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November - 07



Zero tolerance

Dear Editor,

As Arunachal Times said Ziro is known for its breathtaking scenic beauty, education and path breaking agriculture practices, but it miss out something which is worth mentioning. It is also known for football and most important for the sale of local alcohol. It's said that alcohol (local) never stops flowing in Ziro. Its runs from dusk to dawn and is going on from time immemorial. I don't know the actual cause of the sad incident but am sure it has something to do with alcohol.

Coming to the point this incident is total failure of the authority. This public rampage could have been avoided if the administration was aware of the situation.

The authority should have zero tolerance towards crime and punished the culprits. They should come out with such a punishment which will become an eye opener for the criminals thereby no one dares even think of it.

This is not first time such incidents happens, its been going for years. Now leaders should come and settle the situation peacefully.

I would like to say that selling of alcohol should be banned and authority should apply zero tolerance policy towards criminal. That is the only way out. Have lots of feeling for the victim. May his soul rest in peace.


A concerned man



Formulate a policy

Dear Editor,

The unfortunate incidents of Ziro and Roing where the public ransacked the offices of DC and SP of the Districts reflects the total breakdown of law and order of these districts. It is very unfortunate that the DC and SP could not protect their own offices and residences.

Then how can we expect them to protect the life and properties of common person.  It also shows that the police are inept in handling such situations. Instead of doing their duties; they become mere spectators. It is seen that most of the police personnel are locals and are from the same district. Hence, they are reluctant to take action in such matters. Therefore, I would request the Govt. to formulate such a policy whereby about 70 percent of the police personnel of district should come from other districts. The Officer in charge of a police station should also be from other community.


Johny (on email)



What we seek is adequate compensation

Dear Editor,

I on be-half of land owners or affected villagers within Papu tri-junction to Yupia HQ entry gate would like to request the concern authorities that the compensation rate fixed by the Government for Trans-Arunachal Highway Road is not satisfactory and it is not proportioned to the value of land and other properties of these poor villagers. It is the single voice of these village people that the rate should be enhanced by which we can look for alternate sources to sustain our lives at minimum level. It is for the society, for the state and for the nation, we sacrificed our lone land on which our lives and emotions are attached since time immemorial.

Once again, I request concern authorities make it public the compensation rate.


Taba John

Tarajuli, Yupia(on email)



Lets come together for a cause

Dear Editor,

We cannot just keep on relying on the Chief Minister or the MLA’s of the state. It’s we who can make a difference in the society by being responsible and remaining alert and true.

Every other day, new scandal are creeping out, be it the PDS scam, Dam issue, Namsai Crises. What have we become of? Is this what we have dreamt of?

Everyone in today’s world is so busy mending their personal lives where there is no room for love and pray. Most of us are in pursuit of mundane pleasure and selfish aims.

In quest for power and money, we are degrading our moral values and our culture is being eroded and we are blissfully unaware of it.

Arunachal once known as the land of beauty and serene is now besieged with so many ugly facets. Lets help our Mother land survive.

The utmost need of the hour is a mass upsurge, not a series of closed-door meetings by well-to-do-intellectuals.

Somebody’s has to lead us righteously.  It can be me or it can be you! Are you prepared for it?

Today, the obstacles are numerous, enemy crafty and calculating – but with grit, determination and dedication to the cause we can make it happen by welded hands and rejuvenating the modern minds.

Arunachal is also a neck deep in political, social and economic problems and the truth is dedication and sincerity have been replaced by corruption and nepotism and we are responsible for it.

The majority of us wants to enjoy the today and care very little for tomorrow. It is at this crucial juncture that we should come together and carve a niche in the history of Arunachal by noble words and deeds.


Ngurang Meena

Rajiv Gandhi University (on email)



Men and machine

Dear Editor,

I would like to express deep unhappiness in regard to the random vandalisation of the ATM centres especially the SBI outlets.

Presently 3 of the 4 ATMs near the SBI Bank Tinali, 1 of the 2 near SBI Naharlagun, 1 at G-extension Naharlagun is vandalised. When the ATMs were installed, we had high hopes and expected it to relieve us to a great extent from the long queue in bank saving a lot of time and energy. But gradually as the number of ATM users grew thus grew the need to maintain them too. People relied on them and at the nick of time and in highly urgent moments these ATMs are often seen out of cash or some technical defects. Situation are being aggravated when the concerned authorities ignore to maintain them. Thus out of frustration and dissatisfaction people tend to act adversely. However, being a responsible citizen I feel that at the larger interest of the common mass its never beneficial to vandalise these machines as because at odd hour and during holidays these are the only help. An ATM once vandalised will take another long time to get re-installed. Why not we take a better option for its good maintenance by apprising and pressurising the competent authorities.

Having said that, I would also like to appeal to the concerned authorities especially the SBI to have consumer friendly approach by maintaining their ATM outlets 24/7. I assure you of good response from us too.



Naharlagun (on email)



Bring education to Mechukha

Dear Editor,

I would like to highlight deteriorating condition of education in Monigong and Pidi circles under Mechukha Sub-Division and inefficiency and inactiveness of the state govt, concerned MLA and PRI leaders in bringing revolution in the field of education for the most backward and remotest circles in the state.

Education is the backbone society. The constitution of India states that education is a fundamental right and there shall be free and compulsory education to all the children from six to fourteen. Moreover, the parliament of India has enacted Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education. According to the Act, the main objective will be to provide education to all the children in the age group of 6-14 years. However, it may not be realized by the people of both Monigong and Pidi circles. There is a secondary school and a number of inter-village schools besides dozens of primary and community schools in these two circles.

However, there is no sufficient numbers of teachers, teacher quarter and classrooms in these schools. A numbers of inter-village and primary schools are on the verge of being defunct as they are either run by one or no teachers. In such situation how a child can realize the basic fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution of India? It is obvious that there is an infringement and violation of the fundamental right and the Act.

The concerned MLA and PRI leaders of the area are doing nothing for the uplift and welfare of the education system of the area. They have befooled the illiterate and poor public and betrayed their hope and aspirations. It is high time, our leaders wake up and address the grievances of the public.

I appeal to the state govt and concerned authorities for the immediate posting of teachers and allocation and proper implementation of fund for the infrastructure development of these schools. I call upon the MLA or ZPM or ASMs or GPMs to implement and safeguard the rights of these children.


Tashi Pujen (on email)

Arunachal Law Academy,



Media need to be more responsible

Dear Editor,

Thank god it is not the non-APSTs this time around. In the recent months there has been unprecedented violence in our so called peace loving state. Almost the entire media in the state has been indulging in non-APST bashing.

I don't know if the same yardstick of criminality will be applied for the peace loving APSTs of Ziro valley. Never has an incident happened in this state where an DC office is ransacked and then the mob proceeds coolly to the DC residence and ransack it without even thinking about the minor children inside the house.

The practice of committing criminal activities and then pressurizing the authorities to grant bail to the culprits has risen steeply. This pressurizing tactics has only been aided by the media houses unwittingly by publishing press releases by all kinds of organisations without verification of ground facts.

It is high time that people of our state analyse themselves before bashing other communities. Media need to act responsibly in this front.


A reader (on email)



Mr President’s visit

Dear Editor,

Obama comes to Asia and India would like to think the first black man to lead America is here only to meet them. It makes ordinary middle class Indians feel good: the President of arguably the most influential nation on earth comes for a three- and-a-half day visit tagging along the biggest entourage of CEOs. India is important in Asia and she has a number of admirers and yes, I grew up full of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in our social studies texts.

Well, Obama is taking along his whole entourage to the three other Asian nations – Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.

Mr. Obama’s trip is really economic in nature, especially after the trashing at the mid-term polls. The White House perhaps predicted what American voters were about to say to its Government at the way they have handled the economy. Perhaps, the administration reckoned that making an extended trip to some Asian economic powerhouses would be able to help relieve the President of the pressure at home by securing deals that guarantee return of jobs.

Pakistan is smarting, atleast according to some India based analysts. Pakistan is basically a political and military ally and the Americans have long term commitments with them . China is on a completely different scale as far as its political, economic and military considerations are concerned. You can’t put China along with India, or even with Japan. An American president must make a China specific trip, even if it was just for a day and a half.

Besides the ceremonial engagements and the pomp of the presence of a very influential figure in history, business for Obama includes outsourcing, dual technology use, visa fees, and yes, India’s favourite dream - a UNSC seat.

While the overall agenda is of great interest, the widely supported demand by India to secure a Permanent Seat within the exiting five member Security Council should not be delinked from this democracy’s practice of its theoretical greatness.

The US president had recently stated in his United Nations address in the General Assembly that justice, freedom and peace is a matter of moral necessity. “Those who defend these values are our allies,” he added. It is perfectly alright that Obama and Michelle stays at Taj Hotel in Mumbai in a “tribute to the resilience of the Indian people” and to underscore the shared concerns on what both these democracies call “terrorism”.  

By the time Mr Obama lands in Mumbai, the newspapers in Mumbai will have finished one round of reproducing a small news item about a lady in far away Burmese (China-ish) border who has protested for exactly ten years by refusing to eat. Sharmila went into fast the day Indian security forces mowed down a large number of civilian Meiteis. Will he have heard of immunity that the Indian military engaged in counter insurgency enjoys here? Will he enquire about the Naxal ‘menace’ or the progress made in ‘flushing’ our insurgency elements from within pockets in India’s North East?

This is to be taken in context of Obama’s call during that UN address appealing to nations, especially those that “emerged from tyranny” in the last century –South Africa to South Asia, Eastern Europe to South America – to don’t stand idly by when protestors are beaten. “Recall you own history”, he said.

Mr. Obama would do well to know that the prospects of India’s economic viability, the deftness of her political and bureaucratic class and the lavishness (and genuineness) of her people’s hospitality should not completely deny him or his aides to ignore the voices of pain and abject neglect. I hope Obama will meet voices from the other side, and not confine to visiting the jhuggi  jhopris of Mumbai and Delhi and some odd orphanages or ashrams.

The deal is this: India can only increase its legitimacy for a much bigger global role (and perhaps a UNSC seat along with Brazil) if and when she begins to truly engage with those that she hitherto considers as ‘elements’, ‘misguided’, ‘aided’ from across the border, and hostile ‘insurgents’.



Dimapur (on email)



Failing system

Dear Editor,

I have seen Arunachal Pradesh as a calm and peaceful state. But in recent trends it has been facing lots ot shackles of burden. The reason is due to poor administration prevailing system. The main reason for Arunachal's down falling administration system is that politics is being mixed up with bureaucracy.


Raj Nandi (on email)



These gambling sheds

Dear Editor,

This year we could see a bit of change in the way the administration has been maintaining the state of affairs in capital complex. First, eviction of unauthorized establishment near NH52. Now mobile courts to punish the defaulters of MV act. Yes, now we feel that something good is happening after all.

But, the way the administration has  permitted construction of gambling sheds on both sides of the main road in market place this diwali has added woes to the commuters.

Yesterday, I saw two people quarrelling for parking place. One beat up the other and spent a night at police station. On another occasion, I went to market with my children. I had to park 300 mtrs away from main market. It was really a very good work out carrying bag full of vegetables for that long distance.

The gambling sheds should not have been allowed to be constructed near NH and ever-crowded place.


Tai Gungte

Naharlagun (on email)






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All set for Ride in Paradise

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: The much awaited North East Rider’s Meet 2010 is all set to begin on Nov 9 with over 100 riders from 19 clubs across the country, having reached Guwahati.

Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Gen. J. J. Singh, will flag off the riders on the morning of November 10 when they embark on their seven day- 1300 kms epic ride to Mechukha. The ride will pass through Ziro, Daporijo, Along and Mechukha; and is poised to be a major tourism promoter as the riders from all over the country are expected to attend.

The highpoint of the motorcycle ride will be the participation of the riders in the Borders Areas Cultural Festival 2010 being held on 13-14 November in Mechukha with all the five major tribes of the Mechukha Sub-Division participating in the festival. The guest riders are expected to get a glimpse of the diversity of Arunachal tribes.

“We are trying to ensure that our guests get a taste of the real Arunachal and we are making all efforts for them to go back with fond memories of the state”, said Pasang Dorjee Sona, MLA, Mechukha and Chief Patron NERM.

Nabum Jose, Chair NERM and also the President of the Arunachal Bullet Club (ABC) informed that all preparations for the meet and the concert are on track and he also thanked all the institutions and individuals who are extending their support in spite of the on-going holidays. He also hoped that the people of the Capital Complex will join in the events.

Meanwhile, NERM 2010 will witness the first meeting of the North East Riders Alliance (NERA) in the morning of the Nov 9 where this newly constituted umbrella organization will also elect its first office bearers.

The same evening AFFLATUS, the internationally acclaimed, all girl band from Shillong will play in an open concert in honour of the Ride In Paradise.

Grace Miller, the lead vocalist of the band shared that the band is excited to play at the NERM 2010.


ACLS, ASCC decries killing, appeals for restrain

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: On 4th November, the Apatani Cultural & Literary Society (ACLS), Ziro held an emergency meeting to take stock of the ground situation in the aftermath of violent public reaction after a murder of a school boy.

The ACLS, unequivocally condemned the brutal murder and demanded exemplary punishment of those involved in the murder. However, the ACLS also vehemently condemned the vandalisation of the Deputy Commissioner’s office and the police station. The ACLS exhorted that attack on public infrastructure is destruction of our own property for which the innocent public have to suffer.

The ACLS further clarified that there is no communal consideration in the violent public reaction on Nov 03.

The ACLS stated that it will extend all possible help to the district administration in bringing normalcy to Ziro valley and appeal all organizations to show restraint and responsibility while requesting the district administration and the police establishment to extend similar gesture.

Apatani Students Co-ordination Committee, Rajiv Gandhi  University while decrying the killing of school boy as a very inhuman act by some socially unguided miscreant expressed its deepest anguish over the lack of security by the administrative concern of Ziro and held district administration responsible. The Union demanded the administration to be more alert and active and guide every human being, in and around Ziro, to peaceful co-existence.

ASCC RGU requested all the student unions, NGOs and officials to maintain peace and handle the situation very carefully and let law take its own course.

Meanwhile it has demanded the immediate release of President, Apatani Youth Association.


Home Away From Home

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: The “Mother Home” which is situated at Old Ziro, Lower Subansiri District is a “home away from home” and is indeed a place to visit where old-aged, deserted women, orphans, destitute and mentally challenged children are being supported.

However, as other rehabilitation centres in the state, the home is facing accommodation and financial problems.

But despite this, Talyang Santi who started the Home few years back is devotedly offering her services and undertakes numbers of recreational activities within the home to raise fund for the children and development of the home.

Now, the home is successfully providing facilities in boating, angling, tailoring training and a small museum is also in under construction.

Disclosing her difficulties and future plans to this reporter, Santi said ‘due to accommodation problems, the home could not provide shelter to the children of lesser god from other districts’, and added that if the state government could provide some financial help to the home it would be easier to make the dream come true soon.

However, despite this financial crisis, the lady with a vision to convey message of love and affection amongst the human being is enthusiastic enough to support old-aged, deserted women, orphans, destitute and mentally challenged children of the state in near future from her petite funds which she indirectly receive from visitors and donations from well wishers. Recently, Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, Chairman Jalley Sonam and All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union Secretary General Changma Tajo also visited the home and contributed an amount of Rs five thousand each to the Mother Home. The Chairman further gave 250 exercise books free of cost to 16 children who are presently taking shelter at Mothers Home.

Sonam further assuring to provide possible help to the children of lesser god, appealed the citizens to extend help.

Along with Sonam, Koj Kano and workers’ union members from Lower Subansiri District visited the home and appreciated Santi for her great works.


Govt yet to wake up while Police stations remain soft targets

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: In recent times, there has been an unprecedented increase in violence where citizens have damaged public property in the state. In fact damaging public property is the latest tactic used by the citizens to take out their anger and press for their demands.  

After Naharlagun, Pasighat, Roing and Bordumsa, Ziro is the latest town that saw destruction by angry citizens after a school boy was killed. The citizens vented out their anger by ransacking almost all the offices of the state govt, including the Deputy Commissioner’s office and residence and the Police station.

While the damage assessment is on and high powered committee formed, many questions will have to be answered.

In the all towns that saw public anger in recent times in Arunachal, police stations have been the favourite targets of the angry citizens.

In Ziro Police Station, there is nothing much left. Documents, computers and wireless sets have all been damaged. Even the under trial prisoners lock ups was not spared. During the time of the attack, there were eight UTPs. Despite past experiences, the Arunachal Pradesh Home Ministry remains a mute spectator. The much touted Police modernisation programme is on half heartedly and remains a favourite lip service.

Ill equipped in all sense of the words, there is nothing much these police stations and its officers can do when caught off guard.  

Is the government doing anything to address the concerns of the police and citizens? How many more incidents do we need to witness before the state government wakes up from slumber. These concerns and questions need to be answered by the state government and the home ministry.


Teacher’s agents of social changes reconstruction: Dr Neetranjan

               IGNOU conducts B.Ed. Practical based Workshop

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: The 2nd practical based workshop for B.Ed. students has started on Nov 6.

In the inaugural address, the Director IGNOU Dr. S. J. Neetranjan highlighted the role of teachers as the agents of social changes reconstruction. No nation reconstruction is possible without the active cooperation of the teachers. The role of a teacher is a multi faceted one comprising academic, pedagogical and social roles. Students have direct impact of their teachers love and affection shown towards them, his character, his competence and his moral commitment.

A nation is built by citizens, citizens are moulded by teachers, and teachers are made by teacher educators. They show the right direction, which leads to the student’s final destination. Flourishing national development and a society truly prosperous with knowledge begins from its teachers. The teacher is a representative of a society, who inculcates moral precepts.

The essence of the teacher as a nation builder cannot be over emphasized. Good teachers need to be themselves constantly seeking knowledge, be of good character, has high motivation, creative innovative and effective in the teaching strategy. The deeds of teachers are great because of them the students will become knowledgeable people who will be of use to the society and the nation. The teacher's greatness rests on the many intangible assets he or she develops. A teacher who internalizes these qualities is remembered by the pupils with admirations and respect. He urged the teacher trainees to wear many hats and synchronize with the young minds.

The coordinator of the programme Dr. Reena Tok and the counselor Mrs. D. S.S. Latha also spoke on the occasion. 85 teacher trainees have participated the inaugural session. The workshop will continue for 12 days.


Outings with Hoolock of Delo

Jikom Panor

Delo is small and a sleepy village under Kronu circle of Lower Dibang Valley district, Arunachal Pradesh. The area is inhabited by Mishmis.

Unlike most tribes of the state, people of this area usually do not hunt Hoolock gibbon.  As per the oral mythology of Mishmi tribe, hoolocks are descendent from same ancestors as human and are regarded to be the elder brother. Therefore killing of hoolock is forbidden in their society.

The hoolock gibbon were found abundantly in Dibang Valley District till 1950 earth quake. Unfortunately after the devastating earth quake of 1950, people from hilly terrain migrated to low laying fertile land of the district. The consequence of clearing the forest cover for settlement, cultivation etc. destroyed the habitat of hoolock leading to complete extinction of the species starting right from Sodia to Roing town. But, due to the mythological believe of Mishmi tribe the hoolock are still found in Delo and Koronu area.  

Hoolock gibbon, critically endangered and listed in IUCN Red Data and schedule –I of Wild life protection Act 1972. The only ape found in India, it is distributed in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland and Meghalaya.

The IUCN S.S.C primate specialist group has estimated that there are about 600-700  hoolocks sparsely distributed in 133 localities in North East India. It is also listed in the World’s 25 most Endangered Primates. There are two sub-species of hoolock gibbon namely- Eastern hoolock gibbon (Hoolock leuconydes) and Western hoolock gibbon (Hoolock hoolock. Eastern hoolock is found only in Arunachal Pradesh (Dibang Valley, Lohit and some part of Changlang), Myanmar and China. Whereas, Western hoolock is found in Assam Arunachal (Changlang and Tirap), Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Bangladesh.

Hoolock gibbon is facing serious anthropogenic disturbances such as hunting, poaching and habitat destruction and fragmentation in the Arunachal Pradesh as well as other parts of northeastern region. Decreasing in an area by about one third in last 10 years because of habitat loss and encroachment, quality of habitats, loss of fruiting & sleeping trees and increase in canopy gaps, the natural population of gibbon is reduced. In addition, trade for blood, bones, fur, and meat as a supplementary food and medicine are the other causes for its decline.

For the hoolock of Delo, the main threat are conflict with dog, worm infestation and habitat destruction due to agriculture, horticulture and tea plantation. I stumbled across this problem during 2005, in one of my tour programme relating to microchip implantation on elephant under project elephant.

As directed by Chukhu Loma, Deputy Chief Wildlife warden Naharlagun, I was doing rough assessment of hoolock population of the state along with my microchip duty. After going through my report, he obtained a permission from PCCF(Wildlife) for rescue of those hoolocks.

The first ever rescue operation on the species was attempted during the month of June 2006. There was no literature or expert to consult at that point of time. Although some scientists were working on the species, those were only preliminary and mostly their biological and habitat study. No record on their anatomy, physiology, treatment and tranquilization were available. I packed my tranquilizing equipment, other necessary medicine and appliances and left for Delo with my driver and one animal keeper.

My journey expenditure was contributed by Hiba Taji, Curator Biological Park, Itanagar and Chukhu Loma. The food and lodging was arranged Nani Sha,  DFO Mihao Wildlife sanctuary and subsequently by Tana Tapi. At that time there were about 200 hoolock (by head count) within 28 sqkm of area which subsequently reduced to 80 by the month of March’ 2009, my last to the area. The reductions in the number are attributed mostly to dog biting and worm infestation.

First day was spent in survey of the area. Second day passed without any success, but by the third day evening, we managed to rescue one female with baby from the mouth of a dog and brought them back to Itanagar zoo.  Again, during March 2007, we managed to rescue five more animals from the area.  During the same month, there was a National level conference on conservation breeding of wild animals at Guwahati, which was attended by Chukhu Loma. He managed to convince the member for establishment of conservation breeding centre at Biological Park, Itanagar. There were many competitors for the species including Delhi zoo, Assam state zoo, Tripura zoo and Aizwal zoo.

To start the breeding centre we still needed some more animal as parent stock. On December 2007, I went to Delo again with my team. After two days of hectic schedule, we could rescue four animals. Pasang, my animal keeper and an expert climber who was with me throughout the rescue operation was badly injured by one of the animal. After first aid, we were retuning via Dambuk- Mebo road, when on the way one female hoolock which was injured during the rescue operation died. We buried her and offered a  brief prayer for the departed soul.

On reaching the bank of river Siang, our vehicle got stuck in a small stream. We tried to pull out the vehicle without success.

Tana Tapi now DFO Pakke wildlife sanctuary fell in the water while pushing the vehicle. We used to call him Mokhna- the soliditary male elephant because of his daredevil character while discharging his duty to protect animals. However, here the Mokhna was shivering in cold and groaning with pains, and was totally helpless.

Pasang was sitting over a rock holding his injured hand, looking very small and in need of some motivation. It was more of a psychological problem we had at hand.

Sensing it I collected some straw, wood, and managed to start a fire. Being near the fire, we regained our courage. Finally, we succeeded in pulling out our vehicle. It took us five hours and it was already midnight.

Thanks to the technology, I managed to call my brother Talang Panor and my brother in-law Dr.Tagum Tamut for help. At 2 AM, both of them along with Onyok Tamuk the owner of the ferry, came to our rescue.

Finally, on 5th Aug 2008, our hard work paid. A female baby hoolock was born in the zoo and the news took the wildlife world by storm. Earlier the animal was believed to be un-breedable species in captivity. Thereafter, within a  span of three years, the zoo saw four more hoolock babies. Now the zoo is proudly leading the conservation breeding of the species in the country.   

Again on 2009, I left for Delo with a team comprising of Tana Tapi, Alok Kr. Singh Ipra, Sunil and his WTI (Wildlife Trust of India) and Riba DFO wildlife Roing and thier team. This time our project was to rescue and translocate those stranded hoolocks  from Delo to Mihao wildlife Sanctuary. After four days of hard work, we could capture only one animal. On the fourth day, I got sick with unexplainable symptom. I was taken to hospital and treated for hypoglycemia (lack of glucose in the body).  It did not help. I could not sleep the whole night. There was feeling of hollowness and helplessness. Something was really going wrong inside my body. I thought I was going to die. I thought of my wife and children and felt sorry for them.

Next morning I was taken to a local priest.  We had not told him anything but after examining me he started laughing and diagnosed that my problem was because I had captured monkeys! Immediately after rituals, I became all right.

But after five months the symptoms reappeared again. Thanks to Dorjee Kandu the Chief Minister and his cabinet, I got rupees four lakh from my 6th pay arrear.

With the money, I went to CMC Vellore for my thorough   medical check-up. After staying there for one month, I came back with perfectly healthy medical certificate. However, not satisfied with the report, I went to AIIMS Delhi. Except for irritable bowel syndrome, there was no significant diagnosis. With no choice left, I went to a local priest again.

Believe it or not but my life is limping back to normalcy after performing rituals to ward away the monkey ghosts! I hope to recover very soon. However, my idea of rescue and translocation of stranded hoolocks of Delo remains a distant dream, for I am scared of going back to that place over again.


ABSU Celebrate Silver Jubilee

Siram seeks people’s cooperation

PASIGHAT, Nov 6: All Bogong Students Union (ABSU) is celebrating its Silver Jubilee with various programmes at Balek school ground from Nov 5-7.

Addressing the inaugural function as the chief guest, Education Minister Bosiram Siram recalled the past glory and contributions made by the senior citizens of Bogong including Dr. Daying Ering, Oshong Ering as  public leaders, bureaucrats, technocrats and writers. The minister asked the students to follow the footprints of their forefathers to make the organization a vibrant for developments of their own area, Pasighat, state and the nation as well. Responding to three-point memorandum the minister claimed that  Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu led present government has given special attentions in education and health sectors. Siram sanctioned some amounts for construction of RCC school building, teachers’ quarters and security fencing wall of Balek Secondary School.

In regard to up-gradation of JN College, Pasighat to State University, he clarified the latest position and said the present financial position was not conducive, however process was on. Siram emphasized on self employment-oriented education so that students could choose right profession in various fields after completion of education.

Exhorting the people to cooperate with government to bring developments, he explained the need of hydropower stating that the present strength of power was not sufficient for the consumers. He said power also needed to take up industries to generate job opportunities of the next generations.

MLA Ralom Borang, who was the Guest of Honour, advised the students not only to be bookworm but to take part in co-curricular activities for personality development and character building. He also advised the union to follow nonviolence, the path shown by Bapu Gandhi.  The student unions should avoid politics and must focus their existence with constructive plan and activities improving local economy, Borang added.

Oyem Moyong and Basalung Jamoh, the founder President and General Secretary of ABSU were invited as special guests.

Onyok Tamuk, Prez PMA, Oti Dai EAC, Kaling Dai PL and Organizing Chairman Tabom Dai, ABSU President and General Secretary Tabit Gao and Dana Moyong also spoke on the occasion.

Among others, Deputy Commissioner in-charge SC Debnath ADC, officers and senior citizens of Bogong, Okom Yosung ZPM and Tobuk Dai Prez BCCI, students, teachers and public leaders were present on the occasion. DIPRO


Grand finale of Arunachal Boogie Woogie

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: The grand finale of Arunachal Boogie Woogie Dance competition 2010 will be held on Nov 7 at National Cinema Hall, Naharlagun from 5 pm onwards.

Five Finalist Tadar Neme (Kurung Kumey), Ana Nabam Hina (Papumpare), Vijay Singhie (East Kameng), and Rinchin Norbu Bapu (West Kameng) will battle it out for the winner’s trophy and cash awards. The winner will get Rs 3 lakhs (cash) and the runners up will get a cash prize of Rs 2 lakhs only with trophy. The stage audience poll shall also take on the grand finale upto 7 Pm only.

The Grand Finale will showcase the best of Arunachal Boogie Woogie 2010. The top 10 finalists will perform along with the five finalists.

The Arunachal Boogie Woogie team had come across some very talented youngsters during their district tour. The organizing committee has decided to provide them an opportunity to expose their talents before the people and have invited them to perform in the evening. The grand finale would be a musical extravaganza.

The organizing committee has decided to sponsor the top 10 finalists for auditions of popular dance reality DID scheduled in this November at Guwahati.


Scouts and Guide’s Flag Day

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: Scouts and Guides all over India will celebrate Flag Day tomorrow commemorating the day of formation of Bharat Scouts and Guides in India. It was formed in November 7, 1950 after merging different Scout organizations and the Girl association which were earlier working separately prior to India’s independence. The aim of the Flag Day is to spread the message of Scouting and Guiding amongst all sections of the society and collecting a nominal amount of Rs. 2 per flag sticker from friends, neighbours, well wishers and other fellow citizens by scouts and Guides as token of recognition and appreciation of the movement, said Bharat Scouts and Guides National Commissioner LM Jain, in a release. Its main emphasis is to re-inforce our commitment to national integration, preservation of nature and environment to enhance the membership, thereby spreading the message of peace and harmony, the release said adding that its membership has crossed 4.2 million mark this year.


       The festival of light and hope

Jairampur celebrates the day with uniqueness

Tom Simai

ITANAGAR/JAIRAMPUR, Nov 6: Like every year, an extraordinary approach has been attained to celebrate Dipawali in small town of Jairampur in Changlang district. It is astonishing to witness so many people accepting this remarkable idea of mass Deepawali celebration in a general ground relinquishing the comfort of their home. Its amazing not because people get together in a common ground but they came with their own crackers and sweets to exchange and enjoy. A rare celebration of compassion and humanity where people throng together irrespective of caste and religion in a chosen place to celebrate, the festival of lights, Deepawali, fills the sky of Jairampur with magnificent display of colors and lights.

People of Jairampur with family gathered in Jairampur General Ground to enjoy the exhibition of lights and crackers. It has become a tradition of this town to come together on this auspicious occasion and share alike the happiness of life.  This magnificent concept of community celebration came into existence 6 years back, when then Speaker, Setong Sena, visualized the concept to celebrate this festival with all the people in a designated place, to share the joy and happiness together.

On this particular day every citizens of his constituency along with the officials of government departments are invited to the Jairampur general ground to celebrate Deepawali with all the communities. It’s an inspiring and effective approach to expand communal harmony, unity, brotherhood among the people. And also the threat of fire or some other hazards caused by crackers has wholly vanished. Moreover, through this open ground one place celebration, the town remains spotless next day after the fire crackers display.

After 1-hour long sparkling fireworks, Finance Minister Setong Sena greeted  all gathered people and exchange sweets while ADC Jairampur M. Roy thanked citizens of Jairampur for maintaining this unique trend since last many years.

Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh and State First Lady Anupama Singh along with officials and staff of Raj Bhavan celebrated the Deepawali with traditional gaiety and fanfare at Raj Bhavan on Friday.

The whole of Raj Bhavan was decorated and illuminated with lights and Diyas. Members of Raj Bhavan family, including children enthusiastically took part in the fireworks and celebration.

Earlier, a prayer meeting was conducted in the Raj Bhavan. Led by the Governor and first lady, all offered prayers to peace and prosperity. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)



NYK conducts Sports Meet at Anjaw

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: Nehru Yuva Kendra, Tezu conducted Inter School Games &Sports Competition under Panchayat Yuva Krida Khel Abhiyan at Hayuliang, Anjaw on November 2 and 3.

110 students of eight Schools of the district took part in the events which included track and field and badminton.

 The competition was inaugurated by Anjaw ZP Chairperson B.Tega while the Hayuliang ADC distributed prizes to the winners.


ERCC, UCCC win in U-19 inter club ranking tourney

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: East Region Cricket Club (ERCC) Tezu defeated Nirjuli Legends Cricket Club (NLCC) by 7 wickets in league level match of U-19 Inter Club  Ranking T20 Cricket tournament played at Naharlagun cricket ground today.

Electing to bat first after winning the toss, NLCC made a paltry 66 runs losing their all wickets. In reply, ERCC reached the target in 10.1 over losing three wickets. Jony Mai, who contributed 12 run and took four wickets, was adjudged the man of the match.

In another match of the day, United Capital Cricket Club (UCCC), Itanagar beat Deccan Youth Cricket Club, Naharlagun by four wickets. Takar of UCC was declared man of the match. He made 28 runs from 27 balls and took one wicket.

‘A’ Sector Youth Cricket Club, Naharlagun will meet Papum Poma Cricket Club, Balijan in tomorrow’s first match at 8 am while Eleven Stars Cricket Club will play against Nirjuli Market Welfare Youth Cricket Club in another match of the day to be held at 12.30 pm.


Takam Pario visit constituency

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: Palin MLA Takam Pario was on a three-day visit to his circle, Palin  from Nov 1 to 3.

While addressing the gathering on the occasion of triangular sports meet at  Bokam Govt Middle School, Pario called upon the students to participate in such co-curriculum activities. He also asked the students to give top priority on study and maintain discipline and respect the elders and teachers.

Palin CO Pisa Tarak, who accompanied the MLA,  suggested that such sports should be organized in bigger away with participation of all the schools of the area  every two years to save money and study time of the students.

Palin ZPM Techi Azad also spoke on the occasion.

Earlier, ASM Donik Tagi, Ajmi submitted a ten-point memorandum to the MLA.

Later accompanied by Govt officials, the MLA inspected the proposed site of Primary Health Centre, ADC headquarters, Pania.

The MLA also addressed a meeting conducted at Jorung, the project site of 50-bedded Hospital.  Meeting was organized particularly to discuss 2nd phase of the 50-bedded project work. While lauding the former MLA Balo Raja and Late Jimi Tassar for bringing the project, he appealed the opposition party to give him free hand for proper implementation of ongoing development projects. It would be possible to accelerate development in the area with the cooperation of the opposition party, he said.

The hospital is a major development project not only for Palin segment but also for entire Kurung Kumey district; he said and called for implementation of hospital project with quality works.   He also appealed to the people to maintain peace and tranquility.

He further called upon the contractors to obtain proper work order and implement the works as per guidelines of the department concern.

Among others, panchayat leaders and Govt officials also spoke on the occasion.


Congress celebrates 140th birth anniversary of Deshbandhu Chittaranjan

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: The 140th Birth Anniversary of freedom fighter Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das was celebrated at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan here on Nov 5. The function was organized by the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee Vigilance Cell to mark the 125 years of the Indian National Congress.

The programme started with floral tribute paid to the portrait of Chittaranjan Das by APCC vigilance cell convenor T K Murtem.

Speaking on the occasion, RD and Panchayat Minister Takar Marde recalled the remarkable contribution of Late Deshbandhu in freedom struggle of the country.

Marde, who is also vice president of the APCC, appealed to the party workers to follow the path shown by great leaders who gave up their lives for the cause of the country and its people.

APCC general secretary Minkir Lollen while recalling the contribution of late Deshbandhu said apart from reaping the  fruits of freedom of the country,  each and every people should take the responsibility of maintaining peace and harmony in the state and the country as a whole.

APCC secretary A T Kullo briefed on the life history of   Late Deshbandhu.

Large number of Congress leaders including APMCC president Yari Dulom, APCC spokesman and advisor to CM, Vishal P Nabam, APCC secretary Byabang Nukh, APCC legal cell chairman Advocate Kholie Tado, APCC Public Grievances Cell chairman Haryom Bam and Congress office bearers took part in the celebration.


More research needed to identify freedom fighters

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: Paator Gumin Heritage Preservation and Research Foundation, Kebang village appreciated and extended supports to the demand of War Memorial Action Committee for erection of memorial stone in memory of the freedom fighters of Siang valley as part of centenary celebration of Pasighat town.

However, the PGHP&RF suggested that the names of freedom fighters should be inscribed after proper research so that all the deserved freedom fighter’s names be included.

It further suggested that along with the research done by War Memorial Society and PGHP&RF, Adi Baane Kebang should spearhead the research activities by constituting a research committee in collaboration with government agencies like departments of research and tourism to identify the genuine freedom fighters of the Siang Valley.


Orientation prog on RMSA held

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: An orientation cum workshop on SEMIS under Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan was held at Naharlagun yesterday.

The orientation programme was attended by all the secondary and higher secondary school principals, headmasters and in-charge head masters of government and private schools along with all block resource centre coordinators and cluster resource coordinators.

Speaking on the occasion, DDSE cum RMSA Chairman T T Tara advised the concern authorities of the districts to submit the accurate information on time for preparation of annual work plan and budget.

Resource person and state co-ordinator RMSA KK Pandey highlighted about RMSA and urged all the principals, headmasters and in-charge headmasters to take proper care while projecting data or information.

District Coordinator, RMSA Papum Pare District Gollo Tatang informed that the district is fully prepared for implementation of the schemes under RMSA.


Houses burnt

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: Taniang Youth Welfare Association, in a release, informed that two houses were burnt down in a fire accident at Raiga village under Gungte circle on November 2 last at around 12.30 pm.

The Association  urged the authority to send a team of PI and AFA to visit the spot and assess the damages for providing necessary help to the victims.


College Day celebration

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: Donyi-Polo Government College, Kamki (DPGC) is going to celebrate its 13th Annual College Day celebration from Nov 17 to 20.

Aalo PWD Superintendent Engineer Markar Bam and Executive Engineer, electrical division Modam Jini have consented to attend the celebration as chief guest and guest of honour.

While Chief Engineer PHE Itanagar T. Ketan and Superintendent Engineer, Aalo Electrical division Rokom Bado have consented to attend the valedictory function as chief guest and guest of honour respectively on Nov 20.


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