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November -  25


Papum Pare and Sonitpur agree to initiate action on encroachment

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: After a spate of border encroachment along Assam- Arunachal Pradesh boundary near Taraso circle, Papum Pare District administration and Sonitpur of Assam agreed that there should be no further encroachment on both sides of border and on recurrence of such events action shall be initiated against the wrongdoers of each side by the respective District Administration.

It was also decided to maintain peace and harmony along the border areas till the Apex Court pronounce judgment on the boundary matter on receipt of reports from the Local Boundary Commission.

It was also decided to constitute a joint inspection team comprising officials from Civil Administration, Police and Forest department of border districts and inspections shall be conducted once in every 2 months by the team.

It was also decided that in the event of future eviction drive in either side of the border, the respective Deputy Commissioners shall be intimated prior to such eviction drive.

At the initiation of DC Papum Pare Pige Ligu, the emergency meeting was held in the office chamber of Tapan Chandra Sharma, DC Sonitpur district on Nov 23.

The DC Papum Pare was accompanied by Nabam Gungte, S.P, Papum Pare, Tasso Sira, DFO Banderdewa, Tayi Taggu, EAC Balijan, Kiran Ningo the Circle Officer In-charge, Taraso and Olik Taring, CO (Border Affairs). The Assam side was represented by DC Tezpur, SP Sonitpur and Conservator of Forests.

While dwelling at length regarding co-ordination between the adjoining districts, the SP Papum Pare cited the examples of border incidents near Harmuti - Gumto wherein the prompt co-ordination between SP Lakhimpur and SP Papurn Pare defused the impending tension. He appealed to his counterpart of Sonitpur district to work in close coordination so that law and order is maintained along Balijan, Taraso and Digalmukh areas.

DC Papum Pare Pige Ligu, thanked DC Tezpur for his prompt response and invited him for a formal coordination meeting at Itanagar within 2 months and informed that the date shall be finalized with due consultation. He assured that on his part he shall restrain the people living along border from making any provocative statements or activities for maintaining peace and communal harmony. He further requested the DC and SP Tezpur to take action against people who create communal tension for their own political gain.


National Weightlifting: Yana, Kojum win 6 golds

Arunachal leads medal tally with 6 Golds, 7 Sil, 3 Br.

M Doley

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Golden girl Takio Yana and Kojum Taba won three Gold each in their respective categories to take Arunachal Pradesh to top of the medal table on second day of the 7th National Youth (Boys & Girls) Weightlifting Championship at Nirjuli near here  today.

Yana won a Gold each in Snatch, Clean & Jerk and in Total lift in the Girls 58 kg category. She lifted a total of 149 kg (64 kg+85 kg).

The Silver and Bronze medals in this category went to Saraswati Ront of Orissa and Kh.Nungshitaon Devi and S. Thasana Chanu of Manipur respectively.

Kojum won three Gold one each in Snatch, Clean & Jerk and total lift in Youth Boys 69 kg weight category. He lifted a total of 233 kg (Snatch 103 kg + Clean & Jerk130 kg).

Sambu Lapang of Arunachal Pradesh bagged a Silver and two bronze medals in this category with a total lift of 225 kg (Snatch 100 kg + Clean & Jerk 125 kg).

Assam’s Saurav Gogoi won two silver and a bronze medal in this category.

Commonwealth Youth Weightlifting Silver Medalist Soram Hitler Tagru won three Silver medals one each in Snatch (103kg), Clean & Jerk (127 kg) and in total lift (228 kg). Hitler broke the national record of Sunil Naik of Maharashtra, who lifted 100 kg in Snatch at Kozhikode eight years ago, by lifting 101 Kg today.

The Gold medal went to Achyutananda Sahoo of Orissa, who lifted a total 230kg (102 kg +128 kg). He also created new national record by lifting 102 kg in Snatch.

Arunachal Pradesh added 12 medals, including 6 Gold, 4 Silver and two Bronze to their overnight tally to top the medal table (6 Gold, 7 Sil and 3 Bronze) on the  end of Day 2 of the championship. Manipur with 5 Gold, 5 Silver, 6 Bronze and West Bengal with 5 Gold and one Bronze were at second and third position respectively. Youth (Boys) 56 kg:

1.Aruna Santa (Orissa) – 3 medals by lifting 90 kg (Silver) in Snatch, 115 kg (Silver) in Clean & Jerk and 205 kg (Gold) in Total. 2. TBC Lalchhanhima (Mizoram) – 3 medals by lifting 89 kg (Bronze) in Snatch, 115 kg (Gold) in Clean & Jerk and 204 kg (Silver) in Total.  3. Mayur Joshi (Madhya Pradesh) – 3 medals by lifting 93 kg (Gold) in Snatch, 102 kg (Bronze) and 203 kg (Bronze) in Total.

Youth (Boys) 62 kg:

1. Achyutananda Sahoo (Orissa) – 3 medals by lifting 102 kg (Gold) in Snatch, 128 kg (Gold) and 230 kg (Gold) in Total. 2. Hitlar Sorom Tagru (Arunachal Pradesh) – 3 medals by lifting 101 kg (Silver) in Snatch, 127 kg (Silver) and 228 kg (Silver) in Total. 3. K. Krishna Prasad (Andhra Pradesh) – 2 medals by lifting 126 kg (Bronze) and 220 kg (Bronze) in Total. 4. Ravi Teja (Goa) – 1 medal by lifting 96 kg (Bronze) in Snatch.

Youth (Boys) 69 kg:

1. Kojum Taba (Arunachal Pradesh) – 3 medals by lifting 103 kg (Gold) in Snatch, 130 kg (Gold) in Clean & Jerk and 233 kg (Gold) in Total. 2. Saurav Gogoi (Assam) – 3 medals by lifting 100 kg (Bronze) in Snatch, 130 kg (Silver) in Clean & Jerk and 230 kg (Silver) in Total. 3. Sambo Lapang (Arunachal Pradesh) – 3 medals by lifting 100 kg (Silver) in Snatch, 125 kg (Bronze) in Clean & Jerk and 225 kg (Bronze) in Total.

Youth (Boys) 77 kg:

1. Neeraj Sharma (Delhi) – 3 medals by lifting 130 kg (Gold) in Snatch, 154 kg (Gold) in Clean & Jerk and 284 kg (Gold) in Total. 2. R.V. Rahul (Andhra Pradesh) – 3 medals by lifting 121 kg (Silver) in Snatch, 140 kg (Silver) in Clean & Jerk and 261 kg (Silver) in Total. 3. S.K. Valiahmed (Goa) – 3 medals by lifting 107 kg (Bronze) in Snatch, 135 kg (Bronze) in Clean & Jerk and 242 kg (Bronze) in Total.

Youth (Girls) 53 kg:

1.  Kh. Bidyabati Chanu (Manipur) – 3 medals by lifting 62 kg (Gold) in Snatch, 77 kg (Gold) in Clean & Jerk and 139 kg (Gold) in Total. 2. Y. Khundonbi Chanu (Manipur) – 3 medals by lifting 58 kg (Bronze) in Snatch, 73 kg (Silver) in Clean & Jerk and 131 kg (Silver) in Total.  3. E. Deexita (Andhra Pradesh) – 3 medals by lifting 59 kg (Silver) in Snatch, 68 kg (Bronze) in Clean & Jerk and 127 kg (Bronze) in Total.

Youth (Girls) 56 kg:

1. Kh. Bidyabati Chanu (Manipur) – 3 medals by lifting 62 kg (Gold) in Snatch, 77 kg (Gold) in Clean & Jerk and 139 kg (Gold) in Total. 2. Y. Khundonbi Chanu (Manipur) – 3 medals by lifting 58 kg (Bronze) in Snatch, 73 kg (Silver) in Clean & Jerk and 131 kg (Silver) in Total.  3. E. Deexita (Andhra Pradesh) – 3 medals by lifting 59 kg (Silver) in Snatch, 68 kg (Bronze) and 127 kg (Bronze) in Total.

Youth (Girls) 58 kg:

1. Takio Yana (Arunachal Pradesh) – 3 medals by lifting 64 kg (Gold) in Snatch, 85 kg (Gold) in Clean & Jerk and 149 kg (Gold) in Total. 2. Saraswati Rout (Orissa) – 3 medals by lifting 62 kg (Silver) in Snatch, 77 kg (Silver) in Clean & Jerk and 139 kg (Silver) in Total.  3. Kh. Nungshiton Devi (Manipur) – 2 medals by lifting 61 kg (Bronze) in Snatch and 135 kg (Bronze) in Total.


CM inaugurates water treatment plant

BOMDILA, Nov 24: The usually water deficit Bomdila Township got a new surge of life with the operationalization of the Water Supply for Bomdila Township Project and the subsequent inauguration of the Water Treatment Plant by Chief Minister Nabum Tuki this morning at the lower reaches of RR Hills, Bomdila.

Acknowledging the hard labor put in and the tremendous pressure faced for timely completion of the project by the officers and staff of PHED Bomdila and the constant supervision, monitoring and personal visits by the high ranking technocrats for timely completion of the project in the last six years, CM Tuki appreciated their dedication and accountability and  met in person all the engineers and the staff who were instrumental in completion of the project.  An amount of Rs 1709.23 lacs was sanctioned under NLCPR by DONER during March 2005 and Rs 398.50 lacs as Gap funding under SPA by the State government in 2010-11 for the said project. The source of the project lies in the deep jungles of Banglejap near Mandala Phudung in the district located at an altitude of 10,000 ft and 40 km away from the Bomdila township. The project is first of its kind in the whole of the state.

Tuki along with Minister Finance, Planning & PWD Chowna Mein and host of Parliamentary Secretaries visited the Buddha Peace Park and offered prayers in the morning hours. Later they attended the inaugural function of the annual Drub-Chod-Chenmo & Torgya held under the mastership of TG Rinpoche at Gontse Gaden Rabgyeling Monastery, Upper Gonpa, joined by Minister RWD & Tourism Pema Khandu.

Addressing the sea of devotees, general public and officers at the Gonpa, the CM assured to provide additional financial assistance for the Water supply project, Buddha Peace Park, Upcoming College building and the Gonpa. DIPRO


Get to work now, NCP tells govt

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: NCP state unit said that with the delayed induction of Parliamentary Secretaries and distribution of portfolios, there is an indication that the state government may begin its snail-paced movement now. While taking a dig at government for the being slow, it said three weeks was pretty long time for a government to settle down and start functioning.

It said that the gap created by absence of departmental ministers for several months caused a lot of inconveniences which have been experienced by not only the departments but also by the public.  It said that now everything has apparently settled down, the government should work in full swing to fulfill people’s expectations without any discrimination on party or communal line.

Meanwhile, the state NCP strongly condemned the eviction drive carried out by the Assam Forest Officials under Taraso circle violating the various agreements of both the states to maintain status quo. It said that to solve the issue, a strong will power is needed by both Assam and Arunachal Governments.

It further suggested that there should be negotiations at the ground level involving administrative officers and local leaders to stop occurrences of such atrocities.


Yet another eviction, APPDSU place demand before Assam govt

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: In  yet another incident more than 8 houses of Radhaso, Sango, Tallumso and Hoking-Hote villages under Taraso circle of Papum Pare district  were allegedly set ablaze by Borgang Forest Department of Assam led by its Ranger on Wednesday last.

Nabam Eka, a Zilla Parishad Member of Taraso,  claimed that many valuable ornaments and other household items have been looted.  He said that eviction drive was conducted without serving legal notices to the villagers.

Eka further appealed to the state government to deploy police force at disputed areas to instill sense of security among the villagers settled along the inter-state boundary areas. Seeking the government intervention, the PR leader also demanded that culprits be booked and justice be given to the victims.

Meanwhile, All Papum Pare District Students Union (APPDSU) demanded the Govt of Assam to direct the officers responsible to return whatever they have looted and compensate the victims of the illegal eviction drive at Tarasso circle.

The illegal eviction drive at Taraso village and the act of burning down of houses, stealing the valuable local ornaments, household items and destroying the horticulture gardens are a very shameful and inhumane act by the Assam Forest Official which deserves condemnation from every quarter of the civilized society, the students said.

It has decided to form Anti- Eviction Drive Unit comprising students, youth and public to cope with any kind of such situation in near future.

APPDSU along with All Papum Poma Students Union (APPSU) in joint collaboration with the Press Team of Arunachal and intellectuals will visit Taraso on Nov 25 to assess the ground reality.


Act as a catalyst to solve the boundary row: AAPSU tells Assam media

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: A meeting was held today at Hotel Ashoka Donyi Polo between Assam media and its Arunachal counterparts wherein executives from All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) also took part.    

The meeting emphasised on the role of media in not only disseminating information but also to act as a catalyst in solving the Assam-Arunachal boundary row whenever it erupts.

AAPSU president Takam Tatung, referring to past incidents wherein media from Assam gave one sided stories thereby aggravating the situation said that such practice is not only unhealthy, beyond the realm of media ethic but also very dangerous.

Expressing serious concern over the Taraso incident, Tatung asked the media representatives not to provoke the situation but to build conducive atmosphere for the people living in the border areas to grow together hand in hand and for peaceful co-existence.  

“Media should play important role in fostering bonhomie among the people of Assam and Arunachal. One sided story should not be carried in media which is detrimental to the age old relation shared between the two states since time immemorial”.

Tatung also appealed to the visiting media to do stories on Assam Police who never miss any chance to excruciate commuters from Arunachal Pradesh on some silly pretext.  

Arunachal Press Club vice president Taba Ajum opined for close coordination among the media of both the neighbouring states.   

He also proposed a media exchange programme between the two to know each other better.

Smitakhsi Baruah from Pratidin, the largest circulated Assamese daily published from Guawahati, representative from DY365 and other electronic media took part in the discussion.

Acknowledging the multi-pronged problem as highlighted by the AAPSU and APC, Assam media representatives univocally assured to place this view point in one of their sitting at Guwahati Press Club.


Gamlin calls for collective effort

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Soon after being inducted in the Tuki led Ministry as minister for Transport and Cooperation, Jarkar Gamlin is on a whirlwind visit of West Siang including Likabali, Basar, Bagra and Logum Jini.

The minister visited fire accident site at Logum Jini where five houses and godowns were completely gutted down.

He urged the people to take all preventive measures in future as all thickly located villages are quite vulnerable to fire. He urged the village community to render all sorts of help to the victims.

Later, addressing a meeting with HoDs of the district, Gamlin said that wheel of development only moves with the will and cooperation of the people and executing agencies.  He urged everyone in the district to put their efforts for township development.

Speaking on law and order, he said that our own youths are creating the problems and officers and elders of our society should play a role to diffuse all such issues of the disgruntled youth to bring them back on track.

The fund meant for all developmental schemes should be used judiciously to avoid recurring expenditure, he said and called for helping hands of everyone in every stage of development. The HoDs of the district, who attended the meet, also spelt out problems faced by various departments. DIPRO


Alternative Bridge over Bichom River

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: An alternative bridge over Bichom river will be constructed by BRO for movement of loaded heavy vehicles making either small Bailey bridge or fixing RCC Hume Pipes on the Bichom river having narrow breadth where the said road is to pass. This route will serve the purpose till on set of next monsoon season.

This was decided after an inspection of dilapidated Bana bailey bridge by Deputy Commissioner, East Kameng Tope Bam along with Maj. Vishwas Kumar, OC, 127 RCC, representatives of Commander 14 BRTF and Dy. SP S. Singhpho today.  The light vehicles will continue to pass through the existing Bana Bailey Suspension Bridge.

It was also decided that locks will be fixed on the barricade on both ends of the bridge and barricade will be opened at 7 am to 4pm every day.  During this period apart from light vehicles heavy vehicles without load will also be allowed to cross the bridge such as  state transport bus etc. Exactly at 4 Pm on every day barricade will be re-fixed by locking the keys.  After 4 pm during the night hours till 7 am of next day  transhipment of goods from heavy vehicles would  not be allowed.

The aforesaid system would be guarded by Police personnel deployed by SP and Armed Guards of BRTF.

In addition, the DC has disclosed that he has already submitted a brief note on Bana Bailey Suspension bridge to all the elected MLAs representing the district to have serious dialogue with Govt for immediate solution and learnt to have discussed the subject thoroughly in the last cabinet meeting for solution.  

The DC further requested the State Govt. to take an early decision for new bridge since the BRO road from Bana to Seppa is being handed over to State PWD (Highway) by the BRO within a couple of months for which the BRO has no plan of launching new bridge in place of the existing one. DIPRO


Video conferencing facility launched at NIC Anini

ANINI, Nov 24:  EAC Bamin Nime today formally launched the much awaited Video Conferencing facility at NIC, Anini, Dibang Valley amidst presence of Rajendra Prasad, DIO  Anini, Rinchin Tsetim Khom, i/c DIPRO, Willa Chautang, DPO and other NIC and CIC staff of the district.

After launching the facility, Nime interacted with  Tasso Habung, Technical Director, NIC, Itanagar, Opung Ering, Senior Scientist, NIC, Itanagar and DIO, Yupia through  Video Conferencing.

During the interaction, Tasso Habung congratulated the Deputy Commissioner Abu Tayeng, Bamin Nime, EAC and Rajendra Prasad, DIO, Anini and NIC team for making the programme successful.

Habung thanked the DC for providing necessary help to NIC from time to time. Various ICT projects being carried in the districts were also discussed during the VC session.

Participating in the conference Opung Ering said other alternative option like DAMA V-Sat, BSNL lease line and Optical fibre will be provided soon for making VC more effective and clear.

Speaking on the occasion, DIO, Anini said launching of VC will pave way for speedier communication of important Govt issues directly with the district authority.

Rinchin Tsetim Khom, read out the message of DC Abu Tayeng who is on official visit to Itanagar on the launching of Video Conference in his district.

The DC extended his appreciation to NIC team for their dedication, hard work and sincerity in making the Video Conferencing Project and other ICT programmes in the district successful. DIPRO


Female voters outnumber males in East Siang

Prafulla Kaman

PASIGHAT, Nov 24: With rest of the country, the special summary revision of electoral rolls is going on in all five Assembly segments in East Siang district, following directive of the Election Commission of India with reference to January 1, next year as the qualifying date.

The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of 38- Pasighat East LAC Neelima Kumar informed that the district election department has appointed as many as 141 booth level officers (BLO) and 145 designated officers to execute the electoral revision processes including receipt and disposal of claims and objection. Booth level hearing on claims and objection has been completed and the data would be compiled soon.

The ERO, who is also the SDO (Sadar) of Pasighat informed that disposal of claims and objections besides updating of database, merging photographs and other preparations would be completed within the month of December.

Informing Election Commission’s guideline in case of new entry of electorate, Kumar stated that Commission has instructed the administration to ensure participation of the educated youths in the electoral process in order to strengthen the democratic base of the nation.

“We have received as many as 1,833 applications under Form-6 for new entry in the electoral roll, which will be decided after disposal of claims and objections. The final electoral rolls including the new entries and deletion would be published on Januray-1 2012” the ERO said.

Sources from District Election department revealed that there are a total 58,497 electorates in the district including its five assembly segments. Out of the figure, 29,060 are male and 29,437 are female. The number of total electorate in the assembly segments as per draft electoral roll are – Pangin AC-12,355, Nari AC- 6,736, West-Pasighat (Ruksin) AC- 12,185, Pasighat-East AC - 17,498 in and Mebo AC-9,723 voters respectively.

The district has a peculiar demographic pattern as three assembly constituencies- Nari, Ruksin and Mebo have more female voters than male. The 35-Pangin AC comprises 6,209 male and 6,146 female voters. The 38-Pasighat East AC has 8,843 male and 8,655 females.


Sports meet under PYKKA held

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: The 3-day block level sports competition under Panchayat Yuva Krida aur Khel Abhiyan (PYKKA) organized by Upper Balijan anchal chairperson concluded at Jote Secondary School yesterday.

Selected boy and girl participants of age under 18 years from five anchal segments took part in the sport meet.

ANSU general secretary Arjun Panye, who attended the opening ceremony, spoke about the importance of games and sports and maintaining strict discipline and sportsmanship by a player.

The event was conducted with cooperation of the Panchayat leaders, CO of Sangdupota circle and the teachers of Govt Hr. Sec. School, Jote.


Training of teachers

CHANGLANG, Nov 24: The three day training of elementary level teachers of Changlang district in basic mathematical concepts started from Nov 24.

It was inaugurated by Additional Deputy Commissioner Changlang M.C. Roy at DIET Auditorium who advised teachers to deliver their duties with devotion and sincerity and attend the training to update themselves on latest method of teaching and learning in elementary level.  N. Yerang, DDSE, Changlang described the training as important to improve teaching capacity. He appealed them to teach through innovative approach, so that the student becomes more receptive and responsive in learning.

K. Zongsam, Principal DIET Changlang-cum-Course Director informed that the training has been sponsored by central as well as state government, with an aim to make teachers more efficient in teaching through innovative approach, so that, the student becomes more receptive and responsive in learning and teaching.

The programme coordinator, V.K. Karn, informed about the need based survey conducted by DIETs of Arunachal Pradesh in which it reveals that there is an urgent need to train mathematics teachers in basic concepts to help students in transacting the concepts more effectively and clearly in class room. DIPRO


Picnic banned

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Poma Rillo Youth Welfare Society has banned picnic within Poma, Pillo and Moin villages under Sangdupota circle. It said that step was being taken to stop dirtying the areas by picnickers.

The Society further urged the department of Environment and Forest to keep a watch on the fishing and hunting activities in the areas.


Birth anniversary

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: The 124th birth anniversary of Thakur Anukul Chandra would be celebrated on December 4 last at Satsang Centre, Basar Complex, Itanagar commemorating Shri Shri Dada’s visit to Itanagar in December 2006.

The celebration would begin with Usha Kirtan at 5.50 am and conclude with Bhajan in the evening.


YARP demands for recruitment of affected youth

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: The Youth Association of Ross Panchayat (YARP), in a memorandum, demanded the Chairman cum Managing Director (CMD), NEEPCO to recruit 50 project affected local youths in group “C” and “D” posts in Pare Hydel Project as assured by then CMD at Shillong in 2010.

Alleging deprivation to local project affected youths, the memorandum said that 16 out of 22 appointments made in 2010 were ‘outsiders.’ It also declared as false the NEEPCO authority’s press statement of May 25, 2011 claiming appointment of  25 local youths under RHEP.

The memorandum further demanded the CMD to immediately withdraw the central ban order on service regularization failing which the youths of Ross and Hoj would launch democratic movement at project site.


‘Solve food crisis’

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Arunachal Pradesh Fair Price Shop Dealers Welfare Association has urged the government of Arunachal and Food Corporation of India to immediately take steps to solve food shortage in various FCI depots.

It said that since September there had been acute shortage of essential commodities in Aalo, Pasighat, Upper Siang, Daporijo, Ziro, Kurung Kumey, Tawang, Tirap, Bomdila, Seppa while the Papum Pare FCI godown in Karsingsa is also facing shortages of food items since Oct last.


Fire station demanded

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Following the reported fire incident that broke out on 21 November last at Karsingsa around 11.30 pm in which one house was reportedly gutted down; Banderdewa Karsingsa Welfare Association (BKYWA) today demanded the authority to establish fire brigade sub-station at Karsingsa.  It further lamented that victims of fire incident have not been compensated so far by the state government and called on the authorities to do so at the earliest.


Union claims bandh successful

ITANAGAR, Nov 24:  Claiming that 1st phase of 24 hours bandh called on 23 to 24 November morning was successful, All Upper Subansiri District Students Union (AUSDSU) reiterated its demand for immediate action against culprits allegedly involved in misappropriation of school fund. It also demanded for immediate suspension of prime accused from the job. Further union informed that administration has assured to nail the culprit within 7 days and would take stern action. AUSDSU further disclosed administration has invited high level auditing team for proper investigation of alleged embezzlement.


Organization reacts to Supra State move

ITANAGAR, Nov 24:  Expressing its concern over the central government reported movement to grant Supra State Body to NSCN-IM as Christmas gift, Arunachal Pradesh Civil Liberties Organization (APCLO) today said that it will threaten the very existence of indigenous people of the affected areas.  

APCLO called upon the government of Arunachal Pradesh not to succumb to NSCN-IM demand and appealed the people to keep a vigil along border areas of Nagaland.  Organization further expressed apprehension that centre might grant Supra State Body to NSCN-IM after their reported parley. It further questioned the state government for allegedly maintaining stoic silence over the contentious issue.


Declare result

ITANAGAR, Nov 24:  Irked with the impending result of written examination of Assistant Engineer (civil) which was conducted on 1st and 2nd June last, Unemployed Arunachalee Engineers’ Association (UAEA) urged the authority concerned to declare the result at the earliest. The association also asked the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission to float advertisement of 20 post of Assistant Engineer (electrical).


Run to run out AIDS

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: A Marathon race called “Run to run out AIDS” is being organized as part of World AIDS Day celebration by Kar-Dadii Club in collaboration with Arunachal Pradesh State Aids Control Society at Seppa on December one next.

The ‘Run’ mainly aims at creating awareness among people about HIV/AIDS and their preventive measures. Free HIV/AIDS tests and counselling would also be organized on the occasion.


Festival of blessing crusade

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: A festival of blessing crusade called “Word of God in a dramatic manner,” “the Passion of Christ movie clip,” and Healing and Blessing Prayer for all is being held from November 25 to 27 at Cozy Park, confluence of Sipu and Yamgo river, PI Colony, Aalo sponsored by Rev. Dr. R Santharaj and Vineyard Global Church members.

Eva. Tai Ete, general secretary of APCRCC, Itanagar will share the Word of God in the morning session at 8 am.


Unions calls for funds for bridges

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: All East Kameng Students’ Union has called on the authorities to immediately sanction fund for construction of Bana Bailey Bridge. It said that the bridge constructed in 1991 is in very bad condition due to years of wear and tear which need immediate repair.

It further said that construction of Hari Bridge is yet to be finished even though the period of four years for completion of the bridge is long over.

It further called for immediate sanction of fund for construction of RCC Bridge over Kameng River in place of the hanging bridge.

The Union appealed to the five legislators of the district to solve the various crisis facing the district and provide adequate fund to overcome them.


Forum writes to Governor

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: All Arunachal Pradesh Youth Forum in a memorandum to the Governor has sought his intervention so that police authorities arrest those persons who allegedly assaulted the president of the Forum. It informed that 8 persons assaulted the president and an FIR was lodged against the culprits with police but no arrest has been made so far.

It further demanded removal of Chief Information Commissioner Y D Thongchi and Minister Atum Welly for their alleged involvement in nepotism. The Forum further said that the person responsible for planting explosives at Sango Lamte Foundation Chairman’s car be arrested again.  

It also threatened to launch rigorous movement if its demands were not met.

Arunachal Youth Democratic Forum has also come out in support of the demands made by the Youth Forum.


Measles catch-up up programe

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: District Health Society, Papum Pare would conduct the Measles Catch Up Program from November 28. The three-week-long programe will cover the schools in the first week while communities would be covered during the next two weeks. The DRCHO cum CEO of District Health Society has appealed to the parents to get their children between the age group of nine months to below ten years vaccinated.


ACCWU appeal

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: All Capital Complex Contract Workers Union (ACCWU) has appealed to the state Government to abolish the criteria of showing land allotment certificate by applicants in obtaining Scheduled Tribes (ST) or PRC certificates. The Union claimed that over 80% people residing in Capital Complex do not have the required documents.


Chalo Loku

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Governor General (Retd.) J.J. Singh and Chief Minister Nabam Tuki greeted the people of Arunachal Pradesh on the festive occasion of Chalo Loku.

Offering prayer to the Almighty Rang for peace and socio-economic wellbeing of all, the Governor expressed his hope that this year the festival will further strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and bring happiness and prosperity.

In his message, the Governor said that the festival of Chalo Loku is well-known for the lively dances and rich cultural heritage of Nocte community. He wished that Nocte tribe should be able to preserve it for generations to come.

The Chief Minister in his message to the people of the state hoped that the festive occasion would usher in peace and prosperity to the people of the state.

He further called upon the people to preserve their rich cultural heritage and languages of the state.


Clarify Govt’s stand on Supra State Body: BJP

Itanagar: Criticizing the State Government for being tight lipped on Centre’s proposed “Supra State Body’ for the Nagas, the BJP state unit today demanded the Chief Minister Nabam Tuki to clarify his Government’s stand on the issue.

The State Government cannot remain silent on such a big issue and must clarify its position before the public, BJP said in a release.

The Congress ruled states of Assam and Manipur have already opposed any such move by the Centre, the BJP said in a release and urged the Tuki Government to aggressively pursue with the Centre that whether any such proposal has been initiated which may disturb the territorial integrity of the state.



The name of the newly appointed president of All Arunachal Pradesh Poverty People’s Association, Lower Subansiri district unit should be read as Licha Tabo instead of ‘Licha’ as published on November 23.


News Impact


Share the blame

Dear Editor,

We are the people who is victimized by the corruption and high price rise. No awareness of Consumer Act.  Whatever the shopkeeper says, we have to pay. There are no other options than cursing the system and Government.

But who is really responsible for all these circumstances. We are the one who chose and elect leader. We do so to get some favour, money, job, or because the candidate may belong to our own religion or tribe or because he belongs to party of our choice.

These all are the main stumbling root causes for the lack of development and welfare of our people and State.

Only at the time of election, candidate will show their concern and do some development activities or entice us by giving some gifts and delivering dynamic speeches.  

So next time you vote, think again who deserves your vote and who can ensure a better future for the society and the nation.


Alex, Itanagar,

(On email)



Big boss and the big brother

Dear Editor,

When former Assam CM Bisnuram Medhi declared Assamese as the official language of Assam, we said it to be big brother attitude. But when Delhi ministers say Hindi will be the national language, we donot protest. That means, we like Big Boss attitude more than big brother. This Big Boss has brought alien elements more than big brother.

Our acceptance of Hindi has opened the doors to more and more migrants from Nepal, Bengal, Bihar and U.P.

Assamese should not have been used as official language, but its use as common link language would have made it difficult for the migrants who find it more comfortable in Shillong because Khasis speak to them in Hindi. Not to speak of the four areas, now we have Tibetan migrants who are making huge money in Shillong.

The Garos to an extent have retained Assamese as a common link language, so Tura is insular to migrants unlike Shillong. In place of Hindi, if Assamese was used as a subject, so many migrants from north India and other parts would have been discouraged. The language barrier that we have erected has opened the gates to other migrants.

Of course, Khasis are not Assamese in identity, but the Assamese language could have been used as common link language to communicate with others as the Nagas and Garos do, to check influx from other parts of India.

Its good we accept English and Khasi as official language, but for link language in north-east, Hindi is not a wise choice for north-easterners. Hindi has no bearing with this region. Assamese had taken different forms all over the region before Nehru, Rajendra Prasad and Patel came up with their plans for Hindi expansion.


Jason Lyngdoh

Shillong, (On email)



We allowed them

Dear Editor,

This is in response to letter "Don't impose Hindi "written by Diganta Sonowal  from Guwahati.

It is true that we should save and respect our own tribal culture, but it should not be in a communal way. If someone don't like Hindi it is his /her own matter. Adopting Hindi is different thing but being Indians we must respect our national language. We can't blame the people of U.P. and Bihar for Hindi speaking. It is our demerit that we allow others to swallow our own native languages.


Gumpi, (On email)



A victim of an accident

Dear Editor,

I am a non tribal residing at Arunachal Pradesh. I don’t want to reveal my name because of obvious reasons. I want so share an incident that happened some time back.

Following a motor cycle collision at NH-52  two boys died. Both the boys met with fatal injuries and was brought to R K Mission hospital by some kind citizens.

The one who died first was an Arunachalee boy while the one who died later at the hospital was a non tribal boy.

Instead of sharing the sorrow and grief, we witnessed in horror as many people came to RK Mission and damaged its premises and tried to prevent doctors and nurses from giving medical attention to the non tribal boy.

Despite request by the authorities, those people did not leave and tried to obstruct the medical professional from carrying out their duties. These same people threatened the relatives of the non tribal boy of dire consequences.

Least these people could have done was to allow proper medical treatment to the injured atleast for the sake of humanity.

The non tribal boy later died at the hospital.

It was a cruel and brutal act. They judged the case and rewarded death penalty to the boy who also was a victim of the accident.


A citizen, (On email)



Use the same yard stick

Dear Editor,

The letter, "Why is Nagaland worried about us?" by N L Richo in the Readers' Forum on Nov 23 got me riveted.

I also had gone through the same piece and thought over it deeply. But unfortunately I found no foul game in the gesture.

We occasionally see appreciative reports of help in the form of truck-loads of provisions in remote localities ravaged by natural calamity or any other mishap. Most probably these are also not funded by any organization based in the state.

It is not a matter of supporting or opposing a cause. It is a matter of using the same yard stick to weigh our judgment. If we can blame the Government for not doing anything to stop soliciting help from one entity, the same applies for any other organization, especially if both the source of the funding is from outside of the state.

The Govt. should altogether stop soliciting help from entities with vested interest. Our rural folks are so innocent that they can’t see through the real motive of the unscrupulous messengers of evil design. If they are so worried about us why don’t they extend such helping hand to the poor living in urban locality?


A citizen,  (On email)



Waiting list panel

Dear Editor,

In every result, a waiting list panel is always kept so that in case any selected candidate doesn't turn up those from the panel list is appointed. But in the recent result of UDC for AP secretariat and APCS office, no waiting list panel has been notified by APCS.

I request the commission to place a waiting list panel for the same so that in case someone don't join an unemployed youth can be absorbed.


A candidate, (On email)



Spare us !

Dear Editor,

If the Tuki Govt. is peoples Govt. then spare the Rural Development Department from Tanga Byaling. Everyone knows how during his tenure as minister, department appointed many APO's (Gazatted posts) and many other in various trades without interview.

Now every DRDA in Arunachal is facing shortage of fund for salary.

Even if you ask for voting within RD Department, he will be voted out.

Once again, I would like to appeal Chief Minister to please look into the matter beyond party politics.


A citizen , (On email)





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Encouraging trend


UNAIDS says 2011 brought unprecedented progress in science, political leadership and results. In its new report, it says despite the financial crisis, greater access to HIV treatment had a dramatic effect on the lives of millions of people.

Globally, the number of new HIV infections in 2010 was 21% down on that peak, seen in 1997, according to UNAids 2011 report.

The organisation says both falls have been fuelled by a major expansion in access to treatment.

UNAids estimates 700,000 deaths were averted last year because of better access to treatment.

This latest analysis says the number of people living with HIV has reached a record 34 million.

Sub-Saharan Africa has seen the most dramatic improvement, with a 20% rise in people undergoing treatment between 2009 and 2010.

About half of those eligible for treatment are now receiving it.

That has also helped cut new HIV infections, as people undergoing care are less likely to infect others.

In 2010 there were an estimated 2.7m new HIV infections, down from 3.2m in 1997, and 1.8m people died from Aids-related illnesses, down from 2.2m in 2005.

The figures continue the downward trend reported in previous UNAids reports.

UNAids says the full preventive impact of treatment is likely to be seen in the next five years, as more countries improve treatment.

Its report added that even if the Aids epidemic was not over, the end may be in sight if countries invest smartly.

This is perhaps the most encouraging news yet on the HIV AIDs in recent times. More efforts need to be put by global community to ensure that epidemic is brought under control. With efforts the day is not far when we would have won the battle.