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November - 09



Limit the quantity of disorder and corruption

Dear Editor,

We are heading ahead in the future only with our hopes to see great results out of the responsibilities that are shouldered resting on our elected representatives. In the past few years we have seen enormous steps forward taken up by the government, which you and I must pat on the back of our leaders for being astonishingly energetic. I personally feel that no stone was left unturned in their team work be it on the hydro power agreements with private groups or PDS efforts.

But I have an uncomfortable feeling that this prosperity isn't something lying on which we can base our hopes for the future. We haven't balanced our budget; indeed we’ve raised our debt limit to the extent of having doubt with ourselves whether we’ll be able to re recompense it. In our state and on its contrary, the private sector has more money today than the public sector, simply revealing the fact of black money transaction more aggressively. I may say what is so new in the information. As I’ve mentioned earlier that we’ve raised our debt limit. And as rightly quoted that "The destiny of man is not measured by material computations.

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) have criticized Arunachal Pradesh government for failure to achieve the due target of projects under Non Lapsable Central Pool of resources (NLCPR). The NLCPR was established in 1998 by the Centre for speedy development of the infrastructure projects in the North East region.

Some of us may fall in to the category of least bothered individuals, to ponder on something like this and may think that whatever may the extension of the debt limit we’ll manage it, but such ego of confidence is just ignorance. 15 months arrears to government employees were made available after prodding from UPA Chairman Person and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. We were lucky; the general election then was just ahead. Government employees, who formed a large mass of voters couldn’t be ignored.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh may have congratulated Arunachal Pradesh for doing well in implementing road projects during his visit to the state, the ground reality speaks otherwise. The state is worst performer in carrying out national highway projects during 2008-09.

The priority given to the education sector and to increase allocation of fund in the education department is a great challenge ahead of the government, whether we like it or not this experiment spells duty on the government for its proper implementation. Another greater challenge is with regard to the PDS. The union minister for consumer affairs, food and public Distribution has given assurance to enhance rice quota of 44,750, quintals per month very shortly in Arunachal Pradesh, which needs stringent superintendence for preventing another PDS pilfering case.

The Namsai clash and the recent public wrath at Ziro is an administrative failure to communicate to the public. The incidents despite being preventable cropped up because of lack of leadership quality in the individuals acting as boss. I also agree that there can never be any government who can fully satisfy public demand. Because of the fact that we recognize another problem in another phase of time and some or the other issue will always be there; adhering as public allegations in our society. But we can hope for better and educated leaders to limit the quantity of disorder and corruption.


Haku Tatak

Itanagar,  (On email)


One mark can make or mar

Dear Editor,

I would like to request the evaluators of Answer script of Rajiv Gandhi University to be serious while checking answer papers of any college of Arunachal Pradesh. Careless checking may spoil the career and demoralize the students who are working hard for years to excel in their studies.

Hard-working students always expect good results and when such laborious students are declared failed in particular subject, they have no other option but to approach the authorities for revaluation and rechecking of answer script and to pass through a long ordeal starting from filing up of revaluation form and submission of fees through bank draft. Sometimes, it is seen that students fail only for one mark. This is because of lack of seriousness on the part of script checkers.

Therefore, I once again request the answer script checkers to be serious, because career of a student depends on the marks declared by the evaluator.


Taba Badsha

B A 1st year, DNGC, Itanagar


Silent administration

Dear Editor,

I'd like to draw everyone’s attention towards the failing condition at Ziro.

Its right that no one should take law and order in their hands. But may I remind that when you are drowning, then one can’t just wait for someone to rescue. One has to fight for their own life.

Same way, Ziro people have been keeping patience for ages.

But DC L/Subansiri have been absent during such incidents.

Where was she, when the Subansiri stadium was being converted to burial ground, when innocent peoples were driven out of their house and their lands were being seized? When a little innocent underage girl was chocked and thrown among garbage, when a gentleman's head was chopped off while trying to help a poor woman?

Moreover there are many more proofs of ill administration. Take for example the rising price of commodities and auto fares? Can one imagine being asked Rs 90/- for just a hair cut and some head massage at an ordinary saloon? What about paying Rs 60 for Rs 55 (MRP) mobile topups. Leave the pitiful condition of road and drains. These are just a few to point out. Moreover, how can she stay in same district for more than 3 years tenure?

Open your eyes and give some heed here.


[email protected]

A state university is the need of the hour

Dear Editor,

Frequently, I hear our leaders saying ‘education is the backbone of society’ and in fact, it is very much true; a key to any development.

But the Congress Govt. seems do not agree with this popular notion in real sense as their action speaks louder than their verbal commitment.

It is shame for all of us that our state govt is unable to afford even a single university. I’m not convinced by explanation of the government that it does not have the requisite fund to covert JN College as a state University. How come earlier govt could maintain then Arunachal University before it became central University (RGU)? Where have the funds supposed to be meant for AU gone?

Education is the most crucial sector and it deserves the highest budgetary allocation. AAPSU President was very much correct to say our state is in dire need of another university in order to provide opportunity of higher studies to poor students who cannot afford to go outside the state. Providing such opportunity is responsibility of the govt and shying away from such basic duty by govt is a shame and a blow to student community.

In this connection, I draw kind attention of Education Minister. When govt of India  is all set to establish numbers of world class universities and dozens of Tribal Universities across the country, cannot we at least ensure that one is set up in our state.


John, (On email)


It is a matter of keeping the tradition intact!

Dear Editor,

Fortunately or unfortunately I get to travel by poor-friendly mode of public transport in the alleged twin capital township. I believe that at a given time and in a given stretch of a road there is a particular mode of transport which rules the roost. So there is no gain saying the obvious. Gone are the days when we had to wait for ages to board dilapidated private buses and ever elusive state transport buses. Being away for sometime I don’t get to ride our favorite mode of transport. But the remembrance of the journeys made me nostalgic of the days gone by. Every journey is fraught with excitation and irritations at times. The ladies certainly are an irritation. They usually travel very short distance. I wonder why they can’t travel a few hundred meters by foot. Probably they are over protective of their make up from the scorching heat. It take ages to pay the fare. They will pull out a handy bag from a larger bag. The purse will be hidden inside another mini bag which will be stylishly taken out from the earlier handy bag. Why can’t they come prepared? As usual the proprietor will ask for change instead of the high denomination currency note. It is typical of us Indians who doesn’t seem to realize the value of time. In my case, before embarking I ensure availability of changes for a few more passengers’ fare too. In case? This also spares me from not getting back the change if they don’t return the changes immediately as they often forgot to do so in the end of journey. On one such occasion a safe companion beside me handed out a 100 rupee note. “No change”. I volunteered to do the honors. She reluctantly obliged.

In return she handed me a medicine foil. “What shall I do with it?” She assured me that there is nothing to be afraid of. She was a doc by profession and training. I get wiser. The tablets ought to have been taken when someone is suffering from headache.

For me remembering it as such will be another headache! Even then I accepted the gift with the eagerness of a child reaching out for a free Chocó bar, lest the good doc might get angry with me. Who’d dare to say no to them? Even if they ask to shallow cyanide I would happily oblige. If she somehow gets to read it I want to convey that I never expected quid pro quo. We MCPs (male chauvinist pig, if you like) take pride in such innuendos and genuinely believe that we rule this universe. It may seem amusing for other halves. But for us it is a matter of keeping the tradition intact. As far as possible I avoid man as companion. In a zig-zag road like ours it is a nightmare to bear the onslaught of their swaying body weight. There seems to be no effort on their part to stay intact in stretches with u-turns.

Now I heard that the fare of our popular king of road has been increased substantially. Hope the increase in fare is not too steep to deny me a berth in this royal carriage. I wonder why bus services are not introduced in far flung localities and major sector roads of capital complex. Well off ones can afford personal mode of conveyance. Officers have free govt. vehicles to reach office and to run errands too. The poor are left to fend for itself in this age of spiraling consumer price index. Hope the state govt. and the state transport department in particular is not oblivious of our plight.


A citizen,  (On email)


We believe  

Dear Editor,

Am very glad that student bodies  like AAPSU and ANSU are playing the major role of the opposition in our state. They raise a lot of questions concerning the dilapidated conditions of the roads in the capital, poor education in our state, deteriorating law and order problems.

I would also like to request AAPSU as being the apex student body of Arunachal to raise a huge hue and cry over the recent PDS scam and help catch the main culprits who are now roaming around freely and even attending programs as chief guests and guest of honours.

Every time we have a useless bandh call, but putting pressure and solving this big issue can be done greatly by the AAPSU.I feel this would show the real calibre of students union of our state. AAPSU don’t let us down. We believe in you.


A  concerned citizen,

(On email)


7 shot dead as Seijosa bound bus is attacked by suspected NDFB militants

Khandu terms the killing cowardice and inhuman

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: In a cold blooded act, seven persons were gunned down by suspected NDFB militants this afternoon. The incident happened at Doimara area near Seijosa in Assam-Arunachal border, when a Seijosa bound private bus from Tezpur was stopped by militants.

Most of the dead are govt of Arunachal employees posted at Seijosa and have been identified. (See list)

1) J. K. Mishra  : Teacher

2) A. K. Gupta  : Teacher

3) S. C. Burman  : JE PWD

4) S. Rajak   : Waterman, 3rd IRBN

5) N. Chandra Jama : Mechanic, PWD

6) S. B. Rai   : BSNL staff

7) S. Das

The bus was stopped at around 3.30 PM by a person posing as a passenger. When the bus stopped, around 8 uniformed armed men came from nowhere and took charge.

The OC, Seijosa when contacted informed that suspected militants looted the passengers and later told the women and children travelling in the bus get down. Once they were at a distance, the militant started shooting indiscriminately killing seven on the spot and injuring another 12, who are reported to be admitted at various hospitals in Biswanath Chariali and Tezpur in Assam.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu today condemned in strongest term the mayhem by NDFB militants, where innocent citzens were killed.

Shocked at the incident, Khandu in a statement termed the act as cowardice and inhuman. “Killing of innocent people expose the brutality and inhuman nature of the assailants who in order to prove their supremacy targeted common denizens who have nothing to do with militancy”.

 Khandu has already issued directives to the home ministry to beef up the security apparatus in the area to check further occurrence of such unfortunate incident. He further stated that he would take up the matter with Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi and initiate necessary steps to contain such activities along inter-state boundary.

He has also appraised the centre about the incident and urge for adequate forces for tackling the situation.


Siram assures conversion of JNC to state University

44th JNC Day celebration begins

PASIGHAT, Nov 8: The Education Minister Bosiram Siram declared the 44th Jawaharlal Nehru College Day celebration open amidst the faculties, students, HoDs, local leaders and intellectuals here today at the college ground.

While addressing the  gathering as chief guest, Siram, who is also the local MLA and alumni of the college assured the college community that he would not leave any stone unturned to convert this premier institution to a state University. He lauded faculties and students for their untiring efforts saying  that the achievements of the college is praiseworthy  with the declaration of  “Centre for Excellence” by UGC and  B++ grade by NACC.  The college produced many scholars, administrators, writers, journalists and leaders who are serving the state and as well as the nation today, the minister added.

The Education Minister informed that the higher education in India is in the process of transition to face the challenges in the era of globalization and the University Grants Commission, the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Planning Commission and the National Knowledge Commission (NKC) take up the challenges of developing a knowledge economy, Siram added.

Siram, however, said “we have concentrated too much on professional education at the cost of vocational, scientific and general education. We need to amend and invigorate it so that it becomes an effective tool for making a vibrant and advancing society in desired direction with qualitative and quantitative development of Higher Education in the state”

The Minister also disclosed various developments being brought by the government.

The minister and Chief Minister made some donation for the College.

Advisor to Chief Minister, Nanom Jamoh in her deliberation urged the students to be sincere, dedicated and hardworking.

Such celebration facilitates greater understanding and interactions among the students, she said.

Jamoh while congratulating the girl students for their active participations in the celebration said such activities would improve unity and academic excellence too. She assured to extend her full cooperation for smooth functioning of the college in future too.

Earlier, the college Principal T. Talom in his speech conveyed his thanks to the Chief Guest for his unparallel contributions and inspirations and Jamoh for her attachment to the college.

While presenting the annual report, Talom said the institution got 149th position in country for academic excellence and faculties bagged "Outstanding Teachers' Award" and students brought laurels too.

The General Secretary JNSU Katem Jamoh also spoke on the occasion.  DIPRO


Council demands judicial enquiry into Ziro incident, 13 released

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: The Ziro Development Council (ZDC) has appealed to the state Govt to constitute an independent judicial enquiry to unearth the fact that led to violent activities in Ziro valley.

Describing the killing of a school boy at Ziro, as shocking and condemnable incident, the Council also condemned destruction of Govt properties by irate mob.

In a letter addressed to the chief minister, the Council demanded that the murderers be given exemplary punishment and those involved in destruction of public properties punished.

The council further demanded immediate sanction of Rs 2 crore from CM’s relief fund for renovation of damaged DC office, police station to facilitate normal functioning of the administration.

All Arunachal Abo Tani Clan Youth Association (AAATCYA) condemned the killing of a school boy at Ziro-Hapoli recently. Law should be allowed to take its course, the Association said. It appealed district administration, MLAs, NGOs and senior citizens to work together for peace and harmony. All the thirteen persons arrested by the Ziro Police have been released today. The Additional Deputy Commissioner W Tikhak has granted bail to the 12 of the thirteen, accused of carrying out vandalism in Ziro on Nov 3 while the other one was let off earlier.

The 12 released today were all booked under non bailbable sections after the violent attacks and were earlier given a 14 days police remand.

The Home Minister Tako Dabi and DIG Madhup Kumar Tiwari visited the damaged offices of the state administration and the Police Station. The Police Station was yet to start functioning as all the equipments and papers were vandalized.

On Nov 3, angry citizens left the government establishment in ruins after a school boy was killed by four men.


All set for NERM-10, AFFLATUS set to enthrall Itanagar

Anu Songtheng,

Oying Darang

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: All preparations are set for the mega North East Rider’s Meet 2010 which would be flagged off on Wednesday.

Over 100 riders from 19 clubs across the country and Bhutan have reached Itanagar to take part in the Meet from where they would embark on their seven day- 1300 kms epic ride to Mechukha.

The ride will pass through Ziro, Daporijo, Along and Mechukha; and is poised to be a major tourism promoter as the riders from all over the country are taking part in it.

Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Gen. J. J. Singh, will flag off the meet on the morning of November 10.

The highpoint of the motorcycle ride will be the participation of the riders in the Borders Areas Cultural Festival 2010 being held on Nov 13-14 in Mechukha.

Talking to this daily, Subhash from Madras Bull’s Rider, the oldest club in India said that his club is here to encourage the young Club and promote brotherhood. This is their first trip to north east. Needless to say, they are excited!

Eastern Bulls Kolkata send across a message of unity and peace and is here to show solidarity with the young Arunachal Club.

Bhutan Dragon MC, who are in India for the first time got a clear message for the youth; No drugs and drunken riding.

RERAM from Shillong who are here in Arunachal for the second time said environmental degradation need to be stopped while adding that pristine beauty of Arunachal should not be hurt. They promise to pick up the trash!

Meanwhile, on Nov 9, AFFLATUS, the internationally acclaimed, all girl band from Shillong will play in an open concert at Indira Gandhi Park.

The band began their inspirational journey in 2004 with band members Grace Miller (Vocals), Karen Donoghue (Guitars), Sharon Zadeng (Bass) and Mercy Miller (Drums).

They would be performing in Arunachal for the first time and is excited at the prospect.

Grace Miller, who spoke to us, said that the band is looking forward to the performance.

The rock band, would play their original scores too.

Their debut performance as Afflatus in 2004 won them a prize at MTV campus rock idol.

Since then, Afflatus, have come a long way with a debut album in the making, numerous high profile concerts under their belt and the emergence of a truly international sound.

The band who took a four year break so that members could pursue their higher studies got an inspiring story to share. Grace left her high profile job with Air India and is persuing a degree to be a teacher, while Mercy is a qualified chef. Karen teaches Mass communication at St. Anthony’s College while Sharon is soon to pursue her doctorate in Education!

Watch this space and do join the band and the riders at I G Park on Tuesday evening. Be there.


Vijay Singhie wins Arunachal Boogie Woogie 2010

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Vijay Singhie, a Class-XIth student of Government Higher Secondary School, Itanagar walked away with the top prizes at the Grand Finale of Arunachal Boogie Woogie 2010 which was held at National Cinema Hall yesterday.

He was rewarded with cash prize of ` 3 lakhs along with the winner’s trophy. Vijay, son of Karling Singhie had the highest judge’s marks in the semifinals along with Takam Nikum (87.5%) but people’s choice made him the winner of the Competition. He secured the highest votes in the competition.

Dance is a passion for Vijay; he grew up dancing to the tunes of Michael Jackson.

A “nuisance” at his home but his passion has made him the Winner of Arunachal Boogie Woogie 2010,  the first state level dancing competition in Arunachal Pradesh.

Takam Nikum, Son of Takam Mangha, won the runners-Up trophy and cash prize of Rs 2 lakhs. He is a class-XIth (Science) student of Kingcup Public school, Itanagar.

Nikum, a brilliant student and had earlier proved to his parents by securing 93% in class Xth CBSE examinations.

It was yet another stupendous achievement by winning the second place at the state level dancing competition.  

Rinchin Norbu Bapu was placed 3rd, Nabam Ana Hina 4th and  Tadar Neme was placed at 5th among the Finalist.

The others who made it to the top ten are Yajum Panging (6th), Shatabdi Nath (7th), Tako Yazar (8th), Jumgie Riba (9th) and Taw Nanu (10th).

The top ten contestants were also given away consolation prizes.

The Top 10 Finalist will be paired for auditions of DID (doubles) to be held at Guwahati expected to be held this month. The organizing committee will bear all expenditures to be incurred to face the auditions.

The Grand Finale was a musical extravaganza. New talents were given opportunity to perform and expose their talents. CITY ESCAPE, a band comprising of 5 teenagers led by Teli Tallar performed the opening of the Grand Finale. The Organizing Committee donated sound systems to the band as a support to groom their skills.

The stage audience was enchanted by magical voice of Rinchin Tashi Khomu and

Pema Chojong, a new find of ABWDC team during its tour of West Kameng district. These two young singers will also be sponsored by the Organizing committee to compete at higher level.

Student leaders Gumjum Haider, Kamta Lapang, Sonam Tenzing gave away the prizes to the winners.


Khimhum appeals youths to shun drugs abuse

Rang Frag College Day

Changlang, Nov 8: Concerned over the growing involvement of youth in antisocial activities, the Parliamentary Secretary Geology &Mining Phosum Khimhun appealed students to generate mass awareness amongst these misguided youth to shun the use of drugs and opium which is a major threat to the youngsters of the district.

He hoped that younger generation would imbibe culture that is productive for the society.

He said this while addressing the valedictory function of the 15th College day celebration of Rang Frah Government College Changlang today.

College day Celebration is an important part of the academic session as it provides a right opportunity to the students to show their hidden talents.

He applauded the College Principal and College faculty for their dedication and untiring service in keeping the college functioning despite of its remote location and communication constraint. He assured the college family for every possible help from his end.

Earlier, Deputy Commissioner, Changlang Opak Gao said that students should look forward for entrepreneurship development and other business sector instead of hunting government jobs only as there ample scopes.

while congratulating the winner, he said that the extra-curricular activities are important as they bring many positive changes in attitude and activities of students.

The Principal, Rang Frah Government College, Changlang Dr. R Karlo gave a brief report on the academic performance of the college in the current session.

 The principal and General Secretary of the college submitted memorandum on the grievances that college faces to the Parliamentary Secretary.  (DIPRO)


Lohit launches immunization program against Japanese Encephalitis

15000 children targeted

TEZU, Nov 8: Immunization Campaign on Japanese Encephalitis has been launched by the District Health Society, Lohit today. It will continue till Nov 21.

The immunization campaign envisages to cover more than 15000 children in the age group of 1-15. To achieve the target, the vaccination will be done at all the schools in District.

ANMs, Anganwadi workers and public leaders are also engaged in the endeavour, informed DMO Lohit.

Parliamentary Secretary (Transport) Karikho Kri formally inaugurated the immunization campaign at Govt. Pry. School, SE Complex, Tezu in presence of D.C. Lohit, DMO Lohit, DDSE Lohit , Medical officers of District Hospital and staffs and Teachers and students of the school.

Kri lauded the team of medical officers and staffs for taking up such noble initiatives as Lohit is the only district in A.P. which has launched the immunization campaign for Japanese Encephalitis. He categorically stressed that the health of children is very important as they will hold the reigns of the society, state and the country. He also committed cent percent help and support to this noble cause.

Speaking on the occasion Lohit DC – cum- Chairman DHS, R.K Sharma, appreciated the efforts of the medical department and suggested that steps have also be taken up for children who are out of school and also encouraged the students to inform their friends and family members on the need for vaccination. (DIPRO)


Geshe Thupten Kunphen enthronement as abbot of GRL monastery

BOMDILA, Nov 8:  Gontse Gaden Rabgye-Ling Monastery, better known as Upper Gompa, witnessed the enthronement ceremony of the Abbot appointed by the Religion and Culture Department of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama this morning with sublimity.

Geshe Thupten Kunphen, the new Abbot for the Gontse Gaden Rabgye-Ling Monastary (GRLM ) was this morning, handed over the approval letter from the Department of Culture & Religion of H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama by His Eminence the 13th T.G. Rinpoche at GRLM.

Geshe Thupten Kunphen, the fourth Abbot of Gontse Gaden Rabgye-Ling  Monastery, a native of Hro village in Tawang, had his preliminary education under the spiritual guidance of His Eminence the 13th Tsona Gontse Rinpoche and Venerable Sarong Chog Trul Rinpoche at Drepung Loseling Monastery. He obtained novice vow from His Eminence Rjetsun Thupten Lungtog, the previous tutor of His Holiness in 1979. He was fully ordained as Gelong in 1983 by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Masters like rJe-Tsun Pema Gyaltsen, Shag Kor Khen Rinpoche rJe-Tsun Nyima Gyaltsen, Gaden Tripa Rizong Rinpcohe and Sharpa Choeje Kyabje Lobsang Tenzing Rinpoche helped him in acquiring vast knowledge which facilitated his excellence in the Buddhist teachings including the five major subjects. He was awarded with the Degree of Geshe Lharampa after competing and coming out successfully during the Monlam Chenmo of the three major monastic centers ( Densasum ) in 1994.

He also undertook the course in textual system of Tantra in his turn for dharma session at Gyudmed monastery during the same year. Besides his other achievements, Geshe Thupten Kunphen served as Dharma Teacher for 10 months in Lamrim Dhrama Centre Taiwan in 1995 and had delivered dharma teachings at Singapore and Hong Kong.

He shouldered the responsibilities of the proctor of the Drepung and that of the Disciplinarian at the Loseling Monasteries simultaneously in 2005. He was then appointed Disciplinarian cum prefect      ( Kyorpon ) of tantragyan commentary at Gyudmed Monastery in 2006. In recognization of his knowledge and devotion to the cause of Buddhism, he was appointed Deputy Abbot of this very monastery-Gontse Gaden Rabgye-Ling Monastery ( Upper Gompa ) in 2007. During his tenure as Deputy Abbot of GRLM, he went to USA in 2009 to serve as its center’s Guru for Drepung Loseling Monastery there, where he traveled over 25 states of the USA imparting dharma teachings during his sixteen months stay.

The 4-day long annual Drub-Chod-Chenmo festival, better known as the Torgya concluded with Mandala Darshan yesterday which was preceded by various monastic dance ( Cham ), religious preaching’s and blessings (Wang ) by His Eminence the 13th Tsona Gontse Rinpoche at Gontse Gaden Ragye-Ling Monastery. (DIPRO)


Status of Unwritten and Endangered Languages

RONO HILLS, Nov 8: A three-day Workshop-cum-Symposium is being organized under the joint initiative of Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies (AITS), Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU), Rono Hills, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh and North Eastern Regional Centre (NERC) of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA), Guwahati from November 15-17.

The theme of the workshop is Unwritten and Endangered Languages of Arunachal Pradesh. The proposed workshop and symposia are framed in order to understand the linguistic ecology that is prevailing in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

In the recent years attention has been brought to the issue of smaller/minor/unwritten speech communities which are being socially and institutionally marginalized in India and their languages have become tangible victims of this global trend of language endangerment. Despite of having constitutional safeguards, the inequality amongst the status of languages in India is ever growing. However, the language and media policies or the much recognized faulty education system of the country couldn’t ensure the vitality of these smaller languages. This invites a discussion on various aspects of endangered status of languages in Arunachal Pradesh too, said a university communiqué.

In this workshop there are technical sessions aiming at providing training in field methods and in preparing reports on various aspects of culture to the students/participants. Besides there will be trained anthropologists, linguists and   research scholars from NERC-IGNCA, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Hyderabad University and Gauhati.

Present attempt is in response to the need to make a record of these languages, and to support speakers of seven communities namely Nah, Bugun, Meyor, Tangam, Miji, Puroik and Koro. Apart from useful generation of data on these languages, the workshop will be able to capture the perceptions of the native speakers of the threatened languages.


AIMSU question role of state govt

TEZU: Having attended the Tezu meeting on PRC held yesterday, the All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) have questioned the role of state govt in Oct 23 Namsai violence. The meeting was organized by Lohit Students Union at IGGC college campus.

Talking to this correspondent, AIMSU Secretary Rajiv Mihu said that there are many questions which remains unanswered. As per several participants and eye witness’s account, there were around 20,000 people that took part in the pro PRC rally of Oct 23, which actually far exceeded the local population of Mahadevpur. The union wanted to know from where these extra numbers of people came.

“If they had come from neighboring state of Assam, then how did the police at Mahadevpur check gate let them enter in such huge number?”

It pointed that the pro PRC rally was given permission to carry out their protest march from Mahadevpur town to Nao-dihing Bridge but the rally continued till Namsai town and the police didn’t even try to stop these protestors from entering the town.

“The distance from Mahadevpur town and Namsai is 20 kms and given the huge number of protestors, why didn’t the authority take any steps to prevent such attack”, asks Mihu.

Expressing concern at the audacious attack deep inside the territory of Arunachal, the union assured its full support to all students’ organization and civil societies of Lohit and Changlang district in the meeting. It also wanted to know if the decision to grant PRC to non APST was done at purpose in the very first go.


Bamboo - Potentiality and Prosperity

Jagadish Choudhury and  Chukhu Loma

What is bamboo? It is amazing that bamboo is not a tree, it is a giant grass. It is the hardest grown substance on Earth.  It grows straight and unbending and never changes in colour. In terms of bamboo resource, 65% of the country and 20% of the world bamboos are grown in the Northeast region and Arunachal Pradesh. According to the Forest Survey of India Report, the total forest area under bamboo is 8.96 million ha, which is about 12.8 % of total forest area and the estimated annual harvest of bamboo in India is about 13.47 million tones.

National bamboo technology and bamboo project implementation agency, Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) surveyed as there are nearly two thousand recorded uses of bamboo now as fuel, fodder, food, firewood, laminates, furniture, mats, construction material, chop stick, tooth pick, musical instruments, vinegar, beer, activated carbon, raw material, shelter & medicine for a good part of the world’s population. In the same line Arunachal Pradesh Bamboo Industrial Development Agency is now working for its prosperity.



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We have seen bamboo from our birth which has the potential of providing ecological and livelihood security to millions of poor in the developing world, then why Arunachal Pradesh is lagging far behind. Therefore, the greatest challenge today before us is to make an effort to build up a conscious society in order to achieve bamboo sustainability which can result an epoch making change of the present ethnic society.

Today bamboo houses are constructed with engineering techniques after proper treatment of bamboos. Moreover, bamboo products are superior to the properties of similar wood products. We can say bamboo as alternate to timber. Such bamboo products are bamboo furniture, bamboo mat plywood, bamboo plywood, bamboo particle board, bamboo fiber-cement board, bamboo parquet, peeled bamboo veneer and what not!

For tapping the vast economic potential of bamboo, it has become necessary to give impetus to its cultivation, harvesting, and its technological uses. If we could be aware to become cognizance of new evidence as why our neighbouring China is flourishing in world bamboo market, it could have been faster development of this state by adopting appropriate bamboo harvesting and treatment technologies only – which is a sure shot.

(Choudhury is a Project Manager while Loma is Executive Director, Arunachal Pradesh Bamboo Industrial Development Agency).


Ziro-II, Poyupaga cricket clubs register wins

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Ziro-II Cricket Club beat Mengio Cricket Club by four wickets in group level matches of U-19 Inter Club Ranking T20 Cricket Tournament played at Naharlagun Cricket Ground today.

MCC, which won the toss and elected to bat first, made a paltry 83 runs in 20 overs losing nine wickets. The 84-run target set by them was achieved by the Ziro-II team in the final over losing seven wickets. Likha Ribi of Ziro-II was adjudged the man of the match. He took three wickets and contributed valuable 13 runs in team’s score.

In another match of the day, Poyupaga Cricket Club crush Royal Kings-XI Club by a huge margin of 98 runs.

Electing to bat first after winning the toss, Poyupaga Club amassed 128 runs from the given over losing eight wickets. In reply, Royal Kings-XI were bundled out in 13th over scoring only 29 runs. None of Royal Kings batsmen could cross the double figure mark. Techi Doria of Poyupaga team, who scored highest runs (32 run) of the match and took two opponent’s wicket, was declared man of the match.

Gichik Abu Cricket Club of Parsi Parlo will take on CRY Cricket Club, Chimpu in morrow’s first match at 8 am while Donyi Colony Cricket Club, Itanagar will play against Dari Lokam Cricket Club, Itanagar in the second match of the day scheduled from 12.30 pm.


NNCS conducts seminar, literary activities

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: NN Charitable Society (NNCS) conducted a seminar and various literary activities, like essay writing, debate competition etc. on topics Rural Industrialization, Gandhi ideology and KVIC products etc under KVIC’s People Education Programme (PEP) at Community Hall, Sagalee from November two to four last.

Sagalee ADC Chukhu Tallar, who was the chief guest, lauded the organizer and KVIC for conducting such important programme in remote areas like Sagalee and said that such programme will encourage unemployed youth to take up income generating activities for self reliant. He also informed that there is good demand good of Khadi products at international markets.

KVIC assistant director disclosed about various schemes available with them for the educated unemployed youths.

The programme was also attended by representatives from various financial institutions, Principal, GHHS Sagalee, PRI leaders of the area, unemployed youths and general public.

The students of GHSS school Sagalee won prizes in essay writing and debate competition etc.

NNCS will also organizing an EDP training programme under the sponsorship of KVIC at Kheel and Laptap on November 20 and 21.


Fire management training course begins at ATI

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: A week-long training course on fire management for department of police, forest, medical, fire service including ministerial staff of the head of departments located within the capital complex begins at ATI, Naharlagun today.

The programme is being conducted by ATI, Naharlagun under the sponsorship of DoPT, GoI, New Delhi.  Altogether 24 trainees are attending the course.

Speaking on the inaugural function Director (Training) Pema Tshetan briefed on importance of fire management training. State government has already framed the state disaster management policy and constituted a high power state disaster management authority  and district level authorities, he informed  and added that both state and district level functionaries should implement these policies and plans on disaster management.

Assistant Director (Training) and Course Coordinator Pate Marik, Deputy Director (Training) T Lodo and Assistant Director (Training) Priscilla Tayeng also highlighted on the importance and objectives of the training programme.

Fire Service, Naharlagun Station Officer R R Dev, Govt. Hospital Naharlagun Surgical Specialist Dr R Ronya, State Epidemiologist Dr. L Jampa, Associate Professor of Deptt of Geography RGU, Dr N Khar including officers from ATI are attending the training course as guest resource persons.


GSU demands

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Galo Students’ Union has urged the state Govt to stop reported harassment to the Galo officers on political consideration without valid reason.

In a representation addressed to the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, the union felt that Galo officers have been politically targeted and given unnecessary harassment by the state Govt.

Pointing out the transfer and posting of Kemo Lollen as ARC, Arunachal Bhawan Shillong, the union said the transfer of sincere officer like Lollen is a demotion of his post.

Giving a brief history of frequent transfer and posting of Lollen since 2004  to April, 2010, the union further said the state Govt should compensate the mental harassment, hardship and inhuman treatment meted out to Lollen. The union appealed to the Govt to transfer Lollen as Deputy Commissioner of West Siang district on public interest. It threatened to launch democratic agitation in case of failure of the Govt to address its grievances.


BS&G award giving ceremony

ITANAGAR, Nov 8:  Arunachal Pradesh Governor J J Singh has consented to be the chief guest of the 13th Rajya Puraskar Award Ceremony -2009-2010 at Raj Bhawan, Itanagar on Nov 11.

Prior to the Rajya Puruskar Award, 13th Chief Minister’s Shield Award Ceremony will be held at State Training Centre, BSG, Polo Colony, Naharlagun on Nov 9. Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu would attend the programme as chief guest. Both the programmes are being organized by the Bharat Scouts and Guides, Arunachal Pradesh.


Children’s Day celebration

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: National Students’ Union of India will celebrate Children’s Day to mark  Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru 121st birth anniversary on November 14 at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan. APCC president and PWD Minister Nabam Tuki will attend the celebration as resource person.

Guardian Angel School will take out a mass rally at 8.30 am in the main thoroughfare of the township to create awareness about global warming, child labour, unity and diversity etc. to mark the celebration. Itanagar Capital Complex deputy commissioner will facilitate the flag off ceremony at Zero point.


JNV annual sports meet

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: The Annual Sports Meet 2010 of the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kurung Kumey was held on November 8.

Techi Azad , ZPM Palin and Pisa Tarak, Circle officer, Palin graced the occasion as Chief Guest & Guest of Honour respectively.

Techi Azad advised the students to maintain discipline and play with sportsmanship spirit. He advocated to develop tolerance, punctuality and the good manners during the student life.

He contributed two football and few amounts to the school authority as a token of love.


Fishing, hunting using explosives prohibited

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Weshi Youth Welfare Society (WYWS) of East Kameng district has strictly prohibited hunting, fishing by using explosives and deadly poison at Kameng river, Khadeso and Richaso streams within the area of Weshi village.

The society regretted that illegal fishing, hunting and collecting forest resources are still rampant in those areas although a prohibition notice was issued earlier. The society appealed, particularly to the people of adjacent villages, to cooperate with the society for an eco-friendly environment. It also cautioned that violators would be prosecuted through customary laws as well as civil judiciary and will be penalized Rs.50,000.


Pilot project  on measles vaccination begins

PASIGHAT, Nov 8: The Education Minister Bosiram Siram has inaugurated the pilot project on the Catch-Up-Campaign for Measles Vaccine at the Gandhi middle school, Pasighat today.  

Speaking on the occasion the minister appreciated the UNICEF representatives and the state health authorities for implementing the project in the state despite financial constraint and hilly terrain. He appealed the district authority, health service providers, teachers and parents to organize awareness in the society especially in rural areas to avail optimum benefits of the campaign. Siram hoped such efforts would safe many life. He further said children need healthy physique and education to build a strong nation.

Taking privilege, the minister advised the teachers to treat their students as bank where they could deposit their valuable knowledge ensuring academic developments in the state. He advised the students to be sincere, discipline and hardworking for a brighter future.

The Deputy Commissioner Onit Panyang, DMO Dr. T. Taloh, DRCHO Dr. T. Perme and DDSE T. Talom were present on the occasion. DIPRO.


Bank meet

ITANAGAR: Parliamentary Secretary for Cooperation Nido Pavitra has consented to attend the 22nd annual general body meeting of the Arunachal Pradesh State Cooperative Apex Bank at Administrative Training Centre, Naharalgun on November 17.


Healing crusade

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: In its humble effort to carry forward the Gospel of Jesus Christ ‘Deepak Nabam Ministeries in Christ’ is organizing a three-day ‘Healing Crusade’ at Senki Park here from November 19 to 21. Dinu Kallimel of the Advanced Leadership Training Center, New Delhi will be the speaker.


State Cong leaders lauded

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Arunachal Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee (APMCC) has expressed gratitude to APCC president Nabam Tuki, CLP leader Dorjee Khandu and Rajya Sabha Member Mukut Mithi for inducting its president Yari Dulom, vice presidents Tadar Yadir and Niani Natung as member of All India Congress Committee (AICC). Their induction as AICC members will boost morale of women party workers in the state, according to an APMCC release.


Restore APST bus service

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: All Pakke-Kessang Pijeriang Dissing-Passo Seijosa Students’ Union  has appealed to the authorities to restore Seijosa-Tezpur APST bus service. The union informed that discontinuation of APST bus service on this route citing technical reason for last two-months   is causing  great hardship to the commuters.



ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Adi Bane Kebang (ABK) will conduct a free counselling on personality test/interview for APPSCCE mains qualified Adi candidates at Institute of Basic Education, Ganga, Itanagar from November 14 to 20 next.



ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Adi Feature film “Gyargo-Pongkok” will be released on November 27 and the premiere show would be held at Siddhartha Hall, Itanagar.


Gospel tour

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Rev. Changha Chipo, general secretary of Nyishi Baptist Church Council has left Naharlagun today to attend the Gospel Tour in Jordan, Israel, Palestine and  Egypt.

The tour is scheduled to begin from Nov 8 to 16.


Foundation day

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: The first foundation day of Palin Area Youth Welfare Association was celebrated in a befitting manner.

Palin ZPM Techi Azad and Circle Officer Pissa Tarak also attended the opening ceremony and kicked off the Late Zeemi Tassar Football Trophy tournament.

The first match was played between Lumba Youth Welfare Society versus Youth Star Club Hinda-1 in which the latter defeated the former by 4-0 goal.


Medical camp

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Arunachal Vikas Parisad and Wancho Cultural Society jointly organized two-day medical camp at Longkai and Chating village on Nov 3 and 4 respectively in Tirap district.

A medical team led by Nokkai Wangsoham offered treatment and provided medicines to  580 patients of both the villages during  the camp.

Meanwhile, the village chief, GB, ASM, Panchayat and pubic appreciated AVK and WCS for organizing the medical camp.


Art of Living

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: The Art of Living is organising a stress management and life-skill workshop in Itanagar from November 9. The six-day course will be held at the Art of Living Centre in Itanagar.

Christened ‘Change your Life’, the centrepiece of the workshop will be the Sudarshan Kriya, an innovative breathing technique. It will include modules on taking charge of the mind, controlling anger and other negative emotions, changing bad habits and improving health and fitness among other things,” said M Rajaque Rahman, a faculty of the Art of Living.