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A mockery of traffic guidelines

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: In the last few days’ regular accidents across the capital complex area had shocked public and city administration alike. After lot of hue and cry raised by media and citizens of capital, on Tuesday city administration imposed certain traffic regulations which were published in local dailies.

Of all, two of the important regulations include compulsory wearing of helmet by two wheeler drivers, restriction of the entry of heavy vehicles within capital complex road during morning office hour and evening rush time. A day after issuing of this notice, this reporter visited road across the capital complex during morning office hour and witnessed most of the traffic rules being violated. Innumerable numbers of bikers were seen riding without wearing helmets in Naharlagun. Making mockery of the traffic guidelines issued by city administration, overloaded trucks were seen plying around 10 am on the road of Naharlagun.  To make matter worse no one from administration or police department were seen on the road to check traffic violation. Private vehicles could be seen parked in dangerous way at various markets and bazaars of Itanagar and Naharlagun area.

It is to be noted that traffic guidelines issued by the capital complex administration does not include danger paused by using of mobile phone while driving. In most cities across the world talking on mobile while driving is considered to be serious traffic offence, which our administrations seem to have missed out. Some of the recent traffic drives carried out by authority concentrated mostly on two wheelers but our capital complex administration need to know that traffic violators comprise of vehicles from every segments which include private and public vehicles.

While number of vehicles has zoomed past in the road of Itanagar and Naharlagun in recent year, the condition of road has remained same. Roads of capital are no longer able to accommodate the ever increasing number of vehicles leading to many unfortunate accidents and loss of valuable lives.


Preservation & showcasing of culture need of hour: Khandu

BOMDILA Nov 25: Preservation and showcasing of our rich culture and tradition to the outer world is the need of the hour. This will not only help us protect our age-old customs from extinction but substantially supplement in passing it to the younger generation stated Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu while addressing a mammoth gathering here at Bomdila this morning.

He was here to attend the inaugural function of the 4 days long Dukchu Chenpo festival also locally known as Torgya at Gaden Ragyalling Monastery.

He further advocated for continuity of the monastic dance festival in the form of Torgya every year for spreading the message of universal peace. Khandu appreciating the noble initiatives taken up by Rev. T G Rinpoche in establishing the majestic Gaden Rabgyalling Monastery on the hill top of Bomdila town which is a perfect tourist destination said the monastery which also facilitates school for young monks and orphans is definite to attract more tourist from abroad and the country.

While calling to beautify the Bomdila town by keeping it clean and hygienic, the chief minister was very particular on streamlining the hotel and taxi rates. He directed the district administration to fix a uniform rate for the taxis so that the tourists coming from outside are not deceived. He also appealed the hoteliers to keep their rooms neat and clean so that they provide a healthy and comfortable stay to their guests.

Taking his mission ahead to preserve environment and wildlife, Khandu urged each and every individual of the state to take the onus of planting trees. He categorically urged upon the people to preserve and protect wildlife. Giving specific call to Bomdila and Tawang, the chief minister said, the people here need to initiate a holistic approach to regenerate the lost forest.

He also spoke on education and health. Meanwhile the festival witnessed many foreign tourists and guests from Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Khurseong in West Bengal who were overwhelmed by the performance by the masked dancers.

Other dignitaries included, Chairman Karmik and Adyatmik Rev T G Rinpoche, former minister Thupten Tempa Bomdila MLA R T Khunjuju, veteran public leaders and Government officials. (PRO TO CM)


DNGC’s ‘unnatural punishment’

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: The Students’ Union of the Dera Natung Govt College has strongly urged the director of the higher and technical education that all the students of the college who attain minimum of 25 per cent classes should be declared eligible for the government stipend.

When the college classrooms accommodate maximum of 1000 students, the authorities give admission to more than 3000 students.  Under this circumstances, how can all students attend classes throughout the year. How can authority deny stipend to the students on the ground of less attendance when there is no proper sitting arrangement for students to attend the classes regularly, the students’ union questioned the concerned director in the memorandum.

Describing the deprivation of stipend on the ground of less attendance as ‘unnatural punishment,’ the students’ union demanded a serious review of the correlation between class attendance and stipend in greater interest of the students. The despair, agony and mental torture would take the shape of bigger agitation if the students do not get justice, the union added.


Festivals are our identity: Ngandam

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: Chalo Loku, a socio-religious and New Year festival of Nocte community of Aruanchal Pradesh was celebrated with pomp and gaiety at Tirap Changlang Festival ground, Senki Park, Itanagar today.

This festival is celebrated to seek blessings from Rang god for socio-economic and well being.

Speaking on the occasion as Chief Guest, Horticulture Minister Hongchun Ngandam said the Chalo Loku festival is celebrated by our people since time immemorial, it is the identity of our tribes and we should preserve it as per ritual and tradition.

He further conveying his festival greetings to the people said ‘festival plays a multiple role in promoting old age culture and bring harmony and unity among the people’.

Guest of Honour, MLA Yumsen Matey appreciating the festival organizing committee also appealed the people to preserve tradition and culture.Earlier, Capital Complex Chalo Loku Committee, Itanagar President briefed about the mythology and importance of the festival.

Besides, offering and community feast, traditional and modern dances were also performed on the occasion.

The lively colourful dances with the beating of Tham and the rituals exhibited the tribe's vibrant and rich customs and traditions. Offering prayers to almighty Rang for socio-cultural and economic well being of the people, besides community feast were some of the highlights of the day.

The Chalo-Loku by far the most important and colourful Festival of Noctes of Tirap District  was celebrated at Deomali about 45 KM from Khonsa with various programme. Speaking as Chief Guest on the festive occasion, MLA Khamtok Lowang while greeting the people amidst huge gathering of festival revellers appealed to the Noctes to zealously  preserve and promote their culture for the posterity.

He said that the rich  folklore, traditional costumes and tribal dialect must be preserved. Earlier the Chief Guest visited the makeshift Chaam at the Rangsom Hum and unfurled the Chalo-Loku Flag.

The Secretary of the Festival Committee Matpua Wangsu threw light on the significance of Chalo-Loku.

Folk dancers from Wasathong village dressed in colourful attires enthralled the huge gathering. A modern dance competition was also held on the occasion. Traditional dance participated by all the invitees was one of the highlights of  the occasion and the programme was followed by  a community feast.


November -  26


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Dept should work as a task force: Mein

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: The first joint review meeting of Eastern & Western Zones of PHED was held today.

PHED Minister Chowna Mein desired that the department should work as a task force as PHED is dealing a very important subject. He further informed that to speed up the momentum gained in the performance in the Total Sanitation Campaign sector, henceforth those field officers in the rank of AE’s and JE’s shall be recommended  with state awards etc on the basis of their performances in sanitizing rural habitations to quality for NGP awards.

The  Minister also highlighted the importance of planning wing in any department and advised the officers to move forward as a team and on his part he assured to leave no stone unturned to try and contribute towards achieving the goals of the department and meet up the challenges in terms of financial and establishment constraints faced by the department.

He expressed that the Review meeting was very educative and satisfying in terms of the quality of the works undertaken by the department.

The Secretary (PHE&WS) who presided over the meeting also expressed satisfaction on the quality of works accomplished by the field officers and while participating in the reviewing of individual Divisions, he impressed upon the field officers the importance of proper survey and use of updated SOR to prepare project reports and shared his technical inputs on various aspects of Water Supply Projects. He further advised the field officers to avoid appointments of WC’s and Casuals in view of already excessive liability of wages component in the department.

Geyum Padu, Chief Engineer, PHE&WS Deptt. (WZ) briefly highlighted the position of the Department.

Tomo Basar, SSW, PHED through a PowerPoint Presentation gave the overview of the programme, project and issues and challenges of the Department.

Toko Jyoti, SE PHEC, Naharlagun, L. Kri, SE PHEC, Miao and S. Yomcha, SE PHEC, Bene highlighted various works undertaken in their respective Circles through power point presentation with photographic documentation of Urban & Rural Water Supply Projects as well as TSC.  

Taking part in the discussion Er. T. Ketan, Chief Engineer, PHED (EZ) called upon the field officers to motivate itself for better works ahead.

The exhaustive review meeting which went on the entire day ended with summing up by the Secretary on the proceeding and flagging of issues for further persuasion by the different levels of PHED organization.  


Siram in Karnataka & TN to get first hand experience

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: Education Bosiram Siram is on official tour to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to study the educational policies of two educationally advanced states so as to replicate the success stories in Arunachal Pradesh.

He is accompanied by the Commissioner Education, Hage Khoda, Director of School Education Tapang Taloh and A K Sharma.

The team interacted with Tamil Nadu Minister for school Education Thangam Thenna Rasu and senior education officers who appraised them the state educational scenario. They assured support and co-operation   in revamping the educational system in Arunachal Pradesh.

The team was taken to Govt Aided Primary School Rani Maimi in Chennai to have a practical observation on the Activities Based Learning adopted while teaching learning method in the primary classes under the innovative term silent Revolution.

In Karnataka, they met senior officers of Education department where educational polices and system including various flagship programme followed in the state was highlighted.  During the course of the interaction with the senior officers along with power point presentation of the educational programme and policies of the host state, Siram praised and appreciated the transfer, posting, recruitment policies adopted by the state govt which may be applicable with suitable modification in our state.


Sena assures up gradation of IPR department

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: Minister Finance and IPR & Printing Setong Sena gave a positive note to the problems faced by the department of Information & Public Relations including construction of new office building Soochna Bhawan and assured to look for the up gradation of the department to make it the true mouth piece of the government. Interacting with the officers of the department in his office chamber after assuming the portfolio of IPR & printing here today, Sena spoke on the significance of the department and called upon the officers to maintain the spirit the department delivering its services through dissemination of information on the policies and programme of the government for the welfare of the people and state at large.

Parliamentary Secretary IPR & Printing, Thinghap Taiju, who was also present at the meeting also assured to work for the betterment of the department.

He expressed optimism that the problems the office is facing today would be addressed in the days to come.

Earlier, Director Leki Phuntso gave a brief on the activities and functioning of the department. He also put forth some of the problems of the department including poor condition of the office building and fund constraint and requested the minister for early construction of Soochna Bhawan.

Both Sena and Taiju are visiting the IPR office tomorrow.


Non-existence of Road inflicts Miseries: a Story of Vijaynagar, Changlang District

Dr. J.S. Rawat,

Vijaynagar is a remote circle in Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh. It is a narrow stripped mountain valley; surrounded on three sides (Northeast, South and West) by Mayanmar while from Northwestern side, enclave by stretches of Namdapha National Park. There is no surface road connection to the area and is totally cut-off from rest of the world. The nearest settlement in the Indian side is Miao, at the distance of 157km. Where as, Putao (Fort Hertz), a town of North Mayanmar, lies within the radius of 40 km from the Vijaynagar. As per the census 2001, there are 13 villages in the circle with a total population of 3988. This excludes the newly established villages like Preetnagar and Daodi and also those villages inside the Namdapha National Park (Ngwazakha, Nisadhi, Niboti and Hisichu). The 19 villages are inhabited by two communities - Lisus (Yobins) and Ex-Assam Rifles with a population of about 6000.

In the beginning of 1970s this remote circle was connected by motorable road to Miao. PWD started building the road in 1972, and it was formally inaugurated in 1974. However, the road was abandoned within a short time as PWD could not maintain it.  Now, it is buried under dense forest with thick undergrowths and washed away by landslides at several points.  Thus, the area is still 157 km away from the road which, by and large, inhibits basic services to life. The non-existence of road is a curse for the miserable condition of life and impoverishment in the area. The Indian Air Force (IAF) operated AN-32, known as IAF’s workhorse, is the only mode of transportation for about 6000 population of Vijaynagar. People look to the sky, not for rain, but for the fair weather, which facilitates the get in of the sortie (AN-32) from behind the snow-clad mountain. Generally, there are two passenger sorties and a ration sortie in a month from Dibrugarh (Mohanbari) to Vijaynagar. However, air service is very uncertain constrained by many factors like weather condition, wills of IAF and officials of the Deputy Director of Supply and Transport (DDST), Mohanbari, Government of Arunachal Pradesh. To add to this, the weather at Vijaynagar is also so unpredictable that thick rain clouds suddenly engulf the valley. For months together the passenger remains stranded at both ends (Mohanbari and Vijaynagar).

The uncertain nature of air service has compelled people to rely on six days on foot journey to Miao for the essentials. Foot marching for six days through thick forest, steep accidental slopes and across the gushing waters really puts the life into stake.   In many places the foot-track passes through precipitous slopes. In between 27 to 31 miles from Miao, it negotiates steep cliff overlooking the river below. People crawl along the slope climbing up and down and holding rocks, twigs, plants and roots. Fortunately, the local MLA, since Shri Kamlung Mossang came into power in 2004, has been provisioning rest camps, bridges and occasional clearing along the foot-track out of the MLALAD fund.

Earlier the two co-operative societies at Vijaynagar catered most of the requirements of the people. They are now lying completely defunct since the Government of Arunachal Pradesh scrapped air lifting of departmental and commercial goods. The transportation of the goods on head-load for six days increases the price more than double in the local shops. The porters charge Rs.70 for every kg. Thus, a bag of cement costs more than Rs.3,000, salt Rs.80 to Rs.100 a kg and mustard oil costs Rs.150 a litre. Many often, the inhabitants endure with an acute shortage of salt and other essential commodities like rice, oil, kerosene, sugar, pulses, etc. The proscription on departmental and commercial loads has its worst effect on the supply of PDS goods, CPO items, life saving drugs, school books, mid-day-meals, etc. The story does not end here. Tragically, in January 2009 the Advanced Landing Ground at Vijaynagar has been declared out of condition by IAF for landing AN-32. Since then, not a single AN-32 landed at Vijaynagar. Very recently, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh started weekly Pawanhans (MI-172) service to Vijaynagar w.e.f. 1st September 2009. This service, if ensured regularly, could provide much needed solace to the people from ghastly and hideous foot marching for six days.  However, the MI-172 service too is not living up to the expectations. Since from 1st September 2009, only two MI-172(s) have been conceded to Vijaynagar.

There are seven primary schools, one middle school and one secondary school in the area. Almost all the primary schools are run by single teacher, although there is no dearth of qualified locals. Of course, few of them are engaged in teaching by MLA at the rate of Rs. 2000 per month.  The daily routines of most of the single teachered schools include attendance, one or two periods of classes, games and sports, etc. Most of the teachers are appointed under Sarba Siksa Abhiyan (SSA), and apparently display lack of interest. Due to the communication bottleneck the teachers cannot join on time after the vacation. Consequently, the schools remains closed during such period of time. The teachers are also very often assigned with official duties such as election duty, revision of electoral rolls, census operation, economic survey, etc which further deteriorates the school activities. The non-availability of books, blackboards, chalk, toilet, dirking water, inadequate or dilapidated conditions of school buildings and teacher quarter also calls mention.  Consequently, the performance of Secondary School in the CBSE examination since its up-gradation in 1994 is zero percent every year. Similar is the story of the service into the area. Most the time the lone Health Unit at Vijaynagar runs without Doctor or trained staffs and it is looked after by untrained subordinate staffs. The patients are straight way referred to the Assam Medical College (AMC), Dibrugarh.

There is no supply of electricity in this remote border area. Power Department of the State government has an installed generator set which is lying unused in the want of diesel. Department of Hydro Power has taken up construction of a micro-hydel power plant with a generation capacity of 100 kilowatt at Gaherigaon, with two turbines of 50 kilowatt each. The construction of canal started in the year 2003 but the mini-hydal is still half way through. Although, Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA) has been distributing Solar Home Light System, but the number of beneficiaries are very few.  Recently, drinking water facilities have been provisioned in almost all the villages by the Department of Public Health and Engineering (PHED). The water is piped directly from the river or springs without any siltation and treatment tanks. Since the area has no banks, the Post Office provides the service of savings apart from the routine postal deliveries. More so, there is no landline or mobile facilities available in the area. The Circle Office had one INMARSAT satellite phone which charge Rs.50 plus for a “hello” and Rs.5 per minute. Therefore, it was popularly know as “Hello 50”. Now, with the installation of Digital Satellite Phone Terminals (DSPT) system in the month of July 2003, people are no longer required to pay the extra Rs.50. However, the call charge in DSPT is still Rs. 6 per minute.

Certainly, the reopening of the Miao-Vijaynagar road, therefore, can go a long way to emancipate the people of Vijaynagar from rigorous condition of life, unpredictable and irregular sorties and hardships of six days foot marching. The revival of this road would not only bring these remote people into the national mainstream but also streamline developmental activities in the area. Given the proper road and other facilities, the nearby Chaukan pass would serve as yet another important gateway for India’s looking to the east. It is this Chauken route served as shortest route to India through Port Hertz for the rescue operation during Worl War II. Through better road connectivity would thus bring Port Hertz, (an important town in North Myanmar) as well as other South East Asian countries within shortest range from the Indian soil.  Better road and communication would also help improving the affectivity of surveillance and patrolling by forest guards and armed forces in the Namdapha National Park as well as in the border areas. Last but not the least, the road would also facilitates tourists, nature lovers, adventurers, researchers and environmental activists to reach fascinating destinations inside the Namdapha and into the picturesque valley of Vijaynagar surrounded by majestic mountains. ( The contributor is with Department of Geography, Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills,  E-mail:jsr_06@rediffmail.com)


Let the people ask themselves       

Col (Retd)Rimmo Karbak

Media hype on IndoChina border issue continues unabated. Epicenter of this ongoing tremor is Arunachal Pradesh. Among many reasons that are being claimed, unsettled border between the two Asian giants is,” Reason No. 1”. Enough noise has been generated at many quarters. But it is about time the people of Arunachal Pradesh must ask themselves what they can do for their nation.

Developments such as roads, railways, airfields irrigation canals etc are key to all round progress.

World over such developments close to International borders are generally integrated with defence needs particularly if neighboring country is an adversary. This is to enhance defensive potentials in addition to serving the primary objective of the people and the state. In western sector a, series of canals built by both Pakistan and India also serve as major infantry and tank obstacles. Such integration is absolutely vital for defence of the nation. In the key border state of Arunachal Pradesh due to difficult terrain configurations roads are along the river valleys running North to South. Many bridges and culverts on these roads could prove major bottle necks for sustained military traffic during war as they fall short of military classifications to take certain military hardware loads. Also at many places part of the roads have been turned into habitation clustered with houses. They could hinder military movement at crucial time. At present, movement from East to West or vise versa is via plains of Assam.  This could prove a major hindrance when need for Inter valley switching of forces arises at crucial stage of a battle. China on the other hand is believed to have built East West high way around Arunachal Pradesh. On this count it is advantage China as on date till our proposed East West highway is operational. However our Advance Landing Grounds (ALGs) in each valley can over come this short coming to a very large extent. These ALGs can also prove vital for the administration during natural calamities for large scale relief operations. Here in lies the paramount importance of ALGs.

But what is the state of these ALGs in Arunachal today? Are they operational? If not, within what time frame can they be made operational and at what and whose cost? Is there any litigation involved in any of the ALGs? Well! The sorry state of these ALGs needs no overemphasis. The fact of the matter is that some of these vital ALGs have been rendered useless  by land mafias. Exercising so called their democratic rights, land mafias appeared to have had a field day possibly not without the right nod from the right quarters at right time! Right? According to media report ALGs are being handed over to MoD.  Does  MoD have the magic wand to wish away these well entrenched mafias? Let us hope so !!

Second most important issue is development of areas  close to  borders.  Rightly, the Govt of Arunachal Pradesh has established many administrative headquarters in close proximity of our border with China. Takshing,Sarli, Huri, Limiking, Monigao,Tuting, Mipi, Chaglagam, Kibitu etc to name a few. Most of these administrative circles probably have not seen the day light of an administrative officer for better part of a year or years. How will development ever reach them? Our leaders rightly plead for adequate fund for mending three International borders and do manage substantial budget allocation for the state from the national exchequer only to be consumed by never ending pot holes of Itanagar. To my mind connotation of border state means whole of state and not confined to Itanagar or the foot hills. Are not real  border areas part of the border state ? Who will raise a voice  for these poor border areas? Defence preparedness can only keep pace with development. In martial state of Punjab civilians are there hand in hand with armed forces during war as amply proved in last three wars with Pakistan.  They help in moving forward vital military replenishments, guard vulnerable areas and points such as bridges/culverts, ammunition dumps, water points etc besides serving food to soldiers at transit points. It is because border areas in Punjab are developed and entails high stakes.  During peace time border management is done by coordinated frequent patrolling and gathering tactical intelligence at local level. Support of the administration in providing porters, guides, construction of porter tracks et all are necessary for timely and successful conduct of these patrols. Collecting intelligence and keeping surveillance on cross border operatives are other prime peace time functions of administration in border areas. It is naïve to believe that these functions can be executed through remote control!! There are some very vital administrative circles in border areas which must be manned at all times. During war administration should help the army in organizing orderly evacuation of civilians from battle zone  and support own forces in fatigue related works such as construction of roads, tracks, movement of defence stores etc  in areas safe from enemy fire. In the event these areas fall into enemy hands, administration in conjunction with military planners should have plan in hand to organize covert resistance group behind enemy lines to cause disruption and delay enemy’s progress of operation and to pass on information to own troops about enemy’s movement. Can we ever emulate French Legion of Second World War fame?  All these are possible only if the administration is there on the ground to gain confidence and organize the local people in these border areas. But are they there? Has anyone from administration ever travelled from Tame Chung Chu to Bidak (very close to Longju of 1959 fame now firmly under Chinese occupation  about 14 kms inside Indian territory) in Tsari Chu valley or from Takshing to Ashapila (a platoon post held by Assam Riffles and abandoned in the wake of first ever visit to Beijing by an Indian Prime Minister post 1962) and beyond to the border in Subansiri valley or from Sarli to the border or from Chaglagam to the border to name a few? How will people of these remote border areas be integrated to rest of the country if they are alienated due to lack of elementary development? A food for thought!!

The people of Arunachal Pradesh are understandably in a state of perpetual anxiety and they are constantly shouting to be heard by the rest of the county men and women. Events of 1962 are now history. Then North East Frontier Agency (NEFA) and its people were alien to rest of the country. 1962 Chinese aggression was largely perceived by the people of Arunachal Pradesh as a blessing in disguise because development, in particular surface communication took a quantum jump in the aftermath of treacherous Chinese attack. Today, 46 years down the line people of Arunachal Pradesh are fully integrated with the country and are as responsible and proud citizens as any other Indian. Great transformation has taken place in the field of human resource and other developments. So has life style. In fact life style of many Arunachalis is object of great admiration by fellow citizens from other parts of the country who contribute towards national exchequer via various forms of taxes. But should  the border areas await a second blessing in disguise- a revisit by Chinese ? Let the nation decide.

Let us remind our selves of what legendary former US president late John F. Kennedy said. Quote, “Ask not what America can do for you. Ask what you can do for America.” Unquote. Let the people of Arunachal Pradesh ask themselves what they can do for their country? If we are not contributing to the nation substantially, let us not destroy such national or state assets as ALGs or roads either. Also just as we plead with centre for border state development let us spare a thought for development of real border areas within the border state called Arunachal Pradesh. Time to learn from Chinese: make less hollow noises and quietly act more.


SLSA students shine in NE Adventure & Youth Fest

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: The students of Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy (SLSA) have once again brought laurels to the state, not in games and adventure sports this time, but in the field of cultural activities.

Five students of the academy, including three girls and two boys, who participated in the recently concluded North East Adventure & Youth Festival at Imphal stole the limelight with their enthralling cultural performance and won two prizes.

Renima Mehto and Pingeli Elapra won first prize in traditional dance competition and Master Gangte Epo won first prize in traditional solo song. Renima and Pingeli presented Idu Mishmi traditional dance while Master Epo presented traditional Nyishi solo song. Huge crowds were overwhelmed by their spectacular performance, especially Epo’s traditional Nyishi song wearing traditional Nyishi head-gear along with a long dao.

During the festival, the participants enjoyed adventure sports and took part in eco tourism related programmes and activities like para sailing, trekking, sport climbing, water sports, sight seeing, art and cultural presentation from different states, folk dance and music, lecture on deferent topics by different speakers on different topics such as personality development, youth policy, environment education, adventure and eco tourism, problems of HIV & AIDS. etc.

The festival offered a good platform to the participants know each other’s culture and traditions, foster unity and brotherhood among the youths of Northeast.

The festival, organized by Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association in collaboration with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan under Military Civic Action programme of DIG, CRPF Imphal range Manipur from November seven to 15, aimed at bringing social and cultural integration among the youths of North East, according to a release issued by team manager Dr. K.R. Meetei.


East Kameng reviews MG-NREGS Implementation

Seppa, Nov 25:  The implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme (MG-NREGS), in East Kameng was reviewed today.

All the matters related to the implementation of MG-NREGS were discussed at length in the meeting which was chaired by

East Kameng Deputy Commissioner Pige Ligu.

Officers of the DRDA including Project Director Habung Gambo took part in the meeting.

Ligu directed the DIO to install the MIS software to maintain transparency in the implementation of the scheme. While under scoring the importance of the scheme especially in the rural areas, he directed the PD and the BDOs to work efficiently for the successful implementation of scheme and for its up gradation to mitigate burden of unemployment.  For this, the PD and the BDOs may appoint the Nodal officer at DRDA level to have a close vigil on its progress, he added.

The DC further asked the PD to take up the durable and the viable scheme under the MG-NREGS to cater to the needs of the people and also to depute the DRDA officers to monitor the already implemented scheme.

While pointing out the durability of the schemes, he caution the BDOs that they should leave the scheme like porter track which is not at all  durable and reliable this   days. he further directed them to monitor the scheme as far as possible and  to take the photograph of the scheme implemented under the MG-NREG which they should bring in the next review meeting. They were also directed to issue job card to the job seekers. All the programme officers were also asked to submit the social audit report to DRDA for further submission to the higher authorities.

DC also asked PD, DRDA to release the funds from 6 percent administrative expense under MG-NREGS to the Programme officers for engagement of Gram Rozgar Sahayaks in their respective blocks. He also said that available staff in the DRDA and blocks could also be used in the MG-NREGS Scheme.

He opined that the review meeting should be conducted once in a month or two to interact and share each other experience regarding the implementation of the scheme. (DIPRO)


Joint medical camp in West Kameng under Japan-Arunachal collaboration

BOMDILA, Nov 25: A joint medical research programme on a Human Life, Aging, Disease and Death in High Altitude Environments: Physical, Medical, Ecological and Cultural Adaptation in Highland Civilization is going on in West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh.

This is a Japanese Government funded research project with Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Research Institute for Humanity & Nature (RIHN) Kyoto , Japan and Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) Doimukh , India to promote academic exchange and to project international cooperation.

As a part of the project, series of medical health checkup camps were organized from 1st to 18th Nov in Namshu, Dirang, Melakmu and Chander village in West Kameng Distict. The Camp was organised by Himalayan Holidays, Bomdila under the aegis of Dungkharpa Welfare Society, Dirang.

Tsering Wange, Co-ordinator of the medical camp stated that out of 241 patients who benefited from these medical health checkup camps, 86 were diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, 10 were Diabetics and 73 were suffering from Dyslipidenia. All diagnostic investigations and medicines were provided free of cost to the patients.

The medical team from Japan consisted of Dr. Okumiya Kiyohito, Dr R Sakamoto. The West Kameng medical team deputed by DMO Dr. Dani Duri consisted of Dr. L N Singh, ANM  Leki, GNM Geeta Devi and others. The joint medical teams were assisted by 12 students from Govt Degree College Bomdila under the leadership of Lecturer Leiki Norbu. Dr. Tomo Riba, Reader of RGU along with the Japanese team had earlier made the reccee of the Monpa villages for organizing the joint medical camp.

On successful completion of the 18 days medical health checkup camp, Dr. Dani Duri DMO Bomdila and Rinchin Tsering, Chairman of Dungkharpa Welfare Society left for Japan as special invitees to attend the International Conference being conducted by Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto . They will return back to India on 10 Dec 2009.


Tapak assures to take up people’s grievances

ITANAGAR, Nov 25:  State BJP President and former Minister and MLA  Dr Tangor Tapak has been in a thanks giving and development assessment tour in his constituency since Nov 21 last.

The first phase of the thanks giving tour which started from Rayang village  would come to an end on Nov 30.

Addressing the various meetings being organized by the people, Tapak extended his deep sense of gratitude and thanked the people of his constituency for re-electing him for 2nd time from the constituency. He assured to take up rigorously the grievances of the people with the government and appealed  one and all to come forward to make the dream of  development a reality.

People should not sit back and criticize, Tapak said and stressed on transforming the opportunities into inclusive and productive growth.

The district BJP functionaries headed by its president Tamat Gamoh and senior leaders present also extended their gratitude and thanks to the people for electing Tapak as their leader, according to a BJP release.


Cooperative Week celebrated at Aalo

AALO, Nov  25: The West Siang District Cooperative Union (WSDCU)  in collaboration with Along LAMP and AP State Coop Apex Bank, Aalo branch had celebrated the 56th All India Cooperative Week in a befitting manner from Nov 14 to 20.

During the celebration, a Women Self Help Group (SHG), namely Hibe Mahila Self Help Group (SHG) was formed at Doji Jelly village on Nov 15 last. The  group was inducted as member of Along LAMP, and group members were imparted knowledge of SHG activities.

Another cooperative awareness programme was held at Basar (Gori village) to befit the occasion and members were briefed about the importance of cooperative movement in West Siang district.

While encouraging the members of the Bango LAMP, Basar,  a resoltution was adopted to revive the society in a meeting at Gori village on Nov 18.

Aalo Cooperative General Stores offered special discount on consumer durable items during the week-long celebration.


Cancer Awareness Campaign reaches Pasighat

H. K. Roy

PASIGHAT Nov 25: The Muskan Society, headed by the First Lady, Anupama Singh has been organizing awareness campaigns to make Arunachal a Cancer free state. As a part a joint initiative by Muskan, Highways Infinite and state health and Family welfare department organized a Cancer Awareness Campaign at Pasighat  today in the Town-Club amidst huge gathering.

Chief Guest Onit Panyang DC said that early detection is vital to avoid fatal prognoses.

We must educate our people about it and encourage them to perform regular screening, Panyang advised.

The resource person Dr. (Capt) Ritu Biyani Joseph, Director Highways  Infinite and recipient of Mathan Award South Asia 2008 described the causes, preventions and treatments of cancer through power point presentations.

Dr. Biyani said, cancer is a silent killer and knows

no boundary. We need to change our attitude towards the disease and  talk openly, the resource person advised.

Dr. Adisi Kri (Radiation Oncologist), General Hospital Pasighat  while conducting a technical session on the day, appraised the infrastructural development and medical treatment facilities available in general hospital, Naharlagun.

Among others, Dr. B.C. Sarma DDHS, A. Taloh President (WWS, East Siang Unit), Nanom Jamoh, Advisor to CM and Kenrik Moyong Anchal Chairperson (Bogong) were present on day.

Pamphlets with tips on prevention and cure of breast cancer were distributed to the participants.


NYP’s eco-water literacy campaign  in three districts ends

ITANAGAR, Nov 25:  National Youth Project of Arunachal Pradesh has completed its Eco-Water Literacy Campaign in Lower Subansiri, Upper Suabansiri and Kurung districts on Nov 25 last. The NYP has been  organizing  the campaign covering the 16 districts of the state.

In all the three places at Ziro, Daporijo and Koloriang, the programmes included lectures, audio-visual display on low cost sanitation models, exhibition and film shows on water conservation, water recharge, water purification and treatment besides debate competition by the students on importance of  water conservation, water harvesting, safe drinking water,  causes and prevention of water borne disease.

There were also drawing and quiz competitions on water conservation where in altogether 216 students in three districts took part.

Large number of resource persons including R Narayanan Kutty, Hage Nanya, Hage Onyia, NYP president Hari Biswas,  Ziro VKV principal Uthaman spoke on the occasion at Ziro.


Advocacy training prog

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: The CBSE and the department of the School Education is organizing a training programme on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) at Bharat Scout and Guide, Polo Colony, Naharlagun on Dec 1 and 2.



ITANAGAR, Nov 25: The Nyishi students pursuing higher education in Shillong had constituted a pre-Nyokum-Yullo celebration committee-2010 with Tado Raja as chairman, Joram Nana, vice chairiman and Jagu Gyadi, over all incharge for the celebration of Pre-Nyokum Festival at Arunachal Bhawan, Shillong on February 4 next.


Pre-Si-Donyi festival celebrated

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: The Tagin community students  at Shillong have celebrated the 2nd pre-Si-Donyi Festival at Arunachal Bhawan, there  on Nov 21 last.

All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) Speaker  Chera Tamak  attended the festival on behalf of its president as chief guest.  Tamak advised the students’ community to work hard to excel and bring name and fame to the society, while the guest of honour and Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) general secretary  Hamlet Dohling stressed on better coordination among the students of the North East.


Medical camps at Tawang

Tawang, Nov 25: The third Medical Camp under Mobile Medical Unit was organized at Gespu village under Lumla Sub-division of the Tawang District. 323 cases attended the health camp. People from nearby villages also attended the camp, informed the DMO, Dr. T. C. Khrimey.

“The ASMs, Gaon Burahs, and Head Master of the Gyspu Middle School extended their help and cooperation to the MMU team. They were instrumental in bringing the patients to the camp site”, said the DMO.

Parallel to this a Medical camp was organized at Lumla division of the Tawang by 4th MAHAR (BORDERS) in collaboration with YUVA.

Brig. C.P. Mohanty, VSM, and Chairperson ZP Tsering Lhamu attend the Camp as the Chief Guest and Guest of Honor respectively.

Approximately 5000 inhabitants gained from this initiation by the Army. The District Medical Officer also rendered his assistance and guidance. (DIPRO)


    Subroto Cup

GHSSs Bilat, Ziro wins

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: Riding on Tomi Panggeng’s four goals, GHSS, Bilat humiliated GHSS, Khonsa 6-0 in a lopsided match of the Subroto Mukherjee Cup Football Tournament being played at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun today.

Panggeng scored in 21st, 31st, 55th and 57th minutes while Dilip Ering and Tadang Mize scored a goal apiece in 17th and 70th minutes to complete the drubbing.

In another match of the day, GHSS, Ziro beat GHSS, Changlang 3-0. Gyati Takang and Kime Tajang were the scorers for the winning team.

GHSS Aalo will meet GHSS, Itanagar tomorrow at 12.30 pm.


Daporijo gets ATM

DAPORIJO, Nov 25: The Deputy Commissioner H K Shalla inaugurated the State Bank of India ATM here today amidst great excitement and expectations of the people present. After the first use of the ATM by the DC, people thronged the place to finally get a chance to use their ATM cards.

The Branch Manager Shri J Singh expressed hope that people would avail the facilities provided and said that with the opening of the ATM, the rush during the beginning of each month would be lessened. This would lead to better provision of over the counter services.

People expressed their happiness and relief and stated that they had been holding on to their cards for months and were happy that they would not have to wait in line for hours to draw cash anymore. More that 2000 ATM cards have been issued to the customers. The ATM will remain open from 07.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m. in the evening. (DIPRO)


SINALITA  formed to celebrate Si-Donyii festival

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: For the first time in the history of Nacho assembly constituency, the  people of Siyum ADC, Nacho, Limeking and Taksing circles are going to celebrate the Si-Donyii Festival unitedly  at Page Nalo under newly created Siyum ADC  from January 3 to 6.

Meanwhile, the people of the circles including panchayat leaders, Govt officers and students constituted a forum, called, SINALITA (Siyum,Nacho, Limeking and Taksing)  with Tajin Dui, chairman, Taru Dui, ASM, general secretary, and minister Tanga Bayling as chief patron to make the celebration a mega-event and historic. Various sub-committees were also formed under joint secretaries for smooth celebration of the festival.


SHG training

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: A program on promotion of SHGs for field workers under micro finance vision 2011 was conducted on 23rd and 24th of this month at community hall Kimin by ICSD. During the training, 38 Angandwadi workers from the ICDS project Kimin was imparted training programme.


Library for competitive exams

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: Galo Welfare Society has arranged collection of books which may be purposeful for entrance/recruitment examination from Group D to UPSC/APCS. Those Galo students preparing for such examinations including the upcoming preliminary examination of APCS may avail the facility of the collection of books on every Saturday and Sunday at GWS Office located at C Sector near Punjabi Dhaba from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Association formed

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: The youths of Leel Village under Sangram circle in Kurung Kumey district in a recently held meeting  unanimously  formed an association, titled, All Leel Youths Association (ALYA) with Yangbiu Takak as president and Yorum Tabey, general secretary.


Guidelines for picnickers

ITANAGAR: The Jote Panchayat Youth Welfare Association (JPYWA) has appealed the picnic parties not to pollute the Jote panchayat area by throwing plastic bottles, water paper and polythene while organizing picnics. It also cautioned them not to use bleaching powders in Poma river  in order to protect the flora and fauna  and over all environment.


Student manhandles teacher

ITANAGAR: Immediate action on the part of executive members of Arunachal Pradesh Teacher’s Association and deputy director of school education, lead to the arrest of culprit involve in recent attack of M. Nyori, Head Master, Darak Seconday School, West Siang. The attacker who is student of said school has been sent to 14 days remand.


Car with fake number

ITANAGAR: Gohpur Police today arrested one Dhondhu Thungon and his associate with a stolen car registered with a fake no AR-0C-7124. The original car registration number is AR 0C-03586.

The team comprising ASI Balkar Singh, head constable BC Hazarika and constable N Epo got hold of the duo when they were driving into Hollonggi. Thungon is suspected to be member of car gang.

The police team recovered a fake registration card.