November 10

Banks to remain open this weekend; new notes from today
New Delhi, Nov 9: Having junked 86 per cent of total currency in circulation with the demonitesation decision, government today sought to assuage anxious public saying banks and post offices would start giving out high denomination replacement notes from tomorrow even as it expanded the list of exempt public utilities.
It also ordered banks to remain open full day on Saturday and Sunday to deal with the rush of people wanting to deposit the defunct currency bills. Besides, many banks would work extra hours tomorrow and the day after.
Besides, it expanded the list of areas where the withdrawn notes will be accepted till November 11 midnight.
They include payments for metro rail tickets, highway and road toll, purchase of medicines on doctor prescription from government and private pharmacies, LPG gas cylinders, railway catering and ASI monuments entry tickets.
A 72-hour relaxation for use of such notes was given yesterday for government hospitals, railway ticketing, public transport, airline ticketing counters at airports, milk booths, crematoria/burial grounds and petrol pumps.
Banks and ATMs were shut today to remove old Rs 500/1000 notes and stock them with lower denomination and new hard-to- fake Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 currency notes. Banks will open tomorrow as RBI has sent truckloads of new notes throughout the country, while some ATMs will begin dispensing cash.
"Through RBI's currency chest, adequate currency is (being) provided in all banks and post offices. But it would require 2-3 weeks for full adequate replacement. It would begin tomorrow morning," Finance Minister Arun Jaitley told reporters here.
Withdrawal limitations - Rs 2,000 a day from ATM per card and Rs 10,000 through bank account on a day and Rs 20,000 in a week, will continue for some time, he said. "As and when more currency comes into banking system, there will be a rethink on those limitations."
Officials said that while honest tax payers as well as housewives and farmers with genuine savings have nothing to worry if they deposit old currencies in their bank accounts and take out replacement ones, tax authorities would keep a close watch on high-value deposits made from illicit sources, black money or crime money.
Housewives, farmers and those whose annual income is within the tax exemption limit may not be hounded by tax authorities for depositing up to Rs 2.5 lakh of the now- defunct higher denomination currency notes in bank accounts.
"It should be clear that it is no immunity scheme. This (deposit) does not provide any relief from taxation. The law of land will apply (on source of fund)," he said. "If the money is legitimate which had been previously withdrawn from bank or earned legally and saved and had been disclosed, there is nothing to worry about". PTI

Demonetisation: State Govt asks people not to panic
ITANAGAR, Nov 9: Arunachal Pradesh Govt  has appealed to the people of the state not to panic in the wake of demonetisation of old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes as elaborate arrangements have been made for their exchange at bank branches.  
Addressing the media persons at her conference hall here on Wednesday, the Chief Secretary Shakuntala Gamlin   said there should be no rumour mongering  as she called upon the people not to panic  saying that adequate and elaborate security arrangements have been made in the banks premises, hospitals, post offices and other vulnerable places. Some relaxation for use of such  currency notes  have also been made in places like hospitals, graveyards, market areas where the farmers sell their produces, she added.
Exhorting the media persons to create awareness among the masses  on the  Central Govt  decision to scrap Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, the chief secretary reiterated that no breach of law and order would be tolerated saying that the problem is only for a time being and that things will return to normalcy. The DGP Sandeep Goel who was also presence in the press conference assured that the State Police is fully prepared to face any eventuality.
Among others, Principal Secretary Home Satya Gopal, Secretary Tax & Excise B. M. Mishra, Special Secretary IPR Mitalee Namchoom and Director IPR  Obang Tayeng were present.

Pema, BJP hails PM’s currency demonetization step
ITANAGAR, Nov 9: Chief Minister Pema Khandu has welcomed  the decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to demonetize the currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 denominations from the midnight of 08th November, 2016 as the historic and path-breaking.
In his letter to the Prime Minister today, Khandu said that this revolutionary measure will have far reaching impact on the fight of the nation against evils of corruption, black money, counterfeit notes and terrorism.
"The people of Arunachal Pradesh whole- heartedly welcome this decision and we are committed to support this effort" his letter added. Khandu further informed that he had issued clear instructions on the steps mentioned therein, so that minimum inconvenience is caused to the common public. "I shall personally monitor to ensure smooth transition towards a Swachh Bharat in the truest sense" he assured the Prime Minister.
Meanwhile, Khandu has appealed the citizens of Arunachal to not to panic on the landmark decision of Prime Minister. He said that enough provisions and time have been given to deposit or exchange the old currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 denominations and every possible measures are being taken to ease the public inconvenience. "The bold and historic decision taken by Government of India under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is sure to have positive prospects and outcome in the days to come" CM asserted while seeking every citizen's cooperation.  
Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh unit of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement to de-monetize Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes - a move aimed at eliminating the black money and counterfeit notes.
'As an income tax exempted tribal state as notified under IT Act, Arunachal Pradesh has been at the forefront of black money,' said BJP President Tapir Gao.
By scrapping the high denomination notes, Modi-led NDA Government has given a big blow to hoarders of black money and fake currency, Gao said.
This initiative of Modi would have massive and far reaching impacts on rampant corruption within the system, Gao said.
Gao also said that 'Arunachal has been the victim of illegal arms trade that has prospered in the region.'
Stating that black money and counterfeit currency in the NE region in general and Arunachal in particular had triggered thriving illegal drug business that destroyed many young lives, the state BJP President and former National General Secretary Gao said "de-monetizing would have immediate and long-term impact not only on overall economy but on over all health of society, especially the youth.  
He appealed to the public to cooperate with the government and urged them to endure teething problem for the larger cause of re-building the nation.
Endorsing the surprise clampdown by the union government, Gao said, 'This should silence the critics, who thought Modi has gone soft on black money.'

CM issues directives to clear pending bills of newspaper houses
ITANAGAR, Nov 9: Chief Minister Pema Khandu  on Wednesday  asked the  concern officials to  collect data relating to pending bills of all newspaper houses from various departments and to clear the payments within one month. The CM gave the directives when representatives of the press fraternity of the state met him and top ranking officers to apprise them of several key issues that the press fraternity has been facing for long.  Earlier on September 12, the Arunachal Press Club (APC), Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) and Arunachal Electronic Media Association (AEMA) had submitted a joint memorandum to Chief Minister Pema Khandu listing several grievances impeding the functioning of free press.
Currently, the total pending bill amount is Rs 3.77 crore and an amount of Rs five crore has been provisioned in SADA, 2016-17 under centralized funds.
One of the most pressing issues that has plagued the press has been the failure of the state government to fully implement the Information & Publicity Policy of 1991 and 1999. Despite the fact that the policy calls for a centralized system of issuing advertisements and payments to newspapers, there has been no progress made in the area.
The collective pending amount owed to various newspapers of the state by the government is around Rs four crore. Although assurances have been given in the past on many occasions that bills will be cleared and that advertisements will be routed through the Department of Information & Public Relations and the Cabinet has approved its implementation.
After discussion threadbare, it was decided in today's meeting that a committee including the members of the state media to draft a new all-inclusive policy will be formed for realistic inputs. The new policy will also seek to incorporate an advertisement policy for the electronic media and Rs 1.5 crore has been provisioned in the SADA, 2016-17 for advertisements.
While a new policy is being drafted, another committee under the IPR secretary will be formed to study the feasibility of increasing the current state government advertisement rates.
During the meeting, Chief secretary Shakuntala Gamlin assured that  the demand for an increase in the corpus fund of the Arunachal Working Journalists to Rs two crore from the current Rs one crore will also be considered.
Another key issue related to the land allotment for the rebuilding and extension of the APC premises was also discussed in the meeting.
While land in the present site at Indira Gandhi Park, Itanagar had been assured to the APC, there are several obstacles on the way. In every other state, the press club offices are well equipped with essential infrastructure wherein the Press Club in Arunachal has been facing shortage of infrastructure since its inception.
Such is the condition of the APC building that even the chief minister admitted that the current office requires renovation. CM also said that he will asked the Capital Complex deputy commissioner and officials from the forest department to ensure that the present site is allotted to the APC.
The state government will also write to the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to request for greater number of TRP machines in the state. Khandu had earlier apprised the ministry about the issue.
Earlier, Special secretary (IPR), Mitali Namchoom, gave a powerpoint presentation touching upon issues that were placed by the press bodies.

Gaon Buras need to maintain certain formalities: Yirang
[ Maksam Tayeng ]
PASIGHAT, Nov 9: Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) Secretary General Bodong Yirang urged the Gaon Buras to maintain certain formalities and impartiality for delivering justice to the people.
The GBs must maintain impartiality while delivering justice. There should not be biasness in judgment on the basis of rich and poor, Yirang said. Yirang was addressing a day-long workshop on implementation of Adi Kebang Ayon (Customary law of Adis)  and delivery of justice through the traditional Kebang system organized by Mebo Area Gaon Burah Association in coordination with Adi Baane Kebang, Mebo Block at Mebo on Tuesday.
Mebo Gaon Burah Association president Maliyang Perme, who chaired the meeting, briefed in details on the problems and complicacies faced by Gaon Buras in delivering justice as per Adi Kebang Ayon (AKA).
Speakers, including General Secretary of Mebo Gaon Burah Association Odiyang Tayeng, HGS, GBs, of various villages under Mebo also spoke about hurdles faced by them while following AKA.
They said that some of the wealthy men prefer to challenge the decision of the Kebang in the court which often cause harassment to the GBs. The complicacy of fully implementing AKA often contradicts with the national legal systems where Kebang decisions are often nullified by legal courts, they said.
Resource persons from ABK and its district and block units including women shared their experiences and suggestions as to how AKA could be implemented for overall good of Adi villages.
Adis has been known for its democratic set of Kebang systems since time immemorial where there has minimal disparity between rich and poor as the Adi society has no division of societal status on caste, creed etc. But of late, there has been allegation of some of GBs favoring rich men and their kiths and kins, inclining toward money/bribe, suppressing poor etc. But the ABK is doing all out effort to maintain the traditional ethos of Adis by strengthening Adi Kebang Ayon from where Adis has been governed from ages so that poor people having problem in approaching legal court could be delivered justice in the very door of its village.

Tuskers create havoc at Ruksin crop fields, damage huge paddy crop
RUKSIN, Nov 9: A herd of wild elephants is creating havoc in rural areas of Ruksin circle and nearby Leku (Jonai) since last three days.
The jumbos came out from nearby Poba RF in search of food have caused extensive damage to standing paddy and other crops at Linka, Baromile and Mangnag village and thereby incurring heavy losses to the farmers.
According to forest department's estimation, standing crops in over 10 acres were damaged by the elephant herd.
Forest officials here said that they were trying their level best to drive away the wild elephant.
Every year, a herd of elephants come here from the Poba through its corridors at lower (Assam), the forest officials said.
"The man-elephant conflict is on increasing trend due to gradual destruction of elephant habitat and food crisis", said the forest officials.
The villagers are demanding the forest officials to take effective measure to drive away the elephant herds from the area. They are also demanding the authority to pay compensation against the crops damaged or lost.
Meanwhile, Mithuns in Chessa seem to have been following the wild elephants by destructing research plots of Van Vigyan Kendra (VVK).
Reportedly, Mithuns have destroyed the Palmatum, Canetum, Mussa garden and medicinal plants garden this year causing heavy loss to the Kendra, according to a VVK release.
To find ways and means to get rid of Mithun menace, a coordination meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Director, State Forest Research Institute N Tam, Director, SFRI at VVK on Wednesday. The meeting revived the old "Protection and Development Committee: VVK, Chessa" which was lying defunct since last few years, to assist the forest department in containing encroachment, illegal activities and Mithun hazards in the centre.
There was a strong opinion for confiscation of Mithuns that enters the centre, time and again. The meeting also resolved to empower the committee to frame the byelaws and rules relating to punishment and penalties.
Bambusetum in VVK, Chessa is the best Bambusetum in the country with 56 bamboo species.
The Arboretum has 186 tree species, medicinal plant garden has 160 species, Ethno botanical plants has 74 species, wild edible plants garden has 33 species, piper garden has 9 species, Canetum has 10 variety of canes, Mussa garden has 12 banana species, Palmatum has 15 variety of palms.
13 different species of aquatic plants are also recorded in its Lily pond. The Orchid house has 77 plants of 33 species and Fern house has 85 plants of 27 species.
Among others, meeting was attended by DFO, Silviculture with his staff, all scientists of State Forest Research Institute and public of Chessa villages.

India should respect China’s position on Dalai Lama: Envoy
KOLKATA, Nov 9: China today said India should respect its position on the proposed visit of exiled Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama to Arunachal Pradesh early next year.
"The Chinese government is against the proposed visit of Dalai Lama to Arunachal Pradesh. We hope that the Indian government will respect China's position in the regard," Consulate General of China in Kolkata, Ma Zhanwu told PTI.
"For China, Arunachal Pradesh is the southern part of Tibet which we call as Zang Nan. We hope that the Indian government will act in accordance with the agreement with China where India recognises Tibet as a part of China," he said.
Zhanwu said, "India and China have shared interests and the friendship between the two countries was 2,000 years old, despite the conflict of 1962."
"We hope that both the countries would handle the differences properly to make the bilateral relations one of the best in the world," the envoy said.
The Chinese government had been irked by the news of the Dalai Lama's visit to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. But India was of the view that since Dalai Lama was a "revered guest", he was free to move anywhere in the country. PTI

Ngandam exhorts students to give priority to studies  
CHANGLANG, Nov 8: Education Minister, Honchun Ngandam has exhorted the students to give priority to studies and abstain from alcohol and tobacco addiction as it is not only detrimental to their health but may destroy their career also.
Ngandam was addressing the students and teaching faculty of Rang-Frah Government College, Changlang on the occasion of the college's 21st Annual College Day here on Tuesday last.
While assuring to address all the grievances faced by the college community within a month, the Minister exhorted the students to make good use of the opportunity like College Day to showcase their talents.
Responding to the complaints regarding poor condition of road due to delay in implementation of the Lalpul-Changlang road under Trans Arunachal Highway, the Minister further directed the agency carrying out the work to take early steps for immediate restoration of the road.
Also present on the occasion was Secretary Education, Bidol Tayeng, who expressed his disappointment over the fact that the college is still functioning from the same old building that was constructed twenty years back. He further assured to look into the issue to ensure early completion of ongoing work at the college's permanent site.
Higher and Technical Education, Director, Dr. T Padu in his address, recalled his close association with the college and said that government has been giving top priority to the college in terms of posting of faculty members.
Parliamentary Secretary for Hydropower, Phosum Khimun and MLA Tesam Pongte in their addresses hoped that the annual day celebration would provide an opportunity to the students in instilling sense of competitiveness, discipline and honing their skills in literary, sports, etc.
Later, the Minister along with Secretary, Director Education and the local MLAs visited Longlung KGBV, GHSS, Changlang, Govt.  Laktong M E School and Holy Rosary School, Changlang and took stock of the school infrastructure and its functioning.   

Tayeng exhorts students to maintain discipline in sports
[ Prafulla Kaman ]
MEBO (East Siang), Nov 09: Mebo MLA and Adviser to Chief Minister Lombo Tayeng advised young school children to take part in extra and co-curricular activities for overall development.
Addressing opening ceremony of Annual Upper Primary School Level Games & Sports Meet-2016 at Kiyit (Mebo) village in East Siang on Wednesday, Tayeng encouraged the school children to play in the competitive school sports, saying that playing sports help one  stay physically fit and healthy.
Saying the discipline was major keys to success, Tayeng asked the school children to develop self discipline and good habits.
Appreciating the role of East Siang DDSE for conducting the sports event, he urged the officials of education department to continue the annual sports meet and facilitate the young students to show their hidden talents.
During his speech, Tayeng requested the local leaders to put attention on developmental activities rather than involving in party politics. "Party politics is posing as great hurdles in all-round development of Mebo area", he opined.
Tayeng also administered pledge of discipline and sense of brotherhood to the young players before kicking off the opening football match between Mebo Don Bosco School and KGB Vidyalaya, Mottum.
Earlier, in an awareness message to the young students, retired Director of Elementary Education Bodong Yirang advised them to abstain themselves from bad habits like consumption of alcohol, tobacco drugs etc. that may ruin their future.
East Siang DDSE Jongge Yirang informed that the education department has formulated four policies to ensure quality education in the district. Explaining the importance of playing sports to stay physically fit, healthy and mentally sound, the DDSE advised opined that school education should not be confined to classroom.
Students from 15 primary schools under Mebo Sub-division are participating in the five-day sports event, which will conclude with final football match on November 14 next.

TSGAP appeals for Bharat Ratna to Dalai Lama
ITANAGAR, Nov 09: Tibet Support Group of Arunachal Pradesh (TSGAP) appealed to government of India to confer Bharat Ratna Award on His Holiness Dalai Lama in recognition of his great services to India and the humanity.
In a meeting here on Wednesday, TSGAP has unanimously decided to meet the Prime Minister shortly to appeal him to confer the highest country's highest civilian to His Holiness.
TSGAP also hailed Member of Parliament Shanta Kumar, who urged the Govt. of India to confer Bharat Ratna to Dala Lama at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh recently.
Former ministers Anok Wangsa and Tanyong Tatak, Secretary General and Vice-President of Tibet Support Group of Arunachal Pradesh also addressed the meeting which was presided over by President Gicho Kabak.
Meanwhile Nima Sange, Secretary of Tibet Support Group of Arunachal Pradesh (TSGAP) met Karma Yeshi, Minister of Finance and Dhardon Sharling, Secretary Department of Information & International Relations of Tibetan Govt-in-Exile at Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh recently and conveyed the message of TSGAP on extending of solidarity and support for Tibetan cause till their goal is achieved.

Training on 'Water Harvesting & management' at Pasighat conducted
PASIGHAT, Nov 9: The Department of Agriculture conducted two-day training to build capacity of the extension workers of agriculture, horticulture and other engineering departments on water harvesting and management which concluded at SAMETI (State Agriculture Management Extension Training Institute), Pasighat on Wednesday.
The main objective of the training was to enhance skill of the extension officials in water harvesting, management and distribution in the cultivated sites.
Resource person from College of Horticulture & Forestry, Pasighat Dr SK Patnayak imparted the training to the official on preparation of Irrigation Plan (DIP) to be implemented under Central-sponsored scheme and faster completion of major and mini irrigation projects in the state.
Deputy Director of Agriculture (Education), O Tamuk gave an overview of the Prime Minister Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY).
Earlier, Training Coordinator (ADA) S Dini in his address urged the trainees to acquire practical knowledge on water harvesting and management and help the department in successful implementation of the irrigation schemes.
He highlighted that out of 141 million hectare under net sawn area in India, irrigation system covers only 65 million hectare cultivated land, which is about 45 percent of the total net sawn area.
About 35 trainees including Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineers of Water Resource department, ADO (Rural Enginner) and Extension Officer (RE) of District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) besides ADO, DTO and DAOs of Agriculture department attended the training.
Sources from State Agriculture directorate said that the government has approved irrigation plan (DIP) in 18 districts, which is to be funded under central-sponsored PMKSY project.

CM's Sub-veteran and Veteran Badminton Tournament
ITANAGAR, Nov 09: The 3rd edition of Chief Minister's Sub-veteran and Veteran Badminton Tournament-2016 will be conducted here from November 24 to 26. The matches will be held in both MLA Cottage and Raj Bhawan Badminton Stadium.
The tournament consists of both Men's & Women's Singles and Doubles in the age categories of 35+, 40+, 45+ and 50+.
A player will be able take part maximum in three events only. All affiliated Badminton clubs and association are expected to participate in the upcoming tournament.
The entry form is available at Raj Bhawan and MLA Cottage Badminton Stadium and the last date of submission is November 22.
An organizing committee has been constituted for smooth conduction of the championship.

LPS and New Young Football Club to represent state in Sunfeast Cup 2016 football
ITANAGAR, Nov 09: Lekhi Public School and New Young Football Club-the winners of U-13 and U-16 years category - will represent Arunachal Pradesh in the finals of the Sunfeast Cup 2016 football tournament to be held in Guwahati on December 5-6.
Finalists from the six states of Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura and Assam will compete with each other for the most coveted trophy.

CCPDA seeks cooperation
ITANAGAR, Nov 9: The Capital Complex Petroleum Depot Association (CCPDA) has requested the customers to cooperate with the  staff of the petrol depots by paying either small denomination notes or fill up fuel amounting to minimum of Rs. 500/- or Rs.1000/- or in multiples.
In a release CCPDA President Tadar Babin informed that this step has been taken due to extreme shortage of currency notes of lower denomination. He also denied any rumours of fuel shortage in the immediate future.
Earlier this morning there was sudden spike in traffic volume across the petrol stations of the capital complex. Many vehicle users lined up in petrol pumps to ex-change 100 rupees notes. Due to strict vigilance of police and administration the situation was brought under control.
"Most of the petrol pumps in Naharlagun functioned properly due to police presence. But in Itanagar many stations had to close early due to lack of security measures. We appeal capital administration and police to provide security in all petrol stations till situation normalizes," said Babin.

Barking deer rescued
ITANAGAR, Nov 9: The officials of D Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary (DEWLS) recently rescued a barking deer from the captivity of a villager and released it to sanctuary immediately after the rescue.
The rescue team was led by Y Rina RO, Binmar Boje forest ranger and front line staffs of Anchalghat Wild Life Range of the wildlife sanctuary.
Meanwhile, a leopard mother gave birth to a cub in DEWLS which has grown up to sub adult, according to an official release.

DC issues order prohibiting overcharging of vehicle fares
TEZU, Nov 9: Lohit Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Magistrate, Danish Ashraf has issued an executive order prohibiting all the government as well as private commercial vehicle operators from claiming higher fare/charges from any individual travelling from Tezu to Digaru Ghat forthwith under Section 133 CrPc.
The order came following reports of higher rate of transportation fares/charges being charged by vehicles from Tezu to Digaru Ghat.
Strict action will be taken against anyone found not complying with the order as per relevant sections of law, the order further read. (DIPRO)

Week-long Yoga course conducted
ITANAGAR, Nov 9:  A week-long Happiness Course was jointly conducted by the Arunachal One Stop Centre and Art of Living for women staying at the Destitute Women Shelter at Oju Welfare Association here on Tuesday last.
Art of Living program instructor, Yamik Lomdak also highlighted the benefits of Yoga and meditation to the participants. She further informed that the classes are aimed at improving the mental and physical wellness of the women staying at the shelter home as most of them have suffered mental and physical abuse. Such fitness programs and meditation reduces health risk and dynamics associated with physical sufferings, she added.

Contestants perform in the top ten round of 'Voice of Upper Subansiri'
ITANAGAR, Nov 9: The Top Ten Battle Round of 'Voice of Upper Subansiri', a singing talent hunt show organized by the Gonyabin Cine Production in association with Cultural Roots, was held at Dumporijo ground in Upper Subansiri on Tuesday last.
In the top ten round, which had senior artistes like Taw Kodak, Jenry Don, Adam Koyu, Charuk Pagmen and Toriq Kato as judges, contestants like; Yati Bage, Jardam Paksok, Ponam Kena, Umang Laa, Denia Hali, Gomma Paja, Rajiv Kyamdo, Yage Rai, Jigar Bulo and Yama Nuk enthralled the audience with their performance.
Earlier, the participants of the talent show were selected through auditions held in various blocks of Upper Subansiri district like Nacho, Siyum, Maro Dumporijo, Daporijo etc, informed  the show's organizers.

BRO observes Vigilance Awareness Week
YINGKIONG, Nov 9: 761 BRTF of Project Brahmank of Border Roads Organization (BRO) observed Vigilance Awareness Week from Oct 31 to Nov 5 last by organizing a series of programmes.
The programme began with 761 BRTF personnel taking the pledge to promote and practice transparent procedures in matters of execution of infrastructure projects, procurement of goods and services and to display highest integrity at work.
An elocution contest was also organized in the Senior Secondary School here wherein, Omem Nokar Class of XII (Arts), John Ngupok of Class XII (Com) and  Miti Pangge of Class IX came were adjudged winners and given commendation certificates. (DIPRO)





Innocent should not suffer

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement of banning currency note of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 has caused panic among the people. Government claimed that the move will help in the fight against black money. Even though it looks like a noble idea but there is no denying people especially aam junta are facing torrid time for now. Except petrol pump and hospital no one is accepting 500 and 1000 notes. To make matter worse banks and ATMs are closed. An air of uncertainty looms large and people are panicking. Today petrol pumps in Itanagar and Naharlagun witnessed massive jam. Trouble broke out in some petrol stations and police had to intervene.

Amidst chaos this afternoon finance minister Arun Jaitley assured people that centre will do its best to minimize inconveniences people may face for a short period due to the scrapping of currency notes of 500 and 1000 rupees. He said, there will be adequate availability of these notes in banks and post offices in the coming days and people will not face any difficulty in replacing their old notes. He added that initiative will help to curb the black money and parallel economy as they impact the actual economy. The opposition Congress has supported the objectives of Centre in demonetising 500 and 1000 rupee notes but said it will be counterproductive if people with legitimate money face inconvenience and harassment. People of India will be hoping that innocent citizens do not face unnecessary harassment. Government should ease the procedure of changing notes and take every step to ensure that there is smooth transition.








Readers’ Forum




Discrimination byconcern authorities

Dear Editor,

This is in response to your news item dated 9th November 2016 under the headline "Committee says yes to ex MLAs pension scheme". Since many years I have been coming across many news articles whereby govt employees can be heard protesting, seeking and even begging especially for the enhancement in their Grade Pay, i.e from Rs 1900 to Rs 2400, from Rs 2400 to Rs 4100 and so on. And the sad part is that demands raised by them rarely gain the attention of the concerned authorities.

The government cannot afford to fulfill these demands raised by the neediest citizens but they are in a position to afford to enhance pensions of the ex-MLAs. It has been increased from Rs 20,000 to Rs 1, 00,000 and medical allowance from Rs 5,000 to 50,000. This is an increase of whooping 1000 percent!!

I just want to ask the concerned authorities are you really being serious. There are people who work as a contingency, casual labours etc who can hardly afford below average mode of lifestyle. There are parents whose children's' annual school fees are far more than their annual income. There are many people out there whose life will improve much better with a mere enhancement of 2 to 5 percent in their pay band.

Why don't you really care about them? Why only the rich and the powerful are given priorities? I guess they are also humans and if not gods!

Does this really make sense? A saying goes, "Rich are getting Richer and Poor are getting POORER" And a step like this one clearly proves that the saying is very true and practical.


H Mobing, Ziro





Look into the matter

Dear Editor,

I was very surprised when my neighbor was able to buy alcohol at 1:00 am in Itanagar. I did not know that it was possible to buy alcohol at that time. I think it's an unfortunate that such things are happening in our capital. Even the minors have access to alcohols. I hope that the concerned authority will look into this matter.


Gyamar Sathi





Take complementary step

Dear Editor,

This refers to the report, "Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes made invalid in war against black money" (A. Times, November 9, 2016). The decision to scrap Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 currency notes is welcome. It will certainly weed out a sizeable amount of black money. But black money will again start mushrooming if putting the brakes on its generation is not being taken up immediately after the introduction of new currency notes. Cash transactions of over Rs.50, 000 needs to be prohibited to cut the channels of black money circulation. This complementary step is needed to sustain the benefits of currency renewal.


Sujit De, Kolkata


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