November - 25


We are not free from colonial rule

Dear Editor,

This is with reference to Bihar Election results declared today. Nitish Kumar lead NDA acquired two third majority. For a long time, mis-governance has dominated earlier government of Bihar but things seem to have improved since Nitish became Chief Minister five years ago. It is seen that in recently held elections across the country, people have voted against the corruption and inefficient governance whereas good governance has been acknowledged too. But whether same methodology is going to be adopted by the people of North East, especially Arunachal Pradesh where people have only voted for Congress Party since its introduction of Electoral System. The people of Arunachal Pradesh have short memory, but present trend of corruption erupting like volcanoes everyday is going to be reasoned for their voting methodology in days to come. There is no proper road and there are enormous illegal appointments going on. The youth who claim themselves as the backbone of the nation and our tribal society are also found to be party to such mis-governance with compromising attitude. It’s wrong to say that we are free from colonial rule as we are more slave than that of colonial dominion. We are not freed from practices like nepotism and corruption; hunger and underdevelopment.

I, as an ordinary citizen and concerned individual of the society want to question whether we will allow anti-tribal ethic governance to continue function. Is there anybody in the society particularly elite, pressure groups/NGOs or any political party in general and political leaders individually who could control such anti people activities in the state? Is there any community or individuals who would support, if any social activist comes up to nab the anti social activities happening in the society?


Solung K

Behalf of Sango Lomte Foundation



APPSC Clarifies

Dear Editor,

It is very unfortunate and agonizing to observe that inspite of the awareness campaign on the role, function of APPSC and its scheme of examinations being launched in all the colleges across the State, which other Public Service Commissions of the country are not doing certain doubts are being raised through media in regard to the criteria of selection in the forthcoming interview of APPSCCE, 2010.

The Commission had clarified the method of interview in details to the candidates of the APPSCCE, 2010 Interview during its interaction meeting with them on 16th November' 2010 at Vivekananda Hall, Ramakrishna Mission Hospital. APPSC maintains absolute transparency by disclosing the evaluated answer scripts of written examinations and marks of Interview of all candidates to anyone who applies for it. It is clarified that the marks obtained in school and college shall not be the basis which will determine the final selection of candidates in the APPSCCE - 2010. However, even after this if anyone has any clarification to be sought in the method and criteria of award of marks in the Interview to be held on 30th November' 2010 and 1st December' 2010 the Commission invites them to come to its office to verify for themselves the facts.


Huzar Lollen,  IAS Secretary.



Fight dreaded disease - corruption

Dear Editor,

Through this column would like to recall few of the recent scams and heads that rolled. 15/11/10, A Raja of DMK, had to resign as Communication and Information Technology minister over 2G spectrum scam. 9/11/10, Ashok Chauhan axed as Chief Minister, Maharastra, over Adarsh housing scam. 18/4/10 Shashi Thadoor had to submit the resignation letter as Minister of State External Affairs after being linked to controversy over Kochi IPL team. Suresh Kalmadi too had an inglorious exit as Secretary of Congress Parliamentary Party over charges of corruption and embezzlement during the recently concluded CWG. The sleuths of investigating agencies entrusted to unearth the umbrageous dealings involved in all the scams had really been effective and professional in their approach, no time has been wasted to corner all the accused and forced the concerned party high commands to instruct the erring high profile ministers to resign in a bid to avoid further embarrassment and damage to the party image.

Ironically in Arunachal Pradesh, the land of rising Sun, where the sun rays touches the state before the rest of country, the PDS scam yet has to see the light of the day. Thanks to slipshod approach of SIC, the agency responsible for investigating PDS scam, the progress of perpetual investigation has been brought down to a sluggish pace. SIC team badly needs re-training to encompass their responsibilities. This case must be lead by a more competent officer. As present SIC chief MS Chauhan who's on probation period for eternal, deserves a permanent vacation as an acknowledgment to his shrewd delay tactics thus aiding the favored accuses to temper with the evidences. State of affairs in Arunachal Pradesh are in oblivion to the central major political parties, it can be interpreted as such if we see the prompt demands of resignation sought by various party high commands to all the erring ministers in the above scams. However it is hard to blame command. Calling it a day on moral ground is chapter of fairy tales in our state politics. We must not remain in an illusion expecting morally desiccated leaders to follow their counter parts and step down. They would rather turn the state into Monarchy. If there can be awareness campaign against social evils like drugs, AIDS, terrorism then organizing awareness campaign against corruption seem more urgent before its ugly flame engulf the upcoming generation. Conjoin now and fight the dreaded and contagious disease called CORRUPTION.



Mirsam Pasighat






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Pitiable road condition and irregular power supply -- curse for Arunachalee people

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: During my recent visit to Menchuka town to attend Border Area Cultural Festival, 2010, I got wonderful opportunity to experience rural Arunachal from closet. Often sitting in the Capital Complex, we complain about so many things but when one visits interior places then realities hit the head.

Citizens of amazingly beautiful Menchuka like many other interior places of state are fighting hard to survive in difficult condition. The two foremost problems troubling locals seem to be poor road communication and erratic power supply. One local resident told me that for last three months there is no power supply and virtually they are living in darkness. I was quite surprised to hear that and thought, “If this is condition of relatively better known places like Menchuka then what about those Arunachalees living in far interior places.” On 14th November night I was travelling back to my local host’s house at around 9 pm from the ground where the festival was being held. There was darkness all around but to my surprise I saw bright light illuminating from one corner of the town. When I asked my local host about it, he answered, “Oh, that’s an army camp. They have their own generator for electricity supply.”

While there is no doubt that army need all facilities but what about local citizens. Aren’t the local citizens of Menchuka Indians? Such kind of discriminatory attitude at times makes us to wonder whether government of India loves Arunachalee citizens or only state of Arunachal.

The condition of road from Tato to Menchuka is another area which drew the attention of visitors. This stretch of road is very treacherous and dangerous too. People using this route on regular basis are putting their life at risk. It was in this route that Arunachal Pradesh police bus had met up with an accident leading to death of 3 uniform men. Border Road Organization (BRO), the agency responsible for maintaining this road needs to put in extra effort to make this stretch of road safer. This also brings up one question, does really anybody in Arunachal care about how central agencies like BRO functions. Just because they are central agencies, we can’t let them do whatever they want. They also should be held accountable for various works executed by them.

Most of the road constructions works of Arunachal are being carried out by the agencies like BRO. With due respect for their contribution towards development of Arunachal, it is time state government strictly scrutinize the works carried out by BRO. Often it is been found that because of wrong road design accidents occur rampantly leading to loss of valuable lives. But citizen of Arunachal just being happy at getting road connectivity do not bother to check whether road design has met any particular standard. Civil societies, NGOs and student unions should closely examine the work carried out by BRO. End of the day this is our state and if we do not care for infrastructure works executed here, then who will?


Chalo Loku --- The agri-based festival of Noctes

Anu Songtheng

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Chalo Loku is the most important harvesting festival of the Nocte tribe of Tirap District. Every year, it is celebrated in the month of November. Chalo means farewell to the present year where they have enjoyed happiness and sorrows, where as Loku means the moment of celebration, the happiness of welcoming the new life or year. So the meaning of Chalo Loku is farewell to the past and welcoming the New Year. Like other tribal festivals of state, Chalo Loku too is agricultural related festival.

For Loku, they sacrifices buffalos, pigs and chicken to please the Rang (Deity) - Goddess of agriculture. They drink rice beer known as Khaam, which is the special item of the feast. They also make tapioca beer as supplementary drink. During Loku, all the people wear traditional dresses with local necklaces, bangles, foot bangles, traditional handmade belts and handmade hat with hornbill feather known as Kha-Phok. They use special type of hollow log as a drum called Nong, which produces unique sound which signifies ancient music.

They sing and dance whole day and night. The song which are sung during Loku is not only a song but it narrates about the stories of their ancestors, the way they lived, tales of their wars and victory and also sings for the young generation to keep peace and harmony among themselves.

Loku is celebrated for three to five days. The first three days are the most important days. The first day is called Phamlam-ja, second day is called Chaamkat-ja and third day is called Thanlang-ja. During this time, all the distance relatives, friends and nearby villagers come together and feast on Khaam, rice, meats, vegetables, etc.

Generally Noctes practices traditional cultivation (Jhum) cultivation or shifting cultivation. So, after celebrating Loku, the next day morning the elders of the village discussed and finalized the area or site where they should start new cultivation for the year by looking at the egg yolks or other traditional methods to predict. Of course, nowadays Noctes also practices wet cultivation along with shifting cultivation.

Thus, Loku ends with hopes and a prayer for the coming year’s harvesting festival to be better as the last year.


Aim for the top spot: Dr. Ligu suggest students

ZIRO, Nov 24:  Aim for the top spot and work in that line, you surely will be successful, Said, Dr. Ligu Tacho, Member, APPSC, to the students of St. Claret College, Ziro, today, while addressing them in  a awareness campaign on role and functions of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission.

Highlighting the aims and objectives of the APPSC Dr.Tacho  elaborated on schemes of examinations with special emphasis on APPSCEE including procedures of applying, selection criteria at various stages of exams, common cause of rejection of applications, subjects and syllabus.

Allaying   general misconception that the APPSC is not fair in conducting the exams, he said, these are just bickering of the unsuccessful candidates and those who have no idea of the working of the commission. The commission conducts the exams in a very transparent and fair manner and chooses the best of the best candidates and asked the students to repose faith in the commission and start preparations for the next exam  with right earnest.

Any one who has any doubt in their minds  on the working of the Commission can clarify it from the successful candidates who are successfully leading the state administration, whether they were appointed through  unfair means or can  use Right information Act,2005.

While responding to a question on non inclusion of subjects like Journalism and Home Science despite having so many graduates in these subjects in the state, he agreed that Journalism and Home Science is a very fit  subject  for inclusion in the list of subjects and assured to incorporate them in the near future. Besides this, he also assured to apprise the state Govt. to include Tourism, Linguistic and BSc. Nursing  as one of the optional subjects for the combine exam.

On a query whether posts like  DIPRO, CDPO requiring technical educational qualification can be segregated from the Combine exam, he said, for this proposal has to come from the concerned government departments.

Highlighting the initiatives of the commission in the recent years, he said, despite so many constraints the Commission has taken up some important initiatives for the convenience of the candidates, including opening of four more examination centre for Preliminary Exams at Seppa, Daporijo, Yinkiong and Basar, downloading of  application on line  and a separate counter for obtaining application at the commission office. The state government is also actively considering the proposal of the commission for construction of a 1000 candidate sitting capacity  hall at Itanagar.          

Considering its late establishment in 1988, (youngest in the country), the APPSC is doing very well. With cooperation and support of the people of the state and state government, the commission can do wonders and will be the best in the country, he added.

The Awareness campaign, was attended by over two hundred enthusiastic students of the college and nearby schools, College Principal Father Binoy Joseph, Vice Principal Jiju K. Paul, facaulty members, Government officers including, Yachuli Government College Principal, Dr.NT Rikam, DDICDS, Jaya Jaswal Singh, DFO Hibu Tadi, DSO(Stat) Nani Sambyo.


Law and order situation reviewed in West Siang

ITANAGAR, Nov 24 : West  Siang district administration and police in a joint meeting have reviewed the law and order situation in the district at Aalo yesterday.

Presiding over the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner Amjad Tak asked all administrative and police officers to tackle the law and order tactfully in the district. People with criminal backgrounds may also take refuge in the district he said while adding that guidelines should be maintained strictly while issuing ILP. Administration should be transparent and flexible while dealing with administrative matters and law and order problems. Problems may come up in the hydropower development areas and administrative officer should act as link between corporation and local people. The explosives for works should not go in the wrong hands. The DC, however, assured to take up with Govt. to station trained scouts at Likabali  and Kangkhu areas.

The West Siang Superintendent of Police Sindhu Pillai disclosed her efforts to set up police station at Tato and Kangku circles to contain law and order. She assured to strengthen the ILP check gate and intensify night petrolling to check trouble shooters. She also stressed on involvement of OC traffic in drive against violation of traffic rules.

The ADCs of Aalo, Kamba, Mechuka, Yomcha, Rumgong, Likabali, Basar and administrative officers of various circles highlighted their various problems and issues. Many other important issues including the Kambu-Bene land dispute, land and forest encroachments at Likabali sub-division  were also discussed in the meeting. DIPRO


Community meetings on reproductive and child health

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: The Voluntary Health Association of Arunachal Pradesh (VHAAP) in collaboration with the field level NGOs, K.S. Association  of Khupi and NSS organized community meetings on Reproductive and Child Health at Khupi and Kimi of West Kameng district on Nov 15 and 16.  The meetings were conducted by community people themselves and all the eligible couples, pregnant women and community leaders have participated in it. Panchayat leaders, GBs, youth leaders from nearby areas  were also present in the meetings. They appreciated the steps taken by NGOs for the benefit of far-flung and un-served areas.

The RCH centres have been set up at Khupi, Kimi in West Kameng and Nomora and Pate in East Kameng district and RCH staffs with essential medicines have been posted in the centres. The  NGOs will be launching social marketing of affordable medicines as per the community needs in their door steps as a part of outreach service delivery. The VHAAP and associated NGOs shall also be conducting immunization camps in those un-served and under served areas in collaboration with the district RCH societies of both the districts in next round, according to a VHAAP release.


Meet to improve medical and education scenario

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: In order to streamline the medical and educational system in West Siang district, a coordination meeting of the Govt officers and Panchayat leaders was held at Aalo yesterday. The ADCs of sub-divisions, Zilla Parishad members, DMO, DDSE and ADEOs attended the meeting.

Chairing the meet West Siang DC Amjad Tak laid stress on good use of fund under Rogi Kalyan Samiti. He said medicines should reach out to the needy people. The medicines should be procured from approved firm and quality and quantum of flow should be verified by a board involving administration and Panchayat leaders.

He expressed his dismay over non-availability of medicines at Tato during recent accident as raised by ZPM as Mechukha subdivisions got Rs.5 Lakhs from NRHM and Rs. 2.50 lakhs from Border Area Development Fund for procurement of such need based medicines. He also asked medical department to organize a health camp at Monigoing to check growing health problems there.

On education sector, the DC was very specific about implementation of Mid-Day meal scheme in schools to encourage small children to attend school. ADEOs should liaise with Administration and Panchayat leaders to sort out their problems. He also asked all ADEOs to give a detail report on defunct schools for necessary action.

Participating in the discussion, the West Siang Zilla Parishad chairperson, Jarsa Gamlin stressed on transparency and awareness on health related matters among  the people. Gamlin also pointed out shortage of doctors and infrastructures problems being faced by PHC, CHC all over the district. Such short comings should be over come through whatever resources are available with us, he said.

On educational front, he said the West Siang, which was known to be a highly literate district in past, has gradually been losing its reputation. Un-conducive teaching and learning atmosphere due to non-availability of teachers is main reason behind it. He called upon the ADEOs to play crucial role in block level. A beginning had been made to evolve an effective transfer  and posting policy and for incentives to improve work culture of the teachers.

Earlier, the DMO of the District Dr. Talung Tamut elaborated the details of health scenario in the district. The DDSE Nyage Potom laid emphasis on fair distribution of teachers in the district without interference to bring out quality education. He disclosed that out of 466 transferred teachers, only 135 could be implemented due to problem of interferences.

The ADC Yomcha, Mechuka, Kamba, Rumgong, ZPMs, ASM Chairpersons and ADEOs of different blocks spelt out their problems on different issues related to education and medical in their respective places.DIPRO


Foundation Day of Diibo Hija Medar Nello Celebrated

ZIRO, Nov 24: Meder Nello Paph (Diibo-Hija) was celebrated its 4th foundation day on Nov 22 last in a befitting manner at its Nello premise.

Attending the function as the Chief Guest, Lower Subansiri district DFDO, Pani Taram in his speech said that though he himself is Christian, he actively involve in preservation of own tradition, culture and religion. Stressing importance of own tradition, culture and religion, he appealed people particularly to those who have adopted alien religion to respect Danyi-Piilo faith and encourage activities taken up for promoting indigenous faith.

Taking serious note of embracing foreign language vis a vis deterioration of own dialect, he appealed people of Apatani community to take up a step to preserve their own dialect and advocated that identity will be vanish if not taken care in time. However, he appreciated the prayer songs which are written purely in own dialect.

Appreciating their present trends, he urged Danyi Piilo Society to maintain their present spirit and zeal in preservation of tradition, culture and religion and donated Rs 20,000 to the organizing committee and               ` 5,000 for priests.

Distinguishing good and evil activities of human being, the guest of honour of the function AE WRD Ziro Punyo Bamang said that God blesses to those who are doing positive things but not the one who seek blessing to commit a theft.

Taking Meder Nello as “Retreat -cum-cleansing centre”, he hoped that people who attend Meder Nello are God fearing from doing wrong things and are preaching for all the good. He donated ` 15,000 to the organizing committee.

Among others, DPS chairman, Mudang Elyu, Meder Nello’s initiator Kago Charung Siira, Paph Meder Nello Secy, Kago Takha also spoke at the function.

Large numbers of believers attended the function.


U-19 Inter Club Ranking T20 Cricket Tournament

ERUCC clash with DCCC in final

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Eastern Region United Cricket Club (ERUCC), Tezu will lock horns with local outfit Donyi Colony Cricket Club (DCCC) in the final of the U-19 Inter Club Ranking T20 Cricket Tournament-2010-11 at Naharlagun cricket ground tomorrow.

ERUCC stormed into the final defeating Nirjuli Cricket Club (NCC) by 8 wicket in a thrilling first semifinals today.

After winning the toss and deciding to bat first, Nirjuli Cricket Club scored 92 runs in 20 over losing nine wicket. Akhilesh Sahani top-scored with a quickfire 26 run off 30 balls. Techi Neri contributed useful 20 runs to team’s total.

While chasing the target, ERUCC lost their opening pair cheaply. However, captain Brena Kri and all-rounder Jony Mai steadied the innings and guided the team to victory without further loss. They reached the target of 93 runs with one ball to spare.

Jony Mai of ERUCC was declared MoM for his all round performance. He took four  wicket and contributed useful 16 runs.

In second semifinals, Donyi Colony Cricket Club defeated CRY Cricket Club by 4 wickets.

Deciding to bat first after winning the toss, CRYCC innings could not last long and collapsed to DCCC’s disciplined pace attack in 18.5 over scoring 72 run.

Chasing the target, DCCC suffered early jolt when their both the openers returned back to the pavilion scoring noughts. At a time the score card read 8/4. However, the team was rescued from the brink of defeat by Mr. Dependable Duyu Hanyi and all-rounder Momar Ori. They reached the magic figure in the last over of the match. Ori and Hanyi scored 29 and 21 run respectively.

Momar Ori of DCCC, who excelled with both bat and ball ( 3wkt) was adjudged the man of the match.


Karatekas bring laurel to Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Three Karatekas of Arunachal Wado-Kai Karate-Do Association (AWKKDA)  have brought laurels to the state as well as country by winning three Gold and two Silver medals in the 7th International Wado-Kai Karate Do Championship held in Kolkata recently.

Sensei Rakom Dugi of Upper Subansiri won two gold medals in the championship, one each in Black Belt Open Kata in men’s senior category and  51-55 Kg Men’s individual Kumite (fighting).

Mima Bui of Upper Subansiri won a Gold in individual Kumite (fighting) in Boys 14-15 years category and a Silver in Kata display.

Dari Lokam of Kurung Kumey won a Silver medal in individual Kumite (fighting) in Men’s U-75 kg category.

The team was led by Sensei Yarda Niki, chief instructor cum president of Arunachal Wado-Kai Karate Do Association.


Society urges the authorities to redress grievances

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: The sub-divisional offices of PWD, Power (Elect) and RWD at Taliha/Kodak remained defunct for the last five years due to absence of officers and officials, complained Charto Valley Welfare Society (CVWA) Taliha in a letter addressed to Upper Subansiri Deputy Commissioner.

The Society alleged that some Govt officers are staying at Daporijo instead of their posting place at Taliha. It demanded the DC to instruct all those officers and officials to immediately report for duty and stay at their respective posting places.

Regretting over their reluctance to stay at their posting place, CVWST urged the deputy commissioner to transfer out those absentee officials who do not wish to stay at Taliha to facilitate others.

CVWS, in its another memorandum submitted to the Director, Department of Postal Services, Arunachal Pradesh division, demanded to up-grade the present Taliha branch Post Office to sub- Post Office along with staff quarters.

Taliha being the oldest administrative circle in Upper Subansiri district with a population of more than 15,000 where all the major Govt departments have established offices deserves a full fledged post office. The Government departments, staff and public of the area are facing communication bottleneck, insurmountable hardships and inconveniences due to absence of a full-fledged post office, the memorandum said, adding that the present branch post office at Taliha was running from the private residence of the branch post master for the last several years. It has become a tough and risky job for the branch post master for receipt and delivery of letters, opening postal savings passbooks, collection of recurring deposits etc. due to lack of an office accommodation, it added.

It further added that the local administration has expressed willingness to earmark and provide the required land for establishment of the Post Office and staff quarters.

In yet another memorandum submitted to BSNL GM, CVWS urged for immediate posting of a Tele-engineer and a Chawkider at Taliha BSNL telephone exchange for proper maintenance of the telephone exchange. The society said that BSNL mobile service at Taliha was not smooth and urged the authority to rectify defects for uninterrupted mobile service.

Meanwhile, the society urged BRTF Commandant, 77 RCC Hq. Daporijo to repair the damaged culverts and drainage system at Taliha township to prevent artificial flood due to gushing water.


LWS celebrates 4th foundation day

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: The 4th foundation day cum general conference of Leyu Welfare Society (LWS) was conducted at Singkik Hall, Daporijo recently.

Health and Family Welfare Minister Tanga Byaling, who attended the conference as chief guest, advised the clan members to maintain peace and tranquility in the society. He also suggested every registered society/NGOs to work for bringing awareness among masses about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

District Planning Officer Samme Timba, who was the guest of honour, emphasized on preservation of culture and tradition and called upon parents to make their child conscious of the need to preserve it for identity.

Senior member of Leyu clan and MLA Punji Mara appealed to the society members to maintain peace and harmony among them as well as other societies. He also suggested students to devote their time and energy in study to become a good citizen.

Former president of the society Tachu Hina appealed to the society members to maintain affinity among clan members quoting popular saying that ‘united we stand, divided we fall.’

The society felicitated CBSE toppers of Leyu students of 2008-2010 Damru Jeram and Chubom Hina, who secured 79 % and 72 % respectively.

Meanwhile, Er Taluk Jeram and Rocky Motu have been selected as president and general secretary of the Leyu Welfare Society for the session 2010-2013.


Awareness campaign on RMSA

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: The Department of School Education launched a mass awareness campaign cum training programme for stake holders for effective implementation of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) in various administrative headquarters of Lohit district from November 8 to 18.

The first phase of the campaign was conducted at Mahadevpur and Namsai.

Launching the programme at Mahadevpur, the DPC cum nodal officer Nyamo Rina described the significance of RMSA to achieve the goal of universalization of secondary education in the district by the end of 2017. He exhorted the gathering to work with a renewed vigour and dynamism to fulfill the objectives of the noble venture and to ensure ‘education for all’ upto the age of 18 years through this ambitious initiative.

Extra Assistant Commissioner Mito Dirchi appreciated the efforts of the DSE in accomplishing the universalization of higher education in line with SSA and assured whole-hearted cooperation in fulfilling this task of nation building.

In Namsai leg of the campaign, the awareness camp was chaired by additional deputy commissioner L Borang who lauded this initiative and asked all stake holders to ensure that secondary and higher secondary education accessible and available to all in Lohit district irrespective of their socio-economic background. He further asked the teachers to work with a vision and mission to accomplish the objectives of RMSA within the plan period.

Both campaigns were attended by principals, headmasters, teachers and hosts of public and panchayat leaders.

This next phase of the campaign would cover Chongkham, Sunpura and Tezu, according to an official release.


West Siang NCP appeals for separate anchal samity segment for Kangku circle

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Nationalist Congress Party, West Siang District unit vice president Gumke Riba appealed to the Rural Development and Panchayat Minister for creation of separate Anchal Samity segment for Kangku circle for all round development.

While describing the urgent need for granting separate Anchal Samity segment to Kangku, the NCP leader in its letter to the Minister said that if granted it would not only help boost rural economy by facilitating villagers to take up various horticultural activities but also reduce the inconveniences faced by the villagers in performing various official works at Likabali SDO and BDO offices.

Kangku circle comprises 22 villages which include Kamcham, Ngopi, New Ngopi, Upper Barojan, Lower Barojan, Nyijir Koche, Uli, Kangku, Recherite, Balisori, Siloni, Torajan, Rate, Germe, Hime, Mimang, New Mimang, Maai, Pompek, Sogum, Champak Sojo and Durpai.






AVP conducts women awareness camp

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Arunachal Vikas Parishad (AVP) organized two day women awareness camp at the premises of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Chimpu on 20th and 21st of November. Around 84 delegates from various sectors of Itanagar, Naharlagun and Pachin village participated in the program.

Awareness camp was inaugurated by Arunachal Vikash Parishad, President, Nabam Atum on 20th November. Topics covered during camp included importance of women education, role of women in society and their role in promotion and preservation of indigenous faith and culture. Also cultural program and yoga classes were held during the awareness camp. Other participants of camp included Dr Lina Ligu of RKM Hospital, DM Mallo Vice-president AVP, Techi Gubin general secretary AVP and Bina Bora Sanrakshak of Vikash Parishad North East Zone.


Union demands funds for school boundary

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: All Palin Chambang Yangte Gangte and Tarak-Langdi Students’ Union (APCYGTSU) demanded Education Minister for granting fund for erection of protection wall and fencing of the school boundary of Palin Govt. Hr. Sec. School to prevent further encroachment.

The students union in its memorandum rued that it has been running from pillar to post for fund to construct the boundary wall since 2003. But nobody has shown any interest towards its urge for construction of the same.

Describing lack of hostel facility both at Chambang and Yangte Govt. Sec. Schools since its establishment, the union demanded the Minister to grant for construction of two new hostels each in Chambang and Yangte. It further demanded for posting of Principal at Palin GHSS and construction of an office for him and immediate posting of Headmasters at Govt. Sec. Schools Chambang and Yangte.


AYSU resolves

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: The executives members of All Yachuli Students Union in its meeting held at Yazali yesterday unanimously resolved and entrusted the issue regarding their  three-point demands to All Nyishi Students Union. The demands included immediate shifting of temporary district office at Yachuli, no administrative officers, particularly DC and OC should be transferred and maintenance and recovery of damages of Govt offices and properties from the demolishers.


MLA to inaugurate ABCC HQ

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Local MLA Techi Kaso has consented to inaugurate the Arunachal Baptist Church Council headquarter at Itanagar on Nov 27. Rev. Bonny Resu, general secretary, Asia Pacific Baptist Federation will dedicate the council HQ land to the glory of God.


APCSOA lauds Govt

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: The Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service Officers’ Association (APCSOA) extended its heartiest thanks to Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and Education Minister Bosiram Siram for appointing P.N.Thungon, APCS, as Director Elementary Education (DEE) on bifurcation of the Directorate of School Education into two departments. The Association is grateful to the state Govt for reposing its faith on the ability of APCS cadre officers.

The  APCSOA  hoped that with his new assignment as DEE-cum-SPD SSA, P.N.Thungon would provide an exemplary administration to the Education department.


ATA oppose appointment

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Arunachal Teachers Association (ATA) in its general body meeting  today  held discussion on the recent bifurcation of directorate of school education and appointment of director of elementary education, promotional avenue and pay anomaly of A/T A.

After long deliberation, the house unanimously adopted resolutions opposing the recent appointment of director of elementary education from the APCS cadre.  The appointment should be made from the senior most joint director of school education of the department, ATA said.

The house also resolved to approach the Govt for immediate rectification of pay anomaly and   promotional quota of A/T A.


RTE awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: A day long awareness campaign on right to education was organized at Mengio on November 20 last.

Addressing the gathering, ZPM  Nabam Bate advised the head master, teacher in-charge, VEC members and PRI leaders to share the very concept of right to education.

He emphasized on micro planning to be carry out from the grassroots level after verifying all existing infrastructure and require facilities as per the need of the concerned school for proper planning.

He advised the field staff to visit school regularly for proper implementation of the ongoing scheme like MDM and other activities and also suggested the Parents, VEC and PRI leaders to come forward in accelerating quality education through joint venture mission and further urged all headmaster, teacher in-charge to play as elderly, parents, social reformers, volunteers and key facilitators in educating all children irrespective of caste, creed and gender.

EAC M Loyi highlighted the importance of education and appealed all the participants to spread the message of RTE Act provisions at grassroots level through VEC meeting so that each and every child get free education facilities and also directed all teachers of the area to be regular in their duties.


JES annual sports meet held

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Jubilee English School, Itanagar celebrated its 5th annual school sports meet at Nyokum Lapang Ground yesterday.

NSUI President Kafa Bagang attended the closing ceremony function as chief guest.He advised the tiny tot to devote in their study along with other curricular activities.


Souvenir released

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: VKV School, Ziro has released first Vol. of its souvenir called “Harmony Vol-I” on Nov 22. It was complied and written by its Orators Club of the school. The souvenir was formally released by the chief guest of the function, Yachang Tacho, Editor of The Subansiri weekly news paper, Ziro.  

Appreciating the club members and teachers for taking pain in bringing out the souvenir successfully, he said that such piece of works will enhance creativity of the student and will remain as treasure of information and knowledge.

While narrating the success story of some of the VKV students in their life, he asked students to be serious in their studies. He also encouraged students to get specialized in any field  and maintain discipline.

Highlighting present unemployment problems being faced in the state where scope of getting government job is fading day by day, he asked students to do hard work  and prepare themselves to face the problem in future. Later, he distributed the prizes to winner of literary competition.

Earlier, Anand Mohan Mishra, School Principal in his welcome address had briefed on formation of Orator Club in the school and its functionaries.


AIR and DD staff observe boycott

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Joining the nation wide strike called by the National Federation of Akashvani and Doorsarshan Employees (NFADE), the NFADE Unit, Arunachal Pradesh is also observing the 48 hrs long boycott call from November 23 to 25.

Demanding repealing of the Prasar Bharati Act, 1990, the employees from AIR Stations and Doordarshan organized dharna and other agitation programmes.

Transmission of programmes including news remained off since Tuesday morning which is scheduled to be broadcast from all the AIR stations of Arunachal Pradesh and Doordarshan Kendra, Itanagar, according to a release.


Annual school day celebration

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: The Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Itanagar will celebrate the 28th Annual School Day with a 3-day programme from November 27 to 30.

Par. Secy. for civil Supply Lokam Tassar and AAPSU president Takam Tatung would attend the inaugural function as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.


District level  Science exhibition

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Govt. Hr. Sec. School Yingkiong stood first while JNV Geku secured the second position in the district level science exhibition conducted at Yingkiong yesterday.

Orin Lego, EAC, who attended the exhibition as chief guest stressed the need for inculcating scientific temperament among the students.

DDSE T Paron also spoke on the occasion.

All Higher secondary and Secondary schools of Upper Siang participated in the competition.


Transfer & posting

ITANAGAR: In the interest of public service, the state Govt in an order has transfered and posted Deputy Commissioner, Yupia, Nandini Paliwal as Director General (Training) Special Secretary (Personnel, AR, Vigilance & cooperation), while Art and Culture Director Pige Ligu has been posted as Yupia DC. Joint Secretary (Personnel), Remo Kamki, as been transferred and posted as Director, Art & Culture. DIPR


Nocte Chalo Loku

ITANAGAR: MLA Techi Kaso and Secretary UD Kapa Kholie have consented to attend as chief guest and guest of honour in the capital complex Nocte Chalo Loku celebration at Tirap Changlang festival ground, Senki View, Itanagar on Nov 25.


1468 domestic animal vaccinated

ITANAGAR: A total of 1468 domestic animals were vaccinated against various diseases during the week-long mass vaccination programme of livestock in Itanagar and adjacent villages. Nine-hundred and fifty-two cattle, 30 mithun, 322 goat and 164 pigs were vaccinated against foot and mouth disease, HS, BQ and swine fever in pigs, informed Dr. M Ete, VO, Veterinary Dispensary here.

The programme was conducted by a team of veterinary experts from Veterinary Dispensary Itanagar and the State Biological Park headed by Dr. B Warjari, senior veterinary officer and Dr. M Ete, Veterinary officer.



ITANAGAR, Nov 24: The staff of Directorate of Social Welfare, Women and Child Development, Naharlagun condoled the demise of CDPO Longding Monghai Wangsu who died on November 17 at her residence, Longding after prolong illness.

The staff of the department observed two minute silence and prayed to almighty to give enough strength to the bereaved family members to withstand this hour of sorrow and grief.

Monghai was born on August 14, 1968 at Longsom village, Longding circle.

She joined the government service on 1989 as extension officer and served the department as CDPO from 1991 till her death.

She is survived by her husband and two children.


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Thousands march to Parliament to protest against mega projects

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: More than 8000 people from Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Uttrakhandh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Assam and Arunachal came together to raise their voice against construction of Mega Dams to stop displacement of people this afternoon in Delhi.

The Parliament Gherao Programme which started this afternoon however was stopped before reaching Parliament.

The Forum for Siang Dialogue (FfSD), against the Construction of 2700 MW, Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project joined the National Rally and Parliament Gherao Programme Organized by National Alliance for Peoples’ Movement (NAPM).

Addressing a rally yesterday held at Jantar Mantar, Medha Patkar said that Government of India is not even prepared to listen to the voices of the people of Assam and North-east.

The demonstrators undertook a symbolic march to the Parliament against dams especially in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh.

The activists have placed a nine-point charter of demands which includes issues of a White Paper on all the land acquisition, displacement caused and rehabilitation completed since independence. The White Paper must also make public the extent of land utilised, unutilised and land acquired for public purpose but remains occupied by sick and non-functional industries and other infrastructure projects.

Meanwhile, Forum for Siang Dialogue led by the General Secretary Ogam Mengu and Secretary Oyin Yomso met Environment Minister Jairam Rameshji yesterday and pleaded with him to stop Dams on River Siang and postpone the Public Hearing fixed on Dec 20-24 as the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) has not yet been conducted and obtained by the Govt. from the to be affected peoples.

Today the FfSd Spokesperson Vijay Taram along with Akhil Gogoi, Medha Patkar, Vimal Bhai and members of NAPM met the Union WRD Minister PK Bhansal and submitted a representation to Stop all Dams on river Siang and invited him to visit Siang Valley to take a firsthand stock.


24-hours hospital and outdoor patients service

State health deptt. to introduce RKS hospital management policy

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: The Arunachal Pradesh health department has decided to introduce the RKS Hospital Management policy and guidelines in all general hospitals and district hospitals of the state. This decision was unanimously taken in a consultative meeting held under the initiative of state Health and Family Welfare Minister Tanga Byaling at his office chamber on Nov 23.

The meeting was organized in order to streamline the management of the General Hospitals and District Hospitals in the state. Health Secretary Kaling Tayeng, Director T. Basar, Additional DHS K. Nishing and CMO M. Jini attended the meeting.

Accordingly, the General Hospitals, District Hospitals will function as per RKS Hospital Management guidelines and policy which was approved by Central Govt. All the General Hospitals and District Hospitals in the state will provide twenty four hours hospital service and attend the outdoor patient without any break. The qualified doctors and experienced Lab. Technicians will provide twenty-four hours service and laboratory will be opened without any break for the convenience of the patients.  It was also decided in the meeting to give extra efforts to eradicate the malaria in Arunachal with regular DDT spray in every village and circles to check the disease.

Steps are being taken to open blood sample collection centre in every health centre for laboratory test which will help in identifying the affected areas and take further remedial measures.  The blood sample reports will be sent by every health center monthly for onward submission to the concern Central ministry.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Tanga Byaling appealed to all other ministers, MLAs, district administrations, panchayat leaders and intellectual group to extend their valuable suggestions in improving the health condition of the people of the state and work together for heath security. The minister also appealed to all the doctors and hospital staff to share the responsibility and to become sincere to their duties and deliver their best services to the patients.


Airmen recruitment rally to begin from Friday

NAHARLAGAUN, Nov 24: Airmen recruitment rally for unmarried male candidates from Arunachal Pradesh would begin from Friday at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium at Naharlagaun at 7am, said Wing Commander T.P. Shahji, Commanding Officer, Airmen Recruitment Centre, Guwahati, on Wednesday while addressing media persons at Banquet Hall.

The Wing Commander said recruitment from north-east states in Airmen categories is few due to various factors including inadequate information, distance, and motivation. Therefore, wide awareness and motivation to the youths is essential, he said and appealed media to support in creating adequate publicity all over the state for maximum possible recruitment.

Recruitment in two categories, technical and non-technical posts for 10+2 pass candidates for domiciles of the state, would be conducted by a team of Ari Force Selection Committee comprising 30 officers and staff on the spot.

Candidates with minimum 50% marks and with Maths, Physics, and English, and diploma holders with minimum physical height of 152.5cm would be eligible for Technical categories while for non-technical categories 10+2 pass candidates with same physical standards and with any subjects can appear the test. Evaluation of marks and physical tests would be performed during the course, the Wing Commander informed.

According to Shahji, the list of selected candidates would be published in All India Select List by January 2011, and accordingly they would be enrolled as per availability of posts.

DIPR Lekhi Puntso, earlier, while appreciating the co-operaton of media in the recruitment drive, informed that the information on the matter has been extensively given to all district administrations. He expressed hope that maximum candidates would turn out for the recruitment.

Wing Commander K. Tyagi, Commanding Officer, Airmen Selection Centre, Guwahati, and other officers were also present on the occasion. DIPR


Greetings on Chalo Loku

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh has extended festival greetings and best wishes to the people of Arunachal Pradesh on the joyous occasion of Chalo Loku.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu also greeted the people of Arunachal Pradesh particularly the Nocte community on the joyous and auspicious occasion of Chalo Loku.

In his festival message, Governor expressed his hope that while continuing the excellent tradition, this socio-religious festival will be the binding force amongst the communities and also help in showcasing the cultural mosaic of the state.

On this auspicious occasion, I join with all Arunachalees to offer our prayer to Almighty Rang for peace, prosperity and well being of all, Gen Singh said in his message.  In his message, Khandu said that the harvest festival of Noctes which is also an occasion to bid adieu to the old year and welcome the New Year with renewed hopes, usher in peace, prosperity and wellbeing of the sentient beings.

It is also an occasion to showcase and preserve our rich cultural heritage and I hope our younger generation will uphold the spirit of our ancestral tradition in days to come, Khandu further stated in his message.


Traffic awareness campaign in Capital ends

AAPSU calls for road safety signboard in all schools

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: The Traffic Awareness Campaign by All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union in close collaboration with APP, Traffic Cell concluded today at Donyi Polo Vidhya Bhawan with a pledge to uphold the theme: “2011-2012: No Youth Accident Year”, in letter and spirit.

AAPSU leaders, led by President Takam Tatung and Traffic Awareness Campaign Chairman Nabam Tamar, who is also the Vice President (Protocol) also, visited Govt Hr Secondary School, Itanagar and Gyan Ganga School asking the students to obey traffic rules for their safety.

AAPSU leaders also asked them to pass on the traffic awareness to their ignorant kiths and kin so that there is minimum accidents in this coming new year, especially involving youths.

Tamar informed that due to technical snag; power point presentation-the main ingredient of the Campaign, by APP Traffic Cell did not take place today in all the three Schools and expressed regret. He, however, expressed his gratitude to all concerned, especially mentioning APP Traffic Cell for the successful conclusion of the campaign. Meanwhile, Tatung has urged the concern authority to put up speed breakers and proper signboards in all the schools of Capital Complex. He opined that accidents could be averted by the speed breaker and signboard would alert the over-speeding drivers to slow down.     

AAPSU will continue it’s Traffic Awareness Campaign in selected districts with traffic congestion such as big towns like Pasighat, Aalo, Tezu, Ziro etc.   

AAPSU Vice President (Administration) Sonam Tenzing, Spokesperson Tobom Dai, Assistant General Secretary Marge Riba, Vice President (Women Wing) Kohman Lungphi, Auditor Danghi Mangam, Asst Social Service Lokam Tachok, Vigilance Secretary Bengia Tayu also attended the campaign.  


Governor stresses on Sadbhavana projects

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: Social commitment of the Army is very important to win the hearts and minds of the people of this frontier state, said Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh while interacting with Maj Gen SS Dasaka of Eastern Command, Kolkata, Brig BK Pandey and Brig Jarken Gamlin of 4 Corps, who called on him at Raj Bhavan here today.

Goodwill gestures like opening of schools, nurseries or hospital can do lots of difference. Along with other projects of the Army, Sadbhavana projects should come up in order to create good environment, he added.

Assuring his all out help for any developmental project of the Armed Forces in Arunachal Pradesh, Governor pointed, people over here in general are very positive towards the Army and therefore rising to their expectations, we must implementation projects in a time bound manner.

Sharing his experiences as Commanding Officer in early seventies in the state with the Army Officers, Gen Singh advised them on team work,   bonding amongst the personnel and officers and utmost care for every member of the unit.

Governor also stressed on the Army officers to take lead in preserving the rich flora and fauna of the State.  

Informing them of first ever State level Rally of Ex-Servicemen at Itanagar on 4th December, former Chief of Indian Army advocated that 4 Corps, 3 Corps and Eastern Command as a whole must play lead roles in conducting the rally, so that it is organized in a befitting manner.

Earlier, Maj Gen Dasaka with a help of PowerPoint apprised the Governor of infrastructural developmental projects and its teething problems in implementation in the state. He went on to suggest for a labour bank in the state and also emphasized on encouraging ex-service men to participate in the projects of the Army. PRO to Governor.