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November - 08



Salute to the Iron Lady

Dear Editor,

The article Manipur's "Iron Lady" completes 10 years of hunger strike...(Nov. 3) made me aware not so much of Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) or its fallout but of Irom Chanu Sharmila, a woman that truly deserves to be known as "Iron Lady of Manipur". Sharmila who has been on a steadfast for 10 years demanding the withdrawal of AFSPA from Manipur has become an image and a symbol of the pain and tragic memories not merely of her people but of democrats everywhere.  As a true patriot, I salute her for a big step taken with great courage and risk. The rape, torture and killing of Thangjam Manorama by the security forces and the nude protest by elderly women have all been woefully neglected by the centre. Her demand for the withdrawal of AFSPA should be fulfilled. The AFSPA has taken an immense toll on human lives. However, it has also taken toll on Sharmila without physically killing her. The centre should adopt some other way to put down insurgency in the state.


Liyi Diyum   

Bangalore (on email)


The speeding bikes!

Dear Editor,

We demand for good roads to travel on, but what if these roads are used as race tracks by some existing stunning bikers who have no speed limit for their ride. The road from Naharlagun to Itanagar is pathetic and the rides are increasing day by day on this road, and often these speeding bikes rush through the rear-view mirror risking safety of self  and others as well.

The narrow and damaged road connecting the twin city is already congested with many vehicles and we have to manoeuvre our car on this pathetic road to avoid accident, but the rampant bikers risk life of anyone who comes on its way. They cause haywire for the traffic coming against its motion. There should be definite speed limit for vehicles travelling on this road. The district administration should take strict measures to check such dangerous driving and deter others from doing so, as we profoundly believe that safety can never be compromised.


Concerned citizen

Naharlagun (on email)


Put in joint efforts to restore peace

Dear Editor,

The Ziro incident that occurred on Nov 1 was shocking and condemnable. Accused in the incident should be given exemplary punishment as per law so that no one can dare to commit such crime in future.

Now the need of the hour is to restore peace and harmony. While extending solidarity with the aggrieved family of the victim, I appeal to the people of Ziro valley and the District administration come together to restore peace and communal harmony as early as possible instead of blaming each other for the incident.

Many a times, before the recent incident, the people of Ziro valley proved themselves as peace lovers and law abiding under the able district administration. So it would not be right to fix responsibility to the DC only for the incident, rather we should put all effort jointly to bring back peace and harmony in Ziro and see to it that such incident never happens in future.

I once again request the people of Ziro to extend cooperation to District administration and  allow law to take its course and also request to the state Govt to extend every possible support to district administration for restoring peace.


Ranjon Bini




Dear Editor,

Apropos the letter published in this daily on November four written by Mohan Gyadi on ANSU Electoral Enrollment system, I would like to mention few lines to clarify the doubts and confusions.

Electoral enrolment process was adopted during the ANSU constitution review meeting held in November, 2009 to check fake students (bogus voter) from voting. The meeting was attended by senior students from Nyishi community and district leaders. This is not a sole decision of the present ANSU executive members.

Further, this process will prevent double enrolment of voters. Many students from various districts are residing at capital complex, and there is every possibility of double enrolment, if enrolment committee accepts individual application. Hence, it was directed to all that names of students studying in various colleges and universities should come through their respective district students unions and branch students unions. However, those students, who are pursuing their studies outside the state, may send their necessary documents for enrolment through their friends in capital complex, if available. But, it is clearly informed that every student should come in person at the time of collection of their I-cards. The Rs.50 to be collected during collection of I-card would be utilized in paper works.

I appeal to all not be confused in ANSU electoral enrolment system and if there is, they should come to the ANSU office and get their doubts cleared.


Nabam Akin Hina

Electoral Enrolment Committee


Save the biodiversity

Dear Editor,

I am born & brought up at Arunachal Pradesh. I surveyed ethnic & indigenous knowledge system and cultural value of tribal people for four years.

Slowly and steadily it’s losing its systems and values and biodiversity.

So it is necessary for every individual to help conserve the cultural and ecological biodiversity of the land of rising sun.

Every associations and forum should take an active part towards this cause.


Ajay Kumar

New Delhi (on email)

Act now to restore faith

Dear Editor,

Anything that advocates peace is universally accepted by all. It is heartening to learn that Namsai slowly is pacing up to regain its lost peace and glory, ingloriously disturbed by some.

Peace-loving people even from the community must be silently praying that at least violence and atrocities from their end is being halted by the presence of huge military blanket, if atleast not for anything else.

However, this doesn't and should not give the scope for the episode to be forgotten and buried in some government official files. The restraint shown by the Khamptis and Singphos is tremendously strong and unprecedentedly amazing. No other tribe of this state would have shown such maturity and self-control, being attacked in such a brutal way.

The government must reciprocate this moderation by fulfilling few of the important demands made by the community. The root cause of all these problems is the leaders of the Lohit-Changlang Development Forum. At least after so many days, the administration should have arrested these trouble mongers. Merely warning them and then suppressing them to be quiet for a while, will only embolden them to undertake these kind of activities in the future.

Out of so many demands made by the community, I urge the government to act on this immediately so that people's faith on this administration could be restored partially, if not fully. Because, justice delayed is justice denied.


A citizen,

(On email)


APPSCCE pattern

Dear Editor,

As we all know that our state civil service exam is based on the UPSC pattern. I want to know from the commission that as UPSC have plan to conduct CSAT(civil services aptitude test) instead of preliminary exam from 2011 onwards, whether it will be the new pattern or old one for us in APPSCCE.

The commission should see that no confusion occur this time and dragged to court unlike other years.

We the aspirants have great regard for the commission because this is only exam where one can show his/her talent.Therefore it is my humble request to the commission to let us know the pattern as soon as possible.


APPSCCE aspirant,

(On email)


Stage-Managed Shows

Dear Editor,

Most of the viewers are made to believe that reality shows on TV are real. But the fact is that all these shows are ‘Stage-Managed’ Shows.

Be it singing, dancing competitions, the fights among judges, the crying, feet-touching, all these are well-scripted before recording goes on. All the so called reality shows, be it singing, dancing, Big Boss, Splitsville, Emotional Atyachaar etc., these are more of stage-managed shows than reality shows. People should avoid being fooled in the name of reality.


Sumon Das


(on email)


Clear the tension in Ziro

Dear Editor,

What happened at Ziro was unfortunate and could have been avoided had the communities given a little thought. Anger is understandable but taking law into hands is not at all justified. There are other ways of attracting the attention of the administration.  Well being of a society is not the responsibility of a single person or the government machinery alone. People too have to play a responsible role. The administration alone cannot bring order in a society.

Most of time it is administration that bears the brunt of anger. But there are ways of doing it. Attacking the residence of the DC and other establishment is condemnable. A bad precedence has been set in the state. Such kind of action should not be tolerated at any cost. All sections of society in Ziro need to learn to live in harmony. The tension in the air need to be sorted out by the citizens themselves. When there is no harmony, even the most able administration would not be of any help.  


A citizen (on email)


The dilemma of politics, media and associations

Dear Editor,

The North Eastern part of today’s India had enjoyed sovereignty of its own before the invasion of British.  They never comprised with self dignity and was under the  gaon bura institutions and traditional justice system.

Unlike the people of heartland of the country, the people of North East have unique history of its own.

Though the people of Arunachalee are very much part of the Indian democratic system, the illiterate and poor people of remote area still depend on village justice system and gaon bura institution for reddressal of any dispute. In urban area too, many citizens still believe in traditional dispute reddressal system instead of approaching the Police or court. This is not because people do not have faith in modern judicial system, this is because they have deep rooted tradition of dispute reddressal system and maintaining unity and harmony within the communities.

Under these circumstances, it is not easy task for both state Govt and media to make the people go with the system of governance, though the people themselves choose the people to govern them.

There is no gain saying that, except implementation of centrally sponsored schemes, the state Govt had no remarkable contribution of its own in development of state. Of course, competition between the elected representatives to inaugurate and upgrade as much schools in their respective areas a year before the Assembly election is common thing. It does not matter whether the SSA teachers take the additional burden and play the role of headmaster or principal temporarily to run the upgraded schools. Frankly, added number of schools without infrastructure and required teachers make the education system sick instead of healthy improvement.

On the other sectors, the word ‘development’ come to the watering mouth of elected representatives only when there is every possibility to have central fund. Otherwise, you have to satisfy yourself only with assurances that emanate from the clever brain of the leaders.

If you peep into the activities of the our elected leaders,  you will find that the people in power are wasting most precious years of the elected period in political calculation, taking revenge against political opponent after election and giving assurance to revamp the activities of their respective department. Of course, you will find the Right Honourables busy in inauguration and announcement during 3rd and fourth year and fifth year before next election is the year of mass appointment of political supporters of respective leader.

On the other hand, the bureaucrats put their brain inside the Almirah most of the year, as they have to just follow the order of the head of the respective ministry. Some bureaucrats are seemed overburden with responsibility of many departments at a time. But they never complain, because it is democracy, the leaders are mai-baap.

The state media too, which is the last platform of the people, particularly for some NGOs to shoot the state Govt with bullet of grievances, are also losing its grip most of the time.   If someone follows the local news papers regularly, he will find how some NGOs, whose activities are either allegations on corruption and inter-clash within the organizations, are using the media to serve their own purpose.

You will find selection, election and formation of organizations and  impeachment, dismissal and clarification from many little known or unknown organizations in regular basis in news papers.  The readers have no other option but to read it. This has exposed how the media in the state are working helplessly.

In our state ‘corruption’ is a favourable word for some organizations to show their existence, on the other hand, it is a forbidden word for the people in the helm of affair. And for media, the same word is like a ‘serious patient’ in operation room. It is not that there is no corruption in the state but the question is how sincere and responsible the people or organizations supposedly fighting against corruption.  

Arunachal Pradesh may not have much scope to expand its economic activities but its people still have enough potential to show how civilization can  survive  and exist with its time-tested tradition in the first changing world.  The most precious asset of the Arunachalee people are love and respect for human being irrespective of any community or religion, their simplicity and honest nature.  The people here need no much lesson about morality and humanity as these are inborn quality of the tribal people.  The need of the hour is to reinvigorate the inner qualities already within.

Time has come for peace-loving people of the state to think seriously in collective way to go deep into the system of governance and working of media for the benefit of themselves and future generation. On the other hand, state Govt and media should have strong policy to guide the people in right direction. Otherwise, the coming generation will not forgive them, rather laugh at.  Arunachal, a budding state, need no much politics but retrospection and mutual understanding. At the end of day, it is peace that works, not money or status.  


A concern citizen





The poison tree has been planted

Dear Editor,

The series of ugly and inharmonious incidents have occurred in Lohit district. One can predict these obnoxious incidents will trigger some more unfortunate times in the future also. Before the issue of P.R.C the people from both the factions; Arunachalee tribes and non tribes have lived in harmony since many years. Seen in this light, it was only when govt. of A.P. tabled the issue of granting P.R.C. to non A.P.S.Ts  in Lohit and Changlang the ugly hue and cry disrupted the tranquil atmosphere.

Here, there are no two opinions about the fact that both the A.P.S.T. and non A.P.S.T are at the receiving end. Only some of the so called leaders are reaping their ugly political gains.

Now we can see that the issue is not going to die, the poison tree has been planted by the politicians who are going to bear the ugly fruits, I feel as a senior responsible citizen of the district is that, the P.R.C should be granted to all those non A.P.S.T. who have been living here for a generation. All these people have shared the thick and thin times with the A.P.S.T. people of the district. The present issue is creating misunderstanding among both the sections of the Lohit district.

The Politicians being the leaders of the people should convince the A.P.S.T. and grant P.R.C. to the non A.P.S.T. of the said area. I would also request our representatives not to take up the issues which will go out of the hand. The present impasse happened only because of mishandling of the P.R.C. issue.  


Khuje Drai

Tezu (on email)





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APSACS set to reach out to youths

HIV/AIDS is not just a health issue: Byaling

ITANAGAR, Nov 7: The four month long Multimedia Campaign on HIV/AIDS shall be kicked off  from Daporijo, Upper Subansiri by Health Minister Tanga Byaling  on Nov  10.

The MMC which basically aims at capitalising on the popularity of local entertainment avenues among youth like music concerts and sports, in its first phase shall be in the form of musical competition among the local bands of the state covering nine HIV high prevalent districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

The four months MMC spanning from October 2010 to Feb 2011 shall be launched in three phases in Arunachal Pradesh. The first phase shall be the musical contest among the bands followed by State Level Soccer tournament and Road Shows in twenty blocks of Arunachal Pradesh.

Urging the youths to come forwards and join the MMC by taking part in various activities like Red Ribbon Superstar contest among the musical bands and soccer tournament, Byaling, said that this campaign is very important especially for the youths who are the backbone of the nation. HIV/AIDS is not just a health issue; it is a socio economic issue as it affects the young and the productive group mostly. Every citizen of the nation should put an effort to stop and halt the further spread of HIV/AIDS. At the same time we also should be very sensitive to the issue of stigma and discrimination, myths and misconception attach to HIV/AIDS and dispel such issues from the mind of the people by giving them correct and complete information to the people, he added.

The Health Minister also urged the concerned district authorities to extend all possible help to make the campaign successful at the district level so that more and young group can participate in the competition.

Tapen Siga, MLA, Daporijo shall attend the programme as the guest of honour and there would be a performance by the Alien Gods.

After scrutiny of the entries, there are 22 bands in the line up for the competition representing various districts of the state. Apart from musical competitions, various activities like Voluntary Blood Donation, IEC Exhibition on HIV/AIDS, Interpersonal Communication on HIV/AIDS, Voluntary Counselling and Testing shall be carried out in all the nine venues during the campaign.

A P State AIDS Control Society, Naharlagun, Health Department, Directorate of Higher & Technical Education, Department of IPR, Department of Art & Culture, Department of Sports & Youth Affairs, Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalist, Arunachal Press Club, DDK, Itanagar, AIR, Itanagar and District Administrations are the main partners in this campaign.


20 houses reduced to ashes at Nari

PASIGHAT, Nov 7: 20 houses has been burnt following major fire accident at the Nari main market area on Nov 6 last at around 9.30 PM. The devastating fire completely damaged twenty houses including SP type building and huts.

The ADC Tasong Mibang along with local leaders, officers and police team visited the spot and took stock of the tragic situation. Meanwhile the victims have been temporarily accommodated in nearby areas and the ADC Mibang appealed the district authority for immediate relief grant to each victims.

 Though the police are investigating to find out the root cause of accident, reliable sources informed and claimed that the accident started at a Video Hall and spread immediately into the area.

 The ZPM Kenyom Dabi has also appealed the state’s Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, Home Minister Tako Dabi who is also the local MLA of Nari, DC Pasighat, relief & rehabilitation authority and local administration to look into the matter and to extend supports to the fire victims.


Itanagar gets ready for NERM-2010

ITANAGAR, Nov 7: Over 100 riders from 19 clubs across the country would reach Itanagar on Monday afternoon to take part in the North East Riders Meet.

Prior to the seven day- 1300 kms epic ride to Mechukha, passing through Ziro, Daporijo, Along, there is lot more in store for the riders and the citizens. IG Park would be the centre of attraction from November 8 as lot of activities have been lined up prior to the flag off.  

Indigenous Food stalls and a Nepali food joint and Handicraft Stall would be ready to welcome the citizens from Monday evening while the special attraction is stalls by A to Z, Mumbai, Eastern Bull, Kolkata and Pawan Automobiles, Gauhati with accessories for all kinds of bikes.  

On Nov 9, AFFLATUS, the internationally acclaimed, all girl band from Shillong will play in an open concert at Indira Gandhi Park.

Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Gen. J. J. Singh, will flag off the riders on the morning of November 10 from Itanagar. The highpoint of the motorcycle ride will be the participation of the riders in the Borders Areas Cultural Festival 2010 being held on 13-14 November in Mechukha with all the five major tribes of the Mechukha Sub-Division participating in the festival.

Nabum Jose, Chair NERM and also the President of the Arunachal Bullet Club (ABC) informed that all preparations for the meet and the concert are on track. He informed that bike ride would see the participation of people from all sections including politicians, PR leaders and government officials. He further informed that Itanagar Market Welfare Association has arranged a special welcome for the riders.


AAPSU terms capital roads death trap,suggests govt to show uniform gesture

ITANAGAR, Nov 7: Taking a dig at Capital administration, All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has sought explanations why it is not taking any tangible steps to improve the road condition of capital region.

“Often we read in media that government is taking steps to improve road condition. But at ground level nothing has been done, said AAPSU president Takam Tatung while adding that many fatal accidents occur due to bad road conditions. They should be answerable for death of ordinary citizens as capital road has become a death trap,” said Tatung.

He went on to add, “There seems to be no co-ordination between various departments of capital. This lack of co-ordination has made mess out of Itanagar and Naharlagun region.” He also lamented the fact that capital does not have any proper parking lot which makes people park cars in road leading to disruptions of traffic.

“Urban development department gets so much of fund for beautification of capital. Where are those funds going as there is no  changes in capital complex,” stated  Tatung.

Further he added, “Only those areas where VIP resides have got best road condition. VIPs are getting 24 hour water supply. What about poor and ordinary citizens? Today many sector roads are in deplorable condition and many colonies do not get water supply. Capital administration needs to answer to our queries.”

AAPSU President also expressed his ire over bad road condition leading to Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU). “First of all the basic design of RGU road is full of flaws. The particular stretch of road from Doimukh till RGU is so dangerous, the union said while warning that in case of any accident, consequences will be horrible.

Government should seriously plan to construct another road with better design,” stated Tatung.

Condition of Hoj-Potin that connects capital to Lower Subansiri, Kurung Kumey and Upper Subansiri districts is in absolute mess,” said Tatung.

He also urged government to improve the road condition of Doimukh-Gumto and Naharlagun-Jully road at the earliest so that heavy vehicles should be allowed to ply from these two stretches. “Heavy vehicles should not be allowed to ply on NH52 (A). They not only create trouble for motorists but also cause lot of damages to road. Heavy vehicle should be made to ply from Gumto to Naharlagun and from there use Jully road to reach Itanagar,” said Tatung.

(AAPSU) has welcomed the recent report that Miao-Vijaynagar(MV) road would be opened for traffic by month of January. In a press statement AAPSU President Takam Tatung has appreciated the way state governor and concern department had put in so much of effort to complete this road project at the earliest.

 But in the same vein he also wished that authority exhibit similar enthusiasms to complete other road projects of state.  

 “This news will no doubt bring in lot of happiness for people of Vijaynagar, he said while advocating road connectivity for places like Tali, Takshing and many more interior areas.

In fact 20 Tali constituency do not have any road connectivity and authority should show same kind of zeal to give road connectivity,” Tatung said.


Free Pediatric Ophthalmology surgeries

C.M.E at R.K. Mission Hospital

ITANAGAR, Nov 7: A C.M.E. on Pediatric Ophthalmology was held today at the conference hall of R.K. Mission Hospital attended by the medical fraternity from Itanagar and Naharlagun.

Dr. David Laws Pediatric Ophthalmologist from U.K. was the resource person.

Chief Medical Officer, General Hospital, Naharlagun Dr. Moji Jini in his address, touched upon the problem of eye diseases in the State. He lauded the efforts of R.K.M.H. and its collaboration with ORBIS in trying to mitigate this condition. He expressed hope that R.K.M.H. would carry on this good job for many years to come.

Swami Vishwesha-nanda, Secretary, R.K. Mission Hospital, also addressed the gathering.

Dr. Rishi Raj Borah spoke on its role ORBIS in prevention of blindness in India.

In the clinical session of the program, Dr. David Laws told about the Pediatric eye diseases, their causes and remedies in his visual presentation. The presentation had vivid images of the various eye ailments of children and in depth description of the diseases. It also had video clips of various ailments. He expressed his thanks to ORBIS and R.K.M.H.

The session was followed by an interactive session, in which Dr. Laws answered various queries put by the doctors present.

Dr. Lobsang, senior Ophthalmologist, R.K.M.H. also spoke on the occasion.

Dr. David Laws will be available in the RKM Hospital until 11 November 2010 and would be conducting free Pediatric Ophthalmology surgeries during this period. A special arrangement has been made to televise the surgeries live with interactive sessions.


Sonam and Tajo re-selected

ITANAGAR, Nov 7: Jalley Sonam and Changma Tajo have been re-selected as President and Secretary General of All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union (AAPWU) for a period of five years in its 8th annual general conference cum rally held at Daporijo recently.  The tenure of the president and secretary general was extended from three years to five years in the recently concluded AAPWU conference.

Meanwhile, members of AAPWU headquarters lauded its district units for re-selecting Sonam and Tajo.

Both the newly selected president and secretary general  of AAPWU were accorded warm welcome at its headquarter at  Itanagar on Nov 4.

It may be mentioned here that the present Union was first formed in 2003  with its name - Arunachal Pradesh Trade Union Federation (APTUF) under the initiative of Sonam and Tajo.

In 2005, the nomenclature  APTUF was  changed to All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union (AAPWU) with Sonam and Tajo as its first president and general secretary.


Global grassroots movement meets at Temaca

Raju Mimi

It’s hot sunny afternoon and the weather is dry in this far rugged country side. A truck stops by the bar and a man with a hat and mustache comes out of the vehicle. This is ‘Mexico’ that comes to my mind.

Fortunately I had the opportunity to visit this country as I was invited by International Rivers, an organization based in Berkeley in California to attend its third meeting of dam affected people.  The meeting was held on October 1-7 in a small Mexican town of Temacapulin.

This sleepy town became the hub for discussion, attending seminars and sharing information to develop collective strategies to strengthen movement to protect rivers and the rights of the communities that depend on them. Around 300 participants of different dam affected communities from 60 countries took part in the meeting, ‘Rivers for Life’.

I was recommended by my friends in Delhi and Pune to attend this biggest ever gathering of dam affected communities from around the world. I represented my small Idu Mishmi tribal community which is now faced with the collective threat of 17 large dams.

On arrival at Temacapulin we were greeted with smiles. This town of 500 people has four century old beautiful heritage, monuments, a cathedral and a lively community. The bad news is that this town will be inundated if the big dam called El Zapotillo is built and the people living there have to face eviction.

The local people are strongly against the construction of the dam. So by participating in the meeting, we not only became part of the global alliance against big dams but also part of the local struggle.

Each day in Temaca started with the early morning ‘mistica’, a 15 minute gathering for solidarity. It went as the most rousing moments during the meet where participants from different countries would come together to sing songs of resistance with protest banners.

In the meeting we were part of the Affected People’s Forum where we shared our stories of resistance with other affected people from Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, China, Mexico and Burma.

Some participants wore red bandana and were the ones of whom we were advised not to click pictures of them. We were told they had come to the meeting at great personal risk and came from countries where govt is extremely repressive.

I was curious about one such young activist who is based in Thailand.

She told me that she left her family back in northern highlands of Burma to continue with their struggle against big dam being built in their homeland. These highlands are where many ethnic groups that share cultural similarities with tribals from Arunachal inhabit. Since Burma doesn’t allow free voices and protest, many activists like her work from outside the country.

Though activism in Arunachal has been so far met with soft repression, but the slow built up of heavy military presence can pose permanent security challenges to any future voice of dissent. One of the recent developments in Arunachal is the rapid militarization of the state and it has been apparent due to threat of border incursion by Chinese Army on pretext of Chinese claim on the state. Other reason is to provide security to infrastructure such as dams and highways for which the state govt has plans to mobilize 30000 troops in this frontier state.

The importance of such international meet is that people at grassroots can get access to funders and organizations that can help sustain local movements. On growing anti dam movement in Arunachal, recently many politicians have accused ‘outside forces’ of discouraging development in this interior region. But to resist the ‘outside agents and companies’ that are ‘luring’ and ‘misguiding’ our state govt for ‘hydro dollars’ we also need ‘outside forces’ to stop these profit monger from exploiting us.


Tezu meeting say no to PRC

ITANAGAR, Nov 7: A meeting was today held at Indira Gandhi Government College, Tezu to discuss about situation arising out of violence at Namsai because of pro-PRC rally organized by non-APST people last month.

Around 20 thousand people turned up for meeting from Khampti and Mishmi belt. After a prolonged discussion, members present decided to constitute a core committee comprising of all section of society of Lohit and Changlang to check further grant of PRC to non-APSTs in the two districts. Member present also demanded immediate arrest of Lohit and Changlang Development Forum (LCDF) president and general secretary for instigating violence against indigenous Khampti tribe at Namsai town.

Further they have asked government to compensate local citizens whose private properties were damaged during October 23rd violence perpetrated by non-APSTs at Namsai, New Mohong, Old Mohong and Silatoo.

 In another decision taken during meeting, every one present asked government of Arunachal Pradesh not to constitute any committee at any level to grant PRC to non-APST. Beside seeking cancellation of franchisee and candidature of non-APST in Panchayati Raj institution, citizens present sought transfer of Lohit deputy commissioner, additional deputy commissioner of Namsai, Superintendent of police Lohit and other officials whose failure led to non-APST waging war against tribal people in their own home. Citizen also demanded  judicial probe into October 23rd violence incident at Namsai.

Meeting was convened under the banner of All Lohit Students Union and attended by representatives of All Namsai Area Youth Association, Tai Khampti Development Society, All Tai Khampti Singpho Students Union, All Mishmi Students Union and All Idu Mishmi Students Union.


Congress reacts

ITANAGAR,  Nov  7: The Congress leaders and Panchayat members of Likabali area  strongly reacted to the statement of  Galo Students Union (GSU) criticizing Likabali MLA Jomde Kena and  Chief secretary Tabom Bam  for their alleged failure to protect the rights of Galo community, particularly on Assam-Arunachal boundary issue.

Reacting to the statement of GSU published in this daily on Nov 1, Likabali block Congress leaders  and Panchayat  members  in a release today said it was Kena, the present MLA  cum Parliamentary secretary, information technology, and science and technology, who took  up the issue of  encroachment and establishment of Assam 22nd IRBn headquarters and Training Centre  within Arunachal terriroty at Likabali during 2007. They further informed a case is pending in the Apex Court for final settlement of the issue.

Moreover, during the time of dispute between the people living along both side of the boundary area in 2008, it was again Kena who  took the  initiative to defuse tension and to find out solution to boundary problem.  Subsequently the Guwahati High Court, Itanagar Permanent Bench in its order asked for status quo on boundary issue, the release said.

On the other hand,   contributions of Tabom Bam to Likabali sub division as then DC of West Siang district can not be ignored. During 1987 boundary dispute, Bam  had played crucial role to protect the interest of people of Likabali sub division, the  release said.


State level talent search exam

ITANAGAR, Nov 7: NCS Education, an Itanagar based  Institute will conduct a talent search exam   for the  students  from Class V to X of the state on April 24, 2011. The examination will be held in different centres of district headquarters in three categories. The students securing 1st , 2nd and 3rd  position  in each category will  be awarded cash prize of Rs 6000, Rs 5000 and Rs 4000 respectively, a release said.


Students concern at law and order

ITANAGAR, Nov 7: Government degree college Seppa students union has expressed serious concern over deteriorating law and order situation of East Kameng district. Citing example of recent sprout in criminal activities in the district, especially daring failed kidnap attempt of Gammon India officials who is executing Seppa to Chyangtajo road construction, union has termed it as failure of police department.

 Stating that repeated attacks on Gammon India officials is creating a bad image for districts, union felt this will impact the developmental activities in the backward East Kameng district. Urging government to take urgent steps before situation goes out of control, union has sought immediate transfer of dedicated and sincere police officers in the district. While seeking deployment of central paramilitary forces, the union has also asked authorities to transfer or suspend those police officer of districts who are not able to carry out their work efficiently.

Further union also has requested authorities to carry out investigation about the report that some officials of Gammon India are helping and sponsoring militant groups.

12 arrests in Ziro

ITANAGAR: Twelve persons that led the violent attack on the offices of the district administration and Deputy Commissioner’s residence have been arrested in Ziro yesterday. More arrests are likely to be made.

Angered at the murder of a school boy, citizens took out their anger at the administration on Nov 3. They damaged the Police station and government offices and residences.  The police station is yet to function as the entire machinery was brought down to the ground by the agitated citizens.

The situation is reported to be normal under tight security provided by one company of ITBP and IRBn while Section 144 of CrPc is still in place in the town.



DNGC annual week

ITANAGAR: Dera Natung Govt. College will celebrate its 31st Annual College Week from November 9-13.

Power Minister Jarbom Gamlin and MLA Likha Saaya will attend the inaugural function on November 9 as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.

The five day programmes will witness various games and sports, literary and cultural competitions among students. Day one programmes include inaugural ceremony at 10.40 am followed by ‘Go as You Like’ at 11.45 am, Games and Sports competition at 12.15 pm, literary and cultural competitions at 2 pm and 4.30 pm respectively.

Games and sports, cultural and literary competitions will continue till November 12 and valedictory function is scheduled at 2.30 pm on November 13. A cultural programme would be held at 5 pm which will mark end of the five day programme.


Resentment against dice permits

ITANAGAR: All Tagin Students Union expressed resentment over of the issue of dice permit in Upper Subansiri district in every festive occasion.

Unlike other districts, the Upper Subansiri district administration has issued dice permit for long eight days beginning from Nov 1  this Diwali which may create tension among the common masses and invite problems, the union said.

Stating that issuing permit for gambling in every festival is not a good sign, the Union drew the attention of Chief Secretary to take positive step  for  minimizing gambling in Daporijo.


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