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November -  03


The forgotten Rangfrah Government College

Tom Simai

CHANGLANG, Nov 2: Perhaps, Rangfrah Government College (RGC), Changlang could have been a prestigious educational institutes of our state, if secluded location enshrouded by serenity was enough for grading and augmenting its academic performances. Disappointingly, it isn’t enough as it requires more than that.

Inaugurated in 1996, RGC was marked as a significant episode, symbolizing the beginning of a new educational dawn in the district. During that inspirational era, with a BA degree in hand, the dreams to transform and truncate societal discrimination blossomed throughout the precinct. As time elapsed, it wasn’t the BA degree but three years of ‘third degree’ that decayed those blossoming dreams, gradually transforming the progressive visions into depressive reality.

16 years down the lane, today, with straggly creepers on the rusting post of the college signboard and a disintegrated iron gate embellishing the entrance, RGC at first glance looks like an abandoned facility from a horror flick. The gloomy campus narrates about the miseries experienced by the inhabitants during their graduation period. In such appalling ambience, any mighty faith will crumble and genius will perish. Reckoning about the kind of life offered to the ‘future of our district’, the rage surfaces spontaneously.

The hostel is so crowded that the spaces between two cots are at minimal. Therefore, the approximately 120 boarders conceived a glorious idea – using of bed sheets and bamboo pools to create a private chamber for each bed that serves as study, dining and bedroom.

The recreational room has a 21 inch color TV, a table tennis board and a squeaking cot for the viewers to sit. The kitchen is also used as multipurpose room with firewood’s and rice sacks stacked side by side. The faded color, deteriorated side walls, torn ceiling, shattered hearth, scattered firewood’s and dusty floor completes the kitchens interior.  Regrettably, it can be asserted as the most unhygienic kitchen and this is where the two time meals are prepared for the ‘future of our district’.

The scene at ladies hostel isn’t different. The rooms are so congested that it has compelled the girls to convert the 80% of the kitchen area into bedroom and minimal furniture’s has taught approximately 130 girls to improvise – four girls share two cots mutually by joining it.  Though, the new ladies hostel was inaugurated last year, but still it remains unoccupied due to incompletion of plumbing and electrification works.

Inclusively, at both the hostels, the ceilings are torn and tainted and almost all the electrical equipments like fan and tube lights are dangling as decorative pieces.  The ‘third degree’ continues.

Since RGC came into existence, the shortage of lecturers was primary problem and it still is. It seems ‘change’ has eluded RGC because all the earlier predicaments are still as it was, in pristine form. The college has only five classrooms for approximately 300 students and scarcity of extra classrooms has led to debarment of honors classes. Stunningly, RGC doesn’t have Primary Health Care Centre for its 300 residents, the library doesn’t racks sufficient books, the soccer field is located some 1.5 km away, from the 9 running water taps only 3 have regular supply and the fragile edifices, since occupation hasn’t been repaired till date. Thanks to college generator, at least electricity is available from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Above all, the most bizarre problem confronted is deprivation of stipend. According to the majority of students, last year 60% students were deprived of stipend. They revealed that stipends are paid as per the percentage of their attendance. Prior to the implementation of such stipend deduction plan, they weren’t notified by the college authorities.

For the underprivileged, RGC is the Mecca of further studies and no matter how excruciating the sufferings, relinquishment is out of order as it will cease their graduation journey. Being poor, they don’t have any other alternative but to suffer more. Sadly, so far, no effort has been made by anyone to diminish the sufferings of those poor students.

In truth, the reprehensible status of RGC is not only a sign of extreme disgrace but also a humiliating slap on the faces of five MLAs. Their promise of better education is getting drained and they are sitting idle instead of meliorating the quality of education and existence in RGC. Not only that it’s also a major embarrassment for every individual of Changlang district who are equally responsible for the deplorable status of RGC by being all the time – silent and shameless.


Tuki discusses border issues with Gogoi

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi this morning called the newly sworn in Chief Minister Nabam Tuki and wished him on assuming office today. Accepting the wishes Tuki took the opportune moment to discuss inter-state welfare issues during the telephonic conversation.

The Chief Minister drew attention of his Assam counterpart towards the lack of basic infrastructure in both states. As a result both the Chief Ministers agreed to meet soon to discuss and emphasize for special packages for infrastructure development benefiting both the states. This, Tuki pointed, would foster harmony between the two neighboring states.

Later in the morning at 10 am, Tuki attended the residential office of the Chief Minister for the first time. Officers and staffs of the CM Secretariat, while welcoming the new Chief Minister, briefed him about the office and its functioning. He also discussed the law and order situation in the state capital with top police officials of the capital district and met visiting colleagues and state officials.

Tuki also gave audience to hundreds of public and party leaders, who thronged the CM’s office to wish him.

In the afternoon he made a survey of the CM’s Official Bungalow and then attended a party meeting at Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, the state head quarters of Congress.

While addressing the Congressmen and women, he said that to reach the highest post, he worked dedicatedly for the party right from  student time. He assured party workers that he would visit the party office once to attend to party issues.

He further informed the Congress workers that the AICC is yet to accept his resignation as party chief and that he would be holding the post till a new incumbent is appointed.

Meanwhile, in the evening a one point resolution was adopted in the first CLP meeting held after Tuki assumed office as its leader. The CLP members present in the meet unanimously endorsed the decision of the AICC President and also expressed full faith and unstinted support to Sonia Gandhi and Nabam Tuki.

Apart from support and cooperation for all round development of the state, they affirmed to further strengthen the Congress Party from the grass root level across the state.


Bomdila gets centralized parking lot

BOMDILA, NOV 2: Probably the first of its kind in the state, the Parking Lot of district headquarters Bomdila executed by District Urban Development Agency for rupees 3.26 crores under the Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR) has at last begun to see the light of the day after being under lock & key for the last 20 months for want of takers.

The Parking Lot which was inaugurated by the MLA RT Khunjuju on 9th of February 2010 was today declared open and functional by Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi at a simple function in the Parking Lot building.

The Parking Lot located in the heart of the Bomdila Township houses a Tourist Information Center, the entire booking counters for Sumo & private Bus services, a cyber café, restaurant, local Souvenir shop, day and night secured parking space for 80 vehicles and pay toilets among others.

Urging the lessees to operationalize the various ventures at the earliest in order to do away with the traffic and parking problems in the market area and for security of the vehicles, DC Tashi in reply to the submissions, assured early installation of an ATM counter and a Police beat in and outside the Parking Lot building with regular patrolling by the CRPF & Police personnel for the safety of the commuters and to do away with mischief mongers, if any.

DC Tashi called upon the tour & taxi operators to uphold the interests of the tourists to facilitate further flow of tourists in the district and beyond which in turn would boost the economy of the people of the area.

Among others Superintendent of Police SB Tamang, District Transport Officer Padang Sangyu, MD Himalayan Holidays Tsering Wange and social worker Ngawang Choten spoke on the occasion. (DIPRO)


Two Arunachalees inducted into IPS

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Two state police service officers Nabam Gungte, SP Papum Pare and Kime Kaming, CO 2nd IRBN, Changlang have been inducted into prestigious Indian Police Service (IPS) by Govt. of India.

Both joined Arunachal Pradesh Police (APP) as Dy.SP in the year 1992 and have wide range of experiences as SDPO and SP of the different districts.

In an investiture ceremony at PHQ, DGP, Arunachal Pradesh P K. Deol, put IPS badges on them. The top police officers of the PHQ were present during the ceremony.

DGP Deol and IGP S.B.K. Singh welcomed the inducted officers into the IPS fraternity and asked them to uphold the law and to look after personnel they command by personal example of dedication and highest standard of ethics.


Rescue operation still on, org seeks action

SEPPA, Nov 2: The rescue operation by army is still underway to locate missing people after the foot suspension bridge connecting market with new Seppa Town on Kameng River collapsed on late evening on Oct 29  due to snapping of Steel Wire Rope from the centre. Five bodies were recovered while more than 14 are still unaccounted for.

The army column, which is equipped with Boats, OBMs and other life saving equipments has undertaken massive rescue carrying out the operations in conjunction with the local civil administration.

All efforts are underway to identify, if there are any more survivors. Medical teams are also positioned alongwith ambulance in the area.

Meanwhile,  All Nyishi Educated Youth Forum has questioned District administration of East kameng, as to why they are unable to trace those traceless victims till date. Forum further questioned why district administration did not deploy personnel at bridge site in order to avoid such tragic incident. Meanwhile the forum appreciated local youths of that area who reportedly saved many lives by putting their own lives at risk to save lives of other .

They strongly demanded immediate independent judicial probe into the mishap as forum does not believe on any enquiry conducted by the state government.

It called for suspension of those officers under whose jurisdiction the foot suspension bridge was functioning. The forum also appeal to the new state government to conduct immediate survey of all old such various foot suspension bridges in the state with immediate effect and direct the concerned Department for reconstruction of bridges before witnessing any more such tragic incidents.  The state government should also immediately press highly trained expert like sea water driver for search and rescue operation to trace the missing victims and also urged the state government to enhance ex-gratia compensations.

Meanwhile the forum also appeals to the new chief minister not to induct any tainted or corrupted MLAs into the upcoming cabinet expansion, although they may be the senior most in the ranks.


Special Border Personnel Meeting at Bumla

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Bonhomie and friendship echoed yet again today on the India – China border at the historic 15000 ft high Bum La Pass in Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh.  These meetings are held four times a year, on 30 May and 15 Aug on the Indian side and on 01 Oct and  30 Oct on the Chinese side.  These meetings between the two Asian giants have been a vital platform for resolving local issues with a view to enhance peace in the Sector.

Before, the formal meeting, both the Delegations contributed a stone each at the Heap of Stones on the Indo – China border, to further the relationship and peace between the two nations.  The two sides interacted to resolve border issues and for the furtherance of peace and friendship along the border.

The Chinese Delegation hosted the Indian Delegation with warmth.  After informal interaction and a group photograph with the two National flags fluttering side by side, the two delegations departed amidst a feeling of renewed friendship and bonhomie between the two nations.


Book released at RGU

RONO HILLS, Nov 2:  Prof David R Syiemlieh, Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University,   released the book Development Dynamics: Finance, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship edited by Dr. M.C. Behera, Associate Professor, Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies, Dr. R.C.Parida, Associate Professor, Commerce and   Devi  Baruah, Assistant Professor ,Commerce  and published by DVS Publishers, Guwahati. Prof. Syiemlieh lauded the efforts of the editors   and appreciated the quality of the book in terms of its content and production.     He particularly commented upon the contemporary development debate drawing upon the theme of the papers in general.

Dr. M.C. Behera, one of the co-editors, introduced the book as an interdisciplinary scholarship that critically examines potentials and challenges of the emerging significance of the institutional factors, precisely finance and entrepreneurial dynamics to achieve inclusive development in   post globalized era.


Expectations from the new Chief Minister

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Expectations are high from Nabam Tuki, the newly appointed chief minister of state. As he takes over the reign of the state, several organisations have expressed the hope that he would take the state to a new high.

Nyishi Elite Society in message said that with his long experience in the political field and his amiable nature, we hope to see new heights of the state, while we are aware that it would be a Herculean task that he inherited a total mess in all fronts from the previous Government.

The Chief Minister, Nabam Tuki shall have to put his political maturity and wisdom to undo the ruckus. With his taking over the reign of the state, we urge upon him to take care of the ethnic multiplicity of the state for a peaceful and progressive pan Arunachal, it said.

It further added that the ToI/Deccan Chronicle issue is purely a sentimental movement of the Nyishi Community being spearheaded by NES-ANSU and has nothing to do with politics. So therefore, the current Nyishi movement must not be misconstrued and assigned political colour by unscrupulous elements.

We urge upon the present leadership to expedite investigation on the line of  High Court, Guwahati, verdict of 28th October’2011 quashing petition of Pradip Thakur for stay on investigation and ensure solution to the infamous ToI/Deccan Chronicle issue within one month time failing which the NES-ANSU shall recourse to appropriate social movements, it added.

Adi Baane Kebang, the apex body of Adi community while welcoming the news of Nabam Tuki taking over as new chief minister of state hope that with his vast experience, he will lead state towards peace, prosperity and will also accelerate the all round development.

Arunachal Public Motor Transport Federation expresses hope that new CM will prioritise social, cultural, education, health and road communication for overall development of state. Further federation is hopeful that CM Tuki will give special attention for renovation of NH-52(A) from Banderdewa to Hollongi along with sector roads of capital. Akom Welfare Society, All Arunachal Pradesh Unemployed Youth Organization, Itanagar City Development Welfare Association, All Yachuli Youth Organization, All Capital Complex Auto-Rickshaw Welfare Association, E-sector IG Park forest colony welfare committee, Save Arunachal Youth Association, City Congress Committee, Donyi Colony Welfare Committee, and Arunachal Pradesh Indigenous Tribe’s Union have all welcomed the appointment of Nabam Tuki as chief minister and hope that he will start new era of development keeping in mind the interest of every Arunachalee.    

Arunachal Baptist Church Council hoping that new era of peace, progress and equal religious freedom will usher in.

All Nyishi Educated Youth Forum urged new government to give top priorities to improve deteriorating law and order situation, road communication and control rise of essential commodities. Forum also appealed the new govt to start chopper service as soon as possible.

Abu Tatong Society is looking forward for new period of development under leadership of Nabam Tuki. Arunachal Artiste Forum, Leporiang People Welfare Committee Capital Complex, Arunachal Pradesh Kishan Khet Mazdoor Congress, Arunachal Pradesh Congress Seval Dal and All Nyishi Youth Association have all express hope that under his able leadership new CM Nabam Tuki will lead state to new height of development.   

Don Bosco Alumni, Itanagar Unit hoped that Tuki will carry forward the development process set in motion by the late Dorjee Khandu.  

Borum Zilla Parishad, Itanagar hoped that Tuki would take forward the state to a new horizon of peace and development.

Heche Welfare Society hoped for the development cherished by the citizens of the state and wished for peace and tranquility among all the tribe brethrens under the new leadership and his to be appointed new team of cabinet.

Nocte Students’ Union (NSU) hoped that under his leadership, many more developmental activities for Tirap district, which is one of the most disturbed districts of the state would be given with full concentration and support. We would like the new Chief Minister to look upon the prevailing situation and the educational scenario of Tirap district in particular and Arunachal Pradesh in general, it said.

Arunachal Pradesh Doctors Association (APDA) hopes that under the  leadership of Tuki the State in general and ‘State’s Health Sector’ in particular will reach a new milestone.

Dini Welfare Society firmly believe that under the leadership of new Chief Minister Nabam Tuki  the  state will see a new pace of development at the grass-root  level and also hope that peace and tranquility will prevail  in  the state. The society also expects that the Assam-Arunachal boundary issue will be solved permanently.

The Arunachal Pradesh Schedule Tribe Students' Union(APSTSU) hoped that all the border areas of state will be connected under his leadership for proper security of civilian. The union also believed that the 30% reservations for Arunachalee Students NE-I, NE-II, NE-III in NERIST will be discussed under his leadership for  which the unions had been submitted to the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh long back.

Meanwhile APSTSU has welcomed the decision of state government to release rupees 19 lakh for victims of Seppa bridge collapse incident. The union also extend gratitude to MP Takam Sanjay and local MLA Tapak Taku for their promptness in offering help to the victims.


Society takes up the school boy suicide case

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Libo Ramo Bokar Welfare Society met Chief Minister Nabum Tuki and apprised him about the suicide of young school boy Tamer Yorpen.

The school boy committed suicide on Oct 24 after series of events in Govt Higher Secondary school, where he was a class XII student.

He allegedly committed suicide unable to deal with the pressure after some of school friends, who stood up for him after a scuffle with a junior student were expelled.  The society informed that the Chief Minister has assured to extend all help possible help.

The society further welcomed MP Takam Sanjoy’s assurance for compensation to the family members.

Meanwhile the society has questioned the release of the Vice Principal who was arrested following the death of the school boy. It said that at this juncture the vice principal should be put under suspension till the investigation is over. It further said that according to norms, the VP should have been put under suspension by now.


Apex bank organizes financial literacy & credit counseling

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: A financial literacy & credit counseling (FLCC) camp was organized by Arunachal Pradesh State Co-operative Apex Bank at Basar Nalloh and Batt village on Oct 31 which was attended by more than 100 participants.

Tsering Thongdok, M D  Apex Bank opined that Apex Bank is committed for rural development and highlighted various deposit schemes and loan schemes available with the bank and advised the farmers to form SHG and Farmers Clubs and take advantage of bank schemes for the development of the village.

Basar Nallo and Batt village has enormous potentials for commercial cropping.

U. Bagh, AGM, NABARD has informed that NABARD has schemes under agriculture sector which can be availed through the banks.

Two Self Help Groups were formed at Basar Nalloh in addition to earlier two groups already formed and credit linked by the bank. The camp was sponsored by NABARD  Regional Office Itanagar.

The   Branch  Manager,  Ganga and Itanagar branches and Sr. Officers from Apex bank also spoke on various schemes of the bank and requested to open accounts with the Apex Bank as it is fully revived and providing credit facilities in Priority Sector activities.

Nabam Peter who coordinated the camp said that  Apex bank has already started activities by forming SHGs and avail loan facilities  from Apex Bank and requested all the villagers  to come forward for mutual growth.

Tadar Tempo Chairman Batt MPCS  appreciated the efforts of Apex bank for rural development and said it is high time for SHGs to come forward to avail loan facilities from Apex bank to grow their income.  


3 houses gutted, relief sought

ITANAGAR, Nov 02: Three houses were completely gutted by fire at IG Park Forest Colony in the wee hours of November 2. All the properties and other belongings of the victims, namely Tape Kena, Lingdum Pisa (Yakia) and Yarda Yajik, were lost in the fire, said E Sector Indira Gandhi Park Forest Colony Welfare Committee.

While demanding an inquiry into the cause of the fire, the colony welfare committee urged the district administration and local MLA to provide immediate relief to the victims.

Kara Welfare Society (KWS) also urged the authorities concerned to provide immediate relief to the victims for their rehabilitation and also demanded an investigation into the cause of the house fire.


Awareness cum training prog for SHGs

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: An awareness cum training programme on Nutrient deficiency diseases and its impact on health of Farm Women was organized at Iphingo village on Oct 31 for “Ephingo Chi Yaku “SHG and Enyihimbo SHG on Nov 01.

Nanang Tamut SMS (Home Science) participated as resource person in the programmes and collected basic information about the activities of SHG groups and resources availability for development of cost effective diets utilizing locally available ingredients to overcome nutrient deficiency diseases.

Dr. T J Ramesha, Programme Coordinator briefed farm women upon mandated activities of KVK as well as income generation avenues to be taken up for strengthening of SHGs.

V. K. Pandey, SMS (Horticulture) also participated in the programme and provided information on establishment of Kitchen Garden in order to meet the demands of food sources to overcome nutrient deficiency problems.

Jimmy Mize, SMS (Fisheries) also visited fish pond of Okili Linggi, a progressive farmer residing at   Rukmo village to observe the soil and water condition of fish pond and activities like feeding, liming carried out by the fish farmer. Farmer has been advised to continue liming in order to check the acidic condition, erect the pond dykes to avoid escape of fishes during flood and to plant Napier and fodder grass on the dykes. Farmers were also advised to go for integration of livestock with fish pond as crop diversification to bring down cost of production and enhance economic returns.

A total of 20 farm women (10 numbers from each SHG group) participated in the programme and have decided to change their attitudes towards acceptance of new feeding habits through development of new food products utilizing locally available ingredients to overcome nutrient deficiency disease problems.


NTSE scholarship for Annong Mekke Jamoh

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Lots of hard work coupled with proper parental guidance and a bit of luck will never go unrewarded. This has been proved right by Annong Mekke Jamoh, a class-IX student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pasighat who has cracked the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE 2011) conducted by  NCERT, Delhi.

Son of Augusti Jamoh and Kenter Jamoh of Pasighat, Annong Mekke Jamoh is the lone candidate who has come out successfully in the NTSE 2011 from the state.

A promising student all through, he was among the top 25 candidates at the state level preliminary screening stage before he finally got selected at the National level. With this success he will be eligible to receive scholarship from the NCERT, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India up to his doctorate level of academic pursuance.


6th General Conference cum election of ACDSU

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: The election committee of All Changlang District Students Union 2011 is gearing up for its upcoming 6th General conference cum Election scheduled on Nov10, 12 and 13 at Changlang.

“The students studying in entire North East region are expected to arrive and cast their valuable vote to elect their student leaders” said Yongme Mossang, election commissioner of ACDSU. He also appealed to the student community to participate in the democratic process of election wholly to contribute their share for the development of healthy and progressive society. He urged student community to remain peaceful while maintaining law and order situation in all respect during entire election process.

“This the first time in history of Changlang district that student election is being conduct in formal way”, he added.   


Health awareness progs & medical camps

SIYUM, Nov 2:  In a bid to improve the health conditions of rural Arunachal the Itanagar Diocesan Empowerment Association (IDEA) in collaboration with Catholic Mission at Siyum Circle in Upper Subansiri District, supported by KFB Austria, conducted several health awareness programmes and medical camps from 20th to 30th October, 2011.

It was arranged in different interior villages of the Nacho, Siyum and Taliha Circles. A one day programme was held in each of these remote hamlets of Ebiya, Ayingmurri, Siyum, Doyam and Kodak.  All the awareness programmes were conducted through multimedia power point presentation. Dr. Susmitha MBBS, DNB explained about the common diseases prevalent in the area and how to take precautionary measures to prevent and reduce its occurrences. She in her presentation stressed that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and explained that if we keep ourselves, home, village clean and vaccinate our children we can prevent many diseases before they start. The programme aimed at educating the villagers on health and hygiene and thereby reducing the infant mortality and deaths caused by diseases such as Malaria, Typhoid, Diarrhoea, Dysentery etc. After the awareness programme a free medical camp was conducted in all these villages. It was a need in time as many villagers who have no access to health care facilities gathered to benefit from it. It was animated by Dr. Susmitha, Sr. Mercy SABS and the medical team of the Divine Mercy Health Centre, Siyum. About 1200 people attended and benefited from the medical camps.


Foundation day of Heches

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: The IXth Foundation Day & IVth   General Conference of the Heches  was organized from Oct 21 at Dumporijo.

To mark the Conference a Legal Awareness Campaign on Domestic Violence Act 2005 & Provisions of Women Laws was organized on 23rd October by Association for the Welfare of ST of A.P. (AWSTAP)- in collaboration with Heche Welfare Society (HWS), supported by A. P. State Commission For Women.

Former Vice Chairperson of APSWC Mepung T. Bage Heche was the Main Resource Person along with T. Budung, EAC and T. Bayor, Advocate as other experts.   

During the conference, resolutions were adopted which include affirmation to adopt Heche as Common surname, to make proper Educational & Health Policy for Heche area and cultural and Literary Competitions among others.

The event also saw the release of 2nd Edition of Genealogy book compiled by Dr. Logo Bage Heche & Er. Jummar Kamdak Heche & Release of Musical Audio CD produced by Minga Bage Heche,

The formal inaugural function was attended by MLA Gojen Gadi.

Tabe Haider, President, Kara Welfare Society attended the programme as the Guest of Honour.

The Conference also saw the Observation of 24th Death Anniversary of Philanthropic Heche, Popak Bage Heche.

The Conference also saw the formation of New Executive Body with Dr. Logo Bage Heche as  President, Tangha Bage Heche as Gen. Secretary, Bikash Bage Heche as Chief Editor & Secretary Literary- Publicity and Bibom Kamdak Heche as  Vice-President.

Yaro Nalo Heche would head the women wing as Chairperson with Yabe Bage Heche as Gen. Secy.


Demonstration programme

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Upper  Subansiri  conducted two days demonstration programme from Oct 31 under the sponsorship of ATMA, Daporijo, in the farm of progressive farmer Yalom Lida wife.

Nani Yampi, Subject Matter Specialist (Plant Protection) demonstrated to the farmers the storage of ginger for planting  material treated with a biopesticide CAU Gold.

This technology, released from College of Horticulture and Forestry, Pasighat will help the farmers to store their ginger as a planting material for longer  period of time and disease free.

In another demonstration programme, SMS (P/P) gave hands on training to farmers on Oyster Mushroom cultivation. This was carried out to impart the farmers with skill and knowledge about oyster mushroom cultivation on home scale basis for self employment. The programme was a great success with active participation from farmers.


AKWDS demands

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: The All Kombo Welfare and Development Society (AKWDS) vehemently condemned the students’ organizations for blaming an individual for decision unanimously taken by the entire teacher community of the school and hatching criminal conspiracies against one individual lowering down the hard earned image and reputation of Jomdo Lona, V/Principal, GHSS, Aalo, and physical assault, damaging his private property, and the school building while on duty.

The society strongly refutes the statements made by the President, Galo Students’ union through various media of slapping him by Lona.

In the contrary it was the President, Galo Students’ Union and his accomplices who physically assaulted Jomdo Lona, after forcibly entering the staffs common room. It is a deliberate effort and tactics on the part of GSU to hide its offences, it said.

The society also expresses anguish over the district Administration and the Police department for non arrest of the President, GSU and his accomplices who are still at large even after having committed major offences by man handling a gazette officer of the state on duty.

The society while conveying its deepest condolences to the bereaved family of late Tamer Yorpen strongly demands the concern authority for proper and impartial investigations and also urges the Galo welfare society and the All Arunachal Teachers’ Association Central Executive Committee (CECATA) to intervene by sending fact finding committee to unearth the truth of the incident of Oct 25.

It also appeals the Galo students’ Union (GSU), West Siang District Students’ union (WSDSU) and other concerned individuals and associations to maintain peace and tranquility to avert furtherance of the tense situation.   


PVYWA formed

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Pee-Valley Youth Welfare Association (PVYWA) under Palin circle of Kurung Kumey district  was formed in a meeting yesterday with Donik Takam and Bem Tanik as president and general secretary respectively.


BJYM appointments

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) state unit president has appointed Mindu Gyatso and Tapai Saroh as district BJYM presidents of Tawang and East Siang respectively.


New association formed

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: All Arunachal Young Star Artist Association (AAYSAA) was formed in a meeting at Naharlagun yesterday and Lenbai Hangkar and Tana Abu (Krishna) were selected as president and general secretary.



ITANAGAR, Nov 2: The Head Gaon Burah of (HGB) of Liromoba circle Minluk Romin died at age of around 75 years on October 25 last.

He left behind his wife, 7 sons and two daughters, according to Romin Ao Welfare Society.

Describing his death as great loss to Romin society in particular and Liromoba circle as a whole, RAWS said that Romin was well versed in customary related rules and regulations and well equipped with traditional hymns, stories and history. Romin who rendered selfless services for the welfare of the society had always advocated for preserving indigenous faiths and believes.

He was also the RMI in National Malaria Eradication Programme during NEFA period from 1960 to 69 and discharged his duty with utmost dedication and sincerity, especially in DDT spraying. He was first appointed as GB of Liromoba in 1980.

Doimukh People Forum (DPF) has deeply mourned the untimely demise of Nabam Puniya, female attendant of Community Health Centre (CHC) Doimukh.

Puniya, (47), wife of Nabam Tade, breathed her last on November 2 after a prolonged illness.

The faculty members, office staff and students of Dera Natung Govt College deeply mourned the sad demise of Nyari Chege, a B.Com first year student of the college.

Hailing from Chege village of East Kameng district, Chege died at a city Hospital yesterday.

College principal Tomar Ete, on behalf of the college family, conveyed heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribe Students’ Union also condoled the untimely demise of Chege and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

The officers and staff of the Directorate of Health Services have condoled the sudden demise of driver Sant Singh today. Singh had been serving the department since 1984.



ITANAGAR, Nov 2: The village council of Khela village of Tirap district, in a release said that the self styled Pvt. Sanjay Socia, son of late Shanti Singh, was neither belonged to Nocte tribe nor a resident of Khela village. It said that the NSCN cadre was nabbed by Assam Rifles along with CRPF and APP from Nehru Stadium, Khonsa on October 26 last. It claimed that not a single cadre has yet been inducted to neither factions of NSCN.


Bogong Banngo Kebang

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: The 20th General Conference cum Election of Bogong Banngo Kebang (BBK) premier Kebang council is scheduled from Nov 6-7 at Sibo Village, Pasighat.

The conference will have wide range of deliberation on social issues including banning of hunting & fishing and large scale destruction of forest product. The burning issue of eviction drive against illegal land encroachers in the district head quarter will also be discussed.


Arunachalee boy at Dance India Dance

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Nabam Apang, son of Nabam Tasso of Bobia village under Sagalee sub-division has qualified for the 5th round of Dance India Dance (DID) audition to be held in Mumbai on November 28.

Apang is the only contestant from Arunachal Pradesh to be selected for the event. The 4th round of the audition was held in Kolkata.


Arunachal cultural troupe adjudged best

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: The cultural troupe from Arunachal Artiste Forum (AAF) was adjudged the best in live folk dance performance in North East Short Film and Cultural Festival which was held at Siliguri from October 28 to 30 last.

This is a great achievement for Arunachalee cultural troupe which deserves appreciation from all, AAF general secretary and troupe leader TG Tara said.


State Level Shoto Kan Karate C’ship

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: East Kameng Karate-Do Association has decided to conduct the 3rd State Level Shoto Kan Karate Championship 2012 at Seppa from January 6 to 8, 2012.

An organizing committee headed by Sama Yangfo as chairman was formed in a meeting on October 26.


HOWS felicitates member achiever

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Hija Officers Welfare Society (HOWS) has felicitated one of its members Kime Kaming, APPS on being nominated as IPS recently.

Hailing from Hija village, Ziro Kaming joined Arunachal Pradesh Police Service in February, 1992 as a direct recruit to the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police. He served the state in various capacities in different places.

During his 19 years of service he has been consistently delivering commendable and outstanding works. During his posting at Diyum 2nd IRBN BHQ in 2009 he led the 6 coy of 2nd IRBn under his direct command in election duties in Maoist infested areas of Jharkhand-Orissa border.


Arunachal Maha Quiz Challenge

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Education Development Organization Service (EDOS) in collaboration with National Vidya Foundation- Kolkata and NCS Education Pvt Limited, Guwahati would conduct its first ever state level quiz competition titled " Arunachal Maha Quiz Challenge, session-I, 2011" among the student of class VII to XII with view to develop their competitive temperament.

Besides educational tour offer, the winners would be given cash incentives, Sanjoy Dolo, Director EDOS said in a release.


RTI cell

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Bharatiya Janata Party, Arunachal Pradesh, has constituted the State unit of Right To Information (RTI) Cell with Lichi Soan as the State Convener and Loku Sono as the State Co-Convener.


Assault condemned

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Eastern Adi Students’ Union (EASU) has vehemently condemned the physical assault on Lower Dibang Valley DDSE T Tatak at his official residence on October 26 by some miscreants and demanded the authority to bring the culprits to book under appropriate sections of the law  within a week failing which the union would be compelled to launch democratic movement.


NIT gets new director

ITANAGAR: Prof. Dr Chandan Tilak Bhunia has assumed the office as Director of National Institute of Technology, Yupia from 1st of November.

A renowned personality, Prof. Bhunia got his B.Tech and M. Tech in radio physics and electronics from Calcutta University. He has done Ph.D in computer science and engineering from Jadavpur University.

To his credit Prof Bhunia has published around 150 research papers and technical articles in national and international journals and magazines. With his joining, NIT, Arunachal Pradesh is hoping that things will get better in days to come.  


News Impact



Schools without teachers

Dear Editor,

Wakka Circle, consisting of eleven villages under Longding District is one of the remotest and backward circles, sharing international border with Myanmar.

From 2007 to 2011 Govt. Sec. School Wakka is being run by six teachers without a Headmaster.

Both Chongkhow and Nginu Middle School are being run by four teachers each, and primary schools like Longkai, Ngissa, Khokla, Kaimoi, Chop and Khannu village are being run by just a single teacher.

Academic session of 2011-12 is almost over but science and Mathematics are yet to start in these schools.

Students are frequently blamed for not showing good result in examination; but real blame should go to the concerned authorities for not posting the required teachers.

Wakka Students Union (W.S.U) would like to appeal to higher authorities, elected leaders, and well-wishers of Longding and Tirap District to take initiative to post teachers in schools.


Gangsong Gangsa


Wakka Students Union



Make it easier for us

Dear Editor,

The APPSC has successfully conducted the prelims and is going for the mains very soon. This indeed is a commendable effort. But, still the prestigious board of Arunachal still fails to meet the basic requirements for aspiring candidates in some sort. The prelim result should have been made online at least. Candidates are compelled to approach the center fighting dust, traffic and potholes and again pay an additional fee of rupees 25 as IPO and again waiting period of hours or even days. The prelim result should have been free to the candidates. The website is also not updated. To be at par with UPSC, atleast these basic needs should be fulfilled rather than racing against time to complete the process. The fees collected are also at higher side whereas for central jobs it is almost nil in most cases. Even after so many years of establishment it still lacks online application submission.

Hence I urge the concerned authority to make the result at least free-and- online and reduce the application fees. And further, acceptance of online application submission system by the board would be a blessing for many and a better approach.


T. Tach

Naharlagun, (on email)



Lessons to learn

Dear Editor,

I was horrified by the saddening news of Saturday bridge collapse in Seppa which reportedly killed many precious lives. While offering my heartfelt condolences to the victims and prayers to the relatives to withstand the trauma of losing their dear ones, I wish to implore upon the concerned authorities to take this incident as an eye opener for themselves as there may be many more such vulnerable bridges in line waiting for yet another shocking news. Since these small hanging bridges are the only lifelines of the people living in various corners of the state, a mandatory and timely overhauling and regular checking of such bridges is an utmost necessity on their part to ensure security and safety of the lives of people. I can remember crossing the same ill fated bridge many a times before it finally collapsed and found it very old and worn out inviting replacement and repairing and practically unfit for use but of course, considered good for poor state like ours.

I inquired many a times as to why it was not being repaired or properly looked after. Of course, there was a board put up on the entry point of the bridge restricting numbers of person allowed to cross the bridge at a time but no one seemed to bother it. Even during a flash flood incident somewhere in 2008 there was heavy erosion at the other end of the bridge at New Seppa with uprooted trees getting entangled in the main rope signaling imminent danger. But not only is the govt agencies  to be blamed for the mishap but public also should share half of the blame upon themselves. They also need to follow the instructions given by the agencies/administration while using their services. A little bit of adherence and restrain can prove good for the infrastructures and its users as well. Let us hope and pray that incidents like one at Seppa never recur. Once again,  may the souls of all those who lost their lives in the tragic incident rest in peace in the a heavenly abode and may reported  missing ones come back safe and  healthy to rejoin their respective families !


Augusti Jamoh

Pasighat, (on email)



Late Patey Tassuk is a martyr of this country

Dear Editor,

In the local daily issues of Nov 2, one Yumlam Achung claiming to be ANYA leader has demanded the State govt to construct Memorial Statue of Martyr L/N Patey Tassuk at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun which is uncalled for and is an act to take undue advantages for vested interest. The family members of late Patey Tassuk and entire Patey clan out rightly reject and condemn such vested interest philanthropic service. More than two  months have passed, since Tassuk was killed in an encounter with Militants, no Nyishi community based organisation have visited the family members of late Patey Tassuk enquiring how and at what conditions the bereaved family members are surviving.

More importantly, there are factions in ANYA and late Patey Tassuk's families do not recognize Yumlam Achung as ANYA leader. Neither Yumlam Achung or his representatives have taken the consent of late Patey Tassuk's family to take up with the State Govt. for erecting or construction of Statue at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium.

The attempt of Yumlam Achung is politically motivated with vested and malafied intentions. Late Patey Tassuk is country's martyr. His name should not be used to fulfill one's selfish motive and individual interest. The entire Patey Clan and Tassuk's family warn such attempt by any organization in future else. The persons concern would be sued in the court of law for misusing the name of country's Marty for vested interest. In this regard, Yumlam Achung is requested to clarify whether he has met any family member of late Tassuk and know the condition of bereaved family.  If so, when, where & with whom?

Taking advantage of this episode, the entire family members of late Patey Tassuk once again express deep sense of gratitude to His Excellency, the Governor of A.P. who has personally visited the bereaved family members of late Patey Tassuk at Banderdewa on 05/10/2011 along with the First Lady of A.P. and host of his Personal Officers.

We also convey our gratitude and thankfulness to the Ex-Army Association (AP) members lead by its President T.Mompa for their guidance and support during and after the funeral. The family expects such kind of gesture and cooperation in future too.


Pate Marik, Brother)

of Late Tassuk

Pate Taha, Brother)

of Late Tassuk

Takio Ari Patey ,Wife of Late Tassuk



One sided view

Dear Editor,

Apropos to the news item of Oct 21 demanding scraping of Lower Siang project the item appears to be one sided, probably reported by organizers.

The fact is that so called anti dam meeting held at Pessing on 14th & 15th, Oct 2011 lacked substance. First - it was politically motivated as evident from attack on sitting MLA.

MoA for Lower Siang HE project was signed in Feb 2006 with Jaypeee when he was not an MLA.

How is he responsible? Second - what is the antecedence of organizers?

Not a single village leaders, Panchayati Raj Institution Member nor any Project Affected land owner spoke against the project and they were prevented from speaking. Why were they afraid?

All speakers were either Govt. Servants or from outside project affected areas. Clearly meeting did not represent the views of land owners.

Some responsible Civil Servants in total contravention to all rules and norms of service publicly criticized the Government and its Policies. May be there very participation was at Govt.'s expense!! One never knows in a state of 'Khushi'. And there were people from outside the state. Who financed them? What is their credential? How come they are so overtly interested in affairs of Arunachal? And what do they do for a living? What is their motive?

As seen in the news item, meeting was provocative, divisive and probably even displayed criminal bent of mind. We are in a civilized society.

Who financed these meetings? Well! It is no secret that in Arunachal money bags are only the politicians and Govt. Servants having access to development funds which is evident from big buildings, shopping complexes, schools, vast land etc. they own disproportionate to their known source of income. Also finding by external forces that are inimical to India's rising economic power and wish to keep  North East region bailing cannot be ruled out. Total backwardness and lawlessness in our region is ideal for such forces to fish in trouble water.

We, including our well placed officials can be gullible and vulnerable and become pawn in their hands. Are we aware? Obviously deduction is that they all have vest interest and axe to grind. Last but not the least: who advocated use of physical means and denial of their land remain confined to their own area?

Our suggestion to Govt. servants is that quit your job now and lead the people. Be elected as Chairman/ President of mushrooming anti dam organizations. At least put up dissenting notes to Govt. against its policies particularly those from very hydro power department. That would be called bravado and not hide and seek game in fooling innocent public.

And the administration? Wake up from perpetual hibernation and ineffectiveness because there is always a Govt, no matter who is on hot chair. Why keep looking back and get neck pain?

And the media? An eminent paper like The Arunachal Times is expected to take a lead in balance and positive reporting. Oh ha ! Did DAPFSSB ask sorry direct local employees Jaypee to quit?

Can their mentors provide jobs to about over 400 employees in different categories?


PR Leaders



Don’t change colours

Dear Editor,

With the enthronement of Nabam Tuki as the new CM, the long cherished dream of a disgruntled, self exiled group has come true. We share their pain and anguish as they camped for long in the national capital, leaving behind important work back home; work they love so much. We also share our pain with those loyalist who held steadfast with their now dethroned leader.

It is time that they change loyalty and declare their faith in the 'dynamic' leadership of someone else. We also pray that these elite '60' do not change their colour too often. It is obvious that the electorates are embarrassed to see someone of a beautiful hue, whom they held in high esteem and elected their leader, change colours like chameleons and play childlike games. To the numerous organisations the request is, not to overwhelm the new 'to be formed' group with demands, lest you want to see them change colours and scurry back to the national capital to find yet another 'dynamic' leader.


Bengia Abo

Yazali, (on email)






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        




Ground water and arsenic crisis


Arsenic crisis in India dates back to as early as 1976 when a preliminary survey on arsenic in dugwells, hand pumps and spring water from Chandigarh and Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh in northern India was reported.

However, a new research contradicts previous findings that man-made ponds cause arsenic contamination; an environmental crisis that affects more than 60 million people in the Bengal Basin, suggesting instead that it originates in sediments in naturals aquifers.

Groundwater sites across southern and eastern Asia contains arsenic levels that can cause chronic poisoning, leading to skin lesions, respiratory and cardiovascular disease, and a range of cancers.

The crisis is particularly serious in the Ganges delta of Bangladesh, where aid agencies encouraged the drilling of hand-pumped wells in the 1970s to avoid using surface water contaminated microbial diseases such as cholera. At the time, geologists did not know that groundwater was contaminated with arsenic. And they still do not know how the arsenic gets into the groundwater. Man-made ponds could be seeping arsenic into the aquifers. But they may also be flushing out arsenic from aquifers and reducing contamination produced by sediments within the aquifers.

The study says that government and funding agencies need to support studies at multiple sites, from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal for a systematic way of comparing data from sites and to learn how arsenic is getting into the groundwater and to ensure safety of the users.

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