November 07


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Arunachal’s tourism potentials showcased in London

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: A team of officials from Tourism Department led by Mama Natung, Parliament Secretary (Tourism) representing Arunachal Pradesh, is attending the 35th World Tourism Market (WTM) being held at London from November 3 to 6.

The main objective of participating in the WTM is to promote the rich tourism potential of the state.

Many curious people fond of travelling visited the Indian pavilion and had shown their keen interest on the uniqueness and rich tourism potentials of Arunachal Pradesh. The event is being supported by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India to showcase the tourism potential of the state in the incredible India pavilion.  WTM is a leading global event for the travel industry being participated by more than 180 countries worldwide.

It provides a unique opportunity for the whole global travel trade to meet, network, negotiate and explore opportunity in tourism sector.  




Siang organic initiative for skill development & livelihood’ prog for SHGs

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: The five-month long tea field work programme for self-help groups (SHGs) under "Siang Organic Initiative for Skill Development and Livelihood" concluded at Deki Tea Estate, Upper Siang district on Oct 30 last. Altogether 82 members from various SHGs took part in the first batch of the training programme.

Addressing the valedictory function, District Agriculture Officer Ote Darin said such programme will create significant and positive impact on skill development and livelihood. He opined that the vacant lands in the villages should be used by adopting tea plantation for sustained income. Darin also distributed certificates to the SHG members. Speaking on the occasion, Frank Ashley Larkins, General Manager, Siang Tea & Industries (P) Ltd, lauded the self-help groups for assisting Deki Tea Estate in field work for organic tea production. He said organic farming for tea and agriculture crops is very important for balancing the eco system in this area.

Manager of Deki plantation, Thai Pazing also spoke on the health benefits of organic Green Tea. The programme was organized by Siang Tea & Industries (P) Ltd.

It is worth mentioning here that the 2014-2017 Siang Organic Initiative for Skill Development and Livelihood was started to impart knowledge to Self-help groups about organic farming practices in Tea cultivation and agricultural crops in the Siang region.

The Company provides financial assistance in the form of substantial wages, to implement a broad set of conservation practices to assist organic Tea producer Deki Tea Estate under Siang Tea & Industries Pvt Ltd. Self help Groups from several villages in Upper Siang are inducted in this programme.



CM assures to release 7 per cent DA arrears, says CoSAAP

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: The Confederation of Service Association of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP), in a release claimed that the Chief Minister had assured to release the 7 percent DA arrear shortly.

The Chief Minister gave this assurance when a team of CoSAAP led by its Secretary General Patey Marik called on the former at his official chamber here today.

In regards to NoC issue, the CM said that an appropriate decision will be taken in the next Cabinet meeting, the release said. In regards to enhancement of retirement age from 58 to 60 years, it will require collective opinion of the Cabinet as it was not favoured by the Cabinet on recommendation of 5th Pay Commission during late 1990s, the CM said.

He, however, opined that if employees are in unison in their demand, they may also seek opinions of the civil society for taking a justified decision.

The Chief Minister urged the employees to inculcate sense of dedication, responsibility, discipline and punctuality to bring back the lost glory of good quality work culture for prosperity of the state.

Earlier, the CoSAAP team apprised the Chief Minister about their various demands for early fulfillment, such as none release of 7 percent Dearness Allowance (DA) and Interim Relief (IR) for State Govt. employees and Pensioners respectively due from July 1 2014, review of orders to obtain NoC from the DCs concern on promotion and retirement cases, extension of retirement age from 58 years to grant of 60 years and other genuine pending demands of the employees.

The Secretary General has appealed to the Chief Minister to release the DA arrear in cash addressing the sentiment of low paid Group D and C employees.

Development Commissioner, Finance and Deputy Secretary, Budget were also present on the occasion.



Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrated with religious fervour

By Staff Reporter

NAHARLAGUN, Nov 06: Thousands of people belonging to all sections of the society thronged the Gurudwara here today to join their Sikh brethren in celebrating the 545th Guru Nanak Jayanti.

The day was celebrated with traditional fervour and great enthusiasm by the Sikhs living in the Capital Complex with various programmes including recitation from the Guru Granth Sahib, Sabad Kirtan and Guruka Langar.

This is one of the most sacred festivals in Sikhism, celebrated across the world.

It would be worth mentioning here that the exact account of the itinerary of the great saint is disputed, he is widely acknowledged to have made five major tours mostly on foot, travelling more than 28,000 km during 1500 to 1524. The first tour being east towards Bengal and Assam, the second south towards Sri Lanka, the third north towards Kashmir, Ladakh, and Tibet, and the final tour west towards Baghdad, Mecca and Medina on the Arabian Peninsula.

Nanak crossed into Arunachal Pradesh and visited most of the part. First while going to Lhasa (Tibet) he passed through Tawang after crossing from Bhutan and entered Tibet from Samdurang Chu. He returned from Lhasa and went to the famous monastery Samye and entered Pemoshubu Mechukha in Arunachal Pradesh. He meditated for some time at this location. From Mechukha he went back to Tibet, brought the residents of Southern Tibet and got them settled in Mechukha. Thereafter through Gelling and Tuting he proceeded to Sadiya and Braham-Kund, before entering the state of Assam again.

A gurudwara stands stall where Nanak Dev, known as Nanak Lama, had meditated in Mechuka and an annual fair is conducted there.



Two days Technical Fest Concludes in NIT

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: The two days annual technical festival of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Arunachal Pradesh 'Addovedi-14' concluded on November 2.

"Addovedi-14" is the first dedicated technical festival organised by the students of any university in Arunachal Pradesh. This was the second edition of Addovedi and theme was "Enhancing Technology, Improving Society(ETIS)"

Numerous technical events such as Technical treasure hunt, debate, quiz, extempore speech, computer gaming and photography were organised in the two days programme. Besides, many core technical events were also organised such as Coding wizard (LAN based Coding Competition), Circuit Debugging, Codathon (Embedded coding), AutoCAD Designing, Aqueduct (Bridge designing) and Command Line war (a Linux based command line flag capturing game).

The most talked about events were the Junkyard war and the Robowar events. Inspired from the famous show on Discovery channel named "Junkyard war" the participants of the event were provided with junk and they had to make items out of them. The participants enthralled everyone by making very creative and useful things out of Junk.

Six teams from NIT participated in Robowar as the names suggest this event consisted of Robots fighting in a ring. This was the first Robowar event in the NIT.

The event was organised by the students of the 3rd year under the guidance of Rajen Pudur, Head of Department, Electrical Engineering, who was the faculty incharge of the event.

Earlier, the festival was inaugurated on November 1 by the Prof. P D Kashyap, Dean NIT, Arunachal Pradesh.  

In his speech, he appreciated the efforts put in together by the students to conduct the event.



Oral cancer - Manmade disaster

Dr. Jego Ori

"I started chewing tobacco when I was 16. I curse the day I was introduced to tobacco. Cancer diagnosed at 20 made my life hell. I have not been able to eat anything since then," Naveed Shikh, a27-year-old young victim of oral cancer said.

The word "cancer" frightens everyone. For some, the word is synonymous with death. No one would ever know the pain associated with these diseases until and unless he or she experiences it. The diseases not only change the lives of the patient but also severely disturb his/her family, near and dear ones. They live under constant threat of recurrence of the disease and fear of death always haunts them.

India has the distinction of harboring the world largest number of oral (mouth) cancer. Oral cancer amounts 9% of all cancers in India. Over the last decades, Arunachal Pradesh has witnessed increase in number of oral cancer patients.

There is increasing trend of oral cancer among young age group in India. About 8-9 lakhs Indian die of oral cancer every year in India. In advance stages of oral cancer, most of the patients die within 5 years of diagnosis. Even if they survive, they become disable in terms of breathing, speech, swallowing, chewing, appearance, taste sensation etc.

The main cause of oral cancer is smoking cigarettes, bidi and chewing tobacco in the form of gutka, pan masala, supari, khaini etc. Analysis of  various market preparation of tobacco in India as per FDA have shown contents of very high level of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, copper and nickel. These heavy metals are capable of causing various human diseases, including cancer as they are toxic even at ultra small level.

According to WHO Cancer research agency, smokeless tobacco is highly addictive and contains 3095 chemicals of which 28 are well proven carcinogens (Capable of causing cancer). It also causes severe impairments of oral and dental health and a part from mouth cancer. Use of smokeless tobacco is found associated with cancers of throat, Oesophagus (Food pipe) stomach, larynx (voice box) pancreas and lungs.

Tobacco also strongly associated with pre cancerous lesion of mouth and increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart diseases and seriously affects the reproductive health of mother and foetus.

According to Global Adult Tobacco Survey of India 2010, 3.7 lakhs people in Arunachal Pradesh consume smokeless tobacco.

Since the cause of oral cancer is tobacco consumption, it is entirely a manmade disaster. India is second largest consumer of tobacco products in the world.

Despite causing so much of disaster, the products are easily available in the markets. And, it is shocking that the tobacco industry is targeting youth and kids. Sweet flavoring or scents are added to tobacco to make it edible, they are packed in shiny and colorful manner to attract the children and youth.

There are Acts prohibiting smoking in public places, selling of tobacco products to minors and within 100 yards of educational institutions which needs to be implemented urgently in our state to prevent this manmade disaster.

It is high time every citizen of the state to come forward voluntarily and create awareness among the youths to save them from  becoming innocent victims of oral cancer. The general public can directly report any violation of smoke free rules to national toll free helpline number-1800-110-456 (24X7) now operating throughout the country under Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

On this occasion of  Cancer awareness day, I appeal to the general public that the patient we treat are the constant reminder that tobacco is deadly in both cigarette and smokeless forms. Consumption of tobacco must be stopped immediately and the state Govt. must wake up and send a strong message to the tobacco industries, the perpetrators of this manmade disaster, to end this tobacco menace by putting a blanket ban on selling of all forms of tobacco products in our state to save our future generation.



Kanubari MLA gives a clarion call for transparency and development

KANUBARI, Nov 6: Putting a strong note on corruption, Kanubari MLA Gabriel Denwang Wangsu stated that under his leadership there will be zero tolerance against corruption and nepotism. Wangsu was addressing a series of coordination cum development meetings with the heads of departments, panchayat and public leaders here yesterday during his week-long tour to Kanubari to get first hand information about various development programmes and infrastructures after taking oath as the MLA of the area.

Assuring that Kanubari will prosper and develop under his leadership so that no one will strive and live a life of poverty, Wangsu said, "Let us not cultivate and practice the old principle of secrecy and corruption and look for new routes, new life and inculcate newer thoughts of humanity and development".  

Addressing a public meeting with local and Panchayat leaders, the MLA drew their attention about the available opportunities and prospects for over all development and sustainable economy and sought their support and cooperation for smooth functioning with the objective of welfare of the masses especially at grassroots.

ZPMs from three blocks - Launu, Chubom and Kanubari, namely, Wangrang Wangjen, Jaye Wangsu and Mitali Wangjen also spoke on the occasion highlighting on the development activities carried out in their respective blocks and extended their full support and cooperation to the MLA.

He also had separate consultative meetings with the officers from KVK, Deomali, Deptt of Fisheries, Itanagar and NERCOMP, Khonsa and held detailed discussion about the policies and programmes associated with the agencies.

Giving directives for implementation of specific schemes for the area, Wangsu proposed to set up an orange orchard at Chopsa village with all packaging, processing and marketing purpose, commercial plantation of Naga chilli (bhoot jholokiya) at Chopnu for all commercial purpose, besides taking up all the viable works and projects with special emphasis to Kanubari block from NERCORMP and production of different varieties of fishes  in the locality through fish pond mechanism from department of Fisheries.

Earlier, addressing the officers and officials at his reception organized at Forest Rest House, Wangsu called upon them to work with dedication for development of the area and sought their support and cooperation for smooth implementation of all government policies and programmes towards greater interest of the public.

He stated, "I am committed to the job and responsibilities given by the people and I will leave no stone unturned in making Kanubari a role model constituency". He called upon one and all to imbibe work culture in them and take up the moral responsibility to work sincerely and dedicatedly.

He also visited Luaksim village near Kanubari township to survey the existing water problem and directed the officers concerned to work out a plan to solve the recurring problem of the area. DIPR



Pema visits remote villages along the Indo-China border

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: UD, Tourism, Art & Culture Minister Pema Khandu visited the remote Tsechu (Damteng), Solungthi, Mago and Thingbu villages located at Indo-China border from November 3 to 5.

The Minister and his team started his visit via Naser GG, Sarong Gompa, LGG, Jagtsang and arrived Tsechu on the same day. En route, the Minister visited the GREF camp at Naser GG where he was explained in details about the current status of existing and proposed defense roads in the sector by received by the Officer In-charge of 756 Road Construction Company (RCC).

It may be mentioned here that all the roads in the sector are of utmost importance from defense point of view yet the condition of the roads are deplorable and mobility on these roads are possible only during fair weather condition.

The Minister asked the OC 756 RCC to improve the road condition to benefit the army and civil population as well.

In his brief stay at Sarong Gompa, Pemamet the Sarong Rimpoche and apprised him of new schemes being implemented by Govt. for development of Sarong Gompa. The Commander 46 Infantry Brigade, Brig. DS Saini joined the minister at Shasangam and proceeded till LGG. The Brigadier briefed the Minister of the strategic importance of various army posts and OPs located in the area.

At Tsechu, the Minister held a public meeting where he was requested by the villagers for proper and timely supply of rice, improvement of water supply etc. While ensuring prompt actions on the grievances of the villagers, the Minister urged them to pay attention on education of their children and also to preserve the local culture and tradition which is threatened by advent of modernity and change in demographic pattern.

The next day, the Minister proceeded for Mago via Solungthi, Gonkarla, Lungur, Chuna and Topkey. On the way at Basarang, the Minister went to the huts of yak herder families. The herders requested him to intervene in the matter of grazing lands being acquired by the Army without their consent. The herders explained that Army had acquired some of the prime grazing grounds in Solungthi area due to which they are facing hardships. The Minister directed ADC Jang, who was with him in the tour to take up the matter with Army expeditiously.  

Immediately on reaching Solungthi, Pema spoke to the Army officers posted there of the concerns of the yak herders and requested the Army to shift to the location already earmarked for them. After a brief halt at Solungthi, the entourage proceeded towards 15,568 feet Gonkarla pass located on the LAC, which is highest negotiable mountain pass in the entire North East. The entourage travelled through dust bound places on the way and was at Mago by 12.30 pm where the villagers accorded a warm and traditional welcome to the Minister and all the other members of the entourage.

In the public meeting organized at Mago, the village leader invited the attention of the Minister on issues of the village such as non-payment o land compensation by Army, posting of health and veterinary field staff, development of hotspring near the village, construction of bridge between the twin village of Nyuri and Dyuri. The most important demand that was placed by the villagers stressfully was for construction of road from Thingbu to Mago, which is need of the hour for proper development of the village. However, citing examples of inordinate delay by BRO, the villagers urged the Minister to get the road constructed, in the event of its sanction, through an agency other than BRO so that the road reaches Mago at the earliest.

In his address to the villagers, Pema told the villagers that he has already directed the concerned officers present with him to take up their respective matters. With regard to construction of road, he assured the villagers to take up the matter appropriately with concerned authorities in the Govt. of India level. Apart from these, the Pema also urged the villagers to give proper care and attention to education of children, health and hygiene and preservation and promotion of the local culture and tradition.

The Minister left on foot for Thingbu from Mago the next day. The villagers of Thingbu and also of Luguthang received the Minister at Thingbu Hydel Point where a public meeting was organized.

Speaking on behalf of the villagers, the GB Thingbu requested the Minister for erecting a mobile tower in the village. Other requests included posting of a doctor, providing water supply in the nearby grazing ground of Muktsi and Nyukteng etc to which the Minister passed on directions for immediate follow up action to the officer of the concerned department present in the entourage.

Addressing the gathering, Pema exhorted the villagers for proper development of the village both in terms of infrastructure and human resource through concerted efforts and assured his assistance wherever and whenever required.

The annual development tour that is conducted by Pema in his Assembly constituency was instituted by his late father and former chief minister Dorjee Khandu.

Pema termed the tour as quite fruitful as this time he could also interact with Army and ITBP personnel deployed in the forward posts and know the real situation under which they are guarding the borders.  

Pema was accompanied by officers of Jang Sub-Division which included ADC Jang, EE PWD Jang, AE Electrical Jang, EE&JE DHPD Tawang, AE & JE of WRD Sub-Dvn. Jang, Medical Officer Jang, Veterinary officer Jang, BDO Jang, BEO Jang, CO Thingbu apart from other staff during the tour.



Time to change course of discourse with China: Prafulla Ketkar

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: Veteran strategic expert and Editor-in-Chief of New Delhi based RSS mouthpiece Organizer, Prafulla Ketkar said that it is high time to change the course of discourses with China shifting from the traditional Delhi centric defensive policy attitude to the pan India centric foreign policy alternative.

He was speaking on the topic, "Expansionist and Encirclement Policy of China: The Indian Response"-a Talk organized by Arunachal Pradesh Charitable Task (APCT) as part of the annual Late Rutum Kamgo Memorial lecture at a town hotel at Naharlagun, to commemorate the 3rd death anniversary of former RSS activist and visionary Rutum Kamgo.

China had officially initiated the encirclement policy for India in the 80s through which strategies were chalked out to confine the foreign policy matters of India within the South Asian countries with an over emphasis on traditional Pak obsessive world view and never to let her rise beyond it.

Though the Pokhran test of 1998 had given the Indians an opportunity for a major policy shift and even had done some icebreaking, the UPA I and II governments failed to achieve any breakthrough from out of it, he said. Ketkar further pointed out that China has developed the encroachment and encirclement policy to the tune of the renowned Indian political strategist Kautilya (Chanakya), who advocated that your immediate neighbor cannot be relied as a friend for ever and hence, the neighbor's neighbor should always be befriended, while the Indian foreign policy establishment could not befit its own ancient theorist.

Conferring instances of his earlier visits to China, Ketkar, said that there is a negative transition in China with regard to its development and national ethos due to the cultural, ethnic and demographic reasons, while in India we have a positive transformation with regard to the same developmental terms. Today in China, corruption at higher-ups, single clan dominance in administration and emerging differences between Party and military establishment are enough to ring warning bell for the dragon.

Further, due to the single child policy practice the major portion in China is non-working and therefore, digressive, while on the other hand, from demographic perspective in India, a major portion of the Indians are young, energetic and working.

Praising the nationalistic spirit of the Arunachalees, Ketkar said that the strong patriotic minded population at the borders is the real foot soldiers for the protection of our sovereignty. He appealed to the Indian policy-makers and civil society to work enough to embank upon the shifting border population throughout the international boundary of Arunachal Pradesh which otherwise work as a natural deterrent wall against our skeptical neighbor.

Addressing the audience the other speaker RK Khrimey, Ex-MP and former Cabinet Minister, also presently, the President of the Bharat Tibet Sahayog Manch, said that the Arunachalees have always been with India as an integrated part and the attempts of China to depict the Arunachales as pro-Chinese will never be fruitful.

Welcoming the new initiatives of the Union government for infrastructural development in Arunachal Pradesh, Khrimey hoped that the implementation of the schemes too would be as fast as its finalization for which politicians as well as the public of Arunachal Pradesh should be more accountable.

Scores of dignitaries including former Chief Minister Gegong Apang, leader of Opposition of Legislative Assembly Tamio Taga, MLA Tage Taki, President of Arunachal Vikas Parishad, Pratik Potom, former IFCSAP presidents Tai Nyori, Nabam Atum and Taba Hare,  BJP state President Tai Tagak, among others, attended the programme.



Infosys Foundation chairperson calls on First Lady of the state

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: Sudha Murty, chairperson of Infosys Foundation, Bangalore, who is on a five-day personal tour to Arunachal Pradesh met the First Lady of the State, Jyotsna Sharma, Chairperson State Women Commission, Gumri Ringu and members of Muskan Welfare Society at Raj Bhawan here today. She discussed on issues and avenues where Non-Governmental organisations can involve in the socio-economic development of the people in far-flung areas of the state.

Sharing her experiences, the Infosys Foundation Chairperson said that any project taken up by NGOs or Government can be successful, if there is whole-hearted participation by the local population.

Murty, who visited some crafts centres in the State suggested for revitalization of the local handlooms and textiles industries by making the products more user-friendly. She also suggested proper marketing skill to promote local produce.

First Lady Sharma called for participation of Infosys Foundation in social activities in the State.

Muskan Welfare Society, which is headed by the First Lady, is working in the fields of health care, culture and education with special focus on women and children. Since its inception in 2008, it has organised many health related camps, cleanliness and plantation drives and educational activities.



North-East Festival at Delhi’s doorstep

NEW DELHI, Nov 06: Once a strife torn region insipid with insurgency, North-East India has today ushered into a land synonymous with music, sports and fashion. Delhites will get a chance to witness the diverse culture and rich heritage of the eight North-Eastern states as the second edition of the North East Festival is scheduled to kick-start here from November 7.

The four-day festival themed 'Insurgence to Resurgence' aims to attract investment and tourism promotion in the region.

"This year, the theme is 'Insurgence to Resurgence' with focus on highlighting the positive stories of entrepreneurship and development. The objective is to present people of Delhi to understand North East India in one platform, to encourage tourism to NER," said Organiser-in-Chief, North East Festival, Shyamkanu Mahanta.

The event will be a power packed show which is expected to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and will witness the participation of a host of stalwarts including Rajnath Singh, VK Singh, Smriti Irani, Nitin Gadkari, Piyush Goyal, Kiren Rijiju, Sarbananda Sonowal and Jewel Oram.

In the backdrop of racial attacks in the national Capital, two serious discussion sessions "Alienation feeling in the North East" and 'Implementation of Bezbaruah Committee Recommendation' will be held on the opening day.

A session "Integrating North East India through Education" will be held on November 9 where top officials of HRD ministry will be present.

North East icons like MC Mary Kom, Adil Hussain, Everester Anshu Jemsenpa are all expected to be present at the festival.

Around 30 bands from the different North-Eastern states will perform day and night during the entire length of the festival. Some of the artists and bands who are lined up include singer Zubeen Garg, Akhu- Imphal Talkies, Tetseo Sisters, The Vinyl Records, Soulmate and The Local Train among host of other performers. A potpourri of events including photography and painting exhibition, film festival, fashion show and exhibition of food, handloom and handicraft items will take place on different days from Nov 7 to Nov 10 at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts here. PTI

Dokpun-FC beats BSC, lifts 14th Odam Ering trophy

PASIGHAT, Nov 6: Dokpun Football Club (DFC), Dhemaji defeated Bogong Soccer Club (BSC) 3-2 to lift the coveted 14th Odam Ering Football Trophy at general ground Pasighat today. The football tournament is conducted annually in memory of Odam Ering, wife of the architect of modern Arunachal Late Dying Ering and mother of MP Ninong Ering.

In a thrilling final match, Ogam Ering scored the first goal for BSC within 15 minutes which was equalized by Karup Sonwal of DFC immediately but Ogam's next goal in 39 minutes consolidated the lead BSC team in the first half. DFC had complete dominance over the match in the second half.  Migom Bori and Karup Sonwal netted one goal each in 55 and 62 minutes respectively to lift the trophy in the final match with a margin 3-2.

Speaking at the concluding function, Col. S. Patranobis, Director of "Project Brahmank" said sport culture promotes integration among the youths. He advised the participants to be disciplined and show their best talents to the soccer lovers. Denong Tamuk, Chief Councilor (PMC) stressed for fair-play and advised the participants to be disciplined and show their best talents to the audience.

The Captain of DFC, Mathuraj Mushary received the trophy along with fifty thousand cash prize from Col. S. Patranobis while Denong Tamuk handed over the Runners Cup and thirty thousand cash to the opponent captain Miding Tasung. Other senior members of the society like Er. Ogum Moyong (Chief Engineer, Power), Oshong Ering (IAS Rtd), Obyak Ering, OC (GREF) Pankaj Kumar etc felicitated the members of the organizing committee.

June Tabing (best Goal Keeper) and Minto Peyang (best Defender) from BSC, Henbom Padu (Highest Scorer) of Siang Rovers and Migom Bori (Player of the Tournament) of Dokpun-FC team, Dhemaji (Assam) were also awarded. DIPRO



Awareness programme on rural sanitation

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: PHE & Water Supply Yupia division along with PRI leaders of Tarasso yesterday conducted a day long awareness programme on rural sanitation under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and implementation of rural water supply schemes under National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP) at various villages in the circle.

Yupia PHE Executive Engineer Bamang Tadh, while informing the sanction and implementation of water supply schemes and Individual House Hold Latrine (IHHL) sanitation toilet to every house hold at Dullung (Ramghat), Radasso, Gaiporiang and Townbill villages urged the panchayats and villagers to strictly monitor the quality and timely completion of schemes while protecting the catchment of the water sources through Village Water and Sanitation Committee (VWSC). He also informed that the distribution system of water supply from treatment plant to consumer points within the panchayat would be taken over and maintained by the villagers themselves through VWSC.

Briefing on the launching of sanitation programme under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan since October 2 throughout the country, he has urged the villagers to keep their house and its surroundings, schools and Anganwadi centres neat and clean by organizing social service voluntarily from time to time.

Pamphlets containing sanitation messages on personal hygiene and safe drinking water were distributed to the participants besides display of sanitation banners.

Tarasso Zilla Parishad Member, Nabam Eka assured his full support and cooperation to the department for successful implementation of government schemes and policies in the circle.

Being informed by Tarasso ZPM about drinking water problems faced by personnel of paramilitary force stationed at various locations in the area, the team visited a camp at Radassso village.

After having visited the site, the EE has assured to take up the matter at appropriate level on time bound manner.


Expedition to Magi Lake

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: Former PHED Secretary Tomi Ete accompanied by the President and Secretary of Eco-Friendly Society Magi, Likabali conducted an expedition to Magi Lake on Tuesday to explore flora and fauna available there. Magi lake is situated at 607M above sea level.

The expedition team visited Takam Hill, Elephant cave, and Yanyo Pokcho waterfall which is situated near Magi Lake and took a night halt there.

Ete held a meeting next day with the villagers of Magi and suggested them to maintain proper sanitation practices and cleanliness in the village.


30 days skill up-gradation programme by nedfi

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: The Centre for Practical Livelihood Training (CPLT), a society of North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd. (NEDFi) through its Itanagar branch office organized a 30 days skill up-gradation programme on "Beauty Parlour Management" at Ganga, Itanagar in association with Sangay Hair Spa & Beauty Parlour cum Training Centre from October 7.

A total of 27 ladies from the area participated in the skill up-gradation training.

B K Singh, Deputy General Manager, NEDFi Guwahati attended the valedictory function and distributed beauty kits and certificates to the trainees after completion of the programme to start their income generating activity immediately.

Singh said that skill enhancement of large youth base in the region is a must to catalyze economic development of the society, and with this objective, NEDFi under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have been taking up various promotional activities which complements its core activities and results in improvement of quality of life of the people in the NE Region. He also informed that advanced training on specific skills to these trainings would be imparted in near future and all possible support would be extended by NEDFi for their development.


Ziro Valley School annual day celebrated

ZIRO, Nov 06: The Ziro Valley School (ZIVAS), Lempia celebrated its 13th annual day in a grand manner.

During the day long function, several cultural items were performed and prizes were given to the winners of the literary, games and sports and cultural activities.

Tagore House was declared best house while Gandhi House bagged the runners up award. Tailyang Taker of Class VIII and Rubu Rima of Class VIII bagged the awards for 'best students' while Best Class Captain awards went to Master Dora Nadang of Class III and Miss Chiging Naya of Class V. The Best Hygienic and Clean student of the year award went to Master Duyu Tapang of Class VI and Miss Duyu Muniya of Class IV.

The prizes to the winners were distributed by the guests who included Lt. Col E.P. John of Indian Army presently Commanding Officer HQ (1079) Joram, Nani Takha, ZPM Reru Kalung and Lt. Col. Manoj.


APYC condemns possible merger rumour

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress (APYC) has strongly condemned and refuted the allegation regarding a possible merger of INC MLAS with BJP as appeared in sections of local dailies.

Describing that the press statement was made out of sheer frustration by some of the contestants on BJP tickets in the last simultaneous elections, APYC President Nyamar Karbak said, "The result of the recent bye-election at Kanubari indicates that people of the state are still reposing faith in the Congress led by CM Nabam Tuki".

APYC Spokesperson Kipa Takum further added, "The BJP is a 'spent force' in Arunachal Pradesh that is why they are creating and spreading such rumours just to create panic and confusion. They should refrain from such cheap publicity."


RGU family pays tribute to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) family paid rich tributes to the legendary singer, musician, poet and film-maker Dr. Bhupen Hazarika on his third death anniversary yesterday.

Dr. Amorendro Gogoi, an eminent writer and researcher of folk culture shared Dr. Bhupen Hazarika's philosophy in unification of the society through folk culture and also shared his experience with him.

The evening witnessed a host of cultural activities performed by eminent artists from Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and West Bengal.

Maya Dutta a renowned singer from Assam, Nyagi Riba, a diehard fan and a close associate of 'Bhupen da' mesmerized the gathering with their beautiful voice. Students and faculties from RGU performed Bupendra Sangeet, recited on his creation and danced to the composed immortal songs of Hazarika.

Organizing secretary of the event, Akash Kachari said that the aim of the programme was to popularize Dr. Bhupen Hazarika's creation among the new generation.

Earlier, the programme started with lighting of the lamp by the Registrar of the University Dr. Rachob Taba, Dean of Faculty Prof. DN Das, Dean DSW Dr. Tasi Kaye, Prof. H.N. Sarma, Prof. Hussain, Prof. T. Riba.

The event which was organized by the research scholars under the aegis of Assam Students forum, RGU witnessed a huge gathering to pay tribute to the legendary icon.


Kaso holds meeting to discuss projects

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: A meeting was convened by the local MLA cum Parliamentary Secretary, UD & Housing, Town Planning and Land Management Techi Kaso at his office chamber here yesterday to discuss about the implementation of Projects under DRDA in Block levels under his Assembly Constituency.

Chairing the meeting, Kaso called on all the officers of the area to dedicate themselves in proper implementation of the programme.

BDOs of Doimukh and Borum block elaborated on the pros and cons of the implementation of MsDP in Block levels and its technical difficulties in implementing the project.

Besides MsDP programmes, discussion on implementation of other Centrally Sponsored Schemes like MGNREGA, IWMP, IAY etc were also carried out.

Officers from DDSE Capital City highlighted various financial problems especially in implementing Mid-day meal programme due to paucity of funds in most of the schools under the Capital City.

PRI leaders attending the meeting also urged for proper implementation of MsDP programmes etc in their respective Blocks.


UNIFEST begins at RGU

Rono Hills, Nov 06: The 15th edition of the UNIFEST got off to a colourful start amidst huge gathering at Rajiv Gandhi University campus today.

Addressing the inaugural function, Parliamentary Secretary, Tax and Excise, Tapuk Taku, emphasized on the need of maintaining a balance between sports and education. Taku also stressed on effective Govt policy and job reservation for the outstanding sportspersons.

Addressing the students on the occasion, Dr. Tamo Mibang, VC, RGU urged them to maintain good health and hygiene.

Rachob Taba, Registrar, RGU and Tai Bai, President, RGU Students Union (RGUSU) also spoke on the occasion.

Dr. Anil Mili, Assistant Director, Physical Education, administered the oath to all the participating contingents.

RGUSU general secretary Takam Mema informed that all the departments have been divided into four houses, namely, Kangtey, Lulupo, Kalinggon and Komdi based on the names of mountain peaks in Arunachal Pradesh.

Apart from the games & sports, the three day event includes literary and the cultural programmes which also began today. Earlier, the programme started with colorful display of March Past by the contingents. This was followed by 'Go As You' like competition.

Among others, Tana Yayo, ZPM, Doimukh attended the inaugural function.


Association seek early demarcation of village

ITANAGAR, Nov 06: The All Arunachal Pradesh Abotani Nibu (Priest) Welfare Association has sought early demarcation of Nibu Nijik Model Village Jammi-Jaate here.

In a release, claiming that the matter is pending with the Capital DC, it demanded that the demarcation be declared within 15 days.

While also claiming that the honorarium for 30000 Nibu Nijik Boos is pending, it asked for its early approval in the Cabinet meeting.

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Increase in Sumo fare cause of concern

Dear Editor,

We the members of All Yangte Area Youth Welfare Association (AYAYWA) have been able to bring down the ever increasing Sumo fare of entire Kurung Kumey District by Rs. 50 after holding consultation with the stakeholders. A threadbare discussion was held with the executive members of All Arunachal Maxi Cab Association (AAMCA), Kurung Kumey District Unit on 2nd November 2014 in a City Hotel in this regard. The meeting was convened in order to put a brake on the ever increasing Sumo fare of the region especially of Yangte Circle. Earlier the fare was Rs. 600 for Itanagar to Yangte route, but later it was swiftly increased to Rs.700, causing great inconvenience to the people. Now it has been reduced to Rs.650 giving bit of relief to the poor people of the region. We are hopeful that more like-minded associations/unions would come forward to help the desperate people from the clutch of few self-centered cab owners.


Tai Tachu

General Secretary,





Post DC to Kradaadi district

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, we the citizens of newly created Kradaadi District Head Quarter would like to place the following point for the consideration of the state Government.

A notification has already been issued Vide no. DAD-07/2013 dated 30th September 2013 declaring, 15th September 2014 as appointed date for the newly created Kradaadi district by bifurcating from the present Kurung Kumey district. But the state Government has not yet posted deputy commissioner and other head of department, whereas the Namsai district is already functioning. We on behalf of the Choba Sangyata Anchal Youth Welfare Association (CSAYWA) would like to urge state government and two elected leader of Palin and Tali Assembly constituencies to post deputy commissioner and other head of department at the earliest for the smooth functioning of new district. We also request state Government to allocate sufficient fund for infrastructure development of the Kradaadi District.


Takam Tami,







Dear Editor,

It is to clarify through your esteemed daily that the allegation of irregularity in interview and improper selection process leveled by Shri Tajen Podo, Baity Pusang etc against Education Department and DDSE, Aalo West Siang District published in your daily on 03-11-2014 is sign of frustration on the part of candidates after their failure in interview. It is true that for the post of Accountant (purely contractual for few months) meant for B.Com/M.Com/BBA/MBA degree holder preferably, even candidates having BA (Economics) background in Higher Secondary/Graduation/Post Graduation were given opportunity in the district purely in order to provide job opportunity to the unemployed graduate. However they only participated against those blocks where there was no B.Com/BBA degree holder candidate. However, 1st preferences were always given to B.Com/BBA holder followed by candidates with BA  Economics.

As the nature of work of an Accountant in Residential School will be of not much complication, the candidate who is good in Economic subject can also deal the work of maintaining proper Account and record of fund allotted/money spent/preparation etc. In that way the BA (economics) candidates was given last option after keeping B.Com/BBA in first preference.

Accordingly, written Examination was conducted at Govt. Upper Primary School, P.I. Colony and Govt. Town Upper Primary School, Aalo on 11th October’2014 where more than 200 candidates appeared. Out of which 42 candidates could secure 33 marks after making selection as per 1:3 ratio. In the written test some B.Com candidates could not secure even 20 marks. Some of the candidatures were rejected during the scrutiny that took 5 days to complete.  Strict scrutiny was done under the Chairmanship of local Administration due to incomplete submission of require documents by candidates. There were some BA (Economic) degree holder candidate whose performance both in written and Viva-Voce were much better than B. Com, BBA degree holder so far as their written capability and language conversation were concern. The selection were made strictly after compiling their marks secured in written and Viva-voce. As a result, some candidates not only in Accountant but for Warden/Full Time Teachers post as well, who were placed among merit list were left out from selection because they could not speak English properly nor they had profound subject knowledge that led to poor marking in Viva-Voce after commulating total marks awarded by 5 Board Members for 50 marks each. Hence, it was identified that the Language is the major drawback which obstruct the well qualified aspirant from expressing their views properly in Mental Aptitude Test. Thus, such candidates blindly started blaming the department without knowing their own weakness and fault and inability to communicate in English language during Viva-Voce. The division of marks in Viva-Voce were: - Presentation- 10 marks, Language and Expression- 10 marks, To the point reply- 10 marks, Impression- 10 marks, Subject knowledge- 10 marks = Total 50 marks by each board member equally including Chairman.

Hence, the interview was conducted very fairly and it took 14 hours on 25th, 15 hours on 26th from morning 0900 hrs to late night followed by prompt compilation of result at DC’s Chamber, Aalo just after completion of Viva-Voce on 26th midnight. Thereafter, within 5 hours result was declared as desired by DC, Aalo which is record in the history of this district in prompt declaration of result.

Thus, it is surprise to note that instead of praising and glorifying the promptness, some candidates who failed in interview are making different kinds of allegation which is uncalled for. As seats are limited, all cannot be absorbed except strict selection on the basis of candidate’s performance in written and Viva-Voce of course. It is natural that looser in any competition look for excuse to blame the authorities through certain allegation but it should not be taken as authentic. At the same time, the selection of Accountant and their posting have been made purely in block wise.


Tomi Doke Lendo,

DDSE-cum- District Project Officer,

West Siang District, Aalo,




Take action to minimize the effect of disaster incident

Dear Editor,

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the earthquake prone areas of the country as it lies in zone 5.  Our state is vulnerable to various types of natural and manmade disasters, especially to earthquakes as it is located in Seismic Zone V. But still there is no proper planning while constructing infrastructure in the state.  If any earthquake occurs, most of the people will die due to the collapse of building especially in the twin city of Itanagar and Naharlagun. Maximum buildings are constructed without adopting any proper  scientific technology. Therefore, state govt. should take appropriate action to minimize effects of any possible disasters on the overall socio-economic development of the state.


Katon lego

Department of Disaster Management.

Lohit Hall of resident, RGU.






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Modernize the police force

City Police yesterday claimed to have busted a racket of extortionists with the arrest of four of its members from market areas of capital complex. These people were reportedly extorting money from Itanagar and Naharlagun market areas in the name of National Liberation Council of Taniland (NLCT). Police also recovered 60 NLCT letter pads, one kg of Ammonium Nitrate, eight electronic detonators, one timer device, one 0.315 Rifle with 7 live cartridges from their possession during the house raids.

As per the police source, the arrested extortionists were not members of NLCT. But, they were trying to extort money from the market areas in the name of NLCT. The recovery of ammonium nitrate, electronic detonators and timer device is matter of serious concern as these materials are used to make bomb. Such dangerous materials getting into the hand of anti-social elements should ring alarm in the security circle. State police need to gear up to tackle new security challenges. There is urgent need to modernize the police force. New equipment should be provided to them and also our police forces should be updated with the latest technology. Until such innovative measures are adopted, Arunachal police will not be able to effectively fight against the organized crime gang.