. But in recent trends it has been facing lots ot shackles of burden. The reason is due to poor administration prevailing system. The main reason for Arunachal's down falling administration system is that politics is being mixed up with bureaucracy.


Raj Nandi (on email)



These gambling sheds

Dear Editor,

This year we could see a bit of change in the way the administration has been maintaining the state of affairs in capital complex. First, eviction of unauthorized establishment near NH52. Now mobile courts to punish the defaulters of MV act. Yes, now we feel that something good is happening after all.

But, the way the administration has  permitted construction of gambling sheds on both sides of the main road in market place this diwali has added woes to the commuters.

Yesterday, I saw two people quarrelling for parking place. One beat up the other and spent a night at police station. On another occasion, I went to market with my children. I had to park 300 mtrs away from main market. It was really a very good work out carrying bag full of vegetables for that long distance.

The gambling sheds should not have been allowed to be constructed near NH and ever-crowded place.


Tai Gungte

Naharlagun (on email)






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Communities come together to rebuild lives

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: Affected people of Village  New Mohong, Old Mohong and Khampti Sillatoo went back to their respective villages to start their life afresh on Nov 1. They had been taking shelter in Namsai temporary relief camp after clash broke out following a rally demanding Permanent Residential certificate on Oct 23.

On Nov 2, peoples from Chowkham, Namsai and Piyong Circles helped the villagers to build houses which was burnt down by miscreants.  

On the other hand, the All Tai Khampti Singpho Students Union, All Namsai Youth Association and Tai Khampti Development Society urged the govt. to find out the missing boy of Mohong Village, who disappeared on Oct 24.  

The association further urged the govt. to suspend the Lohit Changlang Development Forum. It accused the Forum of  misguiding the public and giving them wrong message thus leading to communal tension among communities which has been leading a peaceful and harmonious life.

On the other hand, All Tai-Khampti Singpho Students Union (ATKSSU) of Arunachal Pradesh has reiterated its 11-point charter of demands to the state Government, including the demand for suspension of Lohit Deputy Commissioner and arrest of those persons responsible for the October 23 Namsai incident. ATKSSU regretted that Government has not yet taken any initiative regarding its demands which was submitted to the state chief minister on October 27 last.

ATKSSU also demanded immediate suspension of Tripathy, SI, who has filed case without conducting any inquiry against the Khampti and Singpho Society on the ground that they ransacked the residence of Chowna Mein.

Some of other demands included, suspension of the Tezu OC (i/c), Lohit SP, Mahadevpur EAC and arrest of all the executive members of Lohit Changlang Development Forum led by its president Sobin Payeng.



Associations calls for peace and action in Ziro

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: Ziro, which witnessed violence yesterday following a death of a schoolboy, continues to be tensed but under control.

144 Cr.PC is still in place and a battalion of ITBP has reached the town apart from the IRBn boys which was flown in yesterday.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has appealed to the Lower Subansiri District administration to take immediate action against the culprits involved in the incident as per law of the land.

The Committee also appealed to the people of Ziro valley not to take law in their hands, rather extend cooperation to the administration in order to maintain peace and communal harmony in the valley.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Arunachal Pradesh   said the incident of Ziro on Nov 1 is condemnable and shocking.  The NCP appealed the state Govt to tackle the situation on war footing to restore normalcy and accused should be given exemplary punishment.

Apatani Socio-Cultural Welfare Society, Itanagar, has condemned “in its strongest term, the murder of a school-going boy. The society demanded the arrest of all those responsible for his death and award exemplary punishment to the accused so that no such case is repeated in future.

It said that the death of the school boy is not happening for the first time in the Apatani Valley. There had been number of similar cases in the past, which remain unresolved till date. This may, probably, be the reason that precipitated unfortunate incidence of violence yesterday,  it said.

The society, however, condemns any act of violence and advises all to allow the law to take its own course.

The society strongly feels that the incumbent Deputy Commissioner needs to be transferred immediately. She is primarily responsible for the incidence of violence, in otherwise calm place, because of her irresponsible attitude and communally sensitive behaviour, it said.

The society also condemns the arrest of the President of Apatani Youth Association and demands his early release.

All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) has condemned the murder of school boy. Such criminal act must be condemned by all section of the society, it said while adding that since the criminal do not belong to any community and family, everyone should restrain from giving it a communal colour to the unfortunate incident.

ANSU strongly condemn the vandalizing of public properties including DC office, residence and vehicle; govt quarter of Hapoli Police Station OC and said that persons involved in the incidence should also be punished as per the provision of the law.

It said that law should be allowed to take its own course of action for justice so that normalcy and peace returns to the Valley.  

Meanwhile, Apatani Youth Association has said that the arrest of its president was unfortunate. It said that he was detained without any reason as the Union was appealing for peace, non-violence and abstaining from destruction of Govt. properties taking the side of the district administration. It further said that the sentiments of the aggrieved should be respected.

AYA appealed for maintaining peace and tranquillity and requested the District administration to release the detained president of AYA and call back the arrest warrant against rest of the executive members so as to prevent deterioration of law and order in the district.

All Lower Subansiri Students Union (ALSSU) also appealed the people of the district to maintain peace and communal harmony within the district.

While condemning the yesterday’s incident as immature and unfortunate, the  ALSSU in its meeting held with branch students union today unanimously decided to maintain peaceful co-existence  and protect and preserve the age-old unity in the district.

The Union further said that it will continue its peace mission till normalcy returns completely.

In a release, the former MLA Nani Ribia appealed to the cross section of people of Ziro-Hapoli valley to maintain peace and tranquility which is the identity of the valley. Peace is the road map to progress in all fields, he said and further appealed voluntary organizations and NGOs to initiate step to restore peace in the valley.

Describing the violence incident at Ziro Plateau as unfortunate and uncalled for,   Ribia also appealed the district administration to maintain law and order strictly. There should be regular night patrolling in and around Ziro-Hapoli  township for safety and security of the common masses which will also act  confidence building measures, he said.


Fears and anxieties of students our concern: Siram

Rang Frah College day

Changlang, Nov 4: While addressing 15th Annual College day of Rang Frah Govt College, Changlang here today, the Minister of Education Bosiram Siram said that wishes, fears, anxieties of the students is our concern. However, the minister said that many students today finds themselves caught in forces, which is necessary not good for them. He expressed concern at money power, excursion, drinking, and drug addiction.

The teachers must have responsibilities to make education broad based and make students worthy citizens of the state, said Siram.

The Rang Frah Govt College was established in the year 1996 and is situated at about 15 Km from Changlang Headquarter.

While congratulating the college family for its annual college day celebration he hoped that such activities would improve the calibre of the students. He lauded the principal and its faculty for maintaining the NSS Cell, Distance Education Cell and Internal Quality Assurance Cell function. He also expressed his happiness on presence of Eco Club, Women Cell and Red Ribbon Club in the institution.

While showing his concern over the infrastructural bottlenecks and other grievances the minister assured to address the issues phase-wise. He applauded the college faculty for their collective efforts and academic achievements.

Earlier the Minister also inaugurated the newly constructed Girls Hostel of the college.

Finance Minister Setong Sena, who was Special Guest of the occasion, said that giving priority to education is a need of hour to develop area as well as to keep pace with other developed community.   

He urged students to be sincere, dedicated and work hard to achieve good Academic result.

Parliamentary Secretary, IPR & Printing Thinghaap Taiju, Guest of Honour, said that the annual College function is also part and parcel of the Academic Session. The extracurricular activities like games and sports for boys and girls in schools and colleges are essential as these fastens friendship and amity, give a healthy direction to their excessive energies and make them better citizens of tomorrow.  He said that a sound mind in a sound body is an ideal of better life. However, one should not carry out these activities at the cost of one’s study. He assured to extend his full co-operation for smooth functioning of the college.

Deputy Commissioner, Changlang Opak Gao and SP, Changlang Tumme Amo, Zilla Chair person Jumpo Taikam Jugli, ZPM Changlang South and north John Jugli and Marina Kenglang were present among others.

In a separate occasion, Setong Sena,   had an interaction with Deputy Commissioner Changlang, Superintendent of Police, and all the heads of the Offices.

The Minister briefed the entire executing department for strict monitoring of ongoing schemes to ensure proper implementation and timely completion of the schemes. (i/c DIPRO)


CM, Governor greets on Diwali

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh has conveyed his warm greetings and good wishes to all on the joyous occasion of Deepawali.

In his festival message, Governor has expressed his hope that the festive occasion user in peace, solidarity and prosperity and instil communal harmony amongst the people living in this Frontier State.

May this year’s festival of lights, illuminate the lives of every of all the residents of Arunachal Pradesh and bring them good fortune and health in the coming year, Gen Singh.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has also wished the people of Arunachal Pradesh and the nation on the auspicious and joyous occasion of Diwali.

The festival of lights celebrates the victory of good over evil, the supremacy of light over darkness.  May this Diwali usher in joy, peace and prosperity and further strengthen the bond of goodwill and harmony among the celestial beings, he said. He appealed all to take safety measures while using firecrackers.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu called on the Governor Gen JJ Singh at Raj Bhavan here today. During the meeting, the Governor and the Chief Minister exchanged festival greetings on the joyous occasion of Deepawali. Both expressed their hope that the festivity spreads love and communal harmony in the State. State first lady Anupama Singh was also present during the call on.


Living on prayers

Tom Simai

On a cloudy Thursday, while leisurely strolling on the bazaar lane of Jairampur Township, I adventitiously stumbled upon some startling facts that crippled my thought process for a while. On that leisure noon, exhausted of mindless ambling, I borrowed a plastic stool from the nearby cloths vendor to palliate my weary legs. The place where I reposed was adjacent to a crowded pharmacy that was selling medicines like hotcakes. From there, seeing the worried faces I could make out that the majority of the queuing customers were the locals from interior villages.

While observing their transaction, I felt something was amiss in the entire process. I tried to suppress my anxious inquisitiveness that was striving to say something but I couldn’t. Agile, I mounted from the stool, inched towards the throng and trapped the reason of my restlessness.

It was the beaming assistant at the counter who was stacking the cash in the drawer without handing over ‘cash memo’ to the customers. It was a clear violation of magistrate’s decree. ‘An order to issue cash memo on every purchase of medicines was circulated many months ago, retorted Jairampur Additional Deputy Commissioner, when he was informed about the breach of law. But when inquired about the order, the naïve customers confirmed their ignorance about the existence of such proclamation, adding that they never get any cash memos after the purchases they make. This not only describes about the order being transgressed since day one but also reflects the monitoring fragility of the local administration.  

Meanwhile, the revelation encouraged me to probe further and the finding, as usual shattered my belief in our lacerating system. The customers most often ignore the cash memo because they are asked to pay extra bucks as tax when they demand for it.  ‘When we insist for the cash memo, they include the tax and scribble the bills on a plain paper, revealed Youngkuk, who regularly buy medicines for his villagers.

In fact, the practice of forbidding and furnishing fake cash memo is a punishable offence. But the authorities are yet to act and restrict the continuation of such unlawful activity that not only withholds the state exchequers legitimate share but also strains the financial capacity of the poor’s by compelling them to pay more than the printed price.           

Moreover, the horrifying veracity of the entire episode is the person who supervises the pharmacy without a pharmacist degree. ‘The license is in the name of an authentic pharmacist but it has been leased to this person who is not a qualified pharmacist, divulged the pharmacy assistant who insisted to remain anonymous. The original licensee doesn’t command any authority over the regular functioning of it, he added.

Dreadfully, the helping hands employed in most of the pharmacies doesn’t have the qualification to deal with medicines but they are extended free hand to render medicines without doctor’s prescriptions. On several account, I’ve bought medicines from the helping hands without any prescriptions, informed Kamtu Taikam of Kovin village, confirming the existence of such baleful practice that endangers the lives of innocent peoples.

Across the state, to yield maximum monetary profits, they cross the line, defy the norms and jeopardize the innocent lives. In fact, we do have the regulations to curb the illegality followed by the pharmacies but yet the authorities let them flourish, right before their eyes. Perhaps, the adaptation of three steps - stringent law, strict vigilance and severe punishment would have pioneered the initial cleanup process. Hope, someday it’ll be initiated, till then we don’t have any other options, but to continue, living on prayers. (The writer can be reached at simaitom@gmail.com)


Pulu and Mickrow to head IMLCS


ROING, Nov 4: The new executive heads for Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMLCS), the apex body of the community were elected in the two days general conference held recently.  

Kelo Pulu was elected as President and former AIMSU General Secretary Tone Mickrow was elected as the General Secretary of the society.

Pulu won the election by 1 vote and Mickrow defeated his nearest rival by 96 votes. 605 votes were cast today out of total voters list of 705.

The formal handing and taking over of the new executive body will be held on Nov 14. This is the first ever election held for formation of new executive body for IMCLS.

In the general conference, the society adopted the name Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society and in short IMCLS.

The two-day conference began in a grand manner attended by all the senior citizens, students, politicians, academicians and members of the Idu Mishmi community.

Preservation of Idu language gained utmost importance during the first day. The language is a UNESCO classified endangered language and is left with only 8000 speakers today.

Taking part in the conference, Roing MLA Laeta Umbrey, suggested for early introduction of Idu Azobra (script) in govt circulars and communication as the only viable option to kick start for initiating actions to preserve the dialect.

Earlier inaugurating the conference, former IMCLS President Jatan Pulu and also the chief guest for the occasion, gave wishes to all Idu Mishmi community members and paid his respect and gratitude to all pioneers in their respective fields.

The conference was also attended by former IMCLS General Secretary Somu Linggi, IMCLS President Jimi Pulu, General Secretary Dr Mite Lingi, senior journalist Ingore Linggi and Kotige Mena, public leaders and student members of AIMSU.


Let’s look within ourselves

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: Often it is said that youths are the future of this state and country in general but when same youths becomes biggest nuisance for the society then on whom do we pin hope for the future.

In recent months, it has been noticed that increasingly youths of Arunachal are getting impatient and always take law in hand. Numerous incidents show that they do not think twice before getting violent. Who are to be blamed for this newfound rage?

The tragic death of a young boy in Ziro is a serious case of how our youngsters are getting strayed in life. Also in the past few years number of youth indulging in criminal activities has increase manifold. Many youths have even gone on to join various underground elements and number of drug users are growing with each passing year. Today almost on daily basis young boys are losing lives because of rash driving. The way things are moving at present, it seems youths have pressed the self destructive button.

The time has arrived for us to make deep introspection and see where things are going wrong. Teachers, student communities and parents need to sit together and try to find a way out to save our younger generations from their self-destructive attitude.

Just that our children have passed Class X with 60% mark does not mean that we gift him or her with a bike. Even if out of love we gift them bikes, are we making sure that he or she is using it for productive cause? If children makes mistake and seniors or teachers complains, then we should first try to understand the reason for complain before blindly supporting our own children. Every parents love their children but it does mean that one should close eyes when our own children commit mistakes and hurt the lives of other families.  

We have innumerable of societies, associations, unions and forums in every streets and villages of Arunachal. What are these groups doing?

Being social groups, they should take some initiatives to bring changes in attitude and behavior of younger generation children. For a young state like ours with very low birth rate, even death of one young soul is a great loss.

It’s time every Arunachalee peep into their hearts and ask themselves few uncomfortable questions. As they say, charity begins at home, so parents need to take first step. Tribal ethos has never taught us to kill each other.

In fact, tribals of Arunachal have always been known for their righteousness and it’s time we strive to inculcate those values among younger generation youths. Time for some real introspection. In the meanwhile, everyone should make sure that Ziro incident is not given a communal colour. We must ensure social harmony. That would be the last tribute we can pay to young soul who lost his life prematurely.


APCCI questions security apparatus

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: The November 1 broad daylight robbery in Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank’s Naharlagun branch by three masked gunmen was shocking which exposed the poor security system of the bank as well as the lapses in the security apparatus of the state as a whole stated Arunachal Pradesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Though the trio escaped coolly with Rs 10,74,500 from the heart of the township, the police managed to apprehend only one suspect few hours later and the trail seemingly went cold.

It seems even after three days the police are clueless to make any breakthrough in the case.  If steps are not taken immediately to improve the security scenario it would have a cascading effect on the state’s economic scenario, which has poised for an upward march. The investors showing keen interest and the banks opening their branches in the Capital Complex would be discouraged by such incidents, it said.


Mithi calls for early completion of work

ROING, Nov 4: Rajya Sabha MP Mukut Mithi, accompanied by Y W Ringu, Deputy Commissioner and HoDs of the work department visited various works done under MPLADS(R/S) fund in the district headquarter.  

Altogether, in the current financial year (2009-10), 77 numbers of schemes amounting to Rs 2.06 Crore are being implemented under MPLADS (Rajya Sabha) across the state, out of which 68 schemes has been completed and Utilization Certificate received. In the year 2008-09, 48 schemes was successfully implemented in the state under MPLADS (R/S) amounting to Rs 1.98 Cr. For the year 2010-11, 28 schemes has already been recommended by the MP (R/S) of Rs 1.00 Cr in the first instalment of which 7 Nos. has already been sanctioned. Almost all the schemes implemented under the MPLADS (R/S) are of urgent nature catering to the immediate need of the people.

Mithi expressed satisfaction on the work done under MPLADS (R/S) fund in the district and called for early completion of the uncompleted schemes and immediate submission of UC. He however cautioned to avoid duplicity of work.

Earlier in the review meeting, Ringu has asked the work departments to put sign boards/plates on the work executed under MPLADS (R/S) and to take photographs during and after completion of work. She also urged for timely submission of UC and progress reports of works.

M. Pertin, EAC cum DPO has earlier highlighted the various schemes implemented under MPLADS (R/S).

The team later visited the Boys Hostel, GHSS Roing and uncompleted housing schemes under DUDA sponsored by HUDCO at Roing.


MLA assures support to college

BOMDILA- Nov 4: Coinciding with the Torgya festival in the district and auspicious Depawali, the XIth Annual College Day celebration of Government College Bomdila ( GCB) was inaugurated by MLA Phurpa Tsering here today at Buddha Stadium Bomdila.

Encouraging the students to bring out their latent talents, MLA Phurpa opined that such platforms facilitate greater understanding and interactions among the students. On the academic pursuit of the students, he urged for maintaining the teacher-students relationship and to inculcate in oneself discipline, sincerity and the will to excel above others besides endeavoring for a healthy atmosphere in the college.

Affirming his stand to make the college an ideal institute of higher learning, Phurpa Tsering exhorted the collegians to stand united in all the just causes in the interest of the college as staying together makes a great difference. Besides the personal contributions for College Day Celebration and to the Band Troupe of Shanti Deva Vidyalaya, MLA Phurpa Tsering assured an amount of five lacs for the infrastructural development of the college from his Local Area Development fund.

Earlier, Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi and former Convenor of AAPSU Kamta Lapung too spoke during the inaugural ceremony.  

This was followed by an official visit to the District Hospital where Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi inaugurated the Pay clinic cum e-swasthya building which was funded personally by the present MLA Phurpa Tsering during his days as Zilla Parishad Chairperson and donated to the District Hospital.(DIPRO)


AACS flays Govt  on Namsai incident

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: Arunachal Anti-Corruption Sena (AACS) has demanded Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu’s resignation on moral grounds for the ‘wrong decision’ taken by his cabinet to grant PRC to non-APST which led to recent communal violence at Namsai.

“The Namsai incident has also exposed the hollowness of Home Department and Home Minister Tako Dabi should resign owning moral responsibility for failing to act promptly to tackle the situation,” AACS said in a release today.

It also demanded immediate arrest of Subin Payeng, president of Lohit Changlang Development Forum, who allegedly spearheaded the clash, and exemplary punishment for him for his wrong doing. It further threatened to launch state wide democratic movement against the State Government in case the Govt fails to fulfill the demands.

Sangha Kando Poi


JAIRAMPUR, Nov 4: The first ever ‘Sangha Kando Poi and Kathina Chivara Dana, a religious festivity of Theravada Buddhism, will be celebrated at Dhamma Jyoti Buddha Vihara  in Tikhak Taipi Village here from November 09 to 10 next.

The highlight of the festival is the conventional weaving and donating of Chivar (yellow robe) by the devotees. Chivar is the most sacred robe for the monks as it blesses many celestial’s merits to them. It is weaved overnight and offered to the monks in the morning. As the preparation of Chivar overnight was a very difficult task it is called Kathin and such offering of Chivar is called Kathin Chivar dana

The other highlights will be procession with Patessa, consecration of Kathina robes, Sangha Kando, Thom-Tra, Dhamma Sabha (religious discourse) and will mark the conclusion with the handing over of world Buddhist flag to the next group.


Light delight villagers

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: Tanio Hapa village under Kakoi circle of Papum Pare district was electrified on November 2 in presence of panchayat leaders, Kakoi CO, HoDs and general public of Kimin and Kakoi.

Speaking at public meeting organized on the occasion, Kimin ZPM Bamang Yayu thanked the department concerned for early electrification of the village under Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana (RGGVY) and urged the villagers to pay electricity bill regularly for uninterrupted power supply.

Further responding to the demand of villagers for upgrading the community school to primary school, Yayu asserted that their demand will be fulfilled and the upgraded school will start functioning from the next session.

Guest of honour Charu Tapio, ASM chairperson, also assured the villagers that he would take up the demand of health sub-centre with the DMO, Papum Pare. At the same time he also urged the villagers to inculcate work culture and suggested them to take maximum advantage of rural development schemes like Hariyali, MG-NREGA etc.


Skill dev training at Aalo

Aalo, Nov 4 : Zilla Parishad Member Hoksum Ori, inaugurated a 36 days Skill Development Training Programme on Cane and Bamboo at District Industries Centre, Aalo on November 3 last.

A good number of trainees from nearby Aalo Township attended the training sponsored by the NABARD.

In her address, Ori said that today we have advance technology and machineries, so from cane and bamboo which are available in our district we can produce best items out of cane and bamboo and compete market. Our youths should avail this opportunity and should prove that we are also the best in handicrafts,  Ori added. She also appealed local NGOs to come forward in the field and bring a sea change in our living standard.

Deba Loya, Coordinator of the programme said that the NABARD has sponsored similar programme especially for the youths of Arunachal Pradesh to make them skilled in the trade for self sustain economically. The raw materials are available locally so youths of the state should take benefit of the NABARD schemes.

The Dy. Director of Industries, Aalo Kato Riram in his keynote address briefed the benefit of the programme. He also highlighted programme implementation on cane and bamboo at Anini during his posting at Anini while informing that a machine have been developed by him locally for manufacture of Agarbati.


Tobacco Control Cell meet

BOMDILA, Nov 4: A meeting of the Governing Body of District Tobacco Control Cell, West Kameng was convened by the DFWO cum CEO District Health Society Dr. T D Namsa in the Deputy Commissioner’s Chamber to decide upon the future course of identification, implementation and execution in order to make the District Tobacco Control Cell effective as this is a pilot project in the state.

Sensing the legalities and the not so clear-cut guidelines available with the medical authorities compounded with lack of training and Resource persons for the same, Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi, to begin with, suggested for identification of areas of priority under Information, Education & Communication ( IEC ) and suggested for identification of areas to be declared as smoking and Non-smoking zones and to reach out to the people on the ill-effects of smoking and usage of other tobacco products as tobacco is a risk factor for six out of the eight leading causes of death the world over and accounting  for 40% cancer cases in India. To expedite the effective functioning of the District Tobacco Control Cell, the DC further suggested the need  for orienting all the administrative officers, Zilla Parishad Members, Anchal Chairpersons, Officer In-charges of all the police stations and ADEOs of the district somewhere in the last part of this month. Till then, the implementing agency need to update on the matters which are still unclear, said the Deputy Commissioner.(DIPRO)


Chief of Eastern Command at Tawang

Tawang, Nov 4.: Army Commander, Eastern Command, the Lieutenant General Bikram Singh, USYM, AVSM, SM, VSM, was on a three hour visit to Tawang Military Garrison today.

The district administration headed by i/c Deputy Commissioner, Tawang, Duly Kamduk, Superintendent of Police, S.N. Mosobi and others gave a warm reception to the visiting officer.

He  appreciated the gesture shown by the civilian which showcased the civil-army synchronization in its own ways and he wished that this coordination in the area will continue in the future.


PDS awareness training at Palin held

ITANAGAR, Nov 4:  The Palin Circle administration has conducted an awareness cum training programme on Public Distribution System at Palin circle headquarters. The Panchayat leaders, businessmen, Govt servants, Students and Fair Price Shop owners attended the training.

Resource person and Supply Officer, Koloriang Tarak Kama explained in details on relevant clauses of the Essential Commodities Act and guidelines under the union ministry of Consumer Affairs , Food and Public Distribution system. He asked the PFS owners to strictly follow the guidelines while running the FPSs. He also appreciated Palin Circle Officer Pisa Tarak for introducing photography system for the beneficiary of AAY and BLP rice for the first time in Palin.

Addressing the participants as resource person, CO Pisa Tarak also called upon the FPS owners to follow the PDS guidelines and submit the monthly report on time. He also asked the FPSs to report to the circle office in case of delay in release of rice allocation from Govt whole sale nominee.


Sharad Pawar to visit Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: To mark the one year completion of five MLAs, National Congress Party (NCP) hold a meeting on 3rd November in its head office. During the day open discussion was held on various issues confronting the state of Arunachal Pradesh and it was also informed that national NCP President cum union minister of agriculture, Sharad Pawar will visit state during 2nd week of December.

 NCP is hopeful that Sharad Pawar will make some announcement packages in horticulture, agriculture, fishery, veterinary and PDS sectors. NCP also expressed confidence that a regular and independent general manager’s office will be set up for Arunachal to streamline the present ill-managed public distribution system (PDS).

 Meanwhile NCP release stated that it will play the role of constructive opposition in the state. However party added that it will not tolerate any corruption or mal practices by any government departments. On hydropower issue party said it will continue to raise voice against further signing of new MOU/MOA in any rivers. NCP has also demanded government to grant absolute power to the grass root Panchayat leaders. Further party also informed that state president Ngurang Pinch has recently took a high level delegation to meet national president and agriculture minister Sharad Pawar. During the meeting state unit apprised him of various issues related to PDS. NCP claim that their persuasion lead to the enhancement of rice quota from present 44 thousand mts to 80 thousand mts per month for Arunachal.

During the meeting Pawar also assured to review pending HTS bill and also accepted plea of state unit for air dropping of PDS items in rural areas.






Legal meet

ITANAGAR: A meeting was held under the leadership of the District & Session Judge cum Member Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority, Yupia in connection with the celebration of the legal services day on Nov 9.

The meet  was attended among other by the Additional Session Judge, FTC, Yupia, Deputy Registrar, Itanagar Bench of Gauhati High Court, Law Officer, Law Dept, Chairperson and Legal Counsel of the Arunachal Pradesh State Women Commission, President and Secretary, Itanagar bench of Gauhati High Court, Secretary of the Papum Pare District  Bar  Association and the Principal, Arunachal Law Academy, Naharlagun.


Birth anniversary

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: The   ethic cell of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) will celebrate the 122nd birth anniversary of freedom fighter Maulana Abul Kalam Azad at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan here on November 11 as part of the celebration of 125 years of INC.


New Parish

ITANAGAR:  Rt. Rev. John Thomas, Bishop of Itanagar handed over the keys of the Parish to Rev. Fr. Tomy, as he took oath of office for St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Nyokum Lapang at Itanagar to the delight of many faithfull on Oct 24.

The territory of the Parish of Nyokum Lapang are Sectors A; B; Upper C and Lower C; P; Mowb I; Mowb II; Senki View; Lobi ; Panchali; Dharya Hill including Donyi Polo area; Sanglo Putung (Jami and Jate); Shiv Mandir area; Raj Bhawan and Kura Putung. ’

Conference stress on need for preservation and spread of language.


Prog on Ophthalmology

ITANAGAR: Rama-krishna Mission Hospital is conducting a programme on Paediatric Ophthalmology supported by ORBIS International, New Delhi from 7th to 11th November with Dr David Laws from United Kingdom as a chief resource person.

On 7th November, there would be a CME on Paediatric Ophthalmology.


Revoke Govt order: NCP unit

ITANAGAR: Nationalist Congress Party Unit of 28th Likabali assembly constituency strongly opposing the state government’s decision to withdraw the power delegated to the SDO Likabali in 2008 for issuing of LPC/PRC and ST certificates from SDO Office, appealed the government to revoke the withdrawal order immediately.


Sports meet

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: Government Middle School, Balapu under Sagalee circle will conduct its first ever sports cum literary and cultural competitions from November 10 to 14 at the school ground.

Tana Ita Tara, ASM Pawar panchayat and Tana Tullo, ASM Gangte Panchayat will attend the programme as chief guest and guest of honour.


Medical camp

TALIHA, Nov 4:  Itanagar Diocesan Empowerment Association (IDEA) conducted a free medical camp and health awareness program on November 3 at Taliha, Upper Subansiri.

Several hundreds of sick people from remotest villages of the area benefited from the medical camp. They were given free medicines during the camp.

T. Yoka,  CO In-charge Taliha, lighted the lamp and inaugurated the free medical camp in the presence of a team of doctors and several medical personnel and youth volunteers.


IFCSAP refutes

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: Indigenous Faith & Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) will hold its 4th general conference from January 14 to 16, 2011.

IFCSAP, meanwhile, refuted the claims of a newly formed organization, namely,  All Arunachal Pradesh Hindus Faith and Culture Development organization (AAPHFCDO) that the former was their agenda partner.

“The agenda set by AAPHFCDO has nothing to do with us and IFCSAP will carry forward the philosophy of promotion, protection and preservation of indigenous faith and believes of the state through its sister-concern faith-based organizations representing their respective communities throughout the state,” an IFCSAP release said, and urged upon such organizations “not to drag IFCSAP name for their petty interests since it has its own identity and status having no alignment with any Hindu religion group or society, including RSS and VHP, and doing its own agenda for promotion, protection and preservation of indigenous faith and traditions of indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh,” the release added.


Law seminar

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: A seminar was conducted by the Arunachal Legal Forum Delhi (ALFD) at  Arunachal House New Delhi on "the Right to Information Act 2005".

The meeting was chaired by Ligam Noshi.

Zalyiang Rong, advocate Delhi high court her reiterated the need to propagate of the rights of the common person under the RTI Act 2005.

Presentation by Halley Kato Jamoh came in for a lot of praise by the 200 odd students present.

Kabit Mize and Uttam Bori assured that they would conduct micro level seminars in the villages of Arunachal during the academic break.


ITANAGAR, Nov 4: Leporiang People Welfare Committee, Capital Complex (LPWCCC) expressed deep sock over the untimely demise of Mallo Seema of Rachi village under Leporiang circle who died at Amba village-I yesterday.

Mallo was a class XI student of government higher secondary school Doimukh.

The members of the committee prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and extended its condolence message to the bereaved family members.

Meanwhile, the committee appealed the parents and every citizen to guide their children properly to avert such incident in near future.


WSDSU appreciates

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: West Siang District Students’ Union (WSDSU) appreciated Education Minister Bosiram Siram for his efforts due to which a total amount of Rs. 12.5 crore has been earmarked for students stipend.

While urging the education minister for early release of the fund, it appealed to all principals and headmasters of schools of West Siang district to summit the names of students to DDSE, Aalo for granting stipend.


44th JNC annual day

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: J.N. College led by Principal Tayek Talom, would celebrate its 44th Annual College Day on 8th November 2010.

Minister Education, Bosiram Siram has consented to be the Chief Guest of the inaugural function, and Nanom Jamoh, Advisor to the  Chief Minister, would grace the occasion as the Guest of Honour.

Cultural and Sports extravaganza of a new genre along with Literary Competitions of various hues would contribute immensely to the College Day Celebration, which is slated to be a mega cultural event for Pasighat, spanning for three days from Nov 8.

The Valedictory function on Nov 10  will be attended by Osong Ering, retired IAS as the Chief Guest and Prof. V.K. Mishra, Dean, College of Horticulture and Forestry, Pasighat, as the Guest of Honour.


SULPIC threatens bandh

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: Subansiri Lower Power Project Implementation Committee (SULPIC) in a letter to Executive Director, Subansiri Lower HE Power Project, NHPC Ltd threatens to call its bandh from15 to 25 November at Project site.

It demanded the concerned authority to fulfill the MoU/MoA signed between state government and NHPC Ltd, agreement signed in-between NES and NHPC at Gerukamukh, agreement arrived at Tripartite meeting, immediate appointment and regularization of jobs to project affected families, immediate establishment of law college and conventional hall at Dollungmukh.

However, basic services Ambulance, Milk Ban, Media persons, Magistrate and Police on duty are exempted from the preview of Bandh call.


Livestock vaccination prog

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: Veterinary Dispensary, Itanagar in collaboration with the State Biological Park, is conducting a six-day long mass vaccination programmes on livestock (Mithun, Cattle, Goat and Pig) against FMD/HS/BQ and Swine Fever (pig) in Itnagar and nearby villages from Nov 11.

As per scheduled,  the vaccination programme will be conducted in  Donyi Polo Area, Nyokum Lapang, P-Sector, Raj bhawan Area on Nov 11,  while Lobi, Sinki View, Mob-I, Mob-II will be covered on Nov 12.   It will be conducted in Dokum Colony, Donyi Colony, DNGC area on Nov 13, Upper Jullang, Lower Jullang, Daat Village on Nov 15, Baat Village, Chandranagar, Police Colony on Nov 16 and Chimpu, Ganga Village on Nov 17.


AATA support  ASRKDA an AJA

ITANAGAR, Nov 4: All Arunachal Pradesh Taekwondo Association (AATA) has supported the demands of Arunachal Shito Ryu Karate Do Association (ASRKDA) and Arunachal Judo Association (AJA) for immediate appointment of meritorious sportspersons in Tax and Excise Department under five percent reservation quota.

While appealing Arunachal Olympic Association and Director of Sports and Youth Affairs to take up the matter with higher authority, AATA also demanded action against the department concerned for neglecting HC order on appointment under sports quota.



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