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November -  30


Next time I promise to come by road to Tali: Tuki

TALI, Nov 29:  It must have been years since Tali had anything to cheer about. The circle headquarter in one of the remotest corners of Kurung Kumey district today had the opportunity to break the jinx. As Chief Minister Nabam Tuki announced to work, even in his individual capacity, for development of the area, the lonely hills of the circle erupted in thunderous applause.

Incidentally, Tali has the dubious distinction of being the only Assembly constituency in the country that does not have a single road reaching it.

“Next time I promise to come by road to Tali,” Tuki announced to a cheering crowd of panchayat leaders, gaon buras, villagers and students. He directed the concerned engineer to immediately initiate the tendering process for construction of the Kamla bridge on the Yangte-Tali road. He also directed that the bridge should not be of a temporary structure but a concrete and permanent one.

On the other road – Tamen to Tali – the Chief Minister informed that the project has been retained during 2011-12 under NLCPR. He assured the people that he would pursue earnestly with the DoNER Ministry for sanctioning of the fund as soon as possible.

Responding to a memorandum submitted by local MLA Markio Tado, Tuki announced Rs 1 crore for construction of the Tali Government Secondary School playground and another Rs 2 crore for construction of a permanent Circle Office.  To the request for upgradation of the circle administration to an ADC or SDO level, he said the matter would be placed for approval in the cabinet meeting. To another request for a regular chopper service to Tali, he said that the chopper service in the state has been suspended for the moment following two major crashes. He, however, assured that as and when the service is resumed there would be a chopper to Tali at least once a week.

Taking note of utter lack of development in the area, Tuki said it was not surprising that about half the population of Tali constituency were living in the state capital and district headquarters of Ziro and Koloriang. He, however, urged the people to avoid the mass exodus and concentrate on developing and nurturing their native place.

“My government is with you. With your cooperation we will change this place. Then you will not leave it,” he reiterated.

Tuki called on all, irrespective of political affiliation, to cooperate and work together for development of the region.

“Politics is alright during election times. Once elections are over politics is over. I don’t believe and propagate playing politics for five years. So, whichever party we may belong to, let’s concentrate and work together for development of the area and welfare of the people,” he observed.

Reiterating that his government is the people’s government, Tuki said, “I am not the government. You are the government.” He appealed all panchayat leaders and gaon buras to monitor all government schemes implemented in their respective areas and report to him straight in case of any complaints.

The Chief Minister, however, cautioned that agencies and people executing the schemes should not be solely profit-centric. He said quality work and judicious use of funds should be made mandatory.

“You show me what progress and how do you want it. I will ensure it happens. That’s how we will work…together,” Tuki asserted.

On occasion of the Golden Jubilee celebration of the Tali Government Secondary School, the Chief Minister said actual celebration would be to honour the past students of the school, who have gone out and become successful in their chosen fields despite remoteness of the area. He showered praises on punitive weight-lifter, Yukar Sibi, hailing from Tali, and exemplified him as a true example of the potential youths of the state possess. He also reiterated his first promise as the Chief Minister – to build quarters for teachers across the state wherever needed on priority.

Earlier, the Chief Minister inaugurated the Police Outpost of Tali while Parliamentary Secretary for Home Gadam Ete inaugurated the ticketing counter of the Tali helipad.

Others who accompanied the Chief Minister were Parliamentary Secretary for Tax & Excise Lokam Tassar, Palin MLA Takam Tagar and Nyapin MLA Bamang Felix. Local MLA Markio Tado had reached Tali a week ago to oversee preparations for the visit. Also present were former Tali MLA Takam Sorang and former Itanagar MLA Kipa Babu besides the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police.  


The plight of orphans in Capital

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: In a noble endeavour, members of Itanagar Buddhist Cultural Society (IBCS) today visited Arunachal Orphan’s school (AOS) and Missionary of Charity, situated in Naharlagun town.

The IBCS team was led by its president CR Khampa and general secretary Sonam Tenzin.

The IBCS donated items like rice, dal, cooking oil and other eatables for the children.

The visiting team was moved by the plight of Arunachal Orphan’s School located in Polo Colony Naharlagun.

While informing the IBCS members about difficulties being faced by AOS, its secretary Tapi Phai stated, “We never got any funding from government. We get help from well wishers and it has become very tough to run the school.”

Further he added, “We have both orphan and semi-orphan kids. But maximum numbers of children are Orphans. There are 43 hostellers and 3 day scholars. With no proper funding it become very difficult to give proper diets to the children. We desperately need funding.”

Seeing the poor condition of the school, IBCS general secretary Tenzin urged every like minded people of capital to come forward and help such institutions who are doing social work in true spirit. Later, members also visited Missionary of Charity home and donated needy materials.


State level karate C’ship concludes

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The 17th State Level Karate Championship organized by Arunachal Karate-Do Association (AKA) concluded at Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy indoor stadium on November 27.

The 2-day championship was participated by a record 188 karatekas from 10 districts and teams from APP, SAI, Naharlagun and Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy.

Attending the closing ceremony, M.Kamki, Dy. Secy. Sports and Youth Affairs assured that he would pursue with the authority for filling up the remaining posts under sports quota of last year in various departments from the waiting list at the earliest.

While expressing his happiness over large number of youths turn up for the championship, Kamki encouraged the participants to take up karate sincerely which is also an excellent means of self-defense. He highly appreciated AKA led by Likha Tara as president and L Marik as general secretary for successfully organizing the big event.

Ashok Tajo, Dy Director, SSA also attended the function.

Medals and certificates to the winners were distributed by Kamki, Tajo and Arunachal Olympics Association (AOA) Secretary General G. Doke.


--Sub-Junior Boys Kumite – 10 -11 Years.

(Likha Oum (SLSA) Gold, Achemso Yun  (Anjaw) Silver, Doni Yangfo (SAI) Bronze, Bathumso Navil (Anjaw) Bronze

--Sub – Junior Boys Kata – 10 -11 Years.

Libom Ngari  (SAI) Gold, Doni Yangfo  (SAI) Silver, Bulang David  (SLSA) Bronze.

--Sub-Junior Girls Kumite – 10 -11 Years.

Lucky Hangu  (Upper Subansiri) Gold, Roshanlu Kri  (Lohit) Silver.

--Sub-Junior Girls Kata – 10 -11 Years.

Lucky Hangu  (Upper Subansiri) Gold.

--Sub-Junior Girls Kumite – 12 -13 Years.

Nabam Nasap (SLSA) Gold, Penam Gadi (SLSA) Silver, Ivy  Pul   (Lohit) Bronze, Oyi Libang  (SLSA) Bronze.

--Sub -Junior Girls Kata -12 -13 Years.

Achok Sikum  (Upper Subansiri) Gold, Oyi Libang  (SLSA) Silver.

--Sub – Junior Boys Kumite – 12 -13 Years.

Vinod Degio (Sai) Gold, Raja Yangfo (Sai) Silver, Kago Gyati (Slsa) Bronze.

--Sub Junior Boys Kata – 12 -13 Years.

Neta Mejo (Slsa) Gold, Raja Yangfo (Sai) Silver, Taro Chenging (Upper Subansiri) Bronze.

--Cadet Boys Kata – 14 -15 Years.

Samual Dolo (Sai) Gold, Arun Mega (SLSA)  Silver, Balipso Pul  (Anjaw) Bronze.

--Cadet Girls Kata – 14 -15 Years.

Api Lombi )P.Pare Shito-Ryu) Gold, Juna Dada (SLSA), Aun Kumi (P.Pare Shito-Ryu) Bronze, Tap Menia (SLSA) Bronze.

--Cadet Girls Kumite – 14 -15 Years. (-59 Kg)

Yasa Rie (P.Pare Shito-Ryu) Gold, Api Lombi (P.Pare Shito-Ryu) Silver, Joni Mamkhaya (East Kameng) Bronze.

--Cadet Girls Kumite – 14 -15 Years. (-47 Kg)

Bamang Yakum (SLSA) Gold, Lungtam Jangmu  (SLSA) Silver.

Cadet Girls Kumite – 14 -15 Years. (-54 Kg)

Rebiyialu Kri (Lohit) Gold, Gyamar Mach  (P.Pare Shito-Ryu) Silver, Anjami Mipi (P.Pare) Bronze, Gida Yaro (Hq) Bronze.

--Cadet Girls Kumite – 14 -15 Years. (+54 Kg)

Dado Mema  (Kurung Kumey) Gold, Olosi Pul  (Anjaw) Silver.

--Cadet Boys Kumite – 14 -15 Years.(-52 Kg)

Likha Lej  (SLSA) Gold, Arun Mega (SLSA) Silver, Vijay Boda  (Anjaw) Bronze, Ojing Nopi (Lohit) Bronze.

--Cadet Boys Kumite – 14 -15 Years.(-57 Kg)

Nokbo Wangsu (SAI) Gold, Joram Tanu  (Lower Subansiri) Silver, Rajesh Marbam  (P.Pare Shito-Ryu) Bronze.

--Cadet Boys Kumite – 14 -15 Years.(-63 Kg)

Kofa Raje (SAI) Gold, Pema Kri  (Lohit) Silver, Lishi Johan  (Lower Subansiri ) Bronze, Tajar Nilling (Upper Subansiri) Bronze.

--Junior Girls Kata – 16 -17 Years.

Bamang Yakum (SLSA) Gold, Yapung Sonam (SLSA) Silver, Dado Mema  (Kurung Kumey) Bronze, Yasa Rie  (P.Pare Shito-Ryu0 Bronze.

--Junior Boys Kumite – 16 -17 Years. (-55 Kg)

Samba Techi (E. Kameng) Gold, David Rijiju  (P.Pare) Silver, Assique Hussain  (E.Siang) Bronze, Samantadas  (Lohit) Bronze.

--Junior Boys Kumite – 16 -17 Years. (-61 Kg)

Asanga Molo (SLSA) Gold, Janam Dodum (SAI) Silver, Bolo Tallang  (E. Kameng) Bronze. Jesop Dolo (E. Kameng) Bronze.

--Junior Boys Kumite – 16 -17 Years. (-68 Kg)

Dongro Dodum(SAI) Gold, Yude Appa (Anjaw) Silver, Kumbi Uli (Upper Subansiri) Bronze,

--Cadet Boys Kumite – 14 -15 Years.(-70 Kg)

Pramod Kamti  (E. Kameng) Gold, Tapuk Sono (P.Pare) Silver, Antiso Kri (Anjaw) Bronze, Takar Bodo (E. Kameng) Bronze.

--Junior Girls Kumite – 16 -17 Years. (-48 Kg)

Goda Asha- Gold, Tap Menia- Silver, Juna Dada- Bronze, Sangh Yabe- Bronze.

--Senior Men Individual Kata

Tadar Eva (P. Pare Shito-Ryu) Gold, Wancha Lowang (APP) Silver, Jhon Bagang (E. Kameng) Bronze, Prakash Limbu  (P.Pare Shito-Ryu) Bronze.

--Senior Men Kumite –  (-50 Kg)

Matu Mugli (U.Subansiri) Gold, Wangcha Lowang (APP) Silver, Sinne Miku  (SLSA) Bronze, Rechi Kagung  (P. Pare Shito-Ryu) Bronze.

--Senior Men Kumite –  (-55 Kg)

Tomkap Techi (SLSA) Gold, Jeri Taba (SLSA) Silver, Samo Tungi (E.Kameng) Bronze, Taw Amit (L. Subansiri) Bronze.

--Senior Men Kumite –  (-60 Kg)

Matyup Tamblung  (Anjaw) Gold, Biki Punung  (P. Pare) Silver, Anurudh Sahani  (Pasighat) Bronze, Prakash Limbu  (P. Pare Shito-Ryu) Bronze.

--Senior Men Kumite –  (-67 Kg)

Likha Rajen (APP) Gold, Charu Tata (APP), Silver, Gamli Bagar  (P. Pare Shito-Ryu) Bronze, Runa Dada (SLSA) Bronze.

--Senior Men Kumite –  (-75 Kg)

Byabang Sakap  (P. Pare Shoto-kan) Gold, Pisa Nachung  (APP), Bapan Dey  (P. Pare Shoto-kan) Bronze, Semanso Sinya  (Anjaw) Bronze.

--Senior Men Kumite –  (-84 Kg)

P Nobin Jamoh  (SAI) Gold,

--Senior Men Kumite –  (+84 Kg)

Yesenso Yun  (APP) Gold

--Senior Women Individual Kata

Rajnita Rottam (SAI) Gold,  ChunNu Sangno  (APP) Silver, Rei Yadi  (SAI) Bronze, Higi Yamum (P. Pare Shito-Ryu) Bronze.

--Senior Women Kumite –  (-50 Kg)

Rei Yadi (SAI) Gold, Rajnita Rotton (SAI) Silver, Kambung Wangsa (SLSA) Bronze, Parvati Bellai (Lohit) Bronze.

--Senior Women Kumite –  (-55 Kg)

Sumpi Chege  (SAI) Gold, Yapung Sonam  (SLSA), Yania Dugi  (U.Subansiri) Bronze, Eyakphen Longri (SLSA) Bronze.

--Senior Women Kumite –  (-61 Kg)

Chunnu Sangno (APP) Gold, Minam Tekseng (SLSA) Silver

--Senior Women Kumite –  (-68 Kg)

Y.Noshi  (APP) Gold,

--Senior Women Team Kumite

Gold Medal (SLSA), Tap Menia, Bamang Yakum, Juna Dada, Yapung Sonam, Silver Medal (P.Pare Shito-Ryu), Higi Yamum, Yasa Rie, Gyamar Mach, Anu Komi, Bronze Medal (SAI) Rei Yadi, Rajnita Rotton, Sumpi Chege,  Kyoda Asha.

.38 Senior Women Team Kata

Gold Medal (SAI) Rei Yadi, Rajnita Rotton, Sumpi Chege, Silver Medal (P.Pare Shito-Ryu) Yasa Rie, Anu Komi, Gyamar Mach, Bronze Medal (SLSA) Tap Menia, Bamang Yakum, Yapung Sonam.

--Senior Men Team Kumite.

Police Team-- Gold, East Kameng --Silver, P. Pare Shito-Ryu--Bronze.

--Senior Men Team Kata.

P. Pare Shito-Ryu - Gold, SAI--Silver,  SLSA--Bronze.



Libang contributes to players for dietary supplement

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: MLA Alo Libang today discussed issues related to development of Weightlifting with the officials of Arunachal Weightlifting Association (AWA) and identified some thrust areas for further development of the sport in the state.

Lauding the AWA office bearers, particularly president Abraham K Techi, general secretary Daniel Teli and coach Kumar Doka for their untiring efforts for development of the sport, Libang said  their efforts begin to bear fruits. He also contributed Rs. One Lakh for the medal winning players of the state of the on-going national weightlifting championship for dietary supplement since the sportspersons require rich and heavy nutritious food.


UD needs additional manpower: CE

Tacho, Padi’s interactive meeting with the dept

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: During an interactive meeting with the Department of UD & Housing by the Minister UD&H Rajesh Tacho and Parliamentary Secretary Padi Richo on Nov 28, CE cum Director Taba Tedir requested them to take up the issue of augmentation of additional manpower of Department in the Govt. level. He said that the Department is sincerely discharging its duties despite resource crunch and limited manpower. He informed the house that the Department is managing the affairs of 26 Urban Towns across the state with only 282 work forces. There are altogether 18 divisions in the Department with average manpower of 10 people per Division, which is very less.

He also pointed out the necessity of immediate release of matching state share in order to complete the many ongoing schemes. In the Sanitation activities, the CE-cum- Director (UD) pointed out that the officers and staff of the Department are engaged from dawn to dusk in clearing and disposing the garbage generated but rued that the public awareness is not adequate and people are dumping all the rubbles and the heavy building materials in the dust bins which takes time to clear up.  Rajesh Tacho expressed his happiness that the Department has made lot of progress from the days when he was Minister UD almost a decade ago. He said that the Department is like a family and all the members should be equally taken care of to extract maximum output. The officials posted at interior places should not feel it as punishment posting and should serve the people as one state. He also said that the matters concerning the Department shall be taken up at appropriate level immediately.

Padi Richo advised the Department to maintain transparency and quality in implementing schemes. He exhorted the Department officers to work hard and fast and use their energy in taking the Department to new heights. He was of the view that the any new initiatives forthe welfare of the people should be taken up and all the Departments should cooperate for overall development of the state instead of suppressing each other.

Kapa Kholie, outlined the action taken on many urban reforms agenda by the Department of UD & Town Planning for establishing ULB in Itanagar and Pasighat. He said that the Departments concerned are facing difficulties in making the boundary demarcation between Urban and Rural areas.

The meeting was attended by Kapa Kholie, Secretary (UD), Taba Tedir, CE-cum-Director (UD&H), S. Singh, Director (Town Planning), i Techi Gubin, Director of Housing and all the officers and officials of Directorate and Divisions.

J. Basar, Deputy Director said that the Department is looking forward to work with more dedication and sincerity under their guidance and leadership.


Litterateur Indira Goswami passes away

Guwahati, Nov 29:  Jnanpith award winning writer Indira Raisom Goswami, who took the initiative to bring the ULFA to the negotiating table, today passed away at a hospital here after prolonged illness.

The condition of the 69-year-old Assamese litterateur, who was in a paralysed state and on ventilator, turned critical last night and she was declared dead at 7:45 AM, Guwahati Medical College Hospital Superintendent R Talukdar said.

After suffering a cerebral stroke in February, Goswami was taken to a hospital in New Delhi, but was later brought back here in July and was being treated at the GMCH since then.

Assam has declared a three-day state mourning and the author will be cremated with full state honours.

The state government has also declared a holiday tomorrow to allow people to pay their last respects to Goswami, a Ramayani scholar who won the Jnanpith award in 2000 for her overall contribution to Assamese literature. Goswami authored several award winning books which include Datal Hathir Uwe Khowa, Neelakantha Braja, Mamore Dhora Tarowal, Ahiron, Chenabor Srot, Dasarathir Khoj, Tej Aru Dhulire Dhusaritha Prishta, Udaybhanur Charitra, Chhinmastar Manuhto and her autobiography Adha Lekha Dastavej.

Her treatise 'Ramayana from Ganga to Brahmaputra' is considered a literary masterpiece.

Condoling Goswami's death, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said, "She loved Assam and wanted peace in the state which led her to initiate the peace process with the ULFA. She realised that violence was no solution to any problem".

"The Centre was initially sceptical about holding talks with the outfit, but was finally convinced because she had taken the initiative to bring them forward for talks. It is because of her efforts that the talks with the outfit have reached the present stage," the Chief Minister observed.

The Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS) deeply mourned Goswami’s death. The Society will ever cherish her memory as true beholder of human values through her writings, a great friend of downtrodden and as a lady who upheld her promise by rightful action. Her patronage for promotion of art and literary activities in the whole of North East through her undaunted spirit and writings will always be remembered by the country, the North Eastern Region and the State of Arunachal Pradesh in particular, it said.

Chief Minister Nabam Tuki has expressed grief and shock over the death of Dr Indira Goswami.  “It is difficult to express the pain of loss, especially after losing music maestro Dr Bhupen Hazarika less than a month ago. In Dr Goswami we have lost another iconic figure from the North East because of whom we looked with pride to the outside world,” Tuki said in a message today. Mamoni Baideo has been a lifelong writer of the masses. Her masterpieces were about the needy and underprivileged showcasing her love and feel for humanity.

“Her demise is an irreparable loss to the nation’s literary world while the literary circle of North East has lost an inspiration. However, I believe Mamoni Baideo will be always present amongst us through her works and continue to inspire and guide us to serve humanity and retain peace in the world,” Tuki added.

Bharatiya Janata Party Arunachal Pradesh expressed shock. In a message she said that her attempted to structure social change, both through her writings and through her role as mediator between the United Liberation Front of Asom and the central government. Her untiring and dedicated services would always be an inspiration, the party said.

Kristi-Kendra, Naharlagun organized a condolence meeting today. The members present in the prayer meeting recalled her as a magnanimous human being and an outstanding writer.

The members of the Kristi Bikash Committee also deeply mourned at untimely death.

Deeply saddened by the news of the demise of Mamoni Raisom Goswami, former Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin expressed that in her passing, not just Assam but the nation has lost another of its brightest stars. "For me it is also a personal loss as I have studied under her and remember her both as a great teacher and later as a literary giant".

Gamlin added that in the demise of perhaps  two of its most illustrious citizens in the very recent past, the north east and Arunachal in particular has indeed been greatly bereaved. "If we are to keep their memories alive in our hearts and minds, it is important that our young generation are encouraged to listen to the legendary songs of Bhupenda and read Mamoni Raisom's unparalleled works so that there remains a continuity of their life's contributions. It is only when our  young begin to respect the works of these  icons that we can truly say that real homage has been paid to them. Our responsibility is to ensure that this happens", Gamlin added.  PTI


Arunachal and its boundaries

Tongam Rina

There is a beautiful saying that “you can’t see politi-cal borders from space”. But the tragedy is that it’s confined to space and perhaps with changing technology the saying would soon be a thing of the past.

For long, we have lived amidst disputes along the borders. Facts and fiction related to border with China has almost become part of the folklore so has boundary with Assam. Unfortunately all we get to read and hear are stories of skirmishes resulting in displacement and sometimes death.  

With the state precariously located along the international border and with a greedy neighbour like China, it is understood that our state will always be the bone of contention.

However it is not only China that is cause of constant tension.

The British found us but as India gained freedom, we became part of it and since then have been involved in avoidable wars with our own.

After independence, a subcommittee headed by Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi was appointed by the Constituent Assembly of India to recommend the future pattern of the administration of North East Frontier Tracts.

The Committee recommended that govt of Assam take over. However this recommendation was overlooked and centre administered North East Frontier Tracts as “excluded area” through the Governor of Assam.

Subsequently, according to available documents, Balipara and Tirap Frontier Tracts, Abor Hill and Mishimi Hills Districts were transferred to Assam. In 1951, the units of the tracts were however reconstituted. After the introduction of the North East Frontier (Administration) Regulation, 1954, it was designated as the North East Frontier Agency (NEFA) and brought under the administration of Ministry of External Affairs. In  1965, NEFA was brought under the control of the Ministry of Home Affairs. This continued till it attained the status of Union Territory in 1972.

As India reorganized its states, there have been problems as allegedly the division was done taking into account the plains and hills!

After ugly squabbling, Supreme Court intervened in 2006 which led to setting up of a Boundary Commission by the centre to resolve the boundary dispute among Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

While the Boundary commission goes on at its own pace and the states sticking to its point, it is unlikely that we would see solution yet but the citizens more so in Arunachal have faced repeated dislocation and threats from Assam often resulting in conflicts.

Interestingly, the root causes of such problems are not the people themselves. Often it has been the handiwork of the government officers and disgruntled politicians who had a score to settle. Never the less, the government of Arunachal needs to act. Apparently, there is a Department of Border Affairs. Now yours truly don’t know the composition of the department, but it would save a lot of heartache if it acts on time instead of just showing its presence after atrocities have been carried out.

The recent boundary skirmish in Sango village of Papum Pare district is yet another reminder that government really needs to act and initiate talks instead of waiting for the Local Boundary Commission to give a decision. People can’t be made victim because of indecisiveness of those who are authorized to take decisions. Status quo is too repeated a word to be respected.


Leaders appeal for RR at Longding

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The people of Wancho community appealed to the authorities concerned to conduct the proposed recruitment rally (RR) of IRBn/APP at Longding, the headquarters of newly created Longding district.

In a signed press statement, the prominent public and panchayat leaders, student community, Chiefs, GBs and poor and economically backward Wancho people urged the Chief Minister, who is also the in-charge of Home, and DGP to consider their demand for larger interest of the unemployed Wancho youths.

“Longding which located in the middle of four administrative circles, namely Wakka, Pongchau, Pumao and Kanubari and five police out posts, namely Tissa, Ranglua, Longding, Wakka and Pongchau would facilitate wider participation of less privileged Wancho youths  in the recruitment rally,” the release said.

Earlier, a memorandum was also submitted to then Home Minister Takar Marde during his visit to Longding in July this year  requesting him to consider the demand, the release added.


No compromise with quality education: Siram

PASIGHAT, Nov 29: After assuming portfolios of Education, Library, Science & Technology and Parliamentary Affairs, Bosiram Siram paid his maiden visit to his constituency yesterday.

In a public meeting with the party functionaries and PRI members Siram reiterated that there would be no compromise with quality education in the state as he emphasized on balanced education. The teachers must have sense of responsibilities to make the students worthy citizens of the state as well as for the nation and exhorted the students to fully utilize the ample opportunities and facilities being provided by the government.

Later, this afternoon, in a district level coordination meeting with the administrative and police officers, head of offices, leaders and senior retired officers held at the DCs conference hall, the minister sought whole hearted cooperation from the entire society claiming the present government would always respond promptly to mitigate the hardships of the grassroots level and reiterated that it would be a people-friendly government bringing fast developments in the state.

He asked the officers and executive agencies to share greater responsibilities for effective and smooth implementation of govt. policies and programs while taking into confidence the common public. While showing his concern over the infrastructural bottlenecks and other grievances the minister assured to address the issues phase-wise and further informed that two First-Track-Courts at Bomdila and Pasighat would be established soon to mitigate problems faced by the people seeking justice.

Interacting with the executives of Donyi-Polo Yelam Kebang, the minister Siram urged to start the preparation in right earnest for the forth coming Silver Jubilee Celebration scheduled to be held on Dec 1 next at Pasighat.

Earlier, the DC Talem Tapok updated the minister about the various developments of the district. Tapok advised the officers to be dedicated and sincere and also urged all to be regular in respective posting places and offices to speed-up public delivery systems. DIPRO


Mossang promises to redress people’s grievances

Pinna Kitnal Muklom

MIAO, Nov 29: Thousands of people lined up from Namchik check gate to Miao to welcome its newly inducted minister Kamlung Mossang on Saturday last. The Mines and Mineral, Civil Supply and Art & Culture Minister Kamlung Mossang was received with much enthusiasm.

I promise to put my best foot forward to try and redress people’s grievances said Kamlung Mossang while speaking to the people in two reception programmes organized at both Kharsang and Miao by the administration and the supporters.

I will take my responsibility of working for the people seriously and also try to fulfill the expectation of the people. He further assured to work for the development of the area while also urging the people to co-operate.

He appealed to the administration and the locals to co-operate with one another so that development in the truest sense takes place.

Mossang also thanked the chief minister for giving two ministerial berths to Changlang district despite the fact that there are 17 districts in the state, he said and adding that Tuki gave pubic oriented portfolios to the ministers of the district as he is interested in public welfare.

‘Team  Arunachal’ will continue under the leadership of Nabam Tuki as the chief minister and the government will strive to work towards fulfilling people’s expectations, he said and assured to get central schemes implemented for fast development.

He also called for streamlining of the PDS while assuring to take initiative to change the distribution of flour to rice.

On the issue of Namchik – Miao road, Mossang further informed that it will take 2 to 3 years to complete the construction.

Changlang Deputy Commissioner Opak Gao expressed the hope that the minister would address the grievances of the people. Gao further said that the district administration was anytime ready to help as and when the government directed.

Miao Additional Deputy Commissioner T Mara thanked the chief minister for inducting the local MLA of Miao constituency to the cabinet and for having confidence in the elected representative to shoulder the important responsibility of taking the state forward.  

Changlang Zilla Parisad Chairperson J Jugli speaking on the occasion expressed hope that developmental activities will see the light of day. She further assured all help and cooperation from the panchayat.

Former ZPM Chairperson Ishmer Tikhak called upon the people and the various government departments to work as one for the development of the state as a whole.  

Nampong-Jairampur Public leader Aboo Kimsing said that with Mossang’s competence and public support, he would definitely lead the area towards positive progress.

Kimsing further expressed hope that with very good portfolios in hand of cabinet ministers, the area as well as the state gains from it.

Jairampur ZPM, BCCI president Sentum Rongrang and Kharsang Circle Officer A J Lungphi also spoke on the occasion.

National Coal Mining Company Ltd Director Sanjay Agarwal, Geo-Enpro Petroleum Ltd Kharsang Vice-President Naveen Kumar, APMDCL general manager, panchayat leaders, Gaon Buras, public leaders, government officers and officials besides huge number of general public were present to celebrate the moment of joy together.


3rd Science Advisory Committee meeting held

PASIGHAT, Nov 29: The 3rd Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Pasighat was held at the College of Horticulture, Pasighat today.

The Deputy Commissioner Talem Tapok in his address expressed extreme happiness at the overwhelming response of the farming community and activities of KVK.  

For development in agricultural activities farmers should be provided good incentives and in this regard central sponsored Agriculture Price Policy is appreciable effort in boosting the economic status of farmers, stated Tapok. To create an economically viable environment in the state the DC said agriculture is closely linked to many concerns, including climatic condition, soil fertility and water availability etc. and the state being a land of diverse climatic conditions the consultants should carry out intensive research on sustainable crops according to the climatic conditions and ground realities for quality and bumper productions,  Tapok said.

Desiring strong linkages between the line departments and KVK the DC assured to extend full supports to the farmers, SHGs and cooperative societies. He urged the line departments and experts to be more cordial to encourage the farmers to take up market oriented cash crops which could be eliminate hunger, poverty as well as unemployment problems in the state.

Dean of the College Dr. BN Hazarika and Prof. Premjit Singh Director of Extension Education CAU Imphal, PD ATMA A Doso, Subject Specialist Dr. Hussain and many progressive farmers were present to share their suggestion and inputs. DIPRO


Bardhte Kadam, a step forward: DC

Naharlagun, Nov 29: The first leg of Bardhte Kadam, an awareness campaign to sensitize people of the problems and difficulties of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental retardation and Multiple Disabilities and provide support, was held today organized by the National Trust through Shishu Sarothi, at IGNOU Conference hall, Naharlagun.

Capital Complex DC, Onit Panyang while addressing the mammoth gathering of students, teachers, members of NGOs, Government officials and media persons, termed Bardhte Kadam as a very important initiative of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India to bring awareness to the civil society of the country about the difficulties and problems of marginalized persons with disabilities and to understand and provide to succor to their problems.

As a result of lack of awareness among the people, of the problems and difficulties of the persons with multiple disabilities, the much needed support is still lacking in the state. He advised the participants to learn as much as possible from the Barhte Kadam and generate awareness among common masses to benefit the persons with disabilities. As a good citizen, it is our bounden responsibility to assist and provide support to them, he added.

Coordinator, SNAC, BP Khound, informed that the National Trust, set up under an Act of Parliament in the year 1999, for the welfare of persons with multiple disabilities, working to ensure that the rights set out in the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) are realized has chosen Shishu Sarothi, Centre for Rehabilitation and Training, for Multiple disabilities, Assam, as State Nodal Agency Centre (SNAC) for Arunachal Pradesh to implement its schemes. DIPRO


District level Rural Games & Sports meet held

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The District Level Rural Games & Sports under Panchayat Youth Krida and Khel Abhiyan (PYKKA) got off to a colorful start at general football ground on yesterday.

Addressing the gathering at the inaugural session Er. Deli Kambu, EE, RWD, Aalo said that the abhiyan is an effort by the Govt. of India to hunt sports talents among the rural youths and urged the participants to exhibit their talents in the district, state and country.

The DASO, Tumto Loyi disclosed that the district level meet is a long drawn out exercise that took  nearly two months to organize the talent hunts in 20 blocks of West Siang district.

The Chairman PYKKA, west Siang DC Amjad Tak and President DCC (I) West siang Gedo Kato were also present during the event. DIPRO


Financial literacy & credit counselling

ITANAGAR, Nov 29:  With an objective to bring the villagers under the roof of the banks, officials of Lead Bank (LB) conducted Financial Literacy & Credit Counselling (FLCC) meetings at different villages of Lohit district.

On 29 November,  similar kind of programme was conducted at Loiliang village.

Speaking in the programme, Abhijit K. Deb, Manager (Lead Bank) informed the villagers about various developmental schemes of the Lead Bank and sponsored programme of the government to the villagers and enlightened the villagers about the concept of banking and said that problem relating to banking system could be alleviated in a pragmatic manner if villagers possesses knowledge about banking.

Deb said that FLCC is sponsored programme of the Government of India, launched in the country primarily to impart knowledge about banking to the villagers so that they could understand the intricacies of banking system, and by opening accounts in the banks how they could better their lives. The Chief Manager requested the villagers to attend such awareness meetings whenever bankers visit their village to enhance their knowledge. The idea of such meeting is to establish healthy relation between the bankers and the borrowers, he added.  

The Chief Manager further dwelt about opening No Frill Account and other deposits linked account such as RD, STDA, TD accounts etc. He also told the villagers to avail KCC Loan and other bank loans but reminded them to repay their loans in time to enjoy further service of the bank. Keep in contact with the Block Development Officers so that one could be selected as borrowers or beneficiaries for SGSY. He also suggested the villagers to keep in touch with the Agriculture Department and allied departments to better their lives. There was candid interaction between the villagers and bank official during the meeting and outcome was fruitful.


Workshop on solar water heating system and maintenance

ROING, Nov 29: A workshop on Solar Water Heating System and its maintenance was conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA at Roing today.

MLA Laeta Umbrey said in the present fast mounting energy crisis scenario and global warming, harnessing of solar energy in form of Solar water heater should be encouraged as much as possible. He said that the workshop being sponsored by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE),Govt.of India under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) is a step towards realizing objectives of the mission document to make India strong and vibrant Solar India. He further said that JNNSM is one of the eight missions of India on National Action Plan for Climate Change in and have the twin objectives of contributing to the long term energy security and economically sustainable growth of India. He added that the JNNSM launched in January, 2010 will be implemented in three stages leading to the installation of 20000MW of grid power, 2000MW off grid and decentralized power and 20 million sq.m area of Solar Collector. He also requested the APEDA to propose more and more schemes on Solar energy and hydel projects in Lower Dibang Valley. He urged the govt. of Arunachal to take full service of the engineers of APEDA and not to keep them as white elephants.

ADC Wanot Thikak urged the department to conduct  more such awareness programme so that people could learn and use of renewable energy could be propagated to the masses.

The Deputy Director, APEDA, Tezu Division, Er. Marbom Bam in his power point presentation enlightened the gathering about various aspects of Solar water heater including technology, subsidy, funding pattern, repairs and maintenance etc. He informed that the Solar Water Heater is not only environment friendly but it can replace normal geyser and also prevents emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. He urged the gathering to take the benefits of subsidy provided by the MNRE and use the more Solar water heater system to save energy and environment.

The resource person, Er. SK Shahi, Project Officer, APEDA in his  presentation explained the guidelines of the MNRE on JNNSM  and efficient and judicious uses and conservation of energy. He said that the fossil fuel energy resources such as coal,oil,natural gas are depleting and are becoming constrained day by day and unless they are conserved by changing our habits we may go back to the era of 18th century when candles were used.

HoDs from various departments, PRI members, NGOs and students from VKV, Kendra Vidhyalaya, Intaya Public School, JNV, Divine Word School and Govt.Hr.Sec School, Roing attended the programme. DIPRO


Tawangchu receives the ashes of Dr Hazarika

TAWANG Nov 29: The ashes of late Dr Bhupen Hazarika, the legendary cultural icon was immersed at picturesque Tawangchu River near Jang waterfall at Jang today at 1 pm amidst huge gathering.

The ashes were brought to the site by Tawang Deputy Commissioner, Kemo Lollen at around 12.30 am. The immersion ceremony was held in traditional style with the help of Assamese community of Tawang and Jang and the ADC Jang Duly Kamduk had arranged the immersion site.

Earlier, the urn containing ashes of Dr Hazarika was kept at Tawang Parade ground for the public to pay  homage. DC Lollen and SP SN Mosobi were amongst the first to pay their floral tribute to the portraits of Late Hazarika. Thousands of his admirers thronged the site to pay homage. Later the urn was carried to the immersion site in a procession of officers, police personnel and public led by Tawang DC from Tawang hq to Jang waterfall via old market, Shyo village and Lhou village. DIPRO


Measles catch - up campaign

ITANAGFAR, Nov 29: Measles Catch-Up Campaign 2011 was launched in Papum Pare district by the District Health Society, Yupia on Nov 28. The Campaign was inaugurated by the Deputy Commissioner ,Capital Complex Onit Panyang at Techi Takar Memorial School, Naharlagun.

Dr.K Nishing Director of Health Services, Nani Mali, Mission Director (NRHM), Dr. D. Padung Nodal Officer (NRHM), DR. B. Tobin DMO,Yupia, Dr. T.Takum Consultant (WHO),  S.C. Tok CDPO, Itanagar, Dr. N. Lowang DRCHO, Yupia and staff of DPMSU(NRHM) Yupia, were also present at the launching ceremony.

The inaugural function was followed by vaccination activity at various vaccination sites in the district. The Deputy Commissioner, Mission Director (NRHM), Nodal Officer (NRHM), Consultant (WHO), DRCHO, Yupia and Medical Supdt. Arunachal State Hospital monitored the vaccination site at Naharlagun, Itanagar, Banderdewa, Karsingsha and Chimpu area. So far 76 sites have been covered and 5206 children vaccinated.

A review meeting was convened by the DRCHO Yupia the same day on the performance of the day’s activities. The meeting was attended by Nodal Officer (NRHM), Consultant NPSP, Medical Suptt ASH along with all the supervisor of Itanagar and Naharlagun block.

Measles catch up immunization campaign was formally inaugurated by the Deputy Commissioner, Liyon Borang at VKV School, Yingkiong on 28 November. The campaign is being carried out in all the circles, institutions, villages and sub-division of the district with active participation of local Panchayat leaders, teachers and students. Among others Babu Taloh, SP, DD, ICDS, Dr. Mardip Perme as State government Monitoring and Supervising Officer, DMO, Med. Supdt., DRCHO, were present in the inaugural function besides, medical teams, teachers, students and local publics.

The measles catch-up campaign was yesterday launched in Changlang district. It was inaugurated by Opak Gao, Deputy Commissioner-cum-Chairman, District  Task  Force(DTF)  in presence of PRI members, DMO, DRCHO, Medical Superintendent, HoDs and parents and students of Green Lawn School, where campaign was inaugurated.

Gao disclosed that, the health services and Education are the prime target of the government. He appealed to all to eradicate the fear psychosis from the mind on vaccination. Efforts should be put to inculcate the habit of timely and periodical vaccination of child for better health, he said. The people ought to understand and avail and the one time opportunity   extended to the public towards healthy child and healthy nation.

Dr. Pramathesh De, DMO and P. Dutta DRCHO, in their brief speech highlighted on sensitization of programme at various levels to bring more children for vaccination, as the Changlang district is the second highest populated district in the state.  A total of 34,731 children from nine months to ten years of age will be vaccinated. Marina Kenglang, ZPM Changlang North also spoke on the occasion.

The Measles Catch-up Campaign was formally launched in Lohit District yesterday with R.K.Sharma,Deputy Commissioner cum-Chairman, District Task Force inaugurating the campaign  on Supplementary Immunization Activity (SIA) at Arunachal Vikash Parishad School,Tezu.

33,489 children shall be vaccinated at 290 sites within three weeks. DIPRO


Deploy sufficient police personnel: union

ITANAGAR, Nov 29:  Condemning the reported eviction drive threat given by Assam officials on Sunday at Tarasso in Papum Pare district, All Papum Poma Students’ Union today appealed to the state chief minister to deploy sufficient number of police personnel at already torn circle. It claimed that some of Assam officials came to the village and threatened to carry out eviction drive again on Sunday morning. The union also condemned the authority concerned for not taking appropriate action on the vexed issue.

BJYM team reaches Mechukha

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Border study team reached Mechuka in West Siang District via Aalo today after visiting Taksing areas of Indo-China border yesterday.

After Mechukha, the team would go to Tuting-Gelling Indo-China border areas in Upper Siang in their first phase of Indo-China Border study mission. Next phase would be followed sometime in 2nd week of January 2012.

At Aalo, the team held a meeting where they shared their views and experiences of Upper Subansiri and the situations being faced by the people in the border areas.

Four party functionaries including District BJP President Komduk Loya, District BJP General Secretary Taruk Tamut, joined the nine BJYM Border study team for Mechuka. The team is expected to go to the borders from Mechuka provided the administration and concerned agencies give permission.

The BJYM team consists of its president Doni Nich, Vice President Tomi Haider and General Secretaries Tarin Tari and Ram Tajo.


Training of trainers on PR system

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: A five day Training of Trainers (TOT) on Panchayati Raj System started at SIRD,  Arunachal Pradesh from yesterday for West and Upper Siang districts with an objective to develop master trainers on the foundation on Panchayati Raj System. The Member Secretaries of Anchal Samities, govt officials including elected panchayat leaders are participating in the programme.

Director SIRD Nyabin Ete clearly spelled out that the core faculties of SIRD cannot reach each village/gram panchayat to impart training to the grass root people. He said with the ToT, the responsibility of imparting awareness to the remaining community will be shared with the master trainer where they will act as ‘Resource Person’ in their respective district.

Deputy Director, SIRD and training coordinator Dr Kirto Loyi, highlighted the main content to be covered during the 5 days programme. The important issues and various aspects to be covered  includes Salient Features of 73rd Constitution Ammendment Act, 1992 & Arunachal Pradesh Panchayati Raj Act 1997; Decentralized Planning with special emphasis on Village Level Planning; Concept, Constitution and Functions of Gram Sabha & Three Tiers of Panchayati Raj  i.e Gram Panchayat, Anchal Samiti & Zilla Parishad; Overview on Major Rural Development Programmes; Maintenance of Records and Accounts by PRIs; Social audit and use of RTI; 13th Finance Commission Grant.


Welly tours  home constituency

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: Health and Family Welfare, Economics and Statistics Minister Atum Welly conducted an extensive tour to Dissing Passo and Seijosa circles on November 26 last to take stock of the prevailing law and order situation and various problems faced by people of the area.

Addressing the public of Dissing Passo and Seijosa in two separate meetings, Welly assured them to look into the pressing needs of the area in phased manner since it was not possible to fulfill several demands at one go.

He also visited the site of the proposed ADC headquarters at Dissing Passo, Seijosa Police Station, sub-post office and various on-going projects and assured to provide the necessary fund for maintenance of some old buildings of the Police Station.

He also inaugurated four RCC classrooms of the Hr. Secondary School, Seijosa, ADC office building and Primary School, Seijosa. He assured to provide fund for construction of retaining wall to protect the school building from erosion.

He also enjoyed a football match between Public XI and Staff XI in the afternoon organized to mark his maiden visit to his home constituency after he was appointed minister.

The minister was accompanied by  HoDs of the district, panchayat and  prominent leaders and GBs during the visit.


MP assures financial help


RUKSIN, Nov 29: Praising the activities of Christian Associations, the member of Parliament of East-Arunachal Ninong Ering stressed on the need of consolidated efforts for the development of the rural societies of the state.

Ering, who arrived at Rayang village near Ruksin on Monday, was speaking at Silver Jubille Celebration of Rayang Baptist Church.

Ering assured to grant an amount of Rs. 5 lakh from MP local area development fund meant for construction of boundary wall around the church and a building to accommodate guests.

Eminent citizens of the district including Dr Kabid Ratan, ABU executive secretary Mikim Perme, Osik Pertin and others besides the leaders of Baptist Associations were present on the occasion.


DCC cries for medical assistance

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: Tirap District Congress Committee (DCC) today sought for immediate deployment of sufficient doctors at Longding and its adjoining areas, claiming that malaria and typhoid diseases are spreading. DCC also claimed that Longding district hospital was facing shortage of doctors to tackle the situation.

Meanwhile Tirap deputy commissioner quashed the report and saying no such information has been received by his office.  While talking to this daily over the phone District Medical Officer Dr. S. Ronya also negated the report and said  that if such cases was found, his team of doctor would have informed him.

Meanwhile, the DCC said that BSNL network has completely broken down and landline have been non-functional over the couple of years. It also expressed displeasure over the absenteesim of government officials.


Healing Crusade

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: A Gospel Healing Crusade of All Christian Denomination, Chayangtajo circle was held from November  27to 29 here.

Bro Thomas Pulickal from Boy’s Town Imphal Manipur and sister Jumi Dora, director Divine Word Touch Ministry, Loby, Itanagar was the main speakers of crusade.

Hudreds of believers and leaders participated in the crusade.


Youth campaign

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The Nyishi Baptist Church Council Youth Department conducted its youth campaign at Bana, Seppa, Chayangtajo, Pipu-Likwa Gyadi, Papu, Pijiraing, Passa and Pakke pastoral ranges from November 21 to 27.

The NBCC central youth committee along with youths from Sood Baptist Church gave awareness about better education system and duties towards society. The youths also carried out plantations around church as part of social service.


AAPSU calls for early release of stipends

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: A delegation of All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) called on  Minister of Finance Chowna Mein at his official bungalow and apprised him about the various burning issues faced by the students’ community of the state, yesterday.

The union leaders strongly pitched for immediate release of pending stipend of the students in various educational institutions in and outside the state. The delegation also urged for immediate sanction  of extra buses to premier college of the state Jawaharlal Nehru College, Pasighat and the capital Complex Dera Natung College. The other demand of the delegation included overhauling all of the defunct hostels of the state and revival of educational excursion for the toppers of class V, VIII and X as was practiced earlier.

The Minister while giving a hearing to the plea of the students leaders responded positively and requested the student community to maintain  patience till a mechanism is developed so that the process of disbursing stipend in monthly basis is streamlined. He also informed that after due consultation with the Education Minister Bosiram Siram things will get start rolling.


NDFB cadre nabbed

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: In a joint operation conducted by Banderdewa Police led by Officer in Charge,  Police Station Banderdewa SI K Dev and SDPO S K Saikia, Gohpur Assam and their teams nabbed an NDFB cadre Ranjan Goiyari alias G. Raha of Alupara village, Gohpur and recovered a 7.65 pistol made in USA with live ammunitions, identity card and mobile phone at Banderdewa .

During the interrogation he admitted that he along with other co accused has looted an iron cash box from Nirmala tea estate, Gohpur Assam on Nov 26 at gunpoint. In this regard Gohpur police has registered a case and investigation is on to dig out the purpose of his presence in Banderdewa.


Expulsion revoked

Dambuk, Nov 29: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has revoked the expulsion order of Mibom Pertin, Zilla Parishad Member (ZPM) of Meka Anchal Samiti, including 31 other party members and panchayat leaders of 42nd Dambuk constituency of Lower Dibang Valley district.

The ZPM along with seven Anchal Samity Members, four Gram Panchayat chairpersons and 14 Gram Panchayat Memebers were expelled from their posts by the District Magistrate in January this year following a complaint lodged by the vice president, Block Congress Committee Dambuk, Amut Ratan accusing them of indulging in anti-party activities in the last Assembly Election of 2009.

A communication received from APCC signed by TC Tok, General Secretary, APCC said the APCC President Nabam Tuki is pleased to revoke the expulsion order APCC/exp/21/2009 with immediate effect for the greater interest of the INC party.


Social service

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The residents of Doi Kilo, Papu Nallah in a social service conducted on November 26 and 27 repaired the wire rope suspension bridge at Doi Kilo on self help basis which would immensely benefit the people of Doi Kilo and Sanglo Putung. They also cleaned the surroundings of the bridge. The social service was conducted under the initiative of Doi Kilo Welfare Committee president Tamuk Tagiang.


Demand for medical allowance

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The Veterinary Service Federation of Arunachal Pradesh (VSFAP) has resolved to move ahead with demand for introduction of Rs 1000 medical allowance for the employees to state government. The resolution was adopted after a threadbare discussion in its 8th annual conference yesterday at Nirjuli. The Federation said that their demand is in order to check false medical reimbursement claims in the department.


Minister visits department

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: Social Welfare, Women and Child Development Minister Newlai Tingkhatra accompanied by Parliamentary Secretary Yumsen Matey interacted with the officers and officials of the department yesterday and advised them to work with team spirit and dedication so that people are able to get the benefit of welfare schemes launched for them.

The minister assured to look into the infrastructure deficits of the department in the district and at ICDS project level.

Matey assured to lead the department to new vistas with the active support and co-operation of officers and staff.

Director of Social Welfare, Women and Child Development RT Riba briefed about the department’s activities before the visiting minister and parliamentary secretary and sought their full support in sorting out various problems faced by her department, especially the infrastructure deficit.


Death mourned

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: Arunachal Pradesh Secretariat Employees’ Association has mourned the death of Taba Kasa, Duftry of Arunachal Pradesh Secretariat on November 28 after prolonged illness.

The association conveyed its deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.


RKVY monitoring team visit Yingkiong

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The Monitoring Team headed by Dr. M.I. Barbaruah consultant-cum-Deputy Secretary, GOI, MOA, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi visited Upper Siang District on 24 and 25 November last and monitored and evaluated all the RKVY projects undertaken and implemented by the Agriculture department and its allied groups like Horticulture, Fishery development, Veterinary, Sericulture, Handloom and Textile.

During the two days monitoring visit, the DAO, DHO, DVO, DFDO, ADTH and their staffs accompanied the visiting monitoring and evaluation team in inspecting the field projects. After thorough verification of all the sites the team satisfied with the performance in all the on-going projects executed by the respective allied departments. DIPRO


ATA urges govt to fill vacancies

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: Welcoming the direction given to education department by Minister Education Bosiram Siram to fill up the vacancies of all categories of officers and teachers, Arunachal Teachers Association (ATA) today urged the education department to fill up the vacancies  as per seniority and qualification basis. ATA claimed that two posts of joint director are still to be filled up by the department. It, however, said that the government should first fulfill the genuine demands like pay hike, 50% promotion of AT to JT, which it said, is pending in court. ATA lamented that unlike central school teachers they do not get facilities like housing, and children’s education allowance.


Kaso lays foundation stone

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: In a major boost to road connectivity in Capital Complex, local MLA Techi Kaso today laid the foundation stone of  village link road at Sood village at Naharlagun. The MLA further assured to focus on flood control and village link road while responding to a six-point memorandum submitted to him by the village committee..


RGU exams

ITANAGAR: The semester examinations for MA, MSc, MCom., LLB and PhD of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU). would be held between December 1 to 28, 2011 while the BEd examinations would be held in all the six affiliated colleges between December 8 to 23, 2011. The date schedule can be seen in the university web site www.rgu.ac.in, according to a RGU release.


Fire at Chinkoi

ITANAGAR: Six  houses and two granaries were gutted down in a massive fire at Lower Chinkoi village under Dadam circle of Tirap on Nov 23. However, no causalities have been reported. District Administration has provided immediate relief of Rs.5000 and Rs.2000 each to the victims of house damaged and granaries lost respectively. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained.


CC admn order

ITANAGAR: Capital Complex deputy commissioner on Tuesday ordered that all registrations relating to any property should be registered. The order has been issued in view of higher slippage of govt revenues, the DC said in a release adding that no transfer of any property would be effected unless proper registration is done.


NAAC team at DNGC

ITANAGAR, Nov 29 : A three member Peer Team from  National  Assessment  &  Accreditation  Council (NAAC)  Bangaluru is visiting  Dera Natung Government College ,Itanagar with effect from Dec 1-3in connection with the Re-Accreditation, after the completion of Five years of  First Accreditation in 2005. The team is  headed by Prof.B.A.Prajapati, former Vice-Chancellor  of Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. He will  be  accompanied by Prof.K.K. Raina,   School of Physics  & Material  Science,  Thapar University and Dr.S.L.Gupta, former Director of Colleges, Higher Education  Department ,J & K.    During their visit, they will inspect the existing infrastructure of the college besides interacting with the Principal, Faculty members, Ministerial Staff, Students and Alumni.

Dera Natung Government College was the first college in the State to be assessed & accredited By NAAC , Bangaluru in the year 2005 and was placed at Grade  B+.


Awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The importance of adult women and child education, role of women in socio-economic development of the society and protection and preservation of wildlife were some of the main thrust areas of the awareness campaign conducted by Tacha-Pan Youth Welfare Society at Pan village under Mengio circle yesterday.

Mengio ZPM Nabam Bate, who attended the programme, stressed on rural women’s self reliance by actively involving in income generating activities to uplift the socio-economic status.

Anchal Samity Member Tar Passang gave emphasis on child as well as adult women education to bring about a positive change in the society.

The camp was also attended by Pan Panchayat ASM Nabam Yajar and teachers from Govt Sec. School Sakiang  and Govt Girls Residential School, Pan, who briefed about the importance of child health, preservation of  wildlife, adult women education and cultural and economic development.

A free medical camp was also organized on the occasion by PHC, Mengio run by Karuna Trust.

The Minister will visit Papu Valley, Passa Valley and Pakke Kessang on November 30.


Mobile coverage soon

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The Deputy Commissioner, Upper Siang District, Liyon Borang accompanied by SP Babu Taloh, EAC(Dev) Talo Jerang, DIPRO, LRSO, JTO and senior public leader Takit Miyu along with villagers of Gobuk villages visited Herak Hill, the highest peak located between Komkar and Gobuk villages where a BSNL Tower is proposed to be installed for wide range coverage of mobile phone services in Upper Siang District on 26 November last.

On earlier occasion the Deputy Manager Er. Arung Siram  is said to have already visited the proposed site at spot and verified it with technical apparatus and stated that the purpose would be fulfilled with the installation of the proposed Tower.

The range of mobile services will cover all the villages of Yingkiong, Jengging, Geku circles including Gobuk and Dalbing village. Earlier the Gaon Buras and PR members apprised the DC to problems faced by the villagers. They appealed the district authority to pay the Honorarium to the respective villages and the PR members urged for creating one more ASM segment in addition to the existing only one segment as the village has 130 total house hold holders which is fit to have two segments. But before setting up the proposed tower,  a formation cutting of road  of around 3 – 4 KM distance starting from present Herak Helipad to the proposed site has to be constructed for making the equipments accessible to the proposed location. (DIPRO)


News Impact

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The wild meat at Itanagar markets

Dear Editor,

I would like to share my agony and grievance at the selling of wild  meat openly which is strictly prohibited. While I draw the attention of the wild life forest authority and market welfare committees of Itanagar, I would like to tell them that very often in  Ganga market, we find people selling wild meat.  I was shocked to see this  and wonder what our concerned authorities are doing. If they do not take action, who will?  I would like to appeal all the concern authorities and the market welfare committee not to encourage these people by allowing them to sell wild meat and if possible the department should carry out unannounced visits to market places and cancel their market membership and reward punishment as per wild life act. I would also like to appeal to all the citizens of itanagar not to encourage them by buying wild meat. If they see someone selling or buying it they should inform the nearest police stations to book such people so that we can preserve wild animals and keep balance ecological system.


Koj Ganga

Itanagar ,  (on email)



Good samiritan

Dear Editor,

We the Leil Tara youths of Arunachal Pradesh would like to extend our gratitude to MP (Rajya Sabha) for extending financial assistance in the form of journey fare to New Delhi to Techi Tapa, who has been suffering from prolonged illness. He is presently undergoing treatment at Liver and Biliary Hospital, New Delhi.


Techi Tabang

Co-convenor, ULTYF



State and us

Dear Editor,

"The government should have taken such steps” this is what we read in the Arunachal Times every day. Instead of this we should be saying "we are doing this work and why the government is not helping us. As for "we" I m pointing mainly towards the unions whose growth can be compared to that of our annual population growth in the ratio of one union for every three persons.

I am not against any union or government and have no disrespect for them. As an Arunachal, I only want to see what we can do and not what we can complain about.


Ekar Riram


Tamil Nadu, (on e mail)



Road communication and development

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the locality of such deprived village, I highly appreciate Taba Ajum for his article “Papum Pare’s hidden stories” on Nov 28 terming it as “exposure of the true picture of Papum Pare district”.  There are existence of many villages in Papum Pare District were basic infrastructure of so called development has not yet touch. An often person of other district when visits such places is shocked to see the deplorable condition prevailing in the capital district. It is not that any developmental projects/scheme has not sanctioned in 50 years for the development of remote areas of the district but due to the lack of strong will of the representatives of the district has culminated into present miserable condition of the people living in remotest corner of the Papum Pare District.

The state like Arunachal Pradesh can only progress economically when the state government & public leaders will not compromise while dealing with the subject road & transport communication. The road & transport communication can only pave way for the progress of other various forms of development into such areas.

Hence, in other words we the locality of such deprived villages is forced to adopt modernity so fast without infrastructural development in this cyber age.


Nabam Tado


All Papum Pare District Student Union,

(on email)



Give local players a chance

Dear Editor,

Through your daily, I would like to request the authority of Arunachal Cricket Association (ACA) to give local youths a chance to play cricket in the state under its association.

It is learnt that ACA has preferred non-Arunachalee players over local youths for selection of BCCI affiliated tournaments which has deprived the budding local cricket players to represent the state.

Though there is provision in Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) rule for hiring players from other state, I feel Arunachal need not require to follow  the same for it has no dearth of talents. If there is dearth of talent or the local boys are not interested then the  ACA can apply the 80:20 ratio for local and non-Arunachalee players for selection.

I hope the authority would look into the matter seriously for the greater interest of up-coming cricketers of the state.


Bopi Camdir Tok.




Road in need of maintenance

Dear Editor,

We would like to bring before the authority concerned the public grievances regarding the attachment of PWD Mengio Road with Executive Enginner, PWD Division, Yazali. The only road which connect the whole Mengio Circle despite of getting enough funding for improvement and maintenance has been lying in pathetic condition in need of proper maintenance for which the only reason is gross mismanagement of funds. The whole mismanagement has been carried out by concern leaders and influential people in collusion with officers concerned without the knowledge and information of innocent people of Mengio area for whom the road was sanctioned and opened by Government of Arunachal Pradesh through the humble initiative of our representative.

It is rather more appropriate to shift and attach the Mengio PWD Road  to  nearest PWD Division at Sagalee which is also our very own Assembly Constituency.

Prior to the opening of Mengio PWD Road through Yazali, it was the PWD Road from Sagalee which was to be opened for Mengio. But the survey team had proceeded with the plan of opening the road via Yazali for one reason or another.

At the time of opening of road, the same was under the PWD, Divion at Ziro under Lower Subansiri District wherein the same gross and utter mismanagement of improvement and maintenance funds meant for road was gravely done. In the mean time, when PWD Divison, Yazali was created some years back, the road was attached at Yazali PWD Division. Even here, the trends of mismanagement and misutilisation of funds continued for which the road is still lying in horrific condition for all to see today. We earnestly request the authority concern to immediately shift the controlling of Mengio PWD road from PWD Division, Yazali and attach the same with PWD Division, Sagalee in the larger interest and for benefits of people of Mengio area.


Gollo Tallung

General Secretary

BYCC(I) Mengio

Tarh Eha

Spokensperson-cum- Legal Advisor




Do not indulge in media trial

Dear Editor,

I vehemently condemn the news regarding Tamar Yorpen suicide case and  allegations labeled against me through various media by some organizations and individuals.

I strongly appeal such organizations and individuals not to resort to media trial without authenticating the facts.

Lt. Tamer Yorpen was not among expelled or suspended students. No charges were framed against him after the apology instead he was attending the classes normally with the other normal school going students. In addition he even appeared the Half Yearly Exam scheduled from 17/10/2011 to 22/10/2011.

After the lapse of one and half month from the date of morning assembly incident, suddenly and unfortunately on 24/10/2011 Lt. Tamer Yorpen committed suicide at his residence of Pakam II Village, Aalo.

There were no sorts of personal interaction between me and the deceased before and after 16th Sep’ 2011, the date of tendering the apology. The question of my involvement in the suicide case of late Tamer Yorpen does not at all arise.

In fact, I have no sort of special involvement in the expulsion or suspension case of the students, since all the meeting and the decisions were taken by the teaching community of GHSS, Aalo under the chairmanship of the Principal.

Why I should be singled out and held responsible of the decisions which were unanimously taken by the school authorities? I have not signed any decision being the chairman of the disciplinary action committee. All the decisions and orders were signed under the hand and seal of the Principal.

Since the investigation is underway and the case being sub-judiced, demanding suspension/ termination against me without unearthing the facts does not have validity and justification.

But at the same time I welcome if any organization and individual having proof /evidences as alleged may be produced in the proper forum so that everything become crystal clear. Whatsoever may be the consequences, I am ready to face.

I strongly appeal ALBRSU, LRBWS, All tribes youth federation of Arunachal not to spread unnecessary, fabricated and exaggerated rumors through media trial without authenticating the facts misleading the innocent public.


Jomdo Lona

Vice Principal

GHSS, Aalo






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FDI and employment


The row over FDI in retail continued to disrupt the functioning of Parliament with Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha adjourned after a united opposition refused to allow any proceedings for the sixth day.

Earlier, an all-party meet to end the FDI logjam in Parliament on Tuesday morning ended without any breakthrough.

Amidst unprecedented opposition, the Prime Minister said that government's decision to allow foreign equity in retail was not taken in haste but after a careful thought to how it would benefit the common man in India.

Singh said foreign direct investment in India's retail sector would benefit farmers as this will bring latest technology to India and improve its agriculture sector by saving farm produce from being destroyed.

He said the government has put certain conditions in the FDI decision so that small and medium enterprises were not affected by the proposed foreign equity.

Critics however fear that it may snatch away livelihoods from millions of small traders. Millions of small retail traders vigorously oppose competing with foreign giants and a major argument given by opponents of FDI in retail is that there will be major job losses. But this view seems to be a lopsided as many jobs would be eventually created. But more discussion needs to be carried out so that feasible conclusion can be reached.