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Euphoric Tawang accords a majestic welcome to Dalai Lama

“Seek truth from the fact”

Tongam Rina

Tawang, Nov 8: Ecstatic Tawang accorded a majestic welcome to His Holiness The Dalai Lama this morning   who arrived here on the first leg of the weeklong visit to Arunachal Pradesh.

The reverberation of the state government helicopter was enough to send the devout Buddhist people to an unusual eruption of joy and happiness.

The entire town was decked up to its best and thousands of people carryings khatas, flowers and incense sticks throng the both sides of the road leading to the Tawang Monastery to catch a glimpse of the revered Lama.  Many could not stop tears from falling at the sight of the Lama.

It was not only the devotees who were emotional.  Even the Dalai Lama who escaped from Tibet to India via Tawang was unusually emotional.  On the sidelines of the inauguration of Monastery Museum and Monastery School Library, today, he spoke to the waiting media who have been camping here for days to cover the high profile visit.

While refusing to comment on Chinese stand, a candid Dalai Lama said, “My visit here is non-political. But since you share genuine interest, I will share. In 1959, when thousand others and I escaped Tibet, China did not stop us.  In 1962 liberation army occupied Tawang and almost reached Bomdila. But then the Chinese government declared unilateral ceasefire with India and withdrew. Now China has a different view and I am surprised. You must seek truth from these two facts”.  

 “When I escaped from Tibet, at that time besides my mental stress and anxiety, there was this feeling of hopelessness. Physically and mentally, at the border, I met Mr Menon, an old friend from Lhasa and as soon as I saw his face, there was a feeling that I was safe” he said in his halting English.

“It is usual for China to oppose my visit”, he brushed aside Chinese anger.

He further said that he has nothing to say to China while reiterating that China must ensure well being and basic rights of the Tibetans. There is no question of my return, unless China addresses the basic problems of the Tibetans, he further said.

Meanwhile speaking to the monks at a programme, he emphasized on preservation of Tibetan Culture, which is facing near annihilation.  

Apart from religious discourse, on the second day, he would inaugurate the District Hospital which has been funded by him.

Though the visit has been embroiled in controversy after the Chinese objection, nothing could deter the infectious enthusiasm of the devotees here who have arrived from as far as Bhutan. For them what matters is catching a glimpse of the living god, who is the very core of their existence.


Governor stresses the need of more tree plantation

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Expressing grave concern on the depleting forest cover, Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh, who have seen greenery at its heights some 27-28 years ago in the Roing area, asked the officials of Environment and Forest department to provide five saplings of  Teeta Champa, Hollong and other species to every denizens of Roing and organize plantation programmes.

Gen Singh, who was on a day-long tour to Roing, also made an aerial survey of the flood effected areas, in and around Roing Township on Nov 7. The Deopani River, which flows near the township creates communication problem for people there every year. The Asia’s long Bailey bridge, which was built cross the river, was swept away in 1988 and another bridge built again was swept away in 2003.

Earlier in a threadbare meeting, Rajya Sabha MP Mukut Mithi, local MLA Laeta Umbrey, Deputy Commissioner Y W Ringu and SP Tojo Karga amongst others, apprised the Governor on the repeated flood havoc in the area.

Acknowledging his contribution in earlier completion of Siang Bridge,  the leaders urged upon the Governor for initiative in erasing the communication bottleneck due to flood. Problems due to River Sisiri in Dambuk area was also apprised to him. They also discussed on economic up-liftment of the people through forest produce, such as cane and bamboo and also promotion of organic farming.

The Governor, while stressing on proper sanitation cautioned the leaders against pollution of the rivers by sewages. PRO to Governor


Development only answer to Chinese threat: Teli

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: The former minister T C Teli said that only answer to repeated claim  of China over Arunachal Pradesh is the rapid development of the state in all front.

Arunachl Pradesh is not only a sensitive border state but most neglected and backward state in India in term of socio-economic, political and educational development, and China’s claim to Arunachal is due to such underdevelopment for long years, he opined.  

Teli  is of the view that development activities like creation of North East or Border Regiment, construction of road, helipad and

rail link in border area, free trade with China and South Asian countries, establishments of educational institutions of higher learning are need of the hour  and only answer to  the Chinese threat.

 Denouncing the Chinese claim, Teli in a release said that  Arunachal Pradesh  was, is will be an integral part of India. We are Indian; the Indian people would not succumb to such threat by China.

He also said that the His Holiness Dalai Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh is purely religious. It should not be dragged into controversy.


NES resents downsizing of Nyishi ministers in Cabinet

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: The Nyishi Elite Society (NES) today expressed strong resentment over the downsizing of ministers from the Nyishi community.

While expressing the resentment and deep anguish of the Nyishi community over the ‘less share’ in the present ministry,  NES president Bengia Tolum  said  “glaring injustice” have been meted out to the Nyishi community while  formation of council of ministers.  In the previous govt three ministerial berths  were allocated to the Nyishi legislators. But in present Govt only two Nyishi MLAs were given the ministerial berths from among the 14 Nyishi MLAs in the 60-member Legislative Assembly, Tolum pointed out while addressing the media persons in a press meet here today.

Informing that the NES  has already submitted a repesentation to the  chief minister expressing its resentment over the downsizing of the  Nyishi representation in the ministry on Nov 5 last, Tolum said the Nyishi community, the largest tribe in Arunachal Pradesh with 2.75 lakh population, dominated in  5 districts, needs proper  representation  for bringing economic and social development in the most backward districts like Kurung Kumey.

Out of 14 Nyishi MLAs, 7 belong to INC.

Tolum said that despite huge physical statistical standing figures, the Nyishis and their areas have been lagging far behind in all fronts including education and employments as compared to other communities and areas due to miserable historical backgrounds and repeated deprivation of due share of proper and adequate political representation in the council of ministers in earlier consecutive governments.

 While giving a comparision to the other communities and districts in regards to allocation of ministerial portfolios  the NES  rued  that undivided Lohit (district with present Anjaw) which has only 1.4 lakhs population with five assembly constituencies was given 2 ministerial berths. East Siang district with only 87 thousand populations has also been given two ministerial berths; Upper Subansiri district with 55 thousands population has been given two ministerial berths.

Tolum said “since the entire council of ministers have now been completely appointed and understanding the fact that there is constitutional limitation to the number of ministerial berths in the council of ministers of the state, we demand that a Nyishi legislator be inducted as the deputy chief minister” while also demanding two more ministers from the Nyishi community in the next reshuffling of the council of ministers.

Out of 11 lakh total population in the state, Nyishi constitute 25 % of it with 2.75 lakh population with majority in five districts, NES president said while justifying his claim.

Sharing the view of the parent body, ANSU president Niglar Veo while citing the example of Kurung Kumey, which is the most backward district of the state, said that the portfolios should be distributed on the basis of necessity, population and socio-economic factors. Veo, however, said that the community will extend support to the state government in all developmental affairs.

Nyishi Nyem Acham president Higio Aruni said the Nyishi community, which deserves five ministerial berths, depending upon the backwards of the constituencies they represent,  is hurt with the  less representation  in cabinet. She urged the concerned authorities to take proper feedback when allocating the berths, for a stable and successful Govt.


Patriotism – misrepresentation in Arunachal context

Raju Mimi

Amidst the Chinese claim of Arunachal and the visit of Tibetan spiritual head, the global media attention went to the recent election held in the state which otherwise would have gone unnoticed. The mainstream media in the country emphatically reported that high voter turnout in the state was an unswerving response to Chinese claim on the state. While it continues to presume the overwhelming participation of Arunachali people in the Indian democratic exercise as a show of patriotism by giving the message of no to Chinese claim, the credence of such observation is not as it is perceived. In fact, there is no Chinese angle and the issue had no preference on voter’s mind. It would be naïve to conclude that Arunachali people voted massively as an emphatic no to Chinese claim as many of the tribal people would lack in understanding of what the voter turnout figure could mean in larger political context.  As Joram Begi, Director of NERIST while speaking to Times of India said, “Arunachali are proud and patriotic Indians and we have nothing to do with China's claim. The impressive turnout only shows that democracy is vibrant in every nook and cranny of the state. As a matter of fact, the people of Arunachal are not at all worried about China’s claim and are least bothered about the issue. What they are most interested in is development".

The high voter turnout can be attributed to Arunachal having a low candidate:voter ratio as it is easy to reach out to all on one to one basis. In a place like Anini with only 3600 voter for an assembly segment, geographical remoteness is the only constraint. To an average Arunachali where the traditional source of livelihood has been fast replaced with the onslaught of modernity, participating in this democratic process is the only way out to catch up in this process of socio-economic development. Arunachal has neither any historical or cultural link with China nor its aspiration can ever extend beyond the nationalistic spirit since the people here have been part of the Indian democratic system and strongly adheres to it. However the jingoism added every time over such democratic participation can be misleading since the politics of patriotism comes into play. Like in recent months, many of the mainstream media went on to report that huge infrastructural development projects like dams in Arunachal is a direct answer to China’s massive investment in infrastructures across the border. What concerns the tribal people in Arunachal is that while media acclaims the huge investments on infrastructural projects, patriotic fervor is added to downplay the aspirations of the local tribal people. For past two years many of the people have raised serious concern over large number of hydro projects planned for the state. It’s a sheer hypocrisy on part of the govt and the national media on their sudden expression of fear and concern over 116 meter dam being built in the upstream of the Siang River in China when it continues to maintain silence over hundreds of dams that are planned in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. What aggravates the sentiments of the local people more is the misrepresentation of patriotism to suit the agenda. Like a news magazine 'Open' in its September 2009 issue while reporting on the govt’s massive investment in infrastructural projects in Arunachal, quotes a professor from the Rajiv Gandhi University, Doimukh

who goes on to the extent of saying that patriotism of Arunachali people can be gauged by their acceptance of Hindi as their language even at the cost of their mother tongue. If that is indicative of patriotism, then what about millions of South Indians who are yet to accept Hindi as their main lingua franca. An Arunachali designer based in New Delhi Diana Karbak has recently raised a very pertinent question, “People say I don’t’ look like Indian but what is Indian?”  

To an average Arunachali, the news of Chinese claims and the border incursions is neither intimidating nor xenophobic. For them such reports are like any other news which is overtly sensationalized by the national media. Many of the recent incursion reports are concocted and one such news in Times Now has been substantiated as vague information which was provided by locals living in plains of Assam. Even after more than four decades of border debacle of 1962, India and China are yet to arrive at any solution on the vexed boundary issue. If the boundary issue remains unsolved and govt fails to make any affirmative response to Chinese claims then the fault lies entirely with them and the innocent people of Arunachal should not be hauled into this game.


AAPSU leaders meet Agatha

ITANAGAR, Nov 08: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) delegation today in its process for building “National Opinion” against the Chinese claim over Arunachal Pradesh called on Minister of State for Rural Development Agatha Sangma and Samajwadi Party National general secretary and Rajya Sabha Member Amar Singh.

Apart from the Chinese issue, the delegates of the union had a detail discussion with Agatha Sangma on the racial discrimination being faced by the people of the North eastern region residing in the national capital and impressed upon her to look into the matter seriously. The union minister agreed to give a serious impetus and promise the union that  she will see that the students and

the people coming from the NE region have assess to the law without any biasness or discrimination, said AAPSU in a release.

While venting  out his sentiment on the Chinese issue,  Amar Singh told that it is due to lack of development and strong will on the part of the union government that have allowed to linger the matter, the release said.


Training for block level facilitators under BRGF conducted

ITANAGAR, Nov 8:  State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD) has conducted a two-day  block level facilitators’  training programme under BRGF at Daporijo in Upper Subansiri district  on Nov 7 and 8. More than 51 participants from PRIs took part in this programme. The programme is being sponsored by Ministry of Panchayati Raj Government of India, and is supported by Department of Panchayati Raj, Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

While welcoming the participants, SIRD deputy director Kirto Loyi urged the participants to be well conversant of the said programme. The main objective of capability building under BRGF is to provide professional planning support to PRIs and facilitating them to prepare their own vision plan. The SIRD, Arunachal Pradesh being the TSI as well as nodal agency for training and capacity building under BRGF has already developed State and

District Level Master Trainer for the district. The district Level Master Trainer concluded recently on Nov 3-6 at Daporijo and Nacho in a batch of two by SIRD team. Loyi  also the main coordinator BRGF and Rakesh Srivastava, Assistant Director are heading the team in two batches supported by State Level Master Trainer.

The SIRD always remained committed in its job and will be continuing to reach to gram panchayat level for providing doorstep training programme to the stakeholders. The main reason for lacking of good plan in the district is due to absence of Gram Sabha meeting in most of the places. Had there been a timely conduction of Gram Sabha meeting in each village/gram panchayat, the real need assessment and identification of critical gaps as enshrined in the objective of BRGF guideline would emenate. Therefore a Gram Sabha meeting is of utmost important and must be done on no escape basis. The approach of BRGF is holistic and is targeted to fill up the critical gaps which are not being met from any development grants and reamined  as unreached sector,  Loyi said.

He further, gave the brief introduction of the Block Level Facilitators/Animators program. A two days programme comprises of resource persons from State Level Master Trainers who were trained in July last for BRGF  and also from various departments. They dwelt on various topics including Backward Region Grant Fund and its: Its salient features and on Capability Building part, understanding Panchayati Raj in context of Arunachal Pradesh Panchayati Raj Act 1997,  role and responsibilities Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana,  planning at Grassroot level, among others.

Dumro Bayor, Chairperson Anchal Samiti, Sigin-I, Nikom Mite, Chairperson, Anchal Samiti, Sigin-II, Smti Jyoti Dong, Chairperson, Anchal Samiti-Chikom, Yabom Lomdak, Chairperson Anchal Samiti-Pate, Dr B. Paul and Jento Doyom also spoke on the occasion.


RGU conducts games & sports competition

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Life Science department was adjudged the champion while Political Science won the  ‘Discipline department’ in department wise preliminary games & sports, literary and cultural meet, 2009 of Rijiv Gandhi University which concluded yesterday.

In the events of games & sports, the best athlete awards for male and female went to Dojum Nomuk (3 gold, 1 silver) and Biyunlu Kiri (3 gold, 2 silver) respectively. Minu Ete won the literary award while Pebika Lego was adjudged the best speaker. The best singer and dancer’s award went to Yanam Tago (Literature deptt.) and Joram Aku (Life Science deptt.) respectively.

A fashion show was also organized to mark the closing ceremony. Chimo Taipodia and Licha Jeri  were adjudged Mr University and Miss University respectively.

The winners of various events and other active participants from different departments on the basis of their performance would be selected to take part in the forthcoming VIII Inter-College Youth Festivals, 09 scheduled from third week of this month.


Silver jubilee

ITANAGAR: Boum Kakir Mission School Midphu, Doimukh is celebrating its Silver Jubilee from December 20-22.



ITANAGAR: All Sagalee Students’ Union (ASSU) resenting over the poor quality of works on Doimukh-Toru and Toru-Sagalee road carried out by PWD said that the carpeting and metalling works of the said roads is very low standard, adding that the road from Soro Camp to Sagalee is also in deplorable condition.

It appealed the concerned higher authority to look in to the matter immediately.


November -  9


People expect solution to Assam-Arunachal boundary problem


Dear Editor,

Through this esteemed daily, I would like to extend my personal thanks and gratefulness to  Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu for allocating the portfolio of home ministry to Nari-Koyu MLA Tako Dabi. I also extend my heartily congratulations to Dabi for being selected to the coveted post of home minister.

The Govt has made the best selection for the post of home minister with senior and experienced legislator like Dabi’s stature.

The state is facing the law and order problems most of which are due to the boundary dispute with neighbouring  Assam. The whole of Arunachal Pradesh is suffering from the boundary problem and there is no any tangible solution to the problem so far.

36 Nari-Koyu is also affected by this long pending Assam-Arunachal boundary dispute. The people of the constituency have been suffering since its existence with half of the geographical area of the constituency bordering Assam. Frequent violence, loot and arson in the area have become a common event in the constituency. The issue is so prominent that it is found  place in the election promises of the each and every candidate contesting election from the constituency.  But the matter goes into slumber only to wake up after each four and a half years yet again for another election.

This time with the local MLA  being  the  home minister of the state, the people of Nari-Kayu constituency have  high expectation from him for a solution to the issue. With his selection to the post of home minister, the long cherished dream of the people has been fulfilled. The people of the area including myself would like to assure our full cooperation to the home minister in his endeavour.


Kenyir Ringu

Public leader (NCP)

Nari-Koyu constituency.




Baseless Allegations


Dear Editor,

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the attention of the state president of the Nationalist Congress Party towards the development that took place prior to the recently concluded assembly election.

Despite allotment of party ticket for Mukto assembly constituency, I could not live up to the great expectations of the people.  I could not file nominations despite having done extensive campaign and won hearts and minds of people due to some compulsions (local in nature) and in the interest of the district which outweighed any other priority. I deeply regret having failed to live up to the party’s expectation despite people’s support.

Regarding the rumours making round the political circle  alleging that I have backed out by accepting money, I would like to clarify that the allegations are purely figments of imagination of some vested interests who are trying to malign my clean image and destroy the credibility of the party. There is no iota of truth in it, the state party president may constitute an enquiry committee to unravel the truth.

However, accepting moral responsibility for dismal electoral performance in Tawang district, I do hereby tender my resignation from the post of district party president.


Borang Lama



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