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October - 11



We elect politicians to serve us rather than to rule us

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the “Show Cause Notice” issued by Pisa Gonia, Zilla Parishad Chairperson, Kurung Kumey published on your esteemed daily dated Oct 7.

It is ridiculous to see the “Show Cause Notice” given by Zilla Parishad Chairperson instead of District Magistrate to the President, AKKDSU.

The effigies of President of USA, PM of India, CM of A.P., & many more are burnt. They are called names. But one would rarely find them giving ‘Show Cause Notice’ to any Country, Party, Union or Orgs.

We elect politicians to serve us rather than to rule us.

This is one of the best examples of dictatorial attitude that prevails in the district which has the lowest literacy and poorest standard of living.

The people of Damin, Chambang, Parsi-Parlo, Tali & Pipsorang where road connection is still a dream are dying of famine like situation because of rat menace.

Who are fighting for them? I can’t see anyone except AKKDSU. In Head Load Carriage System of PDS items, one may find it funny but it is true. On the way, the Porters of these areas eat away half of the load of PDS items carried by them & to the rest they take it away to their respective homes instead of govt. Godowns because it takes even a week to reach these areas from Koloriang, Palin & Sangram. So, even government officials posted in these areas don’t stay there because of shortage of rations & other modern amenities. They rather stay at Ziro or Itanagar. Fair enough!

These Politicians & their Puppets are against the Air-Dropping of PDS items not because they care about the people of these areas but they don’t want their Golden Goose be killed. I request the right thinking people, Student Unions, Social organizations such as NES, ABK, GES, APWWS of A.P. to condemn such dictatorial attitudes of politicians & their Puppets wherever it is found in our State.


Ane Kurung (on email)




What we think is what we become

Dear Editor,

This is in response to a few letters sent to your newspaper.  Firstly, with reference to “Why have a name we cannot pronounce” by Panor. The name Arunachal (Arun means ‘Sun’ and Achal means ‘Rays’) was given to our state because it literally means the Land of the Rising Sun. The reason for naming the state now seems pretty obvious.  So, now we have the first choice, to accept the name the way it is and the reasons for coining the same or we can have a state level debate as to why our state should have a Hindi name, why not a local name, then decide in which local name it should be named; knowing the risk that we have such a diverse culture and the possibility of an intellectual conflict. I for one accept the former option and think the latter is an unnecessary exercise. Also, the other issue with the word “Arunachalee”. I for one don’t think it’s crude or derogatory. We should all remember what we think is what we become. So, if person feels being called an Arunachalee is an insult, he will definitely feel insulted. On the other hand, if someone doesn’t’ think it is derogatory, he won’t feel anything, leave alone have a feeling of animosity.

It’s important that the younger generation who are not happy with the word have a broader perspective and not get bogged down by what people might think.  Also, Panor mentioned that he agrees with the reasoning as the name is hard to pronounce. In my opinion, every time we mispronounced a word in school, our teachers corrected us and we tried saying it right. This greatly helped our diction and general communication skills. Now, each one of us have a different style of speaking depending on their education, peer groups, experiences etc and there is a possibility that a large number of them mispronounce the word. So, instead of correcting ourselves, we are trying to take the easy way out - by stating that we should change the name of the state altogether.  So, it’s my humble request that we rise above this thought process. Also, with references to certain tribes or politicians not being able to pronounce it. We should all know that a lot of our fellow citizens like other states have a huge mother tongue influence (MTI). To correct them, it’s going to be really hard to  get  this done with the older generation but the younger ones can be taught, corrected and given better education to rise above this “not so big problem” of pronouncing the word “Arunachal Pradesh” or “Arunachalee” correctly. As for politicians, we should ask ourselves why we elected such a representative.

Secondly, in response to “Sometimes knowing our own backyard pays”. The things that were mentioned about corruption, back door policy, bribery etc is true not just in our state but everywhere else. What Jina Bagang wrote is indeed commendable. She was raising a bigger issue about the trend amongst our youths and the ill effects of social and economic disintegration. So, what the other person wrote about how people using such back door policies go ahead in life and get a four wheeler while supposedly someone like Jina Bagang might “still be walking and that too alone on the road”, seems to me as seeing only one side of this coin called life. For some it’s not what gets done but how it gets done. For some sleeping without guilt is more important than otherwise. For some four wheelers is not as important as integrity. Also, there is a saying, “The harder I work, the more luck I seem to have”. So Jina you do the right thing, for in life there is a place for everything and everything in its place.


Kuru Rommel,

(On email)



We just cannot blame the Government

Dear Editor,

We all know that our state is run by ‘people first’ government. We have even heard and read about their contribution like bringing of new packages, PM package, Special package, four-lane road, trans-highway road and many more packages only in papers and other sources. But in real life, what we really see is that all the mentioned packages have become family package and pooja offers, as if they are owned by tours and travel agency. Despite lots of hue and cry from many recognised and unrecognised NGO’s and repeated complain from every concern citizen, we cannot see any sign of regret and confession.

Moreover our present Government, whose motive of ‘Aam Admi ke saath’ has instead deprived the Aam Admi in day to-day life.  They are so busy in looting public money that they don’t even feel the potholes while travelling and ‘fly at your own risk’ condition of our state Pawan Hans Helicopter service. PM package have turn into a gift package for their kit and kin, most of the PMGSY scheme are allotted to their own family members. And SPA (Special Plan Allocation) has turn into a pocket money of our present Government; give whomever they wish.

In this matter we just cannot blame the Government; we need to blame ourselves and even our highly qualified bureaucrats and technocrats, due to whose negligence all our innocent brothers and sisters are suffering.  So it is my humble request to each and every concern citizen, intellectual forum and any other pressure group not to discriminate or look down at unrecognised and least known associations like AIPU, AYA and AVYF. I don’t know them personally. But at least, someone is playing the role of opposition unlike BJP, TMC and PPA, whose presence can be seen only within the jurisdiction of Assembly session.


Reekam Bengia

(on email)


CS should rise to the occasion

Dear Editor,

This is apropos to an open letter to CS by Nabam Simon that appeared in the Readers Forum of your daily on Oct 8.

In fact, we could not comprehend the silence of Chief Secretary of the State in the backdrop of burning issues like multimillion PDS scam, PRC issue and Assam-Arunachal boundary fiasco. The chair of Chief Secretary, as we perceive is the highest authority in the State. He is supposed to be sensitive towards any serious issues confronting the State and is in the position to redress any problem in the larger interest of the public. The present Chief Secretary of Arunachal Pradesh is moreover, son of the soil. He should have been ultra active in his approach towards peace and prosperity of the State. In the initial days of his posting as Chief Secretary he was very much participative in the governance of the State and we the public had lots of hope and expectations from him. But what went wrong with him? These days Mr CS is mysteriously silent. He is neither seen in the media nor does the public hear of his reaction to any of the sensitive issues that are rifting apart the civil society of the State. His lackadaisical attitude reminds us of just one common English phrase, “mind your own business". But is it not the business of the Chief Secretary to see that law  of  land is maintained in letter and spirit and that in the instance case of PDS scam all the corrupted employees are given exemplary punishment within the ambit of law? We expect our Chief Secretary to do justice to his chair daring all difficulties and rise to the occasion.


Common man(on email)



Niringha needs power connectivity

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw the attention of the power minister towards the non-electrification of Niringha village under Yangte circle in Kurung Kumey district.

A year back some places under Yangte circle, namely, Yangte, Meer and Dari were completely electrified but Niringha village which is on way to Yangte was left without electricity. Only electric poles which were erected one and half year back are now spreading hopes and aspiration among the villagers for electricity. Even the wires are not connected yet.

One wonders, why such partiality to the people of Niringha only.  Why the people, particularly the students of this village are forced to live in darkness?

It is earnest request to the authorities to look into the people’s grievances and do the needful.


Nguri Tasso

Niringha, Yangte Circle



A circus company!

Dear Editor,

The condition of people of Arunachal Pradesh is like animals in a circus. The ring master is the central government. They made this circus company called Arunachal Pradesh. The people were told to speak Hindi. They speak that. The people were told to call themselves Arunachalee. They do that now.

The people of Madhya Pradesh don't call themselves Madhyalee nor the people of Andhra Pradesh call themselves Andhralee. Their state might be 'some' Pradesh but they call the people as different names because of awareness and self-respect. But the case is different in Arunachal Pradesh. This shows how good pet animals we are. We never question. We are happy with survival through corruption and no self-identity. Central govt says we are Arunachal Pradesh. So we become Arunachalee.


Ngurang Ramon(on email)




Highway to Hell…

Dear Editor,

I am not talking about the hit number by the iconic rock band, AC/DC nor am I expressing my liking towards this song, even though I love it. What these words describe is the current situation of the roads of Itanagar. These three words literally describe the horrid situation of our capital and its roads. How can one expect Tourism to bloom when the roads could not be worth driving, in let alone enjoy the view? Those beautiful scenery which mesmerized us could not be enjoyed as one would not dare to take off his eyes from the roads while driving and the rest holding tight to their seats from bouncing up and down in their seats due to the pot holes so big in size that could swallow up their small family car.

If we don’t have the strength to rise up again and bring ourselves to shape, it would be a shame to be called a capital complex, and perhaps it can be phrased as a complex which needs a bit more capital to afford to make mend. So horrid are the conditions everywhere we look around, that bandh call or no call; as a matter of fact, becoming a normal story nowadays, one wouldn’t dare think to go out of their house and even when we do step out, one has to deal with the never ending traffic congestion. There’s no escape from it and feels like an eternity to reach our desired destination. We never arrive on time. And so much the effect, it has developed into a perfect excuse for being late, be it for student attending their class or employees for their office and has evolved into a perfect chai conversation all over the twin capital, replacing the garam pakoras. The topic has become a natural choice as one knows and has experienced it first hand and even one develops a bounding towards the victims of traffic and bad roads.

What could be done and when would it be done is the question on everyone’s mind and each showery day our town seems to fall apart inch by inch and there is nothing one can do and perhaps the authority has gone blind towards it. Ignorance is bliss is what they follow, the words which struck my mind thinking how these things could go unseen as these are the same so called luxuries being used by the government too. This is not only the problem that the people residing here are facing but its happening everywhere in Arunachal and many have lost their lovely homes but some has lost more than just their property, but their loved ones also. Making a reality check, compensation has never worked or filled the void that has been created in the family by giving away papers filled with picture of the great ones that holds little value to them. Though it does help them meet their immediate needs, it could never fill the void left behind.

As I remember the first day of rainfall which I welcomed with my arms wide open even though the idea of being wet did not fill my heart with joy, I saw it as a transition from one season to another as a harbinger of good things to come. I did not realize that it would bring so much pain and disparity to the people and would last this long, creating such havoc to us and our property. It feels like we have stepped back a decade even though we still have miles to go, but these situation has pushed us further back into reality that the inefficiency of the Government and our ignorance towards our nature has made us witness things that could possibly go wrong further more. I know that the government has nothing to do with the torrential rain, landslides and floods but it has many things to do with the people as it is for the people, by the people and they are the one accounted for us. We have witnessed many things this year, some good and some worth forgetting but taking note of it, we should realize the gravity of the situation and what we have put ourselves into and make amends with our mother nature and hope the Government takes proper initiative to make thing better as their people had suffered enough.

Before going through with the project of building the proposed four lane roads, the government should think if they could take up the daunting task of building it and later maintaining it, as the current situation and condition suggests their inability as they can’t even take care of the existing two lane roads, four lane becomes a wishful thinking and a disaster waiting to happen. It does not take a NASA scientist to figure out a solution to the problems, but a better accountant to handle the finance so that nothing gets drained out. And speaking of drains, building, and one could possibly solve some problem and save some money to be spared at some other fields which needs attention too. We have eventually developed a sense of not hoping much from our Government but the hope to hope that something would be done still remains in us and hopefully that hope wouldn’t be taken away from us as it is the only thing that keeps us going further as our duty and love towards our beloved state remains intact further more. This write-up comes out straight from my heart due to the frustration and agony that I had experienced each day and so do my fellow Arunchalee and hoping things will get done better for good.


Doli Ete (on email)



Don’t lose the voice

Dear Editor,

After a long time we saw a ray of hope in the form of Apatani Youth Association (AYA), who have raised voice for the welfare and development of Apatani people by demanding Autonomy.

But for few days we are not hearing anything of AYA movement for the Autonomous Council for Ziro.

Therefore, we appeal AYA not to stop their movement for our demand is genuine, we should not stop till we get what we deserve. We all are with AYA so keep on fighting.


Tage Apa

Nending That

Hage Chama

Nani Sambio



Anyone can get affected in the “mind”

Dear Editor,

Each year the 10th October is celebrated as World Mental Health Day. Mental illnesses are very poorly understood and people are ignorant and unaware of the so called Psychiatric illnesses. But with changing times and with proper education people have come to realize that mental illnesses are not rare. Mental illnesses comprise of depression, anxiety/stress, schizophrenia, mood disorders, sleep and sexual problems, alcohol and drug addictions, suicide thoughts, children behavior/academic problems and lots more.

It is important for general public to know mental illnesses doesn't mean only so called "mad" or "lunatic" (these words are not used nowadays). Like our stomach can get infected, our eyes can get injured or anyone can get cold & cough, so anyone can get affected in the "mind".

So when we say someone has got psychiatric problem it means our mind is sick and one has to get treatment for the important body part-the Mind(Brain). Many patients who are seen in the clinic come to doctors very late or family members deny of any such problems. The sooner one gets treatment one can recover fully.

But the hardest part for many is the stigma associated with mental illnesses. Still people believe in the role of evil spirits, moral issues and religious beliefs in the causation of many mental illnesses and not many come forward for treatments. Today with proper treatments -both with medicines and counseling many of the mental illnesses are curable.

Just that one has to consult in right time and right doctor. Many of the medicines given are safe and not habit forming. It doesn't damage brain/nerve, but replaces some chemicals which are either increased or decreased. On this important day let us all remember our brain (Mind) is also important as much as our other body part and that the brain can also fall ill-anytime.


Dr Pakha Tesia (on email)

Woodland Hospital








All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Laa Talar shines at State Badminton C’ship

Madhurjya Doley

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: Laa Talar was the cynosures of all eyes at the State Open Badminton Championship as the upcoming shuttler clinched five titles - three individual and two doubles - in the championship which ended at Rajbhawan Badminton Hall today evening.

Talar won Under-16 Boys Singles, Under-19 Boys Singles and Men’s Singles Open titles. Talar pairing with Jokom Ribya also won the Under 16 and 19 Boys Doubles titles. The pair, however, went down 21-15, 21-15 to the duo of Saji Baby and Tomar Angu in Men’s Open Doubles championship today.

Talar defeated his doubles partner Jokom Ribya 21-15, 21-7 in under 16 Boys singles, 21-16, 21-19 in under-19 Boys singles and 21-11, 21-16 in Men’s Open Singles. Talar and Ribya pair defeated Akshay Raito and Laa Takum 21-13, 21-18 in under-16 Boys Doubles and 21-7, 21-14 in under-19 Boys Doubles.

Women’s Single Open title was won by Geeta Karki while Women’s Doubles title went to the pair of Geeta Karki and Pinki Karki. Geeta beat Pinki Karki 21-18, 21-14 in Women’s Singles while she pairing with Pinki defeated Likha Moni Mein and Taw Yania 17-21, 21-12, 21-16 in Women’s Open Doubles. The Championship sponsored by Arunachal Pradesh Government was begun on October Six which aimed at searching badminton talent.

The final day of the event was attended by PWD and UD Minister Nabam Tuki as chief guest and former MP Kiren Rijijo as guest of honour.


U-13 Boys Singles: Akshay Raito beat Laa Takum (21-14, 21-13), U-13 Boys Double: Laa Takum and Akshay Raito beat Kalung Takhi and Rahul Gurung (21-13, 22-20), U-13 Girls Singles: Laa Yajum beat Pinky Karki (21-19, 21-18), U-16 Boys Singles: Laa Talar beat Jokom Ribya (21-15, 21-7), U-16 Boys double: Laa Talar & Jokom Ribya beat Akshaya Raito & Laa Takum (21-13, 21-18), U-16 Girls Single: Pinky Karki beat Laa Yajum (21-15, 22-20), U-19 Boys Single: Laa Talar beat Jokom Ribya (21-16, 21-19), U-19 Boys Doubles: Laa Talar & Jokom Ribya beat Akshay Raito & Laa Takum (21-7, 21-14), U-19 Girls Singles: Pinky Karki beat Geeta Karki (21-15, 21-17), U-19 Girls Doubles: Geeta Karki & Pinky Karki beat Laa Yajum & T Yania (24-22, 21-17), Women’s Singles Open: Geeta Karki beat Pinky Karki (21-18, 21-14), Women’s Open Doubles: Geeta Karki & Pinky Karki beat Likha Moni Mein & Taw Yania (17-21, 21-12, 21-16). Men’s Singles Open: Laa Talar beat Jokom Ribya (21-11, 21-16), Veteran 45 plus Singles: Joram Dopum beat Lokam Tassar (21-4, 21-2), Veteran 45 plus doubles: Lokam Tassar & NL Togu beat Gaken Ete & Joram Dopum (21-18, 18-21,17-21), Sub-veteran 35 plus Singles: Karmo Riram beat Laa Ribe (21-16, 18-21, 21-16), Sub-veteran 35 plus Double: Saji Baby &Awang Lowang beat Karmo Riram & Nabam Tekhi (21-13, 21-16), Men’s Open Double: Saji baby & Tomar Angu beat Laa Talar and Jokom Ribya (21-15, 21-15).



APWWS turns 31, Gumri Ringu and Samnem Ngemu

Lego to head the new team

Be in tune with time: Mossang

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: 31st Foundation Day of the premier women’s organisation Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society was held today in Itanagar. Representatives from various branches also made it to Itanagar to take part in the daylong celebration cum conference on protection of women under the Domestic Violence Act 2005.

Chairperson, Arunachal Pradesh State Women’s Commission Komoli Mossang speaking on the occasion said that women of the state need to work in tandem with time while underscoring the need for economic, political and social empowerment of women.

She further reiterated the commitment of the Commission to work for the cause of the women as she informed that it is carrying out a situational analysis of girls’ education in Tirap, She further called on the younger generation, a good number of them who turned up today to mark the day,  to take up the cause of women’s empowerment so that Arunachal is at par with rest of the world.

Renowned Social Activist Jarjum Ete while speaking on issues confronting the women of the state said that lots need to be done to empower the women in true sense. She underscored the need for coming together of all age groups to work for the cause of empowerment of all sections of society.

Dharmawati Mangmow, who headed the team, said that APWWS is a platform for all to work for the geater cause of women. She appealed the women of the sate to make use of the Society and work together for the betterment of women.

Dipti Toko Bengia, Secretary General also called on the younger generation to come forward to work for the cause of the state.

Pioneer women empowerment activists including Jarjum Ete, Lomte Riba, Tadir Yadir, Yabi Lombi, Dipti Bengia Toko, S. Thongchi, Late Yapa Yomdo, Gumri Ringu, Yapi Taggu, Duyu Yakang, N.B Doyi, Yapi Kulo were felicitated on the day.

Member Secretary Mamta Riba spoke on Protection of Women from Domestic violence and while Ete reviewed on Customary Laws.


ANSU reacts to Ramesh statement, demands power projects

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: Reacting to the statement of the Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh published in a section of local dailies yesterday, All Nyishi Students Union decried the step-motherly treatment to this backward Arunachal Pradesh by the central Govt. time and again.

Opposing the stand of the Centre making the Assam Govt. to be a party to the MoUs for Hydro-power projects to be implemented in Arunachal Pradesh, the union said such point of view of the Central minister is anti-Arunachal.

Ramesh has  reportedly taken up with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh demands for a review of all hydel projects in the region and a “moratorium on any further clearances for hydel projects in Arunachal Pradesh” since “these are bound to be the subject of agitation” in Assam.

Ramesh should have also visited other states to know the feelings and sentiments of the people,  instead of considering the voice of the people of Assam only who are against the development of the state, said ANSU president Niglar Veo in a release.

The Union, however, welcomed the step to review and incorporate environmental impact policies in all NE Hydro projects. However, making other state a signatory to the MoU is a biased and unjustified decision, it said.

It  demanded Hydro projects in Kameng, Kurung and Kumey rivers and appealed to any anti-dam agitating group not to corroborate with the outside agitators as the issues can be discussed and resolved within as a subject matter of the state.  The Union demanded the state Govt. to issue notice to the public undertakings and private parties to start the execution of the projects within a specific period failing which the MoUs signed would stand cancelled, the release said.


Tuki asks youth to move on

Chakhi Lowang Medam crowned Miss Tirap

KHONSA, Oct 10: PWD Minister Nabam Tuki said that the world was moving fast and asked the youth to move ahead by making a sincere effort to catch up with the rest. He was speaking as chief guest at Khonsa on 9th Oct ’10 during Miss Tirap pageant-2010 organized by Shine Tirap Self Help Group as a part of awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS and drug abuse. While appreciating the organizers for efficient conduct of the event, the Minister said that through such a platform the youth get an opportunity to showcase their talent and asked the organizers to involve participants from interior areas also. While appreciating the rich culture of Tirap district, Tuki passionately appealed the youth to zealously guard their traditional culture and preserve for the posterity adding that their culture was their identity. The chief guest also told the huge gathering that efforts should be made to open tourism ventures to employ the youth gainfully and assured to extend all possible help and support from his department. The Minister further said that KBJ road would be taken up on priority and more infrastructure would be created at headquarter Khonsa amidst cheers from the mammoth crowd. The minister later crowned the Miss Tirap-2010 and gave away the awards.

Chakhi Lowang Medam was crowned Miss Tirap- 2010 who won a certificate, a cash award of Rs 50,000 and 3 months computer course. Prity Songthing was adjudged 1st runners up while Ajik Wangsu won 2nd runners up position.

Speaker Wanglin Lowangdong, Parliamentary Secretary Wangki Lowang, DoTC Chairman Yumsen Matey, local MLA Kamthok Lowang. ACR Chairman Bamang Tago, DC and SP, Tirap were present during the show. A colorful culture programme was staged on the occasion. (DIPRO)


Minister assures support

KHONSA, Oct 10: PWD and Urban Development Minister Nabum Tuki interacted with the heads of department of Tirap district and urged them to work with missionary zeal for the state’s progress while assuring all help and support of the state government.

He said that heads of department are the direct agency of the government and that they were answerable to the people.

Speaker Wanglin Lowangdong urged the visiting Minister to view the problems of Tirap with a greater degree of seriousness and address them on top priority. He said that a collective effort should be made by all agencies to mitigate the woes of the district without living the people to fend for themselves and added that tourism circuit for Tirap must be opened to create employment opportunities. Local MLA K.Lowang also spoke in the meeting.

The meeting was attended by MLA Y Matey, DC, SP and head of departments. (DIPRO)


Bonanza for state govt employees

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: The state government employees have ample reasons again to rejoice as the state government releases 10% Dearness Allowances and Dearness Relief to the pensioners at par with the All India Service raising their DA from existing 35% to 45% w.e.f 1st July 2010. The DA/DR shall be paid in cash to the employees and the pensioners.

It has come as a bonanza for the state government employees just before the Durga Puja which is slated to start from October 13 next.

Government under the leadership of Dorjee Khandu despite acute financial crunch managed to implement the 6th Pay Commission recommendation for its state government employees.

Besides timely release of pending DA/DRs, Khandu Government has recently enhanced the pay of contingency workers considering their length of services in various government departments.

While various developmental activities are being taken up in the state, the release of DA/DR is sure to boost the morale of the state government employees and enthuse upon more zeal and enthusiasm in taking the state to new heights in all fronts. (PRO to CM)


PR leader reacts while AARCA reiterates demand

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: Reacting strongly to the news item published  by All Arunachal Registered Contractors’ Association regarding the cancellation of pre-qualification of bid for double- lanning of Margherita –Changlang Road,  in this daily on Oct 2, the panchayat Members and public of Changlang held an emergency meeting at Changlang headquarters yesterday.

In the meeting it was unanimously decided that they would request the Government of Arunachal Pradesh not to cancel the Pre-Qualification Bid as demanded by AARCA. They would also request the government not to split the work into packages as asked by the association and  let the Tendering be done at National Level and in one Tender so that Qualified and Efficient contractors can construct the much ailing Margherita-Changlang Road as per specification and time.

It was also felt that if the Pre-Qualification bid for the same was re-done, it would delay the Tendering process and at the same time violate the terms and conditions of the sanction order, which states that the project should be started within a period of four months from the date of administrative approval of the work, failing which the work would be deemed to have been deleted from the programme by the govt. of India.

It said that the road is the only lifeline of the people of Changlang, Khimyong, Yatdam and Manmao circles to Assam and other parts of Arunachal Pradesh, its construction shouldn’t be a practice ground for in-efficient parties and compromising with the quality of work.

Meanwhile, All Arunachal Registered Contractors Association (AARCA) has reiterated its demand for cancelation of pre-qualification bid regarding double lanning of Changlang to Margerita road which was processed at Delhi.

The authorities should not encourage and implement any guidelines and policies of the Central Govt in a hash-hash manner without giving priorities to the interest of local registered contractors and people concerned, the Association said

While condemning the bidding process, the Association further appealed the Govt not to initiate bidding process of the road work without cancelling the pre-qualification bid processed at Delhi.


Dorjee Gyatsen, Jigme Dhondup walk away with top prizes

Mon rigshung ser-gyeling & Mon ser-gyeling

TAWANG, Oct 10: The busy streets of the last Shangrila- the mystical Tawang had a deserted look in the evening of October 8 last. The people leaving aside their day to day works, thronged the venue of the Grand Finale of Mon Ser-gyeling and Mon Rigshung Sergyeling- the month long singing talent hunt of the Mon region to cheer their favourite contestant and see them win the coveted title. Around 8000 plus audience from all walk of life gathered the event ground to heave their nerves.

The much deserving Dorjee Gyatsen clinched the Mon-Sergyeling title with a Cash of Rs 1 Lac and a Chevrolet Spark Car. Dorjee Etron from West Kameng bagged the first runners with a cash of Rs 50,000 and a Yamaha Bike while Thutan Tsering stood third and took away 30000 cash and a mobile. It was close contest amongst the participants who enthralled the event ground with melodious Hindi numbers. It was almost very difficult for the judges to chose the best amongst the talents who in no way were inferior to the other.

Similar contest could be witnessed in the Mon-Rigshung Ser-gyeling category (traditional). The participants were very thorough intraditional singing making it really tough for the judges to adjudge the best. However, the experienced judges crowned Jigme Dhondup with Mon-Rigshung Ser-gyeling title for his variation and depth in singing and was awarded 1 lac cash followed by Ms Sangay Lhamu as the first runners up with 50000 cash and Jamba Chotten as the second runners up with 30000 cash.   

Tsewang Dhondup Parliamentary Secretary Planning, who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest lauded the participants and the FFM group for the wonderful event. He said such event in the backdrop of modernization gripping the society is the need of the hour to preserve and promote our rich tradition and culture. He opined for continuity of the event in future and also encouraged the local youths for optimum participation in such fruitful competitions.  

 In his key note address, Chief Patron of Film Federation of Monyul Pema Khandu declared that the event shall be organized every three years in order to encourage the local youths.

The Chairman Disciplinary Committee of Mon Ser-Gyeling Ngawang Sempa, put on note that the hard work of the participants had ultimately bore fruit for the entire event. He further disclosed that the response pouring in from various quarters praising the contest was a true recognition and encouragement for taking up similar initiatives in the days to come.

 While concluding the month long event, President FFM T Chombay Kee narrated the journey of the event from the day of its beginning. He extended gratitude to the institutions and Army for lending their helping hand in organizing the shows.

 Other highlights of the show were promo shows on the hit Monpa movies like Leh and Mitsey by the actors of the movies. Actor cum Producer of Leh Namgay Tsering and Actor cum Producer of Mitsey Sang Tashi performed their best in front of 8000 plus gathering and gave some glimpse of their hit movies.

Among others, Zilla Parishad Chairperson Tsering Lhamu graced the occasion as guest of honour, Brig Sudhakar Jee & DC In-Charge Duly Kamduk attended the event as Special Guests.


ESDP held successfully at DIC Bomdila

Bomdila, Oct 10: A 6-week Industrial Motivation Campaign was inaugurated by West Kameng deputy commissioner R. Tashi here at DIC Bomdila yesterday as a follow up to the Department of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSME) and DIC Bomdila’s ‘Entrepreneurship Skilled Development Programme’ (E.S.D.P.) on basic computer appliances. The programme is aimed to give basic computer knowledge to unemployed youths of West Kameng District.

During the programme, basic skills on computer would be taught for 6 weeks from 9th October to 19th November. DRDA project director D. Riba, SBI, BM Dastidhar, ADTH Dorjee Phuntso, AD MSME JP Pathak, MSME, Itanagar S.K. Sharma were present as resource persons. They motivated the public to take initiatives in various programmes of Govt. departments.

Earlier,  the DC said that the programme was meant for educated unemployed youths from weaker sections of the society but maximum participants consisted of college students. ‘Hence, beneficiaries should truly be unemployed educated youths to make the programme successful’, he said.

 JDI L. Phuntso clarified that the DIC always selected entrepreneurs from outpost places for various training programmes like India Pack 2010 Exhibition, Hair Styling & Beauty Parlour Courses and Industrial Trainings among others.

The programme was concluded with a film show on medicinal plants, vermicompost and PMEGP schemes.


Hundreds Benefit from IDEA Free Medical Camp

Daporijo, Oct 10:  Itanagar Diocesan Empowerment Association (IDEA) organised a free medical camp and health awareness program at Sacred Heart School Daporijo. Hundreds of women and children were given free medicines during the camp. Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests were also conducted. It was supported by MANOS UNIDAS.

Dr. Bayer, the child specialist, Dr. Robert Muri the Ortho-pedician and Dr. Sr. Susmitha MD and Sr. Mercy Edasseril SABS, GNM   lighted the lamp and inaugurated the free medical camp.

Dr. Boje, DMO Daporijo appreciated this noble gesture of IDEA to support the poor and sick people. Dr. Nishing, Addl. Director of Health Services and State Programme Officer also supported the medical camp.  

Rev. Fr. Tomy Edasseriparampil CMF, the Principal of Sacred Heart School mobilised and coordinated the Government Medical Personnel, Doctors, Specialists and Paramedical Staff for the free medical camp. In his welcome address he highlighted the various developmental interventions of IDEA for the upliftment of the marginalized in Arunachal Pradesh and particularly in Lower and Upper Subansiri District.

The health awareness sessions covered a number of relevant topics. Dr. Sr. Sushmitha M.D elaborated on the need of environmental sensitizing for preventive health practices in the family and neighbourhood. She instructed the patients on Hepatitis-B and the importance of vaccination.

Health camps are very much useful for the common people who suffer from various ailments in the remote villages and do not have access to health facilities. It is praiseworthy that IDEA has done it said Dr. Robert Muri. He illustrated on the Malaria Eradication and Control Measures.

Dr. Bayor spoke on the mother and child care, infectious diseases, standard and universal health precautions. He pointed out a number of situations where precaution is necessary to maintain child care health.   

While thanking MANOS UNIDAS for their wholehearted support, Sr. Francia SD, the Dy. Director of IDEA said that this medical camp is to ensure the good health of sick and suffering in the remote villages who can ill-afford medical treatment.


Leadership training programme

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: The Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari in coordination with Vivekananda Kendra, Arunachal Pradesh is conducting a six-day long state level leadership development programme – ‘Vijay Hi Vijay’ for the students of the state at VKV, Chimpu from Oct 11.

Education Minister Bosiram Siram would formally inaugurate the programme on Oct 12 in presence of Vice-President, Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari, A Balakrishnan, large number of students, youths and dignitaries.

Resource persons including Ajit Doval, director of Vivekandanda International Foundation (VIF), Major General (retd) G D Bakshi,  Deputy Director  (Research) of VIF, S Gurumurthy, renowned economist, DHE Dr Joram Begi, Deputy Director Higher Education Dr Tejum Padu and  Everester Tapi Mra will also present during the programme being conducted on the theme ‘Samarth Bharat Samarth Arunachal’.


Panchayat leader appeal for development

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: Seijosa Anchal Samity Member (ASM) has appealed the state Govt to restore all the essential service like electricity, water supply, telecommunication in Seijosa in East Kameng district.

Describing the huge destruction caused by low intensity cyclone in Seijoja and Dissing Passo circles in Oct 5, the ASM Gamja Langlang in a release today said both Seijosa and Dissing Passo circles need special attention for development, particularly road infrastructure and transportation facilities.

He also appealed the authorities to grant relief to the victims of  the cyclone.


AAPTMWU gets affiliated to INTUC

NAHARLAGUN, Oct. 10: With an aim to safeguard the drivers, mechanics and handymen working in various parts of Arunachal Pradesh and to bring them under one umbrella “All Arunachal Pradesh Motor Transport Workers Union (AAPMTWU) was formed a year back who understood the problems being faced by these working groups in the state. Their dreams came true with its registration under state government and affiliation with the Indian National Trade Union (INTUC).

In its endeavor to safeguard them, the first ever general meeting was organized at Naharlagun today where hundreds of drivers, mechanics, handymen and others working in different garages and workshops in and around capital complex enthusiastically attended the meeting.

While gracing the occasion as the chief guest, Chairman Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, Jalley Sonam  congratulated all the drivers, mechanics and handymen for coming under one umbrella and also congratulated pioneers like Kamku Yangfo (president), Nani Haniya (vice president), Tadung Yanfo (general secretary) and others those who selflessly  worked in shaping this union. Sonam requested garage owners, the drivers, mechanics and handymen to avoid the practice of cheating the customers and to fix uniform rates for each maintenance/repairs/service/fair charges etc in and around capital complex in order to thwart unwanted arguments and scuffles with the customers.  He further asked them to follow the principles and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi for better society, better Arunachal.

Replying to the memorandum submitted by the AAPTMWU for  inclusion of their members in the list of unorganized workers under Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board (APB&OCWWB) and establishment/construction of  workers shed/community centre in Capital Complex, he whole heartedly welcomed the registered members of AAPMTWU and asked them to register themselves with the Board to avail benefits like advance medical assistance, tools advance, maternity assistance, housing loans.

Changma Tajo, Secretary General All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union (AAPWU) while gracing the occasion as the guest of honour advised them to be united and hoped that with the formation of AAMTWU many problems being faced by the drivers, mechanics and handymen will come to an end and further advised them to always cooperate with the district administrations in maintaing peace and tranquility.  

Free exercise books were distributed by the chairman APB&OCW Workers Board on the occasion.


Some memories

Tagong Ketan

I salute my Alma-mater Jorhat Engineering College for completing 50 Golden years of excellence in imparting technical education especially in North Eastern Region. I also pay my homage and reverence to the Principals of my time Late Prof. S.C. Sarma and Late Prof. S.D. Phukan, Late Prof. S.D. Phukan was also my Head of Department of Civil Engineering Department.

I also remember all other teaching staffs who moulded my life at JEC. Few prominent amongst them were Prof. M.M Das.  Prof. Das, who taught us Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering. Besides being a model lecturer, he was equally known for being a good human being. Prof. N.B. Deb was another interesting human being. He would start the class with a joke or conclude the class with a joke. He taught us RRA (Road, Railways & Airport Engineering), now known as Transportation Engineering. But his best classes used to be on Surveying famous for the ‘local attraction’ chapter on compass survey. Another teacher, I admired was Prof. Sukhmoy Das, who taught us Management and Accountancy with lots of enthusiasm. He had an admirable unique personality of his own. I also remember my Hostel Superintendent of Hostel No-3 and Hostel No-6 (AK Deb and M.C Bora respectively). They too were unique in their own way. Deb, was elderly and quite type and Bora was mid-age and dashing type. I also got Gokul Sarma, as my hostel superintendent of hostel No-6 for a brief but memorable period. He was a young dashing man with a modern outlook.

There are two distinct memories that I carry for the period from 1979 to 1986 at JEC. The first event is the famous AASU movements,  that has just started in the year of our admission in the college. As a result of which my batches of 1979 & 1980 lost few academic years of their life. But while looking back, all is well that ends well. In fact, it is a great feeling now, to have been associated with such a mass movement.

The second events that I carry of my days at JEC, is the Annual Sports days, specially the Inter-Hostel and classes Football Tournaments. The Inter-Hostel Football Tournament of those days used to be an Annual and regular features with great enthusiasms and convictions. Every hostellers and the Hostel Superintendent used to get involved emotionally. This very tournament made me almost a hero of the College for a few years especially from the summer of 1983.  That summer of 1983, I was declared the best Footballer of JEC, in the Inter-Class Tournament. A minor incident followed this achievement, as a result of which the college almost went on a striking path. The controversy was created by me unintentionally. After the Inter-Class Football Tournament, I had shifted my hostel from No-3 to No-6 on personal grounds. Soon after, the Annual great events of Inter-Hostel Football followed. I was to play for my new team(Hostel No-6).  This started the whole controversy. The Hostel No-3 members objected to my playing for Hostel No-6, on the plea that I had not shifted my hostel officially, through proper channel. On the other hand hostel no-6, was claiming me for actually and physically staying at hostel no-6, for the last few months and having paid my mess dues. The matter went to the office of the Principal, few times. The matter went to the extreme ultimatum of going to strike and closure of the college activities, by the two warring hostels. The Principal (Then Late Prof. S.C Sarma) also went out of patience and had to exercise his veto power. He passed on a strong strictures to both the Hostels and declared that Tagong Ketan of III yr BE (Civil) will not pay for any of the hostels, in the tournament. This declaration ended the whole matter peacefully and mutually. Thus, I ended up sitting as a mere spectator in the whole tournament. Here again, I would remember Prof. M.M Das, for showing his humane side of concerned even for minor things in life.  He gave me few consoling words. That was the human being that Dr. Das was known for, besides being a model kind of teacher.

Another great event that took place during these years was the Silver Jubilee Years of JEC.  The celebration was grand and festive. A huge and long procession was taken out all around Jorhat Town. A grand Cricket Match was played between Principal-XI and Alumni-XI. I was in the Principal-XI. Interestingly because my mongoloid looks was not certainly cricket savvy one. When I came to bat, I could see the body and verbal languages of the fielders, taking me lightly and funnily and setting a tight close in fields. The first ball was played a reasonably good forward defensive stroke. Then, I overheard, the fielders telling amongst themselves in Assamese “seems to play well”. This boosted my morale and went to play my restricted innings scoring few runs and had to retire voluntarily to give way to the long waiting list of professor players. (Prof. Phukan followed me, I think). When the Alumni-XI came for batting, it was all fire works. It was astonishing to see some of the Alumni, in their mid-age, executing huge sixes and fours, effortlessly. Many of them had been University and Rajni Trophy players, in their college days. The match was won hands down by the Alumni-XI.

During my staying at JEC, I met so many good people, players, artists and brilliant students. I remember senior players like Binanda Hazirika, my hostel No-3 captain, Prasanta and Mrinal Gohain of hostel No-3 days. My hostel No-6 team mates were G. Longmei and T. Badal Singh who also was college Goalkeeper. From other hostels, I remember Ibobi Singh, Sunil Phukan, Sarajit Sahara, all my senior colleague in college football team.

There were intelligent people like Arun Phukan and Bhabesh Mahanta, who went on to represent NE Region in the National Quiz Competition anchored by Sidharta Basu that was aired on National Doordarshan , which was a great cause of celebration for not only JEC, but for whole of NE.

The names and list could go on. But I would stop here for time and space constraints. Due apology to all the teaching and non-teaching staffs and friends, whom I could not make a mention here. My regards and best wishes to all of them. (The contributor is a Chief Engineer, PHED Arunachal Pradesh and belong to batch of 1979-86)




Encourage fish production, says Society

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: Engo Takar Multi Purpose Co-operative Society (ETMPCS) has appealed the state Govt to give priority on pisciculture in the state.

Citing favourable climatic and geographical condition of Arunachal Pradesh, the Society in a representation to  J K Panggeng, Parliamentary Secretary, Fisheries on Oct 8, said   state Govt should  encourage the fish production  in order to create avenue for self-employment venture for large number of the unemployed youth.

The Society claimed that Panggeng responded positively to its proposals.


Student’s appeals

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: Exposing the horrible condition of the school infrastructure in Sarli area under Koloriang segment,  Koloriang, Damin, Parsi-Parlo and Sarli Students’ Union (KDPSSU) today appealed the  DDSE to pay a visit to the Middle School, Sarli to find out solutions to the problem.

The Union said that the school has no desk, bench and it served dual purpose for students and animals. Except few hours of class, for the rest of the time, it becomes a shelter for cow, pig and mithun, the union claimed.

Pointing out the lack of play ground for school students, the union said, a small ground managed by the public for students’ extra curricular activities was also encroached by few pubic. It appealed the district administration to evict the encroachers of the playground.

The union also urged the state Govt to release the relief package directly to deputy commissioner for affected people duo to bamboo flowing in Damin and Parsi-Parlo area and also pleaded for third party monitoring system to verify the affective implementation of the package.


ANSU appeals DA to stick to orders

ITANAGAR: Taking note of several orders given by capital magistrate regarding earth cutting near highway, movements of heavy vehicle during office hours, the All Nyishi Students’ union (ANSU) urged the capital administration to strictly implement the orders. The Union said that despite the notice many private parties are still continuing with earth cutting near highway which has  affected the roads condition. It further said that  many loaded trucks disturb the traffic flow and source of  serious accidents also.

Meanwhile, union appealed to Superintendent of Police, City Police to release those youth who were arrest during recent bandh call.

The Union said that they should have been released after the Bandh was over as they are not professional criminals.


SC concerned at growing corruption in govt machinery

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has expressed concern over growing corruption in government machinery, particularly in the Income Tax, Sales Tax and Excise Departments. A Bench of Justices Markandeya Katju and T S Thakur said, it is very unfortunate that there is no control over corruption in the country adding that nothing moves without money. The apex court made the remarks while admitting an appeal filed by the CBI challenging the acquittal of an Income Tax Inspector Mohanlal Sharma by the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Additional Solicitor General P P Malhotra, appearing for the CBI, submitted that Sharma was acquitted by the High Court despite the trial court holding him guilty of demanding and accepting a bribe of 10,000 rupees from an IT assessee. He was earlier sentenced to one year Rigorous Imprisonment by the trial court.



ITANAGAR, Oct 10: Officers and staff of CD-Block, Tali, have deeply condoled the death of PK Saikia, who was working as UDC in the Block development office. Late Saikia passed away on 30th September at Lakhimpur town. The officers and staff have prayed to the almighty for eternal peace of departed soul and also prayed to give strength to the bereaved family member.

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