November 21

Demonetization:  agro-based industries in trouble as labour payment affected
Resentment brewing among plantation labourers
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Nov 20: A simmering tension is reportedly prevailing among the labourers of agro-based  industries including tea and rubber plantation in Namsai and some other districts of the state due to non-payment of daily wage by the  employers after the demonetization of currency notes by the Government. The tea growers pay wages weekly or fortnightly to its labourers in cash but with Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes being scrapped and banks rationing withdrawals, the employers are finding it difficult to arrange cash for paying wages.
Meanwhile, the frantic Namsai Deputy Commissioner R. K. Sharma has shot a letter to the Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India, Guwahati to find out ways and means for labour payment.
Briefing the ground situation Sharma in his letter to the RBI Regional Director informed that Agro based plantations and industries in the Namsai district engage a large number of  labourers on daily, weekly and monthly  wage basis.  As the labourers do not have bank accounts the employers are bound to make labour payment in cash.  "Now the employers are unable to pay labourers due to fixation of withdrawal limit from the banks  after the demonetization, which causes resentment among the labourers," DC added.
Referring to the similar type of situation arose in Assam where a mechanism  has been evolved to  make payment of tea plantation  workers through the respective DC's office of that  state,  Sharma said "similar  arrangement  may be approved for the Namsai district  also so that labourers could be paid. The letter also sought necessary instruction to the DC office, SBI Namsai, Chowkham and UBI Namsai and Mahadevpur branches to resolve the crisis.
Earlier, a group of tea planters led by Aditya Mein, Aditya Tea Estate Owner wrote a letter to Commissioner Finance Government of Arunachal Pradesh seeking permission on cash withdrawal limit for weekly and forth nightly payment of labourers engaged in Agro-base Industries in the state.  Mr Mein informed that Tea, agro based industries need huge amount of cash to meet weekly-fortnightly wages of thousands of labourers. He added that current restriction on cash withdrawal resulted in shortage of cash which may trigger labour unrest and order and order problem.   Mein sought the state government to find same mechanism as the Assam government has adopted for its Agro based industries.
Meanwhile, Commissioner Finance, GoAP Ashish Kundra has confirmed that a group of tea planters have submitted a representation seeking dispensation of cash for tea workers.  The Commissioner Finance further informed that all concerned Deputy Commissioners have been advised to send a reference to RBI through State Bank of India seeking dispensation on  the line of Assam tea workers.

Tago dismisses Chinese claim, says passport with embassy
ITANAGAR, Nov 20: Indian Badminton Team manager Bamang Tago has dismissed the Chinese claim that visa application was withdrawn by the applicant himself and that visa was not denied by China.
In a statement, Tago said that his passport is still in the custody of the Chinese Embassy and that Chinese claim of withdrawal of application is completely false, fabricated and misleading.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang had said that China didn't deny visa to Bamang Tago and that he had withdrawn the visa application himself.
"I had submitted my passport for visa to the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi on Nov 10 and original receipt bearing no. 969630137 was issued on the same day.
"My passport is still in the custody of the Chinese Embassy and I wrote to Chinese Ambassador to India and Consulate respectively on 17 November 2016 at 9.30 am requesting for urgent issuance of visa. Furthermore, I have not written any application for cancellation/withdrawal of my visa application and it is still in the custody of the Chinese embassy" he said.
If my passport is not returned by Chinese embassy, I shall have no other option but to file a complaint to ensure secure return of my national identity document, Tago said in an email to this daily.
He further informed that MOS Kiren Rijiju is aware of the issue.

Uncertain politicians and loyalty
Monday Musing
[ Taba Ajum ]
The moment results of 2014 parliament and assembly elections started to come, the only thing that came to mind of every Arunachale was how long will it take for Congress MLAs to merge with BJP. In the first one year, Congress MLAs surprised people of state by continuing to pledge loyalty to the grand old party. But after a year as infighting broke out within Congress rank, the BJP opened its door to them and finally majority of Congress MLAs used PPA as route to reach their destination as part of NDA coalition.
As this whole drama was being played out in full public view, the silent watchers like us could only laugh at the way our politicians keeps on changing loyalty.  During the peak Congress rule in 2009-10, when late Dorjee Kkandu was running the show, there were just a handful of BJP leaders in the state. Most of these leaders rooted in the BJP ideology stood up to late Khandu and bitterly opposed his wrong policies. Though his public image was that of being soft and down to earth but people who were close to him, says that late Khandu was critical of the public criticism of his government. Therefore, credit goes to those handfuls of state BJP leaders who stood up to his might. At that time majority of Arunachalee politicians pledged allegiance to Congress party in particularly to Sonia Gandhi, who is AICC President.
In fact a Congress leader, who is now part of NDA, once told me, "If Madam Sonia asks me to jump into the river, I am ready for it." That was his way of showing loyalty. The same politician recently told me, "Modi is the best PM India has ever produced and that Congress has ruined Arunachal." That's how the politicians are and perhaps it's same everywhere.
A senior BJP leader who spent years in nurturing the party in the state but who now finds himself sidelined said, "Now former senior Congress leaders have become senior BJP leaders in the state. These same people joined BJP in 2004 but the moment Congress returned to power in  the Centre, they left us citing BJP as communal party. History will be repeated in future if things go other way in the centre."
Well, it has almost become part of our political culture to change loyalty as per convenience. But question is how long will this continue and what is the price state will pay for this constant political instability?
Former Chief Minister Late Kalikho Pul is perhaps the first victim of this viscous political game. Also, the image of state has taken severe beating and still a sense of uneasiness prevails in the state. This viscous circle will have to end and for that everyone including citizens will have to play a major role. The first step in this direction will be to stop money culture during the next Panchayat election. The process has to start at grass-root level.
The political crisis of last one year followed by death of late Kalikho Pul has deeply divided the state. The onus lies on present state leadership led by Chief Minister Pema Khandu to heal the state and bring unity in order to move forward towards better Arunachal.

Expedition outlines rich wildlife habitat in Mouling National Park
[ Prafulla Kaman ]
PASIGHAT, Nov 20: A joint team of wildlife officials and public leaders of Siang district led by Divisional Forest Officer (WL) Boken Pao recently toured Mouling Wildlife Sanctuary.
The objective of the expedition was to study condition of the park, biodiversity, identification of the wildlife and to study human inference besides study of the landscapes for preparation of management plan.
Located at 30 km west from Boleng town district Hq of newly created Siang district, Mouling NP covers 483 sq km area.
The NP is adjacent to Dihang Dibang Biosphere Reserve (DDBR), which is famous for endangered butterfly species in Himalayan region. The Park has been recognized as one of the 18 biodiversity hotspots of the world. Mouling is known for its three varieties of goat - antelopes, locally known as Takin, Coral and Serow.
The northeastern portion of the Park is surrounded by fringe villages namely- Ramsing, Kaaying, Bogu, Yiibuk, Yiingku, Subsing villages.
Mouling NP has four major peaks namely- Gangging Mouling (Altitude- 2580 meter), Morang Mouling (2940 mt), Mouling Shivam (2745 mt) and Rapom Hill Peak of 1140 meter altitude and many small peaks. Morang Mouling peaks is considered as highest peak in Siang Valley of Arunachal.
Narrating the findings of the expedition, DFO Pao said that the National Park (NP) has numerous picturesque landscapes of different altitudes with rich flora and fauna. The dense evergreen forests with perennial streams supports habitat of wild species such as primates including Hoolock Gibbons, different mammals, birds, reptiles and insects.
The team during their four-day expedition reached the highest peak, nine hours foot march from the entry point and observed movement of wild animals such as wild boar, bear, hog deer, leopards, squirrel, red pandas inside the park, while they saw sign of some endangered species in the park.
The team during expedition found existence of Paris polyphylla, a medicinal plant listed as vulnerable by the IUCN.
According to Pao, this was the second expedition of Forest (WL) officials in the park after it was notified as National Park in 1986. Earlier, one of the DFO, Dr Yogesh (IFS) posted to Mouling NP conducted the first expedition during 1991. The officials interacted with fringe area villagers and spoke to them on the need of conservation of wildlife and natural resources for the future generations.
The officials foresee huge economic prospect of the National Park through Eco-tourism.
The forest (WL) officials during expedition were accompanied by Yiibuk village Anchal chairperson, Tabang Nyitan, ABK leader Tali Tamut and other local villagers.

RGGPC  facing numerous problems
ITANAGAR, Nov 20: The authorities of Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic College (RGGPC) have appealed to the state government to look into the various problems plaguing the premier technical institute of the state which was  established under the World Bank project in 2002. The functioning of the institute  has  badly  been disrupted and  the faculties, staffs and students are  also facing lots problems due to  several issues which are yet to  be resolved.
"Trespassing and encroachment of college land is a massive problem. The location of RGGP is such that it is surrounded by public residences. The road and connectivity to their residence is through the campus. Because of these, constant conflicts take place between public, student and college authorities. This severely affects the academic activities," informed Taba Tath, campus in-charge of RGGP. Also the conduction of student bodies' election in Dera Natung Government affects the academic activities of RGGP.  
"Since the entrance to polytechnic college passes through DNGC campus sometimes the faculties, staffs and students have to face difficulties in movement. Despite producing identity card security personnel deployed near DNG College entrance unnecessarily harasses staff and students. To avoid such hardship we have many times apprised the Government for separate road for RGGP but no action has been taken so far. The classes and examination are worse affected. Sometimes it has to be postponed," shared campus in charge.
The college authorities informed that they have apprised the higher authorities many a times but no concrete measures have been taken up by the authority to solve the problems. Due to the lackadaisical attitude of higher authorities, the principal and campus in charge are bearing  the brunt of the problem.
They have appealed to the government to look into problems in order to create conducive environment for studies and create a sense of security within campus.

Mr Arunachal 2016: Tarh Gungte bags title
ITANAGAR, Nov 20: The finale of Mr Arunachal 2016 pageant was held on Saturday night at Siddharth hall, Itanagar.
Tarh Gungte (21) from Papumpare district was announced the winner of Mr. Arunachal 2016 pageant and Marge Angu (21) from West Siang was named the first runner up while Rinchin Dorjee from Tawang was crowned 2nd runner up respectively.
The winner, Tarh Gungte, will be the ambassador for healthy lifestyle and HIV & AIDs awareness campaign in the state.
Winners announced in the sub-contest category were Mr. Talent -Hassang Techi Tara (East Kameng), Mr. Photogenic -Nomin Doming (East Siang), Mr. Congenial -Tana Peter and Mr. Fitness -Ijum Ango.
Speaking during the finale, Chief Minister Pema Khandu and Parliamentary Secretary Transport and Supply, Likha Saaya, exhorted the 15 contestants to maintain healthy lifestyle so that they can be role model for the youths of the state in the fight against tobacco and HIV/AIDs.
Earlier, top 10 finalists were declared under the jury of Designer Nabam Aka, Designer Bonnie Darang and second runner-up of India's Next Top Model first season Gloria Tep from Nagaland.
Winner of the pageant gets a free trip to Bangkok, Thailand, while the first and second runners-up get a chance to visit Bhutan.

DNGC celebrates annual college day
ITANAGAR, Nov 20: Dera Natung Government College here celebrated its XXXVII Annual College Day.
Attending its inaugural function on November 14 last, education minister Honchun Ngandam urged the students to be hard working now so that they can enjoy the fruit of their hard labour later.
Saying that life today is becoming increasingly competitive, he urged them to be committed to achieve their goal.
He underscored the need of sincerity and diligence for success in any sphere of life. "Career building should be taken as a challenge in life," he said.
Advising the students to come out of their comfort zone to achieve success, he also urged the students to be respectful towards teachers so that a cordial relationship prevails in the college and makes it conducive for teaching-learning activities.
Responding to the memorandum submitted by General Secretary of the college Choki Raja demanding two big class rooms and Departmental rooms for faculty members, he assured that the proposals will be included in the SADA.
"DNGC, being one of the premier institutions of Higher Education in the state and its location being in capital complex, shall always receive the due attention from the Government," he assured.
Also speaking, Chairman, Green Arunachal Foundation Takam Tatung, also an alumnus and GS of the students' Union, urged the students to do something innovative so that the future generation of students remembers them. He also made an appeal to the education minister that the Excursion fund, College Magazine fund for college students etc being very paltry and stagnating since a decade, should be increased at least twofold to meet the liability of price rise.
The valedictory function was held on November 16 at College Auditorium. UD & Housing Nabam Rebia exhorted the students to imbibe sportsman spirit in all spheres of life.
Expressing disappointment that the younger generation has made college life synonymous with political ambitions and are neglected their studies, he advised them to prepare for the upcoming challenges in life.
He also expressed his concern on the trend of celebrating picnic, freshers' meets in the line of communities in schools and colleges and said it is weakening our society. Especially in educational institutions, he desired that such discrimination should not be allowed to prevail.
Distributing prizes to the winners he said that while success should inspire the winners, failure should not be looked upon as the end of everything in life and should be used as a stepping stone for future success.

Arunachal has potential to become fruit bowl of India: DCM
NAMSAI, Nov 20: Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Mein said that Arunachal has the potential to become the Fruit Bowl of India if we adopt professional way of agriculture cultivation. He said this while attending the one day training programme on Large Cardamom conducted by Spice Board of India at Namsai today.
He said that our state have plenty of land with varied climatic conditions ranging from Tropical to Alpine climate where we can grow varied types of agricultural and horticultural crops. What we need is lot of research works, proper planning & policies and strong will power.   He exhorted the progressive farmers to take advantage as the govt, policy makers and the administration are here to help.
He said "We must bring in transformation in the agriculture and horticulture sector though slowly". He said that the govt would keep a special provision in the coming budget for alternate crops for poppy cultivation and expressed hope that with the completion of national highways and coming up of rail routes to the state, marketing facilities will also improve in near future.
He said that he is very much a farmer at heart, therefore he is very keen   to look for the kind of agricultural crops and methods adopted in other countries  whenever he get chance so that there model can be implemented in our state too.  He shared his experience of his visit to the Royal Agriculture Project of ISAN (Northeast) region of Thailand where the conditions were quite similar to ours some years ago.  
R K Sharma, Deputy Commissioner said that this area is traditionally grower of various spices but what lack is technical know how and marketing facilities. Technical knowledge learned must be practically used on ground to have desirable results. He said that the district administration is ready to extend all possible help and assistance in this field.
The Spice Board conducted one day training programme on Large Cardamom at Namsai today. Board is also involved in various extension training programme including field demonstrations while encouraging the farmers on organic farming and Scientific Black Pepper Cultivation.
Spices Board in collaboration with Indian Institute of Spices Research Calicut, Kerala have also conducted three days workshop on Production Management and Onfarm Processing of Spices  & and its Prospects on Arunachal Pradesh from November 17 to 19.
They have imparted theoretical session for two days on different spices like Ginger, Turmeric and Black Pepper. On the third day, the participants were taken for field visits to plantations at Lathao, Joha and Model Black Pepper Demonstration Plot of Spices Board in Mahadevpur. Around 80 farmers from different parts of Namsai participated in the training programme.
Among others Chow Zingnu Namchoom, Namsai MLA, Apur Bitin SP, H N Dubey, Scientist and Resource persons (scientists) from ISRS Calicut attended the programme.

Paragliding Joyride launched at Seppa
ITANAGAR, Nov 20: Local MLA cum Parliamentary Secretary (Tax & Excise), Tapuk Taku has  launched the Paragliding Joyride (Tandem Ride) in presence of Deputy Commissioner in-charge  T. Messar, and a large number of enthusiastic public at Seppa on November 14. With this, Seppa comes next to Sikkim in North East  in introducing Paragliding in a commercial way.  
The adventure sports has been introduced by M/s Arunachal Discover Paradise Tours with the support of Department of Tourism, GoAP, under Mukhya Mantri Paryatan Vikas Yojana.
Addressing the gathering on the occasion, both  the Parliamentary Secretary and  DC In-charge said that with the introduction of Paragliding at Seppa, there will be increase in flow of tourists  in  the district. They appealed public to be receptive to the tourists with warm hospitality so that each tourist go back with a sweet remembrance of the place and the people.
The inaugural programme was organized by APSED.
In his address, APSED president Vijay Sonam appealed the people to cooperate so that Seppa becomes hub of adventure tourism.
River Rafting, trekking and paragliding in East Kameng District is being promoted by APSED under Arunachal Discover Paradise Tours, he told. He further told that 3 boys has already been trained on basic course on paragliding and 3 girls is being sponsored by Arunachal Discover Paradise Tours to undergo basic course on paragliding at NIMAS Dirang from 16-23 November, 2016. Further planning to arrange advance course for the trained youths will be explored, he said. Arunachal Discover Paradise Tours is a sister organization of APSED, he added.

Workshop on handloom, handicraft and adult education held
ITANAGAR, Nov 20: A workshop on handloom, handicraft and adult education was held at Soha villager under Tirap district on Saturday under the aegis of HOPE foundation  (Hangko Moidam Oasis Of People's Empowerment). Village Chief, Gaon Buras from Soha and Barak villages, religious leaders, villagers and students participated in the event.
Speaking on the occasion Deomali Additional Deputy Commissioner B Puroik, appreciated the noble rural initiative taken up by HOPE foundation and added that such kind of noble work should be supported by everyone for larger development of the village community and Tirap as a whole.
Resource person and subject experts dwelled on the topic and gave a detailed presentation on the subject. Pongrem Arangham, Deputy Director of industries Tirap informed the participants about the scope and opportunities of traditional designs and utilities of technique and layout. He demonstrated on Handloom and Handicraft techniques which were well taken by the village participants. Dr AK Mishra, Associate Professor, WRGC Deomali briefed about the welfare scheme and opportunities offered by state as well as central government.
He said local artisans can avail such opportunities and develop their own entrepreneurial activities.
Later Sonro Songthing, Headmaster of Government Secondary School, Soha shared his views and ideas on how the adult education can improve the ability to comprehend. Earlier, Komna Moidam, Chairperson HOPE Foundation welcomed all the members present and briefed the objectives and benefit of the workshop. Altogether 185 villagers specially women group actively participated in the programme and benefited from it. The day long programme concluded with interactive session and community lunch. (DIPR)

Karbak visits St Anthony Catholic Church, Yomcha
ITANAGAR, Nov 20: During his weeklong outreach village to village tour program, MLA 27th Liromoba Assembly Constituency cum Parliamentary Secretary, Sports & Youth Affairs Nyamar Karbak visited St Anthony Catholic Church, Yomcha. He laid the foundation stone for construction of a Prayer cum Fasting Centre on Wednesday and interacted with the Christian community of Yomcha Circle.  
Speaking on the occasion Karbak urged the Christian community to stay united and spread the messages of peace, love and oneness amongst the brethrens of Yomcha Circle. He also stated that there shouldn't be politics in the name of religion and everyone should play pivotal role for overall development of the area. He also announced three lakhs rupees from his MLALADs for construction of Prayer cum Fasting Centre and assured to construct the approach road to Church from main road during current Financial Year.  
Further Karbak advised the Church larders to lay emphasis on education of young generation through their preaching.
The Parliamentary Secretary, Sports & Youth Affairs also inaugurated the newly constructed bus shed at Kalamati, Yomcha constructed under MLALADs in 2015-16. He hailed the contractor for using the fund judiciously as per the specification. After inauguration of Bus Stop Shed at Kalamati, MLA visited the Kadai Yomgam Village and interacted with general public of the village. He was accompanied by ADC Yomcha Rujum Raksap, BDO cum CO Darak Sarah Borang, ZPM Yomcha Yiyom Yomcha, EE PWD Pakyi Likar, AE PHED, AE Power and officials of ADC Yomcha during the visit.

Yigi-Kaum Upper primary school attains golden jubilee
ITANAGAR, Nov 20: Beginning its journey on 1966, Upper Primary School Yigi-Kaum celebrated its golden jubilee year.   The week-long celebration by the people of Yigikaum village and the alumni of the school in its honour ended on Saturday.
Officers of Ori Clan voluntarily donated handsome amount to construct one Assembly hall as a dedication to the institution.
Attending the closing ceremony, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju inaugurated the Golden Jubilee Assembly Hall constructed under voluntary contribution of Alumnis of the school.
Aalo West MLA Tumke Bagra and Parliamentary Secretary Education Bamang Felix also attended the programme.
All the former teachers, land donors, grade IV staff and Achievers of the School in different fields were felicitated. Sports, Cultural and literary events were held during the celebration.
A souvenir was also released to mark the occasion.

Union reiterates demand for holding DPC
ITANAGAR, Nov 20: The All Arunachal Pradesh Public Health Engineering and Water Supply Department Workers Union in its memorandum to the Minister PHE and Water Supply expressed resentment for allegedly failing to response their grievances.
In a letter, the union claimed that it has submitted representation three times seeking for immediate holding of Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) to regularize the WC workers under its department.  The union further reiterated to hold DPC as soon as possible considering the exorbitant price of food items which according to them puts worker community in hard time.

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Scheme should benefit the actual beneficiary

One more scheme has been launched after being renamed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday launched Pradhanmantri Grameen Awas Yojna, an ambitious housing scheme meant for rural poor in Agra. Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awaas Yojana (PMGAY), previously Indira Awaas Yojana(IAY), is a social welfare flagship programme, created by the Indian Government, to provide housing for the rural poor in India. A similar scheme for urban poor was launched in 2015 as Housing for All by 2022.

PM Modi has bet big on this ambitious housing scheme meant for rural poor. The housing scheme is expected to provide affordable houses to all those living below the poverty line by the year 2022. Government should be careful and learn from the past mistakes. Many schemes meant for poor hardly benefit them. A proper mechanism should be developed so as to ensure that benefit actually reaches to the poor. Ever since present regime came to power at centre many programmes have been started but results are yet to be seen. Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Start UP India, Make in India and Digital India are some of the major programmes started by NDA government. But these initiatives have not shown desire result yet. Therefore the government should ensure that launching of schemes and programmes do not remain just a publicity stunt. Large sections of people in rural India are still struggling with poverty. Pradhanmantri Grameen Awas Yojna has potential to immensely benefit them. Now the onus lies on union and state government to make sure that rural India indeed gets benefit from this newly launched scheme.








Readers’ Forum




Free the wings of nightingales

Dear editor,

On the month of August 2016, with the dreams of serving our society, I completed my GNM course. Many people have big aims and their contribution is huge but I too have one, small yet tangible.

I am thankful to the state government and the concerned health authorities to trap the talents in a blink of an eye by giving them the pious opportunity to serve the society as ANM and staff nurse. In this pursuit, National health mission(NHM) department conducted the exams for ANM, GNM and Medical officer(MO) on August 2016 whose result was declared on 19th September 2016. Till then it was a smooth run only to start the glitches after 19th September.

After the declaration of result, the concerned department wasted no time to absorb the MO’s into the mainstream. But it is us, the ANM and stuff nurses, who are still waiting to get the appointment orders. Consequently, as a curious and righteous citizen, we visited the concerned department to get acquainted with the status of our appointment order. We were taken aback to learn that still our files are wondering from one table to another to get the required passage. We know only how to serve medicine, give injections, help doctors in the operation theater, and give moral support to patient for the placebo effect. This bureaucratic red tapism is beyond the comprehension of many of us.

There are many candidates who have left their part time jobs only for this job. Besides, no one is ready to give us part time job because the employers know that we can leave the part time job anytime soon. The concerned authorities for the reasons best known to them are not giving us our appointment orders. So much for the authoritative welcome to the fresh and pure mind to the system. We are sitting idly at home because we know nothing other than handling medicines and injections. Every perks come at a cost. This is the story of almost all the professional students.

In this regard I would like to request the young CM to intervene in this matter to expedite the process. Further I would like to request the competent authorities to dispose the matter without wasting any time for it is time to free the wings of nightingales to fly in the open sky.


Rokpen Gali




Indelible ink at bank

Dear Editor,

The centre has announced that Indelible ink is going to be used to mark fingers of those who come to exchange old notes to make sure that they don’t make multiple visits to bank & also prevent many from converting their black money to white by visiting  banks multiple times. But I guess people who have the brains to beat the system and accumulate black money will definitely find a way to erase the ink. As the Quote by Plato goes “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” One wonders how good is this idea of applying indelible ink on fingers unless the concepts of- honesty and not to find ways to cheat the system are indelibly etched in the minds of common man.