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November -  09


Last rites on Wednesday, APLS urges Assam to immerse Dr Hazarika”s ashes in Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Dr Bhupen Hazarika will be cremated at the Gauhati University campus, on the banks of the Brahmaputra on Wednesday.

The cremation has been postponed to allow the citizens to pay their last respects to the legendary personality.

Sahitya Academy awardee and president of Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS) Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi urged Assam government to immerse Hazarika's ashes in the rivers of the state he immortalised in his innumerable songs.

"Bhupen da not only belongs to Assam but to the entire Northeast. He had contributed immensely to our state. We have requested Assam government also to immerse his ashes in the rivers of our state," Thongchi told PTI from Guwahati.

Hazarika produced, directed, and composed music for the state's first Hindi feature film in colour, Meri Maa Mera Dharam, in 1977.

He also directed a colour documentary for Arunachal Pradesh government on tribal folk songs and dances entitled For Whom The Sun Shines in 1974.

In 1977, Arunachal Pradesh government had awarded him a gold medal for his outstanding contribution to tribal welfare and uplift of tribal culture through cinema and music. A pall of gloom descended on the state following Hazarika's death and people from all walks of life mourned his demise. Arunachal Pradesh also declared a one-day state mourning today.

The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) mourned the demise of Dr Bhupen Hazarika.

His special attachment with the people of Arunachal Pradesh will always be remembered and his demise had created a vacuum which will never be filled, it added.

Galo Welfare Soceity mourned the passing away of legendary Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.

Sherdukpen employees' welfare association(SEWA) in a message said that in his death Arunachal Pradesh has lost a great advisor.

Arunachal Pradesh Civil Liberties Organization has mourned the demise of legendary musician Dr Bhupen Hazarika. Members of organization today observed two minute silence and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.

Further while welcoming decision of Arunachal government to declare one day holiday in his tribute, organization termed his death as irreparable loss to the tribal culture.

The members of North East Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital has also condole the death of late Dr Bhupen Hazarika. In this regard all the members gathered in college and observed two minute silence as a mark of respect to the departed soul.

Dr.Rupankar Bhagawati Joint Director,ICAR Arunachal Pradesh Centre also condoles the  demise of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.


Vision Screening for Children

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: One day training program on Vision Screening for Children was held at the Conference Hall, Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar, on Nov 5.

The training program was organized by the Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar, in collaboration with ORBIS International, New Delhi and Light for the world, Austria. The program aims to train school teachers from Papumpare District on the procedure of Vision Screening to identify children with eye disorders. These children would then be evaluated by Ophthalmic Assistants in Confirmatory Camps. On confirmation, necessary steps will be undertaken by the Ophthalmology department of the Ramakrishna Mission hospital, Itanagar. This includes providing free spectacles and surgery, if necessary. 23 teachers participated in the training on 5th November, 2011.  Dr.Lobsang Tsetim and Dr. Talum Sorum, Ophthalmologist, Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar, was the Resource persons for the training program. Dr. Lobsang Tsetim and Dr. Talum Sorum conducted the day-long training with interactive training sessions and slide presentations, covering topics such as “Anatomy of the eye, Common eye disorders in children, Eye safety for children etc”. A video titled “Mookai Story” was also screened. The participants were elaborately briefed on the procedure of vision screening and a session was dedicated to hands-on training, in which the participants demonstrated the screening process practically. The participants were provided with a Kit containing the essential materials required for Vision Screening. Confirmatory camps for the children screened for eye disorders were fixed on November 30 at Holy Christ Mission School, Nirjuli, on December 1 at J.N.K Public School, Itanagar, and Dec 2 at Kids Kingdom School Naharlagun.

The participants were awarded training certificates at the end of the program by Dr.Lobsang Tsetim, Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar.


Rebi Ado passes away

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Rebi Ado, a renowned social activist and wife of former Minister Doi Ado died on Monday at Itanagar after a cardiac arrest. She was 63 and is survived by her husband, two sons – Dr. Iba Ado and Dr. Ijum Ado and three daughters Igam Padu, Ippi Ado Nyodu and Isum Ado.

Born to Late Mere Lollen of Panya village under West Siang district in 1947, she was well known for her social activities.

Her work for the upliftment of women folks in West Siang district is well remembered especially during her tenure as President of APWWS, West Siang from 1991-1993; PIC Chairperson from 1991-1999 and many other social organisations.

Her burial will take place at Aalo on November 9. Shops and market places remained shut as a mark of respect to the departed soul.

Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee expressed its deep sense of condolence on the sudden & untimely demise of Rebi Ado.

APCC termed her as a very active & popular social activist, who rendered selfless service throughout her life for the interest of the people of West Siang District. Her untimely demise is not only a great loss to the people of West Siang District in particular but State as a whole.

GWS also condoled the death.


Seminar on Victorian fictions

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: The English department of Don Bosco College Itanagar organized a seminar on ‘Victorian Fictions’ today.

The seminar dealt with traits of Victorian Age of English literature.

The students enacted the important and the major scenes of the popular Victorian novels like  ‘David Copperfield’, ‘Vanity Fair’, ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Tess of D’Ubervilles’, besides the presentation of the seminar papers.

Dr. S.K. Sharma Head of English Department, DNGC and  Dr. M.Q. Khan graced the occasion as the resource persons.

Encouraging the students to make use of the internet for resources and presentation, Dr. M.Q. Khan also emphasized on the use of creative faculty of one’s imagination.  Further, Dr. S.K. Sharma elaborated on the traits of Victorian society, and its impact on literature. He suggested the students to go for thorough reading of the Victorian age by the study of its historical backgrounds. The resource persons lauded the department for enacting the scenes of the novels.

Earlier, Fr. R.K. Nicholas highlighted the impact of Victorian writings on the English language and the society.


Hope from Tirap-Changlang

Denhang Bosai

The darkest chapter of Arunachal’s chequered history foolishly scripted by all of us is history now and it is time to move on. We have had enough of mindless violence. The period after the sad and sudden demise of former iconic Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu in a tragic chopper crash and subsequent assumption of Jarbom Gamlin as his successor, has been, without an iota of doubt, the most turbulent and chaotic that we all would like to forget as a bad dream. Sadly, political instability has always been Arunachal’s nemesis over the years. Little wonder then, the centre and other states have obviously started casting aspersion on our ability to run a government by ourselves. It was there for every one to see that during the recent political turmoil in the state politics was shamelessly staged on the streets and in the parks that certainly does not augur well for the political health of the young state. Chaos, confusion, lawlessness and senseless violence were the order of the day. Without our realizing precious 5-6 months were wasted with one group of elected leaders camping in New Delhi and another group trying hard to save the government from its inevitable disintegration, leaving the hapless state at the sweet mercy of the hooligans and the habitual trouble-makers. These law-breakers had a field day and held the state to ransom.

The mounting tension and morass of confusion due to lack of governance culminated at Indira Gandhi park of all places on that black day of 11th October that has awakened the sleeping conscience of all right thinking people and has left indelible bloody footprints on the sands of time. Incidentally, the ‘political instability’ in our state was created by the inherent greed of our elected leaders. There was no apparent issue whatsoever that was even remotely connected with the people. Some leaders wanted to be CM, some badly needed ministerial berth and some sitting Ministers wanted more lucrative portfolios. In doing so they completely forgot the welfare of the state and the very people who had pitch-forked them to positions of unlimited powers. After this unfortunate episode the gullible people who are always taken for a merry ride by their leaders have visibly lost faith in them and the system. Against the backdrop of the continuous unrest and explosive situation the Chief Minister of the day was not given enough time to prove his mettle or for that matter was virtually not allowed to discharge his duties due to the frequent strikes, bandhs and rallies. Hopefully this rather sad chapter in Arunachal’s history will serve as an eye-opener for the present leaders who are in the helms of affairs.

However, the most unfortunate and glaring thing that had emerged from the debris of the recent arson and state of lawlessness is that all prominent organizations including AAPSU, NESO, Elite Societies, Intellectual Forums and other famed organizations that boast of unfailing credentials in peace time did precious little to diffuse the tensed situation in the trouble-prone capital we all love. Everybody was tight-lipped and no one had the audacity to speak out against the wrong-doers. It appeared that everybody was covertly supporting one group or the other. Some organizations were fanning the already explosive situation ostensibly to earn political mileage. Here, there is a lesson to be learned and that too quickly. God forbids, such an ugly situation never does surface again in the future. Now, the time is ripe to constitute a common forum drawing respectable and popular persons from all the tribes of the state to effectively deal with unforeseen eventualities like the one we all witnessed helplessly recently. It is indeed a matter of grave concern that there is no dearth of youths in our state who are ready to mortgage their conscience to money and so they are easily exploited by the politicians.

Having said and done, at long last we now have a government in place and hopefully the man-made political instability and the dark days of indecision, chaos and sheer lawlessness are a thing of the past thereby paving way for a semblance of governance. The new Chief Minister Nabum Tuki who is affable, experienced and pragmatic in his approach will hopefully carry forward efficiently the many path-breaking and beneficial projects initiated by the state government.

As of now, Tuki’s primary objective is to create a conducive environment of peace and trust for the developmental processes to be brought back to track. The onus is on the people of the state to enable the CM to concentrate on his job and not distract him by resorting to bandhs, strikes and rallies.

There cannot be two opinions about the fact that political instability, social unrest and chaos in the society are anathema for development of any kind and only help in impeding progress.  Now, it is time for us to say no to ethnocentrism and work unitedly for our state’s onward journey. We must realize that real development has not percolated to the villages and the fruit of development if any is being enjoyed only by a counted few.

Now, coming to Tirap-Changlang, the main topic of discussion, is seriously gripped by the mother of all problems - insurgency. Paradoxically, all who matter, tend to close their eyes on this burgeoning problem and pretend that they don’t know or are not interested to know. A parallel government, especially in Tirap is in place. Now, please don’t ask me the oft-repeated question, how. You know every thing. However, people are hoping against hope that the burning problem of Tirap-Changlang would be addressed by the government on priority under the able guidance of Nabum Tuki. During the much-hyped visit of Home Minister Takar Marde to the two insurgency-hit districts, holding of Police recruitment rally for the eligible youth of Tirap-Changlang was officially announced by the minister amidst much fanfare. In fact, the recruitment drive was to be held in the month of September last. But due to the recent political mini earthquake the matter was forgotten and is now in cold storage .The anxious aspiring candidates who saw the big world of employment opportunity presenting itself in front of their wide eyes are today disappointed and saddened by the inordinate delay. “The government headed by Tuki needs to act and honour the commitment.’’ An aspiring candidate who practices running every morning told the writer. It is worth-mentioning here that a UG group is also planning a recruitment drive in the two districts in a big way. This can be ascertained from the many intelligence agencies working in the two sensitive districts. Let us not wait for the day when the youth may feel that ‘the grass is greener on the other side of the river.’ It will be prudent on the part of our popular state government to conduct the Police interview for the two districts without any further delay to wean away the misguided youth from going astray. The youth are now pinning their hopes on Chief Minister Nabum Tuki who according to them is a man of impeccable integrity and who is committed to taking Arunachal to new heights of unprecedented development. (The writer is DIPRO, Khonsa and can be reached at [email protected])


Farm school on Rabi maize

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Lohit has started a farm school on Scientific cultivation practices of Rabi Maize for the farmers of Alubari village.

The farm school is sponsored by ATMA Lohit District. A total of 28 farmers were selected for the farm school. Two demonstrations have been made on Nov 6-7. The school is based on the theme “learning by doing”.

The first demonstration was made on land preparation and soil sample collection for analysis. The second demonstration was made on seed treatment, fertility management and line sowing.  Farmers took active part in the demonstrations and agreed to make the farm school a success.

The Farm school was inaugurated by M. Chowlu, DTO cum PD ATMA, FTC Kherem under ATMA Lohit on Nov 6.

C. P. Sharma, PTO Kherem stressed upon business oriented cultivation and urged the farmers to take active part.

Dr. P. K. Mallick, P. C. KVK Lohit briefed about the activities of the KVK. In the technical session he discussed about the use of manures for cultivation of maize crop.  Debasish Borah, SMS (Agronomy) discussed about the importance of soil testing, use of high yielding varieties, seed treatment, manures and fertilization, intercultural practices and management of the crop.


Sanitation and drinking water quality monitoring and PRIs

YINGKIONG, Nov 8: District Workshop on Sustainable Sanitation and Drinking Water Quality Monitoring - Role of PRIs “, organised by Public Health Engineering and Water Supply Division, Yingkiong on yesterday as a part of Swachhata Utsav, 2011 completed successfully.

Secretary PHE & WS Er. Tomi Ete, attended the workshop.

Ete was on an inter district tour from Roing to Yingkiong via unconnected  habitations such as Anelih Circle (HQ), Thiyee, Engalin, Awoka, Chepawa, Abroka Pass between the basins of  Dibang River and Siang River: Chitoma,  Alo kolo camp,  Singha, Tashigaon, Man Kota, Nyukong Villages in connection with IEC and Implementation of national flagship programmes like TSC and NRDWP.

Speaking on the occasion, Ete shared his experiences and observations over the different sanitation practices and water supply systems  adopted in various remote habitation/areas of the state where he had been touring  in recent past.  

Addressing the PRI Members he focused upon the role of PRIs and requested them to take active participation in management of drinking water and sanitation by adopting proper and hygienic approach.

He stressed upon abolition of age old practice of traditional Pigsty being commonly used in rural Arunachal Pradesh.

Deputy Commissioner cum Chairman, DWSC, Upper Siang District Liyon Borang highlighted the importance of such a workshop and appealed to the house to disseminate the message of personal and community hygiene to the grass root level in the district.

Addressing the house, Er. Kirba Sora Executing Engineer PHE & WS Division Yingkiong, briefed about the activities and achievement of Total Sanitation Campaign in Upper Siang District and Methodology of water quality testing by Field Testing Kit  through power point presentation.

Dr. A. Miyu, Er. A. N. Singh, Director CCDU Itanagar and Er S. Yomcha Superintending Engineer, PHE & WS Aalo Circle Bene also addressed the participants and briefed about the management of sustainable Sanitation and Drinking Water Quality Monitoring.

Assistant Engineer, PHE & WS Sub Division, Yingkiong Er. Kalling Taki appealed to the gathering to make the month long Swachhta Utsava a successful one by involving people of all walks of life.


Foundation day

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Kalibari, Naharlagun is going to celebrate its 32nd foundation day on Nov 10 with special prayers. It is expected that a large number of devotees will participate in the programme which will also witness devotional songs.


Football at BHU

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: A football match was played between senior and newcomers of Arunachal Pradesh studying in Varanasi at BHU.

The newcomers won the match by 2-0.

Arunachal Pradesh Students Welfare Association Varanasi organised the match with a view to encourage its girl members with the theme of the match being women empowerment' according to its president Bido Sora.


ANYA questions PWD

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) East Kameng, describing October 29 Bridge collapse at Seppa termed it as black day in history of East Kameng, as it blamed PWD for such tragic accident as non-repairing of bridge led to the incident. Further they took exception to slow rescue operation carried out by army and police force. While saluting local citizens for daringly saving lives of many people, they urged state government to award such brave citizens.

The district unit condoled deaths.

ANYA East Kameng district unit also drew attention of state government towards other such bridges of district which is also on the verge of collapse. Taking example of Bana and Hari bridges, it said that if urgent repairing work is not carried out unfortunate incident like that of Seppa may take place. Further they gave 3 months to GREF to complete construction of new Hari Bridge.


GB passes away

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Tana Hania, Gaon Bura of Chiputa village died yesterday at his residence.

He was 85 years old.

Earlier, he appointed as GB of Settew village during British Administration and migrated to Chiputa in 1970s.

He is survived by his wife, six sons and six daughters.

All Doimukh Gaon Burah Welfare Association expressed grief on the demise of Tania and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.


Vaccination awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: District Medical Officer along with members of All Upper Subansiri District Students’ Union jointly conducted vaccination and awareness programme at various interior places within the district recently.

During the programme, the union also visited various schools and interacted with the students and appealed to the teachers of the area to carry out their duty dedicatedly.

Meanwhile, the union appealed to the Deputy Commissioner, Upper Subansiri District and concerned department to visit interior schools and take serious action against the insincere teachers.


NSPSU supports ALSU

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Nyapin Sangram Phassang Students’ Union (NSPSU) extended support to Arunachal Law Students’ Union’s survey on illegal encroachment of government quarters within capital complex.

It urged the various student organization, NGOs, civil society and associations to support ALSU’s movement against illegal encroachment.


Association appeals

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: The Sherdukpen Employees' Welfare Association (SEWA) strongly condemn the incidence of Nov 4, where the office of the Superintending Engineer Capital circle cum co-ordination, Mowb-II, Itanagar and three buses of State Transport, Ganga was burned down.

SEWA requested the authority to investigate into the incident and book the culprits at the earliest.



ITANAGAR, Nov 8: The Galo Welfare Society said that the passing away of  Tadam Taki and Rutum Kamgo in an unfortunate accident is a loss to the entire fraternity of indigenous faith believers in the state, it said. The GWS offered its sincere words of comfort and sympathy to the bereaved families.

Supung Ajing Multipurpose Society, Ziro has condoled the untimely death of one of its member Kuru Tarang. She passed away on 4th November after suffering from brief illness. She was 42 year old and very popular social activist of the area. She leaves behind 3 sons and 2 daughters. Society termed her death as great loss to Apatani community.


2 eliminated in round 3

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: Two were eliminated at the end of round-3 of BSNL Voice of Arunachal (Season-2) singing talent hunt held at National Cinema, Naharlagun on November 5.

According to organizing committee, both Dukhum Jitu and Nabam Kafting were eliminated on the basis of public voting through SMS.

Nokgnam Lukham, Neelam Akam and Damkhoh Moidam were at top three after the 3rd round, it said.

Jaro Bagang, former president of Passion Fruits Grower Association of India and member of National Horticulture board, Govt.of India attended the event as chief guest and sponsored one lakh to the organizing committee for the next round.

At the beginning of the programme, the organizing committee, the chief guest and the audience paid tribute to late Dr.Bhupen Hazarika.


Student dies in road accident

ITANAGAR: The Arunachal Students Union of Mumbai (ASUM) mourned the demise of Thungam Riju, a 3rd year BE student of PES College of Engineering, Aurangabad, Maharastra.

An all round student, he died in a road accident on Nov 4, the Union said as it prayed for the peace of the departed soul.

The Union further prayed for early recovery of Nitin Rina who is still in ICU after the accident.


District level Badminton tourney

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society, Dumporijo Branch conducted district level Badminton tournament from November 1-3 last.

MO District Hospital Daporijo Dr. Tabe Murtem took the first spot while Tania Dobin was the runners up in the single title.

In the double match, Doli Ngomdir and Lobsang took the first prize while Yompe Ado and Marba Game came second.

District Zilla Chairperson Nakap Nalo attended the opening ceremony as chief guest while ZPM Yajum Muri attended the closing ceremony as chief guest.


News Impact



Almost became one of the first street beggars!

Dear Editor,

I would like to share my personal experience while on tour to Arunachal Pradesh in General and Daporijo in particular. It was a horrible experience not because of the people, but due to the shameless/dilapidated SBI ATM services rendered in the Daporijo Town of Arunachal Pradesh.

I was compelled to overstay for more than twenty days due to complete failure of ATM services.

To my utter surprise, the maintenance personnel of the ATM who are in Kolkata/Guwahati may take few weeks more to reach there. This was disclosed by the bank on persistent enquiry.

I was on the verge of becoming one of the first street beggars of Arunachal Pradesh!

Are there any social/Political/Student leaders from Daporijo district? If not, it is time to have a leader. If yes, it is time to wake up from deep slumber!

On the other hand, the govt. should know that Arunachal is sharing a boundary with a strained neighbour!

Time and again Arunachal and its people are being claimed as their own land and people. The better infrastructure is need of the hour for the border areas like Daporijo!


Vivek Kumar

Delhi, (on email)



Daporijo’s magical electric meter box

Dear Editor,

Electrical Division Daporiji usually sends us inflated bills.

It is quite bewildering that none of the employees from the power department visit the premises of the consumers in reasonable time to read the meter to authenticate the bill.

Even during distribution of bill, employees don’t check or inspect the meter box. Now, in this case how could we believe that the bill given to us is purely correct and genuine?

I think the power department of Daporijo must have a magical electric meter box, which can magically evaluate the bill within a second for the whole Upper Subansiri District.

Isn't it kind of magical that without stepping into the premises of the consumers, they prepare the bills?

Therefore, I would like to appeal to all the public leaders and the concerned authority to kindly rectify such improper mismanagement of the department. Please provide us good services as well as learn something about consumer care.


Babu Mosu

Daporijo,  (on email)



Gift from the mainstream politicians

Dear Editor,

We all know the ailing condition of our state politics, the PDS scam, illegal appointments, and irresponsible attitude against insurgency, the mega dams, corruption issue, and the uncertain political changes.

The list of allegations are innumerable that reflect the corrupt and dictating attitude of the state politicians. And worse still the youth politics is also infected by the virus of corruption, favoritism and dirty political mind games.

It is a gift from the main stream politicians to their younger siblings. The student politics to me seems equally fabricated, insignificant and polluted  like that of the mainstream. Today student elections are contested for lust, power , position and dominance, and the ignorant youth could cross every limit to secure its success.

As an undergraduate student in the oldest college of the state, I had a glimpse of the ongoing  scenario of student politics in Arunachal. I have witnessed the  political melodrama involved every year in the college elections. College elections I feel are not the ideal platform for exploring  the extravagant world of student politics, but a stage to cultivate and develop good  leadership qualities in the young college teens. It provides ample opportunity to the students to learn how to tackle social problems, how to live in a varied cultural atmosphere and also to unite students of different communities under a single guiding umbrella. But what I have witnessed in my three years of college life in J.N.C in reality is very disappointing and far different from these bookish memorandums.   

When I see the annual college election in J.N.C, it always reminds me of the general and state assembly elections. Not because of any good reason, but because I see the same rush, the greed, violence, and corruption. May be in a lot smaller intensity but yet very effective.

I have taken part in the college elections from my very first year and have campaigned for a variety of posts and what I have learned is that the biggest strength in the college elections is money power and social relations. A candidate’s ability and leadership quality is calculated with the money he/she invests in campaigning for the elections. The success of the candidates also hugely depends on the social contacts of the candidates with the student union executives of regional or state level organisations. The senior student’s leaders use the college elections a platform to prove their worth and power by supporting and guiding the candidates in the college elections, in many cases even providing financial help.

The seniors of the institution, who started this give and take policy, are also responsible for the present condition. They started an evil practice which seems to be endlessly carried on. The change doesn’t need to be virtual but within us. If the change is delayed it would be ruining the young minds and their qualities even before they could have a taste of the real world.

I feel a lot of important people in the college faculty realize and are aware about the need for a change but they are numb. A lot needs to be done in case of the college faculty also, starting with the redeeming the old and unrealistic Lyngdoh commission.

A new law needs to be enforced and college elections need be conducted within the very first month of the college session. But these are just the additional support, the real job is to be done by us. We need to promise ourselves that we would choose the right candidate keeping aside friendships, communalism, regionalism and other unworthy factors. Let’s seek the change, and hope for a better tomorrow so that the college elections could prove their real worth and not remain a worthless taboo.


Nguli Dabi,

J.N College

Pasighat, (on email)



We don’t have any land to spare

Dear Editor,

It is disheartening to know that government is extending Ziro airfield for advance landing ground.

Ziro, a small plateau of Apatani people having explosive population has no more area for settlement of boosting population, the reason why Apatanis are scattered for existence.

Having only one constituency we are politically, economically and geographically paralysed.

So grabbing more and more Apatani land in the name of development will have direct impact on our culture, custom and existence.

It is also surprising why only few minor organizations are opposing. Apex bodies like ASU, AYA, ACLS and including local MLA should also raise their voices as the consequences of airfield extension will not be limited to few people.


Pura Hachang

Rajiv Gandhi University,

(on email)



Give him the due credit

Dear Editor,

Apropos “Nature enthusiast sights new moth” (Nov. 5), I am grateful to Arif Siddiqui for bringing out the timely report that have highlighted new specie (moth) discovered in Ziro valley, and the importance of butterflies and moths to the environment, which may launch a shift in people’s attitude towards such apparently minuscule insects. However, the report failed to mention the name of photographer Punyo Chada – a school teacher, an avid naturalist and active member of Ngunu Ziro Organization – who painstakingly captured the picture of this rare moth and have been keeping tabs on butterfly and moth of Ziro valley since last many years.

Hence I strongly feel that the work should be duly credited both in print and electronic media by properly citing the name Punyo Chada.

While at this, I would also like take this opportunity to underscore the project adopted by the Ngunu Ziro Organization to build capacities of the local communities to take need-based action to improve their lives, and conservation as well.

In a partnership with Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE) and Future Generations Arunachal (FGA), Ngunu Ziro facilitates “Home Stay”, “Wildlife Monitoring”, “documentation on flora and fauna of Ziro valley” “Eco-Trekking”, “Environment Awareness Camp for school children”, and so on – thereby making it possible for the community to explore the alternative source of livelihood.


Roto Chobin


Ngunu Ziro



Give space to Physiotherapist

Dear Editor,

The government should give some attention to physiotherapists as we too are part of medical fields. There is no place for us as yet. Till now only two hospitals have physiotherapists.  

What about the other hospitals or district hospital? Would the government make any appointments?


Roto Chobin

Ziro,  (on email)



Fix it

Dear Editor,

This is regarding attitude shown by power department on the electric tower of the Mowb 2.

We have many a times complaint about non-functioning tower of Mowb 2, near Chief Engineer office.  

We have even written to your esteemed daily 11 months ago but still power department have shown no sign of making it functional.

As a denizen of Mowb 2, I once again request power department to repair this light tower as early as possible because many important offices are present here and it will also check miscreants from indulging in mischief.


Ridge Mugli

Itanagar, (on email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        




Nuclear nations and up gradation


Nuclear nations have planned to spend hundreds of billions on modernising and upgrading weapons warheads and delivery systems over the next decade despite huge budget pressures and international cry for disarmament.

Despite government budget pressures and international rhetoric about disarmament, evidence points to a new and dangerous "era of nuclear weapons", the report for the British American Security Information Council (Basic) warns.

It says the US will spend $700bn on the nuclear weapons industry over the next decade, while Russia will spend at least $70bn on delivery systems alone. Other countries including China, India, Israel, France and Pakistan are expected to devote formidable sums on tactical and strategic missile systems.

For several countries, including Russia, Pakistan, Israel and France, nuclear weapons are being assigned roles that go well beyond deterrence, says the report. In Russia and Pakistan, it warns, nuclear weapons are assigned "war-fighting roles in military planning".

The report is the first in a series of papers for the Trident Commission, an independent cross-party initiative set up by Basic.

Pakistan and India, it warns, appear to be seeking smaller, lighter nuclear warheads so they have a greater range or can be deployed over shorter distances for tactical or "non-strategic" roles, the report says.

Pakistan justifies its nuclear weapons programme by referring to India's conventional force superiority, the report observes.

The key findings says that India is developing new versions of its Agni land-based missiles. It has developed a nuclear ship-launched cruise missile and plans to build five submarines carrying ballistic nuclear missiles.

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