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October - 01



PRC revoke a victory for Arunachalees

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank our govt. for revoking its earlier order of issuing PRC to non-APST.

This order was bound to effect the indigenous people as our population is very meager comparable to non-APST people. Especially in Bordumsa-Diyun and Lekang constituency of Changlang and Lohit district respectively. At least now we can sleep happily without fearing about our future and concentrate on our other developmental activities. I would like to thank AAPSU, ATKSU, ANSU, ALSU and every other student unions and every citizen of the state for raising their concern against government decision to issue PRC to non-APST.

And from now we have to fight unitedly for every policy that has been implemented by our shortsighted politicians for the benefit of themselves which in actual are meant for the development of our state. As lots of money has been pumped by central government which remained either un-utilized or even if utilized is of no use for public like urban development marketing complex in Pasighat and false billing made by contractor for Anganwadi school construction. If we keep on raising issues and fight unitedly for the development, am sure our state will one day see epitome of development.  Thank you Arunachalee for this wonderful fight against PRC.


Concern Citizen



Who on earth coined the term 'Arunachalee'?

Dear Editor,

Who on earth coined the term 'Arunachalee' for the people of Arunachal Pradesh? All my friends and people here in Delhi find the term Arunachalee to be very crude type.  When we say Arunachalee, it sounds as if the person is uneducated, illiterate, foolish bumpkin ready to accept the dictates of anything thrown at us by the Central government.

In order to sound more sophisticated and be a people with self-pride, we the citizens of Arunachal Pradesh can use the words 'People of Arunachal Pradesh' (POAP) for all purposes to identify ourselves once we are outside the state. The media of the state has to take an initiative in this regard. The newspapers have to edit the word 'Arunachalee' and use 'People of Arunachal Pradesh' or 'POAP' to give a sense of pride to the tribal people of the state.


Tanyang Tajo

(On email)



Don’t use PRC as an invisible shield against the Chinese threat

Dear Editor,

Ever since the Chinese renewed their claim over Arunachal Pradesh with much vigor and an aggressive posturing, the people of the state have witnessed a major shift in the attitude of the Indian government. Be it in the friendly behavior of the military personnel or in the unprecedented warm smile on their faces while in a convoy, be it in the major influx of people from outside north-east or be it in the major industrial projects that are being brought into the state, be it in the national media’s dramatically positioning lens into the state or be it in the national highways running through heart of state. No doubt, the changes are happening and they are not going unnoticed.

And yes maybe they are good for the state. The granting of PRC to non-APSTs, which by now has been revoked by state government, is just one of those changes whose foot print can be found at South Block, New Delhi.

But this change is not good for the state and therefore has not been welcomed by the people as it reflects the mistrust of the Indian government on the nationalistic allegiance of the tribal population, as it disregards tribal rights and law of the land. This move could encourage encroachment into reserved forest land and it has the potential to disintegrate and wipe off tribal identity from the face of Arunachal.

India is known for her cultural diversity. Arunachal Pradesh is one amongst the unique of her diversities. The world is amazed by India's ability to maintain unity despite wide cultural differences. She should learn to preserve this distinctiveness.

Instead of using PRC as an invisible shield against the Chinese threat, the government of India should focus on strengthening its military prowess along its international border and simultaneously the government should focus on empowering the tribal people economically. Special attention should be paid to educating them, so that they get the rationality to think about and perceive any form of threat.

Arunachalees have been known to be very vocal and valiant when it comes to protecting their rights and lands. Given the opportunity, they will surely want to defend the country from any kind of threat, be it through political means or be it through diplomatic means. For that, they need to be trusted upon.

Whatever may be the circumstance, PRC to non-APST is not acceptable to tribal people of Arunachal at any cost.


Chau Ingsaymang Manpoong, Namsai



Million Dollar Question of Survival in our own land?

Dear Editor,

Once called “The No man’s land” during the pre-colonial period, the land which was unheard to the outsiders, but today in this 21st century, the land is neither no man’s land nor it is unheard to the outsiders but it is now one of the land much sought after for every business institution and for the outsiders for huge investment and profits. Yes, I am talking about this beautiful state call Arunachal Pradesh.

Every citizen of this land has to pay heavy price, if we don’t check and balance the excess interference of the outsiders within boundary of our state.  One of the most dangerous weapons they carry is the “propaganda of development”. But what is their definition of development and how development is implemented in true sense, they have to explain us.

No doubt, the native people welcome development in the state but in return their hopes are being shattered into pieces. Why would the people not resent and oppose this so called development, when they are misinformed and when their rights to privilege gets denied?

One of the blunders the government has done is through allowing the various companies to invest in the state without the proper consent of the native people, but rather telling only one side of the story which is always incomplete. And there is no policy to check the outsider’s excessive interference in very spheres of life. Why doesn’t the government first inform, educate and convince before the people starts question or oppose their new projects or schemes etc. After all, they are the one who is going to bear loss or profits at the end.

No business is done at any cost of loss, and if there is profit than someone has to suffer. That day is not so far when the state will be under the absolute control of these companies and outsiders. Economically, politically and culturally outsiders have already invaded Arunachal which we can see from our naked eyes. Business and commerce activities are dominated by the outsiders. In service both government and non-government sectors, also larger number of outsiders are employed. Politically, they have become factor with their large population and already vote banks politics are being played. Culturally even, we can experience the influence of mainland Indian and foreign traditions in our indigenous belief, culture and traditions. Modernity and transformation in the cost of loss of our own indigenous identity is not a right step.

There is an urgent need to wage war against the outsiders from the excess interference in the state politics, business and in the service sector. The simplest step is passing a resolution in the individual level not to depend upon the outsiders anymore, respect every profession high or low and do our works with true sense for of dignity.

If you don’t want to see your own state transforming into state like Tripura than it’s the right time that we must not encourage the outsider from interfering in the affairs of state in any form. There is also a need to educate the masses in this regard, whatsoever hardship we might have to face, sacrifices has to be made by all Arunachalees collectively to save our land and resources. And we should always remind our self the following million dollar question of survival in our own land.

• Why should we give right to permanent settlement when we had given enough privilege to the Non-APST?

• When the masses are still innocent and politically not conscious of their rights, why should the government treat us like “let the sleeping dog sleep”?

• Why should we become victimized in our own land?

• Why should the outsiders dominate all sectors of jobs & services and leave native tribal youths unemployed?

• Why are they behaving so rudely by dominating the business and commerce when we are the one who has actually allowed them to settle here to do all sorts of business?

• Why this “land of the rising sun”, the land of paradise and the peace loving state has transformed into the land of controversy, the land of “Khusi-Khusi” and the land of interest for outsiders?

• How far the land and its people are safe from the claim of the China. There is inter-state boundary disputes, demand for Greater Nagalim, the Chakma-Hajong refugee problem, Karbi, Nepali’s, Bodo-Kachari’s, Tibetan and many other issues are disturbing development of this state.

If all these issues are not addresses properly and in time, people of this land may have to face disastrous outcome.

Time is running out for all the indigenous based organization and if we don’t raise worries now, a day may come when daily affair of state will be run by outsiders and local tribal will be mute spectator in their own land.


Nabam Tado,

Vice-President (APPDSU)



Bangladeshi migrant, new headache for Arunachal

Dear Editor,

Tirap the south-eastern most district of Arunachal Pradesh endowed with lush green forest and beautiful gentle hill locks is officially protected from the outsiders’ interferences like rest of state under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873 by way of screening visitors’ entry into the district through Inner Line Pass at boundary check points. The district is a home to the colorful people of Nocte, Wancho and the Tutsa tribals who are intricately and socially inter-woven with a high degree of close affinity among themselves. However, the developments in the area are remnants of the pre-statehood period and are on a stand still as on today. The neglect of the district can be gauged by the 5 kmph motor able but potholed KBJ and other so called life line roads, the degenerated hospital and schools, regularly interrupted electricity and water supply. As if all these suffering is not enough, thanks to authority’s attitude of “who cares” to the influx of foreigners and outsiders as daily wage labourers in the district, the indigenous Noctes, Wanchos and the Tutsas is now facing a more serious ethno-demographic decimation in a very near future. The beautiful culture and way of life of these people will become a question of distant past, if something tangible is not done today.

Whosoever know about Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation’ Act of1873 may all be blissfully unaware that influx of large scale foreigners can ever happened, when even the Indian brethren of other states are to obtain Inner Line Pass to visit the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Anyone contravening the provisions is prosecuted and punished. Most of these migrant labourers are mostly foreign nationals of Bangladeshi origins as they do not have permanent whereabouts and a documentary proof to show that they are Indians. From their communication, it can be made out that they speak among themselves in sylheties Bengali dialect of the Chitagong hills regions of Bangladesh. Now, the point to ponder is “Though everyone knows who they are and who brought them here without obtaining necessary permission under various civil and labour laws, why nobody is complaining? How they could have crossed the Inner Line Check gates at Hukanjuri, Deomali, Bimlapur and Kanubari? Are the officials manning these check points really performing their duty with sincerity or are they already are up to the neck in corrupt practices?”

Apart from the above, it has become a known fact that the contractors working under the Assam rifles at Khonsa, Noglo(Near Myammar border), Wakka, Konnu and Konsa (Another village near Myanmar border), under the EEs RWD in PMGSY roads and under the AIR have brought most of these migrant Bangladeshi labourers without official formalities and leaves them unattended after completion of the project works. The engagement of such Bangladeshi labours by the PWD at Khonsa town drainage work is a direct glare in the face of the authority and the people alike. These labourers mix themselves with the local populace. On occasions, there had been an arrest of these labourers for illegal entry in the district by the state police and they were produced before the designated court which in turn released them with a nominal fine and a condition that the contractor who brought them obtain Inner line Pass for them within 25(Twenty five) days not knowing that contractor had already deserted these labourers to be on their own fate. These labourers then began to assimilate into the local population as the stray individual ready to commit anything for survival.

About the law provisions, first thing is – “Ignorance of law is no excuse” and the Principal Employer(s) like the Assam Rifles, the BRO, the Executive Engineers of the Work departments, Head of Offices in the District are required to-

1. Obtain Inner Line Pass from the District Administration for the entire individual (if from outside the state) before letting them enter the district. 2. Register their establishment under the Inter-State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Services) Act’1970 before starting any project (Construction) works. 3. Require their contractors to obtain labour license under the above said Acts before awarding any works. 4. Ensure that their Contractors import migrant workmen only through Labour Contractor and deport the same migrant labourers to their home address immediately after completion of the project works, failing which he or she is liable to be prosecuted and punished under the above Acts. These provisions have been made in order to – a) Safeguard the migrant and contract labourers from exploitation by the employer(s). b) Safeguard the employers and contractor from the criminal attack by the labourer(s) as they are in constant interaction with each other even when their relation is not cordial. Employment of unregistered and un-antecedent migrant workmen imperils or endangers the life and property of not only the employers and the contractors but also the society, as the whole. When such migrant labours who have no whereabouts and no documentary proof of his permanent address commit a heinous crime like murder and loot and then flee from the district, they are generally not traceable for want of where-about which thereby create problem in solving criminal cases.

The most serious case is, these labourers targets the widows , divorcees and the destitute girls of the local population to enter into wed-lock and secure their stay in the district after ensnaring the gullible locals. They branch out by bringing their relatives from their hiding places and post them in the local shops, pan-gumtis, hotels and in the sundry business consequently enlarging their migrant populations. Gradually, they put their energy to acquire local citizenship through the connivances of the recently related in-laws or guardians. Once secured, the offspring of those Noctes, Wanchos and the Tutsas crossed-breed with migrant labour somehow get dissimilate. The ethno-demographic decimation will stand complete sooner than later, if the problem is not nip on the bud.


Advocate Jawang Sumpa,




Dam is not a means to an end

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the antipathy of the popular mass of “East Siang” dwellers regarding the construction of mega dam which has created widespread discontentment and fear among masses. What is seen is the absence of popular participation of local people or downstream masses in decision making process. The government seems to be quite oblivious about the real concern of the minuscule sections of the people. The importance of people’s view is highly underestimated and neglected. In a bid to placate people’s plight certain organized statistics and surveys are conducted across villages which is not truly based on popular choices but are rigged.

The disagreement between the people and the authorities lies in the schism that occurs when future security matters a lot and lack of people’s participation in decision making process is a worry. It is important to gain confidence and support of local people before going into any kinds of development. Indian history is replete with true instances where petty traders and local carpenters suffered massive loss and became jobless due to industrial construction and development under British Rule. This was a boon for our nation since it developed India to a large extent, but the truth lies in the fact that even after sixty three years of India’s Independence the present generations suffer and strive to survive a day meal under the present government. Moreover successful democracy is not merely based on development but mass participation and majority support are the primary concern.

Lastly but not the least, the construction of dam is not a means to an end, since government’s effort remain elusive and people’s problems remain contemporary until and unless at the very outset the state government wins people’s support, promulgate policies, secure compensation for people’s ordeal and encourage mass participation in the decision making process which are the indication of a true democracy.


Philip Jerang

Village Ruksin

East Siang District (Pasighat)



Obey the traffic rule, help fire service department

Dear Editor,

Through the column of your esteem daily, I would like to appeal to the citizens of Itanagar and Naharlagun to extend all possible help to the department of fire service during fire accidents.

It is always observed that the people of this twin capital city do not respond to the siren blow by fire tenders during such emergency time thereby creating great problems to the fire tender in reaching the accident sites in time. The vehicle owners and drivers are also expected to park their vehicles in uniform manner to facilitate other vehicle to run safety and smoothly.

Lastly, I appeal every one especially unruly driver to obey traffic rules for safety of commuters.


Shri Geluk Minga (Romin)

Fire Service, Itanagar.





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Govt takes precautionary measures

ITANAGAR, Sept 30:  State Govt has taken necessary precautionary measures in view of the Ayodhya verdict announced by Allahabad High Court today, this was informed by Home Minister Tako Dabi.

Dabi further informed that all police and administrative machinery have been geared up to tackle any possible beach of peace. Arunachal Pradesh is a peaceful state and people are maintaining peace and harmony, he added. Reports DIPR

ATNS adds: Meanwhile,  Viswa Hindu Parishad, Naharlagun Unit  has welcomed the verdict on Ayodhya issue.


All party meet endorse Govt decision on PRC

ITANAGAR, Sept 30: An all party meeting chaired by Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu was today organized which was attended by representatives of both political parties and student organizations. Participants include political parties like INC, BJP, NCP, TMC and student groups like AAPSU, ANSU, ALSU, TKSSU and All Changlang District Student Union.  Later in the evening a press meet was held, where Finance and IPR Minister Setong Sena informed about various decisions taken during the day.

Beside Sena, political advisor to CM Tater Kipa and APCC publicity in charge Thupten Tempa was also present in the press meet.

Informing press persons about minutes of the meeting, Sena said, “All the participants appreciated the government decision to revoke the order to issue PRC to non-APST settled in Lohit and Changlang district. Further, meeting resolved that issue pertains to the interest of indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh and hence matter should be taken as state issue,” Sena said in a read out statement.

On being asked whether government has any long term policy on PRC issue he said, “This is long term problem. State government will continue to work on this issue and try to find a lasting solution acceptable to everyone.” Further he informed high level committee headed by join secretary, government of India, constituted to look into Chakma-Hajong issue will arrive in first week of October for field visit to the state.

Sena also stated that department of boundary affair created by state government is collecting inputs from all boundary areas and sharing it with one man boundary commission formed by Supreme Court of India.  

Meanwhile all the members present in the meeting expressed deep concern over mushrooming of organizations and express anguish over prevailing trends of calling frequent bandh calls especially in capital complex.  He reiterated that government will take stern action against such group and not let them disturb peace of this state.


CoSAAP  oppose bandh, urge employees to attend duty

ITANAGAR, Sept 30: In a meeting of central executive committee of Confederation of Service Associations Of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSSAP) held today, the members present have taken serious exception to 24 hours bandh call given by Joint Action committee comprising three organizations on 4th of October demanding resignation of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu.

In a press press statement CoSAAP stated that whenever any organizations or unions issue bandh in capital complex or in districts, it is government employee who are always in receiving end. While government authorities pressurize them to attend duty, the bandh caller obstructs them from attending offices and it is government servant who faces all the troubles.    

CoSAAP has asked for adequate transportation facility with proper security for government employees during bandh day. Stating that bandh call is not the only means of protesting, CoSAAP urged the organizations to garner mass support through rallies, meetings etc if allegations leveled by them against CM are substantiated with documentary evidences.

As CM himself has denied these allegations, the bandh callers should review their demands  for the greater interest of the public, association demanded. CoSSAP has also expressed satisfaction with the development works carried out by Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu.

Since his assumption of CM post, central funding are spontaneously pouring, so people should cooperate to bring more development in the state, the release added.

Further CoSSAP has appealed to all the government employees of capital complex to attend their duties during October 4th bandh and has also appreciated government decision to withdraw the earlier order of issuing PRC to non-APST.


Arrest of all accused in PDS scam demanded

ITANAGAR, Sept 30: The Adi Students’ Union (AdiSU) Itanagar unit has demanded arrest of the 96 accused in the PDS scam including four sitting MLAs and Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu’s son Prema Khandu.

Condemning the way the state Govt allegedly using the investigation as a tool in PDS scam, the union questioned why only former chief minister Gegong Apang is being targeted while the chief minister’s son and four sitting MLAs were moving free.

The law is equal for all and no one is above the law, the union said while  lambasting  the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) and Arunachal Pradesh Congress Seva Dal APCSD) for ‘protecting the chief minister by condemning the organizations  who are demanding his resignation on moral ground for his son’s involvement in the scam’.

The union further said the Congress party is turning a blind eye to the scam and encouraging corruption, favoritism and nepotism.

The union claimed that that state Govt is trying to confuse the people by giving contradicting statements in regard to prosecution sanction and not  responding to the questions raised by  the people on the scam. It demanded handing over of the case to CBI immediately.


Student dies in road mishap

ITANAGAR, Sept 30: In a hit and run case, an unknown vehicle knocked down a Class XI student of government Higher Secondary School, Itanagar Osi Pali at NH 52-A near Civil Secretariat at around 10.30 am this morning.

Pali was riding a motor cycle when he was knock downed by an unknown vehicle, and instead of providing help to the injured person the Driver along with vehicle fled the scene. The family members filed an FIR at Police station, Itanagar and the investigation is on.

Meanwhile, the members of the Anggong Society expressed deep shock at the sudden demise of Osi Pali. Pali was from Reying village, Payum circle, West Siang District. The Society appreciated Home Minister Tako Dabi for providing the hearse van from Itanagar to Reying village. The Society appealed the investigating agency to expedite the case to bring the culprit to book and punish the perpetrator of this inhuman act, who left the young man to die after crushing him.  It further appealed the public who were at the place at the time of occurrence of the incident to come forward and give information to the investigating agency or the members of the bereaved family.

The members of the Society conveyed its condolence to the bereaved family and prayed almighty for  eternal peace of the departed soul and also  bestow strength to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.


Orgs to go ahead with phase wise bandh calls

ITANAGAR, Sept  30:  A day after the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu Dorjee Khandu’s refutation of all allegations leveled against him, the Joint Action Committee of the Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union (AIPU), Arunachal Volunteer Youth Federation (AVYF) and Arunachal Youth Association (AYA) said that it would go ahead with the phase wise bandh in favour of its demands.

Reaffirming that their demands are authenticated and their movement can not be termed as undemocratic, the  Committee further said that Pema Khandu is the one of the accused in the PDS scam and being father of Pema Khandu, the chief minister Dorjee Khandu is ‘directly or indirectly involved in it and is protecting him from arrest’.  Jarkar Gamlin, MLA and his son Karka Gamlin are also accused in the PDS scam,  but Jarbom Gamlin, the Govt spokesman and power minister deliberately preventing them from arrest taking undue advantage of his public office, the  Committee alleged. Where is good governance and corruption-free Govt, it questioned while adding that “in order to deviate our movement against present CM, the collective leaders of the INC party is trying to brainwash the common citizens for the selfish end”.  Demanding change of leadership for good governance, the Committee further said the organization trio are determined to fight against corruption in the state.


Dam affected people wants proper rehabilitation and development

ITANAGAR, Sept 30: The affected people of Subansiri Upper Project (Menga Dam) has conducted mass awareness meeting on dam at Menga School ground recently.

During the meeting most of the affected land owners supported and assured to donate land for the development proposes if the concerned authority provide them 100% rehabilitation, land compensation, job opportunity and proper road connectivity. The meeting further appealed the concerned authority  to consult land owner, Local MLA, PR leaders and the association before it takes any steps for dam construction.

Later, the youth of the area constituted All Subansiri Upper Project Affected Area Youth Association (ASUPAAYA) to look after the proper implementation of the project with KL Nayam and Adam Gusar as President and General Secretary.  


Revoking PRC  to non-APST a historic decision: AAPSU

ITANAGAR, Sept 30: All Arunachal Pradesh Student Union (AAPSU) has welcomed the state government decision to cancel their order of issuing PRC to non-APSTs in Lohit and Changlang districts. Calling this step a historic correction, AAPSU president Takam Tatung, hopes that in future government won’t commit such mistake of overlooking interest of indigenous tribe.

“Way people of state reacted against this decision shows that despite many differences we do come together to fight when it is matter of the interest of state. We believe government must have the lesson and in future they will think twice before taking such anti-tribal decision,” said Takam Tatung.

 He further added, “I would like to thank every student organizations, civil societies, NGOs, local media for supporting AAPSU in this fight. AAPSU also would thank all the students and ordinary citizens who took part in protest rally held on 28th of this month.”


Society condoles death of Bodam Koyu

ITANAGAR, Sept 30: The members of Koyu Ao Welfare Society expressed profound grief on the untimely death of Late Bodam Koyu on Sept 27 at Dibrugarh.

In a condolence message, the society said it has been a very hard time for the members of the Society and his relatives to accept the tragic and irreparable loss of such a dear brother, a friend and a great human being.  He was a very generous person with concern for everyone and above all a true social worker, Society said. His bright mind and great humanity are shining example of what humanity is about. His untimely passing away will not only leave a void in the society but also in the hearts of all those who knew him.

The Society expresses its deep sense of gratitude to all the friends and relatives who comforted the family and shared their grief without whom, it would have been very difficult to overcome the loss.  The society members prayed for eternal peace of the department soul.


Workers educated on benefits under welfare schemes

JAIRAMPUR, Sept 30: The Voluntary Retirement Scheme for workers could not be implemented in the state due to fund constrains, said Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam during the workers mass awareness campaign held at Jairampur today.

He encouraged the workers/ labourers and youths to participate in every awareness campaign organized by various NGOs particularly the AIDS control Society.  

Meanwhile, expressing resentment over non-cooperation of the general administration of the Sub-Division with the visiting officials, he briefed about the importance of the awareness campaign and added that non-cooperative attitude of the administrative officers would hamper the worker community of the state.  He decided to pursue the matter to the Government to initiate necessary action against those officers who are misguiding the workers.

APB&OCWWB Secretary Cum Labour Commissioner, Ojing Darung highlighting the Janashree Bima Yojna, Educational and Medical assistance and other benefits provided by the Board advised the workers to enroll their names in the Board to avail these benefits.

AAPWU State Unit, Women Wing General Secretary Tana Yakung, briefing the importance of role of women in the society, encouraged them to take active participation in all activities of the society and also urged them to register  their names in the board. AAPWU (Hq) Working President, Techi Tara highlighted the aims and objective of Awareness Campaign organized by the APB&OCWWB.

AAPWU, Jairampur Unit General Secretary Tonlang Wangpan submitted a 10 points memorandum to the chairman and appreciated the MLAs of Tirap and Changlang districts for their support to the Board chairman Jalley Sonam.

On the occasion, workers from Nampong, Manmao and Jairampur along with Heads of Departments and Zonal Secretary Eastern Zone, AAPWU Sanu Tamang attended the programme.


APIC website launched

ITANAGAR, Sept 30: The official web site of Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission (APIC) was formally launched by State chief information commissioner Nyodek Yonggam in a small yet impressive launching ceremony at its office premises here today.

In his brief speech, Yonggam while speaking about the functioning of the Commission, lamented the lack of staff, non delegation of financial power to the Commission and limited support from the State Government.

Despite of all odds, the Commission is trying its best to implement RTI Act, 2005 in letter and spirit, he said. Due to lack of awareness amonsgt public about the existence of the Act and feedbak from  appellant/complainant, no success story could be made out unlike other states where RTI has become an important tool to expose the wrongdoers, he said. He informed the gathering that Arunachal Pradesh State Information Commission was awarded Best Information Commissioner in 2009-10 by Public Cause Research Foundation, a Delhi based NGO.

Habung Payeng, SIC and in-charge web site, demonstrated the web site with the help of NIC official through projector about browsing process, contents and facility interlink provided in the site. He dwelt at length about the conception, designing, compilation of data and launching.

He said that NIC officials, especially Jyotish Roy, Scientist E, had been instrumental in making the web site see the light of the day. He also recalled the services rendered by former and present deputy registrar APIC in helping him make the web site taking final shape. Though the web site was ready as back as 2007 but its launching had to be delayed for want of staff for up-dating and also due to shifting of office. He expressed the need for an expert to update the web site which the Commission lacks.

The launching ceremony was also attended by APIC deputy registrar Horki Diyum, all State Information Commissioners, NIC officials and staff working under APIC.


Don’t believe in ‘sex flu’ rumour, says HM

NAHARLAGAN, Sept 30: Sunil Barman and Ashraf Ali, two sturdy youths employed in a tyre repair workshop at Naharlagan, remained half- immersed for an hour in a big and cool water tank as they shivered by clasping desperately their fronts with both hands. To add to their shuddering coldness, two colleagues kept pouring water on their heads constantly with mugs in the hope that the ‘sex flu’ that gripped their friends would be cured within five hours if they devotedly watering them so. In a similar incident, Subud Barman’s three children—two young boys and a daughter—were constantly watered with ice packs until they caught severe cold and fever, and of course filled with paranoia and despair.

The believe is: a sort of flu has spread in the air that causes immediate shrinking of sex organ, male organ in case of males and breast incase of females. Many doggedly claim that the organs ultimately disappear altogether. It has resulted in adoption of superstitious treatment that suit people’s respective social beliefs. According to some, Goddess Parvaty’s ire has fallen on them and the spell doesn’t discriminate between religion and caste.

This fear has gripped the twin capital city so much so that many common citizens including some government employees have started smearing their ear lopes with lime paste and wearing waste bands with seeds of bottle guard, which are believed to be the best magic potion against the “rampaging disease’.

In order to dispel this fear psychosis which has entered deep into the minds of the citizenry, Home Minister  Tako Dabi led an awareness campaign Thursday at Ganga Market, Gandhi Market and Akashdeep in Itanagar and Takar Comlex, A Sector and Barapani market at Naharlagan to sensitize the people about such superstitions. Dismissing the veracity of such a disease, the Minister, accompanied by city S.P. Chuku Appa and DIPR Lekhi phuntso and other officers, urged people not to believe in such superstitions. He interacted with many of the ‘victims’ and encouraged them to come out of the fear psychosis and advised them to avail medical advice and treatment for their physical problems. He gave Rs Two Thousands to Sudeep Barman for buying medicines for his ill children and asked him to immediately take them to hospital for diagnosis.

Dabi appealed all sections of people to sensitise the masses against superstitions and rumours. He said the so called ‘victims’ suffer either from some other diseases or from fear and negative attitudes. He advised the people against resorting to unhealthy practices such as wearing of gourd seeds and smearing of lime paste any further and appealed ill people to get medical treatment immediately instead of resorting to blind beliefs. DIPR


Upper Siang DRDA approves draft AAP

Ering calls for proper implementation of schemes

YINGKIONG, Sept 30:  Ninnong Ering, MP has called for effective implementation schemes under  the guidelines of the Central Govt. He was addressing the 16th Governing Body Meeting of Upper Siang DRDA and District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee here today.

Informing that  the third party monitoring of all the ongoing schemes has already been  completed, Ering  encouraged the  officers to be more discipline and dedicated for effective implementation of the schemes. There should be close co-ordination and interaction with the PRI leaders in order to avoid any communication gap, he said. Everyone should take the responsibility of uplifting the society and it people, he added.

DRDA CEO Pawan Kumar Sain  urged the people to change their mindset for effective development of the community.  Dependency on the Govt. should be minimized, he said and called upon the PR leaders and officials to voluntarily co-operate with the implementing agencies  and monitor implementation of the works. He also urged the village development committee to  keep vigil on scheme implementation. Informing that new innovative means are being worked out for judicious utilization of fund,  Sain said hence forth, the beneficiaries of schemes like IAY will be selected by the BDOs with consultation with the PRI members and the lifting and droppings of the materials will be the responsibility of DRDA.

A mass awareness programme will be held in October where all the PRI members, GBs, progressive farmers, NGOs etc. will be invited where the departmental officers will highlight the programmes and projects under taken by their department concerned.

ZP chairperson Dunggoli Libang  appealed for proper and effective implementation of the programmes, while Tayom Boge PD (DRDA) read out the achievement report of RD programme for the year 2009-10.

The budget under DRDA Administration for the year 2010-11 was presented   and  the house approved it.

The Draft AAP of RD programme for year 2010-11 prepared  by the  BDOs of Yingkiong , Mariyang , Geku, Tuting , Singa , Gelling was presented and approved by the  house.

Ninnong Ering had also visited remote flood ravaged villages like Sisen and Yibuk on 27th  & 28th  of this month  and interacted with the people. He sanctioned Rs 6 lakhs for suspension bridge and community fencing at Sisen and Rs 5 lakhs for suspension bridge  and  community hall at Yibuk.

On Sept 29 he visited Simong Village and sanctioned Rs. 5 lakhs for the Govt. ME school and Rs. 10 Lakhs for District Hospital Yingkiong. While visiting Komkar Village  today  he sanctioned Rs. 2.5 lakhs for a community Hall. DIPRO


AR, DMS conduct free medical camp

CHANGLANG, Sep 30: A free medical camp was organized jointly by 25 Assam Rifles, under 25 Sector Assam Rifles/the DAH DIVISION and District Medical Society, Changlang at Saching village today.

People in large numbers, including 75 Male, 58 Female and 52 children from remote villages of Chinsa, Saching, Jongsum, Shallang and Sahe Laktong of Changlang District availed the facility of free medical treatment which was conducted by doctors from Civil Hospital Changlang and Assam Rifles.

Besides providing medicines for various diseases and ailments some patients were also referred for advanced treatment. The medical officers of 25 Assam Rifles spoke about health and hygiene and precautions to be taken against skin diseases. He also educated them regarding importance of a balance diet, vitamin deficiency and methods for their prevention by locally available natural resources. He also explained the mode of spread of water borne diseases and some economical methods for preparing safe drinking water like, sedimentation, boiling, chlorine tablets, filtering etc. Besides the essential medicines and medical guidance, an ultra sound equipment was also made available at the medical camp.

The occasion was also attended by Dr Pramathesh Dey, DMO Changlang, Dr M Khimhum, DTO, wife of P Khimhum, MLA, Changlang, who also gave healing touch to the local population by being a part of the medical team. The villagers expressed their gratitude towards the Assam Rifles for their sincere efforts to address the problems of  remote areas.


PIO directed to rectify exorbitant fee

ITANAGAR, Sept 30:  While hearing a complaint lodged by the Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha, East Kameng district unit president Loku Sono on Sept 24 last, Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission  has directed the Seppa PWD division to rectify the fee structure as prescribed at Arunachal Pradesh Right to Information rules 2005 as amended up to date.

Earlier Sono complained to the SIC  against exorbitant rate charged by the PIO, PWD Seppa  for providing copies of information sought through RTI  regarding all Seppa township road  works for the period of 2009-2011. Sono has been asked to deposit Rs 10,024 through treasury challan for providing the information sought.  While instructing the PIO to furnish the information sought within 3 weeks, SIC also  gave liberty to complainant to raise objection in case of furnishing wrong, misleading, incorrect and false information.



Social service

ITANAGAR, Sept 30: MLA Techi Kaso has consented to attend the Gandhi Jayanti celebration at government middle school, C-Sector, Itanagar on October 2.

On the occasion the C-Sector Welfare Association will conduct a mass social service in the school premises.


Tournament rescheduled

ITANAGAR, Sept 30: The proposed Under 19 Inter-Club Ranking Cricket Tournament scheduled to start from tomorrow could not be conducted due to unplayable ground and pitch condition due to heavy rain. The tournament has been rescheduled from the last week of this month.



ITANAGAR, Sept 30: The Prem Nagar Colony Welfare Committee, Naharlagun expressed grief over untimely demise of Boken Taping and Dubik Dasi, who died in a tragic road accident at Jamnagiri Sonitpur district, Assam on September 28.

Boken and Dubik were Class XII and IX students of Gyan Ganga School, Naharlagun.

The committee prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and extended its condolence to the bereaved family members.

The W/C RWD Staff Welfare Association condoled the sudden demise of Guchi Tashi, who died on September 22 last.

He joined the Department in 1986 and working as a WC staff in RWD. He is survived by his wife, four daughters and a son.

The members of the association prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.


SMS TT to 56882

ITANAGAR, Sept 30: Nilly Welfare Society (NWS) appreciating the people of the state for their continuous support to the wonder boy Toko Teji, who entered the grand finale round of the India’s Got Talent Koj-2 aired in Colour TV, said that it is the right movement and the opportunity to help Teji to bring laurel to the state.

It appealed the members of the society and the well wishers to vote Toko Teji.

All Arunachal Commerce Student’s Association (AACSA) and Arunachal Pradesh Youth Forum (APYF)  also appealed the  people of Arunachal  in particular and northeast  in particular to vote wonder boy Toko Teji.


Chess players qualify in Intl. norms

ITANAGAR, Sept 30: Two more chess players from All Arunachal Pradesh Chess Association (AAPCA), namely Tamchi Kache of Kurung Kumey and Hage Lassa (Nado) of Lower Subansiri have achieved International rated player norms during the 48th National Challenger (‘B’) Chess Championship 2010 held at Bhiwani, (Haryana last. Meanwhile, AAPCA lauded their performance.


New ATA CEC constituted

ITANAGAR, Sept 30:  Arunachal Teachers’ Association (ATA) conducted its VIIIth  general conference here recently.

Principal DNGC T Ete and Associated Professor DNGC RB Tripathy attended the conference as Chief Guest and guest of honour respectively.

Meanwhile, NR Tam, Tori Gadi and Toli Riram have been elected as President, Vice President and General Secretary of the Central Executive Committee, ATA for a period of three year during the conference.



ITANAGAR, Sept 30: Don Bosco College Managing committee has expressed deep sorrow and sadness at the sudden demise of Sija Mugli, daughter of Tasa Mugli and student of Don Bosco College, BA III Year (History Honours) who passed away today. Management has prayed to the almighty to give her soul eternal peace and has also expressed heartfelt sympathy towards the family who lost their beloved daughter and a promising student.


Bandh opposed

ITANAGAR: City Youth Congress condemned the proposed bandh call on October 4 given  by Arunachal Indigenous People Union, Arunachal Youth Volunteer Federation and Arunachal Youth Association and termed it as baseless and illegal.

It further said that the band call directly or indirectly hamper the developmental activities of the state. It appealed the organizations to withdraw the band call and also urged the people to raise voice against such bandh calls.


HC rejects bail petition

ITANAGAR: The Itanagar bench of Gauhati High Court has rejected the bail petition of former Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Gegong Apang today.

Justice H N Sharma rejected the bail plea on the ground that the bail application is required to be listed before the Gauhati High Court division bench -1, Guwahati, as its falls under the notification vide No 44 dt 5/9/2007.


NSS volunteer brings laurel to the state

ITANAGAR: Tage Ranka NSS Volunteer from ST. Claret College, Ziro has been awarded Indira Gandhi National Award for the best NSS volunteer for the 2009-10 in recognition of his outstanding contribution towards community service.

He is the first NSS volunteer from the state who bagged such prestigious national award.

The award was formally given away by Minister of State for Youth Affairs Pratik Patil on the occasion of 41st NSS Foundation Day Celebration held at New Delhi on Sept 24.


Restore road link

ITANAGAR: Four circles of Upper Subansiri district Siyum, Nacho, Limeking and Taksing are remained cut off from rest of the state after the main steel bridge linking the circles was washed away by flash flood on September 27, informed All Tagin Students Union.

According to GREF, ATSU said, it will take at least two month’s time to restore the road. Meanwhile the students union urged the panchayat leaders and general public of the four circles to take up the matter with appropriate authority for early restoration of the road.



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